Hj yearbook

FUCK IT WE BALL No STEM ECs/Awards, All In Engineering anyways

2023.04.19 04:48 Wonderful_Ad5080 FUCK IT WE BALL No STEM ECs/Awards, All In Engineering anyways

Intended Major(s): Engineering (interested in engineering ethics, possibly law school)
Standardized Testing
  1. Self-taught artist who does commissions & made most of my friends from the art & writing crowd. God knows why I listed it first on common app cuz ironically, all the schools that accepted me never saw my art portfolio so LMFAO
  2. Student-led Yearbook leader
  3. Selective Choir from 7-11th grade
  4. Volunteering for org that supports those with AIDS
  5. Summer Camp Counselor, interned since 8th grade and worked for 11th
  6. Mental Health Club Leader
  7. Self-taught dice maker
  8. Varsity Tennis 9-10th grade
Not even ten. Rip.
  1. National Merit Semifinalist
Letters of Recommendation
English Teacher (8.5?/10) One of my favorite teachers who helped me find an interest in ethics! I'd like to think we're close? We still schedule chats regularly for catching up despite me taking none of her classes this year. On the other hand, she's a grade favorite and writes a lot of LORs, so I'm not sure if she's just a mentor for everyone.
Math Teacher (9/10) My other favorite teacher and mentor! We also still talk and bonded a lot over loving math despite not being gifted at it. I used to ramble a lot to her about random mathematicians I liked, or just thoughts on life in general.
Both teachers know me very well as they have helped mentor me through my difficulties with unsupportive parents, mental health, etc. so I know the LORs are probably pretty personal.
MIT (7/10) Went well/pretty typical. I was aiming to practice (naively believing I'd get to have more interviews-)
(great according to a tiny sample of readers?/10) can dm if interested
A prose-heavy (?) piece because I sucked at scene-based narratives and avoided them at all costs. It used the color orange as a metaphor for how immigration unraveled me and forced me to learn to love life again, to put myself back together. I write poetry and blurbs to go with my art so this was the only place where I got to have fun lol
Supplementals were less interesting. For why major, I talked about how AI art led me to be interested in engineering & engineering ethics. Basically, become an artist who utilizes my STEM interest/skill to empower the creative community and create mutual support instead of the increasing divide rn.
... Unfortunately, I had the "click" moment for engineering super late, so all UCs and my ED got an incredibly incohesive mumble jumble about math that barely skidded into engineering at the last two sentences. Well, fu-
Decisions (all RD unless specified)
looking back, I kinda feel regret... not applying to more T10s. Bruh why oh why did I apply to only ones that don't look at personal statements? Now I'll never know sigh.
Additional Information: just how I quit choir & tennis due to dysphoria but will transition and resume in college
Posting because I just wanted to show that ECs/Awards aren't the only factors. Hard work on other parts of the app matter too (which, admittedly, is prob just stating the obvious, but I feel like often posts I see r EC heavy and thought sharing my story can't hurt)
Overall, I'm super happy that I could get to choose between several great engineering programs :')))
Leaning towards Cornell currently but staying on UCLA waitlist because otherwise, it's looking like another 4 yrs of SAD /hj. Reading about Cornell's engineering program was what made everything suddenly click for me (major-wise), and why it's the only Ivy I didn't remove after the Brown rejection led to a doom spiral. But, since I've never visited and the whole "depressed small town" rumors terrify me, we will see how the visit goes!
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2023.04.04 15:20 HJackson12 How can I fix a page on yearbook that was already proofed?

I am in a very bad predicament. My school uses my HJ yearbook on Design and whilst making the pages, a photo with inappropriate content was placed on the page and it was sent to proof and preflight and submitted ed totally. Is there no way to fix it like at all? Please respond if you have been in a similar situation and fixed it, or if there isn’t any solutions. But, if there is even something please respond.
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2023.04.04 15:17 HJackson12 How can I fix a page on yearbook that was already proofed?

I am in a very bad predicament. My school uses my HJ yearbook on eDesign and whilst making the pages, a photo with inappropriate content was placed on the page and it was sent to proof and preflight and submitted ed totally. Is there no way to fix it like at all? Please respond if you have been in a similar situation and fixed it, or if there isn’t any solutions. But, if there is even something please respond.
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2021.09.28 19:11 Big_stormy_raincloud My HJ Yearbook website

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2021.09.03 12:29 Psycho697186 Weekly New Release Thread - September 3rd, 2021


New Found Glory - Forever And Ever x Infinity...And Beyond!!!
nothing,nowhere - Trauma Factory Live
Jail Socks - Coming Down
Common Sage - It Lives and It Breathes
Homesafe - Nervous Reaction
Bad Waitress - No Taste
Spirits Having Fun - Two
Motorists - Surrounded
Worse for Wear - Sure To Leave A Mark
Julien Baker - Little Oblivions (Remixes) (EP)
Just Friends - JF Crew, Vol. 3 (EP)
Haggard Cat - Cheer Up (EP)
Pangolin - Pangolin Presents: The Family Ghouls (EP)
Daisy Brain - Let's Go Camping (EP)
Down Again - Bury the Bones (EP)


MOD SUN (feat. Travis Barker) - Down
Belmont - Stay (The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber Cover)
Minus the Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse (Live)
Hot Milk - Split Personality
Hawthorne Heights - Thunder in Our Hearts
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Queen Sophie for President
Straylight Run - Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway) (Live At The Patchogue Theatre / 2005)
Runnner (feat. Skullcrusher) - Snowplow
Destroy Boys - All This Love
Early Eyes - Chemicals
Kevin Devine - Little Bulldozer (Reimagined)
Devon Kay & The Solutions - The Space In-Between
You, Me, And Everyone We Know (feat. Tate Logan) - The World Is Ugly, I Want Wine
Bilmuri (feat. Jonathan Young) - LORDFARQUADZILLA
Dayseeker - Drunk (Reimagined)
Proper. - Zuko Alone
SHADED - Heartbroken People
DE'WAYNE - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk Cover)
SLOWTRIP - Misinformation Age
LOSER - Skyward
Nominee - Coming up for Air
Rival Town - Framework
Of Allies - Old Bones
Ultra Q - Bowman
Badflower - Johnny Wants To Fight
Delaire The Liar - FURNACE
True North - Save Me
Chase Atlantic (with Maggie Lindemann) - OHMAMI
WAAX - Most Hated Girl
Call Me Karizma - Black Leather
Sotfcult - House Of Mirrors
Gulfer - Neighbours
Lady Bird - Factory Fool
Tiny Kingdoms - Overture II
Our Last Night - Motley Crew (Post Malone Cover)
I Like Allie - A Reaction Paper on Salt
Whatever, Forever - I Need You More Than You Know
Shark Club - Four Cups In
South Berkeley - She Said
Frames (feat. Chris LoPorto) - This Year
SPINN - Outside Of The Blue
Sleep Cycles (feat. Fred Mascherino) - Come On and Say It
A Step Ahead - Elevated
Light Grey - Messed Up
Andrew Wade - Years Of Forever
Fluorescents - Burnout
undergrads - Shinflower
Post Prom - Headrest
Lower Definition - Talk About It
Nightwell - Thank You
Oakrest - Love for One Day
braveweather - alone
Patternist - The End is Always Near
They Fell From The Sky - The Line
NVM - Marilyn
LIINES - Keep on Going
Sera Safe - Yesterday Felt Warmer
Morning Eagle - Blackberry Blue


Kanye West - Donda (Album)
Drake - Certified Lover Boy (Album)
Lady Gaga - Dawn Of Chromatica (Album)
LANY - gg bb xx (Album)
Surfaces - Pacifico (Deluxe) (Album)
Imagine Dragons - Mercury - Act 1 (Album)
Rudimental - Ground Control (Album)
Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Album)
Duckwrth - SG8* (Album)
Lauren Alaina - Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World (Album)
Manic Street Preachers - Ultra Vivid Lament (Album)
Great Good Fine Ok - Great Good Five Ok (Album)
Various Artists - Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings: The Album (Album)
JMSN - Heals Me (Album)
Baby Queen - The Yearbook (Album)
Ashland Craft - Travelin' Kind (Album)
Petey - Lean Into Life (Album)
DJ Seinfeld - Mirrors (Album)
Ásgeir - The Sky Is Painted Gray Today (EP)
marinelli - FUNNY BONE (EP)
Charli XCX - Good Ones (Single)
FINNEAS - The 90s (Single)
Wet - Clementine (Single)
Jason Derulo - Acapulco (Single)
Delta Sleep - Forest Fire (Single)
Biffy Clyro - Unknown Male 01 (Single)
Twin Atlantic - One Man Party (Single)
ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You / Don't Shut Me Down (Singles)
Christian Leave - 10 Steps (Single)
Peter McPoland - Shit Show (Single)
Inner Wave - Mystery (Single)
Rag'n'Bone Man - Alone (Nothing But Thieves Remix) (Single)
James Vincent McMorrow - Tru Love (Single)
BROODS - Piece Of My Mind (Single)
G Flip (feat. renforshort) - Waiting Game (Single)
Priya Ragu - Lockdown (Single)
boylife - lush (Single)
Sarah and the Sundays - Vices (Single)
Andy Shauf - Spanish On The Beach (Single)
CASTLEBEAT - Into (Single)
Bachelor (feat. Jay Som & Palehound) - I See It Now (Single)
Gabriel Sayer (feat. Bambina) - Youngest Child (Single)
Pixey - Life In Stereo (Single)
Cero Ismael (feat. Raven Artsson) - IF IT ENDS (Single)
cookii - moonlight (Single)
Leo Bhanji - Sea Demon (Single)
Thurston Moore - Feel It In Your Guts (Single)
Divino Niño - Drive (Single)
Moonfall - Misshapen (Single)
Oxymorrons - Django (Single)
Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (Album)
The Wildhearts - 21st Century Love Songs (Album)
Jesper Binzer - Save Your Soul (Deluxe) (Album)
Tigress - Pura Vida (Album)
Bokassa - Molotov Rocktail (Album)
Auri - II - Those We Don't Speak Of (Album)
The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic II (Album)
Cavo - Bridges, Bright Nights & Thieves (Album)
The Picturebooks - The Major Minor Collective (Bonus Track Edition) (Album)
Paceshifters - Brand New Plan (Album)
Beyond Grace - Our Kingdom Undone (Album)
Trna - Istok (Album)
Mourn - The Next Life (EP)
Earth Groans - The Body (EP)
Coastal Fire Dept. - What Do I (EP)
BackTalk - Unsought (EP)
Overrider - kill -9 yr idols (EP)
Whitechapel - Lost Boy (Single)
Eskimo Callboy - We Got the Moves (Single)
Animals As Leaders - Monomyth (Single)
The Rasmus (feat. Apocalyptica) - Venomous Moon (Single)
Siamese - Numb (Single)
Avatar - Barren Cloth Mother (Single)
Memorist - Slither (Single)
Goodbye June - Step Aside (Single)
Death Blooms (feat. WARGASM (UK)) - Shut Up (Single)
Crossfaith - Slave Of Chaos (Single)
The Technicolors - Nightvisions (Single)
Zeal & Ardor - Bow (Single)
Imminence - Ghost (Single)
Blood Youth - Colony3 (Single)
Archspire - Bleed the Future (Single)
Mason Hill - Broken Son (Radio Mix) (Single)
Up Late - TIDAL WAVE (Fortress Theme) (Single)
Void Of Vision - THE LONELY PEOPLE (Single)
Portrayal of Guilt - Possession (Single)
Sentinels - Albatross (Single)
Brojob - 1000 ROUNDS (Single)
Bryan's Magic Tears - Excuses (Single)
BRIDEAR - Brave New World Revisited (Single)
Kyle Duke and The Brown Bag Boys - Inbred (Single)
Kris Barras Band - Dead Horses (Single)
Full Of Hell - Reeking Tunnels (Single)
Deviates - 40 Days and 40 Nights (Single)
Levi Conner (feat. Greg Carrillo) - Below The Grave (Single)
FRESNO (feat. Arthur Mutanen, Chediak, adieu) - INV001: 12 WORDS 30000 STONES (Single)
Darkness My Betrothed - In Evil, Sickness and in Grief (Single)
I Built the Sky (feat. Jake Howsam Lowe) - Stonewalker (Single)
Mastiff - Midnight Creeper (Single)
Johari (feat. Yurei) - The Genesis Tree (Single)
Deserted Fear - Funeral of the Earth (Single)
Ethereal - Xylene (Single)
Living Wreckage - One Foot in the Grave (Single)
Arkdown - Harbingers (Single)
Hot Lips - Black Locust (Single)
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2020.06.21 17:12 jw_mentions /r/religion - "Do all religions hate us, gay people?"

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Submission Do all religions hate us, gay people?
Comments Do all religions hate us, gay people?
Author [deleted]
Subreddit /religion
Posted On Fri Jun 19 23:12:42 UTC 2020
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Author YoureSparePartsBud
Posted On Sun Jun 21 17:24:46 UTC 2020
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No, jw growth is not mostly due to converts, at least in first world countries with an educated population. The jw growth rate barely keeps up with the worldwide birthrate and population.
On top of that 2/3 people who were born in end up leaving. They have an, abysmal retention rate.
Jehovah’s Witnesses have a low retention rate relative to other U.S. religious groups. Among all U.S. adults who were raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, two-thirds (66%) no longer identify with the group. By contrast, about two-thirds of those who were raised as evangelical Protestants (65%) and Mormons (64%) still say they are members of those respective groups
They have a 1.4% growth rate https://www.`jw.org`/en/library/books/2018-service-year-report/2018-grand-totals/
World population has a growth rate of 1.1%
Which makes it much more likely that jw growth is from births not converts. The door knocking jws do isn't about converting, it's about controlling existing members and the hopes of a couple of converts.
The jws put in an absurd amount of hours per convert. Almost 12,000 hours are needed for one person to convert. That's 1.3 years of 24 your days of non stop preaching to convert one person. Here are some more numbers derived purely from jw yearbooks
And while there aren't infant baptisms they still baptize children though which isn't much better at all.
"In the summer of 1946, I was baptized at the international convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Although I was only six years of age, I was determined to fulfill my dedication to Jehovah." Watchtower 1992 Mar 1 p.27
And see.
"BAPTIZED AT SEVEN. Paola, who lives in western Mexico, is being raised by her grandparents. Her grandmother began studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses when Paola was five years old. Paola listened in, and the truth took root in her young heart. Although her grandmother did not progress, Paola began to attend the meetings by herself. She would ask her grandparents to help her get dressed and to help her cross the street to get to the Kingdom Hall. As soon as she learned to read and write, Paola enrolled in the Theocratic Ministry School and became a publisher. Because of her love for Jehovah, she got baptized at the age of seven. " Yearbook 2011 p.58
There is no way children as young as 6 or 7 can comprehend a lifetime commitment and dedication. It's disgusting jws baptize this young.
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Author m-15
Posted On Sat Jun 20 02:01:08 UTC 2020
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Jehovah Witnesses don't like gay.
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Author jogoso2014
Posted On Sat Jun 20 16:08:44 UTC 2020
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Body link
That’s not true either.
JW growth is largely due to proselytizing.
You can’t become a JW until you’re old enough to request it and answer a bunch of questions.
There are no infant baptisms
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Author jogoso2014
Posted On Sat Jun 20 11:25:08 UTC 2020
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If you are talking about JW's, they don't believe in Hell.
They don;t do any of the things you say unless the person was baptized and having gay sex.
If a gay person who likes sex is loony enough to want to be a JW, they certainly can be.
In general, a lot of religions do not perform gay marriages, so that is the primary distinction between what some apparently view as hate or not, but that isn't even remotely unusual and it's kinda silly to expect or demand religions to adapt to that when there is a perfectly good legal system to handle it. It's certainly not an indication of hate.
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Author Isz82
Posted On Sat Jun 20 16:02:03 UTC 2020
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If a gay person who likes sex is loony enough to want to be a JW, they certainly can be.
You seem to be forgetting that most JWs are born, not adult converts. Plenty of gay people born into hateful JW environments (the only kind that exist for LGBT people) have lost all contact with their families as a result.
Shame on you for pretending otherwise, and suggesting that the complaint is all about refusing to conduct wedding ceremonies.
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2019.05.22 16:55 -en- @ABC: JUST IN: Investigators “could not conclusively determine” the identity of “either individual” depicted in the racist photo appearing on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s personal yearbook page. https://t.co/3RoHjCpDWk https://t.co/aTqNW9Jaj0

@ABC: JUST IN: Investigators “could not conclusively determine” the identity of “either individual” depicted in the racist photo appearing on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s personal yearbook page. https://t.co/3RoHjCpDWk https://t.co/aTqNW9Jaj0 submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2019.03.19 02:34 Ryutso Anything on the Table? Sure!

Not on mobile, English is my first language, make fun of me for typos.

So back in high school, the entire graduating class came to the gym/auditorium thing for this presentation by a company called Herff-Jones. They were the same company that was making our class rings and it turned out to be basically a sales pitch if we wanted to get our parents to purchase anything else made by them, to show "school spirit". The main item is this photo/scrapbook/memory yearbook time thing. It was big, vinyl covering and said "This year is my year" on the front. Some of you might have one or remember seeing it.

So at the start of the sales pitch (That's what it was, don't BS me and call it a "pep rally" Mrs Assistant Principal) there were flyers handed out which said what the dates were for the ordering process: Money and order forms had to be in by Date A, production and stuff would begin on Date B, we'd have the items by Date C, and our graduation was on Date D. I made some offhanded comment to my friend about Date C being 2 years ago. We sit and start getting shilled at by this rep who's commission rates were probably the lowest and that's how he got his job selling overpriced school stuff to people with no income.

His presentation is mainly about the scrapbook/memory book thing and "oooh look at all the different things you can do with it, picture slots and write cute notes about your friends and write great memories" holding it in his hand the entire time (This is important) and stressing that the thing is only $90. Towards the middle of the shill and the middle of the book, he mentioned the dates they would be available and his mentioned dates are wrong compared to the flyer he gave us. Someone probably didn't proof the flyer before printing out about 400 of them to hand out to a tired class. My group of friends chuckles and my hand goes up.

Me: "So what are the actual dates? Your flyer says 2 years ago."
HJ Shill: "Oh." He takes a flyer from someone in the front row. "So it does. It's actually (list of dates correcting the flyer)."
Me: "Oh okay."
HJ Shill: "Actually, as a show of good faith for being so attentive (read: Didn't fall asleep during my schpiel), I'm gonna let you come down here and pick anything off the table of stuff that I brought with me."

I'm halfway down the stairs when I see him put this $90 scrapbook thing on the table.

I hit the floor of the gym and squeak my way over to his table. There's pencils, pens, squishable balls and inflatable beach balls and stuff, all with our schools mascot logo on it.

Me: "Anything on the table?"
HJ Shill: "Yup."
Me: "I want the book."
HJ Shill: "Ah- erm-"
Me: "You said anything on the table. The book is on the table."

The audible sound of 500 Seniors leaning forward in gymnasium style fold down chairs has no describable sound. My AP English teacher, who's motto has always been "Choose your words carefully," is ready to leap out of her seat. I would never have described someone as crestfallen more than him at the moment. He hands me the $90 scrapbook thing, realizes the next half of his time would have to be selling seniors on branded pencils and koosh balls, and probably thinking how he has to explain to his boss that he lost a pre-production item.

I bound up the stairs and then run home at the end of the day to show my mother how I saved her $90.
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2018.05.01 06:35 frogspotting Promotional Recap: NCT - 'NCT 2018 Empathy'

Promotional Recap: NCT 2018 Empathy

NCT 2018 is a large-scale project encompassing all 18 current members of the group. With this promotion they released their first full-length, non-subunit album, comprising 9 new tracks along with 5 previously-released digital singles, released 6 music videos, and promoted 5 different singles on music shows.
See Spotlight - NCT by chenle for an intro to NCT.

Music Videos


Performed by: NCT U (Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, Jungwoo, Lucas, & Mark)
Release date: 180219

Baby Don’t Stop

Performed by: NCT U (Taeyong & Ten)
Release date: 180227


Performed by: NCT Dream (Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, & Jisung)
Release date: 180305


Performed by: NCT 127 (Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, & Haechan)
Release date: 180314


Performed by: NCT U (Taeyong, Doyoung, Lucas, & Mark)
Release date: 180402

Black on Black (Performance Ver.)

Performed by: NCT 2018
Release date: 180419

Album Details

Release type: full album
Release date: 180314
Promotional period: 180218 - 180426


NCT 2018 Yearbook



Image teasers
Video teasers

Baby Don’t Stop

Image teasers
Video teasers


Image teasers
Video teasers


Image teasers
Video teasers


Black on Black

Music Show Performances

Date Show Song Place Fancams
180222 Mnet M! Countdown BOSS --- Group, Jungwoo, Lucas, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, & Doyoung
180223 KBS Music Bank BOSS --- ---
180224 Show! Music Core BOSS --- Group
180225 SBS Inkigayo BOSS --- ---
180301 Mnet M! Countdown BOSS --- Group
Baby Don’t Stop --- Group, Taeyong, & Ten
180302 KBS Music Bank BOSS --- ---
Baby Don’t Stop --- ---
180303 Show! Music Core BOSS --- Group
Baby Don’t Stop --- Group
180304 SBS Inkigayo BOSS --- ---
Baby Don’t Stop --- ---
180306 MTV The Show BOSS --- ---
Baby Don’t Stop --- ---
180307 MBC Show! Champion BOSS --- Group
Baby Don’t Stop --- ---
180308 Mnet M! Countdown GO --- Group, Haechan, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, & Chenle
180309 KBS Music Bank GO --- ---
180310 Show! Music Core GO --- Group, Jaemin, Renjun, Jisung, Mark, Jeno, Chenle, & Haechan
180311 SBS Inkigayo GO --- ---
180313 Mnet M! Countdown TOUCH --- Group, Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, Johnny, Taeil, Taeyong, Haechan, Doyoung, & Winwin
GO --- Group
180317 Show! Music Core TOUCH --- Group, Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, & Haechan
180318 SBS Inkigayo TOUCH --- ---
180321 MBC Show! Champion TOUCH --- ---
180322 Mnet M! Countdown TOUCH --- Group
BOSS --- Group
180323 KBS Music Bank TOUCH --- ---
180325 SBS Inkigayo TOUCH --- ---
180327 MTV The Show TOUCH 🏆 ---
180329 Mnet M! Countdown TOUCH --- Group
180330 KBS Music Bank TOUCH --- ---
180331 Show! Music Core TOUCH --- Yuta, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, & Jaehyun
180401 SBS Inkigayo TOUCH --- ---
180405 Mnet M! Countdown TOUCH --- Group
180408 SBS Inkigayo TOUCH --- ---
180410 MTV The Show TOUCH 3rd ---
180420 KBS Music Bank Black on Black --- ---
180421 Show! Music Core Black on Black --- Group, Taeyong + Lucas, Yuta, Mark, + Ten, Jaehyun, Jaemin, + Jeno, & Haechan + Jisung
180422 SBS Inkigayo Black on Black --- ---
180424 MTV The Show Black on Black --- ---
180425 MBC Show! Champion Black on Black --- ---
180426 Mnet M! Countdown Black on Black --- Group

Extras & Behind the Scenes

SBS Inkigayo
MBC Show! Champion
Mnet M! Countdown
MTV The Show

Other Performances

Date Show Song Fancams
180224 K-Pop World Festa BOSS + Baby Don’t Stop BOSS + Baby Don’t Stop (Rehearsal)
180226 M2 Relay Dance BOSS ---
180228 K-Pop World Festa Prime Concert Baby Don’t Stop + BOSS ---
180306 M2 1STAGE Baby Don’t Stop ---
180308 Mnet M! Countdown Sing Together BOSS Karaoke Ver. ---
180312 M2 Relay Dance GO ---
180314 NCT 2018 EMPATHY Showcase TOUCH + Black on Black (full) ---
180316 Dingo On Air 100 sec choreography medly ---
180319 M2 Relay Dance TOUCH ---
180322 Cultwo Radio Show TOUCH + Timeless ---
180401 KBS Open Concert TOUCH + 0 Mile ---
180406 SMTOWN Dubai GO Group
180428 LA Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl TOUCH Group


Date Show Members Eng Sub
180203 N'-24 NCT 2018 Yearbook behind the scenes NCT 2018 Eng sub
180205 N'-25 NCT 2018 Yearbook behind the scenes: Selfcam ver. 1 NCT 2018 Eng sub
180206 N'-26 NCT 2018 Yearbook behind the scenes: Selfcam ver. 2 NCT 2018 Eng sub
Welcome NCT 2018 VLive NCT 2018 Subbed
180222 N'-27 WHEN JUNGWOO CRIED NCT U Eng sub
180223 N'-28 POWER+FEELING=LUCAS NCT U Eng sub
180224 N'-29 In Ukraine!〈1〉 NCT U Eng sub
180226 N'-30 In Ukraine! 〈2〉 NCT U Eng sub
180305 N'-31 In Ukraine! 〈3〉 NCT U Eng sub
180309 N'-32 TAEYONG TEN in Ukraine Taeyong & Ten Eng sub
180311 Seasony’s Point of View 1 NCT U Eng sub
Seasony’s Point of View 2 NCT U Eng sub
180312 Seasony’s Point of View 3 NCT U Eng sub
Seasony’s Point of View 4 NCT U Eng sub
180318 Hello Counselor behind the scenes Doyoung, Jaehyun, & Mark Subbed
180319 NCT U: BOSS, Baby Don’t Stop Special Clip (VLive+) NCT U Subbed
180322 ‘Touch’ User Guide NCT 127 Subbed
180323 NCT Dream: GO Special Clip (VLive+) NCT Dream Subbed
180402 NCT 127: TOUCH Special Clip (VLive+) NCT 127 Subbed

Variety Shows & TV Appearances

Date Show Members Eng Sub
180315 Life Bar Mark Eng sub
180316 Globo Repórter (unofficial) NCT 127 ---
180321 Food Talk Johnny Eng sub
180322 Weekly Idol NCT 2018 Eng sub
180325 All the Butlers NCT 2018 Eng sub
180326 Hello Counselor Doyoung, Jaehyun, & Mark Subbed
180326 KBS Entertainment Weekly NCT 127 Subbed
180330 KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH NCT 127 Subbed
180403 Pops In Seoul NCT Dream Subbed
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2015.05.20 23:30 ICNN_NEW5 [ICE] Newspaper 4th Edition - WAR SPECIAL

Welcome to the fourth edition of the ICE Sunday Telegraph.
Previous Editions here
1st Edition: http://www.reddit.com/Briggs/comments/348k93/ice_weekly_newspaper_1st_edition/
2nd Edition: http://www.reddit.com/Briggs/comments/34so5a/ice_weekly_newspaper_2nd_edition_ss_special/
3rd Edition: http://www.reddit.com/Briggs/comments/35smqf/ice_newspaper_3rd_edition_yearbook_special/
  1. New Update by DayBreak
  2. Debrief on conflict between [ICE] and [qpL]
  3. [ICE] DECLARES WAR ON [HMMR]. For the 8th time
  4. Pedrotski the TR Traitor
  5. "I got fuken iced" Award
1. New Update by DayBreak
wat can i say dat hasnt already been said abuot this new update? we all got fuken iced so super hard, i cant even ice cunts in my submarien witout havin my eyes bloked wit masive texts and shit dis is uanceptable game design i wil be talking to my lawyers on lawyers.com so i can sue daybrake imediately for faulty game design and gamers neglect.
wen u have capital lik me, capital is spelt wit a A u can sue people and im guna sue daybrake for $18000. on da other hands i was given a tax refund of 21,500 certs wen i loged in wich i imediately spented bak on da same sht i got refunds for fuk da poleice
on da bright side, da TR vulcan has become exceptionaly fuken ice cold, it is a sword wit 90 bullets dat shoots out a fuk ton of missles and absolutely ices cunts. it receives da ICE COLD SEAL OF APPROVAL
2. Debrief on conflict between [ICE] and [qpL]
it has been several weeks sinc da last big news dramas, i can confirm from multiple sorces dat abombernation has quit ps2 for da time being, i wil not however disclose what gaems he is playing tho cus da redit iluminati polcie will ice me
da 6 month long war dat me and icecold started is now finaly over and we have declared strategtic victory on ps2 cyberbullying
ICE wud like to thank no one else but ICE, hmmr u suk and rip u suk ICE did all da work to ice da enemy we are da best #1
to celebrate dis wonderful ocasion i will be goign ingame to ice mofos in my submarine o wait i cant cus dayvbreak fuken iced da game dis shit sux.
[qpL] forces r oficialy stranded on auraxis swith no leader, ICE analysists estimate they wil dissipate wit time. briggs is now finaly gonna recover.
today is a very dark day ICE's embasy in HMMR was recently atacked and destroyed by evil dark man GUNZABLAZE. al contact between da two rocky nations have been cut off as da two states enter a period of war dat estimates at least a bilion cunts will be iced
da first blow was maed wen gunazblaeze baned honorable warlord s3xypillows from hmmr ts for no good reasons below is a picture of da horrible event
ICE regrets to inform that Gunzablaze has become aBomberNation V2 adn high council has no choice but to mobilize to fuken ice him.
ICE will show no mercy as we throw our briks at ur face, u cunts r gona get fuken iced.
gunzablaeze if u wanna fight me, meet me at maccas at bankstown in nsw at 0420 hrs, first we will eat 50 big macs and then we wil ice eachother in da maccas carpark. get raedy to get ur ass kiked cus im a blak belt in ICE-JITSU.
i am also owner of TEAM ICE on dota 2 so u wil get iced if u go agenst me noob
BIO: pedortkis AKA. DARK EVIL SCIENCE MAN is known CEO of shitty tr uotfit RIP. he was responsibel for da crown 7/11 bombings wich resulted in da loss of 7 galaxys wich costed abuot 2150 nanites.
known for bein a script kiddie who uses shity ddosin programs to ice cunts.
approach wit cuation.
once a week da "MAN I GOT FUKEN ICED" award is given out to a lucky mofo who thuoght he was been top shit but ended up getin fuken iced.
todays award goes to:.........
as shgown in dis picture AVAKEAEL thuoght he was some hard tuogh cunt from die hard 420 who thuoght he was ready to fight da final boss but he got instantly fuken iced as i fired him from ps2.
*as a reward u will receive 2 wendies coopons for a free blueberry milksahke wit a purcahse of equal or greater value. *
6. ICE'S MOST WANTED ICE LIST - New update as of 20/5/15
  1. Gunzablaez - sum sht cunt who thjinks he is top shit cus he thnks hmmr is #1 but its acutaly #10.
  2. pedrotski - sum trick ass mark
  3. abombernation - sum mark ass truk
  4. TheUltimateChing - reason forgotten
  5. zesurvov - sum guy who flies boats and fuks up my shit
  6. lukexii - sujm guy who flies boats an fuks up my shit
  7. dethonlegs - arch nemesis submarine driver
  8. diamongdwing - sum sycophant kid who thnks he can become famuos just by chillin wit da one and only ice LORD S3XYPILLOWS
  9. 5cott - he kiked me 2 times in teamspeak cus he had a beef with me im gona ice him
  10. GM_ENDINA - iced me 4 times in ps2
"hold it rite there cunts dis is da JUGA POLICE" said [JUGA] Sen7rygun as he holded da sword and pointed it at s3xypilows and prodtski.
pedrostki looked at da gun and he tried to grab it but sen7rygun shot him in the dik
BAM the sword said as it shot pedrotski in the dick
"holy fuk u got iced in da dik" said s3xypilows
"shut your fucking face or you are next" said Sen7rygun as he pointed his sword at s3xypilolws
VROOOOM a haraser came out of nowhere wit a enginer in da rumble seat and he shot a smoke grenaid at sen7rygun and s3xypilows.
"wat the fuk i cant see my eyes" sen7rygun said as he got fuken smoked
s3xypilows quikly jumped into da haraser and it nitrous boosted off into da desert and escaped.
s3xypilows sat next to sum random kunt wit a mask on as da haraser drove away into da desert but he didnt knew who it was. "who da fuk are yuo?" said s3xyhpilows
da masked man took his mask off and he said "its me ultimateching and i need ur help"
"wtf are u doing on tr, i thuoght u were nc guy" said s3xypilows
"i am, but i am here on secret business and i need ur help" ultimateching said "holy fuk wach uot cunt" yeled s3xypilows as da harraser ran over sum random br 10 cunt on tr and teamkilled him
"i am here to help you destroy gunzablaze, he has become super evil" said ching
"ya i herd dat gunzablaze hates da fuk out of u" s3xypilows said
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2014.04.02 04:20 WhiteFlash1210 [Discussion] Do Any of You Have Some Type of "School Memories" Album?

I'm not referring to yearbooks. I'm talking about things like this: http://imgur.com/nueq03h and they have things for each grade level, like this: http://imgur.com/qHjUpq9
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2014.03.30 07:20 Carly9383 My dad passed unexpectedly on 3/27. Was going through old photos and wanted to see if anyone could help clean up two old photos.

My dad unexpectedly passed away on 3/27 from a heart attack. I was going through some of his old photos today and found two photos of him from when he was back in the army. My brother did the best that he could, but could anyone else clean them up? I joined reddit today just because of this need-I've been a lurker for a little while and have seen some of the amazing work some folks have done in situations like this. I was wondering if there was someone out there that could do the same.
My brother scanned the photos and did what he could do, but my fiance thought I should try here. Here are the links:
Army "yearbook" photo: http://imgur.com/AFqonSC Newspaper photo: http://imgur.com/HjApK6f
TL;DR I have old, grainy photos of my dad and I need someone to clean them up for me.
Many thanks in advance!
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2013.07.20 07:22 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm a public school bus driver! Ask me anything!

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Date: 2013-07-20
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Quickly, do the wheels on the bus go round and round!? DO THEY!? I will end you.
How often does the screeching of the children make you think of driving off a cliff or into oncoming traffic? When I first started, it was every single day. However, now that I'm more comfortable being captain of the ship, I lay down the law quickly and early on so as to make sure there's no screaming on my bus. Tears were shed, but everyone was better for it.
I always enjoyed my bus driver. She was such an awesome lady who would give up candy on Halloween, before Christmas break, and on the last day of school. And then I had fun and got to meet some bus drivers on marching band trips. You guys are awesome people. We have a lot of awesome drivers and some real sour pusses. I'm glad you had a good one!
Ever had to drive a bunch of marching band kids/other band kids? I have done marching band! They are typically one of the most fun groups to have. Everybody always seems cheerful and happy to be there!
Ever had a kid or an incident that sticks in your mind? I've lucked out and avoided any bad incidents. So the things that stick with my are generally good. Its a great feeling when elementary children want you to sign their yearbooks at the end of the year. My best memory so far was from this past school year when I had 3 6th grade girls cry on the last day because I wouldn't be their driver anymore. I got a little teary eyed when they said that.
What's your favorite thing about your job? My favorite thing is realizing how BIG of an impact I can have a child's life when I only seem them for MAYBE an hour a day. I've had elementary schoolers tell me they like me more than their teachers. I've had high schoolers come to me for advice on problems in their social lives. That feeling is unbeatable for me.
What authority does the driver have to step in situations like this? What would you have done and how much trouble would you get in for belting the hell out of those kids? I would be fired indefinitely for laying my hands on any student unless drastic measures called for it. (We're taught to never use physical force but F that if someone is in danger). That video is a great example of how kids behave when they either have no discipline or when their parents aren't around (so still a lack of discipline). The only authority I really have as a driver to write up an incident report which gets handed to the principle and to my supervisors. There are also cameras (with sound!) on most buses that would be used as evidence. If that occurred and I was still at the school, I would call on the radio to dispatch to have the principle sent out to take the child off the bus and the report would still be written. That goes in the child's permanent file.
Hmm, well how bout this: what if, in that same scenario, I came on the bus and belted those little shits like 15h century heretics? Would you turn me in or let it slide? Put it to you this way, if you were to hide in the bushes about 100ft from their bus stop and waiting to do that once the bus was out of sight I wouldn't know and then everybody would sleep at night.
Awww. Still using the good ole "permanent file" tactic! Link to i.imgur.com
I had a bus driver that threatened to take all the kids back to school if there was an idiot acting up. The peer pressure & threat of severe beating by your classmates pretty much kept us all in check. Edit* i to an o. I've had rowdy groups of kids that I've used that threat on before. And it works quite well. Also, I'm well within my power to just pull the bus over onto the side of the road and wait until every has calmed down.
Except that kid. Karma.
What do you do during field trips when the kids are off on the trip? And also if you could choose to have a different job would you take it and what would you choose? One of the most asked questions when people find out my profession!
It depends on the trip. If its a sports trip, I get into the games for free (though I always pay because it helps out the program) and I sit and watch the game. Athletes really respect you if you actually cheer them on.
Some trips to parks and such, I'll often get invited to walk around with the class. Sometimes I just take a nap on the bus.
I absolutely love my job, however I'm currently in school pursuing a degree in the IT field, so in a few years time I'll be leaving bus driving land and it will certainly be hard but the pay increase will be nice!
Lucky! In our district, drivers didn't get to go into the sports games and such. If it was a two-way charter, they usually killed time somewhere else, if they didn't need to stay on site. Otherwise one-way charters meant you just go back to base. We have things similar. There's normal field trips, where you're paid straight from the time you get to the bus until whenever you bring the kids back and park.
Then there's "split trips" (which are annoying as shit). For these, you get paid from the time you get to the bus and drop the kids off then park. Then you don't get paid until you pick the kids up to return to their school. They're getting rarer but they still suck.
Have you ever had a fight break out on the bus? If so, what was the roughest one? Luckily there's never been one on any of my routes. However, I know of fights that have had teenagers heads bashed into (and subsequently breaking) a window.
What is the most bizarre thing that a kid has done on the bus? One of my kindergartners from the most recent school year licked the seats of the bus. Every. Single. Day.
Is it true that you're only cool if you pee your pants? Absolutely!
If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? Guarantee of an air conditioned bus. You have to have a few years of seniority to get a guaranteed air conditioned bus as your assigned unit.
For a few months of the year its fine to not have it. But with wonderful Virginia "springs" and summers. The last 3 months of school can be absolute sweaty hell.
Air conditioned school buses exist? My county is slowly but surely phasing out all non air conditioned buses. But we also have a budget many times larger than most county school systems.
Do those without AC at least have driver fans? I used to drive routes for my university and even if we had an old bus, they all had fans. Yes, the old buses have fans. Whether or not they are actually able to point at the driver is a different story. They're generally used as defoggers for the front windows.
Are you one of the cool bus drivers? Do you have a favorite passenger- like the ones who cause trouble, but you let it slide cause he's a cool motherfucker? I like to think I'm a cool bus driver. I mean, what's cooler than a 23 year old bearded driver wearing bad ass Oakleys?
I've had a few high schoolers who were loud and would cuss and talk about inappropriate subjects but I'm always cool with it. I don't tolerate bullying, violence, harassment, or drug use. Everything else within reason is cool in my books. Hell, half the shit they talk about is hilarious and very nostalgic for me.
I just imagined all the cool ass bus drivers I used to have. The younger ones were definitely lax as all get-up. And I'm all for eavesdropping...now I'm considering being a bus driver haha, cheers! There are worse jobs for less money. That's my motto on bad days.
Do seniors get picks over what routes they get to do, or each year you get assained a route for the rest of the year? At the end of every school year you get to pick your route. The order in which you pick is by seniority. So more senior drivers first then they work down.
Do you do other runs for the buss company other then schools? The buses are owned and operated by Fairfax County Public Schools so we use the buses solely for FCPS business.
What do you do over the summer? There is summer school but the number of routes are very limited. There are also a good number of field trips that go on with the different summer programs at the schools. Again, its generally assigned by seniority. However, lots of senior drivers decline summer work for vacation. This summer I've made myself available if they need me, but for the most part I'm just chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.
If you work for the Public Schools, How do you get paid? (hourly, how many routes, etc.) and also, do you get pad over the summer? (I believe most teachers do, so I'm curious as to if you also do.) Hey, its Friday night. I'm enjoying some good a/c and a few beers. And the Steam Summer Sale is disappointing me so you guys have my full attention! All bus drivers in my county are hourly. The more routes you have the more hours you'll get. I've been very lucky to always average at least 40 hours a week. But that's because I never turn down a route. I don't get paid over the summer. If you enroll with a local county bank called Apple Federal Credit Union, they will take a little out of each pay check during the year then give you that money during the summer months. Rather than opening yet another bank account, I just saved my money wherever I could during the year so that my bank account could be padded during the summer. I've had a few field trips this summer so that's put some extra money in my wallet. There are summer school routes also, but they are very limited and the senior drivers get first pick of those.
Shootin some b ball? Only ever outside of the school.
How do they work the routes out so as to give full time hours to bus drivers? Surely everyone is trying to get too/from school at the same time of day, or do kids get dropped/picked up hours before/after school ends? Each route has its own amount of hours attached to it. The routes that pull neighborhoods farther from the school build up the most hours. Since the older drivers get first pick, and they know what routes are long and short, they basically pick their hours.
I believe we're only guaranteed 30 hours a week, but that amount seems to change every year.
Worst situation with an annoying or rude child? This one 4th grader on my bus last school year would constantly play Minecraft on his iPad (I drove in a very affluent area). He would always be yelling "CREEPERS" and other random Minecraft nonsense first thing in the morning and every afternoon.
He would also constantly leave his violin on the bus and he would harass this 6th grade girl. He would curse and call people "assholes" and "bastards" and he never seemed to remember that those were curse words. He was very very weird and I wouldn't be surprised if he had some social disorder.
Careful, you might not want to go against people with social disorders on reddit... it's like their nest. Dem aspergers.
Ja, überall. Es ist verrückt. Link to i.imgur.com
Ass Burgers droool Link to i.imgur.com
How do you pick up a puke? Slowly with low quality paper towels. Making sure you suffer and are on the edge of creating your own puke the whole time.
Try kitty litter next time. It soaks up the liquid then you can easily sweep it up. It also smells better than puke. Man, now I gotta carry kitty litter on my bus? You people are breaking my balls here!
How many pukes have you had to pick up? 3 pukes. Every single incident haunts you because its never a little. Its always a lot.
Excellent beard. Are you on first name basis any kids? I insist that my kids call me Mr. Zak. That way they aren't cursing when they mess up my last name and we can seem friendly while at the same time keeping my "Mr" title for the respect factor. I won't lie, I can go the whole year without knowing some kid's names but oh well.
Bus drivers don't take attendance anymore? We're supposed to keep track of our kindergartners and special needs children since they're supposed to be met at their stop.
Obviously not down with drinking and driving, but when you have time off, what is your favorite beer? That's a tough one. Favorite beer that's at "most" bars is probably Fat Tire. If they don't have that I go with the regular Guinness or a Sam Adams.
My FAVORITE brewery however is Flying Dog. I love their coffee stout with desserts. Their Underdog Atlantic Lager is my chill out beer.
Have you ever driven a tank? I drive them all the time in Battlefield 3!
PC, PS3, or Xbox? PC master race.
Username? EYOBISH.
Are you strict about random kids going to someone else's house without a bus pass? For middle school and high school I really don't care. I'm supposed to but I figure those kids are grown enough to handle their business.
For elementary school I'm incredibly strict about it. The WORST feeling in the world would be to lose a little kid. Not know who they were or what stop they got off at. This is especially important for children getting off at a stop with a lot of kids.
Yeah I know what ya mean. I'm a junior in hs and I think it's a rediculous thing kinda that ya need a pass to go somewhere for some drivers. The laws the law though. Put it to you this way, that rule is there because of something that happened in the past. Like most rules.
When you allow totally random kids on the bus, you don't know the reason they're there. Kids get jumped on/off the bus all the time. Certain parents may not want Jack to ride home to Cindy's house because he's a bad influence on her or vice versa.
The point of the notes is to take the county's liability out of the equation. School systems are prime targets for lawsuits.
What time do you have to wake up? I thought getting up at 530 to catch my 600 bus sucked. I wake up at 4:30am and I'm out the door on my way to my bus around 4:45am. Its rough especially when I don't get home until 6 or 6:30pm some nights. But you get used to it. I live in Lorton and parked my bus last year at Langley high school so its about a 35 minute commute in the morning if I'm not dragging ass.
EDIT: I saw that you worked for FCPS, I happen to go there (area 2/3 i think) What school do you go to? If you don't mind me asking of course!
EDIT2: Does the camera front and center actually do anything? Can it be viewed in real time? Response to your 2nd edit: 99% of the time its recording to a tape located in a box under one of the seats! It isn't viewed in real time. It records for a few days whenever the bus is turned on then it records over itself. Basically if there's a reported incident the supervisor comes as soon as possible to take the tape out to see what happened.
Hot damn that's early. I'm not sure how to disguise this but I went to CHS and then went to FX for Academy. The radio is pretty standard. We have the typical 10-codes: 10-4 mean you understand, 10-8 means en route, 10-9 means take the mic out of your ass I couldn't understand you. Then there are signals like a Signal 31 means there's no parents to meet the kindergartner or special needs kid because that parent is an asshole.
Also! When I was a patrol in elementary school there was a button on the radio that we'd press (I think it was the triangularly shaped one to the far right) if the driver passed out and we were in the middle of nowhere. The dispatcher on the other side would say "Confirm or deny" or something of the sort. Are there any other interesting things about the radio? Is it encrypted? What sorts of jargon is used? There's also a different channel for each "area" or cluster of high schools. Like Centreville would be Area 3, so there's an Area 3 transportation channel. Keeps things semi-organized. The radio is hilarious to listen to most days.
One of my great unanswered life questions: who shuts the door when the bus driver gets off? Easy, the bus driver! We have keys, just like with our personal cars that we take home with us. We walk out the door of the bus, push the doors closed and lock them.
Come on! You never noticed that lock just to the right of those doors?!
Do kids still sing "The wheels on the bus go round and round"? I forbid it.
That Veronica Vaughn really is a piece of ace huh? Link to i.imgur.com
Do you enjoy your line of work? What made you want to transport the youth to their designated facilities of education? How's the money in bus driving? I enjoy it a lot. I'm a very social person and the amount of interaction I have with not only students but parents, teachers, and other school staff gives me a great outlet. Some days drag on and can be pretty miserable with different weather conditions, but generally every day is a good day.
I previously worked at a Costco Tire Center and I was miserable there. My father works for the county school system and convinced me that the easiest was into the school system was to be a bus driver (they are always in demand in my county). So I did it and it works great for my school schedule.
The money is about as good as you can get without any education past a high school diploma/GED. A few weeks of training and you're making just over $17/hr.
So you're planning on becoming a teachefaculty member in the future? My county offers a huge array of jobs in a large number of different fields just within the school system itself. I'm going to college for a degree in IT so if I couldn't get a job with a company outside of the school system I could remain in the school system and more than likely get a job with with the schools the IT field. That way I could bring my years of service and everything with me.
At this rate I could retire making a pretty good amount at the tender age of 52. I'd like to stay on track for that.
What do you do between dropping the kids off at school and picking them back up? (I'm assuming you drive for field trips and what not, but what if there aren't any that day?) As you said, MOST days I will be doing shuttles (taking kids from one school to another for specialty classes) or doing field trips.
Also, How do you get into the bus from the outside with the door closed and locked? It seems like they would be pretty hard to get into from the outside, based on the way they're opened by the driver. All the drivers have keys that they take home with them! Pop that sucker in the lock on the passenger side and pull the door open. Or, some of the fancier buses have doors that open themselves when you turn the key to "unlock", fancy fucks.
Wait so you drive the bus where ever you want? Negative ghost rider. They track the location of your bus via a system called "AVL". Now, honestly nobody is checking on the location of your bus unless you're not responding on the radio in which case you're probably in trouble anyway.
Its advised to stay in the area of your "base" school, which means whatever high school or middle school you drive out of OR in the area in which you park.
My bus driver's were so amazing! They made a huge impact on my life, always knowing when I was having a bad day, and being extra nice. Do you feel like kids these days are still as grateful to you guys? Or is everyone completely distracted by their phones to notice? I try to interact with my kids as much as possible! I'm very attentive to how each individual kid acts and I can tell when they're acting different that something is up. I'll try to pull them off to the side to ask them if something is bothering them.
Ya know, I don't feel that kids are as distracted with cell phones as many believe. I've found that the more engaging you are with them the less they'll even be on them. Obviously with high schoolers they're glued to them but can you blame them? I was the same way.
With my younger kids I always try to have trivia with them on the internal PA system. Its hilarious hearing some of the answers they come up with.
I know that this is very late, but after reading this comment, I had a huge grin on my face. The idea that a bus driver would care enough to play trivia games with students on the bus is just too awesome for words. Thank you for that. I appreciate it. The younger kids love it AND it helps keep me sane! There's nothing worse than entire bus routes with silence. Its so boring and almost makes it feel like there's a tension on the bus.
Have you ever needed to use any of the safety protocols that bus-ridership teaches, like using an axe to break open a window? Luckily I have not. However, there's a button on the bus you're supposed to only press in the event of someone "hijacking" the bus which opens up the on board microphone directly to central dispatch.
I have accidentally pressed that button multiple times due to fat legs and poor placement of said button.
"Those sneaky hijacking bastards! They're threatening everyone to act normal and not give any signs of a hijacking!" The video we watch about hijackings in training is absolutely hilarious. Its a very short video with acting worse than a soap opera. A couple "terrorists" (they're white Italian dudes from New Yawk) hijack a bus with some kids in it and hide it in a warehouse and puts bombs on it. Then police bust in the warehouse and everyone lives happily ever after.
Have kids ever had sex on the bus? There are lots of incidents every year of oral sex and a hj or similar being performed every year. Luckily nothing like that on my bus (that I know of).
What would you do if something of the sort were to take place on your bus in your presence? ;) "Dude are you fucking serious?" and then write them up instantly. Total buzzkill I know but...are you fucking serious?
Why not wait till when they're finished? It'd be better than disturbing them while they engage in their passionate activities. Well, I would hope they wouldn't be loud enough or obvious enough for me to see it in my mirror. Then I wouldn't even get up out of my seat until I dropped all the kids off when we got to school.
Fact is unless I see it ain't shit gon be done about it.
My dad went to school in Fairfax County! He said it was a little rough back in his day. Do the kids do anything extreme or are they just typical obnoxious kids? Its rough depending on the school and area. Mt. Vernon, West Potomac, Herndon, and South Lakes are some of the rougher schools to go to. Mainly because they cater to a lot of poorer areas and lets face it, poorer areas see a high amount of violence and bad behavior.
In the area I drive in it is the rich kids. I'm talking pretty much every house is $1 million +. These kids are typically just the typical obnoxious ones.
95% of middle schoolers (7th and 8th grade) and absolute shit heads. Because they think they're cool and haven't been picked on by older kids yet.
Ah your area sounds like the area I grew up in (in Pennsylvania); there's definitely a trade off with all that money. My school was a big rival of TC Williams back in the day (Hayfield).
My dad went to Edison; he implied that the school and its faculty were a bit of a joke when he attended it. Edison can be rough still but its general pretty good. They just finished a great renovation of the school and it looks much better than it used to. I have many friends who went there and they have nothing negative to say.
For anyone that isn't familiar with Fairfax County, one of its schools (West Potomac) is a rival of T. C. Williams, the school featured in Remember The Titans. Fairfax County dumps a lot of money in the school system and I feel the higher ups do a very good job of allocating that money where it needs to be. However, there are still some very brainless administrators and teachers in almost every school. Middle School is the main gathering point for those individuals.
You're pretty awesome! What do you do in a situation when you notice a kid being bullied? ie spit on, hit, told to move seats? I have absolutely zero tolerance for bullying. I was bullied a lot when I was younger then puberty hit and I became bigger and scarier looking than my bullies.
If I witness it, its an instant write up and I take my personal time to go talk to a principle. I also talk to the bully after the incident and make it clear to him that what he's doing makes him/her a bad person. I don't care what the response from the parent might be.
Would this be the Great Falls/McLean area? I went to Langley, and it's well known that that area is the most affluent of Fairfax County. Yep! I drove for Langley High School last year and will drive for Cooper Middle next year.
My Langley and Spring Hill route took me down Towlston Road, Bellview, Old Dominion.
I used to go to MV... you ever drive around there? Absolutely not! I refuse!
In all seriousness, I know that if I ever switch to the MV area I'll get stuck with some thug neighborhood. I'll pass!
Saw you went to Hayfield and that you posted your name in the proof...looked you up and we have 15 mutual FB friends. Fucking fairfax county. Are we Eskimo brothers?
Just want to say thanks for what you do! I was also bullied when I was a kid. A boy spit in my face and the bus driver saw and did nothing. (I'm a female) I apologize on behalf of that driver!
Haha I'm a girl so can't claim that! Well I can assure you none of the mutual friends were riders on my bus!
Your other comment mentioning your age means you only graduated two years ahead of me so I wouldn't have expected them to have been riders! Genuine interest peaked though!
What is the most amazing thing you have seen a child do? Amazing is hard to think. Things that were hard to believe?
1 kindergartner said that if you have a J in your name that means you're Jewish.
A 6th grader drew a very elaborate design. Really great artwork but still not allowed. Unfortunately she was having a brain fart and the entire design encompassed her name.
What isn't allowed about that? Drawing on the seats is vandalism. I remind my children not to do it but every once in a while they still do.
My deal with them is, if I can get it off (I have tricks from being a mechanic) then we don't report it. If I can't get it off, consequences will never be the same.
What made you pursue this job? I have mad respect for anyone involved in our public school system, from the teachers, to the custodians and bus drivers, you all work together to make public education possible. I'll be honest, at first it was the money and an easy way to get "in the door" of working for the county government.
But I've come to love it and have realized while the money is great, the interaction and relationships that can be built with the students is the #1 thing about the job. Its such a rewarding experience most of the time that its hard to have a bad day.
Public education gets a bad rap, but in a county like Fairfax County they do everything possible to make education one of the most important things. And it shows, FCPS consistently has some of the top ranked public schools in the country. As a graduate of this public school system, I cringe when children in this particular school system say they weren't afforded "opportunities" when in reality they were just too lazy to pursue them.
Do you ever hear kids swear or talk about rape and pretend to not hear them? I tell my high schoolers they can curse, just be reasonable.
Middle schoolers need to keep it to a minimum.
Elementary schools aren't not allowed to curse under ANY circumstances.
As far as the rape thing, I've heard it thrown around. That was from kids who I know were joking. But I quietly pull them off to the side when they're getting off and tell them I don't wanna hear things like that anymore on my bus.
What is one trick that almost always calms kids down, especially the younger ones? A 270 pound bearded man with a deep voice standing up to tell them to be quiet seems to work every time.
When I was a kid, the "scary" bus driver saved my life. I was stepping on to the bus when the hard candy in my mouth lodged itself into my throat. The bus driver leapt out of his seat and heimliched that candy across the bus. This has left me with a lifelong affection for school bus drivers and a fear of hard candy. Are bus drivers taught life saving techniques like this and are you expected to know how to use them? We absolutely are. We are all CPR certified and get re-certified by the county. Good on your bus driver for reacting so quickly!
Are we there yet? :( Link to youtu.be
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