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¿Que somos?

2023.06.08 00:28 ximeinfantec ¿Que somos?

Nada \ Eso es lo que somos.
Nada fue declarado \ Sin tratos, título, ni anillos; \ Nada.
Yo te tenía y tu a mi \ Pensé que era más que suficiente \ Pero se vuelve confuso.
Aun así \ Cada vez que estoy cerca de ti \ Al parecer me olvido de eso \ Me haces olvidar \ Que no somos nada.
Y sigo creyendo \ Adivinando y esperando. \ Y aveces pienso \ Si nos quedamos así lo suficiente \ Tal vez podamos ser algo más que… Nada
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2023.06.08 00:28 Large_Ad_5096 Problemas com Amazon Seller

Possuo uma empresa de varejo e desde a pandemia decidimos diversificar as receitas trabalhando com ecommerce em alguns marketplaces. Destes, nosso principal parceiro comercial tem sido a Amazon. Tudo ia as mil maravilhas, até que há cerca de um mês recebemos uma denúncia de que supostamente um dos produtos seria uma falsificação e por isso tivemos nosso estoque e vendas daquele produto bloqueados junto a Amazon.
Já enviamos e reenviamos as notas fiscais solicitadas, porém, as mesmas são prontamente recusadas. E ao tentarmos contato telefônico com eles, somos atendidos por um funcionário que supostamente não tem como dar maiores informações do motivo de não terem aceitado nossa nota fiscal.
O produto em questão é importado diretamente da empresa detentora dos direitos de marca localizada na China. Não é uma cópia de outra marca, mas realmente uma marca própria. Inclusive, a própria Amazon revende produtos dessa marca diretamente pela plataforma. Confirmamos isso ao comprarmos um dos produtos deles pela plataforma e checarmos o código de barras no sistema GPIR do, mostrando ser o nosso e o fornecedor deles a mesma empresa.
O que acreditamos estar acontecendo é que a Amazon resolveu vender diretamente os produtos dessa marca e está expulsando outros vendedores da plataforma que revendem produtos dessa marca. O problema é que, no nosso caso, fizeram isso tomando o nosso estoque e se recusando a devolver as mercadorias e o dinheiro de venda dessas mercadorias alegando que os produtos seriam falsificados.
O que devemos fazer? Somente por via judicial conseguiremos resolver esse problema? O valor das mercadorias em si não é grande coisa (cerca de 5 mil reais), mas ficamos realmente chateados com a prática antiética da empresa.
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2023.06.08 00:25 Specialship18 Soy mala persona por decirle a mi novio que su mejor amiga me causa inseguridad?

Estoy cerca de cumplir un año con mi novio ,la cuestión es, mi novio tiene una mejor amiga que cada año celebran “un año más de mejores amigos”, personalmente pienso que es una tontería. Su mejor amiga siempre ha estado en un estado de momento de soledad y ella vive en otra ciudad a un par de horas de aquí. Apenas se ven, pero cuando viene se queda días a dormir en casa de mi novio y el cuando va se queda a dormir con ella. Sé que no duermen juntos, o eso creo. La cuestión es que lo he hablado muchas veces con él, hacen cosas como “maquillarse”, pintarse las uñas, ponerse mascarillas e incluso se puso su ropa. Yo no era una chica insegura, y mi novio, es guapo, me ofendería que alguien no lo dijera ya que, todo el mundo lo dice, pero, desde hace unos meses me he empezado a sentir así respectó a ella porque con ella si hace esas cosas y conmigo no, después de intentarlo muchas veces, me he intentado convencer a mi misma de que es porque no se ven apenas y a mi me ve casi todos los días por no decir todos. Me sienta mal que después de intentar varias veces “hacer cosas especiales” a mi me dijera que no le gustan esas cosas y con ella las haga, también entiendo que a mi no me responda cuando está con ella porque quieren pasar más tiempo juntos, estoy convencida de que mi novio me ama, si, eso lo sé. Pero ahora donde estamos es un punto donde apenas puedo aguantarlo, he tratado de hablar con la chica (no es una mujer mala ni mucho menos), para auto convencerme de que ahí no pasa nada, pero en cuanto regalos, siempre he tratado de hacer cosas especiales y muy diferentes. Esta vez me propuse hacer “un baúl de los recuerdos”, con álbumes de fotos y joyas, una joya en concreto con nuestra fecha inicial grabada en ella. La cuestión es que su mejor amiga ha echo exactamente lo mismo que yo, me molesta, porque van a celebrar su segundo aniversario siendo mejores amigos y yo eso lo veo como para parejas. Ya no sé qué hacer con esta situación, he leído conversaciones de ambos donde ella dice que el cambio con ella por mi, me ofendió aquello, ya no estoy feliz, me duele la cabeza y lloro hasta altas horas de la mañana por esta situación y mi novio parece no entenderlo, soy la mala por decirle que me hace sentir insegura?
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2023.06.08 00:17 Azure_Infinity [Fanfiction] The Haar Chapter 10: Birmingham and Boise

Hanazuki and Miyuki hadn't returned.
That didn't bode well. And although Impero retained her lazy, almost laid-back disposition, one could see the unease crinkling at the corner of her eyes, her brow dipped into a frown as she mulled over what happened – before, after only a brief delay, sent out a team to check up on them.
The main fleet was starting to become a bit stretched, however. Although they were several dozen in number over half of them were spread out in a forward fan shape as they progressed towards their main objective. As such only four could be spared to go hunt for their missing Destroyer duo – a party consisting of four cruisers; two light and two heavy. Enough firepower to handle most of what the island had thrown at them thus far, but not so much that it granted them overconfidence.
Not that she'd ever fall prey to overconfidence, Birmingham thought to herself.
The red-haired cruiser wandered through the forest with fast strides, her jog slowing as she took a moment to assess her surroundings. She was near the junction where Hanazuki and Miyuki had gone – a fact confirmed when she spotted the bushes nearby had been trampled by rudder-ended boots, the tracks still fresh. However there was no signs of a struggle, indicating that if there was anything wrong then it happened deeper into the forest.
Birmingham glanced behind her. Boise followed close behind her, shy and skittish, whilst a step behind was Maya and Ashigara – two Heavy Cruisers from the Sakura Empire. She could appreciate Maya's seriousness about the matter, especially with her skilful swordsmanship, but she was a little more sceptical about Ashigara's. Though a Myouko-class cruiser she seemed rather skittish in this environment; chasing shadows and flinching at every distant shell fired. She wasn't scared per se, but it was clear that the nigh-suicidal onslaught of monsters had rattled her slightly.
As if sharing the same thought Maya looked back at her companion, nudging her. ''Relax. Stay focused.''
Ashigara started a little but hurriedly nodded; drawing in a cleansing breath and managing to regain some of her nerve. Birmingham hummed at that and looked ahead, silently leading her companions further into the woods. It wasn't long until the land descended into a natural basin, and a quick search yielded results, albeit not the ones they were hoping for.
Torn clothes. Broken bits of rigging. Even blood, in some cases. The girls had been attacked here, of that there was no doubt, but the absence of bodies was unnerving.
''Either they managed to escape and went further in, or they were dragged off.'' Maya made her thoughts clear, staring pointedly at Birmingham. They had to go further.
Grimacing Birmingham nodded her assent, continuing to lead her small sortie group ahead. It almost felt weird leading two Heavy Cruisers, given flagship roles usually went to the capital ships, but she wasn't complaining – maybe Impero thought she had better commanding skills. That, or the carrier was just too lazy to do an in-depth assessment of their skills and just gave her the role on a whim. Which, considering they needed to find their missing comrades ASAP, she supposed was somewhat warranted. Find the injured first, bicker about command roles later.
Shaking her head to dispel the thought Birmingham focused on the other end of the basin, reaching it soon enough. Vines, moss and other bits hung from the slanted rock but it felt surprisingly firm, refusing to budge when she tugged and emboldening her to use them as climbing tools – grunting as she hauled herself up bit by bit. The others followed her carefully, making sure not to overload the edge of the basin lest their combined weight cause the dirt and stone to crumble, but in the end they all reached the top of the basin without issue.
''Where to now...?'' Boise spoke up, her face-mask muffling her voice somewhat.
'Where to indeed.' Birmingham frowned, looking about. Unlike before there was no convenient trail of blood, just a vast green in all directions, broken up only by the thick wood of the trees.
Ashigara broke the quiet. ''Do you think they went down to the coast? It's not that far, and if they got on the water they'd be safe from the monsters.''
''Possibly.'' Maya conceded with a frown. ''But if so, then they would've given us a signal of some kind.''
''Maybe they did, but just after we left?'' Ashigara floated the idea.
Birmingham frowned, however; her eyes scanning the grass in the opposite direction of the ocean. Now that she looked closer she could spot finer details she'd initially overlooked; the grass trudged down by monster footprints, partially hidden by the overgrowth. When she did a little loop around their area though she noticed a second trail, one that went towards the ocean.
''Two paths.'' Birmingham voiced her thoughts grimly. ''...this almost smells like a trap.''
''Doubtful.'' Maya weighed in, thumbing the handle of her katana idly. ''These monsters don't seem to have enough intelligence for that. Ambush? Yes. Luring in with footprints? That's too advanced for them.''
Birmingham had to agree with that. Though some of the monsters that had attacked them showed intelligence, it was of the more bestial kind. Encirclement, probing attacks, wave attacks, that sort of thing. Primitive and basic but effective in some sense; if they kept it up for long enough they'd eventually run out of ammo, not that the monsters could know that. Still, something like luring stragglers away from the main fleet felt a bit too above their intelligence level.
''Should we split up then?'' Birmingham murmured. ''The whole reason Impero sent us together was for you to support us...''
''True.'' Maya sighed. ''Still, I'd rather not have to backtrack and look in two places at once, especially when their lives on the line. Every second we spend here is another that could be their last.''
A grimace marred Birmingham's visage and she nodded. ''Fine. You go check the one nearer the coast, we'll go further inland. Ripple fire into the sky if you find them, we'll meet back up here, or fall back into the basin if attacked.''
''Sounds good to me. Good luck.'' Maya turned and fast-walked down the other faint path. ''Ashigara, let's go. You take the lead.''
Birmingham watched the Heavy Cruiser go, almost wanting to go back on her word and stick with them – but she quashed such feelings. Time was of the essence here – what did safety matter if they only found Hanazuki and Miyuki's remains? Nodding at that she spared a sharp look at Boise, earning a shaky nod from her peer, before as one they fast-walked towards the deeper parts of the forest.
'Please be safe, you two...'
Boise wasn't sure how long they'd been walking. Five, ten, fifteen minutes?
The forest around them grew slightly thicker but otherwise it remained identical to the section of forest before it. From time to time they'd pass near a river but monsters seemed to lurk near it, either for a drink or drawn in by the sound, she didn't know. Regardless they kept their distance and sneaked around what monsters they could, both to avoid detection and to save ammo.
Just as Boise was beginning to worry that their search was fruitless, though, they discovered something new – a burrow. That in itself wasn't the weirdest thing – the monsters probably had to sleep somewhere – but what was notable was that a Lizardman crawled out of the depression in the ground and skittered off into the forest, no doubt to look for more prey. The pair of them stayed still in a bush, not a breath escaping them until the yellow-scaled Lizardman was long out-of-sight, allowing the pair to breathe freely.
''S-Should we check it out...?'' Boise tentatively asked. The idea of going into a burrow was a highly unsettling one, especially if the monsters came back, but after searching for so long this was the most likely place for Miyuki and Hanazuki to have been taken to.
Birmingham grimaced, then nodded. Quiet as she could she crept out from their hiding spot and crouched low as she crossed the tiny clearing. The burrow was just next to a tree; the thick roots spreading out in all directions and with some foliage hanging over it like camouflage, doing little to hide the depression in the dirt that went down like a slide. It was about as slippery as one too; her footwear struggling to get a firm grip on the dew-covered grass, forcing her to get down on her hands and knees and crawl down.
Darkness quickly engulfed her as she passed under the hanging roots, only the dim gloom of the sky outside to light her way. As her eyes adjusted though she was surprised to see this was not some tiny dirt burrow fit for a single, but an entire, expansive room that networked into others. Shy of about six feet high and probably about eight or nine feet wide in diameter it was unsettlingly spacious, though then again considering the size of the Lizardmen she supposed they'd need a bigger burrow than a traditional lizard.
However she could hear something. A distant noise, faint but repetitive. Breathing? No, it was sharper than that. Wheezing. Wounded? Maybe.
Grimacing Birmingham rose to her feet, waiting for Boise to join her before she began to trek towards the leftmost tunnel. It was painfully narrow, forcing her to de-summon her rigging just to fit through, not that her rigging would do her any good underground. She'd sooner bury herself alive than kill anything outright. The thought sent a chill up her spine but she tried to ignore how defenceless she was right now – she'd been in situations like this. Situations where firepower wasn't enough, so stealth wasn't just an option, but a necessity.
The tunnel grew slightly narrower, eventually tapering off but with dirt piles around the floor, as if it was still being excavated. However Birmingham's main focus was on the suspicious sound, her footsteps slowing and growing quieter as she neared the edge of a doorway; the arch having nothing to hide her as she poked her head around-
-and found Hanazuki and Miyuki.
With Lizardmen on top of them.
The sight made her freeze up, shocked silent. For a long moment she just stood there and watched as the two lizards mating-pressed the naked Destroyers into the dirt; harsh smacks of flesh mixed with their animalistic grunts. However while Miyuki was worryingly silent, unconscious, Hanazuki was not – soft, defeated whimpers escaping her every time the Lizardman pressed its cock down into her depths, squelching its fluid out of her but not pushing any of its eggs out.
Birmingham got over her shock quickly though, anger soon to take root. Was it because these monsters all seemed to be male, was that why they'd taken two Ship-Girls and... bred them? To repopulate their numbers? The prospect was worryingly high but Birmingham soon crushed such thoughts; silently walking out into the small, enclosed space, one just big enough for her rigging to manifest.
She wouldn't be able to shoot it, but that didn't mean she was defenceless. Far from it.
Rearing her right hip back she tensed – and then just as the leftmost Lizardman raised its head she swung, smashing the side of her rigging into its head. Its skull dented inwards and the creature fell to one side, thrashing, but she wasn't looking at it anymore; her eyes darting to the right Lizardman. It noticed her and had the benefit of her being a foot or two away, pulling its glistening cock from Miyuki's abused folds as it stood.
Then Birmingham was in front of it, punching it straight in the throat. The humanoid staggered and clasped as its throat, gargling in surprise, but its moment of surprise was enough for her to smash her rigging into it and knock it down. It was dazed but far from dead, forcing her to stomp down on its head – gritting her teeth as she put every ounce of strength into it.
'Die dammit!' She could hear the other Lizardman, injured but alive, rising back to its feet.
Finally one more brutal stomp crushed the creature's skull in properly. She felt sick as blood and viscera spurted up her shin but anger and fear was a good deterrent; keeping her last meal down as she spun – just in time too, as the other Lizardman staggered over to her, claws out and a snarl on its dented face, bone poking out from between uprooted scales.
Until Boise stepped in, squeaking as she rammed into its side. It hit its head on the dirt wall and fell between Miyuki and Hanazuki, snarling and shifting, but a solid kick to its skull from Birmingham made a disgusting crack sound, and its head went limp, Broken skull, snapped neck, she neither knew nor cared. All that mattered was that it was dead.
Birmingham released a heavy breath. ''Thanks.''
''I-It's fine.'' Boise answered but sounded shaken. Birmingham didn't blame her – whether because of her own actions or the sight of Hanazuki and Miyuki, this was just... just a mess.
She squirmed as she felt blood dribble down into her shoe. 'Don't think about it, get these two out and signal Maya. Move.'
Her own orders helped motivate her and she hurried over to Hanazuki, leaving the unconscious Miyuki to Boise. When she knelt by the pink-haired fox-girl she winced at the array of still-bleeding cuts marring her body, be it on her medium-sized breasts, along her stomach and sides or even on her hips and thighs; the creature's claws clearly having held her many a times. She pointedly ignored looking at the overflowing whiteness leaking out of the Destroyer's pussy too, instead taking her cape off and draping it over Hanazuki.
''We'll get you out.'' Birmingham said shortly as she tied the cape.
Hanazuki tried to say something but was too overcome by emotion – relief, fear, anxiety and shame, all of it twisting into a sobbing mess that tugged on Birmingham's heartstrings.
Alas just as she scooped the fox-girl up she heard it – movement, outside the burrow. The sound made her nearly curse and she hurriedly evaluated her options. Only one way in or out, using her guns would likely bury them alive – and for all Ship-Girls were lauded for their strength they still needed to breathe – whilst the Lizardmen had no such issues; equipped with claws that were well-suited to cramped spaces like these. And with them carrying Hanazuki and Miyuki they wouldn't be able to fight beyond maybe a kick at best, and she hardly doubted that'd be enough to do anything but baffle a Lizardman.
She drew in a breath and hissed through her teeth, pulling Hanazuki close to her chest. If they were going to escape they couldn't find – and couldn't hide either. No, they needed to run. To brute force their way through. No riggings, no weapons. Just sheer momentum to blitz past them.
''Boise.'' Birmingham whispered, watching as the bustier cruiser gently cradled Miyuki. ''When I leave this room we run. Don't stop to fight, don't try and help me if I fall, just charge straight past anything in your way until we get to the surface. We can't fight them down here.''
Boise gave her a worried look and she felt Hanazuki clutch at her, but when the bustier woman hesitantly nodded Birmingham moved – fast-walking into the hallway and darting down the corridor, building speed as she gave up stealth and just charged. The noise attracted attention and she heard skittering-
-and then a Lizardman was there, leaping from its hiding spot with a snarl. It didn't get the chance to grab her before Birmingham ran bodily into it, Hanazuki crying out in fear as she was squished between them – before her momentum knocked the monster onto its back. Birmingham didn't stop to attack it though and kept running, reaching the slope out and running up it-
But she'd forgotten. It was slippery, uneven. Boots wouldn't grip easily, especially going up.
So when her boots slipped out from under her Birmingham couldn't deny the jolt of fear that shot up her spine, losing her grip momentarily until she grabbed at the uneven mass of dirt and grass, nearly dropping Hanazuki had the Destroyer not been holding onto her so tightly. Using her newfound handhold she propelled herself up further, hearing Boise behind her-
When Boise screamed in fear. Birmingham jerked her head to one side, looking back, and very nearly cursed as she saw Boise be dragged back by her shin – the Lizardman she'd left behind already recovered. Instantly her plan was in tatters; if she kept going she was leaving Boise and Miyuki to their fate, and if she stayed she'd likely be blocked off-
Too late; another Lizardman at the top of the slope lunging down at her. Birmingham had no choice but to fall back, throwing Hanazuki to one side and hearing the fox-girl land with a pained yelp, but she ignored that for now – her attention fully on the monster lunging down at her, landing just shy of her thanks to her momentum throwing her back. However by the time she stood it was there, throwing itself at her faster than she could summon her rigging and snatching her wrists, pinning her down.
Panic rose up within her, memories of what happened to Hanazuki and Miyuki mere minutes ago flashing through her mind. With force she kicked her legs out, hitting the monster's stomach but the scales killed most of the force, its hissing snarl sending a chill up her spine – and a pained cry fled her lips when it tightened its hold, threatening to crush her wrists with its strength.
Then it suddenly shifted both her arms up, pinning them together with just one hand – freeing its other and allowing it to rake its claws down her front. Cloth gave way frighteningly easily and soon her dress was in two parts, splitting open down the middle and laying bare her dark blue underwear, the thought heating her cheeks up. However that same embarrassment turned into fear as she saw the Lizardman's cock swell between its leg, long and thick, prompting her to try and kick it in the groin – but the creature had enough sense to block such attacks, ripping her panties off at the same time.
'No...' Birmingham felt dizzy as her nether regions were exposed to the damp, musky air, her struggles becoming even more vicious as the monster leaned over her, the tip of its dick rubbing against her folds.
Rubbing, not penetration. Teasing her. Taunting her.
Birmingham gritted her teeth, her breathing short and fast as the bulbous tip of its shaft rubbed against her pussy lips, went high and rubbed up her groin before coming back down again. Her struggles did little to stop it but it gave her some minor amount of confidence, of control; her legs closing as much as she could with it between them, hips lifting and falling as she kept it away from her private parts as best she-
The tip teased her opening – and Birmingham screamed as it suddenly went in. It felt thicker than she expected, parting her virginal walls and hilting inside her in a single, harsh thrust, knocking the air out of her. The pain came a second later but she barely had a moment to soak it in before the monster yanked its cock halfway out only to slam right back into her deflowered pussy, forcing a shout of pain out of Birmingham.
She struggled once more, kicking and twisting and flailing, but the Lizardman just snarled in her face and kept moving, roughly burying itself into her. It didn't care that her legs flailed on either side of its hips, that her hips lifted and fell unevenly in some attempt to make its dick slip out – it just kept pressing its body down against hers and mated with her, thrusting its thick girth into her and making Birmingham cry out in pain.
''Gh! Mnph-!'' Biting her tongue until it bled Birmingham threw her head from side to side, enduring the stabbing pain in her loins – the deep, repeated impacts to her cervix as the Lizardman had its way with her.
As it defiled her.
She tried to push it out, to ignore it as best she could. Even when the Lizardman hissed and snarled in her ear Birmingham didn't give it the satisfaction of hearing her cry out, her teeth on her tongue as she took the pounding – its meaty cock spearing between her despoiled petals and hilting in her innermost parts, sending jolts right up her stomach and banging her head on the dirt, but she didn't react. She just laid there and took it like the good little broodmare it wanted her to be, waiting for an opening, a chance to knock its lights out and get help.
She felt it throb inside of her quickly, its shaft swelling against her sore insides and its tip kissing her depths, the realisation hitting – and no sooner had it before the Lizardman snarled and impregnated her. A flood of warm fluid poured into her depths, thick and sticky like semen but lacking sperm. In their place though she felt many tiny eggs push up into her womb, nestling against her depths in a torrent, nearly making her sick as she realised she'd been claimed, just like the others.
Even if she escaped this hole, the monster's seed would remain within her, making her its unwilling mother for its brood.
Birmingham was torn from her thoughts though her wrists were released – and no sooner had they been freed did a meaty hand grab her hair, yanking her upright. The cruiser cried out in pain but it gave her some weird clarity, feeling more than seeing space behind her. Her opening. She called upon her rigging and it manifested, finally having the space, her guns trained and ready to fire-
But she never saw the Lizardman behind her. The moment it spotted her rigging it attacked with vigour, seething out a wet breath as it raked its claws through her turrets, instantly incapacitating them. Birmingham flinched and tried to fire but her guns wouldn't operate – and to her despair they were reduced to metal scraps within seconds, literally ripped off of her. The only reason she wasn't pulled back with them was the iron grip on her hair, and the dick she was still impaled upon.
As if to remind her of that the Lizardman holding her sneered in her face, shifting both hands to her hips and holding tight... and Birmingham froze as she felt a second cock poke her ass.
And then she screamed as the other Lizardman eagerly buried its cock in her ass – up until a third, sneering Lizardman came up to her left, shoving its cock in her mouth and pulling her hair, forcing it to pleasure it as its kin began to fucked her other holes, using her not solely for breeding, but also their own animalistic pleasure.
Her fate, forever, sealed.
Boise was just climbing the slope, her pace fast, when she felt the clawed hand curl around her ankle.
Then suddenly she was yanked back down, Miyuki tumbling from her grip as she instinctively reached to grab onto something. Nothing was to be found, however, and soon she found herself thrown to the dirty ground – the Lizardman on top if her. Boise flinched back, crawling back, but the monster just grabbed her left thigh and forcefully lifted it up – its other hand going up her dress and grabbing her crotch.
Before with the harsh tear of cloth it ripped her panties off. Her heart skipped a beat – but unlike Birmingham she didn't have the fight, the fire, to keep moving. She froze up completely, paralysed with realisation and terror as the Lizardman got on top of her, and only when she felt something rub against her vagina did she snap out of it and begin to move-
Then it was inside of her. Thick and solid it pushed apart her virgin insides, the pain sharp and intense enough to nearly make her black out for a split-second – her mind purged of all thought as the monster cock slammed into her, deflowering her. The shock lasted for just a few seconds though; banished the moment the monster dug its nails into her raised right thigh and began to fuck her properly; short, eager pumps burying it into her pussy.
''A-Ah! N-No, stop- mn!''
Her face mask muted her voice somewhat and gave it an echoing quality, making her pained cries all the more haunting as the monster pistoned itself into her, its flesh smacking against her own repeatedly and harshly. Through the tears in her eyes she spied multiple more Lizardmen returning, either drawn in by the sounds or the attack on their home, and to her despair a terrified Hanazuki was shoved up against the wall, her limbs flailing as he pleaded – before a thick, girthy cock forced itself into her defiled pussy, making her wail as the monster eagerly began to mate with her. Miyuki too wasn't spared, the unconscious girl rolled onto her front before the Lizardman began to mate with her prone-bone; smacking her small rear with every harsh thrust.
Boise was brought back to her own predicament though as another Lizardman knelt by her face. Its large clawed hand grabbed her mask without warning and pulled hard, lifting her head with it, prompting her to reflexively pull back... until with a harsh snap her mask's straps broke, causing it to fly off and to the side. Boise opened her mouth to cry out but before she could do that something touched her lips – and then something thick shoved itself into her mouth. Boise's eyes bulged and she cried out in alarm, the noise muted as the two Lizardmen eagerly began to spitroasted her on her side, their scales smacking against her flesh and filling the quaint burrow. Her thigh began to bleed from how harshly the monster gripped it but the pain was nothing compared to the ache in her loins, its dick slamming up against her cervix relentlessly.
''Mmph~! Mrph!'' Boise frantically flailed her hands about, trying to grab and push, desperation hastening her motions but hampering her aim.
Until eventually the Lizardman defiling her mouth just grabbed her wrists and held them down, snarling as it slammed between her lips, hurting her teeth and thrusting down her gullet, choking her. Her raspy, spluttering breaths did little to deter the overgrown lizard from face-fucking her though, bruising her nose with every harsh impact and sending stars flashing behind her eyes; not helped by the thick shaft plunging up into her womanhood.
Suddenly her left wrist was freed – the reason becoming evident as the newfound claw raked at her chest, ripping the cloth apart and revealing her large, squishy tits to the monsters. Boise barely had the time to feel self-conscious before her right tit was grabbed and squeezed harshly, forcing a muffled cry out of the cruiser as her tit was manhandled, her head shaking as best she could with a dick going down her throat.
Then suddenly she was forced onto her back completely, the Lizardman coming with her as it straddled her collarbone and grabbed her head with both hands, hissing in delight as it forced its meaty cock down her throat. Boise's eyes watered but she could do nothing but take it, her eyes soon screwing shut just so she didn't have to look at the monster's groin – acutely feeling its balls hitting her chin over and over again. The other Lizardman between her legs didn't relent either, its girth parting her abused folds and raking her tender insides with every pounding thrust, its cock smooth but uncomfortably girthy, stretching her virginal sex out with every thrust.
''Mn! Mmph! H-Hn-!''
Then suddenly the one between her legs hissed; and then came. Boise spasmed as she felt jets of warmth pour up into her womb, the foreign sensation terrifying – made all the more so as she felt numerous eggs pour into her baby chamber. The one mounted on her face though kept going, snarling and hissing as it face-fucked her, seeming to slow down even just to endure it.
The reason why though became evident as the Lizardman between her legs pulled out – and the one on top of her pulled its dick out of her mouth, got between her legs, and then plunged inside. Its clawed hands grabbed her hips and it savagely pounded her, fucking cries of pain out of Boise but no resistance beyond that – lacking the strength to. The will to.
And so when the Lizardman soon emptied its balls inside of her, hissing with primal satisfaction as it laid its eggs inside of her defenceless womb, Boise could only lay there, defeated and exhausted by the ordeal, her pussy sore and overflowing with white fluid.
The breeding process, continuing on.
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basicamente soy unos chavales que trabajan en una empresa que lleva las finanzas de un equipo de futbol muy conocido , un dia llegais a la oficina y el jefe , os dice que hareis unas PRUEBAS para que uno de vosotros ascienda a director general. (tipo squid games)

  1. 10-20 euros de premio
  2. Sera un servidor tipo SQUID GAMES
  3. Durara unos 3-4 DIAS
  4. Sereis entre 80-100 JUGADORES
  5. Contrataremos un SERVIDOR DE PAGO
  6. Serà aprox en el MES DE AGOSTO
  7. Mini eventos cada semana para entreteneros un poco
  8. Mods, cinemáticas y muchas cosas mas hechas a mano
    Hi, I'm going to make a very interesting server, if you want to join I'll leave you info here. You are a worker who work in a company that handles the finances of a well-known football team, one day you arrive at the office and the boss tells you that you will do some TESTS so that one of you can be promoted to CEO. (squid game type) DISCORD TO CONTACT: MaNuV#2759 1. 10-20 euro prize 2. It will be a SQUID GAMES type server 3. It will last about 3-4 DAYS 4. You will be between 80-100 PLAYERS 5. We will hire a PAYMENT SERVER 6. It will be approximately in the MONTH OF AUGUST 7. Mini events every week to entertain you a little 8. Mods, cinematics and many more things made by hand
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2023.06.08 00:03 Icy_Breadfruit1 Example submission

How Ron DeSantis Maximized the Power of the Florida Governor’s Office

Ron DeSantis methodically expanded his powers and pushed legal boundaries to enact his policies. He suggests he would do the same as president.
By Patricia Mazzei May 23, 2023
Few knew what to expect from Ron DeSantis when he was first elected Florida governor in 2018 as a little-known congressman. He had barely eked out a victory. He had almost no ties to the State Capitol. His policy agenda seemed unclear.
But he knew, at least, how he wanted to govern: He directed his general counsel to figure out just how far a governor could push his authority. He pored over a binder enumerating his varied powers: appointing Florida Supreme Court justices, removing local elected officials and wielding line-item vetoes against state lawmakers.
Then he systematically deployed each one.
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2023.06.07 23:58 Gel_007 The Founding Chapter 6

June 10th, 327
It’s been a bit since I’ve written here. I decided to give Augustine a looser leash and I allowed him to explore the outside world as long as he knew what he was doing.
June 11th, 327
Augustine said he had something to tell me later tonight, he’d been exploring almost every day now, the active sense of adventure that boy has honestly impresses me.
A: Hey Zach
Z: Hey what’s up?
A: I wanna tell you about something I found while I was exploring the other day.
Z: Spill then.
A: Alright, so as I was playing around with my long distance teleportation spell and I ended up on the base of a large mountain range. It was strange as I couldn’t teleport all the way to the top, it was like something within the very mountain’s mineral makeup was negating my attempts to teleport up to its peak. So I decided to scale the mountain the old fashion way: climbing it. Thanks to the enhancements given to me by that project I scaled the mountain in no time, and the other side? It was like nothing the world has ever seen, the mountain range was hiding a large gulf of water, a large island placed just within the gulf, lush forest and 2 large mountains towards the center, a place that seemed untouched by time itself. It could be the perfect place to permanently hide from the Templar, after all we can only hide in this cabin for so long before they eventually find us.
I was certainly surprised at the fact that he was able to scale an entire mountain with seemingly very little effort, but what interested me more was the island he discovered. He claimed it looked “untouched” but the higher ups at the Templar claimed they have colonized nearly all the available land in this world so to have an entire island be left untouched is almost like foreign concept, something of legend.
Z: An untouched island? Not only untouched but also unheard of. The Templar said they’ve colonized all known land in this world.
A: I know! But I couldn’t see any mana towers among the trees or any humans from the peak of the mountains.
Z: Well if still untouched after all this time, chances are that they won’t find it anytime soon.
A: exactly! A place where the Templar will never reach…solemn look
Z: What's wrong Augustine? The memories and thoughts haunting you again?
A: yea, I’m sorry to constantly bother you with them but I’ve kept them contained for too long
Z: Hey, hey it’s alright. You’ve never been a bother at all, helping you deal with your issues is what friends are for.
A: I appreciate it Zach, for the longest time Elock was really the only friend I’ve ever had so it’s enlightening hearing someone else say that, to this day I still wonder where she is today and if she’s even alive! I used to have nightmares where I would meet her again just to discover that she’s-
Z: it’s alright, I’m sure she thinks about you every day too and most likely wonders the same every night.
A: Yeah I know, but it’s hard remaining optimistic in this world with the whole war between humans and keidran going on.
Z: Well to me that island sounds like a great place to start.
A: agreed.
Augustine and I agreed to visit the island he found beyond the mountains tomorrow, he thinks it’ll be the perfect place to hide from the Templar.
June 12th, 327
Augustine said that the mountain range was incredibly far, about days worth of running in Augustine’s estimation, so teleporting there is just another thing to add to the list of things he impresses me with. While the material the mountain range is composed of prevents any magic from directly interacting with them, they don’t extend beyond that, so Augustine offered to fly us up there using a telekinetic spell.
Turns out Augustine is only used to telekinetically lifting one item, how do I know? Because he accidentally dropped me. Luckily I landed in a tree. After traversing both sides of the mountain and making it across the water, we arrived on the island at last and man Augustine wasn’t lying. It truly was beautiful, lush fruit bearing trees, 2 large mountains and not even the smallest hint of Templar interference!
We headed further inland and decided to stay at the valley between the 2 mountains with Augustine immediately getting to work and hacking away at the tree with the guard’s sword. After a few hours of work, Augustine already had a large pile of planks with me barely keeping up and Augustine teasing me about it, oh I’m sorry not everyone is a magically enhanced super soldier.
It was beginning to grow dark and we made the decision to head back to the cabin for today and continue the build some later time. Augustine made a waypoint in the cabin so getting back was easy though it had some issues as it took a while to activate. I took a rock sample from the mountains to analyze back at the cabin.
June 13th, 327
This was fascinating! The rock sample I took had incredibly unique properties never before seen! Its primary ability was “absorbing” sources of mana. I had stabbed one of our mana crystals into the rock and I observed as it broke down the crystal over the course of an hour! This explains why Augustine couldn’t teleport up the mountain. So even if the Templar did find the mountain they would never get over it, even with the most powerful mages magic.
Augustine had gone out to town again, he said it was to pick up building tools to help shore up the house we were building. He claimed he could handle it on his own and despite me wanting to protest, I let him go through with it. Unfortunately the town we went to around a week ago didn’t have a hardware store as any construction must run through Lulio first, so Augustine had to head to the neighboring town to see if he could find anything there.
(Cut to Augustine’s pov)
Thoughts: “ugh cmon how hard could a hardware store be to find, it feels like I’ve been searching for hours already!”
sees sign with a hammer on it
“Gah! Finally!”
heads inside
Shopkeeper: Greetings sir! How may I assist you today?
“Uhh it’s alright I can handle it on my own, thanks for the offer though!”
Thoughts: this time the illusion should last longer as these mana crystals are fresh rather than being recharged.
grabs a large amount of nails, 2 hammers, some axes to preserve his sword, saws, sand paper, and stone blocks
Shopkeeper: Oh my sir, this is an awful load that you’ll have to carry on your own, are you sure you can handle it?
“Yes I’m sure…”
Shopkeeper: Are you sure? We have a policy that allows you to rent slaves to help you with whatever you’re working on.
“No, n-“
(Shopkeep rings a bell to send a slave to the front before Augustine could interject)
Thoughts: are you kidding me? Gahhh cmon Zack is waiting for me and I don’t wanna keep him on the line!
Female voice: coming!
Augustine: frustrated and staring at the floor
Shopkeeper: How about this one? Hard worker she is, very cooperative, very friendly.
Augustine: looks up
Elock: hello sir! How may I assist you today?
Thoughts: E- Elock?! When?! How?! I thought you worked for a farmer?! I can’t say anything, it'll reveal my identity to the worker! Okay, okay, okay just keep it calm!
“I- uh stuttering I changed my mind! She can help me, I’ll take her!”
Shopkeeper: I’m not surprised, she’s gone from owner to owner as she’s quite a hard worker, she’s worth a lot of money after being traded so many times before ending up at my place. 1000G for 7 days.
“I- yes I’ll take her”
Shopkeeper: perfect!
exits with supplies and Elock
Elock looking at Augustine’s wanted poster: solemn
“Something wrong?”
Elock: oh! N-nothing! It’s just these ropes binding my hands are just a bit tight! And W-where are we heading sir? We’re outside of town at this point and I- uh-
A: chuckles a bit you’re still just as bad as ever at hiding your nervousness Elock
Elock: Ah- I- how do you know my name?!
A: unties the rope and disables illusion It’s been a while, wouldn’t you agree?
Elock in shock and on the verge of tears: I…A…trembling, mouth slightly ajar in shock
A: what? Cat got your tongue? Well I guess that’s true consid-
Elock: pounces on him AUGUSTINE! I’ve missed you so much!How have you been?!Where did you- starts talking so fast that even Augustine couldn’t keep up with what she was saying and weeping happy tears profusely on his shirt
A: slightly choking from how tight she’s hugging him it’s okay, it’s okay! I’ve missed you too. I almost thought you were gonna be de- ow ow! Stop it I was kidding!
Elock: blep I know. Not a single day went by where I didn’t think about you! And say weren't your eyes brown before?
A: I’m flattered that you still remember and well…it’s kind of a long story…but first let’s retreat to safety. teleports with Elock
A: …and then I ended up here
Elock: That’s incredible! You sure had been on a wild cart ride while I was gone! I wish I could have been there.
A: It's not as glamorous as it sounds, that experiment was agony incarnate, it’s a wonder I survived! In fact I was the only one who came out alive, though the powers I got bestowed with are certainly nothing to complain about but still the effects after we’re brutal.
Elock: glad you did, the way you and Zach escaped the facility was incredible.
A: well he can tell you all about it points to cabin we’ve arrived
Zach opens door
A: Hey Zach, I’m back from my shopping spree.
Z: Augustine what took you so long? The plan was to just get the supplies and get out.
A: I know! But I got a bit off track. I found someone very special.
Elock: pokes head through the door Mrow?
A: meet Elock, remem-
Z: her! The keidran you met when you were 10?
A: yup to Elock it’s alright Elock it’s fine he won’t bite.
Elock: H- hello sir.
Z: please call me Zach. It’s a pleasure.
shakes hand
Elock: it’s a nice place you 2 have here.
A: It was by sheer luck that we found this place actually.
Z: Yeah, the blast was much larger than we’d anticipated and even if my house remained intact, they’d still come searching for me.
Elock: Well lucky you found this place when you did.
A: Are you hungry Elock? We have some steak leftovers.
Elock: oh, I am actually, thank you!
Z: say Elock…
Elock: yes?
Z: Would you mind telling us your journey? I’d love to learn.
A: Zach!
Z: Right, sorry.
Elock: No, no Augustine, it’s alright. I don’t mind in the slightest.
Life in the rainforest regions was paradise, plenty of food, clean sources of water, plenty of building materials, and a beautiful sight to wake up to everyday. My parents worked directly under the matriarch, Lektra(keidran for bolt/thunder) so me being born was almost as exciting as the coronation of the matriarch herself. Unfortunately that swiftly came to a close when Lulio decided to use our home as farmland and despite protests from Lektra, Lulio still went through with the plan. In a flash everything was pretty much destroyed. Our warriors tried to fight back but were eliminated instantly, I was about 3 when this happened and the memory still burns strong to this day.
Augustine: muttering under his breath psychotic bastard…
Elock: I know how you feel, Augustine, trust me I do.
A: I know, I’m sorry
Elock: holds his hand It's alright.
After the destruction of my people and my home, I was sent into the town and stayed in a keidran only home until my 4th birthday. Instead of pleasant accommodations like human orphan homes, all we got was a pillow and some sheets to make ourselves comfortable with, most of us slept on the hardwood floor and it was unbearable. Lulio passed a law where keidran as young as 4 would be eligible for work. After my 4th birthday I was almost immediately whisked off to work on a farm, while the job was tough, they at least gave me my own room and bed, one of their guests even took a small liking to me but tragically he died of a lung infection.
Z: I lament your journey and loss Elock, I can’t imagine how tough this was to bear all at once.
Elock: please it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for anything. None of this is any of your wrongdoing.
Z: You said your people were killed but what about your parents? Did they survive too?
Elock: Oh right! My parents were spared as they opted to surrender peacefully and they were sold to different owners. I used to occasionally see them from time to time but after I moved I had to say a tearful goodbye to both them and Augustine. playfully pinches his cheek
Z: You’re strong for getting through that, not many could take that much.
Elock: I appreciate that.
Z: Do you have any idea where your parents are right now?
Elock: I think they’re still in the same tow- Augustine? Are you okay?
A: on the other hand gripping the table so hard that it was gonna break, eyes with a look of both confusion and rage
Elock: Augustine?
A: I- I saw them…
Elock: What do you mean?
A: They were there…in the same room.
Elock: Are you talking about the operation?
A: Y- yes…I saw them, both of them. They were in the operation too, part of the 10 keidrans selected to be in the experiment. I briefly saw them looking at me, they were scared but I couldn’t do a damn thing to help them and now they're dead! slowly growing hysterical
Elock: Augustine!
A: snaps out of his hysterics
Elock: it’s not your fault! Neither of you have to feel guilty!
A: I know, but I just wish I could have done something to help them, but I was just a powerless child.
Z: Augustine. We all wish we could have done something to stop Lulio’s plan, we all feel the same way just please don’t put all the blame on yourself.
A: I know, I'm sorry…
Elock: it’s alright…we’re all here to support you, you got hit the hardest out of all so you should be the one to be the one who receives sympathy.
A: …thanks guys, It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve heard something so comforting.
Elock: don’t worry, we’ll never leave and when we do, we’ll leave together.
A: …oh! Elock, I hate to do this but would you mind helping us with something? We found a place that could be our key to salvation.
Elock: Of course! I don’t mind in the slightest.
A: teleports all 3 of them via waypoint
Elock: in awe of the island I…this is incredible! It reminds me so much of my home! And you were right! There’s no hint of Templar activity at all!
A: We were just as shocked as you are right now when we first found it. I mean like Zach said, the Templar claimed that they have settled on all available land in this world.
Elock: Well then, let’s make good use of this place, so let’s get to work!
A: I couldn't have said it better myself.
hours later, the trio had finished building a moderate sized wooden house
A: woo! Not bad for a day's work, am I right?
Elock: Mrrrr…man that was a nice workout!
Z: Tell me about it!
A: So Elock, should we tell Zach?
Elock: I think so!
Z: Tell me…what?
A: Well…on the way here, Elock and I started thinking and we were thinking of a way we could free other slaves from their captors.
Z: sigh… well at this point, I know better than to criticize your plan before even hearing it so go ahead, spill it on me.
A: Operation: torchwick
  1. Elock would be our messenger, using her spare time to get any other slaves on board with the plan, amassing as many as possible.
  2. On the large hill next to the town, we plant a large amount of gray mana crystals. Where downhill wind will carry the effect down into the town
(Gray mana crystals were created for a special purpose, making large smokescreens on the battlefield)
  1. I would then use a spell that emits a light that can’t be perceived by humans but can be seen by keidrans and basitins alike, Which would act as the signal to go for it.
  2. The group would then head towards the light where we would then break for the mountains as fast as possible.
(Unfortunately the waypoint spell barely lasts for even a few days, and teleporting a large group of people via waypoint could be tough even for me)
I would then use as much of my power as possible to telekinetic lift as many refugees as possibl-
Z: Yeah…considering that you almost dropped me off the side of the mountain, I think even you would have trouble lifting a bunch of slaves.
A: hey!
Elock: Mreeheehee!
A: anyways! After we figure out a way to get everyone up there, we’ll be untouchable!
Z: huh…well from one chaotic strategist to another, it’s worth a shot.
A: Perfect! See Elock?
Elock: mew?
A: I kept the promise I made, all those years ago! when we meet again, it’ll be your freedom.
To be continued
Also for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Elock:
Name: Elock of the rainforest leopards
Species: rainforest leopard
Languages: human, keidran
Physical characteristics: yellow fur, black nose marking, black rosettes running down back and onto tail, unusually big and poofy tail, butter yellow hair with black streaks, faint outline of heart pattern on her behind
Height: 5’4”
Age: 9 years(was 4 when she met Augustine)
Eye color: emerald green
Mental characteristics:
-Quick learner
-Eager to help
-Bad at hiding panic
-Heart of gold
-Shy but slowly growing out of it
Likes: adventure, rain, storytelling, being adored, helping, hugs(especially from Augustine), pouncing on people she cares about.
Dislikes: slavery, Templar(although not as intensely as most others)
Unlike most, Elock had the ability to both read and write prior to slavery, being taught by both her parents and Lektra herself. Spending most of her time reading and drawing using whatever material she could find.
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2023.06.07 23:56 Educational-Let-1027 ¿Soy Culera por dar señales contradictorias a mi crush?

hay un chico que me gusta en mi trabajo. trabajamos en una cafetería en nuestra universidad, así que no es un trabajo profesional. Aproximadamente dos meses después de trabajar juntos, me preguntó: "Ya te molesto lo suficiente. ¿O tal vez debería molestarte más?" cuando me preguntó eso, me reí. No fue hasta más tarde que me di cuenta de que estaba coqueteando conmigo. dos semanas después, lo invité a mi fiesta de cumpleaños. Pensé para mis adentros, ¿qué mejor manera de conocerlo que saliendo con él fuera del trabajo?
Me envió un mensaje de texto diciendo que no sabía si podía venir o no, pero me lo hizo saber. No lo sigo en Twitter, pero en su cuenta de spam de Twitter, dijo aproximadamente una hora después de enviarme un mensaje de texto que decía "la gente desleal me molesta" y "jugar con los sentimientos de la gente es malo". Los próximos días en el trabajo alternaría entre ser normal y agradable y ser frío y distante. No parecía querer estar cerca de mí.
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2023.06.07 23:52 A_Elsker Mundo Violeta

Acobijado en tu sentido, Me quedo dormido Al sueño ofiuco Fuera de mí ilustro, Un soplo de brisas Que en total me aíslan, De todas las premisas Que mi corazón no resista. 

El violeta es mi color favorito. Escribí lo que me hace sentir.
Me parece un color muy reconfortante.
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2023.06.07 23:48 Actual-Change-5205 Digo o que sinto?

Nunca fui pessoa de "andar" com alguém mas, há cerca de 8 meses que estou ocasionalmente com um rapaz. No início tratava-se de "diversão", mas agora comecei a desenvolver sentimentos por ele e não me consigo abstrair disso. Provavelmente porque temos estado mais vezes juntos. Apesar de ter quase a certeza de que esses sentimentos não são recíprocos (porque ele só me procura quando quer) será que lhe devo dizer o que sinto ou afastar-me? 💔
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2023.06.07 23:40 Actual-Change-5205 Digo ou não digo?

Há cerca de 8 meses que estou ocasionalmente com um rapaz. No início tratava-se de "diversão", mas agora comecei a desenvolver sentimentos por ele e não me consigo abstrair disso. Provavelmente porque temos estado mais vezes juntos. Apesar de ter quase a certeza de que esses sentimentos não são recíprocos (porque ele só me procura quando quer) será que lhe devo dizer o que sinto ou afastar-me? 💔
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2023.06.07 23:25 gia_2002 Me (21F) gusta la mamá (38F) de mi amigo? Parte 2. Sí se lo dije.

Hice este post ayer:
Y algunos me pidieron que les contara qué pasó. Así que les cuento.
Fui a su casa hace rato. Mi amigo no estaba (y yo sabía que no iba a estar). Entré y le dije a ella que quería hablar. Nos sentamos en la sala y pues ya, le dije que me gustaba. No me entendió. Le di un beso (ya sé, estuvo mal). Como a los 2 segundos se separó de mí y levantó la mano. Y yo nada más cerré los ojitos y apreté los dientes. Pero pues no, no llegó la cachetada.
Y pues me dijo que ella entiende que son otros tiempos pero que no se puede. Y que quería dejar absolutamente claro que no iba a pasar ni hoy ni nunca. Que me aprecia y me acepta pero que esto no pasó. Y ofreció llevarme a mi casa. Raro, porque me vio llegar a su casa en coche. Pero pues equis, las emociones fuertes, supongo.
En resumen, pues no se va a hacer. Pero no me pegaron y sí le di un beso. Así que, pues es un final y basta supongo. Al menos ahora ya lo sé. Pasaré la semana hecha bolita. Buenas tardes con permiso.
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2023.06.07 23:25 SerDav0z Trabajo en seven eleven

Esta semana tengo una entrevista de para jalar en un seven eleven cerca de la carretera Laredo, experiencias jalando en seven o lugares parecidos?
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2023.06.07 23:19 Mental_Concept_7511 SC por ser calienta huevos con hombres casados/con novia?

Últimamente algunos hombres con pareja mujer (soy chico) me hablan para intentar tener algo. Algunos la verdad sí me atraen y que tengan pareja mujer me da algo de morbo. Les hago creer que voy a reiniciarles la vida y les digo lo que sea para calentarlos. Me gusta verlos así por mí, llamándome y hasta rogándome a veces. Y me gusta más que me envíen nudes, fotos y vídeos de lo que les pida, en parte por eso lo hago. Quedamos de vernos mil veces y luego pongo pretextos, los ghosteo, bloqueo, etc. Yo soy muy tímido y la verdad, yo no tengo intención de meterme, en real, en una situación de triángulo amoroso y eso (menos cuando las engañan con un chico, creo que es peor). SC por traerlos así? O eso que se llevan por andar de buscones? O SC con las mujeres de estos?
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2023.06.07 23:13 Margaux_H Last raid McKays.

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2023.06.07 23:13 Death_angel666 rate my desktop (= 20 letters)

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2023.06.07 23:12 NanitaSuit ¿Qué hice mal?

Hola, primera vez que hago un post así pero me gustaría saber qué opinan y que me aconsejan para poder afrontar esto que llevo encima mio hace 8 meses...
Lo que sucede que hace 1 año caí en una depresión muy fuerte a causa de comenzar a vivir sola en la ciudad capital, mi pareja de ese entonces estaba en mi ciudad natal y solo lo podia ver algunas veces (las oportunidades que viajaba para ver a mi familia y verlo a él).
Cuento corto, terminé en muy malos términos con mi ex pareja (me fue infiel todo el tiempo que no estaba cerca suyo y además tiene problemas con mi madre y estan en una investigación judicial) y todas esas emociones afloran en el momento que lo recuerdo...
Hoy estuve muy mal emocionalmente porque mi madre me dijo que no tiene probabilidades de ganar el juicio (la acusan de robar una consola, siendo que ella se llevó este aparato con la condición de que devolviera unas cosas que le presté y nunca justificó qué hizo con ellas) y mi ex pareja evaluó esa consola por un valor cerca de los 600mil pesos (una nintendo switch de 1ra generación no vale eso).
Todos los días intento no pensar en ese problema ¿qué hice mal para que me fuera infiel y que me siga atormentando de esta forma? quiero estar en paz, me arrepiento tanto de haberme relacionado con ese tipo de persona que solo ha traido una gran desgracia en mi vida, a veces pienso tomar venganza y demandarlo pero esto escapa completamente de mis manos pues es un caso entre mi madre y el, sin embargo me duele tanto escuchar a mi mamá sufrir y lamentarse por haberme defendido y protegido de él :(
Eso es todo, quería desahogarme porque de verdad no sé que estoy haciendo mal para que errores del pasado sigan atormentando mi presente...
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2023.06.07 23:07 Successful_Arm_666 The worst part

Is being depressed for no good reason, not having any medical or psychological help that actually helps or improve anything, doing all the stupid walks for metal health and even loosing a significant amount of weight over the course of a year.
It's been like that for most of my life, I've been to many different psyquiatricks and psychologists, no medicine helps, not even electroconvulsive therapy. No amount of cold baths. Not even money. Not doing the effort to be social and sort of develop "friendships" which in reality are more acquaintances.
I doesn't help, it's pointless, it's hopeless I just don't want to cause any more pain doing something stupid an definitive. But I just don't know what else to do or try.
I know I have some people that care for me, but even so the struggle is fucking lonely and painful, I know I'll always be alone, and frankly I wouldn't want to subject someone I could care about to witness my pain, I think is selfish enough for those around me to be concerned for me out of responsibility.
I've tried and tried, I've taken care of my sleep patterns, I've tried to eat the right foods, at least 80% of the time, I've tried hobbies but I'm just a worthless piece of shit, a waste of air and resources, a mistake born.
I wish I've never had existed, I wonder if having probably lived already at least half of the median life expectancy will it sometime change. I'm quite sure it's unlikely, I still have a spark of hope, but the winter of my view of reality under my circumstances make it seem like a lost cause, a life lived as a secundary character so someone will have the opportunity to say they once knew someone who suffered from de-fucking-pression
Is it normal to experience this on a regular basis and im just a whining little bitch? Should i just try to continue faking my smile and joking around or should I just call it quits and just leave it al behind, it's unreasonable to continue, I doesn't make sense to do so other than not being that guy who killed himself and while doing so destroyed his family, or at leat made them sad and depressed by doing so.....
Anyway, yes, that's the worst part for me, probably day 5.689 since this shit started, I wonder if at some point you just don't care anymore
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2023.06.07 22:53 Least-Valuable-7923 Im new in pc builds and indont know what should i buy. Soy nuevo en armar pcs y no se que deberia comprar.

Hola, me gustaría comprar o mas bien armar mi pc ya que las pre armadas estan muy por encima del precio que constaría armarlas uno mismo. Pero tengo mis dudas, no se si los componentes que elegí son buena combinación y tampoco se si los estaría desaprovechando los mismos. Esto es lo que comprare: Ryzen 5 5600X Nvidia RTX 2060 16-32 Gb-ram Si conviene comprarlos? Son buena combinación? Ademas con lo caro que esta todo no quisiera comprar algo que no me sirve o equivocarme. También tengo dudas con la serie 5000 ya que necesitan una placa con BIOS actualizada y hay un kit que ha viene con procesador, placa base (actualizada) y 16Gb ram (2x8), pero esta un poco mas caro que si compro los componentes por separado pero no tengo ni idea de como actualizar una BIOS y lo que e escuchado se necesita un procesador de la generación pasada pero no tengo idea de cuál. Que me recomiendan hacer? Deberia cambiar el procesador para esa gráfica?
Hello, I would like to buy or rather assemble my PC since the pre-assembled ones are well above the price that it would cost to assemble them yourself. But I have my doubts, I don't know if the components I chose are a good combination and I don't know if I would be wasting them. This is what I will buy: Ryzen 5 5600X Nvidia RTX 2060 16-32 GB ram Is it worth buying them? Are they a good combination? Also, with how expensive everything is, I wouldn't want to buy something that doesn't work for me or make a mistake. I also have doubts with the 5000 series since they need a board with updated BIOS and there is a kit that comes with a processor, motherboard (updated) and 16Gb ram (2x8), but it is a little more expensive than if I bought the components separately but I have no idea how to update a BIOS and what I have heard is that a processor of the last generation is needed but I have no idea which one. What do you recommend me to do? Should I change the processor for that graphics card?
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2023.06.07 22:51 ziposixer Juicio laboral cuánto dura?

Bueno gente estoy en un proceso de negociación o juicio, mí abogado prefiere ir a juicio ya q la suma es bastante, yo prefiero el arreglo pero obviamente es muchísimo menor. O agarró lo q me ofrecieron ahora o voy a juicio, si alguien tuvo experiencia con fechas de cuánto le duro el proceso hasta q lo cobro, se agradece un montón
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2023.06.07 22:51 axealot [QCrit] YA, Sci-Fi, TERRARIUM (95K/version 4).

Back again!
A huge thank you to everyone who has given me feedback so far, it's so helpful, if a little frustrating that I can't seem to crack this query. Though I think I've realised one reason why. I decided to go back and read my MS and I noticed that the inciting incident I've put in my query letters, is not the actual inciting incident of the story.
That's been changed along with more tweaks. I'm still stuggling with finding that line between detail and flow (I've heard the best queries read like a blurb?). A lot of the feedback I've recieved is that some things need explaining more, so I've found it hard to tread this line.
Please have a read of version 4 and let me know your thoughts. Also included a slightly updated first 300.
Version 1Version 2Version 3

Dear Agent,
With breathable air becoming rarer by the day, eighteen-year-old Feenix DeSuza’s only concern is for his secret Terrarium and the homemade oxygen inside. The hidden room is full of rare plant life and big enough for him to snuggle up inside and forget all about the bloodthirsty maniacs roaming the dead air. For years the good people of Hypoxia, Earth’s only other source of oxygen, have been at war with these Outliers. Feenix couldn’t care less.
Until his best friend Peri is attacked by one and left for dead. Feenix seeks revenge. The culprit’s name is Gidget, and Feenix quickly regrets picking a fight with her. Bruised and bleeding, Feenix prepares for the finishing blow, but instead the unthinkable happens. She communicates. She doesn’t want blood. She is not his enemy. Triska Turowska, Feenix’s leader, has been feeding his city propaganda. It seems the war has been a good distraction. Gidget reveals humanity has less than a year’s worth of oxygen. But there’s hope. Rumours of a Terrarium the size of a small city.
Reaching it requires a convoy, which Triska will not allow. So Feenix challenges her to an endurance race through dead air. The winner getting to call the shots. He thinks he’s victorious, but Triska has other ideas. Feenix and Gidget are left with no other option but to strap on an oxtank and head deeper into the dead air than anyone has ever gone. If they can’t find this new Terrarium, Hypoxia and all his friends will die.
At 95,000 words and with cross-over potential, TERRARIUM is a young adult sci-fi adventure shelved between Marie Lu’s Skyhunter and Andy Weir’s Artemis.

I was two and a half klicks from the nearest body of water when the drowning began.
The Corredor Norte-Sul used to purr, but now, as I hyperventilated my way through a maze of discarded car shells, it festered. High-rise buildings towered either side. Terraced condominium blocks and apartment hotels stood faceless, their concrete façades weathered down to the steel reinforcements. Sao Paolo indifferent as ever, offering nothing but rebar and rust in support.
My diaphragm lurched and I sucked in a lungful. I couldn’t even register the trace amount of oxygen entering my bloodstream. My lungs felt like they were on fire when in fact, they were dry
But it wasn’t time yet. I’d let them wait a bit longer.
See, that’s where me and the Dead Air Academy disagreed. Dead air wasn’t to be feared; it was liberating. Each breath was nothing more than a tool to make me stronger, more resilient.
I toyed with the respirator in front of my lips, resisting for another few seconds, then I placed it between my teeth and breathed hard.
When the dark patch had receded from my vision, I checked my watch. Nineteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Damn. I’d hoped to break twenty minutes. I shrugged it off. There was always next time, and I needed to keep moving if I wanted to make it to the Terrarium by sundown.
I clambered on top of the nearest car body, inhaling the combination of century-old rust and day-old sweat. The roads in Sao Paolo were so overwhelmed with abandoned vehicles that it was easier to jump from car to car than try to stumble inefficiently between them. In front, a pathway of dents indicated the previous paths I’d taken—more than a dozen, at least. These journeys were boring as hell, so I’d made up a game to make things a little less bleak.
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2023.06.07 22:50 crossian Just saw I got this comment on steam profile few days ago.

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