Marriott hotel richardson tx

Platinum but have to pay to access M Club Lounge

2023.06.08 00:29 naticom Platinum but have to pay to access M Club Lounge

I am planning for a trip to Seattle. There are only a few Marriot hotels that I can take advantage of from my Platinum perks (e.g., free lounge access).
I found this hotel Seattle Marriott Redmond and one review on Google Maps saying he had to pay $30 to access the M club even though he's a Platinum. That didn't sound right to me. Anyone experienced something similar?
Also, when I tried to check for latest member perks but Marriot removed this page
Is any change going to happen soon? Rumors?
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2023.06.08 00:16 scooterwe Join Us at the TRU Summit Conference 2023: Elevate Your Rugby Education!

Join Us at the TRU Summit Conference 2023: Elevate Your Rugby Education!
Join us at the highly anticipated TRU Summit Conference, the largest rugby event in the nation, from August 25-27 in Fort Worth! Enhance your skills, knowledge, and connections in the rugby community with World Rugby Certification Courses, Rugby Knowledge Pathways, and Referee Talent Development. Unlock your potential, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the growth of USA rugby.
Learn more at
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2023.06.07 22:51 SnacksCityBitch We designed and built a whole hotel concept from scratch!

We designed and built a whole hotel concept from scratch!
Designed, manufactured and debuted an entirely unique hospitality guest accommodation concept from scratch in four months!
Last year I stayed over 100 nights in Marriott rooms last year.
This year I designed and manufactured a whole new hotel room concept that would address some of the biggest complaints that I had in those over 100 nights.
As one on a team of four we designed, manufactured and debuted in entirely new concept for hospitality lodging accommodations in four months anddebuted this at the HD Expo in Las Vegas in April.
All the furniture is compact mostly due to the fact that we booked late and didn’t have a whole Lotta space to work with— haha.
The way we spun it was we were trying to maximize storage and kind of address a small footprint.
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2023.06.07 22:37 Prestigious-Reveal37 [USA - KS and TX] question about Amicus

Amicus visitation KS
High conflict custody battle. Mom lives in TX, custody case in TX, mom was visited at grandmas house (supposedly living there) so was already visited by amicus on last visitation by child in TX in February.
Temp orders finally got signed and include visitation in dads state only, dad lives in KS. Standard possession times with kid living in KS, just visits only happen in KS due to safety concerns with mom.
Amicus has planned and canceled 2 visits to dads since February. We are in our 5th month of having an amicus and dad still hasn’t had a visit from amicus, just one phone call.
  1. Is this a normal timeframe?
  2. What happens if amicus hasn’t visited by end of month and moms summer possession comes up? We do not want to pay for half of travel/hotel/car for her visit for an entire month.
  3. Dad wants to cut moms visits to 1x (instead of 1st,3rd,5th) per month with weekly (instead of daily) phone call with supervised (instead of unsupervised) visits if he can’t get full custody. Mom is bipolar narcissist and already lost custody of her other kid to another dad last year due to violence. She’s been arrested multiple times and has a history of domestic violence with spouses and not taking medication and/or drinking on it and driving.
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2023.06.07 20:48 strugglingstudent11 Marriott Hotel by LAX?

hello! i plan to visit my family and LA and catch a Dodger game, i wanted to ask how safe is this hotel? as in area wise, i do see it’s not far from Inglewood so i thought i’d ask any of my LA natives on here?
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2023.06.07 19:55 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TX Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
JSW Enterprise LLC Staff Accountant II Allen
Arias & Associates Inc. Graduate Engineer Arlington
Flower Garden Baptist Church Assistant Pastor Arlington
The District/brazos Transit Vehicle/Bus Operator #603-2023 (Buffalo - TX) Buffalo
Infozeal Solutions Inc Multiple Openings Carrollton
Carmed INC Automotive Attendant Carrollton
Oil Solutions Group, Inc. Communications Specialist Colleyville
Emerald Beach Hotel Wellness Specialist Corpus Christi
Nano's Taco Run Kitchen & Counter Help Corpus Christi
AT&T Mobility Services, LLC Associate Director-Technology Dallas
WiNGS Nurse Home Visito Nurse Family Partnership Dallas
The Conservative Jewish Day School of Dallas dba Ann and Nate Levine Academy Teacher Assistant Dallas
Vizio Prin DevOps Eng Dallas
VEI Consulting Engineers Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor Fredericksburg
VEI Consulting Engineers Civil Engineer Fredericksburg
iSteer Inc. Multiple Openings for Computer EngineeSoftware Developer Frisco
Park Board/Galveston CVB Director of Strategic Communications Galveston
Redeemed Christian Church of God Church Financial Database Performance Analyst Greenville
The District/brazos Transit Vehicle/Bus Operator #604-2023 (Huntsviille - TX) Huntsville
Citibank, N.A. Digital Software Engineering Lead Analyst Irving
Danube Logistics USA Inc Logistics Coordinator Irving
Optimus Lab USA, LLC DevOps Engineers Irving
Team IT Serve Inc. Software Development Engineer Irving
Linkpro Technologies, Inc Network Engineer Irving
Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sr Software Engineer Irving
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 18:20 pudhing NY TAKERS WAITING FOR LOCATION EMAIL: Here's whats still available

ALBANY: Empire State Plaza Convention Center and Albany Capital Center BRONX (NEW YORK CITY): Fordham University Rosehill Campus Lombardi Center Fieldhouse BUFFALO: Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center LONG ISLAND: Long Island Marriott Hotel in Uniondale, Nassau County MANHATTAN (NEW YORK CITY): Armory Track and Field Center in Upper Manhattan SARATOGA SPRINGS: Saratoga Springs City Center WHITE PLAINS: New York State Judicial Institute and Pace Law School in White Plains
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2023.06.07 17:43 mariana_neves_l Coworker found MARSHA binder from *probably* 20+ yrs ago

Not sure if it’s appropriate for the sub, but interesting to know there’s probably such a thing in case we can’t figure something out. It even has a revenue management section and group housing!
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2023.06.07 16:49 fruiterloopers Booking agency cancelled hotel booking 10 days before trip

Hi there,
I’m in England.
I’m heading to Mauritius on a trip in the next few days and have booked a hotel from the 17th to the 21st via Prestigia. I have just received an email stating the following:
Please see the below email from the hotel as it is overbooked for your dates so our relocation team is currently trying to assist you with the new reservation.
Please see all the details below Unfortunately, due to the situation at the hotel, we have no other option but to propose an alternative accommodation.
Please find below the details of the alternative hotel:
Hotel name: JW Marriott Mauritius Resort Room type: Junior Suite Meal Basis: Breakfast Address: Coastal Road Le Morne Peninsula MU, Le Morne 91102, Mauritius
Kindly note that due to cancellation charges applying, no bookings have been made at the alternative hotel.
The hotel does have rooms at present, but rates and availability are subject to change.
Alternatively, should you or our guests not be willing to accept the offered alternative, the booking can be canceled free of charge. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to receiving your soonest reply.
Is there anything I can currently do about the situation, the recommended hotel is not at the standard I’d like to live at and last minute bookings are a lot more pricey.
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2023.06.07 16:09 croissants35 First multi-country trip for Christmas and NYE

Traveling for 4 weeks this December. Visiting European Christmas markets solo before stopping by Asia to visit family, and ending in Sydney for New Year’s eve. Started booking everything this past January.
JFK-FRA (Singapore Airlines, Business) 60k + $54, Capital One > Aeroplan
6 days in Vienna, Budapest, Cologne. Traveling by train and ~$300 cash for the shorter flights.
FRA-BKK (Cathay Pacific, Business) 65k + $317, Citi > Cathay Pacific
3 days in Bangkok. $100 cash to Laos for 6 days. $140 cash to Singapore for 1 day. (No award flights at all to/from Laos)
SIN-SYD (Singapore, Business) 35k + $227, Capital One > Aeroplan
1 week in Sydney for New Year.
SYD-LAX (United, sad, Economy) 40k + $95, Chase > United
Holding off on booking the rest of the trip back to the east coast in case there’s a miracle and I stumble upon a flight home from Sydney in J.
(2) Hotel Indigo Vienna - 52k IHG
(2) Parisi Udvar Budapest - 34k Hyatt
(2) Hyatt Regency Cologne - Used Amex Plat FHHC $200 credit, net cost $168 cash
(3) Kimpton Maa Lai Bangkok - 111k IHG
(1) Westin Singapore - 34k Marriott
(2) Hyatt Regency Sydney - 36k Hyatt (finding award availability here for New Year’s Eve was tough!)
Staying with family the remaining nights in Laos and Sydney.
I realize fees were steep and I could’ve paid way less cash, but in some cases it just made more sense to pay cash for the shorter flights. Also was not initially planning Vienna or Budapest so I could not include them in the award flights I originally booked to Frankfurt.
This is my first multi-country trip booked using points. Still have a lot to learn before booking a true RTW trip!
95k Capital One miles
65k Citi points
40k Chase UR
163k IHG
70k Hyatt
34k Marriott
~ $1400 (I know, I know)
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2023.06.07 15:11 ExecutiveInn1 Pet Friendly Hotels in Fort Stockton Tx - Executive Inn Fort Stockton Executive Inn in Fort Stockton, Texas, is a pet-friendly hotel that warmly welcomes both you and your furry companions.

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2023.06.07 15:07 eng33 Hotel "loyalty" advice

For work, I usually stay about 24 nights a year.
For 16 nights, I basically have to stay in a country inn and suites because its the only hotel in town (Now a Choice hotel).
For 8 nights, I can basically stay anywhere.
I use to exclusively stay at Marriott whenever possible and usually could get up to Gold every other year with roll over nights. However, a few years back, United partnered with Marriott and I now get a Gold status match for free. It takes the same amount of work to go up to Platinum since I don't get to start from gold. Therefore it feels like staying at Marriott is a waste so I picked IHG because their hotels are decent most of the time and there seems to be an "affordable" IHG everywhere. So earning points with them seemed to be more "worth it" With Marriott, Hilton, etc, it SEEMS like they are either not well located or if they are, it is very high end (expensive). Back when I had Gold with Marriott, I'd be able to get lounge access for the few hotels that had them, I know that is long gone. I think I'd at least get breakfast too. IHG seems to give nothing even for Platinum. They often tell me I'm upgraded but the room seems identical.
I also have recently started traveling international to many different countries (these days mostly europe). I primarily choose based on location (walking distance from bus/train stations) , price, and reviews. If I can find IHG or Marriott that fits, I'll book it, but most of time its some random hotel. These hotels probably make up 25nights/yr sometimes more. For a while, I tried to always book with to earn points with them, but they've gone down hill too.
In theory, I should just choose Choice hotels but their quality is pretty low. I usually like "courtyard" or higher. When they were Radisson, I could occasionally get a nice hotel but there aren't many around. Then they split the "Americas" from the rest of the world so I don't even earn abroad.
I often question if going with IHG was a mistake. I essentially never stay at Marriott anymore so that Gold status is basically wasted but if I did stay with them, my earning toward status would be wasted. It's become more of a "nice to have" incase I have no choice but to stay in a Marriott. At the same time, IHG hotels aren't that great. Some HI/HIE are nice, many are not.
In an ideal world, my 50 nights or so per year would all be with one hotel chain.
I'd appreciate any advice. Is it not worth bothering with this at all?
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2023.06.07 07:08 abdulhamiddubai2 marriott's marbella beach resort

marriott's marbella beach resort
Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort is the best place for holidays. Marbella, popularly known for its long coastline of 20 beaches, high-end hotels, and luxury residential areas, is surrounded by the old but gold town of Marbella. Book Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort today with Bon Voyage Services! Contact us now!
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2023.06.07 03:50 WinstonSmith88 At a Marriott hotel in Alaska...

At a Marriott hotel in Alaska...
Which one of you heathens did this?
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2023.06.07 03:31 smartass79 Amway at my hotel

I’m sitting at the lobby barestaurant at the Marriott my horrible 9-5 is paying 100% for eating my meal that my horrible 9-5 is also paying 100% for and enjoying a drink (yep, also 100%). I keep hearing claps and shouts and excitement from the nearby large conference room. I keep seeing people entering dresses in suits and ties and I think to myself “If I was a betting person I would bet $100 this is an MLM meeting”. So I start to pay a little closer attention. Then I see they’re all carrying in a skinny can…of Xs. Yep. It’s Amway. It’s 8:30 at night and these people are just starting their cult meeting. How long before I get pitched? Wonder how much they’re paying to attend? Note: none of them are staying at the hotel and the meeting is also not listed on any of the screen directories listing who is in which conference room.
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2023.06.07 01:32 jdoowrag 2 questions: pay with CSR or Boundless? Does brand affect points earned?

Hello everyone, I have 2 questions as mentioned in the title. Any input is appreciated. Titanium elite member FWIW.
1.) I travel for work frequently. Should I pay for my Marriott stays with my Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card or my Chase Sapphire Reserve card? The boundless earns 6x Marriott points while the CSR earns 3x Chase ultimate rewards points. I know the ultimate rewards points are more valuable but was wondering if anyone has done the math on which option earns more point value in this specific scenario.
2.) Since Marriott got rid of hotel categories, does the brand make a difference in how many points are earned during a stay? Or is it only about dollars spent? For reference, I am able to get a discounted rate at a luxury brand JW Marriott when travelling for work. The nearby Westin actually costs more per night despite not being “luxury” but is still within policy. Which hotel would earn me more points in this scenario?
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2023.06.07 00:56 Humble_Dependent_354 Marriott Cross Canada

I will be doing a cross Canada trip next year staying in all Marriott hotels. You will likely be a 60+ day trip.
Is there anyways to do this cheaper and get more value?
I know about the platinum challenge and I have the basic bonvoy American Express ...
Is there anything else I'm missing?
Otherwise I mostly do cruises for vacation lol
Land vacations are so expensive
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2023.06.07 00:09 oldguacomole I’m what order should I get these cards?

Fico 764, down from near 800 a year ago. Oldest credit card is 16 years. In the last few months I got an AAdvantage Platinum, and Chase IHG Premier. Last year I got a few other cards. I have 8 total. I travel for work and expense my hotel stays. We almost always stay at an IHG. I also travel for fun and am trying to maximize points I can use for trips as well as get lounge access and free checked bags. I’d like to get a VentureX as soon as possible for the lounges. I have an LLC I can use for getting business cards.
I’ve heard of various rules, like chase 5/24. I’ve also heard Capital One is very sensitive to recent new lines of credit and that other banks have their own quirks. I seem to be in approval jail right now for hard inquiries and recent new credit lines. Hopefully that will open back up in a month or two.
These are the cards I want to get in the next couple years, the C1 cards and the airline cards would be my higher priority: - C1 Savor - Delta Plat - C1 Venture X - United explorer - SW Rapid - IHG Traveler - Hilton Amex - Hyatt, world of - Marriott Boundless
What is the best order to get these to stay in good grace with these credit unions and not get locked out of anything?
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2023.06.06 23:57 WaferNice8419 Does anyone else pay the full hotel rate (even up to $1000 a night) with no discounts/crazy point redemption from business travel/ strong promotions

I feel like a sucker since I’ve paid the rack rate for just about every night since I started traveling a little over a year ago (125 nights).
Often I read about the the great sums of money saved by those using MMF/MMP rates, booking cheap corporate rates, redeeming millions of points from business travel, finding the right promotions and churning points, stacking CCs for unreal benefits, discovering great hotel offers, and more. It’s very upsetting to me.
Reading this sub as often as I do, it sometimes appears to me as if I’m the only guy paying bonvoy’s “best available rate”. I feel like an idiot here who’s scared to admit he’s paying the regular prices. I understand this sub is full of dedicated outliers of the program, but still, sucks.
I just read about someone staying at the St Regis Maldives for basically nothing on the MMP rate. Or staying at the St Regis Bora Bora for two weeks just on point redemption. Using points and getting the 5th night free. Stacking FNAs from CCs. What inspired this post is a comment I read earlier today, from a front desk agent at a Ritz Carlton saying hardly anyone pays the rack rate.
I missed out on the double elite night promotions not too long ago (was staying at Marriott properties for every night in the earning window) and the Marriott Vacation Homes crazy point churn promotion in the past month or two and feel like an idiot. I also didn’t know about Marriott credit cards until recently.
I spent 200,000 points on shoddy US hotels for maybe .6-.7 cents per point when I could have saved and gone to the Maldives for 2-4x that cpp rate. I never took advantage of the fifth night free. My two separate point redemption stays were 3 and 4 nights long.
I wound up being 4 nights off of platinum elite last year (just straight up from stays) and didn’t bother to get a Bonvoy credit card that would have credited the nights I needed for platinum immediately, or slightly less easy, just book a cheap hotel for the nights I needed. I finished gold elite and was reset to 0 on Jan 1st. I thought I would keep my nights as I only started accumulating nights in May 2022 (was thinking my counter might reset after 12 months of use)
I was gold elite from June of last year until May of this year despite staying close to 100 nights at over $23,000 spend for the past 12 months. All of those nights and all of that spend, but zilch for upgrades, no free breakfast, no lounge access, no welcome gift, no 4 pm checkout. I am now titanium, closing in on ambassador thanks in part to the boundless card I applied for just yesterday.
I spent $800 a night for a garden view room at the Marriott Wailea beach at maui and $100 on breakfast between me and my partner each day whereas, if I was platinum elite, I could have gotten breakfast for free and could have been upgraded to an ocean view room. I’ve paid $30-50 pp breakfast at other stays as well this year as a gold elite, that one just stuck out.
A month ago I could have saved 25% ($400) if I booked with a long term rate for a $300 a night hotel I stayed at for 7 nights, but didn’t use the offer. I recently paid $522 per night for a room for a week when I could have paid a special anniversary rate of $300 a night if I checked the Hotel’s offer section.
And I didn’t even mention that most of my hotel nights are booked a day to a week before.
I feel like I’ve done everything hilariously wrong.
Anyone else feel like a clueless noob who’s getting it raw?
Thinking this sub isn’t for people who get played by Marriott like me. It’s for people who play Marriott
Anyways, thanks to this subreddit I learned how to handle this loyalty program somewhat
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2023.06.06 23:00 punhosocialista TRABALHADORES DO LISBOA MARRIOTT HOTEL NA RUA CONTRA «DISCRIMINAÇÃO E DESRESPEITO». Na ressaca do melhor ano de sempre para a empresa, em 2022, o Lisboa Marriott Hotel insiste na aplicação de pequenos aumentos salariais e um prémio que, a qualquer momento, pode recusar aos trabalhadores.

TRABALHADORES DO LISBOA MARRIOTT HOTEL NA RUA CONTRA «DISCRIMINAÇÃO E DESRESPEITO». Na ressaca do melhor ano de sempre para a empresa, em 2022, o Lisboa Marriott Hotel insiste na aplicação de pequenos aumentos salariais e um prémio que, a qualquer momento, pode recusar aos trabalhadores. submitted by punhosocialista to abrilabril [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 21:44 Critical_Cucumber283 Daily Dose Of Chisme Tok

June 5, 2023
Wow we begun the day with a bang 💥 Julia in the nail tech live . Not much there, se meten los trolls de Annie y también Las Roaches de reddit hay andábamos pero no constan la preguntas 🤭😳😱.
But, Of Course We Know la JULIAR always throwing indirectas a la Yesenia . She won’t say to her face. Allegedly
We all know she ain’t about that life . 🥊🫢
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So now all of sudden MariNovio would not like how she would dress and Cucomelon wanted her in his clothes . Oh brother 😳.
Omg , Cucomelon putting hands 🥊 on you. Gurl Gurl we seeing it from the beginning yet you failed to see it and made up false stories about your amazing life in the condo of Lubbock Tx.
The white powered on the nose 👃 del Cucomelon. What if it was white powered donut 🍩 he did not want to share with her like her not wanting to share her food and hiding the fast food. 🤭🫢
Not her letting him drive under the influence not caring for the surroundings wow . And risking lives . And the fact that it came out of your mouth to egging on, to see how far he would go wow 😯 scary 😦.
The FAKE accent is back full force brace your self Roaches 🪳 omg 😱 the FAKE accent . I can’t .
Maybe 🤔 she can’t hear self that she sounds dumb with the FAKE accent since she saw pink flags instead of red ones.
Wow she said has not really cried yet to let it out mmmm 😳 but, in one the lives she said she had . I think i the hotel one.
I wonder if la prima que entro le dijo que entró al chat a defenderla . Who remembers that roller coaster 🎢.
Why is Annie saying she won’t talk about it yet her whole series on JULIAR is let’s talk about it . 🫢🤔Come on Annie she talked about you should address it from this point of view . Si quieres bestie only if you want to . But we all say you should. Bring your numbers up . Just saying
We are here to give content to provide content and to talk about content . It’s Reddit ®️™️©️🥒🪳
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2023.06.06 20:05 444wrld Clean Affordable Hotel for a Large Group

This weekend I am going with a party of 6 to Universal and wanted to know any affordable good hotel options that aren’t too rough?
Last time I went to Orlando I stayed in the Springhill Suites at Marriott Village near Disney World and it had to be one of the worst experiences I’ve had at Orlando and I’ve stayed at a good share of hotels in the area always between $100-$180/ night. The hotel had a real foul smell because of the carpet. It was listed as a suite with 2 sofa beds and we only had one. The A/C was also broken and our phone in the room didn’t even work to call maintenance. The complimentary breakfast I didn’t expect to be extraordinary (I personally love complimentary breakfast) but it was almost inedible, I think the only think I could stomach were the sausage patties.
I have stayed at Marriott’s and Hilton’s with my partner closer to Disney and have never had an issue, in fact have had great service! and breakfast! Any recommendations for a good stay for a large party closer to Universal? I’m a bit nervous since I’m booking for a large group.
I looked into Drury but they are a bit pricier than what I was expecting and noticed another Springhill Suite closer to Universal area but I’m hesitant. If anyone has stayed there maybe with a good experience?
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