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Happy Holidays!

2008.05.27 01:47 Happy Holidays!

For the people who love the time when the Christmas Holidays come around Santa comes and visits us and we celebrate Christmas!

2014.06.29 06:01 Christmas Decorating: A place to discuss and show off your Christmas Decorations and lights

Welcome to /ChristmasDecorating! This is a subreddit to share the decorations you have put up as well as ones you have seen either on the internet or in person!

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Everything to do with ChristmasLights :)

2023.04.01 21:55 ItsReeceYouPeep Please Help

Please Help
I'm stuck in this screen every time I load on Minecraft, I've defeated it and reinstalled I've opened and closed it and have no clue what to do can anyone help?
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2023.04.01 21:52 Charlettmoon Osterran Calendar

So I've been translating the official Octopath Traveler Tabletop RPG rulebook for the past two weeks, and when I'm bored of doing Character Creation and Number Crunch copying, I start looking up the lore parts, and figured I should share the Osterran Calendar with everyone who might be interested.
There are 12 months. Each one is 30 days long with 5 weeks. There are only 6 days in a week, one for each element.
It goes, in order, Light Day, Wind Day, Thunder Day, Fire Day, Ice Day, Dark Day. Dark is the Sabbath.
The months kinda run alongside ours, and are named for each of the Orsterran gods/goddesses. Interestingly, they are also named in order of their birth, so Alephan is the eldest, and Aelfric is the youngest. The only difference is Dreisang and Dohter are twin brothers, with Dohter being a few seconds younger. (So if we fight Dreisang in Octopath 1, does that mean that's what Dohter looks like? Are they identical twins? Inquiring minds want to know!)
The First Month is Alephan's, (Mid January to Mid February IRL), and it is the beginning of the New Year.
The Second is Dreisang's, (Mid February to Mid March), and it contains the Festival of Temperance (It's similar to Lent, according to the book)
The Third is Dohter's, (Mid March to Mid April), and it does not contain any special festivals, (It's a time of Spring, so I think there are probably a lot of local festivals.)
The Fourth is Draefendi's, (Mid April to Mid May), also a generic time with no festivals.
The Fifth is Winnehild's, (Mid May to Mid June), and it's the time when kingdoms begin preparing for war.
The Sixth is Brand's, (Mid June to Mid July), the rye has been harvested, food is plentiful, and it's time to go back to killing each other (Literally "Time for War".)
The Seventh is Sealticge's,(Mid July to Mid August) and a night festival is held honoring her closeness to the darkness. (Probably fitting a Tanabata-esque festival in here for the Japanese readers?)
The Eighth is Steorra's, (Mid August to Mid September) nothing special here, (but given who the month is named after, I bet there are local festivals honoring the stars.)
The Ninth is Balogar's, (Mid September to Mid October), and this month has Saints' Day. According to the book, it's similar to IRL All Saint's Day (interestingly, no Halloween.)
The Tenth is Aeber's, (Mid October to Mid November), and there's nothing going on here, (but I bet this would be a good time for a Halloween local festival, given thieves and dressing up.)
The Eleventh is Bifelgan's, (Mid November to Mid December), and also not special, (but I'm expecting a harvest feast festival before the winter. Most likely celebrating the giving and sharing of food, reminiscent of the "Trading" Bifelgan does.)
The Twelfth is, of course, Aelfric's, (Mid December to Mid January), and contains the Sacred Flame Festival, celebrating the coming of the First Flame to Orsterra (The book doesn't mention it outright, but sounds very similar to Christmas, given the time frame it's held in.)
Given that Ophilia went out to do the Sacred Flame ceremony, It was probably either around Aelfric's Month, or perhaps needed to be finished before Aelfric's month, which might put the time of Octopath 1 around September to NovembeDecember, around fall-time. This is all speculation on my part, however, so I'd love to hear what you guys think!
There are other blurbs about the gods, but I'm already getting tired, so I might add it in a comment here later. Hope it's an interesting read!! :)
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2023.04.01 21:51 fecundity88 recommendations on shallow well pump

I live in the suburbs of seattle and have a shallow well, 7 foot head on my lot that fills with spring water up to about the beginning ofAugust before it dries to a trickle . I need to pump the water from a concrete basin to garden hose to water mainly flowers, shrubs, small trees. Needs to be electrical and Im thinking in-line pump?. Any and all recommendations welcomed. Water was tested last year and is surprisingly very clean. Im inspired by all your homesteads, I will be enthusiastically joining you in a few years.
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2023.04.01 21:50 PotentialHam Summon

One of my more successful mirror image edits. Phone phone with digital processing. Was a mossy tree.
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2023.04.01 21:49 ScarletFireFox Lilapsophobia

The fear of tornadoes and hurricanes is known as lilapsophobia. I have no doubt that I'm suffering from that. Yes, tornadoes are to be feared because they are dangerous. We all know that. I like to watch coverage of tornadoes as it is fascinating learning about something scary. I started watching the weather channel coverage of tornado outbreaks when I was living in California where I never had to worry about those kinds of storms. When I had to move back to Tennessee 2 years ago, I had my childhood fears return. Whenever we were under threat for tornadic weather, I would start having panic attacks. I would be scared before the weather would start. When it comes to a slight chance for that kind of weather, I'm calm. Whenever we are put under an enhanced risk, I start getting scared and upset. I live in Rutherford County in Middle TN, so we don't live in classic tornado alley like Oklahoma, Nebraska, or Texas. However, I do know that the strongest tornadoes can happen, but are pretty rare. Yesterday was just what I feared. We may have not been in the worst of the threat, but a strong tornado was possible for Middle TN. To make matters worse, it was expected to take place in the middle of the night. Usually on days like that, a thin vertical line of storms gust through and are over before we know it. The takeaway I got from watching coverage of killer tornadoes is that the supercells that are more scattered and horizontal would be the ones that would produce the really bad tornadoes. It would be shaped like bird wings with a little notch or circle behind it and that is where the tornado would be. Yesterday, it was looking just as I feared and these cells were more horizontal as they marched across the Volunteer State. Things I tried telling myself to calm myself down was that the odds of a large tornado hitting our exact location were very slim and how our county was on the edge of the tornado watch and not in the bullseye. FYI, before anyone assumes I'm a dependent, I'm not still living with my parents because I'm dependent; They depend on me(I basically had to move back here to help my Grandfather after I lost my Grandmother in January 2021). I was watching live coverage(Ryan Hall Ya'll on Youtube) and there was this storm that was several counties over producing a large and destructive tornado. A wedge tornado was reported(one of those big, wide ones). I woke up my Mom. She was at first annoyed, but decided to stay up and watch knowing how terrified I was. I rounded up our two cats(we didn't have a cage for them, so it was extra stressful). My parents went to get my Grandfather. We were to hunker beneath the stairs in our laundry room. I was crazy hysterical and delirious. I did not like how I handled it at all. It was a close call. The supposed tornado was passed about a mile north to us. At that moment it lifted before it would touch town again and cause damage to houses a town over. I was shaken(I was also a little tipsy as it was Friday night, so that may have made me act extra nutty where I at one point was chanting "ohmygodidontwannadieidontwannadie It cannot end like this!"). I was never more scared in my life, hearing the wind and the thunder and that terrible alarm going off on our phones. After that was over, I was weeping myself to sleep, from relief and feeling traumatized by what would have been one of my greatest fears coming true. Before, I looked up "storm anxiety" and lilapsophobia on Youtube to find helpful advice and hearing from other people who struggle with it. I can't figure out why it is so bad for me. I have never seen a tornado in my life(throughout my childhood in TN or FL and certainly not in California), let alone actually been in one. I would feel bad to declare myself as traumatized from last night because it is not like I was walking out of rubble. I heard accounts from other people with this fear who actually survived something. The only damage around here were to trees. Readyville was not so lucky. I'm a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and I wondered if me focusing so much on the weather may have gotten me that big scare last night. I know I shouldn't think like that. I started getting more into the weather after last Friday's Rolling Fork, MS disaster. Otherwise, I want to focus more on things that I enjoy instead of those nightmares. I would not be nearly as afraid if we had a basement. From the years of watching coverage, I learned that underground is the only safe place to be in the case for the strongest tornadoes. I wonder if anyone else around here has this fear and how do they cope?
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2023.04.01 21:49 Daksport2525 Large tree with a thick stump at the local greenhouse

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2023.04.01 21:46 weieast I royally effed up with my sister

Brace yourselves this is gonna be a little long.
My birthday party was last Saturday (march 25).
I didn’t invite my sister (23) because she is and has always been a big pain in my side.
Story time: our parents (more like mom) wanted Irish twins as she wanted to get the pregnancy and young children out of the way as quick as possible. But they experienced secondary infertility and hence my sister was adopted when I was 5 and she was 3. From the time she turned 5-9 when our parents had the “birds and bee” (this was an ongoing discuss whenever she had a question about how babies are made/ adoption etc) talk with her she just became someone else. She was really disgusted by the fact that our parents had to do the “nasty” to get me but she was the “chosen” one. And they never had to share germs to get her therefore she was special.
Whenever she got a chance to put me down she would…never missed a chance. She would frequently tell me that our parents had to take whatever they got with me. but with her they “chose” her, wanted her. On my birthdays she too would get presents because it wouldn’t be fair. But I never got presents on her birthdays because those are her special days. During Christmas she always got twice as many presents as I did because she was younger and my parents to comfort me would tell me in private it’s because she was adopted and needed extra love. We never did what I wanted to do for FFN (family fun night), all my childhood was centered around her. I really wouldn’t have minded if only she didn’t rub it in and made me feel like shit.
She would frequently try and get between me and my friends by telling lies. I have a best friend whom I’ve known since preschool (2 years before her adoption).
We are really tight and when she was 15 and I was 17 she told my bff that I tried to kiss bff’sboyfriend. Which caused a rift in our friendship until it all got sorted with our parents help.
She would come in my room and pee on my bed and claim that I peed the bed.
Would deliberately sneeze on any treats I got so she could have both.
Steal my Christmas wish list and copy it. Even though she never wanted any of the stuff I had on there. I was a huge nerd and still am, into video games, action figures, Star Wars etc and she is more of a girly girl and into make up and sh*t, none of her online pictures look like her in real life.
I know this is all elementary but I had had enough. I have my own place and planned my birthday party. I told my parents that she isn’t invited and they said that if she isn’t than they won’t help me pay for it.
So my bff and a few other friends pooled our money together and made it happen.
During the party at around 8pm my sister shows up. I never invited her nor told her about the party. I ignored her until friends said to just let her in. Of the 20 friends only 7 know about my contentious relationship with my sister.
She had never been to my place before than. The moment she entered my place she started criticizing my decor, the food, drinks, just about everything. Everything was kitsch to her. My boyfriend is from South Africa and she started in on these carved animals he got me for our first anniversary… aaand that’s when I lost it. I tried to keep it together, I really did but I think I did irreparable damage to our relationship. I would really not want to repeat what I said as I’m truly ashamed and embarrassed that I stooped that low.
Just looking for some advice. What can I do to make my little sister whole again.
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2023.04.01 21:46 neeevie Advice - dogs on P&O between Cairnryan and Larne

Hello any advice would be hugely appreciated! I have a friend travelling from GB to NI on P&O tomorrow morning and the mixed guidance on bringing a dog is slightly worrying, as its different between the P&O website and the government guidance. P&O seem to be asking for a lot more.
I had the same worry using stenaline at Christmas but that was fine with no checks, the customer service from stenaline basically indicated that although it was on their website they were no't enforcing it. However the P&O customer services won't be open before the early sailing and the risk of travelling to Scotland with their dog potentially not being able to sail would be too much.
If anyone has sailed recently that could share their experience that would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 21:45 spangbangbang Temporary irrigation running off hose spigot not getting nearly enough pressure

Sorry I wasn't sure where else to ask this, I know you aren't irrigation people but you do know about home water pressures. There's lots wrong with my house, especially the noises my pipes make when the water is on, but I'm of course asking about my temporary irrigation set up for now.
I had to put down new sod after the hurricane since a tree fell and destroyed most of the area with a big area of space vacated by the tree of course, and everything that was wiped out around it on the ground. It was just Shell there before but the other side of my driveway had eroded so I moved it all to one side, and sodded the big side.
I am just running it off my converted hose spigot, I have 4 heads on 35 feet of 3/4" sch40, connecting my garden hose from the spigot to the beginning of the pipe. The first head gets almost all the way, the next is halfway, and the next two are barely spitting water. I know this isn't normal but I don't know what I can do differently, as this doesn't seem like asking too much of my system. They are just spray heads, not giant 5,000's or mp rotors.
At first all I had to use was an older spray head and a normal back and forth lawn sprinkler, both of those seemed fully pressurized. Then I eliminated the lawn sprinkler, added a couple spray heads for 3 total on about 15 feet of pipe...even that was doing alright. But then I grabbed more pipe and another sprinkler to get the corners better and now I'm at 4 spray heads. I installed sprinkler systems for awhile, never got into the final details of the whole thing mostly just the grunt work of it, but I do know plenty well what it should all look like, and it doesn't look right.
I even did this before with a new paver patio awhile back, needed new grass around the area and I set temp irrigation set up for it, and all 4 of those spray heads did just fine. But not this time.
Is there anything I can do, or try? my brand new grass is dying since I can't do it all by hand every morning, takes way too long!
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2023.04.01 21:45 Blue_Gamer18 [TotK] Stop. Worrying. Do you really think Nintendo spent 6yrs on just Skylands and Fusion combat?

I'm so tired of people acting like they aren't getting this game or saying there's nothing new and nothing's changed.
The OG Map
Nintendo went into TotK with a full, created map. They didn't spend any time needing to create a world. They must have jumped in immediately going, "Ok, now how does Hyrule recover in a post Calamity time of peace/dramatically change upon Ganondorf's revival?" There's no way Hyrule hasn't seen a large change in its world. BotW's empty and ruined sprawled world made sense for the story/feeling of exploration.
There were many, many ruined locations that could be now built up to new villages or new locations. Either maybe we the player help with this via Bolosns crew or a number have already been out together. Fusion and building settlements sounds like an amazing lengthy sidequest. I'm really hoping the Annuki from Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks come out of some deep hiding in the Hebra Mountains and they are reintroduced with a village. Hebra Mountains needs a settlement or two.
Upon Ganondorf's apparent resurrection, the world changes even more. This, IMO, causes the most changes in Hyrule. Malice spewing out of Eldon Volcano. Likely opening into deep chasems. One of the criticisms was a lack of explorable caves. I'm sure caves open as a result of this. The Deku Fores/Tree apparently missing. Hryule castle rising along side other parts of Hryle?
Aonuma in the recent gameplay demonstration has talked about an "unexplored Hyrule" which I think leads to my next point....
I know this is still just a theory, but I really believe that the big expansion of Hryule they spent time on that involves a deep, intricate cave/tunnel system that spans the entirety of Hyrule. Our very first look at the game shows us that there's an underground system that leads to Ganondorf under Hyrule Castle. Zelda falls further into the earth from here.
In the most recent trailer, there was what looks to be an undergrad area with Bokoblins mining. You can even here an echo. I feel this has to be part of an Underground system.
Zelda isn't unfamiliar with two worlds/themes of duality in the franchise. I think we're going to be exploring both the light heavens in the Skylands while diving deep into the dark, once forgotten Hryule Underground.
Zonai in the Skylands and Ganondorf/demons in the Underground. With the Surface being the neutral middle ground stuck between both trying to live through it all
Nintendo is just holding this reveal close to their chests because it's just that big of an expansion to the world/gameplay IMO. And I believe it's something fans have been wanting to see.
I believe Skylands will vary from small patches to larger ones like seen the in the recent gameplay session, but like so many seem to worry, I don't see them being the main new addition to Hryule in TotK. They definitely took time, but they weren't the only additions in 6 years of development.
Ok, I admit there's not much to weigh down fears here, but I think Nintendo definitely paid attention to feedback to BotW. Divine Beasts were Nintendo's first take on a "in any order dungeon" format. They worked for what they were, but didn't scratch that itch. Zelda isn't Zelda without thematic, uniquely designed dungeons.
Going back to my first point, having a base Hyrule created meant more time to focus elsewhere. I believe brainstorming and creating classic dungeons was a big part of immediate development.
With the September trailer and those 7 symbols ("tears" ?) I believe they will be the McGuffins for each dungeon. Through changes in the world and Ganondorf's return, these new dungeons will appear throughout the Skylands, Surface, and Underground.
I believe that via Fuse/Ascend/Rewind, this will be how Nintendo handles unique gimmicks for each dungeon in any order. Each dungeon will have its own theme as before and "key dungeon items/materials" that you can use with Fuse for puzzles/combat/boss weakness. Maybe upon beating the dungeon, you can start to find these unique items elsewhere. Maybe there's a Shadow dungeon and it's gimmick is needing to use light/fire materials/items for puzzles/comat.
This way, each dungeon still has its own atmosphere but Links new abilities still allow for completion in any order. Similar to how Runes could have worked IMO if you found more unique ones like a Hookshot.
Please, for the love of Hylia, stop worrying and claiming it's "just fancy DLC"
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2023.04.01 21:43 Ambi4r Jolly teeny fucks oldman while decorating Christmas tree

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2023.04.01 21:42 Khierson Dropped my phone and now this is on the bottom of the screen. Do you guys think it will get worse, or can I just ignore it?

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2023.04.01 21:42 high_templarius Slap a chance to get an Unarmed Crucible Passive Skill Tree at El'Abin's Visage(or a new unique) and call it a day

The game has so many weird interactions and rule-bending possibilites that is understandable to have some mechanics that ignore them, like the league reward. As CW commented in the Q&A the fact that those items exist, shouldn't be a reason to not do something new or interesting like the weapons' passive tree.
But with that said, it's okay to think about workarounds when this happens. My suggestion is pretty simple, take some stats that unarmed builds would use and create a skill tree for them in other items, no necessarily in weapons, as the new unique El'Abin's Visage presents as one of its mods is already possible.
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2023.04.01 21:42 Packswim Seeking Pruning Guidance: Oak Tree (DFW, TX)

Hello friends! Young, new homeowner. I’ve lost an oak before (due to over-watering). Was not a fun experience and I still carry that guilt with me :/
I’m still learning but would really appreciate any guidance you can provide. I believe this oak needs to be pruned in a few areas, but am most interested in (and anxious) about ID’ing the dominant/leader. I think one of those two branches need to be removed, but don’t want to make a mistake.
I did my best to provide a 360 of the tree.
I’d appreciate any advice on anything and everything you believe should be removed. Would be so helpful if you’re able to ‘screenshot’ and then illustrate which branches you’d remove and and at what angle.
Thanks much in advance.
P.S., never posted on Reddit below… if photos are in link above, please check comments for a link to the photos (at least, I hope they’re there!)
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2023.04.01 21:42 TheWhiteWolf28 Crazy idea

Let me start this with clarifying that this is NOT a serious suggestion. (I figure it would take a TON of work for something that probably wouldn't be worth it) More of a "Imagine how cool if this was a thing" than a "this should totally happen". It's just a fun thought.
Imagine if, in the far future, we could have a merging of total conversion mods and have worlds where we could have Westeros to the west of Middle Earth, have characters interact and expand into each other's territory.
Imagine a Sauron invasion of Westeros. Gondor converts to the faith of the Old Gods (white tree). The Vale and Rohan ally against the dwarves of the Misty Mountain or whatever.
Again, not gonna happen. Just wanted to share this dumb idea I had lol.
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2023.04.01 21:40 100_wasps How to progress? (Inverted d/Ayesha)

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice about what conditioning/other moves I should be doing to help me on my path to Ayesha. I've spoken to my teacher but barring "keep trying and get stronger" he's not been able to help much.
The class I'm currently in is all male apart from one lady who's been doing pole and aerial from she was about 15 and is one of the best dancers I know, so I'm not sure if my perception of progression is just...way off, so if that's the case please tell me! I've been working towards an Ayesha for a little over a year now, and it just feels like I'm not getting anywhere. I can't hold an inverted D for more than a millisecond. It is. To be blunt, that blasted bottom arm. I just can't hold my weight on it.
I'm very comfortable (well as you can be in any pole move) in extended butterfly, on a good day I can get a Janeiro and other advanced tricks so I don't think it's a grip issue, and I'm more of an aerial silks-er than a poler so I would like to think my bicep and shoulder strength isn't too lacking but idk.
If anyone has the slightest clue about what's standing in the way of me and my ayesha dreams please lay it on me! (and if it is just Get Stronger and wait I will cry a little, curse testosterone and continue with my gym regime and pray for next year)
TLDR: all i want for Christmas is an Ayesha or a man's upper body strength
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2023.04.01 21:39 Chief_Andrew 3-5-2 Clear - 8.5M attack SSM

Hey Guys, Really excited right now. My plan worked! For any who are unaware, my plan was to swap from SWJ into SSM after I could finish the sublimation glory challenges. Once I had PDE, LoFA and fully subbed SSM, Dark SL 30 didn’t stand a chance. Enough about that though, I also cleared 3-5-2. This level is hard and I’m going to share my setup!
T1 B- FQV (LVL 20 Tree, 0/0/0/0 Subs, 20% HD, 33% Armor Break, Secondary Householder) – 3.04M Attack – 160M HP - 3* DB – 21522 – DCI/Armor – SS6 HDAtk/Atk Stone - Full lvl 1 Reso Gear – Legendary Dragon Skin
V4 B- - SQH (LVL 0 Tree, 0/0/0/0 Subs, 10% DR, 11% Effect of Being Healed) – 0.94M Attack – 88M HP – 3* DB – 11512 - DCI/Armor – SS6 HP/HP Stone – Full lvl 1 Reso Gear – Legendary Xmas Skin
T5 B MFF (Lvl 100 Tree 21/100, 0/0/0/4 Subs, 12% DR, 6% CD Reduction) 1.76M Attack – 137M HP – 3* DB – 21522 - DCI/Armor – SS6 HP/HP Stone – Full lvl 1 Reso Gear – Legendary Biker Skin
T1 B- SAHY (Lvl 20 Tree, 0/0/0/0 Subs, 10% DR, 8% Reduce DoT, lvl 1 Core) – 1.07M Attack – 79M HP – 3* Crown – 11512 – DCI/Armor – SS6 Block/HP Stone – Full lvl 1 Reso Gear – Legendary Easter Skin
T5 B- PDE (Lvl 20 Tree 21/100, 2/0/2/4 Subs, 6% CI Offset, 20% Control Precision) – 148M HP – 1.72M Attack – 3* DB – 11512 - DCi/Armor – SS6 HP/HP Stone – Full lvl 2 Reso Gear – No Skin
T5 B+ SSM (Lvl 100 Tree 100/100, 4/4/4/2 Subs 140% SD, 40% AB) – 8.55M Attack – 390M HP – 3* MS – 22521 - DCrit/CD- SS3 CCA Stone - Full lvl 3 Reso Gear – Legendary Basket Ball Skin
Speed Doesn’t Matter as long as SAHY gets a R1 active. Enemies will go first.
Skin 62
Artifact 18
Equipment 29
Full Guild Tech
Max Pheonix Pet
Shadow 140, Fortress 20, Abyss 100, Forest 100
Dark 20, Light 100, Trans 140, Warrior 100
Mage 100, Ranger 100, Assassin 140, Priest 100
Grace 30, Bravery 30, Crystal 30, Justice 30
Piety 30
Main (SSM) - 105/105/105/105/30/30
Secondary (FQV) - 59/70/80/89/30/30
(PDE) – 0/0/0/0/30/30
SAHY – 0/0/0/0/30/30
SQH – 0/0/0/0/30/30
SSM – Backrow Rest don’t matter
Each hero on my team had a part of play. R1 mattes a lot.
SSM has to kill 2 Delacium R1. He also has to taunt both Holmes R1. He will heal to full with Balanced Strike.
PDE has to buff SSM with her tricks. She also has to keep CC off SSM in R2.
SAHY has to have a core and hit a Sherlock with Perceptual Disorder R1. The core is basically extra DR in the form of healing.
SQH has to buff damage
FQV has to heal up the team and proc her precision passive in R1.
MFF has to do her thing.
You need everyone to survive R1. Most of the RNG is waiting for Holmes to spread out the hits enough. I don’t think you can do it without the PDE subs or the SAHY core. MFF subs probably didn’t matter that much. My B+ SSM copy helped me hit the required attack, but It could be done with a B- if you had the same attack.
Good Luck!
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2023.04.01 21:39 DiganticGong Can someone explain how 3 tick woodcutting works like I’m 5?

I got about 4k yew longs to alch and if I can do it while I’m doing something else and have it benefit me that’d be great.
So far I’ve been alching them and clicking an oak tree in the woodcut guild to turn them to oak planks without shrinking my cash stack but I’m really just killing two birds with one stone and don’t know what I’m doing.
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2023.04.01 21:38 Peekaboothedog Atrial Fibrillation,or normal ?

Little background before I explain the situation:
I (23F) used to struggle with depression and anxiety when I was younger. I was on Cilift (citalopram) for 4 years and handled my depression quite well, with some rare sporadic anxiety attacks. These last few months were quite stressful and I had heart palpitations on many days, which I attributed to stress.
I got a Samsung watch 4 for Christmas, and only lately started using the ECG feature, when I was suffering from palpitations, chest pain and tightness. I got the Atrial Fabrilation result many times. I then used my mom's watch (Samsung 5 Pro) and got the same result. I also used the watch to measure blood pressure and then I used our blood pressure machine as well, to check watch accuracy, and both readings were similar. My blood pressure has always been quite low, lately it averages at 120/73. My heart rate is quite unpredictable and ranges from 31-207bbm. This morning I wanted to check again, and got Afib again, but every single reading after that has been "poor reading". I once again tried my mom's watch multiple times and it said "poor reading".
I attached pictures of many "poor reading" results to see the waves and I tried to include ones that looked different from each other. I also included the Afib results with the average heart rate of the reading. Some of these waves also look dissimilar. Additionally there are some "Inconclusive" results as well. These results are all over the course of 1 day
Are these AFib readings acurate or is it misdiagnosed, and just some normal stress related heart palpitations?
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2023.04.01 21:38 BraveAd8224 Merry Christmas with my dear husband

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2023.04.01 21:36 MaymunAglatan Exploring Sarcasm with ChatGPT: A Hilarious Video Showcase and Insightful Discussion

Recently, I had a discussion with ChatGPT about the intriguing comedic method called "sarcasm." It brought to mind a video that demonstrates an effective, albeit somewhat extreme, sarcastic interaction that provoked laughter.
Vid I took the sarcasm
I'm curious if it would be acceptable to try out a similar scenario with my uncle during our next Christmas dinner, despite its potentially extreme nature, considering it successfully evoked laughter.
But it worked GPT! Should I do it?
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2023.04.01 21:35 puffylemingtonII Living next to Lunatics - part 2

Hi, last year I wrote about my lunatic neighbors. The ones that dug holes under the fence to drain in my property.
The same ones who sat on a chair right next to the fence for two months until I erected the fence so I could get in and out of my house without having to deal with them.
The same ones that had roosters and when I told them I couldn’t sleep and it was driving me crazy they laughed at my face saying that it was natural.
I erected a fence, I ignored the holes under the fence and I reported the rooster to the council.
They have cut down trees to have a view of our property from their window.
They have moved their entire routines and living area right under the window in front of my front door playing loud tv and talking loud till midnight.
They shoved dead rats under the holes they dug.
I’ve kept ignoring but the past few days they got a freaking rooster again that starts before 4am and doesn’t stop. It’s waking me up again. And off it goes incessantly all night and dawn. I called council again and I hope this time they fine them.
Why are people so evil
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