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2023.06.07 04:15 3j8km I don't know what to do in retail anymore

Hello guys, I am a fellow player who has been playing since end Draenor-beginning Legion, had achieved around 38k achievement points, 3 gladiator mounts, few cutting edges and gold farm for the brutosaur, I have done most of the content the game could offer me. But nowadays PVP is the only thing I enjoyed doing and the Mythic20's for the portals. Unlocking 13sets 1.8k pvp rating on every spec was the only thing motivated me to log in every day. But nobody plays pvp, mmr is horrendous, almost 4k arena rating players playing at 1.8 with alters, and soloshuffle queues are around 30-40' for DPS classes.
I feel meaningless, I have achieved things yeah... but I feel nobody cares (included Azeroth's Champion FoS I am proud of this one). Honestly, I feel wow retail is not fun for me, I log in, nobody talks to me, I get bored and I log into hardcore, Wotlk or other game. I used to farm dungeons for tmog to complete my female dwarf shaman Firenanajkm everything on her, but is not the same anymore, why?
In Legion I was heavily inspired by Asmongold & Anniefuchsia to get all the achievements, mounts, toys, pets, got my Loremaster achievement, The Chosen titles, got 40 characters to max level on both alliance and horde but they keep adding things to the game and none of them are relevant anymore.
I grew up so much from Cdews guides to arena, Skill Capped guides to pvp, casual guys making achievements videos to achieve them myself, gold videos from a lot of youtubers and streamers (Thanks for your effort, time and dedication you made me scape from reality and save my life in a way).
But at the end of the day none of that gives me power in the game, you either go for power or account cosmetic progression, and the power got reset every season feels pointless... :'(. Got over 700 mounts but only use 2-3, got thousands of mog but don't care anymore. I don't know, if any of you guys can give me any reason to try retail in a different way I will try but right know retail is not my game anymore :(.
https://www.dataforazeroth.com/characters/EU/Dun%20ModFirenanajkm I wanted to become number 1 but the amount of time and effort I need to put won't be rewarded, I started to play late that's all good luck to the rest of the fighters, I cba.
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2023.06.05 04:49 Topper616 30m bisexual daddy type for younger

I love younger guys 18+ of course but I want a friend I can guide a little to with friendship and fun would love to find local area of Louisville KY but I understand if online to, if this interests you dm me I'm very nice chill. Into twinks fems
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2023.06.03 19:40 SoloSC SoloCraft Blizzlike x3 - Spawn your AI Bots and start raiding/PvP!

SoloCraft Blizzlike x3 - Spawn your AI Bots and start raiding/PvP!
SoloCraft is a blizzlike (3x XP) vanilla server with limited custom features such as PlayerBots and BattleBots established and running for over 7 months now.
The XP and profession rates are set to 3x. Each character is able to learn all professions.
PlayerBots are designed for questing, levelling, dungeons, raids and BattleGrounds. AI companions will adjust their level to yours and will auto equip pre-set gear according to their level.
You are able to spawn PlayerBots from level 1-60 by using the commands or from our addon. Once you are level 60, you will spawn BiS T3 Bots in raids and Pre-BiS Bots in dungeons and open world.
BattleBots are smart AI companions playing like a regular players, buffing, healing, fighting, doing objectives, capping flags and taking and defending bases at battlegrounds.
You will learn all flight paths once you create a character. Mail delivery delay is reduced to 5 mins instead of 60 mins which will speed up all transactions. All raids are unlocked and attunements are removed.
Crossfaction chat, party and guilds are enabled. The Auction house is always filled with items for a fair price which will not affect the server economy.
If you would like to twink, you can simply lock and unlock your XP from the NPC “Twinker” located at Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
There are around 1000 BattleBots spawned and playing 24/7 in BattleGrounds waiting for you! We have an awesome community, currently hitting around 100-150 (happy players) online at peak hours. However, our server doesn't require any population at all, it can keep running with even 1 player online since you can solo all content.
We also made example videos/guides for raiding, the videos are a bit outdated right now since we've improved our bots over time. You can always use your own strategy to defeat bosses. https://www.youtube.com/@solocraftserveplaylists
Our main goal is to have fun while you can play safely! https://solocraft.org
Preview of our addon (You can also use commands/macros instead, this addon is mainly for new members to make it easier to handle and get used to controlling bots):
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2023.06.03 18:52 NaughtyUmbreon Questions about Rogue in WOTLK

Hello, my main is mage, and I decided to make my second char a Rogue. I want it to be mostly PvP oriented, so I wondered what proffesions should I learn? I was thinking about Engineering/Tailoring, based on this. Is it good or should I pick something else? Also I want to raid with it as well, as some PvP BiS items drop from raids, so I was wondering what is the best spec for PvE? I am going Subtlety for PvP, and deciding between Combat and Assassination for PvE. I was told that Assassination has higher DPS than Combat in late game, so should I pick that one? Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.03 16:18 mary_llynn Question for Apollo's devotee's: does this sound familiar?

Question for Apollo's devotee's: does this sound familiar?
I have had a weirdly intense interest / draw towards Apollo these last few days.
It reminded me that since I was a teenager I envisioned this entity I used to call simply "Fate" as a young-ish adult, very manga/twink like with blonde wave/curls being sort on my side and giving me the ability to take things with hope and enthusiasm even when they were not looking as such at first look. Then some outstanding things also happened to me that no precedent can explain in the level of luck they happened with.
For context I used to work in the music business, nothing ever drew me that much, I changed countries to quite literally run after my dreams. I also had a job which I stumbled upon and that was related to health for which I seemed to have an innate attitude.
As I stumbled upon posts about Apollo on Hellenism circles I have had this feeling that the energies they attribute to him are extremely similar and seem to remind me of that familiar energy/feeling I had for Fate.
Ironically I've had him on my mind non stop through the night with a song stuck in my head about playing "here comes the sun".
Then the King of Vibes shows up, which it's the ultimate level of the suits of Wands, hence fire. The artwork is actually stunningly similar to the image of the blonde man I had in my younger age about Fate, and I have just come to learn one of Apollo's epithets is indeed MOIRA′GETES (Moiragetês), the guide or leader of fate.
He seems to have such an informal and fun/charming energy compared to the authoritative stance I expect gods to have? It makes me smile and it makes me wonder if that's what my bizzare intense energy comes from (besides the excessive dopamine I biologically am drowning in due to a genetic blip).
Am I making any sense? Do any Apollo devotees find anything familiar in this?
Thank you for taking the time to read this far if you have
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2023.06.01 14:53 Nooberiino Will they nerf the item or will player get to keep it? (Gohr's gloves)

Currently there was an oversight by the balance team that created the item called "Gohr's Devastating Grips".
Whirlwind explodes after it ends, dealing [50 - 70]% of the total Base damage dealt to surrounding enemies as Fire damage.
The mechanic seem to stack on every hit it makes during the channeling of the skill called Whirlwind with no limitation to how many stacks it can accumulate other than fury resource maintained. Allowing the player to reach astronomically numbers 700m+ when the explosion is released.
I think it's safe to say no other class will be able to reach these numbers, but more importantly my question is what will happen to the item in the future.
From what i understand is that blizzard does not nerf skills/items once they have been obtained by the player. Like in wotlk where people got 300 profession with their lvl 19 twinks before level restrictions where put in place to prevent low levels from getting the 2000 heal with 300 herbalism. Now i don't know if they changed those character up to this date whom managed to get the professions to that level.
Do you think they'll allow the item to remain in game in it's broken state? or will they just server side change how the item should interact when damage is calculated and put restriction how many max stacks can be gained?
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2023.05.31 22:14 Master_Code7401 35M Looking for younger NJ twinks and femboys

Looking for 18-25 twinks and femboys who want a daddy to guide them and teach them
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2023.05.30 13:44 LRDsreddit How to always do leveling fast on any class with twink gear ?

I'm gonna start saying that generally speaking I'm like average-good at leveling, I can do campaign at like 5-6 hours consistant on most league starters, I consider between 4-5 hours is a very strong player and below 4hours is like a top racer. I mean for act 10 of course.
But I have a big issue, it's doing the leveling on a non-league starter guide, let me explain.
Let's say for example, I want to make a new build, and I need a level 70 guardian as fast as possible.
The way I would do it is probably play something like a hiero/inqui caster with twink gear and blast and then respecc into a guardian.
But I would never do it directly as guardian because I wouldn't know how to do it, because I have never seen a twink gear guide about fast leveling a guardian and I need that stuff or I'm finished.
Most likely I always need a tree + gem stups, I still can't do that myself, I mean I could and I've done it before, but it's not very efficient because I'm just bad at doing this.
Some people praise hollow palms strategy, but you still need good trees for some classes (witch for instance) that are hard to find, or at least updated trees..
The second issue I have is : I'm not much faster on twink gear but just a little bit faster.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it probably is a lot of stuff, because in my head, on twink gear you should legit destroy the leveling, but it's still a combination of good tree/gealeveling knowledge.
Most of the times I lack the tree + gem setups.
How would you guys do the leveling of a chieftain, scion, guardian with twink gear in like 4hours without respeccing ?
Let me know ideas for general leveling and how to find good ressources for leveling any classes !
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2023.05.30 11:05 DaveNewhouse How much should I save to boost a char 10-60?

Hello boosters, I wanna get a boosted char on Firemaw EU, its gonna be first time I will be using such boosting services, and wondering if there are some guides, or some prices I should follow, dont wanna get scammed and overpay.
Will 2K gold be enough? How fast can I expect to level up my char?
Any helps/tips appreciated.
EDIT: classic era, not WOTLK
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2023.05.30 05:43 Full_Positive_1963 Old BradyGames Guide

Hi all. Rookie here. For a few bucks, I picked up a copy of the old BradyGames guidebook for base WoW that used to be included in the Battle Chest. Might not have gotten it, except there was a sweet art book for WotLK at the bookstore and I figured I'd give this guide a look as well. Would this guide be useful for learning about how to play Classic? I have tried Retail, but I hated how fast the leveling was and think Classic is more my cup of tea (I am aware of its more punishing nature).
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2023.05.28 17:15 talwarbeast 79 Twinking Resources?

Does anyone know of any good resources for twinking in the 79 bracket. I am working on getting a Frost Mage to 79 for this purpose and wondering if there is a website or discord server with this information. Mostly looking for a guide on gear selection, enchants, talents, etc.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.05.28 10:47 Zurbinjo Best class to solo dungeons?

I haven't played for quite a while (stopped shortly after BC Classic came out) but am thinking to come back to WotLK because my brother really loves this game and we have the idea of soloing dungeons (or duoing) them. He is already trying this and recently finished Zul Gurub with his warlock.
He will only play warlock and I want to be a suitable addition. I'd like to continue playing with my warrior since it is my highest character (62) but it may not be the perfect class for this purpose. So I am willing to level up one of my lower twinks to suit the needs for our adventure. I'd even play a warlock, too, if this makes sense.
What would you guys say is the best class and spec to accompany a dungeon-soloing-warlock and master even harder dungeons/raids with just the two of us?
Looking forward to your replies!
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2023.05.26 23:17 Apprehensive-Book776 28 / Ireland - UK / PC / GMT - Diablo IV, project zomboid or V-rising anyone?

hiii, so as the title says it would be cool to find someone who wants to play any of these games together, i don’t own any of them as of rn, and D4 isn’t out yet, but i plan on getting D4 on release (not pre-ordering) and recently i’ve taken a real interest in watching project zomboid and v-rising videos on youtube, the games look really cool and interesting and i think i’d like to play them with someone, would be nice to have a guide seeing as i’d be new to them too!
other games i have already are:
dayz (learning how to play on modded servers etc would be cool as i’ve no idea what i’m doing in that regard)
deeprock galactic
the isle
fifa 23 (PC version)
valorant (pain)
dead by daylight
baldur’s gate 3 (would love to do a co-op campaign on this)
WoW (wotlk mostly but occasionally the free version of retail)
Total war warhammer 2
i do have other games which aren’t coming to mind rn but yeah. would be cool to play with some chill people, im not super excitable or anything like that when im playing, so someone who matches that energy would be cool.
thanks for reading, c ya!
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2023.05.25 12:37 Icy_Reserve_5190 RetPal + DiscPriest struggle in DF 10.1

Hey lads, me and my friend came back to WoW after few years break and after few month on free WOTLK server we decided to give a DF try. It felt REALLY like a new game to us from the beginning but we are getting used to it. We are not super experienced , but I wouldn’t say that we fail basics of PvP or don’t understand fundamentals. Recently we struggle more and more with this comp in 2v2. It feels like we lack CCs in many games and our burst window is short to DPS down somebody. My main CC (ps.scream) forces me to run toward the enemy in meele range and he has only HoJ with big CD and Blind. I’ve been reading and watching many guides and unfortunately NONE of them mentioned Ret+ Disc as a good comp and after Ret got nerfed , it’s more like B tier now. Do we just need some practice and we will be able to climb high with this comp or these 2 classes are really incompatible and we should try something else ? It feels like ret is really strong in 3s but falls behind in 2s somehow. What would be good comp for RetPal in 2s? (I can try actually anything but no hunter pls lol) Thank you for reading this exhausting post and for all replies!
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2023.05.25 12:35 Icy_Reserve_5190 RetPal + DiscPriest in 2v2 Dragonflight 10.1

Hey lads, me and my friend came back to WoW after few years break and after few month on free WOTLK server we decided to give a DF try. It felt REALLY like a new game to us from the beginning but we are getting used to it. We are not super experienced , but I wouldn’t say that we fail basics of PvP or don’t understand fundamentals. Recently we struggle more and more with this comp in 2v2. It feels like we lack CCs in many games and our burst window is short to DPS down somebody. My main CC (ps.scream) forces me to run toward the enemy in meele range and he has only HoJ with big CD and Blind. I’ve been reading and watching many guides and unfortunately NONE of them mentioned Ret+ Disc as a good comp and after Ret got nerfed , it’s more like B tier now. Do we just need some practice and we will be able to climb high with this comp or these 2 classes are really incompatible and we should try something else ? It feels like ret is really strong in 3s but falls behind in 2s somehow. What would be good comp for RetPal in 2s? (I can try actually anything but no hunter pls lol) Thank you for reading this exhausting post and for all replies!
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2023.05.24 02:39 Totally_Joking PSA: Private WoW servers are easy to make, and are open source and free!

TLDR: follow this guide to set up a private WoW server for you and your friends: https://trinitycore.info/
With rule 4 being removed, here are some links to help kick start the curiosity process.
If you are good at tinkering with anything, you are able to set up TrinityCore!
I would highly recommend anyone with some time to spare to try setting one up, it's a great way to learn a new skill and the awesome feeling of logging into a world all to yourself is amazing.
If it doesn't make sense, don't give up, take breaks and don't give up!
Happy server administrating
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2023.05.23 00:54 Karelme Gay who fell for his bi male best friend friend

I am new on here , I don’t know if my fellow gays can answer me . I’m a 27 year old fully gay always known I was gay I’m out to my family and friends and everyone pretty much .
I grew up with this hot guy he’s a very handsome guy my best friend he’s a year older than I . Always helped me , protected me , guided me when i couldn’t see well . I dated many other gay guys obviously as iam also a very beautiful , pretty person to be honest . Im quiet liked by people I’m a twink physically and he always complements me and tells me how my body is snatched and sexy . How my face is beautiful he loves my hair and eyes . Talking about eyes . He is the friend that helps me drive when I can’t drive like at night time or after my eye clinic visits so .. I’m half blind wearing an eye prosthetic don’t feel bad there’s many of us . Lost my eye due to an Illness younger so he knows everything . He came out after I came out he came out as bi . Always showed him support respect 🫡 and all of the above he comes sleeping at my house ever since I was a kid sleepovers etc we go on dates alone to restaurant night clubs gay pride with me . But one time he had a bf and they got drunk asked me to have a threesome with them I did . He finally showed he liked me back . He really enjoyed my body as iam a bottom . After they broke up he told me he doesn’t want to lose me that if he doesn’t find love until he reaches 27 he’s 27 now by the way hed even want to marry me . He said “ I never loved someone like you both sexually and emotionally you such a cute boy “
That was heartwarming he had small flings with other boys after his ex bf . They were both bi . But now lately it’s been a minute he doesn’t see much compared to before it was everyday . He’d call me for hours . He likes to be the big spoon etc watch movies kiss etc .. lately I found out he missed out on the events I was invited with him to . I had to drive alone by night or asked mom my family big sis or cousins to drive me or my girls my besties . The girls were like where is he ?
Last week I found out he was seeing a girl and posting pics with her she was at least not him he was hiding her . It seemed like a couple thing definitely I swear to god my heart sunk into my feet . I couldn’t breathe my eye got red and the other eye literally froze couldn’t remove my eye shield . I wasn’t hurt since he isn’t my bf and who am I to judge him he’s not mine to judge or be sad over . But my heart kept aching guys . It explains why he would text less see me less . So for two days I stepped out . The girls help me at night or my family. And confronted the girls friend I know her . She said that her friend and this bi guy (my best friend ) just met and they got off fast real great and he had just got out of a relationship with a guy . They like Eachother a lot that he is somehow tired of taking responsibility of his friend me cause it’s a lot to watch out a half blind friend right ? I felt like I couldn’t even fathom what I heard I thanked her for her honesty . And stormed out . I never cried that much . I’m grateful 🥹 for everything he had done for me . He broke up with ex bfs for me , he declined some dates with women for me , he came out for me , stayed out late for me drove my own car for me , or gave me rides with his own car too . We travelled together and grew up together . I’m forever grateful for what he did maybe he’s tired of always being that friend who has to help see the world . I’m not handicapped fully and I work well , graduated , educated with a higher degree , you almost can’t tell iam with my fake eye and can live normally like any person guys . It’s just that he likes to spoil me and cares a lot so no iam not being bi phobic .
He helped me more than any other gay guy to say the truth 🥹 I just feel like sometimes even the biggest blessings in our life have their expiration dates too sadly . He texted me today saying hey I miss you where have you been . I was honest like he was always honest with me .told him sorry for being the burden that you always need or feel the need to help me constantly I can navigate through life alone don’t worry . My family will help me I don’t want you to tear yourself up for me . Focus on yourself beautiful man , and I saw her pics with you I’m still happy for you wish you the best . “
He called immediately didn’t answer didn’t have the power nor the will to talk . He kept calling until he sent a vocal message . He was in tears couldn’t make out Everthing but he said I never saw you below anyone else that he loved me begging me to stay and stop comparing my eye that it was making me special that I inspired him how strong iam and self sufficient and successful i am despite the eye thing . That me being gay was his gay awakening , that he didn’t mean to say it like that to his gf . ..that he loved me and liked more than anyone else he’s lost and madly in love with me . I texted him thank you all the best again .
He didn’t accept the fact that I wanted to stop talking to him . It hurts me a lot . Maybe he is using her as an emotional back up or he wants me still don’t know but I kept it at that . Sometimes you have to let go of things guys that’s life .
But the moral here not all gays hate you . The guy who were there for me the most since I was a kid was nothing but a bi man . Now he has the right to be happy with his gf if he wants . I’m happy I met him . And happy he helped me alot in my life helped him too . That’s all my question is why is he still holding on to me ? He wants to break up with her because of me now … I’m really not understanding this as I’m sick I have my eye medical exams soon I need to focus on my health . He can be there of course . But he is constantly scared I meet an another gay boy ..
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2023.05.22 13:36 -Lickylicky- Strategies for Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia

The new phase is coming in the near future, and the strategies for the new raids are already here:
Trial of the CrusaderOnyxia's Lair
First time?
• Raidy-Raidy is a website about WoW raid strategies. • It explains each fight in a short straightforward way, focusing on most important details. • Everything is written consistently in the same style, making it easier to understand. • There are also convenient loot tables for each encounter, each raid, and each expansion.
ToC and Onyxia Strategies
• The ToC raid has 4 versions: 10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal, 25 Heroic. However, the encounters work essentially the same way, so the differences are simply mentioned in the strategy description where it is needed.
• Loot tables for ToC are separate for Horde and Alliance raids. Items for Normal and Heroic versions have same names (which may be a bit confusing) but different ID and stats. All of this was taken into consideration and carefully sorted out.
• Onyxia only has 2 versions (for 10 and 25 players) and the fight is fairly similar to the level 60 encounter. All the new features are explained.
Future Plans
• I have promised many times to add raid achievements for WotLK as a separate section, and that is the first thing on the list for now. • For each item in the loot tables it will show the list of classes and specs for which the item is BiS or at least good. I had this feature for Classic and still want to add it for the new loot tables. • ICC and Halion. Looks like we still have some time before those appear on Blizzard servers. • Brief guides on managing a guild, organizing a DKP system, other things related to playing WoW.
Constructive Feedback
• Raidy-Raidy is a side-project maintained by one person in spare time. I keep the quality as high as possible, but there's no team of testers to check everything. I rely on the feedback to find and fix possible issues. • I look into all constructive criticism and suggestions. Found a mistake? Something is not working? Have a cool idea? Feel free to tell in the comments.
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2023.05.21 17:54 P0R0WL Loot From 210 Uldaman Backdoor Runs. No Clickbait, No Contingencies, No BS. How I Made 29070g 40s.

Loot From 210 Uldaman Backdoor Runs. No Clickbait, No Contingencies, No BS. How I Made 29070g 40s.

TLDR: Video in comments for the lazy.


Long story short, Uldaman is filled with gear that sells for an ass load of gold because 39 twinks wanna have BiS gear. (Pendulum of Doom, Miner's Hat of the Deep, Papal Fez, Shadowforge Bushmaster etc...)
I wanted to find gear for my 39 Fire Mage Twink & make some gold on Westfall and ended up making a bunch. I know YouTubers in the past have posted similar content and there was some weird contingency. For example; "STRATHOLME...6000G AN HOUR??" and after 7 minutes of wasted time you find out that's if you find the "Sparkling Stemcell Slingshot" with a 0.0001 drop rate. I assure you everything in this post has sold (except the epic i intentionally kept) and I've got proof for everything.

EPICS. (1,000g)

I only found 1 epic in my 210 runs but it was a big caster ring for 39 twinks so i lucked out since I'm making a mage. I found Underworld Band which has been BiS for twinks since Vanilla and nothings changed in WotLK.1,000g is a base price for the ring and I'd bet you could get up to 2k on the right realm/day, but i don't want to stretch any values. Players in the 39 Discord regularly sell and buy this ring for around 1,000g so if you find one, don't let anyone fondle your bean bags on the price.

RARES. (9250g)

In my 210 runs I found 18 rares, which honestly is super low considering the Uldaman loot table and the world drops that can come from there as well but I can't complain. In fact; I've completed week 2 already but haven't compiled any data since I'm still waiting on sales, BUT I can tell you I've found 44 rares in week 2 (no epics) so I was a lil surprised. Here's what I found & how much I've sold everything for.
Rare Sales.

CLOTH. (MAGEWEAVE & SILK, 6397g 40s)

So I was making some extreme bank just off cloth. I've sold ALL 10,795 Mageweave Cloth for .52s an average per 1 cloth. This means I've made 5613g 40s just off Mageweave which was just enough to pay for 4 nights 5 days at Goldshire Inn "Late Night RP VIP Package". Gotta be honest I arrived pretty scared but after a fistful of herbs from a stranger I ended up wearing only Loin Cloth and a Christmas Hat and hadda pretty good time.
me on night #2

Silk Cloth brought in another 784g so I didn't leave penniless.
Mageweave Sales.

Patterns (4330g)

I've been getting a lot of good patterns, especially lately for some weird reason. The chest midway thru the backdoor route and Archaedas's chest at the end have been hooking me up. I JUST got a Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Block and a Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt which are both VERY rare and a bunch of other good ones from week 2, but let's move on.
I've got a route guide that'll be posted down below. Nicolas Cage actually tried to steal the Dream Vision pattern mumbling something about National Treasure 3 coming out in 2024 and needed it. I needed the 3 Dwarves from Uldaman to help pry him off of me and sedate him with some kind of dart.
Pattern Sales.

Greens. (2234g 37s)

I vendored all my greens for week 1, but have been working on a level 35 rogue to open lockboxes, disenenchant greens and work with any extra cloth if i ever have any. Some greens got kept, greens that have the name "of Shadow Wrath", "of Fiery Wrath", "of Frozen Wrath", "of the Monkey" are all good sellers. I label these as "special greens" and my best one has sold for 200g (Umbral Wand of Healing). In fact, wands tend to sell the best when it comes to greens in general. I stashed this money in a hole in Elwynn because I don't trust the banks in Stormwind.
Green Sales.

Gems. (2171g 85s)

I had so many gems on me I started to get paranoid because you're only allowed 4oz and i had like 70 and i got intel on Stormwind training rats to snuff out gem smugglers so I had to make these deals quick and Vanish like the parents of childrens week. Buying gems on the cheap and selling them for higher is what we call in the streets of Duskwood, "a move only men with long dongs or women with brass boobs could make". Anyway, take a look below at my gem sales / prices.
Gem Sales.
Aquamarine Sales.

Lastly, Other. (3686g 77s)

Everything else I bundled for convenience. I sold this kinda stuff to anyone willing to buy into the whole "Listen it's 80% discounted and you can sell to your friends, and they sell to their friends like a chain from the comfor of your own Inn." and often I'd get told "Like what, some kinda Pyramid Scheme?" and I'd say "Only in it's shape, management structure and day to day operations but NO it's Multi-Level Marketing." and more often than not you'll find the promise of better gold one day can convince any pathetic common Human that still has hope and trust. Here's what I made.
Other Sales.

Grand Total. (29070g 40s)

Here's where I decided to do math and add everything up. I spent 2 days working with 9 different tools but I got there eventually.
Total Sales.

Time Spent, Gold-Per-Hour. (830g+ per hour)

Auctions don't take long and I don't babysit them. If you wanted to include time spent auctioning I'd say maybe 1-2 hours. I'll leave that up to you to decide to include in GPH, I labeled this for time spent farming and don't want to deceive anybody... unless it's for my Pyramid Sch... I mean Multi-Level Marketing business.
10 minutes per run but now I got it down to 9 with talent changes & Zanza's Swiftness Potion.
Time Spent / GPH.

85 Lockboxes.

The opening is up on my YouTube, I didn't want to spam any links.


Uldaman brought me enough gold to experience Azeroth like a Darnassian Aristocrat, and I was even able to buy a repair mammoth to bring a higher vendor gold value in the future for all runs. I got like 12 right swipes on Cinder after posting me riding on my new mammoth popping Bottles of Dalaran Noir and I named my mammoth Julius, bitches love Julius.
This is Week 1/5 so hopefully you enjoy the next 4 post as well, thank you for being so kind today.
Thank you for reading, hopefully it was a nice break from the HC post ^-^
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2023.05.20 01:33 decalcomanias A Guide to Easy 1.0 Achievements

This guide does not include achievements earned through regular gameplay. "Easy" is based on my personal assessment, so please don't feel bad if you can't do some of these. At present I am aware of two comprehensive achievement trackers, Prydwen/Meow (Excel sheet) and StarRailStation (hosted on their site).
Known bugged achievements are at the end, but please let me know if I've missed anything!

Eager for Battle (Combat Related Achievements)

Achievement How to Achieve
Unstoppable Use 4 Ultimates in a row (most easily achieved in the SimU, though you can save four Ultimates for combat anywhere)
Break Till Broken Inflict Weakness Break 4 time(s) upon the same enemy in a single battle (most easily achieved on tankier enemies in the SimU, like elites or bosses, but can also be done with a low damage but high break effect character, like Pela)
A Song of Vice and Dire Inflict both Burn and Freeze upon 1 enemy at the same time (if you don't have DoT characters who can inflict burn and freeze, this can be achieved through the Nihility path (for both) or Remembrance path (if you have a burn character) in the SimU)
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Inflict 4 DoT effects upon 1 enemie(s) at the same time (most easily achieved in the SimU with the Nihility path)
Breaker Type Achievements (Many) There are many achievements related to breaking enemy weaknesses with specific elements, so be sure to vary who you're using in combat and make use of the Support feature when you can
Technique Damage Achievements (2) Using offensive techniques (such as Seele, Pela, and Natasha's, but there are several more characters who can do this) to begin battle will allow you to get these achievements
Follow-Up Attack Achievements (3) If you don't have Jing Yuan, Herta, or Himeko built, using one of them from the Support function is your best bet for these achievements!
DoT Attack Achievements (3) Same as before, using Serval or Sampo (though others like Dan Heng may be of help) will allow you to get these achievements! The Nihility path in the SimU may also be helpful
No Offense Remove buffs on enemies 5 time(s) in a single battle (using a Nihility character is crucial for this achievement, with Pela being one of the best for it)
The Exorcist Remove debuffs from allies 5 time(s) in a single battle (Natasha and March's cleanses are the only ways to get this achievement solely by using characters at present, but you can use the Abundance path in the SimU with the cleansing upgrade to achieve the same purpose)
Perpetual Freezer Freeze 1 enemies for 3 turns in a row (if not using ice-type characters like Gepard, Pela, and March, the Remembrance path in the SimU may help)
Morituri Te Salutant Defeat an enemy when a character has less than 1% of HP left (can be combined with the achievement Perish Song (below))
One on One Enter combat with 4 character(s) but win with only 1 character(s) still standing (fairly straightforward and has a few possible approaches, including underlevelled characters/stronger enemies, probably easiest to do in the SimU!)
All Men Must Die Receive a killing blow from enemies when at 100% HP (also straightforward, but easiest to do against elite enemies/bosses)
Energy Grandet Have a character whose Energy is at 100% at the beginning of a turn for 4 turns in a row (just don't use your Ultimate for four turns)
Passing as a Flower in the City of the Dead* Revive 2 downed character(s) in a single battle (easiest if you have Bailu since she gives one free revive per battle at E0, however, this achievement can be done through the use of revival Curios/Blessings in the SimU with the Abundance Path Resonance that allows a character to survive lethal damage and the Destruction blessing that allows the same, however getting both of these in one run may prove difficult!)
Serial Breaker Inflict Weakness Break to 4 enemies in a single action (straightforward but easiest done with a Technique before battle or an Erudition character like Himeko, Jing Yuan, Serval, or Herta)
Heavenly Hand Use a Technique to defeat all enemies upon entering battle (may take trial and error to find a battle with four enemies with the same weakness, though I did this with Sushang in the SimU's first World)
Always Come Prepared A character has 5 or more buffs at the beginning of a turn (use of Harmony characters, consumables, and the SimU will help you achieve this one!)
Highway Star Allies act for 100 times in a single battle (straighforward, elite/boss enemies are your friend!)
Extreme Survival Win a battle with all four allies having HP percentages equal to or less than 5% (most easily achieved with the Galactic Big Lotto Curio in the SimU)
Bullet Time Allies have 10 turns of action unbroken by enemies (whether or not you own Seele or use someone else's in the support function, she's one of the best choices for this, though you can also use speed buffs like Asta's/speed builds, or Welt's slowing to achieve this)
Perish Song (Hidden) Get knocked out together with the enemy (most easily done with the self-destructing robots in the Robot Settlement/Great Mine, allow them to do their attacks with a low power team and you will get this achievement)
Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight (Hidden) Deal 20000 DMG or higher to an enemy whose HP percentage is equal to or lower than 1% in a single attack (straightforward, easiest to do in Echoes of War or the SimU boss battles)
Deus Ex Machina (Hidden) Inflict Weakness Break on enemies 3 time(s) using the Trailblazer (Destruction) in a single battle (straightforward)
Listen... (Hidden) Use the Trailblazer to fight boss Kafka and become Dominated by her (straightforward, done in SimU World 5 but requires some RNG)
"I Don't Get No Respect!" (Hidden) Enrage the Guardian Shadow with 4 character(s) in your team (when the Guardian Shadow enacts a state like "punishment for using skills", use all of your characters to do the opposite)
Chad Norris Defeat the Guardian Shadow without enraging it (kill it too fast or weakness break it before it can)
Attack! No Matter the Cost! Trigger Silvermane Lieutenant's Shield Reflect at least 4 time(s) and defeat it (easiest done in Forgotten Hall in my experience, though it may take awhile)
Decapitation Strike Defeat the Silvermane Lieutenant without defeating any Silvermane Guards (straightforward)
The Limping Lupine Defeat Automaton Direwolf without triggering Felling Order (kill it too fast or weakness break it before it can)
Regurgitation Cause Frigid Prowler to fail to use Devour Otherling (kill the other enemies the Frigid Prowler summons, and wait until it attempts to devour them and gets its def lowered before killing it)
Hit It Where It Hurts Most Defeat the Antimatter Engine without defeating either of the Doomsday Beast's hands in Echo of War (only attack the Antimatter Engine, aka turn off autobattle!)
Cataclysm Disruptor Prevent the Doomsday Beast from using Impending Doom in Echo of War (kill it too fast or weakness break it before it can, easiest on low difficulties)
"Thank You for Your Service" Defeat Bronya without defeating the Silvermane Guards (must be done in Forgotten Hall if not done during the first fight with Bronya in Belobog)
Achilles' Horse Defeat Voidranger: Trampler when it's aiming at an ally (kill it while it is aiming, very straightforward)
Doldrums Make Stormbringer fail to use Windfall Storm due to having no ally with Wind Shear (use a cleanse like March or Natasha's to remove Wind Shear from allies, this will be marked on the bottom of the screen with targets over the affected characters)
Code of Chivalry Defeat Gepard without defeating the Silvermane Guards that were summoned (can be done in Forgotten Hall or SimU)
Full Metal Jacket Stay alive after being hit by the Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit's Controlled Blasting ability (done in SimU World 4, use shields or healing)
Right-Hand Man's Many Right-Handed Right Hands Defeat Svarog after destroying 4 Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit(s) (done in SimU World 4)
Homemade Crushed Ice Defeat the Ice Edge summoned by Cocolia 4 time(s) (done in SimU World 6 or Echoes of War)
Road to Canossa Interrupt Cocolia's use of "Wrath of Winterland Saints" when she is charging (done in SimU World 6, the easiest way is to break her weakness when she is charging)
Save the Princess Defeat Cocolia without defeating Bronya (done in SimU World 6)
Hot-Blooded Defeat Cocolia, Mother of Deception, without any ally being Frozen at any point of the battle in Echo of War (doing a low level Echoes of War and taking the anti-Freeze consumable will be the easiest ways to achieve this)
Friendly Fire Defeat the Aurumaton Gatekeeper with the Entranced Ingenium: Illumination Dragonfish's "Candle Flame" (straightforward)
Wrathful Aurumaton In a single battle, cause Aurumaton Gatekeeper to enter the Wrath state 3 times (hold your attacks to allow it to enter this state)
Will of Steel In a single battle against Boss Kafka, dispel Dominated 3 times (most easily done in SimU World 5 with the Abundance Resonance with cleansing)

Universe in a Nutshell (Simulated Universe Related Achievements)

Achievement How to Achieve
The First and Last Freedom Enter battle with 4 allies with HP percentage equal to or less than 1% in Simulated Universe (requires the Curio Galactic Big Lotto to break and deplete your HP, you may want to turn off autobattle and make sure you're not using Lightcones/characters/Blessings with healing passives to prevent them from healing)
Freeze! Keep a single enemy Frozen for 10 turns in Simulated Universe (Remembrance path is your friend for this one!)
Elemental Reaction System Deal 5 or more Types of DMG in a single attack in Simulated Universe (use the path of Elation)
Twenty Four Love Poems and a Song of Despair All allies have HP percentages equal to or less than 5% when winning a battle in Simulated Universe (again, Galactic Big Lotto will be your friend!)
We Call the Heart Dancing in the Dark the Moon Have at least 3 enemy unit(s) be afflicted with Shock, Burn, Bleed, and Wind Shear simultaneously in the Simulated Universe (use the path of Nihility)
Don't Let It Get Away! (Hidden) Let Trotters escape 1 times in Simulated Universe (straightforward)
A Finger in Every Pie Have Blessings from 6 or more Paths when clearing Simulated Universe (RNG based, but easy enough to pull off! if you're concerned about not clearing, try a lower world level)
Private Collector Have 22 or more Blessing(s) when clearing Simulated Universe (RNG based, there's an event that gives you all the blessings from one path and this is the easiest way to get this achievement though you may get it through a normal clear with some luck!)
It's Good to Be Rich! Have 1024 or more Cosmic Fragment(s) when clearing Simulated Universe (most easily done with the same event mentioned in Private Collector, since it gives you 2000 Cosmic Fragments)
On Fire off the Shoulder of Orion (Hidden) Lose against Elite enemies in Simulated Universe
Glitter at the Tannhauser Gate (Hidden) Lose against the Boss Enemies in Simulated Universe
Wake Up! (Hidden) Lose the battle in the Nildis event in Simulated Universe (requires the Nildis event, obviously)
Lost Like Tears in Rain (Hidden) Lose the battle in the tavern event in Simulated Universe (tavern events will show up as enemy encounters)
Console Game Clear Simulated Universe at difficulty 2 or higher without using the Downloader
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking Clear Simulated Universe at difficulty 2 or higher without breaking any destructible objects (depends on your builds whether you can do this now or not but go for it and see!)

Moment of Joy (Story/Dialogue Related Achievements)

Achievement How to Achieve
Diogenes' Utopia Search every trashcan in Belobog
Insatiable Use the vomit-inducing agent (recipe obtained from Maxime in Boulder Town, requires Trash to be synthesised)
Trashy Humor Synthesise the trash you find
Karmic Wheel Use a Praise of High Morals in the fountain in the Administrative District
Saint Earn 20 Praises of High Morals
It Takes Three Win a battle with a team that has 3 characters of the same Path
Match-Three Win a battle with a team that has 3 characters of the same Type
Dialogue Based Achievements (Hidden) (6) These will be attained naturally over the course of playing, but mix up your dialogue choices to get all of them!
Lone Wolf (Hidden) Win 10 battles with only one character on the team
Path/Type Based Achievements (Hidden) Whenever you can make a team with four characters on the same Path or of the same element Type, you'll get an achievement for it (most aren't possible with our selection at the moment but one or two of these teams might be available to you)

The Memories We Share (Adventure Quest Related Achievements)

Achievement How to Achieve
Seventeen's Map (Hidden) Here
Diamond and Rust (Hidden) Here
Farewell, Comet Hunter (Hidden) Here
Does She Walk Alone? (Hidden) Here
Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind (Hidden) Do the Adventure Mission "Requiem Mass"
Disposable (Hidden) Here
When Breath Becomes Air (Hidden) Here
Bzzt! Clock Out! (Hidden) Here
Door to A New World (Hidden) Here
Just A Number (Hidden) Use the Rating Pistol in Herta's collection (interact with it)
No King Rules Forever (Hidden) Here
Green Thumb (Hidden) Here
Greed Psychology (Hidden) Do "Survival Wisdom"
One Day More (Hidden) Do "Hook's Treasure"
Moral Higher Ground (Hidden) Here
Outworlder (Hidden) Here
50 Credits!? (Hidden) Here
Twinkly, Winkly (Hidden) Found in trash in Belobog
Sweet Pom-Pom O'Mine (Hidden) Here
Hurt Locker (Hidden) Cannot be done until Belobog Trailblaze Mission is completed, here
Where It All Began (Hidden) Here
Knight in Shining Armor (Hidden) Multi-step process, here
Honest Abe (Hidden) Here
The Mandela Effect (Hidden) Here
Natural Immunity (Hidden) Speak to Gertie at the Underworld branch of the Goethe Grand Hotel
Lā Lá Lǎ Là Land (Hidden) Speak to Tamila at the theatre in the Administrative District
Winter City Trap (Hidden) Speak to Eunice at the Robot Settlement
For Ages 12 and Up (Hidden) Multi-step process, here
The Kelly Gang (Hidden) Give Praises of High Morals to the fountain in the Administrative District
The Banality of Evil (Hidden) Complete Vessel of Mediocrity (time-gated)
The Fourth Little Mole (Hidden) Complete The Adventurous Moles
A Simple Life (Hidden) Complete Fired (I think this one is time-gated)
Carpe Diem, Festina Lente, and Tempus Fugit Time-gated, complete A Teacher and a Friend
Cycranes (Hidden) Here
Complete All Hexanexus Puzzles Here

Fathom the Unfathomable (Exploration Related Achievements)

Achievement How to Achieve
Can't See Behind (Hidden) Get ambushed in the open world
Sensory Socialization (Hidden) Here

A Note on Missable Achievements

There will be more achievements available than you can earn, as several of the achievements in The Memories We Share are tied to event outcomes, meaning you can only achieve one of these achievements. You will not miss any Stellar Jades since no account is capable of receiving more than one of the achievements, but it may bother some completionists.

Known Bugged Achievements

Achievement How to Achieve
The Adventurous Moles Super Grown-Up Edition Does not trigger when it should
Labor Omnia Vincit May not be achievable, may be bugged
Dance Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee May be tied to the current event and not bugged!

Character Specific Achievements (All Hidden)

Achievement How to Achieve
Four-and-a-Half Pirouettes Requires Herta
Surge of Tiles Requires Qingque (and RNG)
It's My Turn Requires Seele (can be done with Support Seele)
Trial of Thirteen Requires Clara (can be done with Support Clara, probably best in Echoes of War and with a March to ensure Clara is hit enough times)
Coffee Lover Requires Himeko (can be done with Support Himeko)
Over-Protective Requires Gepard (can be done with Support Gepard)
When the National Anthem Rings Requires Bronya (cannot be done with Supports)
Foolish Little Brother... Requires Serval (cannot be done with Supports)
Serval's Parting Gift Requires Serval (cannot be done with Supports)
Et tu, Bronya? Requires Bronya (cannot be done with Supports)
Versatile Joker Requires Sampo (probably very tedious to do with Support Sampo)
One Big Happy Family Requires Himeko or Welt (can be done with the Support version of the character you don't have)
Architects (And Former Architects) Requires Gepard or Bronya (can be done with the Support version of the character you don't have)
A million flowers for the achievement hunters sharing their finds!
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2023.05.19 15:48 No_Cardiologist_8532 Fanfic: The Harem of the Hutt, Part II

It took Misty’s eyes a moment to adjust to her new surroundings, with the other harem slaves all crowding around her. There were three women and two men amongst them.

Of the three women, each of them had a wildly different skin tone, the most striking of which was a green-eyed woman whose skin was an orange tone. Her outfit was simple and left almost nothing to the imagination. A band of purple metal went from nipple to nipple around her back, covering practically nothing besides the most sensitive parts of her breasts and leaving the remainder of them in full-view. The bottom of her outfit wasn’t better, a Purple Bikini bottom little better than a thong at covering her, with a bright red gem placed just above her womb.

The girl to her left had a much fairer tone, with a head of long, raven hair running down her back, christened by an adorable face which shined with sympathy. She wore a golden bikini, a skimpy top accentuated by the shiny, precious metal, as if begging to draw attention to her breasts. Below that, she wore a loincloth, similarly accentuated by golden plates. From the angle Misty laid on the ground, she could see that the girl wore nothing beneath the loincloth.

She wasn’t the only girl wearing the loincloth, as the other woman wore an outfit not dissimilar to that of a belly dancer, with a tube top bra keeping her chest from view. Her body was draped in fine silken sheets to accentuate her beauty, alongside a transparent veil which hid some of the details of her face. Her hair was done up in an impressive ponytail, and her body was adorned with golden jewelry, reflecting well the red colors of the rest of her outfit.

One of the men, a pointy-eared blonde, was dressed similarly, although his outfit was a mix of green and blue colors. Another loincloth accentuated his legs, although his member could be seen poking out, making a small indentation in the fabric although he wasn’t erect. His face too was hidden by a veil, and he wore a top as well. If Misty hadn’t noticed his bulge, she may have mistaken him for another woman, which would have left only the final harem member as a man.

The fifth slave, a pink haired twink, wore an outfit which reminded Misty of that of a French Maid. He wore high heels, but no pants, leaving his legs exposed from his ankles to his short skirt and panties. His outfit resembled a simple dress more than a slave outfit, but left open a boob window, leaving his cleavage, or lack thereof, plain to see. He wore a headband as well, decorated with a white, frilly cloth to match the rest of his black and white outfit.

With such beautiful bodies so shamelessly put on display, Misty could only wonder what kind of outfit she might be forced to wear.

"Oh yay!" The orange skinned woman say, rushing forward like an eager child and wrapping her arms around Misty, yanking her into a hug. Her large breasts squished against Misty's own as she squeezed her tight, shaking her around and laughing in delight. "A new slave sister to join us!!!"

"Easy, Star, you might break her," The scantily clad dark haired woman scolded the orange skinned beauty. She had a posh accent, marking her as a native of the Core Worlds, perhaps Coruscant or Alderaan. "And the master won't be happy if that happened."

"She's ADORABLE though, isn't she?" The pink haired twink squealed, acting almost more girly than the girls. He moved forward and began stroking Misty's orange hair. "And such a unique hair color too, mmm?"

"Alright, alright, everyone calm down," The dark skinned woman scolded them all, the oldest of the harem it seemed and with some authority. "Let her go and properly introduce yourselves. Then we can find a sutible outfit for her. She's going to be the master's new favorite, after all."

She said, clapping her hands and the entire group lined up to introduce themselves to Misty, Starfire giving her a final hug before dropping her.

Misty’s disorientation only continued as the Orange beauty hugged her tightly, with far more naïveté and innocence than one might expect from a busty sex slave. Not that she was alone, as one of them men can forwards and began examining her hair. It took the other two women, their voices both rich and commanding, to get the pair off of her. Only the first male slave stayed silent and unmoving, only letting out a whimper of sympathy.

“You can call me Millie,” spoke the more poshly-voiced girl. She grabbed a nearby blanket and gave it to Misty, allowing her to cover herself up.
“Don’t get too used to this,” she whispered. “If you’re going to last in here, you’d best get comfortable with being seen naked.”

“And I’m Astolfo!” The pink haired boy spoke, performing a curtsey, although Misty could tell at a glance that he was restraining himself to not go back to examining her hair.

“I am Koriand’r!” The orange skinned supermodel spoke, “But most of my friends call me Starfire. I suppose since we are now friends, that means you can call me that as well…” Starfire hesitated for a moment. “Oh! I had forgotten to ask for your name, new friend!”

“Uh…Misty.” Misty spoke, still letting the reality of the situation sink in.

“I am Jasmine.” The more darkly complexioned woman spoke, “I used to be a princess. In fact, Starfire, Astolfo, and I all have Royal Blood.” She too had a professionalism in her voice that made Misty not doubt her, although the two most insane members of the harem seemed the furthest people from Royalty she could possibly perceive of.

That left only the man in the side of the room, who hadn’t spoken until now. All eyes turned slowly to him.

“Link…I’m Link.” He finally choked out.

“Don’t mind him.” Millie spoke, “He was very good friends with Oola. She was one of Jabba’s slaves until just earlier today, when she was executed for her disobedience.”

Misty’s eyes grew wide. “Executed??”

Jasmine helped pull the girl up. “Jabba tends to be patient with his new girls, but it’s not wise to wear his patience thin. Come on, then. Let’s help you pick out an outfit. Master Jabba will be expecting you and we only have so much time.”

Misty was pulled along before what Jasmine had said could fully sink in.

Jasmine led Misty away from the others, hearing the four begin to gossip about her. Jasmine began to speak as she guided Misty along, her large ponytail bouncing in tandem with her other assets, which were considerable. She truly was a beautiful woman and it was easy to see that she had been a princess once.

"Jabba wants you as his personal slavegirl, so that means you'll be on a leash and collar at all times, even when not on his dais," Jasmine said as she walked through the harem, guiding Misty along. "I can see why he likes you, you're quite the catch. Your duties will include pleasuring him, dancing, and looking pretty as you lounge before his dais. You'll be his personal trophy."

Jasmine said as she reached a dressing room and studied Misty's clothes, thinking carefully as she observed her shorts and ragged shirt. She crooked her lips into a smile.

"That outfit of yours is a bit provacative anyway, those are some SHORT shorts. You from a world with a hot climate, my dear?"

Misty scowled at the idea of her as Jabba’s personal slavegirl, struggling to imagine the humiliation of being forced into a skimpy outfit and ‘pleasuring him’ whenever he wanted her to. The question of how she would even fulfill the sexual needs of such an oddly shaped monster came to mind, but she shook them away, having no desire whatsoever to think on such topics.

Misty blushed as Jasmine mentioned the shortness of her shorts, grabbing their edges and trying to pull them further down her body in her embarrassment.

“It…it was the summer, it was nice and hot out. And…I guess…I did get quite a bit of attention as well. I guess I ended up getting the wrong type of attention too, because now I’m here.”

Misty couldn’t bear to make eye contact with Jasmine after such a statement, but could assume the kind of glare she was receiving.

“Don’t give me that look. It’s fun teasing boys and getting them all worked up. Don’t tell me you’ve never had men fawning over you, Princess.”

Jasmine chuckled and ran her arms down her curvy body, drawing attention to the shape of hourglass shaped form and her sinfully sexy belly dancer outfit.

"Oh, don't worry my dear I sympathize. I enjoyed teasing a boy myself, his name was Aladdin. Always getting him worked up with the right words, the right body language, of course its fun. I was just asking a question, no reason to get so defensive."

Jasmine said as she finished her teasing before swishing her large ponytail, crossing her arms under her large browns and drawing attention to her brown cleavage inside her skimpy red top.

"But those clothes won't work for the bloated one. He likes something a little more...revealing, as I'm sure you've seen with how he dressed the others. So..."

She snapped her fingers and clicked her tongue.

"Clothes off, Misty! Strip please."

Misty felt bad as Jasmine replied. She had been too defensive, and perhaps had expected the Slave Princess to be much more of a prude than she actually was. Now that it had come up in conversation, Misty began to take notice herself. The way Jasmine ran her arms down her body, the way she folded her arms to make her cleavage stand out more. Was she…trying to hit on Misty?

Because if she was, it was working. The Princess was a stunning beauty, and although her assets weren’t as large as those of many other harem girls, she knew exactly how to flaunt them, how to show them off to gain attention.

Misty rolled her eyes, briefly checking the room for cameras. If she was going to strip, she at least wanted to make sure it was only in front of Jasmine. Besides her and maybe Millie, she didn’t trust anyone else here so far.

Misty threw the blanket Millie had given her aside, revealing her chest once more as she spoke. “Ugh, fiiine.” With that, she removed her suspenders and unbuttoned her Hutt-stained shorts before sliding them down off her body, leaving only her underwear to contain her cute little cunt and firm ass cheeks.

“This too?” Misty spoke, gesturing to her final article of clothing. “Can’t I keep a shred of dignity?”

“Afraid not.” Jasmine replied.

With another heavy sigh, Misty removed her panties, leaving her as naked before Jasmine as the day she was born.

Jasmine moved around Misty like a serpent circling its prey. She ran her fingers over Misty's stomach, arms, and breasts, giving her breasts a little squeeze before moving behind Misty.

"Well, you certainly have quite the body," Jasmine said, a slight lustful tone under her words, deepening Misty's suspicions that Jasmine was attracted to her. She gave Misty a playful smack on the ass. "You're in incredible shape! Those legs of yours tell me you do a lot of walking, is that true?"

Jasmine asked as she began to stroke Misty's hair, playing with her ponytail, her caramel skin warm and smooth, contrasting Misty's pale, creamy body. There was a rattle of something metal, as Jasmine suddenly produced a long chain and collar from an alcove. With a snap, she locked Misty's collar around her neck as she talked.

Misty tried not to move as Jasmine circled her. At first, she guessed that Jasmine was simply trying to size her up, to guess what kind of outfit she might wear. Once she started to touch Misty’s breasts however, Misty got another idea. Jasmine’s words grew more lustful, more intense. Before long, she even gave Misty a playful slap on her ass. Misty didn’t mind though, as the girl’s lust began to grow.

“Yes, I…I don’t have a car so I have to walk most places. It can be quite adventurous.” She spoke, an evident blush in her cheeks. She either didn’t notice or didn’t care about the sound of rattling metal, only growing further entranced by the Arabic beauty.

“What about you, huh? I’ll bet Jabba has you do a lot of training to stay that in-shape. You look like you’d be a great dancer. Maybe you can show me a cou-“

Misty was cut off by the metallic clang of the chain, her collar connecting around her neck, tight enough that she could always feel it and firm enough that she could undoubtedly never remove it by herself. The realization cut Misty off in her tracks, making her feel somewhat betrayed.

“H-hey! I thought we were having a conversation! Don’t tell me you were just doing all that to lower my guard!”

Jasmine smiled and wrapped the links of Misty's chain around her hand. With a tug, she yanked Misty to her, pulling her face inches from her own. She leaned closer, her heavenly, pouty lips close to Misty's face, fluttering her eyes.

"A bit of wanting to talk, a bit of distraction, you're tellingly me you'd put this on willingly if you saw it coming?"

Jasmine said with a smile as she held Misty's chain taunt, keeping her close to her face.

"To answer your question, yes I'm essentially Jabba's main dancer and he keeps me in tip top shape. Lots of belly dances everyday, along with other forms of exercise. Its not so bad as long as I keep my dances provocative. An hour of lustful dancing then I have the rest of the day to myself. Its not a bad life, if you can believe that. Plenty of...fun company."

Jasmine said with another teasing wink before leaning very, very close to Misty's lips. She gave her a kiss on her cheek before turning around.

"Come on, let's get you dressed."

The Arabian princess cooed before yanking Misty along to another dressing chamber to give the girl her new outfit.

All of Misty’s anger vanished in an instant as Jasmine pulled her close, their lips almost touching, with Misty so damn sure that she was about to receive a kiss from the gorgeous princess, only to be met with the Arabic princess fluttering her eyes and explaining why she did so.

“Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t have put it on willingly…” she sheepishly spoke, embarrassed by how this slave girl had mesmerized her so effectively. The mention of fun company was welcome as well, leaving enough leeway for Misty to assume she might be seeing some action soon. So long as she wasn’t sleeping with the Hutt, she was happy to get to know the other slaves. Especially after Jasmine feigned another kiss before giving her a peck on the cheek.

“You damn tease…” was all Misty said as Jasmine pulled her into the dressing room.

There were a wide variety of outfits on display, skimpy outfits from across the Galaxy for various purposes across various cultures.

“Now let’s see…” Jasmine spoke, “What kind of outfit might fit a girl like you. Something that really shows you off…”

As Misty was led through the halls naked, with Jasmine looking through various closets for something that might fit, she saw an outfit that caught her eye. It was black, and she could only see a glimpse of it from the shadow, but it looked not unlike a one-piece swimsuit, and one with enough clothing attached to it that she might not have to look practically naked every time she sat on Jabba’s dias.

“What about that one?” Misty spoke, pointing at the outfit. Jasmine went to go take a look, pulling Misty along on a short leash.

“Hmmm…” Jasmine spoke, taking a look at it. “Let’s give it a try, I think it might suit you.”

Misty was joyful at first, but as Jasmine reached into the closet and withdrew the outfit, she realized it was far, far more skimpy than she had anticipated. A mere slingshot bikini, with covering that looked like it would slide off her round breasts all too easily and reveal her nipples to crowds of horny onlookers. There was barely enough material there to cover everything, but it was too late for Misty to change her mind.

Misty finished changing before Jasmine, very happy to not be stark naked before her anymore. The outfit was snug, fitting her body well as it stretched across her curvy form expertly. The material covering her undercarriage was little better than a thong, and the slave uniform came with a useless belt to give more visual weight to the outfit further down her body.

“Ugh…” Misty spoke. “I feel like a slut wearing this. I don’t want Jabba to see me wearing something so provocative.”

Jasmine laughed as she admired Misty snug inside the outfit, her eyes dancing with lecherous intent as she looked at how well the outfit suited Misty's body. The chain rattled as Misty squirmed into her tight outfit, her eyes tracing Misty up and down.

"I think you look pretty dashing wearing that, actually."

Jasmine chuckled with an almost lustful purr, playing with the links of Misty's leash in one hand as she oogled her.

"Besides, what do you think being a slavegirl entails? Fancy dresses and gowns? Ha! We're all prizes here, meant to be shown off and at the mercy of our masters. So you'll either learn to live with this or you'll end up like poor Oola."

Jasmine say, her tone taking on a bit of a serious one at the mention of Jabba's last favorite.

"You understand?"

The outfit earning Jasmine’s approval at the very least made the slave girl happier about it. Even if she did have to look like this before Jabba, she would be seen by those whom she would like to impress, rather than simply those she hated.

“I understand.” She spoke, lowering her gaze. She hadn’t met Oola of course, and she must have just missed her. She had been killed this morning, around the same time Misty was brought in. That only brought about more mystery. What had she done to warrant her murder? How could she have made Jabba so angry with her defiance? Misty’s defiance only seemed to make the Hutt more infatuated with her. Perhaps she could ask more questions about her later.

“So, what’s next?”

“Branding.” Jasmine spoke, much to Misty’s confusion. “All of Jabba’s slaves must receive a permanent brand as proof of his ownership over you. Per Jabba’s standard, it must be either on your lower abdomen or on one of your ass cheeks.” Jasmine spoke, turning around and pushing her loincloth to the side to show a symbol tattooed into her own left cheek.
“Do you have a preference?”

“I-“ Misty just began to speak before Jasmine cut her off.

“I think a brand on your cute little butt would look way nicer in that outfit. You’d always be showing it off in its full glory, and every time you sit on Jabba’s dias facing away from him, he’ll get to see it, as proof that he owns you.”


“Come on.” Jasmine spoke, delivering another *yank* to Misty’s collar as she did so. “I’ve made your choice for you. The sooner you get used to having no freedom, the better off you’ll be.”
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