Letter to inmate (Central Booking)

2022.11.18 23:25 Ms_Cranky_Pants Letter to inmate (Central Booking)

Does anyone have any experience with sending mail to someone in Central Booking (300 E Madison Street ). They have been there over a month and I have their inmate ID, I figured out how to do a Securepak for them, just not sure how to get a letter in..
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2022.05.26 07:53 emstdent Ordering a care package online - what to include?

Hi everyone! Hope it’s okay to post here :) I’m trying to order a care package for someone I care about very much who’s doing time and will be for awhile. He’s allowed to receive care packages through Access Securepak and I’m a little overwhelmed by the choices and spending limit. I’m not sure what food is actually decent and don’t wanna send him something gross. It’ll only let me order up to $160 worth of stuff this quarter so not sure what to prioritize. If anyone has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it!! 😊
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