Is roblox down


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2018.06.03 02:11 P1ac3h01d3r ROBE LOCKS

cursed screenshots of kids in roblox doing stupid stuff

2019.12.11 01:23 AnnoyingRain5 IsGoogleDown

Is google down?

2023.05.28 14:58 manmanstone Yb never selling 100k

Time for you fanboys to face the music. Yall pops will probably never sell over 100k again. Almost healed is about to outsell yb last 3 projects combined 😭😭 I see Taylor Swift up n down this mf, yall weird as hell it’s not that serious.
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2023.05.28 14:57 CombProfessional434 There will be more difficult Shadow Legendary raids to take down than Shadow Mewtwo

I think a lot of you who raided Shadow Mewtwo may have found out it was "easier" to take down than we thought. I feel bad for those who didn't get enough for Shadow Mewtwo.
So what if I were to tell you there is going to be a Shadow Legendary out there that will be more difficult than Shadow Mewtwo. A lot of you might have even come to the conclusion while battling Shadow Mewtwo and I believe we are all worrying about the same Shadow Legendary.
Shadow Lugia is going to be a nightmare. It's regular form already makes it a bulky Legendary. Now you add the Shadow bonus on top of the bulk to make its attack better? Before you already needed a minimum of 6 or 7 trainers in order to take it out. Even with that amount the timer would be too close for comfort. We may very well need up to 10 trainers in order to "comfortly" take down Shadow Lugia. That's if everyone brings in the beat counters.
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2023.05.28 14:57 AshleyLucky1 Ureter Endometriosis Reimplantation Pain

I am pretty confused and I am unsure of what is going on and whether others have had the same issue. I have a stent placed into my right ureter after my ureter reimplantation surgery due to endometriosis. However, the pain is now getting worse and is no longer coming from my right kidney to my back.
The pain has now radiated to my left kidney and down to my back on the left side. Has this happened to anyone? Is this normal? Why would the left side of my body now hurt all of a sudden when the stent was placed in my right side (right ureter) of my body?
The pain pains are the worst and I can't believe how painful the recovery process has been going.
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2023.05.28 14:57 soplee I'm struggling to do anything. Help!

I'm a (26F). For the past two years, I have been experiencing a condition that makes it difficult for me to initiate and complete tasks, even simple ones. This has made it challenging to engage in basic activities such as going out, talking to people, buying and preparing food, and holding down a job.
I recently worked for two months. I enjoyed the work and my coworkers were friendly, but I had to quit because I felt like ending my life EVERY morning I have to go to work. This is the same feeling I get when I have to do anything, even if I know 100% I will enjoy it. I am not sure if this is due to my autism or my depression, but it is debilitating.
I have tried to seek help, but I am always told the same things: “Get a daily routine, go out, talk to a therapist.” But I cannot do these things. I cannot make myself do them. I do not know why, and I do not know how to fix it. I am at the point where I do not even want to shower because I know I cannot do it, and thinking about it makes me feel worse.
I live alone and I don't have anyone to depend on to help me do things, I have also been struggling with anxiety and loneliness, which I think may be making things worse.
I am at a loss for what to do. I am tired of feeling like this, and I am tired of feeling like I am a burden to everyone single person I talk to. I just want to be able to live a normal life.
I feel awful about myself. I cannot do literally anything, and I hate it. I feel like I am never going to be able to live a normal life.

Has anyone else experienced this? How can I help myself?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.05.28 14:56 Curious-Month7727 22 [M4F] UK - Online, Hoping I Can Find That Special Someone One Day 🙏🏻

Intro and what I'm looking for

Idek where to start tbh. I wanna make a post that isn't too boring, long / short, or irritating to read as I have a habit of talking about my emotions + feelings and unnecessary venting about my life in several setences when it comes to this sort of thing, that's mostly what I talked about in my last post... I'm hoping I can get at least someone's attention by writing the right and necessary words on this subreddit... So, where to begin?
I guess I'll start with what I'm looking for in terms of dating. A fresh, warm, healthy and positive long-term relationship is what I've been craving for the last 4¼ years, not as in desperate or obsessed with it, more as in yearning for that right person to come along and bring sunshine to my life for the first time in a very long time. I'm sorry if that sounds a little cheesy but it's true. Someone who'll accept me for who I am and not care about what I have / don't have, someone who'll understand and accept my insecurities and flaws, not to mention me doing the same for her too. I wanna have that happy and bright future with that special someone, similar to all the couples I see on Instagram, laughing, joking, teasing each other, flirting, doing fun activities together both indoors and outdoors, purchasing matching items for them to wear and hold dear, holding hands... the list goes on.
Come and stop by so we can get to know each other first and see what happens if you're fascinated in this post enough, and if you think I'll be that sort of person you want in your life.

Personality (100% the truth)

As you might have guessed, I am a hard core introvert. Although I get along well with people irl; I briefly chat to them by saying the usual "hello" or "alright?", I then usually keep to myself from them most times to avoid feeling ignored / unimportant / irrelevant in their eyes. This is because I'm not that great at socialising in public places like the club or in the street, and also due to the fact that I feel extremely shy whilst meeting new people. All I feel, every single day, is irrelevant to everybody I come across on a day to day basis and tbh, I've gotten used to it over the years. However, if others ARE willing to get to know me and want me in their presence, I will perk up and be quite the confident individual once enough time passes :)
Other things you should know about me is that I'm extremely loyal and will never hurt the people I love and hold dear, no matter what. I care too much about the people in my life, including family, and I also will never let them down or disappoint them in any way.
Just a little fun fact about me, my zodiac sign is Cancer ♋️🦀 for those of you who are interested and if that matters to you at all. This is related to what I've just written above in the second paragraph.
[This is me pretty much nearing the end of this seemingly never ending post now]
Now that all the soppy stuff is out of the way, I will now talk about what I like doing on a day to day basis :D:

I'm an indoor type of person. I like:

•Watching TV shows like Doctor Who when new episodes come out, The Simpsons and Hollyoaks 5 days a week, and binging on a ton of movies.
•Listening to music pretty much every single day as I'm a huge HUGE fan of it.
•Gaming on PC games such as GTA, Red Dead, and Minecraft.
•I may stay indoors most of the time, but I DO also enjoy doing outdoor activities like spending my days out in places in the UK like Scarborough, Blackpool, Hornsea and Withernsea.
•I'm also interested in Photography, taking stunning photos both indoors and outdoors to store and save for later. Wildlife, sea life and everything else in between is what I'm most interested in :)
•Playing different sports such as Badminton, Bowling, Cricket, Dodgeball, Tennis and Volleyball on the beach are activities I really enjoy doing, but I haven't played them recently thanks to a lack of others playing them with me.
•Gardening and working with plants is something that really fascinates me, planting and watching plants of all shapes and sizes grow is everything I've wanted to do since my late high school days. Also getting a bit of sunshine on my neck in the summer does me some good lol.
•I occasionally like doing artistic activities like card making, paper crafting, drawing and painting, but only on special occasions.
•I also like to read from time to time.

Physical Appearance

My appearance is quite normal:
•I'm 5'8 in height
•I've got quite the decent body shape
•I have no tattoos but I'm considering getting a few in the future
•I've got a small amount of facial hair (but I've shaved recently so I'm not quite as hairy on the face as I used to be)
•I've got quite a lot of hair on the top of my head but keep it in control most times with hairspray
•I've got an average to slightly above average face imo (pics can be exchanged if you're interested in knowing what I look like)
•I'm healthy with no health conditions or concerns
•I wear normal clothes such as buttoned t-shirts, hoodies / denim jackets, jeans / tracksuit bottoms, and leather jackets in colder weather.


I'm not too bothered what kind of women I talk to / get with tbh. Just as long as you:
•Live in the UK, or at least in different countries that are close to the UK like Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, or perhaps even The Netherlands, since all have shorter time-zone differences to the ones in the UK, (but you can message me wherever you are on the globe)
•Don't smoke or do drugs
•My age limit is between 18-23, but people that are past that age range can also message me.
•I'm not religious, by any means, but I don't mind dating people who are.
•Come as you are, no sugar coating, be real, be genuine. 🚫No NSFW content please🚫, that's all I ask.


Welp, this is me finally signing off and seeing what happens. If you've read this far, then I appreciate you for taking the time out of your schedule to read my post all the way through :) I hope you have a nice rest of your day 🙏🏻👋🏻 Come say Hi if you're feeling up to it! 🙂
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2023.05.28 14:56 1uwu-bitch-owo1 need help repairing my vita

so i dont know if this is the right subreddit but i need help fixing it.
the problem is that the x button stopped working after it fell down
i have already opened it once and it doesnt seem to have any damage.
i also already reset the firmware and everything but unfortunatly no luck.
any tips or suggestions?
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2023.05.28 14:56 PuzzleheadedDepth413 This guy needs to go

This guy needs to go
Not one to hold grudges nor do I like filing complaints/ calling people in but this guy was in such a fucking rush to go 73 mph while I was steadying around 69. Looked at him at a stoplight before it happened and this is your classic trucker. Smoke-stained yellow hair, shifter above his eye level, no seatbelt with a headset on talking to one of his other buddies about how this damn day cab won’t move tf out his way. Repeatedly flashing his lights behind me to confirm that he’s super mad at me and his fragile ego is hurting that I’m not a super trucker like him. Then attempts to make the worst fucking pass I have ever seen. As soon as he popped around me I started slowing down bc there were vehicles heading towards us. I lay on my air horn, he lays on his, and I’m down to 50 from 65 after he narrowly escapes. Glad I was the one with common sense and let off the gas rather than let my anger get the best of me. He’ll probably never see this. But I just had to rant. Never seen someone attempt something so fucking stupid. I wish I had a dash cam.
Buddy, if you were on highway 36 Friday May 26, between Somerville and Caldwell Tx, you seriosuly risked other peoples lives on. Do better and slow the fuck down. Turn in your CDL and never drive again.
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2023.05.28 14:56 Srpskikrs Long story warning

What's up guys i just had the weirdest interaction in payday 2 In my 1300 hours. I was playing stealth on golden grin when some guy joined at the start of the heist he started spaming random memes etc and didnt even grab gear just stood around and wrote in chat i figured who cares he will keep me company. I use bag stacker in stealth but i know some people have a moral problem with that mod so i always shoot a msg in chat hey i got Bag stacker just so you know. Guy was sitting in my lobby for like 40 minutes at least doing nothing telling me i cant meme etc. Anyway i get to the end of the heist i start bagging money and the guy uses some mod/hack to slow down time and down me i got no clue how he did it started talking abouth how if i want to cheat i should play minecraft. I can not belive there are people who will go to this lenght lmao what makes the entire thing worse is the fact he got stuck in a lift and sat in it cause he didnt take gear, stood there for 20 minutes till i was finishing heist. I tried to capture screen shots of the conversation but as soon as i said i was gonna put it on this sub he left the lobby not before he warned me to not use mods who make the game too easy or he will find me again lol. 😂 Tl:dr guy sat in my lobby doing nothing for 40 minutes just to crash my game using a mod/hack cause i used bagstacker in stealth..
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2023.05.28 14:56 bambambilam I want to upgrade my PC

Hi reddit,
I want to upgrade my pc to be more in line with my gpu (nvidia gtx 3080). I know, it is last generation, but i dont see a reason to upgrade this, so i plan on upgrading everything else around it.. if that makes sense.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I want to play games of all sorts. I want them to look good (or even great) and its kind of a dream of mine to have a kinda good pc once in my life.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC?
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget?
I specifically need a new motherboard, a new cpu (with an external fan), a new RAM, a new tower and new fans, that fit into the tower (my flat gets kinda hot, so i think the fans are necesarry, but idk). I also already found something (like 8 months ago), but I dont know, if there isnt already anything better out there, that fits into my budget.

Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing?
Power supply: Crosair hx7503
SSD cards: 2x evo 840 (250gb) and 1 evo 870 (1tb)
GPU: Nividia GTX 3080
Monitor: Acer XF240QS Gaming Monitor
Mouse: Razer Naga Trinity
Keyboard: Logitech G213
Headset: Astro A50

I'm completly open to changing any of these parts, if it fits my budget.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
I never overclocked, but im interested.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Its tricky for me to answer. I want a good to great allround setup, if that helps.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
No, i dont have any prefrences. I dont need LED lighting, as my pc hides under my desk.. would be a waste i think.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Nope, i already have windows 10.
Extra info or particulars
First time posting, so if i forgot something important or the template is wrong, i apologize.
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2023.05.28 14:55 Hopeful_Aide_5412 AITA for not being there for my friend when she got cheated on because she’s been a bad friend to me?

I 18f am part of a pretty big group of girlfriends. We’ve been friends for just over a year and everything has been fine, there’s been the occasional one on one drama but I always stay out of it and try to support my friends best I can. But this time I got myself wrapped up in it.
I have a friend and we’ll call her Ella. So Ella’s a great gal, she’s super funny and charming but what I will say about her is that she’s the type of person to always complain about her issues without fixing it. For example, she has a terribly shitty boyfriend, just an absolute college frat douche. I always hated him because of how he talks to women. But one night at one of the college parties, when she was at her parents place so she missed it, he was lowkey hitting on me. I’m not crazy he was. Like he was touching on me, as in playing with my hair and getting up right behind me.
So I decide to tell Ella because I felt horrible and I thought, she needs to know about this. She’s my friend and I would want to know if my boyfriend was probably cheating on me since he attempted it with a close friend. So I sit her down and tell her that he hit on me and that’s why I think that he’s probably cheated before, because I also have witnessed it happen with other girls when she wasn’t there. She just laughs it off and is like, he just has a weird personality. And i’m relieved and i’m like, i’m glad there’s no big issue here.
But it only took two days for all the girls to start talking about me. I only knew about it because one of my closest friends in the friend group told me that Ella was going around calling me a slut to our friends and saying that I was the one hitting on douchebag frat man. I’m horrified so one night I confront her and I’m like hey what happened, I thought everything was good? And she tells me that she thinks I’m trying to ruin her relationship. So I distance myself from these girls because all of them think I’m a bad person for trying to do the right thing.
A few weeks pass and I’m at a party. My closest friend pulls me into one of our guest rooms and most of our friends are in there surrounding Ella while she cries. She’s sobbing and she tells me that she found out mr. frat man got caught cheating on her last night. I audibly make an oh noise, like Im like “oh!” in a way that’s like oh that’s funny. Sort of in a condescending way. Because, ya know, I literally told her that. She asks me if I have a problem and I’m ready to burst at the ears but I just take a deep breath and say, “maybe you can go around calling him a slut too” and leave the room. Now everyone hates me except my close friend. One of them told me I made the situation about myself.
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2023.05.28 14:55 Lazy-Resolve4565 Wet insulation under sink.

Wet insulation under sink.
Hi everyone!
Currently doing some redecorating post boilecentral heating installation.
I have just realised the floorboard under the kitchen cabinet to have a water mark, upon touching the insulation under it was wet (could even squeeze water out).
Everything else above seemed dry and floorboard itself as well.
The CH isn't connected yet so nothing is flowing out the boiler but the washing machine is still connected stand so is the sink.
They've installed a pipe thru the draining one as per pictures and worried that this is were the water is coming down from.
I'm just about to cut the base of the cabinet to look at it properly unless someone can advise!
Apologies if wrong sub😭
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2023.05.28 14:55 naruto7bond Why Sanguinor stopped Rafen from telling Meros truth about Horus?

During a war against the Dark Eldar on Nartaba Octus, Meros was assigned to Task Force Ignis, a Blood Angels flotilla overseeing the evacuation of the human population of the planet before it was subjected to Exterminatus. Part of the last group off the planet, the Stormbird Meros was riding in was shot down by a Soul Seeker round and Meros slipped into a poison induced coma. In an attempt to save the injured apothecary, Sergeant Cassiel and Brother Sarga placed Meros in one of the exsanguinators, the blood coffins used in the Blood Angels neophyte transformation process. The intent was to drain the poisoned blood from Meros and replace it will fresh, clean blood. During his time in the exsanguinator, Meros met Brother Rafen through a genetic link they shared and who has in the same exsanguinator, albeit ten thousand years in the future. The two soon found that they were not alone, encountering the Sanguinor. Unable to believe what he was seeing, Rafen pulled his bolter on the mysterious entity, and Meros, assuming that the Sanguinor could only be Sanguinius himself, tried to stop him. When Rafen told Meros that Sanguinius had been dead for ten thousand years and that there was no Blood Angels Legion anymore, Meros attacked Rafen in a rage. Before the two could kill on another they were beset by phantom enemies; blood memories of past victories. Fighting side-by-side the two Blood Angels found a sense of camaraderie but it was Rafen who figured out what the magnitude of the two meeting could mean. Before they were pulled from their parallel yet separate blood comas, Rafen managed to utter a single word: Horus, but the Sanguinor appeared and placed its finger over his mouth, indicating that Rafen was to be silent. At that moment, both were pulled back to their respective realities. Upon awakening, Meros was presented before Azkaellon, Captain of the Sanguinary Guard. who was impressed by his resilience. Azkaellon then informed the assembled Astartes that they had received orders from the Warmaster to gather the entire IX Legion at the Signus System.
In one of the thread some posters mentioned that Meros saved Sanguinius from falling to Chaos. As my knowledge of 30k is not much I read it on lexicanum to see what it was about. Above paragraph is taken from there.
So unless paragraph itself is wrong, why Sanguinor stopped Rafen?
If Meros could have gotten info about Horus and other things so many things could have gotten in different way in Heresy and in post Heresy.
It is almost as if Sanguinor wanted Horus Heresy to happen exactly how it happened. These kind of things really give back up to theories that Emperor knew Heresy was going to happen and for whatever reason let it happen even if it costed him his entire dream and made Chaos so strong.
Something doesn't really make sense in here.
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2023.05.28 14:55 Mission_Reaction9557 Diagnosed bad “bone bruise” pain immediately went away after knee popped, slid into place.

My ortho said I had bad bone bruising from a fall on my knee that could take 12 months to heal. I’ve had pain between 1 and 4 out of 10 on a 24 hour basis for about 10 months now. Turning right or left was the worst as it felt like my upper body would go one way and my foot would stay in the old direction. Pain was from my thigh to my shin. I had grinding, pulsating, and sharp twinges of pain in my knee. It started snapping. Also a pressure feeling. Standing, sitting, laying hurt my knee. Zero improvement from day one. My Dr. said the pain was related to the bone bruise so I was waiting for it to heal. I was starting to lose hope and felt doomed…
I stepped down strange on my foot yesterday, felt a big pop and sliding sensation in my knee, and had 98% immediate relief. Immediately I could walk without any pain.
So, not a bone bruise.
It is still feeling right today, with a little bit of new tenderness I wonder is related to the pop.
Now I’m debating going to ortho to figure out if I’ve been damaging my knee from walking with it misaligned for 10 months. A little scared of it popping back out. But so happy to be pain free and so suddenly.
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2023.05.28 14:55 skasen5 I used to love Asheville. Now? Not so much, and I don't know what happened.

I want to preface this by saying that this is not a 'Asheville is the worst' post. Instead, it's just a 'Am I alone in feeling this way?' post.
I moved to Asheville right at seven years ago for a job that paid too little and expected too much from me. At first, I really didn't vibe with the area and was desperate to go anywhere else, but after awhile, it really grew on me and became this place that I rooted for in every definition of the word. I became that person who would try to recruit family and friends to move here, just because of how much I believed in it and felt like it had a lot to offer the region and state, especially for those who are unsure of themselves and don't have a place to call home. I've lived in NC my entire life and have lived in most areas across the state, both rural and urban, but I felt deeply connected to Asheville.
Then something changed along the way. I became almost resentful of the city and have been looking for ways to get out sooner rather than later. I'm not really sure where it stems from or what happened in my mind for it to shift from rooting for the home team to not even wanting to watch the game anymore, but it has felt pretty drastic.
I sometimes question if my hope for this region has been dashed by poor representation and even poorer decisions, like approving six-story cookie cutter apartment complexes for every vacant lot and local reps nearly always putting tourists over locals. Then I look around and feel sad that there are so many problems that aren't being fully addressed, like the growing population of unhoused people that have had their belongings destroyed or the cost of living growing so exponentially without any sort of recourse from local officials.
So, to get to my question: does anybody else feel this way? Or, has anybody felt this way and either left or stayed? I'm not here to bash or tear down this beautiful pocket of the state, but I've never felt this way in my life and it's throwing me for a loop that I desperately want to get out of. Appreciate it, y'all.
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2023.05.28 14:55 djwildstar First Road Trip in ER Lariat

First Road Trip in ER Lariat
My wife and I recently completed our first road trip in the new Lightning ER. The photo is of the truck’s first ever DC fast charge, which happened to be next to a Pro. The trip was from Atlanta GA to Point Pleasant WV, overall about 1200 miles round-trip (and yes, for some crazy reason, our first long trip was to roughly the middle of one of the largest DC fast-charging deserts east of the Mississippi). Overall, I would say that the truck performed well, but there are still issues with long-distance driving in an EV.
I used ABRP to plan the trip — the overall route was Atlanta - Chattanooga - Knoxville - Lexington - Point Pleasant, and the reverse to get home. We stayed overnight in Chattanooga, Huntington WV, and Point Pleasant. Level 2 J1772 charging was widely available in Chattanooga — I parked at a ChargePoint in a garage across the street from our hotel, and paid $8 for charging and $7 for parking … compared to the $14 the hotel wanted to charge to park in their lot. I was able to fully recharge from a Tesla destination charger in Huntington using a TeslaTap adapter (the hotel was pretty terrible, but the charging worked). Our hotel in Point Pleasant didn’t have a charger, but kindly offered me a 120V 20A plug, but the Lightning’s inability to accept more than 10A from a Level 1 charger limited the charge I could get (which significantly impacted our drive home).
I used Electrify America fast charging at Williamsburg KY, Georgetown KY, Knoxville KY, and Chattanooga TN (in most cases on both the outbound and return legs). There was never a stop where Plug-and-Charge didn’t work, never a stop where I couldn’t charge … but out of 6 charging stops, only two charged at 100kW or more, and only one exceeded 150kW.
The truck got between 2.1 and 2.3 miles/kWh on the highway portions of the trip. In general, I drove about 5 MPH over the posted speed limit, so much of the trip was done at 75 MPH. I don’t fully trust FordPass charging or trip logs, because for one segment it reports that I went nearly 150 miles on 0.4kWh, for a whopping 425mi/kWh (see the screenshot above). During the trip I got more comfortable with the guess-o-meter as it burns down range remaining in the battery versus distance to the next stop.
During the trip I learned to use the truck’s built-in navigation, and in general like it better than attempting to use ABRP over CarPlay. I wasn’t able to figure out how to completely mute the navigation system’s prompts , but did manage to change them from voice to chimes. In my previous vehicle (a Ford Flex), I was able to completely mute the navigation, which was nice.
The biggest issue is charging at the far side of a parking lot in a rural Walmart — in general, we didn’t feel safe, either in the store, in the parking lot, or at surrounding businesses. During this trip, we had two encounters (one at Walmart and one at a nearby restaurant) where customers were actively hostile towards us.
In general, the DC fast-charging experience is not as good as a typical chain gas station (RaceTrac, QuickTrip, etc.), and I would really like to see a concept like a DCFC Buck-ee’s proliferate. At a minimum, we should really have covered, pull-through charging locations with trash cans and windshield squeegees adjacent to the chargers. Having restrooms, snacks, and drinks nearby (not all the way across a big box store parking lot) would be a huge plus.
To say that FordPass is buggy is an understatement. I work in the computesoftware industry, and I’ve put developers on notice for less. If nothing else, their testing regime and release process needs a revamp. In addition to the buggy trip logs, the charge completion estimates were basically random numbers: it would often project that fast charging would be finished an hour or so before it started, or that Level 2 charging would take 10 to 15 minutes.
My wife isn’t the most patient person, so 30-40 minutes spent charging is a half-hour wasted compared to an ICE vehicle. On top of that, I also planned poorly — having heard that Electrify America is unreliable, I’d planned more-frequent stops than strictly necessary. On the return trip I could have skipped at least one, and possibly two charging stops. So overall, the return trip (which was ~600 miles all in one day) was excessively long.
She also felt that the seats weren’t as comfortable as the ones in our previous vehicle (the afore-mentioned Ford Flex), and that climbing in and out of the truck is awkward for her (she feels as if she might fall and hurt herself). I’ve asked for recommendations on these issues in a separate post.
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2023.05.28 14:55 Mean_Barracuda_5169 Help pls

Hi all I'm new here and this my first post. To keep things short, my doctor said I had severe, chronic, medicine resistant depression, anxiety and pmdd, so I ended up doing 6 ketamine treatments. They worked out great. I felt mentally and physically great. I became pregnant 2 months after sessions were over. I guess that's where my body started acting out. During my last month of pregnancy, I developed bells palsy, likely due to stress (has not resolved yet).
When I gave birth, I developed post partum depression and anxiety. My anxiety was through the roof. My heartbeat was 120+ in the hospital and they wouldn't discharge me until they did an EKG (was fine). After that I'd have heartbeat up to 130 bpm while I'm laying down. I talked to my psychiatrist and he said to do a ketamine maintenance treatment. I just finished it Thursday and mentally, im doing good. I'm finally enjoying time with my newborn and I feel hopeful and excited about upcoming things.
Here is where it gets tricky: my body feels like crap. I slept 9 hours straight (w sleeping pills because I have bad insomnia) and I feel exhausted, as if I didn't sleep all night. On top of that, I have so much chest pain (stress related, last time it was this bad, my cholesterol shot up because of it and I never have or had issues with cholesterol). I'm in pain and I don't understand. My mind is clear and unaffected but my body is depressed and stressed. I have no clue what to do. I take hydroxyzine for stress when I need it but it can only do so much.
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2023.05.28 14:55 PurpleSolitudes Best Internet Monitoring Software

Best Internet Monitoring Software
SentryPC is a powerful internet monitoring software that allows parents, employers and individuals to monitor and control computer and internet usage. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, SentryPC has become the preferred choice for those who need to keep an eye on computer and internet activity.
In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software and why it has become so popular among users.


The first thing that sets SentryPC apart from other internet monitoring software is its comprehensive set of features. Whether you are a parent looking to protect your children from online predators or an employer concerned about productivity, SentryPC has everything you need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.

Free Demo Account Available

Some of the key features of SentryPC include:

  • Keystroke Logging: SentryPC captures all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer, including passwords and chat conversations.
  • Website Monitoring: SentryPC tracks all websites visited by the user, allowing parents and employers to see which sites their children or employees are accessing.
  • Application Monitoring: SentryPC records all applications used on the computer, including the duration of use, providing insight into how time is being spent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: SentryPC monitors social media activity, such as Facebook posts and Twitter messages, giving parents and employers insight into online behavior.
  • Screenshots: SentryPC captures screenshots of the monitored computer, allowing parents and employers to see exactly what the user is doing.
  • Remote Control: SentryPC allows parents and employers to remotely shut down or restart the monitored computer, lock the keyboard and mouse, and even log the user out of their account.
  • Alerts: SentryPC sends real-time alerts when specific keywords are typed or certain actions are taken, such as attempting to access blocked websites.
  • Reports: SentryPC generates detailed reports on computer and internet activity, making it easy for parents and employers to identify trends and patterns over time.

Ease of Use
Another key factor that makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can easily install and use SentryPC to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
The software is easy to download and install, and once installed, it runs quietly in the background, capturing data without interfering with computer performance. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly access reports, alerts and other monitoring tools.
SentryPC also offers a mobile app, which allows parents and employers to monitor computer and internet activity on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to all monitoring features.

Free Demo Account Available

Customer Support

SentryPC is committed to providing excellent customer support. Their team of support technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance with installation and troubleshooting.
In addition to email and phone support, SentryPC also offers live chat support, allowing users to get answers to their questions in real-time. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, which includes articles, tutorials, and videos to help users get the most out of the software.


SentryPC offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans range from $59.95 per year for a single license to $995 for 100 licenses.
The basic plan provides all the essential monitoring features, while the premium plan includes advanced features such as webcam capture and audio recording. Users can also customize their plans by adding additional licenses or upgrading to the premium plan at any time.


Overall, SentryPC is the best internet monitoring software on the market today. Its comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it an ideal choice for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
With SentryPC, users can rest assured that they have the tools they need to keep their children safe online, enhance productivity in the workplace, and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Free Demo Account Available

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2023.05.28 14:55 aaaaa143222 The Disintegration of Falun Gong: Did Buddha's "Fa principles at higher levels" become?

Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, made two contradictory statements.
1. The Bodhisattva Law taught by Shakyamuni developed into today's Mahayana Buddhism
"Shakyamuni did only three things daily when he was teaching: He taught Law (fa) (primarily Arhat Law) to his disciples, carried a bowl to collect alms (beg for food), and cultivated through sitting in meditation. [...] Mahayana Buddhism emerged through later developments and changes, and spread to inner China, where it has become today’s Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism doesn’t worship Shakyamuni as its sole founder—it is a multi-Buddha faith. It believes in many Tathagatas, such as Buddha Amitabha, Medicine Buddha, etc., and there are more precepts now, while the goal of cultivation has become higher. Back in his time, Shakyamuni taught Bodhisattva Law to a few disciples. Those teachings were later reorganized and developed into today’s Mahayana Buddhism, which is for cultivating to the realm of Bodhisattva." (FLG2016)
2. Principles higher than the Arhat Fa taught by Shakyamuni were not passed down to humanity
"And since people at that time could only comprehend limited principles of the Fa, Shakyamuni taught Arhat Fa. What’s left today is no more than that. But at that time, he did teach many Fa principles at higher levels, although none of them have been passed down." (CC1998)


According to Falun Gong teachings, a "Bodhisattva Law" would be higher than an "Arhat Law". But there is a contradiction between Li Hongzhi's two statements above. First, he claimed that the "Bodhisattva Law" was taught by Shakyamuni and reorganized into Mahayana Buddhism, then he claimed that none of Shakyamuni's principles higher than "Arhat Fa" were passed down to humanity.


CC1998: Li Hongzhi, Teachings at the Conference of Changchun Assistants (1998).
FLG2016: Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong (2016 English Version)
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2023.05.28 14:54 Blue492 How is the Korean course on Duolingo? + Book/resource recommendations please!

Do you recommend it? I'm thinking of taking up Korean but because I have no access to in-person classes or tutors, and currently too shy for iTalki etc (lol) I'm not left with many options. I don't want to start the Duolingo course if it's going to be not so great or create difficulties (/develop bad habits) for me when advancing my level further down the line with other resources, if that makes sense. I am already quite comfortable with most Hangul if that makes a difference.
Also, could someone please share what does the first few lessons/first unit cover on the Korean course?
And what other resources are you using alongside Duolingo? Have you any tips/advice for starting out as a self-studier?
I'm thinking of also getting the Active Korean 1 book (it seems to be the most suitable for self-study from what I've seen) and then of course using internet resources too. I'm not a fan of the main TTMIK books because I think the pace is too slow for my liking as well as the books using romanisation for the first few levels. Any other recommendations would be great please.
Thanks so much in advance!
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2023.05.28 14:54 Bus69130 Controller issue

Hello does anyone else have the same issue as me everytime I press up and press down the cursor or box on the keyboard goes back up without any prompt or input from my self is my controller broken or is it just a small issue that will resolve its self in time if it is broken my xbox is under warranty so u assume the controller would be too I play an xbxo series s incase anyone is wondering. Thanks
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2023.05.28 14:54 Ukgaymer03 19 English Femboy feeling bored n lonely, looking for overwatch/WoW friends :3

Hey everyone i'm Kai!
Some things i'm into are:
Gaming (list down below)
and a lot more!
Some games I like if you wanted to play games with me :)
Overwatch, WoW, Pokemon, Phasmophobia, ARK, Project Zomboid and many many more :3
Also people sometimes say that my voice is nice so maybe thats something interesting!
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2023.05.28 14:53 Trick-Insurance-6481 My Experience with Sensory Swings for Kids - A Must-Try for Parents!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my experience with sensory swings for kids. My child has autism and we have tried a few different types of swings to help him calm down and get the sensory input he needs.
We have used both indoor and outdoor sensory swings, as well as therapy swings and calming swings. One of our favorites is the vestibular swing, which gives him deep pressure input that he really enjoys.
I highly recommend trying out sensory swings if you have a child who struggles with sensory integration. They can be a great tool for helping them regulate their sensory system and feel more comfortable in their environment.
If you're interested in learning more about Heymoonbaby sensory swings or have any questions, feel free to ask! And if you've tried them before, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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