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2023.03.20 21:21 Bucketboy236 Ranting about my mom

I made a post a few minutes ago here with my backstory basically, but the tldr is that I’ve been recovering from an ED for a year that my mom never knew about, and I’m my healthiest ever mentally, and healthier than I’ve been in years physically.
My mom is very open about trying to lose weight. Especially with me. Like, excessively open. For weeks to even months at a time she becomes obsessed with her weight, and then stops, and is normal. She’s not particularly large either, but that’s neither here nor there.
She’s currently in the midst of a health kick, and it’s even worse than normal. For the past few days she’s been talking about MY health, and it just hurts. Yesterday I was looking in the kitchen for something to eat for dinner (she doesn’t buy much I can eat for dinner honestly) and from the living room (visibly from the kitchen) she asks me what I’m doing. I told her I was looking for dinner, omitting the fact that I felt absolutely ravenous and this would have been the first time I ate dinner in days (again, she doesn’t buy much I can eat during these health kicks, and I’ve made this very clear).
“You had a lot of pasta for lunch earlier, so you should probably eat something light.” Fuck. That shouldn’t hurt so much but it does. I was so hungry, but in that moment all I could feel was sick. I basically just walked away and went to my room without saying anything at that point, and I vaguely remember while I was walking into my room she said something about looking after my health.
I had some ravioli for lunch (the pasta she mentioned). For breakfast I had eaten more but not SO much, I had some mini eclair type things which I think added up to maybe 1-2 donuts worth of food, and sometime between those and the ravioli I’d eaten some peach yogurt and apple slices with caramel. I’d also had an arizona ice tea someone gave to me as a gift a few weeks ago. Not the healthiest food ever, but honestly pretty good, especially considering how I’d normally eat. I’m hoping my point comes across in that, yeah, I didn’t eat the most nutritional food yesterday, but honestly better than normal, and nothing bad enough to warrant saying I should eat a light dinner, a full 9 hours after I had eaten last.
That made me feel shitty and I went to bed hungry, my stomach actually rumbling, but by this morning I felt pretty okay about it. After school I came home, and my mom called me from her work not long after to ask if I’d taken care of my chores yet. I told her I hadn’t yet, which she was fine with because I’d only been home for a bit. Then she asked if something was wrong, and I explained that I was just tired, which I have been a lot lately considering senioritis has been hitting hard and she doesn’t know but I’m secretly taking a second math class that she told me she didn’t want me taking yet (complicated situation but I’ve got an A so 🤷🤷🤷).
She responded my telling me I needed to take a walk, something she does regularly when I’m tired or mad or anything. Annoying but whatever. I, annoyed, just said okay (knowing full well I will not be taking a walk because I don’t want to, don’t have the energy, and don’t really care), but this time it turned into a spiel about taking care of my heart, and my health, and how I need to be healthier, and how starting next week she’s going to start telling me to do this way more. I basically grunted in response to get off the phone as quickly as possible because I just felt awful about all of what had just happened.
I don’t know, I just feel like shit. I’ve been doing better than ever, I mean EVER, but my mom is suddenly treating me like I’m in awful shape and it’s making me feel shitty. The worst part is I cannot in any way tell her to stop (just believe me, it’s just not possible to get her to stop while maintaining a lick of privacy or without suddenly everyone in the world knowing) so I just have to hope that this phase ends soon and that she doesn’t go through another one until after I’ve left for college.
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2023.03.20 21:21 Mr8bittripper Shills are still a big part of this sub. But they aren’t it’s heart. Us apes have a lot of heart. Don’t believe me? DON’T COMMENT ON THIS POST UNLESS YOU’RE A PAID SHILL OR BOT!

Robbieimmutable over hyped the announcement and it’s a nothingburger ! (Read the end of the post title and don’t comment) How many of you agree that a partnership with polygon isn’t a big deal for the future of Gamestop? (Read the end of the post title and don’t comment) How many of you are JUST HERE TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK and anything that would take gamestop time to capitalize on isnt worth it to you? (Read the end of the post title and don’t comment)
Ok time to have a shill and bot downvote party!!! See you tomorrow!
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2023.03.20 21:21 What_a_shame_11 How to reach out Auslanderbehorde in FFM.

Hello, I recently moved from a city near Ffm due to work. My work visa application has also been transferred to ABH ffm. I have heard a lot off putting timelines regarding visa releases over here. Yet i‘d like to stay optimistic, so anyone please advise me what to do so that i can start working and not lose my offer. I was offered a permanent contract so im lucky enough to attain that.. Any email please dm me. :)
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2023.03.20 21:21 ArchitectOfViolence Hello all, forgive me if this post is not allowed. I work for a small company in Texas, and I think our CPA is doing something illegal.

I have more than one concern here. The first being that they do not pay overtime. If I work 42 hours in a week I am not only not paid overtime but don't get paid at all for those extra 2 hours. Second concern, we get paid bi-weekly and they average your hours between the two weeks. So for instance if I work 45 hours the first week of the billing cycle and 38 hours of the second week of the billing cycle they averaged that to just 40 hours per week. My third and final concern is that I get paid mileage reimbursement at the standard rate I think it's around 62 cents per mile. But that just gets added into my wages and I pay taxes on it. I've asked a friend that was an accountant but not a CPA and they thought that this was highly illegal. I'm looking for some guidance here and maybe who I should report this to. Our CPA is the owner's wife so I can't go to the owner. I have tried talking to the CPA and she swears up and down what she's doing is industry standard.
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2023.03.20 21:21 deetz23 Day 4 of going from 50mg to 75mg - Struggling

Hey all, 31yo male. I struggle with severe anxiety and depression and have also had ADHD most of my life. About 8 months ago is when I first started feeling this way. I spoke with a therapist and with my doctor who prescribed me 50mg sertraline. I started at 25mg for a week then went to 50mg. I had the typical side effects for the first few weeks then really noticed the benefits. That was 7 months ago and in those months I felt way more like myself again, with little to no anxiety on most days. Recently I had been noticing the anxiety creeping back in and had a full blow panic attack the other night and fainted. My doctor has upped my dose to 75mg and I have been doing that for the last 3 nights. Did anyone else have bad side effects when raising their dose even just by 25mg?? Since increasing, my anxiety and depression has been much worse. I wake up in the morning with so much dread and then once I calm down I'm just an unmotivated zombie. I would appreciate anyone else sharing their thoughts as it always helps to hear from others. Thank you!
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2023.03.20 21:20 CommunicationRough87 Lower Nob Hill (Bush/Pine and Polk St. intersection) for a gay POC

Hi there,
I am new to SF and recently saw an apartment on Bush St. (close to Polk but not on Polk) that I really liked. It pretty much checks most of my boxes - easy commute to FiDi, good layout/space for a studio, access controlled building with a package concierge, laundry onsite, dishwasher, tons of closet space, close to good restaurants and grocery stuff, feels quite lively/gives me city vibes, etc.
I know it's a few blocks north of from where the Tenderloin starts, so I was wondering how the area is in terms of crime/safety? For context, I moved here from NYC so the homelessness/grim nature is not a shocker for me (although they do seem a bit more aggressive here).
I have looked at places near the Castro, DBT, Mission and Noe Valley but didn't really like them/have to share with housemates, and would ideally want to balance being in a nice home and being close to social stuff. I know Nob Hill/Lower Nob Bill is a bit far from these places but I find SF to be kind of small and most places are a pretty easy commute with public transportation/bike.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 21:20 Dildo_0f_Carthage First Try at Bookbinding

First Try at Bookbinding
I gave in to a whim last week and decided to try making my first book. There are definitely improvements to me made (the endpapers I got were pretty but absolutely awful to work with, big lesson learned there) but overall I'm pretty pleased with it! Now that I've gotten a feel for it I definitely want to upgrade some of the materials (and tools, eventually) to see what I can do with those.
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2023.03.20 21:20 GrouchySpeech9574 Did I (33M) end it too soon with my fiancé (33F), or did I make the right call?

My partner and I have been together for 12 years. Soon after the honeymoon phase ended, I came to the realization that we were very mismatched on affection/libido.
Plenty of discussions/arguments ensued over this (especially given I was trying everything, from scheduling date nights, introducing sex toys, buying massage oils/candles, etc.), but every big blowout would lead to her concluding she didn’t think it was that bad Things would then improve for a week or two, and then return to the way they were again.
About a year ago I proposed opening up, given we were compatible in every other way and seeing as how secure we were in each other. It took a lot of discussing and she recently opened up to the idea, but as soon as I started flirting with someone else she struggled and couldn’t do it anymore. We subsequently decided to call it quits, albeit reluctantly, and have been apart for a few days now.
It has been cutting really deep because we both love each other, but the absence of affection/love is really challenging for me and something I have always told her is a dealbreaker. She thinks we have made a mistake, which makes me second guess myself, but I have a feeling this decision is best for us.
Adding to this, I have since developed a strong connection with the person I started flirting with when we opened up. We are really compatible, but of course things are still early and I’m not sure where things will go.
I’m at a loss and really grieving hard right now, and not sure if I made a mistake. I’m not confident that much will improve given we’ve had consistent arguments/blowouts over the year because of this, but there’s always an inkling of regret over my decision…
Any thoughts, advice or guidance on how to proceed would be so appreciated!!
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2023.03.20 21:20 humansarereallyweird Where to buy yarn?

I am just learning how to crochet and will need option to buy yarn. The only craft store that is near me is Hobby Lobby and I I don’t want to support them. I also have no idea what kind of yarn I need to buy for project in general. I know I have some cotton yarn which I bought off of Facebook and that’s about it. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 21:20 Intelligent-Juice-40 How to get lean? I’m impatient?

I’ve been going to the gym nearly every day for about 5 weeks now. I rotate through muscle groups and throw in a cardio day every 4th day. 5th day is usually a rest day.
I am 23(M) 5’8 and am eating 1700 calories a day, about 150g protein a day. I track my calories and protein with an app very strictly. Drinking lots of water and taking cre - atine.
I started at 160lb and am now 156lb. I can definitely tell I’ve put on a good amount of muscle. My tris have grown and my chest has gotten bigger. My legs are stronger than ever.
But honestly, I really just want to be lean and lose my belly fat. I don’t really care about gaining muscle.
I feel like I should have lost more weight than 4 pounds in 5 weeks. Is my weight dropping slowly because I’m also putting on muscle at the same time?
Should I adjust anything? Am I on track to become lean? I could just be getting impatient lol.
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2023.03.20 21:20 piranhaphish Passed my medical (re)certification, but still reporting AME to FSDO

Three weeks ago I passed my Class 3 medical but, only after having done the examination, the doctor informed me that their FAA "system was down." Shortly after, I learned from doctor's staff that their account was suspended, "probably because of low-volume of examinations." I stupidly paid after being promised I would receive my certificate within the week.
A week came and went. After numerous times trying to contact them with no luck, I drove to the office to find that they were on spring break vacation for the week. I finally spoke to them today and they tell me they *still* don't have their account activated. However, the staff tells me that they have an interview with the FAA tomorrow, including a video-recorded tour of their facility, as part of the unsuspension process.
Despite having passed the examination, I am requesting a refund (which they can't provide until at least tomorrow due to funding issues) and will visit another AME. However, I want to report this doctor to the FAA for what I consider borderline fraud and misrepresentation in hopes it will be considered for the unsuspension of the doctor's account. I have already drawn up the email and was about to hit send, but wanted to get the input from all of you folks.
I have a lot more I want to say, but that's the gist and I need to get this email out today if I have any hope of getting it in front of somebody that might need to see it.
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2023.03.20 21:20 MCHammer06 401k situation. How to proceed?

Bear with me a minute here. I left my employer on 3/17 and started a new job on 3/20.
My previous employer was acquired by another Company effective 01/01/23. The 401k plan under the old operating company is being terminated. The funds were not rolled into the acquired company’s plan, as there was a significant delay (compliance testing and FMV adjustment before old plan could be terminated and funds disbursed). And then I decided to leave and had them pull my distribution paper work.
So, my funds are currently still invested in the old plan. I’m not eligible for my new employers plan until after 90 days of employment. How can I get my funds into my employers new plan? Can I?
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2023.03.20 21:20 DriftingKing Did I get bait and switched?

I worked at this company previously as an intern twice and did a very good job (received lots of recommendations). Because of that, they interviewed me for a backend developer position that opened up. It is in the US and I would be working remotely from Canada. As I was through most of the interview process, another positioned opened up that they thought I was a better fit for. It was an entry level full stack role, but as I enjoy doing backend more it did not seem as good to me. I was also told during the interview that I would be doing mainly database work for the first 6 months and a lot of boring work.
It was then agreed upon that I would receive 80k USD as compensation (the job posting has a range of 70-85k USD) but it was later revised down to 80k in CAD which is less than 60k USD. I feel like they are trying to pay me a lot less because I am Canadian and the wages here are a lot lower.
They then tried to justify this by saying I would be trained to a full developer within a year or two and receive an 8% pay increase, which still seems like a very low amount considering it is an entirely new position.
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2023.03.20 21:19 ThrowRAnouserrr My partner (38M) has been talking to his ex-wife (36F) a lot, and claims I (23F) am just being paranoid when I ask about it

I started dating my now boyfriend five years ago, he divorced his wife three years prior to that, they have two children together, and she’s also currently engaged, she never necessarily liked me, and it was clear from the day I met her that she isn’t going to be my biggest fan.
Anyways, I’ve noticed that lately my husband has been texting her alot more than usual, he also seemed sad the day he found out she got engaged, I questioned him about the reason behind it and he says that he’s just thinking about his kids and is worried because he knows she might not have as much time for them while they’re both still pre-teens, she got primary custody so they’re mostly with her but he does spend his fair share of time with them, or as much as he can with his busy job and business. I have always known that his kids will always be a priority to him, and I don’t mind that at all, but for some reason, I doubt he’d be talking to his wife as often as he does just for that. Am I really being as paranoid as he claims for asking about it constantly, or am I worried for a good reason?
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2023.03.20 21:19 Beneficial-Ad98 The Life of a Lebanese Teacher

Working more than 40 hours a week for about 150 USD a month has been a miserable experience for me. I lost all passion for teaching, and feel burned out even though it’s only been a year. I have to live with my parents and I’m barely saving any money. I am seriously considering a change of career in the coming year, but it worries me to see the state of education in the country, even at the private school level.
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2023.03.20 21:19 francyvi00 Tapering off 0.5mg Xanax prolonged release tablets

Hey everyone, I’ve been taking 0.5mg of Xanax prolonged release tablets for about 1 year and a half (1 pill per day). I’m trying to taper it off and switched to drops as recommended by my doctor. Drops have an instant effect that is very different from the prolonged release tablets and I hate the way they make me feel. After a week of taking drops, I want to revert back to the pills and do the tapering with them.
Provided that I don’t want to take any additional drug during this process (no Valium or similar), does anybody have any suggestion or schedule to follow to taper off correctly with prolonged release pills and with minimal side effects? My attempt with drops was awful (nausea, headaches, de realization, wooziness…). Any suggestion is more than welcome! Thank you!
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2023.03.20 21:19 b66446 Should I pursue teaching?

Hi, I'm 22 years old. I have my bachelor's degree in education. I chose this path because education seemed meaningful to me. I didn't have a good experience in school when I was younger, so I thought I'd become a teacher and I'd be able to help kids like me. I wouldn't label teaching as a passion of mine, though. I don't think I have any passions. All I know is that teaching is important and when deciding my major, it was the one I gravitated towards.
I am currently a paraeducator at a high school. I've been here since the start of the new year. And I am having so many second thoughts. I just keep thinking I could be doing something more, something "better," something that makes more money. I don't have a partner and I don't want to count on getting one or doing anything for me, so that is contributing to my doubts, since I realize I want to make more money. It feels silly to commit myself to a life that I know won't make a lot of money when I still have the chance to back out. I know teachers get good pensions, and time off, but I can't shake the feeling of "I should be doing something else." And as a paraeducator, I don't know how much I actually want to be in an actual teacher's role. I feel kind of worn out and depressed, but I've been dealing with these feelings most of my life so I don't know how much can be attributed to working at a high school. But I also think if this was my dream job, wouldn't I be happy? I've built rapport with the students, they seem to like me and respect me, I care for and respect them, I'm on track to fulfilling what younger me thought I would've wanted. So why am I so upset and dissatisfied? I am 22, my options should feel limitless? Are they? I feel confined to the path younger me chose for herself. But now that I am here, I think I should venture off and do something better. Why did I pay the same amount for college as people getting comp sci degrees or are going into medical fields who will make so much more money than I would if I do proceed with the field of education? Im mad at my younger self for being careless.
Advice I've gotten/things I've considered so far:
  1. Get my teaching credential and to just try it out, if I don't like it, I could leave. My issue with this is that I don't believe teaching should be taken that lightly. Kids are counting on me to preform and teach them. I don't think it would be right of me to "experiment" with it and then just be like bye! the minute I decide I don't like it. If I go and get my teaching credential, I want to be sure of it.
  2. Take different kinds of classes at community college to see what strikes your interest. I like this idea but it hurts my ego and makes me feel like an idiot if im being honest. I already went to community college, and then transferred to a 4 year to get my degree. To go backwards feels like a major blow. It feels like a waste of time. And it makes me feel ashamed that my life isnt panning out the way I thought it would.
  3. To consider jobs that require an education degree, but aren't exactly teaching (such as admin)Or to consider jobs outside of education that'll hire you with any bachelor's degree?
  4. Trade school. Ive lightly considered this idk what I'd do, I just know its an option.
If anyone took the time to read this, I really want to say thank you. I guess my question would be, genuinely, what do you think I should do? Please don't say "only you can know that" because honestly I don't. I need some guidance.
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2023.03.20 21:19 nobodysperfect1994 positive (detailed) MA - 5 weeks

hi! so, i’m 28f, and this is my 2nd abortion. i had an SA at 19, and i really didn’t want to go that route again so looked into getting the pills. originally i planned to go to a clinic a few hours away but they took too long to call me back so i got mine from abortionondemand.com. it was a great experience with them. i scheduled my consultation for the very next morning and my package was sent out later that day and available to pick up the day after. it comes with everything you need except pads (mife/miso/800 mg ibuprofen/nausea meds/info packet/pregnancy test for in a few weeks.)
friday 1:00 - took the mife. almost immediately threw up after swallowing. was not prepared for that. most people have no side effects from the mife but personally i was incredibly nauseated all day. so my advice is to take the nausea meds before you take the mife just in case. you should have more than enough for the whole process. anyway, i managed to keep myself from puking by deep breathing. after i remembered i had nausea meds i took those and took a nap and felt mostly better. bf & i went out to the store and got a heating pad, snacks, electrolyte powder, and adult diapers bc someone here recommended them and i’m seconding that! wayyyy more comfy than a giant noisy maxi pad and no worrying about making a mess.
saturday morning - i did spot a tiny bit and had cramps that felt like i was about to get my period. i took a regular ibuprofen and they went away though.
saturday 4:30 - took ibuprofen + nausea stuff. put on my diaper lmao. 5:15 - laid down, inserted the miso vaginally. put on a timer so i’d know when it was safe to move around. after that me and my bf just laid in bed eating ginger snaps and watched tv for a while, we both felt super tired so decided to take a nap. ~6:15 the cramps started, 1/10. nothing out of the ordinary. i’m basing my 10 on the kind of cramps i used to have in high school that would have me crying and moaning on the floor unable to move each month. each hour the cramps went up a notch but never went past a 4/10 max, if that. they peaked at 9:00 for me. it was too uncomfortable to be able to sleep so i took another ibuprofen and more nausea meds (even though i didn’t feel nauseous at all but just erring on the side of caution.) i wasn’t bleeding super heavy, it was like a light period with just light red blood. ~10:00 i went to the bathroom again just to try and see if anything would happen if i pushed. i passed a bunch of little clots and what i think was the embryo! just a little funny shaped clot with strings attached. i took a picture and compared it to ones online and i’m like 99.9% sure that that’s what it was. so crazy.
after i passed that i felt great. seriously. the cramps all but disappeared. then i started actually bleeding pretty heavily. not like soaking through or anything, just like a normal first day period. i’ve definitely had worse.
it’s been almost 48 hours now and i’m feeling like my normal self! little to no cramps. still bleeding steadily. still wearing diapers bc i hate pads but i’ll probably be switching to my flex disc this evening. my energy levels are normal, my appetite is normal, haven’t had any bad cramps since saturday evening. i never puked, i didn’t have diarrhea. all in all, that was a ridiculously easy experience after scaring the shit out of myself all week reading stories here.
so yeah, i just wanted to put this out there for anyone who’s nervous. everyone has a different experience, but it seems to me that for MOST people it’s nothing worse than a bad period. my heart goes out to everyone who had a rough time, you’re so strong.
you got this 💪
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2023.03.20 21:19 SarsaVoldul Async Physics 131

I decided that I'm gonna take physics 131/133 over the summer. It's listed as being online, asynchronous. I have a research opportunity from May 31st to June 6th which is during the summer 1 session. I was wondering if the exams for this class are also gonna be async, and if the due dates are going to be weekly or if I will be able to do the course work before/after the trip to Miami. Any info about how the course is gonna work is appreciated!! Or if you know who else I can email/reach out to, please let me know.
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2023.03.20 21:19 dj_sexyface Covid Myocarditis

31 YO male I had Covid in April 2022 and vaccines late 2021. I had a cardiac arrest in September of 2022. My heart was stopped for 15 minutes and right before they pronounced me dead my heart started beating again. I was rushed to the ER where my heart failed 5 more times. I miraculously made it out alive starting with 14% EF and the week after 49% EF. I now live with an AICD in my chest. I have since had two V-Tach episodes where my device delivered therapy. I received an ablation in December of 2022. I was fine for a month or two after my ablation but I found myself back in sustained V-Tach multiple times. Doctors adjusted medications and I was sent home with the possibility of another ablation. Two days after discharge I got into another sustained V-Tach after eating. I Was admitted to the hospital where I had multiple V storm episodes after eating. They performed another ablation and right after the ablation I had sustained v storm and multiple shocks from my AICD. The doctors have been puzzled by my case for a while. They did 1 nerve block which was unsuccessful and they did another nerve block that was successful for a couple of days. They finally came to the conclusion of a sympathectomy where they removed 5 inches of my sympathetic nerve. A month has passed and so far no V-Tach. Only remnants so far is annoying PVC’s which my electro physiologist and cardiologist were not concerned with. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Covid? Also how have you coped with everything?
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2023.03.20 21:19 bexyrex Great with everything except dogs barking behind fences

So I have a 2yr old staffie mix that I've had since he was 12 weeks. He's very very well socialized. I took him to puppy classes, dog park etc his whole life basically. He does great off leash. He couldn't tolerate daycare bc he's a Velcro dog and I work from home. He's fine being left alone for hours tho so I know he doesn't have separation anxiety and he did great during the two weeks we left town last year and had a friend watch the house.
we're still working on a few issues on our walk mainly pulling excessively. All around he's a good dog. The only issue is that he's been having considerable anxiety lately around dogs barking at him thru fences. Especially a couple of bully dogs in the neighborhood who rush at us at the fence. One of whom is like 20 damn lbs but acts like a madman and lives right around the corner and the other who is 65+ a few blocks down the road named Blutho who I consider his mortal enemy. Otter responds with whining now at the sound of dogs barking and he gets lungy and barky around dogs who lunge and bark.
I have decided that Bluthos street is off limits bc any time he's out it sets Otter back.
He's not reactive in any other ways. He's a mildly frustrated greeter but even as I'm sitting here at the coffee shop he's watched two dogs go by and just kinda leaned in for a sniff and stayed where he is. But walking oh my God walking is just starting to feel stressful bc of how many dogs in this neighborhood are just left in their front yards to yell at people and other dogs.
I have been clicker training and rewarding for looking but not reacting. For looking at dogs then looking away but depending on the day sometimes it's just too much right of the bat and he's gets lungy and barky. Other times he'll go the whole walk chill and only a little whiny until we get a block from home and there's some random dog and he gets all frustrated and reactive. This is driving me nuts and I'm doing my best with him but sometimes I'd like to just walk and not be thinking about other dogs 24/7. Other days I just don't bother with a walk and just go to the dog park.
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