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2023.06.03 14:20 MarcusWordington What’s the best way to find a sub leaser?

I just heard about it from a friend. Is it easier than other ways of getting out of a lease? I got this place because it was the cheapest place closest to my job, but I just quit my job for a different job that’s 20 miles away and I want to move closer to that. And it’s closer to where all my friends live. I’m only in 4 months into my lease. There’s other reasons I want to leave like poor communication from the landlords and old appliances that are near death.
Any other advice on how to get out of a lease would be approached as well. This is my very first time renting on my own.
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2023.06.03 14:20 pheziks Concerned about stability of job.

Hi all!
I have been lurking on this sub from last four months. I along with my family live in Ontario(Canada). We are immigrants here. Firstly I would like thank all posters and commenters on this sub. Going through old post I have learnt a lot and got overview of this field. I along with my wife are trying to transition into SAP domain. Being a newly immigrated family stable income is prime concern for us. Recent lay off in tech sector has caught us off guard.
I would like to know about stability of job in SAP domain(in Canadian market). Secondly I want to confirm regarding suitability of this field for women. While going through various post I have come to know that SAP requires you to travel to industrial sites. How often you need to travel ? Will it be suitable for women with kids?(Actually while going through linkedin profiles of people working in SAP, we came across few women compared to men)
We both are from physics back ground. We donot want to work in academics. We want to work in some common career which can put us in better financial condition also the career which should not restrict us from choosing location of our choice to live. Physics had vastly restricted our choice of location owning to very few jobs in academics. As technology changes quite fast , I want to know future of SAP in next one decade. Will it remain relevant in market ? (As we have three dependent members to feed so little concerned about longevity of career in SAP).
Thanks in advance 🙂🙂
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2023.06.03 14:18 mari815 Gal report

I got GAL investigation for my custody battle. My Ex showed no evidence of being able to coparent yet the GAL recommends 50/50 with many switches.
My Ex has been trying to delete me from our daughter’s life and his, and has made monumental lies about me to try to achieve this. Much of which has been put to rest after much effort and thousands of dollars on my part.
He admitted to drinking while she was w/ him (we are court ordered not to) and he bad-mouthed me in front of her and the GAL! Imagine what he does when there is no court appointed investigator present.
I don’t think he will ever nicely coparent, how can I get majority custody. I’m the mom, the majority breadwinner, can support my daughter in an upper middle class lifestyle and have no substance use issues. The Gal said I was a competent parent and my daughter loves me.
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2023.06.03 14:18 Funcouple30120 Surprise MFM for wife?

When my wife and I are having sex we constantly talked about bringing in another guy. She knows this is my fantasy and I know how much it turns her like crazy. Her pussy gets so wet the moment I whisper in her ear. However, I know reality is far different than fantasy. My question is…. Should I set a MFM to surprise her? Or bad idea? I’d love to hear from the women on here that have been in this position! Thanks
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2023.06.03 14:17 itsokaytowishtodie Not sure if this fits

So for probably about three years now I've been dealing with chronic pain that generally affects my legs, especially lower legs more than anything else. When it's bad it's also in my arms. But it's generally in my limbs. When it's particularly bad I'm bedridden and holding back tears.
I've always had pain along with my depressive episodes and thought that it was normal. As a teen, even as a kid. It seems to follow my mood and it generally wasn't as bad as it has become over time.
5 years ago when I got misdiagnosed and put on an antipsychotic dosis of amisulpride is when I first felt how bad it could be. I had bad pain in my legs and could hardly move, yet it gave me akathisia. It was hell. I later tried higher dosages of Olanzapine along with Duloxetine and that also made it worse.
As time moved on and I finally got diagnosed with depression (again) I was put on antidepressants and generally as they became more effective, the more the pain went away. This held true until it was practically gone upon reaching 60mg Tranylcypromine. For roughly three months I felt great, until it seemed to start losing effectiveness when I was under additional stress. After an aborted suicide attempt I decided to tackle my issues and spent the next 7 months in a psych ward.
I got a diagnosis for chronic pain and some meds were tried. Also at the end of my stay we came to the conclusion than cPTSD was likely, although nothing definite. I meet most if not all of the "extra" criteria for cPTSD, but don't have many PTSD symptoms.
I also had a positive ADHD test, but getting a diagnosis as an adult is a lot more strict than that. But frankly, I think both my parents and my brother have ADHD and I think it's likely I do too. That may partly explain the positive experience I have with stimulants.
Tranylcypromine was raised to 80mg, which helped a lot.
Pregabalin was introduced, which helped somewhat at a dosage of 375mg a day, but I gained weight on it and want to discontinue it. I now take just 100mg.
Lamictal was very effective for me. It was a great med overall: it helped a lot with the pain, the depression, the mild DP/DR symptoms I have, etc. But I switched to generic Lamotrigine and got a bad rash on my hands. I had to discontinue it and I'm hoping to reintroduce Lamictal slowly once the rash is gone completely. I really hope Lamictal ends up being okay still.
Somehow stimulants, Ritalin and D-Amphetamine were most effective for me. I now take 30mg Ritalin LA in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon and it seems to work sufficiently well. I jokingly say it works on me like a benzo, but better.
I don't really have experience with many pain meds. Metamizole and DHC didn't work, at least not in the dosages I tried.
My question is this: Does anyone else have the same experience that the pain gets worse with antipsychotics and improves with stimulants?
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2023.06.03 14:17 Separate-Membership4 seeing bangbangcon made me feel like i just discovered bts

I just watched the first part of bangbangcon earlier and it was SOOOOOO AMAZING. Their performances are just unmatched. Basically I was reminded of how extensive bts' discography is and why they are my ults. I didn't even plan on watching it (had no idea that it will be airing today) - I just randomly logged into youtube, saw that there's a live in bangtantv, decided to take a peak and then boom! Plans for today were scrapped but i have no regrets.
It was my first time seeing muster magic shop and I hope the people who got to see it live is always reminded of how lucky they are. Whalien 52, dimple, pied piper (taejin part omg), Ma City, DDAENG?!!!! PLEASE. I'll give up anything just to be there.
I also think that it's a crime that muster sowozoo didn't have a live (in person) audience. I mean just look at the stage. I'm really impressed that they were able to pull that off in the middle of covid. Their daechwita and CNS performance is a must- watch. Their So What perfomance is a personal favorite.
Part 2 of bangbangcon is airing now. I'm watching on youtube. I just wish I get to see them live on their next tour. PLEASE.
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2023.06.03 14:16 Trident018 What changes need to be made for next year?

Fair to say that this was an underwhelming season on our behalf. There were some positives such as Ishant’s bowling and Salty’s batting, but most of us would agree that some changes need to be made.
Here are my opinions:
Batting: we need a stronger middle order. I don’t have a problem with the approach of having a complete foreigner top 3 ( Salt, Warner, Marsh) but top 4 with Rossouw looks unrealistic. I would release Sarfaraz khan. In the market, we need to look for a reliable Indian opening batsman’s who can come in for Shaw. Since Pant is soon to start training, I will assume he should be fit for 2024.
Bowling: I personally think we were one of the better sides in terms of bowling so this aspect of the team should be maintained. However, in no universe is Mukesh Kumar is yet a 4 Cr bowler. Release him and get him back only if he gonna cost less than 1-2Cr.
I genuinely think we were in just extreme bad form rather than not having good players in most cases. However, we do need these improvements:
  1. Indian opening batsman
  2. Spin dominator for home games
  3. Right arm pacer to come in for Ishant if there are injuries/ not able to play
  4. Good quality international pacer
To release: Sarfaraz khan, Manish pandey( too much competition for anchor role and doesn’t bring anything amazing to table), Ngidi( make a decision if this man will ever get a game if not release), Fizz ( depending on how many games he will be available to play), Mukesh Kumar (buy cheaper)
Targets: tbh can’t think of many names rn who were unsold so will appreciate any suggestions.
My ideal XI:
Shaw/ Indian opener Warner Salt Marsh/Rossouw Pant (C)(WK) Axar Ishant/ Porel (IP) - porel at 7 for explosive innings and to come in asap after Ishant done with 4 overs Indian all rounder pacer - more of a good bowler than batsman, if it’s spinning conditions use Lalit yadav as a floater Kuldeep Khaleel Nortje
Without Pant
Shaw Warner Salt Marsh/Rossouw Axar Porel/ Ishant Lalit yadav ( floater) Indian pacer all rounder Kuldeep Nortje Khaleel
In no way is this a perfect line up and just my opinion and would love to hear more about everybody else’s opinion, especially who to go for next year.
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2023.06.03 14:16 Missyculler Wondering if I’m being over dramatic…?

For backstory, my OB is the only game in town that delivers at the local hospital where I delivered my 1st living son in 2020. (Best experience and don’t want to deliver anywhere else)
I had back to back 5w losses last fall and both were monitored and tracked by my OB. They are absolutely cold and sterile when it comes to emotion and feeling empathy for the situation.
I got my BFP last Sunday 11 DPO and called them on Tuesday to see if they would consider seeing me at 6 or 7 weeks based on previous losses. They said no but they wanted to track my HCG even though I said I didn’t want to because my anxiety couldn’t take it.
I did 1 beta and cancelled the next draw because I’m TIRED of the medical shit ruining the joy this process should hold.
I honestly think I may just switch to a new ob if I make it past 7 weeks. I just hate how joyless I feel about all of this when I was blissfully on cloud 9 with my 1st thinking I was invincible.
God speed to all of us. People just don’t get it unless they do.
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2023.06.03 14:16 halfgoose Depression after Autistic Burnout?

I think I just wanna vent for a sec. Today it really hit home that my brain truly isn’t like the neurotypical brain. My processing is completely different from NT’s. I didn’t wholeheartedly realise how fundamentally different I am and feel.
In short, what triggered this was learning how to open & close at my workplace (retail). I myself understand how I process information and need time to conceptualise and “ground” the task/issue before I can physically begin “solving” it, if that makes sense. I need to tether the problem/task to reality (in my brain) and see how it functions as a cohesive, almost living thing. For example, I didn’t understand maths well until I had a tutor that fully hashed out why an algorithm or theorem even came about, how it can be applied in x,y,z circumstance, what the consequences are, how does said problem affect other areas of math, the whole nine yards. That “grounds” it for me. Anyway, after attempting to learn closing in a rushed manner with no real time to process anything, I felt myself becoming non-verbal and panicked. We managed to close whilst maintaining my mask, but as soon as I got home I felt this overwhelming feeling of apathy, isolation and numbness. Like nothing matters, and that I will always feel forever alone. Usually I can self-soothe by doing something I like, or being alone for a few hours, but nothing can offer me comfort, and if I truly think about it, nothing does. Is this autistic burnout? Does anyone else feel like the only person on this planet? I feel doomed to a life of emptiness. Sorry to be a bummer, but no one gets this.
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2023.06.03 14:16 ThrowRA_likethat [29F] My boyfriend (32M) likes to go out a lot and do a lot of activities, while I'm more of a homebody and prefer to do more chill things most of the time because of a medical condition that makes me tired. He thinks I should work less so I have more energy to do things with him.

My boyfriend and I have been together for just over 3 years. In the early days of our relationship, we went on a lot of dates that involved being outdoors or doing other activities (e.g. going to the beach/lake, going on walks, spending afternoons in the park, outdoor swimming). However I have chronic fatigue syndrome syndrome and while my symptoms aren't as bad as other people's, after a summer of going on dates like this regularly, I was really run down from not getting enough rest.
Since then I've started declining when he suggests dates like this. Initially I did still try to go on dates like this from time to time, because I know he really enjoys them, but he has a tendency to 'drag' dates out — for example, if we go to the beach, he will want to stay 8+ hours while I will want to stay 3-4 hours; we usually compromise ahead of time but end up leaving later than we agreed because he wants 'just one more swim'. I think this has really put me off agreeing to go on dates like this with him. I have explained this to him, and he initially makes an effort for us to leave at the agreed time, but then falls into old habits.
He usually also wants us to have some fun in bed when we get home after a date, and because he is far from being a 2 minute kind of guy I'm often way too tired for this, which upsets him too.
He regularly brings up that it bothers him how little we do together and that this isn't how he pictured relationships to be (I'm his first serious relationship, for context). I've explained that I can't do everything he wants to do with me because of my condition and he has suggested I try to find a part-time job instead of working full-time like I do at the moment, because then I'd have more energy and could do more with him.
I'm really not a big fan of this suggestion. Working FT I earn about $60k, while he is self-employed and brings home less than minimum wage. We split all costs of living 50-50 (at his insistence) and live comfortably, and I like having excess money to buy things I want and go on nice vacations occasionally. If I get a PT job we'd still get by, but wouldn't have that excess money. He says it hurts that I prioritize this excess money over our relationship and doing what makes him happy. Part of me feels selfish for wanting to still work FT even though I would have more energy to devote to him if I went PT.
I think something that has a big impact on all of this is that he doesn't have very many friends that live nearby (he's from a different country), so essentially I'm the only person he has to do these outdoor activities he wants to with. I think he should try to make more friends so he can do these things with them, while I do my own thing chilling at home. I think we could then compromise on doing the kind of dates he likes every now and then because he'd be getting his outdoor activities 'fix' from his friends most of the time. We could also try to do more relaxed things together more often (like going out to dinner or playing boardgames) for quality time together, which I admit we don't do at the moment.
He has suggested that we might be incompatible as a couple because of these differences. Is this the case, or are there things we can do to make this kind of dynamic work?
tldr: My boyfriend likes to go out a lot and do a lot of activities, while I'm more of a homebody and prefer to do more chill things most of the time because of a medical condition that makes me tired. Are we incompatible, or are there things we can do to make this kind of dynamic work?
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2023.06.03 14:16 BeProfessional23 2nd round of couple therapy.

I meant to write this yesterday and I didn't. So, SO and I had our 2nd session together and it seemed to me that it went pretty good. We accomplished a lot of areas that is rough.
1.) The fact he thinks he is always in the right. He is working on how he can be better in this area but it is hard for him. He admitted he is set in his own ways. He did state his ex's let him say and do whatever without any repercussions. The first step is admitting to wrong doing.
  1. Is to fully LISTEN to each other. We both tend to interrupt each other at times. He does it more. I do listen to him and how he feels, I don't agree with the things he says or do. I told him, it works both ways no matter if we disagree with what each states. The therapist explained how there is a positive response and negative response and how it is healthy to disagree and have a debate as long as it doesn't get to the point of arguing.
  2. Both of us has different NEEDS. His needs is laying in bed together. My needs are respect, communication, being heard, trust, faithfulness and those haven't even been met. She mentioned that in women they have to feel emotionally connected to have sex with the spouse. This is where he did get mad. He defended himself stating he gives me all that, in his mind, maybe but not in reality.
  3. both of us CUT each other down. Well, I try not too. We talked about how he rubs that he is home with the kids more then I am and how he doesn't have to miss anything. How he thinks I am a "part time mother" and I'm "unfit". The therapist asked I felt about this and I said, "it isn't my fault I have no choice in working because I can't get on government check like he can". He got pissed and said, "there you go again". I hit a soft spot with him. I knew when I got with him that he is on SSI and Social security. If I didn't like it then I would have gotten with him. When we argue, he will bring up the fact I'm not there like he is. So I do the same and state I can get on those checks.
This is progress right? But it may be to late 🤔🤔😔😔
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2023.06.03 14:16 Naive_Fishing5705 help

every time i start ready or not i get a message with D3D11-compatible GPU is required to run the engine and i cant play the game anymore. how do i fix this? and why is this
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2023.06.03 14:16 Acceptable_Ad_4662 Closing the gap nerves

Closing the gap in 2 months moving from NZ all the way to Canada (long long story) and feel like I’m experiencing pre travel nerves (feels like it’s getting worse each day closer to moving) how to I sort this out
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2023.06.03 14:16 ofcourseitsthroaway People Who Live in Speed Trap Towns, How Do You Feel About it?

I always wonder what the people who live in the municipality think of having this force. What are they getting out of it? Do they like it? Do they take some sort of pride in having their own police department? Do they hate it but not know how to get rid of it?
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2023.06.03 14:15 Rathu16 Drinking to be better at getting girls

Im 18 and i swore to never drink or do any type of drugs and I am clean actually. Never touched any of it even once. I still go out to parties and hang outs but I just dont drink and it was fine. One thing I struggle at i getting girls. Each step of it. From talking to girls at a club, which has gotten a little bit better, to keeping her interested while texting and then, as a young man living with his parents and not too much money, how to take em on dates. I overthink all of that and i feel like if i start drinking at clubs, im going to get better at being with girls. Everyone says having a lot of girls isnt that cool but they can say it because they could if they wanted to. I actually look pretty decent, i dont think looks is the problem, its me.
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2023.06.03 14:15 i_m_mk Value for Money and Reliable Brand

Value for Money and Reliable Brand
I've been using this MSI Z690 - A PRO for a while now. First of all, the major aspect of buying any PC component, it's price. The price is literally very reasonable when you get into features it offers. And also the best thing I found about this keyboard was all of it's component slots are spaciously located so that there is no issues while putting all of the wires in the slots since I assembled all the components myself I can confirm it. I've not seen any kind of bottle necking or any compatibility issues with any other component which is the major plus point while going for MSI Z690. Now coming to the looks, I loved how I can control all of my RGB Components via this Motherboard using MSI Center which makes my Cabinet look amazing. Overall, I'm really satisfied with this Product and going for MSI since it's a reputable and a reliable Brand.
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2023.06.03 14:15 marcosscriven KiCad routing tracks - seems a bit random whether it aligns to grid, or to previous track.

KiCad routing tracks - seems a bit random whether it aligns to grid, or to previous track.
I'm new to KiCad, and one niggle I've found not mentioned in any tutorials I've followed is that routing segments seem to a bit randomly align to grid, or previous section of track you're connecting to.
To give an example, here's two outcomes:
Both are the outcome of connecting pin 9 to pin 1. Note the bulge on the second one - I want to reliably get the first one, but I don't really understand how KiCad is choosing. I found I can just move the mouse back and forth and eventually I'll get the one I want.
I have a 0.3mm track width, and a 0.25mm grid.
I start by making a first section from pin 9, and angling out. Then I click to make that section (as I want the corner nearer the chip). The unpredictability comes from making the connection from there, to the capacitor pad pin 1.
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2023.06.03 14:15 whiterabbit2211 Compost Tea Question

I'm following a set up and recipe for compost tea that I found while reading Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels. My question is: How do I know if what I'm making is effective other than observing long term effect on plants or getting it tested by a lab? It smells fine (not anaerobic) but I'm not getting foam on top (although i've read mixed opinions about foam being a necessary indicator of quality) Are there any immediate indicators that my brew is good to go?
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2023.06.03 14:15 brittmb95 Trupanion pet insurance denying our claim even after our vet submitted documentation stating ‘pre-existing’ condition did not exist

In March 2022 we adopted a Bernedoodle and immediately signed him up with Trupanion Pet Insurance.
In the months that followed we brought him to the vet multiple times, not because anything was seriously wrong with him, but because we were new pet owners and felt more comfortable getting professional advice on small issues and treating them properly than trusting the internet. For example, we brought him to the vet once because he would continually get his ears wet resulting in water being trapped and we wanted to make sure there was no infection. There ended up not being an infection and our vet sent us home with some ear cleaner and a protocol to keep his ears dry and clean them regularly.
We also quickly realized that we couldn’t keep him out of water, especially at the lake. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that with him being wet constantly and not drying off properly, he was developing dry, itchy skin. Again, we took him to the vet to address the issue. The vet said to dry him completely after each swim and the issue should go away on it’s own. Worked like a charm.
Fast forward a year later, our Bernedoodle has now truly developed allergies that our vet says will likely be life long. He has been prescribed Apoquel, which is insanely expensive and will need to be on it long-term. The vet has also recommended a ton of expensive allergy testing to help narrow down his allergies so that we can avoid whatever is causing this. The total cost is in the thousands of dollars initially and the allergy medication will be a couple hundred dollars a month for the foreseeable future.
When I went to submit the allergy medication invoices to Trupanion as well as the pre approval for all the allergy testing I was denied on all fronts. They also told me that because this is a “pre-existing” condition that they will not be covering any expenses related to allergies. Our vet never diagnosed the dog with allergies and this is an inference that the insurance company is making (a false one at that). My vet even went so far as to write an appeal letter to the insurance company stating that in her professional opinion, none of the allergies are in any way related to the visits I stated above. Appeal denied.
This just isn’t sitting right with me and I’m not sure how to proceed, especially knowing that in order to alleviate my dogs suffering, it will cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars. What is the best way to proceed legally?
TLDR: Insurance company seems to be denying my claim in bad faith. Have appealed twice. The vet is in my corner and submitted a letter supporting the claim. Insurance company citing irrelevant vet history as basis for denial.
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2023.06.03 14:15 Commercial-Ad-1614 I hate delivering to businesses!!!

The day before yesterday I got a batch order, I noticed that one was to a business but then I saw it was to an animal hospital, so I said oh cool, I'll do it, I'm even willing to bring this stuff in because I'll see some cute little puppies and kittens in the lobby.
The orde had a lot of heavy items like cat litter, huge bags of dog, and lots of gallons of distilled water. The tip was appropriate for the items and distance so I took it.
So when I get there, there's a lot of doors. I called to see which door they wanted me to come through and the phone is busy, I called twice. I go into the main entrance, and I'm standing there with two gallon jugs in each hand. I waited until the front desk receptionists were finished with the customers, then I playfully said, "your WalMart delivery has arrived" without even looking at me, she puts her finger up as to say wait. She was looking down, so I assumed she was doing some paperwork, so I waited a couple of minutes. Then she looks to her co-worker, and they start joking and laughing, not even looking or acknowledging me. I then put the jugs down and went to go get more things. When I came back in she said, "you need to take that stuff to the back". Are you kidding me?! "Who are you talking to like that" I'm thinking to myself. If she had said asked nicely, I would have forgotten how rude she was initially. So I told her, "I'm not even supposed to bring anything in, let alone take it to another room." She then says of course says "everyone else does it" I didn't entertain it because I knew if I did, I would have gone TF off on her.
So I go back out to get the rest of the things., I thought to myself, let me take this stuff to the next room because it was just 5 ft away, because I knew they would probably reduce my tip and give me a bad rating. So I'm taking the stuff to the back, once I get it all in, a woman comes up and says I have to take inventory, I'm thinking to myself okay does she expect me to take this stuff back to my car if everything isnt here? Because I've never seen anybody do that, and I'm thinking all of these spark drivers have been spoiling these damn people, and now they're just getting away with all types of stuff. I told her if anything is missing, you would have to call customer service because there's nothing I can do, I don't work for Walmart, in a very nice and tactful way. She says if there's something missing, we're not going to accept it. I'm like are you kidding me? So then this tall gentleman (I'm assuming he was the Dr) says to me, "why can't you bring the stuff back, everyone else does it." I'm thinking to myself he must think he's Big bad Doctor man or something, because why would you be saying that to me when you see I brought the things back? what was the point? So I then said, "people bring the delivery back because someone is attempting to intimidate them, they don't want a bad rating, or they don't want their tip taken back because people can be Petty and spiteful." After this they say nothing.
So the lady that took inventory says, "okay everything is here." so I leave. I will never take another order from a business again. I don't care how big the tip is, that delivery took too much restraint because I really wanted to go off on these people. I think If it wasn't my last delivery for the day, I would have gone off.
So here comes the next day. They proved me right with the pettiness and spitefulness, and took back the complete tip, and gave me a bad rating. I'm so enraged! I'm usually not a vindictive person, but I want to call everyone that I know and tell them to go to their business site and give them a bad rating. I was thinking about going on their site and letting their customers know what type of people that they're bringing their dogs and cats to, but I know that Google will take it down because it has nothing to do with the their business or services. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.03 14:15 visiblecoal Andrew Tate - Webcam Business Program (Full)

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2023.06.03 14:15 AutoModerator Daily Feedback Thread (June 03, 2023)

Please post any and all [Feedback] or [Listen] type threads in this thread until the next one is created. Any threads made that should be a comment here will be removed.


  1. Make an effort to comment on other people's tracks. By doing so, you will find that others will be more likely to help you with your tracks.
  2. Be specific when asking for help. Examples of specific questions: "What do you think about this kick sample?" "How's this mix?" "I need some help on this melody, the last measure comes off a little cheesy, any ideas?" etc.
  3. Be descriptive when giving feedback. Use timecodes to highlight certain parts.
  4. Please link to the feedback comments you've left in your top-level comment. This will show others the feedback you've left, and you're more likely to get feedback yourself! Also, please notice those who are leaving a lot of feedback and give them some, too. This is a cooperative effort! Update: Any comments that do not follow this format will be automatically removed.
    For example:
feedback for Esther: "link to feedback"
feedback for Fay: "link to feedback"
feedback for Minerva: "link to feedback"
Here's my track. I'm looking for ___
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