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2023.06.03 22:36 ThrowRA12312A I (21M) just slept with my best friend (22M) girlfriend (20M)

Sorry for the formatting; I'm on mobile, and English is not my first language.
For context, I met my best friend at university over 6 years ago, and he met his girlfriend over 4 years ago.
I get along very well with his girlfriend to the point where I consider her one of my best friends. In fact, I feel closer to her than to him. He tends to be reserved about his feelings, so besides our common interests, we rarely discuss emotions or similar topics.
The first year of their relationship was challenging. He had a rough year at the time, and that added tothis being his first serious relationship, they had a difficult start. However, things improved for the most part. He still tends to withdraw and not communicate, even with her, when he's specially stressed.
I want them to stay together because I know they love each other deeply, but these behaviors are toxic. He has refused to see a therapist, and I belive she's too young to invest more years in a relationship that won't reciprocate.
If my perspective seems a bit one-sided, it's because I've never discussed this with him. He is my best friend, but we don't talk about these issues, despite my attempts to initiate such conversations.
In the first two years of their relationship, she and I noticed some tension between us on a few occasions. However, we never acted on it, and it always ended before anything happened. Also, she might have emotionally cheated on him with me a few times.
Later, the three of us entered college and didn't spend as much time together in person. Their relationship improved a lot, but he still has these erratic moments, about once a year, when he withdraws and ghosts her. Then he acts like it never happened. He is currently in one of those phases.
A few weeks ago, his girlfriend and I hung out, and then she invited me to dinner. We ended up at her house, and after a few drinks, we slept together. We both promised never to tell anyone.
I know what I did was wrong. She and I have discussed it and agreed never to repeat it and to keep it a secret. I'm not sure if I feel guilty, but I'm disappointed in myself for being unable to control my actions and for being selfish. I'm also sad when I think about my friend finding out and how hurt he will be.
At the time, I didn't think much of it, but this past week, the more I reflect on it, the more serious and hopeless the situation seems.
I'm scared of losing both friendships, and I'm unsure about what to do next. What should I do? Is there any way to save both friendships? Can things go back to normal?
TL;DR: After years of sexual tension, I slept with my best friend's girlfriend, and now I'm lost about what to do.
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2023.06.03 22:35 Chillarm Looking to move out of rochester and sublease/start new lease for someone in current place. Pls help

Hi. So for some background, I moved to Rochester for work because i got a job in Canandaigua. Our time in the city hasn't treated us too well with car break-ins and the long commute so we are looking to move closer to canandaigua for work and location, and we originally had someone lined up to take over our apartment but now that fell through and we are in a tight spot where we will be paying 2 rents until we find somebody to take over the lease or start a new one. Does anyone here have any pointers of where i should start with this process? I posted on Roomi and FB marketplace but im trying to do my best not to eat this rent payment so anything helps. Thanks!!
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2023.06.03 22:35 taijaxxdrury decided to get back into the kitchen part time, bad idea

long time lurker, first time poster. Just sharing this story as many of you are likely to find it painfully amusing and I feel like venting.
TLDR: chef crazy, kitchen culture bad, me stupid for ignoring all the red flags and assuming it would get better.
I have been a full time musician for about a decade, decided to get back into the kitchen to make a little extra money so my fiance and I can save for a home. I have done some pop up kitchens & other events around town, knew about this guy with a sweet japanese izakaya truck who made great food and needed help. Immediately seemed like a chaotic person, but people can be weird sometimes so I carried on.
First day went well, the man is hectic and egotistical but seemed alright. I was shown one dish from his revolving 15-20 item menu that day and a couple opening / closing procedures. Second day I show up 15 early, end up waiting for a few hours before i split, calling him goes straight to voicemail. turns out he's in jail for an old bench warrant, no bond, probably for child support. No sweat, shit happens and anyone deserves a chance or two.
I ended up running his food truck entirely with one other guy (nice dude, but has a traumatic brain injury which makes work very difficult) for about a week and half. 8-16 hour days on top of my full music schedule, i was able to swing both as most gigs are late and i can prep 9am-7pm and still make make the shows. I communicated with chef through his mom, using some weird jail texting platform. Ran a reduced menu. Figured I'd give him the chance until he unloaded on us via his mom about how terribly we ran the truck, everything we should have been doing better. Me, who barely learned a single dish from him, had to reverse engineer and improvise recipes he didn't have on hand, having to figure out the entirety of his truck on the fly without running water, and working with a kind but disabled man who is really just making things more difficult. I did all inventory, ordering, scheduling, designed and printed the new menu on my own time, was available for communication 100% of the time off the clock with his mom and the other employee. Basically did every managerial duty though I was hired on as a line cook.
After he unloaded on us I told his mom I was done, that's unnacceptable and he's in no position to give us shit for anything we did considering I stayed and kept his truck running simply out of kindness. As soon as I stood my ground he flipped and apologized, said I did a great job, blah blah blah. So he's not only an asshole, but a spineless asshole. Should have walked, but I don't know the guy at all and decided to give him yet another chance.
things go alright for a week, though it's clear he's unstable and super paranoid. Has really weird conspiracies about other businesses in town having a coalition to destroy him. He talks shit about everyone while incessantly peforming monologues about his own greatness, and all the hotshots he's worked with. treats his mother (who only got so involved to help him while he was incarcerated) like total shit. I hoped it would level out and get better. It didn't.
One day in the middle of service he launches into a bit about how I lied to him about my abilities, that I'm too slow and we need to renegotiate my pay, for the future as well as for the 93 hours I worked in the last couple weeks. This being hilarious as I do more volume with my own pop up kitchens than I've ever experienced on his truck, making just as complicated menus without any issue. Settles on 16 / hr ($2 less than he sent me in my offer letter) without tips and without paying me time and a half for overtime. I walked, as he's rambling egotistical narccicistic nonsense at me the whole time about how I'm too slow and he's the best and this is how it works in the big leagues.
The most absurd comments of his weren't on texts but here's some nuggets of insanity I kept. Screenshots in comments. I believe this is the last time I get back into a kitchen on anyone else's terms. This bastard is everything that is wrong with the industry. anyway, if you made it this far thanks for reading the long winded vent. Beware of egomaniacal idiots
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2023.06.03 22:35 CoderBro_CPH What is the remote and part-time coding situation looking like now?

I've decided to do a real career change at age late 30s, regardless of the job situation, but it's still interesting to hear from people in the field.
Basically, I'm taking a bachelors in data science or some backend of some sort and I can already code. I also have a lot of experience in digital marketing.
The thing is that a job has to be remote for me as I have some cognitive difficulties that limit my total working ability, so I can't waste time getting too and from work every day. It also has to be a job as I don't want to sell and deal with customers anymore.
What is the remote world looking like for coders now?
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2023.06.03 22:34 Wide_Bedroom_7776 WIBTAH For Exposing Them?

I've been trying to figure out where on reddit I should put this but here goes nothing; this is a throwaway account and it's going to be a very long one. For a bit of context I'm in a polyamorous "relationship" where there is also an extremely large age gap among the three of us. I (21F) met my partners, lets call them Collen (46F) and Doug (56M) the beginning of January 2021. My friends kept pushing for me to go out and meet someone and have some fun so I signed up for a dating app not expecting much to come of it because of my "unique" type romantically. I'm completely into the age gap relationship thing so I raised the age on my search to 30-50. and with my luck two swipes in and there she was; beautiful blonde with greenish-blue eyes a great smile. I swiped so fast I couldn't stop myself, and it came back saying that she had also swiped right on me too. I didn't exactly take the time to thoroughly read through the profile because after the mutual swiping I decide to read the profile a little bit more, and it turned out to be a couple. Maybe I should've backed out then but in my mind it was like yolo why not. They are both attractive and who knows maybe it'll be a fun fling to have from time to time until I feel ready to find someone to settle with. I'd never heard of polyamory or any of the things that come with it so I was basically going in blind. So we connected and initially It was just chatting with her through the app getting to know what they were looking for and things like that. She then suggested that I add him on snapchat so I could talk to him as well and do a video chat verification of myself. So I did and to my surprise I'd hit it off with him too. It was like I could talk to him about any and everything. Deep conversations came easily with him. They both reassured me they wouldn't force me to go too fast or do anything I don't want to do. Made me feel very comfortable from the get go. Eventually the whole conversation moved to snapchat they created a group chat and I could text them separately whenever. I mostly spoke with him separately and she would really only respond in the group. I met up with him about a month later. She couldn't come along as she had to stay home with their daughter but gave us her blessing to have fun and tell her about it tomorrow. It was a great time we talked sat by the water till almost 5am. Another month in they invited me over to their place so we could all be together and I of course accepted. When I got there I was shocked to have been greeted at the door by the two of them and their daughter. For another reference I love kids and have been helping my siblings and other family members raise theirs since I was 6 and I'd told them about that as well, But still it threw me for a loop because it'd only been 3 months they still don't know too too much about me and we all knew I wasn't exactly coming over to just "have dinner and watch movies" and it seemed strange to me. We had dinner and it was nice we laughed a lot and all got along pretty good. When it got later in the night Colleen put their daughter to bed and Doug and I went to their bedroom. She joined us and we got busy and in the midst of it I began to bleed as apart of this health condition I have which they were aware of, and they immediately stopped to care for me clean me up an make sure I was ok and insisted that I sleep over for the night. They grabbed a blow up bed and set it up in their room for me. That simple gesture did something in my heart. I come from a pretty fucked up broken abusive home some of which they'd also known about so no one had ever really taken care of me like that before until them. Immediately my heart was absolutely sure this wouldn't be a one time fling like i'd thought. Fast forward some time everything was going pretty well. We all talked, sent pictures etc in the group and then I'd come over their place again and we'd have a good time I'd either sleep over and go home, and the cycle just continued on like that. Now up until May there had never been a title placed on what we had going on, so I wasn't too hopeful it'd stay on the same track it was on. Then at about the end of May he asks me to be their girlfriend. Says it's something they both want and again blindly going through with it I said yes, but looking back I should've asked her myself if that was really what she also wanted and maybe I could've saved myself the heart ache. So now we are officially in a relationship and everything is going fairly well.. Fast forward to 2022 about end of July maybe early into August. She started to become... distant small stuff at first like not wanting to have sex because she wasn't feeling well which I completely understood never would I make her feel bad for that. Then it became not wanting to be in the same room as me. Like Doug their daughter and I would be in the living room watching a movie or something just hanging out and she'd leave and go into their bedroom and wouldn't come back out until dinner or it was time for their daughter to go bed so she could tuck her in. It started to make me feel... weird and I couldn't bring myself to ask her what was going on, but Doug would continue to reassure me that she was attracted to me she loved being with me. I wanted to believe him but I couldn't in my heart and due to past trauma I didn't want to face if she'd say no. Now don't get me wrong she and I spent time together just the two of us. Sunday's she and I would go out shopping but you could cut the tension with a knife during those rides sometimes. I wanted to say something but Doug had prior told me about a girl from their past who hurt her and left her emotionally stunted with women so I alway tried my hardest to make sure I didn't do that to her and didn't do anything to cause her any discomfort sort of letting her come into it on her own. Plus she showed her love in other ways with catering to me buying me things particular to what I love. She'd said I love you verbally to me on 2 separate occasions which she apparently doesn't do. So I just could never find the right time to do so. Then Doug started searching on the app again for other women to add to it. He liked to watch and they'd had foursomes with other women where he would watch them with Colleen and take videos that have been shown to me before. I didn't know how I felt about this so I just went along with to see where it would go. Luckily it has never gone beyond a texting conversation among them although we have come close a few times. Anyways end of October early November of 22. Everything was so completely off between she and I felt it every time I would go over to their house. I didn't know what to do or how to address it. It was starting to really take a toll on me mentally. And they were also planning to move to another state where her family is and that caused me to worry more then before because I would not be going with them, who is to say that they won't meet another woman or women on the app and brush me off to the side numerous thoughts went through my mind over this. Plus it would be close to her father and best friend so she is definitely going to want to spend a great amount of time with them and there would be no real way to explain who I am to them considering I'm hispanic and they are White so it wouldn't be easy to play it off and none of them know that she is into women and that they are apart of the lifestyle not even her best friend. (This information is important to my point) Then one night Doug was driving me back to my house and he told me she had cried in their bedroom that morning while I was still asleep because she is uncomfortable in her body and uncomfortable around me. Flat out my heart sank and in my mind all I could think was how could you love and be with someone but not be comfortable around them or even talk to them about it, and you're moving to a new state you pretty much are going to want nothing to do with me. This triggered my abandonment issues like nothing else ever could and they knew of this issue and my need for reassurance I thought they would understand my need to know especially Doug since he questioned constantly if I was happy with our relationship and the age gap and if i wanted to leave I reassured him constantly that I couldn't go anywhere. I cried that night and decided to open the app myself just to find someone to talk to or even distract me for a moment nothing extreme. It escalated and i did cheat emotionally and I kissed the girl but that was it at that time. I felt bad and I am terrible at lying so eventually the truth exposed itself. the day of it was like she could feel something was going to change she came out of their room to where I was on the couch and just made out with me out of the blue. I didn't know what to do. Let's just say the truth revealed itself on that drive home that night and we broke up... for 18 days. I tried to move on with my life because every one was telling me to since the age gap and a bunch of other factors as well so I did and ended up being set up to be raped twice. needless to say my faith in humanity is gone on that end. so I tried one last time to talk to him and work things out. I did and by Christmas we were back together and working on getting better. Now here we are June 2023 they've found a house they will be moving into in just a few weeks. I've been helping them clean and pack up their old home a few times during this process. Doug swears nothing will change but everything will especially considering technically I'm only now in a romantic relationship with Doug and Colleen and I.. I don't even know if you could call it a friendship. Things are hitting that weird point again and he has met another girl on the app he wants him and I to meet and play with its only been 2 days and she's basically giving herself up to him as a submissive which he loves and gave the both of them access to her remote vibrator to pleasure her with which of course he had to tell me about. Now with all o that back ground out of the way here comes the real reason for my post. Despite all of the things I said above there are many red flags about them that I continually overlooked because of the lovers gaze i had on them. Including and I'm not proud of it pedo.... and incest (they both swear they'd never really cross that line with their daughter but I am not 100% sure I believe especially after he told me why he lost his old job) Especially with Doug he even talks about how things would've been if they would've raised me when he would've started wanting to play with me. I'm not proud that I stayed and overlooked those things part of me knows I stay to protect their daughter from them, and the other knows I stay because I trauma bonded myself onto them and can't get away. I'm not even attracted to anyone outside of them yes it is that bad. Lately things have been so confusing and tossed up i am ready to call it quits. (I am a hyper aware person to a default so I know when someone is trying to manipulate and play mind games with me which is what she is doing and I let them think they are succeeding and him he is just attracted to how young and hyper sexual I can be when we are together.) but not before I set a few little fires. I've curated a plan to send a letter to her father, and best friend. As well as his siblings (his parents are diseased) detailing what they've done and thus ultimately outting her as bisexual to them which I know is wrong but after the emotional and psychological abuse they instilled upon me it seems appropriate. Before she married him She was having a fling with her bosses sister at her bosses house. I know the bosses name and have her information so I could send her an email with the detailed story. Of course that is not grounds to fire her but it will cause enough tension and discomfort in my eyes. She is also adopted and recently found her bio moms family; I have their information as well and plan to give them a thorough warning about their estranged family member and what comes with her since they do explicit talk about the family members they would fuck including children of their cousins etc.. It is a toss up considering her father and best friend may be completely supportive of her and not cause any harm there. This won't repair the abuse they've done to me or help me heal but I took the higher road and over looked so many things for 3 years. Someone has to stop them in their tracks so they never do what they did to me to another woman again. WIBTAH?
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2023.06.03 22:34 WheneverYh Like clockwork

It's been so long & I haven't give much thought to anything that transpired, but like clockwork, you started to pop up in my head at most random times.
I don't necessarily miss you, but guess part of me likes to revisit some old memories.
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2023.06.03 22:34 Hot_Neighborhood6666 First date a guy suggests going to an open house?

I met this guy years ago and we went out one other time and at the time we were both young. Only went on a first date and can’t remember why I didn’t go on a second. This was years ago. Then we got back in touch over IG — and instantly clicked.
He then asked me to go out on technically a second date, ha! And asked me my preferences. I’m more on the traditional side so I did ask if he didn’t mind picking me up. (I personally love it when a guy picks me up close to my location) I told him my preferences — a brunch place (there’s many near my location and outside of our area not far) and then things got weird..
He said he didn’t know of any inside date ideas and suggested going to an open house? He’s an outdoorsy guy for some context — and I’m 100% open to it but the weather wasn’t going to be ideal and I could tell he didn’t want to drive to a park that I knew of. (Wasn’t crazy far from my location) and anytime I posted a story he loved it and wanted to go there.
Not sure where to go from here but typically I’m attracted to men who like to take the lead and make decisions. I gave him information to work with — should I give this a chance? Is he not that into me?
Open to thoughts!
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2023.06.03 22:34 softesthard111 Where to work?

It’s been months since I started looking for accounting jobs online, ganun ba talaga kahirap maghanap? apply ako ng apply pero since no experience and not YET a cpa walang nageemail back sakin. Wala naman ako malagay sa ojt exp bc pandemic nun sobrang strict kaya pinagsagot lang kami ng isang buong book:(((
Nahihiya na ako sa bahay kasi wala akong trabaho, gusto ko ako gagastos sa rc ko this time kasi nagrc ako last year pero di ako nagtake di kasi ako confident. Although plan ko in 2 years magtake para sure na sure kaya gusto ko na sana magstart magipon para mag gather din ng materials from other rc. Saang position po kaya ako pwede magstart and too much to ask for ba ang 20k+ salary?
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2023.06.03 22:34 mmds100 F22 f25 lesbian rship advice

Lesbian Rship advice
I have been with my girlfriend for over 1 year and it has been so good, I have loved every second of it & we have so much fun together. I trust her so much, I never had any worries or doubts that she is the one. Last week I was at work and had a really bad, gut feeling that something had happened, I phoned her to make sure she was ok and she was (thankfully) she was at the bar. This feeling did not shift so the next morning I looked through her phone for the first time ever.. I found messages to her friends saying ‘what is Katie’s Snapchat?’ ‘She is gorgeous’ My girlfriend added her on Snapchat and they sent a few snaps back and forth.. my gf also tried to find her on Facebook as her name was in the search bar multiple times.
This really hurt me and I immediately broke up with her. I had no idea what actually happened at the bar, did they kiss? Did they go back somewhere? I have no idea because I was working nights but she was in my house the next morning when I got off work.
She claims to have completely forgotten texting her and admitted it once she seen her phone. She apologised profusely and has been really trying all week to make it up to me. She says there is not a chance she touched her when I asked her but how do I know that? My gf blocked this girl as soon as she seen it.
My dilemma is, why would she say those things about another girl, try to talk to her and thinking about her when she got back to my house. Instead of calling me to see how I am at work, she was in my bed texting another girl on sc.
My girlfriend does take blackouts when drunk and changes with drink in her. But I never ever expected this, it was never something I ever worried about with her… I love her so much and do everything with her every day. I feel so incredibly lost on what to do. Do I take a chance on this? I will either lose what could of been a good thing or stay and possibly get my heartbroken again…
I wanted to marry this girl… and she always said the same to me. She lives at my house and recently changed jobs to be closer to me & spend more time with me. Everything has always been so pure and amazing between us.. she has been taking panic attacks all week since this happened and I know she is truly sorry. But sorry it happened or sorry she got caught? I really don’t know
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2023.06.03 22:34 Mccmatt123 Stopped reaching out first

I’m sure y’all see a lot of these posts but I wanted to share my situation. I’ve had group of about 8 guys that have been my friends for the past 5 years, we do alot together, we have fantasy football league, we go out like every Saturday to bars, we do a really good Christmas gift exchange.
Thing started to get rocky in 2021 I was working full time they were in school or were working part time, because of this I couldn’t hang out sometimes, then I noticed when even when I was free I still wouldn’t get an invite to stuff, 2022 rolls around and I get added into a gc that they had going without me when I started working more. Things seem ok now though a lot of times I felt like I had to reach out to see what was going on. Ending of 2022 beginning of 23 a gc gets made without me, I bring it up to a couple of the guys and they say don’t worry man. Well now everything gets planned in that gc so I found myself always reaching out to one of the guys to see what’s happening and then I’d usually get included. We also all play video games in ps party together. I don’t play this one game and recently they made a party for that one game and now everyone just uses that but me, they never added me. So now I’m not any gc and have no clue what’s going on unless I call or text someone which then no one has an issue with telling me what’s happening. I decided to just stop reaching out and now haven’t talked to anyone in 3 weeks. Guess I don’t have friends now.
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2023.06.03 22:34 imgarblol My story/help

Hello I won’t share my name or anything like that but I am at a point where I need to reach out to others that really understand this may be long but I hope at least one person reads and related and who knows maybe gives advice! Background I had my first OM in the 8th grade and it followed me throughout my life however I am now 19 and they have been getting more recent. Before I dive further I should state my “job” while I am a college student I also play videogames at a semi professional level and to be honest hope to turn it into a full time job one day thus I am on my computer a lot as well as phone however I have many theories as to what might cause it I won’t go through each experience because we would be here forever lol. However (and this has happened once before but it scares me) funny enough last week I went to the doctor and while I was completely fine I told him about my OM’s however I said that I only get them every 6 months or so besides once when I had 2 in a week then a day or 2 later(last week) I had a migrane after a busy day out however while I did calm down each day I had anxiety I would think about it so much I would trick myself into thinking I might be having one(if you know you understand the feeling right before).However, today at lunch I had another one in my left eye which usually doesn’t happen and went away quite faster than usual but I still kinda felt it coming and I was thinking about it and couldn’t shake that thought.While it went away fast the headache hit but I went home chilled and now I am writing this. I should mention my left eye is lazy and my right is strong which is why some think it may happen but at this point I have so many theories it gives me a headache lmao. In conclusion I am mainly just writing this because I am scared, whenever I have one it gives me anxiety what if one day it stops me from pursuing my passion with gaming I’ve made so much progress and it’s the one thing that truly puts me at peace from anxiety and I wouldn’t know what to do if these stopped me from doing that. I know they more than likely won’t I just really need a hey bud you’re not alone here since I don’t have anyone to relate. If I have another one I will add it here hopefully it isn’t for a while thank you for anyone that listens!
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2023.06.03 22:34 Alnahi286 Weightloss dilemma

Hi guys! Kinda long post coming, thanks if you take the time to read! I’m looking for some guidance and you’re all amazing at this so I though to give it a try!
So I (27F) have been dieting on and off all my life since I was maybe 13-14. I tried them all, from crazy strict diets& co up until so counting calories and doing sport. Of course I developed multiple ED’s, from which I recovered but still hiding and scared of.
In the last few years I also started having serious anxiety issues, mostly health-anxiety, up to horrible panic attacks and fear of death.
This anxiety problem led me to the decision of living healthier. Due to my history with ED’s, I now avoid counting calories and weighting myself. Went for intuitive eating, as much wfpb as possible (+vegetarian), gave up caffeine, tried to get more sleep, keep active - including gym 2-3x/week, started therapy to heal trauma - all in all a more holistic approapch.
All these helped my mental health tremendously. BUT I gained weight 😕 It’s been slow and steady and lately i’ve realized I put on at least 10 kgs in the last year. Today was a peak when I went shopping for clothes with my fiancé and honestly wanted to cry when I saw myself almost naked in the fitting cabins. I felt the world shaking underneath my feet, and my ‘bubble’ of peace and happiness shaking to the core.
I am so down right now, realizing that I might have avoided dealing with being overweight again because of fear. I don’t wanna fall back into my ED/anxiety/depression, but I also miss my super fit body, I miss not having all this fat, I miss looking good in clothes and not wanting to turn my head away from every mirror. I can feel the anxiety of being fat kicking in, as well as the low mood and self-esteem from knowing how I look.
I’m grateful for my body, that it’s healthy and carrying me through every day. But I also am angry at myself for kinda letting myself go. (But did I really?)
I just tried to heal. Am I doomed to be unhappy and depressed?
I wanna get back at it and lose this weight, but don’t know how to approach it this time. The most success I had was with counting calories, but it seems to always throw me back into binging (tried to take cico pauses, but they always eventually failed). So I’ve had both success and super ugly failures with counting. However, nothing else let to results as good as cico.
Went to a nutritionist (certified, where I live there aren’t more types) and followed her plan for a while but it became to expensive to keep seing her every month and the plan that she initially gave me became boring after a while.
Now my questions:
Should I start counting calories again and risk going back into ED? Hoping i’m a new person now, more mature etc.
Should I go back to super discipline and risk the anxiety and panic attacks come back?
Am I just using the fear of ED and anxiety as an excuse?
I don’t know what to do with myself honestly.
Partly just wanted to get this off my chest. I know it’s a lot of random info but my thoughts are a mess right now. I would appreciate any advice from your experiences.
***Do not start with therapy, because my therapist is in maternity leave until autumn and I don’t wanna start over with someone new, so I’m waiting for her. Anything else would help right now.
Please be kind 💛
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2023.06.03 22:34 Sensitive-Egg-3912 Am I being too kind to my ex-wife?

My ex-wife filed for divorce a year and a half ago. Neither of us cheated or did anything wrong, but our relationship wasn't working. We share 50/50 custody of our 5 year old son. Until now, I have always bragged about how well both of us have handled the divorce and custody issues.
Last week my ex-wife called me from jail. She had been pulled over for a 0.15 BAC DUI while our son was in the car. She also hit a parked car.
Of course I now need to take some steps to protect our son, but I also do not want him to grow up without a mom. I have proposed the following to her; she is still mulling it over. I am trying to figure out whether I am being too nice (or, alternatively, I'd be curious to hear if people think I'm being cruel.)
I have proposed that I get 100% physical and legal custody of our son. However, she will have visitation on the same schedule that she used to have physical custody. Therefore, it would still effectively be a 50/50 split of time with our son.
Visitation will be conditioned on her having an alcohol interlock device on her car, going to a 12-step program, going to a therapist, and signing up for a random drug and alcohol testing program. If she fails the test or violates the agreement, she loses custody.
Am I being too nice? Am I being cruel? Is there anything else anyone would suggest adding to the conditions?
Thank you.
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2023.06.03 22:34 suentendo Ryobi 600psi 18v EzClean pressure washer - metal wand nearly impossible to insert!

I've had this pressure washer for a little over a year. It does the job but I like to take it apart after using, for ease of storage, and because I probably should anyway. It never felt easy and satisfying but over time it became almost impossible to insert the metal wand back into the washer. Today I had to put almost my entire bodyweight on it to make it go in.
I did notice the rubber gasket on that end of the wand looks dry and basically done for (I wonder if that's a sign of excessive compressing force on it) - will replace it ASAP if I must keep the washer like that but my question is if this is normal or should I activate the warranty?
Or should I just like, err... lube it up? Does someone have this washer and want to chime in about if it works smoothly (regarding this specific issue)?
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2023.06.03 22:34 N0rthEastS0uthWest Tips for Improving Discernment?

Hello, all, I'm still very new to the world of spirits and communication with spirits.
I feel that is is pretty easy for me to connect with and communicate with entities but it's almost impossible for me to determine who I'm actually talking to in most cases. I also very frequently have random names pop into my head and it's difficult for me to tell if that particular entity is trying to get my attention or if it is just a random thought. So many people talk about being able to tell by sensing the energy of the spirit but that is another area where I struggle; it's rare for me to sense any energy when I'm communicating. This has caused me concern that I'm actually interacting with my own thoughts, though I have had a few times where different entities have been able to send me external signs that our connection was successful.
I know meditation is what is recommended the most and I do meditate quite a bit. I try to spend at least a few minutes each day in meditation, though I know this isn't a lot. It's just what I'm able to manage with my responsibilities and ADHD.
Are there other tips and tricks that could be offered? One thing I do when I can is utilize Tarot to help figure out who I'm talking to and what exactly they're trying to tell me but I can't carry my cards around with me everywhere. Perhaps getting more familiar with my pendulum would help as well?
Not important to the meat of the post but, just to share: last night I felt that two separate entities were trying to talk to me at the same time but I couldn't tell who was who, which I think was part of the point. They are two spirits I feel I can trust and what I was getting from the interaction is that they were offering me to work with them in tandem to help me improve my discernment. Questions were coming to mind such as "How do you feel in this moment?" and "Do you think you're currently communicating with a spirit?" Whether it was my own thoughts or actual communication, I responded that I couldn't be sure. After that, many different names came to mind and then I fell asleep.
Another recent experience that I feel like sharing is that I attempted yesterday to connect with the angel Uriel. I don't recall exactly why I chose him specifically other than i believe he may be my teaching angel, I think I may help felt his presence before, and I was really stressed out and just wanted someone to hear me. I started feeling a tad bit nauseous and had the thought come to mind that a spirit I've been working with for the last year is lying to me, to which I responded that it feels like everyone is lying to me. I was outside when I reached out to him and, as I walked back to the house, I had a feeling like something much, much larger than myself was watching me and the sense that whatever it was was somewhat playfully referring to me as "Thumbelina". But I have no way of knowing whether I actually made contact with Uriel or if this is just my imagination.
Sorry for the overshare but I thought maybe giving some examples of my experiences would help answer my questions.
Thanks, folks!
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2023.06.03 22:33 Longjumping_Smile574 Looking for some insight from others

Hi, I’m a 29yo male and about a month ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. That felt like a revelation that suddenly locked so many things into place for me and just made so much sense (the rejection sensitivity, inability to sit and watch tv after work, getting super interested in something only to never think about it again in a week), but there were still questions left unanswered and kind of didn’t fit with just ADHD. So for the last month I’ve been reading about autism and felt like some of the things I do might fit with that, but some don’t really. I was wondering if maybe some of you kind people could help me see if trying to get an ASD diagnosis would be worth it or if I’m totally wrong with this.
I do have to warn childhood stuff won’t be very complete as I have a lot of trouble remembering specifics from my childhood, maybe up to as late as 7th grade. Also sorry for the length.
I don’t remember having some specific or abnormal interests as a child, other than maybe being more into history/war stuff than others. I always did extremely well in my history tests and found it extremely easy to remember different dates of things and later different bills and their impacts. I do have a distinct memory of choosing to read history books about WWII as early as like 2nd grade and got a lot of books about it as gifts for birthdays and holidays. As I got older that’s evolved more into an interest in general politics. I’m constantly reading about different systems, different current events, bills being debated and passed and what’s in them. I would say I’m much more politically educated and engaged than anyone else I know. This has lasted my entire life, so doesn’t seem to be a hyper fixation ADHD thing to me.
I was a shy kid, I do remember needing time with someone before really opening up to them but once I did, things felt pretty smooth and I would talk to them just fine. This has followed into adulthood as well. I am very nervous meeting new people for the first time and would much prefer to stick with the group of friends I made in high school. I’m friendly to one or two new people brought in at a time (girlfriends of friends for example) but to be invited to someone else’s second friend group is very stressful and I have opted in the past to just stay home instead. I also absolutely dread one on one hang outs. I feel like I need other people around to riff off or things will get really quiet and uncomfortable.
I have mild sensory problems, which I know is also an ADHD thing but felt worth it to mention at least. Tags on clothes have always had to get taken off, seams in socks always had to be in a specific spot on my foot (my dad would have to rub my feet after putting socks on to prevent a meltdown), clothes that are too tight are a big no, switching seasons from shorts to pants is a nightmare, people talking over music or tv gives me anxiety and I can’t distinguish which is which, my dogs getting excited gives me enough anxiety to cause a meltdown (I’ve often said I like the idea of dogs more than the actual presence), textures of food can make or break the meal and a surprise change in texture will completely end the meal etc.
I think I do stim a bit, but that could also be ADHD. I definitely rock back and forth a lot when stressed or when trying to wind down. And I’ve always whistled when happy/getting into the zone. The whistling was so obviously connected to good feelings that if I hadn’t done it that day my dad would ask me what’s wrong. I feel anxiety in my hands and will often wring/squeeze them to calm down.
I sometimes find it hard to actually feel things. I feel like I either am numb or extremely emotional (furious or sobbing). I also don’t miss people how others do, I think. I changed states a lot before high school and so I had to leave friends behind and every single time they were out of my life I never missed them. I would recall stories about them as funny or something but never felt sad they were gone or like I should keep that connection. This is weird though because during lockdown I was feeling horrible not being able to spend time with my friend group, I felt so alone.
The biggest reason I feel like I don’t have autism is the communication issues associated with ASD. I feel like I can very easily and clearly tell what people are feeling by their facial expressions and know if something is inappropriate to say or rude. I have a friend who I think probably is autistic and he will say things to people and I immediately know that was rude or unkind while they are surprised when the person they said it to has a negative reaction. The closest I’ve had to this is conversations with my wife, sometimes I make observations or comments that feel harmless but really hurt her feelings. I can also pretty reliably tell if someone is lying and do a decent job of lying myself. I do have a serious problem recognizing faces and am often saying “oh they look like X” and everyone around me saying “wtf no they don’t”. I also didn’t have any language development problems as far as I’m aware. I’ve always been very good at English and got straight A’s in it easily. In fact, my sister would often make comments while we were growing up like “you don’t talk like anyone I know, you always use such proper language”.
Again sorry for the essay, I just wanted to be thorough. I would love to know people’s thoughts if maybe this is just ADHD or if I could have ASD too. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 22:33 wt_anonymous My hometown is a shell of its former self

I was raised in a relatively small city, population between 10-20k. Over the past decade ago it's actually become a bit of a tourist attraction because it's one of the few cities with any sense of walkability where I live, and for a few other reasons.
It's honestly a shell of its former self though. The high school, which was once a few blocks from the downtown, is way further out now. They needed a bigger school and chose to build it far away with two huge parking lots... so the former high school is now one of the two middle schools. They shut down every form of public transportation in the city. Many many years ago, from what I understand, there was a streetcar system. But even when that closed, there was a bus system. But guess what also closed down a few years ago... there aren't any busses even anymore, and people did use them.
What hurt the most though is how many small businesses are no longer there. The local bakery that sold ice cream in the summer is gone, and nothing ever took its place. There's another ice cream place but the original building has been empty for 4-5 years by my count. There are no local groceries anymore either... over a decade ago, there used to be a local grocery store. My great grandparents shopped there all the time. It wasn't right in downtown but it was reasonably close that someone could walk or even better take a bus. It closed, got run out of business by a chain store even further away. The local deli was sold awhile ago too, it was the last place in honestly a 10 mile radius I could find good quality cuts of meat (chicken especially) at a reasonable price. Supposedly the new owner has plans to reopen but with the trend other stores here have set, I'm not optimistic.
It's sad to see... the reason this place is even remotely popular is completely diluted at this point.
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2023.06.03 22:33 Rocklobster92 Looking for a quiet tent camping spot in northern Wisconsin

My dad and I like to plan a fatheson camping trip every summer - nothing too crazy, just a couple of tents for us and some drinks, a radio, and some food to grill. We are looking for a good spot in the northern part of the state we can either reserve, or an area that we can check out for camping that has a bit of privacy so we can keep to ourselves and not be bothered by too many people. Ideally we'd like to have some hiking trails nearby for something to do during the day.
Does anyone have any suggestions in mind? He lives in Price county if that helps. I know there are DNR websites with campgrounds and sites to reserve, and in the past we'd just find a few campgrounds and drive through in hopes of finding a decent site. But I'm looking for some recommendations as these trips together are rare and we want to spend less time looking around and more time actually enjoying the trip.
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2023.06.03 22:33 Andyssis How to get a job with an entertainment company like NBCU, WB, etc?

For the past year and a half, I have applied to countless jobs within the marketing/advertising/writing/production spaces for entertainment companies like NBCU, Warner Bros, Discovery and have yet to receive a single interview. I have had my resume looked over multiple times, but no luck. Any advice looking for a job in this space?
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2023.06.03 22:33 ejdmkko Who wants to be my sugar daddy after I fling this exam? (again) hahahhhhah

So, I'm about to finish my education, and I already applied for the next program (don't ask, in the country I study they split BA kinda in half - 2 years of something less than BA and more than high school and then 1.5 years of the real BA). And I already got accepted for the other thingy, although I barely finished it, ended up doing only the admission assignment for my first priority and didn't do the backup, guess what, cos I procrastinated and then wasn't enough time. But to continue, I will need to pass my exam, and for that, I need to hand in my report this upcoming Wednesday, and so far I have 9k out of 60k typing units. I had like 2 months for all of this mess, the first 2 weeks I took a break, cos just finished those admissions and right before had another exams and my mental health was/has been overall terrible (I mean, now it's better, I'm popping pills like a candy hahhaha, actually this ain't really funny). So then I started working on the exam later, and I was kinda chill, cos some of my classmates took even longer time off, but when they got back , they were actually working, not like me. I had days when I did literally nothing, apart of feeling miserable and needing to numb or distract myself, and then when I did something, I did the minimum. But I was still doing something and that kinda put me at ease. Was doing some research on some interviews, but I only read stuff, I have no notes, I was only relying on what I will hopefully remember. And last week, when it was getting terribly close, I was panicking, but instead of that, I tried to not think about it and consume anything (content, food, whatever) just to get distracted. But now is even more terrifyingly close and I need I need to step up my game and it sucks and I hate it and this is not even what I wanna study (luckily for the other part of education I can switch to something better). And I can't forget to mention the very high expectations I'm putting on myself; I wanna use 32743764834924328 strategies and models and what not, then for the problem solution I chose the most complex way and I know I won't have time for all of it, but like, sure I'll manage. And I know I'm very emotionally driven, and I'm afraid of that discomhort when I'll have to force myself to write report instead of doing stuff I like (who am I kidding, when I could do stuff I enjoy, I didn't cos I thought I don't get to do it, I have other priorities to deal with, such as the exam). And especially now, when my mental health is so fragile and I'm basically going through 5th breakdown of the day, I know that I should work on my hobbies and stuff, but I should also force myself to do the report. So yeah. I mean, I know I could just go for re-exam, but then I wouldn't finish this education on time to continue with the other one and I definitely don't want a gap year. Did it right after high school and that's why and when my mental health began to break down, so I know just to keep somewhat sane, I'll have to continue to get some education to be qualified to at least apply for something I might enjoy.
Yeah, sorry for the rant, I already know how difficult it will be to read cos I have so many emotions and thoughts at the same time and it's too slow to express them so maybe they overlap idk
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2023.06.03 22:33 No_Coach8840 My family is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Boomer generation in India.

Born in the 50s to a government school teacher. Had 6 siblings which is very typical of his generation. Manages to get a B.Tech Chemical Engineering seat in Andhra University with full scholarship. Their family was so poor, they couldn't even buy him shoes to send him off to college. Gets into college. Gets bullied for being poor. Some rich kids fuck up his titration in a lab and nearly get him failed which would have costed him his scholarship.
Dates someone during his M.Tech in AU. Gets married. Drops out of M.Tech. Has an ugly fight with his wife. He beats her. She divorces him and reports him to the police. My dad at that time had a job offer in the gulf in one of those petrol refining plants. Because of his police case his Visa or Passport is cancelled. He loses custody of his child.
Born to a CA. Surprisingly had just 1 sister. His dad was dirt poor initially. He starts helping some of the most prominent builders get away without paying taxes. He would literally hold their money in his house when they were about to get audited. If you don't know, being a CA in the 50s or 60s in India is essentially like being a Machine learning scientist with a Ph.D. in 2023. Leaves his kids property worth 15 crores. My mom gets a B.Com from Reddy college in Narayanaguda. Gets married off to an asshole. He beats her a lot. Abuses her. She divorces him. The society back then was ridiculously conservative. She gets bullied a fuck of a lot because of her divorce.
She still finds the courage to go to Maharashtra to do a LL.B. Drops off in the second year and marries my dad because her father is very sick.
The quintessential 90s marriage:
My dad has a lot of unresolved emotional issues. He brought his mom to live with them. He accuses my mom of not taking good care of her. They fight a lot. I was born. My dad loses job several times. My mom sells her jewellery to finance my schooling. In my 10th, her sister passes away. She sells of a land that her dad left her. Takes me to Hyderabad to get me IIT coaching. I experience freedom for the first time in my life. My dad is no longer there to control me. I buy expensive computer parts and phones. I stopped attending school. Somehow managed to get my 10th and 12th diplomas anyways. Get into a shitty college in Vizag for B.Tech. Labor through it. Get a Masters from a prominent college in America. Get some really nice paying jobs.
Now my mom is still living with my dad. I caught him hitting my mom last year when I was in India. I gave him two slaps and pinned him to the ground. Threaten to call the police on him. He starts crying and shit. In the past he forced my mom to give one of the houses my grand father left her for rent. The tenant is refusing to vacate. We have essentially lost that property. My asshole father refuses to help with that situation in any way. He straight up went to the tenant and asked him to buy the house. He is using that as a leverage to fight with us every time we ask him to vacate the house.
My mom gives another land she owns to development. That builder is trying to get her to sell all her shares of apartments for a lot of Black money. I am fighting with her like crazy. She is like my father is a CA I know how to adjust black money :
I am fed up of my life. Fed up of this shitty family politics.
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2023.06.03 22:33 eenvtr Another Pig Butcher Crypto Romance Scam

** I know about not falling for the recovery scams, I've been reading this reddit for the past few days coping. Will add a TLDR at the bottom, I just really want to let this out. Maybe my rambling might show patterns to people that they have seen, and they won't be subject to falling for the same thing and they may snap out of it.**
Hi all,
I already know I was stupid, I ignored many red flags blatantly. I was recently affected by a crypto romance scammer. Story as follows:
I have not dated in almost a decade, I closed my heart off to a lot of people and lost a lot of friends on the way. I have always been an introvert, but finally broke out of my depression somewhat a year and a half ago. I began self improvement, and feel a lot better now than I did 5 years ago. I live alone, I'm lonely, and just turned 27. I have my own apartment, and felt it was time to start working on different parts of life, instead of doing everything alone.
I decided to give online dating a try. I matched with a girl on Tinder, and I was the first to initiate. I messaged her, and she did not reply for a day. There were a couple sentences exchanged back and forth, and she asked for my phone number. I ended up providing it to her, since my friends always recommended to get someone off Tinder as soon as possible.
She messaged me on my phone, and we had a few back and forths on many different topics and ideas. It seemed surreal since it felt like I was clicking with her very well. This usually does not happen at all with people I meet in real life, and she was leading multiple parts of the conversations, which did not raise a flag to me. She mentioned that English was not her first language, I was ok with that because the English was written well, a few hic ups here and there in the conversation, but I chalked it up to a language barrier. It did not seem to be translated at all, she was even using well structured sentences with unique words that you do not hear day to day, which I assumed would not be translated in the normal sense (think obfuscate).
Some of the conversations we had was what we did for work, what our hobbies and goals are. Our taste in music, movies, recommendations. It seemed so normal first for a conversation. On the end of the second day, she wanted me to download telegram which was a possible red flag, I never trusted google hangouts, telegram, whatsapp due to scammers being known for using these applications. I was a bit hesitant but she wanted me to download it so she could talk to me while she was at work. I eventually agreed, we said our good nights and I went to sleep. I generally keep my guard up with people (why are they being so nice, what do they want from me?), but I ended up going with it since I was genuinely enjoying this person.
I added her on Telegram, and we were continuing our conversations from the day earlier. Said our good mornings, and talked more about goals and aspirations. She would talk to me about her childhood, and I would talk about mine. We eventually began exchanging pictures (nothing sexual), voice recordings, jokes. We talked for a week, and she began talking about how she uses AI for short term node investing to make money on the side while she was working and invested at times the AI told her to. I said cool, and continued with our normal conversations. Eventually I was beginning to get loved bombed and sweet talked to over the course of a couple weeks. I was feeling great about myself, and confident. I felt like I had a connection to them, I was mentioning her to friends and family about how awesome she was. About a week and a half in, she said she had to travel for a few weeks to a different part of the USA. Another red flag yay. Probably 5 so far?
I was super skeptical, but not enough. This girl intrigued me so much. I was sick for about a week, and she was constantly checking up on me and reminding me to eat, sleep, take my temperature, and to get up every few hours to stretch. None of my family or friends do this for me, which made me fall for her a bit more. She made me reconcile with my parents too, and my relationship with my parents is a lot better than before. She did mention before that she was very family oriented, and it opened my eyes that I should leave the past in the past, and embrace the future.
We had a heart to heart with one another one night, I don't want to go into details but she explained why she was single and why I was single, and this kind of sealed it for me I think. LOOOOTS of love bombing after this. One of the patterns I was noticing through the weeks is that she would always message me at 10 am, the good mornings and the like, and go to bed at 12 am (shift change anyone?). Never any messages before or after this time. She also facetimed me, had a quick conversation, but she claimed the connection was bad, so we ended it after a few minutes. I read this was a common thing after I got scammed. She was a real girl, I've heard her and seen her, but she is most likely just part of an operation. I even reverse image searched her on multiple different platforms, no results showed up. Insane.
She began talking talking about her crypto again, and wanted me to join her! I did not care about the money as much as I was caring about her. I wanted to start for her. She showed me how to to buy crypto, and how to put it in my wallet, and how to set up 2FA to transfer the crypto to said wallet. Seems normal so far, and we continued the next day. One of the things I noticed was that I was getting the drive to learn back, I dislike my current job. It's monotonous, boring, tedious, and this was something new! She got me back into reading, watching shows, improving on myself in different aspects of life.
The next day, she showed me how to use the browser in the wallet, to start staking crypto, and make passive income. I started with 200 USDT. I am kind of broke right now since everything costs so much and I make an OK wage. This could lead to financial freedom I thought. The website itself was fishy, poorly done, numbers had floats attached to them. Did not look professional, but I felt like I was in love and I could trust her. I know it's stupid loving someone you have not met.
After a few days of staking, I withdrew the money into my wallet. Looked legit! I made money. Not that much, but it was something. She mentioned to me how much money this makes compared to a 401k or roth IRA, seemed believable. She then showed me what app she uses for the short node investing. It was not on the app store, so I had to follow a link to download it (yay another red flag I saw and ignored on purpose). I set the app up and we said our good nights.
During the next day, she began walking me through how to use the app, how to input money from the wallet I have, including my staking if I wanted to. She sent me 20 dollars in ETH for the gas fees to send the USDT. Made me believe in her even more. I inputted about 250 USDT into the app, and we began short term node investing. I made about 100 dollars that day. Felt good. Yes I know it's fake.
The next day were serious red flags. She told me how her coworker withdrew his full 401k (40k USD) and put it into staking and short node investing, and has made a few hundred thousand dollars. I was intrigued, and she said I should do that too. I want to thank my job and bank for only letting me withdraw half, and loaning it against myself, and not letting me do a hardship withdrawal. I withdrew about 6000 USD from my 401k, sent it to my bank, and wired it to crypto. After waiting a few days for it to clear, I put it into my wallet, and into the fake exchange for short node investing.
I made about 44000 in fake money over the course of a couple days. She mentioned there's a new member reward, if I put in 10k USD in my account I get another 800 USDT free for being a new member. I mentioned that I can't, rent would be in a few days, and I needed the money for rent. She assured me that I should let my money work for me, and that I can withdraw it when I needed to for rent. Trusting this, I put my rent money into the fake exchange expecting to be able to withdraw it later since I was able to withdraw money before.
I got to about 8.5k USDT, 1.5k away for the free 800 USDT from the rewards program. She recommended me to apply for bank loans (another red flag LOL, but I was blinded). I never really built my credit at all before, only car loans and a credit card that I missed 2 20 dollar payments 4 years ago. My credit is low (640) so I could not loan out 50k from the bank like she wanted me to. The best I could do was 1.5k. I ended up getting my first credit card in a long time, it has a 500 dollar max currently and unsecured.
I did not end up taking out the loan (not yet), and I did not using any of the credit card to buy crypto with. This is when I began to believe something was wrong. There's no way I am getting scammed! She was messaging me and talking to me 15 hours a day, right? That's a lot of time investment.
Rent day was coming up, I went to withdraw my rent money from the fake exchange. I got an email stating I have to pay 5k in fees to withdraw the money because I won a lot of money.
I talked to her about it, inquiring why I could not just take out a portion of my principle I put in, without touching any of the winnings. She claimed it was for tax purposes and forgot to tell me. I half believed her. I talked to 2 friends seeing if I could loan out 5k from them. One said they will talk to their wife first, I respected their decision. They ended up saying no, I said thank you and I understood.
The other friend said sure, since I payed back a loan another friend gave me timely in the past. He tried to send it to me via cashapp, but was told to contact his bank first. I am very happy that happened. I said don't worry about it, I'll find out what to do. Didn't mention it the next day since I was still thinking.
Rent day came, and I took that 1500 loan to pay most of my rent. I still had a little extra money in my account to cover the full rent. Paying 500 dollars back a month on this loan to get it done asap, since my credit history isn't good, and I don't want to pay 30% interest. I'd rather loan from a bank if I can than mess up a friendship due to my stupidity.
I didn't talk to the girl for almost a full day, she kept trying to check up on me asking if I was ok and sending me voice messages. I went to a bar with friends and had a great time. I have 30 dollars in my bank account now, I get payed next week, I have a 1500 dollar loan with 30% interest I have to pay back, and 6000 dollars in a 401k I have to pay off that comes out of each paycheck. I stopped contributing to it so I don't feel as underwater.
I began responding to her, her messages weren't as lovable or frequent anymore (most likely because I mentioned that I am no longer interested in short node investing unless I get a portion of my principle back), maybe good morning and good night, and something short in the day. I used to reread our full conversations from the days when we began first talking, it just felt like bliss to me. Now I hardly want to talk to her, I downloaded and exported our conversation history from Telegram, but keeping her there just incase I can use something against it. Most likely won't be able to.
A friend mentioned to me he saw her account on another dating app, and they reported it. Different name, only a few miles away when she's supposed to be somewhere else. I told one friend about this story so far. They are very close to me and we had a heart to heart about it.
The most painful part about this is that I told my mom and sister about how I met someone new that really clicked with me, and I was finally happy. I struggled for so many years and they noticed my demeaner changed and were super joyous about it. Not only that, I don't miss the money I lost (~8.7k dollars), I miss the person that I thought I was building a relationship with that I would eventually meet and love. I was on Tinder for 3 months before I found her, every conversation was so dry and uninteresting to me until I met her. I only talked to her for about a month so maybe that is why I was able to break the spell early.
I feel free right now. I thought I would go back to being depressed, but I feel like I gained more than lost from this. I learned how to be a bit more sociable with people, what to look out for in scams (this one was way different than any I have ever experienced), to talk to people close to me about their thoughts of what's going on. I kept it all in. My relationship with my family is better because of her, but I will miss the person I thought that was for me. They really are intelligent in what they do, it's crazy. Maybe I found out that I am a hopeless romantic when my guard is not up. Which sucks, but it is what it is.
I will try to pay back all my loans asap, it's not too much money, but I will have to live more frugally at the moment. I'm not ready to let me mom or sister know, but I told one of my friends so far that won't joke about it. I am also happy I did not rope any friends into this. I needed time to clear my thoughts and do what I could to make this right.
Whenever I see her pictures online, I feel melancholic. I report her to the apps but it forces me to see what could have been if it was real. I have also submitted a case to the FBI, I don't know what else I should send to.
Thanks for reading if any of you did, I rambled a lot.

- Haven't dated in years, met chick on dating app and I was first to initiate
- She asked for my number, I gave it to her
- Quickly moved onto Telegram
- Lovebombed for weeks
- Mentions she's an investor in crypto, and wanted me to join her
- Blinded by fake love, lose 8.7k USD to the scam, everything in my bank account + half my 401k
- Had to take a loan out from a bank to pay rent
- Will miss the person I thought was for me more than the money lost itself
- Learned more from this than lost in my opinion. Thank god I'm already poor. It could have been much worse if my credit was good. Now I am on the path to building my credit for the first time in years.
- I'm aware that I was most likely talking to different people over Telegram, and she would send the recordings herself or facetimes.
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