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2023.06.05 15:32 AlMenegosh Harassment over "Seals"

I was invited to join a clan named Immortal (ID: 1000156). I joined in the middle of the first week of the new immortal cycle (22/5 to 28/5), I didn't receive guidance on the rules of the clan so I played normally for the rest of that week. At the beginning of the current week (29/5 to 4/6), I was asked by the player who is one of the officers of the Immortal clan, a form of contact so that I could join the clan group and be interacted with news from respect, including news of the alliance formed between two other clans of the new immortal cycle. During that informed week, I dedicated myself to everything with the clan and the activities as an immortal, and on Tuesday the 30/5th I was told through the clan's Whatsapp group that I could not donate seals until the clan requests it. , except for newcomers, like me, so during the following days, as the clan opened the Kion event, seals were requested to be donated, to which I contributed, not least because contributing also helps me with Honors, and I was in dire need of this. However, arrived yesterday (03/06) this official player of the clan got in touch by Whatsapp claiming that I could not receive items from the immortal vault because I had held the seals from the previous week, and these needed to be donated all in the same week and it showed screenshots of the game from which they were investigating my activities and contributions, doing calculations to find out who holds seals or donates. I thought it was absurd, as I still do, I said that they were wrong and that they could remove me from the clan if they wanted to, and they did.
So I come here to show my indignation to you at Blizzard and those responsible for this game. Harassment is constant on the part of clan organizations, most of them do this and mainly because of this event Kion and the Vault, we are in a time that we do not tolerate harassment in any form or nature, I strictly follow the principles and rules of game, and I would like you to enforce those rules as well.
Suggestions: Don't leave available, information on each player's contributions to the officials and leaders of the clans, they organize themselves and force us to harass us to donate seals to benefit mainly themselves and people closest to them, this is harassment after all, they keep charging " donations" of seals in the time that suits them best, and if you do it in the time they didn't ask, they threaten to remove the clan, in addition to the fact that they still want to ban other players from a chance to item from the vault!! Improve the rules of the Vault when requesting items from there, have you not noticed yet that these officers and clan leaders are trying to circumvent the rules and take advantage of Kion and the Vault?!. If a player leaves like I did, he should remove every kind of contribution the clan received from me, whether it be in the immortal cycle score or future rewards for the respective clan. If it's real what I heard that there is a possibility for officers and leaders to reset contributions or any player participation data during the immortal cycle, they shouldn't leave that possibility to officers and leaders either.
A regular player (who makes little or no investment with real money), suffers a lot to stay balanced in all game activities, especially in PvP, as we spend a lot of time playing this game just to "stay competitive", but that it's not a guarantee of a good contribution using PvP victories, that's why the seals are important for more humble players, we accumulate and contribute once in a single week and thus improve our margins of obtaining the item from the vault, a calculated risk because depending on the week of the immortal cycle, it may end up not using any seal to contribute if the following week the immortal cycle is changed, and the seals become useless. Now, while those who invest heavily, and are usually the clan leaders and officers, as they will have high combat rates with little game time and still have a high margin of victories in PvP, therefore, the contribution of these will be high for them in the current immortal cycle, only with constant participation in the defense of the vault, not to mention the contributions they can make with the seals they accumulate, they always have good opportunities to receive the item from the vault they chose, so why want to control the contributions from others and still threaten and remove from the clan? Hence the answer, that clan leaders ask for this, which is to guarantee equal opportunities to all clan members... Lie! This is to control who will win the item from the vault, they make teams in the defense of the vault with those players that they want to win the item, so they play in the team 3 pumped players and the last one is that it will gain a lot of contribution at the expense of the forts, therefore, as they are leaders and officials, they only open Kion, but do not participate in the draw, leaving it to the future winner. Do you realize that you are controlling who will win the item?!
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2023.06.05 15:30 pur__0_0__ I have seen some people talking about spam messages here, so here's what I do when I get such messages. Spam right back at them!

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2023.06.05 15:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Yankees Wait for Aaron Judge Injury News After Dodgers Series Win NY Times

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2023.06.05 15:27 sussyscylla69 What they gonna do, boycott google.

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2023.06.05 15:27 Wildcat1286 The WSJ hates women

I read the Wall Street Journal daily as it’s relevant to my work and I like their coverage of business and international news. No doubt it leans conservative but I like having various viewpoints.
Lately, they’ve had a lot of articles that seem aimed at millennial women and moms but they come across incredibly tone deaf. Articles on pumping on a business trip, why women are having fewer kids, cost of daycare, parental leave, etc. The comments are usually from old men and make me want to throw my phone across the room.
Today’s article takes the cake. Apparently women need to learn from men about taking “me time”, which means we just leave stuff undone and reclaim that time for ourselves. So easy!! Just walk out of the house and go to yoga. Literally not one mention of men stepping up more at home or that the reason for women having less me time is that they’re carrying the weight of the family.
Is everyone quoted in this article that fucking tone deaf in 2023? I’m guessing the woman who wrote the article is single or incredibly lacking in self awareness.
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2023.06.05 15:25 lottielobotomy Mother had full on narc rage over my boundaries

Last week my partner and I decided to get married on our own, my mother wasn't invited, no one was invited, but yep you guessed it, she's made this whole thing entirely about herself.
She's a massive oversharer on Facebook, even when I've explicitly told her the information was private and not for her to be spreading. I've told her, sharing my news isn't her place and it's crossing boundaries.
She asked for some professional photos from our wedding photographer to show my grandmother....which she then posted all over social media without my permission, I hadn't posted them anywhere as some of them in my opinion were extremely personal and private. So she'd lied to me.
I called her out on this behaviour and she started screaming, crying and cursing at me saying "I guess I'm the worst mother ever!" And "Don't talk to me like a child, I'm your f***ing mother! I can do what I want!" I calmly told her she'd done this to me too many time and I was upset by it.
Of course her reaction is childish and over the top, but am I right in being upset at her over this?
She's now blocked me on all social media, my phone number and email... I know she's icing me out to get a reaction but I literally feel nothing....
other than regretting my own stupidity of sending her those photos...
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2023.06.05 15:24 Puzzled_Parking3725 Anyone else experiencing this?

For context, I work a level one trauma center and have been in the ER for almost years now, this is my 4th trauma season. Trauma season has always been hectic with staffing and overflow of patients. I just came home from day 4/6 in a row before my vacation, and the only thing I could do was sit in silence for 30 minutes on my couch. I’m still trying to process the last few days. Nearly no one getting seen in the waiting room unless they’re actually sick enough waiting the 12+ hours that there might be a single bed available in the ER for more than 30 seconds. I worked triage/waiting room day 1 and 2 had to board multiple EMS crews for 2+ hours. Then had to stick a raging meth head police dropped off with security with the ambulance bay until we could get the malingering patient out of the last stretcher we have so I could restrain him, ending up flipping shit and attacking staff and ended up being held down on the floor until security could kick the other patient out. Triage has 5-10 or more patients at a time that are admitted/security holds, because our drunk tank is full. Our hospital refuses to ever put us on diversion, except for the recent mass shooting that made national news, despite there being another trauma center in the state. We still continue to accept patients for nearly everything all over the state and sometimes other states despite our bed and staffing issues. ICU holds are now boarded 36+ hours. A medical ICU patient I triaged day 2 I was the primary nurse for on day 4, that I had to give 6 units of blood back to back and cardiovert, and treat his ongoing sepsis, as well as my ICU polytrauma and two other floor holds. My charge nurse had a team of five and was working the trauma bay. Most of our equipment is falling apart despite them creating a new tower addition. They also closed our ambulance parking lot this morning for construction and it will be closed for a week. So EVERYONE will go in through the waiting room. And they just keep. Taking. More. Patients. I’ve been at this facility a long time and have seen a lot of bullshit, especially with COVID and our increasing gun violence. Nothing else has scared me like this before. What the hell is going on?
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2023.06.05 15:22 SourcerBot Finland, US eye 6G to reduce Chinese tech dependence

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-05 at 02:25, this article is written by pekka vanttinen and published by euractiv. (1 minute)
Save 1 minute of reading with this summary:
Cooperation between Finland and the US in scientific research, standardisation and technology development aims ”to create a joint global approach toward sustainable, competitive, secure, trustworthy technology and supplier-neutral 6G technologies,” the official statement reads. According to it, the free world and democracies must possess reliable technology and a reliable 6G network,” he told MTV3, noting that such technology “can be delivered by the Finns and the Swedes, meaning that there would be no need for relying on Chinese technology.”
Keep reading with 3 related articles: EURACTIV (2023-06-05 at 05:29) Finland, US eye 6G to reduce Chinese tech dependence BBC News (2023-05-25 at 10:11) Microsoft: Chinese hackers hit key US bases on Guam Financial Times (2023-03-02 at 01:00) Chinese brokerages pressured to end overseas investing services
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2023.06.05 15:22 trahan94 On the Origin of Spells, or, the Descent of Magic

“But it sounds like it was invented while you were at school,” Harry persisted.
”Not necessarily,” said Lupin. “Jinxes go in and out of fashion like everything else.”
Magic existed in the oldest human civilizations:
It’s amazing here in Egypt. Bill’s taken us around all the tombs and you wouldn’t believe the curses those old Egyptian wizards put on them.
And in nature, in certain creatures and plants, presumably before hominids ever spread around the globe.
Magic is old, very old, but never static. Spells go in and out of fashion. Distinct disciplines are discovered, invented, developed, and forgotten. Magic is primordial, like the powers studied at the Department of Mysteries, but the methods used to harness magic evolve constantly. Those methods could generally be called “spells,” but they include other types of enchantments, potions, broomsticks, invisibility cloaks, and other applications of magic.
Magical Common Ancestors
Continuing on an evolution theme, and this gets more tinfoiley, one can start visualizing the structure of a possible magical tree of life. I call this the theory of magical common ancestors. An example could be the Patronus Charm and the magic of the Pensieve. Imagine these share a magical common ancestor that is silver-colored, and based in the power of memories. Memory, under this theory, is a natural, magical force, in the same way that the wind and the rain are, and the same way love and death and fate are. The Patronus Charm and the Pensieve are merely applications of this primordial memory magic.
To create a Patronus, one must focus on a memory:
“And how do you conjure it?”
“With an incantation, which will work only if you are concentrating, with all your might, on a single, very happy memory.”
The memories of the Pensieve are invariably described as silver:
Harry hesitated, glanced at Fawkes, then got up, walked across the office, and pulled open the cabinet door.
A shallow stone basin lay there, with odd carvings around the edge: runes and symbols that Harry did not recognize. The silvery light was coming from the basin’s contents, which were like nothing Harry had ever seen before. He could not tell whether the substance was liquid or gas. It was a bright, whitish silver, and it was moving ceaselessly; the surface of it became ruffled like water beneath wind, and then, like clouds, separated and swirled smoothly. It looked like light made liquid — or like wind made solid — Harry couldn’t make up his mind.
What’s also interesting to me is the amorphous quality. Neither liquid nor gas. Neither formed nor unformed. Able to become distinctly formed when the right conditions are met. Patronuses are described in somewhat similar terms: spewing forth like a spray when weak and when strong, fully formed. These two magical tools are not the same, but maybe they are sourced from the same type of magic.
I wondered too if ghosts are the same, as they are, in a sense, the living memory of a person who died. Ghosts are also described as silver and silvery:
Dotted here and there among the students, the ghosts shone misty silver.

Candles floated in midair all along the tables, illuminating the silvery ghosts who were dotted about the Hall and the faces of the students talking eagerly to one another, exchanging summer news, shouting greetings at friends from other Houses, eyeing one another’s new haircuts and robes.
Both as gases:
One by one, the ghosts floated away through the opposite wall.
And as a liquid:
The ghost patted his arm, giving Harry the sudden, horrible feeling he’d just plunged it into a bucket of ice-cold water.
A ghost wearing a ruff and tights had suddenly noticed the first years.
Yet also appearing transparent and indistinct. I don’t know if ghosts are a manifestation of this primordial memory magic, but it’s fun to think about.
Secret-Keepers and the Chamber of Secrets
Unplottability. When a Secret-Keeper dies, their secret dies with them, or, to put it another way, the status of their secret remains as it was at the moment of their death. Everyone in whom they confided will continue to know the hidden information, but no one else. If I was the Secret-Keeper of my house and told no-one the location, and died, the house would continue to exist but remain hidden indefinitely.
I wonder if the Chamber of Secrets works in a similar way, except that the secret could be accessed by any Heir of Slytherin. A Secret-Keeper can reveal their secret though, and the Heir can give access to the Chamber to anyone. Secrets lose their magic the more people know them, thus Ron is able to get inside the Chamber in Deathly Hallows - he’d been there before with Harry. Likewise, the security of the Fidelius Charm is compromised the moment the secret is shared with multiple people - just ask the Potters. I speculate that the ancient magic that hid the Chamber of Secrets may be a cousin of the complex Fidelius charm. I speculate that they both operate using an older magic, the magic of secrets.
Boggarts, Dementors, and Poltergeists
These three are all unalive spirits. They float, at times invisibly, and they seem to personify certain emotions, fear, depression, and mischief. Are there other spirits like them, for other emotions?
So what?
I don’t know about all this, but it’s fun to speculate. The subjects taught at Hogwarts could be the basic building blocks; Transfiguration for example is quite distinct from other classes, follows fundamental principles, and could descend from a universal transformation magic that governs change.
What are your theories? From whence came magic?
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2023.06.05 15:21 hevilhuy Introducing the Blazor Library: Join the Next Big Thing in Blazor Development!

Hello everyone,
I hope you're all having a great Monday! My name is Huy, and today I want to share some exciting news about the future of Blazor with all of you.
Before we dive in, I'd like to address a recent topic that caught my attention on Reddit. I came across this post (link: discussing the best funding models for component libraries. One particular comment stood out to me: "And yes, developers aren't poor, but they (we?) prefer stuff that's free. We'll usually begrudgingly pay a license if there's no way around it, but only as a last resort." This comment struck a chord with me because, for years, I've been dedicated to providing free Blazor tutorials through Blazor School.
When I started Blazor School, the site wasn't perfect. There were grammar errors, typos, and performance issues. However, I persevered and continued to improve the site, rewriting tutorials, and researching new topics to enhance Blazor School. Today, thanks to your support, our Google SEO rankings have improved significantly, and Blazor School has been mentioned by people here and there. Our Discord Community is close to reaching 1000 members. It's been an incredible journey, and I am truly grateful for the impact Blazor School has had on people's learning.
During the last two months, I've been working tirelessly on a new project: the Blazor Library (GitHub: This library is designed to meet your needs, providing seamless integration with any CSS framework, the ability to create countless themes without sacrificing website performance, the ability to share themes across websites, and simplified accessibility features. The syntax of the library is familiar to Blazor developers, and it aims to save you valuable time by avoiding common mistakes that can otherwise take hours to troubleshoot. The best part? Blazor Library will be free for everyone.
I genuinely believe that Blazor Library has the potential to become the next big thing in the Blazor ecosystem. However, in order to dedicate more time and resources to its development, I'll need your support. While I currently have a full-time 9-5 job, I spend my free time on Blazor School and answering questions within our Discord community. I dream of being able to work on Blazor Library full-time, bringing more people on board to enhance and expand its capabilities.
So, I humbly ask for your help. Spread the word about the Blazor Library, give it a try, and provide feedback. Your engagement and support mean the world to me. If you find value in what I'm doing and would like to contribute financially, please consider donating to the project. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference and help us move closer to our goals.
Let's come together as a community to make the Blazor Library a resounding success. Together, we can empower Blazor developers worldwide and build something truly remarkable.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your continued support and feedback.
Warm regards,

Donate for Blazor Library:
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2023.06.05 15:21 PrestigiousFunny864 Mass Murderers with known IQ scores and the general average IQ.

Serial murderers are much more popular and discussed than mass murderers that there's one study of them that took many samples and actually calculated and states the average IQ of serial murderers is around 94 but no one did it for mass murderers.
I searched everywhere for mass murderers (including attempted ones) with known IQ scores and found 41. Most of their IQ scores are reported on news or court and I didn't include those who just claimed their IQ score without being tested. Some mass murderers' took tests in different times and their IQ scores have changed and I considered their latest score to be on the list. Most are Americans but there are others from different countries. I made a list of them and I'll show it below:
David Copeland: 136
Alvin Lee King: 151
Franz Fuchs: 139
Charles Manson: 121
Michael Perry: 97
Priscilla Ford: 140
Eric Houston: 84
Woo Bum Kon: 100
Barry Chvarak: 90
Martin Bryant: 66
Stephan Balliet: 105
Carel Johannes Delport: 78
Timothy McVeigh: 126
Dylann Roof : 125
Julian Knight: 132
Richard Poplawski: 135
Clay Shrout: 160
Harvey Mcleod: 85
Daryl Keith Holton: 120
Barry Loukaitis: 116
Charles Whitman:139
Samuel Vonachen: 127
George Banks: 121
Joshua Durcho: 72
Michael Carneal: 120
James Holmes: 116
Theodor Kaczynski: 167
Donald Wallace Jr.: 130
Byron Black: 76
Jesse Wise Jr.: 120
Allen Fryer: 87
William Garner: 76
Dennis Roark: 72
Dennis Eaton: 84
Andrew Deyoung: 140
Lee Boyd Malvo: 98
Chad Padilla: 117
Nikolas Cruz: 83
Biswanath Halder: 130
Anthony Bell: 50
Tim Kretschmer : 96
To find the average IQ, I added all the scores of those on the list and the result is 4,527 then I divided it to 41 (the number of mass murderers on the list) and the result is 110.4.
You probably know a mass murderer with a known IQ score that I don't know and haven't included on the list. If you do, just comment it.
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2023.06.05 15:19 Tjmoores [Retropost] Heirposting™

General note: This post (along with the next in this series) should have come out last week. All posts in the series take place within a 40 or so year period. Note to Callum: The bulk of this post was written before spelling reform. Please do not moan about my æ, ŋ, č etc.

Part 2

Gyias ran his fingers through his thick, weathered hair, a habit he had developed over the years since moving to Bæn. He glanced at Mwač, his eyes filled with a mixture of gratitude and concern. "Do you remember the night of the storm, Mwač? It must have been a lifetime ago."
Mwač nodded, her face forming a reflection of her fear of the memories of that night. "Yes...", she solemnly replied. "It was a night of chaos, but look how far we've come. Bæn is our home, a place so much greater than Pribd ever was."
Gyias sighed, his gaze drifting towards the bustling town of Bæn beyond their home. The town had grown significantly in the past ten years, its once humble beginnings expanding into a thriving community. New houses stood where ruins once lay, and fields new and old sustained the growing population, through the crops which were cultivated within them. Life in Bæn had indeed flourished in recent years.
"Mwač, do you remember when we first arrived in Bæn?" Gyias continued, his voice thick with nostalgia.
Mwač smiled, a hint of sadness in her eyes. "Of course I do, Gyias. We were young, hopeful, terrified and passionate. But as the town grew, so arose new problems."
Gyias nodded, his eyes fixed in a gaze beyond the wall behind Mwač. "We were grateful to Vraiŋ for leading us to salvation, stepping into a role we could never fill, and for for providing us with a new home. He took control of the resources, the labour, he made sure everyone contributed to the rebuilding efforts, and we all had everything we needed to survive. We truly are blessed to have a leader as wise as he is."
Mwač leaned in closer, her voice filled with a mix of appreciation and concern. "Yes, Gyias, we are thankful for Vraiŋ's skilled leadership. He interpreted the wise old stars to ensure we had enough food, even during the harshest times. We all love him and we look up to him as our saviour."
Their conversation was interrupted by a crowd murmouring outside, seemingly with with great purpose. Gyias and Mwač exchanged curious glances, the tingling in their spines telling them that something significant was about to unfold.
"I wonder what this could be about," Gyias pondered aloud, releasing Mwač's hand and rising to his feet. "Let us head outside to find out." They had not seen so much commotion since the year the aphids invaded and took over all their beans, causing great hardship.
Gyias and Mwač stepped outside their home, joining the growing crowd that had gathered in the center of Bæn. The air was thick with whispers of anticipation and speculation. As the crowd flowed through the houses towards the centre of the town, and the grand residence of Vraiŋ, they exchanged curious glances with their neighbors, all sharing the same sense of curiosity and concern.
In the heart of the gathering, a small platform had been erected, and standing atop it was a man that neither Gyias or Mwač recognised - a newcomer. His presence alone commanded attention, with his tall stature and regal demeanor inherited from his father. The crowd fell into a hushed silence as he began to speak.
"People of Bæn," the man's voice rang out, carrying a mix of authority and detachment. "It is with a heavy heart that I must deliver somber news. My father, your Marvuč, Vraiŋ, has fallen into ill health and has departed this world to join our ancestors in the celestial realm."
A collective gasp rippled through the crowd, and Gyias felt a lump of sorrow move down from his throat and into his chest. Vraiŋ had been a central figure in their lives, and the news of his passing weighed heavily on their hearts.
"That's strange", Gyias whispered to Mwač; "I saw Vraiŋ making his way away from the fires of the city to his stargazing shelter just a few days ago". The man continued his speech before Mwač could respond, and Mwač's grip on Gyias' arm tightened as they listened intently to his words.
"As the chosen heir of Vraiŋ," Dviiþ continued, his tone devoid of emotion, "I, Dviiþ, have ascended to the position of your Marvuč. I stand before you today to assure you that I will uphold the traditions, customs, and wisdom of our ancestors. The stars have spoken, and I shall interpret their messages to guide us in these challenging times."
"But, my Pufspuj," Dviiþ's voice carried on, "change is upon us. The stars have whispered of new paths to tread, new challenges to overcome. It is through my interpretation that we shall find our way. We must adapt and evolve to thrive in and amongst the challenges of this new world."
Gyias glanced at Mwač, concern etched on his face. Dviiþ's words seemed distant, lacking the warmth and kinship that Vraiŋ had once embodied. This man called him, his wife, his friends his Pufspuj, but they had barely even seen him before now. It appeared that the community had lost a cherished leader and gained a distant ruler. He was clearly not alone in this sentiment - notes of skepticism echoed silently through the crowd, a deserved suspicion of their new Marvuč. There was an unspoken question lingering in their minds: would Dviiþ be able to fill his father's shoes? Could the people teach him to possess the same dedication and compassion for the community, as Vraiŋ had taught him to interpret the will of the stars?
Mwač leaned closer to Gyias, her voice barely above a whisper. "Gyias, do you trust Dviiþ? Can he truly guide us as his father did?"
Gyias remained silent, eventually stating: "We should go - we have much to do". Mwač nodded, her eyes focused on Dviiþ, searching for any signs of the compassion that Vraiŋ had once possessed. "It is indeed too soon to tell how Dviiþ may lead, Gyias."
As the crowd dispersed, Gyias and Mwač returned to their home, their thoughts consumed by the news of Vraiŋ's passing and Dviiþ's ascension. The weight of uncertainty hung in the air, and they couldn't shake off the feeling that their lives were entering a new chapter - one filled with both apprehension and hope.

Part 2.5

Gyias and Mwač were once again in their home, having returned after a tough day working the fields. "Months have passed since we lost our beloved Vraiŋ, Gyias", stated Mwač.
Gyias nodded solemnly, his gaze returning to Mwač. "Vraiŋ's control over the food, the resources, the labour... it all felt like it was for a higher purpose. He brought stability, but in the hands of Dviiþ it feels as if everything he brought comes at a price. We are dependent on him for everything. He demands for our lives to revolve around his."
Mwač's face grew thoughtful, lines of worry creasing her brow. "It is not only a continuation of the control Vraiŋ once held... the control has become stricter, hasn't it? The rules he imposes on us, it's almost like he doesn't trust us to make any of our own decisions, like we are under his watchful eye every waking second."
Gyias let out a frustrated sigh, his fingers tapping on his knee. "Who people can marry, where we may travel, what we may own. It's suffocating."
Mwač reached out, placing her hand on Gyias' arm in a comforting gesture. "But we must remember that he also holds our safety and well-being in his hands. When disaster strikes or when times are tough, he will surely ensure we have enough to survive, as Vraiŋ always did. The town would have perished without his father; he must remember this?"
Gyias nodded, his expression softening. "You're right, Mwač. We must be grateful for his provision and protection. I still do feel that Vraiŋ held the interests of the people closer to heart. He used to interact with us, listen to our concerns. Dviiþ acts solely based on what he is looking for within the stars and our ancestors, without reading their strongest wishes on how to solve our present struggles, or what the stars or ancestors are asking for the loudest."
Mwač squeezed Gyias' arm gently, her voice filled with empathy. "I understand, Gyias. The person we hoped we would see as a leader is seemingly not in touch with our realities. But we must have faith that he still has our best interests at heart." "And we must trust him", Mwač added, "for it is what the stars have willed."
Gyias nodded, his eyes distant as he contemplated the weight of their beliefs. "Yes, we must trust in the stars and the destiny they have laid out for us. But sometimes, I wonder if there is room for change, for a different path to emerge."
Mwač's brows furrowed slightly, concern evident in her voice. "Gyias, you know questioning the will of the stars is unwise. They have guided us for generations, and Vraiŋ has been their interpreter, and now the baton has been passed on to Dwiiþ. It is not for us to challenge."
Gyias looked into Mwač's eyes, appreciating her unwavering faith in Dwiiþ, clearly as an extension of Vraiŋ. He reached over and gently held her hand, intertwining their fingers. "I hope you're right, Mwač. We have built a life here, and Vraiŋ has played a significant role in our journey. He has chosen Dwiiþ as his heir, and I shouldn't let my doubts overshadow the progress we've made."
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2023.06.05 15:19 SuitingUncle620 WWDC 2023: Event Megathread

Hi there, /iOS!
Welcome to the WWDC 2023 Event Megathread!
WWDC starts 10am California time (PDT).
​ What will things look like?
• Posts will be restriced from 2 hours before the event starts. This means that you won’t be able to submit new posts, but you will be able to comment on existing posts. • New submissions will be allowed around an hour after the event finishes. • During the event, moderators will post individual threads on specific topics for discussion as the news comes in. 
​ Where can I watch?
• • 
​ This megathread will be updated once the event starts.
Feel free to join the iPhone iOS Discord for event livestream and discussion, in addition to the iPhone iOS Twitter.
It’s time to discuss last-minute rumors and what you’re hoping for in the event, below:
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2023.06.05 15:17 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/29/2023 - 06/04/2023 - OTAs Week 2!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Pittsburgh
Arizona Cardinals:
This team cannot unload folks fast enough it seems. They are now looking to potentially move on from LB Isaiah Simmons who in many folks eyes has not lived up to the hype from the draft. WE shall see if they can get anything for him if they do decide to move on. The storyline I am most interested in watching this year here is first how long Kyler Murray will be out and second how rookie QB Clayton Tune is developing. It seems like they took him so they could try out a young QB in the interim while Murray is working his way back. Apparently thus far he has been doing well in OTAs.
Atlanta Falcons:
Not too much news from the Falcons but many will be excited to hear about Kyle Pitts expected to be back for the season opener. Hopefully this is the year he can really break out but a lot will depend on the QB Desmond Ridder actually being able to throw him the ball unlike the past quarterbacks he has had who have not made things easy.
Baltimore Ravens:
Good news here because receiver seems to be a position where the Ravens have struggled to get good production. With new OC Todd Monken that should start to change and with an added emphasis on the passing game it inevitably should change as more throws are made.
Buffalo Bills:
Great move here signing Ed Oliver to his extension. He is a key piece of that d-line and helps hold them together. I personally don’t believe they or really any of the other teams that have said they are out on DeAndre Hopkins actually are. To me it appears more to be a message saying they are not going to be paying him the money that WR Odell Beckham got earlier this offseason. Only time will tell. Great news for the team that EDGE Von Miller should be back by the season opener. Personally though I would take my time with him and would be overly cautious to make sure he is fully healthy. Hopefully that is by week 1!
Carolina Panthers:
The hype appears to be real for the Bryce Young but it is what every team says about their rookie quarterback who is a top pick so hard to decipher how folks are actually feeling. I am excited about how Frank Reich will use WR Laviska Shenault because I have always been impressed with his athletic ability and expected him to break out more. It seems this could have been the type of role he has been waiting for.
Chicago Bears:
A lot of news around the future stadium of the Bears. It appeared a couple weeks ago that everything was moving along as planned and no issues had come up. This week there was nothing but concerns and problems. I wonder if these are all real storylines or if it is something they are using to try and negotiate more with the government to get help with the stadium. In more football news is appears that WR DJ Moore and QB Justin Fields are enjoying working together and developing a good connection. This is important to give Fields someone he can trust like he did his receivers at Ohio State.
Cincinnati Bengals:
Not too much football news here but they appear to be ready to take on the Chiefs again this year and make a deep playoff run. Also, it appears at this point that the team will keep RB Joe Mixon based on comments from the team and HC Zac Taylor. This offense per usual will be an exciting one to watch.
Cleveland Browns:
Good news and good vibes are finally coming out of Cleveland. Feels like it has been while. QB Deshaun Watson appears to be benefitting from having a full offseason and getting work in with his new receivers. He has been pushing hard for Hopkins and the Browns would make sense as a good landing spot for him given the prior relationship Watson and Hopkins had during their time in Houston. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well things appear to be going so far this offseason.
Dallas Cowboys:
Similar to the Bills I don’t think the Cowboys are actually out on Hopkins but probably sending a message that he needs to bring down his asking price. I wonder sometimes if they are still saving room for RB Ezekiel Elliott to come back here and play especially with them gaining the $10.9m in cap space after the deadline. Also, hopefully the team can get something done with CB Trevon Diggs sooner rather than later because he has been an impactful piece on defense despite the big plays he occasionally gives up because he can change a game with one of his interceptions.
Denver Broncos:
Not too much news here but they did find their replacement for K Brandon McManus in Elliott Fry. I would say less news from this team this offseason is better because ever since QB Russell Wilson struggled it seemed like the media was out to get him and the team any chance they had. HC Sean Payton must be running a pretty tight ship.
Detroit Lions:
All good news this week which should be good for morale. Seems they have strung together a couple good weeks during their OTAs. Great to see that RB Jahymr Gibbs is getting some reps in and showcasing his abilities that made the team feel the need to spend a high draft pick on him. Great to see as well that Penei Sewell at the young age of 22 taking on a leadership role and getting good work in as well. With that said OC Ben Johnson could be prepping and is expecting for the offense to have a big year.
Green Bay Packers:
It appears that it may be a bit tough in the post Aaron Rodgers era as expected. However, it does sound like there is less front office drama now that they are not having to work with him in the offseason. Time will tell whether the drama was more caused by a lack of good communication as Rodgers claimed recently or by the former Packers QB himself.
Houston Texans:
Good news about CJ Stroud but again as I mentioned with Bryce Young it is hard to find a team that drafted a top QB in the draft not raving about their quarterbacks progress at this point. The joint practices they have setup will be great for QB CJ Stroud. The Dolphins and Saints should each have tough defenses this year and will give Stroud a bit better of an idea of what to expect from an NFL defense in a real game.
Indianapolis Colts:
Looks like the Colts are trying to get receiver help but haven’t decided on any yet. This is the team that should go out and get Hopkins. They need a true #1 receiver and Josh Downs while I think he will be really good would benefit from having a big bodied possession type receiver in Hopkins. Also, it would give QB Anthony Richardson more of a safety net in terms of a WR that can help him progress and see things that he may not have picked up on otherwise.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
I am really excited for the Jaguars this season. They are kind of the forgotten team in the NFL most years but appear to be poised to make a deep playoff run this year. WR Calvin Ridley is going to be a huge difference maker this year and should benefit from QB Trevor Lawrence continuing to progress going into his 3rd NFL season.
Kansas City Chiefs:
Sad news to hear about Norma Hunt’s passing as the whole league mourned and sent their condolences. They are also supposedly out on Hopkins which I believe means they are really saying we need you to come down on price. The Chiefs though per usual have revealed though their secret weapon in WR Justyn Ross who many had forgotten about due to him sitting out with an injury his rookie year. It looks like Ross may be back to prior form when he was making plays at Clemson with Trevor Lawrence.
Las Vegas Raiders:
Even though the media and some fans were starting to worry about Jimmy G’s foot surgery it does not appear McDaniels has any worries about him missing time because of it. Will be interesting to see what the team ends up doing with Renfrow with all signs from earlier in the offseason pointing towards a release or trade.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Not much news here but it was great news to get confirmation from OT Rashawn Slater regarding his health and to hear WR Keenan Allen’s thoughts on rookie WR Quentin Johnson. This team should give us what they think they will every year and go far in the playoff this year.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here but signed WR Tyler Johnson who can help them make some big splashy plays on offense. DC Raheem Morris helped saved a drowning child and credited his AED training. Always cool to hear these stories about NFL coaches and players leaping into action to help and save other in the community.
Miami Dolphins:
This team appears to be click on all levels so far this offseason and there appears to be a lot more good coming with the team working to get a Wilkins extension done before the season and may even still end up with RB Dalvin Cook here soon. Tua being completely healthy at this point doesn’t feel like much of a surprise but it does appear that he is trying to take on more of a leadership role after finding his confidence last year. My main worry though with Tua is that last year he still was very much a rhythm quarterback in my mind so when he got knocked off that rhythm he had some really bad games. However, when he was able to keep in rhythm he at times looked like the best passer in the league. It will be key this offseason now that he knows the offense to be able to play off rhythm when necessary and make those plays that the top quarterbacks in the league make if he wanting to take the next step.
Minnesota Vikings:
It appears that the Vikings are in a holding pattern and I imagine are hoping to get a trade package they approve of for RB Dalvin Cook. Sooner or later though it appears that Dalvin Cook will not be with the Vikings this year. Big win though for the fans and locals in Minnesota with the team paying off their stadium early and saving taxpayers a bunch of money. Might get some more buy in from good press like that.
New England Patriots:
Not much news here but it appears things are moving along really well in comparison with last year at this time. QB Mac Jones seems happy and is working hard. It will be tough for this Patriots team with how stacked the division is but maybe a big move to get Hopkins and some improvement from the offense and Mac Jones and who knows they may be right up there with everyone else in the division.
New Orleans Saints:
Another team where things just seem to be clicking so far is here in New Orleans. QB Derek Carr seems to be doing a good job taking on a leadership role and working with teammates such as TE Juwan Johnson. Things will be going even better if WR Michael Thomas can actually return for camp and find a way to play near a level that he used to. Right now in a wide open NFC South it appears that this team will be the favorites to win it going into the season.
New York Giants:
Not much here which may be a good thing for a New York team to get a break from all the media. This season will be an interesting one with how the team went all in on QB Daniel Jones. It kind of feels like besides the Eagles the rest of the division is up for grabs with no true strong contender emerging yet.
New York Jets:
Good news on the Quinnen Williams front and in keeping Aaron Rodgers happy. Williams and the team are not far off in contract talks which hopefully means something will get done here very soon. Rodgers has been raving about the Jets communication skills which was his main gripe with the Packers. Now lets just make it clear that he does not need to be pulling the sled.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Man what a difference one decision can make. Jalen Hurts I imagine would have been in Seattle had the trade happened for Russell Wilson. I bet Eagles fans are happy this didn’t pan out but it does not mean they need to cut Wilson any slack for not wanting to play in Philly if these teams meet in future seasons or end up playing each other in the Super Bowl. Eagles appear setup to be the main threat in the NFC.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Not much out of Pittsburgh per usual but the good news is that Broderick Jones is progressing nicely and is already getting 1st-team reps at Left Tackle. I am sure QB Kenny Pickett is pleased with that.
San Francisco 49ers:
Things are moving along just fine for the 49ers. Exciting to hear that S Ji’Ayir Brown is making good progress and apparently had 4 or 5 interceptions during OTAs. I imagine the team is also very pleased with the progress QB Brock Purdy is making in his recovery from elbow surgery. He appears to be on pace with the original timeline. If this team can figure it out at the QB position they just might be the most complete all around team up there with the Eagles.
Seattle Seahawks:
Gotta love HC Pete Carroll. It seems like so far it has been pretty unanimous that all those that are playing or coaching football do not love the new kickoff rules. I am sure folks will find ways to take advantage of it though. Once again this week WR Jaxon Smith Njigba was impressive and should be establishing himself within that offense. Seahawks could very well be a sleeper team in the NFC that was good last year but that folks are paying a ton of attention to this year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
This team has all the big name weapons at receiver one could ask for as long as they stay healthy. It was great to hear that Chris Godwin is getting his explosiveness back. Now not surprisingly it comes down to the QB battle and a big part of that is gaining respect from those veteran players and coaches in the building. I still feel like this battle is QB Baker Mayfield’s to lose at this point.
Tennessee Titans:
Sad news this past week here as well with the passing of Bob Hyde. Also, finally some negative news about one of the Quarterbacks from this year’s draft. Will Levis has been struggling. However, this should not be viewed as a bad sign because every rookie is going to struggle and Levis with his situation has the benefit of time.
Washington Commanders:
Seems we are inching closer and closer to the Josh Harris Group’s bid being fully accepted by the owners after some minor adjustments. From the actual team and players it sounds like things are going really well and maybe better than a lot of folks expected. CB Emmanuel Forbes has been doing well in the slot and QB Sam Howell is looking the part and taking charge. The Commanders will be a fun team to watch this year and see how they end up when it is all said and done.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Pittsburgh - Burgatory)
Get excited Pittsburgh fans and all folks going to a game here! Burgatory is only a half mile from the stadium and has some of the best food so far from the restaurants that have been featured. One of my personal favorites is the Piggy Butter & Jelly. Yes, that is a burger with peanut butter and jelly on it. Don’t question it just try it. However, if for some reason you do not my other recommendation would be The Triple B which is a Bison, Beer Cheese, and Bacon burger. Hence the name Triple B. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu and the important thing though is that you don’t forget to grab a shake as well. My personal favorite is the Oreo Peanut Butter Pie shake. They are open every day starting at 11am and closer at 9pm everyday except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 11pm. Hop on over and enjoy this delicious food when in town for a game!
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2023.06.05 15:15 Cosmoscholar What does it mean when it says 'Unable to connect. Login Server offline.' But only for one of my accounts?

I can't find anything about this message with it only effecting one character
edit: found the issue
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2023.06.05 15:15 Bellzyboss JNMIL is Traumatized From NC and Calls SO Abusive for Setting Boundaries with JNFIL

Hi all, this just happened last night and I am feeling a lot of confusion and anger about the situation so your advice is appreciated. I do not give permission for this post to be posted elsewhere.
To pick up where I left off, my JNMIL had written and published an article about how God protected her from the criticism of mysterious, unnamed people in her life (my apologies for deleting my post about this, but I was fearful that the details in my post could be used to find the article and therefore my JNMIL). Well, after several weeks of deliberation, we broke NC with JNMIL and confronted her about the article she had written. To our surprise, she explained to us how she was feeling at the time she wrote the article, how other circumstances in her life bled into the article, and how she feels about our criticisms now. She seemed to genuinely accept fault and expressed her desire for a healthier relationship with us. She also requested to see SO in person to discuss these issues and we agreed.
While we started off viewing NC as a success and something we could now move on from, the relationship became a bit odd. While JNMIL initially stated that she wanted to discuss more with SO in person, she was hesitant to do so when they actually met. Each time we have met with her since then, she has become visibly emotional any time we have tried to bring up boundaries or make any criticisms of her behavior. We have never broken NC with someone before so we tried to tread lightly and decided to hold off any serious discussions until the relationship felt more stable again. We felt like we were trying to take care of a wounded puppy rather than having a relationship with another adult.
The longer we waited to discuss our issues, the more the relationship moved toward a deadlock. JNMIL was unwilling to discuss the unresolved issues that led to us going NC (read post history for details), but we were just becoming more and more frustrated as she swept the mess she made under the rug. I kept asking SO when it would finally be time to be more confrontational, but she was hesitant to agree to any timeframe. Lucky for us, JNMIL brought the confrontation straight to us instead!
Yesterday was probably in my top ten most disgusting experiences with JNMIL. First, I arranged for us three to meet for some tea after work. Seeing as I arranged it, I was quite surprised when JNMIL transformed the evening into her and SO hanging out together while ignoring me. Well, nothing new I suppose, but she hadn’t been like this since we broke NC.
Next, she kept making eye contact with me and then grabbing SO’s waist (yep, I wanna puke, too). There have been several times where my JNMIL has bordered on emotional incest, but dear god I like to try to ignore it and it is really hard to when she is making a show of grabbing SO. After JNMIL left, I was happy to hear that SO was on the same page as me about how weird it was and we even invented a secret code so I’d know when to jump in and separate them if she got uncomfortable ever again.
Finally, she got the show started. As she was just about to leave, she told us that going NC traumatized her and that she feels like she must be perfect in order to have a relationship with us. Both of us actually felt so relieved that she was sharing this with us and we thanked her for her openness. We both explained to her that neither of us are perfect and we do not expect perfection from her, either. We told her that we would like to have more conversations about how she has hurt us so she can better understand what led us to NC rather than worrying about perfection. I reminded her that the biggest factor that led to NC was how she and JNFIL accused me of manipulating and abusing SO because “SO would NEVER threaten no contact!” We gave them a chance to back down from this accusation and JNFIL tried to claim he was “just asking a question.”
Unfortunately, JNMIL now wanted to address how unfair SO was being to her father. She brought up how we sent him a long list of things he has to do in order to be allowed in our lives again. She said that, not only was that long list unfair, but SO was abusive for sending the text in the first place. After we pulled up the texts and proved to her that the “long list” was in fact one request (JNFIL must go to abuse counseling 3-4 times before we will see him again. If any of you have read “Why Does He Do That?” my JNFIL is a picture perfect ‘Mr. Right’) she stood her ground and said that SO is still abusing him. She claimed that SO had yet to realize that she is no longer a child (projection much?) and that she is misusing the power she has as an adult in the relationship by demanding things in order to be in contact.
As someone who has been in many abusive relationships and is permanently NC from my own abusive father, this really pissed me off. She has and continues to acknowledge that JNFIL is abusive and says that she has simply accepted it as a part of life. So, knowing full well that JNFIL is abusive, JNMIL wants to claim it is abusive to distance yourself from abusive people??? After A LOT of pressing, she gave us her definition of abuse. She says that abuse is simply the opposite of being helpful and supportive. WHAT??? News flash: if someone asks you for directions and you can’t help them, you just abused them. To… calm us down, I guess, she informed us that she does not see people as abusive, just behaviors, and JNFIL and SO both do abusive things, but neither is an abusive person.
After she left, we tried to get clarification on her abuse claims over text. However, JNMIL claimed that a part of the trauma she has from us going NC is that she has a traumatic anxiety response to discussing these issues over text. Look, I have no interest in defining how people respond to trauma in their life, but to SO and I this just doesn’t make sense. We went NC with them in-person after a heated, three hour long in-person discussion. So, why would texting be what is traumatic for her? We both find it oddly coincidental that before going NC she already refused to talk about serious issues over text, and now it feels like she is just using buzzwords to get what she has always wanted from us.
If anyone can give me insight into how NC traumatized her, especially if your own JNILs were traumatized by NC, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been on this sub for a long time now and I have never seen a JN claim this so it wasn’t a response I was expecting.
Quick edit before I post this: JNMIL just told SO that she feels like I am forcing SO to say certain things rather than SO taking issue with what JNMIL has said. Great to know she still thinks I’m manipulating her poor child; I am suddenly feeling very regretful for thinking she has changed at all.
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2023.06.05 15:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (

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2023.06.05 15:15 Ratselschwachkorb GGstrive rage quitter I am assuming he did it to get a rise.

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2023.06.05 15:08 bertie343 38 Years Ago Today

Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane had the time of their lives through the city of Chicago.
We know this based on the baseball game they attended in the movie:
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2023.06.05 15:07 zsmithworks Holly Willoughby says she feels 'let down' as she returns to This Morning for first time since Schofield scandal - Sky News

Holly Willoughby says she feels 'let down' as she returns to This Morning for first time since Schofield scandal - Sky News submitted by zsmithworks to conspiracywhatever [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:05 H0w-1nt3r3st1ng The "plants have feelings too" isn't meant to make you kill yourself, and acting like it does will do nothing but hurt the cause.

Most arguments against veganism are bandaids on open wounds, desperate thumbs in leaking boats of cognitive dissonance. They're desperate and poorly thought out because most people are not psychopaths and have the capacity for empathy, and most people don't want to face the horrors that they're responsible for, and so will reach for any excuse they can to avoid doing so. They're poorly thought out, because anyone who can empathise and who thinks about this stuff in depth ends up with the inevitable realisation that: "how most animals are treated is totally, utterly, ethically wrong", thereby preventing the need for any discussion or excuses.

Making out that random omnivores you come across, suffering with high-level cultural indoctrination and consequent cognitive dissonance are all some Machiavellian masterminds intent on you killing yourself is the height of divisive mind-reading, straw-manning and conspiratorial fallacy. I cannot see how this will do anything but reinforce labels of US vs THEM and thereby prevent compassionate, patient, evidence-based dialogue; the precise kind that is generally required when speaking with practically any victim of brainwashing, to help them recover and convert to veganism. Mind reading: Straw man:

People who say: "But plants have feelings too" generally haven't considered the logic of their thought, they aren't thinking much at all. Ascribing complex conspiratorial malice to such things is a recipe for division and a drop in the great rates of veganism upticks of the last little while:

Sure, there may well be SOME malicious, intelligent people out there who would not budge with even the most compassionate, most empathic, most patient, most evidence-based dialogue on the planet, but in my experience, these people are in the vast minority, and if we treat people as if this weird, paranoid, assumed malicious "kill yourself" sentiment is the rule rather than the exception to it, then we miss opportunities to help educate those with good hearts but confused minds, by writing everyone off as evil and unreachable (just like religious fundamentalists do). This is the issue of false positives that comes with mind-reading that we all need to watch out for:

Hanlon's Razor should be at the forefront of everyone's minds in today's internet-age: It has many formulations, but the general sentiment is: Don't attribute to malice that which can be explained by anything else. Most often this "anything else" is stupidity or ignorance.

Hardly anyone, comparatively, is raised vegan, so odds are that you, reading this now, once engaged in the behaviours that you now deem as abhorrent, and something opened your eyes to this and led to you changing your behaviour. Think of times in the past before you were vegan, or before you saw through some other harmful behaviour, where you communicated similar errors to the dumb: "but plants have feelings too" argument. How would you have wanted to be treated? What do you find most effective? For people to assume that you have the worst intentions and want others to kill themselves? Or... well, just not to do that, right? You don't want people to assume that of you and if they did you would rightly deem them absolutely insane and give them a well deserved wide birth.

Most people are not saying that "the only way to be good is to starve, so either stop trying to be good or kill yourself", and even if people are, most of them are likely to be immature edge lords who don't fully grasp what they're saying and will grow out of it. Make no mistake, the vast majority of people on the planet would NOT find it funny if they heard that vegans were killing themselves in droves.

DO use logic and science with these people (like that more plants are needed to make meat or that plants don't have a nervous system). I have converted many, many people through patient logical, evidence-based dialogue and you can too. There's no telling what will help a realisation click in to place, so be very wary of people who make highly specific, over-generalised statements like: "Anything beyond "do you feel the same about beheading a dog as uprooting a weed?" is pointless." As if everyone's the same. We're all incredibly, hugely, wildly different from one another.

By saying: "plants have feelings too" people are very likely NOT pretending that ethics needs to be absolutely consistent. What's most likely is that they're just saying any words they can think of with the hope that it will stop you talking and stop them feeling guilty and horrible for their behaviour. Is your lovely grandma, mum, uncle, friend who has always been kind to you, but saw a "plants scream" article once, who was brought up an omnivore and never had this belief questioned, do you honestly think this person wants you to kill yourself?

Watch out for paranoid thinking and mass hysteria: It's way more common than you'd imagine, and posts like ones that imply that ignorant omnivores sincerely want vegans to engage in mass suicide are a great example of the kind of insane ideas that can spread fast and hurt everyone in the process.
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