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2023.06.06 03:51 PrudentLand6679 [WTS] Spyderco Para 3 S110V

-Up for sale today I have an S110V para 3 w/bronzed hardware, lanyard tube & clip (unknown brand) most likely lynch. B+
-SV: $175? / TV: N/A
This knife really is in great shape & I'm not very excited about getting rid of it but something else has popped up that I would rather have!
-Edge condition: Factory edge, still sharp, has been used.
-Centering: Dead.
-Action: The action on this one is SPECTACULAR.. the detent in it is.. chefs kiss
-Cosmetics: No visible marks on the blade OR scales. The ONLY issue is the scratches on the clip.
This one does come with the OG box but I do not have the OG hardware or clip.
-Video: https://imgur.com/a/y85iDdA -Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/z5qbJJS -TS: https://imgur.com/a/8RffG9A
-Per usual: PPGS & CONUS Shipping. YOLO TAKES IT. Knife goes out tomorrow after work.
cross posted : I have flair on KS
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2023.06.06 03:13 PrudentLand6679 (WTS)🔥 S110V Para 3! 🔥

-Up for sale today I have an S110V para 3 w/bronzed hardware, lanyard tube & clip (unknown brand) most likely lynch.
-SV: $175? / TV: N/A
This knife really is in great shape & I'm not very excited about getting rid of it but something else has popped up that I would rather have!
-Edge condition: Factory edge, still sharp, has been used.
-Centering: Dead.
-Action: The action on this one is SPECTACULAR.. the detent in it is.. chefs kiss
-Cosmetics: No visible marks on the blade OR scales. The ONLY issue is the scratches on the clip.
This one does come with the OG box but I do not have the OG hardware or clip.
-Video: https://imgur.com/a/y85iDdA -Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/z5qbJJS -TS: https://imgur.com/a/8RffG9A
-Per usual: PPGS & CONUS Shipping. YOLO TAKES IT. Knife goes out tomorrow after work.
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2023.06.05 18:45 Strfox-777 Deactivated w/ No email

Deactivated w/ No email
Received the don't forget you start in 30 texts. Went in at 10 min to start and received this!!!! Never received a deactivation email. Just a pre-adverse action one.
That was about my insurance since I moved from NJ to OK. My former INS company never informed me of being dropped on May 28 which was when DD decided to run my address change background check. I got the Adverse action email on May 30, immediately got new INS, and sent the pictures of new INS in reply to the adverse action email.
I heard nothing back in return. NEVER got a deactivation email. I've submitted a review but who knows if that will help as I'm not even sure that's why they deactivated me. 😕
Does anyone know how long it takes for a review?
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2023.06.05 05:34 honeybee_mumma Scammers on FB Market Place

So husband bought an iPhone 14 last Friday, decided to sell it as he has a work phone and we could use the money to pay some bills. Thought we were pretty savvy to the scammers but this one particular dude from Clarkson said he'd lost his license from DD and could my hubby drop it off if he pays extra. Did all the checks possible, fb profile looked legit etc thought sure we can do that, give this guy a break. Didn't want hubby to go by himself obviously so me and the kids piled in the car. Told the guy we were on our way and we drive from Ellenbrook to Clarkson to address.
Pretty sketchy area, hubby started feeling uneasy. We got out the car together and walked up to the front door. House looked pretty quiet and empty. We knocked, rang the bell, no answer. Hubby said let's get out of here. Walking down the driveway, there was mail sticking out of the letterbox, and hubby pulled out an envelope just to check to see if the name matched the guy who supposedly lived there. The envelope was addressed to The Agent for The Deceased Estate. Got to the car and we both tried ringing the guy from our separate phones, no answer, switched off etc. We thought oh well that's that then let's go. What a waste of time.
Then the dude starts msging saying where are you, how far away are you?? We pull the car over and try ringing him again, still not answering. Send him a msg asking what the heck is going on and why doesn't he answer and we were just at his address? He msged back and said "sorry bro was on the toilet and my phone was in my room charging, come back now, I'll meet you out front"🤦‍♀️ So we foolishly gave him the benefit of the doubt and headed back. He asked how long we would be but we didn't answer that question. As we headed into the street we saw these two shady punks dressed in black walking down the street towards the house. We drove past them and did a lap around the block and sure enough when we got back they were conveniently sitting on the front wall of this empty house we'd just been at and neither of them looked like the FB profile picture of the guy who had been msging my husband. We drove slowly past them and 1 of them kept his head down and the other one eyeballed us. We were like yeh nah let's go and hiked it out of there. Thankfully dashcam got good pics of them and we got out unscathed. Lesson learnt. Feel like we could have been robbed/bashed pretty easily.
Edited to add paragraphs and grammar etc
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2023.06.04 23:08 TA--Soma DD real for pinning the vid on his page fr

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2023.06.04 21:11 Gamz0r Verify Identity garbage

I see why people are having issues with this, and why DD claims people didn't verify. Today was the first time mine ever asked me to verify identity. And everytime I try to take a picture of Drivers license etc. It crashes every single time. I can't even verify my identity if I want to.
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2023.06.04 17:50 Visual-Primary2276 DoorDash kept money, but no food delivered.

So last weekend (memorial weekend) I was in the hospital, and the cafeteria was closed due to weekend/holiday hours (around 9:00pm) so we turned to DoorDash. We placed our order and 5 minutes later the restaurant calls us saying “there are no dashers available to complete the delivery. Would you still like us to make the food, or do you want us to cancel the order?” We told them to “cancel it” thinking that was would take care of it, we didn’t check back in untill we left the hospital 2 days later. At which point we realized we were charged for the order, and it was too late to cancel/ask for refund. So we reached out to DoorDash support. We explained what happened just like I did above. They said they would review and take action. 24 hours later they denied the claim, they didn’t give any reasons other than ‘after reviewing your account and other information your claim is denied’. So we reached back out, this time our claim was elevated to another level, which we were not able to talk to. They again denied the claim but didn’t provide any details.
I don’t understand. Shouldn’t their data easily be able to see that there was no driver assigned to the order? There is no gps data for the delivery? There is no picture of it delivered?! There is no chat from a driver.
Wtf!? Do I need to back charge DD from my bank!?
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2023.06.04 17:43 dnarevolutions [WTS] Rattlecanned DD MK18 upper, B&T USW Glock Chassis, 5.45 Headspace Gauges

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/SLlsFVx
If you call dibs, please follow up on payment within 30 minutes otherwise it’s going to the next buyer, if there is one. I'm open to offers, just PM me.
Please PM me! I don't really check chat.
I can only accept PayPal FF, Venmo, or Zelle at this time. Thanks for understanding!
  1. DD MK18 Upper - Upper is marked Anchor Harvey and barrel is DD 10.3. I'm the second owner. I've had it a really long time and it's served me well with no issues. It's been cerakoted green and I rattlecanned over it. Comes with everything you see on there. FCD muzzle device is loctited on I think. NO BCG OR CH. - $500 SHIPPED
  2. B&T USW Glock Chassis - This is for small frame Glocks (9mm/.40/.357). Works for Gen 3-5. - $320 SHIPPED
  3. 5.45 GO/NOGO Gauges - Used once. $50 SHIPPED SOLD
Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/iSOqtei
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2023.06.04 15:19 Friendly_Quantity770 Stepmother called cps on me.

OK take two. This is very important I say this here since ppl don't know how to read. This is my now sitch. I have a good job making ok money and so does my husband. I will add the OG text becailse I deleted the OG since idk how to edit my posts I'm new to reddit.
Please keep in mind this all happend over a year ago and I want to just get it off my chest because things have DRASTICLY CHANGED. So here it goes.
So this will be a long one and I apologize for that. A year ago my step mom called Cps (child protective services) on me. And now my dad is gaslighting me to try to make me feel guilty and to have me to apologize for her doing it.
Here is a little back story to understand how this got so bad. I (f 27) met my fiance (m28) 5 years ago, we got pregnant 6 months after we met. It was not on purpose, and I admit we weren't careful because I was told at 19 I'd never be able to have kids due to some medical issues.
Now I moved in with my fiance after we had the baby (f), and I was a SAHM I worked Uber and Doordarsh and instacart while I was a SAHM. My fiance let's call him J, worked full time at a box store. We rent from Inlaws and it's a decent place just small. We had to fit two lives in one area and when H was a baby it was easy to keep up. Now she's three and we are teaching her to clean up after herself.
Fast forward to Dec 2021, J had quite his job and we were both driving for DD and Uber eats (this was not permanent since he was looking for a job right after he had quit his job for good reasons)not really making much at all, and my step mom and dad kept telling me that I needed to do better. I already was trying to do better and was secretly looking for a job. I say secretly because then I knew they would say something along the lines of good your finally listening to us. And I did not need that. So in Dec my step mom had a party. We had talked and agreed I'd let them take my daughter until the day of the party. When my dad came to get my daughter she was in the bath because she had woken up from her nap completely drenched in pee since her diaper leaked. I told him it'll be a couple minutes and then she would be ready, I went to check on her. When I came back he was in her room and I saw his phone was in photo mode. I saw red! I berated him about taking photos of my home and how disrespectful it was. He at first tried to deny it but when I pushed the issue he finally admitted he was doing it at my Step mom's orders.
I was so upset. I told him to delete the photos and he told me if he didn't bring them he would get into trouble with my step mom. I said if I ever catch you taking photos of my home secretly again we would have a different convo. I did end up letting him take H (daughter) because I didn't want her to not have fun. I had told myself I would just talk to my step mom at the party and tell her that is a boundary that was crossed. (Yes in hindsight not a smart move for me but I didn't think it'd had gotten as bad as it did)
The party came and as I was just enjoying it everyone in my family was really heavily telling me I needed to spend the night, and I kept saying no because I had planned to work the next day and knew I'd stay and never work. I finally cornered my step mom and asked her to talk with me. She was refusing originally but I was persistent. I told her how bad it looked she was taking pictures of my home and she said "if I wanted to call CPS on you I wouldn't need pictures " 🚩number 2. I then told her it was a boundary for me for her to secretly take photos and have me feel like a poor parent because my home was messy. Her response to this was "honestly, I'm tempted to take H until you get your shit together."
I was dumb founded! I took my daughter and left. For three weeks I did not talk to them. After a week I let H face time them but I was not in the video chat and I would not say anything if very minimal. During those three weeks I worked non stop on the delivery apps and didn't really get any rest I was working mon-sun from 6am to 7 pm just to get gas and food money. I DID HEAR BACK AND HAD SEVERAL JOB INTERVIEWS LINED UP BY THIS TIME. By week three my dad and step mom asked me to come up and I felt I could handle it finally and said I'd come that Sunday. Well that Saturday I had a babys shower and my mom was teaching me how to cook turkey. I still worked in the am and was a little late to the shower. Mom and I had a blast at cooking turkey and the next day I woke up late. H didn't and by the time I woke up we had an hour before her nap. And if I'm honest I still didn't want to see my family. So I laid her down and fell back asleep untill about 3pm. I woke up in a panic because I knew I was in deep shit with my step mom. I rushed to get my kid and our stuff into my car and try to get up there as alfast as I could ( the drive was an hr from my moms 2 1/2 from my home) and as I was pulling out of my.moms street I got a text
" don't bother coming up because I wanted to spend the whole day with H not a few hrs." But I went anyways and the whole time my step mom tried to ignore me. She kept saying how she wanted H to stay the weekend and just have some time alone with her. Side note me and my husband both agreed by then our daughter would not be going to spend the night by herself for a very long time because I had reason my step mom was going to try and take her or try ro stop me from taking her back.
I kept saying.how I'd love to join them so I could reconnect with the family. My step mom did not sound happy with my suggestion. Well around 9 I finally said we had to leave because I needed to drive the 2 and a half hours back home. We said our good byes and headed out About 20 minutes into the drive I called my mom to see if I could spend the night again becaise she was closest, because I was worried with how tired I was I'd get into an accident. She of course agreed and I stayed the night. I stay lied at her house talking how the rest of that day had gone and she was weirded out too. I got to my home about 5 pm and 30 minutes later my MIL come knocking at the basement door in a tizzy because there was a CPS worker at her door. My heart stopped. My husband and I went up greeted the worker and let her in. She said that she was there because there had been a complaint against us. I knew right away who. And asked her if it was my step mom. She said she couldn't disclose that because her job was to keep the peace. Well she came to see the home and inspect it. After she asked questions and looked around. She stated that other then a few things around the house needed to be fixed (easy fixes too) she didn't see a reason for the call. She said the complaint was there was cat pee smell everywhere and it was bad. She said she knew we had two cats but couldn't smell them... that was kinda prideful for me. She said to clean the home and fix the few things physically. she would came back for a follow up in two weeks (it was early 3 months by the time she came back) she told me that she felt that she'd be able to close our case relatively easy. We bid her goodbye. And the first call was to my mom screaming and crying on how I didn't have a dad and that my step monster had really overstepped. I told her everything she was seething! So was my husband and MIL. I was in Shock and tears, I blocked my SM and called my dad crying and upset on what he just let happen and I got nothing back. Then I told my mom he didn't puck up she called him a cowered. She then took a call to him and cussed him out. I blocked him then unblocked him. And it wasn't until three days later he called me back i didnt answer. He said he didn't know I had called and that he would try my mom. When I heard that on the voice mail I took a little pleasure because he did not know what he was in for. J had to hold me because I had started to shake after hearing my dad's voice. I called my mom told her he would call and to call me when she was done. She did told me she cussed him out and told him how he has abandoned me yet again and how much of a shifty father he was to not protect me or to warn me what was transpireing from his wife. He defended himself and said he had no knowledge my mom didn't let him get away with that. And he admitted to knowing somthing but sisnt think she would go through with it.
I ignored his calls for two weeks. He called everyday. Which is sad to say he never did that before he would call maybe every other week. Then I got a message from my SM. " A it's obvious you don't see me as a mother but if you don't let your dad see H I will blast you on FB and put all the evidence out there. Becaise obviously I'm not your mother it hurts your dad that you rnt talking to him. I am a grown women who makes her own decisions and i called csp with out your fathers knowlage. (She mentions that obviously I don't see her as a mom again even though prior I did call her mom.)" I screen shotted the message and sent it to my dad and said this has to stop I will talk when I'm ready. About a week later I finally picked up my dad's call and I had him on speaker. I told him I felt I had no father and how he abandoned me. How he didn't tell me what was happening. And so much more.
But after that I started to forgive him because being mad is more work. Plus he isn't soly responsible. Now I see home on and off. But recently he has been gaslighting me when he brings the whole situation up. Saying things like
"It's hard on me because I want my whole family back", and "how SM didn't really call out of spite but to get you to do what she wanted. I had told him through the first meet up that I had a job lined up and had worked hard on the house. (At this point the house was immaculate its amazing what organization can do. Ps somthing i had been working on doing before all this happed!) During the first few days I couldn't work while we were cleaning because we were cleaning all day everyday. For two weeks I couldn't go work alone the apps because I was waiting for the cps worker to show up. J had started to work the apps and doing interviews during that time as well. my mom helped us with getting strage and food during the time I couldn't work. BTW I knew stroage is what we needed all along to our mess, and have been telling them all that. He praised me for the job and cleaning and I told him I didn't need his validation and I didn't get the job because of cps I had started looking before this all transpired. He asked why I didn't say anything because it would have had SM calm down and probably not call CPS. (Highly doubt it) I told him because it's my life and I'm going to live it the way I see fit not him and definitely not my SM.
But anyway like I said now he just gas lights me to day I have to make the first move because i made a TT when I was mad calling her a narcissistic abuser and she saw it and hurt her feelings and how she was not afraid she had hurt all of us.... 🙄. So am I the asshole for the TT and should I apologize for everything and speak first or what should I do now? I will say I wrote a note to her that I haven't sent expressing my feelings and what I needed to say. Thank you for any advice plus for reading this long story! Also sorry for bad Grammer and bad spelling lol. The messiness of the house consisted of laundry in baskets because I didn't have a place for towels and bedding and loads of books and other things I use on a regular with no storage. It's now organized and put away thanks to my amazing mom who helped me through this time of my life.
Now this is where I give what life looks like now.
The house is still a little messy but that's just home life with a toddler. The dishes are still done and laundry put away but now her toys are EVERYWHERE she finished her first year of PreK (it's for her speech therapy) and my fiancé and I are bis drivers and make ok money. It's still our first year of it but hey!
I worked at HD for a year and for several months of that year I worked both bus and HD working in till 5 at bus and from 530 to 10 pm. I quite HD to focuse on bus. No the catalyst for the job was NOT my sms doing and I don't care what she thinks
Yes I still have a relationship with my dad but he is at arms length at all times. Yes I left a lot out originally and now I see why that is bad.
I want to thank all the commenter before who wasn't tearing me down and shaming me for my PAST and trying to give me good vibes and helpful tips! I don't know how to delete comments I'm new to reddit. Please do not come for me for my PAST issues I'm not that pathetic person anymore. I have refound my original self and going strong and hard to figure out all the possibilities I can do to better my family every day.
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2023.06.04 15:05 Make_Believe423 Bank app is closing my account with money still in there.. help!

Here's the full story: After a long days work (A few days after mothers day) I check my balance and whatnot, and there's some DD charges that I didn't remember doing so I called and told them that. Only later did I realize that I did in fact doordash a few things that day. So they issued me a new card, no big whoop.
Now jumping ahead two weeks time: I still haven't received my card (I'm working out of state at a big coaster park) but it says it's been delivered. One check is already deposited into my card. I call and ask for another card to be sent to me because I didn't receive the initial card. They then proceed to lock my account and asked me to verify myself because of the recent address change so I send pictures of my ID front and back only to realize that my ID expired a few days ago and they won't accept it for some reason as authentication. So here I am about to have another check deposited in on Friday, my account is still locked, and I allegedly only have about 10 days before they delete my account.. If you've read this far thank you, and what are my options? I'm scared I'm going to lose all the money I worked hard for..
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2023.06.04 12:39 TA--Soma hollup these views ain that bad i think it was a smart ass decision makin a MV wit DD since his views always hella high on yt

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2023.06.04 09:48 PsychologicalBad4517 the pictures i get dd at 3:30am

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2023.06.04 06:42 Legen_unfiltered Some of these drivers just don't even try.

I started using dd a few months ago and I'd say about 75% of the drivers in my area seem ok. But dude, that last 25% just really mess it up for everyone. Tonight I ordered from fazolis; a bake, cheesecake, and an icee. Twice before when I ordered from them they forgot the drinkand once the cheesecake too. On the one with the cheesecake, I immediately noticed the drink and had taken the food straight from the driver. He was actually super nice and was all, I'll go back for it. I told him no but then noticed the cc and he was still in my driveway so I was like yeah sure go back. So this time, with twice before my drink being missing, as soon as the order was picked up by a driver I msged them and was like hey please make sure you grab my drink. It gets dropped, she knocks and is pulling out when I open the door from getting off the couch. No drink, and she didn't do the picture thing, which I'd say 95% of drivers do. One even did the pic after handing it to me. I get it's a Saturday night, but it's behavior like that that makes me not want to tip very much. I see stuff about ppl removing tips, but I've never been able to find that feature. So I honestly just started tipping lower to even out the couple times a month I use dd and get a terrible dasher. I also looked for a way to rate dashers, but I guess that's not a thing I have access to either. (I looked and could only rate the facility, which I did bc I feel they are complicit in my drinks not making it).
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2023.06.03 23:57 Prestigious-Wind-609 💀💀 notti gayng

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2023.06.03 22:36 DesignerCold64 [Fit Check] Panache Clara, 30D, 30DD, 30E, and a slight rant

So, I visited a lingerie boutique an hour away from me because they told me they had the Panache Clara in the red/noir in a 30D/DD aside for me, when I got there she actually put the 32 on hold - and she didn’t even apologise! Whatever. I thought while I was there I’d try on the other colours to see.
She first brought me the 30E, not sure why, and that just seemed big with the wrinkling, and then the 30D, however the wires felt incredibly narrow and tight on me. However, I’m finding it very hard to actually tell how it looks for some reason? From my perspective all three sizes looked incredibly similar visibly. What do you guys think? I eventually asked her to please bring me a 30DD and she did in the cream.
I’m feeling disheartened after that visit, I thought that by visiting a boutique that specialises in fittings that I’d have a better experience? But she just kept throwing bras at me and coming into my fitting room every ten seconds, and when I was buying a Passionata bra at the end she kept trying to push another one on me that fit the exact same but was €30 more expensive. Ridiculous. However, this bra is my dream bra in the red and black colour, so what do you guys think of the fit?
Sorry for bad pictures, the owner genuinely wouldn’t leave me alone for ten seconds just to come inside and go “mm. yeah.”.
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2023.06.03 22:06 Sharp_Money5027 [FREE] DD Osama X Sha Gz X NY Drill Sample Type Beat 2023 - "DROP" DD Osama Type Beat

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2023.06.03 13:39 cooltrr Fake UPS tracking scam

Hey all. I recently sent a seller money through PayPal goods and services, and they gave me a tracking number, which I proved to be obviously fake through a live chat screenshot with UPS. The seller was using stolen images on their ad, was very suspicious, and also refused to do things like take a picture of the box going to me or take a picture of the receipt they would have received if they actually bought the label. On top of this, the seller was allegedly based in CA, but the tracking comes from TX.
I asked the seller to take a picture of the receipt, and he emailed me a “scan” of a UPS label that didn’t have a from address, was clearly photoshopped, and had the date in European form (DD/MM/YYYY).
I’ve filed a PayPal dispute and I was assured by customer service that, if I prove the delivery address to be different than mine, I will receive an immediate win in the case. I don’t understand this though, as PayPal is giving the seller until June 11 to formulate a response to my dispute.
I have a feeling the seller will simply attach the fake tracking, and the case will be closed in their favor, as it would show that it was delivered in my town. I asked PayPal if this was true, but they actually told me that it definitely is not enough proof and I have no reason to worry about the seller getting away with it by attaching a fake tracking number.
I have no way to contact my bank and issue a chargeback, so I’m placing my hope in PayPal that they have a logical human investigate the case which would clearly lead to the conclusion that this is a blatant scam.
Is it normal for a human to fully look into the cases these days, or is it still automated?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 03:45 toasternips Login error, please help! Anyone else having the same issue?

Login error, please help! Anyone else having the same issue?
I have been continuously getting the login error on the DD app. I have contacted customer support and talked to them on the phone, sent emails with pictures to them, only to get an email after telling me to do the exact same step I’d already done. I still have the error & the app was even updated yesterday! I am about done trying. Anyone else having this issue?
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2023.06.03 03:28 GachiPls_DidntSave It's a miracle any orders can be delivered at all when the service is this SLOW

Can't tell you how many orders I've lost simply because the app conveniently refuses to load when I'm trying to accept it.
Can't tell you how many times I've had to awkwardly loiter outside someone's house because the picture I took refuses to load.
DD using servers from 1999
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2023.06.02 23:03 JohnQ417 [WTS] Vortex Razor HD GEN II-E 1-6 with ADM QD mount, Streamlight TLR-1, etc.

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/VoMoCwh
Vortex Razor HD GEN 2E 1-6x LPVO with JM-1 BDC reticle
Brand new, never mounted or fired and comes with everything from factory. Only opened for Serial # and pictures. Decided I'll keep my Viper PST instead.
Vortex Precision ADM QR Cantilever Mount - 30mm 2" extended. New, opened for pics. Heavy duty /sturdier version of the ADM Recon.
$1285 for both (Trying to sell as a bundle, but split price: $1150 optic and $215 mount)
Streamlight TLR-1 + Daniel Defense Flash Hider Combo
300lumen with Glock Key, in great condition with very little salt. DD Flash hider also low to no salt.
$98 for both ($84 if splitting the light)
GG&G "Dually" FSP Pic Mount for lights - $23
LBE AK Modern Brake 14x1 LH- $20
All prices are shipped. Not interested in trades atm. Paypal F&F no notes please. Personally recommend securing the payment with a credit card through F&F for peace of mind as an alternative to G&S as I do this myself for larger items.
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2023.06.02 22:52 mtdgrafx [FRESH VIDEO] SoFaygo & DD OSAMA - WISH I COULD TELL YOU #musicosinc

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2023.06.02 22:23 rulaah WHAT DO I KNOW?

ts crazy, faygo voice got me creamin n shit
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