Mossberg spx 930 accessories

[USA-PA] [H] Honor Magic 5 Pro 16GB ram, 512GB storage + others [W] Paypal, Local Cash

2023.05.31 15:17 44seconds [USA-PA] [H] Honor Magic 5 Pro 16GB ram, 512GB storage + others [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Morning everyone! Note that prices are open to negotiation.
I have here an Honor Magic 5 Pro 16GB ram, 512GB storage, Meadow Green (more like grey), Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. IP68 water and dust resistant.
This is the China variant, so it has 5450 mAh battery, rather than the 5100 mAh like the international variant. It does not have google play services.
I have been using it daily for just over a month, always had a screen protector and case.
There are 0 scratches on the body of the phone or on the screen, condition is perfect.
Also selling the accessories, and hoping to sell them all together
Phone configuration:

Selling all items together for $930 shipped, $910 local pickup. Will be shipped via USPS box + bubble wrap. Note only shipping within the continental USA.
My last trade (4x 1080Tis):
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2023.05.31 06:38 RegentofArakko Update: 32L Packing List After 1.5 Years of Travel

Update: 32L Packing List After 1.5 Years of Travel
I wanted to provide a follow-up to this post on how my pack has evolved after 1.5 years of travel. I started in Oct 2021 and traveled through Mexico and Central America until Colombia, with a 3-month side quest in Europe due to a family emergency (Germany, UK, Denmark, Norway). After a short break in the US, I started up again and have been through Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico the last 6 months, and am currently back in Colombia. I experienced a lot of variable climates in this span and made some tweaks to my pack to jettison stuff I wasn't wearing or using.
Next destinations: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina (Patagonia), Brasil, and Venezuela. I expect to start Asia mid-to-late next year. I think I can comfortably continue for another 4 years or so, although desire and effort can be fickle mistresses.
Note: Everything in bold (aside from the section titles) are either replacement items, outright new additions, or items with adjusted quantities. Anything crossed out was dropped.
Travel Uniform
  • American Apparel tee
  • ExOfficio Give N Go Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs
  • Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Lightweight Hiking Socks
  • Eyeglasses
  • Leather belt
  • Bonobos Selvedge Stretch Jeans > Outlier Slim Dungarees
  • Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots > Merrell Moab 3 Hiking Shoes
  • Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer
  • Citizen Titanium Eco-Drive Chronograph CA4016-51L
After about a year of near-daily wear, my Bonobos denim fell apart and the crotch area got blown out. The seat of the trousers also stretched out way too much, and the dark, inky shades of indigo faded to oblivion (and turned sky blue or even almost white) in the thigh/knee areas...I just looked like I was about to audition for a Backstreet Boys cover band. I was hellbent on holding onto real denim because they are so much more comfortable, but this type of cotton was not meant to be worn so frequently. Even though it's not unlike wearing sandpaper, I switched to the black Outliers in hopes that they will hold up better. (So far, so good after 6 months!)
The Merrell hiking shoes are in black and now pull double duty as my "nice" pair (good enough for salsa clubs in Cali!), so now I'm down to 2 pairs of shoes + Xero sandals.
And I just got so tired of my blazer real fast. It just wasn't useful or versatile enough with my setup.
  • Bellroy Transit Backpack 28L > Patagonia Cragsmith 32L
  • Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket 2L
    • Zero Grid TechSafe RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet
    • Bellroy Leather Card Sleeve Wallet
      • Amex Gold
      • Amex Platinum
      • Chase Sapphire Preferred
      • Schwab Investor Checking Debit Card
    • Sunglasses
    • Extra eyeglasses
    • Nivea Soft Hand Cream
    • Blistex lip balm
    • Toothpicks
    • Loop Experience Ear Plugs
    • Google Pixel 3 XL > Google Pixel 7 Pro
    • Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds > Beats Fit Pro
    • (3) > (1) microfiber cloth
The big change here was upgrading to the Patagonia Cragsmith 32L, which I picked up on sale. I had zipper issues wit the Bellroy, and the Cragsmith is just nicer, roomier, and sturdier all around, and they are exactly the same weight. It's also much more structured and stands upright easily on its own when packed. I almost never pack it out to full unless I'm carrying food. For those considering: You may notice further down the post in the pics that this pack has almost no interior organization to speak of, save for the quick access pocket at the top. That's because this is a rock-climbing pack, and not necessarily intended for general travel. For me, however, it checks all the boxes: Light, tough, back-loading panel (!), simple and no-fuss, and a spacious black hole that I can organize it any way I please based on my own organizer bags.
I actually upgraded my Pixel 3 XL to the Pixel 6 Pro last Nov, but I broke it in Uruguay. Thanks to the Amex Plat's extended warranty protection, however, I replaced it for free and sprung for the Pixel 7 Pro (and replaced my Jabra Elite 75ts when the earbuds started having issues). Even the battery life difference between the 6 Pro and the 7 Pro is significant, and I can now get through a day+ with moderate-to-heavy camera use + navigating + web surfing.
While on the topic: The Amex Platinum is a low-key fantastic travel card in terms of gear coverage. Its Purchase Protection (reimbursement for lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise non-functional item within 3 months of purchase) and Extended Warranty Protection (doubles the length of the original manufacturer's warranty up to +2 years) have bailed me out several times. Another example: When my Matador On-Grid Packable Day Pack started having zipper problems after 14 months of ownership, Amex fully reimbursed me within 2 days, no questions asked since I put the original purchase on the card.
All three credit cards waive foreign transaction fees, a no-brainer for international travel. I generally prefer to focus all my spend on the Chase Sapphire Preferred (the Chase Ultimate Rewards points and travel portal just seem to be more useful in my use case), and Visa is more widely accepted than Amex (because of their ridiculously high interchange fees that they charge merchants). However, if I am buying or replacing any travel-related equipment, electronics, or basically anything with a warranty, that purchase is going straight onto the Amex Plat for the aforementioned protection benefits.
And, of course, the Charles Schwab debit card is a must-have as it also waives all foreign transaction fees and exchange rate fees at any ATM worldwide. ATM fees are rebated at the end of every month.
  • Bluffworks Bluffcube Sport, L
    • Bonobos Tech Button Down Shirt
    • (2) Bonobos Tech Short Sleeve Shirts
    • Bonobos V-Neck Merino Wool Sweater
    • Under Armour Sunblock UPF Hoodie
    • Outlier New Way Shorts
    • Coalatree Trailhead Adventure Pant
  • Bluffworks Bluffcube Sport, S
    • Patagonia Merino 2 Lightweight Base Layer Crew
    • Outlier Ultra Ultra Easy Shorts
    • adidas Basic Tank Top > Sheep Run Merino Wool Tank Top
    • (9) > (1) Bonobos Riviera Face Mask
  • (2) Herschel Shoe Bags
    • Xero Shoes Z-Trail Sandals
    • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 > Brooks Addiction Walker 2
      • Icebreaker Merino 200 Zone Leggings
      • Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks
      • (2) Darn Tough Element No Show Light Socks
      • (3) > (2) ExOfficio Give N Go Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs
      • (3) > (2) Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Lightweight Hiking Socks
  • Stio Hometown Down Hooded Jacket > Patagonia TorrentShell 3L
  • Bruno Marc Mesh Lace-Up Oxfords
  • Nike Hurley Dri-Fit Rashguard UPF Hoodie
  • Under Armour ColdGear Hoodie
  • Outlier Futureworks
  • LV scarf
As mentioned above, I was able to ditch an entire pair of shoes, and I saved even more space by ditching a pair of socks and underwear and cramming a bunch of stuff into my Brooks Addiction Walker 2s.
I returned the Nikes for the Brooks. Nikes advertised width sizes are not even remotely accurate. I didn't realize how bad they really were for me until a couple of months in, and they were killing my pinky toes. I had pain in my feet that didn't go away for 6 months. The Brooks, by contrast, have been much roomier.
Solid laundry detergent in bar form is quite popular in Latin America, and this in combination with the clothesline I carry have enabled me to travel with far less clothing than I originally thought possible.
Also ditched the Stio jacket for the TorrentShell 3L: far lighter, more durable, and water-resistant (and has pit zips!). I almost never used my scarf so bye bye.
I upgraded tank tops and the results have been stellar: Softer to the touch, lighter, packs smaller, airs out easily, and I can wear it for weeks on end without it smelling funky.
To be completely frank: This pack list would be a lot simpler and lighter if I just stuck to packing clothes specifically for one type of climate. But I've just run into too many random days where there are sudden, torrential downpours with strong gusts of wind, or where temperatures unexpectedly dip into single digits. I'm very happy that the pack accommodates both hot and cold climates, and I haven't looked back since.
Rolled clothes
Packed and uncompressed
Brooks loaded out
  • Incase Slim Laptop Sleeve w/ Woolenex, 13"
    • Surface Pro X (2020), SQ2, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM + Signature Keyboard w/ Surface Pen > Surface Pro 9, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM + Signature Keyboard w/ Surface Pen
  • UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bagsmart Electronic Cable Organizer
    • Google Pixel USB-C Cable
    • Anker PowerExpand 6-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub
    • Anker USB-C SD Card Reader
    • SanDisk 256GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive
    • Generic electric trimmer to USB cable
    • ZeroLemon JuiceBox 20100mAh 45W PD USB-C Power Bank
    • (1) Uni-Ball Jetstream pen
    • Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable > Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable
    • 18W Wall Charger for Google Pixel 3 XL > Anker Nano II 65W GaN II PPS Fast Charger
    • Surface Pro X 60W Charger > Sisyphy Surface Connect to USB-C Cable, 10 ft
    • Bestek Universal Travel Adapter > Lewis N Clark Adapter Plug Kit
  • Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse
  • Generic 3.5mm Lavalier Lapel Microphone
  • ArkTek USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter
  • Generic USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Generic USB-A to microUSB cable
I followed the advice of someone in the last thread and replaced my Surface brick with the infinitely lighter Anker Nano II GaN charger + Sisyphy Surface Connect cable, and they've been serving me fantastically. I was able to downsize the number of cables I carried greatly. The Lewis N Clark adapter set is also quite a bit lighter and more compact than Bestek.
The UE Roll 2 speaker has been indispensable: Solo hikes in the mountains, cooling off by rivers, beach days, movie nights, micro-dosing on shrooms, you name it.
The upgrade to the Surface Pro 9 is inconsequential for the purposes of this post, but I just wanted to say that that SQ2 Qualcomm chip in the SPX is horrible at apps-mirroring and is laggy as hell, jfc. I am beyond overjoyed to be back on an Intel chip. (Microsoft Complete Protection + Amex Extended Warranty was clutch with this upgrade, too--take note!)
The Cragsmith backpack has a pocket for a water bag that I use as laptop storage. The downside is that there is no padding to speak of, so I sprung for a laptop sleeve for extra protection.
  • HydroFlask Sports Water Bottle, 21 oz
  • Mount Paracord Designs Water Bottle Wrap + Sling
  • Alaska Bear Sleep Mask + generic earplugs
  • PackTowls, Body and Face sizes
  • Invisalign Retainer Case
  • (1) Uni-Ball Jetstream pen
  • Black Diamond 225 Sprint Headlamp
  • Plastic file folder
    • (2) photocopies of passport
    • Copy of vaccination records
  • Mystery Ranch Zoid Bag, L
    • Matador On-Grid Packable Day Pack, 16L
    • ChicoBag Sling rePETe Crossbody Shopping Bag
    • Going in Style Travel Laundry Clothesline
    • Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5100 Trimmer
    • Outdoor Research Activeice Spectrum Sun Gloves
    • Plastic Zip-Loc bag of Melatonin/ibuprofen
    • Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper
    • Kizou Rain Cover > The North Face Waterproof Hiking Rain Cover
    • (4) > (3) Matador FlatPak Soap Cases
      • Ethique Shampoo Bars > generic shampoo bar
      • Ethique Conditioner Bars > generic conditioner bar
      • (2) Lever 2000 soap bars > (1) generic body soap bar
    • Club Nintendo Legend of Zelda 3DS Pouch
      • Dryer sheets
      • Bandages
      • Condoms
  • Sleep strips
  • Koomus Pro Air-M Air Vent Magnetic Mount
The off-brand rain cover from Amazon was terrible. The North Face brand, by contrast, works exactly as advertised.
And yo, that Going in Style Clothesline is the no-joke MVP of this category. You would not believe the places I've been able to connect it to in order to dry clothes: Bed posts, nails and screws in walls, HDMI cables/ports behind TVs, cabinet drawer handles, door knobs, table's amazing. I've even stretched that bad boy beyond its limit to about 14 feet. Just, wow.
That headlamp is amazing, too. Besides helping me rifle through my pack when it's dark in a hostel, it's bailed me out when coming down from dark mountains and viewpoints after watching sunsets (which I do frequently).
I brought the air vent smartphone mount thinking I would use it more, but I rented a car exactly one time, and that was for 2 weeks in Puerto Rico...and I didn't even use it because the car came fully equipped with Android Auto in the dash.
I pick up bar shampoo and conditioner in whatever country I am as needed; they are all basically the same and far less expensive outside the US.
  • Sea to Summit TravelingLight TPU Clear Zip Top Pouch w/ Bottles
    • Woody's Hair Clay
    • Toothpaste
    • Sunscreen
    • Facial moisturizer
    • Body lotion
    • Hydrocortisone
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Differin adapalene acne gel
    • YSL La Nuit de l'Homme, 2 oz
    • Kent Brushes AF0T Small Pocket Comb
    • (3) > (1) toothbrush
    • (3) > (4) packs of floss
    • (4) > (2) Blistex and Burt's Bees Lip Balms
  • Travalo HD Fragrance Atomizer
  • (2) Neutrogena Facial Bars
  • Crystal Deodorant
I've been in an awful lot of tropical and jungle climates and there is no antiperspirant in the world that can keep me from sweating in those hot, humid conditions. I've settled on bathing more than once a day as needed and moisturizing frequently in order to avoid unsavory body odor.
My floss hack: Remove rolls of floss from their plastic containers, keep one, and reload when needed with the rolls, which has been far more compact. Floss is expensive outside of the US, so I don't mind this extra bit of effort.
Got rid of the bottles that came with the Sea to Summit toiletry pouch because I've cut down drastically on the liquids I carry (I tend to just buy small bottles of moisturizer, sunscreen, and toothpaste wherever I am).
I got super dunked on in the last thread for my 3 toothbrushes, so here we are, lol.
The sprawl
Layering order #1
Layering order #2
Layering order #3
I still frequently get comments marveling at how little stuff I have (even though it might be comparatively maximalist to the rest of the onebag community). It's simplified my travel lifestyle completely, and the last 1.5 years have been life-changing. I'm already thinking about more things I plan on cutting the next time I pass through the US. Looking forward to what the next couple of years will bring. Really grateful for this sub!
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2023.05.31 02:02 Ubicwitus [WTS] Mossberg FLEX System Conversion Kit (12 gauge) and Accessories: 6-Position Tactical Stock, Pistol Grip

This stock adapter and accessories are fresh off a brand new 590 SPX, and all parts are still in like-new condition. Allows for rapid and toolless swapping of various Mossberg FLEX System stocks or pistol grip. Works on Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, 535, 835, or Maverick 88 shotguns. NOT compatible with 590 Shockwave or Compact Cruiser. Product info here:
Would like to sell the lot as a package deal for $125, but will sell the components for the prices listed below. ALL SOLD Prices include shipping and G&S fees.
Mossberg FLEX Stock Adapter - $35 Required for the other FLEX components. Simple install on receiver. No installation instructions are included, but Mossberg has a good installation video on their YT channel.
FLEX System 6-Position Tactical Stock - $85 Has three QD points, and full size recoil pad, which can be swapped easily with quick release tabs. Also has mounting points for side saddle. Includes FLEX accessories instruction manual.
FLEX System Pistol Grip (w/bonus standard forearm and hand strap) - $25 Convert your shotgun into a pistol grip style, and back again easily. NOTE: the included forearm is NOT a FLEX System forearm, just a standard one with attached handstrap for use with pistol grip.
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2023.05.30 23:22 LiJiCh [WTS] 13.9 P&W Centurion/DD FSP Upper, ADM CompM4 Cowitness Mount, M4E1 Stripped Upper, Stag Stripped Upper, Mossberg 930 +6 Tube Extension Kit - $75-$1000

Prices are shipped via PayPal F&F or Zelle. Call dibs then send a PM. Dibs has priority over hagglers.
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2023.05.30 04:25 LiJiCh [WTS] 13.9 P&W Centurion/DD FSP Upper, ADM CompM4 Cowitness Mount, CompM4 Flip Caps, Aero Stripped Upper, Stag Stripped Upper, Mossberg 930 +6 Tube Extension Kit - $25-$1000

Prices are shipped via PayPal F&F or Zelle. Call dibs then send a PM. Dibs has priority over hagglers.
Will do $95 for the mount and flip caps.
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2023.05.29 21:54 warriormonkss [WTS] Holosun AEMS/ADM mount, Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6/mount, Rescue-essentials IFKA, Mossberg sling mount, Staccato mag/baseplate, mag pouch, pistol bag

  1. $350 - Holosun AEMS/ADM mount. Catch and release
  2. $260 - NEW opened for pic only. Vortex strike eagle gen2 1-6x24 with mount
  3. $70 - Rescue-essentials IFKA (TCCC IFAK and Gen2 Rip-Away Compact IFAK Pouch. All new and unopened, bought it couple weeks ago but changed my mind)
  4. $40 - Magpul Mossberg sling mount (forward sling mount + Sling Mount Kit - Type 1)
  5. $12 each - brand new staccato baseplates (5x 140mm & 2x 120mm & 126mm)
Add-ons: $2 for each item with purchase or free but shipping on you
  1. 2 Allen pistol case
  2. random 4 mag holder
GUIDELINES AND ETIQUETTES (Please read or I can't help)
NO CHAT! Questions/offers/haggling only comment below so it helps other people as well
Dibs first before messaging me. Message me for dibs only! Click here to message me
No trades. Price includes shipping but no insurance (if you want insurance please let me know) and only accepts PPFF, Venmo, Zelle, and Apple Pay—absolutely no notes.
Can ship anytime (from VA), USPS is next door
Don't ghost and be nice! Thanks for checking!
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2023.05.29 19:50 SuggestionRoyal9 Customizing my 930 spx

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2023.05.29 05:27 Ok-Departure3749 Best 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun for clay shooting under $700 (too many options to choose from)

I have been borrowing my father's Remington 1187 and trying out other friends' shotguns for the last few years, but want to get a shotgun of my own. There are way too many options to choose from and I need some help narrowing down my options. Based on the research I have done for the past couple of weeks It seems like the Mossberg 940 Pro is the best for the price.
Dahlonega Armory has the best price on them for $655
Other guns that I hear talked about here on this form and in other places are
- Mossberg 930
-Beretta A300
-Winchester SX4 and other models
-Stoeger m3000

What is the general consensus or yall opinion for the best semi-auto for under $700
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2023.05.28 23:42 LiJiCh [WTS] Centurion/DD FSP Upper, Unity Hot Button, ADM CompM4 Cowitness Mount, CompM4 Flip Caps, Aero Stripped Upper, Stag Stripped Upper, Mossberg 930 +6 Tube Extension Kit - $25-$1050

Prices are shipped via PayPal F&F. Call dibs then send a PM. Dibs has priority over hagglers. I can also take Zelle.
Will do $95 for the mount and flip caps.
- Unity MLOK SF Hot Button - $90
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2023.05.28 21:21 Parking-Highway3488 Almost 2 weeks in!

Almost 2 weeks in!
I posted 5d ago with questions on what to focus on and I tried to do a little of everything suggested. Here’s where I’ve made it to, still focusing on the quest for Orr! But not sure what else to go after. Currently have C17
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2023.05.28 03:12 BeLikeWater_1 (WTS) Scalarworks Mossberg RMR mount

This is the Scalarworks SYNC/03, the Mossberg 500/590/930 Tactical mount with the RMR style mounting footprint.
Couple ounces lighter than using a pic rail and mount. Lower profile, and probably stronger connection by way of receiver-mount-optic rather than receiver-rail-mount-optic.
Looking for $90 shipped.
Will take PayPal F&F, add 3% for G&S.
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2023.05.26 15:14 BeLikeWater_1 (WTS) Scalarworks SYNC/03 for Mossberg

Scalarworks SYNC mount for RMR to Mossberg 500, 590 and 930 Tactical shotguns. $100 shipped.
PayPal F&F. Add 3% for G&S.
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2023.05.26 10:38 Nyu_QQ Suggestion to next step

Suggestion to next step
Hello, should spent to pull sala and mud (stage farm and boss), upgrade relics or keep pulling for DH? (Already have 2 m1) thanks
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2023.05.22 19:29 Stefijordan How to pimp out your car?

If you're looking to give your car a personalized and unique touch, here are some tips and ideas to help you "pimp out" your ride and make it stand out from the crowd:
Exterior Enhancements:
Lighting Upgrades:
Interior Customization:
Audio and Entertainment:
Performance Enhancements:
Personalized Accessories:
Remember to comply with local laws and regulations when pimp out your car. Additionally, consider your budget, personal preferences, and the long-term impact of modifications on your car's resale value.
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2023.05.20 07:55 PapaGrog Mini 3 Pro Case

Mini 3 Pro Case
In the event that anyone else out there is looking for a hard case that can accommodate the Mini 3 Pro, RC controller, Goggles 2 + Motion Controller, Batteries and some accessories, this is working for me.
The Nanuk 930 has the additional room I needed for all of the above. I figured I'd post as an FYI as I wasn't 100% on the sizing of the case.
This is my first drone, so I wanted to make sure to protect it as much as I can.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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2023.05.18 02:14 grapecatcat Saw other 19 year olds posting collections figured I’d join.

Saw other 19 year olds posting collections figured I’d join.
Ar15 50 beo
Sp1 556
Ruger 10/22 limited run
Ruger American (heavily modded)
Calico m100
Ruger marlin trapper 45/70
80 ruger red hawk 44 mag
Keltec sub 2000 (heavily modded)
M1 carbine all matching
Sks all matching triangle 26
Mosin m44 all matching
Schmidt Rubin 1911 - year 1903 - all matching
Mossberg 930 sport pro series.
Unfinished not picture
300blk out ar15
Modern ar15 556
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2023.05.17 08:18 dilipkapoor4318 Catches 3 zeros spread today (TickTrader terminal), EUR/USD, GBP/USD, TRON/USD

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2023.05.16 19:03 Severe_Islexdia [WTS] ACOG - Wilson Combat - P320 Slide- VLTOR and more

I am not trying to get rich just recoup some money I've spent on new stuff- willing to entertain reasonable offers.
If you pay asking price shipping and fees are included - otherwise I will calc for you once we've agreed on a price

Trijicon ACOG TA31F (Dead Tritium) with all of the paper work and pelican case AND purchase receipt! $650 OBO
16 inch 300BLK PSA upper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 W/NiBo BCG and standard CH- Ghost Firearms No Logo M-LOK AR-15 Handguard - Black - 15" $480 OBO
VLTOR CASV M (Rare not sold anymore) Very used/Operational 1 2 3 4 $300 OBO
~~Wilson Combat WCP320 Grip Module Sig P320 Full Size 9mm with Tungsten inserts $73~\~
Sig P320 Pro Cut slide kit(Coyote) AND 9MM Back up tactical threaded barrel AND CA Recoil Assembly• $475 complete• Separated:o * Barrel $140o *Slide $365o *Spring $32
Vortex Micro 3X Magnifier 1 2 3 $280Barely used / like new
PSA AR10 gripStandard AR10 charging handle PSA AR10 15 inch M LOK rail 15" Lightweight M-Lok STR SSA-E • $135 complete • Separated: o *Grip $10 o *CH $15 o *Handguard $120Condition Good/Good/Good
Low Tier 300BLK Unknown brand - $280 OBOVery used/ needs assembly to be Operational
Yankee Hill Machine Free Float Tube Handguard Smooth/ 1 2 3 Quad Rail out of production $198 OBOUsed Faimissing spare rail sections
AR15 ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard$168 OBOBarely used / like new
Vortex Cross fire 4-12$135 OBO** I had to dial up on the Axiis II it came on I think the rail was not proper MOA
AR15 223/556 Barrell unknown maybe DPMS$100 OBO Good/Fair
SB Tactical SBM4$50Good
Magpul Industries STR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock$64Good
Trijicon ACOG TA51 Mount Picatinny-Style with Colt Style Thumbscrews Matte Black$50Good Authentic DPMS Pardus Stock 6-Position Commercial Diameter AND Commercial buttstock tube 1$54 Good / Operational
Standard AR15 charging handleCAA AR15 grip Standard AR15 gas block and tube Standard AR15 grip 1 2 AR15 drop in standard hand guard standard AR15 used barrel nut with delta ring Polymer AR gripPistol Grip AR-15 Polymer All only $50Various see pictures
Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat Modular Forend Rail for Mossberg 1 2 $145 OBOGreat
Mesa Tactical Urbino® Pistol Grip Stock For Mossberg 930/940 (12-GA) W/Riser -$164 OBO*maybe missing 1 or 2 sling attachments but has most of them- also all core items are there Mossberg 590 stock forend $17 OBO
~~Magpul PRS Stock 1$165Used good~\~
ACT Mag 45 1911$30Used good
Magpul AFG$22good fair Amazon quality ***picatinny flashlight holder 3-Slot Angle Mount 45 Degree Offset Picatinny/Weaver Rail QD Lever MountBarrel mounted picatinny rail for shotgun 1 23 4 5 6 7 8$30 OBO total All Amazon Tier stuff
DS150 Stock / Mil-Spec / Black 1 $32Great
Smith and Wesson MP40C grips / 2 - SM and MD$20 OBOLike New never used
MIDWEST INDUSTRIES GEN3 SS-SERIES ONE PIECE FREE FLOAT HANDGUARD W Barrel nut$64 OBOVery used/Operational missing spare rails
Old UTG Rails covers $12Vey used but functional
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2023.05.16 06:21 WiZ2801 Mossberg 590 sling adapter

What would I need to make this use this sling with my mossberg 590? I'm thinking it may be too short but I ordered it before checking the length. I had just got my first shotgun and was a bit trigger happy on getting accessories minutes after ordering the shotgun. 3 of 5 items I got are wrong :/ I'll have to a bit more thorough from now on.
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2023.05.15 23:30 deeznuts991 Help 500 barrel on 535 mossberg

Help 500 barrel on 535 mossberg
I thought I bought the right barrel for my 535 but it's a couple inches shy of the threads. Is there any extension I can get to let it fit? Or will I have to return it?
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2023.05.14 15:59 GemDG [FO4] "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x7FF73A8038F0 Fallout4.exe+1B938F0 CTD on start up

My game crashes as soon as I boot up the game I'll see the ENB loading screen and then it crashes to desktop.

This is for the modlist Lost World installed with Wabbajack on a clean Fallout 4 install.
Fallout 4 v1.10.163 Buffout 4 v1.26.2 Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x7FF73A8038F0 Fallout4.exe+1B938F0 [Compatibility] F4EE: false [Fixes] ActorIsHostileToActor: true CellInit: true CreateD3DAndSwapChain: true EncounterZoneReset: true GreyMovies: true MagicEffectApplyEvent: true MovementPlanner: true PackageAllocateLocation: true SafeExit: true TESObjectREFRGetEncounterZone: true UnalignedLoad: true UtilityShader: true [Patches] Achievements: true BSMTAManager: true BSPreCulledObjects: true BSTextureStreamerLocalHeap: true HavokMemorySystem: true INISettingCollection: true InputSwitch: false MaxStdIO: -1 MemoryManager: true MemoryManagerDebug: false ScaleformAllocator: true SmallBlockAllocator: true WorkshopMenu: true [Warnings] CreateTexture2D: true ImageSpaceAdapter: true SYSTEM SPECS: OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro v10.0.22621 CPU: GenuineIntel 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13900K GPU #1: Nvidia NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU #2: Microsoft Basic Render Driver PHYSICAL MEMORY: 13.52 GB/31.75 GB PROBABLE CALL STACK: [ 0] 0x7FF73A8038F0 Fallout4.exe+1B938F0 -> 306612+0xB0 [ 1] 0x7FF73A35902C Fallout4.exe+16E902C -> 1130555+0x5C [ 2] 0x7FF73A3596D8 Fallout4.exe+16E96D8 -> 875252+0x88 [ 3] 0x7FF73A358ACC Fallout4.exe+16E8ACC -> 228779+0x4C [ 4] 0x7FF738D9A0F4 Fallout4.exe+012A0F4 -> 610272+0x1C4 [ 5] 0x7FF738D8B7D5 Fallout4.exe+011B7D5 -> 189223+0x765 [ 6] 0x7FF738D87075 Fallout4.exe+0117075 -> 57137+0x455 [ 7] 0x7FF7399A7CD4 Fallout4.exe+0D37CD4 -> 708657+0x2F4 [ 8] 0x7FF7399AF253 Fallout4.exe+0D3F253 -> 407290+0x263 [ 9] 0x7FF7399C35A9 Fallout4.exe+0D535A9 -> 1085735+0x29 [10] 0x7FFEC37AA8AC f4se_1_10_163.dll+000A8AC [11] 0x7FF73A78CFED Fallout4.exe+1B1CFED -> 1079791+0x3D [12] 0x7FFF7E2C26AD KERNEL32.DLL+00126AD [13] 0x7FFF7FC8A9F8 ntdll.dll+005A9F8 REGISTERS: RAX 0x249D2DAD070 (void*) RCX 0x0 (size_t) RDX 0x9C0 (size_t) RBX 0x61 (size_t) RSP 0xD31ABDF000 (char*) " " RBP 0xD31ABDF150 (void*) RSI 0xD31ABDF0C0 (BSResourceNiBinaryStream*) RDI 0x1 (size_t) R8 0x1 (size_t) R9 0x1 (size_t) R10 0x0 (size_t) R11 0xD31ABDF758 (void*) R12 0x24986A99D40 (void*) R13 0x0 (size_t) R14 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) R15 0x1 (size_t) STACK: [RSP+0 ] 0x249D62D0020 (void*) [RSP+8 ] 0x7FFECA542CDF (void* -> usvfs_x64.dll+0092CDF) [RSP+10 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+18 ] 0x7FFF7D588400 (void* -> KERNELBASE.dll+0028400) [RSP+20 ] 0xD31ABDF8E0 (void*) [RSP+28 ] 0x24986A99A78 (void*) [RSP+30 ] 0x24986A99A79 (void*) [RSP+38 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+40 ] 0xD31ABDF7F0 (void*) [RSP+48 ] 0x7FF73A35902C (void* -> Fallout4.exe+16E902C) [RSP+50 ] 0xD31ABDF150 (void*) [RSP+58 ] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+60 ] 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) [RSP+68 ] 0x7FFF7FC6AB01 (void* -> ntdll.dll+003AB01) [RSP+70 ] 0x249D62D6AF0 (void*) [RSP+78 ] 0x2496C140000 (void*) [RSP+80 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+88 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+90 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+98 ] 0x249CF2106A0 (void*) [RSP+A0 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A8 ] 0x7FFF7FC3E507 (void* -> ntdll.dll+000E507) [RSP+B0 ] 0xD31ABDF100 (void*) [RSP+B8 ] 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) [RSP+C0 ] 0x7FF73BA84278 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2E14278) [RSP+C8 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D0 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D8 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E0 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E8 ] 0x24900000000 (char*) "Actx " [RSP+F0 ] 0xD31ABDF140 (char*) "0" [RSP+F8 ] 0x7FF700000000 (size_t) [RSP+100] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+108] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+110] 0xD31ABDF590 (char*) "." [RSP+118] 0x7FF73A7FF566 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B8F566) [RSP+120] 0xD31ABDF330 (void*) [RSP+128] 0x7FFEC31D6480 (void* -> MSVCR110.dll+0036480) [RSP+130] 0x4 (size_t) [RSP+138] 0x7FF73A280E26 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1610E26) [RSP+140] 0x679C397200000030 (size_t) [RSP+148] 0xC927C82201D98668 (size_t) [RSP+150] 0xA7DD5A7A01D9866A (size_t) [RSP+158] 0x1D98668 (size_t) [RSP+160] 0x24900007000 (size_t) [RSP+168] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+170] 0xD31ABDF740 (void*) [RSP+178] 0x7FF73A7F3C57 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B83C57) [RSP+180] 0xD300000000 (size_t) [RSP+188] 0x7FF73A7B2FE8 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B42FE8) [RSP+190] 0x40 (size_t) [RSP+198] 0xD300000000 (size_t) [RSP+1A0] 0xD31ABDF790 (void*) [RSP+1A8] 0x24900069E2E (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0049E2E) [RSP+1B0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1B8] 0xD31ABDF278 (NiBinaryStream*) [RSP+1C0] 0xD31ABDF710 (void*) [RSP+1C8] 0xD31ABDF790 (void*) [RSP+1D0] 0x6D616574535C3A44 (size_t) [RSP+1D8] 0x5C7972617262694C (size_t) [RSP+1E0] 0x7070616D61657473 (size_t) [RSP+1E8] 0x6E6F6D6D6F635C73 (size_t) [RSP+1F0] 0x74756F6C6C61465C (size_t) [RSP+1F8] 0x5C415441445C3420 (size_t) [RSP+200] 0x415C53454853454D (size_t) [RSP+208] 0x44747865546D696E (size_t) [RSP+210] 0x6D696E415C617461 (size_t) [RSP+218] 0x6C69466E6F697461 (size_t) [RSP+220] 0x2E5C6174614465 (size_t) [RSP+228] 0x7FF73E6C8650 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5A58650) [RSP+230] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+238] 0x7FF73A280C55 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1610C55) [RSP+240] 0x7FF73E6C8600 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5A58600) [RSP+248] 0x7FF73E6C8648 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5A58648) [RSP+250] 0x7FF73E7D7580 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5B67580) [RSP+258] 0x4 (size_t) [RSP+260] 0xD31ABDF270 (void*) [RSP+268] 0xD31ABDF6F0 (void*) [RSP+270] 0x249F44359F0 (void*) [RSP+278] 0x7FF73BA7F118 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2E0F118) [RSP+280] 0x44 (size_t) [RSP+288] 0x249F6E20700 (void*) [RSP+290] 0x24902A70610 (void*) [RSP+298] 0x44 (size_t) [RSP+2A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2A8] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+2B0] 0x3456 (size_t) [RSP+2B8] 0x7FF738D8F8CD (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F8CD) [RSP+2C0] 0xA6 (size_t) [RSP+2C8] 0x7FF738D8F99B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F99B) [RSP+2D0] 0x1B (size_t) [RSP+2D8] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+2E0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2E8] 0x249E2C5EB18 (void*) [RSP+2F0] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+2F8] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+300] 0x24986A99A79 (void*) [RSP+308] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+310] 0x249AEB0C148 (char*) "DATA\MESHES\AnimTextData\AnimationFileData\." [RSP+318] 0x24901EEBD20 (BSResource::LooseFileLocation*) [RSP+320] 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) [RSP+328] 0x7FF73A7F442D (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B8442D) [RSP+330] 0xD300000000 (size_t) [RSP+338] 0x24901EEBD20 (BSResource::LooseFileLocation*) [RSP+340] 0x249AEB0C148 (char*) "DATA\MESHES\AnimTextData\AnimationFileData\." [RSP+348] 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) [RSP+350] 0xD31ABDF740 (void*) [RSP+358] 0x7FF738D8F900 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F900) [RSP+360] 0x53454D5C41544144 (size_t) [RSP+368] 0x6D696E415C534548 (size_t) [RSP+370] 0x6174614474786554 (size_t) [RSP+378] 0x6974616D696E415C (size_t) [RSP+380] 0x6144656C69466E6F (size_t) [RSP+388] 0x7F00005C6174 (size_t) [RSP+390] 0xA9 (size_t) [RSP+398] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+3A0] 0xA9 (size_t) [RSP+3A8] 0x7FF73E540D00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0D00) [RSP+3B0] 0xA5 (size_t) [RSP+3B8] 0x7FF738D8F99B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F99B) [RSP+3C0] 0xAA (size_t) [RSP+3C8] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+3D0] 0xAA (size_t) [RSP+3D8] 0x7FF73E540D00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0D00) [RSP+3E0] 0xA5 (size_t) [RSP+3E8] 0x7FF738D8F99B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F99B) [RSP+3F0] 0xAB (size_t) [RSP+3F8] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+400] 0xAB (size_t) [RSP+408] 0x7FF73E540D00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0D00) [RSP+410] 0xA5 (size_t) [RSP+418] 0x7FF738D8F99B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F99B) [RSP+420] 0xAC (size_t) [RSP+428] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+430] 0xAC (size_t) [RSP+438] 0x7FF73E540D00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0D00) [RSP+440] 0xA5 (size_t) [RSP+448] 0x7FF738D8F99B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F99B) [RSP+450] 0xAD (size_t) [RSP+458] 0x7FF738D8EEC0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011EEC0) [RSP+460] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+468] 0x249AEB0C173 (char*) "." [RSP+470] 0x249AEB0C174 (void*) [RSP+478] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+480] 0x53454D5C41544144 (size_t) [RSP+488] 0x6D696E415C534548 (size_t) [RSP+490] 0x6174614474786554 (size_t) [RSP+498] 0x6974616D696E415C (size_t) [RSP+4A0] 0x6144656C69466E6F (size_t) [RSP+4A8] 0x249005C6174 (void*) [RSP+4B0] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+4B8] 0x2490007442C (void* -> Buffout4.dll+005442C) [RSP+4C0] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+4C8] 0x24900282520 (char*) " %(" [RSP+4D0] 0x24A1611A040 (void*) [RSP+4D8] 0x7FF738D8F99B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011F99B) [RSP+4E0] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+4E8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+4F0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+4F8] 0x24900282550 (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0262550) [RSP+500] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+508] 0x24900282520 (char*) " %(" [RSP+510] 0x18 (size_t) [RSP+518] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+520] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+528] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+530] 0x24900282520 (char*) " %(" [RSP+538] 0x2490007373B (void* -> Buffout4.dll+005373B) [RSP+540] 0x24A1611A040 (void*) [RSP+548] 0x24A16050000 (void*) [RSP+550] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+558] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+560] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+568] 0x24900282520 (char*) " %(" [RSP+570] 0x6CBC (size_t) [RSP+578] 0x24900073FBF (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0053FBF) [RSP+580] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+588] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+590] 0x2E (size_t) [RSP+598] 0x24900070FD9 (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0050FD9) [RSP+5A0] 0x30000 (size_t) [RSP+5A8] 0x24900282500 (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0262500) [RSP+5B0] 0xD31ABDF630 (void*) [RSP+5B8] 0x249F6E20880 (void*) [RSP+5C0] 0x7FF700000002 (size_t) [RSP+5C8] 0x7FF73A7B2FE8 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B42FE8) [RSP+5D0] 0xD31ABDF638 (void*) [RSP+5D8] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+5E0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+5E8] 0x24900288660 (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0268660) [RSP+5F0] 0x249AE8B2E80 (void*) [RSP+5F8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+600] 0x40 (size_t) [RSP+608] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+610] 0x24900282520 (char*) " %(" [RSP+618] 0x24900282510 (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0262510) [RSP+620] 0xB0D0000001B (size_t) [RSP+628] 0x2490006975C (void* -> Buffout4.dll+004975C) [RSP+630] 0x249DA47BE68 (void*) [RSP+638] 0x7FF73A7B2FE8 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B42FE8) [RSP+640] 0x32000 (size_t) [RSP+648] 0x24900282501 (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0262501) [RSP+650] 0xB0D0000001B (size_t) [RSP+658] 0x24900069E2E (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0049E2E) [RSP+660] 0xCC25349E (size_t) [RSP+668] 0x249DA47BE48 (void*) [RSP+670] 0x7FF73E877C40 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5C07C40) [RSP+678] 0x249DA47BE68 (void*) [RSP+680] 0xD31ABDF701 (void*) [RSP+688] 0x7FF73A7B1F2C (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B41F2C) [RSP+690] 0x30000 (size_t) [RSP+698] 0x24A161187E8 (void*) [RSP+6A0] 0x61 (size_t) [RSP+6A8] 0x7FF73A7E1B93 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B71B93) [RSP+6B0] 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) [RSP+6B8] 0x249DA47BD00 (void*) [RSP+6C0] 0xD31ABDF700 (void*) [RSP+6C8] 0x24A161425C0 (void*) [RSP+6D0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6D8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6E0] 0x249DA47BD00 (void*) [RSP+6E8] 0x7FF73A7E8116 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B78116) [RSP+6F0] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+6F8] 0xD31ABDF8E0 (void*) [RSP+700] 0xD31ABDF788 (void*) [RSP+708] 0x249DA47BD00 (void*) [RSP+710] 0xD31ABDF7F0 (void*) [RSP+718] 0xD31ABDF780 (void*) [RSP+720] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+728] 0x7FF73A7E1FDB (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B71FDB) [RSP+730] 0x24986A99A78 (void*) [RSP+738] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+740] 0x9A3C16E9 (size_t) [RSP+748] 0xD31ABDF7F0 (void*) [RSP+750] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+758] 0x7FF73A3596D8 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+16E96D8) [RSP+760] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+768] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+770] 0xD31ABDF7F0 (void*) [RSP+778] 0x9A3C16E9 (size_t) [RSP+780] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+788] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+790] 0x2499A3C16E9 (void*) [RSP+798] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7A0] 0x2499A3C16E9 (void*) [RSP+7A8] 0xD31ABDF7A0 (void*) [RSP+7B0] 0x7FF73E53ECA0 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58CECA0) [RSP+7B8] 0x7FF73A358ACC (void* -> Fallout4.exe+16E8ACC) [RSP+7C0] 0x7FF73E773170 (`anonymous namespace'::AnimationFileLookupSingletonHelper*) [RSP+7C8] 0x7FF73E772560 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5B02560) [RSP+7D0] 0x249E3550568 (void*) [RSP+7D8] 0x249DA47BD00 (void*) [RSP+7E0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7E8] 0x2499A3C16E9 (void*) [RSP+7F0] 0x7FF73E772970 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5B02970) [RSP+7F8] 0x7FF73E773170 (`anonymous namespace'::AnimationFileLookupSingletonHelper*) [RSP+800] 0x249E3550548 (void*) [RSP+808] 0x7FF738D9A0F4 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+012A0F4) [RSP+810] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+818] 0x249E3550540 (void*) [RSP+820] 0x249E3550568 (void*) [RSP+828] 0x7FF700000000 (size_t) [RSP+830] 0x7FF73E772850 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5B02850) [RSP+838] 0x7FF73E772848 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5B02848) [RSP+840] 0x1F (size_t) [RSP+848] 0x7FF738D92480 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0122480) [RSP+850] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+858] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+860] 0x249AE9A6380 (void*) [RSP+868] 0x7FF740000000 (size_t) [RSP+870] 0x7FF73E540D00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0D00) [RSP+878] 0x7FF73E772560 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5B02560) [RSP+880] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+888] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+890] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+898] 0x7FF738D8B7D5 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+011B7D5) [RSP+8A0] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+8A8] 0xD31ABDF8E0 (void*) [RSP+8B0] 0x249E3550548 (void*) [RSP+8B8] 0x7FF73E540D00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0D00) [RSP+8C0] 0x249E2C5EB18 (void*) [RSP+8C8] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+8D0] 0x249E2D4EC00 (void*) [RSP+8D8] 0x7FF738D87075 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0117075) [RSP+8E0] 0x7FF73E74FF00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5ADFF00) [RSP+8E8] 0x249E2C5EB18 (void*) [RSP+8F0] 0x7FF73E540B00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0B00) [RSP+8F8] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+900] 0x7FF73B8B96C8 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2C496C8) [RSP+908] 0x7FF73E541AD8 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D1AD8) [RSP+910] 0x7FF73E540B00 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+58D0B00) [RSP+918] 0xD31ABDF970 (void*) [RSP+920] 0x66 (size_t) [RSP+928] 0x9C0 (size_t) [RSP+930] 0x24901F02980 (SceneGraph*) Name: "WorldRoot Node" [RSP+938] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+940] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+948] 0x24986A99300 (void*) [RSP+950] 0x7FF73C3FE400 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+378E400) [RSP+958] 0x2490200CCC0 (NiNode*) Name: "ObjectLODRoot" [RSP+960] 0x7FF73C3FE400 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+378E400) [RSP+968] 0x7FF7399A7CD4 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D37CD4) [RSP+970] 0x7FF700200000 (size_t) [RSP+978] 0x249E2C79000 (void*) [RSP+980] 0x7FF700000002 (size_t) [RSP+988] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+990] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+998] 0x2490200CF40 (NiNode*) Name: "WaterLOD" [RSP+9A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+9A8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+9B0] 0x80000 (size_t) [RSP+9B8] 0x7FF700000000 (size_t) [RSP+9C0] 0x57E4 (size_t) [RSP+9C8] 0x7FFF7FCCEE20 (void* -> ntdll.dll+009EE20) [RSP+9D0] 0x57E4 (size_t) [RSP+9D8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+9E0] 0x7FF73E74D640 (GameScript::PathingCallbackMgr*) [RSP+9E8] 0x7FF73A780DBA (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B10DBA) [RSP+9F0] 0x7FF73E715178 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5AA5178) [RSP+9F8] 0x7FF73E715168 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5AA5168) [RSP+A00] 0x246 (size_t) [RSP+A08] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A10] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A18] 0x249CF2106A0 (void*) [RSP+A20] 0x7FF73E715160 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5AA5160) [RSP+A28] 0x7FF739FB1B9B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1341B9B) [RSP+A30] 0x7FF73E715160 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5AA5160) [RSP+A38] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A40] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+A48] 0xA1D5401249DA0000 (size_t) [RSP+A50] 0x206 (size_t) [RSP+A58] 0x24900069E2E (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0049E2E) [RSP+A60] 0x57E4 (size_t) [RSP+A68] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A70] 0x7FF73B8BA948 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2C4A948) [RSP+A78] 0x7FF73E715168 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+5AA5168) [RSP+A80] 0x7FF73E74D640 (GameScript::PathingCallbackMgr*) [RSP+A88] 0x7FF739FAFDE6 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+133FDE6) [RSP+A90] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A98] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+AA0] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+AA8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+AB0] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+AB8] 0x7FF739FE1DAA (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1371DAA) [RSP+AC0] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+AC8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+AD0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+AD8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+AE0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+AE8] 0x7FF7399AF253 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D3F253) [RSP+AF0] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+AF8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B00] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B08] 0x24986A99D40 (void*) [RSP+B10] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B18] 0x7FF7399C35A9 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D535A9) [RSP+B20] 0x249AE7ABA60 (`anonymous namespace'::InitGameDataThread*) [RSP+B28] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B30] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B38] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B40] 0x249AE7ABA60 (`anonymous namespace'::InitGameDataThread*) [RSP+B48] 0x7FFEC37AA8AC (void* -> f4se_1_10_163.dll+000A8AC) [RSP+B50] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B58] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B60] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B68] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B70] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B78] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B80] 0x249AE7ABA60 (`anonymous namespace'::InitGameDataThread*) [RSP+B88] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B90] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B98] 0x7FF73A78CFED (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B1CFED) [RSP+BA0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BA8] 0xD31ABDFBC0 (void*) [RSP+BB0] 0x24901EEBC90 (void*) [RSP+BB8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BC0] 0x249AE7ABA60 (`anonymous namespace'::InitGameDataThread*) [RSP+BC8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BD0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BD8] 0x7FFF7E2C26AD (void* -> KERNEL32.DLL+00126AD) [RSP+BE0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BE8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BF0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+BF8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C00] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C08] 0x7FFF7FC8A9F8 (void* -> ntdll.dll+005A9F8) [RSP+C10] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C18] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C20] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C28] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C30] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C38] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C40] 0xEDA0016A00000000 (size_t) [RSP+C48] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C50] 0x4F0FFFFFB30 (size_t) [RSP+C58] 0x7FFF7D6BB5F0 (void* -> KERNELBASE.dll+015B5F0) [RSP+C60] 0xD31ABDE140 (void*) [RSP+C68] 0xFFE432ED2680001F (size_t) [RSP+C70] 0x7FFF90CBB49A (size_t) [RSP+C78] 0xD31ABDE140 (void*) [RSP+C80] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C88] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C90] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+C98] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CA0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CA8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CB0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CB8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CC0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CC8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CD0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CD8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CE0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CE8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CF0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+CF8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D00] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D08] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D10] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D18] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D20] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D28] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D30] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D38] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D40] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D48] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D50] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D58] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D60] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D68] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D70] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D78] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D80] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D88] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D90] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+D98] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DA0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DA8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DB0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DB8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DC0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DC8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DD0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DD8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DE0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DE8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DF0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+DF8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E00] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E08] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E10] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E18] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E20] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E28] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E30] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E38] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E40] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E48] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E50] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E58] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E60] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E68] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E70] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E78] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E80] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E88] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E90] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E98] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EA0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EA8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EB0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EB8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EC0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EC8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+ED0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+ED8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EE0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EE8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EF0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+EF8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F00] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F08] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F10] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F18] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F20] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F28] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F30] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F38] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F40] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F48] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F50] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F58] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F60] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F68] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F70] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F78] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F80] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F88] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F90] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F98] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FA0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FA8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FB0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FB8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FC0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FC8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FD0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FD8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FE0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FE8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FF0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+FF8] 0x0 (size_t) MODULES: F4SE PLUGINS: BetterConsole.dll Buffout4.dll v1.26.2 BulletCountedReload.dll CombinedCombatXP.dll f4pm.dll FallSouls.dll HighFPSPhysicsFix.dll mcm.dll PowerGridTools.dll RefLookup.dll SilentProtagonistF4SE.dll SprintStutteringFix.dll UnlimitedSurvivalMode.dll wsfw_identifier.dll XDI.dll PLUGINS: [00] Fallout4.esm [01] DLCRobot.esm [02] DLCworkshop01.esm [03] DLCCoast.esm [04] DLCworkshop02.esm [05] DLCworkshop03.esm [06] DLCNukaWorld.esm [07] Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp [08] WorkshopFramework.esm [09] HUDFramework.esm [0A] XDI.esm [0B] MutantMenagerie.esm [0C] TheSewers.esm [0D] TheWilderness.esm [0E] TheMoleratTunnels.esm [0F] SouthOfTheSea.esm [10] PhotoMode.esp [11] LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp [12] BRB Console Enabler.esp [13] ECO.esp [14] SKKFastStartNewGame.esp [15] Immersive HUD.esp [16] QuickTrade.esp [17] MW-Krueger.esp [18] Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp [19] MyCart_Biohazard.esp [1A] Nexus_PMC.esp [1B] DT_MercOutfitPack.esp [1C] Military Gorka Suit.esp [1D] STALKER_Backpack.esp [1E] Tactical Flashlights.esp [1F] Tactical Flashlights - Settings.esp [20] AVBHandmadeHazmat.esp [21] K9TacticalHarness.esp [22] Modern Assassin.esp [23] OTs33Pernach.esp [24] ReconPack.esp [25] RussianAssaultPack.esp [26] AK74M.esp [27] Wana_SA58.esp [28] BerettaM9FS.esp [29] GIAT_FAMAS.esp [2A] Glock19x.esp [2B] G36Complex.esp [2C] HK_MP5.esp [2D] HuntingShotgun.esp [2E] SV-98.esp [2F] RU556.esp [30] P220.esp [31] 9x39Project.esp [32] HaxRPG7.esp [33] PL-14.esp [34] Mossberg500.esp [35] AKMnv.esp [36] Mosin.esp [37] MP7.esp [38] Remington700.esp [39] GreaseGunSMG.esp [3A] MTs255.esp [3B] StG44.esp [3C] Stg44 Animations.esp [3D] M1A.esp [3E] HRP_Mk23.esp [3F] Some Assembly Required.esp [40] BowieKnifes.esp [41] HuntsmanKnife.esp [42] Kukri.esp [43] BoxcutterSA.esp [44] Ev_CPA10.esp [45] EV_CPA10_LL.esp [46] Boston Bandits.esp [47] MilitarizedMinutemen.esp [48] MilitarisedMinutemen_PatchesAddon.esp [49] PowerArmorLite.esp [4A] Immersive Fallout - Movement (DLC).esp [4B] Immersive Fallout - Real Recoil (DLC).esp [4C] Immersive Fallout - Realistic ADS (DLC).esp [4D] RAW INPUT.esp [4E] Campsite.esp [4F] mr Loot Logic and Reduction.esp [50] Hunter of the Commonwealth.esp [51] NightOfTheCreeps.esp [52] FO4 NPCs Travel.esp [53] RadiationOverhaulSP.esp [54] RADS.esp [55] ConceptCentaur.esp [56] No VATS Overhaul.esp [57] Commonwealth Overhaul.esp [58] NightstrikerCreatureMod.esp [59] [ARR] FallEvil - Mega Zombie Pack.esp [5A] [ARR] MZP Zombie Behaviour.esp [5B] SKKRESystemManager.esp [5C] SKKActorReplaceRespawnManager.esp [5D] ImmersiveAnimationFramework.esp [5E] SCM.esp [5F] GCM.esp [60] Gas Masks of the Wasteland.esp [61] NPC Accuracy Revised.esp [62] ConsumeWithoutPickup.esp [63] KSHairdos.esp [64] The Eyes Of Beauty.esp [65] Guards.esp [66] Live Action Handy.esp [67] Lots More Facial Hair.esp [68] Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp [69] SSNPC - DCResidentsAIO.esp [6A] SKKActorReplaceRespawnManagerCustomLists.esp [6B] Misty Pines Overhaul.esp [6C] AnimatedCandles.esp [6D] Gritty Subway Stations.esp [6E] Wasteland Illumination.esp [6F] Clean Water - Clean - ExtraRads.esp [70] waterLODfix.esp [71] Dark Sci Fi Vault Retexture 4k.esp [72] TrueBlood.esp [73] Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp [74] AmbientTunnels.esp [75] AA Subways of the Commonwealth.esp [76] subwayrunnnerdynamiclighting.esp [77] Hunkered Down - No AtomCatsGarage.esp [78] moreXplore.esp [79] InsideJobs.esp [7A] InsideJobs_UFO4P.esp [7B] stumbleuponinteriors.esp [7C] The Metro.esp [7D] MetroSilent.esp [7E] FLORA - The Fungal Forest.esp [7F] Children of Ug Qualtoth.esp [80] RRTV_BoxcarHome.esp [81] RRTV_SubwaySafehouse.esp [82] Eli_Chestnut Lodge DLC.esp [83] saferoom2.0.esp [84] ARTICHOKE.esp [85] SimpleBounties.esp [86] Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp [87] _SoundZero_.esp [88] Ambient Wasteland.esp [89] BarefootFootstepExtended.esp [8A] Project Reality Footsteps FO4.esp [8B] Existence 2.0.esp [8C] MGRCurrency.esp [8D] PollutedClimate.esp [8E] TheZone.esp [8F] Karma_Pickups.esp [90] STALKER Music_Complete.esp [91] MusicMergedDLC.esp [92] Dynamic Music Overhaul.esp [93] QuantumSoundwavesRadio.esp [94] ZoneRadio.esp [95] Fatigue.esp [96] PowerArmorLiteReplacer.esp [97] Nate's Old Footlocker v1.esp [98] A Forest.esp [99] PaladinBaileyRedRocket.esp [9A] UltraInteriorLighting.esp [9B] UltraInteriorLighting_DarkerAmbience.esp [9C] InteriorColorCorrection.esp [9D] Minuteman Watchtowers.esp [9E] Gas Mask Biped Fix.esp [9F] Ceft_Main.esp [A0] OpenHagen.esp [A1] OpenConcord.esp [A2] OpenLexington.esp [A3] 4estGimp - SotS AS MMWatchtower.esp [A4] TruePerks.esp [A5] ImmersiveAnimationFramework Patch.esp [A6] RemoveLowHealthBlur.esp [A7] Generic Whispers.esp [FE:000] LootedWorld.esl [FE:001] LIF.esl [FE:002] RadioactiveSignsAIO.esl [FE:003] Horrorghouls2.2.esl [FE:004] SSTMinutemanWatchtowers.esl [FE:005] GCM_DLC_Far_Harbor.esl [FE:006] PRP-NukalurkRecipeBook.esp [FE:007] Flicker Fixer.esp [FE:008] Wetness Shader Fix.esp [FE:009] IntroTweaks.esp [FE:00A] CROSS_CoA.esp [FE:00B] Kedr.esp [FE:00C] TEC9.esp [FE:00D] Remington700_Addon.esp [FE:00E] Mosin Pipe Bolt Action Replacer.esp [FE:00F] Mosin Pipe Bolt Action Replacer ECO patch.esp [FE:010] [ARR] MZP Far Harbor Patch.esp [FE:011] [ARR] FallEvil - MZP Nuka World Patch.esp [FE:012] IAF - Far Harbor & Nuka World.esp [FE:013] 4estGimp - SSNPC-DCResidentsAIO_BlackLipPatch.esp [FE:014] TerrainUndersides.esp [FE:015] Burst Impact Blast FX.esp [FE:016] Fallout 4 Ultimate Window Overhaul.esp [FE:017] Elzee Recoil Shake.esp [FE:018] No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp [FE:019] Less_Intense_Speculars_TrueBlood.esp [FE:01A] RussianStimpack.esp [FE:01B] SunLightAlignment.esp [FE:01C] Forsythia Replacer.esp [FE:01D] subwayrunnnerMap.esp [FE:01E] subwayrunnnerdynamiclighting OPC Patch.esp [FE:01F] RansackedRelay.esp [FE:020] BasementLiving.esp [FE:021] LOST Audio Tweaks.esp [FE:022] CGOsoundsplugin.esp [FE:023] CityAmbience.esp [FE:024] LushAmbience.esp [FE:025] Sinister Ambient Sound.esp [FE:026] [ETH] TFS EquipSounds.esp [FE:027] Bullet Impact Overhaul.esp [FE:028] Physics Sound Overhaul.esp [FE:029] Melee Impact Overhaul.esp [FE:02A] Enemy Footstep Overhaul.esp [FE:02B] 4estGimp - LostWorld_STALKER_Merged.esp [FE:02C] LAT - Ambient Wasteland Patch.esp [FE:02D] LAT - Lush Ambience Patch.esp [FE:02E] LAT - Polluted Climate Patch.esp [FE:02F] LAT - Sinister and Inner City Patch.esp [FE:030] LAT RAO - Existence Patch.esp [FE:031] LAT - Horrorghouls Patch.esp [FE:032] Bullet in the Chamber.esp [FE:033] 3dscopes.esp [FE:034] Modern Weapon Replacer - Izhmash SV-98 - Lever Action Rifles.esp [FE:035] Modern Weapon Replacer - RPG-7V2 - Fat Man.esp [FE:036] Modern Weapon Replacer - RPG-7V2 - Missile Launchers.esp [FE:037] Modern Weapon Replacer - Beretta M9FS - Deliverer.esp [FE:038] Modern Weapon Replacer - PL-14 Lebedev - 10mm Pistols.esp [FE:039] Modern Weapon Replacer - AK74M - Handmade Rifles.esp [FE:03A] Modern Weapon Replacer - MP5 Complex - Radium Rifles.esp [FE:03B] Modern Weapon Replacer - AKM Complex - Institute Guns.esp [FE:03C] Modern Weapon Replacer - AKM Complex - Laser Muskets.esp [FE:03D] Modern Weapon Replacer - AnotherOne TEC-9 - Submachine Guns.esp [FE:03E] Modern Weapon Replacer - FN FAL SA58 - Laser Guns.esp [FE:03F] Modern Weapon Replacer - Mossberg 500 - Combat Shotguns.esp [FE:040] Modern Weapon Replacer - MTs-255 - Pipe Revolvers.esp [FE:041] Modern Weapon Replacer - PL-14 Lebedev - Gamma Guns.esp [FE:042] Modern Weapon Replacer - RU556 - Plasma Guns.esp [FE:043] Nate Footlocker Custom Loadout.esp [FE:044] A Forest-Base Mod Patch.esp [FE:045] A Forest-MoreXplore.esp [FE:046] BostonFPSFixAIO.esp [FE:047] SouthOfTheSea[Previs].esp [FE:048] MAIM Distributor.esp [FE:049] MAIM 2.esp [FE:04A] MAIM 2 - Lite.esp [FE:04B] Patch_HotC_Menagerie.esp [FE:04C] Audio Regions Master Patch.esp [FE:04D] CGO - pp91 replacer patch.esp [FE:04E] LW-CR-BenRierimanu.esp [FE:04F] Zone Weather Override.esp [FE:050] IAF - LOST AT Patch.esp [FE:051] LW_PATCH-MiscFixes.esp [FE:052] LW_PATCH-MM_WeaponAdjustments.esp [FE:053] LW_PATCH-UFO4P_RadOH.esp [FE:054] PC - City Ambience Patch.esp [FE:055] Looted World - Loot Logic and Reduction Patch.esp [FE:056] Sound Zero - CGO patch.esp [FE:057] PC No Night Rays Patch.esp [FE:058] BIB - Ammo Pickup SFX Patch.esp [FE:059] Russian Stimpak - MAIM Lite Patch.esp [FE:05A] MAIM_Lite_Craftable_TXA_Patch.esp [FE:05B] MAIM_Lite_Perk_Tweaks.esp [FE:05C] PC Color Correction.esp [FE:05D] PB FL Brighten.esp [FE:05E] Creature Rebalance.esp [FE:05F] Lost_World_Perk_Patch.esp [FE:060] Militarized Minutemen Regular Weapon.esp [FE:061] Workshop Override.esp [FE:062] ECO_INNRoverride.esp 
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