Care bear with rainbow and star

A place for animal photos with naturally occuring hearts

2019.04.15 01:17 mgush5 A place for animal photos with naturally occuring hearts

A place for animal photos with naturally occurring hearts as the Care Bears and Cousins do. While Care Bears and Cousins have Suns/Moons these would just be circles - the exception to this is if there are changes within the circle For example, circles within a circle would be a moon. Rainbows could include a light refracting over an animals stomach creating a Care Bear Stare of sorts, or a Rainbow arc where it changes colour through the shape No photos of Humans allowed. This includes babies.

2014.11.11 21:54 Rainbow Boas

A Subreddit dedicated to all species of Rainbow Boas. A great place for fellow BRB owners to come for questions, comments, concerns, or to share a picture of your BRB.

2009.02.25 01:08 chalk46 rainbowgathering

Some say we're the largest non-organization of non-members in the world. We have no leaders, and no organization. To be honest, the Rainbow Family means different things to different people. I think it's safe to say we're into intentional community building, non-violence, and alternative lifestyles. We also believe that Peace and Love are a great thing, and there isn't enough of that in this world.

2023.03.20 21:16 AvonturierChimela Guided by the Stars

Humanity has a fascination with the stars. It has existed since the first person left there cave during a cold clear night and turned there gaze up, and wondered what those bright lights where.
For thousands of years, they would marvel at the beauty before them. Spinning tales and legends of what the thousands of stars maybe. The Greeks saw constellations or collections of stars as divine beings awarded with a place in the stars for deeds long age.
To the Yakut tribe of Siberia, they are the crystal lenses with which the gods watch the earth.
To the Paiute in the great basin of North America they were the children of the sun and moon. Everyday they are trialed under the sun and every night they are nursed by the moon.
To the Turks of Central Asia, The sky, was nothing but a tent and the stars, holes in it.
To the Chinese two constellation represented people like the girl who weaves clouds or the herdsman of the heavens. It was said that the gods put them on either side of the milky way to not be distracted from there duties after falling in love. Once a year in the seventh day of the seventh month they are aloud to meet when the birds in the sky bridge across the milky way.
Almost one and a half thousand years ago a supernova’s light reached earth and could be witnessed for almost two years. It was witnessed and recorded by Japanese, Arab, Chinese, Mayan and Native American Indians. In some places it was thought to mean a god has fallen.
And to a bunch of drunk University students in Germany, in ones words, “Hey, that one looks like a hat.”
But humanity does not just look at the stars. The harness them. There perceive eternalness in an ever changing world made them useful.
In Egypt almost five-thousand years ago. They used the positions of the stars and sun to calculate when the Nile would flood. And when they were building the tallest structures on the planet for thousands of years. They used the star Thuban to keep the goliaths of stone straight.
Whether Columbus, Vespucci, or Magellan, they all used tools pioneered by Arabian Astronomers centuries earlier to explore the vast Oceans of their planet.
When man first left the gravity of there cradle they where dubbed ‘Sailors of the stars or Astronauts.’ And they dreamed of one day meeting those similar to themselves around the stars. But son they realized that they would long pass away before even making it to the closest star and most lost interest.
In 2047 and the Besselian Wars began hundreds of W59 warheads each carrying 1.2 mega tons of heavenly fury rained on there targets after being guided by computers who measure the stars. Afterward, those few who had not lost the dream of sailing to other stars would embark like the sailors of old on missions of exploration.
Almost a Millenia later the D.S.S – Nomad. Would find itself almost four hundred thousand lightyears away from home and would begin the journey by finding where they where through triangulating the positions of previous stars and the radiation they emitted.
In conclusion, humanity has been molded by the stars culturally, physical and philosophically.
Guided by the Stars – An essay by Wor’luk Chipteu-nax.
[Final Grade: B+]
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2023.03.20 21:16 youneedtobestopped_ Rumple Repeating Himself 😂

I’m on S4 EP12 and I stg in the last two episodes or so, Rumple has said literally the same phrase at least 6 separate times.
“When the stars in the sky align with the stars in this hat, I shall finally free myself from the dagger”
So many times he’s said something along those lines in the last few episodes it’s hilarious 😂
like we get it bro
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2023.03.20 21:16 greenerdoc Anyone do any renovations recently?

We have been looking unsucessfully at upgrading our home. However, the last open house we went to reminded me of 2021 (people out the door and even more expensive pricing than 2021/2022).
As a result, i am considering doing a reno. We have a graded property so its a PITA to build/reno with added costs (thus never seriously considered it), but at this point, we are considering it. We dont have anything specific in mind beside needing more space (may need to add a level), possibly expand kitchen. Can GCs give ideas of best ways to build to utilize whats there (and keep minimize expenses) and give ball parks?
Anyone have any active renovation projects going (or possible experience in the local building industry) care to comment on how outrageous costs are (ie: labosupply chain). Im guessing spring is the worse time to hire a contractor, but perhaps the crazy interest rates are scaring off people who need to borrow for their renovations/builds.
Thanks for any input!
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2023.03.20 21:15 Gatorious How would you handle this one? My car got hit while in an automated car wash.

So the other week I was getting my car washed. It’s one of those places where you put your car in neutral and a track pulls you along. While being pulled along the track my car starts jerking all around. The car wash stops and i realize I’ve been playing car ping pong with the car in front and behind me. Once we get the cars out of the wash the kid on hand took down my information, apologized and said somebody will get it touch.
Well the car wash company is responding to our calls they aren’t necessarily taking care of the situation. They claim that somebody at the end of the car wash hit their breaks and that’s what caused the pile up and it isn’t their fault. We asked for the video and they said they are going to provide it (but we need to bring them a flash drive first).
There is minor damage to the bumpers. It’s not overly noticeable but definitely there. So how would you all handle and what would be your recommendation on next steps?
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2023.03.20 21:15 EveryXtakeYouCanMake I promise your children will love and respect you if you are simply honest with them about why you can't be there. I'm in Lou's position, but I'll never be like Lou. My son and I talk to each other when we want. He loves me still. Don't be like Lou.

I promise your children will love and respect you if you are simply honest with them about why you can't be there. I'm in Lou's position, but I'll never be like Lou. My son and I talk to each other when we want. He loves me still. Don't be like Lou.
I know it's hard to be honest, but even though it may be painful now, in the future they will thank you. Being a good dad doesn't mean you have to be there. Being a good dad means you know your limitations. I couldn't care for my son like his aunt can, and it's wisdom knowing that. Why would I put him in harms way - my life is unstable and I'm poor - just so I can say "I take care of my kids no matter what!" That's stupid. THEIR best interest is what matters, and any court will tell you the same. So, if you can't care for your children like they need to be cared for, then being a man means knowing it's okay to let somebody else care for them. And letting your child know that you're incapable of caring for them, but that you still love them, is critically important for your future relationship with them.
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2023.03.20 21:15 Sad_duckk Adult Collectors : do you play with your dolls?

I’m sorry if this has been asked here already but I’ve seen this discussed a lot in the rainbow high group and I always find it interesting to see how other people enjoy their collections. A lot of rainbow high collectors have said that they play with their dolls, like enacting scenarios, and I find it interesting bc I simply cannot do that anymore lol, I’ve lost the ability.
When I was a kid I’d have elaborate plots that I’d act out with my dolls for hours, but now the only way I play with them is by restyling and posing them. I often create personalities for them based on their fits, but that’s just like “this girl is named this, she’s this type of person” , I cant like make my dolls speak to one another the way some other collectors are able to and it makes me a little sad that at some point in my childhood I “voiced” for a doll and then never did again.
I’m not dissatisfied with they way I utilize my collection, I just find it interesting and a little sad that some of us maintain some parts of our childhood creativity and others lose it.
Do you play with your dolls? Does anyone else find that type of play hard as an adult?
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2023.03.20 21:15 Spirited-Inspector37 creeper filming in the pool at Disneys Aulani

this post is for families with small children.
this could have just been an isolated incident but this should not be normalized and creeps should not feel comfortable filming children in pools.
English is not my first language so please be patient with me.
me my spouse and our 3 children of 4 9 and 12 year old stayed 10 days at Disneys Aulani.
one thing that bothered me but it could just be me.
my spouse and I was relaxing watching our 3 children play in the pool (it was a smaller quiet pool off to the side no slides or gimmicks just a regular pool) when I noticed an older guy walking around in the pool holding his go pro while recording all the kids play around. immediately I felt sick but I did not want to jump to any conclusions I waited to see if he had any family with him. after I noticed him I got up off the chair to stand by the pool and I was watching him when he noticed me watching him he went to the end of the pool and just stood there. when I went to the life guard for small talk. I noticed the guy get out of the pool to stand in line at the bar I am assuming to order a drink. when I noticed this I asked the life guard is it normal for older men to be in the pool while recording she said no why. so I told her that guy over there was filming these little kids all play in the pool but I dont see him with any family of his own. at this point I was talking louder and all the adults in the pool was looking at me. I was hoping someone would say no that man is with me. I would have rather be ashamed then to know this man intentionally filmed my kids in their bathing suits playing in the pool. when the creep heard me he left the bar with out ordering and disappeared.words cannot explain how upset I was. you see this type of thing on TV and movies but you never thing you would experience it in real life.
well the point to the story is be careful. if you see an older man filming in the pool area and have no children tell the life guard. this kind of behavior is not ok.

thank you for reading this.
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2023.03.20 21:15 EverydayEDC Final Price DROP SHF

Hey guys so I have my dream knives but I'm at a point where I only want to keep the ones I carry. A few of these have been carried a couple of times but mostly I just gawker at them in my case ..... enjoy
Spartan harsey folder all black with mirror edge - did the edge myself but never carried this other than around the house this thing us literally lnib short of the edge - sv 450 425 NOW 400
Chris reeve seb - micarta inlays dual thumbstud - s45 - love this guy - but realistically I have a barnes and I carry that 10 times more so I'm going to be letting this guy go - sv 500 stropped but not sharpened but has been taken apart to make as buttery smooth as possible dob oct 2022 now 475
Spyderco Shamn - Elmax - Modded - awesome ripps garage tech scales - ti backspacer (forgot the brand) - removed nub - made my own compression made easy out of aluminum - slight discoloration where the nub was removed and has deep carry clip - stropped never sharpened - sv deep breath 410 - yeah I don't care if this sells to be honest so squawk at the price if you want haters now 375
Last urban edc lc - this is cool but honestly only makes me want a full size - carried a few times in my fifth pocket but does have a mark on the pocket clip - never sharpened or stropped sv 250 traded
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2023.03.20 21:15 SixTheNinth Reshade Guide for X4?

I have Ryzen 3600, 32 RAM with 6600XT.
Now, I tried to give the ReShade a go and wow the game suddenly looks like a game from this century. But the cost is super heavy as my FPS range (no matter which Nexus Reshade profile I choose) is somewhere between 40 - 12 (the moment a star battle takes place). Alas, I have not find a single tutorial or guide on how to optimize ReShade in a way that it will be as least system taxing, but still looking damn great. There is waaay too many options and that combined with my GPU settings both in game and in AMD software makes this selection mindblowing. Is there someone who can advise here?
Aka - What to definitely switch off or lower in game settings, what to definitely avoid enabling in RES and what settings to leave on in the AMD sw? Or perhaps also what to avoid/do when installing the Reshade itself, I ve pretty much installed all the presets there and chose Vulcan as renderer option.
Cheers Six
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2023.03.20 21:14 ResponseAshamed9383 Ive been stealing drugs from my brother for months

I live at home with my parents at the moment along with my 2 other siblings, including my older brother which I was stealing weed from. At first it was a roach or two, I was down on money and was starving for something to alleviate the negative thoughts in my head. My thought process after the first time was “do i really want to ruin this relationship i have, with this person i care so deeply about, all over some flower?” and I felt sick, yet i still stole. Then my situation changed, I had money yet I continued to steal from him. It grew from roaches to skimming from the grinder to grabbing nugs. I justified my actions with events that have happened in the past, ones that I never grew from or forgave for. it was less about the weed at this point and more about the act of stealing. im an adult, yet i betray and hurt a blood relative in such a way it’s fucking sick. sorry if this is a mess i just want to be judged
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2023.03.20 21:14 SuperDryToast Saved a spot for Gol D Roger chase.

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2023.03.20 21:14 minimicropenis Kaiser vs. Mayo Clinic (AZ)

Hey everyone! Two of the schools I am seriously considering right now are Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine and Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. I'm trying to weigh financials, location, and opportunities between these two schools, and would love others' insights/thoughts. I am interested in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, although I do want to keep my options open as I'm sure I could very easily change my mind.
- Full tuition scholarship and $37k annual housing stipend. They extend this to all admitted students. Essentially, I can graduate medical school debt free as I likely won't need loans for housing.
- Location: Pasadena is awesome, and my family/friends all live in California. Have lived in northern california my whole life, and would love to be close to friends and family. Also weather is great there
- Kaiser seems to have a lot of resources and they are willing to spend generously on students (they even give you a new phone and mac book when you matriculate, or so I've heard). It seems like there is a lot of money they have to throw around, and they're more than willing to be generous with students.
- Grading is P/F (unsure about AOA) for preclinical, and tiered grading for clinicals. Pretty chill.
- 50 person class, which is a lot smaller than I would ideally like. Just feel like it will limit opportunities to meet new people, find a group that really fits with me, etc.
- Super new school. They haven't had a class match yet and I would be in the 4th class they've ever had. Regardless Kaiser has a lot of resources and influence over here in California, and because of that I'm confident they will set their students up for success and match very well, although at the end of the day no one can really know until they actually match and this scares me a bit.
- Seems like they're still figuring a lot of things out. When I talked to students there, it seems like parts of the curriculum change a bit each year. These changes are based on student feedback, and from what i've heard it seems like theyre very receptive to student feedback in general and work to implement important things that students bring up. At the end of the day though, it seems evident that they have not "perfected" their curriculum and that there is still a lot of work to be done, and that I might find myself in the middle of some of these changes during my time here.
- They only do virtual anatomy, no actual cadavers at any point.
- Kaiser as a healthcare system kind of notoriously sucks/has a bad rep in california. They deliver great healthcare most of the time, but navigating their system itself can be a nightmare for many.
- Driving in LA is a nightmare, although Kaiser says they actually provide free ubers tp/from clincal sites for all students, which is nice.
Mayo (AZ):
- Full tuition scholarship, so I would only need to pay for COL. This would likely result in $80,000-$150,000 in living expenses over 4 years. Not to get into too much detail but I have some pretty significant savings/investments and likely wouldn't actually need to take out any loans to cover this, but my savings would be eaten up almost entirely during medical school.
- It's Mayo. Great reputation, great match list, and likely better opportunities possible overall here, especially when it comes to becoming involved with research.
- Scottsdale/Pheonix. Great location too, not quite as close to family and friends but at least it's still on the west coast. I also have a few close friends who live right in Scottsdale. Lots of nature/outdoor activities nearby which is definitely important to me.
- Grading is P/F for preclinical with no AOA and tiered grading for clincal.
- 50 person class. Same essentially as noted in Kaiser above.
- Would save 37k/year at kaiser essentially due to their housing stipend.
- Further from family in northern California
- Two campuses. The actual medical school is in Scottsdale, while the hospital is in Pheonix. They're close (~20 min drive), but not attached. They're building a new medical school building in Pheonix which should be done in a day or two, and once it is students will basically be entirely in Pheonix, which is less cool than Scottsdale.
- Weather. Scottsdale/Pheonix is beautiful, but that summer heat will be hard for me. 100++ degrees for weeks/months would be significantly worse than anything I'd have to deal with in Pasadena.

Of note, I am also heavily considering UVA at the moment but don't have financial aid yet so I can't really make a super informed decision on that at the moment.
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2023.03.20 21:14 Secret-Dirt-4643 I feel like your creepy factor is based on your looks.

I have never had good times with relationships. I am respectful towards women, but I have heard many times "If he's hot its flirting, if he's not its creepy." What I feel like is that you can be the biggest asshole, but as long as you have that sculpted body, you're golden.
In our world of $9.99 per month for a girl's onlyfans, we have lost the ability to be intimate and caring for one another. These girls know guys come at them in droves and there is always another ready to go. Just being a tease will get money from these men, and having a piece of eye candy to lean on is what they want.
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2023.03.20 21:14 IDRK_HI Hi, I(f21)might genuinely get seriously hurt by someone(M32) and I’m terrified. If I choose to press charges for something that is my fault.

Tried to post on advice but no one answered and I am genuinely so scared) Little back story, (I’ve already contacted the police) I know it’s on me(f21)and it’s just for me to take it. But at the same time I can’t afford the money and can’t reach that person.
Last fall I had a very hard one and lost everything, I lost partner, friends and my job bc of a suicide attempt I committed. I know I’ll get bunch of “oh, suite yourself” “you shouldn’t have tried, no wonder you lost everything” and so on. I know, I don’t like me either. There is a reason why I don’t want myself to be here even and I know I can’t control being very mentally ill. But it’s on me to not take my on life and live for other people who treat me badly but think it’s selfish to do the things they either indicate would solve the problem or say straight out is the reason why they don’t want to live.
During the fall I got mixed in with the wrong crowd and got a partner”M32” that is 10 years older then me. I tried after the first period get out but with promise of economical help and being there I made the biggest mistake I could have done. I keep seeing them and after a while they got a pretty good grip on me. Ik it’s on me, even tho I lost my job and everything else/everyone around me I didn’t have anything, so having a person who help you pay your million dollar loan and wants too see you every week. I was stupid enough to let it happen. During the fall he started to misuse things that makes you extremely aggressive, he even told me about a time his friend got so mad on the drug he beat his friend up and burnt his car on fire. The friend never got charged. During the fall he happened to get investigated for tax fraud and all his accounts got locked. So he took help from the people around him to get by, one of them being me. He for instant loaded 2200$ to get back his car that got pounded so he could get back money when he sells it straight afterwards. He also needed money for furniture and I stupidly agreed to help him, the first order he sent the wrong banking address and I lost 5000$. We cancelled that order cause they were about to send it to my address instead of his, he made another order and got the things. The only thing is that I got the payment even tho I didn’t get that before. I got the payment late last year and contacted him telling him that i didn’t agree on that and he needs to solve it cause I don’t even have that amount of money anymore. He disappeared and now I can’t reach him anywhere, I thought “he has borrowed before and always paid back and bc of the drugs he ended up at the hospital and maybe he is back with a coma??”.
That was January and I’ve been trying to hunt him down ever sins then, called the company who wants the money and tried to explain that even tho it says my name I never ordered them and that even the delivery guy and name and address stands on him. But they said I need a police report and I said I was waiting for them to call. They called back and I told them that yes I agreed the first time but the second Time I never really did. I was begging them just too even see if he is alive and that I just wanted to be able to reach him, but they could only comfire he is and press charges. We can’t do any wellness checks in this country and all I could do was press charges, that I need to stop getting impounded by the company he used.
He is apparently alive and I can’t do anything to reach him and I just wanted help with that. They asked if I was a friend of him harming me and I confessed that I really do think he would harm me. And Ik “why would you care if someone who knows where you live came to you and either beat you up so badly or killed you, when you already tried to kill yourself?”.
Valid point but it might just be me who feel putting that choice in someone’s else hands is worse then doing it yourself. They said that the only thing they can do, and I pleaded if there was another way. I said that he has my address and everything, I can’t go back home then and admitted that I genuinely think I will get harmed if I pressed any charges. I even said I might do it cause then you have a recording if I do get harmed of the person who is likely to do it. When I pleaded if there was another way they said I could call when it happens and I told them that we both know that it won’t do any difference and That he will most likely get away with a slap on his wrist. If it wasn’t clear enough I really tried to ask the attorney for help but nothing have been committed so they can’t do anything. I’ve spend the whole night doing a proper death will not a letter as before, so it will be easier for the people I leave behind. So plz don’t say I deserve it and should die cause I’ve spend every single day sins June trying to convince myself the same bc other wants that and even if I call the police they only say they can’t do anything.
So basically, I’m asking if someone has any advice? I’ve tried to recover so hard the last 6 months. And Ik it’s all my fault but I cannot afford paying all this and even tho I’m crying to the police and just asking them to help me get in contact. They tell me all that they can do is press charges if I don’t want to pay it, and if he actually does show up I can call 911 then and there. Any side husels you know or anything I truly am begging
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2023.03.20 21:13 OCDqueen00 I’m in a healthy relationship but I feel like I want to be single.

I am in a very healthy three year relationship and my partner who is (20 m) is the most nicest, over caring, and the most healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I’m (17 f), I feel like I’ve in the three years of being together, I’ve isolated my self, lost hobbies, lost friends, and kind of lost myself, my body lately has been craving to be on my own, and independent because for some reason I feel like I can’t be independent with him cause I’m always worried about his feelings; when he’s going to come over; when I’m gonna see him again. I’ve never just worried about me; and I’m craving being single, and looking and meeting new personality’s, craving being on my own, going out with friends and not having to worry about someone else I’m my life. He is the most healthiest relationship ever he’s loyal and treats me like a queen so I feel bad for feeling this way, I talked to him about how I feel but he doesint understand cause we are healthy, and nothing is wrong with him, it’s just my feelings wanting to be on my own is making him confused, can anyone tell me any advice? I’m craving a new personality almost like I’m also scared to be with one person for the rest of my life and miss out on meeting new men. And hooking up, and having fun and going out with guy friends and females, I’m scared that if I settle down with this guy I’ll never have the enjoyment to just go out and be single ever again. Like I’m held down for the rest of my life.
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2023.03.20 21:13 agnesfalqueto I want to leave my parents’ house

I’m 26F and only child. I make more money than they do and since I started working I pay my part for our life cost (we don’t pay rent because they own the apartment, but I pay for food and other apartment expenses). In my country, especially my parents’ religion, it’s uncommon to leave your parents house if you’re not getting married or to study or work in another state.
I’m lesbian and even though my parents know about that, they don’t treat that subject as “normal” to them, they just ignore that part of my life. I started dating a very nice woman recently and it’s just uncomfortable to bring her here, and as a result I spend a lot of time and money taking her to dates to be with her. I go to her place very frequently, but she also lives with her parents so we don’t have a lot of privacy. I would like to invite her to work from home (we work remotely), watch movies after work or just be with her in my own house, but I can’t and it’s a burden having to go out whenever I want to see her.
I also am starting to feel somewhat bothered by incompatibilities in our life styles (how and when to do chores, how I organize my own stuff in my room). Even before I started dating, I was struggling with privacy issues, my parents feel entitled to move my things around and reorganize my stuff and even after I expressed that I don’t like that, they don’t respect my feelings about that.
I was planning to move out when I had the money to buy an apartment (in about 2 years), but it’s becoming unsustainable for me. We had some fights in the past weeks that consisted of me trying to make myself some “space” in my own house (e.g. drawing boundaries on my things so that they don’t feel entitled to open my closets), so there is some stress in the air already.
I know I can do it anytime as an independent adult, but I don’t want to hurt their feelings or be in bad terms with them. We’ve always had communication problems and I know it would be hard to talk through this with them without being guilt trapped or without them putting me down saying I won’t be capable of taking care of myself or my dog. I never mentioned moving out for them, and I feel guilty that they won’t have time to prepare for that (I’m planning to move next month).
Because I’m moving out in a non-traditional way (not being because of work, studies or marriage), I’m scared that it might come off as I don’t appreciate them or I don’t like them. I’m looking for advice on how can I get them to understand me and not feel that I’m abandoning them.
tl;dr How do I tell my parents I want to live by myself without making them take my decision personally, hurting their feelings or degrading our relationship?
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2023.03.20 21:13 wickedawesometh 26F - Feeling a bit blue and lonely [chat]

I need people to talk to even on weekends. I know from experience people love to talk to me.
I am from united states and 26 year old anyway. If that matters lol. Well.. I am bored these days!
About me: I'm in business school and I work as a shop manager on the side. I like shopping, going out for dinner and drinks, reading, art, gaming a little, working out and game night with friends.
I don't care if our hobby's match, Lets go ahead and have some fun! We can start online with sharing our private photos and may be some cam calls? Lets see where it goes?
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2023.03.20 21:13 Mlebemle Found dog in Argay Terrace!

My in-laws found a sweet, well taken care of dog running loose in Argay Terrace, near Ne Siskiyou Ct & NE 41st. They are posting on multcopets, nextdoor, and Craigslist. The dog is black with brown legs and little brown eyebrows. Mid to large size dog. Has a collar but no contact info. Are you missing this pup?
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2023.03.20 21:13 hangnailjones Last straws? What was the catalyst for deciding to go nc?

Hiya people, I plan to move and cut all contact by the beginning of next year.
That feels so far away right now and I’ve been reflecting on why I made the final decision even after realising I was experience of abuse quite young (11ish) that “no family” was still better than mine (PA, CSA, EA neglect) in the first place. If it’s safe and comfortable I’d love to know yours!
I guess I’ll start.
—————— ————— ————— For as long as I’ve been around I’ve wanted to have kids and not just in a passive way; I own parenting and marriage books, I’ve watched hundreds of birth and delivery story’s I keep up with parenting trends, I’ve learned to cook, clean, mend, financial plan, prioritised recovery from abuse, understanding cycle breaking and familial trauma, I’ve got a bare bones understanding of the foster care and adoption system in my country, the stages of child development, I know how much ivf costs and the processes, I’ve looked into being a single mother by choice and by circumstance, I’ve looked into miscarriage early and late term, even stillbirth. I'm have been like this since I was maybe 13 even though I knew I wouldn’t want to let a child into my life before 30-32.
I’m 22 now and even after being parentified, the number of children varied but at least one was always my answer when asked about children - until it wasn’t. When I turned 18 I started saying that I would never have children - even though I was still preparing myself to have them. I even went as far as looking into getting my tubes surgically removed.
At the time I had bigger fish to fry (PTSD and a physical disability with my nightmare of a family and no prospects for my future) and so I didn’t really think about it - until November of 2022.
It’s gonna sound stupid but bear with me, I had a dream that I was meeting a child of about five, a little girl who was honestly one of the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen. A man in business attire had her hiding behind his leg and so I assumed that this was my first time meeting a child to potentially foster and adopt. The second I saw her I somehow knew her name I heard myself say “I will never let anyone hurt you if it kills me” in a voice I so certain and authoritative it surprised me. It was like some insane maternal drive had taken over and I was sure that I would never even let my parents know she existed. Me and “Anna” were gonna run to the ends of the earth before I let my parents treat her even a tenth of a percent the way they treated me.
When I woke up and thought about it, I understood I was letting my parents rob me of one of my most consistent and valued dreams for my life. All because I was afraid that any boundaries I set with them would be steamrolled and mocked - and so the only safe decision left for me and any child would be to never have one.
After that dream it was like something broke, I was no longer thinking and prioritising my family of origin and starting to prioritise the family of my own making. It was like I got a glimpse into the future and I could finally think about deciding to part ways as an essential part of creating a safe and healthy home for another child, who potentially could have been abused before meeting me. By December I had come to terms with the fact it was a necessary decision, by February there was a plan and a nc letter. It’s March and almost all of the sting has gone out of the decision. It’s not just for her now it’s for me and creating a world where I can set boundaries that are respected by the people in my life, where no abuser is safe to make my world more painful or less colourful.
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2023.03.20 21:13 saturnlover12 Fear of abandonement

I am in another city, away from all of my friends. I have developed this fear of abandoment. I feel like they will start to dislike me for whatever reason. I don't often interact with all of them by person on chats because we have big chat groups. I am bad at conversations one to one but i do my best to do small talks. I feel like they will consider me not a good friend for this. I try to check up on them but idk. I guess I fear that in time they will find me annoying and think that it is a one sided-friendship. How can I reduce my anxiety about this? I feel like our connection is blurring. I love them but I don't want them to think that I don't care about them
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2023.03.20 21:13 EverydayEDC SHF final drop

Hey guys so I have my dream knives but I'm at a point where I only want to keep the ones I carry. A few of these have been carried a couple of times but mostly I just gawker at them in my case ..... enjoy
Spartan harsey folder all black with mirror edge - did the edge myself but never carried this other than around the house this thing us literally lnib short of the edge - sv 450 425 NOW 400
Chris reeve seb - micarta inlays dual thumbstud - s45 - love this guy - but realistically I have a barnes and I carry that 10 times more so I'm going to be letting this guy go - sv 500 stropped but not sharpened but has been taken apart to make as buttery smooth as possible dob oct 2022 now 475
Spyderco Shamn - Elmax - Modded - awesome ripps garage tech scales - ti backspacer (forgot the brand) - removed nub - made my own compression made easy out of aluminum - slight discoloration where the nub was removed and has deep carry clip - stropped never sharpened - sv deep breath 410 - yeah I don't care if this sells to be honest so squawk at the price if you want haters now 375
Last urban edc lc - this is cool but honestly only makes me want a full size - carried a few times in my fifth pocket but does have a mark on the pocket clip - never sharpened or stropped sv 250 traded
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2023.03.20 21:13 PreviousHistorian475 My baby sleeps less now than before!

My daughter is six months old, in the third week. She has never slept throughout the night to date and sleep training just doesnt seem to work. Typically, she would crash around 8, wake up once at four am, eat snuggle for about thirty min and knock out. They say not to push sleep training if your baby isnt bothering your sleep schedule enough to affect you, and im a SAHM so i figured what the heck, shes my lil baby. Recently tho, shes been taking her same three naps (a long one around ten, a short snooze around 1 and a long nap between 3 and 4) and staying up bushy tailed ready to play until 10pm! She has been waking up like a newborn again, and just wanting to hang out. In addition, shes gotten more demanding with my attention, screaming bloody murder as soon as i put her in the crib and walk away or even just turn myback on her to wash dishes. I read to my baby, snuggle her contact nap in the morning read to hersing to her. And her dad is trying to play and distract her as well, just so i can get things done. He is older than me and disabled so we are with our baby 24/7 unless mommy or daddy has an appointment or errand. She has never been babysat or left our sight since birth. She is not lacking in love or attention, and I love my little angel to death. As guilty as I am to say it, i feel myself burning out. I just miss sleeping without a care in the world, a full eight hours if i wanted even...what can i do??
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