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2023.04.27 16:07 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

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AI hype is both a punchline and the real deal
Today's Takeaway is by Myles Udland, Head of News at Yahoo Finance. Follow Myles on Twitter @mylesudland and on LinkedIn.
The business world's obsessions with artificial intelligence has, in just a few short months, become a punchline of sorts.
AI also has the potential to be everything its biggest boosters believe it to be. And more.
Over the last few days, consumer companies including Coca-Cola (KO) and Pepsi (PEP) have talked about the role AI could play in their business.
As purveyors of soft drinks, salty snacks, and burritos, it is hard to see where AI enhancements to workflows and best practices might really shake things up for these businesses.
Other than, of course, lowering costs in businesses that are already relentlessly managed to maximize profits.
Results from Microsoft (MSFT) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL), however, more concretely brought home the reason AI's potential ought to be taken seriously as matching the runaway hype.
And as readers may likely anticipate, it is because of how AI has changed the thinking companies have around search that profound impacts may come to pass.
As Yahoo Finance's Josh Schafer noted Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday on a call with investors, "As we look towards a future where chat becomes a new way for people to seek information, consumers have real choice in business model and modalities with Azure-powered chat entry points across Bing, Edge, Windows and OpenAI's ChatGPT. We look forward to continuing this journey in what is a generational shift in the largest software category, search."
Last week, we argued tech's obsession with AI was actually about a war happening in search. This view was, and continues to be, fueled by simply reading the comments of the CEO of the most powerful enterprise tech company in the world.
But if we broaden the notion of "search" beyond the walls of consumers looking for restaurants or new running sneakers, what we're really talking about is how data is collated, warehoused, and searched.
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2022.12.30 23:29 icesk8s4life Advice/ support needed!

Hi! I wanted to speak to other old house enthusiasts like myself about this.
 My boyfriend and I are under contract on a beautiful 1905 home in OKC (621 nw 18th st in Oklahoma City if you want to find it on Zillow lol) that we have just fallen head over heels for. 
Well inspection day was yesterday and it was not good news at all.
 They told us the house needs a new roof, the foundation has had movement, and it will need paint and stucco repairs at the least to prevent moisture and rotting on the exterior. It is being sold as is so we’re not hopeful sellers will rectify any of this and we are not able to take on all of those repairs, all at once, right away sadly, so we may have to cancel our contract. Call us silly first time buyers but the disclosures did not list the details on this, only a yes box checked that they know of defects and foundation work from 2002. Anyways, I guess I’m just here to vent or see if anyone has suggestions on this. Lol. Thanks! 
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2022.06.04 05:08 Ragna_Rose Opinions on the area due E (4-5 miles) of Tinker Airforce for living and raising a family?

Hubs and I and our two kids (3 & 7) are looking around OKC and nobody’s ever mentioned this area. Word of mouth is worth more than gold to me. This area, it’s a big question mark. We saw a house post on Zillow way out there, and it was shockingly nice. The schools (James Griffith Elementary, Choctaw Middle, Choctaw Highs, Schwartz Elem, Carl Albert Middle & High) were all really well ranked on GreatSchools.com too (but again, rankings only worth so much..) is anyone familiar with that area and can tell me is it friendly? What kind of people live there? Any OKC wisdom about avoiding that area for any reason? Thank you OKC people <3
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2021.10.06 01:25 ShitPosts Houses for rent

Gf and I were looking around the states on Zillow, why does OKC have SOOOOOOO many houses for rent? What is going on there? I couldn't believe the quality of houses for so cheap!
But seriously, like is something wrong, are you guys ok?
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2021.07.21 17:16 SharpHD7 Best Sketch of Season 46 Tourney: Day 13, Round of 32

From here on out each round will only have 1 poll and you'll have 2 days to vote. Also here's how the final bracket works:
Rules: Here
Where to Vote: Here
Bracket/Results: Here
1) Strollin' vs w) Rap Roundtable
4) The Bachelor vs 5) Bottom of Your Face
3) 5-Hour Empathy vs w) December to Remember
2) Sam Adams vs w) Hot Ones with Beyonce
1) Stu vs w) Madame Vivelda
4) Uncle Ben vs 5) Tiny Horse
3) What Still Works- Cold Open vs w) Loco
2) Christmas Morning vs w) Pelotaunt
1) Zillow vs w) New York Musical
4) Boomers got the Vaxx vs 5) The Job Interview
3) Murder Show vs w) Weird Little Flute
2) The Negotiator vs w) The Birds
1) The Muppet Show vs w) Coronavirus Holiday
4) Murdur Durdur vs 5) Proud Parents
3) Pictures with Dad vs w) Dionne Warwick Talk Show (TC)
2) Lesbian Period Drama vs w) A Teacher
Fun Facts:
This will close on Friday and a new poll will be released that day
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2021.07.16 15:54 SharpHD7 Best Sketch of Season 46 Tourney: Day 10, Round of 40

Today will be the first and only day of the Round of 40, and after this there will be a wildcard round so that 12 previously eliminated sketches can come back
Rules: Here
Where to vote: Here
Bracket/Results: Here
1) The Drew Barrymore Show vs 3) Bottom of Your Face
1) Sam Adams vs 2) Enough is Enough
1) 5-Hour Empathy vs 2) Canadian News Show
1) Madame Vivelda vs 2) The Bachelor
1) Strollin' vs 6) New York Musical
1) Uncle Ben vs 2) Take Me Back
1) Stu vs 2) The Christmas Conversation
1) December to Remember Car Commercial vs 6) Tiny Horse
1) Christmas Morning vs 2) A Teacher
1) What Still Works- Cold Open vs 2) Twins
1) Zillow vs 3) Universal Tram
1) Birthday Gifts vs 3) The Negotiator
1) Loco vs 3) The Job Interview
4) Dionne Warwick vs 2) Murder Show
1) Boomers Got the Vax vs 2) Hot Ones with Beyonce
1) Proud Parents vs 6) Dog Park
1) Weird Little Flute vs 2) Lesbian Period Drama
1) Post Quarantine Conversations vs 3) Murdur Durdur
1) Muppet Show vs 2) The Last Dance: Extended Scene
1) Finale- Cold Open vs 2) Pictures with Dad
This poll will be closed and a new poll will open in 48 hours, so on Sunday.
Small stats:
So far Dionne Warwick is the only sketch to defeat a one seed
Dog Park is the only sketch still in that was in the Round of 171
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2021.07.13 16:49 SharpHD7 Best Sketch of Season 46: Day 8, Round of 80

This is the 2nd of 3 days in the Round of 80, if you haven't voted for the last poll it is still up.
Rules: Here
Where to Vote: Here
Bracket/Results: Here
Matchups: Episode 9, Kristen Wiig:
1) Christmas Morning vs 4) The Grinch
3) U.S.O Performance vs 2) A Teacher
Episode 10, John Krasinski: 1) What Still Works- Cold Open vs 4) Blue Georgia
3) Supermarket Sweep vs 2) Twins
Episode 11, Dan Levy:
1) Zillow vs 4) Lifting Our Voices
3) Universal Tram vs 2) It Gets Better
Episode 12, Regina King;
1) Birthday Gifts vs 4) What's Your Type
3) The Negotiator vs 2) Pelotaunt
Episode 13, Rege-Jean Page:
1) Loco vs 4) Drivers License
3) the Job Interview vs 2) Brittney Spears- Cold Open
Episode 14, Nick Jonas:
1) Mirror Workout vs 4) Dionne Warwick Talk Show
3) Bachelor Party vs 2) Murder Show
Episode 15, Maya Rudolph:
1) Boomers Got the Vaxx vs 4) NFTs
3) The Maya-ing vs 2) Hot Ones with Beyonce
Episode 16, Daniel Kaluuya
1) Proud Parents vs 4) Brittney Spears- Cold Open
6) Dog Park vs 2) Viral Apology Video
This poll will close in 48 hours and the next one will be released tomorrow
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2021.03.25 19:21 TheGoldenCrunchwrap House to Rent

Hey fellow OKC residents, my landlord just lost her job and has given us 30 days to move out. I was hoping someone on here could help us out on resources for renting a house in the area.
We have 3 pets, two dogs over 50lbs and a cat. Our budget is max $1200/mo. Any ideas? We aren’t having much luck on Zillow, Facebook or Rent. Either the listings have been filled or do not allow our animal situation.
We’re hoping to be in the OKC area, but we’re okay with <20 miles out. If possible we’d like two bedrooms and a backyard!
Thanks so much in advance. We’re trying not to freak out! :’)
Edit: made the area more specific
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2021.01.23 00:19 lotharzbt Buying a house in the "wheeler district" (the new addition close to the wheeler district park) is idiotic.

$250 per square foot to live in a flood zone?
Who is buying this crap?
the lot isn't even big enough for a fence. "lower" priced houses are close to 300k. there's barely any parking. I can't imagine the home value in that area holding. the values of things around it will raise, but that addition itself will plummet.
I can understand if somebody want's to buy a nicer home and they can afford it, but for those prices, your money will go much further in other additions around okc.

I'm SPECIFICALLY talking about this housing addition https://www.zillow.com/community/wheeler-district/28865438_plid/

for comparison check out https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3510-N-Francis-Ave-Oklahoma-City-OK-73118/299329947_zpid/
similar in designs, cheaper in pricing (aside from the one with twice as large of a lot size) and better areas with similar proximity to downtown.
of course if you don't mind being further away from down town or getting an older house, the options grow exponentially
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2020.10.24 16:10 AnastasiaBeavrhausn Monique Daniels - Runaway Or Something Sinister?

I want to thank u/sideeyedi for posting a comment about Monique on this thread and for answering my questions. I never heard of Monique before reading this comment.-
This is Monique’s story.
Monique Daniels:
Monique Daniels was born June 16, 1976, in Biloxi, Mississippi, to Candyce and her biological father Burton Kenneth Landman. Monique was the oldest of four children from the marriage.
Monique was physically and sexually abused by her biological father. He was in and out of prison. He went to prison for sexual assault offenses against his second family. He was never charged with the crimes against his first family.
Candyce got remarried to Charles “Chuck” Daniels This marriage added two more children for a total of six children in the Daniels home in Moore, Oklahoma. Moore sits between Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma.
Candyce and Chuck were both in the Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base. They ran their home like drill sergeants, everything was spotless and in its place.
According to Angelique the couple fought often and were physically and mentally abusive to one another and their children.
Monique has been described as pretty, kind, popular, with a generous spirit, she took care of others before herself, and very smart. Monique wanted to be a doctor. She was looking forward to her 16th birthday so that she could drive. Monique wanted independence from her controlling parents.
Like scores of teenagers, Monique rebelled against the strict rules. As you can imagine, this was a very tense household.
When Monique ran away for the first time, her parents immediately started looking for her, calling all of her friends and drove around town looking for her. Monique’s best friend talked her into going back home.
Things at home got worse.
Shortly before her disappearance, Candyce and Chuck found out that Monique was pregnant. Candyce and Chuck forced Monique to get an abortion.
Tensions rose.
On June 2, 1992, two weeks shy of Monique’s 16th birthday, Monique and Chuck were arguing. That’s an understatement, they were in a huge fight according to Andrew.
Candyce, Angelique, Bryan were on a week-long choir road trip for their church. Angelique remembers Candyce being unusually quiet on this trip.
Back at home, allegedly, Chuck told Andrew and Charles Jr, that he was taking them on impromptu fishing trip. He told the boys to say goodbye to Monique, but they could only do so through her slightly cracked bedroom door. They left for the fishing trip in the pouring rain without fishing poles. They drove for about two hours when Chuck pulled into a McDonald’s. They got something to eat and headed home.
When they got home, Chuck pulled into the garage, he had the boys wait in the car. He came out to get them an hour or so later. Andrew ran to the bathroom, when he finished, his father came in and rushed him out. He told the boys to go into his room and Chuck locked the door. He told the boys he was going to look for Monique. He came back two days later.
Angelique said that when she got home from the choir trip with her mother and brother, she found their normally immaculate house in disarray. There were beer bottles everywhere, someone had been smoking and putting cigarettes out on the mantle. There was an empty pregnancy test on the bathroom counter.
The kids were told Monique ran away again.
Angelique noticed it was different from the last time Monique ran away. Her parents weren’t looking for Monique this time. Then all pictures of Monique with family were removed. They had new family pictures taken and hung that were missing Monique. Her room and clothes were packed in boxes. It didn’t take long before they were forbidden to talk about her.
Chuck remarked how “tranquil” it was without Monique.
Approximately six months later, Aunt Leslie, Candyce’s sister, contacted Candyce because she needed the police report number to have Monique put on the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC) site.
Within days after Aunt Leslie’s call for the police report number, Monique called to let her sister, Angelique, know she was doing fine. Candyce immediately called all of her family to give them the good news.
A few days later, a letter from Monique arrived. Postmarked Dallas, Texas, the letter said she was married and had a baby named Chelsea, she was doing well and living in Alaska but traveled for his job. A second letter arrived in September 1993.
Leslie wasn’t satisfied and she was suspicious about the timing of the letters and the call. She asked for the letters so she could have a law enforcement handwriting expert look at them. She didn’t believe they were from Monique, she thought that Candyce wrote them.
Coincidentally, the night before Candyce was supposed to turn them over for investigation, there was a break-in at the Daniels’s home and the thief took small boom boxes, CD’s, and the letters.
Life went on in the Daniels home. So did the abuse.
It was as if Monique never existed.
Angelique Daniels:
Angelique knew something was very wrong. In January 1994, she ran away to her Aunt Leslie, her mother Candyce’s sister, in Michigan. Angelique said that she cried the whole bus trip there. Angelique had a secret to tell her Aunt.
Angelique confessed to Leslie, that she was the one who wrote the letters and faked the phone call. Angelique said that Chuck came to her and said that her mother was suicidal and the letters and calls would cheer her up. Chuck drove Angelique to Dallas, 200 miles from Moore, to mail the letters. He told her because she wrote the letters and that was illegal, she could go to jail if anyone found out.
”He took me to the grocery store and picked out stationery to write the letter on. He told me what to write. I felt very threatened. I felt very afraid... It has brought so much sadness to me daily and guilt for participating in the cover-up, even though I was a kid and I didn't know.”
Her parents immediately filed a missing person report. Curiously, they also filed a report on Monique who had been missing 18 months already.
While Candyce and Chuck tried to extradite Angelique to Moore, OK, Angelique went to Child Protective Services to report the abuse. After hearing Angelique’s story, the judge refused to extradite her. Her parents pleaded “no contest” to the child abuse charges.
Angelique and her Aunt Leslie went on tv to talk about Monique’s disappearance.
They also went to law enforcement.
Law enforcement had a big problem though. Not only did Chuck and Candyce give conflicting testimony, but they were also starting their investigation almost 2 years late, they had no evidence, and had two parents who refused to take lie detector tests. The officer explained that without a body, this is a missing person case.
A neighbor reported that they saw Monique on June 2, 1992, packing her clothes into a blue Chevrolet pickup. They described the driver as an unknown white male.
Andrew called Angelique to tell her that he wanted to come to stay with her, he too wanted to run away. But shortly after the investigation into Monique’s disappearance started, the family moved to Germany for ten years. Andrew went with them.
Angelique got married and remained in Michigan.
On May 20, 2013 a EF5 hit Moore, Oklahoma. Angelique watched the news and saw places she knew growing up completely leveled. There were 24 fatalities.
Andrew called Angelique crying, perhaps overcome because of the destruction in Moore by the tornado or guilt. He called to say that the day Monique went missing when his father had him and his brother say goodbye through a slightly cracked bedroom door, she wasn’t moving. When she asked who, he said ”I was there, she wasn’t talking.”
Monique had been in a sitting position on her bedroom floor, with her legs crossed in front of her. According to Andrew, she wasn’t moving or talking. One source said Charles Jr. remembered hugging her goodbye and she spoke to him.
Angelique convinced Andrew to go to the police. Based on the report and local rumors that Monique was buried there, the police dug up the backyard at their former home in Moore. They found nothing.
Andrew recounted how after his father let him and Charlie Jr., out of the car after about an hour, he ran to the bathroom. He had an eerie feeling that he wasn’t alone. As he went to pull back the closed shower curtain, Chuck rushed in and ushered both boys into his bedroom and locked the door.
In the middle of the night, Chuck took his other son for a ride in the truck. He recalls seeing an oil barrel in the back. He stated that he didn’t know what was inside.
When confronted with the allegations, Candyce and Chuck denied everything. They say that Angelique and Andrew are unstable and they have substance abuse issues. Both deny their parent's claim.
We have two siblings who claim their stepfather killed their sister and two parents who refuse to discuss it.
A Crime Watch Daily reporter, Ana Garcia, caught up with Candyce to ask what she thought happened to Monique. She said in part:
”Whatever happened it’s in God’s hands.”
On Angelique she said:
”Angelique is a really messed up young lady.”
”Angelique is not a reliable source.”
Then the reporter saw Chuck. His response to what happened to Monique sounds familiar, he said:
”It’s in God’s hands. I don’t know.”
I am going end with a quote from Angelique:
“I have to let people know, there was a Monique Daniels.”
The disappearance of Monique Daniels leaves us with a lot of questions. Law enforcement doesn’t even know if she’s alive. This is still a missing person case.
It’s worth noting in the Websleuths link below, Angelique commented that her two brothers, 9 and 11, said they saw Monique’s body. They later recanted. One brother moved back in with their parents.
I wasn’t able to find anything on the older kid's biological father. I can’t say for sure when or if Chuck adopted them, but they all used the last name, Daniels.
Candyce is a Middle School teacher in Florida.
I was unable to find anything on Chuck other than he resides at the same residence as Candyce.
Edit: Chuck is deceased. Please read the comments from Angelique below. Candyce has the answers we need to bring Monique home.
If you don’t follow any of the other links, please just watch the Crime Watch Daily episode, or read this True Crime Daily article. You will see Angelique, Andrew, Chuck, and Candyce. You can decide for yourself who is telling the truth.
Monique did exist. Monique matters. Monique deserves justice.
What do you think happened to Monique?
What was in the barrel?
What do you think about the neighbor’s account of Monique packing a truck and leaving that day? After approximately 18 months had passed, was the account reliable?
Article on KFOR
Medium article
Book on Amazon
Bella Fiore
Kendall Rae
Crime Watch Daily with a short interview with Monique’s friend.
The Great Unsolved Podcast
2nd link to the EF5 tornado that destroyed parts of Moore.
Missing Children Wiki
The Oklahoman
The Charley Project
But What Do We Know? podcast Starts at approximately 23 minutes. NSFW due to language.
Dead Or Alive Podcast
Edit: corrected date and links
Edit: made corrections Angelique provided
Edit: I'm posting Angelique’s comment here so it's not missed.
First I want to say thank you for speaking about Monique. I miss her everyday. She was electric, fun, and beautiful. I would like to add some things if I could. Burton Kenneth Landman is our biological father. He sexually abused us, so did our mother. She directed and instructed the abuse. Our father did not pay for what he did to us. He is in prison in South Dakota for what he did to his second family. When I ranaway from home, it wasn't because I was tired of the abuse. I would have stayed and took it. I knew something was very wrong the moment we returned. I may have even known on the church trip. I was 13. Up until this trip my mother had no involvement with my life. Not school, not sports, not anything. I was invisible to her. All of the sudden she went on this trip. She was totally weird the entire time. Not one part of it felt natural. When we returned from the trip and Monique was gone, I was the oldest. Monique always protected us. I had to look out for my 4 younger brothers. To this day, I am still doing that. I ranaway because I needed help for my sister, my brothers and myself. I had no faith in the police. I saw as Officer O'Blien assisted my parents in recording a phone call between my aunt Leslie and myself to form a civil lawsuit against my aunt. He spoke about it with my parents. They put me on the phone with her in his office and he recorded it. I wanted so bad to tell him everything that was happening but my parents were right there behind me. The cop believed them and thought my aunt was trying to ruin my parents. I couldn't process it. I didn't know what to do. So I waited. As Chuck came to me and asked me to write letters, I didn't want to. I was afraid of what my mom would do if my sister returned and I had written these letters. I told him that. He said "Monique isn't coming back". I wanted to believe he meant she wouldn't be allowed back. Really, I wanted to believe anything other than what my gut was telling me. He forced me to write them. He threatened me and tricked me. In January of 1994 I was 15. Monique was not coming back. My parents were beyond strange. That time was like living in a different dimension. I knew the only person on this earth who would help me, and protect me, was my aunt. So I called her. I was crying so hard I couldn't speak. She told me to call her from school in the morning. So I did. I took a greyhound out of OKC and rode for 3 days. I cried the entire way. I was devastated that I had to leave my brothers there. When I arrived in MI I went directly to the police station and made a statement of what all happened. The next day I went to CPS and filed a complaint against my parents for abuse and neglect. I was so scared and in shock still. I told them what words I could get out. I know if I had laid it all out my parents would have been arrested. I was too scared. The following day I called my maternal grandfather and he recorded our conversation. He then drove from Minnesota, along with other family members to OK. They went to our church and met with the pastor, Brother Bobby Boyles. Brother Bobby called my mother and asked her to come to the church. Alone. She did. When she arrived, her father and sisters were there. They played the tape for her that my grandfather recorded. My mother stood up, saidw"Angie is a liar!" She fled the room to the front off the church where she called Chuck. She said "get out of there, they are on to you!" My Aunt Shelli heard all of this and told us. The family went with my mother to our home. Their intentions were to save Candyce and the boys. They were supposed to take them out of there. When they got to our house, Chuck was gone. My mom came out of the room and said he took his guns. My Aunt Shelli called us and told us Chuck fled and had guns. I spent the next week sleeping at strangers homes in hiding. I was so afraid, I slept under the bed. I found out the next stforafter the church meeting for the family was ordering Chinese. They ate, loaded up and returned to Minnesota. They did not call the police. They did nothing. Chuck was gone for 3 days. He said he made it to Chicago and was planning on shooting himself. He said while sitting in his truck, Jesus appeared and told him not to end his life. So he turned around and went home. I filed charges for child abuse and neglect out of Ionia County Mi. My parents plead no contest. They transfered to Germany shortly after. It wouldn't have mattered if they stayed. The case was cold. I believe he destroyed anything that was left of her in those 3 days he was missing. Keep in mind, he was USAF. He was literally AWOL. The USAF was aware a 15 year old was missing- they did nothing. I have pursued justice for Monique as well as some sort of help for my brothers that need it. I have turned up empty handed time and time again. I once had full trust in the Moore Police Department-not anymore. About the neighbor... he reported that he was mowing his lawn and saw Monique load her things into a pickup. Looking back to June 2 1992 weather records, it was raining that day. My brothers recall the rain. No one mows their lawn in the rain. He was either paid or involved. or just covering for a couple he saw as honorable because of their service. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chuck murdered Monique. My brother who lives in their home now told me in specific detail of her death. What Chuck said, what Monique said and how Chuck ended her. He had apologized for not "siding" with Monique several times as recently as 4 months ago. When I ask him why, He says "because that's my dad". I believe with every fiber of my being that my mother orchestrated the murder of Monique. Candyce is not a battered wife or a victim. She is a pedophile, and a murderer. Unfortunately, she is also a school teacher.
Chuck was diagnosed with colon cancer 10/2018. He died at home 1/2019. Charles IV was present as was my mother. There is no obituary and a small BBQ service was held at their home. I was not invited or interested in attending.
I have been called a liar by my family so many times, but the truth is plain. A child went missing. She was not reported missing for almost 2 years. When I ran away this was now a red flag- so they transferred and left. They have stood by their story that Monique was a bad kid and I was a liar. This has been traumatic and draining. I have still stood for what was right. What my parents did must be made right. I have come to terms that I will never be able to lay my sweet sister to rest in a respectful way that she deserves. I am at peace that my family is garbage. I am at peace with being the outcast- because at least I told the truth.
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2020.05.27 01:12 IHateKidDiddlers Any advice for a first time home buyer?

Looking to buy a house in NW OKC and people keep buying the properties before I can even get a showing. Anyone know of any tips or tricks to find a nice house? Or maybe some realty companies? I’m using Zillow and Redfin
Edit: or if you know of any homes about to go on the market for $100k or less let me know! Thank you
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2020.05.25 17:43 A-fil-Chick Homebuying/Investment Property Advice

Background: I'm currently renting in OKC, stationed at Tinker. I personally know my landlord's daughter (who is in her 60s so the landlord is probably 80s). I heard they were looking to let go of a few of their properties. They own 4 duplexes in a row, and I live in the second duplex from the intersection. I asked her to verify they were trying to sell any property and told her to let them know I was interested if they were. I am out of debt, I have roughly 4 months expenses saved up. Recently married, but my wife knew my plan and agrees with going forward with "house-hacking" by renting out one side of a duplex we live in.
  1. I am married. We are debt-free with 4 months of expenses in an emergency fund.
  2. I am Active Duty but my DOS is January 2021 unless I decide to extend. (E4)
  3. We want to live in one half of a duplex and rent out the other side. We will begin saving to have a fund for repairs on the tenant unit immediately in case we purchase one or more. Then the extra will go to the principal on the property until we have 100% equity and a cashflow machine. Then move out and do it again or get a SFH.
Here's a question I have that a real estate broker friend hasn't replied to yet. Would I be overextending myself and my own finances if I had the seller (my LL) structure the corner lot and my current lot into one property on the deal since the VA loan allows up to a 4 unit and they are all currently occupied? The only challenge to this is that the backyards of all 8 units (4 duplexes) are connected with just a short divider fence by the backdoors. I would offer to build the fence all the way to the end between the middle 2 duplexes if they'd go for the deal. Zillow has estimates for $163 and $154k but the sq ft is around 1900-2000 in these two. I'm not sure if that is accurate especially for duplexes. With the lockdown still a little hindering, it is hard to get info from people and take care of business. I want to move on this fast. What would you do or consider that I'm not considering?
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2020.04.03 08:31 Kpop2258 Is Worcester Safe?

Over the summer I am planning to move to Worcester for work. From what I hear the city is “up and coming” which I feel is a fancy way to say a dump. I’m not ignorant and know there are good and bad areas just like any other city but the good areas seem to be so expensive it’s crazy! For reference: I’m paying 1000 a month for a 3 bedroom in a relatively nice part of Oklahoma City. Whenever I plug that price in to websites like Zillow or Redfin I’m greeted with tiny 600 square feet to 700 square feet apartments that look like they have been abandoned for years, and most seem to only be studios. My friend suggested the Salisbury Street area but it’s hard to find listings and when I do find something it’s usually double my budget or even more and even then it’s usually somebody’s basement or a room in a house. Another thing I was warned about is that everything is more expensive than it is here in OKC and I mean EVERYTHING. From Groceries to drinks at a bar. Finally, I heard that some areas are downright dangerous not only at night but during the day as well. The main question I’m asking is; where could I live comfortably for 1000-1200 a month and feel safe at the same time? I don’t seem to have much of a choice anymore when it comes to me relocating so I guess I just want more info before I make my inevitable move. Thanks in advance.
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2018.12.14 05:16 scoffee99 How can I best prepare my children financially?

USA! Throwaway for obvious reasons.
Recently (today), my wife gave birth to twins. I am very happy, but I feel that there is a great opportunity here to best help them 15 years down the track.
I feel that if I do nothing for them, they will be mad.
I am 28, my wife is 29. My job as a remote CTO in a funded startup with a valuation of 50 million pays 240k. I am a founder so I have significant ownership stake. My wife is not working as she has been pregnant. Previously she was a personal trainer earning 100k/year. She is planning to return in 6 months.
Right now we live in a really low COL place. OKC. Before this I have lived in SF, where I exited 2 startups previously. This is the reason for my high net worth.
My assets:
1 house in OKC (zillow say worth 400k) we own with no mortgage.
1 house in SF (zillow say 3.1m) we own with no mortgage.
1 apartment in SF (zillow say worth 800k) we own but rent out for $3500/month
1 honda accord with 170k miles (no car note)
1 street triple motorcycle (roughly 6k)
1 ford mustang gt no note
1 tesla model x no note
800k in fidelity zero (i think? not 100% sure on the product)
400k in vanguard
400k liquid split in two accounts for FDIC
50k robinhood slush fund
10k in bitcoin
1m in current startup equity (2 years till vest, but it could go to 0, who knows)
My liabilities: 10k to my older sister who was the first investor in my first startup. i would like to pay her 10x this but she refuses to accept any money. does this count as a liability?
Current monthly budget:
$2000 internet (because I'm a remote worker this is vital for my job security. It's a 2gbps dedicated line with redundancy built in)
$1500 food
$2000 lawyer
$500 power
$500 gas
$1000 insurance combined
$200 phone combined
$1500 fun money
$1000 amazon gift cards for employee motivation
I think this is it. I'll add more if I forgot.
So my question is, how do I best prepare my (2) children for their financial future? I think I have a real opportunity to set them up for life. Which assets do I liquidate to do this? I am in the dark here.
How are my assets structured? How is my budget looking?
My financial knowledge comes from lurking here and occasionally talking to my companies CFO. I don't have a personal accountant or anything like that.
Thanks for the help!
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2017.09.22 01:38 SillyBims House listed for over 2 months in [OK], 10+ showings, no offers

I've already posted about this once before in this sub so my apologies if that's not allowed. We put our house in Edmond, OK (a suburb of OKC) on the market in July. Showings started slow but picked up after a while yet after a month, we had no offers. So we went ahead and dropped the price $5000. More of the same.
So right now, we're trying to figure out how to proceed. IMO, our realtor has been doing everything they can do to get it moved (open houses nearly every weekend, added a $500 realtor bonus, ads on Facebook). I think we're priced right according to the area. So what says you, Reddit? Thanks in advance!
Zillow Listing
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2015.09.12 18:02 e30kgk Considering a move to Oklahoma City - suggestions on finding housing?

I'm considering taking a job in OKC around the end of the month, but know absolutely nothing about the area.
Here in Atlanta, there's a very good free apartment locator service called ProMove, where you speak with an agent who builds a list of properties to check out based on what you're looking for - is there anything similar in Oklahoma City?
My preference is for an in-town area. I'd like a walkable neighborhood, with options for nightlife and dining. The job I'm considering is downtown, not far from the federal building memorial, and within a mile or two of that would be a big plus.
Looking around on PadMapper, though, it looks like most things around that area are a little more than I'm looking to spend. Is a 1 bed/1 bath for under $1K realistic near there, or should I look elsewhere?
Aside from PadMapper and Zillow, are there any other online resources I should be looking at?
I'll likely take a rushed 2-3 day trip out there in the not too distant future to try and find a place, but I'd very much like to go into that with a pretty clear idea of what to look at.
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2015.05.22 18:27 EndlessDiRB NEED HELP: Moving to OKC, need to find an affordable condo/townhome for 1-3 years and rent after

I'm moving to OKC for work around August. I'm looking for a place that I can live in for 1-3 years and possibly rent it after I leave or if I decide to purchase a newebigger place. Looking initially for a 2-2 for myself. I liked the Edgemere Park area, Midtown and Bricktown. Don't know much about Nichol Hills or up by the lake. I heard Edmond is a nice quiter / older area? Stay away from everything West of Classen? What about south of I-40? I'll be working downtown.
I'd like a place that when/if I move out I won't have an issue renting it out. Should this be around a campus area? Looking initially for something not above a 6-figure price tag. Is this possible in these areas? I've looked zillow but I'd like to get some locals input.
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2015.03.14 21:40 InFearn0 [Disco] What is more uncomfortable to talk about: Sex or Financials?

I am comfortable discussing both, but I have noticed that a lot of people are more uncomfortable talking about financials than other topics, even after they trample all over very adjacent (maybe even overlapping) topics such as promotions at work and housing/relocation.
What are the views of the OkC panel?
Edit: To clarify, by "financials" I mean things like, money saved up for a specific purpose like home buying. I mean there are web tools (such as Zillow's Home Affordability Calculator) that make these calculations very easy.
Edit 2: I don't just mean with dates or prospective matches.
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2013.12.02 16:10 saxindustries Reputable/good realtors for finding a rental home?

Hi everybody - my SO and I's lease is expiring in January, and we've been searching for rental homes via Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, etc. It's pretty frustrating, dealing with misleading pictures and whatnot.
We're looking to contact a realtor to try helping us out, I was wondering if anybody's worked with one before and can recommend anybody.
I'd somewhat prefer to be in central OKC, so if there's anybody that knows that area well, that'd be useful. But I'm more concerned with the quality of the actual place over being in a specific neighborhood.
If you have any recommendations, please send them my way. Thanks!
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2013.07.22 18:23 catnapped Anyone know of a house or good apartment that needs renting?

I'm about to get a job in SE OKC, and since I've been looking at places it seems like a 30 minute drive is common whether I pick OKC or Norman to live in. I would rather live in Norman if I'm going to have to drive half an hour to work anyways.
I've been checking CL but most of the houses I can find are geared towards people who plan to have roommates so they're always over $1200. I'm looking more for a $700-800 place. I'll be there by myself, so $900 is more of an uncomfortable price for me to be paying.
I doubt I will get any real response here, but wanted to use all of my resources to potentially find a place to live. It seems the housing market is awful in Norman right now and I may have to give up and pick an apartment, but if anyone either currently lives in a place that is about to move out or knows any house that isn't listed on zillow/CL that is for rent, please let me know!
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