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Dear Cincinnatians

2023.06.03 12:48 estoops Dear Cincinnatians

Hi guys!
Kansas Citian here who just spent Tuesday night through Friday morning in your city and just wanted to say what a great time I had!
I was there for a work trip so I wasn't able to be a full on tourist, but your city, much like Kansas City, is very underrated I must say! When I found out I was going to Cincinnati, I wasn't dreading it by any means, but it wasn't like "oh I get to go to Hawaii/NYC/Miami!" Basically I had not much knowledge on Cincinnati either way so I just felt neutral about it, I knew it straddled the Ohio river into Kentucky and that you had the Bengals and Reds.
However, I ended up being super happy I got to experience a place I probably wouldn't have ever thought to go!
For one, the view of the skyline suddenly appearing as I came from the south on 71 was so pretty! I'm a sucker for skylines so it was so cool how I was just driving along and then suddenly "boom" there was the heart of the city in plain view!
I also went to the Cincinnati art museum (I'm cheap and told myself I'd only go do things that are free) and was super impressed. Reminded me a lot of the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City.
I also walked across the john roebling bridge cuz i also love bridges and found out it served as inspiration for the brooklyn bridge! before i knew that i was thinking, "this feels very brookly bridge-esque."
Although I did not catch any games I loved how the Bengals and Reds stadiums were right in the middle of downtown. One thing I hate about Kansas City (that st louis does a lot better but dont tell them) is how the sports stadiums are out in the ugly suburbs 20 minutes from downtown!
Lastly, and most importantly, someone I was with REALLY wanted to try graters ice cream on thursday night (i dont personally like ice cream, like at all, i know im weird) because they said it was famous. So we drove downtown and OMG!
It did take us about 20 minutes to find a free parking spot, but after that we were right by fountain square and apparently salsa night was going on that night. It looked like so much fun! I saw people of ever age, gender, race, etc dancing along to the instructions that the ladies were giving everyone. I believe they said it had been going on for 16 years and also that different nights of the week were different genres.
Lastly, Cincinnati in general felt very tree-covered to me, it reminded me of the ozarks (where im from).
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2023.06.03 12:28 digitalkonbini Any way around the Taming raft glitch - tamed dinos fall out or vanish

Started Ark in April. My family loves the game. We play PVE on official servers on the island. Living in the south we decided to build a taming raft to head to the north west and north east points of the map to catch more rare dinos. I built a taming raft from YouTube and we have been able to catch quite a few dinos.
The problem is transporting then back. Even in the enclosed trap they sometimes vanish off the raft. I drive carefully, constantly checking back on them, avoid rocks and tight spots yet sometimes even the slightest turn and they are gone. It's like they are not even connected to the raft. The raft turns, the dino doesn't turn with it and then vanishes through the walls.
Is there any way around this? Am I building the raft wrong? Should I give up on taming rafts? We have only gotten 2 of 10 tamed dinos successfully home!
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2023.06.03 12:09 Alphaone75 Choosing a bike 2000 USD

Choosing a bike 2000 USD
Hi everyone,
I would like to ask your help and suggestions to help to narrow down options for which bike I should buy in Europe. I am starting to plan for a long biketouring (maybe bikepacking) trip I am dreaming of doing in one or two years from now in South America. That would include gravel roads and I would hope, most of the time. I want to buy it now so I can do short trips to try it out during that time.
I am not an expert, that’s why I would appreciate your help. I have been looking into gear for about a couple of years, highly inspired by Iohan and the amazing trips he took before leaving us. I have also gone thru a couple of editions of the publications of Aleen Denham. I think I should strive for what he (or everyone ?) calls an Off-Road Plus Bike.
I have two bikes: one city bike that is very heavy and not at all good for this trip and a early 90’s Scott Yecora. I am not sure what that frame is made of but I really like it because it’s light. But again I don’t think this is the right bike because I always felt the size is not right for me, I have to ride bringing my chest way too low and I would have to remove the suspension in the front I would say.
Budget about 2000 USD, unless I really need to go further up to get more for the buck . There are just a few things I am certain of:
  • 29 inch tubeless tires
  • Carbon drive
If I was more confident about my strengh and weight I think I would go with a fat bike.
I guess the only thing above that really narrows it down is the type of bike and mostly the carbon drive.
Anyway, I would appreciate any help I can get at this point. Thank you all in advance and a big shout for all of you that share your trips and experiences here. For someone who has never done anything similar, I have to say I admire incredibly what some of you have done or are doing!
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2023.06.03 10:39 Time-Lawyer6763 Gun shot or firework?

Did somebody hear the gunshot at 2 am in the Lakeview or rosewood area or the circle drive south? It was extremely loud! Hope everything is fine.
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2023.06.03 10:38 lavender-trainer Urgent!!! Driver needed

Hello. I have my license from another country but I also have my G1. I found a good deal for a car so I bought it but now I have to transport it from Oshawa to south end Guelph. I'm looking for either a driving instructor to pick it up with me or someone with Valid G license to drive it back with me as a passenger tomorrow morning. Please message if you can help or know someone who would on such short notice.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 10:16 Optimal_Ad9703 [WSJ] 面对中国导弹威胁,美国在亚洲采取新军事策略【i.e. 在相关国家取得更多非永久的前哨基地,储备更多军事资源】
面对中国导弹威胁,美国在亚洲采取新军事策略 China’s Missile Threat Drives New U.S. Approach in Asia
通过将武器装备、部队和指挥所分散到拉尔洛这样较小的前哨基地,美国希望使中国更难通过削弱任何单一军事设施来发动决定性打击。 U.S. military planners, worried Pacific bases are vulnerable, are dispersing assets to make them harder to eliminate
今年早些时候,美军在拉尔洛机场与菲律宾一起参加了一次训练。 图片来源:U.S. Marine Corps 在这个靠近菲律宾北端的小型商用机场,在最近的训练演习期间,停机坪上搭起了为美军装备和部队准备的帐篷,停放着美国陆军直升机。
华盛顿哥伦比亚特区智库新美国安全中心(Center for a New American Security)的高级研究员Thomas Shugart说:“鉴于中国人民解放军火箭军在过去几年里能力突飞猛进,其对固定基地的威胁显而易见。”
中国日益增强的军力和美国在亚洲的军事存在料将成为本周末在新加坡举行的国防部长会议、即香格里拉对话会(Shangri-La Dialogue)的主题之一。中国拒绝了美国提出的国防部长奥斯汀(Lloyd Austin)与中国国防部长李尚福在会议期间会晤的要求;按计划两人都将发表讲话。
中国的导弹库正在扩大。图为2019年,北京展示了洲际弹道导弹。 图片来源:how hwee young/Shutterstock 根据五角大楼的估计,中国现有逾1,300枚弹道导弹可用于打击亚太地区的目标,其中逾250枚可打到美国在关岛的主要军事基地;关岛距中国大陆约3,000英里。
这些设施中可能包括嘉手纳空军基地(Kadena Air Base),这是美国在该地区最大的空军基地,位于日本冲绳岛,拥有超过40亿美元的军事资产,包括喷气式战斗机和其他设备。
出于对这种可能性的担忧,佛罗里达州共和党参议员卢比奥(Marco Rubio)今年5月向国会提交了一项议案,呼吁美国军方为其在亚洲的飞机建造更坚固的掩体。
作为模式转变的一部分,美国空军正在组建小分队,以便在需要时迅速将偏远岛屿上的简易机场等地点转变为军用飞机的临时基地。所谓的空中机动队(Air Mobility Teams)将被空降到这些地点,负责快速准备跑道和建立加油点等基础设施。
“这是为了让他们的决策矩阵变得复杂。所以,是的,你可能能够击中这个位置,但我们在这里还有另一处设施,我们可以从那里投入作战力量,”美国空军远征中心(Air Force Expeditionary Center)指挥官John M. Klein少将说。在该中心下正在创建空中机动队(Air Mobility Teams)。
一些军事战略家警告称, 如果个别地点的防御能力较弱,可能被少量导弹摧毁,那么分散部署可能使美军更脆弱。
从更多的国家开展行动可能会有其他复杂的问题,例如与东道国政府的协调。菲律宾总统小费迪南德-马科斯(Ferdinand Marcos Jr.)已表示,美军可以使用的菲律宾基地不能用于进攻性军事行动。
在今年美国和菲律宾军队的年度联合军事演习中,正在发射的爱国者导弹系统。 图片来源:Eloisa Lopez/REUTERS 美国在亚太地区的主要军事设施受到导弹防御系统的保护,如爱国者(Patriot)导弹防空系统,它可以防御弹道导弹和巡航导弹以及无人机,此外还有舰载宙斯盾(Aegis)战斗系统,它可以瞄准飞行中的弹道导弹。
关岛配有一处供战略轰炸机使用的空军基地、一处供攻击型潜艇使用的海军基地以及一个美国海军陆战队的前哨,那里的末段高空区域防御系统(Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, THAAD),即“萨德”系统,可提供进一步的保护。美国已批准进一步拨款,用于配备更多的导弹防御系统。
根据一项被称为“反介入/区域拒止”(antiaccess/area denial, 简称A2/AD)的战略,中国政府的目的是,一旦爆发冲突,阻止美国军队进入中国需要在冲突中作战的地区,如台湾周围,通过驱除美军不让美军有发动攻击的机会。
另外一个地点位于菲律宾西部,在南中国海(South China Sea, 中国称南海)边缘,这是另一个潜在的热点地区,中国在那里的人工岛上建立了军事前哨。
2017年,关岛安德森空军基地的美国军机。 图片来源:erik de castro/Reuters 但其中几个地点有美国可以使用的跑道、弹药储存区以及指挥与控制设施。
最近在菲律宾进行的演习中,美军对拉尔洛机场的最新进驻使得V-22鱼鹰式倾斜旋翼机以及黑鹰(Black Hawk)和支努干(Chinook)直升机能从该机场起飞,美军也可以在该机场进行集结。
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2023.06.03 10:04 Wise_Ad_4417 29[M4F] Cardiff - looking for a genuine connection

Hey there! Recently moved to Cardiff and the only way to meet people outside work seems to be dating. South Asian guy here looking for any form of human connection I can come across. Have met some amazing people through Reddit and trying my luck again.
If you're into movies and TV shows as much as I am, we're already off to a good start. And if you're someone who appreciates a well-spiced dish, we'll definitely get along. I'm easy going, open minded, grounded and don't take life too seriously. I love to make people laugh and have a good time. Always up for fun and adventures. I am also an amateur photographer with a curious eye. I love exploring landscapes and new subjects. I recently got into cycling and am trying to be more physically active in general. 420 friendly, body positive, environmentally conscious, liberal, open minded to add a few more to the list.
Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty. Things I'm not the best at: I'm not into gaming, I'm not big on sports, and I don't drive. I'm not necessarily looking for someone with similar interests, but I just wanted you to get a glimpse of who I am. All I ask is for you to be curious and honest. My primary preference is for someone nearby, but I'm willing to travel within reasonable distance for the right person. While I am ideally looking for a romantic relationship, I believe anything genuine should be built on good friendships.
If any of this strikes a chord with you, don't hesitate to hit me up. Let's chat and see where it goes.
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2023.06.03 10:03 summerofevidence Part time gig for someone that's handy with tools and good with customers

Hi guys, anyone looking for work?
I have a business that specializes in furniture installation (assembly, mounting, etc.). Looking for someone to fill an entry level part time role as an assistant installation tech. You don't have to be super handy or technical, but at least have a basic familiarity with power tools. More important to have a good attitude and willingness to learn. Also have a clean background and reliable vehicle to drive to clients houses (miles reimbursed of course). We service from South Bay to Orange County.
$20/hr plus miles. Would ideally like to have someone that's based in the long Beach area because that's usually where we start our day. Shoot me a message if you're interested or know someone who is. You can visit my website to see more about the business, thanks.
Or email me with a resume [email protected]
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2023.06.03 09:57 cryptosoftmalaysia Multi-Level Marketing Software – Fully Customizable MLM System in Malaysia

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2023.06.03 09:47 CruelRage is there any way we can report this type of driving? dude was millimeters from wrecking me on 101 south

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2023.06.03 09:25 crogonint List of Alternate Barovian Maps which are Needed

I'm pretty sure that the majority of Barovian content creators have already seen some version of this list. I actually went back to update my original post of the list to discover that I never made my own post of it! I put together the first version of this list a couple of years ago. I'm pretty sure this is the most complete list of its kind anywhere: Alternate areas of Barovia that are commonly needed, besides the commonly published CoS specific battlemaps:
0) The (Dark) Carnival - nobody ever makes maps / assets for this, even though gobs of people always throw it in to their campaign, even though it's old as crap. I understand that there's a Carnival Realm in the new VRGtR book.. I'll probably never use the realm-carnival, but that's a second place the Dark Carnival maps/assets could be used. There are also a trio of third party Ravenloft carnival modules as well that they could be used in.
1) Battlemap sized maps of the towns. At LEAST a 5 foot per square / hex map for the tiger chase. (Obviously modern VTT platforms don't actually need the grid on the map. ;) )
2) Random shops, stables, blacksmiths and generic places the party is likely to go anyway.
3) Generic encounter locations.. country roads / rivers / bridges and combinations of the three. It sounds dumb because you can get generic encounter maps like that anywhere.. but it would be AWESOME to have matching Barovian roads and Svalitch woods on all of your encounter maps. Don't forget the specific crossroads with the gallows from CoS.. I don't recall if there were hanging cages mentioned, but you could throw in some PNG options for them.
4) A covered bridge, including the roof, deck and under views. (To tack on to the Headless Horseman add-in.) The Woodcutters hut as well.
5) Besides the Carnival, there are a few other old school modules that people like to bolt on to CoS (Adam, etc. etc.).
6) DragnaCarta, MandysMod and Pyram King have all developed alternate encounters and a handful of setting that might be able to use an alternate map here and there. (Orphanage.) In particular, I recall battles in/near the bogs, on mountain sides with/without roads and watch towers. Military and outfitter style tent interiors and exteriors and camps placed.. you know what? Make those camps be PNG assets that could be dropped in a bog, next to a river or on a mountain side as needed. ;) I recall Lunch Break Heroes making an encounter for Borgia/Borca, but I don't recall if they made any scenarios / encounters for Barovia. I got a special request for Beneath the Abbey.
7) The Interactive Tome of Strahd sends the party back in time and would be a PHENOMENAL set of maps to expand Barovia. Seriously, you could drop those on DMsGuild and make some bank. Some additionally pre-Strahd bright and shiny versions of the village of Barovia and other basic maps might be nice for some throw-back adventures.
8) Retro Castle Ravenloft.. Castle Ravenloft fully restored to its former glory! (Castle Barovia? I picture it as more of a walled garrison, looking like a giant stone bubble from a distance, but it did have at least one tower overlooking the cliff.) We know that the old pre-Strahd castle had multiple floors located in roughly the same place as Castle Ravenloft, but with significantly different floor plans, as the ghosts walk staircases and pass through doorways that don't exist anymore. :D (Important side-note: Strahd did not grow up in Castle Ravenloft. I believe that there is one (1) painting of him looking out over Yesterhill, through the mists at a vision of the castle he grew up in, but I don't think anyone has ever tackled it.)
9) The caverns and the alter area in and under the Pillarstone of Ravenloft (from Expedition to Ravenloft) are frequently added in to CoS. I've never seen a map of a hidden cavern entrance in the Svalitch woods, let alone a set of creepy Barovian caverns.. or the Castle side of the entrance, for that matter.
10) Around a decade ago, some weirdo drew an artistic image of Castle Ravenloft with the foundation bedrock rotted away under it. I'd like to see a detailed elevation map of the curtain wall and gatehouse with the bedrock still under the curtain wall, because that irritates me to no end. NOBODY would build a massive curtain wall on a questionable foundation. Reference Vlads actual castle (which is admittedly ten times smaller than Ravenloft) for a rather specific example of a (THE) castle built on the side of a cliff. As I recall, if looking at the gatehouse, the left side and back left corner of Vlads actual castle are protected by a cliff, and that's where the inspiration for Castle Ravenloft came from.
11)Speaking of elevation, at the other end of Castle Ravenloft are balconies and windows jutting out over the cliff. I'd love to see detailed maps of those areas, an 'ant sized' map of the Svalitch woods and Barovia as seen from the castle, and an elevation map of the cliff-side reaching from the Svalitch woods up past the windows and balconies to the Curtain wall. Parties occasionally decide to attempt to scale the cliff. Having a cliff and curtain wall that actually matches would be awesome.
12) Odd ball areas we never see. The druids must have huts or a village somewhere. The Roc must have a nest somewhere. The Mad Mage in Barovia has one of either a tower / cavern / pocket dimension somewhere. We could use Barovian flavored versions of all three. Oh, and the woods and encounters with said mage on the backside of the lake.. so a lake / forested area with spread out trees for players to run in terror or attempt to attack at range.. or whatever.
13) UNDER Lake Zarovich, there are a handful of generic encounters. There are also a few river monster encounters, generally near the Berez Swamp, could use a lair map and an underwater river encounter map, Barovia flavored. Speaking of Berez, I've never seen a detailed large scale swamp map for the Berez Swamp.. let alone the whole town being overrun by the swamp.
14) A proper Berez Swamp. A full sized swamp, with river banks, fields of cattail and reeds, murky backwaters, underwater groves of trees, and a couple of dozen oddly shaped islets and sandbanks.. a few dead logs.. not to mention a proper full sized assortment of Berez town ruins.
15) What's the village in the Adventurer's Guild Supplements?? Orasnou! There's a tiny village there (the size most people depict Berez as, because the CoS book doesn't describe the whole town of Berez properly). So that map is needed, along with.. 4 interior maps, if I recall? (Probably more, + a manor.) As well as an alternate werewolf lair and a few others, like a Barovian bluff, again if I recall off of the top of my head. I've had requests for the Gundarak villages Teufeldorf, Zeidenburg and Renika, as well as the other minor villages and..
16) The complete map of Barovia, post Grand Conjunction (done in standard modern style/graphics).
17) Various encounters have been depicted on Mount Baratok. Which would be a stark stone mountain, snowy and generally above the treeline, not like the hilly tree covered mountains where Argynvostholt and the Roc and etc. are located. I think a largish rocky encounter map of the mountainside would be the first needed. I (seem to) recall a three tiered monastery built on the side of a cliff, with a freshwater spring enclosed that would require an elevation map along with three small interioexterior maps showing the wooden stairs going up and down the cliff-side. I recall one encounter involving a lai small cave sized area.
18) Lots of people want Van Richtens magic shop and other stuff described in his escapades. We could also use a handful of Vistani Vardos and Camps. If I recall, there are only two described in the CoS book, but there are many more tribes of Vistani than that, and we're told that they move around frequently. If might be easier to provide PNG files for the vardos, outfitter tents and assets for a large scale camp. Come to think of it, there aren't a whole lot of tokens for those smallish horses they use either, so someone might whip up 10-12 smallish shaggy horses with unique patterns to show off. They don't care one ounce for a horses pedigree, and are more than happy to keep unique looking mongrel horses as their personal caravan animals. They use mountain horse stock when breeding their horses, so they would be a bit hairier and stockier then say an Arabian.. just scaled closer to a pony size. Donkey size! They're donkey sized horses. :D ..real donkey size, if I recall 5e has some weirdness going on with their official donkey/wagon sizes that makes no sense at all for Vardos sized horses and wagons like the Vistani would have.
19) The valley where the village of Barovia is located is described as a massive fertile farming area, yet we never see any medieval farms, ranches, graineries or farmers markets for Barovia. Definitely need a few of those. Barovian farmers and ranchers would SPECIFICALLY all have the buildings that (in the real world) later became fortifications, Thick werewolf proof walls and heavily barricaded doors everywhere. No window on the ground floor. Livestock was housed indoors, in enclosed courtyards with family areas wrapped around them, or with the animals on the ground floor and the family living above on the second floor. Horse stalls and farrowing areas would be fenced off within the area. Graineries would be large round wooden buildings with barricaded doors and sturdy out-buildings. 10 foot tall max, today's 4-5 story tall graineries are a modern invention. There would probably be a large stone community grainery far on the other side of the valley from the Village of Barovia. for that matter, there ought to be a functioning grainery or warehouse somewhere between the Village of Barovia and Bonegrinder. ALSO, if Bonegrinder is no longer being used as a mill, there would HAVE to be another windmill or waterwheel driven mill somewhere else in Barovia. Many artists have envisioned a water-wheel grainery on the River Ivlis near the Village of Barovia. Corn cribs would be on the second floor of a barn for drying grain, doubling up to dry bales of hay, not primarily as a hay loft. PNGs for 2-3 styles of fencing and gates, water troughs, and some medieval horse drawn plows and rakes would be nice. Dog kennels!! Every farm would probably have it's own horse pasture or rink with a training post, and a dog kennel or run for dogs to run during the day. You know those giant mastiffs that the Barovian nobles are so fond of? Yeah, the farmers in the fertile valley near Barovia would be the only ones rich enough to be able to afford to raise those pups for the nobles. Somewhere out here would be a medieval rancher set up to raise mastiff puppies with an assortment of full grown mastiffs. Mongrel pups or runts would be sold off to neighboring farms at a discount. Roaming wolves would stay FAR away from them, and werewolf packs would likely attack them for any reason at all (if they could find a way in to the basin). I picture a LARGE farmers market and stockyards just inside the River Ivlis bridge of the Valley of Barovia. We know that Barovia is a trade center.. so there MUST be one. The bridge would offer protection if needed, and it would be the closest place farmers and ranchers could set up to provide commerce with the other villages and domains and still have the protection of being inside the gates. Hmm.. they might have a dirt race track there for showing off horses going up for sale. Make that very probably, The Vistani/Romani are famous for defending their mountain horses at the drop of a hat. This would be the main place of commerce for farmers goods in Barovia. This is (the main area) where Vistani Caravans would import and export farm goods in to and out of Barovia.
20) There would absolutely be homestead (small) sized farms and ranches carved out up in mountain valleys or even on mountain sides facing south. In fact, a south facing mountain side might get enough sunlight to raise delicate crops, spices and herbs, whereas most of Barovia can't, due to the mists blocking the sunlight. Also, a couple of mountain pastures with matching rocks / trees bordering them would be nice. Honestly though, if you pass out some rock and tree assets that match the ones you already use, anybody could throw together their own mountain pastures, or even their own valley pastures. Rows of crops are hard to find though! You could easily have scenarios of wolves/werewolves hunting the party in a cornfield.. but there are no Barovian cornfield battlemaps. ACTUALLY, I don't think I have any battlemap sized crop assets, and I probably have the largest collection of map assets around. You could probably sell these farming assets/maps on DriveThruRPG and DMsGuild as well, I've never seen them anywhere. ..OR you might ask Forgotten Adventures or Tom Cartos to throw some together, whatever seems clever. :) I've been asked specifically to try to get Yaedrag (barbarian-esque village in the mountains that Dragna wrote up) made up.
21) Jenny Greenteeth's Hut.. perhaps a grove of her untainted trees from the Quivering Forest? (Also the Glumpen Swamp and Vanishing Hills, various locations within these.) I picture the Quivering Forest loaded with fruit and nut trees and songbirds fighting for real estate (the text mentions angry squirrels).. surrounded by classic Svalitch Woods half-dead spooky trees. ;) I recall seeing a couple of versions that roughly followed the description given in DDAL04, but they're just a hut, not the whole barrow surrounding her hut as described. Additionally, many artists have upscaled her hut to be a small trading post, and put it on wooden poles, swamp style (never seen a battlemap of it, though). Lots of room for creative renditions there. :)
22) Another thing that I haven't seen ANYBODY making is small abbeys. The hills and mountains of Barovia are said to be littered with small abbeys. ..some of them abandoned, some not.
23) Abandoned mansions and manors. Strahd massacred the noble families of Barovia for their involvement in his father's murder. There is one legend of a nobleman possessed by a demon that Strahd left alive, as a curse 'worse than death'. At any rate, there ought to be a handful of abandoned / haunted mansions and manors dotting the Barovian countryside for the party to stumble in to (or check out due to a hook dropped by an informative villager).
24) There are currently NO mines in the CoS version of Barovia.. bizarre for a mountain country. It would suit that some of those decimated noble families ran some mines that have since been abandoned. Of course, it wouldn't do to host your standard monsters in a Barovian mine. I'm thinking Lair of the White Worm. Something more horrifying than dungeoneering.
25) It's been mentioned that instead of murdering the losers from the werewolf trials, they might be shipped off to be slaves in a mine, or to a plantation in the swamp. The plantation would be stick construction, as you would expect in a swamp, they would collect tubers and reeds that grow in the swamp, not traditional plantation type crops.
26) The various Barovian villages NOT included on Schleys map of (Central) Barovia usually have a town sized map plotted out and published somewhere, but no really decent overview maps or battlemap sized maps of them exist. (This need might easily be filled by a couple of handfuls of generic Barovian village buildings, field-stone and dirt street assets, and sundry village constructions.
27) Besides the Gates of Barovia, there are supposed to be watch-towers dotting the landscape as well. An operational watchtower and a couple of partially ruined ones would be awesome.

Assets nobody has made like the Dark Carnival and lake/river encounters and the Mad Mages various lair options would be the most needed. I simply don't understand why EVERY CoS map developer doesn't provide matching roads, forests, rivers and generic shops with matching Barovian assets. The maps I mentioned which you could make money selling on DriveThruRPG and DMsGuild (to me) would just be silly NOT to make. ...Van Richtens magic shop is requested a LOT. When the party first enters Barovia, I can picture them being chased in to a fortified farm by a pack of dire wolves / werewolves at dusk (perhaps the first couple of farms won't unbarricade their doors). I'm sure you can see the utility of the rest. Will everybody need a Roc nest on a cliff above the forest? No. Will DMs derail their campaign for a minute just for the opportunity to make the party loot a Roc nest? Yes. :
Finally, I would note that since I wrote this list, a few cartographers have added some of the above locations to their Library, but the vast majority of these are as of yet, untouched. :)
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2023.06.03 09:17 Bambam_go Re:SET San Diego Review

Overall, had a really fantastic experience at the San Diego leg of the Re:SET concert series.
Cons/Things that could be improved:
1) there were plenty of Porto-potties but they were all in one area. I mean, the space itself isn’t that big so I guess this wasn’t that big of a deal but having bathrooms on the west side as well would have been nice.
2) more food options please. The food to bar ratio was like 1:7. There were 5 different food vendors and a plethora of bars.
3) the stage could have benefited from having some side screens like the Mojave Tent but this is more of a “would be nice to have” as I had a really good view. boygenius used the available production really well meanwhile Clairo started with the some visuals but then they kind fizzled towards the end. Would have like to see a tiny bit more effort with the visual production.
Pros/Things I Loved:
1) im not a major audiophile and maybe someone who is would disagree but I thought the sound and acoustics were great. Could hear all the vocals and all the instruments. I was about 30 feet to the right of the sound booth and could see and hear clearly. I don’t think there was really a bad spot in the crowd.
2) getting in and out was super easy. I took a Lyft in and was dropped off around 6:30. Security was chill and no line to get in. I didn’t have a bag or anything and didn’t get a pat down. Just standard metal detectors. Today, I wore sterling silver jewelry and if that didn’t set on the metal detectors, I don’t think a vape pen will either (didn’t have one on me and I’m sure that’s what others are most concerned with). Left a little early to beat the crowd and I was pretty hungry. Took the trolley out to Mission Valley, got food, then lyfted home. If you’re driving, I highly recommend the trolley. Park at a nearby station that has park and ride and trolley in. Super convenient, save yourself the stadium parking rate
3) the overall vibe and atmosphere today was pretty fantastic. A lot of that may have to do with boygenius being today’s headliner and I think tomorrow will be way busier and more crowded but all in all, the crowd was great. I skipped boygenius at Coachella because I already had tickets for this and even though I’m not a huge fan (i like them for sure but I wouldn’t say I’m a stan by any means) I loved hearing their fans sing along to every word. It was really special. I didn’t encounter one rude person whatsoever. Everyone was super polite and used their words when navigating the crowd. Didn’t encounter excessive talking.
4) the stage being in the south side, facing north, made for a truly picturesque scene with the nearly full moon rising overhead. Truly was a breathtaking view.
Overall rating: 4/5. And really the only reason it’s not a 5 is that it still feels like the price is steep for what we got. A 3 day pass should have been about $200-$250 not $300. But I think they did a really good job overall with the set up and sound. And I really hope Re:SET continues in the future past this month. I think it really is a great concept and I hope people continue to support these endeavors
Other tip: it got a little chilly in the valley there. I didn’t find myself shivering or anything but I wouldn’t have minded a jacket or flannel. And I wasn’t paying $70+tax for the Re:SET jacket.
If you’re in or near SD and don’t have plans tomorrow, definitely recommend coming out for tomorrow’s lineup.
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2023.06.03 08:07 Junior_Button5882 A List of creepy, unexplained, paranormal, and interesting posts from all over Reddit!

Jane <3
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2023.06.03 07:50 QuickNorth25 First visit to Red Rocks, a deep dive.

Oh my. This is my first Reddit post ever! Sorry this is pretty lengthy, trying to be thorough! I got so much help from reading through this sub that I felt compelled to share. I got tickets to see LCD Soundsystem over Memorial Day. It was my first visit to Red Rocks. I was very excited but pretty nervous. I adore live music but am also a highly anxious person. Unknown situations can really overwhelm me. I need to feel prepared when I visit new places. I am a fat person and a flatlander who is out of shape so I was extremely worried about how hard it would be to navigate the venue. I did many deep dives on this sub and others and am happy to report I had the perfect visit. Just wanted to share some info for those nervous Nellies like me.
My sister and I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Lakewood. This is far from the Denver Airport but a 15 minute drive to Red Rocks. It is a suburb - there were plenty of chain restaurants, coffee shops, and a Trader Joe's. While not overly exciting or interesting, it was very convenient and met our needs. Also! I highly recommended A Taste of Denmark, an absolutely devine Danish bakery.
We rented a car via Turo and decided to park at the venue. We went at 5 pm (doors at 6 show at 7)and parked in the Upper South Lot. Parking was easy and quick, the staff were friendly and helpful. There was a line of 50-100 people waiting by the fence for when the doors opened. We scoped things out around the parking lot. People had little screen tents, bean bag boards, and camp chairs set up. Since we weren't local/flew in we didn't have camp chairs, but if we had it would've been totally fine to set up by our car and chill until the doors opened or even wander around and talk to people. A crazy swirling dust storm whipped up for a few minutes so we just chilled in the car until the doors opened.
The entrance to the amphitheater from the Upper South lot is via a walk up a ramp that is STEEP but doable. Even my sister, who is in good shape, got a little winded. There was plenty of space and time to step to the side and catch our breath. Nobody was pushy or annoyed. We waited in line on the ramp for maybe 15 minutes and then were able to move through security. There were steps up to the security screening that were fine to navigate and not too difficult. Time to walk from car (front/middle of Upper South Lot) to security check point was less than 10 minutes total (not including wait time on the ramp).
I brought a draw string backpack (like the ones they give away at business conferences 😂). I had most of my things in a bunch of smaller bags and satchels-security didn't ask to go through any of the smaller bags. They had me open the top of my bag, kind of felt around, and asked if my water bottle was sealed. Easy peasy. There was a merch table to the left immediately upon entering. They were busy when we got in @ 6 (an hour before the show) but didn't have crazy long lines.
There are really nice bathrooms to your left as you walk towards the venue from this entrance. They are all gender bathrooms with big tall wooden doors/no gaps. It's like your own personal bathroom. These are the only bathrooms I used at the venue, before and during the show. I never waited more than 5-10 minutes in line.
The seating was broken up into GA sections and Reserved Seating sections. It was all clearly marked with ropes. We were in row 29, so not front row but not at the tippy top. The stairs are challenging, but again, we had plenty of space and time to stop and catch our breath. There are some hand railings on the left side but they do not go all the way up the amphitheater. So be aware that you may have to traverse stairs without the assistance of a railing.
My sister brought a picnic blanket that folds up with a handle. We unfolded it on our seats which was great to have this set out for once the shows got going and we wanted to sit and rest. We went right to our seats upon arriving. We really just took in the venue-the views and the vibes. The people watching is great. Each of us had time to check out merch, grab a drink, etc. I was not bored at all and was glad we went as early as we did. It made for a long day but it was worth it.
We only purchased 1 alcoholic seltzer and a bottle of water which were obviously expensive. I brought in 1 bottle of water (they have to be sealed) and wished I had brought 2. Everything is cashless-cards only. We did not try any of the food, although I saw a couple people go by with some tasty looking tacos and other fair style food. It would also be totally legit to throw a granola bar or sandwich into your bag if you think you'll need food (would definitely recommend if you are drinking). We ate right before we went to the venue and hit up a fast food drive thru at the end of the night and that was fine for us.
We had a group of people next to us-it was clear some of the friends had purchased Reserved tickets and their friends had GA tickets but were just going chill with their friends @ their Reserved seats - stacking each other 2-3 people deep per seat. They were nice and respectful. And during the openers I honestly didn't care. But before LCD started I did ask who all had tickets as the group was kinda jamming us up (they were obviously getting more and more intoxicated and dancing wider and wider into our seats). The guy who had the Reserved seat TOTALLY got it. I shared that we had come from out of state, paid for the reserved seats and this show was very important to me. He and his friends immediately apologized and had everyone on their best behavior, nobody was stepping in front of us during the show. We even kinda made friends with the dude and chatted a bit. His friends said something along the lines of 'oh we've only EVER been to GA shows so this assigned seating thing is hard.' 🙄 We had several people who were too drunk/high or trying to scam folks by being lost and unable to find their seats. They apparently decided to look for their seats 15 minutes into the LCD set. At that point in the game you are just out of luck. The seat numbers are on teeny tiny plaques that are not lit up. Figure out where your seats are before the chaos starts. We had to shoo them along because they were interrupting the show and weren't super aware of their behavior or surroundings.
I've read multiple articles and subs that have said marijuana is illegal to use in public! You can totally be arrested! This is definitely not the case. Everyone, everywhere was freely using drugs. It smelled of marijuana the whole show. Just a heads up if that bothers you. It is constant and potent. You can't get away from it, even in an outdoor venue! I had no problem with this but some people might care.
The show was at the end of May. I wore mid weight long pants, a t-shirt, and medium weight sweatshirt. This was the perfect outfit. No sweating and no shivering. We had a light comfortable breeze all night. It was a dream! I had packed a light jacket and rain poncho in my pack but didn't need either. This was easily stowed underneath our seats. I wore comfy running shoes. They aren't the most stylish but there is lots of uneven ground to traverse and you spend hours standing on cement which can be hard on the body and joints. Forget the cute heels for Red Rocks.
We stayed until the very end. MANY people left before the last song, I'm guessing to beat the traffic. Exiting the venue was slightly chaotic but uneventful. It took us 10-15 minutes to get back to the car. The ramp on the way back down is steep. I chose to use the hand railing just to be safe.
And then we zipped out of the Upper South Lot and down into Morrison in not even 5 minutes. We barely had to wait. I was expecting to sit for hours to exit per all the info I've read about parking at Red Rocks. It was a great surprise and a perk of going early!
I know this is a lot. Thanks if you read it all. Hoping by sharing I can inspire others to go. I was second guessing myself and my abilities prior to going and I'm so glad I didn't cancel! It was truly a once in a life time experience. Thanks to the info I found on reddit I felt pretty prepared and comfortable!
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2023.06.03 07:48 Pheonixflames81 Any ferries from Dublin to England or Scotland?

I’m planning a 3 month trip to Europe next year for my 40th birthday. I’m hoping to fly from the USA to Dublin via aer lingus or to Heathrow. I wanted to start my exploration in Ireland than going down south slowly. My brother lived in Scotland so I do want to take a few weeks to see Rob Roy’s homeland. The highlight of the trip would be somewhere around Marseille France to join in the French national holiday (bastille day).
Since planes are becoming more expensive I have opt to fly into and out of either Heathrow or Dublin. Either way I will need to get to Ireland and out by ferry. I have seen a ferry that goes across the Channel which I will take to first enter France.
My brother died during Covid so that’s why this is a honorary voyage.
If you know of a train bridge that crosses Ireland to the main British island please let me know. I can’t drive a car.
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2023.06.03 07:41 Wlam_69 Looking for a band near the Anaheim/Orange, CA area.

Hello guys, I’m looking for a band willing to write some good music. Inspiration from all genres is welcome. I’ve played in metal bands and alt/indie cover bands, but now I want to write some music of my own with a band that is willing to welcome me. Something close to a Tame Impala w/Shoegaze sounds would be cool.
I have gear and I have transportation. I stay in Compton, but work in Orange, so any bands along the 91 east bound to the 5 South anywhere near theBlock shopping center would be great!!! I’m willing to drive a little further down and even up to Whittier. If the band is good and the mates are willing… then we just might be able to rock!
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2023.06.03 05:57 LordVeggy I couldn't drive by this mountain that is red in south western Colorado. I hiked it but got caught in a thunderstorm!

I couldn't drive by this mountain that is red in south western Colorado. I hiked it but got caught in a thunderstorm! submitted by LordVeggy to hiking [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 05:55 LordVeggy I couldn't drive by this mountain that is red in south western Colorado. I hiked it but got caught in a thunderstorm!

I couldn't drive by this mountain that is red in south western Colorado. I hiked it but got caught in a thunderstorm! submitted by LordVeggy to Colorado [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 05:54 Sokatich111 Who was in the car with Coach causing him to swerve all over the road?

Coach is a very experienced and successful drunk driver. He has driven drunk 1000s of times and only been caught on 6 occasions.
He knows the fundamentals of drunk driving - stay at the speed limit, make sure your lights are on, keep the windows closed and NEVER wander all over the lanes.
So what made Coach cross the lanes? It must have been Road Head. And as he is normally the sucker and not the sucked, it must be one of his staff under instruction from Coach.
Likely culprits?
Liz? Unlikely - seems to be more of a licker than a sucker and I doubt Coach is interested in a biological female.
Darby? Unlikely - given that you have to line Darby up against a known stationary object to see if he is moving, I doubt he has the energy or technique to satisfy Coach.
Zee - Unlikely- doubt he was in the car and doesn’t seem the “sucky sucky” type.
That leaves Luis - and the most likely suspect. Trimmed beard, flexible and totally infatuated with Coach, he is the obvious choice.
Coach normally likes his boys Asian or Hispanic but maybe Coach thinks Australia is in South America or Asia somewhere and, well, he was drunk. Any port in a storm.
When given the instruction to go Down Under little Luis saw it as an opportunity and grasped it with both lips.
He had no way of knowing his tongue would lead to Coach getting another DUI and the downfall of TPG.
He was just doing what he was told. Nobody knew he was so very good at it.
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2023.06.03 05:08 Highlander2748 “Sorry Guys”…a short story

They picked me up and let me tag along while I was running solo. We all headed to Al Sawah so we could hit the buy station and plate up. They split off to head to the airport while I went down to the hospital to grab my third and last medical document. I grabbed the doc and made it over to the port and found a boat. I went the south route past al bagra while they took the road to the north. We met at the airport at the same time, climbed the tower and loaded it up with stuns and grenades. Pyro was surprisingly easy to take down and these guys were excited with all the loot, a tempered vest, orange crates all over, pyro’s KV Broadside and a weapons case! We had a perfect exfil plan: We all parachuted to the boat I left and were headed to the exfil at the port. All looted up, my mission checked off, weapons case…I was driving and was too busy checking everyone’s plates in anticipation of a firefight at exfil to notice I was too close to the red line. Sorry guys.
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2023.06.03 04:57 nimmoisa000 Open world crime game idea Cartel: Palm City.

Developed by Hangar 13, DICE, Ripple Effect Studios, EA Gothenburg, and Criterion Games and published by EA.
Additionally former EA Black Box and Ghost Games employees who would help access game assets and code from previous NFS titles to streamline the development)
Cartel (or alternatively as “Cartel: Palm City” or "Cartel: Miami" ) would be an open world title based on the Mafia Games, the GTA games and the Saints Row games, with elements of Battlefield: Hardline thrown in with an array of weapons and vehicles based on their real life counterparts.
Gameplay wise the driving would be like Need for Speed titles, and on foot and shooting mechanics like BF: Hardline and Saints Row. Plus you can customize your cars and weapons to the same extent in BF: 2042 and some cars would allow for mounted weapons,on foot you can execute people with your equipped weapon like in The Godfather games. On foot would be an FPS view (you can change to a third person view as well) same with having an FPS view in your car.
There would an single player experience point system (like in BF Hardline single player) you gain XP from killing gangsters, and cops blowing up or capturing enemy vehicles and completing main missions, side missions and activities also there will be 15 levels to achieve with each level up unlocking new weapons, vehicles and customization for your weapons and vehicles. As well as a New Game Plus (NG+) where everything you unlocked is carried over and you can also play on the higher difficulties through NG+.
Also there would be five wanted levels for police and five vendetta levels for the gangs should you reach level five gang vendetta you start a Gang War there are three ways to stop a Gang War either bribe the feds, blow up a gang stronghold, or hide out in a safe house. Police wanted levels one and two local units would come after the player, at police wanted level two or three the state police would come after the player. At wanted level four and five the feds would come after the player. The military will only come after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard
The Storyline
In Cartel: Palm City; in a different universe and timeline where there's a total prohibition of all narcotics in the United States in 2010; tells the story of Jack Rourke (the player character) a hardworking rideshare driver at day and a street racer at night who's scraping by in Palm City circa 2019. One fateful night, Jack Rourke has an inadvertent brush with the Blackwell Syndicate (mainly Carl Stoddard and that showcases a life of reward too big to ignore. As he joins the Blackwell Syndicate who are fighting for control of Palm City against five other criminal groups and take the city for the Blackwell Syndicate including recovering evidence that could not only convict the Blackwell Syndicate, as well as a network of crime lords in many countries, (including the other gang’s backers) including the Blackwell Syndicate's backers the Mob and it would also directly implicate the CIA in Palm City’s drug trade with Jack Rourke earning the nickname “El Sicario” for his efforts in driving the other gangs out of Palm City. When he learns how much the drugs were hurting the people of Palm City and all over the country as well as learning that the Blackwell Syndicate had gotten into the drug trade themselves, he contacts FBI agent Chase Linh who relays the story to her and offers the evidence and his testimony in exchange for full immunity for him and his associates, and the evidence on the computer was enough to convict everyone form all the five gangs, but also their crime lord backers from at least half a dozen countries, as well implicating the CIA in this as well as lobbying efforts to keep all narcotics prohibited, leading to a new administration repealing the Narcotics Prohibition law and legalizing low level cannabis. However six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by Russian Mafia hitmen, Dimitri "Dima '' Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Cast
List of activities
Weapon attachments
40mm Grenades, 40mm HE, 40mm Incendiary, 40mm CS, 40mm Dart, 40mm Flashbang, 40mm LVG, 40mm Smoke, 40mm 3GL.
Weapon list
Key: Base weapon (special variant)
Other: Nail Gun
Mission Structure
Prolog (2019)
  1. The Birth of Art - After winning a big race, Jack Rourke collects the winnings at the Palm City Historical Museum
  2. An Offer you Can't Refuse - Jack Rourke must evade Volk sicarios with Tyson Lachford and Carl Stoddard members of the Blackwell Syndicate
  3. Race Day - After the events of the last mission, Jack Rourke partakes in a race day event and wins three events with his Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) '12
  4. Running Man - Volk sicarios Niko and Dimitri crashes the race day and Jack must get to the Blackwell Garage
Chapter 1 (2019-2021)
  1. M34 Party - Jack Rourke joins the Blackwell Syndicate and gets acquainted with everyone before going with Tyson in a Pontiac GTO '05 to burn the Volk's cars with M34 Incendiary Grenades as well as stealing GMAC's Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
  2. Standard Routine - Jack Rourke rolls with Tyson, Stoddard and Jonathan Cross to collect protection money but things go south when they collect from a hotel out of town and Jack Rourke chases after the hotel owner in Cross' car.
  3. Fair Play - Jack Rourke is tasked with stealing Ryan Cooper's Nissan 240SX and sabotaging it on the eve of the biggest Speedhunter race of the year, the SpeedHunter Championship Finals and in a last minute swap Jack Rourke has to race in place of Tyler Morgan
  4. Mia Townsend - Jack Rourke is tasked with taking Mia Townsend out for a night at the city... until a gang of Wraith street racers led by Caleb Reece hassles her and Jack Rourke takes them on in a fight
  5. Get Used To It - After the events of the previous mission Jack Rourke and Tyson Latchford are sent to teach the Wraiths a lesson But Caleb Reece makes it serious and Caleb Reece is wound up being killed by Tyson after a chase around the city alongside Danny Shaw.
  6. The Saint and The Sinner - It's revealed thtat Caleb Reece was Chief Norris' best friend, and Danny Shaw survives the crash however Stoddard would handle Shaw as Jack Rourke is tasked with infiltrating the Elmore Plaza Hotel and has to kill the manager, Nikki Morris and bomb the hotel before escaping to a funeral and confronts, Danny Shaw and Frank Mercer who are also in attendance. Jack Rourke kills Shaw and nearly kills Frank as well. But Frank tasers Rourke and escapes. It would be revealed that some of the Volk sicarios recognized Sotddard and had to deal with them, then the two escaped in a hearse.
Chapter 2 (2021)
  1. A Trip to the Countryside - In order to get a large supply of cannabis from Mexico, Jack Rourke takes a team to retrieve the Mexican from Mexican smugglers only to be ambushed by Los Zetas L.S 16 and Volk sicarios, then it's revealed that Roman had paid off the FBI to go after Rourke and his teammates then they came off with the cannabis killing their pursuers in the process.
  2. Code of Silence - The evidence that Tyson and Stoddard had ripped from the Volk had fallen in the hands of Hector Maio who cut a deal with the FBI, total immunity for the evidence and Jack Rouke is tasked with killing him and retrieving the evidence
  3. Visiting Rich People - Jack Rourke is tasked with sabotaging a federal proscutor's case against The Mob, the Blackwell Syndicate's backers as well as killing the federal prosecutor in charge of the case.
  4. Visiting Powerful People - Jack Rourke is tasked with meeting and protecting a powerful member of Palm City's elite, the owner of Prefered Outcomes Julian Daws... though he more than meets the eyes of Jack Rourke
  5. Agent Dawes - Julian Daws is revealed to be a CIA agent who is tasked with keeping the flow of drugs to Jack's surprise and that he is backing the Blackwell Syndicate through Prefered Outcomes.
  6. The Drug Trade - Julian Daws walks Jack Rourke through Palm City's drug trade and how the illicit street racing scene is used as a cover to smuggle drugs.
  7. Great Deal - Tyson Lachford scores a major deal with a drug farm in Georgia who promises to supply them with large amounts of drugs in exchange for access to databases concerning highway patrol routes; however when the deal goes down at a parking garage, the Volk and L.S 16 ambush them.
  8. Bon Appetit - Jack Rourke drives Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws to the rebuilt Elmore Plaza Hotel for brunch only for Niko and Dimirti with a Volk hit squad to blast the entire lobby with gunfire and C4 explosives, Jack Rourke vaults over with Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws, there Jack Rourke and Eva Torrez rush out through the side entrance and confronts the hit squad with Jack Rourke killing both Niko and Dimirti. However Blackwell wants Jack to confront Jonathan Cross at a doughnut store and reveals that the Volk threatened to turn him over to IAD and is chased throughout the city with Marcus Blackwell putting Cross on permanent retirement by killing him with a Lupara.
Chapter 3 (Finishing the other gangs and downfall of Jack Rourke) (late 2021)
  1. Happy Anniversary - Jack Rourke is tasked with completing a contract hit against Frank Mercer at the fifth anniversary of the formation of the High-Speed Task Force by firing a sniper rifle stashed in a bathroom
  2. You Lucky Bastard - After a failed attempt to kill Razor; Roman's personal driver and #2 of the Volk, Jack Rourke is given the contract to kill Razor, first by car bomb but ends up killing Deputy Chief Jack Keller. instead of Razor. Jack Rourke, Tyson and Stoddard would later find Razer at a Burger King. In this Rourke can choose to kill or spare Razor. Rourke would spare him after he tells him that the CIA is deeper in Palm City's drug trade than Jack Rourke is led to believe
  3. Creme de la Creme - Marcus Blackwell plans to kill Roman, Niko, Demintri and Chan Wu in front of the city's Creme de la Creme, the mayor, the police chief, the FBI director and even the city's richest elite. However things go south and Jack Rourke chases Roman and Niko at the airport where they get to a private jet but is shot down and crash lands on the Cross Mermeroral Bridge Chan Wu is still alive and Jack Rourke executes him and leaves before the cops show up.
  4. Plugging the Chief - After the events of Creme de la Creme; Chief Norris places to take on the Blackwell Syndicate and to dismantle them, and a contract hit is placed on him where Jack Rourke accepts the contract and kills Chief Norris.
  5. Election Campaign - The State Governor had launched his reelection bid with the promise get tough on the cartels that had plagued Palm City and like Chief Norris has a contract hit out on him which Jack Rourke is tasked with taking, using a sniper rifle
  6. Just for Relaxation - Marcus Blackwell tells Jack Rourke about a shipment of Cuban cigars as well as a hidden shipment of diamonds (hot ice) straight from Africa however and Jack Rourke takes a crew to retrieve the shipment from federal customs however it's revealed that instead of diamonds it's Cold Shot... the same drug being pushed by the other gangs.
  7. The Truth - Jack Rourke and Kahi Minh Dao eavesdrop on Marcus Blackwell and Julain Daws and they learn the truth.
  8. Moonlighting - Jack Rourke after knowing about the truth takes Tyson to rob the Palm CIty First National in order to retire from the sicario lifestyle and gets into a massive shootout with the PCPD Heat-style.
  9. The Death of Art - After the heist of Palm City First National Jack Rourke finds Tyson dead and meets Stoddard at the museum only to find out that Stoddard knew about the heist, and used his share of the drug money and clout at Prefered Outcomes to buy out The7 as his personal hit squad, however Jack Rourke manages to kill every member of The7 but spares Stoddard (the player can also kill him but canonically Jack Rourke spares him)
Epilogue (2022)
After the trial and the repeal of the Jack Rurke is placed in the Witness Protection Program in Lakeshore City but six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by members of the West Side Club, Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Gangs of Palm City
L.S 16 (Los Salmos 16) - Also known as The Salmos. Backed by the most powerful Mexican drug lords and the most powerful arms traffickers in the world, L.S 16 once ruled all of Palm City In fear until The House stepped in. They’re also the strongest gang in the game with access to military grade weapons and vehicles and each gang kill from them awards 500-1,500 XP depending on the enemy type. They are led by Neil Roark.
The House - The House is a gambling gang with strong ties and backed by the Sicilian Mafia; they run the street scene and the casinos in Palm City. They’re pretty strong but weaker than L.S 16, and they have access to military grade weapons and vehicles each gang kills from them awards 250-800 XP depending on the enemy type. Headed by Lina Navarro.
The Volk - The Volk is a Chinese-Russian gang led by Roman Barkov with Niko Barkov as their enforcer backed by the Triads (Chan Wu), the Russian Mob (Dimitri Glebov), and GMAC's crew (Gregory "GMAC" MacDonald, Rose Largo) for cars who control the weapon smuggling and arms dealing in Palm City. With this backing and access to military grade weapons. They are a mid tier gang and each gang kill from them awards 200-600 XP depending on the enemy type. They are also the ones who go after the Blackwell Syndicate the most.
Palm Kings - The Palm Kings (PKs) is a Black gang made up of Black nationalists who controls Palm Harbor’s rackets and extorts store owners. Led by Benny King, they’re equipped with police-grade weaponry and has strong ties with the PCPD despite this, they are the second weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 150-500 XP depending if it's a regular to elite
Dixie Paladins - The Dixie Paladins are a white supremacy gang and a militarized version of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who controls the Gold Coast Mountains in the mountainous regions of Palm City. they’re the weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 100-250 XP from regular to elite members. They are led by Tony Alpert
Blackwell Syndicate - The Blackwell Syndicate is a underground criminal organization based in Palm City and is led by Marcus Blackwell with Julian “Julius” Little as underboss, Hector Maio before "Code of Silence" and Zack Maio after "Code of Silence". Nick Mendoza. Khai Minh Dao and Carl Stoddard are caporegimes and Tyson Latchford, Tyler "Ty" Morgan, Sean "Mac" McAlister, Jessica "Jess" Miller as soldiers. Other members include Ravindra "Rav" Chaudhry as the gang's car expert Rachel Teller as the gang's customization expert, Marcus “Boomer” Boone as the gang's weapon experts. The Blackwell Syndicate would be the gang that the player would join. In Act 1, they're an outside and fast tracked to soldier, but in Act 2 the player would be a capo until the end of the game. They are secretly backed by both The Mob and the CIA through Agent Dawes. Jonathan Cross and Mia Townsend are also on the gang's payroll until "Bon Appetit" where Marcus Blackwell executes him with a 870P Magnum to the head. Also Mia would also go with Jack Rourke as well
The police/military force
PCPD - the police force of Palm City/Miami if the player does hostile acts (killing civilians, firing unsuppressed weapons in public, etc) will attract police attention and each kill from them awards 50 XP for regular members and 100 XP for armored members, However the player can bribe the PCPD to look the other way or will even help the player fight the other gangs but would be the target of higher level police forces. (Sort of like it was in The Godfather game) The player can also buy favors from them as well. Also they’ll deploy stronger units at higher heat level alongside the FBI. The cars PCPD drives are the Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO, and the Chevy Grand Sport
Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) - The state police force and Only appears in wanted levels 3 and above, Each kill from them awards 75 XP for regular state troopers and 150 XP for tactical state troopers. Regular state troopers drives Ford Mustang GTs tactical state troopers drives Nissan GT-R
FBI - Only appears in wanted level 5 the FBI will be called in if the player continues to retaliate against the PCPD. Each kill from them awards 125 XP for regular agents, 250 XP for FBI SWAT and 375 XP for FBI HRT, Like the PCPD the player can bribe the FBI to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, or the PCPD but at the second highest price. The FBI also has the second widest array of favors the player can buy. regular agents drives the Nissan 350Z or Porsche 911 GT3 RS, FBI SWAT drives the - Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster or Ford F-150 SVT Raptor L.E. and FBI HRT drives the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X or Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Military - Only goes after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard. Each kill from them awards 200 XP for regs, 400 XP for experienced troops and 600 XP for elite troops. Like the PCPD, State Police and the FBI, the player can bribe the military to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, the PCPD, State Police or even the FBI but at the highest price and The military also has the widest array of favors the player can buy in large part due to Agent Dawes’ connections in Washington.
Multiplayer portion of the game would take place during the five cartels war where the Blackwell Syndicate, The Volk, Palm Kings, Dixie Paldines, Los Salmos 16, and The House (basically where Jack Rourke glosses over saying "It was non-stop chaos for weeks")
Also there would be a free ride mode where the player can explore the city at their leisure or pick a fight with either other cartels or the cops.
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Our wonderful Chemex coffee maker got smashed today, and my wife and I are taking it hard. Anyone know if any local shops sell Chemex? We live out in Chugiak, so it would be nice if I don't have to drive all the way to south Anchorage, but... it's for coffee.
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