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2023.06.07 23:31 ladybud__ Research of data about audio levels

Hello everyone,
I desperately need help for homework.
(This concerns only iPhone users.)
I have an assignment for tomorrow and I chose to answer the question "How does listening to music with earphones impact our hearing?"
To be able to conduct a scientific analysis I would need data exports of the audio levels (in dB) listened to daily and for how long (Headphone Audio Levels and Environmental Sound Levels).
For iPhone users these are information that can be found in the app Health :
Headphone Audio Levels Environmental Sound Levels
From these pages you can then download the data.
If anyone is willing to it would be great if you could send me the exported data from the Headphone Audio Levels and for the Environmental sound level.
Send me a private message if you're interested and I will give you my email so that you can send me the data.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.07 23:31 nothingexceptfor Apple Watch won’t update

I made the mistake of selecting to switch on the Beta testing update of watchOS 10, I didn’t update, just like with the iPhone I was just curious but had no intention to actually install the beta, now it is on a loop when I open software update in either the watch or the watch app on the iPhone it only checks for the beta which gives this pop up message that I need to update my iPhone, it is already on the latest version so I assume it means the beta of iOS 17 which I won’t install but the watch doesn’t give me the option to disable the Beta Update again it simply either directs you to the iPhone settings or outside but no way to disable the Beta updates.
I fear that it now only checks for the Beta of watchOS 10 it won’t ever check for new update of watchOS 9, I already restarted both the iPhone and the Watch with no success
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2023.06.07 23:30 lessdramapls Need advice on how to proceed...

Short background. Been together 3 years, have a 6 month old baby. We are close with our families. I lost my job right when the baby was born and have been pretty depressed and relying on her.
She's been border-line emotionally cheating for a while, but he's a married friend so I didn't think it worth putting a foot down on it. But now I have circumstantial proof that she physically cheated.
If I confront her, I am 100% sure she will deny it. If I confront him, I am 100% sure he will either deny or evade. How should I proceed?
Do I need to know the truth? Should I ask her if she wants a don't-ask-don't-tell kind of relationship? Should I enlist the vigilance of HIS spouse? Should I just up and disappear? I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.07 23:29 SuspiciousFlower2751 250mg dph newbie trip @145lbs bw

I was going to do 300mg but my tarot cards said to remove 2 pills and just try 10. The highest dose I had tried before this was just 175mg.
Within 30 minutes I felt very stoned and heavy throughout my body. It felt very relaxing as someone who's typically tense and uptight. My hands moved real slow and there was also a numbing effect. This helped silence the pain of my shoulder (I recently had a steel plate screwed inside).
Within 1 hour or a little bit more I lied down on my couch, and saw a very massive spider sitting next to me. The spider was black with thick strong legs. It disappeared as soon as I looked at it. Not very animated. Then I closed my eyes and heard a weird rushing sound deep in my ears like an air raid siren. I proceeded to snap out of any drowsiness and look at my (closed) blinds. I SWEAR i could see through my blinds and it was snowing outside. Very beautiful. Of course it wasn't, it was like 70 degrees.
The most persistent hallucination I had was hearing my own voice in my head very vividly saying things with no context that didnt make sense in response to my own thoughts. I would think about the spider for example and I would hear myself say "oh you know I thought about doing it but it happens" and that very audible thought felt like it came from a source foreign to myself. These thoughts continued, in my voice and nobody else's.
The trip pretty much peaked 2 hours in or so, and continued for over 4 hours when I went to sleep.
250mg at 145lbs bw, no hangover and didnt need much sleep. Planning on trying 300 mg in a week or two, maybe...
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2023.06.07 23:28 Keeylaz Dear J

You may wonder why I turned around and left, or perhaps you don't. Maybe that's what keeps you up at night? Wondering if you should have just let me walk away and not do what you did, which ended up ruining everything that could have been.
Everything changed when our eyes met last year. The whole world stopped, all the sounds disappeared and it was just you and me. I couldn't look away and it seemed as you couldn't either. I waited for you to say something, but you never did and I left feeling disappointed. I ignored our moment the whole summer, thinking that I had somehow made you uncomfortable. But now I know that moments like that only happens once, maybe twice, during a life time and that makes everything so much more painful.
Then I saw how you reacted the moment you noticed me back in august last year. How you literally halted in the middle of the street, not noticing cars or anything else and acted as if I took your breath away. But maybe I did? Maybe you felt as strongly then for me as I now feel for you? But you have no clue how I feel. How I long for your touch, your smile and laugh, to hear your voice. How I'd love nothing else than to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. How I feel like this even after everything that has happened. It's almost sad and ridiculous.
I knew the moment I saw you that day in august that I would fall in love with you. It was only a matter of time. I think I knew it already when I first saw you. You are the most beautiful person I had ever seen and you felt so familiar and safe. I even wondered where I had seen you before, but I couldn't figure that out. But you also reminded me of him, the guy that completely destroyed me and toyed with my feelings. I looked at you and I thought about him. Now I see it as a warning I shouldn't have ignored.
I turned around and left in august because I wanted to protect myself. I didn't want to go through that pain ever again. I wanted things to go right this time. But you chased after me and scared me. And then you kept scaring me, over and over again until I became a wreck. I think every day that I shouldn't go outside ever again. That I should stop walking around the neighborhood. But I can't. I have come to far to give that up.
You don't feel safe anymore and I fear every time I leave the house that I will run into you. I think you know that I'm scared of you and you have had so many opportunities to make it right. But you never did. You can't even look at me. Do you feel guilty or do you think I am annoying? Is it easy to ignore everything? Or does this cause you the same amount of pain it does for me? Do you even care? Or do you laugh about this and enjoy seeing me scared?
It pains me so much to know that you probably don't care and it hurts so much that I once felt so safe in your presence. That I feel so much for you even though you cause me so much pain. But you are just like him and I should have stayed as far away from you as I could. But it's to late now. Everything is broken, my heart, my mind, my soul and I don't know how to heal it this time. Can I even heal it this time?
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2023.06.07 23:26 Educational-Syrup961 Wife-to-be is moving into the bedroom & need some inspiration

Wife-to-be is moving into the bedroom & need some inspiration
My bedroom is functional for me but not quite female friendly. It’s 16 foot by 10. Carpet coming in soon, wallpaper just been done. Need some ideas on storage space/layout of bed etc. Anyone got ideas?
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2023.06.07 23:26 need122de [HELP] When I touch my screen on lockmode, i have a flash with fullbrightness

Hello everyone, so I have an iPhone X that’s is on iOS 14 and with checkra1n jailbreak.
So my problem is, when my phone is on lockmode, and when I touche the screen or maybe the button, my screen is doing weird for a second. On the first half of second my screen is normal, and on the other half the brightness is at its maximum. So for a second I have a normal brightness and immediate full power. I’d say this happens to me at least 3-4 times a day, which isn’t systematic but it’s often and it’s annoying over time.
I don’t understand what’s causing this, I wrote on this subreddit, because when I installed AIM to have the look of iOS 16, I noticed that my problem is happening all day long, like every time I touch on my Lock Screen. When I deleted it, its bring back to normal like 3-4 times a day.
I don’t have true tone (I changed my screen 1 year ago, but my problem came like 5 month ago) disable automatic brightness, the lift to wake ...
So if anyone had this, is a problem with a tweak or maybe complete other thing ?
Thank you for reading and the help
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2023.06.07 23:26 Jabbott23 When FaceTiming on iPad it immediately connects to iPhone and I can’t switch back

When FaceTiming on iPad it immediately connects to iPhone and I can’t switch back
I have a new iPad it’s 9th generation and when I try to FaceTime from the IPad it immediately transfers to my iPhone once the person I am Facetiming answers and I cannot transfer the video back to my iPad and I don’t know why. I see a message on my phone that says “switch” but even when I touch it nothing happens and it stays on my iPhone.
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2023.06.07 23:25 cococry [ragnar] ThinkPad setup for chillin‘

[ragnar] ThinkPad setup for chillin‘
You can find Ragnar here
My dotfiles are found here
The wallpaper is from here
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2023.06.07 23:24 kathaar_ I finally went through the entire Kingdom Hearts series.

I've always liked KH, since I first saw Cloud in a KH1 commercial as a kid (I was obsessed with FF7 as a small child), I knew I had to play it.
So I played KH1 religiously in elementary school, heard about CoM but didn't have a gameboy advance so I ignored it, then played KH2, barely understood what was going on, but enjoyed it thoroughly. Continued to ignore the 'spinoffs' because my family was poor and there was no way I could afford all the different portable consoles they were putting these damn games on. Then, finally, bought and played KH3 on release, with my wife.
fast forward to a couple months ago, and after a few debates with my coworkers about the 'quality' of KH3 (I kinda hated it), I decided to sit down and play through the entire series properly, because it was VERY apparent I was missing too much context, and thankfully, 1.5+2.5 final mix, and 2.8 are things that exist now, and are free on PSPlus, so why not? Besides, my wife's ONLY exposure to the series was KH3, so I owed her some context.
Kingdom Hearts 1: What can I say? It's KH1, it's Simple, it's Clean, it's a good fuckin' game when nothing like it really existed at the time. I played on Normal because my wife was watching along, and I didn't want the plot progression to get hung up on me dying to the same boss 25 times. In hindsight, maybe I should've picked a harder difficulty, because I remember spending hours on Maleficent's dragon form as a kid. Hiding out in the bramble where none of her attacks reached me, just chipping away at her HP, but now, I just kinda walked right through her. My biggest complaint with KH1 was against bosses like Ansem's second phase (when you're fighting him 1v1), that KH1's lack of gap-closing options becomes apparent. Bosses like Ansem will frequently blink to the opposite side of the arena, and it takes Sora so long to close the distance, that they've already moved into an attack with i-frames before you can reach them, leading to a lot of missed opportunities for punishes, in my opinion. It didn't help that I accidentally put myself in a sort of 'hard mode' by choosing the Dream Sword, and discarding the Dream Shield, making Sora a glass cannon. But on the flip side, in comparison to later entries the franchise, I really like KH1's more grounded movement, but I'll get more into that later.
I beat the game pretty quickly, so I farmed for Ultima Weapon, as I'd never gotten it as a kid, and then kinda... walked right through Sephiroth, Hooded Figure, Phantom, and Kurt Ziza with little to no effort. Hell, I beat Seph first try, so that was a bit disappointing but I think I did it to myself by grinding out Ultima Weapon first.
Chain of Memories: This was it, my first proper "spinoff" title and I was very excited to get into it, and discover new pieces of the story I missed, and it did NOT disappoint! being properly introduced to the Organization members prior to KH2, finally understanding why Namine is a thing, memories, heart's memories, etc. All to culminate in a proper setup for KH2's opening and to explain why Sora was in a giant flower, etc.
Gameplay however... I knew it was card based because I remember my friend as a kid briefly showing me the game, so that was no surprise, and I honestly did enjoy it enough, the card-based combat was fleshed out enough to give players plenty of room to develop strategies and that's really all I needed from it. What I didn't like, however, was the gameplay loop. It simply got repetitive, and it was obvious that this game was a reskin of a GBA game, hardware limitations included. Every cutscene at the beginning and end of a floor was great, especially towards the end when the climax starts to really ramp up, but getting to those moments was such a slog, so by halfway through the game, I was over it and just wanted the game to end.
Marluxia... omfg. Okay so I played this game on normal, but I guess I screwed up and spent too many levels on max HP, and not enough on deck size, this fight took me for-fucking-ever to beat, I genuinely hated this game by the end, and to top it all off, I misread the endgame prompt and didn't create a "completed save", so I couldn't start Riku's chapter, unless I went back and beat Marluxia again...
358 Days/2: Moving on, even though I own a DS, I'm not buying a copy of this, so I watched the included movie in 1.5+2.5, and honestly, it was great. It added SO MUCH more context to KH2, and it was fun to try and piece together at what moments during KH1 or CoM that certain things were happening in Days. Axel's outright bizarre motives in KH2 finally make sense, Roxas's memories, etc. I will say, though, that Xion confuses me, I really don't understand how Vexen, who constantly talked about his replicas being incomplete, imperfect, etc, was able to make something so powerful, and unique, as Xion. Total outlier of his skills and it never feels properly explained but oh well.
Gameplay's a little light, though.
Kingdom Hearts 2: I was REALLY excited to get back into this one, and it didn't disappoint. With the proper context from CoM and Days, the beginning FINALLY made sense and by the end of Twilight Town, my wife said "Roxas really got done dirty, and I'm mad." To which I agree. Going through this entire game with the intended amount of context was like playing a whole new game, it made a game I already consider to be great, even better. What else can I really say?
When I got control of my character the first thing I remember saying was "jesus christ was the camera always this far away?" I guess I never really noticed it, but with combat being so much more aerial focused, it makes sense. I had never played the Final Mix version of this game, so the Limit Form was a welcome sight, even if it is hilariously broken. Overall, watching Sora's moveset expand as his skills with the Keyblade do, is neat, and reaction commands are a fun mechanic to play with, personally.
However, I did not like how 'floaty' Sora is, and it's a theme that continues through the rest of the series. I died a lot due to getting knocked into the air by a hit, and then just never getting the chance to touch the ground again because Sora takes 10,000 years to float back down to the ground. With no aerial blocking, and air dodging having a longer cooldown then dodge roll, it led to a lot of frustration. Also, special shout-out to "YoU ClEvEr LiTtLe SnEaK!", honestly, fuck Xigbar, I don't know why, but his fight gave me more trouble than any other boss in the entire game. I struggled so much to find an opening to punish him and spent 90% of the fight swinging at the air then getting hit in the back because of how much he blinked around.
I never got around to getting ultima weapon, or beating any secret bosses in KH2, although I did visit Lingering Will and Sephiroth just to see what they were like. I remember I beat Seph as a kid at lvl 65 specifically because of MP Berserk, so maybe I'll go back and try it sometime.
Birth By Sleep: I heard so much about this game as a kid, and even recently, and I knew during my first playthrough of KH3 that Terra, Aqua and Ventus were from BBS, and that they were pretty important characters, but I could've never guessed just how important until I finally played this game. The story for this game was simply great, I started off thinking Terra was the most bland, uninteresting character I'd ever seen (his VO's flat delivery of dialogue didn't help), but by the end, he was my favourite, and honestly, Aqua felt like the third wheel to me, by the end. Like sure, after completing the 4th 5th and 6th episodes, I felt bad for her, as she was clearing going through A LOT, but while Terra and Ventus both had VERY clear stakes in the story, Aqua just felt kind of... there. Her ties to the plot weren't nearly as strong and her story was more relegated to "watching her 2 friends get fucked by destiny and plot". However, Aqua at the end being responsible for Castle Oblivion, along with the clarification on what Org. 13 was looking for in CoM, was such an awesome reveal and my wife and I were losing our collective shit over it.
Oh, and of course, finding out what exactly the Lingering Will was, was pretty damn cool, too!
Fun fact, this is the first game I played on Critical, everything was on Normal until this point. I heard it was one of the easier games to play on Critical, so I figured why not. By the time I finished Terra's arc, I was begging to go back to CoM to fight Marluxia. I cannot express enough just how much I DESPISE this game, in a gameplay sense. Ignoring the obvious things like playing through the same worlds 3 different times and how tiresome that gets, the combat was so blood-boilingly infuriating, I wondered if I was going to actually finish the game. The command system, I hate it. "What? You wanted to cast Cure because you're about to die? Well, too bad, the enemy with 0 warm up frames in his attack just hit you at the same time you pressed X, so your Cure goes on cooldown now, fuck you." That's not even getting into the terrible end-lag in your own attacks, and just how sluggish everything feels. Critical mode aside, this game even on Normal would've pissed me off for all the same reasons, I was so relieved to be done with it.
Re:Coded:>! I was told this one wasn't necessary, and almost skipped it, but decided against it and I'm kinda glad I did. I only watched the movie, but I hear the gameplay itself is pretty solid, so maybe one day I'll check it out. The plot is self-contained, and interesting to watch, and it does get referenced a few times in KH3, so it didn't really feel like a waste.!<
Dream Drop Distance: I was genuinely lost for a while, plotwise, in this game. I felt like I'd missed an entry somewhere that'd apply context, but no, Yen Sid is just not great at explaining things. By about halfway through the game I was caught up and understood what was going on, but the first hour or so I was just along for the ride, hoping I'd understand it later. I enjoyed what DDD was doing, and it felt like, had it been a console release, this could've easily been KH3 with just how much direct impact it has on the plot compared to other entries. Honestly, watching Riku slowly, but surely, get his act together throughout the series has been a treat, and it all comes to a head in this game, he finally moves on from rival/edgebaby to a proper equal to Sora, so much so that if they were to have a gentleman's duel just to test their strength, I couldn't confidently say who would win.
The worlds were hit or miss, seeing Notre Dame was cool, but honestly who the hell asked for Tron: Legacy? I will note that, especially for worlds like Tron, I didn't really feel like I was part of the plot like in KH1 and 2, but more like I was just watching the plot progress from the sidelines. It was jarring.
But the biggest disappointment by FAR was Fantasia. Before I even booted up this game, I was talking about how cool it would be if KH ever visited the world of Fantasia just due to how unique of an experience it would be. I imagined something along the lines of a rhythm game like Crypt of the Necrodancer or Metal Hellsinger, just a neat gimmick tied to that world's music that kept you in line with the beat of the song. So, when I watched the opening to DDD and saw the very clear reference to Fantasia, I got excited, only to be completely let down by it being just another world, except your hits play random instrument noises, and essentially a barebones prototype to Melody of Memory as a reaction command. Honestly, this world was completely wasted on a portable KH entry, it should've been saved for a console entry where it could've been realized more fully, rather than confined to the limitations of a portable console. Oh well, maybe in KH4.
I also played this game on Critical and hooboy did I feel it, but first, the basics. Flowmotion sucks. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Seriously, I get what they were going for, but I honestly hated how disruptive flowmotion ended up being. Air dodge out of the way of something, well, you touched a wall, so now you gotta brace against it and get ready to bounce off. It's not that it was ruining my gameplay or anything, it was just annoying because it'd remind me of its existence at the most inconvenient times, and it was broken, like, hilariously broken. I definitely abused flowmotion to get through some encounters early on, when I didn't have many tools at my disposal yet, and even in the World that Never Was, I managed to use flowmotion to get ontop of, and over a building to get to the other side, which triggered a cutscene I don't think I was supposed to see yet, because suddenly I was talking to Roxas with NO context, so there's a good chance I skipped a scene or two by doing this purely because the game let me, and I wanted to see what was at the top, if anything (I originally thought I was gonna find some way out of bounds or something).
The Dreameaters genuinely don't bother me. I actually kind of enjoyed levelling them up as a means to acquire abilities and passives. The only thing that unironically kept me from grinding their stats more is that irritating fucking song that plays whenever you play minigames with them. I despise it. With all my heart.
The drop-out mechanic was annoying as hell in some instances, especially when, towards the end of the game, I did a TON of farming on Sora for Droplets, to give Riku a ton of bonuses to help with progression, only for the game to immediately FORCE me to drop from Riku, back to Sora, just as soon as I got control of him, causing me to hard reset the game, reload my save, and actively backtrack as Riku to get an actual use out of the bonuses I saved up for him.
The combat was, well, I wasn't enthused to see the Command List back, and I suffered all the same frustrations that BBS gave me, with only MARGINAL improvements in gameplay. The only saving grace was enemies actually had warm-up animations on attacks, giving you a brief head's up instead of just randomly bursting into a combo with no warning.
Anti-Nightmare Sora was the first fight that I genuinely gave up on. even Xigbar in KH2, Terranort in BBS, Terranort again in BBS, Vanitas, all of them I managed to push through. But this fucker? No, I had to walk away for a day, come back, grind my eyes out, and when I FINALLY beat him, the game then beat me over the head with Young Xehanort...
...Then I discovered Balloonra and slept through the rest of game.
Fragmentary Passage: Not much to say other than it's a tech demo for KH3, plot wise, it was interesting to see where Aqua's story lines up with the end of KH1, and where she's at both literally, and mentally, by KH3.
X: Back Cover: Whoever wrote the dialogue for Master of Master's needs a raise and a personal statue outside SE HQ because this guy is hilarious! His deliveries are genuine, quick, witty, and not at all the stilted, oddly paced dialogue I've come to expect from the KH series, and well, everything Square does outside of FF14 and 16. I would not be surprised to find out his dialogue was written in English first, rather than Japanese.
Anyway, I'm really mad I have to either play, or watch someone else play, a gatcha game to get the rest of the context here, because this movie was fascinating, and these characters all seem to be pretty damn important to KH4, so it's a shame.
Kingdom Hearts 3: Back (almost) full circle! Just like with KH2, coming into KH3 was full context was such a breath of fresh air! Everything made more sense, and I had a clear understanding of the character's motives and goals throughout the story. Again, what's there to say, really?
Well... the worlds kinda suck. Olympus being relegated to a tutorial felt like a slap in the face, and overall, the entire world felt bland. It looked like a generic Unreal Engine open world environment, with Hercules pasted in it. Nothing about the open wilderness outside the city really looked like it belonged there, it didn't fit Hercules' art style in the slightest. Compared to, say, Kingdom of Corona, where everything felt more visually on brand, granted, Tangled is a CGI movie, Hercules isn't, I understand that the translation is harder to make but it really didn't look like much effort was taken at all for 2/3rds of Olympus.
Arendelle was "Fall of a mountain simulator" and I was absolutely sick of it. It also epitomized my problems with DDD's worlds in that, when you really think about it, you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in Frozen's plot. You are sidelined the entire time, with Sora and the gang essentially climbing back up a mountain, being told "hey here's what you missed, okay bye!" Before being yeeted back off again, to rinse and repeat ad nauseum until you fight a boss that just doesn't feel earned, which is a damn shame because Skoll is one of the coolest looking fights in the game. There's no participation, the plot simply ignores you the whole time and does it's own thing until you leave.
Pirates and Big Hero 6 felt hilariously short. If you have no intention to explore the open world (there is nothing worth exploring in Sanfransokyo, so this doesn't help) The worlds feel like you're in and out in 20 minutes.
Shoutout to Monsters Inc and Toy Story, you definitely felt like you were a part of the world, and a part of the story happening within it.
The end of this game was phenomenal, seeing everything you've been watching build up, finally come all together, the reunions, the realizations, the callbacks, all of it was such a MASSIVE payoff that was completely lost on me the first time, when the only games I had played were KH1 and KH2, and not since they were new.
So, as with every other game after BBS, I played this one on critical, as I was told it was simply a more rewarding experience, and I honestly agree. Sure, I had a lot of frustrations (Sora's floatiness being paramount) but you can finally BLOCK IN MIDAIR, and BLOCK OR DODGE MID COMBO! If KH2 had these mechanics, it'd be hands down the best game in the whole series, period. I wish they'd thought of it sooner, almost every entry in the series would have benefited from this.
I did spend my fair share of time absolutely raging at the final boss gauntlet, however, and really, my biggest issue was just visual clarity (if you remember Xehanort's meteor attack, then you probably know). But I beat it and was very satisfied with how Xehanort's arc turned out. KH3 is a great game.
Re:Mind: I got this DLC half off, and even still, I'm a little mad I spent money to spend most of my time rewatching the cutscenes I JUST WATCHED from the maingame. The game reached a point where it started truncating the cutscenes to get to the new info quicker and I couldn't help but wonder why the hell they didn't do that to begin with... but ultimately, the DLC was good, a glorified boss gauntlet, sure, but good. Explaining Sora's disappearance was welcome and started setting up context for KH4.
The data fights... as of writing this, I have completed 11/13 of the fights. I'm missing Xion, Xehanort, and of course, Yozora. Only reason I haven't done more is a sudden lack of free time to do so. To reiterate, I'm on Critical, and these fights, while some have absolutely pissed me off to no end (lookin' at you, Vanitas), these fights have solidified KH3 as probably my favourite game in the franchise, purely on gameplay alone, and one of my favourites of all time. The combat FEELS rewarding, (usually) failure doesn't feel like you were cheated by some BS mechanic, but feels like something you know YOU did wrong, and need to correct for the next attempt. I will be going back to do the rest of the fights, as terrifying as they look, because so far, it's been genuinely fun to figure out the puzzles behind these fights and put my skills to the test.
Melody of Memory: Kingdom Hearts rhythm game! Neat!
Well, kinda. It wasn't a very satisfying game to play in comparison to something like Guitar Hero, but it was enjoyable to listen to my favourite KH songs (shout out to The Encounter! Don't care how bullshit the boss is, if it's using that song, I can't even get mad, it's just too much of a bop!) But I did not appreciate yet another rehash of the plot as the main gameplay incentive.
Thankfully that game is pretty damn short, so getting to the end, where the actual meat and potatoes is, in terms of new plot, was pretty painless and overall, worth it. More context for KH4, Kairi deciding to train under Aqua(!), and the somewhat harrowing implications that Xehanort knew about the 'unreality'.
And that's it. I guess I'm done with KH until 4 releases, or that AR mobile game. I've been typing for a very long time now and I'm not sure how to close this out other than... uh, thank for reading, can't wait to hear all about how wrong or right I am about your favourite entries!
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2023.06.07 23:24 Birbboips4 A Familiar Face Pt. 1

Mia slowly opens her eyes. She could hear a baby crying. She flips over on her side, her red hair smacking Trunks in the face, waking him up unnoticed by her. She slowly drags herself off of the bed and over to Rose's room. She looks down at the young kid and smiles. She picks her up and feeds her. She holds her until she falls back asleep and puts her back in her bed. Mia then sighs to herself.
Mia (thoughts): I need a drink...
Mia lazily walks over to the kitchen. She opens the fridge and starts to look for something.
Mia: it?
???: Looking for this?
Mia turns around and sees Trunks holding her bottle of beer.
Mia (with a tired expression): Yeah...thanks honey.
Trunks then opens the trash can and throws the bottle away.
Mia: What? Why???
Trunks: You're addicted Mia. It's not healthy for you.
Mia: I can stop whenever I want...
Trunks: Oh yeah? Then quit now.
Mia: I...I don't want to...
Trunks: Exactly. Mia, please. We have a child now. It's been 2 years. I know it's hard, but you have to learn to move on.
Mia walks up to Trunks and shoves her face into his chest.
Mia: I'm not ready to move on...
Trunks: You'll have to eve-
He looks down and realizes she has fallen asleep on him. His worried look turns into relief as he carries her back to bed. The next morning, Trunks wakes with a loud yawn. He looks next to him, where Mia sleeps. She isn't there.
Trunks: Well fuck...
Trunks grabs his phone and calls Mia.
Trunks: Cmon cmon pick up pick up!
Mia doesn't pick up. Trunks let's out a loud sigh before he calls Silver.
Trunks: Silver?
Silver: Yeah? What's up?
Trunks: Sorry to ask so suddenly, but could you look after Mia again? Also could you take Lucina and Grovyle?
Silver: Is she gone?
Trunks: ...yeah.
Silver: No problem dude. We'll be right over.
Trunks: Thanks!
Trunks hangs up. He goes over to his dresser. He gets dressed and ready. Right before he leaves the house he gives Rose a kiss on the cheek goodbye and grabs his sword.
Trunks: She could be anywhere...I need to find her fas-
Trunks and a mysterious figure fly into each other at high speeds, knocking them of course.
???: Ow ow ow ow!
The person, who looks very similar to Trunks, looks at him while holding his head.
???: Sorry about that! Hey, uh, you look a lot like me. Are you a clone! Or a long lost brother?
The persons eyes sparkle with imagination.
???: So cool!
Another person, who Trunks hadn't noticed, speaks up.
????: Rikain, why would this person be a clone? Let alone a long lost brother?
Rikain: I don't know Nina, but it could be!
Nina: Whatever. I'm sorry for my brother's...behavior.
Rikain: Hey!
Trunks just sits there, confused.
Rikain: Uhh, hello? He isn't moving. Maybe he is our long lost brother, and he is shocked to see us! Gah!
Nina looks at Rikain with a slightly annoyed expression.
Nina: Rikain! Father would tell us about this if it were true!
Rikain: Right right...
Trunks: What...
Nina turns back to Trunks.
Nina: Oh! I'm so sorry...uh?
Trunks: The name's Trunks.
Nina: Nice too meet you! My name is Nina, and my knucklehead brother here is Rikain.
Rikain: Hello!
Nina: So, uh, why were you traveling so fast?
Trunks: I'm looking for my wife...she disappeared this morning. She could be anywhere in space...or time.
Nina and Rikain: Time?
Trunks: Yeah, time travel. You familiar with it?
Nina and Rikain look at each other before looking back at trunks.
Nina: We dabble.
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2023.06.07 23:20 ecoinabc Does VOXI block mobile broadband routers?

Hi there,
I set up my VOXI sim today, or so I thought. Got a text message saying it was activated. Tried it in a Soyealink B535-333 wifi router. It says it has a full signal and connected to the internet but no data will transfer. I set up a new APN profile even though there were several Vodafone ones to choose from. Still no data, so tried it in an old iphone, data works. Tried it in a D-link mobile wifi and no data again.
The mobile wifi's don't have much in the way of options when setting up an APN, the B535 only has choices of PAP or CHAP for authentication. The only thing I can see is the profiles the wifi's have either built in or sent to them have logins where the id is "web" not "wap".
Should I be able to connect from these devices?
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2023.06.07 23:20 fitcious Getting back into the hobby

Hi all, I am getting back into the photo hobby. I was never a professional but liked to shoot and use my phone to edit the photos. The last 6-8 years I’ve been using my iPhone as that produces pretty good quality.
I dusted off the old NEX6 and realize the kit lens isn’t what I like.
What is a good all around lens (similar to the main camera distance lens on the iPhone) that wouldn’t break the bank? I was looking at the SEL16F28. Thoughts? Thanks
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2023.06.07 23:19 fiendishfork Cannot add devices with my account but can with another account

I have been having a really weird problem. Whenever I go to add a device into Home the device either fails to complete the process or briefly adds a device into “default room”, however if I edit the device in any way it disappears entirely and I can find no trace of it.
This has happened with several Nanoleaf essential bulbs, as well as a Meross garage door. I have tried with my iPad Pro as well as my iPhone 8 and both have the same behavior. What makes this especially strange is my wife can add devices just fine with any of her devices.
Anyone here experience anything like this? We tried removing me from the family and adding me back but it didn’t help.
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2023.06.07 23:19 EstimateRealistic241 Think or swim

Im looking to start day trading and have learners the basics of candlesticks, patterns , support resistance and that sort of stuff. Im ready to move onto the next stage and look at patterns and how to buy and sell stocks. I use think or swim on my iPhone and when I open it up everything looks so complicated and there’s many things that I don’t understand. I’ve been looking for videos on YouTube but there’s nothing that really goes in depth of what everything on think or swim mobile app means. If you know a video that could help that would be really appreciated.
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2023.06.07 23:19 Actual_Scratch_9821 Oh my...

More Memes at :
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2023.06.07 23:18 mywhiteflag The memory of touch

When the moment comes, I hope you do touch me. I hope you touch me with your words. I hope you take my hand in yours, and our fingertips ignite a spark. I hope you touch my chin and calm the quivering. Even in your own trembling. I will do the same. I hope you hold me in your embrace, close enough to feel your heartbeat a little longer. I hope you caress my skin with your fingertips. I hope you touch my lips with your own. I hope you touch deep inside of me. I hope you touch my heart and we catch our souls on fire. I hope you touch the very core of me and change my world from night to day. I hope you touch me gently, passionately, thoroughly. And I hope you don't let go. I hope you touch me and we hold onto the memory of touch, a damn good memory. I hope our touch stops time, for the moment, and everything else disappears.
Forgive me my passions. I feel deeply. That's where you've already touched me so many times without even touching me. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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2023.06.07 23:18 Due_Objective7133 Need help with HomeKit Bridge setup code

I just tried to set up the HomeKit Bridge integration on my iPhone (iOS 16.5). Bridge is being discovered but when i scan the QR code from the documentation it fails to connect. Then i try entering the 8 digit code (123-45-678) and that is where my problem lies: The given code is in format xxx-xx-xxx, yet when entering it gets automatically formatted to xxxx-xxxx, which then results in a wrong code error. Anyone solved this issue ? Is this a problem with the „new and improved“ home app stuff we got a couple iOS updates ago ?
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2023.06.07 23:17 notmyname2012 TIFU I didn’t know about the gray boxes

Not today but over a year ago I finally joined Reddit, I’m mid 40’s and not really tech savvy nor am I much into social media so I am still learning how Reddit works even now.
For over a year now I’ve been scrolling past the gray boxes that cover up triggering text on some posts. I never understood why the text was covered, I just figured someone like a moderator covered the text. It never occurred to me to actually touch the gray boxes. So I just assumed those covered words would just remain a mystery to me for forever.
I pretty much only use the Reddit app on my phone, heck it took me months to figure out how to hit enter twice to make a separate paragraph, so I’m not sure if the boxes are on other platforms as well.
Anyway, today I unf’d up by actually touching the gray box and guess what, the box disappeared and now I can see the texts! Now I wonder what all I’ve missed out on…
PS, it took me several tries to figure out how to format this by putting the TIFU in the title and I never knew you had to have TD;Dr in the post….
TL;DR not knowing for more than a year that the gray boxes covering sensitive text could disappear if touched.
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2023.06.07 23:17 sugaryspic3 Paid 3k for my vacation to meet his family, dumped me in the airport, begged for me back, then got back together with his ex the next day

I have a pretty insane breakup story that I’ve been trying to cope with lately. I was dating a guy who seemed perfect in the beginning. He bought me so much stuff without me asking, he is Brazilian and bought me a plane ticket and a vacation to Brazil with everything paid for so I can meet his family because he claimed I was his soulmate. He bought me concert tickets, nice dinners, etc. Wrote me love letters and made me feel like the most special woman in the world. He was my dream guy, it felt like I was living a fairytale. Then after 5 months some cracks started to show, he started being really cold at times (to make a long story short he has avoidant attachment issues caused from childhood). If I showed any emotion besides happiness or wanted to talk about any issues he would make me feel like shit about it, saying I’m insane and complain to him too much, and disappear for a while. Even if it was him who did something wrong that hurt me in the first place. He also told me some things that were red flags like if I were fat or paralyzed he would leave me. He did a lot of things that made me uncomfortable but told me to “deal with it” and to remember that he bought me this trip so I should stop complaining. He also had an ex he called crazy and said he never loved or respected, he was only with her out of convenience. But she was crazy in love with him chasing him and stalking me the whole relationship, I just ignored it the best I could. When we were in Brazil he was telling me I was the love of his life, we would get married and move to Brazil together on the beach, etc. Then the day I was leaving back home he told me in the morning: all of the things I did for you and bought you, don’t expect it ever again. When we get back home everything will be 50/50. He said he will only take me for dinners on my birthday. I basically said then why did you act like you’re someone you’re not for 6 months only to tell me this now? I told him if he’s stressed with money he doesn’t have to do anything fancy but when he’s financially able to I want to be taken on dates and feel like I’m special to him, I don’t believe in completely 50/50 when people are dating me. Then he didn’t talk to me, took me to the airport, dropped me off and told me that he’s breaking up with me because he doesn’t know if he loves me anymore because we had a difference in opinion about this, that the sparkle he had for me is gone. I was obviously shocked and devastated, I cried the whole flight back by myself for 36 hours. When we both got back to my home country and he was apologizing wanting to work things out. Stupidly, I gave him another chance. Then he started being disrespectful again saying he’s not sure if he can say we have a future together, won’t commit, etc. So I ended it and then he started acting really pissed that I broke up with him. Then less than 24 hours after the breakup, he deletes all my Instagram comments, adds his ex back to Instagram, now she’s commenting on his photos and I guess they’re back together. All of this happened in the span of less than a month. I feel like I was hit by a truck, how can someone go from being a dream guy you trust with all your heart and think you will marry to a complete nightmare so quickly? Thank god that I saw my worth and got out of it fast. Definitely hasn’t been easy on me emotionally though.
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2023.06.07 23:16 Ashmunk23 Theory about Luke (Spoilers from episodes 1 + 2)

My thoughts: Luke may have disappeared after the New Year’s party, but I don’t think he could have died then… 1) Steve was able to identify Luke’s body right away, which would indicate little decomposition. 2) Law Enforcement was able to note a graze wound to his ear, and results of a tox screen….both of these indicate Luke’s remains being largely intact. 3) People who are in the water for 6 months usually are not found in such a state. My theory is that he may have gone to live in the cabin for months, before whatever happened that caused his death.
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2023.06.07 23:16 Junkman1283 Crysis 1 help

I am stuck on the last level where do you get the tac cannon and try to go through the door to get on the deck, I can’t seem to knock the door down with the canon in my hand, I can knock the door down with any other weapon in my hand, but if I switch weapons to do so, I drop the canon and it disappears, and you need it for that big alien ship; is there one on deck somewhere?
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