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2010.01.26 06:19 dgillz Alcoholism

Information and support for those affected by alcoholism/Alcohol Use Disorder. If you are concerned about alcohol's effect on your life or a loved one's life, please feel welcome.

2023.06.08 00:07 Kingkrool1994 I find it hard to believe that at one point, you couldn't see a movie after it premiered in theaters.

Once you saw the movie and it ended its run at the theaters, you, just couldn't see it anymore, like oops, you didn't exist yet? too bad! Disney kinda solved this problem by just rereleasing the film over and over, every 5-10 years(They re-rereleased Pinocchio 7 times before stopping in 1992. I believe it was until the 60s or 70s that corporations began re-running their movies on TV like Jaws and Back to the Future. and then release them on formats like Betamax, VHS, then DVD, and eventually Blu-ray. While I and many others think the streaming services suck, we have to remember that at one point, people couldn't access these movies at all.
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2023.06.08 00:07 Lost-Mad-Hatter Losing Friends, and Family; a rant.

Hi there everyone, I (~20) am having a hard time keeping close friendships for long periods of time (none last over 4 years) and feeling valued in them.
For the longest time, I thought it had been because I have horrible self-esteem, insecurities and etc, that led to me not feeling valued. I thought it must be my lack of self-love that has me not feeling loved. Somehow that logic added up for the past 20ish years.
I'm realizing now that, in addition to having ADHD, I might have autism? But that's for another post, hehe. If you have ADHD, autism, or are the older sibling rebel trope, any advice is much appreciated! And anyone else too, I'm just looking for comfort, in the form of an essay-like rant. Perhaps the toxic relationships sub is where this post belongs, but I'd just like to feel seen by a community that gets me better.
Anyways, the rant.
I seem to always leave friends, they rarely leave me. I am the one who decides "NOpe. This feels uncomfy, I give up." and part ways, rarely ever checking up on those drifted friendships. I always leave when I feel disrespected. For some reason, that is one thing that I've been able to hold true to myself about. The moment I realize that I am not respected, I leave (and trust me, I was better at this when I was a kid than now).
Anyways, it's happening again.
My closest friend, who I've always been proud of and inspired by for many reasons, is someone my heart has been drifting away from for a long while now (let's say, less than a year).
The last straw was when they lost my trust, utterly and completely.
I was leaving home. An emotionally abusive environment, where nobody and I mean nobody understood my struggles (oldest sibling, strict parents, no support for ADHD).
On rare occasions, I've felt violated in this home, I've felt vulnerable and weak, as though I was an object of ridicule. Rare occasions that my close friend knew about, and felt for me, comforted me through, and at some point, it was too much so I stopped sharing how I truly felt each day;
how are you? I'm good!
They're someone who's communicated that they are no longer interested in supporting my well-being, even to the level of knowing how I actually am doing each day (which is ok if that's how distant you wanna be from now on).
The day comes and I decide that one more weekend at home and I'll lose my sanity. I, for safety purposes, tell my friends that I plan to leave home (following all protocols for my situation). My close friend called this decision stupid.
The reason?
I was leaving "all of a sudden," it doesn't seem that "serious," I could wait a few years, get into grad school or get a job; leave when it's societally "right" to, so as not to rock the boat.
I don't know whose boat everyone seems to care about.
My method of leaving right now was too easy, too impulsive, and foolish, not with my own money, nor with my parent's agreeance and understanding.
I would rather have my parents "hate" me right now, and eventually explain things over a long period of time, rather than endure another few years of toxicity, get money and proper ghost them.
My friend's method meant that I would continue to be misunderstood, leave on "fake" good terms basis, and continue to play a game of leading a double life. I wanted to cut the bullshit, and have them know me for me. I cared about this more, rather than having the social and monetary connection with people I didn't feel truly safe with.
Fast forward to me finally leaving home. I left a letter, I gave my folks a call that night, it was a very emotional night. During my call, I had to set boundaries, I couldn't tell them where I was, I just tried my best to reassure them that I'm safe; I care that they were not worried sick.
A day or two later, I get a call from my friend. They tell me that my parents know that I'm with my partner and the city that I've gone to (strict parents, dating isn't allowed, curfew is before sunset, etc).
They say this calmly, with a straight, almost pissed but also trying to keep sane, face. My partner and I start asking why, why after all that you know about how toxic, how judgemental they can be, why tell them something I wasn't going to share until I had collected myself, until I was ready?
My friend robbed me of the opportunity of protecting myself from my parents' thoughts. As I mentioned earlier, my parents have made me feel vulnerable, fragile, and totally powerless, (physically and emotionally). All my life I lived up to "good kid" standards, and when they went through my phone a year ago, all of that trust I thought they had on me, diminished. They saw through chats, the outfits I tried in private, the makeup I tried, etc. Slutshamed me, told me not to text so much on the phone past 12AM, and ultimately, made me feel not only transparent, but ridiculed. I wanted to disappear at that moment.
Now having my parents know that I have a partner, I have no idea what horrific words they'd say. It doesn't cross my mind as much anymore (it's been a few months since the whole fiasco), but it still hurts just as much.
It hurts that my friend looked apathetic toward my pleas for an explanation.
Their response was more or less;
"I did not agree with your method of dealing with this, that's why I decided for you."
Fast forward to now: I had stopped talking to this friend, I didn't want any more explanations.
They messaged me and I didn't want to hear it. They said, for what it's worth, their actions were out of care for my parent's wellbeing, and that they're sorry for any of the hurt I'd felt as a result.
I wish I could tell them that they can't even scratch the surface of knowing how it feels and that they had no business deciding my life's actions for me. Though they've been through rough times in life, they're the type of person to lack empathy and compassion for their past self - the self that had gone through emotional turmoil.
In short, they're emotionally unavailable and inconsiderate, to themselves and therefore to others.
I started talking to this friend again recently, I was missing social connection, and thought, perhaps my unsure feelings would be confirmed if I talk to them again.
I am almost certain now that it isn't worth working through this one, and that they'd never really have enough respect to have my back even if they didn't understand me.
I guess my rant here wondered if it's worth working through or worth slowly cutting off.
I also wanted some advice and comfort in knowing if it's ok to lose friends all at once. I feel misunderstood by anyone who even slightly agrees or empathizes with my close friend, and that number consists of the entire little group that knows of this situation.
I feel like a child in a group of adults, but the adults are childish.
I really like spending time with this outer circle, but as I mentioned in the beginning, most of these friendships feel emotionally distant. It's weird, because they all really want me to be my happy humourous self, but want nothing to do with me.
Don't know if this is just city friendships, where fast pace is a contributing factor to shuffling friends every handful of years, but I ultimately feel like an alien in the city. I vibe better with small-town kids.
If you read this far, thank you so much for your time :)) I really appreciate it. Any comments or anecdotes are welcome, and please no judgment! Thank you!
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2023.06.08 00:07 Adept-Strawberry-609 Things I've learned from the wildfires from Canada

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2023.06.08 00:05 YourHighlordVyrana Stain Their World Red: 1/???

Really enjoyed writing Ashe, but didn't like the title or how short it was and wanted to expand upon it. So I C/Ped the extremely short chapter here, made a lot changes, and resumed where I left off. So this is the new and official Chapter 1. Changed the title too! Once this goes up, I might just delete Ashe altogether we'll see. Until then, here's another for you guys. A proper chapter. Longer too. Back on the computer, so that's fun. Enjoy.
Title subject to change!
Read Ashe here (unless it's gone lol):
The dead stare of a long-disintegrated child looked up at them. Remnants frozen in time as a monument of ruin to the wasteland before her. A lifeless, shattered. Echos of what used to be. It used to beautiful. Maybe in memory, it stays there. Isolated, but perfect. Perhaps, in another lifetime, they could have considered such a sight tragic.
But now? Now, it was simply a byproduct. One of many at that.
Oblivion wondered if it was a form of hypocrisy. To care for their own children, the ones they were responsible for feeding and caring for. The very same children who required the life-filling nutritional energy only essence, only Souls, could provide in sufficient quantity and quality. At least, until they found a long-term alternative. How then, was it fair, that they could stare into the monuments of ash and brimstone without remorse? To sleep well in the void of space as the killed world after world? To render galaxies extinct and universes as little more than drifting debris of dead space?
As it turned out, Oblivion didn't care to find the answer.
In truth, they didn't actually care to answer a question they'd already established an answer for. The thought experiment was simply that. An experiment. Something to do, at best. The attention upkeep for a Living Extinction class such as themself rarely warranted such self-scrutiny, but times could be dull, seeing as the bare minimum of effort that it took to kill planet after plantet after planet bore no grief to their heart not any guilt over the lives violently ripped away.
"Yo." A voice cried out. In response, the bored decimator tilted their head up to see their one and only partner hovering above them, floating in the shattered sky just a few feet above. They wondered if it was weird to take note that their friend's feet were remarkably clean. "You okay?"
Oblivion nodded. Their eyes glazed back down at the ashen remains of the child. It's face frozen in fear, their dreams, hopes and ideas dashed away. All so that their own children could have dreams, hopes and ideas on their own. Cataclysm, their partner, drifted down next to the standing red-skinned killer. Both Soul Rippers stood side-by-side amidst a lifeless chunk of what used to be Callus II, a world once renowned for its natural beauty. Destroying it hadn't actual yielded much Soulfood, or essence, as it was already halfway evacuated before their arrival. But once they did arrive, escape was impossible, not that it stopped the local resistance from, well, resisting. No, the planet's destruction was intended to damage moral moreso than it was to yield any form of "economic" bounty. Not that it didn't of course, food was food afterall, but it was an already sparsely populated planet. Since it was strongly suggested that the destruction of Callus II would cause significant unrest, maybe even rebellion in the remaining population centers, Oblivion figured it only fair they do their duty.
Hence, another byproduct of a looong list that kept expanding, unlikely to end anytime soon.
"We got new orders from the ladies up top. Wanna guess what?" Oblivion's head tilted up; eyes gleaming with a current of curiosity. She gestured with her hand towards the broken debris scattered about. Of a long-dead world around them.
Cataclysm smirked as she shook her head. "Nah, nothin' too crazy. Got something new this time." She paused. 'Word is... we got allies now. Real, honest folks that wanna, and get this, work with us this time around."
A frown creased the white-haired woman's features. She turned to look at her partner's increasingly grinning expression.
Oblivion asked the obvious question without words. Mute as she was, it'd taken some time for Cataclysm to get a proper read on her partner's flow with any accuracy. Maybe it was because she was one of the not-quite-insignificant few that carried whatever gene caused the highbreds to be amquadsinistrous instead of the standard amquaddextrious. Which, naturally, caused her childhood to be filled with more than a few hiccups when you're a part of a species that heralds 4 arms to 1 torso. But the challenge was welcomed. It allowed her to be the Soul Ripper she is today. Her upper-hand twirled its index finger into a speedy frenzy, purple Vydent energy streaming from the tip into a swirling tight ball barely half the size of her thumb. The casual level of control over her Vydent flow made Cataclysm's partner wonder if it was weird that they noticed that, in addition to her feet, their friend's nails were also very clean.
Oblivion, for her part, remained focused on the current revelation. Confused at her friend's wording more than anything. Vassals that chose submission, to forgo their freedom and independence and live as official dependence of the Highbred Collective was the standard play-by-play. The trade-off, of course, being that in exchange for willingly allowing oneself to live as, essentially, glorified cattle for food and breeding purposes for denizens the Highbred Collective, the said cattle, referred to as thralls, would be legally protected under relatively well-regulated supervision and oversight in order to protect both their privacy and livelihood. The Gyfolten Principle in particular ensured, under extremely strict law and application, that humane treatment be provided in abundance for all enthralled vassals, unless otherwise specified by the vassals themselves. It was one of the very few choices offered to any and all opposition, excluding special exceptions naturally. A choice often typically preferred over those whose territories were soon to be conquered, destroyed or both. That was the only form 'allies' her people took. For a species to be able enter an honest partnership with the highbred race was... nearly unheard of.
Only one race had ever managed such a feat, and they were long extinct. The white-haired decimator pointed as her own head in a clawing motion, its question clear.
"Nope, not enthrallment." Cataclysm responded, still grinning even when she popped the 'P'. "Like I said. Full on allyship. Partners even!" The excitement in her voice was evident. Almost infectious.
Oblivion's frown only deepened, confusion warring with contemplation before her eyes suddenly widened as the realization hit her. Cataclysm took the moment to mentally pat herself on the back for being able to translate the powerful mute's particular form of communication.
"Yep. There it is. It's aaaallll over your face BeeBee. No thralls, no vassals, no crazy shit. We got ourselves real volunteers this time around. People who wanna actually negotiate and even talk with us. Heh, three guesses as to who just got sattled to provide 'security' for the upcoming 'diplomatic mission'." She used air-quotes. "And the first two don't count."
Oblivion blinked.
Somehow, her partner's smile split her face even wider, a dance of mischievousness flashed through her glowing purple beacons. She slowly started to rise higher into the ruined sky moments later.
"Well! Guess you'll just have to fiiiind out when we get there. Planet we're going to is called 'Earth' by rest of the galaxy. So... ready for a lil' road trip?"


The journey to Earth was a rather uneventful.
Surrounding her was a comfortable dome of dark red vydent energy, solidified into a comfortable hardlight seat that was easy on the eyes. It surrounded her like those capsules she'd seen on TV, forming both a protective barrier between herself and the vacuum of space as they traveled through FTL. Spacious too. She even had a nice comfy pillow and the 'chair' reclined as high or low as she pleased.
So, while uneventful, it most certainly was pleasant.
Pinelock was their assigned Solar Soother, an Energizer whose sole job was to provide speedy and smooth transportation for Decimators like Oblivion and herself. Cataclysm remembered being in her role eons ago, using her own vydent energy to ferry bigger and better Decimators from star system to star system. It paid decently, but she wasn't in it for the essence. The job was, at best, a luxury afforded for the powerful. Like being a limousine driver for an excessively wealthy businessman. It helped her connect with those powerful killers back then, helped her understand their motivations beyond the barebone necessity of "kill or be killed".
With that thought in mind, the blonde Soul Ripper made a mental reminder to tip their chauffeur when they arrived at Earth as she leaned back into the provided pillow. Just as her eyes closed, she began thinking about her partner.
She remembered feeling incredibly nervous when upon first meeting her. The stories surrounding the then average Soul Ripper, wondering which ones were true and which ones were just hearsay from her various obsessors. Oblivion was a living legend, both inside and out. A genius and warrior both in fact. Back then, Cataclysm admired their tenacity. She read their info-profile. How Oblivion heralded many obsessors in her early days, rising to prominence primarily through utilizing some seriously impressive enthrallment tactics, drowning her would-be killers in a sea of bodies by utilizing some prolific insect race to force them to expend their vydent energy reserves. After that, it was a simple matter of killing off whatever opposition remained, though mercifully chose to personally spare or adopt many of the children of the deceased. All-in-all, it was a typical power story, up until the moment the Red Bastion, the main governing body of Highbred at the time, attempted to recruit her to their cause once she'd grown beyond their means of subjugation. And when their efforts ended in futility, Oblivion remained standing, the Red Bastion did not. Without leadership, the remaining populace moved on, formed their own groups, established a new primary Obelisk of Dominion, and the events were eventually relegated to the history logs. Whatever obsessors didn't try to outright kill the white-haired Soul Ripper decided to become dedicated housewives, pledging their hearts and mind to Oblivion and only her. Which was standard Obsessor behavior. What got her popular was the sheer volume of subsequent Supplicants that followed, asking to join her harem. Oblivion declined, of course, but the aftermath of so many offers are ultimately what rocketed her to the position she has today.
"A relatively bloodless rise to power really." Cataclysm though to herself. "Thought I wonder how she felt back then. What made her want to be a Soul Ripper? And why?" Even today, Cataclysm still didn't know. It was one of the few things she decided she'd have to be okay with never knowing. Over the years, as their bond grew, she thought she had a pretty good grasp on why her partner did what she did back then. But in truth? She still had no clue. And likely never would.
What she figured she should know, however, is a little information on the race they were visiting. The humans of planet Earth.
"May I ask you a question, Cataclysm?" Oblivion's voice gently echoed in the blonde Soul Ripper's mindscape, her voice somehow a whisper carried with all the authority of a command. But it was a genuine question, and Cataclysm was happy to answer honestly. "Well, you just did you did, but shoot. What's on that mind o' yours?"
It was always an exceptionally rare moment with an even short timeframe that Oblivion spoke, and even when she did it was always through their telepathic connection. So, whenever she did offer to speak, Cataclysm vowed to always make time to listen.
As she listened in on such a rarity, the blonde Soul Ripper also found her wondering about the new world they would be arriving at. And most importantly, what it's denizens so different from the rest.
Thank you so much for reading, Chapter will be far longer as they progress, haven't quite settled on a word count just yet. When Chapter 2 is up, it will be posted either at the top or the bottom, here. This is really my first real time posting here and, unlike previous unposted projects, I really want to improve my consistency in writing and craft a fun story while doing so. Until then, thank you for reading, please feel free to leave constructive criticism or feedback at your leisure, and I hope you have a great day!
-Highlord V.
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2023.06.08 00:05 riskyplumbob What to do about someone you don’t want to be friends with anymore insisting on coming to see your new babies?

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted here for advice on this friendship before, but I’ve run into a new issue with it. I’ve chosen to let the friendship fade out rather than just coming out and telling her I’m not interested in being friends as she would absolutely go off the hinges and post all over social media and such and I’m just interested in keeping my peace.
To recap, I feel I’ve naturally drifted from this friend either way and there were no hard feelings. We just no longer have the same morals, interests, and we just aren’t on the same path. However, this friend has issues with boundaries and I’m aware she just wasn’t ever taught any better, but she’s someone that gets hostile and will blast someone online over setting a well-meaning and necessary boundary. I met my final straw with her as my dad is currently on hospice and she made a big deal about the fact that she wasn’t allowed to come and visit him and acted extremely entitled. It was his decision that he wanted no visitors other than his immediate family and even his own family hasn’t been allowed around as he just doesn’t want to be remembered in this state. She was extremely upset we didn’t allow her to come to the hospital when he was told he was dying, and she has continually text my mother who is in a complete state of denial constantly asking about detailed information on his condition/asking to talk to him despite being asked not to as my mom is deeply struggling. She even asked for videos of him during this time when reminded of things she had said when she was young and got upset when told he didn’t want to be recorded in his state. It was never personal, it was simply me respecting his wishes in keeping his dignity. She had also continually told my dad she was coming to visit months before he got to this point and canceling last minute and I just feel that she should have come before he was in this state. She never had an incredible bond with him or anything so it is just beyond me why she’s been this way.
She’s not getting the point yet with the fade out method and I truly need no drama in my life. I do not initiate any contact whatsoever. She is on my social media but I post nothing and I have everything set to where people can’t see when I was active. She will call me repeatedly. I often receive memories from her that have popped up on her social media and I either don’t respond or I just keep it very concise yet polite. I genuinely want it to stop before the arrival of my twins because what I’m going through with her over my dads death is going to happen again over the birth of my babies despite the fact that I’ve not seen her my entire pregnancy. It has been longer than that since I’ve chosen to be around her. I know if I just tell her something like “I just feel like we’re on different paths” and try to end the friendship she will twist it and post all over the internet.
Here’s my issue. I’ve attempted to set boundaries over the pregnancy as well with just as much resistance and hostility. At the beginning of the pregnancy she began expecting to be at the hospital when I gave birth. I told her I was just having immediate family and she was shocked and offended. She also mentioned at one point “I can’t wait to kiss those babies!” and I politely told her that i was not ok with anyone kissing my babies as it was unsafe. I also know she has a virus that could make them very sick if she did that I didn’t mention. Her response was “well I just can’t help it, I’ll have to save it til momma isn’t looking.” She was extremely offended when I told her that nobody was allowed to kiss my babies anywhere as it was disrespectful and they can get sick and it can even be fatal. She simply told me she thought we were closer than that and then ghosted. Now I’m due to have the babies any day and she’s started checking in. I give no information. She insists on coming to see them, she can’t wait to hold them and all of this. I tried saying we weren’t having visitors for the first month to six weeks and she seems to be ignoring it again and is acting entitled to be there for this when I just want to rest and adjust.
I’m losing my dad at the same time I’m bringing my new babies into the world and I just want peace. I feel like our friendship drags me down and keeps me in negative patterns and I have no clue how to stop this without her making a huge scene and trying to cause drama. How would you handle this situation?
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2023.06.08 00:05 screaminggoat03 I'm going to be honest with you all

Your person isn't here posting letters of regret. Neither is mine. Because they don't regret anything they did. They aren't good people. But you know what? We all are. We are good people and they are not. And that's ok, read the letters of those that actually care, feed your soul with their stories and goodness, feel connected. Then go find THESE PEOPLE who are good and loving and decent. Fuck those assholes who are cold and terrible. I for one am grossed out by myself wishing for my husband to come back! He doesn't get to have me back! I'm a gorgeous, intelligent, funny, goofy, successful, and loving woman and he doesn't deserve me! Join me please in stopping this madness. These are bad people! I know it's hard to accept especially for those of us who spent more than a decade with them (me included) but he was always a bad person. And I knew it. And I tried to draw the good out of him. But it wasn't going to happen and eventually he cracked because he was suppressing the shit person he was inside all along. He cracked and crumbled through the years and I tried and tried. But the truth is some people are shits. Cheers to finding good people in our lives!
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2023.06.08 00:04 sullyaok Why are 9700 p1 papers so fucking hard 😭

Im so scared for tomorrow's exam. Biology mcqs make no sense like more than one option seems right and then its not and i hate how cambridge plays around with words in their own twisted manner like honey please stop for the sake of our mental health 😭🙏🏼 And then the thresholds are so fucking high.
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2023.06.08 00:04 xxnsfwxxnsfw Guy screenshotted nudes

A dude I was sexting with on insta screenshotted my nudes.
A couple minutes before, he asked me if he could and I said no, I would send him one when he wants me too. But then, for the first time ever, I receive this insta notif saying he screenshotted two of my nudes I sent him. The weird circle appeared next to the photos in the chat.
I confronted him about it, he kept denying, showed me his gallery (which didnt have my nudes), said he doesn't understand why that would happen.
We ended the "session" (literally the first time we ever talked), asked when we could meet, told him I didnt feel safe anymore, even if he says he didnt do it, and we wished eachother good luck.
I feel awful since then, it happened a couple hours ago. I felt he was honest in his messages, seemed like a cool guy, and genuinely confused when I confronted him, but then why would I get these notifs? Why would the dotted circle appear next to my photos?
When he kept denying I figured I would stop trying to push my point, scared that he would get angry and share them.
Now I'm just scared shitless I will get tagged in some post with my nudes in it, or that more broadly my nudes will be shared on the Internet.
What should I do? Knowing I do not want to talk to him again. How do I manage this rational fear that one day, my nudes may resurface somewhere in the Internet, and somehow mess with my life?
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2023.06.08 00:04 Calm-Cockroach-6940 pj presented corey ahia with a child being sexually abused and he completely took advantage of her

pj presented corey ahia with a child being sexually abused and he completely took advantage of her
Wild to see how this Bart Simpson fucker tells her "yeah it's not your fault", then immediately asks her if she initiated it and presses her on how it happened and if she enjoys it after she told him she didn't wanna talk about it. TCAP is definitely hilarious but man things like this turn my stomach.
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2023.06.08 00:04 Lets-go-there Am I the asshole AITA #AITA

Hey guys, I need some advice. This is a throw away account and will probably be deleted later. I’m going to give some background context before getting to the main part so bare with me.
I have and at this stage am a swimming teacher and have been for 10 years. I’m also studying in the health industry. I have been working at the company I am employed at for the last 5years. I am also a carer for my parents.
Yesterday I was pulled into the office to have a meeting with 2 managers after being away on placement for a month. I’ve literally been back for 4 shifts. In the past one of the managers and I haven’t seen eye to eye but I’ve been calm on my part. I was pulled in because of a comment I made to my supervisor. The comment I made was for verbatim ‘There’s been a little bit of regression in the class, their kicks haven’t been worked on.’ The teacher who was given my shifts heard this when I was talking to my supervisor. She has been a teacher for two months. She then logged a complaint with the manager over it. For context we had families put their classes on hold, threaten to quit and cancel classes because the teaching given over that month was (and I quote from the supervisors that told me) ‘not up to or near the standard that they want, are used to or you give.’
I was also pulled up about asking the pool deck if they thought that a child had been moved up too early, because I thought they had. For context this child is 2 levels above where they should be. I’m not the only teacher to do this and as instructors we often ask each other their thoughts because we want a second opinion. I’m pretty strict with my move ups, so often ask for a second opinion. I am also one of the teachers that trains a fair few of then new instructors, I have no issue with that. I’m also often asked by the manager whom is not a swimming instructor and other pool decks my thoughts on other teachers and where their weaknesses are. Whenever I’m asked I point out to them on the lesson plans, what is and isn’t going right and what needs to be worked on. It is often followed by me saying that ‘they probably need a bit more training.’ Everyone does because when you feel like there’s nothing left to learn, you shouldn’t be in this industry.
All of this was brought up in a meeting. I said if someone has an issue with what I have said, approach me about it and we can have a conversation and I’ll actively go out of my way to apologise and not do the same thing twice. I was then told I was intimidating to some of the new teachers. This may be the case but I’m confident in what I do and the people whom I’ve been told are intimidated by me are also the ones whom have never had a conversation outside of the pool with me. I stated this to the managers.
I know that one of these managers has had it out for me since I stood up to her after she called me on the phone abusing me after I sent a text telling her that I was underpaid. We had a meeting after that (that I recorded) with her stating that she was out of line, shouldn’t have yelled at me and needs to stop saying to other staff that I’m intimidating and a bit of a bitch. There have also been multiple occasions where the supervisor and managers have agreed that children have been moved up too early and there isn’t much consistency between the teachers and move ups from other supervisors. There have also been multiple occasions where the manager has said to other staff while the teacher is not present that quote ‘they are a bad teacher. They are a sh!t teacher.’ Which other staff have also said on multiple occasions about different teachers, but nothing has ever come from it.
I have been stood down while they get letters from the two people these situations involve on grounds of bullying. I know that they are trying to sack me, I’ve seen them do this kind of thing before. My question is, am I the bully and the asshole?
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2023.06.08 00:03 ItalianofromItaly Rewatching Gargoyles as an adult - The Thrill of the Hunt

The episode on Gargwiki.
The episode on Ask Greg.
How long has it been: it's been four weeks since the previous episode.
So, Xanatos' arrest: as a kid, I loved the fact that his defeat at the end of Awakening meant something and he didn't just somehow get loose in-between episodes - but as an adult, I kinda have to ask: how the hell did it happen? At the beginning of this episode, Elisa says "I have to tell you, Mr. Burnett, I'm still surprised at being asked back here, seeing as how I've busted your boss"; shortly afterwards, she clarifies that Xanatos "was only convicted of receving stolen property". Ok, so:
  1. How did she "bust" him, exactly? Where did she find the proofs? She didn't have a warrant for the Castle or anything in the previous episode, so how did she manage?
  2. Even assuming there were some legally usable proofs somewhere, how did the second richest guy in the Disney Canon (first being Scrooge McDuck, of course) end up in prison so quickly and easily? When was the last time you saw a rich guy do the same in real life?
Elisa tries for the first time to convince Goliath to leave the Castle; Weisman has some... interesting thoughts about that: "Goliath is stubborn, even dense and condescending toward Elisa, when she tries to convince him to leave the castle. But I think from his POV, his responses were perfectly natural. Xanatos was banished. The castle was theirs. The concept of ownership was sketchy for the Gargoyles at best, but if they did understand it, they understood it in the "Possession = Ownership" sense. The notion that Xanatos could still "own" the castle after an embarrassing defeat was completely ALIEN to Goliath."
So the Gargoyles don't understand the concept of "theft"? Between this and the "no-names" thing, no wonder their race is borderline extinct, since they are apparently dumb as f**k; it's either that, or Weisman honestly thinks that's how ownership worked in the tenth century, which, no.
But frankly, that's missing the real point, which is: WHO THE F**K CARES ABOUT THE TRUE OWNER OF THE CASTLE? The Vikings owned absolutely nothing of it, and that didn't stop them from reducing the Gargoyles to rubble; the real problem isn't that some piece of paper somewhere states that Xanatos is the legal owner of Wyvern, the problem is that there's nothing stopping him from killing the Gargs and Goliath isn't willing to face up to that fact yet. Now, if you want to tell me that Goliath is kidding himself about the Clan's possibilities to stay in the Castle (that's probably the best way to interpret his "You worry too much, Elisa. Xanatos was defeated. We are safe here." line) that's fine - but don't bring legal ownership into it, because it has nothing to do with it.
The Pack gets introduced, first as a tv show and then in real life: they were apparently meant to be a bit of a Power Rangers parody ("We were consciously trying to do a professional wrestling meets (the hated) Power Rangers thing"); as a kid who watched both Gargoyles and Power Rangers (don't look at me like that), the thought never crossed my mind. Now that I'm an adult... I still don't see it in any meaningful way. Oh well.
It's a bit weird, seeing the Pack in their first appearance:
  1. They're all humans here; no mutates, no cybernetic abominations, no Xanatos-faced robots - just five human mercenaries using their skills and an arsenal of unconventional weapons.
  2. It's the original formation, which will stop existing after this episode.
  3. Fox is a completely different character here compared to her later appearances; to make it work, you basically have to tell yourself that she's acting throughout the entire episode (at one point she says "We never had it this good" - yeah, because you're totally not the daughter of a multi-billionaire, right Janine?). I'm also pretty sure this is the one and only time she ever wears her Pack uniform.
Lexington deciding to approach the Pack makes sense, between the fact that he's starstruck - without having any prior experience of it, what with the lack of tv sets in medieval Scotland - and the fact that he considers the Pack to be "warriors, just like us!"; plus, as he later says to Goliath, there's no reason why only he can have an Elisa, and moreover "Look, it's not like I revealed all our secrets; I'm not stupid". I just wish the scene went on a bit longer - as it is, we go more or less immediately from "Hi, I'm Lexington!" to "But of course I can bring Goliath to you! It's no problem at all!"
Speaking of which: I love those good old-fashioned death traps at PackMedia Studios, and I love the way the fight develops; here, I pretty much 100% agree with Weisman: "Action-wise this thing is taut. The Pack just keeps coming and coming. The Gargs never have a chance to catch their breath. And, then, suddenly, they do. And the tables turn fiercely. And the Point of View, as well. We are ALWAYS on the side of the hunted. When it's Goliath and Lex, we get very little of the Pack. Just snatches of them attacking. The gargs struggling to stay alive. But up on that roof, we abruptly switch POV. Suddenly, we're following the Pack. Even, dare I say, sympathising with them. Not that we want them to win. But we begin to identify with them as they battle these strange creatures. I love that."
LEX: "I'm never trusting anyone again!"
GOLIATH'S MIND: "Wow. And I thought I was being edgy four episodes ago, when I said I would never trust humans again."
Goliath and Lex hide themselves on a roof which just happens to be full of gargoyle statues - and it's not like they aim for it or anything, they just climb a random building and it's there! A bit too fortuitous, although the sequence itself is great (Hyena just disappers into nothingness at one point, and we never see her again for the rest of the episode - a veritable WTF and awesome choice).
Fox taking a hostage works fine with the way she's presented in this episode, but not with her later characterization - it's the one time "she's acting a bit" doesn't cut it; Weisman's explanation for it doesn't work for me either: "Likewise, look at Fox's actions at the end of the episode. Can you imagine Fox in any later episode crudely taking a hostage? It seems like she checked her brain at the door. But it works for me because at that time, she (and we) didn't truly know what an angry gargoyle was capable of. Maybe Goliath would dismember her."
It doesn't work for me because:
  1. If Fox fears Goliath to be a savage beast ready to dismember her, why would she think taking a (human) hostage would stop him?
  2. Wouldn't Xanatos have told Fox about Goliath sparing him at the end of Awakening?
The fight ends (with a bit of an anti-climax, to be honest) and we're back at the Castle. Goliath quotes Lexington's previous speech about the fact that they need to "search for allies, kindred spirits... and sometimes we must take chances like we did tonight", which is nice - but doesn't quite work for me because we never actually saw the Gargs do those things in later episodes: yes, they collected a few more human friends along the way, but they never actually went searching for them, unless I'm forgetting something.
We end things with the first Xanatos Tag:
OWEN: "Everything was done as you stipulated, sir. The cable tv was adjusted so that the only program the Gargoyles could see was the Pack's; the Pack received the mysterious envelope of photographs and reacted just as you predicted. A pity nothing else happened according to plan."
XANATOS: "Oh, I wouldn't say that, Owen. Though they didn't know it was me, I created the Pack to be far more than just a tv show; I had to see how good they were. And having underestimated Goliath once before, I needed to know what he was capable of as well. All in all, I'd say the test was most... informative."
Wow. That sucks. There will be some great Xanatos Tags in the future, but the first one's horrible:
  1. You needed to see what Goliath was capable of? After you saw him smash your Steel Clan robots and emerge unscathed from an air fortress full of armed guards? How are five human mercenaries a bigger challenge than that?
  2. Using the Gargoyles to test the Pack sounds very unfair to the latter - you don't "test" people by sending them against the biggest threat around.
  3. The scene becomes even worse in hindsight, once you learn that, because of David's little test, his One True Love ended up in prison; truly, a victory for the ages.
Final verdict: ok. Not one of the best, but ok.
  1. Awakening Part Four
  2. Awakening Part One
  3. Awakening Part Two
  4. Awakening Part Five
  5. The Thrill of the Hunt
  6. Awakening Part Three
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2023.06.08 00:03 anonafaun Is there a name for the extended trauma I experienced?

I, a male, who was in a relationship for 15 years with a female "Lucy" (not her real name).The TLDR:
I was in a long intense relationship in which I discovered long-standing betrayals of unusual magnitude and complexity. My mind had to process so many memories from good, but untrue, to terrible, but true, that my mind shattered like glass into 1000's of pieces that then burned like wildfire for months day and night, as my mind had to process terrible epiphany after epiphany of all the events I had to reinterpret.
Turns out my girlfriend has one of the personality disorders where she can live contradictory lives, and expertly lie with out lying. I.e. she believes whatever she says when she says it, so normal clues of dishonesty simply are not there.
The question:
Is there a name for a trauma where so many deceptions are uncovered, so deeply intertwined in life over a long period, that the mind breaks up and has to process an overwhelming number of disturbing epiphanies day and night for months before it is able to start dealing with what happened?
The timeline:
For the first 11 years we lived two hours apart. It was a wonderfully intense relationship in which we were always happy to see each other, travelled often, constantly did things together and with my friends (who became her friends), spent uncountable nights talking till late hours, etc.
About five years into our relationship, Lucy trusted me enough to open up about bad behaviors in her past and shared that she thought she was a "bad" person. Before me, she had only had short relationships, cheated on every relationship, and stopped caring about each guy so suddenly and coldly that they were all badly hurt, and one of the guys couldn't make sense of it and killed himself.
Since our relationship had always gone extremely intensely well, and she was dealing with her past directly, I thought it was a good sign she was outgrowing past immaturity and irresponsibility.
I also flattered myself that my kind but assertive personality, interesting work, fitness, personality, etc., had given the relationship a longevity that helped her get past her bad patterns. You know, maybe I was special.
And that is how things played out for 11 years.
At that point my work arrangement had become too restrictive, bureaucracy and other factors of partners were leading me into a dead end. So I quit that work and moved closer to Lucy, also closer to universities that would be good for future career moves.
I assumed that seeing each other more than once or twice a week would be wonderful. But Lucy expressed some worries about my not having my interesting job, and her not having her regular escape from town that our long distance situation had provided. Even though we would still travel.
These didn't seem like problems we couldn't adapt to, to me, so I moved down.
Pretty soon Lucy began to disengage a bit. Not a huge difference, but noticeable. We still had good times, but we also spent many nights talking about relationships, and whether the romance or love ever really lasted. For me it did, she wasn't so sure.
But things were stable, and between travel, friends and family we seemed to be doing well. Just not as well.
At the thirteenth year, the distance between us began to grow more. But we had intense discussions, spent lots of time seeming to work on our relationship. But slowly but surely she began to behave erratically. She acknowledged it, and we "worked" on things, but things got crazy. Whole trips with family she would turn hateful and cold, then back again to warm and loving. She never stopped trying to work on things with me, as far as I knew.
At the end of year 15, I happened to overhear her talking as I arrived to go out with her. It was obvious she had another boyfriend I knew nothing about. Then things began unwinding fast.
For two months, I loved her so much I tried convincing her to hit pause and get counseling, but she wouldn't, so I gave up. But revelation after revelation came in. There wasn't one boyfriend, but a few, and then it wasn't the last few months, but a full two years of dozens of relationships, and regular gang bangs with local guys at my vacation home, on and on and on.
Since out relationship was so intense this seemed impossible. But I learned that virtually every interaction we had for the previous two and more years had been deeply dishonest. Money I gave her to help students afford to go on field trips (she was an elementary school teacher) went to liquor for parties. The guy who asked her to dance at a bar that I assumed was a stranger, and seemed a little surprised I was trusting for her to dance. 100's if not 1000's of little incidents changed their meaning. Nights of being sick were obviously spent otherwise.
The high level of time spent and intensity of talks and other interactions we had, now represented an astounding web of lies and deception, beyond anything my mind could comprehend.
My mind had been like a magnet with a million particles all consistently aligned in a coherent direction representing a consistent view of a girlfriend, having temporary challenges with romantic feelings, but working with me to maintain a deeply loving relationship, in a context of a rich life.
But suddenly, every one of these interactions, incidents, implications, had completely opposite, and as I experienced it, horrifying interpretations. Every epiphany of what something really meant, led to a dozen other unthinkable epiphanies, in an overwhelming explosion of reconsideration and processing of what all meant.
It was as if my brain had suddenly caught fire, and the maelstrom just burned and burned as my mind tried to come to terms with every aspect of every betrayal, but it couldn't do it all at once. My mind needed to process every dichotomy, all in the context that the view I had before was deeply intertwined with happiness and a love I still strongly felt. While the mirror image was horrifying, depressing, humiliating, with the only thing recommending it was that it was the true image.
For four or five months, my brain felt horrendous pain all day, every day. Every night was nothing but nightmares, which only ended when I woke up into what was the worst nightmare for me.
I knew I was going to kill myself. There was no doubt. I was so grateful for life, and all the good things life had given me, but this wasn't something I could survive. It was something that made me grateful for life, but also grateful to go into a final sleep.
Fortunately, one friend somehow knew just how be there for me or I would be gone. She would show up with concern when she hadn't heard from me, put her hand on my shoulder, which was the best feeling in the world. She went on a trip with me that I had planned on not coming back. And on the trip, she f**cked my pain away, or at least down to a manageable level.
I owe her my life, and have good memories of that trip. She says it was a horrible time, but she wasn't going to let me go. I will never be able to describe the depth of my gratitude to her.
So here is my question: That process where my mind had to overturn so many interconnected beliefs, from happy but false interpretations of being loved despite joint challenges, to horrifying but true interpretations of being brutally used, is there a name for that? It had to run its course for months, as every bad epiphany triggered other bad epiphanies that I had to process in order, and over and over, before my mind was able to make sense of my life again.
Other than describe it as a firestorm that wouldn't end, the onset also felt like my brain was safety glass that had suddenly shattered into 1000's of tiny pieces, and I had no idea who I was. It was only after months of the ranging mind fire cooled that I was able to slowly piece back together a new version of me.
This seems like something that might not be common, but must have happened to other people.
Does anyone have a name or reference for anything like this?
After story:
I am fine now, but different. I had PTSD for a while, where I would explode and only be aware of it after about 10 seconds or so, then calm down and be terribly confused as to what I was doing. But that has faded. I definitely feel aftershocks, and sensitivities, but I seem to be doing ok. Best of all, I am genuinely happy these days, with a life I like.
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2023.06.08 00:03 twitchrdrm 2021 Elantra Limited Key Fob

Hi all,
One of my fobs suddenly stopped working, I am assuming it's the battery since the red light indicator doesn't blink when I hit a button.
Is this an easy fix where I can buy the batteries and replace them? If so, can you point me in the right direction?
If not, any idea what the dealer will charge for this? I am still under warranty but I doubt they'd cover it since it's a wear and tear type of issue but who knows maybe I'm mistaken?
As you can tell I don't know fuck all about this stuff so I figured I'd ask since most of the searches of the sub yielded key fob results for different models older than mine.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 00:02 Rarity2023 Is it normal to get upset/angry in a situation like this. How do I just let go of a crush/past fling?

I’ve never been asked out by a guy I met in real life before so this is my first. Didn’t work out. Infact we keep unfollowing each other on Instagram
He wasn’t feeling it after the first date and told me he wanted to stop talking. Then we had an unexpected second one where we hooked up. We texted everyday for less than a month … it was rushed lol. It’s been months since that happened And because I continued to talk to him I still have those feelings
Anyway. It all went downhill when my bff joined the work place and he became interested in her. We went out as a group and he sent me a drunk text telling me he isn’t after anything w me and that he likes my friend, who doesn’t even like him. With sorry at the end. I went home feeling hurt
Anyways he apologised to me today. Then told me my friend told him I screamed at her on the train. I asked her why did she tell him what went on in the train - it’s stuff that stays in between us, it’s a very sensitive topic. She told me I shouldn’t have yelled at her
I never even realised I did, all I remeber doing was teling my friend to text him she doesn’t like him in that way. I said no! When she asked if she could send stop hurting my friend. I thought they were concerned for my feelings but turns out I was offending them from being so mad, which is a rare emotion for me to show. I’m normally calm. I feel like my trust been betrayed after hearing she told him I made her sent that message and ‘went off at her’ , it’s something sensitive that’s supposed to be kept between us and I’m not happy. I’m embarrassed. I was about drunk as well.
I’m not going to cut a girl friend off over some younger guy. For some reason I’m angry at both of them. I discretely don’t want to talk to either of them
I messaged him he’s not coming with us to the concert in august anymore, I’ll send him the login to the tickets so he can go w his friends (because I have the tickets). He told me he can’t understand why I’ve chosen to be like this when he’s tried to be nice but apparently I’m cut over the fact that he thinks my friend is prettier than me, and nicer apparently.
My heart still beats thinking about him, but I’m ready to move on becsuze he doesn’t want me, and I don’t want him either. I got the ick on our night our, I think I just liked the attention and have an attachment. Hes a lot younger than I am and just wants to mess around because he’s 3-4 years younger than I am. I’m 23. I know, why am I stressing over a kid? And I know I need to grow up and act my age I’m being Immature yadada
Im so sick of watching them two constantly talking to each other and joking around at work. Even when my bff doesn’t even like him. I constantly feel insecure
How do I just let him go so I can stop feeling this way? I know, I know. stop talking to him and if I do only about work, right? Which I should had done months baxk.
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2023.06.08 00:02 Popular-Translator44 Help😭It’s been 11 months and I still don’t know what to do!

My fiancé and I had been together for 4 years at the time. I thought we were great together: despite our differences, we communicated well (or so I thought), travelled the world together, built a company and so much more.
Last year things got a bit difficult for us as our company was going through turbulent times and we were so immersed in the work process, we didn’t really have time for each other, even though we physically were together in the same office for almost 24 hours. Given all that, I still think things weren’t as bad…
July 2022 proved otherwise. We hired an intern, a 17 yo girl, to work as our office manager. My fiancé was running operations so he got spend a lot of time with her. In about 2 weeks after she started, I began noticing that she’s being overly nice around him, bringing him coffee every day, remembering what he likes to have for lunch, touching him (yes, she would touch his shoulders, hug him (tf?!) etc.). This was the very first anything like that happened bc my fiancé was never unfaithful before, never looked to the side and honesty was his #1 personal strength. What I did was approach that girl and say everything to her face. She said that there wasn’t anything going on between them, that she’s sorry I felt that way. But their flirting was never over. They would sit way to close to each other, laugh together, and she’s only 17!!! (We both were 27 at the time)
Then I went through his phone and found her texts saying “I made this with love for you”, “can’t wait to see you”. He responded quite positively to that.
When he figured I talked to her, he spoke with her 1-1, hold her hand and begged to stay and not leave. When I asked him “did you hold her hand?”, he didn’t hesitate to say “yeah, so what?”
Since then he was completely different, out of his mind.
We took all our employees on a small, team building trip in the countryside and that girl went as well. When we were driving, he stared at her for the whole trip (we were sitting in the back, and he was driving). I wanted to crime, and vomit, and scream - everything at the same time.
When arrived at the destination, I burst into tears. We talked but he didn’t seem to care. He said he wasn’t sure he loved me and a lot of other stuff.
I couldn’t believe what I was going through. It was a totally different person, a stranger.
She kept working for us for some 8-10 days more and then finally left (her internships was a month long)
On her last working day, he texted her “all i thing about is you” and tried to kiss her while I was sitting in the next room.
He didn’t admit any of what he did, until I gave up and said “ok, if you don’t see what a mistake you’re making, I’m ready to leave” he burst into tears, started to beg for forgiveness, and said he’d do everything to repair things between us, but the one thing he asked for was to go see her and say it’s over, that everything that happened between them was a mistake.
I let him, so he did. But as later turned out, he also said to her that he’d never felt anything he felt for her before, had there been other circumstances, he would have stayed with her… and she confessed to him this isn’t her first time developing feelings for a married (almost married) guy. She was dating a 23 yo when she was 15, and the guy had a wife… smh
So he comes back, promises to work on things, we start both IT and CT, go on vacation to Egypt, but he keeps pushing me away (holds hands unwillingly, isn’t affectionate etc). And this is mid august, maybe even end of august. Turned out he was checking her social media during the whole month of august (she left on aug 6), texted her, even wanted to bring her a souvenir from Egypt. When I found out, he said he’d already stopped doing that.
There was no contact ever since. We’d been doing therapy, and he’s now become super remorseful, he does all the right things, regrets what he’s done, says everything that happened was a lie, that he didn’t think straight, that he was broken …
Mind me I’m 100000 times smarter and more attractive than that girl. I have tons of admirers and fans, am financially independent , while my fiancé isn’t as attractive and doesn’t have any financial or intellectual superiority over me. I chose him because I thought we were soulmates and because he was one of the most honest and trustworthy people I’ve ever met… Now that he blew his own reputation in my eyes, I’m not sure if I should stay . I don’t know if I love him anymore.
He’s doing everything right, but that experience is too painful. I can’t trust him, I don’t feel attractive or confident around him (generally, i know I’m attractive ), but knowing someone was better for him is killing me. + he managed to develop such strong feelings for her in just a month … does that mean we were never enough?
Every time he says he loves me, I remember that time in July he said he didn’t know if he loved me anymore…
I don’t know what to do. I feel like I made him stay. Had I not confronted him, he would have stayed with her. Maybe I’m better off without him? That thought doesn’t let me sleep
Sorry for such a long read, looking for your advice 🙏🏽
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2023.06.08 00:02 WhaleCumToDeezNuts I don't know how anymore

My story: I always was a big drinker, loved partying and so on. I've considered myself an alcoholic for 3 years now, when I realised I didn't want to have drinks for fun, but couldn't go 2 days without drinking. I managed to quit drinking once, by smoking weed. When I was stoned, alcohol just tastes disgusting so I don't feel like drinking. Then I met a girl and we drank together occasionally, lasted a few months together and then I just picked up drinking again but, even harder. Now in the last 2 years, I can say I was drunk at least 75% of the time. After a 3-4 months binge of drinking all day, everyday, I went to detox since I realised I couldn't keep drinking 15 beers on the daily and stopping by myself was out of the question since the withdrawal would've probably killed me. Went back to drinking on my 2nd day home but could stay sober at least 1 day of the week, per week. Now I'm on a 2 months binge, had a (minor?) Convulsion last week. Didn't feel like drinking(oddly) that day so I just figured I wouldn't. At 7pm lost control of my legs and shaking violently(only my legs), couldnt say full sentences until after about an hour when someone was able to get me 2 beers. Yesterday was my first sober day in that long binge, felt proud this morning but now I feel like drinking and bought some beers. I don't smoke weed anymore, been a year since I didn't smoke and don't want to rely on another substance to get off of one, like I did before. I just don't know how to quit anymore, I feel like I have the most will to quit in this past week than I had in the past year, yet I just can't stop thinking about it. Any advice on to how I can stop, Im supposed to go to detox again in the next few weeks, I dont wanna fall back in when I get back.
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2023.06.08 00:02 Classic-Sherbet-375 Is there a trick to knowing which stores will have the best SAS deals?

It’s been a few years since I really shopped the sale. Usually I don’t even know it’s going on and just happen to stop in the store during but this time I’ve been more up to date. I already ordered a few things online during the early access but I didn’t know that sale items can very from store to store. I’d like to get a few more things (especially candles and men’s fragrances) but I hate paying the shipping every order. For like $7 that could be another item I get instead.
I have several stores near me. A few are in malls and a few stand alone stores. The thing is I’m 9 months pregnant and due next week so I really only leave the house when necessary for drs appointments or groceries. I have a couple last minute errands to run so I thought I’d stop in a store to see what I can find but I know that I won’t have it in me to go from store to store especially after running errands. I also know I probably won’t want to go after the baby is born so this is like my only chance.
So I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any tricks to maximize my choice of store or if I just pick a store and hope for the best? I’ll probably only hit up one of them so hopefully I can find something good!
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2023.06.08 00:02 Puzzled_Engineer4509 I feel unlovable because I have an STD

It's hard for me to love myself the same way I used to because I am so disappointed in the mistake I've made and I feel as though no one else will be able to love me the same way.
The truth is I feel worth less than I used to be worth. I made bad choices which lead me to have an incurable issue and now life feels forever changed for the worse. I have no idea how to truly forgive myself and move on from my past with the same appreciation and respect that I once had for myself.
I feel like the world will judge me and not accept me because I can't stop judging myself and I cannot truly accept myself.
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2023.06.08 00:02 Snoopydog13 it was like something snapped.

my puppy rosie is an australian shepard/red heeler mix of energy and spunk. she was the result of my brothers dogs accidental litter (i know, i know… mommas fixed now.) and i researched to hell and back about cattle dogs. i’ve had a pure bred aussie, a mixed from the shelter whose currently 7, and now rosie. i knew going in she was going to be a handful and accepted that now the walks would double. for the last four months i’ve had her, she was a little monster. it felt like everything i did to wear her out or train her went in one raised ear and out the other. but 7 days ago, she woke up a new puppy. she’s an angel! to all those pup parents who feel like nothing they do is right, please stick it out. it’s hard but she’s such a good dog now, it was a crazy turn around. however, does anyone know how to get her to stop jumping on the high chair :/
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2023.06.08 00:01 dailyreleases Daily Releases (June 7, 2023)


Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Amnesia: The Bunker (MULTi8) ElAmigos Steam, GOG 90% (734)
Espresso Tycoon RUNE Steam 100% (20)
Nocturnal RUNE Steam, GOG 67% (12)
DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure TENOKE Steam 94% (18)
Loop8: Summer of Gods TENOKE Steam 44% (16)
Pogoman TENOKE Steam 100% (3)
Star General TENOKE Steam, GOG 100% (1)
Lord Privateer TENOKE Steam -
Beyond The Evil DARKSiDERS Steam 100% (3)
The Red Book RAZOR Microsoft Store -
Update Group Store Score (Reviews)
Volcano.Princess.Update.v2.00.01 TENOKE Steam 97% (13.8k)
GOPOTA.Update.v20230605 TENOKE Steam 75% (393)
Poly.Bridge.3.Update.v1.0.5 TENOKE Steam 95% (227)
Knights.of.Braveland.Update.v1.1.2.42 TENOKE Steam 77% (192)
Return.Update.v1.0.3 TENOKE Steam 90% (72)
Amnesia.The.Bunker.v1.3 GOG Steam, GOG 90% (734)
Moviehouse_The_Film_Studio_Tycoon_v1.5.1 Razor1911 Steam, GOG 49% (208)
DLC Group Store Score (Reviews)
Easy Red 2: Normandy DOGE Steam 100% (59)

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Q: When will [insert game name here] be cracked?
A: STOP! CrackWatch members are not psychic. Games get cracked by completely ANONYMOUS SCENE GROUPS who don't disclose their progress or plans to the general public so NO ONE knows WHEN and IF a certain game will be cracked.
Q: What are all these NFO thingies? Where do I download?
A: NFOs are text files included with game releases which contain information about the releases. CrackWatch only informs which games have been cracked. To download look for the releases on CS.RIN.RU's forum or torrent websites. Useful websites can be found in The Beginners Guide or PiratedGames's Mega Thread.
Q: WTF is Denuvo?
A: Denuvo is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used to protect games from being cracked. Games that have Denuvo are harder to crack and usually take much longer. See Pinned Post for a list of Denuvo games.
Q: An update is out, but it includes the base game as well! Can I only download the update without redownloading the entire game?
A: Yes. CS.RIN.RU is your friend.
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2023.06.08 00:01 dailyreleases Daily Releases (June 7, 2023) - Source

# Windows Game Group Store Score (Reviews) :-:-:-:- [Amnesia: The Bunker (MULTi8)]( ElAmigos [Steam](, [GOG]( 90% (734) [Espresso Tycoon]( RUNE [Steam]( 100% (20) [Nocturnal]( RUNE [Steam](, [GOG]( 67% (12) [DESORDRE : A Puzzle Game Adventure]( TENOKE [Steam]( 94% (18) [Loop8: Summer of Gods]( TENOKE [Steam]( 44% (16) [Pogoman]( TENOKE [Steam]( 100% (3) [Star General]( TENOKE [Steam](, [GOG]( 100% (1) [Lord Privateer]( TENOKE [Steam]( - [Beyond The Evil]( DARKSiDERS [Steam]( 100% (3) [The Red Book]( RAZOR [Microsoft Store]( -   Update Group Store Score (Reviews) :-:-:-:- [Volcano.Princess.Update.v2.00.01]( TENOKE [Steam]( 97% (13.8k) [GOPOTA.Update.v20230605]( TENOKE [Steam]( 75% (393) [Poly.Bridge.3.Update.v1.0.5]( TENOKE [Steam]( 95% (227) [Knights.of.Braveland.Update.v1.1.2.42]( TENOKE [Steam]( 77% (192) [Return.Update.v1.0.3]( TENOKE [Steam]( 90% (72) [Amnesia.The.Bunker.v1.3]( GOG [Steam](, [GOG]( 90% (734) [Moviehouse_The_Film_Studio_Tycoon_v1.5.1]( Razor1911 [Steam](, [GOG]( 49% (208)   DLC Group Store Score (Reviews) :-:-:-:- [Easy Red 2: Normandy]( DOGE [Steam]( 100% (59)   # [<< June 5, 2023]( *** #Q&A **Q:** When will [insert game name here] be cracked? **A:** STOP! CrackWatch members are not psychic. Games get cracked by completely **[ANONYMOUS SCENE GROUPS](** who don't disclose their progress or plans to the general public so **NO ONE** knows **WHEN** and **IF** a certain game will be cracked.   **Q:** What are all these NFO thingies? Where do I download? **A:** NFOs are text files included with game releases which contain information about the releases. CrackWatch only informs which games have been cracked. To download look for the releases on CS.RIN.RU's forum or torrent websites. Useful websites can be found in [The Beginners Guide](/CrackWatch/comments/v60rnq/) or [PiratedGames's Mega Thread](   **Q:** WTF is Denuvo? **A:** Denuvo is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used to protect games from being cracked. Games that have Denuvo are harder to crack and usually take much longer. See [Pinned Post](/CrackWatch/comments/p9ak4n/) for a list of Denuvo games.   **Q:** An update is out, but it includes the base game as well! Can I only download the update without redownloading the entire game? **A:** Yes. CS.RIN.RU is your friend. 
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2023.06.08 00:01 lc2015 5 year old dog's anxiety on walks is at an all time high - Help?

Our rough collie female who is 5 years old (we have had her since she was a puppy & is from a reputable breeder), has always had some level of anxiety when encountering new things/"scary" things - think flags/awnings, high pitched barks from other dogs etc. It has never been as bad as to make her want to high tail it home within a minute of leaving our place till now. She is our first rough collie and when people said how "sensitive" the breed was I did not fully understood what that meant. However, I do think she is unusually so even for the breed.
That said she did go to classes with us for the first 2 years of her life. Additionally, I do quite a bit with her to mentally stimulate her with puzzles/hide & seek games with treats/toys and as a bonus we work from home.
Exercise wise my partner takes her in the mornings for a 1.5 mile off leash walk in a nearby park which is dog friendly, but not a dog park. Then, in the evenings I take her around our (not so urban, think actual small town/village with mostly quiet streets) neighborhood or again to another place where she can be off leash or at least on a longer lead on a hike. I would say she gets 4-5 on leash walks a week the others may be off leash or on a longer lead. Regardless she gets at least 2 walks a day + in house puzzles.
This leads me to now - in the evenings when I do take her out, I have her on an easy walker harness as her neck is so long & skinny. The harness helps with her pulling, and I do redirect her when she does pull by doing the old trick of stopping and turning around and then walking forward again. It helps for a little bit, then right back to pulling. Since we had a time change, and it is lighter for longer during our evening walks she is scared by any little thing she sees/hears in the neighborhood. For instance someone taking a something out of their trunk spooks her. A kid talking up the street scares her (head up, ears perked and pulling begins). If she realizes we are turning towards home she will start pulling. Additionally any sound that remotely sounds like a "pop" terrifies her and gets her teeth chattering. In which case we sit (if it was just a one or two time thing) and wait, usually this calms her down if it doesn't - home we go.
To be honest, this has made walking her terrible. I don't look forward to it, and I have begun again with high value treats on walks & when she notices something scary I "yes" her, and give a treat. It does seem to help, but I am wondering what our options are. She is a very good dog otherwise, super sweet/funny and well behaved inside. Offleash, she responds very well to commands and is a reliable dog.
I would like to take her to rally, which we have not done but I think she would be unable to tolerate it with the unusual space/newness (she very much dislikes going into any "box" stores like Petsmart/etc - hence we don't go). Otherwise I am thinking of re-enrolling her in classes or working with a trainer who can come and observe heus at home and on our walks. We also have a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Bottom line, we love our dog - we want her to be happy and to enjoy our time with outside with her (on leash!)
The other thought is, is my partner taking her off leash elsewhere too often? Are the neighborhood walks too infrequent for her to be used to the noises?
Thanks all!
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