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2014.11.13 04:53 RoonilWazilbob Cozy Places

"Cosy", or the American spelling "Cozy", means to give a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. /CozyPlaces is an inclusive and positive community that features cozy places from all around the world of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

2011.08.22 09:49 the_vowel_is_a_comic Burial

Welcome to the subreddit dedicated to the artist Burial. Releasing records under the pseudonym "Burial," William Bevan comes from South London in England, and is one of dubstep's most enigmatic artists. With home made chopped up beats, swooshing synths, and haunting modified vocals lifted from an eclectic range of pop songs, he brings his listeners back to a time when hardcore, d'n'b, 2step, and house music dominated the London underground club/rave scene.

2023.06.03 23:20 ConfusedGuy203 Hall of attainment crashes

I've been using this LO for some time and made some changes to it(not mid playthrough of course) and most recently i've been getting constant crashes when going in either hall of attainment or hall of countenance, but hall of elements is loading fine. I think the problem is with the loading and not the area itself since loading a save of a character that's already inside works just fine, it's going through the door that makes it so at the ending of the loading the game just freezes. I thought it was The Magical College Bundle, but thats been on my LO for quite a while and that never happened before, so either some mod that wasn't there before is causing it or some updated caused it. Here's the LO, with the most recent additions having an * at the end of their name and the + before if they're a patch for other mods. Any advice for the LO in general is welcome as well :)
• Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
• Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch
• Reconciliation: QOL and Bugfixes
• Unofficial Creation Club Updates - October Pack [XB1]*
• Simple Workaround Framework*
• Omen Weathers*
• Run For Your Lives
• Realistic Conversations
• Guard Dialogue Overhaul
• Skyrim Reputation
• Better Intimidation
• Even Better Quest Objectives
• The Choice Is Yours
• At your own pace - AIO/Listen
• Trained and Skilled*
• Laro's Perks, Magics and More
• Guild Leader Perks
• XP32 Maximum Skeleton+Realistic Ragdoll and Force
• Feminine Females
• Gritty Animation Requiem 2.0
• Cloaks face masks and all sorts 2
• Visible Favorited Gear
• Wear Multiple Rings
• Wearable Lanterns
• Become a Bard
• Mystical Scholarship: The Magical College Bundle 1K
• Merchants Chests on Display
• Night Mother's Embrace - An Assassin's Tale
• Walk With The Shadows - A Nightingale Bundle
• Comprehensive First Person Animation Overhaul - CFPAO
• Rebalanced Leveled Lists
• Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors
• OBIS - SE (full version)
• DLC Integration
• Stronger Bosses Skyrim
• Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelling and Luminosity
• Reliquary of Myth
• True Lords of Oblivion
• Dragon Priest Masks Tweaks
• Dragon Priest Staffs
• Rich Skyrim Merchants
• JaySerpa's Quest Expansion Bundle
• Melodies of Skyrim: All In One*
• Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
• Phenderix Magic Sounds Improved
• Enhanced Draugr Fx
• Display Enhancements
• Relighting Skyrim
• ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul
• SMIM Essentials
• Vivid Landscapes - Alternate Tundra
• WizKid Signs
• 3D Log Farmhouse Fences
• Skyland - Dirt Roads
• Dark Ages: Sky Haven Temple and Alduin's Wall
• Detailing The Eldritch - Complete
• Dark Ages: Dragon Textures
• Draugr Retexture: Bloody Black
• Ultimate Sephoraz Beauty Bundle
• Flesh Spells Fx Restored[XB1]*
• Heavy Armory - New Weapons
• Old Kingdom - Armor Overhaul
• Old Kingdom - Weapon Overhaul
• Old Kingdom - Crafting Add-On
• Glorious Dwarven Metal - Old Kingdom
• Elaborate Textiles Alternate
• (Lite) Guard Armor Overhaul
• Konahrik's Accoutrements
• Skyrim Sewers Bundle
• Unique Armors & Weapons - Unenchanted And Craftable
• Greener Glass
• SeeEnchantments
• Lockpicking Interface Redone*
• Embers HD
• Natural Forces Bundle - Wet
• Frozen Electrocuted Combustion - Realistic
• Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim
• Dwemer Spectres
• Sylvan Spirits
• Real Wildlife
• Birds of Skyrim
• Birds And Flocks
• Prismatic Insects
• Kiss My Grass
• Treeslod_23
• Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods
• Bells of Skyrim
• Tactical Valtheim
• Halted Stream Mine
• Provincial Courier Service
• MAP - Project Hippie
• Trees in Cities
• Riften Eastern Road
• Manor Roads
• Man Those Borders!
• EasierRider's Dungeon Pack
• The Blackest Reaches
• The Marshlands
• Master The Summit
• Nordic Ruins Of Skyrim
• Holidays
• Lanterns of Skyrim - Special Edition
• Lost Enchantments for The Discerning Adventurer
• Perk Points Per Level
• Truly Absorb Dragon Souls - Heavy
• VioLens
• More Blood and Gore!
• Know Your Enemy - All in One
• + AIO + OKA
• Immersive Movement
• Smilodon
• + Immersive Movement
• + Realistic Damage
• Mortal Enemies
• + Immersive Movement
• Better Combat AI
• Realistic AI Detection
• Sneak Tools
• Archery Tweaks Plus
• Silent Arrows
• More Effective Blocking
• No Draugr Disarm
• The Fire Within - Shouts Powered by DragonSouls
• Clear UI - Not So Sensible Preset*
• Pastel Map Markers*
• Updated Mine Markers
• Cheat Room
• Quest Debugger
• Free Player Home Heartfire Building*
• Improved Backpacks V2*
• Kip Ahrk Bahlok - Food and Hunger
• Dragonborn and Dawnguard Delayed
• Mystic Condenser
• Readable Shadomarks*
• Awesome Potions Simplified by Revoith
• Flying Vampire Lord
• Alternate Start - Live Another Life
• Abandoned Prison Tweaks
• + EBQO - Alternate Start
• Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
• Immersive Hunter Dialogue
• Immersive Follower Framework
• + RDO
• YOU DON'T KNOW ME - No NPC Greetings
• Bat Vampire Lord
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2023.06.03 23:20 baggagehandlr Anyone teach home owners landscaping?

I need to trim or prune a Japanese maple but do not know where to start without screwing it up. Watched a few videos and am just not confident.
Do any landscapers offer to come out to show a home owner how to prune and trim their own tree? Of course for a fee.
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2023.06.03 23:20 txdude522 Question about income tax on inherites sold home.

Hi .
So my granddad owned a home but he passed in 1999 and had 7 children one of my aunt's moved and lived there until her death in 2021. Most of the children including my mother have passed on and the two remaining siblings and the grandchildren recently sold the home for $ 250,000. My share of the proceeds will be roughly $16,000. My questions are how does this apply to capital gain taxes and is that amount already withheld from your payment at the time of settling? Or will I have to pay that at a later date?
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2023.06.03 23:19 nonchalantmozart [Landlord-MA-Boston] Renting single family with ADU in basement

I currently own and live in a single family house (zoned single family neighborhood) with a legal accessory dwelling unit downstairs with its own kitchen, bathroom etc.. By MA (boston) law, this ADU is legal as long as the primary owner of the house lives in either the ADU or the primary unit. My question is: What happens when I want to rent the single family house in its entirety in a few years? This single family house will have a legal ADU in the basement with its own kitchen. Would I run into problems trying to register this rental? Would it be legal, for example, to rent it as a single family to 2 graduate students under the same lease, shared utilities etc? Would I have to remove the downstairs kitchen (stove) before renting?
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2023.06.03 23:19 bigbodybeast Inheriting land with a possible 15 townhouses to be constructed and not sure how to go about doing it.

Hi everyone, I (M24) have been interested in real estate for a few years but don’t have any skin in the game yet.
Recently, my grandfathers informed me that I’ll be inheriting a parcel of land in an ‘up and coming’ city in the northeast. Apparently he’s had this land for 50+ years and has recently gotten special zoning which allows construction of 15 units. This is an effort from the city to increase housing as they have been overhauling infrastructure, cleaning up the city, and bringing a lot of business in.
I do believe this would be a great investment and it is mind boggling to think about owning 15 units, but the biggest and most obvious issue is that I do not have the funds to construct them myself but I would hate to just sell away the land.
Anyone been in any similar situations regarding developing their own units and needing funding? By my research it would cost at least $2M but rent in the area could be as high as 3500/mo / unit (630k per year gross). Bank construction loans are an option but that is a lot of debt that I’m not super eager to take on, and I understand a partnership with a developer could be possible but am not totally sure how to go about that.
I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts or experiences as I’m debating what to do.
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2023.06.03 23:17 Sufficient_Ad7727 Animal Hoarding

Hello, I’ll do my best to explain the situation in a concise manner. My Mother in law was dealing with an animal hoarding issue for many years. In 2019 we began the process of finding homes for 11 of her 13 cats. We were able to get the number of animals down to 2 cats and one dog. In 2021 my husbands Uncle offered to remodel the home which was in complete disrepair due to the animals destroying the interior of it. The house has since been completely remodeled but my husbands Uncle requested someone move in with my mother in law because he wanted to charge rent for the cost of the remodel. It’s a long story but he bought the home from my mother in law because she could no longer afford the expense so he let her live there rent free for years until the remodel took place. Last year my sister in law and her boyfriend moved in to help pay the rent and care for my aging mother in laws needs. Upon moving into the remodeled home an agreement was made with my husband’s Uncle and sister in law. The agreement was that only 2 cats and one dog would be allowed because of the previous damage that was done to the home. A contract was signed etc… We’ll about 2 months ago my sister in law took in her friends dog as a favor because the friend could no longer keep it, my sister in law let us know that it would be a temporary situation. The dog ended up having 4 puppies! My sister in law didn’t even know the dog was pregnant. So recently my sister in law let my husband and I know that her friend can’t keep the dog so she’d be keeping it as well as one of the puppies. I want to explain that my husband comes from a very tight knit Filipino family so involvement from everyone is a very normalized thing, and a lot of responsibility has fallen on him being the eldest. It’s just him and his sister.
We carved out 3 years of our life de-hoarding animals, de-hoarding 40 years of stuff and helped manage the remodel.
It had to be done because it was very unhealthy.
Anyways… So now there will be 3 dogs and two cats within the home. The whole goal was to make sure this sort of thing never happened again and to offer my mother in law a clean environment.
My sister in law said she would just hide the animals when their Uncle comes over to visit and that he would never know. My husband and I were very upset upon hearing this news and my husband told my SIL that she shouldn’t be bringing more animals into the home. She’s unwilling to listen so we feel it would be best to let his Uncle know what’s going on.
My question is does that seem fair? Or should we just wash our hands of it and let it be?
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2023.06.03 23:17 Muted_Kaleidoscope65 AITAH for making my mom sad? /part 2

Update! If you didn't read my story earlier, you can find it in my profile. but as i was scrolling today i thought I would give an update. So we moved to the new house with my father, and everything went well for 3-4 months. or as we thought. my father began to drink again heavily, and hurt my mother in the nose so bad, my mother had to go to the doctor to check it. her nose was broken, and when I got home, and saw it, it was already deformed. it was like a nightmare. You should know, that I go to highschool, but not in my city, so I'm a dorm studtent. i only see my mother in the weekends. when she called me and told me, how my father started to drink again, I was scared. i can't do anything. its a nightmare to me. Just imagine being a dorm studtent, and one weekend you just go home, and see your mother hurt. or even worse. you can't do nothing then. it'll be late. my mother didn't listen to me, so we are here now. this man, my own father.. i can't stand him.. and I can't do anything about him.. everything in my dorm room i pray. and I hope nothing will happen at home. it feels like hell, and I can't get sleep because of this. we are living with a monster, who does nothing just drinks. and my mother, still... forgives him. any minute he could go drunk and aggresive. he is selfish. and he is the main reason of me being traumatised. i don't know what will happen or what will he do. but I can't and never will. forgive him. he ruined everyone. my mother, my brothers. and my life. my childhood. and he still with us. like nothing happend..
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2023.06.03 23:16 XavierH912 AITA for requesting reimbursement for an unplanned ride share after an arrangement fell through?

My cousin and I are both 24-year-old males. He has been ill off and on for the last year and needed a bone marrow transplant. I was a match so I agreed to be his donor. The arrangement was for me to stay in a hotel, then my aunt and/or uncle were going to pick me up, take me to the hospital (where my cousin also is) for the procedure and drive me back to the hotel once I was discharged since I had to go under anesthesia.
I completed the discharge process about two hours or so after waking and waited in one of the hospital waiting rooms for my aunt or uncle to take me back to the hotel. They let me know via text that the transplant was starting and they wanted to stay with my cousin for a while to make sure it started off okay, which was completely understandable.
Two hours passed and I didn't hear from them. I was trying not to be rude or pushy because I know they're stressed, but I asked if one of them would be able to drive me soon, and also asked if everything was going okay on his end (I was getting worried). At this point I was in pretty bad pain and felt like I needed to lie down so I wanted to get back to the hotel (which was 5 blocks away).
Two more hours passed and I didn't hear anything. I sent them one more text saying I was leaving and called a ride share which ended up being way more expensive than I thought it would be. Slept at the hotel and got home earlier today. This morning I saw on social media that the transplant had gone well, so I'm still not sure why they never responded. I sent them a payment request with a note: "Unexpected ride share expense, glad everything went well."
I received the following message in response:
"You are a heartless AH for trying to extort money from us at a time like this. You could have waited a little longer and we would have taken you back to your hotel. It was your choice to spend your money."
I tried to explain that I had was in pain and feeling unwell for 4 hours without hearing a word so they left me with little choice but to find another ride back to the hotel, to which they responded, "Your discomfort doesn't compare to ours or [my cousin's]. We will not be guilted into giving into this extortion."
I get it. They're going through a hard time, but AITA?
P.S. The hotel stay was free because of my travel rewards but I took unpaid time off work for this too, so my own finances are a little tight.
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2023.06.03 23:16 Embarrassed_Goose731 how do i combat test anxiety asap?? i study hard but do shit because my mind goes blank

i have a further maths exam on monday and i bombed my last one so i really need to do good. but it doesn’t matter how much i study because i just forget everything from anxiety. i was wondering if anyone had any advice to get over this?
i think a huge problem is i’m an external student so i’ve been only doing past papers in the comfort of my own bedroom. so when i’m in the exam room it’s a completely new environment. would it be a good idea to revise in the library tomorrow or the few hours before my exam? i don’t think it’s just the environment but also my clothes and stuff. like at home i just do papers in my pj’s or literally in my bed with a bed desk. so what can i do within the next day or two to help.
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2023.06.03 23:16 Thisseemsfinal Could you guys please recommend a few areas that are family friendly?

Super excited my family may have an opportunity to move to your beautiful city! We have a sixth grader, a 4 month old and 2 dogs. My family loves the outdoors, visiting the library, farmers markets, and eating!
We would be moving for my husband’s job, he is an electrician. Ideally we would like to rent a home with a yard. Could you all recommend any areas? Tips for families moving to the area? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 23:15 Alkaline-Eardrum I am personally borrowing a $30,000 musical instrument for a month from a friend. What is a good standard contract that I can use?[mo]

Basically the title. But to add more context. I am a professional musician who works as a contractor for orchestras. I am playing a summer festival orchestra gig but it requires I double on another instrument I don’t own.
Im renting one from a good friend for free in exchange for a favor. However we want to get something in writing to spare any unpleasantness if something happens to it.
I apologize as I’m a complete layperson. I also will consult a lawyer for a proper legal opinion if needed.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 23:15 glazedonut2 My sister is jobless and won't help me and my family out

I (22f) have just graduated nursing 6 months ago as opposed to my sister (23f) who graduated 2 years ago. We both still fortunately live with our parents as our plan was to save up until we can get up in our own two feet without having to spend lots of money during the cost of living crisis right now in the UK however as we're both living with our parents you'd probably think that it's only right that whilst we're both still at home, we should still help pay. Having just started recieving pay checks, I help out wherever I can, I've been paying for our groceries and the electricity bills per month as opposed to other ammenities that we all use. My sister however has not. She quit her job in Argos in March 23 hoping to somehow land the "job of her dreams" asap in the architectural field (as that was her major in uni) however she has been jobless for months and has not taken any initiative to look for jobs, not even to earn money herself. My parents does not know that shes jobless so she's been faking it, still getting out of the house with her uniform so they don't become suspicious and making me keep her secret. She sleeps all day, makes a mess in the house and just acts like a child overall. She also somehow manages to go out and party with having no income so i'm a little confused about that too.
I understand that landing a job in the creative field is hard as fuck but she isn't even trying to apply. I physically made her a template cover letter and cv FOR HER because I'm so fed up and yet she's still not applying. She is so incredibly spoilt and comfortable. I've confronted her many times but she gets angry at me and ignores everything that I say.
I don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
Ps. When she still worked at argos. She still didn't offer to pay or help us out.
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2023.06.03 23:12 prodshebi The Unseen Hunger: Coveting my Unborn Child

My name is Laura, and this is my story. It's a tale of fear and the unknown, of love and betrayal, and of the strength of a mother's love. It all started when my husband, Adam, and I decided to start a new life in a beautiful villa by the lake in the small town of Kruklanki. The villa, standing alone amidst the vast expanse of nature, was like an island, symbolising our isolation. The lake, with its calm surface hiding unknown depths, mirrored the unknown we were about to step into.
We were a young couple, full of hope and dreams. Adam, with his easy smile and infectious laughter, was my rock. We dreamt of a peaceful life, of raising our child in the serene surroundings of the villa. We shared a love for the outdoors, often spending our evenings stargazing, our hands intertwined. The villa stood tall amidst a lush emerald forest, its weathered stones blending harmoniously with the vibrant foliage. Sunlight filtered through the dense canopy, casting ethereal patterns on the moss-covered path leading to the entrance. The air was fragrant with the scent of damp earth and wildflowers, inviting us to embark on our new life.
But even as we unpacked our belongings, I couldn't shake off a strange feeling. Adam, usually so attentive, seemed distant, his mind elsewhere. I dismissed it as stress from the move. Little did I know then, it was a sign of the betrayal that was to come. Soon after we settled in, I couldn't shake off a sense of foreboding. The villa, once a symbol of our dreams, was starting to feel like a prison, its grandeur overshadowed by a chilling silence. And the lake, once a symbol of peace, now seemed to whisper of hidden dangers beneath its serene surface.
Soon after we settled in, I began to experience strange and terrifying events. At first, they were just subtle nuances: shadows moving along the corridors, whispers in the night, vague movements nearby. I tried to dismiss them as figments of my imagination, but they became increasingly disturbing and intense, filling me with a chronic sense of fear.
Adam, my husband, was sceptical. He believed that these were just products of my imagination, the result of stress from the move and adapting to a new place. Adam, ever the rationalist, tried to reassure me. 'Laura, it's just the stress of the move and the pregnancy,' he would say, his eyes full of concern yet disbelief. 'There's no real danger.' His words, meant to comfort, only served to widen the chasm between us. But I could feel it, something was not right.
One night, I woke up to a chilling whisper. It was so close, as if someone was right next to me. I turned on the bedside lamp, but there was no one there. The room was empty, but the feeling of being watched was overwhelming. My heart pounded in my chest, my palms were sweaty, and I was shaking.
'Adam,' I whispered, nudging him awake. He groaned, turning to face me. 'Did you hear that?'
'Hear what?' he mumbled, his eyes half-closed.
'The whispering. It was right here, right next to me.'
Adam sighed, rubbing his eyes. 'Laura, you're just stressed. It's the new house, the new surroundings. You're imagining things.'
I wanted to believe him, to write it off as a product of stress and fear. But deep down, I knew something was not right.
The next day, I noticed something else. The shadows in the house seemed to move on their own, even when there was no one around. I could hear soft whispers, but when I tried to locate the source, there was nothing. I felt like I was being watched, followed. I tried to tell Adam about it, but he just brushed it off, saying I was just stressed and needed rest.
But I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my bones. The house was not just a house. It was something else, something sinister. And I was trapped in it, with no one to believe me, no one to help me. I was alone, and I was scared.
The days turned into weeks, and the strange occurrences in the villa didn't cease. If anything, they became more frequent, more intense. I started noticing mysterious figures around the villa, always on the edge of my vision. They were close, yet always just far enough that I couldn't make out their features. Their presence filled me with a sense of paranoia and constant danger. I felt like a prey being watched by predators, waiting for the right moment to strike.
Our neighbours, Mr. and Mrs. Graverson, began to show an unusual interest in me. One afternoon, as I was tending to the garden, Mrs. Graverson approached me.
'Laura, dear,' she said, her voice sweet yet somehow unsettling. 'How are you finding Kruklanki? Is the villa to your liking?'
Her questions seemed innocent, but there was something in her gaze that made me uneasy.
Mrs. Graverson's eyes lingered on my stomach for a moment too long, a strange smile playing on her lips, something I couldn't quite define. Mr. Graverson, with his piercing gaze, and Mrs. Graverson, with her constant, unsettling smile, were always too eager to help. Their behavior was suspicious, their questions too probing. They seemed particularly interested in my pregnancy, their eyes lingering on my growing belly a moment too long. I couldn't shake off the feeling that they were hiding something.
One day, Mrs. Graverson came over with a basket of freshly baked cookies. As she handed them to me, her gaze lingered on my stomach. There was something in her eyes, a strange intensity that made me uncomfortable. I didn't know it then, but it was a hint of the dark intentions that lay beneath her friendly facade. I was pregnant at the time, and her eyes seemed to hold a strange fascination for my unborn child. It was a fleeting moment, but it sent chills down my spine.
As time passed, I began to suspect that the Graversons were part of a cult practising occultism, planning to use my unborn child in a dark ritual. It was a terrifying thought, but the pieces of the puzzle were starting to fit together. The strange occurrences, the mysterious figures, the Graversons' unusual interest in me and my child, it all pointed to something dark and sinister.
I started finding evidence of their involvement in other dangerous activities. I found strange symbols carved into the trees around their house, symbols that I later found out were associated with occult practices. I also noticed that they would often disappear during the night, only to return in the early hours of the morning, looking exhausted and secretive.
I suspected that they were responsible for the strange events and observations. The fear was overwhelming, but I knew I had to protect my child. I was alone in this fight, with no one to turn to. But I was determined. I was a mother, and I would do anything to keep my child safe.
In my desperation, I turned to the local clergyman, Father Christopher. He was a quiet man, always keeping to himself. I had often wondered why he seemed so distant, so detached from the rest of the town. Little did I know, his aloofness was a sign of the secrets he was hiding. I found him in the church, his eyes filled with a quiet serenity.
'Father Christopher,' I began, my voice trembling. 'I need your help. There's something... something wrong in the villa.'
He looked at me, his gaze thoughtful. 'Tell me everything, Laura,' he said, his voice calm and reassuring.
I went to the church, hoping to find some solace, some protection. I wanted to tell him about my experiences, ask for his support and protection. But to my surprise, Father Christopher seemed to be absent and avoided contact with me.
I tried to reach out to him several times, but each time, I was met with silence. His absence was strange, and it made me wonder if he was involved in this intrigue. The thought was terrifying, but I couldn't ignore the possibility. I felt even more disoriented and anxious when I discovered that Father Christopher might be involved in the conspiracy.
I started to suspect that he himself was a member of the cult or was being intimidated by them. This discovery made me feel even more alone and defenceless in the face of the impending threat. I was desperate and isolated, and I had to fend for myself.
I decided to seek information on my own to uncover the truth and find a way to protect myself and my unborn child. I spent countless hours researching, trying to understand what was happening. I read about occult practices, about cults and their rituals. The more I learned, the more terrified I became. But I knew I had to keep going, for the sake of my child.
One night, as I was poring over an old book about local legends and myths, I came across a passage that sent chills down my spine. It spoke of a cult that had once existed in Kruklanki, a cult that practised dark rituals involving unborn children. The description matched the Graversons' behaviour and the strange occurrences in the villa. I knew then that my suspicions were not unfounded.
I decided to confront the Graversons. I knocked on their door, my heart pounding. 'I've noticed you've been acting strangely,' I said, trying to keep my voice steady. They exchanged a glance, their smiles never reaching their eyes. 'We're just concerned for you, dear,' Mrs. Graverson replied, her voice too sweet. But their reassurances did nothing to quell my fears.
I was up against something far more dangerous than I had imagined. But I was not going to give up. I was a mother, and I would do whatever it took to protect my child.
As my due date approached, I realised that time was running out and the threat was becoming greater. I had a recurring dream, a nightmare really, of a clock ticking loudly, its hands moving faster and faster. It was a chilling reminder of the impending danger, a foreshadowing of the race against time that lay ahead. I had to act quickly to save my child and uncover the truth. My maternal instinct and determination had strengthened, giving me the power to fight against the unknown and dark enemy. Despite the exhaustion tugging at my eyelids, I poured over the ancient texts, my fingers tracing the cryptic symbols. I wouldn't rest, not until I had found a way to protect my child, and I made a decision that would change everything.
I decided to find a mysterious book that, according to legend, had the power to protect against dark forces. I began an intensive search, scouring old libraries, archives, and places connected with the history of Kruklanki. I studied ancient writings, mythologies, and ancient rituals, trying to find clues and the key to solving this dark mystery.
During my search, I uncovered a horrifying history of Kruklanki. It turned out that many years ago, similar rituals had taken place in the town, bringing a curse and evil upon its inhabitants. The town's past was steeped in blood and dark secrets. Now, the cult wanted to renew this power and use my unborn child in their dark plans.
I spent countless hours in the town's library, pouring over old books and documents. I found references to a cult that had existed in Kruklanki centuries ago, a cult that had been banished after a terrible event. The details were vague, but it was clear that the cult had been involved in dark rituals and practices.
The more I learned, the more terrified I became. But I also felt a strange sense of determination. I was not just fighting for myself anymore, I was fighting for my child. And I was not going to let anything harm my baby.
I knew that finding the book was a long shot, but it was the only hope I had. I had to believe that it existed, that it could help me. As my due date approached, the Graversons' interest in me seemed to intensify. They would drop by unannounced, their questions becoming more personal, their gazes more intrusive. I had to believe that I could protect my child, that I could find the mysterious book and put an end to this nightmare.
In a dramatic turn of events, I discovered that Adam, my husband, had been bribed by the cultists and intended to give them our unborn child. A cold numbness spread through me as I read the words, each sentence a dagger to my heart. I could barely breathe, the paper trembling in my hands and fueled my motivation to fight even more. At first, I refused to believe it, but the evidence was overwhelmingly strong.
I found a letter hidden in his drawer, a letter from the Graversons. It spoke of a ritual, of a promise of power and wealth, and of our child. I couldn't believe what I was reading. The man I loved, the man who would hold me during those terrifying nights, was planning to betray me and our unborn child. Was it the promise of power and wealth that lured him? Or was he manipulated, ensnared by the Graversons' cunning words? The betrayal cut deep, but I had no time for despair.
I confronted Adam, my heart pounding in my chest. 'Adam,' I said, holding out the letter. 'What is this?'
He looked at the letter, his face paling. 'Laura, I...'
'You were going to give our child to them, weren't you?' I demanded, my voice shaking with anger and betrayal. He fell silent, his silence confirming my worst fears.
The look in his eyes confirmed my worst fears. I felt a wave of despair wash over me, but I knew I had to stay strong for my child.
I had to face Adam and defeat the dark forces that were plaguing Kruklanki. I pushed the boundaries of my courage and strength to protect my child and prevent the cultists from performing their dark ritual. I also had to confront my own fears and doubts that accompanied me.
In the hours leading up to the confrontation, I prepared myself for the battle ahead. Father Christopher had given me a small cross, a symbol of faith and protection. Clutching it tightly, I steeled myself for what was to come. As I entered the church, the cultists turned towards me, surprise flickering in their eyes. I stepped forward, my voice echoing in the silence, 'This ends now.' Adam was among them. Our eyes met, and for a moment, I saw a flicker of the man I once knew. But it was gone as quickly as it came. He stepped forward, trying to dissuade me, but I stood my ground. 'You won't take my child,' I declared, my voice steady despite the fear coursing through me. It was a moment where the power of a mother's love and courage broke through the darkness and triumphed over it.
I stood in the church, my heart pounding in my chest, as I faced the cultists. I could see the surprise in their eyes as I confronted them, as I defied them. With Father Christopher by my side, we fought against the darkness that threatened to consume us.
In the end, love and courage prevailed. I managed to save my child, to protect him from the darkness that had threatened to take him away from me. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but I would do it again in a heartbeat for my child.
In the aftermath of the confrontation, the town was eerily quiet. The cultists had been defeated, their dark plans thwarted. Adam was nowhere to be found, and I was left to pick up the pieces of my shattered life.
In the days that followed, the weight of the ordeal began to lift, replaced by a newfound strength within me. I made the decision to leave the villa behind, a physical representation of the darkness that had consumed my life. With each step I took away from that place, I felt a sense of liberation and determination.
I found a small house nestled in the heart of Kruklanki, a place where the warmth of the community embraced me. As I settled into my new home, I realised that my journey was not just about protecting my child, but also about finding my own strength. Through the trials I had faced, I had discovered a reservoir of resilience and courage within myself that I never knew existed.
Father Christopher, my steadfast companion, continued to provide guidance and support. We spent countless hours in conversation, sharing our experiences and searching for meaning in the darkness that had enveloped Kruklanki. Through his wisdom and unwavering faith, I learned to embrace my role as a protector and a fighter.
As time went on, I saw the transformation within me. The fear that once gripped my heart had been replaced by a fierce determination to rebuild and find joy in the simple moments. I laughed with neighbours, embraced the beauty of the lake, and reveled in the innocent smiles of my child.
In the midst of the darkness, I found my own light. The journey had not only saved my child but had also saved me. I was no longer the frightened woman who arrived in Kruklanki, but a mother fortified by love and an unyielding spirit. Together, my child and I would create a new story, one filled with hope and the resilience to face any darkness that may come our way.
Despite everything, I found hope. Hope in the kindness of Father Christopher, hope in the strength of my love for my child, hope in the possibility of a new beginning. I had faced the darkness and come out on the other side stronger and more determined.
This is my story, a story of fear and courage, of darkness and light, of despair and hope. It's a story of a mother's love, a love so strong it can conquer even the darkest of evils. And it's a story of Kruklanki, a town that faced its dark past and emerged stronger.
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2023.06.03 23:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - All Programs (Complete)

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Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 23:08 BulkyMoney2 Will DHSS be Able to Re-House Us?

Hey everyone,
I had a post in personal finance where I asked for advice about my 2 months’ past due rent.
Plenty of people gave me helpful advice, but last night I checked my mailbox and I received a letter from my landlord’s attorney. They are not renewing my lease, and I (31F) have 60 days to vacate with my toddler (3M). They have stated that any rent payments submitted will not overturn this decision to non-renew.
My question is, does anyone have any experience with something like this? Will DHSS be able to rehouse us in time? We receive food stamps, WIC, and a daycare subsidy. I am in the interview process for a new job, and hopeful that I’ll land it. Would this be enough to move into a new place? I technically don’t qualify for traditional apartments on my own because my income is low. I’ve been reading about security deposit assistance programs; does anyone have experience with that?
I am very stressed and wondering if I may need to move home to my parents’ house. I’d hate to do that as I currently live in another state 2 hours away and my son is enrolled in a great preschool here. We’ve began to build friendships here. His dad is very inconsistent, but he lives in this state too (I am pursuing child support). I feel terrible that this is happening after 3 years of living in this apartment, but I am trying to keep some sense of normalcy for my kid.
Any ideas or advice is helpful. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 23:08 marlenamarley87 It’s funny how the universe tends to give you the right things at the perfect times…

My husband and I (as well as our family of four teen boys - ages 14-17) have been through the wringer over the past severallll years, and that’s putting it lightly. Most of it we brought upon ourselves; not because we’re bad or hurtful people, but we just didn’t really ’get it’ back then like we’re starting to get the hang of it now.
The past year or two has fostered so much growth and change in our home and our family, and I am overjoyed and eternally grateful for the collective & individual progress we’ve all made. To see my family finally starting to embrace even the rough edges of life is a beautiful gift. To witness us all bringing the best out of each other (and our own selves), is well beyond the magnitude of the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. It’s a beaming ray of hope, especially now that I have full faith that it’s a light we’ll make sure stays illuminated.
The communication, compassion, and understanding we’ve developed fowith one another feels like a genuine miracle. And that miracle feels even more significant knowing that it was man made. It was us made, even when it was difficult and sometimes even painful. We’re all going to make it because we chose to make it. We could no longer just anxiously sit back and hope that a beautiful outcome would fall into our laps, we finally figured out that we have to bust our asses to create it. 💪🏽
My husband and I have been watching and falling in love with the Ted Lasso series for the better part of these last two years, and it became such an unexpectedly influential show. It just sprang up outta nowhere and smacked us in the face in the best possible way. To see these characters (that truly reflect so much of ourselves, and the humans with which we share the world around us) grow and be vulnerable, and come together, and fuck up, and emerge wholly changed for the better was an indescribable experience.
The fact that this show came along and showed us an experience so similar to yet so different from the journey we were starting out on honestly feels like a cosmic gift. This is without a doubt the best show I have ever seen. It’s just a show… scripted, directed, and filmed just like any other, but I’ve never encountered anything else on television that holds the capacity to just naturally (and somehow still forcefully) shove such a significant amount of humanity, positivity, kindness and hope straight into the solar plexus of all its fans, lol. I think I have permanent goosebumps.
The impact the Ted Lasso series has left on me is one I will carry with me and use to the best of my ability most certainly forever. To any fellow TL fans reading this, no matter where things are for you, or what challenges you’re facing; keep fucking going. I am immeasurably proud of you for all you’ve overcome, and it’s no small feat that you’re still here; still standing. Keep going, and then keep. fucking. GOING. There are SO many beautiful moments ahead that are waiting for you. Don’t EVER discount the power you have to go out into the world and make those beautiful moments, no matter how small or fleeting they might seem. Your well-being is counting on it. And so is the well-being of complete strangers.
I’d give the obligatory Diamond Dog dismount “woof woof woofs”, but they’ll surely be too truncated with barely-choked-back tears, so I’ll let y’all take this one. DIAMOND DOGS, DISMOUNT! ❤️🐶
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2023.06.03 23:06 1and1makes2 25 [M4F] Bermuda/Anywhere - Looking for a life partner.

I'm 5'5, 145lbs, and fit. I'm a risk analyst. I like to cook, play guitar, and sing. I've recently gotten back into wakeboarding and that's been really fun. I cook a variety of meals, varying from Louisiana Jambalaya, pork Katsudon, Marathi curries, and more. I make a pretty decent scone and my Tiramisu is good too - I'm set for both meals and desserts. For music I like playing singer-songwriter stuff.
I will definitely serenade you.
My type is tall / skinny / lanky. I think freckles are cute. I think physical attraction is important, so I'm happy to share photographs when we get to talking.
Although I was raised almost entirely in the western world, I am ethnically Indian. I have brown skin and Indian features - so if that's not your thing I'm sorry you read this far.
Some other dealbreakers that have come up:
> Given since I'm in posting in this sub: I don't want kids.
> I make enough money to support a two person household on my own, but I'd really rather not have a stay-at-home wife. If you want a relationship where you rely on your partner completely financially I don't think we're a fit.
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2023.06.03 23:05 tumblrrenegade Input needed on custom home (California/US)

My wife and I looking to move out further out into the country and build our own home. As the title says in California. I've been looking around for any alternatives to "sticks and cardboard" (wood and sheetrock) structures that would meet the code, but having hard time finding much else. I've been mostly interested in the upcoming hempcrete and the European style clay brick. But at that point I'm up for anything, but wood. For one, I'm not cool with all the room in between the outer wall and the inner wall that would provide thriving conditions for anything from termites over roaches to rats inside the walls. The other thing is that I do want the house to have a good thermal value and being fire proof.
The house will be 2-story tall, so I can't really go with aircrete and such. I do need something load-bearing. If there is absolutely nothing else, I'll be falling back on reinforced cinder blocks with A LOT insulation. But I hope that anyone has a better suggestion.
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2023.06.03 23:04 Brief_Earth404 Ye Olde Urge

Anyone else binge eat when they drink? That’s me.
At my worst, 5-10 drinks 3-4 nights per week, alone. Or go out with people and continue drinking alone when I get home. It’s been this way basically since college, with intermittent 1-4 month periods of sobriety/life generally getting better, which has been 10 years now.
I’ll always gain a shitload of weight when I go on benders, take it all off and get ripped when I’m sober for 3-4 months.
I had 8 months sober last summer and was in the best shape of my life, and my life was also going better than it had in years. Then I was basically ghosted by a close friend and it all fell to shit, went back on a bender and wound up 30 lbs heavier with my life falling apart 9 months later.
I have 2 weeks sober now, but it’s Saturday, work is done for the week, I got shit done and I finally feel fucking ok and not ridden with anxiety and shame. Why the fuck do I still want to drink tonight?
I never know what to do during this “sticking period” - I try to do anything I can not to drink. Call a friend, go outside, workout, go run some fun errands and explore a new part of town - but even this ritual of distraction is like its own trigger.
Any thoughts on this welcome - thanks for reading.
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2023.06.03 23:03 JackalsPodcast22 Join r/thespoonyproject (comedy, WFH anti-work memes)

we are mostly former fans of the youtuber "spoony" who became a lazy scammer, so we usually make memes and fanfics about how he is forced to get a job and doing chores. But we also joke about being lazy ourselves, working from home, anti-work, etc. (we are still on the side of the working class though)
so if you like popping jokes about lazy boys and being a NEET come laugh with us. We will not ban you for having fun. The powertripping mods (paynexkiller) banned us from the official spoony reddit so we made our own page!
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2023.06.03 23:03 yunepio Analysis of all religions (3/3)

Posts in the series

Brief recap

In the previous post, we continued our analysis with a second round of eliminations of more religions that cannot reasonably be from a judging and fair God. At this point, only the Abrahamic religions remain to be analyzed, which we will do below.
The reason I wanted to analyze the Abrahamic religions together last is because they have many similarities. For one, they reference the same God and agree on many details: similar people, similar places, similar events and for the most part, even originated in the same region. In addition, two of them are the biggest religions in the world today, far ahead of all other religions in terms of adoption, nearly accounting for half of the people on the planet! The fact that they are spread out in time and that they reference each other, can at least in theory, represent a pattern of recurring communication. It's also possible that they're just copying from each others. Let's see!
The timeline of appearance of the Abrahamic religions from old to new is as follows:
Baha’i Faith
Can the Abrahamic religions be instances of communication from their common God? It’s possible, however some issues surface:
Let’s keep the issues above in mind and apply the same criteria to the Abrahamic religions in the same way we did to all of the others. We will analyze them in the chronological order of their appearance.


Let's analyze the message of Judaism.
Now let's analyze Moses, the founder of Judaism.
If there is a judging and fair God, Moses is highly likely to be one of his messengers. He passes all the criteria while explicitly making the claim of being sent by a God. If he was a fraud, he would have had an existing history of it, and he wouldn’t have dared to come back to a place where he killed someone and feared for his life, then challenge its ruler and win! If he was a deluded self-appointed leader to his people, that delusion would have been his demise. He would have been killed, as other religious founders have. Instead, he and his people, although an oppressed minority without any military power, were able to escape their oppressors and defeat them! This is impossible without some powerful external assistance.
One can reasonably claim that the story of Moses is just a myth that is made to look impressive. That would be fair, except it had more impact than what a myth can fathom. That being said, even if we accept that it’s all a myth, or at least a heavily augmented truth, it is still told by other Abrahamic prophets who happen to have had similar or more impact than Moses did. This makes his story as valid as theirs can be. So, let’s continue our analysis.
(1) From Britannica: Moses... Hebrew prophet, teacher, and leader who, in the 13th century bce... delivered his people from Egyptian slavery...
(2) From Britannica: ...When he found an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Hebrew, probably to death, he could control his sense of justice no longer...
(3) From Britannica: ...After checking to make sure that no one was in sight, he killed the tough Egyptian overlord...
(4) From the Qur’an (translation): ˹One day˺ he entered the city unnoticed by its people. There he found two men fighting: one of his own people, and the other of his enemies. The man from his people called to him for help against his foe. So Moses punched him, causing his death. Moses cried, “This is from Satan’s handiwork. He is certainly a sworn, misleading enemy.” He pleaded, “My Lord! I have definitely wronged my soul, so forgive me.” So He forgave him, ˹for˺ He is indeed the All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.


Let's analyze the message of Christianity.
1: If God sacrificed his son in order to absolve us of our sins, judgment wouldn’t make sense. Also, why does a God have a son? Mortals have children to continue the species and to provide for them when they grow weak. A God doesn’t need a son...
  1. If God sacrificed his son, also a part of himself, it should have been the final act of life here on Earth. Instead, he let Muhammad come after and be so successful in reversing this idea, all while claiming to be sent by him!!! And what about the people who died a long time ago and never knew about this important sacrifice?
  2. The idea that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving doesn’t stand for a judging God. It simply isn’t possible for him to have these 3 attributes at the same time. If he is all-knowing, then he knows that many humans will fail his judgment and be severely punished. Consequently, if he is also all-powerful, being all-loving would have him not resort to judgment and not punish anyone. Since he insists on judgment with a heaven and hell, then he isn’t all-loving. Muhammad also happens to correct this idea.
  3. The conditions of success and failure in the upcoming judgment are not particularly fair. It’s not about what actions one does during their life, rather, it’s about accepting Jesus as savior. One can be the most ruthless killer, then just accept Jesus as savior in order to be absolved of all wrongdoing. Also, what about all the people who lived and died before Jesus was even born? They didn’t know Jesus; how can they accept him as savior? Haven’t they spent their lives following other rules? Isn’t that unfair to them?
Now let's analyze Jesus, the founder of Christianity.
Similar to Moses, if there is a judging and fair God, Jesus is highly likely to be one of his messengers. His feat is even more impressive than that of Moses. His mission and success in correcting and complementing the existing Jewish faith against incredible odds, adds more credibility to his claim. Jesus changed the world and continues to do so today!
(1) From Britannica: ...Joseph is said to have been a carpenter (Matthew 13:55)—that is, a craftsman who worked with his hands—and, according to Mark 6:3, Jesus also became a carpenter...
(2) From Britannica: ...As a young adult, he went to be baptized by the prophet John the Baptist and shortly thereafter became an itinerant preacher and healer (Mark 1:2–28). In his mid-30s Jesus had a short public career, lasting perhaps less than one year, during which he attracted considerable attention...


Let's analyze the message of Islam.
It aligns with reality well by describing reality as a test of free will. Life is neither the suffering Buddhism makes it out to be (which it isn’t), nor is it the joyous life Tenrikyo claims it should be (which again, isn’t). Every single human is continuously tested through good and bad. When it is something bad, it is their patience and acceptance that is tested. When it is something good, it is their capacity of being thankful and generous that is tested. Everyone’s life is a mix of good and bad. Exceptions exist and are accounted for.
Islam states that God has been sending prophets since the beginning in order to remind people that judgment is coming. It states that people who didn’t get the message will be tested again. Those who got the message of the prophet of their time, accepted it and followed its guidelines, shall pass the judgment. Those who rejected the message after receiving it clearly shall fail.
Now let's analyze Muhammad, the founder of Islam.
If a judging and fair God exists, Muhammad is highly likely to be one of his messengers. He was leading a normal and regular life in a polytheistic society for 40 years, then suddenly started preaching monotheism, suffering for it and even going to war for it.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...Due to his upright character he acquired the nickname "al-Amin" (Arabic: الامين), meaning "faithful, trustworthy" and "al-Sadiq" meaning "truthful" and was sought out as an impartial arbitrator. His reputation attracted a proposal in 595 from Khadijah, a successful businesswoman. Muhammad consented to the marriage, which by all accounts was a happy one...
(2) From Wikipedia: ... It is known that he became a merchant and "was involved in trade between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea...
(3) From Wikipedia: ... Because he could not read and write himself...
(4) From Wikipedia: ...Muhammad was deeply distressed upon receiving his first revelations. After returning home, Muhammad was consoled and reassured by Khadijah and her Christian [sic] cousin, Waraqah ibn Nawfal. He also feared that others would dismiss his claims as being possessed...
(5) From Wikipedia: ...Regardless, several attempts were made at Muhammad's life...
(6) From Qur’an. Aisha said: "The Prophet was being guarded until this verse وَاللَّهُ يَعْصِمُكَ مِنَ النَّاسِ (Allah will protect you from mankind) was revealed." She added; "The Prophet raised his head from the room and said; «يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ انْصَرِفُوا فَقَدْ عَصَمَنِي اللهُ عَزَّ وَجَل» (O people! Go away, for Allah will protect me)"
(7) From Sunnah: Miqdad reported that he heard God’s messenger say, “There will not remain on the face of the earth a mud-brick house or a camel’s hair tent which God will not cause the confession of Islam to enter bringing both mighty honour and abject abasement. God will either honour the occupants and put them among its adherents, or will humiliate them and they will be subject to it.” Miqdad said, “God will then receive complete obedience.”


Let’s analyze the Druze faith!
Now let's analyze Hamza Ibn Ali, the founder of Druze.
It’s extremely unlikely that the Druze faith is a communication from a judging and fair God. Its founder fails a combination of some important criteria.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...Indeed, in his epistles, Hamza is critical of his colleague, both for al-Darzi's disputing Hamza's role as the leader of their movement, as well as for his followers' over-zealous, extremist and provocative actions, which revealed the movement's ideas prematurely and placed it under danger of attack... During this time, the followers of the rival leaders engaged in regular brawls in the streets of Cairo, cursing one another as infidels.
(2) From Britannica: ...Almost nothing is known of his life before he entered Egypt in 1017. He became a spokesman for the religious convictions of the Fāṭimid caliph al-Ḥākim (the Fāṭimids were the ruling dynasty in Egypt), who was already accorded the position of imām, a divinely appointed and authoritative spokesman for Islam...
(3) From Wikipedia: ...According to the medieval chroniclers, he too enjoyed signs of favour from al-Hakim: when he complained to the Caliph that his life was in danger, he was given weapons, which he demonstratively hung on every entrance to the Raydan Mosque...
(4) From Britannica: ...Considerable resistance to these doctrines appeared when they were first preached in 1017, and Ḥamzah went into hiding until 1019, when al-Ḥākim was able to move vigorously to support the new religious movement... Ḥamzah claimed to be representing not just another sect but rather an independent religion, one that superseded traditional Islam. Al-Ḥākim disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1021, and, much persecuted, the Druze cult all but ceased to exist in Egypt...


Let’s analyze Mormonism:
Now let's analyze Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...Meanwhile, the Smith family faced financial hardship... Family members supplemented their meager farm income by hiring out for odd jobs and working as treasure seekers, a type of magical supernaturalism common during the period. Smith was said to have an ability to locate lost items by looking into a seer stone, which he also used in treasure hunting, including, beginning in 1825, several unsuccessful attempts to find buried treasure sponsored by Josiah Stowell, a wealthy farmer in Chenango County, New York. In 1826, Smith was brought before a Chenango County court for "glass-looking", or pretending to find lost treasure; Stowell's relatives accused Smith of tricking Stowell and faking an ability to perceive hidden treasure... Although Smith had abandoned treasure hunting, his former associates believed he had double crossed them and had taken the golden plates for himself, property they believed should be jointly shared. After they ransacked places where they believed the plates might be hidden, Smith decided to leave Palmyra
(2) From Wikipedia: The region was a hotbed of religious enthusiasm during the Second Great Awakening. Between 1817 and 1825, there were several camp meetings and revivals in the Palmyra area… Smith said that he became interested in religion by age 12… With other family members, Smith also engaged in religious folk magic, which was a relatively common practice in that time and place…

Baha'i Faith

Now let's analyze Baháʼu'lláh, the founder of Baha'i Faith.
It's highly unlikely that Baha'i Faith is a communication from a judging and fair God.
(1) From Wikipedia: Some of his earlier writings suggest that he did not enjoy the business and instead applied himself to the study of religious literature… He was constantly absorbed in his own thoughts, and was preoccupied with repetition of his prayers and verses… In 1841 the Báb went on pilgrimage to Iraq, and for seven months stayed mostly in and around Karbala. There he attended lectures of Kazim Rashti and became his follower… As of his death in December 1843, Kazim Rashti counseled his followers to leave their homes to seek the Mahdi, who, according to his prophecies, would soon appear. One of these followers, Mullá Husayn, after keeping vigil for 40 days in a mosque, traveled to Shiraz, where he met the Báb…
(2) From Wikipedia: Soon after declaring his spiritual mission to Mullá Husayn, the Báb sent him to Tehran to deliver a special tablet to one whom God would guide him to. After learning about Baháʼu'lláh through an acquaintance, Mullá Husayn felt compelled to arrange for Baháʼu'lláh to receive the tablet—this news brought great joy to the Báb when Mullá Husayn wrote to him about it…


After analyzing all the religions, the ones that are highly likely to be communications from a judging and fair God if one exists, are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They are the only religions that satisfy most of the criteria. In fact, their founders are the ONLY ones who satisfy all the criteria, specifically the criterion of non-involvement prior to their claim of a contact with a God. All the other founders were involved in one way or another, making their claim a possible result of either fraud or delusion.
It is important to note though: we haven't proven that a judging and fair God exists, and we haven't proven that these religions are actually communications from him, not at all. All we did was to reasonably prove that if a judging and fair God exists, then Judaism, Christianity and Islam are highly likely to be communications from him.
In the next post, we will continue our research and see how we can reasonably prove that a judging and fair God exists.
Until next time!
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2023.06.03 23:02 yacob_lad The prologue to my semi-sci-fi military novel [2067]

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
“When the world was lit aflame by this meat grinder of a conflict I looked to you for understanding, I, in my obligation, was sent to cleanse the flames, As to fill my hollowness with the great steam clouds, You answered back, You, in your obligation, were sent to further expand the flames, As to fill your hollowness with the ash, And yet, Neither of us still feel complete, You are wrecked, remnants, And I, have cause unfathomable damage in my efforts, ‘O murdeur ‘o mine, How different are you and I?”
The last paragraph in the novel, ‘Orange fields’ recovered by clean up crews in the Eastern African front during the Sol-War, each page had to be scanned meticulously so as to recognize the chemical weaponry stained pages. The side of which the author was on is still unknown, and yet, many would like to keep it that way.
2153, a year so distant yet so predictable, corporate power rising, spineless governments, weak and unarmed civilians and hot zones becoming more and more normal and recurring; with those same governments bowing to the corporations that demand to squeeze all the profit out of those same hot zones with those same cannon fodder civilians.
“We would like to personally thank you for your service here today, your bravery and sacrifice will not go unheard, this is your chance to take back one of the world's crowning achievements, the democratic republic of congo’s ‘zenith’ medical facility; as New MPLA forces have decided to overthrow the current government, this will be the first of many ops to be enacted that will take back this beautiful land.” This ‘heart warming’ speech, presented by a vanilla UN representative was echoed throughout the interior of the troop transport airship, each soldier situated on their standardised metal seat looking down in a melancholy manner at the damp flooring. Jason Kazamai followed along, except he wasn’t acknowledging the speech whatsoever, it was all background noise, alongside the background smell of muddy and sweaty soldiers who had been picked up from a previous battle. Seeing their disgruntled look and, some, torn off limbs set a heavy precedent that these New MPLA don’t mess around; and this being atop Jason’s already, rash and most certainly unwise decision to enlist made his muscles tense to a rubber band being stretched to its fullest level of fragility. He let his rifle, the default UN service rifle, flow down onto the floor, letting its sling, which was now a, almost, car seat belt type system integrated into their ballistic vest, weigh his chest down, making that usual metaphorical feeling, real.
The speech went on for a little while longer, before cutting to a noticeably lower quality news broadcast likely filmed in some warehouse some UN employee had spare. The presenter took a few short seconds staring at the camera before he noticed it was on. “In news today, New MPLA forces have decided to show their tolerance to those who go against their new communist ideology, they have sent out videos of them maiming and executing civilians who had taken part in the Kinshasa protest. And although all governments in the UN haven’t responded, internally they have all decided to band together ‘peace forging’ groups to settle down the New MPLA; yet due to its illegality their presence haven’t been allowed to pass through news and social media filters.” Jason toyed with a little string coming off of his dryland camo shirt.
“Our last story of today covers the recent Gunblade situation regarding the UN peace forging groups, as tensions rise with the Gunblade UECs and their confrontation over not being given the contract to send their own troops into the DRC; with Vale himself in a meeting apparently cursing at a UN representative and leaving the hall. More updates will be given as they arise.” The troop transport ship made a hefty metal slamming noise, causing a few soldiers to slide down their rows of seats. “The hell was that?” A soldier shouted. Rapid pinging noises sprinkled along the outside of the walls of the ship, like metallic rain. The instant the crew in the cockpit realised the situation the ship went into a lockdown, with all doors sealing tight and the ships internals becoming padded and secured; and for extra measure all lights had turned to a red to coincide with the alarm that was going off. Jason was struck up by the seering sound of the alarm and had his back pressed fully against the back of his seat. In an act of comfort he grabbed the barrel of his rifle, trying his hardest to regulate his breathing. The sounds had stopped for a short while. The undying echo of silence filling the void as everyone awaited the sound of whether they’d be able to return home
“NO!” To coincide with the sound of a blistering missile attack, a gaping hole erupted in the side of the troop transport ship, three soldiers were instantly sucked out of the ship and into the desolate drylands. With the still blaring sound of the alarms the pilot spoke over the comms and to the nearest UN FOB in DRC, “This is NOVA-BRAGA 12 we are being attacked by UFOS I repeat this is NOVA-BRAGA 12 we are being attacked by UFOS, if there are any UN allies in the area please respond, I beg!”
Jason dug his fingernails into the small leather armrest in the seat so as to not be taken into the afterlife by the scorching hole just opposite himself. The troop transport ship wrestled to find the attacker, sending out recon virus to infiltrate the attackers vehicles and spraying in all kinds of directions their small guns. But it was all futile.
The pilot talked to the still remaining troops within the ship, “I repeat to all still living soldiers to f-follow procedures and, uh, to hold on to whatever you can, we are going to try and land in the nearest forest!” The pilot started to try and diverge most power into the barely functioning thrusters for the ship. All within started to struggle to breathe as all the air filters and cyclers were failing at a rapid pace. Jason grasped his own mouth with intense force as sickening chemicals from the burrowed servers below the floor of the ship started to leak upwards. Many soldiers did not do the same, some didn’t realise it was even there and some thought of it as some saving gas designed to help them in some way; but once they inhaled it in a matter of seconds their lungs were scorched and their throats turned into tunnels of visceral pain. The gas ever so gently passed by Jason, and he started to slip down his seat so as to not get even touched by it.
“Almost there-” The pilot sent out a blistering cry as he was turned to nothing but charred remains as another, even more powerful missile was sent out at the ship. The ship spun right as it started to fall without power towards the ground. Jason held on tightly to the metal, trying so hard to dig his fingers into the packed steel. All other soldiers were trying the same, except all screaming, crying and the likes, whilst Jason stayed silent, there was nothing else his mind could think of to do. He let out a whimper and spoke, “Please.” Before bracing for impact against the drylands.
He awoke to the sight of a head split in two, brain matter spilled along the muddy terrain and skull splinters sticking out from the ground; Jason stared at the body for a few minutes, not sure whether that corpse was himself and he was looking at himself as a ghost. He looked down, he was lodged a few inches deep into the mud, he shuffled himself around to release himself. He gasped for air as a searing pain erupted from both of his legs as he tried to move around, yet still he continued to move around, surveying the area for an escape. The ship had been torn into many large pieces which kept most of the bodies of the soldiers within making it look like they had been placed into a blender and now great fires started outside cooking them from within. A mountain of bodies laid atop one-another in the centre of the ship wreckage. A faint siren was still ongoing just in the blurry distance. Jason grabbed a nearby shard of metal and pulled himself out of the mud, he further gasped for air searching for small pockets of uncontaminated air. He lay for a few minutes, trying to gather his thoughts again. It had all happened too quickly.
He dragged himself across the terrain, passing by chunks of flesh and bone; he was in too much distress to absorb the horrors before himself. He paused in his tracks as he heard distant shots, a shadow of a standing soldier aiming a rifle at a body displayed itself off of one of the ship fragments, he fired three rounds into the likely already dead body. Jason could ever-so slightly hear muffled comms chatter, with the fire and clouded thoughts in his mind making it more difficult to do so.
The soldier finished off verifying the bodies, “No sign of the Heir.” “Keep looking, those calculations were on point he should be breathing at the very least.” The soldier reloaded his rifle, a heavily modified D4M assault rifle. A shining star of Gunblade with its on-the-fly part removal system. The soldier then, with around two others following him, passed by the shard of the ship in which his shadow was just displayed. At this point Jason had retreated backwards to where he originally was laying at, he was aiming to go beyond the ship fragment situated behind this location and then… Escape?
A few more shots were fired as the soldiers encroached to Jason’s position, they were now tired of waiting around and only took a quarter-of-a-second before dumping a few shots into a body. Jason saw just a small metre before him a pistol, and in a stark flash of feeling heroic, Jason went for the weapon; thinking to himself how he was going to be able to take down these heavily armed and skilled soldiers with a simple 9mm. As he got closer and closer to the pistol, the stench of corpses and the sound of gunfire came closer and closer. Jason hurried as fast as he could do so with his injuries to the weapon.
As he thrust forward his hand to grab the pistol, it was kicked aside by one of the soldiers, who, as soon as he aimed the rifle at Jasons dome, put down the weapon and in a hurry bent down to grab him by the throat; the soldier was dressed in all black with a sort of mage-looking cloak that went down to his shins. Although Jason didn’t intake this first, as his helm was far more of a prolific sight. A Gunblade info helm. Advanced helmets, with swanky breathing ports located just where the mouth is going up to the nose, and audio devices placed in the ears and in all of the other space being heavy ballistic glass, with going down the middle to the breather being a ingrained black parting line. The soldier held Jason up with a firm grip like Jason was a child, he stared at him for a while before speaking, “Heir secure.” The voice was digitized and muffled, yet still translatable. The soldier had scanned Jason’s head structure and other small details.
After the soldier had confirmed Jasons capturing, the op leader spoke back, “Good, good, extraction is out in two minutes, excellent work today, three birds with one stone, or missile really…” The other soldiers started speaking to the op leader, trying to get a promotion by playing nice to him. “What are the birds then?” “Well, of course we got our target, but then we also got a good cover story for why we should be sent into the DRC, the UN having their 'skilled troops' massacred by B-tier terrorists isn't the greatest show of strength, and they'll be looking for a way to put this story into the ground, which of course will be us."
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