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2023.06.07 23:48 CreepyCharity6326 The truth of Maldini

This sub
"F*** Cardinale for firing Maldini".
While it should have been done very differently, Maldini was not good in that position. It was Boban that signed most of our best players. Massara is 50% of MM yet is given 0 credit. Moncada is one of the greatest scouts in Europe and is given 0 credit. Pioli developed unknown, neglected, and relatively cheap talents into stars and is given 0 credit. Maldini is given credit for everything, even outside his job, and given 0 blame.
Our most urgent weakness to improve in the market has been RW and ST ever since Maldini got market control. Completely ignoring this, Maldini has continually made major flops and misplaced his use of a small budget. I consistently read people here saying "what can he do with such a small budget?", well, he could spend it in the correct area.
Since Maldini got control in 20/21, money spent on defenders and midfielders: 119,27M.
Money spent on forwards: 29,2M
I left out certain players who: A. cost very little, like Kalulu.
B. Were bought and sold without a noteworthy loss/profit, like Hauge.
I did not count wages either.
Since def + mid are two areas, 119.27M divided by two = 59.6M
59.6M is still slightly more than DOUBLE the amount spent on forwards (29.2).
Even before sources said Maldini wouldn’t listen to anyone, it was already my exact thought. Like people might have started to realize is that Maldini may have signed players against the wishes of Pioli, hence why Pioli didn’t let them play.
Players who were signed and didn’t play:
Bakayoko (Maldini renewed his loan)
Dest (never ever played after options were back from injuries)
CDK + Origi played ~2600 minutes combined, which is ~600 minutes less than a 36 year old Giroud alone.
Leao, Isma, Theo, Kessie, Krunic and Kjaer were all Boban’s deals. The loans (before full purchases) of Rebic and Saele was also Boban. Side note: Saele is not a great signing, but is as good as Messias, but almost 10 years younger. Zlatan’s return was Boban.
Additionally, Maldini lost more quality FOR FREE, than he signed FOR MONEY.
Kessie (~50M value), lost for free under Maldini.
Donnarumma. Maldini declined ~80-100M offer, then lost him for free.
Hakan (~30M value) Lost for free to our direct rivals in every competition and culturally.
Romagnoli (~30M value at the time). While it’s understandable that he left, it is unforgivable to keep allowing players to run their contract down, as it’s easily avoidable. Also, Lazio is a direct rival.
That’s a potential ~200M in player sales lost. Let’s say they were worth less, like a combined 150M, just for fun. Even if Cardinale doesn’t want to spend, he certainly would allow a small percentage of the earnings to be allocated to the budget.
The transfer policy is to not spend much, which is relative to what you earn. In fact, when earning 150M, spending 100M is spending nothing, it’s earning 50M. However, earning 150M in sales every season isn’t plausible, and there is no need to spend 100M every year.
We have not earned that money under Maldini, so we have not spent that money under Maldini.
Now it’s nearly a full circle back to the point I made earlier. Maldini has spent the ~50M yearly budget incorrectly. Across 3 seasons he spent ~120M in def + mid, and only ~30M on forwards.
Who were those forwards?
Origi. 67 goals scored in his ENTIRE career. What top director would sign this guy ahead of Dybala, Kolo Muani etc. There is no excuse, Dybala had a shit season or whatever, Origi has had a shit career, Dybala is still the better signing.
Messias. Shouldn’t have to add anything.
Giroud. He has gained my utmost respect, but he’s turning 37 now and should never have been our first and pretty much only option at ST. Half the sub has forgotten IT’S FUCKING AC MILAN.
Lazetic. Where is he?
Emil Roback. Where is he?
Hauge. Was bought, was decent, was sold. Can even play RW. We made 3M by selling him and bought Messias for 5M. Some have said "Messias was good business". Only when you ignore the bigger picture.
So, a summary.
Maldini did not listen to Pioli.
Maldini did not listen to Moncada.
Maldini did not listen to ownership.
Maldini repeatedly complained in the media.
Maldini’s signings were bad.
Maldini failed to sell players unwilling to renew.
All of you have chosen Maldini over AC Milan. Maldini was not good for the club. Whether the new ownership is good or bad remains to be seen, but this was a positive move, made in a negative way. The fact that it was a positive move means much more than whether the move was made in the right way or not.
Furthermore, although it was unprofessional to fire Maldini the way they did, when did Maldini earn their respect? Maldini has been unprofessional for a while, consistently bashing ownership in the media.
The ownership should be judged by the coming markets.
AC Milan above all, even if that means above Maldini.
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2023.06.07 23:48 Noof42 The Mission to Rescue Blastoise

I think this is the appropriate place for this, and I apologize for the length, but I need to share this with people who might understand.
For Thanksgiving weekend in 1998 (or maybe 1999), my family took our yearly Thanksgiving road trip to visit Grandma. The trip took at least seven hours (each way), and so, this year, my parents bought me and my sister our first Game Boys, a Game Boy Color each, along with a copy of Pokémon Blue for me and Pokémon Red for my sister.
I was immediately hooked. My starter, a Squirtle, and I immediately embarked on the adventure of our lives. I named him "CLORINE," because I was young and I didn't have a dictionary. I played that game the entire trip to Grandma's, much of it in the dark by the intermittent streetlights that lined Interstate 64 (or whichever route my parents took). I completed that game. I caught everything I could. I traded for the rest. My Blastoise and I took on the Elite 4, captured the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo (and both Snorlaxes), and completed our Pokédex. We even had two Mews.
Granted, I did not play optimally. I taught my Mewtwo payday. But I was a child.
Eventually I put Pokémon away. I got Yellow, but wouldn't complete that for years. I'd come back to the franchise, sporadically, for one or two of the intervening games, but my love affair with Pokémon lay mostly dormant for years.
And then I had a son. He got old enough, and we got copies of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. And then Scarlet and Violet. We even got a second Switch.
I was hooked again right along with him. I played Brilliant Diamond while he played Shining Peal. I tore through Scarlet, while he played Violet. I made sure to get various Pokémon games before the 3DS eShop shut down.
And so I booted up my old copy of Pokémon Blue, not expecting anything to be on there. I'd already had to change some of my cartridges' batteries. But there was my Blastoise. My CLORINE. And my Mewtwo and my Mews. And all the rest.
I looked into ways to dump my cart, so that I could put my Pokémon back after I changed the battery. But my wife lost her job, and it's not exactly cheap, so I decided to wait. She found a job very quickly, but I forgot, for a time, to follow through with backing up my buddies.
Last week I realized they were still there. I looked into my options and I ordered a Joey Jr. It got here this week and I dumped my cartridge. But when I went to check and make sure everything was there, I couldn't find my save. I dumped it again. Still nothing. Other games worked.
In the four or five days between when I ordered the device and when I got it, the voltage on the backup battery had dropped below whatever level was required and my save had been wiped. My mission had failed.
I know that they were just ones and zeroes. But I was so close. And I need a place to put this all down so that I can get it all out. Thank you Game Freak and Nintendo. I know you're not perfect, but thank you all the same.
RIP CLORINE. And all of the rest of you.
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2023.06.07 23:46 theycallmeboxy Disappointing product experience with Drop on the Planck rev7

I preordered the Planck v7 from Drop. The keyboard arrived in a timely fashion, however, the product support has been abysmal beyond receiving the product itself.
The first red flag was after I ordered my keyboard, I contacted support to get more details on the encoder compatibility. Unfortunately, no one was able to provide me with a single bit of information, and I was referred to their forum for information. After a few back and forths, there were no other avenues provided to me to get more information so I just gave up.
Fast forward to me getting the keyboard. I wanted to add 2 encoders on each of the bottom corners. I cannot find a rev7 firmware. There is a rev6 firmware. This seems to work OK, but it doesn't work with my encoders. There is also no ways to reprogram the encoders. So I started looking for rev7 firmware or source or guidance on the encoders.
I asked via Drop's support email, and again i was told they cannot help me and to ask in the discussion forum. I'm not sure what the point is of their support if they cannot provide any product information? Anyway. I also tried asking here, on Discord, and in the Drop community.
I saw a post by person "YanboWu" whom seems to be affiliated with the vendor of the keyboard. I asked him for the firmware or source. He said it ships with firmware already flashed and changed the topic.
What's up with this? Why is it like pulling teeth trying to get a firmware for this? Especially when I'm going straight to the people who I bought the damn keyboard from?
This is probably the last thing I buy from Drop. I am extremely disappointed with the product support. Especially for a QMK keyboard that is rooted in open source. I have honestly had better experiences getting firmware and source files for sketchy, cheap white labeled boards from Chinese vendors.
Anyone else have similar experiences with Drop? Or am I just unlucky?
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2023.06.07 23:46 Alarmed-Explanation8 Any experiences with homebridge-unifi-protect and Quicksync ?

I just recently converted over to homebridge and the unifi protect plugin after a failed attempt to get scrypted running. I have been pretty pleased with homebridge for live feeds loading speeds. However it seems like HKSV object detection notifications are a bit slower than my native HKSV devices.
I see that the unifi protect plugin is invoking ffmpeg on the clips it sends to homekit. Right now I am on a pretty old but lightly loaded AMD PRO A10-8750B CPU. Would there possibly be any perceivable increase in performance if I were to upgrade to a cheap i3 with an integrate UHD 730 GPU and enabled quicksync support?
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2023.06.07 23:46 ImJustHereForInfos Looking For Great Places to bar hop in Dallas

Hello everyone, So a couple friends and I were looking to bar hop but last time we did didn't go so well. We were by the Omni Hotel and AT&T center somewhere downtown (not sure where, one of my friends had a meetup group and we tagged along), but decided to leave and just bar hop. Wasn't great, none of the bars were too active and we we're trying to get one of my friends to start getting used to talking to girls. One bar we went to had decent priced alcohol, it was called One eyed Penguin.
Anyways...... we weren't sure where any places people go for barhopping. We're in our Mid to late 20's, wanting to meet people around our age or younger. A preference of mine is good prices on alcohol, I'm more interested in that. I don't wanna spend more than 8 on a rum and coke lol but I know that's not always the case. I'm in Plano, so if that helps I really don't have a specific area just as long as it's in Dallas.
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2023.06.07 23:45 Longjumping_Cherry32 Affordable dog dental cleaning?

My dog is due for his annual dental cleaning, but our vet is quite pricey ($700, which seems standard but pricey). In the last city I lived in, there was a place that did dental cleanings for fairly cheap (~$250) as long as you had the lab work already done by your vet. Anywhere like that in town, or any vet doing a particularly cheap but quality job?
Please don’t suggest pet insurance or subscription-style vet care. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 23:45 graydc Review 4: Oban 18 Year

Review 4: Oban 18 Year
Distiller: Oban
Bottle: 18 Year
Classification: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Highlands
Age: 18 Years
Estimated Price: $160 USD
Tasting Procedure: Whisky was poured into a cold-water rinsed glencairn, and set out for about 20 minutes.
Nose: Rich. Raspberry jelly, honey, apple, lemon-lime, salt, rosé, lavender, a hint of peat. Subtle maritime influence. On the darker side, cigar, earth, mineral, wood.
Palate: Very silky and rich mouthfeel. Milk chocolate and caramel. Raspberry sorbet. Floral notes reminiscent of a Napa pinot, lavender, sage. Tamed, rounded peat and saline cut through the sweetness, butterscotch, pecan, rich oak, black sugar boba tea.
Finish: The dram leaves your palate coated. Chocolate stays and raspberry develops into a darker fruit flavor. Caramel turns into a deeper, burnt brown sugar. I wouldn't say this is a "spicy" whisky, but a bit of allspice is present on the finish as well. The salt and smoke stay with these darker flavors and keep things well balanced.
Score: 5
Thoughts: This is a wonderful bottle, one of my favorites. I actually received it as a gift from my roommate for my 22nd birthday, and we have drunk it together quite a few times. I am always amazed by how rich this stuff is. Compared to the younger bottlings, this dram immediately distinguishes itself the second you take a sip. The evolution is long, the palate has almost no flaws for me, and the flavors are unique. Highly recommended.
Side Note: One of my favorite drinks to have as a nightcap is café con leche - simply coffee with milk and cinnamon (preferably decaf of course). For whatever reason, this whisky pairs excellently with café con leche, and now I always brew up a cup if I'm going to dip into my Oban 18. Sounds weird, but if you've got this bottle, give it a try!
Score Guide:
0 - Disgusting and undrinkable. I would rather drink everclear than this.
1- Not good. This is a bottle that I would rather just simply avoid. A bottle with this score would be one that has off flavors, or is so bland that it is not worth ever choosing at any price point.
2- Average. This is an acceptable bottle that is not bad but has nothing distinguishing about it. I'd drink it if it was free or cheap, but I probably wouldn't order it at regular prices.
3- Good. This is a bottle that I enjoy, and would purchase from time to time. If it was on a sale, I'd consider it a good deal and would be likely to grab it. It would have good qualities about it, but may be lacking in less detrimental aspects such as complexity.
4- Great. This is a bottle that I would be highly likely to purchase, and would always restock if it was on sale. This needs to be a bottle that stands out a bit. This could definitely be a daily drinker.
5- Exceptional. This is a bottle that must be on my shelf. This is something that I would drink all the time if I could, and I would highly recommend to others.
5+- Phenomenal. This category is fairly subjective, hence when I didn't opt for a "6". This is a 5 bottle that stands out, one that I would drink 9/10 times when presented with other 5's. Anything that receives a 5+ is one of my personal favorites, and something that I save for rare occasion (unless its cheap and then I drink a lot of it).
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2023.06.07 23:44 graydc Review 3: Oban 14 Year

Review 3: Oban 14 Year
Distiller: Oban
Bottle: 14 Year
Classification: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Highlands
Age: 14 Years
Estimated Price: $90 USD
Tasting Procedure: Whisky was poured into a cold-water rinsed Glencairn, and set out for about 15 minutes.
Nose: Burnt honey, candied nectarine, caramel, a hint of peat. Slight raspberry fruitiness. Light maritime scent and crisp saline. A bit of something industrial and biting, maybe paint?
Palate: A touch of smoke atop a creamy, complex malt. Oranges, a touch of lime peel, and muted pinot grigio make up the brighter side. This is balanced out by a rich assortment of overripe apple, barley, toasted cinnamon, toffee, and burnt honey. The salinity is still present as well, keeping the edges of your mouth alight and tingly while serving to cut through sweetness of the dram alongside the peat, balancing the whisky well.
Finish: Apple and spices linger in the finish and the malt darkens into a more chocolate flavor. Cinnamon comes forward the most. Subtle, bitter turmeric presents itself occasionally. This one finishes long, and eventually even sees a little basil in the mix.
Score: 4
Thoughts: This is a fantastic bottle, one that I always keep around for a reason. It has such an interesting palate, very fresh and complex and complimentary to just about any meal. It doesn't rely on sherry or any other finishing to create such a beautiful dram, instead focusing on the perfection of the malt itself and the beautiful influences that ex-bourbon casks can create. This is a very medium scotch in a lot of regards. The peat is noticeable but is not overly so, the maritime flavors collaborate with the malt and do not overpower, and the fruit blends well with the rest of the flavors. All components weave together gracefully and create a beautiful, well rounded whisky.
Score Guide:
0 - Disgusting and undrinkable. I would rather drink everclear than this.
1- Not good. This is a bottle that I would rather just simply avoid. A bottle with this score would be one that has off flavors, or is so bland that it is not worth ever choosing at any price point.
2- Average. This is an acceptable bottle that is not bad but has nothing distinguishing about it. I'd drink it if it was free or cheap, but I wouldn't order it at regular prices probably.
3- Good. This is a bottle that I enjoy, and would purchase from time to time. If it was on a sale, I'd consider it a good deal and would be likely to grab it. It would have good qualities about it, but may be lacking in less detrimental aspects such as complexity.
4- Great. This is a bottle that I would be highly likely to purchase, and would always restock if it was on sale. This needs to be a bottle that stands out a bit. This could definitely be a daily drinker.
5- Exceptional. This is a bottle that must be on my shelf. This is something that I would drink all the time if I could, and I would highly recommend to others.
5+- Phenomenal. This category is fairly subjective, hence when I didn't opt for a "6". This is a 5 bottle that stands out, one that I would drink 9/10 times when presented with other 5's. Anything that receives a 5+ is one of my personal favorites, and something that I save for rare occasion (unless its cheap and then I drink a lot of it).
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2023.06.07 23:44 Active-Enthusiasm-53 Something different to talk about

I got a set of Tour Edge clubs (basically brand new) cheap on the Facebook. After 3 months of sucking, I decided to take lessons. My instructor said my clubs are not for young guys like me because the shaft is "Flex A", or "A Flex", I really have no clue. He said I will outplay the clubs in a few months, should I listen to him, or just keep playing my cheap clubs?
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2023.06.07 23:43 ThrowawayTrainee749 What’s the best Grand Prix travel company, if they exist?

A friend and I did the Barcelona GP this weekend “on the cheap” - aka we booked an Airbnb 30 miles from the circuit, didn’t bother with the shuttle bus to and from montmelo and had early morning flights home on the Monday.
We’re both exhausted and found the entire thing quite stressful (we loved the actual weekend at the circuit but getting there and back wasn’t great). On Saturday we had to get a taxi due to issues with the trains, and on the Sunday we got totally lost trying to find the bus back.
We saw a lot of people who seemed to be on organised tours, with coach transport from the track to their hotel, and grandstand tickets. Is there a specific company used to book this kind of thing, that we can look into for next year? We’d mainly be interested in Silverstone and an Italian race, if that’s important
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2023.06.07 23:42 Bonehead8204 AITHA for dropping out of a wedding 2 months prior to the wedding date due to indecisiveness and financial instability

I (23F) was asked to be in a wedding about a year and a half to 2 years ago. The bride (23 F) and I grew up together in the sense of attending the same schools and graduated together. I remember for certain we had the same 1st grade teacher and senior year of high school we cheered together for the basketball season. We were never super close and didn’t hang out with each other in our free time.
At a softball tournament we had hung out during games and she had asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I wasn’t really sure but said yes anyway. After agreeing I come to find out there were many people prior to me that had backed out, were just expected to be a bridesmaid without consent and people were replaced. I was a replacement. During wedding discussion we were told to purchase a specific dress, it was very pretty long sleeve lace, but was beautiful for a smaller body. I am a big girl that holds most weight in my midsection so it would not have been a dress I would have chosen for myself or been comfortable with but would have sucked it up, as I was not given the decision of the dress. She then changed the bridesmaids dress, same thing good dress for smaller bodies, uncomfortable for me but whatever.
Then she changes the dress again. This time it was a dress I ironically wore for my sisters wedding just a different color. I was JACKED! So I confirmed with bride that this was the dress, no more changing, she said yes. So ordered it, sized down like I knew I needed to, got it, paid for it and it fit perfect!!!
Fast forward a few months and bride asks us if we had ordered and received our dresses. Bridesmaids 1-6 said no. I was the only one with my dress. Then I received the news that said dress was no longer available. So the dress changed AGAIN. The next dress was HIDEOUS and again, not for bigger bodies. Thankfully the bride and another bridesmaid split the bill to replace my dress which I was thankful for. At this point I am done, I am so frustrated with the bride for changing the dress 4 times but also with the bridesmaids for not having their shit together and getting their dresses. Fast forward to closer to the wedding when we are discussing, more being told, when bridal shower and bachelorette party is. I had to ask for the location of all of these and didn’t know the venue for the wedding until I found it in their wedding website. I feel as if this is information you should let your bridal party know months priowhen you know the locations of things so they can budget and be prepared for traveling, expenses, time off work etc.
Now we are here and I knew the bride was paying for our hair but didn’t know about makeup. I asked bride if there was someone I could pay to do my makeup (I do not wear any makeup besides mascara to special events, other than that none, so I can’t do my own makeup) she said maybe her artist could do it, I declined not wanting to put a wrench in the plans and take time away from the bride but offered my sister do it. She didn’t comment on me finding another option and she responds, “well maybe I’ll have time”. So I am stressed about the possibility of not having makeup for the wedding. Then we talk about the bachelorette party next weekend and we were asked if we could go. Thinking, yeah it’s in my home town, I can stay with my mom, will get to see my family and don’t have to stay out all night, I can go for a few hours and go home (I don’t party or get drunk often, it’s not my “vibe” and I hate feeling like shit the next morning) I agree and THEN am hit with, it’s 60 dollars for the hotel and 120 for the party bus (300 total for hotel 150 per hour for party bus) and for someone that is returning to school and saving and paying for my own wedding, and already struggle financially, I broke down. I bawled and I was so scared about my own financial stability and I was so done with minds changing, last minute expenses, and just expecting things from us without discussing them with the bridesmaids first. So I told the bride I would unfortunately not be able to attend the wedding. I told her I can’t control when things happen, and I accepted a job I need to save money to return back to school and live paycheck to paycheck already and can’t afford lots of luxury or travel for both bach party and wedding. I told her I would reimburse her and the bridesmaid who purchased my dress so I did. She never responded to me and said she got the money. She then asked for the bridesmaid proposal box back and I said I couldn’t because I had used items because I didn’t know I’d have to return it at a point in time. She responds “Perfect. K thanks.” So then I felt like I was wrong and do still feel terrible but this wedding was making me so upset and gave me so much anxiety because of not knowing hardly anything. After thinking it was done and over with, she messages me again and asks me if I can send her the bridesmaid dress. At this point I think she’s going to try and replace me asking for the box and the dress back (here were 7 bridesmaids including me and only 6 groomsmen, another reason I didn’t feel 100% ahole) I then tell her she can return my money and I would be happy to. She didn’t respond and I haven’t talked to her since. Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.07 23:42 Youlittle-rascal What’s up guys new blackstone owner here. Can I cook on this for 3-4 hours straight, have it off for 3 hours, the cook another 2 hours no problem? If so, any care tips?

I’m currently following a band on tour and selling quesadillas in the lot for gas/ticket money. My cheap electric griddle crapped out on me last night so I just bought the blackstone 17” griddle. I’ve been browsing the sub and watching YouTube videos and it seems I’ve gotten extremely excited to use this thing. So basically as the title says, what should my procedure be here? This is what I think my game plan should be:
-Arrive in the lot and set up griddle.
-Start griddle and apply one thin coat of oil.
-Commence slanging ‘dillas. (Do I need to keep the griddle on at all times? There are often periods of time, 10-15mins sometimes, where I have no customers. Can I turn it off or down to lowest setting and keep one or two dillas on there so they stay warm?)
-Cook for 3-4 hours.
-Clean and shut down griddle.
-After show is over (3-4 hours) start up griddle and season(?) again.
-Cook 2-3 more hours.
-Clean and shut down.
What do you pros think? Any other tips? Also may add some other low overhead easy items like grilled cheese with bacon. Food recommendations welcome too (cheap and quick)
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2023.06.07 23:41 GhostlyCirice I wish my parents could afford fresh fruits

It sucks. It sucks so much. I'm a teenager and I can't work yet but my parents can barely support me and siblings. We get food of course but it's mostly canned food or rice and beans, cheap food. We very rarely get frozen fruits but everytime we do it makes me so happy and I want to eat it all (but I can't because other people deserve to get a treat too lol). I sometimes get fresh food from school but honestly it's not super fresh. Like most of it is clearly old and my friends don't even want to touch it. I just wish we could get fresh strawberries and mangos and black berries and just so many of the fruits.
And I can't talk to people in person because I know it's selfish. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, hell a phone in my hand. I just wish we could afford them. I wish America wasn't so backwards that fruit is so much more expensive than unhealthy food. I wish a lot of things to be honest. And my parents can technically afford fruit, but they say it's better to buy more canned food and such for us all than buy a little bit of fruit for the same price.
When I'm older.. I hope things will change. I'm going to go to college, I'm working my ass off to try to get scholarships to literally any school. I'll get a job and have money and I'll be able to buy healthy fruits and vegetables and not have to get the unhealthy stuff unless I really really want it.
Life sucks. And I can't even talk to anyone in my life about this. My parents will feel bad. My siblings will feel more sad. My friends will think I'm selfish for feeling like this when I'm so much better off than millions of people. Teachers, guidence counselors, and adult figures will talk to my parents. It's such a small thing, but I think about it a lot truly.
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2023.06.07 23:41 treeskipperrrr Which Vidanta location (and resort) has the best beaches?

We are planning a trip to visit a Vidanta resort but are struggling to identify which location and resort/hotel will best suit what we are looking for in a vacation.
We are hoping for: - good beaches (east access, good for swimming/not rocky) - good bars/restaurants/nightlife
We will mainly spend most of our days on the beach/in the water and some of our time poolside. Things like a poolside bar would be very cool too.
What location and hotel would you suggest??
Also we are in our early 30s, without kids.
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2023.06.07 23:40 ogreatgames Max Payne: Fascinating Shooter Game - PS2 Game

Max Payne: Fascinating Shooter Game - PS2 Game

![video](qg08dckj9sz81 " Complete several missions in an intense shooter gameplay while unraveling the truth. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #shooter #action --
Max Payne for Sony PlayStation 2. As an undercover cop framed for murder, you will embark on a dangerous journey in New York. Explore atmospheric and absorbing locations such as the Roscoe Street Station, Payne Residence, and Lupino's Hotel. Submachine guns, sniper rifles, and grenades can save your life from enemies. Use the cinematic Bullet Time feature to kill your enemies in slow motion. Unravel the real story and get the justice that you deserve. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.07 23:38 Thirsha_42 Tight Money Ch 16

Here is chapter 16 of Tight Money.
Special thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating the universe and allowing fan writers to join the fun.
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Memory transcription subject: Leena, Human Refugee Host
Date [standardized human time]: November 7, 2136
The smell of delectable food woke me up before my alarm – a sweet scent with a hint of roasted vegetables. My stomach demanded a meal, and glancing at the clock, I could see that I had some time before the twins would wake. Eagerly walking to the kitchen, I saw Dani had placed out all manner of items on the counter. She stood in front of her ‘hot plate,’ stirring a steaming pot that emanated the delightful aroma.
“Good morning, sleepy head!”
“Good waking, Dani. What are you up to with all those fruits and jars?”
“Well, you remember how I told you I was going to make some chalk for the neighborhood kids? That’s what I am doing right now – I'm making colored chalk! It's a fun DIY project. You see…”
“That did not translate correctly. The translator said, ‘letters of the English alphabet ask for clarification.’”
“Oh, it is an acronym that stands for the English words, ‘do it yourself.’ A lot of humans are pretty handy and have the skills to make the things that most people buy from a store. Sometimes they make things to save money, some do it for the challenge to see if they can, some do it because they want to customize something, and a lot of people do it because they enjoy doing it.”
“Like you said at our meal, this last paw.”
“Yeah! First, I slice up these fruits and vegetables into thin slices and boil them in water for [10 minutes]. The boiling process helps extract the natural pigments from the foods. Once I've boiled the fruits, I strain the colored water and keep it aside.”
Dani reached for a strainer and gently poured the steaming water into another pot and put that on the ‘hot plate.’ She set the slices of fire fruit on a plate and took a tentative bite out of a slice. I followed suit and to my delight, the fruit had a new mellower flavor with a hint of sweetness. Looking over the counter while I snacked on the boiled slices of Firefruit I got a better look at the jars of colored water and a few with colored powders.
“Okay, I'm following so far,” I pointed to one of the powder jars. “What are the powders for?”
“I’m doing an experiment. I want to see if I can use the pigment water as is or if I have to bake it to remove even more of the moisture in order to get a good color. I’ve never used these vegetables before so I need to do some trial and error to get this right.”
Dani had received a small strayu forge a few days ago in the mail and was putting it to good use making all manner of things except strayu. Honestly, I had no idea you could do anything else with them. Humans think of the strangest things. The forge dinged alerting her that it was done with whatever it was doing. She pulled out a tray of shriveled up Firefruit slices and transferred them to an empty plate. Dani laid several more fresh Firefruit slices on the trays and began the process anew.
“Dehydrated slices make wonderful snacks. Now, I take plaster,” Dani scooped some white powder into a cheap plastic bowl and poured in two scoops of the colored water, “and mix it with the colored water we obtained earlier. The plaster acts as a base and helps give the chalk a solid form.”
“Dani, that's so clever! So, the colored water gives the plaster its colors?”
“Exactly! The colored water mixes with the plaster, and we end up with a mixture that has the desired colors. Oh, and while I'm doing this, I'm also pouring the mixture into these silicone molds.”
I watched as Dani mixed the blue water and white powder until it turned into a light blue soup. Dani poured the liquid into the cavities of the flexible trays and scrunched up her face the way she did when she was unhappy or thinking.
“Is something wrong?”
“Yeah, it is supposed to be a much deeper blue than this. I think I’ll have to find something else to make a better dye or try the powder method. Oh well, live and learn.”
Dani began to clean up just as my alarm went off, informing me that I needed to get the children ready and fed. When I came out of my room after feeding the twins and grooming their fur, Dani had finished cleaning the counter and sitting on the couch browsing on her tablet. She looked up as I sat down.
“You get your cast off today right?”
Peering at the clock on her tablet, “Yes, my appointment is in quarter a claw at the out-patient recovery facility. It is only a short ride away. Would you?” I passed the twins to Dani before I stood. “I need to get ready.”
“Come here little babies, let's play hide and peek-a-boo.”
A quick shower later and I returned to find Dani loading the twins into the stroller; still talking to them in her higher pitch and smiling. Nothing out of the ordinary about that but what was out of the ordinary was that Vissa and Tas were also showing their teeth. Not quite a smile but not for lack of trying. I wasn’t sure what to say about that. I didn’t want Dani to stop smiling at Vissa and Tas but that behavior worried me.
“Okay, we’re ready.” Dani reached in and tickled my children. When they were done laughing they ceased to show their teeth much to my relief.
“Dani, when I get the cast off and return this scooter, is there anything you would like to do? I would rather not go back home and sit down once I can walk again.”
Dani’s eyes sparkled at my suggestion. “I would love to see some of your museums and I read about these places where people can make communal art. Could you show me one of those?”
“I would love to.” I’m glad I can do something nice for you, after all you have done for me.
Memory transcription subject: Niit, Capitol Spaceport Logistics Coordinator
Date [standardized human time]: November 9, 2136
I was fortunate. Only three claws after I was fired from the spaceport a new job presented itself. It was a temporary job but it would give me time to find something permanent and help my job history. Getting fired looked worse than the contract ending. They had advertised that they needed someone to come in and finish a new facility. I wondered what happened to the last coordinator. I sent in my application, trying to highlight that I had some experience in procuring building materials for the maintenance of the spaceport hangars.
I was given an interview time for the following paw. That didn’t give me much time to prepare and the place was a bit out of the way. I had to take the train out to the outer ring of the Capital and then walk [20 minutes] more but at least it was easy to find; I could hear the construction a [kilometer] away. A yotul was outside watching the construction crews, obviously impressed with the advanced construction equipment.
“Excuse me,” I tried not to be respectful and not shout, “could you direct me to the project manager's office?”
The yotul looked at me and then pointed to a series of temporary buildings in the distance.
“The furthest of the temporary dwellings on the right," he said, "it has a label on the door.”
“Thank you.” I waved my tail goodbye.
I walked over to the white construction shelter the yotul indicated and raised my paw to knock when the door slid open and a large, dark gray venlil appeared in the doorway. I froze in surprise as he looked me up and down with his left eye.
“Are you Niit?”
“Y-y…” I flicked my ear in affirmation.
“Come in.”
The gray venlil stepped inside and motioned to a swivel chair opposite a desk near the door. I took the seat opposite him at the desk and he opened a file with my application on his datapad. The office was a mess of binders, tools, and open cases of energy snacks and drinks; I assumed for the crew. A large map of the block hung on the wall.
"You can call me Foreman Apec or just Foreman is fine too. I'm so glad you could come on such short notice, this project is rather urgent and our last coordinator was poached by one of those ghastly flesh factories they're building now."
The very mention of those atrocious places nearly caused me to lose my lunch. “I-I’m so sorry to hear that. Well, I can guarantee you that I will not be leaving to work in such a place.”
"That's wonderful to hear. Tell me more about your experience, how comfortable are you handling tight schedules?"
“Oh, very, when I worked at the Capital Spaceport I had to manage several tight repair schedules regularly.” I hope he didn’t call Director Cass. I doubt he would give me a positive reference.
"Wonderful to hear. Like I said, we're rather in a rush to get this all done as soon as we can. The good news is that human laborers can work for two, sometimes three claws a shift, so we should be able to manage."
He stated that so nonchalantly, waving his tail around like it wasn’t the most ludicrous thing.
“T-three claws? They can work that long? No,” he’s joking, “You are pulling my ear. There’s no way anyone can work that long.”
Foreman Apec leaned forward and lowered his voice conspiratorially.
"I could scarcely believe it myself! Between you and me, I believe they're what you'd call persistence predators, but they're all hush hush about such things, you know. Anyhow,” he sat back and resumed the interview questions. “You mentioned repairs–I assume for starships-- do you have any experience with buildings?"
Persistence predators? I’ll have to look that up later, focus!
“Some, yes. I managed the construction of hangars 17 and 18 two [years] ago and the repairs to some of the buildings when debris fell after the successful defense against the arxur earlier this [year].”
"Fantastic! And, of course, while the position does not require you to interact with many humans, it'll likely come up due to the nature of the project. Are you comfortable with that?"
“I’ll manage.” It’s only temporary and I have my secret weapon now. Let's see them crawl inside me now. Ha!
"You should be fine. Older fellows like myself seem to struggle much more than youngsters like you, and I have my first meal with a human every paw now! I'm afraid the compensation on the ad is as high as we can go due to the budget, is that also alright?"
He flicked his tail apologetically.
“Yes, I’m grateful for the opportunity to gain experience in construction and try something other than starship repair.”
"Fantastic. When can you start?"
“I can start immediately, thank you!”
"Well, then you're hired! I'll send you an information package as soon as I can, and you can start at the next claw. As I said, we are quite strapped for time."
I rose, my tail wagged with joy, “I won’t let you down. I’m eager to see what this place will look like when it’s finished.”
"As am I. The whole thing has been mired in secrecy. You'll have to sign an agreement when you accept the contract, it'll be in your information package."
A secrecy agreement? What are the humans building here? “Oh… mysterious.” I tried to wave my tail playfully.
"Yes indeed! We'll be able to talk all about it once you sign on officially, but suffice it to say that the building plans are different from any I've ever seen."
The foreman walked around the desk and opened the door to escort me out. As I left, I turned one last time to reply.
“Well, I am eager to talk with you about it next claw.”
"Wonderful. Go, read through the package. Rest up. You'll need it."
Memory transcription subject: Krin, Capitol Extermination Officer
Date [standardized human time]: November 9, 2136
Driving to another abandoned home, looking for another poor warto spawn for trespassing. Probably gonna have drugs too; they all do. Rigel was driving the truck and seemed rather quiet, well, more quiet than usual.
“This is wrong, Krin. Evicting someone from an abandoned house just feels wrong.”
Rigel you are naive and too emotional. These people have already left the herd and need to shape up.
“I get where you're comin' from, Rigel, but it's our job. Can't let folks squat in places that ain't theirs.”
We were headed to the poorer part of the city. Clean streets but smaller houses; some no bigger than an apartment. The homes had an artificial feel to them, lacking any sort of wood or stone, just fillcrete walls and plastic doors. The road was getting bumpier with potholes in the rubber asphalt and frayed edges. The paint was nearly gone in some places and sunbleached in others.
“But it's rough out there, Krin. The economy's tanking, folks are losing their jobs, the banks aren’t making allowances…. Is throwing someone out really the answer?
For herd’s sake, “Look, Rigel, I feel for 'em, I do. But ya gotta think bigger. This squattin' stuff leads to more crime, drugs, theft, vandalism, urban decay. Ain't good for nobody. It’s a breeding ground for predator disease.”
“I get that, but it's hard not to sympathize. People are struggling. Maybe we could help them instead of evicting them?”
You want to help them so much, go be a social worker and see how much help you can give these people. Social services were drowning. Everyone knew that but with less revenue from fees and taxes, agencies had to make cuts. Everyone just had to make do.
“Help 'em how? We ain't social workers, Rigel. We got our hands full already and the owners are breathing down our necks when they should've taken care of this mess in the first place!”
“I know, Krin, but it just doesn't sit right with me. Can't help but think there's a better way to handle this.”
“We can't solve all the world's problems, Rigel. Our job is to keep the peace, not save everyone. It's tough, but that's reality.” The simple reality that ain’t so simple anymore, stupid humans.
“I just wish we could do more, you know? Feel like we're caught between a cliff and a shadestalker.”
“Trust me, Rigel, I feel it too. But we can't change the system overnight. Gotta focus on what we can control and do our jobs. Besides, no point thinkin’ about it anymore, we’re here.”
I stopped the car and got out. Officer Rigel checked the front door and it swung open. We entered the house, announcing ourselves as we went, but saw no one. The place was rather clean for a squat. If it wasn’t for the makeshift bed in one of the rooms and the inflatable birthday pool in the bathroom with a stack of towels, we wouldn’t have even known there was a squatter here.
“Looks like we came all this way for nothing.” The frustration in Officer Rigels voice mirrored my own.
The water in this pool was almost gone, the towels were dry and we didn’t find any paraphernalia. Whoever had been here, was long gone.
“Yeah, let's call it in and go back to the office.”
We climbed back into the truck and pulled out of the driveway. As I drove us back to the guild, we passed a disheveled man. Is that our squatter? I slowed the car and looked in the mirror, from behind I could see he was wearing a dirty safety vest and carrying a trash stick. No, he’s not a squatter. Glad I’m not that guy though. Sanitation work is not for me.
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2023.06.07 23:37 Grey392 Am I unrealistic? Daily commuter

Am I being unreasonable here? Unrealistic? So I’m car shopping for a daily commuter that isn’t too expensive. I have a 100mile commute round trip again. Literally 1hr of straight road. I did this commute a year ago and put 20k+ miles on my truck in 5 months and I don’t feel like doing that again to any of my current cars since I did not anticipate this commute.
Im looking everywhere and these car prices make no sense to me. Im looking at 2005-2011 (reliable brands) and all of these cars are ran through asking for half their msrp? I established a Honda fit would be best for me but they’re all going for 9000$+ (clean title, can’t trust salvage in my area) and have 100k+ miles. I cant bring myself to spend that much on a 7+ year old car with that many miles. These things literally sold under msrp. Everything else is a 2005-2010 Corolla/civic with 130k + miles going for 7500+. Cars under 6000$ are borderline 1995-2006 with 120-200k miles idk how much id trust an older car with that long of a commute lol. Now the cheap cars under 4500 I have no faith in they’re all beat most listings are honest upfront and tell you they got issues.
I don’t know if I want to bite the bullet on a Honda fit or just finance a newer used car and getting whatever I want. I remember when I got my civic in 2018 I got that thing for 20k otd, and I could have grabbed a fit instead for about 17k. (This is why I have an issue paying 9k for a used Honda with 100K+ miles) lol
TLDR: spend 7-9k on a car that’s at least 12 years old, or put that towards a newer car 3-5 years old?
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2023.06.07 23:36 doonbert22 Livid Instruments OHM64 troubleshooting 2023

Howdy y'all!
I recently acquired a Ohm64 for very cheap and am having some trouble tracking down the proper firmware. I was able to piece together the editing software in order to edit the OHM's mapping but having a hard time finding a file for the proper firmware itself (which i believe is version

I understand that the company has been out of business for the last few years and was hoping someone here may have an idea where i can find or possibly have the firmware? Any info helps!

thanks !!
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2023.06.07 23:36 xEaglEBeaRx Repopulation effort

Pizza Ty is the server. Our server has slowly died out the past couple of days and needing more pvpers. If you’re looking for a good map selection then this is the one. Come have fun! Also we have super cheap guns and other items in our shops.
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2023.06.07 23:35 bsbulldog U Turn On Highway

Well , long time lurker here. Just witnessed a first for me. Heading east bound on I-80 in Indiana heading towards Ohio , a truck in front of me going west bound takes the cops turn around point through the median to turn east bound , blocking both lanes of traffic. They are lucky they didn't get hit , pulling past looks like a brand new driver , they even awkwardly waves as I passed. Let's hope that's not a repeat for them.
Rant over
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2023.06.07 23:34 martian151 WIBTA for asking that lodging on a family trip to be split per person not per family?

We are planning a trip to Disney early next year with family. My sister is doing most of the planning since her kids are the "target audience" and as for lodging, she picked an airbnb that we would all split (we have nothing against the aribnb, its really nice and still much cheaper than staying at a hotel). She let us know in a family chat, that the cost is going to be ~$800 per family, split 3 ways between families. The families include, my wife and I; my parents and brother; and her and her husband and 2 kids (both 3-5). My wife and I feel lodging should be per person since each "person" takes up an equal share of space, instead of per family unit. Obviously my wife and I benefit the most out of having it split 2/9 instead of 1/3, but the principle of it means a lot as well.
Another option could also be pay per room, but I don't like that as much as it doesn't feel as fair to me. If its split per person, we would save ~$270, which isn't trip breaking for us, but it definitely isn't a small amount for us.
WIBTA if I brought this up? Obviously it doesn't change what my parents will pay, but it would increase my sister's share.
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2023.06.07 23:34 xEaglEBeaRx Repopulation effort!!

Pizza Ty is the server. Our server has slowly died out the past couple of days. If anyone is needing agood map then this is the one. Only two main groups on the server now. Come have fun and PvP!!! Also we got super cheap guns and other items in our shops.
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