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2023.06.08 00:55 DrMikkelyz54 How many kaijus actually appeared in total?

I have been trying to make sense of the occurrence of kaijus for about a year now. Its a question that makes me mad and feels near impossible to answer. All my solutions are based on canon facts, fan facts and just pure speculation, no matter what i do it just doesn't make sense. Does anyone have any good guess to how many appeared in total and how many each year?
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2023.06.08 00:54 Less_Employment_2339 time to show off my fridge art RIP to The Iron Sheik

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2023.06.08 00:53 ellag7958 Summer job at six flags (retail team member)

Hi y’all, I’m a college student and got a job offer as a retail team member at a six flags near me (Texas). I’m only planning on working for the summer, I can’t find much information on what I’d be doing though. Anyone here that has worked this position have anymore info they can share? what will I do on a day to day basis? Pay is 10/hr. I don’t mind it, i’m just looking to make some extra cash this summer, thanks!
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2023.06.08 00:53 justapcguy Kinda hitting Rock bottom here... Especially now with the current bank interest rate.

Really stressed about what's occurring as of right now with banks. I am still living with my parents, and just today, my parents were telling me there is a chance we might lose our house. Because of the bank loan interest rates. My parents kinda keep me outta the loop when it comes to house finances etc. So, only today i found out whats going on.
I was a student, still paying off my loans for the past 7 to 8 years on top of other expenses. Although, now i have about 5 to 6k left in student loans. I had to move back with my parents due to what happened with the pandemic and my job. I on purpose had to avoid seeing my doctor due to my personal health issues, since i really didn't want to stress my parents. Now i am hearing about this news. My mom told me to have strong mental health to what may happen in the near future with our house.
I just feel tapped out and really depressed. Just when i thought i had a little room to "breath". Now, this...
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2023.06.08 00:53 me_but_alt I think i hurt my friend and i don't know what to do.

Alright, a bit of context.
My (15M) friend Jill (15F) has been the best friend of another friend of mine, Ava (15F), for over 2 years now. I was in primary school with Ava for like 5 years, we never really talked a lot, but in highschool, i started seeing her walk around the hallways, then started taling to her again, and i kinda got a crush on her.
Now, Jill has been Ava's best friend in the time that i havent seen Ava, and she got really attached to her. For the first while, i started really hanging out with Ava a lot, like i'm talking on a daily basis. I thought this was good, since she was my crush and i was of course hoping that she liked me too.
While that was happening, one of my other friends, Emma (15F) reached out to me saying that she thought that maybe because i was hanging out with Ava so much, Jill might feel hurt. I kinda waved it off saying that she doesnt know for sure, and if Jill really felt that way, she would tell me herself.
Also, one of my other friends asked me if i liked Ava, and i said yes, but dont tell anyone, thinking that she was just having fun, seeing me and Ava interact, and wanted to know if her thoughts were correct.
It's one year later now. Everything is just kind of stable, me, Jill and Ava do a lot of stuff together, and we're all comfortable. My crush on Ava is kinda gone, i've learned that if we did start dating it would only affect my other friendships negatively, so i now just appreciate the good friends.
But, 2 weeks or so ago, Jill confessed to me that she thought she had feelings for Ava. I was fine with this, fully supportive. The problem was that we both didnt know how Ava felt, or if she was even into girls.
Now last week, another gay friend of mine, Layla (15F) (this is the last friend i swear), started getting all cuddly with Ava. Like how 10 year olds see love. Constantly trying to be anywhere near her, involving herself in all of Ava's conversations, and wanting to sit next to her at everything.
This really upset Jill, because she suspected that Layla had a crush on Ava too. I tried to distract Jill, help in every way i could, but she started distancing herself from Ava, because Layla interrupted all of their conversations.
Now today, i went to Ava's house, and in a casual conversation, she asked: do you happen to know why jill keeps ignoring me? I was kinda shocked and didnt know what to say, i ended up just saying that Jill is uncomfortable with how much Ava is hanging out with Layla. Of course i didnt say why, i cant reveal that Jill has a crush on Ava, that made this a really complicated situation.
After i left, i called Jill about the conversation with Ava, (don't worry, Ava gave me permission to) and said they really have to work it out together, it's all just one big misunderstanding.
Then later, me and Jill were texting, and we were talking about how she gets sad really quick when other people start hanging out with Ava like a LOT. Thats understandable. But she started talking about how she felt the same a year ago, when me and Ava were hanging out so much. And i just had to confess. It had been on my mind for too long, so for the sake of honesty, i told her about my past crush on Ava.
She said: "yeah. I know."
I was kinda shocked, but not really surprised. But then she said that really got her down in that time.
And Emma knew.
That is when everything clicked.
THAT IS WHY EMMA TOLD ME TO STOP HANGING OUT WITH AVA SO MUCH. that all came from Jill, who was too afraid to tell me. And the question i got from that other friend if i liked ava? Yeah, straight from Jill. And i said yes. And it hurt her. Bad.
Normally i'm pretty observant, but i was too stupid to see that i was really hurting Jill, and i feel so goddamn bad for that. Everyone knew. Emma literally tried to tell me. But i didnt listen.
Jill says it's fine, but it really doesnt feel fine. I know i hurt her. And that hurts me.
So, i never turned to reddit before. But i really need advice. How do i go on with jill, and how can i help fix Jill and Ava's relationship? I am in the best position to help them, because they won't talk to eacht other but only to me. So please reddit. Help me with this.
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2023.06.08 00:51 TempusFugit1834 I’ve been looking for a discontinued OP36 with sunburst blue 369 dial which I dreamed of for a long time, and then I tried this new 36mm Explorer at my local AD… I need your help!

I’ve been looking for a discontinued OP36 with sunburst blue 369 dial which I dreamed of for a long time, and then I tried this new 36mm Explorer at my local AD… I need your help!
I’ve decided to buy my very first luxury watch, and have been in awe of the blue sunburst dial of the 116000 for a few years. I found a full set one near me in very good condition from a private seller I visited this week, very nice. He himself bought it from a grey dealer in 2020, but it is from 2013 and is « only » 1K€ less than a brand new 124270…
I think I’m still stuck on the blue 369 dial because I always thought it would be my very first Rolex. But I went to try the Explorer twice now and it feels just so perfect on my wrist, its size, hands, newer movement and bracelet, the fact its a brand new watch etc. (and according to my AD I could get it in a few weeks / couple of months).
I also think the Explorer dial is more balanced, the 369 116000 is beautifully simple but too much negative space I feel. It seems « weirder » than the more balanced Air King 114200 with the same dial (but its 34mm is too small for my taste).
I think I would not be interested in the 116000 if it was not sunburst blue. I’m also looking for a watch I can wear daily and for any occasion. I can’t choose right now… Can you please give me some advice?
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2023.06.08 00:51 Kruzko Ant g Mariposa + sundaze sierra blaze

Ant g Mariposa + sundaze sierra blaze
First time trying sativa dominant strains and I'm very happy I chose these to begin with. Both strains had pretty average trim jobs. The mariposa was the better of the two in terms of taste, smelt fresh was still spongey. Despite sundaze being the more visually appealing flowers it was pretty dry (not always a bad thing tho). The larger sundaze buds still smelt gas, but I found a small amount of shake in the tub which made me disappointed. Im assuming the sundaze degraded slightly during transport because some of the smaller nugz are very brittle and full of stem.
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2023.06.08 00:51 czlcreator Talking about Tamlin

Spoilers for later books, so don't read on.

Reading for a 3rd time and Tamlin just, his crime is that he never learned how to have a relationship. All he knows is to be in charge and protect others by being that barrier and is never in a position to trust anyone because when he does, he suffers for it. I don't think there's any time he doesn't. Everyone lies to him and the guy is straight up upfront and honest with others. I don't even know if the guy ever lied when he could tell the truth.
Everyone else was constantly lying and playing each other regularly. Tamlin was the most upfront and honest characters when he could be which might be part of his problem on top of the fact he has never had a good, wholesome relationship with anyone but Lucian that he could trust.
It's amazing to read how Feyre goes from being eternally grateful for the things he's done to take care of her family, heal her dads leg, finance their rise to wealth to Feyre cutting him down to rags, only for him to, after all of what she and everyone else did to him, give his most hated and untrustworthy in every sense Rhysand a piece of him to live again telling Feyre, "I just want you to be happy." Then leaving it at that.
Tamlin had no reason to trust anyone. He was the one to tell Amarantha off and watch his people rot not just once, but twice during her blight and after Feyre destroyed his peoples trust in him, while he was trying to walk a tightrope between Hybern, his people and getting Feyre back from his view of Rhysand tricking her.
Rhysand could have at so many points in the story helped the man grow and understand what was going on and how to run a court and, it's even comical that he wouldn't Trust Tamlin during the war meetings considering Rhysands powers.

Where I'm coming from and how amazingly well Sara wrote Tamlin.
I think what bothers me the most about Tamlin is that, I see a lot of him as me growing up. I was honest to a fault, didn't understand relationships, liked being upfront about everything and thought lies to any degree helped no one. I was also a Christian boy who, in church, was impression on to being warriors of God to defend the weak and care for others. It took me a long time to learn what a healthy relationship was like or even how to have one.
I was so bad with women and relationships that my parents thought I was gay because I just didn't know how to get a girlfriend or build a relationship if I even had one.
It took constant socializing and work to not just have friends, but even find out what I did wrong and how I could improve in fact, it was nearly impossible to find out most of the time if or how I did upset someone in some way while I was just trying to fit in and socialize.
So I see that, with Tamlin. That struggle. Rhysand had the ability to go into people's mind and learn how they thought, he had access to knowledge and perspective even without his powers thanks to his court and his friends, but with his powers, his wealth, his people, his city, he had everything.
So he doesn't just hit close to home for me, it was my home and it hurt growing up like that. So unaware and alone no matter what you did.
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2023.06.08 00:51 BuyWonderful Stars litter the night sky.

The sound of tires crunching on gravel stops me in my tracks. I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights, prey about to be hunted.
I pause, trying unsuccessfully to control my rapid breathing. I’ve got the shovel in one hand, sweat dripping down my forehead, staining the t-shirt that now damply stuck to my skin.
Headlights beam through the dense bushes, for now I’m still hidden, but I know that if I’m not quick, my time will be up. I contemplate leaving, but I know it’s an impossible wish. The hole has nearly been dug, and what would I do with your body?
I try again to calm my breathing, remembering that yoga you tried to teach me, but it doesn’t work and not for the first time, I wish you were here so badly it makes my bones ache.
After a moment I’m back digging, feeling stronger, determined. I made you a promise. I was going to keep it.
Stars litter the night sky by the time I’m done, and I squint at them, pretend I’m a kid again for a moment, pretend that I’m seeing a rocket shoot by, heading to the moon. I make a wish on it, a wish that I know won’t come true.
I’d gently placed the locket I’d given you for our wedding anniversary around your neck, the faded piece of paper I wrote our wedding vows on all those years ago, folded and tucked into the pocket of your jeans, just in case..well I want you to know you’ve always been so loved.
There are no flowers nearby, it’s barren, desolate and it has been for such a while now. I wondered, briefly, about what the point was when you were still here and now.. Without you, it’s been so, incredibly lonely.
I want to remain at your graveside, lay here until I also perish, or worse, although I do have one bullet left in my gun for the latter. One bullet each, for if, and only if, the worst happened.. And for you, my love, it did.
Oh had I been tempted to use it, as well. But I know you would want me to go on. Now, I am left alone, without you, in this horrible new world.
No one believed me when I said the zombie apocalypse was coming. Not even you.
I tried to make you understand.. You said I needed to take my meds. I didn’t need medication, I needed you to listen.. We could’ve fought this, together.
I had to help you, before it was too late. I couldn’t stand the idea of you being bitten, and changing. I hope you know, I did what I had to do, to save you from this..
I’m not too scared of whatever is next for me. I’ve got my last resort, after all. And truth be told, I can’t wait to see you again, my love.
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2023.06.08 00:50 Renarii I had a TM related dream that was pretty screwed up, so thought I'd share.

I’m asleep, however I get woken up, I’m laying on the floor with a blanket and a pillow, I’m in a room full of other people trying to sleep. My father is the one that woke me up he’s nagging me to find a girl that I like. I roll over and try to go back to sleep, however he’s persistent. I get angry and get up and go to the nearby bathroom, I just want to sleep. My father gets up after I go into the bathroom I can hear him tell my gram, aunt and mother that I found someone I liked and I’m panicking in the bathroom. I know this is a lie. All 3 of them knock and I tell that that I’m angry, I want to punch something, I clench my fist and tell them that I just want to go to sleep. I leave the bathroom and go down stairs, I fall asleep on the couch.
The next morning I wake up and there’s tons of people running around. Various people in swimsuits, I go outside and everyone seems to be having fun. There’s a long line of people going into one of the buildings outside. I approach a group of 3 guys and ask them what’s going on, they reply with the vague answer “you need a partner to go in”. I find it odd but nod and continue down near the nearby river. It seems something was setup here to turn part of the river into some sort of hot spring. I go down and sit in the water there’s bubbles coming up from the middle of the pool, the water is warm. Various others are splashing around and having fun. After a few minutes of relaxing someone comes and sits down next to me they say “you need a partner to go in”. I find this situation off-putting, this is the second time I heard that phrase. I get up and start walking around, I see Mordred I think maybe she’ll be my partner and I can go see what this thing is about. I walk over and ask Mordred if she knows what this thing is about. Once standing next to her I realize she looks extremely drained. She replies, I already went in, I finally got all the dead man skin off of me, she brushes her thigh which has scratches on it.
I'll leave it to your imagination how it ends.
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2023.06.08 00:49 Cave_in_32 The Fatalities but I added songs based on something in them.

The Fatalities but I added songs based on something in them.
Songs for all those curious (In Fatality Order) GAS GAS GAS - Manuel Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5 Heartless - Kanye West You Spin me Right Round - Dead or Alive Monster - Skillet Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
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2023.06.08 00:49 Careless_Mango2450 Supervision

What do you all do with your toddlers all day? I have an extremely independent two year old. All he wants to do all day is play with his toys. He has been playing on his own since he was a few months old.
He used to spend nearly all of his time in a giant playpen in our living room while I would be throughout the house but essentially in the same room (we live in a California split level).
Now he's trying his darnedest to climb out of the playpen so we have to make a decision.
I put together a fully child proofed play room for him and he spends most of his time in there or in his fully child proofed bedroom. We have a camera in each with a view of the whole room + audio.
I work full time from home and have a 3 month old so, while I am in the playroom with him a lot, sometimes I have to go put the baby down or clean the kitchen, laundry, etcetera.
He hates being in the main living space with me and always goes in his room and closes the door anyway.
So the question is: is it safe to let him play in his own space with virtual eyes and ears on him at all times? Are you in the same room as your toddler all day?
Just looking for insights/opinions.
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2023.06.08 00:48 Layeredmetis236 Dumb Dumb Mister

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2023.06.08 00:47 Domo6805 Need help with next steps in selling an inheritance

I'd love some help on next steps and should start by saying this is my first reddit posting, so if I've done something wrong/could do it better, I'll take that feedback!
My wife's uncle recently passed away and they found these collection of comic books in binders. Each is in a simple plastic bag in the binder and stored in a cedar chest. The family doesn't have a lot of emotional attachment to the comics and are interested in selling them, and I've taken the task of doing next steps.
Here's the problem--I don't know next steps!
As you can see from the pictures (again, sorry for not having the actual issues), some of these seem fairly valuable like the first three original Silver Surfers, the first 8 Invincible Iron Mans, and issues 4-7 of The Amazing Spider-Man.
These seem to be in fine condition--I wouldn't say mint by any means, but no massive yellowing of paper nor major folds/bends.
Two questions I need help with:
1) What are the next steps we can take to sell these? I live near Denver, Colorado and the comics and the family are in Casa Grande, Arizona. I don't know if it's best to get them graded, just go to a comic book shop, post them on eBay, or what. I want to help them but am afraid they might get ripped off.
2) Which comics, assuming they are all in good condition, should I tell them are the most valuable?
Thanks for the help!
PS A friend recommended this reddit page but as I look at the rules, it's possible this breaks rule 7 about speculation or value--if so, please give me the feedback so I can follow the rules!
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2023.06.08 00:47 CaolTheRogue Let's Talk About Finding a Keto-Supportive Doctor

A couple of posts recently about people's experiences with doctors who "get" keto (and my own recent experiences with a couple of doctors who definitely do not "get" keto) have got me thinking about the search for a more informed doctor. That search isn't working so well for me (more on that below), but I thought I'd share what I found in case it helped anyone else.
For anyone else in my situation, I found a listing of around 20 different directories for low-carb doctors: There are the usual suspects on there like the Diet Doctor search, and some more obscure ones. I obviously can't vouch for any of the sites or the doctors listed on them, but if you want to check your area for a new doc who might be more supportive and don't know where to start, maybe there will be something there to help.
As for me, I'm in Ontario and am starting to suspect that doctors here don't want to rock the boat of our government-provided health care (OHIP) scheme's official SAD guidelines for diets or something. The only doctors I can find in my area on any of the lists (or on Google, for that matter) are specialists, naturopaths, dieticians, etc. I'd just like a new family doctor. Any Torontonians with a decent family doc got any tips on how to locate one? Mine's...mediocre.
Anyway, hope the links on that site help someone. If anyone has any other websites that aren't in the list, or general tips for others finding a doctor, feel free to add them in the comments.
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2023.06.08 00:45 djriel Hash Sundae by Solvent7ess Yum

Hash Sundae by Solvent7ess Yum
This was a new product for me, I haven't tried a combo like this it was honestly delicious. A terpy, fruity smell that hits as hard as you'd expect.
The container is great, the base is ceramic and feels really good in your hand.
That's Gorilla Breath, Girl Scout Cookies & Pink Gas Strains
Yummy Stuff that smells great
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2023.06.08 00:45 A-Middle-Child God didn't cure mental disorder or drug addiction

Recently I learned from ex-sil that my 57yo ex died of an overdose. He was found by dead in his home by a "friend" who stole his ATM card & over drafted his account.
We were married for 11 years, divorced last 17. When we got together, he was funny & talented. Nearly everyone who met him considered him a close friend. When things were good, he was a successful college coach at 3 different NCAA division I schools. But give him too much to do or too much free time & he lost control. I got tired of the roller-coaster & we eventually divorced.
We smoked a lot of weed together while married. At the time I never knew he did anything else. It was therapeutic for us- me dealing with his BS & him self-medicating. But he was severely depressed & most likely bipolar. His evangelical mother insisted that god/church was the only cure he needed, so he was never treated. Fairly certain he went through AA. He showed up at my house seemingly on step 5, admitting you're wrong. But he never got to because my dad didn't trust him & wouldn't give us any privacy.
I fully expected his cause of death to be fentanyl tainted painkillers taken due to chronic disease. His autopsy showed a massive heart attack secondary to deadly mix of drugs but no fentanyl. I feel sad that someone with so much potential ended life like this; alone, barely scraping by, robbed by a "friend" & face down in his dingy hovel.
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2023.06.08 00:44 One-Resist5128 Help

Can someone please help me with $12 for gas to make it back and forth to work. $pedro56ace
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2023.06.08 00:44 dull_storyteller My character died because of another player

I’ve been playing a bard for over a year now. My plan was to get to level 17 and take true polymorph so I could turn into dragons and shit. Usual stuff.
But last session our paladin (who is the exact opposite of my bard) got us into a fight with the target of his vengeance oath and we ended up being massacred.
I tried my best even lasting nearly 10 rounds after the rest of the party died.
I’m beyond angry about it and no one else seems to get WHY I’m upset.
I get attached to characters I create and this is the second time his character has got mine killed.
The other one was a Star Wars rpg where he all but press ganged me into the rebellion and got us killed on a suicide mission.
Even our DM (my brother) keeps saying “they died in awesome ways”
I didn’t want either of them to die. Especially on quests/missions that they never wanted to get involved in.
I don’t know what else to do because all his characters are the same self righteous A-holes.
I don’t want to keep playing if every time my character is about to get cool stuff they die because of someone else. Especially because it’ll take me another year of my life to get back to level 13.
Has anyone else gone through something similar?
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2023.06.08 00:43 saaandyyyyyy [PSA] why lemon tek is bad

okay making this post out of anger seeing many new people (just like me a few months ago) asking how to take shrooms if the taste is making them gag, and everyone says lemon tek..
I've tried lemon tek a few times and every time its almost just as bad as just eating them raw, it has chunks and tastes really bad also the acid in the lemon juice upsets your stomach a lot.
I literally got to a point where I didn't want to trip anymore because of how bad it tasted and did some lsd.
after months of research and trial and error I present to my knowledge the best way of taking shrooms.
shroom ginger honey tea.
grind up desired amount of shrooms. add to cup and add 1 teabag per 2 ish grams or more if you really hate shroom taste. pour over a solid amount of boiling water and steep for 15-20 mins. strain out the shroom chunks (I use a thin t shirt) add some honey to make it sweet.
and there you have it a chunk less ginger tea that is slightly savory but no obvious shroom taste and actually really helps with nausea due to there being no actual shroom chunks in it which is like half of the nausea for me and ginger and honey both soothe your stomach and help alot with nausea and God forbid but if you throw it up its not nearly as bad as throwing up lemon tek oh my God.
I also enjoy shroom gummies made with jello and tea and want to try shroom tea ice pops and chocolates are good but have actual chunks in it and is not the best for large doses (5g+)
thanks for reading please stop spreading bad advice shroom tea has existed for decades please use it and ginger tea bags make or break tea for me
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2023.06.08 00:43 Kariella_37 Should I drop him? And this latest purchase?

To give some background, we met on FetLife (possibly via Chaturbate also,I don't recall) and we had a really nice first date/meet/weekend. I was VERY new to the gifting thing. This was in January of 2021.... That is also the last time I saw him in person. There were no "arrangements" made. We liked each other and for the most part it was a vanillaish/kink relationship not some sugar daddy I seeked out.
Over the next year we texted and he constantly promised plans/weekends together. He lives 45 minutes away but was always able to afford us a room near me. And was weekly in my city for work.
The pattern continued... - "Daddy would love to gift you something, add to your wishlist" -Talk about plans together. -Ghosts or has last minute work plans.
I would end up with orders of more lingerie + toys than i could even enjoy/use/want at the time. Even now I have stuff I never wanted that he would sneak in orders. Not a big deal but some things were expensive and I could've used the money for actual practical things.
Sorry, anyways. Once again he is trying to postpone a date for the second week in row. Last week was a work excuse, no reason for this week....
Emotionally, I've been over the disappointment for at least a year+.
So aside from cutting him out of my life, should I feel guilty about turning away this most recent order so I can use the funds towards things I actually need as opposed to things that were fuel for his fantasy?
View Poll
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2023.06.08 00:43 Disastrous_Impact_25 [REQ] ($250) (#Gilbert, AZ, USA) (Repay $300 6/15/2023) (CashApp)

Hi everyone, this is my first time trying this out. Basically the gist is I am driving my mom to Oceanside Friday from Arizona to meet with canine companions which is an organization that helps people with disabilities get a service animal. I thought I was going to get my direct deposit Friday but it looks like it won’t come until Monday or Tuesday so we need some money to get gas and food during the trip. If you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.
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