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2015.03.25 14:55 mage_g4 Discworld Book Club

An offshoot of /Discworld, for the sole purpose of running a book club dedicated to the Discworld.

2012.10.16 09:03 Dead_Rooster Area64 - Not knowing when to quit is why we are having this discussion.

2023.03.20 20:59 GodGiveMyEnemysHell I think my family member is wrong

I and a family member were arguing ok it started like this she was talking about Taylor swift and radical feminism then I showed her a clip of women saying we should murder all men then my family member said everyone would be celebrating if all Men died then I said everyone would be miserable if all men died who built the men of the bridge who built the building you live in men who built this country men who fought in all the wars men women would have to do the men's job so that's why women would be miserable who won the debate give me your thoughts?
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2023.03.20 20:58 Kuyra [M28][Chat][Friendship]Looking for friendly friends

I've been sheltering myself from the world my entire life. And that made me not make many mistakes but it also made me not really live life. I'm very optimistic though cause I'm letting go of that lifestyle and everything feels so intense now lol. Anyway I want to get close to people now so here I am looking for new friends.
Sorry if that was a weird introduction, I am weird person! Oh I'm into video games and movies and all that stuff. I read a bit, mostly fiction but recently I'm getting into history and psychology.
I want to become a digital nomad, someone who works remotely and travels the world. So I'm quite interested in travel and culture as topics.
Here's some artists I like: Tame Impala - Men I trust - The marias - Frank Ocean - Phoebe Bridgers
Here's a last nugget, my favorite movie is treasure planet.
If you're interested hit me up
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2023.03.20 20:57 SecretCranberry4478 Can a police officer "note down" your personal details like mobile no, where I'm from and name during a Naakabandi ?

I was riding to my home on my motorcycle around 12 in the night and near a Toll there were a few police officers who were stopping and checking Trucks & two officers who were checking a Rickshaw driver, one of them stopped me and asked for my license which I gave him, the other police officer now started to ask my personal details like my name, where I'm going, mobile number and started noting it down in a long book with a pen. I ask him about the reason of noting it down and he replies me with " Ye Naakabandi hai islye" . Although there were no baricades Or anything. It appeared to me as a random check. Since everything they asked me, I replied correctly and I had all the papers with me they let me go without any fuss. Is there anything to worry about the details part? Also, can a officer legally do this?
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2023.03.20 20:57 ThrowRA8393253 I'm an adderall addicted. Will I be accepted and/or taken seriously at a 12 step meeting?

Or will other members with more "serious" addictions roll their eyes, or think I'm being dramatic or a "wannabe" or something, because my addiction is seen as not serious/not "real"/white person problem?
I personally see myself as having an addiction and no different from other addicts in that way (but I also don't want to minimize the experience of addicts with more devasting addictions) as it's causing a lot of pain and stress in my life and caused me to lie all the time and even steal medication from people I love and it's never enough I'm always short. I honestly have trouble seeing a life for myself without adderall. I was diagnosed at 12, and have been on meds ever since, but started abusing them in college and I'm 26 now and it's a struggle to get through one day on just my normal dose. I feel very dependent on it and I am afraid my brain is permanently damaged from it. I'm somehow still fat, depressed, unproductive and exhausted even while abusing it. I have to take 3-4x my prescribed dose to feel even a little more "speedy." I'm also on antidepressants and was seeing a therapist for a year but I'm not sure it was really working so I'm looking for a new one. I've done bad things because I wanted adderall so badly and I justify it to myself by saying I "need" it but I know it's bullshit. I think I'm a shit person and everyone hates adderall addicts, especially, since they (we..) give people who actually use it as prescribed a bad name. And I don't blame them I just feel really ashamed and alone but then I feel like such a dramatic whiney person because a) it's relatively easy to get off adderall compared to nearly every other drug and b) it isn't as lethal or life ruining or addictive as a lot of other substances so the other members of the group are going to be so annoyed with me and c) adderall is seen as a super privileged white person's drug I think and everyone will just assume I'm a lazy privileged degenerate even if they don't say it and even though I've also had my share of trauma or whatever and I'm pretty poor it's true that I am white and (believe or not despite how badly written this is) educated and don't experience the same discrimination and social issue problems as a lot of people do.
The other reason I'm scared of going, and worry I'll be seen as using resources I don't need or deserve or whatever, is that part of what sounds appealing at this point about a 12 step meeting is the fact that I'm incredibly lonely. I have like no friends, other than my boyfriend, and I feel like I can't open up to him either, and I don't know what's wrong with me because it's my own fault for not making more of an effort but I am just feeling incredibly alone, finding it so hard to initiate anything social, and have friendships or even have fun, and my family is not supportive or absent, and my mom is actually pretty abusive, and I'm scared that my motivation for going to a 12 step meeting is largely to just be around people, meet people, have a support group that I feel like cares about me (or will come to) and that just feels wrong of me? Maybe it's not I don't know but what if I'm just playing up the addiction (subconsciously) to be part of a group? And won't that just be super obvious to everyone?
So, honestly, what do you think about me (adderall addict) coming to a 12 step group?
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2023.03.20 20:57 OkServe231 Why is my daughter acting badly?

I have a 14yo daughter, who's very bright, articulate, and polite, but recently she's been acting incredibly sloppy and rude. She doesn't clean her room or get out of bed, hardly ever joins us for family meals or change her clothes, and she's really letting herself go. Her grades are slipping, and her school says she shows no interest in work or learning. Whenever I try to tell her that this is not acceptable behavior, and she must stop it, she snaps at me and is incredibly disrespectful. I've tried taking her phone, forbidding her to see her friends until she picks herself up again, but nothing is working, and it made her act out more, which I'm certain is pure pettiness. I can't let this go on, she needs to try harder and put in more effort into her studies and chores, because I just can't handle her at all. She used to have a steady part-time job, go to tutoring and after-school clubs, get nearly perfect grades, and help around the house, but now she won't do anything, and I don't know how to snap her out of it. What should I do to get my helpful, hard-working daughter back?
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2023.03.20 20:57 _SushiLover_ My take on the latest episode of season 6, this post only contains the information included in the anime (there are NO manga spoilers)

I am not a manga reader, but ever since season 5 ended (which was a real letdown considering how great season 4 was imo) I really wanted this season to be great and the hype that the manga readers were giving, really made me want to watch it the moment it came out. I really love this season so far, but I can’t say its perfect. I have to admit that I still have some issues with some moments and how the anime handled some episodes, the overall vigilante arc and the hole vibe of the backgrounds and animations.
Now, as I said in the title, I am not here to talk about the season as a hole, but in fact to talk about this latest episode.
I believe we need to give props to the Uraraka’s voice actress Ayane Sakura (japanese version). During the speech you can really feel the desperation and overall dispair in her voice. The little detail of the squeaks Ochaco gives while she desperately tries to catch her breath, trying to talk without breaking down were simply heartbreaking to me. The hole conversation she was having with the crowd in a desperate attempt to make them understand that they are “throwing rocks” at a literal teen, that is quite literally willingly sacrificing himself if it means things will go back to normal, were simply painful to watch. Its a heartbreaking moment, to watch Izuku’s mom bawling her eyes out, looking at the deadpan face of a kid she can’t recognise has her smiling son, because the little boy she is seeing in front of her has lost his smile, his hope and is completely exhausted. And finally when Deku shows his first tear and starts to break down falling on his knees is the moment he finally fully realises that someone understands his burden and that he isn’t alone. Sure Bakugo showed him that he was sorry and that he knew what Deku was going through, but this specific moment was ,somehow, different. The scene where Katchan apologised, in my eyes, was a moment that we all were waiting for, where both characters finally have a calm and honest conversation and we Finally hear Katchan say “Izuku” rather than the usual “Deku”, but this speech was something, we were not waiting for and didn’t know we needed. This was a moment that truly showed how cruel the public can be, and how bipolar and extreme it easily becomes. This scene showed how broken this society is, and how people were yelling without even looking at Midoriya’s condition. The finishing touches of Kota and the other civilian running towards Deku, trying to comfort and protect him, in an attempt to repay Deku for saving them in the past and Eri watching the cruelty of the crowd towards her favourite hero were amazing. Everything in this scene was practically perfect, and touched me deep in my soul. I almost cried watching how they animated Kota’s red shoes. This last scene was an absolutely beautiful way to show how much Deku touched the lives of the people he saved.
This speech was the little step, that had to be taken, in order to regain the peace and balance of the public eye. The animators did an amazing job in showing the crowd in Midoriya’s eyes, as if they were cruel vultures looking at their tired prey. As I said before this season has its issues, but this was one of the best moments, that I really wanted to show some appreciation. So far I was just a little disappointed with minor things like how small the vigilante arc was, how sometimes the background does not resonate with the moment (having a beautiful clear sky in a depressing and obscure moment doesn’t really fit for me) or how small the, a bit overhyped, fight between Deku and class 1A was. But I have to say this season is giving me a lot of incredible moments, like the Katchan redemption scene, the fight between Deku and Muscular (that for me was an amazing fight, which is often overlooked, this fight showed the growth Midoriya had, and how he beat the guy ,that in the past nearly killed him, in a matter of seconds. In addition This guy was not playing around this time, he was blinded by rage and vengeance, which meant he was ready for an even bigger fight than before), the fight between the heros and the villains (that showed how cruel these fights can be, and how many casualties there were. The simple moment where Aizawa cuts his leg is shocking, but really showed the life of a hero), the moment we have the Todoroki family secret reveal was Incredible (Shoto being my favourite character made me love this scene even more, considering its one of the first time we actually see him yelling the word “Dad” towards Endevaur as if he was a scared little kid yelling for help), the fight between Twice and Hawks and finally the awakening of Vigilante Deku were just Amazing to me.
Thank you for reading till the end :) and I am sorry if this post was a bit long. I also have to apologise for my English, since its not my main language 😅 I would love to hear other people’s opinions, and if they agree or not, but Please don’t spoil anything that had not happened in the anime as I am really trying to avoid spoilers :p
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2023.03.20 20:57 onionoinoi Help w/ advocating for a diagnosis?

CW: weight mention
Hi guys! I’m new to Reddit and came on here to see if anyone can offer me some insight on getting diagnosed w/ endo. For background: I’m 23 years old and have had painful periods for as long as I can remember. When I was 17 I started taking the Vienva BC pill and had semi normal cycles. My cycles stopped completely on the Mirena IUD, which I got at 19 and had til I was 21. It took nearly 6 months to get my period back, and shortly after that I ended up in the ER w/ severe pelvic pain. I was diagnosed w/ PID and multiple endometriomas after several hours of doctors telling me I was fine, even with an absurdly high WBC. My periods now occur for 1-3 days each month, but are not “regular” per say. I experience severe pelvic pain and bloating/trapped gas each month even when I’m not menstruating. The GI issues have disrupted all aspects of my life greatly, to the point where I can’t eat regularly and have to use laxatives daily to have a bowel movement. I do have pain with intercourse as well. I have also had a lot of hormonal acne, hot flashes/sweating/body odor, and headaches. When I had the IUD, I gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time (all of which I have since lost) however my prior OBGYN tried to tell me that these issues would go away with weight loss- clearly they haven’t. I am nearing the point of being underweight due to the GI issues. My mental state has also worsened as I have not been able to find any validation of these issues, as they are being brushed off as “normal”. - based on my symptoms, I believe it’s stage II-III endo and involves my bowel. I am also worried for my future fertility if no action is taken. My most recent pelvic ultrasound made the technicians jaw drop because of how large the cyst on my right ovary was. My next GYN appt is in mid-May, but I’m not sure if it needs to be moved up or if these symptoms warrant a diagnostic surgery as I am new to all this. Please help! Thanks!
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2023.03.20 20:56 Espy333 I think ADHD is ruining my life…

I’m [32M] not diagnosed yet. One month into a six month waiting list to even be assessed, yet the ADHD-UK self assessment said I should contact my GP because of my answers.
I’m sick of being a slow burn f*ck up. I’ve had 5 jobs in 7 years because I get to a point where the mistakes, procrastination and forgetfulness pile up and it’s either move of or get fired when it all comes to light. I’m married with my first child turning 1 next month and I completely forgot about Mother’s Day. I forgot about valentines the month before. I really want to try be a better husband but I can’t seem to do anything. I’m losing touch with my family because if they don’t call I forget to even though I think I need to nearly every day, I put it off. I have very few friends left because for some reason I cannot bring myself to message them back or call. I’m now overweight after breaking my leg two years ago because I’ve struggled to maintain a routine with the rehab.
I feel emotionless, except for frustrated at myself, sometimes frustrated at everyone around me and then sad because I know I’m the problem.
I don’t even think I need advice, I’ve got lists of things I need to do to help myself until I can get professional help, I’m just struggling to action any of them, or if I do, I struggle to maintain them.
My brain f*cking sucks. It’s like having ADHD, Asperger’s, Depression, Anxiety, early onset Alzheimer’s and being completely alone with it all.
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2023.03.20 20:56 mddthroaway has your need to be your daydreams ever got so bad that you catfished someone?

Like, you want to be them so bad and you want to have them exist/be real/be acknowledged by real people so badly that you catfish someone, pretending like you are them? that way they get to tell their story, get to make friends and interact with people etc without you getting in their way?
actually, I know some of yalls daydreams feature yourselves, looking the same as in real life, so I guess that wouldn't be catfishing but instead just lying about some aspects of your life. issue is that I'm 21, almost 22, am unfortunately a girl, and have about 1.5 irl friends. my daydreams on the other hand are mainly all men + 1 born/physically male but gender questioning, and range from being 4 years old to being in their mid 20s. so for me to ever speak to people as them, it's completely catfishing as they aren't me at all ... I guess ?
I used to do this as a child/early teen and I miss it like crazy. won't do it again, just wondering if anyone else has done or has thought of doing something like this or if I'm just a twisted person?
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2023.03.20 20:55 Solid-Fig9306 That random supernatural encounter

Hey there my name is Raul and i wanted to share a story about a strange encounter me and my dad had while we were on a road trip from(I'm from India). So it started when my bua or my dad's sister decided to go camping near rishikesh it's a beautiful hill station and me and my family were looking forward to it especially me and my sister We had to take a highway which is quite big and is known for not having much traffic on it and there was no proper cell tower's around that area so there was no signal most of the time so we left around 4pm and stopped for some dinner at around 9 it was quite dark after we hit the road at around 9:45 we didn't have much too do so we ended up talking for a long period of time and before we knew it was 10:45 we suddenly saw a strange figure in the car ahead of us we thought it's just because we needed sleep and thought nothing much of it after some time we had a car approach us and it kept flashing it's lights at us we thought it may be my bua because they were in their car and not with us it was just me and my dad When the car pulled up next to us i kid you not there was nobody there for about 10-15 seconds and then someone randomly appeared on the drivers seat(i chose not to tell my dad as he was driving and wasn't looking directly at it so he didn't notice anything ) we overtook them and when I looked back the car wasn't there after we reached out destination i told everyone what i had seen and My father said that what i could have saw was a spirit of a person who must have died in an accident because people speed on that Highway Though i enjoyed my trip i never really forgot that day.
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2023.03.20 20:55 CondencedPuppy69 I have a problem…

So basically I’m a straight white guy in high school and I get no women… but I get men. Right now there’s two guys that like me and in my life there have been 4, that’s just who I know of. I’ve had one girl like in my entire life that I know of and she only liked me for a couple weeks.
I’m tall and pretty muscular and I’m pretty nice to most people and I just want to know why I get guys and no women.
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2023.03.20 20:55 onionoinoi Help with advocating for a diagnosis?

CW: weight mention
Hi guys! I’m new to Reddit and came on here to see if anyone can offer me some insight on getting diagnosed w/ endo. For background: I’m 23 years old and have had painful periods for as long as I can remember. When I was 17 I started taking the Vienva BC pill and had semi normal cycles. My cycles stopped completely on the Mirena IUD, which I got at 19 and had til I was 21. It took nearly 6 months to get my period back, and shortly after that I ended up in the ER w/ severe pelvic pain. I was diagnosed w/ PID and multiple endometriomas after several hours of doctors telling me I was fine, even with an absurdly high WBC. My periods now occur for 1-3 days each month, but are not “regular” per say. I experience severe pelvic pain and bloating/trapped gas each month even when I’m not menstruating. The GI issues have disrupted all aspects of my life greatly, to the point where I can’t eat regularly and have to use laxatives daily to have a bowel movement. I do have pain with intercourse as well. I have also had a lot of hormonal acne, hot flashes/sweating/body odor, and headaches. When I had the IUD, I gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time (all of which I have since lost) however my prior OBGYN tried to tell me that these issues would go away with weight loss- clearly they haven’t. I am nearing the point of being underweight due to the GI issues. My mental state has also worsened as I have not been able to find any validation of these issues, as they are being brushed off as “normal”, and my doctors keep shoving BC in my face as the only form of treatment- based on my symptoms, I believe it’s stage II-III endo and involves my bowel. I am also worried for my future fertility if no action is taken. My most recent pelvic ultrasound made the technicians jaw drop because of how large the cyst on my right ovary was. My next GYN appt is in mid-May, but I’m not sure if it needs to be moved up or if these symptoms warrant a diagnostic surgery as I am new to all this. Please help! Thanks!
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2023.03.20 20:54 Pteroflo Q U A N T U M

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2023.03.20 20:54 RyanD105 Guy keeps talking and making fun of me to my face. Keeps ducking fights when asked.

Okay, I'm 15 nearly 16 in school and this guy keeps talking shit, so much of it too, he also tells people he's gonna fight me, then he comes to my face and makes fun of me infront of crown's bt when it's just us he acts all friendly with me. I told him many times before to stop saying this shit and stop making fun of me if you're not actually gonna fight me, because he won't. I've asked him personally many times and he just says he's "not a fighting guy and fighting resolves nothing." I think it does resolve stuff. It gets people to shut the fuck up and I want him to shut the fuck up but I'm not so much of a piece of shit to jump a guy on the street. In my maths class, he was asked "would (me) be able to take you on?" He responded with I'd like to see him try that, I'd beat the fuck out of him. So, I approached him and asked him if he really thought that. I thought maybe he'd switch up or something but nope, he responds with "Yeah, I'd beat the fucking shit out of you" and then when I asked him where we gonna fight he just ducked the question.
TLDR: guy keeps claiming he'd fight me and keeps being a dick to me in crowds then switching up when it's just us since I used to be his friend, and then just never gives me a time or a place to fight when I ask him to back himself and fight since he keeps talking.
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2023.03.20 20:53 No-Hovercraft453 i’m going through it so hard. i wish i knew what to do.

i was an econ major back in 2020, and eventually decided it wasn’t for me. i took 2021 off and worked at an optometry clinic for a year, and decided this is what i wanted to do.
i started my science courses for my new major this year without taking any highschool pre-reqs. i preformed poorly, and ended up having to withdraw from 2 courses and passed with exactly 50% with the other (canadian).
i’m in my second term of science courses, and i’ve had a drastic improvement. but it’s not nearly where i want to be. i’m in the mid 70s at this point (Bs).
every time i get a midterm back, i start researching new career options. i truly truly truly truly want this so bad, but i worry that i’m incapable of achieving it.
i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. everyone keeps telling me i have lots of time to improve and bring up my average. but doesn’t it only get harder? it just seems like hopeless optimism.
extracurriculars: pre-optometry club executive team, optometric technician 3 months, optometric assistant 5 months, job shadowing 30 hours. i plan to apply in 2025.
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2023.03.20 20:53 Calibeaches2 My male roommates piss me off

Starting off, I absolutely love the place I'm renting. It's in a great area, reasonably safe, and I love my room. The problem is feeling like I constantly have to deal with immature behavior from my male roommates. Food expires in the fridge, dishes are left in the sink for multiple days, the dishwasher when opened smells so bad I've gagged, pee drops on the toilet seat and the floor, hairs of all kinds on the toilet seat, shower, floor, sink, counter, mouthwash residue on the counter every day, toilet paper isn't replaced or if a small roll is left, it's jammed between the holder not even put on it. The soap isn't refilled or replaced, the floor mat is never washed/dried, coffee grounds/crumbs all over the kitchen counter, the shower liner had horrible mildew, dishes aren't rinsed of food so when they come out of the dishwasher, typically have food particulate still on them, I have to smell check, inspect any dish I use, and I'm usually the one taking out the trash. On and on.
A cleaning service comes every couple of weeks so at least the house gets cleaned well, but aside from them, I'm the one who takes initiative to keep things clean, otherwise, it just doesn't get done, they do not care. It's gross.
My other roommate just doesn't lock the door. This is the part that really makes me angry. I get that we're in a safe area, but that doesn't suddenly make us invincible to break ins.
At this point, I have no idea how to even address these issues. These are adult men, why aren't they cleaning up after themselves?
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2023.03.20 20:53 OB0E Prioritize project saint over anything else

I’ll preface by apologizing for the wall of text. I also plan on doing zero proofreading.
As someone who has been around since the start, and has seen the game go through changes. I believe we are at a point in which the good is being vastly outweighed by the downright atrocious. I have been gaming for a long while, and I have seen titles I love crumble. Socom, H1Z1, and others that are alive but have strayed far from what I enjoyed.
At this point, the 30 day steam charts are down about 25%, the twitch viewers are down about 50%, and I find myself opting to play other games as well. It’s unfortunate, but I can’t overlook the consistent connection issues, let alone the influx of cheaters. I have had people straight up tell me they are hacking with no fear of repercussions. Hack, ban, new name, repeat. While I can tolerate them to an extent, seeing five in a few hours of gaming is excessive. Then games that I can actually play, half of those have insurmountable connection and stability issues. The larger issue being it doesn’t seem to effect everyone equally. There have been games in which I am fine but I can tell others are experiencing the connectivity issues. That really creates a lot of competitive balance issues. I believe implementing smaller changes more ofter than monthly or bi-monthly larger changes can alleviate backlash, as well as isolate some of the unknown issues that arise after the fact. Talking out of my ass, but just a suggestion.
While I don’t care to get into the SMG blunder, the hydra/LMG meta, crossplay, the matchmaking, long term bugs and glitches in the game, and so on.. at some point it becomes more viable to go back to the season right before the objection meta and build from there. Keep crossplay for player base necessity, but enforce your TOS with your board members or volunteers to clean these cheaters out much quicker. I for one have stated I would volunteer my time to do such. It’s not like they are difficult to spot most the time anyway, but I was instructed there has been a utilization of an algorithm to measure human capabilities versus individuals cheating. Teach a few people and utilize the community to neighborhood watch it.
As for the connection? I don’t understand what the issue is, but I am just hoping the dev team does. I am just a consumer, so I only know as much. It seems like y’all need assistance, and you have a community of diehards that are fighting for existence at this point. Meanwhile, the overall sentiment is very negative at the moment. Help us help you as it’s very possible individuals can identify issues and other possible problems. There are some incredibly intelligent and talented individuals in this community. Some recolors and skins that should be put into the game to highlight those individuals. The groups running competitive tournaments on their own, slickville damn near knows everything about this game. Work with these people. They are all still here.
As for gun balances, cosmetics, tweaks, etc. please put those aside. We will deal with the meta’s and imbalanced gunplay at a later date. Project saint was promised to us and it has been an absolute failure up to this point. We need prioritization and transparency, because the current path for this game is no different than those titles in the first paragraph. It’s hard to play when nothing registers correctly or someone is ruining the game for the rest. Especially the racist pos running around recently.
What makes the game annoying to play vs. what makes the game intolerable?
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2023.03.20 20:53 Minimum-Bee-5680 Get me out of my contract

I’m signed with a good agency here in LA for model & talent 5-6months ago. I have been self submitting on casting networks and actors access. I get to audition/self-tape 3-5 times a week. Only booked one music video in these months being signed with my own submissions.
Now, every photographers I meet they say that the agent is not good (there’s a lot of hearsay about my current agent) I feel the same way as well, when I text him he only response to me one word and with mean attitude. He really only handles men based on what I see on his IG. I’m trans and I feel like he doesn’t know what to do with me being the only trans on the roster right now. All the call backs I’ve gotten is all from my submissions. And people that I know in the industry finds it weird that my agent hasn’t sent me somewhere for castings.
I have a 2 year exclusive contract with my current agency. I was transferred to my current agent because my old agent (same agency) moved to New York division so I was passed along with this new one 4 months ago. I’m not sure if he’s even submitting me for breakdowns I don’t see.
How did you get out of your agency? How would you go about my situation?
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 20:52 _rawstrawb Small Town Haircuts; salon? vs barber??

calling all fellow small town dudes and fellow nosy opiniated individuals! help me pick where i get my next hair cut.
like every first haircut post-breakup? it has a lot of expectations riding on it.
about me, im non-binary transmasc and been on t for over 5 years now. so, instead of being read as the person of indeterminate gender very quickly nearing 30 that i am? i find im most often read as either a particularly gay and fashion concious teenage boy? or, to my recent suprise, a teenage transgirl. especially since the recent move from large progressive city to small town.
both reads are fine by me, "youth" has its advantages, and people generally pick up on my age after the 2nd or 3rd interaction lol. mostly added for the context.
now, my hair has grown out past my shoulders? for the first time in over a decade! and since i finally figured out how to care for my waves/curls?? ive realized i actually really like the look of the longer hair. ended up settling on a wolf cut. for the unaware, a wolf cut is just the new variation on a mullet. more layers. its easy upkeep, just trendy/classic enough, and unisex. perfect.
SO, my question is? would you recommend getting this type of cut done at a salon? or a barber??
i know salons are usually better with longer cuts and layering? but i haven't been to one since 2011, after being burned by one too many "john & kate plus 8" type pixie cuts in a row, lol
the barber in town is like.. a shockingly hip place for somewhere so small? sandalwood beard cream, straight razors and craft beer kind of place. while my options for salon are a bit more strip mall looking? with not quuuite enough reviews or knowing anyone ~queer~ in area yet to ask, to want to take the risk without some consideration. i could maaaybe be persauded to go to a salon in the nearest mid-sized town? but would, in general, prefer to have my new regular place be local.
whadda think? what would you do in my shoes?
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2023.03.20 20:52 ZealousidealBear2848 can anyone help me with this?

hi im a 13 yo boy nearly 14 and im a bit concerned with possible delayed puberty tbh i feel a bit awkward posting this but I've haven't noticed any increase in penis growth at all but ive been growing really thick pubic hair and noticeable facial hair for a while now my voice has been getting deeper so if anyone has the answer to my question please let me know
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2023.03.20 20:51 DeeEssEmFive faked covid for 2 weeks bc fuck it

I do most of my boss’s job for about 1/4th of her pay. My union is currently striking because we’re paid cents over minimum wage while our corporation holds nearly SIX BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS on reserve. My boss and coworkers have, more than once, made racist comments about black people around me (I’m black), yet I’m doing my job, theirs, and even the jobs of their higher ups pretty much everyday.
So I said, fuck it. When someone tests positive for covid at our corp, they get paid time off for up to two weeks as long as they continue to test positive. I actually was really sick with the flu, but I was still expected to come into work as soon as possible. So I did a little work on photoshop, submitted a “positive” covid test, and I took two weeks off.
I’m sick of driving 2 hours a day to and from work, being paid not even close to a livable wage, being treated as a commodity or a pawn, having all the credit for my work being given to my boss who rarely actually does her fucking job, and leaving work each day feeling like my mental health has been kicked in the nuts.
So I’m taking these two weeks off, paid, and I’m gonna play video games and eat shitty food and actually live my life. I’m actually very lucky to even have the opportunity to do this.
None of us — NONE OF US — should have our hard work undervalued nor under-compensated.
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2023.03.20 20:51 aowshadow (Spoilers Extended) The Robin Ryger/Desmond Grell little mystery – potential spoiler for TWOW

To quote an old TV show: "where in the world is Desmond Grell?"
Tldr – here’s who Robin Ryger and Desmond Grell are; where we will probably see then in TWOW; why they have some degree of importance.

Quick reminder about the two characters

Robin Ryger worked for Robb during the Five Kings War.
Not only he’s the one who escorted Cleos Frey. He’s also a very useful tertiary character, because GRRM uses him to “break the ice” between Jaime and the readers when he allows the Kingslayer to display his proverbial sense of humor in early ASOS:
In his day Ser Robin Ryger had been a notably tenacious fighter, but his day was done; he was of an age with Hoster Tully, and had grown old with his lord. When the boats were fifty yards apart, Jaime cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted back over the water. "Come to wish me godspeed, Ser Robin?" "Come to take you back, Kingslayer," Ser Robin Ryger bellowed. "How is it that you've lost your golden hair?" "I hope to blind my enemies with the sheen off my head. It's worked well enough for you."
Little note for those who like analysis: Jaime's humor works only when we are in his POV. Outside of it, more often than not he looks like an asshole because 90% of the POVs that interact with Jaime... hates him!
Guess who are the two obvious exceptions? Of course, you are right. And still, both Cersei and Brienne fail to see his hilarious side most of the time.
GRRM also uses Ryger to break the ice between Jaime and Brienne. Jaime’s ego would never allow him to admit he’s helping someone straight to their faces, so he uses ser Ryger as a convenient excuse.
"You're hard enough to look at with a nose. Besides, I wanted to make the goat say 'thapphireth.'" He chuckled. "A good thing for you I'm such a liar. An honorable man would have told the truth about the Sapphire Isle." "All the same," she said. "I thank you, ser." His hand was throbbing again. He ground his teeth and said, "A Lannister pays his debts. That was for the river, and those rocks you dropped on Robin Ryger."
Desmond Grell is an old knight from Hoster Tully's retinue.
Whenever Edmure leaves Riverrun, be it for battles or marriages, Grell rules in his absence. Noteworthy that whenever a Tully shows up (like the Blackfish in AFFC), he immediately steps aside. He's an old, loyal man.
Notice that both Ryger and Grell have something personal against Jaime: while Ryger was humiliated and sinked in ASOS (thus failing his mission against the Kingslayer), Grell did actually lose his squire because of Jaime.
Beside their possible beef with Jaime and their loyalty to Robb's cause, they have another thing in common: they surrendered to Jaime, but also asked him a very peculiar request.
Two men did not choose to depart with the others. Ser Desmond Grell, Lord Hoster's old master-at-arms, preferred to take the black. So did Ser Robin Ryger, Riverrun's captain of guards. "This castle's been my home for forty years," said Grell. "You say I'm free to go, but where? I'm too old and too stout to make a hedge knight. But men are always welcome at the Wall." "As you wish," said Jaime, though it was a bloody nuisance.

The black vow and Jaime's honorable decision

Jamie takes Riverrun while avoiding a bloodshed, and when the two ask to take the black he complies. Of course, because that's the honorable thing to do.
This is perfectly in line with Jaime's newfound AFFC trajectory (his campaign in the Riverlands is a masterclass as far as peace and honor go, but also a neverending sequence of mistakes for the Lannister’s cause) and what he chooses to do right after is absolutely coherent: he lets them keep their weapons and sends Raff the Sweetling & co. to escort them to Maidenpool.
He allowed them to keep their arms and armor, and assigned a dozen of Gregor Clegane's men to escort the two of them to Maidenpool. The command he gave to Rafford, the one they called the Sweetling. "See to it that the prisoners reach Maidenpool unspoiled," he told the man, "or what Ser Gregor did to the Goat will seem a jolly lark compared to what I'll do to you."
Speaking of Maidenpool, Jaime also sends there Ronnet Connington, with different orders:
Jaime had charged Red Ronnet with the task of delivering Wylis Manderly to Maidenpool, so he would not need to look on him henceforth.
Let’s consider for a second who this three prisoners are: not only the first two are Stark/Tully loyalists to the core, they are also witnesses to the real numbers of the Lannister force. There's a reason why Brynden Tully was comfortable keeping the Riverrun siege until Jaime threatened him with Edmure's life. And guess what? Brynden Tully is still roaming free (more on him later).
But what about Wylis Manderly? Well, do you remember that chilling speech from Titus Andronicus Wyman Manderly? The one that ends with…
I drink with Jared, jape with Symond, promise Rhaegar the hand of my own beloved granddaughter … but never think that means I have forgotten. The north remembers, Lord Davos. The north remembers, and the mummer's farce is almost done. My son is home.
Well, Wylis’ newfound safety is why Wyman’s bloody revenge starts.
But since Wylis reached White Harbor, where in the world are Grell and Ryger?

Tracking down the movements

In ADwD epilogue we know that Randyll Tarly met both parties.
"How many men-at-arms accompanied Ser Ronnet to the city?" Ser Kevan asked. "Twenty," said Lord Randyll Tarly, "and most of them Gregor Clegane's old lot. Your nephew Jaime gave them to Connington. To rid himself of them, I'd wager. They had not been in Maidenpool a day before one killed a man and another was accused of rape. I had to hang the one and geld the other. If it were up to me, I would send them all to the Night's Watch, and Connington with them. The Wall is where such scum belong."
But then, in TWOW Mercy, we know that Raff the Sweetling moved from Maidenpool to Braavos to guard Harys Swyft. This means that his escort mission was over.
This opens up for few possibilities. Ryger and Grell (from now on G, for brevity) could only end up with one of four options:
  • Case 1: reach the NW by going straight to Eastwatch by the sea.
Given Davos' mentions about tempests and Cotter Pyke’s letter about dead things in the water, chances are G are dead. I find it very unlikely, both on a narrative level (who would waste a ship to go to Eastwatch by the Sea just for 2 passengers? This is nothing like Stannis’ case!) and on a meta level (after 5 books I can safely tell you: GRRM doesn’t work that way)
  • Case 2: Raff & co. killed them.
This would be my 100% go to option... if only Jaime hadn’t explicitly warned Raff against doing that.
Jaime's a hundred things, but he's not a windbag: he talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Raff’s a hundred of horrible things, but he's not completely stupid. If there’s one thing that Jaime never lost through the entirety of Asoiaf, is the credibility of his threats.
And again, if G were dead I bet Raff would have mentioned it with some joke in the Mercy spoilers.
  • Case 3: they took the Kingsroad, and then went for Winterfell.
But in that case, who escorted them? Raff's in Braavos.
  • Case 4, most likely: they travelled with Wylis Manderly.
Which means they are now at Winterfell. It couldn't be any other way, Winterfell is in the middle of the safest road to reach the Wall. For the Stark sympathizers, this means huge info. As we all remember, there's a conspiracy going on against those who betrayed Robb Stark...
And to top it all, Wyman Manderly already proved that he has some info he kept for himself (see: ADWD Davos IV)
Funny thing is, even if G were serious about their vow to go to the Wall, they would be stuck with Manderly anyways: climate conditions don’t allow them to leave Winterfell in any case!

Why does it matter?

Because now we have a potential link between the North (Manderly & co.) and the Riverlands (Brynden Tully, and possibly the BWB, if the theories of Brynden coming in contact with them will prove to be true).
Jaime's doing the honorable thing, once again, is risking to harm back the Lannister cause.
Thanks for reading.
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