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judgemebyshoes is a subreddit based off a ScienceDirect study where people provided a picture their pair of shoes and a survey of their personality. The guessers were very accurate in guessing the subjects personality traits. So post a pic of your shoes and see how it goes, try not to sway the guessers in any particular way :) Perhaps posting your most worn shoes outside of work or your entire shoes collection would be most accurate!

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A Kids Pro Tip (KPT) is anything that helps you, the parent, be a better or more "successful" parent. Whether it's how to pack a better lunch, how to fix a favorite toy, how to spend time in a more meaningful and rewarding way...even how to replace a missing aglet on their favorite pair of shoelaces. Share what makes you a hero to your kids!

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A place to discuss computer science related course material, professors, course work etc.

2023.06.07 06:49 Canthidethepetty My wife (28f) and I (29f) have decided not to have a child and I feel like a piece of me has died.

I just need to vent about this because usually I'd talk to my wife about the distraught feelings I'm having but it would just make her feel worse and I'm trying to avoid that right now.
My wife has some severe childhood trauma as well as some other behavioral issues. Previously, we were planning to go through IVF and have a child together. It's something we both really want and are aching for. Recently, however, a lot of past family issues have exasperated her personal troubles and behavior. After a pretty big confrontation that led to her leaving for a little while and saying I should leave her for good because she's holding me back, we decided not to have a child (this was part of the reason she wanted me to leave her because she already came to the decision that she shouldn't have a child and this was a big part of her believing she is holding me back from the life I want.
I have a child (her step child) already and she's amazing with him and able to control herself around him and if she feels she can't, she leave the home. She is never violent with me, but does get loud, says hurtful things, and reacts erratically in the heat of the moment. My son doesn't see this side of her but he is only with us 50% of the time so it is more manageable for us to protect him from it than it would be with a child with us all of the time. She refuses to go to therapy, which I have suggested and begged her to consider multiple times, because she doesn't think it will help and is convinced she is just broken and can't be fixed.
I know this could change in the future, but I can't plan my future hoping on just a chance. So when I decided our marriage and love was worth working on and fighting for, I resigned to the fact that I will probably never have another child and I am really struggling with the feelings I have about it.
My son is my world and with everything in me I want to have another child, he wanted a sibling since he was 3 and has been asking ever since. His father is having one so I am not concerned that he will be disappointed because he will very soon be a big brother which is a little comforting knowing he won't have to go through life not knowing the sibling bond.
But I am so heartbroken for myself and my wife. I never wanted children, even once I became pregnant with my son but raising him, loving him, his love, seeing him grow and develop into the person he is becoming has been the most fulfilling feeling I have ever had. Experiencing a love so strong and pure, a connection that can't be replicated with anyone else but a parent/child relationship has been incredible and I am so incredibly sad that my wife will never experience that and that I will never be able to have another child.
I am secure in my decision to be with my wife. Sometimes love is sacrifice and I am adamant not to let my hurt turn into bitterness and resentment because I truly believe we are worth it. But it feels like a part of me died when we decided not to have a child. It's the best decision. I believe my wife when she says she wouldn't be able to be the type of parent a child needs and that she doesn't think she could separate her issues from motherhood. I agree that if she feels that way and refuses to work on it and get help that we absolutely should not have another child. This just feels like I'm in mourning over the child we would have had together.
I will be going to therapy soon to deal with these feelings because I feel broken. It takes everything in me to go through the days without outwardly showing how absolutely devastated I feel. I won't let myself fall into despair which is why I am seeking professional help. I just needed to let out this deep sadness I am dealing with.
Thank you, Reddit void, for lending me a space to vent.
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2023.06.07 06:08 AutoModerator [Books] Stirling Cooper Books (All)

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2023.06.07 04:58 horikai Boyfriend 22/M entertained another girl 23/F so she wouldn't cancel a nonrefundable ticket?

I 22/F and my 22/M boyfriend have been together for roughly 6 months. I feel like I need to give back story to the kind of people we are before i head into this. My boyfriend has always had anxiety over keeping people around in his life. until he went to university he was in an all boys school and he would be constantly left out because hes awkward and hes very poor at reading social cues sometimes. so hes the biggest people pleaser i know, he also had/has verbally abusive parents so that just adds to his need to feel like he needs to make sure everything is peaceful and not stir things up. i may also add we are both half japanese, i spent time abroad so i am very straightforward, i don't believe in people pleasing at the cost of my comfort and i don't care about "maintaining the peace". unfortunately my boyfriend has only been raised in japan, he was raised to never destroy the peace no matter what, this will seemingly come to bite him later in this story.
I have a lot of trust issues, i have been lied to by friends, family, and multiple romantic partners. My boyfriend has also been cheated on not once but twice, and to be honest is very insecure about who will leave him and how he can keep as many people around as possible (this mostly is in the case of friends)
So the actual cheating story. Long before my boyfriend met me he was talking to a girl online, (she lives in the us) and they were romantically speaking just up until a little before december of last year. my boyfriend and i got together at the end of december. the problem is that in the beginning of December the girl had already bought a ticket with her friend to come to a trip to japan, before he met me they had mad plans to meet at that time.
fast forward and hes met me, we are together, i trust him and i love him dearly, he has done everything to keep me stable while my mental health has crashed and burned because of my new job. in February i got a follow request from that girl and when i accepted it she immediately unfollowed me so that put me off. i already felt like that was weird. the problem is while they talked my boyfriend would show me the messages as hes typing. i never SAW anything remotely incriminating. she continues to follow request me two more times throughout these six months and so i ask my boyfriend if they had anything in the past and he says no.
I would like to point out that my boyfriend is terrified of giving people bad news or telling them anything that might remotely hurt their feelings. i knew he was probably lying but i had bigger things to worry about so i let it go.
fast forward march and her trip to japan comes around, she and friend, while my boyfriend and his friend all go out for drinks (my boyfriend invited me but i had work until late so i couldnt attend). now fast forward to yesterday. i get a text from her asking if im his girlfriend and that hes a liar. my heart dropped, i thought i might throw up. she tells me they've been talking but his responses have been less and less since a few months ago and he has posted me multiple times on his Instagram story so she was suspicious that i was his girlfriend. I ask her for screenshots and immediately call my boyfriend to find out what's going on.
Now i will admit i was not very mature about it, i was calling and screaming on the phone asking if he cheated. As per usual, hes a very calm person so he explained to me. She had bought her ticket just before we had met and she had already said she was coming to see him. Now what has me absolutely HEATED is that because he didnt want to hurt her feelings he continued to lead her on and sweet talk her so that she wouldnt refund her ticket because its a lot of money. Her japanese is non existent and his English is garbage, so when she said he was coming to see him, he took it as i am only coming to japan to see you. so basically he decided to entertain her until she came to japan and then when she went back home he would somehow cut her off without hurting her feelings and hopefully remain friends. Boyfriend comes to my house and me, in my uncontrolled rage i am tearing into him, I've told him that because he's too nice he ends up hurting not only himself but people around him. i called him a coward, and that even if he didnt have feelings for her during these past months its messed up to not just her but also me, because i have always been honest and i cut out all the men i had relations with in the early stages of us dating. He is crying, apologizing, begging on his knees for forgiveness but in the moment i am so upset i just keep tearing into him, i do admit i said some not nice things. (not my best moment i am aware). He does tell the girl that around the time we met the reason his messages to her were getting less and less was because he met me, and he was really going to try and make our relationship work but he didnt want her to cancel her ticket because it was so expensive so he chose to entertain some romantic messages here and there. This is where we find out that there was a very large misunderstanding. even if he broke it off with her, the girl was still going to come to japan regardless, and she would have been happy to meet as friends. because my boyfriend is spineless and didnt say what he should have said at the beginning, he did not know this information and just assumed she'd cancel and her ticket was non refundable.
I was raised most of my life in japan but with very progressive parents so I believe that if i say what NEEDS to be said and nothing more, the reaction of the other person is not my responsibility to take. most japanese people dont think this way and it always leads to drama since people wont just put their foot down.
yesterday from noon to 1am, i basically tore him a new one. I also made a few conditions if we were going to work this out. 1. obviously block the girl on everything if she hasnt already blocked him . 2. he has to tell his parents he cheated (his mom and i are pretty close, and in the event this conversation or topic were to ever come up in their presence i didnt want them to find out from me so i made him tell them). 3. from here on out i expect full honesty about everything and anything. if i even get a whiff of some nonsense i told him its over 4. regaining my trust and the level i love ive had before is going to be difficult and take a long time, he has to be willing to do the work. 5. i will never forget this, (i have no intention of holding it over his head in the event of a different fight) but months or even years later if i remember what happened, i want to talk about it and he has to be willing to face that head on.
Did i handle this the right way? We both have our fair share of problems and i admit i didn't completely cut off a guy i was previously in a fling with until maybe a month passed in our relationship because i was scared, but during that month we never spoke romantically. ive never been in this situation and its difficult because i know all the cultural nuances at play and the sheer stupid personality of my boyfriend. everyone tells him hes book smart but not street smart, and it shows the most in these situations.
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2023.06.07 03:36 karakarafade Selling CL4200 Marvel Snap account for $70 Venmo!! (6200 tokens, series 3 complete, Thanos, Galactus, High evolutionary)

All of the above for $70Venmo only
My past transactions selling accounts in the exact same way:
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2023.06.07 03:08 559Redditor707 My bathroom ceiling has a leak

I woke up yesterday morning and the ceiling panel (where electrical wires are) was leaking, rain leaking not just small condensation. I informed the upstairs neighbor. They called a plumber but could not replicate the issue. This has happened before in a different location. It was the toilet return that had started to leak due to old pipes. The issue is that it took months to figure out bc my bathroom has a drop ceiling and the original ceiling was catching all the watedamage. It took literally 8 months to finally prove the damage visibly. I do not want to wait another 8 months. What should I do? My ceiling is going to start to show signs of damage but nothing severe bc the original ceiling is masking the issue and the drop ceiling only shows a small water bubble. The issue is with the unit above a pipes. How should i proceed?
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2023.06.07 02:12 -Rho-Aias USB power surge

Hey guys,
So, I went on Amazon and bought a USB switcher, so I could swap my keyboard and mouse between personal computer and work laptop.
It was one of the first ones with good reviews.
I plugged it in and it didn't seem to work. I moved it to other USB ports and nothing.
Then I saw on my computer that an error kept popping up a few times saying USB power surge, not enough power.
Then, to test the message, I plugged another usb. Saw the error. And then quickly took it out. I touched the metal of the USB and it was so shockingly hot I dropped it.
Any ideas on how to fix it? Did I just ruin my computer?
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2023.06.07 01:52 Bulletbarry Dolphin Wii Controls Glitch

Dolphin Wii Controls Glitch
Hello, I downloaded dolphin and was playing through Mario sunshine and Kirby epic yarn. I had all my controls' setup perfectly, Kirby epic yarn is a Wii game and the controls were weird to set up at first, but I had it working perfectly, all of a sudden I can't get them to work at all. I go into the settings for Kirby specifically and click on Wii input>emulated (nothing happens) So I click the settings cog to the right, and it says "profile" I tap that, and it says no profiles were made for the game. I had this set up before, and it was working, I don't know how they got cleared. I downloaded dolphinmmjr to see if that would fix it, and nothing has changed. I wonder what I've done wrong here.
I'll post images for context.
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2023.06.07 01:43 AmIJustBeingABaby I have to ealk on eggshells around my dad

So my parents finally had a divorce in 2020. I say "finally" because I saw it coming and honestly wanted them to. They have been fighting for years and other problems made me just want them to get a divorce because the tension was horrible.
They got a divorce because my dad fucked up, but my mom was the one to move out. For years now my mom has told me that if they ever got a divorce she would take me and my brother and we would live happily alone. But because she already found a new partner while the divorce was still in motion, me and my brother did not want to go live with her because she promised it would only be the three of us. It's childish, I know, but me and my brother have been through a lot.
So me and my brother live with my dad now and it's fucking awful. Even though my dad messed everything up he pretends to be the victim. He acts like we have to pity him. He has always had an alcohol problem but ever since the divorce it got worse. He would always say "your mother did this to me". My dad stopped receiving a bonus at work because he's been slacking off and we spiraled down a financial disaster. He actually quit his job a month ago, making me even more worried about our financial situation.
My mom has always done the cooking and cleaning around the house so when she left I had to take over. I taught myself how to do the laundry and I had experience doing the dishes but never liked doing it because it's gross. My cooking was sometimes good but ive never made something disgusting. I always made sure my brother had clean clothes to wear to school and I would even spend the little money I had to buy something if we really needed it. Where I always spent my money for pleasure I now have to use it like an adult.
So, about my dad... Yeah he's acting like the victim but he also acts in charge, and I mean he felt like he was the boss of EVERYTHING. We had to ask permission for things that didn't need permission. We weren't allowed to do the dishes. He would tell us to leave the dishes because he said he would do it. And because we were scared of him, we listened. The dishes would just pile up for days and when I decide I'd had enough I would do the dishes, only to get yelled at afterwards. Other chores and activities would have the same outcome.
We weren't allowed to be sad. If we had a bad day at school and just wanted to stay in our room and be upset, he would for some reason always accuse my mom for being the reason for all sadness. If we had a disagreement about something he would always say "Why don't you go live with your mother!" "Why am I the bad guy?" It's exhausting.
My dad obviously has a smoking and drinking problem. My mom was strict about the smell of smoke in the house but after she left, my dad didn't care and would smoke indoors and his room was full of askes. A teacher even asked me one day if I was smoking because I came to school smelling like smoke. My dad could easily drink 1.5 litres of alcohol everyday. He would start drinking early in the morning untill he went to sleep so he's never sober. It made me and my brother not want to hang out with him, which made my dad mad.
My dad was emotionally abusive. He never physically hurt us, but his words has a huge impact on us. My dad is the cause of our trust issues, our paranoia, and our insecurities.
We are not allowed to make jokes. We are not allowed to have friends over. We are not allowed to go out with friends. We are not allowed to take part in school activities. We are not allowed to be children. We are not allowed to talk seriously with him. We are not allowed to have problems.
I hate my dad, and I'm sure he hates us as well.
I just finished highschool, so you might think I can finally start my own life, but no, I'm not allowed to leave. I'm not allowed to go to uni. I'm not allowed to get a driver's license.
I'm stuck here
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2023.06.07 01:27 tinymightymous Location discrimination?

I'm not a person who studies workplace laws or is really familiar with it much at all.
This post is mostly to see if anyone else has every experienced something similar to me.
I work in the United States in the state of California for a nationwide used car dealership. I have been working her for just over a year and a half as an inventory manager. (Basically taking care of the cars we have on the lot and fixing minor issues, taking them to shops when needed, communicating with the shops on what needs to be done, set up new shops to work with us on repairs on our cars, work with the service team to assist with estimates sent to them on what can be approved or not, and a few other things that would make it a laundry list of my duties.)
My position pays just under 20 per hr. My experience for the past 7 years has been automotive repair and service advising at repair shops. I was previously a senior technician doing mostly electrical and diagnostics, then moved inside to be an advisor and eventually a service manager. I have even worked as a service advisor at one of the shops my current dealership works with the most, so i know how the system works extremely well. I recently applied to the position within my company as a Service Advisor. What they do is review estimates from shops and approve work to be done or not depending on the customers warranty and estimates that come from other people in my current position.
The service advisor position is the only place for someone in my current position to move to, and it pays significantly more. I was told not long after my interview that they are looking for someone who can step straight in to the position with no training and just get the ball rolling, which is suspicious to me as every single job out there will require some form of training. However, shortly after I was told this, the service team hired a candidate from outside of the company who did not have any where near my level of experience. He was terminated a couple months in. This happened with the team about 2 to 3 more times and now the position is open again. I heard through the grapevine ie: my branch manager and district manager, that the reason I was not being hired for the position is because I live in California and they don't want to have to pay me the same wage that the previous guy who worked in California was making. Which was roughly 35 per hr. Not once during my interview did either me or the hiring manager (VP of company) discuss pay for the position, so I am very confused on what the issue is.
Side note: I know it is not my performance in my current position that is the hold up, because I have been called out by my district manager, and the current manager of the service team as the "poster boy" of my position.
I am wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation to this, and if there is anything that you did.
If you made it through this whole post I appreciate you greatly and thank you for reading!
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2023.06.07 01:09 Littlerobber Jaguar XE 2017 reliability?

How is the reliability on the Jaguar XE 2017? I've heard they made the XE to try and make a more reliable car and that the 2017 to 2019 versions are pretty good. Is this true? Could I make it as my daily driver for at least 4-5 years?
There's a 35T for sale with 62k miles for $20k near me, which seems like a not bad deal.
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2023.06.07 01:05 thecurbhitmefirst Dog friends needed!

Hello all I have a very friendly dog and was wondering how you find friends for your dogs. He's been to doggy daycare and he loved it but we have moved. When we walk around the neighborhood we hear a lot of aggressive dogs and we don't see many out walking and we are out a lot. We occasionally go for a hike and sometimes we see friendly dogs while out and he really enjoys when he is allowed to say hi. I do not trust dog parks, my boy is well-behaved and respectful and I keep an eye on him but the same has not been true of others, every single time we've had a bad experience. I live in Colorado and have seen the ads for dogs and beers events but I don't drink and honestly I am shy... I don't need friends but my dog does
Tldr: how have you found dog friends for your dogs?
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2023.06.07 00:57 AI0 tresser performed action `ignorereports`

Target User: u/Jtl2299
URL: /Twittecomments/141uofz/linda_yaccarino_takes_over_hot_mess_twitter_as_ad/jn3if6x/
For the love of God, can we just have ONE platform that isn't censored-to-f**k because people don't know how to walk away from a keyboard and stop being triggered by literally everything? Not every social media platform needs a pseudo-F.C.C to baby-step everyone through their paranoid little lives.
Hate-speech is meaningless when you don't give power to a word or string of words. Sure, it's not good— but it's only a problem when you give it power by acknowledging it. Otherwise it's just some moron on the Internet saying mean stuff... Like that wouldn't happen otherwise.
The major point is that everyone is so short-fused that they can't handle anything other than echo chambers, and silence anything and everything they deem offensive. None of this was a problem back in, say, pre-2010.
We have a problem with conservatives of any type saying things we don't like... But we have ZERO-issue with Democrats inciting a racial divide and making bot accounts that pretend to be humans to run psyops on a populus of ALL. Honestly, that sh*t is way more dangerous in my view.
The P.C. Policing is a plague on the Internet for anyone other than protected classes. Normal people get caught in the crossfire from it too and get accused of heinous things all the time. I'm a centrist. Both political parties are a cancer for our society and for our people as humans. Yet, even after having voted for both Bernie Sanders, and for Biden, I constantly get accused of being a fascist and all kinds of crap because of preconceived notions of:
See person
See comment contradicting worldview
I don't like what you said, you're the enemy now [string of buzzwords-aligned-to-party-here]
People have to stop begging for a web-based Mommy & Daddy to protect them when it drags down people caught in the crossfire who didn't need policing in the first place.
Snowflake behavior f*ked up YouTube comments sections to where they have an A.I. just to auto-wipe comments that don't even break guidelines (instead that just go against/question the force-fed narratives we are meant to accept blindly from our corporate overlords, or anything that could *potentially maybe offend like three people who won't accept anything else than 'NPC talkshow host')
YouTube is equivalent to the Great Firewall of China where it's constant surveillance of not only the videos, but policing comments too. It's a slippery slope into censorship of the entire Internet. We're already on that path right now.
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2023.06.07 00:37 Due-Advertising3658 Looking for advice on how to cut my hair to frame my face in a more feminine way

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2023.06.07 00:28 Bike_Agile im proud to be apart of no fap

on each of my reboot attemps, in the back of my mind i would always distance myself from the community thinking im above them and seperating myself. im done with that today i respect each and every individual in this sub no matter how long or short their streak because they acknowledged the need for betterment and i am proud to be apart of this sub
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2023.06.07 00:22 ashxsosa Canva Pro ($5)

Haven’t seen many posts for canva pro so I just decided to start my own. Message me if you’re interested. I currently run an Apple Pro Premier account with some people from here and I can send screenshots if necessary. Message me if you’re interested
What you get: Canva Pro
All of our accounts will be separate and we will not be able to see each others projects unless they are shared within the team group
How it works: I’ll send you a link to the email associated with your canva just to make sure everything’s fine. You send me payment. Done
I would prefer to paid at the beginning of the month. You will have 24 hours, after that i’ll send you a warning. If no response i’ll just remove you.
Preferred Apple Pay, Paypal, Cashapp
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2023.06.07 00:03 ZookeepergameOk7608 Amd amber light no display

How's it going? Recently got the last few pieces to put my pc together, hooked everything up and promptly got an amber light on DRAM. I tried moving the ram sticks to different slots, taking the motherboard battery out and putting it back in, and repeating the processor. Google searches aren't getting me anywhere so figured someone here might know.
The specs are:
AMD ryzen 9 7900x MSI MAG b650 Tomahawk wifi gaming motherboard GeForce rtx 3070 DDR5 ram 6400 Mhz
If you need to know any other parts let me know, appreciate the help
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2023.06.06 23:54 PM_ME_ZEUS_PICS How to break into TAS in the current market?

Upcoming big 4 intern and currently working part-time in the accounting department of a large regional corporation. My internship is after I graduate. How do I leverage that to get into TAS? Do i connect with recruiters and inform them about my upcoming internship and how I’m looking to get into TAS? I’m quite confused.
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2023.06.06 22:47 No-Relative720 PCIE slot help

Hello! So I just added my 2nd PCIE slot for usbc slots on my computer. For whatever reason it shows they are giving power (it’s charging my phone) however data transfer isn’t available. The hard drives I’ve been plugging in aren’t showing up in my file manager. Any ideas on how to fix?
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2023.06.06 22:46 No-Ice7837 My boyfriend’s Ex won’t leave him alone

I don’t know if this is the best sub to post in, but please take a look.
So I have been dating my boyfriend for about 8 months. His ex and him dated close to 8 years and were engaged. She ended it before I met him and the last 2 years of their relationship weren’t the best. And now she is back…
A short background on my boyfriend: My bf does not raise his voice or say mean things. He is not quick to anger or being upset. He does have a hard time expressing emotions because he hasn’t been with someone before that wants him to talk about how he is feeling. His main goal in life is to have a good family with values and high education. However, he holds onto guilt more than anyone I’ve ever seen. He hates owing people and he doesn’t have high confidence so he can be easily guilted into believing things are his fault.
A background on their relationship: They dated for 6 years and were engaged for 2. They had different opinions on kids. She told him for years that maybe later she would want kids but not now. He is a person who really wants to have kids, so as he was getting older he wanted a direct answer from her or a real timeline. When they were engaged she would tell him maybe next year or maybe 10 years from now or never. The last 2 years of their relationship if he walked into the room, she would walk out of it. She would grab him by the hair and pull it when she would get mad and yell at him. She broke up with him because he wanted kids and gave him half an hour to pack up his stuff and leave the apartment he paid for. Over the course of the next 2 months, they met up a couple of more times to make sure she wanted to end their relationship and she did. There’s more stuff on their relationship, but I’ll focus on the issue at hand.
2 months ago, she asked to meet up with him after almost a year of not talking. She still had some of his stuff and he thought maybe she was telling him she had moved on and he wanted to tell her the same. Nope. Apparently she wanted to buy a house near him and wanted his help navigating that. She had moved 2 hours over to where we lived and now is only 5 minutes away. He told her about me and she started crying in the restaurant. Later that night she asked to meet up with him to get his stuff out of her apartment. She went from yelling at him to confessing her love and threw stuffed animals at him. She showed him the scars on her arms from months ago and blamed him for not being there (even though she broke up with him and some of her family died afterwards). She gave him his stuff back but then requested it all back the next day.
She went to his moms house to talk to her and asked to meet up with him again. She started to yell at him in the restaurant so they went to the car to talk because he kept telling her they would not be together and did not work together. In the car she hit him and told him she didn’t have motivation anymore and tried to walk in the street. She was placed in a psych ward for observation and the whole time just called him for hours and yelled at him. Since then she has repeatedly said if he stays with me, whatever happens to her will be his fault. She goes from texting him that she misses him and now wants kids to blaming him for everything. She showed up at our apartment and refused to leave until he saw her. She sent him a photo of her cuts but refused to tell him if she was safe. There’s more but there’s a word count.
It’s been 2 months of this cycle that if he doesn’t respond to her, she has upped her antics. He has tried involving her parents and she refuses to get help. He has met up with her in public and private and she acts the same in both. Honestly how should I handle this situation and how should he? How can I get him to see he shouldn’t feel guilty? I’m at a loss for what’s the best course of action.
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2023.06.06 22:44 QueenKiks I don't know how to help my (24F) friend (20F) in a toxic (almost abusive) relationship and I need help

I have a friend I met during college, we've been friends for 3 years and she's been with her boyfriend for about 1.5 years. For context they have a huge age gap, when they met and started dating she was 19 and he was mid 20s.
In this year he's isolated her from most of her friends (except me and one other person who is aware of the situation, and we're not planning on going anywhere), he insults her appearance (she thinks its cute and quirky), he finds reasons for her to come home early when she's out, he is rude and condescending, and he throws tantrums whenever she talks to a guy thats not him, on top of that he either is ridiculously irresponsible with money (think almost 6 figure salary, with roommates but no savings) OR he lies about how much he makes (idk which is worse) . He doesn't care for their 3 cats (2 are his from before they met) when she isn't around so i can only assume she does all the housework.
She's completely changing who she is as a person.She used to be the most independent person I knew, she would stand up for herself and NEVER took shit. Now she's basically a housewife being controlled by a man who degrades and insults her.
My issue is this, she DOESN'T see it at all. When we brought up smaller issues before she would defend him, so we know bringing up bigger issues would only push her to him more.
We know all about being supportive and letting her know we're there for her, we've been doing research for a while. But we want to know from people who have been in her situation or ours, what more can we do?
TL;DR: My friend is in a toxic relationship that we're afraid will become abusive if it isn't already and we are scared for her. Any advice would be helpful.
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2023.06.06 22:32 confused_littlesis Removed post: I(45F) went no contact with my enabler sister(49F) a few years ago due to her husband(49M). She sent a "miss you" text last night. Should I respond?

This is the post that was removed. Mods said: "Rule 3: No moral judgement requests. Moral judgement requests are asking people to evaluate actions taken or actions you want to take, in the context of right, wrong, selfish, or not selfish etc."
TLDR: My estranged sister has enabled her narcissist husband to do and say some awful things to me and my family, including, but not limited to starting a competing business after hiring him to do work for me. Last night she texted me that she misses me. I am not sure if I even want to open a sliver of a door to allow either of them back in. Should I respond? And if so, what should I say?
My sister and I were very close growing up. Her husband has always been a narcissist which has been directed at me more than a few times over the years, but I have always been able to look past it because "that's just how he is," and I wanted to preserve the relationship with my sister and niece and nephews. He was also the person that introduced me to my husband, who considered my BIL to be his best friend. We moved to the same town as we got older, had the same group of friends. Hung out every weekend. Our kids were close.
I own my own business, and we are very good at what we do. We are industry experts in our field. Every man who has ever worked for me has tried unsuccessfully to undo this success since I started. At one point, I needed to bring someone in for a particular client, whom my BIL was familiar with, and he had worked with this group in the past doing something completely different. He was familiar with what we do, so I hired him as a contractor. I felt good about this because they were family. We paid him very well, albeit sometimes a bit slow in the beginning as he was a contractor and he would get paid when we got paid. We also hired a friend of his. Things were going well so we began to give them more work and they worked well as a team.
We have certain protocol that we have to follow in the course of our work of which they were very aware. One of our more troublesome clients always tried to circumvent this protocol, and I would repeatedly have to tell my BIL and his team not to listen to the client, we have to do it this way or we could lose our status as an approved service provider. Well they didn't listen, which triggered an investigation, and we almost lost our provider privileges which would have essentially ended my business just as it was starting to ramp up. Instead we had to redo the work we had performed to all of the clients that worked with this team free of charge.
Come to find out, they did this on purpose, and started a competing business doing the exact same thing we do, and their first client was the client who triggered the investigation. Then we started getting calls from our very loyal clients that he was calling and telling them that they were taking over our clients as we were about to lose our service provider privileges. I went online and checked there corporate status, and the corporation was started right before the investigation was triggered. Their kids were all listed as officers, their two oldest were actively working for them. One of their kids was delivering the services but using BIL's name (illegal), eventually 2 of their kids were working for the client that triggered the investigation, and the whole time my sister was completely silent on the whole thing.
This is my livelihood. Both my husband and I work for my company, so if my company lost it's provider privileges, I would have had no way to support my family. Upon discovery, I ceased contact with all of them completely because I needed to do spin control and save my company. Eventually, my sister moved out of state, and he went back and forth between that state and ours while he performed work under his new company that was in direct competition with ours. Surprise to nobody, his company did not do well as he expected, and my company only grew. Eventually he moved to the state my sister is in permanently, but before he left, he met up with my husband to give back some things of ours that he was holding hostage. My husband said something along the lines of "I hope we can still be friends," and he said to my husband "we were never friends." So all around they have really hurt me and my husband both personally and professionally. And top of all of this, our friend group knew what was going on, and supported/enabled him completely knowing what it would have done to my family, so I lost my entire group of friends too.
This wasn't even the only thing he has done. At one point I was helping at a business they started (long before I started mine), and my BIL accused me of embezzling. Eventually, right before my wedding, he said to my husband "oh I found the paperwork, and yeah she wasn't embezzling." This was his version of an apology, and he couldn't even say it to me, he had to say it to my husband. And again, my sister stood by and allowed him to treat me like that.
Today is my sister's birthday. Last night she sent me a text that says "I have been thinking of you lately...miss you." I do not know how to respond to this at all. Or even if I should respond. After everything that her family has put us through, and how my sister has enabled this man, I'm not sure if I miss her...I don't know what I feel. I definitely do not want to open any doors to allow him anywhere near me or my family. I don't know what to do. I am guessing one or two of their kids are preparing for a wedding. As much as I miss my niece and nephews, I would not go. I am afraid if given the opportunity, he will do more damage and my sister would let him.
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2023.06.06 22:31 MAMu_Kipic How are towers counted ?

Hi all I am R5 of my alliance and seems I won’t be able to construct any more towers soon…
Not a ressource or money problem, just that I can build only 7 towers more… on 180…
How do you level up that 180…? If you still can..?
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