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2020.08.21 23:09 Soul_full_of_Sorrows Soul_of_Sorrows

Growing Place Thank you, for tempering your words in text through the filter of kindness and res pet. This sub is conceived as a kind of compost heap ...Poetry dumping ground; fertilizing, feeding images, emotional conveyances ... in all forms visual, and of course text. space for posts receiving growing room. please honor & reply :welcoming sharing emotion present in reading, but with the respect to be returned within Kindness, hopefully with a touch, a torch when possible, giggles in Gales

2012.04.23 14:46 Box-Monkey True Detective

Time takes everything but the truth.

2011.09.26 09:02 Techno_Shaman TripSit - You're with friends here!

We are a Harm Reduction community first and foremost! This subreddit is for people on drugs to talk with other like minded individuals without being criticized, similar to the 'chill out' tent at raves and festivals. Sometimes you just want to talk with other people while tripping and sometimes you need someone to calm you down. This is a positive, drug-centered community.

2023.06.01 23:53 recruitnurses Looking for Travel Nurse Emergency Room RN 13 Weeks – 36 hours ( Night Shift ) $2,808 Weekly gross Globe, AZ 85501

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2023.06.01 23:52 sugar_sniffer_26 2019 Outback has ghost touch

My 2019 outback with less than 40,000 miles on it has the delamination issue on the screen and is now so severe it’s completely useless. And all I hear while I drive is the beep beep beep of the screen thinking it’s being touched. I can’t use the navigation or even the radio. I’m listening to my music through my phone and the car has perfectly good Harman Kardon speakers. I’m aware a class action lawsuit was just filed for 2019 and has not been resolved yet. At this point I’m willing to go aftermarket. Has anyone had any luck with going aftermarket?
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2023.06.01 23:51 Icy-Understanding364 Helping my GF …

I recently rekindled a relationship with the love of my life. We separated 3 years ago because of circumstances around child care and distance. We were together for 3 wonderful years.
I don’t want to make this post any longer! And I’m not sure our past relationship is relevant, but what I will say is that we both loved each other dearly and it was circumstance that meant the relationship had to end. I’ll add narrative to this … if it helps?
So, she messaged me in January this year and we got chatting again. We had always kept in touch. She had just separated from her now ex partner.
As the messages progressed, feelings begun to return and we stated flirting and talking sexually. Around 4 months into messaging, She asked to meet up, and I agreed.
When we met up, it was like we had never been apart. It was very emotional. But I noticed she was very hesitant physically. The way she kissed me, touched me, etc. Sex didn’t happen. And I was ok with that! I was happy to be with her again and just hold her close.
As we began meeting up each week (we live 90 miles apart), I couldn’t help but keep noticing her holding back. Messages were often sexual in nature, but it was obvious when we met that she was reluctant.
We’ve now been seeing each other weekly for 3 months+. I started to think that maybe she wasn’t over her ex, and tbh I thought I was maybe being used as a rebound. When she spoke of her ex, she would be very very angry. This and the reluctance to be intimate got me thinking. I’m ashamed to say I felt jealous! I honestly thought she had feelings for the ex still.
This caused arguments and she would always tell me that she was over him and didn’t want to speak about him. But I continued to feel insecure and pushing her on this.
The other day, after a bit of an argument about this ex of hers, she phoned me and told me “it was worse than what you can possibly imagine. I am good at blocking it out, but I can’t keep having you bring it up. My friends told me I should call the police!”.
I was confused. I asked her previously if he hurt her, and she always replied no! So, I asked her “police? What do you mean?”.
Her reply was “I’ll give you just a little snippet! I can’t talk about this. We went out and I got unusually drunk on 3-4 drinks. I blacked out and can’t remember much. The following day my ex and a few others told me what had happened, what I had done, and what he had done to me. There was no way I would consent to that! I was drunk and would never do that!! I feel ashamed and just need to block it out. I can’t have you continuing going on about him. I hate him!”.
I was shocked!!! To say the least. I told her that I was sorry, that I honestly didn’t realise and that I loved her and that nothing would ever change that!
It really affected me that night. She kept messaging asking if I was ok? And I told her I was. I really wasn’t though. It literally brought me to tears to think she had been through this, and that i had unknowingly contributed to her reliving this by being so pathetically jealous and insecure. I didn’t sleep that night. We were meeting the day after also.
When I met her, she knew I had not slept. I looked rough. She can just tell. She knows me too well. She kept asking why? I just told her anything but the truth. I didn’t want to upset her. But she kept asking. I eventually confessed to her that I hadn’t realised what she had been through and that I was so sorry and that I had been up all night thinking about her. She got really upset and hugged me so tightly and said “I can block it out. But please don’t keep going on about it. I can’t cope with thinking about it”.
The way she said it, the tears in her eyes, the strength of her hugging me tightly as she said it, the uncontrollable shaking I could feel from her … it was absolutely heart breaking. I held her tightly and told her how much I loved and how nothing would ever change that. I held her for quite some time and she calmed down.
We actually had the most amazing day together after this and she started to smile and laugh more and more.
I love her so much! I don’t know what happened exactly, but I know at the very least that she was taken advantage of when she was drunk.
Or maybe she was drugged? The comment “… unusually drunk off 3-4 drinks …” does make me wonder, as does the “…my ex and a few others told me what had happened …”.
I love her more than what words can justify, and I’m going to be there for her in every possible way. But I’m so worried for her. I’m not going to mention it, because she doesn’t want me too, and I just want to make her happy and for her to know that I’m here for, no matter what.
But has anyone been in a similar situation? Is the anything else I can do for her? Other than just be there for her, make her feel loved and secure? I just wish I could take her pain away, but it’s obviously not that easy.
I’m personally struggling with the fact that I’ve allowed my initial jealousy to affect her. I feel like I’ve made her relive this experience over and over, and I didn’t even realise it.
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2023.06.01 23:51 InstantShower425 Magic for a realist?

Was there ever a time when you believed in magic? Not tricks, but something beyond what can be seen or proved. I know. You’re a realist. So, what did you experience when we met? I told you what I experienced. Did you believe me? Did you believe me because you experienced it, too? You said you did. But when you think back to sitting next to each other in that room, have you rewritten the story? I believe. Fuck, I don’t want to, because the hope it gives me makes me feel like a fool. But I was there in that room with you. I didn’t imagine it. I wasn’t looking for it. In fact, I was surprised by it. From that moment on, I never questioned it. It felt absolute. Decided.We belonged to each other. I didn’t doubt it. That is, not until I let the idea of reality creep back in. And with it came the fear. Then fear that convinced me to end it. I let go of what I knew - which was you and me. I let the voices of the outside world convince me that magic wasn’t real, at least not for me. I let myself be convinced that belief was stupid. I broke. And I broke us. I broke you. I hold this image in my head of a different kind of breaking - breaking free. I finally admit who I am and what I want and what I believe. Wings open up, and I am certain. I know. We belong to each other. We always have. We just got scared, and called ourselves realists. Go back to that day, in that room. Remember the overwhelming, inexplicable pull. It happened, it was ours, and it still exists. Let’s believe again. Let it pull us together again.
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2023.06.01 23:51 Zygarbodor LF: Mythicals FT: Legendaries, Mythicals, & Ultra Beasts

I've been working on my National Dex in Pokémon Home, and there are only six Pokémon I'm missing: Meloetta, Genesect, Hoopa, Volcanion, Marshadow, and Zarude. Would anyone be willing to do a touch trade with me?
I have a handful of Legendaries, Mythicals, & Ultra Beasts in Home that I'd be willing to send over. If you need a specific one for your Pokédex, feel free to specify. My Home friend code is RTNSDCBABWYR.
Articuno OT: Nick ID: 241346 Self-obtained in Ultra Sun Regice OT: Nick ID: 241346 Self-obtained in Ultra Sun Uxie OT: Nick ID: 241346 Self-obtained in Ultra Sun Victini OT: Zygarbodor ID: 425965 Self-obtained in Pokémon Go Zygarde OT: Nick ID: 252775 Self-obtained in Moon Solgaleo OT: Nick ID: 208642 Self-obtained in Sword Nihilego OT: Nick ID: 241346 Self-obtained in Ultra Sun Pheromosa OT: Nick ID: 252775 Self-obtained in Moon Xurkitree OT: Nick ID: 252775 Self-obtained in Moon Celesteela OT: Nick ID: 252775 Self-obtained in Moon Magearna OT: Nick ID: 241346 Self-obtained in Ultra Sun (event) Zeraora (Shiny) OT: HOME ID: 200630 Self-obtained in Pokémon Home (event) Melmetal (Gigantamax) OT: HOME ID: 808809 Self-obtained in Pokémon Home (event)
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2023.06.01 23:50 gothicc_dolll First Hognose Burrowing

So I got my first hognose in the mail yesterday morning, I took him out and gave him some attention and he was very active and happy to move around, as soon as I put him in the tank he burrowed in and it’s been over a day now since then and I haven’t seen him or much movement. For reference he’s about a month under 1 y/o & 29g and this is first time in a tank with substrate (and it’s 30x12x3in of substrate so he can disappear easily) I’m wondering is this is him just being excited and exploring all this new underground space? Since they’re burrowing snakes and he’s never had this much burrowing room
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2023.06.01 23:50 igcsestudent99 Writing job

Hi I am highly proficient in English and I specialize in resume writing,resume design,email writing,SEO writing,creative writing,proofreading,editing etc. If you are interested please contact me through upwork of any writing jobs that you want me to do. My profile on upwork is named as Mohammad Asad. I am charging really low rates at 12$/hour and I assure you that there will be no room for disappointment. If you want to test me before selecting me for a job,I am perfectly okay with that.
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2023.06.01 23:50 metalheadhippy108 Triggered by sounds?

Naturally as a part of BPD, small triggers can be relatively normal. However, recently my triggers have mostly been sound like clicking or snapping fingers, several conversations going on at once, YouTube videos being played so loudly that they might as well be playing in the same room as you, forks or knives scraping on plates or teeth, etc... All these things make me feel so overstimulated as if the sounds are piercing through my ears (they even hurt because of it). I become so irrationally angry and find this hard to control. Since I'll just feel further guilt down the line for letting something so mundane bother me that much 🫠🙃
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2023.06.01 23:50 Hiscuit2452 Do I have VSS?

Hi guys - please could anyone be of assistance. I have severe keratoconus and have had VSS for at least 12 years. I first remember it in high school but I can’t remember whether it was before or after I had corneal cross linking for my keratoconus. Anyway, I see a million white flickering tiny ‘lightning bolts’ in my entire visual field that is most noticeable at night or when I walk around during the day when it is very noticeable. I also see slow moving black dots in my central vision whenever I look from something bright to something dark or vice versa. I have had my eyes checked countless times regarding keratoconus and have mentioned these visual symptoms but have had no answer from docs and they can’t find anything. I go through periods of extreme anxiety regarding these symptoms where I feel like I start to notice them more for short periods. In December I had an extreme anxious period and one night I saw a ‘dimmer’ area in my central vision when I wake up or if I’m in pitch black rooms where it is harder to see in my direct straight ahead vision. I also see a cluster of green dots in eyes when I stare at a bright light and close my eyes. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.01 23:49 SapiosexualGuy 28 [M4F] india/anywhere - honest detailed bio [relationship]

I'm a hopeless romantic deeply thoughtful guy. i could become your lifelong soulmate , provided you put in a bit of effort to understand me. I want to know you deeply from within. Do you have the courage to talk freely and be open about who you really are ? We all have shortcomings and issues. Acceptance is important.
I'm eventually looking for a serious long term relationship but I understand a lifelong commitment can be hard to promise or expect. So, I don't mind taking things slow, starting from a friendship with some fun chats and affection / intimacy. But i would like to discuss about the practicalities and feasibilities at some point in our conversation , especially if incompatibilities or geographical barriers are involved that can make it hard for us to be with each other. And then, we can gradually develop that emotional connect and liking for each other as we talk but yet not rush into commitment until we are sure of our decision.
People outside India are welcome too. LDR is fine with me ( i can move to your country). Long distance makes the final meet even more romantic as we travel across the world to be with each other. I'd be so happy if you visit me and learn about Indian culture from me.

Some Essential Info About Me

I was into software development and even did some stock trading on the side. Tried developing my own game as a hobby project. I didn't learn much in college. I was a self taught app developer. Self-employed. I'm not quite settled or established yet, but have enough to make ends meet. But eventually, I found I need support in life. It's difficult to work alone without a business partner or a romantic life partner. So I've just lost motivation to work since past few years. Also because of my family environment. My father hasn't been working since a decade, so I never had a role model growing up who could inspire me to be diligent, disciplined and help me find opportunities.
And I've realized lately that my motivation is more towards finding love. It's like a fuel I need in order to continue to perform. So I'm focusing on that first because I know I can't have my heart in my career if my mind is craving for something else. Finding a loving partner is both a need for me and the foremost thing on my bucket list. And finding consistent compatible women who are self aware and clear about what they want has been hard for me. It often ends in a few weeks. Or converts into a platonic friendship. But if I can't find romantic love, then I hope I atleast can find a true platonic unconditional love. And once I do, I will have the energy in me to realize my potential in the career aspect too.
I've never had a relationship, so you'll be my first.
Physical: height is six feet ** , I'm average build , slightly **muscular. Fair skin but not white, more like wheatish. Black hair. Cute. I get mixed responses. Some women like my looks, while some ghost after seeing my pics. ( in case you feel unattracted, just tell me bluntly 😅. I appreciate straightforwardness)

My Personality

I really like being a support and best friend to anyone, even if relationship doesn't work out between us. I believe in honesty, kindness, fidelity, privacy, empathy. I am straightforward in talks, i hate mind games, you don't need to be over-polite . Be blunt and straight with me please.
I think i'm assertive and i openly express how i feel and i want you to do the same. If you keep things bottled in, you'll be at discomfort. I want you to share your feelings & thoughts with me in a direct way and be as comfortable while talking , as if i'm your best friend.
I'm an ambivert because i feel introvert with people i don't really connect with and extrovert otherwise. My MBTI type (can't say if it is still the same) is ENTP.

My Interests and Hobbies

talking to people, listening to their issues and helping out, playing sports, especially those involving teamwork, i really want to collaborate eventually to solve problems the world faces. I am altruistic but self-centred too.

Affection & Intimacy

These are results of my love language test :
40% Acts of Service
20% Quality Time
18% Physical Touch
12% Receiving Materialistic offerings
10% Words of Affirmation
I like to give hugs every few hours. I believe i have a high drive. I am a sapiosexual, means attracted to intelligence. I adore your brain. While I'm not a demisexual, overall, I think it's the emotions and love which makes it all the more fulfilling. I like giving pleasure as much as receiving. I also can adapt to my partner's nature. So, I am dominating if they like me to lead and take control but I can be submissive too.

Who I’m Looking for

A woman anywhere on the Earth (if you can't relocate, i will ) who is preferably around my age (but I'm flexible) , any race. I'm open minded about your views of god, life philosophy. religion etc and you should be tolerant too. I'd prefer though that you follow a middle ground between a religious zealot and a hardcore nihilist. I do believe our existence and life has a purpose. But even if we don't align in our spiritual beliefs now, we may become like-minded as we talk and understand each other. We need to be receptive to new ideas and alternate viewpoints and rational / logical.
I value love and intelligence above everything else, so even if you are depressed, don't have confidence in your beauty, have some mental health issues, are not able to get over a break up, still i'd like to atleast get to know you , be your friend and give it a chance.
I feel people who have faced failures are actually wiser, people who have experienced depression before are mature and those who have suffered loss in the past are more emotionally stronger. I'm looking for a loving heart and beautiful soul. Physical attraction is important , but not the main thing i look for.
I don't smoke, drink, take any drugs, and i'd prefer if you don't as well.If you do, i won't pressurize you to change your lifestyle completely for me but I'd want you to put in an effort to abstain from that. I understand addictions are tough to deal with. But occasional indulgence is fine.
I also don't care about your income. You may be a college dropout , unemployed , that's alright. But i need you to be hard working and diligent.
In this overpopulated world, it doesn't make ethical sense for us to have kids. And a secondary reason is they deserve lot of time, attention and resources which we may not be able to provide with our life situations. I don't want to become the cause of why their upbringing may get messed up. That's why I have a preference towards being childfree.


I am open towards voice calls too whereas video calls only after some weeks . You don't need to send a pic right away but you can ask for mine after we chat for some hours . I don't abandon people abruptly , i'd let you know if i wish to discontinue talking. I'm also transparent about whoever i'm speaking to. I will never cheat on you , lead you on , keep you as a backup option , etc. You are free to explore your dating options until we become exclusive. I encourage you to talk to other people too.
If two lonely people get together, we can dispel away the loneliness.
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2023.06.01 23:49 fisadev Pico 4 vs HP Reverb G2, mini review

Hi! I've been using a Pico 4 for DCS, after a lot of time in the Reverb G2 (and the G1 before that, and also a Quest). Here are my thoughts so far, some more objective than others, in case anyone's considering them:
⚪ = Pico 4 is better ⚫ = Reverb G2 is better 🔵 = They are the same

The review

🔵 Practically the same screen.
⚪ But the Pico has amazing lenses, most of the field of view is quite clear (in the Reverb the center is clear but the quality degrades fast towards the edges).
⚫ The Pico can only work via usb or wifi, both with less bandwith than the display port of the Reverb. This translates to a slightly better detail resolution in the center of the Reverb image, if you can run it in its native resolution (and that's a big if for many...).
⚫ And also, to get a nice image quality in the Pico 4 you have to have a fairly good router (I'm using a TPLink AX3000).
⚪ But the Pico image quality is still super good even though the final resolution is slightly worse in the center, because the rest of the image is quite clear, as opposed to the Reverb. In the Reverb I had to move my head a lot to get that "sweet spot" towards what I wanted to see, while in the Pico I can look at the HUD and still read MFDs pretty well at the same time.
⚪ Infinitely better software, really. Not depending on Windows Mixed Reality is such an win. I use Virtual Desktop (paid) with the Pico, and gosh, being able to switch from VR mode to seeing the desktop with just one key combination is so much better. The little ritual you have to do in WMR is so annoying, plus the sluggish menus, and the crashes/freezes when changing modes, and the times WMR simply refuses to recognize the headset, or the times the tracking goes back to 3dof instead of 6dof, the useless WMR Portal where you have to do rituals just to launch any app, etc. I could go on, but really, WMR sucks badly. Good riddance.
Some important context regarding the "seeing the desktop" thing: I fly in kind of a simpit, in which I don't have a nice big screen in front of me. So I need to be able to easily see the desktop in the VR headset, otherwise I have to twist all my body to do stuff like copying a server password from discord.
⚪ The Pico is lighter and more confortable, it has part of the weight in the back of the head instead of everything in the front. Though I would like a little more cushion in it, I still like its feel better than the Reverb. The strap is also better designed and easier to adjust (with that giant knob in the back).
⚪ Better movement tracking, both for the head and for the VR controls, though for DCS I don't use them. And the Pico isn't loosing track or readjusting position like the Reverb often does when something in the room changes (people walking by, a TV being turned on, a window getting opened, etc).
⚪ Less cables. I mean, really HP? 3 cables to use a single headset?? My simpit setup is now a little less messy.
⚫ The Pico doesn't (yet?) support OpenXR for desktop apps. Some websites advertise that it does support OpenXR, but there's a huge caveat to that: it supports OpenXR for apps running in the headset!, not for PC apps over Virtual Desktop or the official streamer app. I was really fond of OpenXR, I gained a fair amount of fps with the toolkit, which I can't use anymore, so I went back to my pre-openxr fps :(
There are some alternatives that might get that performance gain back, like ALXR. But right now they're super hackish, require lots of tinkering, and in my experience Virtual Desktop ends up working better.
⚪? I had all kinds of hardware problems with the Reverb: the G1 just stopped working after a few months, the G2's strap started tearing appart, the plastic bit where the strap attaches also broke (replaced it with a 3d printed part), the cable stopped working and had to get another one, the right speaker is now failing randomly... I honestly got tired of the quality control issues of the Reverb (and for fucks sake, I used it seated for a flight sim, it's not like I'm playing Beat Saber 3 hours a day).
The Pico in the other hand is fairly new to me, time will tell. But so far feels better constructed, and I don't see many people complaining online either. Take that with a grain of salt, but that's what I see so far.
⚪?? There are rumors that HP is leaving the VR industry. If true, that would make the Reverb a dead end, which doesn't seem to be the case for the Pico. But again, this isn't easy to verify or predict.


By switching to the Pico I got a slight loss of image quality in the center but better quality in the rest of the image (requires a good router), far better (but paid) software (WMR sucks), more confort, and lost some performance. And I'm tired of the Reverb hardware issues. Plus some other less important changes.
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2023.06.01 23:49 Sincerelymegapint Using the boys even more now.

I feel so bad for those boys. All they want to do is get out of that room. Eat at a proper time. Sleep in proper sleeping arrangements. Actually be at the park during the day time and not trapped in a room. Not kept up so late. And NOW having them do damn voiceovers?!? It’s insane the lengths and suffering they will put those boys through for views and likes. Liven especially is now capable of remembering all this shit and one day when they aren’t relevant and they can’t afford this stuff he will resent them for the times they could’ve made magical memories but instead were doing the most obnoxious shit for clout and hand outs.
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2023.06.01 23:49 prime2608 Confusion

Warning!!!Long post ahead.
So last year i(29M) started working on my startup around april. During that time i managed to gather a 11person team. Then i needed a content writer. So one of my co-founder reffered a girl(22F) whom he friends with. I hired her and started working with her through phone call on a daily basis. At first i was hasitant to talk anything beside the work but after some time when she started to open up about her past and her family so i thought she is being friendly and started to talk about personal stuff also. So a friendship began during that time i was dating my ex and she was also dating someone. So around july she broke up with that guy whom she was dating.
Then our conversations through phone increased apart from work hours. During that time i used to do parties in my home she is always seems so excited to come to my house. She used to be super flirty, i have to hold back. (Its not that i am shy i have been with 7 girls in my life but have to mantain the boss figure) warned her many times that don't wanna talk but she's always like a chatterbox. So around october one day she was behaving like a child constantly trying to annoy me for 2/3 days. So i asked my cofounder to talk to her so which she said to him that she was taking a revange on me because acc. to her i was trying to be bossy and doesn't respect her. I was super annoyed that day so by evening she was trying to annoy me more it was like she was waiting from a reaction from my end, she was calling me every 15-30 mins to rescedule the time for work happend atleast 6/7 times that evening. I waited till 11.30 that night then called and lashed out at her.( i know super fu○king wrong, have no right to lashed out on someone). On the very next day called her appologised her for my behaviour and told her my situation that, why i lost my controll. And my breakup with my ex and the problems with investors. That night for the very first time i felt something about her. The way she was trying to giving me the solutions and courage. I was just awwstrucked.
So started developing feelings. But deep down felt wrong because didn't want her to be a rebound. Then after 15/20 days when we met again in my house party something triggered in us both we had our first touch that day spent the entire evening in the kitchen. I was cooking and she was helping me with dishes. Felt i found the one that day. Then our bond gets stronger after that started talking more and more after work like 4/5 hours everyday. Then the day in november came when unknowingly i spilled her that i like her (never had any intention to say that) i know things were going to get fucked up from this point on because it was too early. Now she started distanceing her self. For 10 or 15 days i was quite at that time but after that she initiated contact and told me indirectly that she like me too. I didn't reacted that day. Acted like i didn't get what she was trying to say. After couple of days we had a fight because of the co-founder whom she was reffered by bcz he was always trying to slut shame her to me. And i told her the things he told me about her which she got furious that how i didn't take any stand for her or fight for her. Which i reassured her that i trust her and i don't believe what he was saying. So why wasting any energy trying to fight a person of that kind. We fought for 5hours that day ended up owning up my mistake that i let her down.
Again for 15 days no talk. And stared talking around mid december. Around that time she said that she is emotionally unavailable right now. So she doesn't want to start anything. Which i said okay. Knew she need peace and her time to sort out the things. And the problem started from there when she was trying to test me by trying to tell me about her guy friends. (Those guy friends with whom my cofounder try to associate her name with.) I try to stay calm but my evil brain trying to act extra smart and poked her by conffesing once again. (Just to keep her quite)She got extra furious that day. I said no worries i ll take it as a rejection and move on. After 2/3 days she again told me that she likes me. And after some day she was started to being flaky. From regular calling to 7/8days talking in a month. From past 3 months. During these months i asked her many times that if you want to leave you can. Which she denies every time when asked.because with her hot and cold behaviour my work from her end getting effected. (Main problem is i have to sit with her while working otherwise she can't write anything) Now the problem is
A. I can't kick her out from the company. It will leave a bad impression. ( also She work for INR5k a month part time which is so cheap) B. She is not leaving on her own. C. It seems impossible to separate proffesional and personal right now. D. To nail the coffin- (i now fucking love her)
TL; DR : working with the girl caught feelings had couple of f'ed up situations. Can't decide what to do.From past 3 months. During these months i asked her many times that if you want to leave you can. Which she denies every time when asked.because with her hot and cold behaviour my work from her end getting effected. (Main problem is i have to sit with her while working otherwise she can't write anything).
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2023.06.01 23:49 Disastrous_Issue_847 Job is affecting my mental health so bad that I almost pass out yesterday. I am quitting.

I am having a lot of stress lately.
More context one of the manager on duty last week came at me yelling really bad while I was in cash trying to charge 2 hispanic people an order. They want it to pay the order split. I split the order un two tickets and the manager on duty just smash on me, kick me out of the register and start to yelling at me in front of a average 20 people line. She yell at me "WHY YOU GOT ALL THIS TICKETS? It just gonna make it like you're stealing from corporate. Corporate is watching what are you doing !!". I try to explain to the manager what I was doing I responded with: "NO I KNOW HOW THIS WORKS AND AIN'T NO WAY I CAN STEAL IF I AM NOT A MANAGER. BECAUSE I AM NOT ABLE TO DELETE IT OR MAKE A REFUND, I DO NOT HAVE A MANAGER CARD". but she didn't allow me to talk and she start to yell at me in front of everyone saying "I AM JUST WATCHING WHAT YOURE DOING BECAUSE I KNOW HOW YOU ARE AND YOU WOULD GIVE TO PEOPLE DISCOUNT AND FOOD JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE HISPANIC JUST LIKE YOU". I start to cry right after that comment and I went to the bathroom to calm myself down, because I was not even able to charge people I was shaking. She was extremely aggressive and loud. I might have hypertension, my pulse is been high for the pass 2 weeks I really need to have peace.
Corporate wanna me to work with this manager and they didn't call her for her behavior. They actually want me to apologize because I walk out on my shift.
Is been extremely stressful at work and I end up already 2 times in the emergency room for situations at work. I ask my GM for transfer and he literally ignored me saying that "he is extremely short staff"
I am tired of doing cash and line, and when someone come to help me in line the person literally would only serve rice, beans and meat and walk away so that way I see myself force to do salsas and cash. Tired of the laziness.
Of course their response it is "You work only weekdays and mornings, why you complain". Also my boss is all the time telling me that he is gonna pay more to people who work nights and weekends more and also he is gonna give to them all their hours. But he forced me to do "overtime" without overtime pay. If i work 5 hours overtime he would just write down and move the hours to another week.
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2023.06.01 23:49 yeroc121 Boss told me that my “hair touching” is “distracting” and a “bad look” to my colleagues.

I (23m) had a meeting with my boss today. We were discussing some issues we had and how we could move forward efficiently. Things were going great, until she told me there was another problem.
I work remotely, and sometimes on Zoom, catch myself fiddling with my hair. She pointed out that she sees me doing it “a lot” on Zoom and it’s “distracting” and doesn’t give off the “best” impression and other colleagues have talked about it.
Now, I’m very much an open book when it comes to my neurodivergencies and quirks. I won’t go around announcing what I have, but if someone asks me why do I a particular thing in a particular fashion, they’ll get an honest answer.
I calmly told her about Trichotillomania and how I’ve been battling it for the past 13 years. I made sure to preface that it wasn’t an excuse—merely an explanation that the hair touching wasn’t just me goofing off. I told her that if it’s a distraction, I’ll make an effort to start using stress toys or other coping mechanisms at meetings. However, I couldn’t promise anything for obvious reasons.
To my surprise, she actually understood. She told me she had a “nail biting” problem too and her husband also has “hair pulling” issues.
Although she responded well, I left the conversation so frustrated. I couldn’t get over the fact that my colleagues (who are ALL older than I am) never said anything and talked behind my back.
I’ve worked at this company for 6 months—not a single person had EVER mentioned anything about me and my hair on Zoom. So to hear that people silently judged for that period of time was a big disheartening.
I just feel like shit, which I know will trigger my Trich. I just don’t know how to move forward knowing that people are already watching me—what if I do catch myself touching my hair in future meetings? Now I know it’s hurting my stance in the workplace—it’s like being back in school again.
Do y’all have any advice? Should I have fought back harder, or is it really on me to suck it up to take care of this? Part of me just wants to directly address it in the next group meeting so I can have my peace.
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2023.06.01 23:48 floatingwithin 40 [M4F] #SanJose, CA - any younger girls want bare sex or breeding with an older guy?

I'm an older guy who is very sensual and knows how to touch you just right. I'm a clean guy looking for a girl who likes bareback and I'd like someone a lot younger than me. There's a special attraction we have through our age gap. Cumming inside you will help us build a connection. Although I'm a busy dad I think we can still have a relationship, or at least an FWB. It feels better to follow your instincts and do things the natural way even though you might get pregnant. Once in a while I think we should just forget about condoms so we can feel each other skin on skin. I'd love to meet up regularly and have an FWB if we enjoy our first time together. San Jose or Palo Alto would be a good place to meet for now.
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2023.06.01 23:48 lordULTRIX I can't stop

I had this problem beforehand when I was alone . Idk why but I used to think of sad scenerios and degraded my life and myself for no reason at all , then i came to university, the change in life ,helped majorly , so much so that I totally forgot about it but I suddenly remember it again after being left alone in my dorm room. I can't stop ,focus on anything. All i feel is regret of decisions i made past years here that gave no yeild. I feel lost and betrayed and am being overwhelmed by myself.
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2023.06.01 23:48 Jahannni [USA-TX] [H] EVGA 3070ti XC3 [W] Local Cash, PayPal

Local only for now (DFW or 75208)
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/y6ufxm0
Hi all, I haven't been able to use this card a whole lot in the last year as it was in a HTPC in the living room that I haven't had much time to game on so I figured it is time to let it go to someone who will use it.
Local for $350
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2023.06.01 23:47 GuaranteeConfident10 EX-roommate deposit return

Originally, both our names were signed onto our month-to-month lease.
I notified our landlord of my move-out with one months notice. She agreed to letting my roommate sublease my room. No move out inspection was needed (she didn’t state so, but also did not coordinate an inspection neither did my roommate) but despite that I cleaned my room and patio area as I agreed to coordinate viewings for my roommate. However, I had forgotten to clean out my fridge due to not living in the unit for half of the year. Although he is not my landlord in the agreement, my roommate is insisting that I remove my items before giving my deposit back. I won’t be in the area for awhile.
Since there was no move out inspection coordinated by my landlord am I still entitled to my deposit? Who should I be receiving the deposit from?
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2023.06.01 23:47 FoolStack Are there any episodes, even edited down, that you'd show to a small child?

Thought exercise, if you wanted to gateway drug a 7 year old into this show, is there any episode which would do the trick? Heavily edited down is acceptable.
I thought Galileo because of the cold open, we came out of the cave and the kid who goes to the blackboard. However, by the time you cut out anything about CJ's sexual prowess, the long cold winter, Zambonis and green beans, you're left with the 3 scenes I mentioned along with a very "what on earth is happening I'm literally 7 years old" scene in the situation room when they lose the probe.
Is there any episode which might function as a "hoorah civics!" lesson for a kid?
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2023.06.01 23:46 shamanowl888 What I learned Today- The Mind Follows Where the Body Goes

Recently, I've endeavored to approach my spirituality with Healing being my main focus.
I believe firmly that this coincides with my intense interest in necromancy, and naturally my affinity towards Death. My unique spiritual DNA, I think, has to do alot with my own personal tower moments. Times in my life where I faced the deepest ravines of my personal shadow, where my ego was cut with a scythe; albeit, allowed to regrow again over time. Friends, honestly, I used to be thick in the gangs, the drugs, and that lifestyle which guarantees never tomorrow. The past, my past, was an eclectic mix of many different social circles.
My path was walking through fire the whole time. Whether self-afflicted, or a casualty of war, it is a miracle I am alive. I testify to Santa Muerte always watching over Me.
I know my addiction is in the past, and I don't mean to always thread it in my reflections.
In deepest conviction, I feel and believe it speaks alot about where you are today ... when can use the past as a focal point for real change. It's like all of the sudden, when I got serious about who I am, where I want to go, and how to become who that man is (the one I visualized for so long, the one I needed to be to myself), the one I visualize in daily meditation; all the sudden... the low notes were transposed into a symphony. I have a real family now, I am going to be a Father. I am a rising pillar in the local recovery community. I've been able to be of spiritual assistance to human family that I meet along my journey. To Be this far and look back, it is humbling. Silently I admit, absolutely, a sign post of the turn around is the Spirits. Belial for sure, Lucifer, Paimon, Abaddon. Absolutely, integral, is Santa Muerte. For real, she is so powerfully with Me; I feel a new level of peace and comfort never before felt in this lifetime.
I feel in my heart, the reason I am sharing all of this previous information, is to help explain to you why I feel it's worthy to share today's experience. All of my sharing, has nothing to do with "my" genius, rather this story stands as a testament to the power of Santa Muerte.
Today I woke up at 5Am, meditated on "restoration" for an hour. I dropped my Sananga eye drops into my eye, slowly breathing and accepting the sting of the medicinal sananga eye drops. Sananga is a power filled medicine imported from Brazil. These eye drops utilize subtle energetic medicine to slowly decalcify the pineal grand. Sananga clears the "panema" from the eyes, panema being an indigenous term to reference "dark energy" or stagnant energies which disinhibit our true vision. Our true vision perceives not only the 3 Dimensional, but also the 4 Dimensional and higher; or in a sense, the fullness of the astral plane and spiritual dimensions.
I dropped the Sananga, and I jogged to the park which was 2 miles away. I was going to be a little late unless I sprinted, so I ran without stopping. The whole time I kept thinking "don't be a bitch" and I hauled ass. My friend, like I said, they are a military veteran and a bad ass so I have the utmost respect for their time and the quality of who they are as a human being. When I arrived at this meeting spot, we dapped up and stretched, and then we got too work.
We ran. It wasn't too difficult for me, and at the same time, I'm thinking about the warrior I was honored to train with today and I'm doing self-talk. "mother fucker, you will not stop" and I'm thinking of how I lost a good friend who struggled with addiction to a fentanyl overdose last weekend. I'm thinking of my future family. I'm thinking of how I want to be as ripped and fit as my little brother who is finishing his training in bootcamp right now. I want him to come home and be proud of me, and I want to earn the respect of everyone I meet; Not by talk, rather through actions. There is an undeniable power that comes with being a ripped beast-mode mother fucker. That is Me and who I am becoming.
The summary of that paragraph is "self-talk" and how I used mental images and strong emotions, both negative and positive, to propel me inside of this flow state as I surpassed the previous mental limitations I had placed on myself, and I broke through that fucking ceiling like a raging bull. There were a couple times we stopped, and during those times I was able to connect with my Brother whom I have the utmost respect for. It was during these moments, the camaderie was built and deeper rapport established. So "Here is my message from Ma - Self Talk is EVERYTHING!"
We are repelled and attracted; on an etheric, mental, subtle level it is important to understand the self, and how the self is pushed away from people, places, and things, and attracted towards pleasurable people, places, and things. You are the one in control of writing the programming regarding what attracts you; I used to be moving towards temporary fleshly desires, and now I am strongly attracted towards beinga beacon of hope, laughter, and love; Do not be fooled, I am not love and light. I am very much in touch with darkness, however through this internal understanding of the shadow I am growing into a spirit within a body who accelerates and enhances the energy of those around me, whatever their path may be.
What Am I repelled from? This would be what has cost me tremendous pain, shame, and dissappointent. What I've overdosed on ten years ago, the drugs which have cost me brothers and sisters - yeah, it's thick where I come from, and the pain is deep. I am repelled by that which would create me to become a hypocrite and disrepect towards Santa Muerte whom has granted me family, safety, peace, love, life, and wisdom. What that looks like, is a glutton for pain who disrespects his family and future daughter by choosing to step away from HIs most perfect self. If you pause and think about what I said, consider what that looks like... Reaistically, I am liberal and maybe you could say "Dutch" in the sense that I don't judge, and me personally, I have done a line of cocaine or two and been cool. As long as you got your fucking priorities straight and you're honest with your "god damned self" you know? It's the repulsion from becoming a straight drug fiend, a liar and thief who denys the self and chooses a false projection to subsist on fake pleasure. I enjoy drugs for inspiration, within moderation, with the exceptions of opiates. I avoid the hard shit in general, this writing is all keeping it A- to the motha fuckin real.
I grew up some of my life with the Hood, and also had the privilege of a middle class lifestyle at the least. When I was 18, I left the midwest and went out west to Nevada/Salt Lake City and I got a real taste of the streets. I was a rebellious, hustling psychonaut hellbent on the truth. I was also susceptible to magicians whom claimed to be "Divine and Chosen", having been raised in a very strict and very abusive religious enviroment. All of this submersion into the reality of the world, and the streets, from the Hood and the homeless shelters and the deepest crevices of societies underbelly (even rubbing shoulders with traffickers of drugs and humans on bulk, never NEVER advocating for that shit.... never really judging as such a young man, practically a teenager even, yet never advocating... just observing as a demonic creature witnessing the world...) all of this immersion, this modern baptism into Darkness, it served to broaden my horizons and open me to the possibilities of healing myself.
See when I started out on this spirtual journey officially, doing dedications and witch craft spells for wisdom and knowledge, more than sex and money, this all began a process which I believed altered my quantum reality. My initial course of reality was shifted, and I made choices more in line with "chaos" than the order predetermined and set for me. How I got to this point was willingly embracing "tower moments" only now, looking back, it is coming full circle and I am able to provide real support to those around me having been throught that darkness, and most importantly support to myself.
So In retrospect, today's run of 7 miles was also an "offering", a sort of proposal to my personal God and Ma, respecting them and inviting them into my spirit. Movement can be a great way to transmute the personal struggle and internal state, and with this in mind, I am also encouraging you to get up and become active. Find a way to participate in creative acts, and co-creation; reflect, encourage, and inspire.
I feel like maybe this post was a bit adhd, so I want to leave you with a few thoughts. No Matter Where You Are At, Santa Muerte Accepts You. She wants to see you Shine, and become all that you are. If you love yourself, or maybe you are struggling to love yourself, do you love Ma enough too ask Her to change you? She will create circumstances in your life, move people around, and you will be faced with temptations and challenges. Maybe even losing things. Where there is loss, there is room to grow. So have hope. Be strong. Life is so fucking temporary. Who you live as, beginning today, that is what counts. When you die, choose to face your God, Goddess, Deities, Self ; choose to face that with clean hands and an open heart.
Today I ran alot of miles, it was more than that. My personal achievements are very, very small in the grand scheme of the cosmos. I believe we are small fractals of the greater cosmos at large, therefore our choices everyday contribute to a small movement that is great when collective, a diretional change towards a better future for our children, and a better earth. If nothing else, we can say that we lived as Gods. Hail To Thee! Hail ThySelf! Hail Santisma!
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2023.06.01 23:46 Any_Profession_9287 I need to hire someone for a stand in interview

Hello - unusual request here. I need to hire someone for an zoom incident interview for a client. They need to provide some information but are too afraid to show themselves on camera. The team who is conducting the interview allowed for a stand in. Can give more details in DM
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