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2023.06.06 05:08 Competitive_Doubt_61 A fix for Sims 4 download problems

Hey everyone, a couple days ago my partner was having problems downloading a doc pack for the Sims 4. After hours of trying everything I could think of, the following strategy worked for us. If anyone is having download issues, like being stuck on preparing at 14%, etc, try this method.
Step 1: Make sure Origin is downloaded and that you've logged in.
Step 2: Start the download in EA, wait for it to bug out and get stuck.
Step 3: Use the task manager on your computer to fully shut down every EA program that's being run. There will probably be 4.
Step 4: Go into Origin. It will put a pop-up on your screen telling you to use EA instead, but don't click anything. You should notice in the bottom left that The Sims is being checked for downloads. Eventually whatever you're having a hard time downloading will show up, and it'll start getting downloaded.
Step 5: After everything is done downloading, force close everything that Origin is running and open EA. Whatever was giving you problems should now be downloaded. If not, try the process again.
I hope this helps, let me know if it works for you or if you need more info! And please if it works for you, or not, let me know. EA is terrible and I just want to help others out who have the same problem
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2023.06.06 05:08 AutoModerator [Updated] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

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Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
The lessons inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator course include:
1. Foundations
2. Mindset
3. Systems & Processes
4. Finding Leads and Setting Meetings
5. Sales
6. Service Delivery
7. Operational Supremacy…
… and more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.06 05:07 Checked-Out13 White 2, Attempt 3, Update 5

So I had an interesting time since Update 4. Route 4 Colress battle was easy and I caught Sekkha the Sandile with Intimidate. Since it was Monday, I also found Cimarron, the Adamant HA Braviary (a static encounter, and thus a free catch). But while training, I had Hugs the Drilbur up front in a trainer battle vs a Darumaka. I didn’t apply status conditions and was instead using Mud Slap and Dig on it, as it had Facade. Well, one conmected, and it Crit One Shot my little mole. A crushing loss.
In the Desert Resort, I found Oracle the Sigilyph, who is staying boxed for now due to a Terrible Nature (and being my 4th flying option, with Echo and Peanut boxed for the time being). Relic Castle got me a Sandshrew I named Scuttles, who was holding Quick Claw. That might be helpful someday.
In Nimbasa City, I had a close call in the Double Battle vs Ingo and Emett, since Nate’s team was almost completely wiped, but I had no losses thankfully. I decided to head West first to catch stuff on Route 5. Bianca led me to thr Hidden Grotto, likely the only one I’ll get this run if I’m not lucky, and I saved right before Minccino. This Save is important because I would then catch it, a Solosis on Route 5, a Liepard on Route 16, and a Mold Breaker Pinsir in Lostlorn Forest, grinding my team to level 30. Then my DS was knocked out of my grip when I was tackled by a dog. The game crashed and froze, and nearly 2 hours of work was lost.
Well, I took an hour to relax before getting back to it, having some food and water in my system, starting with Minccino. He was caught and named Sweep. Route 5 gifted me Hefty the Trubbish this time, and I reclaimed my Solosis, Jelly, on route 16. In Lostlorn Forest when I began grinding my team, trying to make my strategy, I found Sweater the Swadloon, who I might make use of someday if needed. It is a high Def line after all.
Thanks to a chance case of Paralysis during my grinding, I was struck with inspiration for my battle with Elesa. Grinding the team to levels 28-30 (Shogun is still 24, but is now my primary Grind, while Cashmere is either to be Boxed os given EXP Share in the future), I quickly dealt with the Roller Coaster and Gym Trainers before stopping at the PC to select my 3.
The spotlights shining on the Runway, our electrifying battle began! I led with Glitch the now Magneton vs Elesa’s Emolga. They had Leftovers on to recover any damage taken, 5hp a round. Turn 1, I was hit with a light Pursuit and set up Reflect. I was hoping for Zebstrika to hit the field, but also wanted to set up for late game, so I went for Thunderwave, which I learned could work on Electric Types still in Gen 5. But Emolga Volt Switched into Zebstrika, and it got a speed boost. However, with Reflect, I swapped into Sekkha the Krokorok, who spooked the zebra with Intimidate and barely was hit with Flame Charge. I went with Embargo, in case I didn’t one shot next turn, taking a light Pursuit. Dig followed up, but I was tapped with Quick Attack going underground. The Reflect faded, but I dodged Flame Charge and One Shot the Zebstrika, a run killer for my previous attempts at Unova.
Flaafy was out next, so I swapped into Glitch again, tanking a Take Down. Reflect was up again, and I was hit with Thunderwave. But I retaliated with my own, barely knicked by a Take Down, and swapped into Scuttles the Sandslash, absorbing a Volt Switch Elesa used to try and get out to the much faster Emolga. I used Dig, much faster than the sheep, dodging a Take Down. One Shot, and Reflect down again.
Emolga was all that was left, but I couldn’t take any risks. I went back to Glitch again, taking Pursuit on Scuttles for about 1/3 thanks to a Crit. Reflect was up after another Pursuit tapped the Magneton. We got Full Paralyzed next, and tapped with two more Quick Attacks before Thunderwave hit. 2 turns on Reflect. Swap into Sekkha, Emolga Full Paralyzed. 1 Turn left. Rock Tomb does 3/4. We tapped with Pursuit. Reflect breaks. EMOLGA IS FULL PARALYZED, ATTEMPTING TO QUICK ATTACK! I go for another Rock Tomb with high hopes.
It connects. The crowd and music are silent for a few seconds, enough you can hear a pin drop.
Then the cheering. We did it. A gym I was so terrified of. And we beat it deathless with only 3 pokemon. With the Volt Switch TM and the 4th Badge under my belt, my journey has finally begun to take me to Driftveil City, and to Clay. Time to raise the team to level 33, and decide my NeXT strategy. I absolutely want to use Shogun, whi hasn’t been in a Gym Battle since Roxie in Virbank City, but I need to decide who else to use, as I fully expect someone to die vs Excadrill.
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2023.06.06 05:07 fruliojoman Anon hates raves

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2023.06.06 05:07 Interesting-Kick-112 Fatal Error on MCC Help

Hi whenever I'm playing MCC no matter if I'm in the menu, mid match, or near a checkpoint my game will randomly crash and say Fatal Error. I'm running Windows 11 with 16gb ram max graphics on a 3060ti recently updated with an Intel i5-10600k. It will always reset my game to fullscreen as well. Can anyone help me out?
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2023.06.06 05:07 Plenty-Guidance-3831 Wife forced herself on me after a consensual session. Was it SA?

Throwaway account. It’s a long story but I’ll try to condense it. Last week my wife and I had two consecutive nights of hour long consensual sex. The first night I climaxed first but was able to get her there too. The second night was high energy and fast paced but after an hour neither of us were climaxing, and I’m kinda old, so I told her I couldn’t go any longer. She said that’s fine and I went to shower. After my shower, I wrapped a towel around myself, stepped out of the bathroom, and she was lying on the bed, facing the bathroom, masturbating. This surprised me so I ducked back into the bathroom. She said “you don’t have to stay in there.” I said “I know, but it’s ok. You finish.” I brushed my teeth, killed some time…She kept insisting I come out, so I finally did and sat in a chair near the bed. Then she wanted me to turn and watch, I said no again, but she insisted again until I turned my chair toward her. Same back-and-fourth with scooting my chair closer, then taking off my towel. She suggested it, I said no, she insisted until I did it. At one point she even stopped, sat up and said “stop telling me no.” Then she asked “can I come get on top of you?” I said “no, I’m so tired. And I already showered. But you can finish.” She stood up and walked to me saying “I’ll do all the work.” Then she sat on me, inserted, grabbed my hands and put them on her back and said “don’t let me fall.” Then she started riding me and I just kinda sat there and took it for a few minutes. It was only about 2-3 minutes and I was not enjoying it, but I just wanted her to be done so I just held onto her back and stared down. At one point she asked if I was ok and I just said “yeah it’s fine, please just finish.” Then she said “this would be a lot easier on the couch.” (We have a small loveseat in our bedroom.) That’s when I pushed her off me and stood up and kinda yelled “I can’t do this! Stop!” I grabbed my towel and went back to shower again. When I came out the second time fully dressed, she was laying on the couch finishing. I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. We haven’t talked about it and I get sicker to my stomach and more anxious every day. I legitimately don’t know what to do or say.
TL;DR: After an hour of consensual sex, I was tired and stopped, but my wife insisted/coerced/forced round two.
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2023.06.06 05:07 AutoModerator [Bundle] Iman Gadzhi Courses (here)

Contact me if you are interested in Iman Gadzhi Courses by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have all Iman Gadzhi courses (Agency Navigator, Agency Incubator, Copy Paste Agency).
Iman Gadzhi’s courses are one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency and how to grow it.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  3. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  4. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements, Live calls & More
The core concepts in Iman Gadzhi’c courses include:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi’s courses, contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.06 05:07 Empty_Plastic7371 Mirage 😍

Mirage 😍
John took me to the summit!
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2023.06.06 05:06 cjacksallin Withdrawal fees

I cashed out a small amount for 437.75 and 399.75 hit my account.
Usually, it says credit memo with a code for withdrawal on the deposit.
This one had no code just credit memo. When I asked about it - they assured me they paid me out in full. They also said they cover fees and that
I check with the bank - they said they cannot tell who the depositer was, but it is different than my other withdrawals from 888. (the other withdrawals were for the full amount I cashed out)
I check back in with 888 and they assure me they paid me in full.
i check the bank again - same information.

I ask 888 again and all of the sudden there are fees that they cannot control, nor can give me information about.
How is this information not available the first time I ask. Sounds like they had no idea what happened and made up some excuse .
So I'm out $30 bucks about 7% fee for cashing out.
Real shame bc I like playing on 888 and don't want to play a 8 hour tournament during the week, and the small fields are great, and you can finish a tournament go to bed and be up for work at a reasonable time.

888 please make it make sense!!!!!!!!
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2023.06.06 05:06 what-an-odd-one I'm in a binge and restrict cycle due to comments and

Possible TW
I've been so stressed and over worked. I get so hungry and tired to the point that I don't care. Ive literally been working 10 days straight (9 hour days) with like 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night. Ive been taking care of all of the house care and cooking as well. Then I'm just extremely upset with myself and restrict or fast the next day. I got called "skinnyfat" indirectly at work and I think that sent me spiraling. My work mom noticed I was watching ED content and she was pointed it out to me and started to comment on how skinny I already was.
On top of that my boyfriend has been making INNOCENT comments about how much I've been eating. I know he doesn't care about how much I eat, but it's triggering me so so badly. He's stressed too so I don't want to make him feel like I'm starving myself because of him especially because the comments are coming from a good place. AAAAAA
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2023.06.06 05:06 roboticlasagna What is your favourite All Time Low song that starts with C?

Day 2 has come to an end and it is time to crown the winner. It was not nearly as close as Day 1 but there was definitely a bit of competition. Ultimately, the winner of Day 2 is Backseat Serenade!
Winners: A: A Love Like War B: Backseat Serenade
Time for Day 3, the letter "C." Once again, i will comment the names of the songs down below and you will upvote your favourite song. The winner will be announced in 24 hours (around 10 pm cst, if that matter to anyone.)
Thank you for playing so far and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Your choices are:
Cinderblock Garden
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Come One, Come All
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2023.06.06 05:06 Temporary_Pie3519 How do I (18F) stop waiting for a reply from my boyfriend (18M)?

Hi everyone. I have really bad anxiety and I have a habit of constantly checking to see if my S/O messaged me back. At times when I continue messaging them knowing they won’t see it until later, I have thoughts wondering if I’m bothering them or if it would be better for me to stop trying.. I do think I should hold back from texting more until they reply (it’s always memes or unimportant things, I’m not hounding them abt not texting me back or anything). This has been an issue with both my first and current relationships.
I really like texting all the time and I’ll usually drop whatever I’m doing to text back. Today has just been difficult because my boyfriend is on a church trip and he can’t have his phone a lot of the time. He said he’d let me know whenever he had it and he texted this morning (14 hours ago) that he was losing his phone. I haven’t heard anything since then and all I said was that I hope he has fun and that the food is good. I’ve done a good job of not overstepping today I think, but I’ll admit that I feel pretty lonely. The trip lasts until Friday and I don’t want to worry about it the whole time (I’m on vacation myself).
Any advice for not worrying about a partner texting back? Especially when that partner happens to be a “bad texter”? Lol
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2023.06.06 05:06 JustAnotherJawn Thanks to everyone who came out to the Philly Bike Action meetup tonight! It so inspiring to see so many people come out to make Philly a safer place for everyone to ride a bike.

It was very encouraging to hear everyone's reasons for wanting Philly to be a better place to ride a bike. We heard from people who have been nearly killed on a bike, people who want their kids to be able to get around on bike, and people generally fed up with being threatened and harassed while on a bike. I just wanted to share some of our plans going forward.
The Discord link is here:
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2023.06.06 05:06 Entire-Gazelle-3478 My 4yo goes absolutely fn ham during the full moon

Whoever "debunked" the theory that the moon affects humans' moods should open those files back up and make a case study on this boy. Normally he's very active, like he has a lot of physical energy, and talkative, argumentative, even, but we don't struggle with bedtime.
When the moon is full, however.... he literally starts climbing the walls. Like the baby crawling on the ceiling in trainspotting. Our routine normally is as follows: he gets off school at 6pm, by 7 we've had dinner and we play and maybe watch something together. At 8:30 it's bath and bed time, by 9:30 we're in bed with a story, then lights out and by 10 he's asleep. When it's a full moon, he gets off school super hyper and seemingly overstimulated, wants to run on the street all the way home, wants to ride his bike when we get home, does cartwheels all over the house, and now he's learning to do handstands and knocking out paintings off the walls. He can't stay still, he has dinner but he constantly gets off the table between bites. Then bath time, he doesn't want to go in, then doesn't want to get out because after the bath he's supposed to shower also, then after he gets out he needs to try on all his pijamas and do a fashion show for me. When we get in bed he's like a fish out of water, and a big strong one at that. He listens to the story doing cartwheels and rolling over me, today he hit me in the face two times with a foot, but apologized.
It's not really bad behavior, I can tell he's feeling hyper and try to calm him down, it's nothing that I can correct or yell at. It's just really crazy that it always happens when there's a full moon. Also when we turn the lights out he wants to talk for hours and asks stuff like where did my (deceased) grandpa go? When will I die? Will you die or will you take care of me forever? On those nights he falls asleep close to midnight or 1am. Anybody else experience this?
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2023.06.06 05:06 tenaciousBLADE Xm5 “Test-Drive„

Xm5 “Test-Drive„
TL;DR: What tests would you perform on a pair of XM5s, to make sure nothing is wrong with them and they don't need the usage of warranty, if you only had 24 hours to do so?
CONTEXT: So I've purchased the XM5s in the US, but I am not in the US. My s.o. is on her way to there to bring them back to me. While she's there, she said she will happily do whatever test it want, to make sure we didn't get a dud, and that everything is in tip top condition. Her only request was that she wants to use them on the flight back 😁 (smart woman, that one)
To the point: I've been looking around this sub for a while now (and the net in general), and I realize sometimes some people get a bad one. Either with broken parts physically, or with hardware/software issues.
So, I figured I would enlist your help: * What tests should I ask her to perform on my new XM5s before she brings them back?
I need to make sure most/all of these tests last no-longer than 1 day, so that if there is a need to return them to Amazon/Sony or ask for their help, she has time to do so in the one week she has there.
What I'm not looking for: * “This went wrong with my XM5/XM4” What I am looking for: * “This sometimes goes wrong for some people, and this is how I would test to check that yours doesn't have that problem”
Thank you for any help you can offer 🙏
P.S. Please forgive the bad formatting, I'm on a mobile.
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2023.06.06 05:05 Competitive-Cat-5897 Ask and ye shall receive?

I asked for a sign today. Something kept telling me to put my questions out there: Am I on the right path? Is this man really my twin? Are we meant to be together on this journey?
I’ve been seeing others here requesting similar confirmations. One person mentioned asking to see a yellow car. Since I was going to be on the interstate for about 3 hours this afternoon, that seemed too easy. Surely I’d see at least one. I tried to think of another sign, but I couldn’t think of something offhand. So, I said, “Fine. Show me a yellow vehicle.” Immediately, I saw a yellow truck.
Just a lucky break, I thought. I felt the need to up the ante. “I have to see 4 yellow vehicles. And they have to be trucks, tractor trailers, or buses.” Within 5 minutes, I had seen 3 more work trucks. Within an hour, I had seen 16 total—4X the number I asked the universe to show me. And what time did I see the 16th one? 2:22 p.m. 🤯
All told, I saw 33 yellow vehicles and only 2 were cars. I couldn’t help smiling. It was as if the Divine was going out of their way to make a point. But I had to issue one more challenge. “If union is meant to happen soon, I’ll see my favorite car.” Not long after, here comes a Thunderbird convertible—a yellow one, no less.
To paraphrase Dr. Frasier Crane, “Good afternoon, Universe. I’m listening…” 💛💛💛
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2023.06.06 05:05 bingbongbinggbongg TN - Visa at port of entry. (or something else idk please help)

Hi! so i am a 21 year old Canadian Citizen woman currently living in Alberta I’ve recently been offered a seasonal job offer at a resort in Oregon. The position would be for July 1st to early September. My plan was to apply at a port of entry as there is not enough time to apply and recieve the Visa. but after some more research im doubting the odds of me being accepted because the position is for a Cook.
The US employer would send me a letter with a wet signature detailing the job description, my start date/ return date. and any other necessary information
Ny current employer in Canada would also write me a letter with all of my qualifications (also has agreed to let me return to the job after the summer) not sure if that would matter or not.
I have all proof of Citizen ship and no Criminal record.
Would this be enough for me to be able to work in the US for 2 months? I would hate to drive 15 hours to the border just to be denied
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2023.06.06 05:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (

[Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (
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🧠 Phase 4 – Ramp
🧠 What is Remote Closing
🧠 Tax Strategy For Closers

Sales 1o1 Crash Course

👉 Intro
👉 Sales First Principles
👉 The Belief Ladder
👉 Setter Crash Course
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👉 Closer Crash Course
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🚀 PartneSpouse Objection
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💰 Overview of Advanced Closer Training
💰 Getting Clear On The Pain
💰 Background Questions
💰 Doubt Questions
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💰 Support Questions (Partner & Spouse)
💰 Trust & Transitioning Out

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2023.06.06 05:05 Telemachusfar The Human Security Officer, Part 6

Slightly longer one here, I think I like them this length. Anyway, as always, thanks for reading! :)
“I am unsure Miss,” Ton'et's central body turned somewhat and look of deep thought came over them, “wait… we’ve established that these three are not party with these Tinsne. They are wearing habsuits and have died more recently. At this time we have two questions. One, Where did these three come from? And two, What was that disturbance?” They looked at Penelope.
“…I’m not sure I’m following.”
“I’m suggesting that these two questions may have the same answer. The sound and jostling correspond with an airlock alignment and clamping sequence. I believe we have been just boarded by whoever sent these three here.”
“… Shit.”
“An apt Terran expletive.”
Ton’et noticed the human’s eyes tarry on the weapons crates but was surprised when she instead stood and moved to the doorway.
“Can’t do anything from here. Follow behind me and we`ll see what we’re dealing with. If something happens just hide and stay down.” Penelope let out a hollow chuckle.
“An expression of amusement? Why?” Ton’et asked as they moved to the airlock.
“Well, you wanted firsthand data on human biology, right? It looks like you’re gonna get it.” she said, moving to the door.
“I see… not quite what I had in mind Miss…”
Penelope gave Ton’et a wry smile as she waited for them to take a position behind the lip of the door. Pressing the button, the doors slid opened quickly but no one waited for them in the airlock itself and the doors to the Blue Nebula wouldn’t unlock until the outer door was closed. As such, the two moved in and again took up positions. Penelope at the door and Ton’et behind cover.
This time Penelope waited. Moving the side of her head up against the door and pausing for a moment. She then repeated the odd action lower on the door.
“What are you doing Miss Penelope?” Ton’et asked.
Penelope tapped the fleshy protrusions on her head, “Listening. There’s something mechanical on the other side of the door.”
“How can you… questions for later. It’s most likely a frame. There’s nowhere near enough folks turning to piracy to fill a crew so its not uncommon to see them using mechanical assistants.”
Really? Robots?
A focus came over the human as she motioned for Ton’et to stay down. It almost scared them how her face changed expression. There was no smile anymore, and the eyes took on a deadly seriousness. They shuddered to think of themselves on the receiving end of this aura.
Having noted her companion’s hidden position Penelope took a deep breath and opened the door.
In an instant, it slid open and her target was in front of her. A machine about half her height with three leg-like appendages supporting a round body and atop that a cylindrical shaped head. A lens was looking down the hall to the cargo bay before it quickly refocused on the large creature surging forward from the airlock. A small laser weapon deployed from body but it had no time to fire as Penelope’s left hand gripped its head, lifted it into the air, and slammed it into the opposite wall.
Penelope had apparently used enough force to crush the thing’s head entirely as its body detached and fell to the floor. The shattered head only remained due to Penelope’s grip.
Oh… well then, that was…
“Huh… I honestly thought that it would be a bit more durable.” She said as she looked at the crushed cylinder in her hand and then let it drop to the ground.
After a brief moment of shock Ton’et produced their datapad and began taking notes. Penelope noted that the rest of the corridor was clear and began making her way to the bridge.
“Bridge first, hopefully we can get a good idea of what we’re up against… and where everyone is.”
Ton’et made a gesture mimicking a nod and followed at a distance.
Reaching the turn in the corridor, Penelope peeked around the corner and saw that the bridge doors were wide open. It wasn’t a great angle, but she could see one frame of similar design past the open doors. Holding out a hand she motioned for Ton’et to stay put.
Ton’et was again surprised and made note of the near silence with which Penelope dropped low to the ground and made her way to the open bridge door. What was one frame from the angle of the corner revealed itself to be two frames and an alien in a familiar style habsuit.
Penelope was used to perfectly controlling her movements in regular gravity and with the ship operating on half that norm it was almost nothing to move with speed and silence. She moved past the first frame she’d seen which was evaluating the security console. Making sure not to alert that frame she moved up behind the alien and the frame it stood next to. They were apparently attempting to slice the console attached to Captain Deag’s chair. This task seemingly so engrossing that neither noticed Penelope taking a position directly behind them.
In a flash of motion she grabbed the alien by its habsuit with her left hand and the frame by its head with her right. In one fell motion she crushed the frame and whipped its body across the bridge into the second frame destroying them both. She turned the aliens face towards the pile of frame parts and then back to her.
“Call for help and I promise you, that habsuit wont even slow me down. Understand?” she said with a deathly growl, staring into its eye.
It began to shake in the suit and uttered a single wilting, “…yes.”
“Good. Now, you’re gonna answer some questions for me.”
Ton’et barely watched where they were walking as they moved onto the bridge. Tapping away at the data pad and muttering to themselves.
“Inquire about limits of superb strength. Inquire about ability to move silently despite size. Inquire about ability to launch objects at speed and with accuracy.” They continued as they moved into a corner and sat down.
The alien in Penelope’s grip noticed Ton’et but did nothing but shake in fear and wait for the questions.
“First. How many of you are there?” Her tone was cool and controlled.
“Five total now, thing on other ship got Mol, Vardin, and Eiggia. More frames. Me here, three others should be in cargo bay with your people, frames too. One left on our ship. Please don’t kill me.”
“Cooperate and I won’t harm a hair on your…” she noticed it was seemingly hairless, “Look, talk and you’ll be fine. Deal?”
It made a gesture that Penelope assumed was equivalent to a nod.
“Excellent. How many frames? And is everyone using energy weapons?”
“Ehrm, seven frames and…” It seemed to be confused about the second question, “energy weapons… yes? I am the only one not armed.”
“Last question. You have a means of communicating with your friends?”
The alien’s eye tarried to a belt on its suit. Hooked on it was a small round device.
“This?” Penelope grabbed the thing and held it up.
“Yes. Touch screen, speak.” It offered.
“No need.” She responded as she crushed it in her grip and let the pieces fall to the ground.
The alien made a kind of buzzing noise as it looked down at the crushed commlink.
“Now,” Penelope continued as she moved to a corner of the bridge, “you’re going to sit in this corner and do absolutely nothing because you know that if you try anything there is nowhere you can run that I cannot get to you, yes?”
It enthusiastically made its equivalent of a nod once again. Satisfied, Penelope set them down and turned to her security console. She readjusted its height to suit her and pulled up the corridor cameras and the cargo bay camera. What the little alien had said was true. The corridors were clear. There were three individuals with laser rifles and four more frames in the cargo bay. They’d gathered the crew back by the large bay door and were looking over the cargo.
“Ton’et, stay here and keep an eye on this one…,” she evaluated the situation, “and come over here. I think I have an idea you’ll like.
“Of course Ma’am.”
After explaining her little plan Penelope left Ton’et with the alien who, true to their word, made absolutely no movements save a little shaking. She made her way down the other corridor from the one they’d come through and overrode the locking mechanism on its airlock, ensuring no one would be joining the party… or leaving too early. Next, she went not to the door that led to the cargo bay but the engine room and its many maintenance tunnels.
Gareth had just met up with Deag and had begun to explain the situation when the pirate ship sent a warning signal and began boarding them. Docked as they were, there wasn’t much to be done to stop the vessel. They were quickly corralled together with the rest of the crew at the back of the cargo bay.
“Now I’m not sure if this is your first time but we’re not barbarians. Well take what we want, and you’ll be on your way. No harm done. Simple as that.” The leader explained to them. He was a sort of bright yellow and red insectoid, though it was hard to tell under the habsuit. He was just a hair taller than Gareth and sported bug-like wings from his back that the suit accounted for.
Gareth wanted nothing more than to yell, “I told you so!” but he would never admonish the captain in front of the crew. Besides, he had more pressing matters to think about. Like how to handle the fact that Penelope was currently on board the derelict ship seemingly with no idea they’d been boarded by pirates. He wasn’t sure what to do and couldn’t exactly discuss it with the captain lest their captors hear them. The captain was no doubt in the same position as he looked to Gareth. Unfortunately, neither of them were telepathic.
He could attempt to scare the pirates by telling them about Penelope but then they might be able to disengage the airlock and trap her and Ton’et on the other ship. That would not do at all, and they’d probably think he was just bluffing until they sliced the ships’ computers and saw proof of her identity. That said he was fairly sure that none of these pirates were fond of violence. Most just used the threat of it to get valuables and leave. It was mostly a calm affair compared to what he knew of ancient human piracy. He decided the best thing to do was just talk but not mention Penelope. He was good at talking and a better sense of these pirates would serve well.
“So, what happened exactly. I’m curious. We found three wearing similar habsuits to yours on that ship.”
“A question for a question. I answer that one and then ask one of my own. Fair?” the leader’s wings buzzed.
Gareth looked to Deag who just nodded, “Fine.”
“We found that ship not long before you, knew it was just us in the system so we checked it out. Sent the three over and then… nothing. Dead coms, life signs gone. Weren’t about to just give up on it and it presented us with an opportunity. We wait for another to check it out and either they go the same way as ours did in there and we loot their ship, or they figure out whatever happened for us and we take everything.”
“Ahh, so a trap. Just not one set by you.”
“I suppose. But now my question. You are alive so you managed to survive whatever was on the ship. What was it? What killed my people?”
Before he could respond, though, a familiar voice came over the ship’s intercom.
“Hello pirates. This is… um well I suppose my name doesn’t really matter… well I’m here to give you a threat? Message? Kind of a request too to be honest. All three, yes… Anyway. Put down your weapons and surrender to the captain. That would be Captain Deag… The Corvul… oh gosh I’m really no good at this. Uhm, just surrender or else you’ll regret it cause our security officer Penelope is going to… do something that I’m of course not going to reveal to you. But its… bad, so you should really surrender. Ton’et out.” The intercom cut out abruptly.
“…What?” The pirate leader looked more confused than anything.
“They’re a scientist, not an orator. But you really should consider surrender because if Ton’et is on the bridge then Penelope must already be on her way here. You see what we found was an anti-personnel turret. A human weapons platform. We were able to deactivate it thanks to our new security officer. A human who, if I had to guess, is about to burst through one of those doors.”
The pirate leader wheeled around and aimed his rifle at one of the doors.
“Cover the doors!” he yelled.
The other two aliens and the four frames took aim at the two points of entry. The high pitched whine of charging laser weapons sounded from all of them.
“Keep aim. We know where its coming from and no personal shield could hold up under all our fire.”
They held but nothing happened. Gareth broke the silence.
“You know captain. There’s another human phrase I think you’d like. I think even a human would call you bat shit crazy sometimes. You know you really should look up some of those terms. Having Penelope hanging around.”
“I suppose I should?” Deag responded with a quizzical look.
“Silence you two!” the pirate said without averting his gaze from the doors.
“You really aught to LOOK them UP captain…” he repeated emphasizing the two words.
The captain suddenly understood what Gareth was trying to tell him and, as covertly as possible, glanced up to the ceiling of the cargo bay. Immediately his eyes shot back down as he witnessed perhaps the most terrifying sight of his life.
Even in the greys of his vision he could see, hanging from the crane attached to the tall ceiling of the cargo bay, their security officer. Penelope had apparently accessed one of the maintenance tunnels that Thwilll most often used and followed it to a hatch that let out in the ceiling. She had then, silently, swung her way across the support structure to the crane system that was used to move especially heavy cargo. Now, she hung from it with one arm as she gazed down at the unsuspecting pirates. All of whom were still solely focused on the doors.
“So that’s a no to the surrender?” Deag asked.
“Silence!” the bug yelled.
The final part of Penelope’s plan became apparent when everyone in the cargo bay was suddenly forced down into the floor. The bay’s gravity had just been jacked up to its maximum.
“AGH!” one of the pirates yelled as they were completely pinned to the ground.
A similar sound came from many as they all struggled against the force. The leader and the other alien managed to stay vertical but were clearly struggling to move. Even the frames struggled somewhat, clearly not built by a species that worked under such gravity.
Deag looked up with disbelief to see Penelope seemingly unaffected, still holding on to the crane with a single hand. She evaluated the situation for only a moment before simply letting go. Her massive form careened downward, taken quickly by gravity.
The resounding sound came as she landed on the floor. Her legs bent as they absorbed the impact. Rising to her full height she moved with incredible speed. Her hands shot out and grasped the two frames she’d landed between. With a twist of her torso and extension of her arms, she threw them into opposite walls. Still working off the shock, Penelope managed to surge forward and crush another frame under her foot. Its shell shattered as she put her full weight atop it.
Finally, the shock seemed to wear off and the pirates began to react. They moved sluggishly, though, their rifles more than doubling in weight. The leader attempted to take flight, but his wings did little more than buzz incessantly, not even lifting him from the ground. Penelope, however, moved with ease. Gareth could almost see relief in her eyes as she enjoyed the time under earth-like gravity. She dispatched the final frame without much of a show, simply reaching down and crushing its cylindrical head in her hand.
The leader gave up trying to take flight and the only other pirate not pinned to the ground managed to levy their rifle at Penelope who made no attempt to avoid it or take cover. The hot beam shot out and struck her center mass. Elation and then terror came over them as they celebrated striking the human only to see the sustained beam was having little effect. Penelope held its gaze as she calmly waltzed forward, ripped the rifle from the aliens’ hand, and snapped it in half over her knee. Tossing the two pieces to the ground she just palmed the alien’s face and sent them to join their broken toy.
With that she turned to the leader to see something that changed her demeanor entirely. The leader had aimed his rifle, but not at her. Instead, the emitter was pointed at Captain Deag. A storm came over her face.
“Stop, or he dies…” the leader warned.
“Now, now. We were playing by a certain set of rules, and I was happy to do so. You left them out of it, and I didn’t kill any of you. That was fine by me. But you’re about to change those rules,” her hand slowly lowered to the pistol that had remained unused at her side, “and I will play by them.”
“You’d risk his life to take mine?” the bug asked.
“Nope. Charge time on those rifles seems to be just over a second. That plus your piss poor reaction time and I’m fairly certain I could get off two, maybe three, shots before you fire. That’s one to disarm you, one to put you down, and one more just to be sure.”
The bug found only cold certainty in Penelope’s eyes as he tried to discern whether she was lying or not. He struggled to keep the weapon steady.
The rest of the bay was silent.
“You’re bluffing.” He said but wilted under her intense gaze.
“The question isn’t whether or not I’m bluffing. The real question is whether or not you’re willing to bet your life on that gamble. I wouldn’t.”
He felt so small under her gaze. His instincts screamed at him that this was no creature to trifle with. Those eyes burned into him and yet he felt nothing but a freezing sensation in his gut.
Don’t do it.
The rifle dropped to the ground with a thud.
Good choice.
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2023.06.06 05:05 TheButterScotchIncdt Can’t believe this only took me an hour and a half. What do we think?

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