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Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

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A subreddit for sharing food you've made and eaten today and how you made it.

2019.09.08 09:49 EzraCelestine Shitty Restriction Food

Restrictive eating can be rough, but at least it forces the ingenuity out of us. This sub is for laughing/commiserating about the experience of eating things that're low calorie, and uhhhhh... "creative."

2023.06.06 18:19 breakupcoachdaniel How to heal unhealthy codependency after breakups

What even is codependency and how does it work?
A relationship with a codependent dynamic is a relationship that‘s driven by an excessive reliance on the partner.
An example of this is a relationship where one side has some sort of illness that renders them unable to completely function well on their own and that requires the help and support of another.
There is nothing inherently wrong with such relationships as long as the help and support is given out of genuine care and as long as it doesn’t turn into enabling.
Yet another thing that’s very important to be aware of is that many people who are codependent in relationships and post-breakup don’t have any illness or addiction and can completely function well on their without the help and support of their partner.
This is when the codependency is entirely caused by psychological or emotional trauma, attachment problems, bad social conditioning, lack of relationship experience, limiting beliefs and fear.
A relationship with this type of codependency typically operates on limiting beliefs and unhealthy principles like:
'I need to be fixed and saved by someone other than me'
'He/she completes me‘
'I‘m incomplete without them'
'I must manipulate to keep them in my life or else I will lose half of myself'
'Self-abandonment and self-sacrifice is the highest and most powerful expression of true love' (it‘s not. Respect and self-respect is the highest and most powerful expression of love for another and self-love).
'If there’s no reassurance and no words of affirmation, then they don’t love me/I‘m not good enough/must be mad because of something I did or said'
'When they withdraw I must chase'
'My happiness is in someone elses hands'
A relationship dynamic like this is not healthy because:
1. It severely limits the growth you and your partner can reach and create together. 2. It also puts unnecessary obstacles on your journey of personal growth. 3. It puts you in a constant state of victimhood and self-victimization where you’re lacking power and purpose. 4. It makes you confuse unhealthy obsession, craving and attachment for true love. 5. You may not be aware of when you’re crossing your partners boundaries because the desperation to get your needs met overrides the respect for your partner and for their personal boundaries. 6. It makes you tolerate too much bullshit and pick the wrong partners. 
The way to heal this and thus drastically improve and transform relationships is as follows:
• Learn to be secure in yourself above all else. This essentially means to be grounded in your own validation rather than chasing that in someone else all the time. To fill your own cup and to learn to take more responsibility for your emotional states. • Improve the relationship with yourself. Because that relationship dictates the quality of the relationships with others. • Heal emotional/psychological traumas and attachment problems. • Let go of the bad social conditioning (subconscious programming) and limiting beliefs that disconnect you from your power, your true purpose and your higheauthentic self. • Unlearn and release the outdated survival mechanisms that once served you but only stand in your way and no longer serve you now. 
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2023.06.06 18:19 marmaladesky Need a happy-ending book with no sick kids, to take my mind off my sick kid

I am open to any book with a happy ending so long as it isn’t romance and doesn’t involve sick kids.
Lately I’ve been reading classics, my last choice was one I’ve seen recommended often but didn’t know much about…Lolita. Absolutely terrible choice right now. My kid got sick when I was about 1/4 through it. I need something to cleanse my mind from that book and help take my mind off my sick kid.
No romance novels please. I’m also trapped nursing a newborn and it’s too weird to read a romance novel with a baby attached to me.
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2023.06.06 18:19 brittanyxrivera Who wants a F R E E $15 Amazon gift card just for uploading a short video of your cat/dog? Or your favorite food? It’s that easy! 😮‍💨

Who wants a F R E E $15 Amazon gift card just for uploading a short video of your cat/dog? Or your favorite food? It’s that easy! 😮‍💨
⚡️sign up & update profile picture! ⚡️follow me on hyypespace @brittanylr98 ⚡️enter a challenge & wait for approval (I did the favorite food challenge and posted a plate I ordered at a restaurant, was a video clip btw!)
✨within 24hrs you’ll receive your giftcard, keep an eye out for your email 📧
Join me on Hyype Space to Enter Challenges and Win Prizes: https://www.hyype.space/invite/ce0e2aca423b
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2023.06.06 18:19 johnyreb9 49 [M4F] #Wi Dad type is a hopeless romantic

Hi there. I've tried this multiple times before with no luck. So let's see what happens now. Honestly I'm truly at my breaking point. What I'm wanting seems to be elusive and not real. Me definitely have a dad bod more of a giant teddy bear that loves bear hugs. Also to note I'm the protector type of guy. I love being outdoors and hiking and camping and trail riding in my Jeep. I'm hoping to find someone who likes some of the things I do. I have three adorable cats that are what keeps me sane or insane 😂 I'm looking for someone who wants to build a genuine connection and not just someone looking for a Hu or selling anything. I'm open to any age and I would like if you are interested please send me a short intro and selfie and location please.
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2023.06.06 18:19 Acidsalsagang Anyone have any idea on how to talk to guys the right way?

I have always been a little "boy crazy." Causing myself a lot of heartbreak and bad expirence. I have also had a very timultious relationship that lasted (on and off) for 5 years. Additionally I have BPD, which is a condition that specializes in abandonment issues, over fantasizing folllowed by devaluating, and trouble with interpresonal relationships. This is all a big desaster soup.

However I have a great psychiatrist and a therapist and I have just started DBT and am on a good mix of meds for me now. I just need some advice on how to talk to someone to ultimately date them rather than have an immediate gratification fling. I am having the most issue with communication, or lack there of on their part. Our conversations are great but he must be very busy during the day and isnt the best at getting back to me during that time. Whichg is completely fine but for good/not good reason it makes me feel weird. I text back immediately. I have communicated before "I am impatient and appreciate communication. I’m not very good at sitting and waiting unless I’m told that I’ll be responded to later. Maybe this is a negative trait but I’d rather be upfront than be annoyed quietly." and said that I dont like having notifications on my phone as a way of letting him know how I feel. I am not expecting him to change or put me first or anything. I just thought it was important to say my peace. This isnt even about falling in love. I just want to pracetice good people skills particularily with guys that Im intrested in.

Does anyone have any tips on heathily communicating with a new crush? Or way to distract myself? Or even phone hacks?
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2023.06.06 18:18 tonystark254 Asking for a friend....

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2023.06.06 18:18 Alcoraiden The most depressing doctor's call.

Today is my second month on the highest dose. I talked to my doctor today.
"How are things going after 2 months?"
"Eh. They're okay. I went from like...fluttering between 220 and 230 to now 215-225. I wish this seemed more effective."
"Yeah, that's really slow. Much slower than we usually see."
Then the inevitable conversation began. Yes, I'm eating less than before. Yes, I'm drinking a lot of water. Yes, I'm exercising. Yes, I've had my thyroid tested, it's normal. Yes, my metabolic rate has been tested, it's normal.
I'm paying out of pocket for this shit. It needs to work better or it won't be worth it, and then my only chance at having a body I'm proud of, short of major surgery, is gone.
And today my doctor confirmed that like every other attempt, I am going to just fail unless I go straight to having 90% of my stomach cut out. I can't afford to miss work, and the idea of things like dumping syndrome scare the piss out of me. I also do want to be able to appreciate food while eating more than a tablespoon at a time.
Can't I just be fucking normal? Can't I just eat food like a normal human and have normal human looking body, without having to be neurotic and count every single pea on my plate or starve myself or chop my organs out?
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2023.06.06 18:18 OneAd2945 30M, 5'6, 160lb, multiple red/dry patches on inner thighs

Red patches not itchy or inflammed just dry red and perfectly circular, sort of look like liver spots but I'm in my early 30s, but 3 separate circles that look identical, 2 on the right 1 on the left, 1cm diameter, feels like theres weak/ missing tissue underneath them, accompanied by boil/pimples on both inner thighs that are reoccurring when something is overloading my immune system and don't go away easily
My doctor always shrugged the pimples off as foliculitus but i know they are from something viral from when they started occurring was after a sexual experience and they are quite puffy/painful/large compared to regular pimples and always reoccurr in the exact same locations
Have also been irritated sinus wise
In Ontario where theres really bad air quality from wildfires right now dunno if that could be a factor putting my system into overdrive
I believe i probably have both hsv and some strains of hpv (dont really know because doctors here don't test you for those or even acknowledge concerns about them for males)
Never seen red spots like this and they're concerning me in how sudden/identical they are
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2023.06.06 18:18 DXB-throwaway Du customer care agent just canceled our home internet without prior notice - worst customer service experience so far.

Here goes your monthly customer service rant that's now become a /dubai staple, but hear me out and tell me this doesn't take the cake for worst customer service so far!
So I enquired via the app to upgrade my current plan. They said that they would contact me, which they did today (after 5 days).
The lady I spoke to came directly from du (judging by the caller ID displayed on my mobile). She tried to get me on another plan that was more expensive and had more unnecessary upgrades, so I politely declined and told her that I have already compared the plans through the app and decided on the one that I need. She then told me that if I go with the plan I chose, that my internet might stop working after a certain date. I questioned her why and she could not explain why this is the case.
At this point, I can tell she was just trying to upsell me so I requested to speak to someone else and she insisted that "there is nobody else" - obviously this is bull.
So I told her to "just forget it. Cancel the request and I will just explore my other options." She hung up and after 5 minutes my home internet stopped working! I later found out through the app that my account has been deactivated! (My 2-year contract has already passed so there was no cancellation fee, thankfully)
I later called their hotline to complain about this incident and all 3 agents I ended up with just tried to transfer me to the same line that I dialed to get to them. They all said "I cannot do anything about that" and hung up without a goodbye.
Only one lady didn't hang up on me, but said that the only offer she could give me is for me to apply for another contract with them and she will mark it as urgent and have it installed tomorrow. She said that she is unable to escalate this issue to anyone.
I told her that I wouldn't be doing that because I don't trust them anymore, and she told me that "you don't really have a choice because your area is only covered by du".
I went to an Etisalat branch to find out that this isn't actually true and they managed to get me a new contract with an installation tomorrow.
Anyway, I can't believe they can just do such things without repercussions, but hey — that's Dubai for you I guess. /shrug
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2023.06.06 18:18 brittanyxrivera Who wants a F R E E $15 Amazon gift card just for uploading a short video of your cat/dog? Or your favorite food? It’s that easy! 😮‍💨

Who wants a F R E E $15 Amazon gift card just for uploading a short video of your cat/dog? Or your favorite food? It’s that easy! 😮‍💨
⚡️sign up & update profile picture! ⚡️follow me on hyypespace @brittanylr98 ⚡️enter a challenge & wait for approval (I did the favorite food challenge and posted a plate I ordered at a restaurant, was a video clip btw!)
✨within 24hrs you’ll receive your giftcard, keep an eye out for your email 📧
Join me on Hyype Space to Enter Challenges and Win Prizes: https://www.hyype.space/invite/ce0e2aca423b
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2023.06.06 18:18 autoNightfury Hardcore Plateau

Hi all,
I’m a young adult and sometimes I draw on the side. I fell out of drawing almost every day as a young teenager due to major depression and I feel like that has put me back a bit skill-wise. So what, just practice, right?
Well.. I’m not sure how to criticize my art. I’m not sure what to change about it if I end up not liking it. I can’t push myself beyond my current techniques. Even if I do learn something new and apply it to my art, I still end up hating it because it’s combined with my other more underdeveloped skills, and simply makes my art inconsistent.
The amount of time and practice art takes me has only demotivated me more and more. Drawing and trying new things feels laborious because I can’t perfect it first try. I just don’t feel like I can do it at all. I feel sad when I draw, and guilty for not drawing. I just don’t feel like I can pay attention to/dedicate myself enough to a piece ever.
Growing up, I was always looked up to for my advanced skills in art compared to other people. Art was my life, and wherever I lacked anywhere else, art I could fall back on. Now I don’t feel like I have anything I’m good at due to my depression inhibiting it.
I can only compare myself to everyone I’m inspired by and I beat myself up for not being able to draw like them. I see a therapist, and she and I both know I used to love art because it was my outlet, but I was far less conscious of the quality of my art when I was younger.
How do I practice in a way that I see differences in my art? When I don’t like it, I just literally don’t feel like drawing. This could go on for months. I really hate it. I’m just a total perfectionist and I want to improve while I’m still young, otherwise I feel like there’s no purpose and that it’s simply “too late”.
I’m sorry that this mostly comes down to mental health, but if I knew how I could work on my art as a depressed person it would help me a lot. I never had any sort of art-related curriculum, I’ve always just kind of drawn, so I’m not very educated in terms of technique. What can I do? I just want to hear from other artists.
Thank you all in advance. <3
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2023.06.06 18:18 Ok_Ocelot_9661 I got soft fired for looking for another job!

I just need to rant anonymously.
So, long story short, I clearly work at a toxic company. It’s a startup and my CEO is a raging narcissist. When he didn’t take Covid seriously I was ready to leave, but couldn’t afford to. Then I got a promotion with a large pay increase - so I took some time to learn the new job duties so I could have it on my resume.
Early this yearly, I started applying for other jobs. Nothing too aggressive, just if a position or company intrigued me, I’d apply. At the same time, I was getting head hunted. All the while, I’m severely under paid doing the work of three people at my current job.
I told one of the executives who knows I’m underpaid and overworked that I’d had some recruiters reach out to me. He’s had the same thing happen, and I can tell he’s unhappy, so we’ve discussed it a bit.
I’m pretty sure he went to my CEO and basically said ‘hey, if we don’t treat her better and pay her better, we might lose her’. I’m not upset he did this, because he had good intentions. He just doesn’t know our CEO well enough to know how he would react. I do.
Well. My CEO decided that meant that since I’m unhappy, he could ‘soft fire’ me.
Essentially, I’ve been given about two months to find a new job. If, at the end of those two months, I have not found a new job, I get two weeks severance. He’s framing this as a mutual exit plan, but really he fired me.
So what was a casual job search has turned into a dire job search because I live paycheck to paycheck. I don’t have enough savings to be able to afford to not have a job. It doesn’t help that the job market is absolutely bonkers right now and a lot of people are trying to find jobs thanks to the recent massive layoffs.
Because I no longer have time to find an ideal position, I’m now also forced to give up certain things on my wish list - like a specific salary point and a remote role.
Meanwhile, he is expecting me to continue giving my job 100% while also knowing I’m having to spend 10+ hours a week applying to jobs and interviewing.
Avoid startups at all cost. In my experience, most of the CEOs are all alike - and this isn’t the first time my CEO has pulled this move with someone.
The only positive is there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me getting out of an extremely toxic work environment.
End rant.
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2023.06.06 18:17 camel_jerky Being pressured to see a dietician

I’ve had issues with reflux — and later, GERD — my entire life. Symptoms have come and gone. The latest flare started at the end of Feb and for a little background, I had covid in Dec followed by whatever the hell else was part of the tri-demic (flu and some other virus from Hell). At the end of all of it I got an ear infection and was on abx (doxycycline). Lots of other stress was in there as well, like some life-changing stuff I won’t get into.
Then BAM. End of Feb, I start vomiting like crazy for 24 hours. I thought maybe a stomach bug but no one else I was close with got it. When I wasn’t better after a week (not vomiting any more, but had no appetite and lots of nausea) and had really bad pain in my chest, I realized it was GERD.
I did an elimination diet successfully and narrowed down a few new food triggers. But then I added half caff and decaf back and it’s been hell since. I had an appt with my PCP yesterday and he wrote me a script for RABEprozale and suggested I start taking a fiber supplement.
Anyway. A close friend has been with me along this journey and knows what I’m dealing with. Today when I told her I’ll be taking the rx, she started in with how I should see a dietician too since this is a long-term issue. I’m open to it, but finances are super tight right now. I explained that I’m following doctor’s advice, but thanks for the concern. Again she goes off on how doctors can only help so much and I should see a dietician.
I really respect my friend but this rubbed me the wrong way. I want to get better, I really do. And I know my body. Taking the rx and fiber plus eliminating inflammatory foods (and working on reducing stress and adding light exercise back in) seems reasonable to me for right now. Am I being short-sighted here?
Have any of you worked with a dietician? What is involved with seeing one, do they do food plans and recipes?
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2023.06.06 18:17 AmIn1amh Cis OCD is killing me rn

I’ve known I’m trans since 2018. My childhood makes sense because of it, being drawn to lesbian and trans stories and people since forever etc etc
And now suddenly my heads filled with “you’re fine with having a beard” and “you don’t want boobs”, which I hate and definitely wanted just a few days ago.
My dysphoria fluctuates a lot, which is apparently pretty common. But even in the less/no dysphoria times I’m filled with dread over it possibly not coming back. I can’t be a guy!
I have a bunch of other ocd triggers…having to be perfect, different patterns, intrusive thoughts about religion and hurting people…but it this that makes me sick to my stomach.
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2023.06.06 18:17 noellarkin Rain --> Power Cut Lasting Hours

What's going on, exactly? I lived in Bangalore in the mid-2000s and this was a staple feature of every neighbourhood I lived in. In 2023 - - back here for a few years, its exactly the same. I would have thought that BESCOM would have figured this out by now. Can someone explain to me why its so difficult to get power supply sorted out? This seems to be a constant in Bangalore, irrespective of neighborhoods, political affiliations etc.
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2023.06.06 18:17 ezbz125 33/M/USA Looking for a new friend to chat about life with!

Oh wow where to begin. I guess a little about me. Born and raised in and around the Seattle,WA area my whole life. I love it here and it's so beautiful in Washington, but I feel a bit like I can't WAIT to get out and travel more. I have so much of the US still to see and the rest of the world. Have only been to Canada, Mexico and the UK.
Recently as of the beginning of this year I went through some rough stuff and decided that I needed change in my life. I was getting ready to move to London but things fell apart. So I packed up my stuff and moved across the state to a little town near the border of Idaho called Liberty Lake. It's sort of out in the country/mountains and is very different from Seattle...but so far I love it here. Making friends though in your 30's has proved to be a little bit challenging as I try to not hit the bars all the time anymore. I've undergone a few back surgeries and I'm really focusing on getting stronger again and being slim and fit. It's gonna be my ticket to happiness as I get older. Was finally able to get off the opioids after 7 years.
I have two black cats and am hoping to get a dog maybe later this year or next year. I love guitar and have played since I was in middle school...though I just recently started signing. One of my bucket list things is to finally get up and try open mics for the first time. Baby steps haha. I used to snowboard a lot until I get seriously injured, so I don't do that as much. But I love hiking and being outdoors. The nature here is amazing and there are mountians and lakes, trails and everything you can think of doing out here. I definitely don't miss Seattle for now.
Im starting medical school in two weeks and am going to train to be a medical assistant. I'm going to be super busy but I'm looking forward to having a new direction and goal to focus on.
I love talking and meeting new people. Especially from different parts of the world. I'm terrible at small talk and love to get right into the deep stuff. Id really love to have a penpal to chat about life with! Let's get to know each other and it'd be fun to update each other on how things are going. Just down to Earth and looking to spread good vibes.
Anyways hope you are doing well whoever and wherever you are. And you keep your chin up. Hope to hear from you. Have a great day :)
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2023.06.06 18:17 ArchitectureGeek Need help with an awkward cat/dog situation

My girlfriend and I live in a small apartment with a dog and a cat, as follows:
Dog Nalah — 2.5 year old boxer aussie mix. Very docile and calm regularly, never aggressive towards anything, doesn’t even bark, very timid but also excited and outgoing personality when happy or riled up about something (walk or new person). Loves meeting new animals and people.
Cat Scotch — 10 month old short haired tabby. When with people, very cuddly and lovey, wants attention and pets. Definitely still a standard nervous cat, but very good with people.
When they are together in the apartment, the cat is very hostile towards the dog. Not in the way that he attacks her, but he’s just very on edge a good bit of the time. They can share the bed together, and be in the room and be fine, but there is some consistent events that keep happening:
-Cat sneaks around and up behind the dog, making her nervous -Cat sits and stares at dog eat food -Cat hisses/growls at dog if dog gets too excited, or if dog jumps up on bed (just at random weird times he decides to be hissy) -One time my gf was getting the dog riled up and excited, cat started hissing and then jumped out and batted at dog, this is the only true “attack” -Cat hides in his cat carrier more often -Due to cats behavior, dog is now visibly nervous around the cat
They can eat dinner next to each other and can be cordial sometimes, but the cat is just not trusting the dog yet. They’ve only been together 5 days, but I just wanna help this relationship get better faster.
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2023.06.06 18:17 Mvota711 Unable to find clinical hours

I’ve applied to over 100 jobs now. Scribing, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, PT Aide, Medical Receptionist, Patient Care Advocate.
Every job has either declined my application of ghosted me. How do you guys find clinical positions so easily?
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2023.06.06 18:17 mairi09 Dress Code Violation

Ya'll I am mortified, embarrassed, hurt and defeated right now. I was asked to leave the office due to a dress code violation.
I don't wish to post photos but I was in a button up and jean leggings. If you type into google "calvin klein womens blouse" & "jean leggings" that's close to exact what I was wearing. After some pushing, I was told it was the pants that were the issue. They pass off as skinny jeans, they have belt loops, button and zipper and pockets! I wasn't falling out of them (meaning they aren't too tight or too loose), they are clean, and NOT see through. I've worn these more than two dozen times in the office, this exact outfit never have I been pulled aside and told they weren't appropriate. Until today.
I'm really struggling here - I cried the drive home and am still getting teary eyed typing this. I'm very conscious of what I wear and for lack of a better word 'conservative' with how I dress. I've seen folks in our office rock up in cargo shorts, jean shorts (above knee) and band t-shirts FFS. Never have I seen anyone else get sent home because another fellow employee complained. It is my personal opinion that shorts of any kind are less professional than what I was wearing. BUT I WOULD NEVER MAKE AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT TO ANYONE IN THE WORKPLACE REGARDING WHAT ANOTHER PERSON IS WEARING. I've requested the official policies so this doesn't happen again... please help me
Ladies have you ever been told at your job that you aren't following dress code policy? How did you react? How do you pull yourself back up after what feels like a slap in the face or personal attack?
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2023.06.06 18:17 timmit65 MSP as a springboard to a career change?

I'm trying to change careers in my 50s. I have always worked with technology, but never in an enterprise. I've never worked in a company larger than 20 people.

When I say I've always worked with technology, I've been in sales and have always sold hardware and software that worked with computers (first via cards, then USB, then network, now Thunderbolt and Network). I have always supported those products and, also, done the IT work for my small companies. That said, the hardware and software I've sold and supported has always been in the creative field Audio and Video editing, broadcast, or production (live production events for up thousands of people (Digital Mixers ecosystems, video walls, loud speakers with network ports, wireless mics that are networkable and for the longest time helped people digitally record audio, first to tape, then to stand alone units snd for 20+ years to computers). For 95 % of the items I work with, if they are networked (if networked), they're not on the main network of the venue, or at least on a VLan. Again, I'm in my 50s and have worked in the creative field, I rarely touched a PC until 15 years ago. The Mac was and is king. Pro Tools wasn't available for Windows until early 2000's and wasn't stable until Win 7. Photoshop wasn't available for Windows until 2000?, but was an oddity for years. So, I've never had to use Active Directory.

I now have the A+ and Security+ certs (there are tons of military contractors in my area, so Sec+ is the most common cert asked for). I have an interview with an MSP Wednesday I'm not that sold on the company, but their client is a major hospital in the area. Would 6 months there be enough time to make me more marketable to a better MSP or a defense contractor? I keep getting interviews, but have only been offered 1 job. The pay was too low to consider.

I have been studying for Network+, but I only want to continue if I have to. Much like Sec+, my interest level is pretty low. And, it's pretty stressful studying it for me. But, some of the job adds ask for networking, switches etc. Should I push on through, if this job doesn't work out?

To clarify my expectations, I don't want to do anything in security or networking! I only want desktop and systems admin., and whatever networking is necessary for desktop and systems admin.. I don't think AD will be a problem for me to learn. As long as there's a GUI, I usually take right to things. I have ben the Super Admin for Zoho CRM for the last 15 years allowing permissions creating new users, deleting users, etc.. I also have a good amount of experience with VTC, especially Ceiling array microphones and DSPs, but again since I don't have any Cisco hardware experience, I don't get a second look.

Given this info and the subject any recommendations would be appreciated. TIA!
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2023.06.06 18:17 Milo-2321 On the fence

On the fence
Just asking for opinions or 2 cents from anyone that has experience with either vehicle or just has an opinion in general. plan on purchasing a 4x4 Toyota with the 1kz-TE 3.0 turbodiesel from an importer. I want to build a camping/road trip rig but I’m torn between the Hiace and the hilux surf (basically 3rd gen 4runner). Biggest pro with the hiace is space and biggest pro with the hilux is capability. Van life appeals to me more so I’m leaning that route. Living near the beach in the panhandle of Florida.
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2023.06.06 18:17 Rohit9912 Steam Headless vs Windows 11 Ghost Spectre VM. Ghost Spectre wins by a mile.

Hi guys I just wanted to share my opinion on how much better Windows 11 Ghost Spectre VM is.
My specs CPU: Threadripper 1950X GPU: RTX 3070 and Quadro M2000 RAM: 64GB DDR4 2933MHZ
I have a UNRAID Server from where I have a few different services setup (jellyfin etc) and I wanted to try making a gaming vm because why not. So I have a look around and found that alot of people recommended steam headless as it used less resources, power and provided a better gaming experience. Well I gave that a go
Steam-headless was easy enough to download and setup the container and that was the only thing easy about it. I had wasted nearly 3 days trying to ensure games like miles morales, the last of Us and Evil West worked. Evil west was the easiest to setup but I couldn't get the last of Us and miles morales to run properly. It ranged from crashing on boot to crashing while my save was loading.Some of you guys might say try different version of proton, ge-proton or lutris but that didn't make a difference as i usually ended up with another issue. On top of the that I had various fps issues where the rtx 3070 should be able to handle up to 1440p 60fps Ultra settings for majority of games. It was barely holding 1080p 60fps high settings as I had major drops down to 30-40fps most of the time. So I gave up.
I then heard about windows 11 vm and gave that a go. I knew that in general windows 11 hogs alot of resources on the os itself so I had a look around for better options. Found a linustechtips video on the Windows 11 ghost Spectre edition and I tried that out. Well I'll be honest, every game worked out of the box and no more fps dps and stuttering issues. The best part was I was noticing a lower wattage from the VM when no games where being played compared to the steam-headless container. I noticed a reduction of 7w-15w of power used.
Both the windows 11 Ghost Spectre and the Steam headless were dedicated 6 cores 12 threads, 16gb of ram and ofc the rtx 3070.
Well I'll be honest if anyone is looking to setup their own gaming vm I would recommend giving OS's like tiny10 or Ghost Spectre a go and see if they would make a difference for you. Beware that VMs like tiny10 and Ghost Spectre remove alot of the core windows feature which in result have a weaker built in security, but for me I didn't really care as there isn't much personal data on the vm itself and is quite secluded with my local lan. Also the Windows VM will take the whole graphics cars and won't be shared with other containers or VMs.
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