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2023.04.01 22:33 NeTaNeL603 help with finding something

hello i need helpdoes anyone remember a transition whenever a show ended and it goes like nickelodeon pi pa pu i really need to find it
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2023.04.01 22:33 m33k [US-PA] [H] KBDFans OG60 WK Starry Black, Exclusive E7-V2 Burgundy Red, MT3 3277 bundle, MT3 BoW, Trash linear switches, KDS Solarized Dark bundle, Mac artisan [W] PayPal

No April Fools, just spring cleaning. 😅
Happy to upload more pics upon request.

KBDFans OG60 WK Starry Black

Exclusive E7-V2 Burgundy Red

Drop + Matt3o MT3 3277 (Base, Extras, Red Accent, Turquoise Accent)

Drop MT3 Black-on-White

Trash Linear Switches x 60

KDS Solarized Dark (Base + Colorized)

KeebMonkey MAC Modular Artisan Keycap (White)

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2023.04.01 22:33 Hot_Ad2871 H: Weapons/ Apparel/ Aid/ Armour/Plans/ Everything but the Kitchen Sink! W: Flux/ Junk/ Rare Apparel/ Offers

Aid: (200) nuka quantums, (200) orange mentats, (200) super stimpaks, can make ballistic bock and high voltage hefe
Serums: (400 cap each) bird bones, carnivore, electrically charged, herd mentality, marsupial, plague walker, speed demon
Plans:Backpacks: Camo backpack (15k), Gorilla Backpack (15k)
Outfit Plans: Treasure hunter outfit, treasure hunter hat, Insurgent outfits, Marine armour helmet
Weapon mods: Meat cleaver,Radstag hunting knife, Salty tenderizer mod, Spicy tenderizer mod, The fixer, ski sword skate blade, sheepsquash staff, strongman super sledge paint, Tesla rifle, radium rifle, x01 scorched paint, enclave, plasma gun refined beta wave tuner x2
Camp Items: Meat week flag ,Mirelurk king tube, cave cricket tube, super mutant tube, Fire station bell, symptomatic, Titan plushie, Townsfolk cutout, Vintage water cooler, Wendigo colossus plushie, Scorchbeast queen plushie, Scorched tube, Grafton Monster Lamp Plan, wanted poster, wendigo tube, all of the jack o lantern rack plans, tattered curtains
Recipes: liquid courage, lead champagne Bellini, savage divide healing salve, savage divide disease cure
apparel: skull lord blood eagle suit, chally the moo moo outfit, blood eagle leather jacket, emmet mountain hazmat suit, prototype hazmat suit (lvl1), camo hazmat suit, black hazmat suit, clean police uniform, clean space suit, strongman outfit, garahan mining outfit, clean mining outfit
v/50/15v laser
v/ff15r mini gun
v/50h/90 ultracite Gatling laser
Aa/50limb/15r combat shotgun
Ass/ss/90 bear arm
Aa/ine/90 Broadsider
Aa/50/15v railway
aa/e/90 short handmade
aa/50l/90 Gatling laser
aa/40p/25 shishkebab
aa/ss/90 shishkebab
aa/5025 pickaxe
Aa/ffms Gatling gun
Aa/e/25 railway
aa/50/15v railway
Aa/50v/90 supersledge
Aa/50v/90 the dragon
Aa/lastround/ms ultracite Gatling laser
Ass/ff15r railway
B/25/15r Fixer
B/40p/90 pickaxe
B/50+S Deathclaw gauntlet
B/50v/25 pipe bolt action pistol
B/ine/ms Gatling plasma
B/50/dur railway
B/bash/15v EPR(standard capacitor, automatic barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
goue/15r 50 cal machine gun
i/ste/90 sheepsquash club
Jug/ff25 railway
Jug/ff90 flamer
Junk/50v/25 yellow baseball bat
Mut/ff90 railway
Q/bash/90 cryolator
Q/limb/50dr railway
Q/bash/dur railway
Q/25aim/15r railway
Q/50/90 assultronhead
Q/hit/15v Gatling gun
Q/ff+A Radium Rifle
Q/ine/15v light machine gun
Ts/50v/90 fixer
ts/50h/15r fixer
Mut/hit/25 fixer
Q/bash/90 fixer
Q/50vhc/dur fixer
Ts/ff25 mini gun
Ts/50v/stealth Gatling laser
Ts/ine/90 light machine gun
Ts/50v/90 light machine gun
Ts/limb/90 railway
Ts/ffr railway
ts/last/15r railway
Ts/ffdur 10mm submachine gun
Ts/limb/dur prime Gatling plasma
ts/50h/15v prime Gatling plasma
Ts/50v/90 pipe revolver
Ts/ff25 light machine gun
Ts/bash/stealth ultracite Gatling laser
Ts/lastround/15r railway
ts/50/15r Broadsider
ts/50/15v short laser pistol
Ts/e/15r blunderbuss
Ts/50v/90 EPR (standard capacitor, automatic barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
Ts/bash/stealth EPR (standard capacitor, automatic barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
Ts/ine/90 EPR (standard capacitor, true flamer barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
Slug buster
V/limb/90 rolling pin
v/50h/15r radium rifle
V/50/15v Gatling laser
V/hit/15r light machine gun
V/ff+A EPR (refined beta wave tuner, aligned sniper barrel, stabilized stock, long recon stock)
V/50h/50dr fixer
v/ff25 railway
Z/50v/25 EPR (standard capacitor, automatic barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
Junk/50vch/dur EPR RIFLE(standard capacitor, automatic barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
Jug/50vch/25 EPR PISTOL (standard capacitor, automatic barrel, stabilized stock, standard sights)
EPR b/15ap/bash (standard capacitor, true automatic barrel, stabilized stock, reflex sight)
EPR b/25%aim/dur (standard capacitor, true automatic barrel, stabilized stock, reflex sight)
Auto aligned enclave pistol with the right mods
Raider PA right leg ari/glut/ammo
Heavy armour ovehard/ammo heavy
Metal left leg ovestjunk heavy
Heavy Metal left leg uny/agi/junk heavy
Sturdy metal right leg uny/int/ammo heavy
Sturdy leather left leg vang/stfood heavy
wood right leg assn/stfood
Leather left arm ovefire/burn
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2023.04.01 22:33 dhadj Wiring a new intercom

Wiring a new intercom
Based in UK.
I'm trying to replace my intercom as part of a renovation. The existing one is a Ensign 3407. The replacement I bought is a Bitron universal 1407/010.
As you can see the letters on the connections are different and I cannot simply substitute from one to the other. The bitron manual has mappings from several other brands on how to connect the wires but not for the Ensign one.
On the Ensign, I know that C is the bell (removing that remove the bell) and 1 and 2 are the mic and speaker (removing them makes the mic and speaker not work but i can still open the gate).
Any ideas on how to connect it?
This is the manual to the Bitron: https://www.intercomsrus.com/handset_documentation/Bitron%20AV1407-010%20Universal%20T-Line%20Intercom%20Handset%20Data%20Sheet.pdf
Manual to the Ensign: https://interfoni.rs/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Ensign-3407-ulazna-vrata-interfonska-slusalica-sema-prikljucaka-1.pdf
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2023.04.01 22:33 Alternative_Letter95 Dog friendly days out?

Hi everybody. I'm spending the better part of the next week in the ~New Oxford area. From PA originally but don't know this area well, and it's been awhile. Anyone have good recommendations for bars/breweries/anything that you like to bring your dogs to, within 20-25 miles or so? Online info about what places are good for dogs can be... hit or miss, I have found in the last 48 hours! Doesn't have to be a bar or restaurant, either, anything your dogs like!
Thanks so much.
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2023.04.01 22:32 Rawfler54 Automatic enema machine

So basically i came up with a solution for getting enemas while indulging in self-bondage. It's a system with two pumps (one air pump for inflating the plug, and one liquid pump for the rest). After each pump there is a valve that would stop the air / liquid from getting out, and for the liquid line, there are two containers that can be used (for example, clean water and used water, or for hot water / cold water, or even other liquids...). I've attached schematics where it's more simply explained (scroll down for schematics). I have three questions though :
- First, would it work ? Spacifically the valve after the pump, which is supposed to keep the plug inflated / keep the liquids from getting out ?
- Secondly, what do you all think of that machine ? Any upgrades that i should add ?
- Thirdly, for you electronics engineers out there, i thought of using the L298N in the schematics to power both the pump motors and the solenoïd valves after them (https://ibb.co/KKfw2qC). I'm worried that the L298N might not output enough current to make them work, but what if i used a larger driver ?
Schematics :
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2023.04.01 22:32 Warzone307 Our first Scarlet & Violet etb pull! How did we do?

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2023.04.01 22:32 psst16th meirl

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2023.04.01 22:32 KasaneTeto_ Linchuds' GNU Network Object Model Environment doesn't even have half of the SOVL of the eternal WinXP.

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2023.04.01 22:32 DidItForButter [USA-TX] Seeking mount for USB C female base to fit into dummy port of a gen4 Rav4

I have a new head unit that has USB C charging/data for Android auto, and it is a USB C female plug. The goal here is to fit the female base into a 3d printed deep-sunk dummy port.
Preexisting conditions:
I don't have CAD/SOLIDWORKS.
I'm pretty dumb.
You will be exhausted from doing the heavy lifting.
Willing to pay $40 for creation and shipping. Let me know if I'm out to lunch with price.
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2023.04.01 22:31 purplesusan098 Does anyone have a partner who thinks contributing financially is enough?

My partner works a job and gets paid. I am a stay at home mama who raises our baby but does not get paid. He hates that he has to work and is expected to care for our daughter after work. Even on his days off, he wants to relax. My partner wishes we could trade places and 100% feels he can do my “job” BUT BETTER! Which is the most hurtful thing because I really try my best and I’m doing it all with anxiety and depression. Our relationship has not been good for a long time… we just don’t see eye to eye. He wishes he can stay home and spend time with our baby and watch ms Rachel, blues clues all day 🥰 it’s funny because although he tells me he can do what I do no problem, he doesn’t see all the invisible mental load I carry. All the things I do that’s invisible. I’m always 10 steps ahead. Making sure our baby has enough of everything! I am constantly thinking about how I can keep her entertained, new milestones needing to be met, new foods she can eat, is there enough food/snacks for her, oh I have to MAKE more of her purees, I have to grocery shop, do we have enough diapers, does she have enough bottles made in the fridge, oh I have to clean all her bottles and dishes whenever I can get the chance, does she have enough clean clothes, oh she needs a bath… does she have enough bath stuff. ET FUCKING C.
I feel like I have to disappear in order for him to GET IT. It’s frustrating not feeling like what I do is important and appreciated. I don’t get to do what I want to do EVER. I can barely shower! I shower like 1–2 times a week. But I know this is temporary, so I keep going.
I feel like my partner will ever understand what I go through.
And let me preface before any replies that when he’s off work he does spend time with her but I always feel like it’s short increments and usually he’s on his phone, just mindlessly browsing. Not all the time but a lot of the time. He does feed her, puts her to sleep sometimes, and gives her a bath when he can. But I’m still THERE helping him do it. I try not to be but he’ll ask for help at times. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather him be at work than home because I feel like I’m doing more work by handing him shit he can easily get or asking me questions he can easily Google or should just know by now. His time management sucks ass and I feel like he weaponizes it because he will go to the gym in the middle of the day so it feels like he’s not even off and he’s at work. And I’m left more exhausted. Even though I’ve told him to gym early morning or after bedtime… nope. It’s just so many other things. But I think you guys get it.
In short, he runs a race while I run a marathon with our baby. I’m exhausted and feel unappreciated for what I do.
If you have a partner who has felt this way but has changed perspective, what happened?! If you’re THIS PERSON and you changed your point of view and saw the light what finally clicked??
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2023.04.01 22:31 VoiceofRedditMkI Efficient way to offload video recorded on your phone?

I'm honestly surprised there are no other posts like this on this sub, maybe there's a better sub?...
I'll get to the real world implications and problems which is what I want advice on but first I want to demonstrate/sanity check that this is indeed technically possible and how it COULD be done.
I have a few spare terabytes on my computer now + can record for days on my phone if need be with its storage + an sd card reader that reads at about 88Mb/s.

Current basic plan:# (This sounds very simple but it also causes a lot of weekly labour hours and problems...)

80Megabytes per minute recording usage on my phone (could be less in dark or unchanging envoironments etc. - sd cards can be 1tb now meaning I can at minimum record for - 960gb/(0.08gb*60minutes) = 200 hours?!? That's a straight week or two weeks of waking hours! I there are phones that are able to use <10mbps video please do tell me that's the least my phone will record on. And I would like to stretch the terabyte sd card and then my hard drive storage the furthest I possibly can so transfer can also not take hours each week while being less frequent than each week? Perhaps custom phone apps or phone operating systems allow this or there are developer options? I'm not too into phones, only PCs so I wouldn't be aware of anything that might be obvious to you.
Get sd card to 512gb or 1tb for £30-100 for storage that is FAST enough but not nessesarily DURABLE enough, I cannot seem to find good reveiws on these drives whatsoever let alone durability?
Transfer whenever I do my laundry or something. Hit record again when I am done with laundry.

Problems:## Listed going from more technical to more social

Micro sd write endurace and power on time - even western digitals purple and sandisks "maxendurance sd cards only exist in 512gb and 256gb respectively and at least twice as expensive and 256gb for 120,000 hours of write endurance could allow the card to go for a decade but if you have to plug it in every 50 hours to transfer the data back it wouldn't last long if it was always writing to max capacity. Additionally even survalence drives probably aren't supposed to be in such high quality
Storage/quality - yes I can record a week with h.264 at around 10mbps but I would need to compress it when it got to my laptop, I image that's something I could automate, perhaps i could program a batch file or something to do it whenever something arrive in x folder to compress it using y, no idea how to do the y side of thing though. But even if I could compress it in such a way where it doesn't cause hours of labour for me to check its going smoothly every week and very little downtime, once compressed am I what gonna put it to 1mbps from 10? 1080p for everything in your feild of vision is already not good enough, if I didn't realise I was being robbed etc. at the time or some situation like there where very small details matter then is the persons face even going to be close enough at 10mbps to recognise them? Then what I compress to 1mpbs and later realise I need to edit them export then compress again and its even worse. Even then, let's run the numbers. I currently have 2 8tb HDDs in raid 0 planning to upgrade to 24tb raid 5 with 8tb redundancy so 8tb/(0.00125GB360024*365) = 0.203 max quality, <1 = I cannot store that even ignoring all my backups and other data. Divide by 10 for min quality, multiply by 3 for max storage. If I manage to compress by ten times footage for a year would take up 1/2.03 of the 8tb I have, no backups. Half of everything for 1 year of shittiest quality footage, definately gonna need to be able to stop recording at night. Good news is the hard drives only have to be written to once a week and will be filled up at most ten times by whats being written to them. However, I have to account for 3 things in reality. 1) Allll my backups for computing use. 2) Allll the ARCHIVED video compressed for storage ~4tb per year. 3) All the video PRE archiving that is just transfered right to my computer each week. So even if I do this every 4 weeks after a year I will be filling it up every 4 weeks when the last week of footage goes in IF I compress everything that often. Realistically I will soon need more than 4TB just for backups so this isn't acceptable. Do I compress each week then? Even there its always using the 1TB transfer + 10% If such a large file can even be compressed using video software this MUST be automated such that when I unplug my phone after transfer it will compress what I stored and ONLY what I stored and then delete it but I must ALSO be able to trust the compressed footage is good enough on it's own... I guess I could find some way to record in lower quality in the first place which would also allow me to record more overall? But then what if I do need to catch a small detail in frame?
Editing - I will enevitably accidentally record at night or something or I eventually want to get around to deleting all my old footage how the heck do I a) KNOW what footage I need and b) how do I save ONLY what I need? Do I take my 5-6tb of footage put a little guassian blur here, cut this out and wait until the heat death of the universe for it to try and export then crash for me to realise the software isn't compatable. Or so I take all that footage I've gotten by that point and take a glance at each day to try and remember if there was anything significant, I know for sure there are gonna be significant days I look at and dismiss not just because I won't make the connection from what I see sometimes but because, do I carry a diary with me to write down notable moments? Not only will I forget to even if I realise how significant something is at the time after going through a hundred days the signicance of any individual one won't hit me... and oh yeah it'd be weeks at least since they'd actually happened. But also half the point of this is that I don't realise how significant this is most of the time. It'd be after the fact I'd think OH SHOOT, that person was lying to me or ripped me off, mislead me or that info was important if only I could remember etc.
Quality - Where's the phone gonna point? Is the audio quality going to be acceptable
Reliability - Your sd breaks - you lose your week if you were depending on a recording you're screwed + the storage requirement is so high backups are unlikely to happen + break downs are more likely with such high useage + Potentially wear on phone camera and storage that is not designed for constant usage. Even if the phone camera is sold state which I assume it is the sd card would surely heat up quite a lot after a full weeks running at full pelt. Additionally burn in even from an indicator in the corner that recording is happenig is not great if not the camera screen would be burning in constantly on OLED, are there settings or phones that allow me to change this? Some micro sd cards CLAIM to be waterproof, western digital claims all their sandisk micro sd cards "are NOW" of 13/09/22 waterproof for 72hours under 1m of water and other sd cards seem to give the same values for things like temperature protection but I don't know any reveiw sites looking to verify this? ( https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detailweb/a_id/37516/~/sd-%26-microsd-card%3A-environmental-tolerance-%28waterproof%2C-temperature%2C-magnetic )
How the heck do I use my phone for other things when doing this? So far as I'm aware most phones will stay on recording but even then it uses resources and there is usually an onscreen indicator that it is recording.
If the phone runs out of power or otherwise fails how do I make sure I don't just lose a full days recording? I'm a bit embarressed to admit I don't actually know if the video file is saved until it's been stopped and saved? I know I can open some that aren't fully downloaded etc. but I'd need to test this I guess?
Errr, how do I carry it around? Like when I'm in exercise clothes or take my clothes off I don't care to film - those circumstances don't require it but if I am at a store or a bouncer is getting aggressive or I'm blackout drunk, how do I make sure it's idiot proof enough so that I won't break it
How do I transfer a terrabyte on the weekly? Yes I can record it but it'd also take about the same amount of time to transfer back, I have actually transfered large files with these things and was surprisd to learn they could transfer 88Mb/s consistently with large video files... but that's still over 3 hours of data transfer.
Even in places I want to record for safety I don't always want it to be known that I am recording and android phones I know of either have to be on the camera screen or will fade out the screen with a timer, which means it would always be known if I even accidentally pull my phone out... will I have to constantly explain all the reasons why I do this, like do I explain to a sales person at a store, oh I'm recording you because I don't trust you or to a person at work I am holding them to account and the law TECHNICALLY states if there is no expectation of privacy as other poeople are around... etc. or that well i have been burnt in the past by not being able to domonstrate the truth with proof so... blah blah blah.
Recording in situations where others expect privacy - I can't go back and erase each and every moment I cross into private property? Or is there a way I can quickly edit MASSIVE files - so far as I'm aware most video editing software requires export of full files to edit them even with tiny changes? Is that an inherent limitation of how the files work? And even then having recorded in the first place is problematic, which will enevitably happen I just won't realise the transition all the time and am I what supposed to realise I've crosssed an imaginary boundary mid deep conversation and whip my phone out and not tell them why? Or interupt the conversation to explain, oh I was respecting the covnersation by stopping recording, drop that bombshell on them and expect them to trust I'm not continuing to record.


1) Find a phone that can either a) transfer directly via a usb 3.0 port from it's sd card but since that'd take atleast 3 hours with ZERO interuption, preferably b) when I eventually get my next phone it would have 2 micro sd card slots, if there are even any phones I'd use that could do that, take one sd card out, continue recording on the other - only problem is I'd need to be able to tell the phone specifically which sd card to record to.
1.5) (1) causes a problem where I am choosing between simply just plugging in my phone and whipping out a sim key or pin to dig out an sd card - either a) my phone is stuck at my computer for hours or b) I am fiddling with an sd card and have to likely keep remembering to reselect which card it is, check I didn't record to internal storage etc. etc. a) could be automated very nicely and is just plugging something in eventually but limits what I physically can do and b) is very involved but means once I've manually done all the work things should be fine.
2) Every say month or two I will compress the video from the files I am putting on my computer each week.
?3?) If there is some kind of phone based "RAID 0" or RAID 5 type thing where my phone could consistently offload some data to a different drive to make sure when I record something I can definately rely on it being recorded and me being able to use it in a court of law or to remember that fact that thing I was told its paramount I remember or that thing in a lecture I forgot about, as long as I can remember roughly when I learnt it or experienced its there - only problem is putting such strain on my phone and storage devices cannot be good. Even if I somehow get a "RAID 0" or RAID 5 system its likely to fail on both my storage systems because the stress on them both would be so high.
4) Survalence micro sd?/hard drives?!? The hard drives are probably not as much of a worry because they're just in my server and it hasn't failed just from power on time? And the writes will be infrequent. But microsd cards to my knowledge are made from the bad flash left over after nvme and SATA ssds have taken the cream of the crop? And hence you're mostly getting the worst perfoming overheating and also probably a tonne of qlc drives which aren't supposed to be written to more than 50 times always getting down to 10% capacity and god forbid 0%/a few megabytes or a gigabyte if I do my laundry a day late or wake up earlier that week than I accounted for or the videos take up more stoage because of more detail envoironements that week for instance.
What are the problems I've missed/ways I could streamline this?
5 questions I have for anyone whos read thus far (don't answer all you poor thing):
1) Do I need to look at something other than a phone to be doing this? I would REALLY prefer this be a phone so it's not a big deal I just have it on me - it records things.
2) Are there any sites that give details or test things like durability and throughput on SD cards? Maybe a dp-review type site as I guess this is in that vein?
3) Are there any phones that are ideal for this? E.g. large sensor area, reliable, could fit in a sewn pocket, 2 micro sd slots, usb 3? That's a lot of specific things so I'm not sure.
4) What settings, operating systems or software for the phone might I consider if I decide to pull the trigger on this.
5) What automation steps and setup/devices do you reccommend having to make this realistic.
Thanks a million in advance for your input! If the plan starts having fewer holes so I decide I could reasonably do this I will


This is probably not worth it for all the extra work and even the backups one could use the files for but maybe in future when the tech is a bit better I can look back at this post and unshelve it if we get say 4tb extremely durable drives I'd only have to half fill up that can offload all the footage quickly and reliably with some camera/smartphone hybrid that I can actuall sew into my pocket qutie discretely.

## My Homework before proceeding:

1) Test process with current hardware to a) check for issues and b) improve process and c) find what I actually need to buy.
2) Test failures on purpose e.g. power downs, perhaps water damage on my current sd card? It's only an older sandisk though. idk how to test power down without just draining the battery or clicking the power button though? This gives the phone a chance to account for it, even if I wasted an old phone that still works it'd still be a different device but I guess I could know the SD card is CAPABLE of holding the video after the phone abruptly stops but that'd be a big waste of a perfectly good device, however it might be the only way to test these scenarios, if I am vulnerable to someone just taking my phone and breaking it and I can't save the last few seconds I'm in trouble, those situations are disproportionately likely to need recording e.g. litterally showing what happened when my phone broke or how I fell, seeing on video myself collapsing for instance could be quite valuable.
3) Sew into my clothes a subtle pocket or way of keeping my phone say zipper or velcrowed in a good position for both filming and recording audio (might do this to only 1 peice of clothing and wait to do the rest for a new phone to get the specifics right - don't want a GAPING hole for the camera and mic).
4) Find a phone that'd not only fit but has good enough hardware to do this if I eventually decide this is worth upgrading for.
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2023.04.01 22:30 Brief-Increase9066 Sb seeking Sd - Pls read below :)

Hey! I’m Belle! I’m from New York, and i’m 5’2 and 110lbs. I’m white with brunette hair. I don’t post pictures of myself because the bots/scammers steal them and use them - shoot me a message and i’ll gladly send some over! Open to all arrangement types - very kink friendly ;) STRICTLY online only, at least to start. [email protected] and [email protected] only. Pls dm, don’t comment. Too many bots. Absolutely nothing nude/s*xual before payment. I’ve been doing this for 2 years, so scammers and guys trying to get free content, don’t even try it or you’ll be posted and exposed!! Looking for something long term and non-transactional feeling. If you’re a real human being (hard to find on these subs lmao) then feel free to shoot me a message! :) here’s me!
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2023.04.01 22:30 allllllly494 Where to start with TeleHealth Apps?

Starting the GLP-1 journey - I have insurance that will need PA for these Rx. I'm reading mixed reviews between HelloAlpha, Push. Mochi isn't currently licensed for my state yet. I understand the experience varies somewhat by the health providers on these apps. I'm just trying to get an idea of cost to use these services and ability to get a PA. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 22:29 AreaMMO Close to 1key UNM, but I need some help with stun targeting

Hi! I have this comp (based on deadwoodjedi's batman forever) which managed to do one run until round 50, dealing 69.6M damage... Adding 0.5M won't be a problem because some builds are far away from optimal, my biggest problem is that Warcaster often gets the stun around turn 27, ruining the unkillable speed tuning.
It always happens when everyone is on block damage, and never when on unkillable. Another thing I've noticed is that when it happened, FB had just enjoyed 2 turns of Sir Nicholas' continuos heal, while Warcaster could benefit from only one (because the previous one was wasted in the boss' previous turn).
Any ideas to fix this?
Sir Nicholas \ 3x speed set HP 71325 DEF 1865 SPD 246 C.RATE 94 C.DMG 216
Warcaster \ 2x speed, 1x immortal (but I've also tried without immortal, no change) HP 60438 ATK 3079 DEF 1962 SPD 270 C.RATE 94 C.DMG 133
Seeker \ speed, cruelty and atk sets HP 39312 ATK 3244 DEF 2541 SPD 248 C.RATE 82 C.DMG 161
Fayne \ 2x crit dmg, 1x speed set HP 30116 ATK 4068 DEF 1562 SPD 218 C.RATE 90 C.DMG 194 ACC 253
Frozen Banshee HP 31540 ATK 3655 DEF 1908 SPD 246 C.RATE 82 C.DMG 210 ACC 261
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2023.04.01 22:29 5YNTH3T1K Dreasm part 02

Woke up and yes... I was overbaked. again.
I was shouting at a small printed circuit board with light emitting diodes and Surface mounted devices that was giving me static about some shit that I was doing when they are actually a junior officer etc... I told then we would go to my superior officer to sort this shit out once and for all. I was super angy.
What had happened to spur my shouting so much ( I like shouting !) was the fuck up with the reactor core loading operation. The short version is that bank C had caused critical alarms in core 4 bank A and alerts in several other cores in Banks A and B, standard operating procedure is to remove the last inserted bank and tray a new bank but some operators freaked the fuck out and tried to abandon their positions.
To provide a clear timeline of events I a started create a document to hand up stairs when the smoke cleared. This was proving a bit difficult with the pen that I was being quite shit. and the paper was the back of some regional information brochure which was not taking the ink very well. Some homless guy came to help me with the gift of an unreasonably large ink marker. This was exceptional under the circumstances but I could not use it due to the lines being like an inch wide. They came back in minutes with a really amazing technical pen that was leaking. I had no idea where they were getting these pens from or even where they had come from themselves as we were isolated in zone far from safety.
I never managed to get back to the reactor cores to fix the problem, this may have been a blessing as I am sure those things are bad for you. They change you. The Strugatsky effect is still not fully understood.
Were we at war ? Did R. Heinlein invade my secure-ee-nooze tm sleep module again ? Text underfoot breaks like snapping rods of ice to over strain. No thinks to the break of a new dawn lights shine beacon drifting through time like a lost can of soup to the brain matter journey alpha plus. can you dig it?
I shove the bunker door open with a final heave and the morning gloom of mist and shit invaded my eyes. I could smell the fresh watering the air like fine droplets caressing my cheeks. The air was not toxic and the ground around the area seemed to be evacuated of debris for change. There were actual trees this time. Thought they seems to all be moving in the same lock step motion. Ignore that for the time. Cane I ano you will they I am not sure but this is time. Again. It's a bit cold and brisk I rub my hands together and hunt around in the jacket full of pockets for my woolen gloves. Maybe I ought to climb out and check the surrounding area. They might still be here, it;'s hard to tell at times. Them.
There is silence in the house, all the floor boards are riddled with tiny holes the insect make, the appliances are down to save energy. I shudder and brace myself for the cold water cleansing ritual. The shock of the cold splashing on the face. Wake up you slug you are gonna live another day. Gasping for air and muscles tense all over, it's a glorious way to meet the day and serve. The front lines of reality are knitting together like the broken bones fit tendrils of calcium mosaic crystal structure linking together to remake the new voids open junctures. Blink at the gaunt face staring out of the mirror. They are there again in the looking glass. Magic. Older. Wiser? I am not sure. Dripping water onto the floor and chilling down. Scrape the rough towel and get into the gears. Hurry up it's time to move.
The slugs are on patrol.
Electron passing through the brain cause determination to wain. The speed of light but a glow.
Fully locked red light stares unblinking at me.
Time to move.
Take care this day! xxx
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2023.04.01 22:29 MaetelofLaMetal The dungeon crawl session went well after we froze horde of zombies in 1st floor.

The dungeon crawl session went well after we froze horde of zombies in 1st floor. submitted by MaetelofLaMetal to pathfindermemes [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:27 OGstanfrommaine An absolute BEAUTY of a relic from 2023 series 1 hanger!

An absolute BEAUTY of a relic from 2023 series 1 hanger!
2023 hangers have been BANGERS for me. Tons of numbered pulls and now this!
submitted by OGstanfrommaine to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:27 VolkerBach Culinary Excerpts from Wittenwiler's Der Ring (c. 1410)

Culinary Excerpts from Wittenwiler's Der Ring (c. 1410)
A brief post today because I am not writing from home, but the food-related excerpts from Wittenwiler’s Der Ring) are done. I belatedly realised there is an extant English translation after all (it can be found here), so this project did not have the urgency I thought it might, but it was still a fun endeavour and I hope you will enjoy the result. The finished translation is here.

Front page of Wittenwiler’s poem Der Ring courtesy of wikimedia commons (and yes, I think Bertschi, the dapper fellow on the left, is doing exactly what it looks like he’s doing. It is that kind of poem)
And that is the last time I get to post this lovely image. The next week will mark the start of a more conventional recipe source: The Innsbrucker Rezeptsammlung (c. 1450)
submitted by VolkerBach to CulinaryHistory [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:27 mona_miee Naalala ko lang.. kaya share ko na rin

Re-post lang ng kwento ko...
May crush ako sa isang classmate nung 2nd year high school. Gwapo, maputi, matangkad, smart.. pero mas matalino ako😆. Sige na balato nyo na saken kasi halos nasa kanya n lahat ehh. Anyway, hanggang tingin lang ako saknya kasi hindi nman kami gaano nagkakausap. May ibang grupo sya ako naman may ibang grupo din. Siguro saka lang kami nagkakausap kapag nagbabayanihan na sa assignment at hinahagilap ko ang notebook ko. Madalas kasi ako ang source ng mga sagot nun.
Lumipas yung 2nd yr namin na normal na classmate lang talaga kami at hanggang sulyap lang ang ako sakanya. Hanggang sa mag3rd year kami nalipat ako ng higher section nun kaya akala ko wala nang pag-asa. Hanggang sa may announcement sa amin na open for more student ang kabilang section — sa section nya. Nagkaayaan kami ng isa kong classmate na lumipat sa kabila ksi may crush din sya sa isang guy dun. Sabi ko na lang wala akong kilala dito at mas gusto ko kung san marami kaming classmate dati. Pero sya talaga rason na binitawan ko yung pagiging higher section ko.
So yun na nga. Nung nalipat ako sa section nila, kadalasan sa seating arrangement magkatabi kami kaya lagi kami nagkakausap.. nakilala namin unti unti ung isat isa. At mas lalo akong nafafall sakanya. Bango pa nya. Hnd ko pinapahalata na may gusto ko sknya kaya palagi ko sya kinokontra.. papansin ganon.
Para kaming aso't pusa to the point tinutukso na kami ng mga classmate namin na bka magkatuluyan daw kami. Pati ung adviser namin nagiging tulay samin 2. Sa Kris kringle, kami yung pinagpares nya, pinagpalit nya diary namin 2 pra makapagcomment kami sa notebook ng isat isa. Nandun pa yung tinawag nya kami sa teachers lounge pra sabihin na boto sya samin at kung hnd ba daw kami aamin. Kileeg ate nyo guys pero syempre kunware wa pakels🤭.
Si crush ang kalma. Enjoy na enjoy sa attention ng loveteam. Prang may background sa showbiz. 😆😆. Tas nung 1 time, tinext nya ko may sasabihin daw. So ayun na nga, nagconfess sakin si crush na sa palagian daw interaction namin nadevelop sya saken. Saya ko nun! Fast forward tayo ng konti. Naging mag-on kami. Super sweet. Proud jowa ako kasi hnd lang ako talaga nagkakacrush sakanya marami rin. Isa sya sa campus crush nung time na yun tapos nabingwit ko. Haba ng hair ko! Pero tumagal lang ng 3 months ung relasyon namin kasi lumipat yung family ko sa Mindanao. Hindi namin kinaya ang long distance kasi dahil na rin sa mga bata pa kami at walang pambili ng load para unlicall at text. Wala pa friendster nun. Oh ayan na! guess my age.
Anyway, fast fast forward. After 7yrs bumalik ulit ako sa hometown ko and yung nalaman nya nagkasundo kami na magkita. January 1st nung nagkita kami. Kung kami pa anniversary sana namin yun. Haha. The meeting was short yet full of memorable moments. Yung pagkakita ko sakanya nagflashback yung highschool namin. Funny, we didn't remember how we ended our relationship but when we started talking, it felt like we never changed at all. Nandun pa rin yung bangayan at tawanan namin. Namiss ko bigla ang feeling na yun with him pero at that moment, narealize ko rin na yung feelings ko for him has finally came to an end. Wala na. He was now just someone who holds an exciting part of my youth. I smiled at him. He smiled back. He knew. And I think he also felt the same way.
After that one whole day of bonding, we parted ways. 11 years since then and we never met again even if I'm back in my hometown for holidays. Last thing I heard about him was he's already married and a dad. I'm so happy for him. Honestly.
We broke up without any bitterness for each other. And if one day, we run into each other in the street, I know we will not stop walking pass each other but definitely, we will smile.
He'll always be the crush I have my fondest memories with.
I never mentioned this, but I'm proud of the sweet and memorable love story we had. Thank you for being once a part of my exciting youth. You'll always be one of the special things I'll never get tired to tell everyone about.
submitted by mona_miee to RandomThoughts [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:25 DaltFlowers “I read them for the articles” (DaltFlowers)

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2023.04.01 22:25 theabomb99 Anyone Have any Unique Stormpike Decks?

I've been seeing Vanndar Stormspike more & more in Wild lately, probably mostly in Druid, but a few other decks. Wondered if anyone has any interesting builds with him.
Is there a great card in particular to tutor him with? Blanking on that. Thanks
Here's my Stormpike Reno C'Thun Hunter brew lmao. Got great, but fun & not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Stormpike Reno

Class: Hunter

Format: Wild

1x (2) Dun Baldar Bunker

1x (2) Emergency Maneuvers

1x (2) Explosive Trap

1x (2) Freezing Trap

1x (2) Furious Howl

1x (2) Ice Trap

1x (2) Pressure Plate

1x (2) Rat Trap

1x (3) Deadly Shot

1x (3) Harpoon Gun

1x (3) Stag Charge

1x (3) Wild Spirits

1x (4) Piercing Shot

1x (4) Rinling's Rifle

1x (4) Spring the Trap

1x (4) Vanndar Stormpike

1x (5) Antique Healbot

1x (5) Loatheb

1x (5) Taelan Fordring

1x (5) The Rat King

1x (6) Beaststalker Tavish

1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar

1x (6) Reno Jackson

1x (6) Veranus

1x (7) Dinotamer Brann

1x (7) Hydralodon

1x (7) Lor'themar Theron

1x (7) Mutanus the Devourer

1x (8) Varian, King of Stormwind

1x (10) C'Thun, the Shattered


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

submitted by theabomb99 to wildhearthstone [link] [comments]