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Clash Royale: A Most Ridiculous Duel!

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Subreddit for all things Clash Royale, the free mobile strategy game from Supercell.

2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

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The media isn't all that great at telling you the news you need to know about. This subreddit is designed for all the interesting news you *should* know.

2023.05.28 14:26 Jclaps_Orl Help completing season 4 vooch

Help completing season 4 vooch
Trying to complete this vooch card for my orlando team. Any way to get these players easily as some are not on the auction house?
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2023.05.28 13:52 VillagerNo4 OnePlus 11 or Nothing Phone 1? Is the price jump between the two worth it?

Banging my head against the wall cause Infinix Note 12 G96 has been a headache for some time. It was a good phone as a stop gap but the more it ages, the more I realize... Holy fuck, this phone is not worth staying in for a year much less 4.
I got my moneys worth going cheap so going for Mid to High-end this time. Looking at 2 phones right now. Both models with max ram+storage. Is the jump between Nothing to OnePlus worth it?
Is in the Philippines so sadly, Google ain't an option
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2023.05.28 13:47 throwawayprematureee I can last long in bed anymore

Sorry for the wall of text I am still a little drunk and just got home from this.
So I’ve(24m) been doing blues for a long time and opiates even longer since I was 14 when I got into a fight with a 24yr old because I fucked the girl his little brother who was 18 liked. I was a small kind under 100lbs and probably barely 5ft and he broke my eye (orbital floor fracture) so they put me on hydros 10mg for 2 weeks and was hooked since then plus various other drugs. Anyways, started doing blues like in 2019, I got off them for a year I was only doing a quarter of one to have me high all day but eventually got back on them when I was working out two hours a day and doing manual labor work 9 hours a day and they helped to not feel the pain in my body and keep going hard. I’m not trying to brag but when I use to have sex I would be able to go for hoursss. Literally girls would get mad or feel subconscious because after 30 mins I haven’t came. they felt like they were bad but I just lasted long unless I was super nervous or on coke. Anyways, I’ve been like that for years, I would leave girl’s satisfied and they would tell me I was their best or were in love with me, (addicted to what the dick did). To be honest I was a player and I’m not proud of it. I’m older know and I got my heart broken so I realized what I had done to other people, I tried to always be honest with my intentions but I was naive in thinking what I was doing wasn’t hurting other people so like during 2021/2022 I became single for a long time. No sex, no kissing no hugs, didn’t help the pandemic was going on. I just moved back to the city I had moved to when I first left my hometown and have met some of the big plugs. So I could afford my habit more and and got into snorting blues. At my worst I would snort 30 blues all at night just to sleep but would stay up then sleep all day and it was like that for a while. Didn’t eat, throwing up, couldn’t hold a job and lost 40lbs of all muscle. I was depressed. Anyways I have gotten control of my habit down to 15 a day only at night before bed so I can sleep. So during the day after 12 hours I start feel a slight comedown. I’ll do one or two during the day but won’t feel completely fine. Honestly I don’t even get like that high from the beginning just ok. I just get tired and fall asleep. So I have started talking to girls again and having sex. However after a year of not having sex the first time I came under 30 seconds. I chalked it up to not having any action in so long. But it has happened with the next 4 girls I slept with. I have tried taking a few blues before but same problem. I’m the type of guy that has high libido so after I come to climax I will still be able to keep going many time but I will be so embarrassed that I can’t.
So tonight, the reason of this post, I was hanging with the plug and he has this stripper friend he knows. We went to her house and she danced for us while we threw ones. I ended up taking her to the her bedroom to do amorous Congress and he decides to come in and watch and get head while I have my corn ground. I don’t drink as well and two beers gets me tipsy but I had more than a few shots, in a cup so don’t know how much exactly. I couldn’t get hard so she had to help me a bit. It works but doing the deed doesn’t last more than a few seconds. Both of them laugh at me but she is polite and as a friend he is giving me a hard time but won’t tell anyone.
Telling this story so you can laugh at my expense. But is this just a nervous thing in my head that I have to work through? Is it the drugs that I have been on so long? I use to exercise a lot and have lots of stamina but I can barely run a few seconds without getting tired so is this an energy thing? The blues use to make me numb but now I’m thinking they’re my downfall. Does anyone have similar experiences with the drug or am I just a weenie.
TLDR; I use to be able to last long in bed, I took a break from being intimate for a year but my addiction to blues has gotten worse and so has my ability to last in bed. Is it because of the blues?
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2023.05.28 13:43 SpRaY123123 [Store] Over 350 Knives & Gloves Karambit crimson web mw 0.12, Sport Gloves vice ww 0.38, M9 doppler p4 fn 0.02, Butterfly blue steel fn 0.03, M9 lore ft 0.29, Talon marble fade fn 0.007, Skeleton crimson web ww 0.38, Bayonet marble fade 0.03 fn, Ak fire serpent 0.27 ft, Deagle Blaze fn 0.009

[Store] Over 350 Knives & Gloves Karambit crimson web mw 0.12, Sport Gloves vice ww 0.38, M9 doppler p4 fn 0.02, Butterfly blue steel fn 0.03, M9 lore ft 0.29, Talon marble fade fn 0.007, Skeleton crimson web ww 0.38, Bayonet marble fade 0.03 fn, Ak fire serpent 0.27 ft, Deagle Blaze fn 0.009
Accepting csgo skins only.
Tradelink : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=123980288&token=5OeD13Oi
Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/SpRaYeRRRR
Items B/O :
★ Karambit Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) B/O 1720$
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler Phase 4 (Factory New) B/O 1480$
★ Sport Gloves Vice B/O 1450$
★ M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth (Factory New) B/O 1440$
★ AWP Fade (Factory New) B/O 1400$
★ Butterfly Knife Blue Steel (Factory New) B/O 1400$
★ M9 Bayonet Lore (Field-Tested) B/O 1380$
★ Skeleton Knife Vanilla B/O 1350$
★ Talon Knife Doppler Phase 4 (Factory New) B/O 1300$
★ Talon Knife Marble Fade (Factory New) B/O 1280$
★ Skeleton Knife Crimson Web (Well-Worn) B/O 1200$
★ ★ Stiletto Knife Fade (Factory New) B/O 1170$
★ Butterfly Knife Crimson Web (Field-Tested) B/O 1160$
★ Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls (Minimal Wear) B/O 1140$
★ Bayonet Marble Fade (Factory New) B/O 1100$
★ AK-47 Fire Serpent (Field-Tested) B/O 1050$
★ Shadow Daggers Ruby (Minimal Wear) B/O 1000$
★ Talon Knife Tiger Tooth (Factory New) B/O 980$
★ Desert Eagle Blaze (Factory New) B/O 975$
★ Butterfly Knife Case Hardened (Well-Worn) B/O 890$
★ Butterfly Knife Night (Field-Tested) B/O 850$
★ M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (Field-Tested) B/O 845$
★ Bayonet Doppler Phase 1 (Factory New) B/O 835$
★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) B/O 810$
★ Stiletto Knife Marble Fade (Factory New) B/O 800$
★ Skeleton Knife Case Hardened (Field-Tested) B/O 765$
★ Bayonet Lore (Field-Tested) B/O 740$
★ Huntsman Knife Fade (Factory New) B/O 720$
★ Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth (Factory New) B/O 700$
★ M9 Bayonet Damascus Steel (Field-Tested) B/O 695$
★ Bowie Knife Fade (Factory New) B/O 660$
★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife Slaughter (Factory New) B/O 640$
★ Bayonet Blue Steel (Factory New) B/O 620$
★ Paracord Knife Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) B/O 610$
★ Ursus Knife Tiger Tooth (Factory New) B/O 585$
Have more items that are not listed here, check my inventory if u want and hit me up if you`re interested!
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2023.05.28 13:41 HazySorm She's drinking again

TW: Alcohol, Child Abuse? Mentioned Death
My mother was a recovering alcoholic. She drank like crazy until I was about 12 years old. But I (18) was just woken up at 4:30 in the morning to loud banging. I heard my mothers spouse laughing and asking what she took, because she was gagging and throwing up. My brothers (who are still minors) had to go in her room and pick her up off the floor. I just laid in bed imagining if it will be the same as when we were little kids when she wakes up. That being, she hit them with clothes hangers and threw their clothes all around the house, I didn't live with them so most of the aggression toward me was verbal, "I don't want anything to do with you, and I regret having you." Or "Your just like your father" (Our father abandoned me when I was a baby and my mother went with him even after he threw me against walls) I ended up with my Grandma. Her words cut even deeper. "I wish you'd die" "I hope you marry someone who beats you daily" "I hope you struggle everyday day of your life" As well as throwing figurines at me. To a 4+ year old that hurt more than anything. As I got older the comments got worse, and she actually tried to start fighting me when I was 14. My Grandmother is dead now. I still hear people say that those two are so nice and kind willing to help anyone. It's funny how little people know them. She did all of that, and then has her children pick her up off the floor. Then wonders why they don't respect her like she wants. It's hard to respect an authority figure when you have to treat them like a child. Last time she drank (a couple months ago, I was still 17) I had to listen to her yell about how she wanted to take her car and drive it off the mountain, then coax her into going back home. It may be a fun time she won't remember for her, but it hell for us. The moral of this story is I hate people who drink, I'm scared of it. I've never touched it, and it's destroyed a part of me. The possibility of it being something new and fun to try never crossed my mind. It's just a rabbit hole to destroying yourself and those you claim to love. Her spouse thinks it's funny. When she starts beating them, punching holes through walls, ripping doors off their hinges, and burning clothes because she got mad we'll see if they're still laughing. Sorry for the rant, I know I went off track. And I know it's vague, but I can't go into the heavier stuff that was pulled back then.
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2023.05.28 13:41 TrebornotTrevor Velvet Elvis Jesus Poster Child

I admire the hairpin turn of his curls rushed away into the float of sky behind him.
In the same way that a thrown rock never could, even if it was a light rock, because gravity weight shames and rocks get offended very easily, especially when tossed to prove this.
Sometimes though, they try to imitate me, Jesus, skipped over the surface of the water, trying to cross before drowning.
Seeking out more fish to feed the thousands because no matter what they said in my autobiography, 2 fish and five loaves was not enough for all those people stoned on miracles.
The vampire son of "God" at the red cross donation bus allowing everyone to drink of him before midnight mass.
And now it is time to alter... Boys, my body is that of a waif, eat me.
Make sandwiches of my wonder bread, mayo you be blessed and sing hymns of that one band named H.I.M. that Bam Margera helped to make popular, it's 12 members with names I cannot pronounce all of because I am not Finnish, representing my 12 disciples.
I remember that last time we all got together for supper, those were the good times.
If only someone had painted and reproduced millions of pictures of that feast, and hung it on the wall of their living room in remembrance.
Placed next to an idol of me barely clothed and nailed to a cross, like back in my college days when I actually cared about working out and getting nailed.
Yes, those were the good times.
I was quite the magician back then, I was even the hide and go seek, me, champion of all of Jerusalem.
My best match, I must admit, was a bit of a fluke, as I mistook a very brightly colored mushroom for an Easter egg.
I seriously thought I was dying, and I was so embarrassed that I hid in a cave for 3 days tripping balls.
By the time I got back, the lie had already grown to such an insurmountable accord, that I had no choice but to go along with it and claim resurrection.
In all actuality, I just didn't want anyone else to find out about those mushrooms because I was not willing to share the stash I had collected on the way back.
And I had a date scheduled with the lovely Mary Magdalene, and she was one hot ticket who seemed very into me after the resurrection.
Although when I heard the rumor that she put out on the first date, I didn't realize they were talking about babies.
So if you can conceive the idea of Mary, getting rawdogged by my holy spirit, you will understand just how immaculate this date had the possibility of being.
But according to some historians, who claim that Mary is also my mother, I am reminded of that one scene in Back to the Future when Michael J Foxes mother has a crush on him, and it brings some relief, even though that is some mother and son taboo that has been banned from most pornographic sites, unless you use stepmom and son in the search bar.
Anyways, coat hangers had not been invented yet, even though most states would have preferred their use over actually supporting women's reproductive rights, and so we had the baby.
And for a small moment in time, everything was still, and then that moment passed, and everything was still still, and it made me question not only the complex stupidity of language, but also whether or not the batteries in my remote had died before I could take my television off of pause.
This my children, is why we call it the missionary position, and how I inspired the Trojans to invent condoms, but that is a magnum opus of a story for another time. Amen
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2023.05.28 13:30 Necessary_Tadpole151 Pain

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2023.05.28 13:25 JustsomeBRITISHdude I’m not selling but I’m tired of waiting.

I’ve had my shares DRS’d for nearly 2 years now. I was told that it would work, I was told that the market would crash and cause GME to takeoff, I was told that Ryan Cohen would do a share recall, or create an NFT dividend and this would get the MOASS in motion, among so many other things, yet none of it is happening. Ryan Cohen ain’t doing shit for us, I don’t get the praise, the reason GameStop is afloat isn’t because of him, it’s because of us. Regulators ain’t doing shit for us. The law isn’t going to do shit for us, instead they are constantly trying to alter it to fuck us over. I’ll hold the shares until I die, or until they’re worth big digits, but my faith in that happening has been almost completely eliminated. 
I’ll admit, I have hardly followed this sub in the past 12 months or so because it all just got so fucking boring, so maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me like nothing has changed compared to two years ago, it doesn’t feel like we’re any closer. I’m sure I’m going to get down voted for this because God for bid you say anything negative about the situation, but unfortunately this is just how I feel.
My father is also an ape, he was an ape before me, he’s in his mid-70s and I would love to see this happen for him, more than I would for myself.  But as more time passes the likelihood is decreasing, for obvious reasons. It’s depressing. 
I may be zen, but I’m no longer convinced, or excited. In fact I haven’t bought any more shares in over a year because I just don’t trust Ryan to send us to the moon, and I don’t trust that those Wall st parasites won’t continue to do everything illegal to fuck us over. 
 Just needed to vent I guess. 
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2023.05.28 13:17 nikhiljaroli Property sold against Family settlement

Hello, Below I am briefing my case scenario for my father's property which came to his share in a family settlement:- 1. Joint family (Jain)
  1. After demise of my grandfather and his elder brother, family settlement (2003, 1st) took place.
  2. Properties of joint family were divided into two parts equally.
  3. And it was written in family settlement that everyone shall help each other if and when required. And everyone was given original documents of their share of properties, as per family settlement.
  4. And all the members signed on this document which was carried out on RS 100 stamp paper, and every member was given a copy. Original is kept with eldest cousin.
  5. Next year, my grandfather's properties family settlement (2004, 2nd) was carried out between my grandmother, my father and his son.
  6. A property came to my father share , but was on the name of cousins, as we were joint family earlier and same property came to my grandfather's share in family settlement (2003, 1st).
  7. Everyone took their share and enjoyed, but when my father asked for name tranfer on his share of property every cousins backed out making excuse.
  8. The property was as it since 1995 until 2021, as my father passed away in COVID 19, the cousins took a serious step in mutations and new documents were produced via certified copy (original documents of 1995 are with me). And in 2022, they got their names on record, and on 30, March 2023 they sold this property to a person without sharing his that this was in share of my father and their was any family settlement.
  9. The person who got the deal on this property, is a High Court Judge and he got this property registered on the name of his brothers.
  10. I gave a public news (jaahir soochna) in few newspaper about the property on 24th March, 2023 for the purpose of making a boundary.
  11. The news reached out to judge and he send some police officer's to my advocate office, there were calls from police station to my advocate but no documents were produced. Only a message was shared that Judge is having all the documents and we need to check.
  12. On the 7th day, ie 30th March 2023, of my public notice. My father's cousin and Judge's brothers executed registry.
  13. Somehow, I reached out to the property and l these people were in executing registry on the same day, we didn't met.
  14. Next day, there was a boundary wall construction made by Judge's supervisor but he doesn't have any documents of the property neither was looking to ours.
  15. Now, as we have analysed that Judge got the information before registration and our cousins made out a fraudulent sale purchase without sharing information to Judge.
Where is this case standing, I mean in CIVIL or CRIMINAL or BOTH? How should I prepare this case because Judgeand his brothers have interest in property, my father's cousins are enjoying and they do not have any interest as of now?
One of my hired advocate, have been reached out and he delayed our process of case formation and later we had to reach out to another advocate.
We have reached out to many departments including revenue, registrar, and police but as of now they have halted the name transfer process.
Judge and his brothers are trying their power for name transfer as soon as possible.
NOTE- HIGH COURT JUDGE had retired after this incident, and we had telephonic conversation with his brothers and they feel they had been cheated and are victim, but they have interest in property.
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2023.05.28 12:52 miscchannel 28 May 2023 Upcoming Launches - Invest Wisely - #Fairlaunch #Presale #Pinksale

29 May 2023 Upcoming Launches 30 May 2023 Upcoming Launches
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🔴 - Most likely a scam 🟠 - Risky play, DYOR 🟡 - Medium risk 🟢 - Low risk and has potential 🟣 - Moonshot! Ape life savings
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Follow us for tomorrow trending 🐥 https://twitter.com/Launchhunter 💬 @CryptoLaunchhunter 📌 https://www.reddit.com/CryptoLaunchHunte
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2023.05.28 12:30 vladi_2912 [Q] Can somebody help me?

Hello there I need help with recovering my item which got stolen. The item is FT slingshot gloves, they go for like 900-1050 euros I think. Is there any way somebody could help me?
If you need any prove that they are mine and I got scammed I can show you my bank account, my PayPal and show you my trade history. The guy's steam is this https://steamcommunity.com/id/morenobro
Feel free to add me on discord if you can help me out(which i wouldappreciate very much) 29_vladi_12 #4133
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2023.05.28 12:29 MymothersnamewasAM A Wild Magic Zone system I have had a lot of success running with 2 parties thus far

I have ran this wild magic zone twice now, once for a 5-people level 7 party, and once for a two-member level 5 party. It worked great both times.
This wild magic zone requires a fair bit of improv on the DM side, but it has also resulted in some of the best roleplay I have seen from the players.
The general structure is as such: there are 4 decks of 12 cards. The first deck contains 'Area' cards, which describe the physical environment; the second deck contains 'People' cards, which describe the inhabitants of an environment; the third deck contains 'Goal' cards, which give the player a goal they must achieve in this section to move onto the next one; and the fourth deck contains 'Wild magic' cards, which mess up everything with a (occasionally undeclared) rule. (Ive posted the current 48 cards below)
The rules of the wild magic zone: 1. When the players first enter the Wild Magic Zone, draw 1 card from each deck, this is their current situation. 2. To exit the Wild Magic Zone, they must succeed in 4-6 zones (succeeding a 'goal' card counts as succeeding in a zone) - perhaps to reach a McGuffin at the centre of the Wild Magic Zone ? (this is what Ive done before) 3. As an action, a player may 'discard' one card from any one deck and draw the next one. It immediately goes into effect. Discarded cards do NOT return to the deck but remain discarded forever 4. Upon achieving a Goal, all four cards from all four decks are replaced immediately with new cards. 5. If a deck runs out of cards before the players succeed in their assigned Goal number, the players los (ejected from the Wild Magic Zone ? This never happened during my plays - this is not the purpose of the Wild Magic Zone, it is merely a theoretical warning against changing the cards too much)
To give an example, here is a random 4 card setup I just drew up randomly (12, 12, 3, 4)
Area: Statues of Gods long since forgotten surround you and coloured light passes through coloured glass. You find yourself in a temple to a religion you do not recognize
People: A panopticon-style prison
Goal: Capture a flaming bird
Wild Magic: All objects the players touch become animals
I would play this as: the players find themselves at the bottom of alarge panopticon-style prison complex ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panopticon ), where there are no guards but instead many statues who look at you with great intensity. Somewhere, near the middle-to-top floor they see a glow of bright flames, this, they instinctively know, is where the flaming bird resides
The statues are found at all pathway junctions and in front of all prison doors. The statues are (weakened, depending on player level) effectively beholders, but who shoot only 1 eye beam at offending payers they can sense someway
The challenge for the payers becomes to pass 3-4 sets of statues unseen, and open the prison door (maybe there's a key in a guard room ? or maybe the can lockpick or force their way in )
Both my groups have had alot of fun running this gauntlet, and maybe your group can have this fun as well :)
AREA: 1. Beach 1. a lush beach area, with a white forest on the east side and a quiet sunset over a friendly, warm ocean on the west
  1. Forest
    1. a rich temperate forest littered everywhere with old trees, little groves, and meandering, lightly-trodden paths seeming leading to nowhere
  2. Desert
    1. Endless sand, canyons, and wadis, like a semi-arid desert that has not yet had rain this season
  3. Mountains
    1. ever-expanding mountains with permafrost at the top and pine forest at the bottom. There are many caves and hidden pathways to those who look
  4. Space
    1. Far below there is a great plane of many colours, above there are infinite stars. Around you there are many asteroids of various sizes gently floating. Some of these could only hold a few houses, others which could house an entire city. (you can breathe just fine).
  5. Underwater
    1. You are deep below the surface, swimming over corals are many-coloured fish. To your right there is a great sloping wall leading to a surface you cannot sea, to your left there is an eternity of deep, blue ocean. (you can breathe just fine)
  6. Pure light
    1. You are standing on land you cannot see, as both the ground and the sky are made of pure light. The brightness blinds you for a second, but once you're used to it, you can see as you could normally
  7. Pure darkness
    1. You are standing on land you cannot see, as both the ground and the sky are made of pure darkness. After a few seconds your eyes adapt, and you can see, but only half as far as normally
  8. Yggdrassil
    1. An enormous tree stands before you, the roots of which extend in every direction further than you can see. The trunk is almost 100 meters across, and extends well beyond the clouds above. There are many branches of every width and colour at all levels.
  9. Endlessly tall treetops
    1. You find yourself atop a tree, and as far as the eye can see there are more trees in every direction. You cannot see the ground below, but find easy methods of moving from tree to tree
  10. Caves
    1. Damp and rot assault your senses as you find yourself underground in a large hall with cave tunnels leading out in 8 directions
  11. Statues of Gods long since forgotten surround you and coloured light passes through coloured glass. You find yourself in a temple to a religion you do not recognize
  1. An ancient red dragon and a dracolich are battling, whilst many people huddle away in various corners far away, watching the fight
  2. A mystical castle shrouded in purple mist, with strange creatures of all shapes and oddities move in and out DM note: this is a fairy castle :)
  3. A small, little village of no more than 50 people, most of whom seem occupied in preparing for a festival
  4. Endless rows of monoliths in every direction with text written on them in every conceivable (and inconceivable) language. There is a short, elderly woman walking between them
  5. a large colloseum, with people streaming in and out. Inside the loud cheers of audiences and the grunts of battle can be heard DM note: to reach the Lord, the players must roll 1d6, and are accepted on a 6+. If they enter the arena, they can fight a number of monsters, each of whcih will add +1 to their eventual roll (adjust to suit level of party, this was for 2 level 6 chars):
    1. [Giant Boar](https://5thsrd.org/gamemaster_rules/monsters/giant_boa) 2. [Centaur](https://5thsrd.org/gamemaster_rules/monsters/centau) 3. [Berserker](https://5thsrd.org/gamemaster_rules/monsters/berserke) 4. [Bandit Captain](https://5thsrd.org/gamemaster_rules/monsters/bandit_captain/) 5. [Hyppogriph](https://5thsrd.org/gamemaster_rules/monsters/hippogriff/) 6. [Dire wolf](https://5thsrd.org/gamemaster_rules/monsters/dire_wolf/) 
  6. Faceless voids are wandering about, with scared people and animals hiding wherever they may
  7. 2 magic circles, each surrounded by either blue or red mages, each summoning monsters to attack the other DM note: each circle is headed by 1 Mage ( https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/16947-mage) (adjust to suit level of party, this was for 2 level 6 players (mages would lose spellslots 4 & 5))
  8. A lost caravan, but the carts and the clothes all seem odd DM NOTE: they're from the future :)
  9. an eternal armies of zombies, marching in from the north and exiting from the south
  10. A large city of steam and steal, occupied only by robots DM note:they're scared of fleshy things - the concept of rot and decay is lovecraftian to them
  11. A grand palace, but everyone inside and out is frozen in place, not moving or responding to any prompt
  12. A panopticon-style prison
  1. Find a blue goat and feed him
  2. there is a bomb somwhere, dismantle it DM note: the players have 1h real-time to accomplish this
  3. Capture a flaming bird
  4. Kill the Lord of the system
  5. Attend a wedding (between sentient creatures)
  6. Win a competition
  7. Make the world go dark
  8. Create a fire 80 meters tall
  9. Introduce a new festival to the denizens of the region
  10. Swim in a pool of blood
  11. Survive DM note: this one's fun, but bery DM dependent
  12. learn 10 new recipes
  1. The players become the size of mice
  2. The players can speak only lies
  3. NPC's recognize the players (1d6 on attitude):
    1. happy
    2. angry
    3. sad
    4. neutral
    5. seeking revenge
    6. afraid
  4. All objects the players touch become animals
  5. 2 previously used wild magics are activated simultaneously (if fewer than 2 have been used so far, instead reveal 1 or 2 wild magics as needed plus any previously used ones)
  6. The edge of the region is on fire. The fire is slowly closing in
  7. The players keep changing places with each other DM note: whenever they roll a die, on below a 5 they change places with the player the number rolled
  8. Players are 6 years old again
  9. Whenever a player rolls a 1-5 on a d20, a random spell of that level / 2 (1-2: 1; 3-4: 2; 5: 3) is cast centered on the player
  10. the stars are falling
  11. There is an assassin in the world, whose sole purpose is to kill the players
  12. every player rolls a 1d6, they feel super:
    1. happy
    2. angry
    3. sad
    4. depressed / hopeless
    5. jealous
    6. overconfident
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2023.05.28 12:28 antonl99 [Store] Multiple Knives, Gloves & High tiers - BFK Emerald/Ruby/2xBlackPearl, M9 Ruby 0.0013, M9 Black Pearl 2x, M9 Emerald, M9 Ruby, M9 Sapp, M9 Crimson Web FN, M9 Black Pearl FN 0.00, AWP Gungnir FN/, AWP Dragon Lore FN/MW 2X, AK Wild Lotus MW, Stiletto Ruby/Sapp , Vice Gloves MW and MUCH more.

Hi dear friends, everything in my inventory is up for trade and up for sale.
I also buy/sell skins via Crypto.
(This List only contain items above $100 I have a lot more items in my inventory, check that out on my profile)
This list is not always up to date there is more unlisted items in my inventory! feel free to add me to discuss offers. The fastest way to get a response is to send me a direct trade offer through my trade link.
Guidelines to communicate with me : be informative on what you're interested in and if you wish to buy with cash/crypto or trade.
My discord : ¡Antonbeast Buying/Trading Skins#9260
Links to my profile / trade offer
Steam Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/antonbeast
Trade offer : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=61414315&token=WGyxdHWU
Every item is up for trade, don't be afraid to send an offer!
Prices on items may fluctuate, don't fully rely on the B/O price.
Name Float Specifics Tradability B/O
★ Butterfly Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN 0.0378 - Tradable $21000
★ Karambit Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0667 - Tradable $14500
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN 0.0071 - Tradable $13500
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Ruby) FN 0.0013 - Not tradeable $14500
AWP Dragon Lore MW 0.0785 - Tradable $10250
AK-47 Wild Lotus MW 0.1325 - Tradable $10500
M4A4 Howl FN 0.0568 - Tradable $7850
M4A4 Howl FN 0.0628 - Tradable $7850
AWP Dragon Lore FT 0.3701 - Tradable $6950
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Black Pearl) FN 0.0245 - Tradable $7850
Souvenir AK-47 Gold Arabesque MW 0.0947 - Tradable $6150
AK-47 Gold Arabesque FN 0.0069 0.00 Tradable $6351.91
AK-47 Gold Arabesque FN 0.0687 - Tradable $5351.91
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Black Pearl) FN 0.0096 0.00 Tradable $8252.87
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Black Pearl) FN 0.0089 0.00 Tradable $8252.87
★ Sport Gloves Vice MW 0.1499 - Not tradeable $5889.16
★ Sport Gloves Vice MW 0.1258 - Tradable $5889.16
★ Sport Gloves Vice MW 0.1433 BTA Knuckles, very clean Tradable $7189.16
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0222 - Tradable $5966.35
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0535 - Tradable $5560.84
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0044 - Tradable $5960.84
M4A4 Howl MW 0.0795 - Tradable $5213.81
★ Sport Gloves Pandora's Box FT 0.3633 - Tradable $5271.48
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN 0.0330 - Tradable $4857.16
M4A4 Howl FT 0.3227 - Not tradeable $4256.47
★ Butterfly Knife Lore MW 0.1465 - Not tradeable $3838.56
★ Butterfly Knife Lore MW 0.1042 0.10 Tradable $4238.56
★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono MW 0.1264 BTA pattern Not tradeable $4622.7
★ Talon Knife Crimson Web FN 0.0603 #1 world Talon FN CW Not tradeable $6500
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Ruby) MW 0.0745 - Tradable $3794.53
★ Butterfly Knife Fade FN 0.0026 - Tradable $3926.33
★ Butterfly Knife Fade FN 0.0195 80.0% lowest possible Tradable $5426.33
AWP Desert Hydra FN 0.0522 - Not tradeable $3641.45
AWP The Prince FT 0.3428 - Tradable $3627.29
★ Ursus Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN 0.0140 - Tradable $3527.29
★ Butterfly Knife Fade MW 0.0703 - Tradable $3477.14
★ Karambit Lore FN 0.0631 - Tradable $3173.33
M4A1-S Knight FN 0.0076 - Tradable $3852.09
★ Karambit Fade FN 0.0101 - Tradable $2874.21
★ Karambit Fade FN 0.0097 0.00 + 99.9% Fade, one of the best kara fades. Tradable $8000.21
ST ★ Huntsman Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0331 - Tradable $2809.08
★ Huntsman Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN 0.0319 - Tradable $2732.63
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT 0.2967 - Tradable $3076.81
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT 0.2856 - Tradable $3276.81
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT 0.2243 - Tradable $4576.81
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN 0.0355 - Tradable $2435.29
★ Butterfly Knife Marble Fade FN 0.0599 - Tradable $2398.48
★ Huntsman Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN 0.0277 - Tradable $2322.03
AWP Medusa FT 0.3088 - Tradable $2519.19
Souvenir AK-47 Gold Arabesque BS 0.5971 - Tradable $2237.07
AK-47 Hydroponic FN 0.0381 - Tradable $2229.85
★ Skeleton Knife Fade FN 0.0660 - Not tradeable $2202.38
★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN 0.0373 - Tradable $2109.64
★ Butterfly Knife Lore FT 0.3677 - Tradable $2050.04
★ Bowie Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0323 - Tradable $2045.93
★ Butterfly Knife 0.3833 - Tradable $2017.61
★ Bowie Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN 0.0213 - Tradable $1966.36
★ Bowie Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN 0.0175 - Tradable $1966.36
ST ★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN 0.0101 - Tradable $1929.83
MP9 Wild Lily FN 0.0567 - Tradable $2197.26
★ Falchion Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN 0.0007 - Tradable $1887.78
★ Falchion Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN 0.0112 - Tradable $1887.78
★ Sport Gloves Omega MW 0.1382 - Tradable $1858.82
★ Sport Gloves Omega MW 0.1311 - Tradable $1858.82
★ Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.0073 - Not tradeable $1951.96
M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle MW 0.1412 - Tradable $1840.63
★ Driver Gloves King Snake MW 0.1444 - Tradable $2139.14
★ Karambit Lore MW 0.0736 - Tradable $2133.76
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Black Pearl) MW 0.0781 - Tradable $2169.84
★ Karambit Marble Fade FN 0.0334 BTA Corner Tradable $1955.61
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 2) FN 0.0344 - Tradable $1741.52
ST ★ Karambit Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN 0.0332 - Not tradeable $1727.36
★ M9 Bayonet Crimson Web MW 0.0880 - Tradable $3906.12
★ M9 Bayonet Marble Fade FN 0.0333 - Not tradeable $1697.63
Souvenir AWP Desert Hydra 0.4292 - Not tradeable $1670.73
AK-47 Hydroponic MW 0.0752 - Tradable $1592.85
★ Moto Gloves Spearmint FT 0.2960 - Tradable $1543.23
★ Karambit Crimson Web MW 0.1224 - Not tradeable $1451.27
AK-47 Fire Serpent MW 0.0999 - Tradable $1343.52
AK-47 Fire Serpent MW 0.1411 - Tradable $1343.52
M4A1-S Imminent Danger MW 0.1346 - Tradable $1308.26
★ Karambit BS 0.5547 - Tradable $1295.45
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 3) FN 0.0064 - Not tradeable $1258.42
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 3) FN 0.0354 - Tradable $1258.42
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 1) FN 0.0277 - Not tradeable $1245.96
★ Survival Knife Crimson Web FN 0.0670 - Not tradeable $1234.64
★ Gut Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0232 - Not tradeable $1230.11
★ M9 Bayonet Slaughter FN 0.0335 - Not tradeable $1203.35
★ M9 Bayonet Slaughter FN 0.0699 - Tradable $1203.35
AWP Fade FN 0.0206 - Tradable $1189.33
ST ★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet MW 0.1411 - Tradable $1189.33
AWP Fade FN 0.0333 - Tradable $1189.33
ST ★ Talon Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN 0.0465 - Not tradeable $1118.39
★ Talon Knife Marble Fade FN 0.0402 - Tradable $1113.72
★ Talon Knife Marble Fade FN 0.0355 - Tradable $1113.72
★ Talon Knife Marble Fade FN 0.0338 - Tradable $1113.72
ST ★ Butterfly Knife Damascus Steel MW 0.0811 - Tradable $1068.27
★ Karambit Slaughter MW 0.1166 - Tradable $1054.82
★ Navaja Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN 0.0387 - Not tradeable $1040.52
★ Shadow Daggers Doppler (Ruby) FN 0.0081 - Tradable $996.63
★ Stiletto Knife Fade FN 0.0090 - Tradable $990.97
★ Specialist Gloves Field Agent MW 0.1271 - Tradable $989.55
★ Butterfly Knife Blue Steel MW 0.0888 - Not tradeable $987.57
★ Talon Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN 0.0346 - Not tradeable $984.03
★ Karambit Case Hardened MW 0.0883 - Not tradeable $955.71
ST ★ Bayonet Lore MW 0.0804 - Tradable $906.01
AK-47 Fire Serpent FT 0.2272 - Tradable $900.49
★ Bayonet Marble Fade FN 0.0320 - Tradable $890.51
★ Talon Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.0556 - Tradable $822.62
ST ★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW 0.0716 - Tradable $821.2
ST AK-47 Vulcan MW 0.0981 4x Kato 15 Navi Holo Tradable $2816.96
★ Karambit Blue Steel MW 0.1493 - Tradable $799.97
★ Sport Gloves Vice BS 0.7893 - Tradable $792.88
ST ★ Classic Knife Fade FN 0.0592 - Tradable $786.44
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.0085 - Tradable $780.43
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.0260 - Tradable $780.43
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.0044 - Tradable $780.43
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.0078 - Tradable $780.43
Desert Eagle Blaze FN 0.0313 - Tradable $780.43
★ M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN 0.0322 - Tradable $745.46
★ Karambit Blue Steel FT 0.1713 - Tradable $736.25
ST ★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN 0.0464 - Tradable $734.84
★ Bayonet Autotronic MW 0.1111 - Tradable $729.31
★ Sport Gloves Omega FT 0.3725 - Not tradeable $714.87
★ Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh MW 0.1074 - Tradable $707.86
★ Butterfly Knife Forest DDPAT MW 0.1363 - Tradable $700.78
★ Flip Knife Marble Fade FN 0.0299 - Not tradeable $687.48
★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 1) FN 0.0165 - Tradable $683.58
★ Stiletto Knife Marble Fade FN 0.0072 - Tradable $676.64
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze BS 0.5675 - Not tradeable $672.11
★ Driver Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.2092 - Tradable $658.24
★ Stiletto Knife Marble Fade MW 0.0789 - Tradable $651.16
★ Survival Knife Fade FN 0.0102 - Not tradeable $647.55
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN 0.0091 - Tradable $622.98
★ Butterfly Knife Urban Masked 0.3844 - Tradable $608.82
★ Butterfly Knife Scorched FT 0.3489 - Tradable $603.16
★ Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.0116 - Not tradeable $591.69
★ Ursus Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN 0.0328 - Tradable $590.35
★ Huntsman Knife Fade FN 0.0078 - Not tradeable $576.26
★ Flip Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.0359 - Tradable $572.58
★ Moto Gloves Smoke Out MW 0.1324 - Tradable $559.13
★ Specialist Gloves Emerald Web 0.4355 - Tradable $528.81
★ Paracord Knife Crimson Web MW 0.1324 - Tradable $506.87
Desert Eagle Fennec Fox FN 0.0694 - Tradable $494.14
★ Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls FT 0.3506 - Tradable $474.88
AK-47 Vulcan MW 0.1165 - Tradable $470.07
★ Huntsman Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 3) FN 0.0244 - Not tradeable $464.7
ST ★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 4) FN 0.0353 - Tradable $431.56
★ M9 Bayonet Urban Masked FT 0.2890 - Tradable $423.68
★ M9 Bayonet Forest DDPAT 0.3855 - Tradable $421.93
★ Paracord Knife Slaughter FN 0.0137 - Tradable $416.97
M4A4 Temukau FN 0.0140 - Tradable $399.28
★ Survival Knife Slaughter FN 0.0615 - Not tradeable $377.97
★ Bayonet Blue Steel MW 0.0877 - Tradable $372.23
★ Specialist Gloves Field Agent FT 0.2862 - Tradable $368.13
Desert Eagle Hand Cannon FN 0.0331 - Tradable $368.12
★ Skeleton Knife Night Stripe BS 0.5431 - Tradable $366.69
★ Flip Knife Autotronic FT 0.2108 - Not tradeable $356.94
Desert Eagle Fennec Fox MW 0.0884 - Tradable $356.8
★ Nomad Knife Case Hardened FT 0.1803 - Tradable $356.49
ST ★ Bowie Knife Lore MW 0.1062 - Tradable $353.75
★ Bayonet Ultraviolet MW 0.0939 - Tradable $352.53
★ Talon Knife Ultraviolet FT 0.1823 - Tradable $348.3
★ Sport Gloves Bronze Morph MW 0.1045 - Tradable $347.74
★ Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid FT 0.2631 - Not tradeable $345.4
★ Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid FT 0.2584 - Tradable $345.4
M4A4 The Coalition FN 0.0681 - Tradable $344.05
ST ★ Flip Knife Crimson Web FT 0.3589 - Not tradeable $339.66
ST AK-47 The Empress FN 0.0689 - Tradable $328.2
AWP Oni Taiji FT 0.2085 - Tradable $325.58
AWP Oni Taiji FT 0.1786 - Tradable $325.58
AWP Silk Tiger FN 0.0429 - Not tradeable $320.69
AWP Silk Tiger FN 0.0401 - Tradable $320.69
★ Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh FT 0.2615 - Tradable $310
★ Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh FT 0.3778 - Tradable $310
★ Sport Gloves Nocts FT 0.2275 - Tradable $308.45
★ Falchion Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.0591 - Tradable $301.37
★ Paracord Knife Crimson Web FT 0.2136 - Tradable $286
★ Flip Knife Black Laminate FT 0.1931 - Not tradeable $282.47
Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy FN 0.0069 - Tradable $269.02
★ Flip Knife Black Laminate BS 0.8311 - Not tradeable $263.14
★ Hand Wraps CAUTION! FT 0.3525 - Not tradeable $261.78
AK-47 Fuel Injector MW 0.0954 - Tradable $261.16
★ Nomad Knife Stained 0.3913 - Tradable $254.86
M4A1-S Printstream MW 0.1048 - Not tradeable $246.99
AK-47 Vulcan FT 0.2007 - Tradable $237.72
★ Specialist Gloves Mogul FT 0.1817 - Tradable $235.95
★ Specialist Gloves Forest DDPAT MW 0.1365 - Tradable $230.57
Glock-18 Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FT 0.2246 - Tradable $226.54
AK-47 Case Hardened FT 0.2186 - Tradable $209.12
★ Moto Gloves Smoke Out FT 0.2946 - Tradable $207.35
\- Steam Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/antonbeast
Trade offer : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=61414315&token=WGyxdHWU
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2023.05.28 12:28 antonl99 [Store] Multiple Knives, Gloves & High tiers - BFK Emerald/Ruby/2xBlackPearl, M9 Ruby 0.0013, M9 Black Pearl 2x, M9 Emerald, M9 Ruby, M9 Sapp, M9 Crimson Web FN, M9 Black Pearl FN 0.00, AWP Gungnir FN/, AWP Dragon Lore FN/MW 2X, AK Wild Lotus MW, Stiletto Ruby/Sapp , Vice Gloves MW and MUCH more.

Hi dear friends, everything in my inventory is up for trade and up for sale.
I also buy/sell skins via Crypto.
(This List only contain items above $100 I have a lot more items in my inventory, check that out on my profile)
This list is not always up to date there is more unlisted items in my inventory! feel free to add me to discuss offers. The fastest way to get a response is to send me a direct trade offer through my trade link.
Guidelines to communicate with me : be informative on what you're interested in and if you wish to buy with cash/crypto or trade.
My discord : ¡Antonbeast Buying/Trading Skins#9260
Links to my profile / trade offer
Steam Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/antonbeast
Trade offer : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=61414315&token=WGyxdHWU
Every item is up for trade, don't be afraid to send an offer!
Prices on items may fluctuate, don't fully rely on the B/O price.
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Sapphire) FN0.0629-Tradable$17153.82
★ Karambit Doppler (Sapphire) FN0.0667-Not tradeable$15209.15
AWP Dragon Lore FN0.0567-Tradable$14935.91
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN0.0071-Tradable$14073.51
AWP Dragon Lore MW0.0785-Tradable$11673.29
AWP Dragon Lore MW0.0922-Tradable$11673.29
AK-47 Wild Lotus MW0.1325-Tradable$10450.22
AWP Gungnir FT0.2416-Tradable$9507.32
M4A4 Howl FN0.0628-Tradable$8114.83
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Black Pearl) FN0.0077-Tradable$9180.56
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Black Pearl) FN0.0245-Tradable$8180.56
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN0.0222-Tradable$6325.34
★ Sport Gloves Vice MW0.1258-Tradable$6318.01
★ Sport Gloves Vice MW0.1433-Tradable$5918.01
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN0.0535-Not tradeable$5246.29
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN0.0044-Tradable$6546.29
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Black Pearl) FN0.0096-Tradable$9030.69
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Black Pearl) FN0.0089-Tradable$9030.69
M4A4 Howl MW0.1498-Tradable$4886.95
M4A4 Howl MW0.0795-Tradable$4886.95
AK-47 Gold Arabesque FN0.0687-Tradable$4886.95
★ Sport Gloves Pandora's Box FT0.3711-Tradable$4805.02
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN0.0330-Tradable$4570.59
M4A4 Howl FT0.1782-Not tradeable$4038.78
★ Butterfly Knife Lore MW0.1042-Tradable$3992.5
★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono MW0.1306-Tradable$3794.58
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Ruby) MW0.0745-Tradable$3571.64
★ Ursus Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN0.0140-Tradable$3492.73
★ Butterfly Knife Fade FN0.0353-Not tradeable$3406.49
★ Butterfly Knife Fade FN0.0191-Tradable$3406.49
★ Butterfly Knife Fade FN0.0195-Tradable$3406.49
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Black Pearl) MW0.0781-Tradable$3146.05
★ Sport Gloves Slingshot MW0.1246-Tradable$3104.65
★ Sport Gloves Slingshot MW0.1193-Tradable$3104.65
★ Sport Gloves Slingshot MW0.1349-Tradable$3104.65
★ Karambit Lore FN0.0631-Tradable$3075.91
★ Karambit Fade FN0.0097-Tradable$2870.37
ST ★ Huntsman Knife Doppler (Sapphire) FN0.0331-Not tradeable$2858.58
★ Butterfly Knife Autotronic FN0.0260-Tradable$2730.94
AK-47 Gold Arabesque FT0.2767-Tradable$2723.76
★ M9 Bayonet Lore MW0.0930-Tradable$2716.28
★ Butterfly Knife Doppler (Phase 4) FN0.0340-Not tradeable$2714.85
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT0.2967-Tradable$3230.33
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT0.2856-Tradable$3230.33
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT0.3627-Tradable$2930.33
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT0.3660-Tradable$2930.33
★ Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT0.2243-Tradable$4130.33
M4A1-S Knight FN0.0076-Tradable$3615.96
Souvenir AK-47 Gold Arabesque BS0.5971-Not tradeable$2743.33
★ Butterfly Knife Marble Fade FN0.0599-Tradable$2714.73
★ Huntsman Knife Doppler (Ruby) FN0.0175-Tradable$2611.78
★ Specialist Gloves Emerald Web MW0.1010-Tradable$3471.61
★ Sport Gloves Superconductor FT0.2622-Tradable$2963.81
★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN0.0410-Tradable$2580.44
★ Bowie Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN0.0213-Tradable$2127.26
★ Bowie Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN0.0175-Tradable$2127.26
★ Skeleton Knife Fade MW0.0715-Tradable$2096.79
ST ★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN0.0101-Not tradeable$2012.27
★ Butterfly Knife Lore FT0.3677-Tradable$2012.13
★ Butterfly Knife Autotronic MW0.0772-Tradable$2103.04
★ Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth FN0.0331-Not tradeable$1854.17
★ M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 2) FN0.0679-Tradable$1825.42
★ Driver Gloves King Snake MW0.1444-Tradable$2117.8
★ Sport Gloves Omega MW0.1382-Tradable$1803.14
★ Sport Gloves Omega MW0.1311-Tradable$1803.14
★ Falchion Knife Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FN0.0112-Tradable$1796.67
MP9 Wild Lily FN0.0567-Tradable$1796.6
★ Bowie Knife Doppler (Ruby) MW0.0799-Tradable$1780.69
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 2) FN0.0344-Not tradeable$1767.93
★ M9 Bayonet Crimson Web MW0.0880-Tradable$3724.81
★ Karambit Marble Fade FN0.0334-Not tradeable$1724.66
★ Talon Knife Fade FN0.0086-Not tradeable$1691.6
★ Karambit Autotronic MW0.1144-Tradable$1617.01
★ Karambit Crimson Web MW0.0714-Tradable$3551.61
★ Moto Gloves Spearmint FT0.2960-Tradable$1909.13
★ Butterfly Knife Autotronic FT0.2404-Not tradeable$1484.77
★ Butterfly Knife Autotronic FT0.3621-Not tradeable$1484.77
★ Karambit Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) FN0.0655-Tradable$1464.29
★ Butterfly Knife Slaughter MW0.1177-Tradable$1463.07
★ Karambit Slaughter FN0.0400-Not tradeable$1351.1
M4A1-S Imminent Danger MW0.1346-Tradable$1334.86
★ Karambit Tiger Tooth FN0.0319-Not tradeable$1325.27
★ Karambit Tiger Tooth FN0.0082-Tradable$1325.27
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 3) FN0.0105-Not tradeable$1241.79
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 3) FN0.0328-Not tradeable$1241.79
★ Karambit Doppler (Phase 1) FN0.0094-Not tradeable$1236.11
ST ★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet MW0.1411-Not tradeable$1235.97
★ M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN0.0640-Not tradeable$1224.9
ST ★ Bayonet Fade FN0.0293-Tradable$1135.28
ST ★ Talon Knife Marble Fade FN0.0443-Tradable$1121.12
AWP Fade FN0.0228-Tradable$1106.6
AWP Fade FN0.0333-Tradable$1106.6
★ Talon Knife Marble Fade FN0.0338-Not tradeable$1083.75
★ Butterfly Knife Crimson Web FT0.2419-Tradable$1063.42
★ Karambit Black Laminate MW0.1194-Not tradeable$1034.81
★ Skeleton Knife Slaughter MW0.0901-Tradable$1017.2
★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Phase 1) FN0.0481-Not tradeable$991.76
★ Shadow Daggers Doppler (Ruby) FN0.0081-Tradable$989.32
★ Karambit Black Laminate FT0.1994-Not tradeable$970.13
★ Stiletto Knife Fade FN0.0090-Tradable$945.77
ST ★ Karambit Black Laminate BS0.4699-Tradable$897.33
ST ★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW0.0716-Tradable$891.15
★ Bayonet Marble Fade FN0.0130-Not tradeable$891.08
★ Sport Gloves Slingshot FT0.1708-Tradable$1980.87
ST AK-47 Vulcan MW0.1168-Not tradeable$876.63
ST AK-47 Vulcan MW0.0981-Tradable$876.63
ST ★ Talon Knife Tiger Tooth FN0.0257-Not tradeable$855.22
★ Sport Gloves Vice BS0.5960-Not tradeable$837.97
★ Sport Gloves Vice BS0.7893-Tradable$837.97
★ Sport Gloves Nocts MW0.1464-Tradable$818.56
★ Butterfly Knife Boreal Forest MW0.1298-Tradable$804.62
★ Talon Knife Tiger Tooth FN0.0331-Not tradeable$793.41
Desert Eagle Blaze FN0.0044-Tradable$783.28
Desert Eagle Blaze FN0.0078-Tradable$783.28
Desert Eagle Blaze FN0.0313-Tradable$783.28
★ Sport Gloves Omega FT0.2987-Tradable$715.78
★ Specialist Gloves Emerald Web FT0.1687-Tradable$1489.78
★ Paracord Knife Fade FN0.0352-Not tradeable$688.41
★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 1) FN0.0334-Not tradeable$687.05
★ Karambit Ultraviolet FT0.3743-Not tradeable$682.74
★ Driver Gloves Snow Leopard FT0.1551-Tradable$1082.38
★ Driver Gloves Snow Leopard FT0.2092-Tradable$882.38
★ Stiletto Knife Marble Fade FN0.0072-Tradable$681.66
★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 3) FN0.0645-Not tradeable$675.55
★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet BS0.5399-Not tradeable$675.41
★ Survival Knife Fade FN0.0640-Tradable$624.88
ST ★ Talon Knife Case Hardened BS0.7799-Not tradeable$618.06
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN0.0091-Not tradeable$603.68
★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN0.0332-Tradable$603.68
ST ★ Karambit Bright Water BS0.4958-Tradable$597.93
★ Ursus Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN0.0328-Tradable$576.44
★ Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN0.0205-Not tradeable$574.94
★ Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN0.0027-Tradable$574.94
★ Ursus Knife Marble Fade FN0.0130-Not tradeable$557.62
★ Paracord Knife Crimson Web MW0.1324-Not tradeable$550.5
★ Stiletto Knife Slaughter MW0.1028-Tradable$544.75
★ Karambit Urban Masked FT0.3145-Not tradeable$527.5
★ Skeleton Knife Night Stripe MW0.1270-Not tradeable$517.44
★ M9 Bayonet Bright Water 0.4327-Tradable$517.23
★ Stiletto Knife FT0.2682-Tradable$516.51
AK-47 Fuel Injector FN0.0689-Tradable$509.9
ST ★ Flip Knife FT0.2286-Tradable$500.91
★ M9 Bayonet Scorched BS0.7812-Not tradeable$469.22
AK-47 Vulcan MW0.1343-Tradable$465.63
AK-47 Vulcan MW0.1165-Tradable$465.63
★ Bayonet Bright Water FN0.0618-Not tradeable$464.19
★ Bayonet Bright Water FN0.0173-Tradable$464.19
ST AK-47 Case Hardened MW0.0831-Tradable$459.95
ST ★ Survival Knife Slaughter FN0.0442-Not tradeable$454.92
★ Ursus Knife Slaughter FN0.0236-Tradable$452.76
★ Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls FT0.3710-Not tradeable$452.62
Desert Eagle Fennec Fox FN0.0694-Not tradeable$445.58
★ Skeleton Knife Night Stripe 0.3881-Not tradeable$445.57
AWP Oni Taiji MW0.0831-Tradable$429.62
★ Huntsman Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN0.0537-Tradable$428.33
★ Classic Knife FT0.2418-Tradable$426.82
★ Talon Knife Blue Steel 0.4443-Not tradeable$415.16
★ Moto Gloves POW! FT0.3574-Not tradeable$414.96
★ Moto Gloves POW! FT0.3698-Not tradeable$414.96
★ Stiletto Knife Crimson Web FT0.2288-Not tradeable$406.67
★ Survival Knife Slaughter FN0.0436-Not tradeable$392.32
★ Specialist Gloves Field Agent FT0.2971-Tradable$391.8
★ Bayonet Bright Water MW0.1208-Not tradeable$390.81
★ Talon Knife Rust Coat BS0.8264-Not tradeable$387.65
★ Bayonet Black Laminate 0.4105-Not tradeable$386.64
ST ★ Bayonet Crimson Web FT0.3637-Not tradeable$385.21
★ Nomad Knife Case Hardened FT0.1803-Not tradeable$379.75
★ Specialist Gloves Marble Fade FT0.2292-Not tradeable$379.46
★ Specialist Gloves Marble Fade FT0.1837-Tradable$379.46
★ Specialist Gloves Marble Fade FT0.2067-Tradable$379.46
★ Sport Gloves Bronze Morph MW0.1045-Tradable$370.83
★ Bayonet Ultraviolet MW0.0769-Tradable$370.11
Desert Eagle Hand Cannon FN0.0331-Tradable$360.63
★ Huntsman Knife Tiger Tooth FN0.0525-Tradable$352.15
Desert Eagle Fennec Fox MW0.0884-Not tradeable$347.84
★ Bayonet Freehand BS0.4705-Tradable$341.94
★ Skeleton Knife Forest DDPAT FT0.3737-Not tradeable$330.59
★ Sport Gloves Nocts FT0.2275-Tradable$321.25
ST M4A4 Temukau MW0.1152-Not tradeable$307.23
AWP Silk Tiger FN0.0401-Not tradeable$303.28
ST AWP Asiimov FT0.2643-Not tradeable$290.18
AK-47 Head Shot FN0.0699-Not tradeable$287.38
AK-47 Panthera onca MW0.1265-Not tradeable$287.18
Glock-18 Gamma Doppler (Emerald) MW0.1343-Tradable$286.75
★ Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander FT0.2634-Not tradeable$282.29
★ Bayonet Night 0.3861-Tradable$272.95
ST ★ Nomad Knife Stained BS0.5531-Not tradeable$258.58
★ Sport Gloves Nocts 0.4368-Not tradeable$257.12
AK-47 Vulcan FT0.2529-Not tradeable$254.41
AK-47 Vulcan FT0.2764-Not tradeable$254.41
★ Flip Knife Freehand 0.4048-Tradable$250.6
AK-47 Case Hardened MW0.0849-Not tradeable$248.52
★ Shadow Daggers Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) FN0.0014-Not tradeable$248.37
★ Hand Wraps Slaughter FT0.3051-Not tradeable$247.22
★ Specialist Gloves Mogul FT0.2472-Tradable$247.22
Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy FN0.0069-Tradable$245.07
★ Driver Gloves Black Tie FT0.1639-Not tradeable$240.03
★ Bowie Knife Autotronic 0.3812-Not tradeable$237.09
★ Flip Knife Blue Steel FT0.3402-Not tradeable$235
★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Web 0.3815-Not tradeable$229.69
★ Gut Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN0.0204-Tradable$214.16
★ Bowie Knife Lore BS0.8530-Not tradeable$214.09
★ Paracord Knife Blue Steel MW0.0811-Not tradeable$212.01
Glock-18 Gamma Doppler (Emerald) FT0.2246-Tradable$210.5
★ Moto Gloves Blood Pressure FT0.3659-Tradable$209.78
AK-47 Case Hardened FT0.2186-Tradable$208.41
ST ★ Shadow Daggers Crimson Web FT0.1528-Not tradeable$201.23
★ Navaja Knife Marble Fade FN0.0118-Not tradeable$201.16
Nova Modern Hunter FN0.0693-Not tradeable$198.64
★ Moto Gloves Turtle FT0.2082-Tradable$196.92
USP-S Printstream FN0.0329-Not tradeable$178.16
★ Driver Gloves Lunar Weave FT0.1602-Not tradeable$176.79
★ Driver Gloves Lunar Weave FT0.1614-Tradable$176.79
M4A1-S Golden Coil FN0.0643-Tradable$175.93
M4A4 Temukau MW0.0954-Not tradeable$175.36
ST AWP Containment Breach FT0.3304-Not tradeable$170.97
AWP Wildfire FN0.0663-Tradable$160.55
★ Classic Knife Boreal Forest FT0.2347-Not tradeable$156.17
AWP Asiimov FT0.3652-Not tradeable$144.17
AK-47 The Empress FN0.0699-Tradable$140
ST AWP Asiimov BS0.7235-Tradable$139.42
USP-S Whiteout FN0.0659-Not tradeable$136.55
AK-47 Head Shot MW0.1348-Not tradeable$134.39
AK-47 Neon Rider FN0.0647-Not tradeable$132.24
P90 Emerald Dragon MW0.1390-Not tradeable$130.65
Dual Berettas Duelist FN0.0436-Not tradeable$125.9
Dual Berettas Duelist FN0.0062-Tradable$125.9
ST USP-S Kill Confirmed FT0.3036-Not tradeable$125.77
ST M4A1-S Hyper Beast MW0.1360-Tradable$123.22
P250 Whiteout FN0.0698-Tradable$122.17
★ Shadow Daggers Freehand 0.4052-Not tradeable$119.23
ST AK-47 Nightwish MW0.1138-Not tradeable$111.82
MP9 Pandora's Box FN0.0260-Tradable$103.49
MP9 Pandora's Box FN0.0104-Tradable$103.49
\- Steam Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/antonbeast
Trade offer : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=61414315&token=WGyxdHWU
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2023.05.28 12:01 SuccessfulPurple5971 All variables “seem” good, coffee tastes good, but ratio is way off?

Breville Barista Express using Lavazza Gran Espresso (not fresh, I know. New beans on order.)
Manually dosing 16g of beans at a grind setting of 6 into a single wall double. Puck prep is only WDT “needle” tool and a simple tampedistributor.
Machine pressure is around 11:30-12:30 after a brief pre infusion time. The shot is taking around 30 seconds +- 2 seconds or so. But here is the odd one? The yield is about 60 grams. That’s closer to a 1:3.75 than a 1:2 that I’m looking for.
If I change to say a grind setting of 5 or dose of 16 up to 18 grams the pressure will increase and it will take longer, but yield is still between 55-60g.
I could manually stop it at around 36g of coffee, but I’m guessing now the total time of the pull would be closer to 20 seconds.
Question- Im making an americano and using 6 ounces of water because that is how I enjoy it. The taste here is good, likely because I simply don’t truly know what a “perfect” espresso/americano should taste like.
Do I leave it alone? All the settings/doses/pressures seem good, yet the yield ratio is really high. Does it matter? If I change a single variable it’ll affect others. If I add beans or grind them finer the pressure and time of the shot will increase, yet the yield will still be high. If I go the opposite direction the pressure will likely be too low a bar and the shot time under 20 seconds?
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2023.05.28 12:01 Blakeroid [Store] 20+ KNIVES 10+ CRAFTS, $15,000+ INVENTORY. Butterfly Tiger Tooth, Karambit Tiger Tooth, M9 Gamma Doppler P1, AK Fire Serpent FT, Emerald Web Gloves, Flip Gamma, Flip Doppler, Butterfly Scorched, Gloves Fade, Skeleton Boreal, Flip Autotronic

I'm only looking for trade offers, not intrested in cash trading.

Check float, pattern and stickers before offering!
Prices may not always be up to date.
(Updated 05/20-2023)
Steam Profile
Name Exterior Float value Buyout
★ Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth Factory New 0,03 ¥ 12793
★ Karambit Tiger Tooth Factory New 0,03 ¥ 9335
★ Gloves Emerald Web FT Centered Web 0,192 ¥ 9300
★ M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) Factory New 0,02 ¥ 8632
AK-47 Fire Serpent Field-Tested 0,36 ¥ 6102
★ Flip Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN BTA Lime 0,033 ¥ 5500
★ Ursus Knife Case Hardened Blue Gem Minimal Wear 0,12 ¥ 4800
★ Flip Knife Doppler (Phase 2) Factory New 0,03 ¥ 4259
★ Butterfly Knife Scorched Field-Tested 0,35 ¥ 4201
M4A1-S Icarus Fell Factory New 0,04 ¥ 3667
★ Specialist Gloves Fade Field-Tested 0,38 ¥ 2619
★ Skeleton Knife Boreal Forest Field-Tested 0,33 ¥ 2280
★ Flip Knife Autotronic Battle-Scarred 0,58 ¥ 1995
StatTrak™ AK-47 Bloodsport Factory New 0,06 ¥ 1949
★ Falchion Knife Lore Minimal Wear 0,09 ¥ 1870
★ Bayonet Scorched Battle-Scarred 0,57 ¥ 1660
★ Bayonet Forest DDPAT Well-Worn 0,39 ¥ 1630
★ Huntsman Knife Black Laminate Minimal Wear 0,15 ¥ 1480
★ Flip Knife Rust Coat Battle-Scarred 0,63 ¥ 1410
★ Navaja Knife Tiger Tooth Factory New 0,03 ¥ 1180
★ Flip Knife Scorched Field-Tested 0,36 ¥ 1150
Sticker B1ad3 (Gold) Boston 2018 ¥ 996
★ Classic Knife Forest DDPAT Battle-Scarred 0,75 ¥ 995
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet Minimal Wear 0,13 ¥ 950
Sticker Edward (Gold) Boston 2018 ¥ 800
★ Gut Knife Boreal Forest Field-Tested 0,15 ¥ 679
AK-47 Bloodsport Minimal Wear 0,13 ¥ 656
AWP BOOM Minimal Wear 0,12 ¥ 646
★ Specialist Gloves Forest DDPAT Battle-Scarred 0,67 ¥ 605
Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption Factory New 0,01 ¥ 603
StatTrak™ Dual Berettas Cobra Strike Minimal Wear 0,15 ¥ 560
StatTrak™ Desert Eagle Printstream Field-Tested 0,20 ¥ 549
Desert Eagle Printstream Minimal Wear 0,07 ¥ 456
USP-S Printstream Field-Tested 0,36 ¥ 412
USP-S Printstream Field-Tested 0,28 ¥ 412
AWP Wildfire Field-Tested 0,23 ¥ 410
StatTrak™ Glock-18 Water Elemental Factory New 0,06 ¥ 335
StatTrak™ Glock-18 Water Elemental Factory New 0,03 ¥ 335
M4A1-S Player Two Minimal Wear 0,15 ¥ 330
Sticker PENTA Sports (Holo) Katowice 2015 ¥ 328
M4A4 The Emperor Minimal Wear 0,08 ¥ 306
Cmdr, Davida 'Goggles' Fernandez SEAL Frogman ¥ 284
Sticker B1ad3 (Foil) Krakow 2017 ¥ 268
AK-47 Neon Rider Field-Tested 0,27 ¥ 255
USP-S Monster Mashup Factory New 0,06 ¥ 255​
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2023.05.28 12:00 AutoModerator Weekly Reminder: Rules and FAQ - May 28, 2023 (Now with updates!)

Below you will find a weekly reminder of our Rules and partial FAQ. It's definitely a long read, but it's worth your time, especially if you are new to the community, or dropping by as a result of a link you found elsewhere. We periodically revise our rules, this weekly notice will help keep you informed of any changes made.
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2023.05.28 11:36 Doctor__Acula Bug? Siege towers not working against medieval walls

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2023.05.28 11:33 jumpinjacks12345 May 2023 Report/Tips: Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Cinque Terre

We just got back, Italy is magical. Only been to Rome once before as part of Europe hopping trip about 10 years ago. Some thoughts and tricks on our 10 nights, hope it's helpful for others:
Weather: Don't stress too much on forecasts even a week out. Check before leaving and adjust wardrobe or add a light rain jacket if needed. Originally our entire trip showed rain the whole time. Realistically there was a 1 drizzly day in Venice and 2 hour of rain (ominous with thunder) in Florence. The rest of the time was cloudy or beautiful and clear. Cinque Terre was absolutely clear and 70, but dang that sun when hiking was brutally hot. App: Il Meteo
Download WhatsApp - everyone including hotels, restaurants, business, taxi driver (see below) uses it.
Esim: Airalo worked well for us Samsung S22 and Pixel 6. Did have to reboot my S22, but worked really well and between the 2 of us used about 5GB so couldn't gone with less data. One phone did the Europe regional and another the Italy Mamma Mia one. Some restaurants do have dead zones, some have Wifi, another was like these signs on the wall are your wifi....
Driving: You definitely need a car for Tuscany if you want to be on your own timetable, we rented out of Florence and returned in La Spezia. Beware some of the routes on Google Maps, although reliable there were 2 instances we went off roading when an asphalt road was right there. Then we needed to u-turn on the outskirts of Pisa and it was trying to get us to make this impossible stone walled turn and the locals were like yeah Google Maps has people do this and no one has made that so just turn back around. Also lesson learned for us - just do the rental company insurance, event though my credit card offers primary, we got a larger mid size SUV vs Fiat 500 and with the narrow streets, for me the reduced stress would've been worth it when we had to wiggle the car out some spots - but we came out scratch free. On a side note, we got a Lynk & Co car, which was neat and loved Android Auto as we use it at home. Rented thru Hertz. If you use the toll roads (which can make your life a lot faster sometime), make sure you grab a ticket coming in, we didn't get one for 1 segment, luckily getting off of it, the remote attendant spoke english, a little annoyed, but let us pay the fare from where we came from.
Parking: The meters we encountered in Montepulciano, Siena, Pisa seemed straight forward but sometimes card wouldn't work, the english translation was bad and cancelled out transaction multiple times. Just download EasyPark which seems to work everywhere, GPS your zone, link to GooglePay or credit card, license and boom, spin the clock - small fee less than 10%, but damn was it easy and you can add time or end early....
Trains: Download Trenitalia app, book any train instantly, get train status (where is the train currently), and see any station's timetable. Our Venice to Florence train did get delayed and stopped here and there in Bologna one weekend due to the flood damage, luckily our train wasn't cancelled. 5 days later, all trains seems to be back on track. Missed the big 5/26 strike by one day but I was seeing some trains via the app still scheduled. Basically be mentally prepared for any issues, booked an InterCity (assigned seats) from La Spezia to Pisa ahead of time but day of just waited to see when to schedule the regional from Pisa to Florence, so easy via app and you can see how often they run (30 mins for this route) and buy on demand as your schedule permits.
Booking museums/sights: It can be very tricky to google and find official booking sites as there are a lot of 3rd parties who want to get you a "front of the line pass" with a tour for a large markup. So I tried to book thru official sites as much as I can, for the life of us we couldn't get the Doges official to go through so did get those from Get the Guide for less than 5 euro markup for 2. If you are flexible and go off hours, you can do standby and avoid the nominal online booking fee and time spot, we only did these for some, not all. Maybe don't listen to me during summer months. But we did very little waiting - see below
Food: Note that I found classic italian cooking is much more simple, subtle and just pure flavors. Stuff was beautiful but by California standards, a tad underseasoned although some places did put out salt and pepper (default not request) for some dishes like a burrata. This is also coming from here in SoCal where birria is not enough it's birria ramen and hot cheetos encrusted this or that and 5 different types of toppings for mac and cheese - you know stuff for Instagram.... But I totally appreciated the approach and loved it.
Cities - we tend to do a lot on vacation, it may have been a touch quick but it was so fun, we did get a bit sick just with all the weather and change but nothing serious but was glad to get the downtime in Tuscany, we hit it hard first 2 places Venice and Florence. You may vacation differently, this was also our first trip abroad in 7 or so years so wanted to see ALLTHETHINGS.
Accommodations - We did mostly Airbnb which in Europe requires a meetup vs self check in. Did an incredible bed and breakfast (see Montepulciano) and finally a hotel in Florence for last night which I highly recommend for location and service - Arte Boutique (they helped me track down a lost backpack in a taxi, see below).
Safety - felt pretty safe and not scammy in all of our cities our Airbnb host in Florence said Italy overall is safe but he did confirm Rome you need to be more aware. Honestly we only carried 350 euro with us from US bank and that was plenty, near the end we were needing to use it up as everyone takes card, tap to pay, ApplePay and GooglePay freely. Taxi drivers do prefer cash
Staying calm story - we were ending our trip from Florence to airport in in my rush I left my backpack in backseat of taxi, it was gone before I realized we had our rollers and his backpack and duffel but not mine. Luckily my husband was like ok we will call the hotel (the only one we happened to book) who arranged the taxi, and luckily they tracked him down and he came back due to us allotting tons of time before departure. I had to pay the fare again for the backpack fare but was so relieved. We corresponded via WhatsApp after making the initial call to hotel.
Venice: 2 nights
- Sights: Doges (booked via Get the Guide) was cool, not the biggest museum person. Walk over Bridge of Sighs was uneventful from inside. St Mark Basilica had no advance tickets, but did standby for 3 eupp about 20 min before opening and got in within 10 mins, then hopped over to Campanile Tower w/o tickets, no line around 9-9:30 AM - great views.
- Eat: Faves were the quick bites chichetti (All'Arco, Cantina Do Spade), coffee and pastries and gelato (loved Suso). Our sit downs were not bad, just not mind blowing at Ai Mercanti and Imprompta (although seafood good). Also there's a small bar inside Cafe Florian if you want a macchiato for under 5 euro vs sitting down for a 12 euro cappucino and want a mini experience w/o wait.
It can be crowded mid-day but will calm down, very cool to walk or take vaparetto around and get lost, oops this alley dumps into a canal....
Florence: 2 nights
- Sights: Prebooked Galleria Accademia (a must, always a line), good museum experience if you don't necessarily need hours, so neat to see David here. Because not huge museum people, passed on the Uffuzi. Someone at lunch said hey Medici is cool, so did that on a whim w/o any wait and very cool, glad we did it on the fly. Prebooked Boboli Gardens, kinda tired by the time we got here and it had been drizzly and a bit humid, but nice to stroll. The larger fountain area you can't walk through anymore (Ocean fountain?). Also Piazza Michaelangelo for the Florence city center view. Lots of great shopping here, suggest start at Vale for a leather shop.
- Food: Ok so All Antico Vinaio although touristy is legit sandwich, very good and worth it. Tip: go to San Marco location, smaller wait by Galleria Accademia. GustaPizza was legit and very reasonable 7 euro for Margherita?! Fave gelato was Gelato Dei Neri and My Sugar. Mercato Centrale super cool to walk, shop for products, eat if you like. Trattoria Mario, email ahead for reservations - 1.1 kg florentine steak with small sides and salami/cheese plate all for under $70. Dall'Oste was good florentine but much pricier and touristy but had a good Montalcino wine there, book on website for discount for seatings outside of peak times, our 6 PM had 15% discount on food.
Tuscany: 2 nights Montepulciano, 1 night Siena
So beautiful, just the drive through Val D'Orcia. We stopped by San Gimignano and did the tower with no wait (150 stairs), Gelateria Donderia is overrated but fine, GO GO GO to Da'A'Mariani for sandwich here, sweet sweet man and just off the main street - recommended by Pasticcheria Il Criollo which was fabulous just outside city wall.
Stayed in Montepulciano, which was SO fabulous. Our true bed and breakfast was only 3 suites run on a property by 2 americans who moved to Italy - true hospitality and modern yet italian suite. They are booked solid this year, but it was sooo special. Huge breakfast spread every morning. It was true paradise there and the owners are gems - made awesome restaurant recommendations and reservations, driving route, etc. DM me if you want the name but don't bet on getting in for 2023. Restaurants in Montepulciano were Osteria Porto Di Baccio - great antipasto meat/cheese and pici, great typical osteria in wine cave then Le Logge Vignola which was very creative for a very reasonable price - you definitely need reservations for both maybe a few days ahead as both are fully booked by dinner. Gelato recc here would be Scarbia.
Siena - had the Siena OPA Si pass which I recommend, everything except the roof tour. Cathedral inside is a sight to see and includes works by Michaelangelo and Dontatello - ask worker where they are at, definitely do panaroma. This was helpful https://www.earthtrekkers.com/how-to-visit-the-siena-cathedral/ Walk to PastaZuf down the way from Piazza Campo for legit casual takeway pasta for 5-6 euro
Cinque Terre: 2 nights Riomaggiore
Yup, did Pisa as a quick stop on way to drop off car, it's neat and lots of parking (EasyPark app) to get in/out.
Stayed in Riomaggiore, CT is definitely touristy during the day but quiets down. Rick Steves was right, not overhyped. Every city is absolutely gorgeous. Did the hike from Monterosso-Vernazza-Corniglia - yes the HARD way with those stairs first leg but it was very rewarding and fun, can be tight in spots, started at 8 AM and ended in Corniglia around 11:15, start early as you can for less crowds. Train makes it easy to hop towns. Dinners included Rio Bistrot in Riomaggiore (checked in at lunch for dinner reservation same night) and Ristorante Belforte - both great views and suprisingly great food! Tasting menu is way to go at Rio Bistrot. Quick bites include fried seafood, so good. Be prepared for all the elevation/stairs/walking.
Edits: Add safety section, accommodations, and staying calm story.
submitted by jumpinjacks12345 to ItalyTravel [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 11:27 CalcBetter TodaysMachineLearningPredictions

Beat of luck!
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2023.05.28 11:18 brookewalks34 Anything specific going on at Beirut Int’l airport?

Anything specific going on at Beirut Int’l airport?
I see a couple planes circling, waiting to land I assume. I checked the weather and it’s clear with wind at 9 mph. Surely the wind isn’t the issue? Anything else happening?
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2023.05.28 11:15 heartingale Am I paying the right amount for my basement

I’m getting my ~900 sq ft basement finished with open concept and no rooms. It’ll have vinyl TLV flooring that are almost wood like. The walls are basement company’s special built. It’s like solid nonporous material with fabric covering, very sturdy. They are quoting 61k for the project. Another company quoted 70k and a contractor is quoting 42k. The contract doesn’t have much exp with basements so I’m not sure about going with him. I live in northern Connecticut. Wanted to ask if this cost for total open area without rooms make sense.
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