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2021.01.29 02:23 leansipper6 UArentMyBoss

if you are my boss get the fuck outta here

2023.06.03 12:38 Vestarevya Is it normal for curl to become loose in less than an hour whenever I get a blow dry / use curling iron. But curly when it’s wet.

Whenever the hair stylist gave me a blow dry it’s less frizzy. They were also using curling iron afterwards. But it never last and I’ve tried 4 different salons already. The longest the curl stay is an hour. :(
My hair is frizzy and the curls is just fine when I simply style with curl cream. I just like the look when it’s blow dry and curl with curling iron because it made my hair less frizzy.
I just find it weird that my naturally curly hair couldn’t hand the curls made from curling iron. Is this normal? Im still new and has only been preserving my natural hair for almost a year now. I used to get the permanent hair straightening treatment.
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2023.06.03 12:38 Beginning_Election50 Is it really that bad to get my nose pierced with a hoop?

I've been wanting to get a nose ring for years but due to personal things I couldn't until very recently. I was thinking of getting a hoop right when I get it pierced, but after a little research it seems like you should get a stud for the first few months.
So I was looking up piercers in my area and I found one that lets you get a hoop instead of a stud, which I was thinking of going for. So, can I go for the hoop, or should I get a stud at first? If so, how long should I keep the stud before changing to a hoop?
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2023.06.03 12:37 Overall-Estate1349 The History of Memes

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2023.06.03 12:36 HealthMotor8651 In mutualist theory, why do capitalist firms tend to specialize? I.e. Why would we expect more general purpose factories in a mutualist society rather than the more specialized ones we see in capitalism?

So in the mutualist analysis of capitalism, why do firms tend to specialize?
Here's what I mean:
We tend to view companies as like arms manufacturers, or car manufacturers, or steel manufacturers, etc. A company is generally geared towards specialized production. Now, this is purely in the production, not distribution sphere. Distributors tend to have many sorts of products (see Walmart, Amazon, etc).

What I am getting at is why do production oriented firms tend to specialize within the capitalist system? My first guess would be economies of scale and higher productivity of individual workers enabling a greater surplus.

But then I was doing some reading on Anarchy101 and here and recently and came across the notion that in a mutualist society, we may not expect to have specialized manufacturing, instead factories would be more general purpose. Why the contrast? Why would we not expect specialization like we do in capitalism? what is unique about capitalism that leads to the specialization of factories and production more broadly?
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2023.06.03 12:36 Dry-Ad-9027 Am I 21/m overthinking this 20/f

2 weeks ago I had an amazing first date with a girl I met online a month before the date, both had a great time, we kissed and spent the night at her place where she fell asleep on me pretty much straight away cuddling up, in the morning we kissed goodbye agreeing to meet again the next week.
A couple days passed and she grew cold over text (boring convos) so I called her to ask her to hangout the next weekend. We talked for a while and basically she said she isnt ready to see anyone at the moment so she soft rejected me.
We didnt talk for a few days but the night before I left abroad on vacation( here now) we started texting again. We have been texting quite a lot every morning and night (because of work) just trying to get to know eachother better and shes been asking my opinion on things like if she should dye her hair again, which ive given flirty responses to, and she has also been a bit flirty.
I decided to get her a small trinket here on vacation and told her, I saw something that made me think of her and Id like to give it to her when I get back and she seemed excited about it asking when I would be back. We started texting even more after that. Yesterday we didnt talk much but she sent me a video of her trying on some new clothes she bought cause i asked her to show me. She looked stunning so I told her that and kind of stepped up the flirting, she took the compliment and I started talking about something else, she hasnt responded yet which is odd cause weve been texting first thing in the morning consistently now.
Shes probably just busy right?
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2023.06.03 12:36 woodenfigure18 Geha Hdhp Plan - UnitedHealthcare Select Plus

I have Geha Hdhp and since Im in California my network is the United Healthcare Select Plus. When checking out hospitals in Honolulu Hawaii, I noticed none are in network other than the local VA medical center which are for veterans only. On the other hand, other networks such as Aetna (if you live in a Geha state that has the aetna network) have Hawaii hospitals in their network. I think this is a little unfair. I dont want to get sick during my vacation in hawaii but if I do, then its unfair not to provide a reasonable directory of in network hospitals for residents of my state while offering in network benefits to residents of other state with the exact same insurance.
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2023.06.03 12:36 ashrey95 Thinking about getting my bike license

So this might be a stupid question and I apologise if this question gets asked a lot but I’m looking for some advice off some experienced riders so I can go into this with the most knowledge I can get. So I’m 27 and never ridden a motorcycle in my life but always wanted to, now I’m in a position where I feel I can afford it. Im based in the uk where I can either do a cbt (compulsory basic training) which will allow me to ride a 125cc bike and have to resit in two years I believe or go straight in for my full bike licence. I’ve heard of a couple of riders that it’s not a great idea to go straight in with a big bike if I’ve never ridden so im torn between getting a hyosung gv125 and learning on that or doing the full test and getting something like a rebel 500 or a Harley street 500 because I really like Harley’s and cruiser bikes in general, then I won’t have to resist anything every couple of years. The reason im asking is mainly safety as a new rider any advice and help would be amazing sorry again if it’s a stupid question
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2023.06.03 12:36 jfio93 Bought a car in new jersey but need nys inspection

Just took ownership of a new car but it came for a NJ dealership. The car doesn't have an inspection on it and right now all I have is temp NJ plates and registration. Can I get the inspection done with the temp plates and registration or do I need the official plates to come in before I can do that. Sorry if it's a dumb question but this is my first time buying out of state.
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2023.06.03 12:36 jy02521671 How to merge spell books in Toybox?

How to merge spell books in Toybox?
I went Angel path and then turned Gold Dragon, but I didn't plan well and messed up my feats, so I went to respec and found all my angel spells are gone.

I can add Angel spell book in Toybox but there is no Merge button, please help!
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2023.06.03 12:35 DontGiveUpOnMeNow I need advice I messed up at work

I need help I'm so upset and don't know what to do I'm scared I'm gonna get fired
I'm very upset I just got home from work I have worked in fast food for almost 15 years. I am 31 years old and I was recently homeless for 2 years. I finally got a job again and I'm doing great just got a new apartment and I'm off the street and have been feeling great and then this happens. a lady comes to the drive-thru an hour before we close I take her order I hear her say a medium french fry and a medium Coke I tell her the total is 702 and when she gives me the $20 bill she says oh no I said a number five not a medium fry and a medium Coke and I said okay I got confused for a second and she said never mind I don't have time for you to change the order just give me the $20 back and I'm going to leave. so I gave her the $20 bill back that she handed me and then she had a one dollar bill in her hand and said you only gave me a dollar so I looked down in my drawer and I had no twenties in there at all. so I knew that I could not have kept her 20 so I told her what the heck is going on it just disappeared out of nowhere. I looked under the register of and everywhere for the $20 bill and I started getting very nervous because she was yelling at me telling me you're trying to steal my money I'm going to tell your manager you stole my money her husband in the passenger seat was screaming. so I closed the window and started to try to breathe and I was thinking what the hell happened. so in the end she said never mind just give me the medium fries and medium Coke and give me the change from the 20. she said I gave you two tens I did not give you a 20 that's why you are confused and I was thinking to myself why would the $20 bill slot be up if she gave me two 10s. but I was so confused so I gave her the change of the $20 bill which was 12.98 . so she wound up getting her $20 back and $12 out of the drawer which leaves the store only I think about $12 short but on the register when I clocked out I was $31 short because the order that she made for the French fry never really was paid for so there is $7.02 missing from that as well and I gave her the change so I don't really know how she made the register $31 short but I'm so scared I'm going to get fired I actually was crying after my shift because I knew that something was going wrong and that something wasn't right but I could not stick to my guts and now I'm terrified I'm going to lose my job. What is the procedure for this what is going to happen to me
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2023.06.03 12:35 ellem1900 How to prevent miscarriage?

Hi all,
My fella and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, and I was convinced it would never happen. I had a positive pregnancy test this morning, and now I’m freaking out because I am afraid of miscarrying. It’s the weekend so no doctors offices are open, did anyone carry to term without getting progesterone or progesterone injections? I want to verify that my peanut will be ok, is there anything that I can do over the weekend? How do I prevent miscarriage?
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2023.06.03 12:35 TrickOk2137 Inconsiderate or overthinking?

I know this is trivial in comparison to a lot of the posts on here but I’m kinda trippin about it..
I’ve been working hard to better myself and get my family back together this past year. My ex and I split a little over a year ago. Things have been going well. Been hanging out as a family (with our two kids) a lot lately and been slowly rekindling the flame w my ex. Last weekend was her wknd w the kids, spent it with them and had a great time. Her and I got some alone time and that went well too, feeling like things are going in the right direction. My bday is in 2 weeks and we’re gonna spend the day together with the kids then go out just me and her at night.
This week was a rough week for her, kids have been sick and she hasn’t been sleeping or feeling well either. We live two hours away and I work as well so I feel helpless when this happens. She came up tonight after work and dropped the kids off. Normally I make the trip to pick them up on Fridays but my car is being fixed so she offered. She got here late and asked if she could stay the night because she has to be at work at 5am and wasn’t feeling good. I said of course. She got into my bed and I took care of the kids til bedtime.
Got into my room around 12, she said her neck was bothering her so I rubbed it for her til she fell asleep. I work graveyard so I don’t sleep at night.. so around 130 I went into my bathroom, shaved, showered, washed face while playing low music on my phone. I got out and she was wide awake saying I woke her up by doing all that. It’s a master bed/bath and the separation between the bathroom and bed is like a couple feet. I closed the door but still.. I apologized and she didn’t seem mad or come off angry she just said she needed to be up in 40 mins and decided to go to sleep in the living room.
Like I said I apologized and idk what else I can do.. I didn’t think id be loud enough to wake her but I feel like it was very inconsiderate af for me to do that knowing she had to be up in a few hours and hasn’t slept or been feeling well. I know she’s a light sleeper too, so idk what I was thinking. I feel like I just fucked up all the progress Ive made. Am I overthinking?
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2023.06.03 12:35 Smart_Try687 freelance work while actively employed - implications?

Hi all, I've moved to Zurich about 1.5 years ago, coming from an EU State, now working here as an employee on a unrestricted B-permit (allowed to work anywhere in Switzerland). I have a chance to do some independent consulting which I will invoice directly to my clients.
I am not expecting to get free tax consultancy, but if you can point me into the right direction for information and aswer some of the basics about this, that would be much appreciared.
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2023.06.03 12:35 Sensitive_Rise4226 [RANT] You guys really don't know the massive descension in looks a dark beard does to a man.

The amount of mental pain and cortisol spike I get from just a couple of hours after shaving is starting to take its toll on me.
Imagine having to shave everyday just to retain a youthful harmonious image of yourself because you are boyish and neotenous. Imagine the pain of still having a shadow after shaving because of your dark beard med swarthy ethnic genetics. Even after 6 rounds of laser hair removal, although some thickness has decreased, it's still dark, thick, and coarse overall.
Fucking cursed facial hair. Monkey genetics coming out on 90% of men after puberty. Literally your body trying to fuck you over. A sign of aging. A sign of death. The lucky few don't get any facial hair growth at all. But sometimes they are non-boyish and non-neotenous so they end up wishing for pubes to grow on their face to cover up their subhumanity.
I'm lucky enough to be mostly neotenous, but unlucky enough to have med bearded subhuman genes in me. On top of that I'm a poorboi. So continuing to get laser is gonna take more wageslaving just to afford. Fucking shit.
But fully eradicating this subhuman trait will not only ascend me to the next level, but will save me so much time in getting ready for anything.
Have to make a quick run to the store? No problem. I just get up and go. No shaving required.
Get invited to a night out? No problem. Quick wash and go. No fucking shaving.
Wanna take a selfie for Insta or FaceTime someone? Easy.

Fuck pubic hairs on face. I won't stop until I've eradicated every hair follicle on my jaw and mustache. I'm starting a holocaust against facial hair.


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2023.06.03 12:35 CalmBench6077 Is anyone else’s MD Go transit app completely screwed up?

I’m a student at the U and im trying to get the monthly student pass, but the app keeps trying to f*ck my student account.
When trying to purchase it’ll say I have an “invalid zip code” when im using the exact zip code for my billing address associated with my card.
Then after trying over and over, and not getting through, it’ll say I’ve “reached my transaction limit of the day.” I called customer service yesterday and they have me send an email but I haven’t heard anything. If anyone’s gotten this kinda thing before, please let me know, I can’t pay $10 bucks a day just for freaking transportation.
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2023.06.03 12:35 Few_Abbreviations416 Selling Level 6 account with 46.75% progress to diamond! VIP host included with lots of bonuses monthly and active reloads. Monthly yet to be claimed and at diamond rank thats free 12k $. Asking price is 650$ pm for more information payments in crypto or uk transfer

I DO NOT GO FIRST! Original owner of the account you will also get the linked email of course and my ID!
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2023.06.03 12:35 Moonlight_Lilac Bridal party getting ready robe colours?

Not a big deal at all but just wanted some reassurance.
So for the morning of my wedding I bought myself and my two maid & matrons of honours, getting ready robes in my theme/favourite colour lilac. Their robes have just their name on the back and not their tittle as I want them to be able to reuse and wear them again. And mine has my name and “bride” on the back.
I then realised I should have gotten myself a white one so I can stand out in pics. And went into a spiral of googling getting ready pics and saw most of the time the bride is usually in white or a different style to stand out.
I have a button down pj set that is white and says bride on it that I could wear for photos so it’s not a big deal I guess. I just slightly feel like I did a dumb dumb, wasted money and should have gotten a white robe :(
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2023.06.03 12:35 WhatTislifeMeh I shat my pants today

I am incredibly embarrassed that at my age mid twenties, could shat my pants. I am currently at a camping site and was trying to sleep in the car after having a nice get together with my mom and her bf’s fam when I felt some pinch in my stomach. I thought it was some trapped gas and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until the second fart I needed to go cuz I felt my stomach hurting.
I tried to walk fast towards the washroom and uh unfortunately couldn’t make it. Had to throw away my comfy pj pants and now just incredibly embarrassed about it. I got to the washroom and got clean with no witnesses so that was a plus. But man, didn’t think this would happen at all and am now worried about my digestive issues.
Hope I never get a repeat of this at all.
That’s it, sorry for the long rant. Just in a bit of a shock.
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2023.06.03 12:34 unicorn_witch Should I ask my therapist about Autism?

Hi! maybe this is not the correct place for this but i will start therapy in some weeks and I am valuting if I should ask to get texted for autism since some people told me that i may be autistic. (i fully understand the therapist will tell me eventually, but therapy is expencive so i wanted to get opinions from people who know autism better, since only 1 of the people who told me di indagate on it was autistic).
For context: - i am 22 F - I have always had huge truble socilizing. I am shy but i litterally struggle to talk in pubblic. When i was young it was maybe described by adults as being "shy" or even "well behaved", but now it is almost embarassing. like if i never learned how to connect natuarally with others - I have truble regulating my tone of voice: it is always to low in pubblic and to high when i am confortable. but i don't feel like i controll it - i only had 2 friends in my hole life. - I get told that i cut people off in conversation, i talk over others and don't let them finish. or that i don't want to dialogate. But i don't do it on porpouse. Actually i spend a lot of time alone and i desperatly want to talk to others -i have always left out from my peers. like i had something weird or wrong i could not fully address and therfore fix. But i don't feel like i do anything peculiar or special. - i was told i do normal things weirdly or that I have "unpopular" or peculiar way of thinking. - i have a strong sense of justice -huge overthinker, anxiety issues, i overanalyze everything even unimportant things -i am overly emotional, everything effect me greatly. -never have really been affected by peer pressure -dyslexic -i often feel like i have to play a part around people. there are really few people i am fully honestly myself with.
But - i don't have sensory issues (at least i think that i don't have them) - I think i understan social cues. and i can really easly put myself in other people shoes
What is your opinion. Is it whorth to give it a try and ask the therapist about autism or maybe i just have social anxiety?
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2023.06.03 12:34 RadiantStar44 I've just finished second year and I already feel like I've ruined my future.

I'm doing a Philosophy and Politics degree at my University, I have decent grades (I should get a 2:1 this year) and I have a decent social life. The issue is, I am so overwhelmed and worried about the future. Firstly, I have almost zero work experience apart from the work experience I did in Year 10. This is partially due to the pandemic before I was in uni, and also because I have pretty bad self esteem issues and I don't think I'm hirable because of my Imposter syndrome. I'm autistic and I highly suspect that I also have ADHD, and just moving away and going to uni alone was a massive thing for me because I've never been great with changes in routine and I didn't think I could get into uni before that because I didn't believe that I could be independent, but I proved myself wrong then at least. I don't think it would be possible or practical for me to work alongside a full time uni degree because I get overwhelmed and stressed quicker than the average person, especially when I'm away from home and I want to fully focus on getting my degree.
Of course, I'm going to be applying to jobs next academic year but the graduate scheme interview and assessment process sounds extremely overwhelming and doesn't seem inclusive whatsoever, with assessment centres and the tests they do seeming stressful enough for neurotypical people, let alone someone like me. I can probably work a retail job (like in Tesco or Aldi) once I graduate just to give myself more confidence and give me more time to work out my career plans, but then I've seen people on here say that's damaging for your future career, so I feel like I've probably screwed myself over already by not pushing myself to work over the summer. I always feel like I'm inferior and less capable than everyone around me and it's horrible because I don't know how capable I might actually be. I'm worried that I will never be able to have a good future now even if that sounds ridiculous to some people.
If there are any autistic people on here who are in a similar position, or have graduated, I'd love to have some advice if that's possible.
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2023.06.03 12:34 feebe101010 Insulting “friend” of my (33m) husband. I (43f)

I just married my husband and we still argue about this one incident. Every time it’s brought up we both end up angrier and more resentful than when it started.
My husband moved here from Florida for me and I’m all the way up in Minnesota. One night he wanted me to speak to his friend on video chat and he was drunk (the friend). One of the first things his friend does is start talking about how he was face fucking some girl he didn’t care about. It was like he was jealous I took his friend away and he wanted to mess us up so he could get his friend back. I ignored it and let him look like the fool he was being. A pathetic version of a man.
Then when he sees me he asks if that’s our dog. He was clearly insulting my looks and my fiancé, (at the time) did absolutely nothing. Later he said that he didn’t understand what his friend was saying, but that he warned me about his friend and I’m being unreasonable.
At the time he called his friend back to allow me to respond since he did not. I called his friend a horse face, flicked him off and was otherwise out of character. Apparently what I said was so much worse because I said it with hate and anger when his friend was just being funny.
Every time it’s brought up I’m angrier that he didn’t defend me even after clarity about what was said. I feel completely vulnerable and like I need to defend myself as my partner is not willing/capable.
Now my partner won’t speak to his friend unless I’m not around and he’s all resentful towards me for it.
How do we move past this?
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2023.06.03 12:34 oeif76kici I'm sick of delivery drivers

I know they are contract workers that do hard work for shit pay. And I hate that. If people are 15 minutes late, or they put the pizza box in sideways, I'm ok with that.
I bought some food today, a few hundred RMB worth, and it didn't show up. After 90 minutes it was shown as delivered. I didn't get it. I put in a refund
Some random old guy in an helmet shows up at my door and starts yelling at me. At that point, I'm like "wtf?" If you delivered the food, to a tall laowai, 30 minutes ago, you would've remembered it. So maybe the fact that you got angry and banged on a door, and a random tall laowai you've never seen in your life opened the door, is a sign you delivered the food to the wrong place.
I asked him "Where is my food?" and he just went on a rant. I tried to close the door, and he tried to push it back open.
Again, I know it's shit work for shit pay. And I'm not happy about using it.
But they also suck at this.
The last 3 Hema orders I've had they've called me. There is no reason for them to call me. My address is on the lable. Every other delivery guy has been able to deliver the order without calling me. You don't need to call me to tell me you've marked my order completed early, to game the algo, but you're going to be up in 2 minutes to actually deliver the order.
Sometimes they call me because they're lost. There is literally a GPS pin on the map. My address is on the order. When they come through the xiaoqu gate, they can ask the bao'an "Where is xyz building?" and they'll point them there. At that point, they just literally need to type in the apartment number. I cannot understand how they can fuck that up.
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