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2023.06.06 05:22 BorealMushrooms Group of problems on 7.3 ... maybe related?

Got a new hpop in, also new injector orings while I was at it as a few were torn, and threw a wicked wheel on as well. Rebuilt IPR valve. 4" exhaust going in shortly, and have 6637 air intake. ICP voltages check fine at KOEO, but the sensor and pigtail are oil coated - have a new one on order.
A few issues have popped up:
I can easily make over 3300 psi on the HPOP (WOT in 4th gear). When it gets past 3300 though, it throws an engine code - P1211 - ICP Higher / Lower than expected. At this point I am only making about 7psi of boost. Randomly I get a bit of a crackle from the injectors.. not sure how to explain it except to say for a few seconds the truck sounds like a dodge with a big exhaust - a deeper drone, and when it does so, I have a sudden boost of power.
I am thinking the following:
  1. Fuel delivery issues. 3300+ psi starves the injectors for fuel. I've change the fuel filter - old one was clean as well. I have a fuel pressure gauge on order, so I will be able to see the fuel issues (if any) when driving, but likely looking at dropping the tank to clean the inside filters, or just do the hutch n harpoon mod while I am there.
  2. Boost leak? 7 psi is quite low. My other 7.3 on a stock wheel can easily make 20+ psi of boost at WOT. Perhaps if I had higher boost I would not need to make so much pressure on the HPOP. My other 7.3 rarely even gets as high as 3000 psi, and that is with a hydra tuner on it.
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2023.06.06 05:19 pdgcmg1113 23/24 question

Have an order awaiting allocation for what was meant to be a 23 antimatter blue raptor. Dealer has told me it will be 24 most definitely at this point. Willing to wait since the dealer is offering MSRP and I’m just not in a hurry. Does anyone know if we’ll have the heated steering wheel and active motion seats back in 24 since they were scrubbed in the 23s? Also curious if anyone has any insight into ford doing a column or panel shifter to make room in the center console. Love to hear thoughts.
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2023.06.06 05:18 TheProcess1010 Buying first Miata soon (91’) and then road tripping shortly after

I have a friend willing to sell me a 126k 91’ NA soft top for below market price in my area. Other than a lighter flywheel, straight pipe with cutout, and ebay coilovers, it’s stock. 14” original steelies and everything. It’s my intent to buy it, and then dump about ~$2500 into it right away as my first project car. Tires and brakes are safe for a few thousand miles at least. What should I do to update it with that budget? This roadtrip is 390 miles one way with about 250mi highway, and 140mi 55mph country roads.
Should I prioritize better suspension (FM Koni Stage 1) or getting a megasquirt so I can set up AFtemp gauges? How bad will exhaust drone at ~70mph be in a straightpiped soft top? I already plan on replacing all the fluids, installing a better radiator, and maybe getting Koenig 15x7.5 +35 wheels and tires.
The end goal for this car is a fun little boosted summer car a few years down the line. As it stands now, the torsen swap is not a priority nor a budget turbo kit. Just preparing for those down the line.
Not sure if I’m rambling, but I just want y’alls input. I’ve done my forum research, but it just seems like reddit has quicker turnaround times than or others.
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2023.06.06 04:57 Thetomas I've made my bed! More Cayman 6x6 progress!

I've finished prototyping the first version of the tow bed for my Cayman 6x6 and it turned out great.
I had to print 3 of them before generally getting it right on the 4th one, which I think is pretty good for someone with extremely limited CAD experience. I made the base "adapter" section myself, and then imported and heavily modified a truck bed model I found online, removing the wheel wells for clearance, and stretching and raising it. It overlaps the rear of the cab nicely, and leaves space for the eventual winch that will go there (I'm sure it'll need to be modified to fit).
I'm very happy with it for now. The next step is trying to figure out how to add ramps that stow inside, or make the whole thing articulate somehow... If anyone has any very simple suggestions that are easy to implement in tinkercad, let me know.
It was an issue with just the cab, but now I really need to replace the shocks so it handles better with a load. I have a lot of extra shocks kicking around but haven't found the best setup yet, but I know the springs need to be stiffer. Just for info, the stock shocks aren't bad, but under the weight of the cab they are not smooth and won't return to the level without assistance.
It's a lot of fun to play with. I used some techdeck skateboard ramps to drive the mini z on to the back and hauled it around, and it was pretty stable considering the weight. My spare parts car with a 1/24 hot wheels die cast monster truck body was much less stable haha.
Thanks for looking. If you have any questions, let me know!
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2023.06.06 04:37 Opening_Positive_337 Paying $25 CashApp for new Webull brokerage acct. Deposit a penny. Link 👇
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2023.06.06 04:26 themainmancat Tire size! Quick question.

Hey legends.
I’m just about to book in and get some Toyo AT3s fitted to my hilux 2013.
I’m thinking of just going with the stock 265/65/17 on my stock suspension and wheels.
Question is ….
Is it worth going to 265/70/17? Will they fit my stock suspension and wheel arches?
Or should I just stick with the 265/65/17.
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2023.06.06 03:56 CandidPhilosopher426 Awd disabled, engine fault, no drive mode and ABS light.

Never posted on here so sorry if it’s incorrect or if I look like I don’t know what I’m doing haha. Recently had all these errors pop up on my car, and i could only drive about 5 mph. Abs light stays on on the dash. I do not track it or drive the car hard at all. It’s a 2017 RS, pretty sure it was the original battery. I don’t drive the car everyday and it would occasionally be dead and then after a jump would drive fine. Just recently all this started popping up so i replaced the battery because I thought that may be the problem. That has not seemed to fix it. I have an access port and the only error code showing was p08B2. I have a borla atak exhaust but other than that the car is stock. Have had the exhaust on the car for about two years. I’ve read many different posts about the issue being caused by a wheel speed sensor, however I don’t have a code showing that when I check on the access port like some other have had, any suggestions? Really trying to avoid taking it to the dealer, appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.06 03:35 hammerheadtiger Post WWDC Thoughts on the Vision Pro

I had some additional thoughts that didn't quite figure into the impressions model of the previous post. I finally got the chance to rewatch it and there are some tidbits and omissions that I think were very interesting. Sometimes it really is just about what they don't tell you. Apple is mysterious like that sometimes…
One final thought which may be controversial. I had this thought during the event that there is a philosophical difference between Apple and the rest of the industry. Today, Apple brought a computing platform to a console fight. In comparison, everything we have seen before has been essentially designed and geared to gamers who plug their headset into powerful rigs in their den and immerse themselves. The Vision Pro is a stab at what the future of general computing might look like. To become a real platform, this industry needs to push past gaming into the fields of productivity and communications. My money is on Apple for being the one to convince us.
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2023.06.06 03:35 muck_30 On 3rd thought in regards to the Endurance's low EPA rating, maybe the reason is more simple than we all Tesla, the Endurance's brake pedal is 100% for friction braking and requires one pedal driving to regenerate power

On 3rd thought in regards to the Endurance's low EPA rating, maybe the reason is more simple than we all Tesla, the Endurance's brake pedal is 100% for friction braking and requires one pedal driving to regenerate power
I'm starting to think Lordstown Motors may not have any issues with their regen braking. In all 3 drive modes that the Lightning offers - one pedal, normal, and sport - regen is always on. That's called "blended braking". That's not the case with the Endurance and like Tesla, regenerative braking is limited to the one-pedal drive mode so it effectively acts like a toggle of sorts. During the EPA city tests, I wonder if the brake pedal was being engaged to stop more than letting one-pedal do it's thing to regen or that one-pedal was completely turned off for the tests.
Here are 2 links to forums I found insightful:
Aptera forum - Regen options and drive modes
Tesla forum - Does the brake pedal activate regenerative braking before the brake pads apply friction?

Back in October, regen was already reported working well:
Oct 28, 2022 - Car and Driver - 2023 Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Is Up and Running
The four motors' horsepower and torque outputs are not yet finalized, but the company is estimating 440 horses from those motors, one at each wheel. In its Normal mode, the truck accelerates swiftly but without the kidney punch of a GMC Hummer EV or a Tesla. Speed is capped at 75 mph—a challenge when you're trying to navigate fast, aggressive Detroit-area freeway traffic. One-pedal driving is the default mode, though it can be switched off, and Lordstown has tuned its regenerative braking well. Drivers can select a Sport mode too, which gives more abrupt accelerator response and aggressive regen with transitions that felt much jerkier. We doubt Sport mode will be important to companies who want their drivers to get the most miles out of fleet trucks using the least electricity.
And the regen was clearly demonstrated during the NACTOY review videos with regen modes of "normal" and "light". This guy was clearly in one pedal drive mode:
But without blended braking, I don't think the Lightning Pro gets over 200 miles either. Wonder why Tesla never decided to support their friction brakes with regen braking by the motors? They do use friction braking and ABS to help support stopping for one pedal mode tho - which is a form of "blended braking" - but it doesn't help with regen and they're under investigation for "phantom braking" because of it.
For safety reasons, I think it was smart of LMC to keep their friction braking separate from their regenerative braking.
Anyone remember the Lightning's braking issues coming to a stop at high speeds? I wonder if it has anything to do with their blended brakes. If you need to stop abruptly, wouldn't it be safer knowing that the brake pedal is 100% frictional and at most using ABS instead of considering regenerative braking at all?
“After the third one a warning light came on to indicate the brakes were overheating, along with significant fade and smoke, to the point that the truck couldn’t keep ABS engaged on the later stops.”
Wasn't the corrective action a software patch for that? Could ABS have been getting hung up when trying to regen before stopping?

Anyways, I still think LMC decided to lower their adjustment factor to .63 to get ahead of upcoming regulatory changes - which is what really finalized the 174 mile rating IMO. What's everyone's thoughts here?
Car and Driver says EVs perform over 20% worse than their EPA rating and that the EPA regulations were last revised during the last automotive crash of 2008. I think it's time to update those requirements again now that we have better data to support changes to regulation:
We were especially curious because our own 75-mph highway testing shows Teslas, on average, miss their label range by 27 percent, while all other EVs have missed the mark by 22 percent.
What if the Endurance doesn't miss their EPA mark. I think fleet managers would respect that more than seeing a bigger number on a label sticker...
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2023.06.06 03:32 Special-Lengthiness6 Has anyone completed Snake Trail at the Hot Springs Off-Road Park in AR?

Has anyone completed Snake Trail at the Hot Springs Off-Road Park in AR?
Has anyone completed the Jeep BOH Snake trail in a Frontier? I'm planning a trip to Arkansas at the end of the month and I'm thinking about taking my Frontier on a easy off road trail. I've got a bone stock 2015 Pro-4X and I'm wondering how much wheeling I can do without messing up my daily driver.
The Pic is one I photoshopped using the new AI feature.
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2023.06.06 03:29 dirtjumperdh Ford escorts anyone?

Ford escorts anyone?
First post here!
So I bought this 89 for escort LX wagon from a guy in my local gambler 500 group. $500 for the car with stock wheels, and an additional $500 for the sparco all terrains with tires.
Car was running and driving until warm then dying until cold. Just my luck I traced it to be an overheated ICM. (super common on these... and only like $50 )
The previous owner said he snapped the timing belt and thought he got it 1 tooth off when re-installing. He didn't.
Just to make sure, I went over almost everything. New: timing belt/tensioner, water pump, accessory belts, timing cover inner and outer, (Was missing when I bought it, studs were also MIA...) thermostat, coolant temp sensor, radiator fan switch, starter, big 3 power cables, EGR valve, plugs, wires, distributor+performance cap and rotor, coil, and fuel filter. I then painted the valve cover (new gasket in matching Ford blue) air cleaner cover, and thermostat housing. (After hitting all with naval jelly/rust converter.). Finally, she's running like a top.
Next up, to go with the paint theme, I have most of a blue interior to install.
And just to keep the gambler 500 theme. I stumbled upon one of those angular, steel, welded off-road bumpers made specifically for an escort. Bull bar, winch plate, 4 LED pods and all.
I don't have interior pics yet, but the spare tire cover is particle board, most of the interior is gone. Except for the dash, carpet, front seats, and drivers A Pillar which has an oil pressure, and battery voltage gauge cluster on it...
The old owner did however leave a jvc head unit, fairly decent speakers, and a California audio amplifier. All hooked up, only kept his sub.
If youade it this far... Go you! Welcome to MURICAR!
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2023.06.06 03:28 Technical_Ability_60 Couple cars my FIL gave me

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2023.06.06 03:11 Mean_Main9569 Anyone get this message?

Anyone get this message?
Wouldn’t recognize my charger last night, got the alert on my way to work. Stopped and changed at a level 3 charger at lunch, and the message went away.
Got home and my car recognized the charger. Super strange.
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2023.06.06 02:54 Puzzleheaded_Match83 DIY jack adapter for transmissions, pivot needed?

I'm building a trans jack adapter, specifically to use an OLD(all steel, found on side of road for free better than 10yrs ago) Pittsburg jack, and to lift 42RE transmissions.

My current plan(parts already cut out), is a U shaped channel, 12.5"x19" of unequal leg angle iron(old bed frame of some sort). 19" long so as to give a sufficient length to slide the trans along to seat the torque converter once raised high enough. The only direction of travel this design doesn't give me is side to side adjustment()unsure how I could do so, especcially with the jackl having a sub 12" wide footprint.) Under that being a 2.5"x1/2"x12" piece of flatstock, with a hole drilled into it for a ground down to fit Front wheel spindle from a '87 Ford Ranger, as it was the only stock I could find in the massive scrap pile that was close to the right size.

Tomorrow nights project will be to get it welded together.

My question being if I want to include a pivot point, which would simply be adding a second piece of the 1/2" flatstock, and a piece of tube cut into segments as a barrel hinge(unsure if I have such tubing on hand). My debate being if it's worth the extra height or not, as I've got to hang the transmission under the Jeep with ratchet straps over a stack of blocking to get it high enough to get the jack under the transmission, as I can't get the Jeep high enough to even slide the trans under the frame rails with anything under it. I just installed this transmission last week, then found it had issues, and it took 2 attempts this last time to get it back in. Torque converter having come unseated on the first attempt, which may have caused damages resulting in removing it this time(suspect pump inner gear got cracked.) My original thought being to use a u-joint cut off an old driveshaft for both tilt and rotation, but that seems like way too much flex to be remotely stable. Thinking I'll either control the pivot manually, or put some type of turnbuckle under to adjust but hold the angle.
As far as the reasoning for not just buying a transmission jack, all that I've seen are designed with small wheels designed for asphalt/concrete, while I'm working over a thin layer of dirt over very degraded concrete.
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2023.06.06 02:36 Hockey_74JS Service 4wd light came on and then went away the next day

The husband and I were out wheeling our 20’ gladiator at a locally abandoned mine yesterday. This is the first time we’ve had it in 4wd since owning it. I noticed shortly after putting it in 4H the service 4wd light came on. The truck was driving fine and nothing seemed off. My husband looked everything over and didn’t see anything weird. We put it back in 2H and went home. Today I got in the truck and the light was gone. I even put it back in 4H and the light didn’t come up. Husband thinks it might be a sensor.
I’m taking it to the dealership friday to be checked out. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. It’s a 20’ model with 25k miles. Completely stock except for new wheels
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2023.06.06 02:33 Snoo_78242 Sorry for the low quality screenshot… but who at BMW approved this monstrosity aka 2023 m235i…

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2023.06.06 02:24 Devigiorno 2.8L V6 - American Engineering with German Manufacturing

The first V6 offered in our beloved Rangers is none other than the forgotten Cologne 2.8 V6. The idea for a 60º V6 originated from the 60º V4 in Europe. Introduced in 1974, it produced 115 horsepower and 150 torque - not much compared to the V6 engines of today. It only lived for two years in the Ranger (83-85), but was offered in a wide range of vehicles. There were even turbocharged models produced! Sadly it did not break the 200 horsepower mark stock (to my knowledge) and there was some controversy about the numbers that Ford was reporting. I am unable to find which years/model 2.8 engines will interchange, however I imagine the one offered in the Bronco II will. As for performance, not a ton of aftermarket stuff is still produced. At one point fuel injection and turbo kits were available.
I was able to scare up some engine specs on The Ranger Station:
Engine Family ‘Cologne’
Displacement 171cid
Cylinders 6
Arrangement of Cylinders ‘V’ Shape
Bore x Stroke 3.66 x 2.70
Compression Ratio 8.7:1
Fuel System Carburetor
Horsepower 115 @ 4600rpm
Torque 150 @ 2600rpm
Oil Pressure 40-60psi @ 2000rpm
Tune Up
Spark Plug AWSF-42C
Spark Plug Gap 0.044
Ignition Timing 10 degrees BTDC
Firing Order 1-4-2-5-3-6
Distributor Rotation Clockwise
Valve Clearance Intake 0.014
Valve Clearance Exhaust 0.016
Oil Capacity With Filter 5qts
Cooling System Capacity (Quarts) W/AC- 7.2 / W/O AC 7.8
Torque Specifications
Seat Angle Degree 45
Face Angle Degree 44
Spring Test Pressure 143lbs @ 1.22in
Spring Installed Height 1.58-1.61in
Stem-to-Clearance Intake 0.0008-0.0025in
Stem-to-Clearance Exhaust 0.0018-0.0035in
Stem Diameter Intake 0.3159-0.3167in
Stem Diameter Exhaust 0.3149-0.3156in
Crankshaft Specs
Main Bearing Journal Diameter 2.2433-2.2441in
Main Bearing Oil Clearance 0.0008-0.0015in
Shaft End-play 0.004-0.008in
Thrust on No. 3
Connecting Rod
Journal Diameter 2.1252-2.1260in
Oil Clearance 0.0006-0.0016in
Side Clearance 0.004-0.011in
Length 5.1386-5.1413in
Piston and Ring Specs
Piston to Bore Clearance 0.0011-0.0019in
Ring Side Clearance Top Compression 0.0020-0.0033in
Ring Side Clearance Bottom Compression 0.0020-0.0033in
Ring Side Clearance Oil Control Snug
Ring Gap Top Compression 0.015-0.023in
Ring Gap Bottom Compression 0.015-0.023in
Ring Gap Oil Control 0.015-0.023in
Motorcraft 2150A Carburetor Specifications
Choke Pulldown Setting .136
Fast Idle Cam Setting 1984 V-notch
Fast Idle Cam Setting 1985 Hi-Cam
Dechoke Setting .250
Float Setting (Wet) .810
Float Setting (Dry) 7/16″ (1984) 1/16″ (1985)
Accelerator Pump Lever Location #4
Choke Cap Setting V-notch (1984) 3NR (1985)
Fast Idle 3000rpm
Firing Order 1-4-2-5-3-6 / Distributor Rotation – Clockwise
Feel free to add any info you deem as necessary in the comments!
Source: The Ranger Station
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2023.06.06 02:21 LostWanderer576 Newish to the Hobby, now looking at a 1/10 crawler. Have a few questions.

Newish to the Hobby, now looking at a 1/10 crawler. Have a few questions.
Pic, just b/c.
So, I keep going back and forth on the axial basecamp, enduro ecto, and redcat gen 9 scout. (mostly eyeing RTR) Keep watching vids that I can find on YT for reviews. I have a 1/24 gladiator and own one IRL. For awhile, i wanted the SCX10 Gladiator but figured if I go with a more regular wheel base, I can buy different shells to scratch that itch for a jeep and a pickup and it seems proline? makes a shell. Love the look of ford high trail from traxxas and am more into the scale look.
So, couple questions.
  1. can I fit a different shell on the redcat G9 since it has the twist lock body mounts?
  2. can the Ecto fit different shells? I am starting to like the look of it the more I watch vids of it. i believe i saw it comes with different mounting post. (does mst jp1 fit? found in a search)
  3. I would like to do some water crossings, should I lean toward rc with fender liners or can these be added to any. I do have a printer
    1. is rust an issue with these and if so, anyone use stuff like fluid film? Otherwise what, a fan/towel?
  4. Should I look for a rc that has a 2 speed trans. Would like a little speed on trails but this doesnt need to be a stadium truck or rally car (is there a subaru rally rc?) Im not sure how "quick" any of these are.
  5. Are portals a must? figure that can be an upgrade for any that doesnt have it
  6. I would like to add lights so do I need a 4 channel radio or is a 3 fine. would like some rock lights and some pods.
I do want to add, this hobby can be like crack. I eyed the 1/24 RC for awhile. didnt have the push to get it. I think I was looking when they were 120, so pre covid. Waited and caved to get the JT. Now I bring it everywhere and it quickly escalated to wanting the 1/10 so i can do more. Also need to revive my old RC10t truck I got what feels like 30 years ago. I could never let that go, and Im happy I didnt. One thing, even back then, when i built that kit, it was like $330 for just the kit and I was blown away my grandma got me it. Thanks all!
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2023.06.06 02:07 0wsley Is a 15mm wheel offset deviation considered significant?

Is a 15mm wheel offset deviation considered significant?
I have a brand new Mazda CX-50 that has stock 20x8in rims with a 45mm offset.
I want to replace the wheels and am looking at a 17x8in wheel with a 30mm offset. Is this considered a significant deviation? Will it have noticeable effects? In the event of a warranty claim would they be able to prove this much of a deviation caused damage, and should I even be worried about this?
If it helps, it might be useful to know that the car comes with 17x7in stock wheels on other trims. those wheels have a 40mm offset. I am assuming the suspension/clearance/calipers etc. are the same as my trim.
attaching calculator results FYI.
Edit: Tire sizes are 245/45/20 vs 235/65/17
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2023.06.06 02:04 Dismal-Brilliant-382 Would lowering springs be a good idea?

Im about to put some 350z stocks on my car but the tires they have are gonna be an inch shorter than my current wheels and tires, but i like my factory suspension its really clean and still rides brand new, i dont have money for coils right this moment but i also dont want my car to look tooo tooo goofy 😂 im going to get tein lowering springs if that also makes any difference
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2023.06.06 02:03 FinanceToolbox Thoughts on this GM/Ford Stock Analysis?

Thoughts on this GM/Ford Stock Analysis?
Value Investing Face-off: GM vs. Ford Stock Analysis Showdown - Which Automaker Reigns Supreme?
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2023.06.06 02:01 Solidus_35 Seriously, when are new wheels coming to the Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Base?

The thing was an expensive buy. Give the people an update.
It’s coming on one year since release, and one of the priciest options as far as bang for buck goes for a DD still has basically no ecosystem. I love the wheel base, and bought it on release, but I’m really tired of playing F1 with the stock wheel, especially while existing and new DD units have multiple wheels to choose from, and more options are releasing every few months.
It’s made even more annoying by the fact that Logitech are partnered with the Mclaren F1 team, and Lando Norris is all over the marketing for the wheel base, but Fanatec is the company with the Mclaren F1 wheel. I know they released it long before Logitech had a DD, but the point still stands.
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