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2023.03.20 20:43 Sleepyhead7979 Toddler eats very less after weaning

Hi all, my daughter is 17 months old and she has a good weight. And she used to eat well, like, 2-3 meals a days with snacks in between. But these days I’m noticing she’s barely eating anything. Will hardly take a bite or two and then leave even her favourite foods. Has this happened to anyone after weaning their toddlers off breastfeeding?
Info: I exclusively breastfed her for 6 months, then we started solids along with breastfeeding and after she turned 14 months I gradually started weaning her off. She still used to eat well. Till a week ago she used to bfeed at night (2-3 times during the night too) and sometimes in the evening. I got diagnosed with osteoporosis so I decided to just wean her completely, she was settled in few days but she’s started to eat so less now. By less I mean one banana, one candy, water and few sips of formula milk in whole day. And it’s been going on like this ever since I have stopped bfeeding her completely. Has anyone gone through something similar?
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2023.03.20 20:43 ApolloApproaches Simplii Financial Referral $50 Bonus

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Mortgage Referral Code: 0009361587
*As an added bonus, if you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months, you'll earn an additional $350!
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2023.03.20 20:43 not_anonymous_544 Problem with Crossovers

What I have noticed over the past few years is that whenever I crossover on either side, and gain enough speed, there comes a time where I have to just glide on 2 feet, and if I attempt to crossover, I will lose my balance. Is there any workaround for this? I have always been a fairly good and fast skater, and this I feel would improve my lateral / forward acceleration significantly.
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2023.03.20 20:43 Stojokes Potential Emblem Arval Skillset

I had a lot of fun making a potential skillset for Emblem Shez (which you can read here if you want) and made another one for Emblem Arval cuz Three Hopes brainrot never left me. These skills and weapons may be busted or really bad, I just wrote down whatever I thought sounded cool and accurate to the character.
Bond/Engage Skills:
-Bond Skill "Duality": At the start of odd turns, grants unit Def/Res+3. On even turns, grants Atk/Mag+3.
"Duality+ and ++": grants Def/Res+4-5 and Atk/Mag+4-5 [Qi Adept] also grants bonus to adjacent ally with the highest HP [Dragon] also grants Atk/Spd+1-3 on odd turns and Def/Res+1-3 on even turns.
-Bond Skill "Agarthan Arcana": If foe initiates combat, units deals 25% of damage taken to foes and enemies within 2 spaces of foe after combat. Minimum 1 damage. (Inheritable)
-Bond Skill "Cycle Keeper": When units HP drops below 30%, completely fill the engage meter. Has a three turn cooldown.
"Cycle Keeper+, ++, and +++": increases threshold to 30%, 35%, and 40% respectively.
-Engage Skill "Metamorphosis": While engaged, doubles the effects of units personal skill or increases its range by 1 (so Not Quite grants Avo+20, Generosity now applies to allies within 2 spaces, etc.)
-Engage attack "Rite of Souls": Use to attack an opponent within range and heal both unit and adjacent allies for 50% of the damage dealt. If this attack defeats an opponent, unit and adjacent allies are also granted Def/Res+4 for 1 turn. Range 1-2 [Mystical] increases area of effect by 1
Engage Weapons:
-Miasma Δ: Basic black magic. Range 1-3
-Luna Λ: An extremely heavy tome with only a single point of Mt, ignores half of enemy Res. Range 1-2
-Hrotti: A mysterious relic wielded by Emblem Arval, calculates damage using the higher of units Atk or Mag. Range 1-2
Extra Inheritable skills/proficiencies:
-Vigilant Gaze 1-4: grants Hit+10-25 to unit and inflicts Dodge -5-20 on opponent during combat.
-Tome Proficiency
-Staff Proficiency
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2023.03.20 20:43 SaucySamurai959 My Collection

My Collection
By popular demand of some fellow redditors, posting my collection. Theme is, ofcourse racing colors. So, as far as possible I try and get only real cars, no uninteresting family sedan type stuff unless they're the sport version, and in their national racing colors. The sets are how they're displayed on shelf at home, but for this list on a carpet. Video and photo are not permissible in same post (eithe or) so I've posted links to the video of each set in below text.
Set 1: JDM in Racing Whites
Don't simply haven't been released in clean white, so I didn't include carded ones awaiting exchange for right color (Scion FR-S in red, Datsun 620 pickup, etc), but I've been hypocritical with the Evo's both in the red.
Video link Set 1
Set 1B: JDM Anime- Initial D
Scale is not 1:64 for these, and colors are per the OG series, hence separate from JDM set. I did have the blue custom Devil Z from Wangan Midnight, but the logos on front fenders don't make it clean enough.
Set 2: ze Germans Racing Silver (/ White?)
Missing some, like the Größer Mercedes 600 Pullman in black 1:64 from the museum shop and the Audi 80 Quattro in white get and red and an E36 M3 in blue that I just forgot to include. Also, colors are widely off bcoz Germany traditionally raced in white until Audi and Benz tried weight savings and made it silver. BMW and Porsche continued in white but then BMW also had some striking blues for their M road cars. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Video link Set 2
Set 3: Forza Italia in Rosso Corsa
I missed a couple in the original photo and video (Centenario coupe and convertible) and an off- color black 8C Competizione. Hvnt snagged a red Lancia Delta, so it's just a matter of waiting for price drops from scalpers.
Video link Set 3
Set 4: "The Good Guys"
Batmobiles (still in cards because awaiting 1:64 scale diecasts), but also A-Team, Knight Rider. Sold off the James Bond collection after really getting bored of the Corgi models quality. First Responders and some very American randoms that go on the same display shelf
Video link Set 4
Set 5: Brits in Racing Greens
Frustrating that they don't release the majority in the right color, but I try. McLarens ofcourse in the burnt orange corporate racing colors is excused, since the OG guy, Bruce was Kiwi.
Video link Set 5
Set 6: American Supers (White with Blue racing Stripes or vice versa)
Supertrucks: would've liked to have a Red-White-Blue theme (Ram Rebel-Silverado Trailboss-F150 Raptor) but the Silverado in white has too many logos and no clean sheet metal release. So it's still carded awaiting exchange if/when possible.
Tesla: EVs are fast, so they're included here since they technicality can't be on any other shelf and I don't collect the family car stuff. Also awaiting the 2023 Model Y diecast to complete the S3XY cars theme.
Got rid of the Callaway C7 since it never actually won anything, but Saleen and Panoz still on.
Video link Set 6
Set 7: American Iron
Both pony cars and muscle cars are included here.
I've tried to line them the way I display on the shelf with for example the Camaros facing the Mustangs, the Gulf liveried brand from each, the El Camino v Ranchero, and even the NASCAR Monte Carlo SS v Ford Fusion.
GM ofcourse simply had more brands and models for the muscle cars whereas Ford has released a lot more of its Mustangs.
While AMC really had only 1 entry each with the Javelin and Rebel respectively, I've included them near the Chrysler cars since they did eventually buy the company.
Then, at the rear is a bunch of 1-and-done models.
Video link Set 7
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2023.03.20 20:42 qoysauce Anyone feel like they’ve gotten weaker?

24F, I’ve been doing f45 for around 7 months, came from OTF which I had been doing for a few years. Been going to every single strength day and at least 1-2 of the other days per week since I joined.
Strength wise, I feel so much weaker than when I started. My first class I was able to shoulder press the 33lb dumbbells, and lately in class it’s been a struggle to get the 22s up. I used to be able to curl 25s, now the 18s are hard. It’s more noticeable in upper body for me since I try to train legs at a regular gym somewhat consistently since I know the weights at f45 aren’t enough for me in that department.
I know for women, our strength ebbs and flows throughout the month but this has been a consistent decline. I used to be an athlete, I know my form is good and I follow the direction of the coaches of when to go heavy/when to go lighter with weight selection.
I left OTF for a change of pace and to focus more on resistance training, but I have been feeling like the format of f45 classes gives you that great post-workout feeling without enough actual reps to be building anything. Does this have any truth to it?
Considering cancelling and doing my own thing, has anyone else felt this way?
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2023.03.20 20:42 axearm Boko Haram

Does anyone have any literature or know of forefront experts who can provide insight for the causes for the rise of Boko Haram in (North/Northeastern) Nigeria? Looking more into what the balance was between social, economic, religious, ethnic and political reasons — not strategy and purely defense related reasoning.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 20:41 Additional_Till1136 Advice on working out

So the tldr of this Is that a fairly inactive child when it came to physical exercise, promptly leading with depression when I was about 14 or so made me kinda physically weak ect.
I've been wanting to work on myself after turning 20. I recently managed to crack out 10 push ups and 25 CORRECT sit-ups but the day after that I had some heavy pain in the area right below the stomach (i think the part situps hit) but only when I use that area like sitting up or bending down
Looking to know if I should push through the pain and keep it up, Or let my body heal for the day and do the same thing again.
Any advice helps too for future me to know about fitness and or weight-loss.
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2023.03.20 20:40 TGOTR How do I calculate weight capacity of a stand

I built an engine cradle to finish assembly of the engine I'm building. it needs to hold a Jeep 4.0L Engine, Dry Weight of 483Lbs plus the weight of the front axle which attaches to the same mounts the Engine does.
I used 16 Gauge 1x1 inch square tubing.
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2023.03.20 20:40 crruss Pushing bowl with nose?

My girlfriend’s mini dachshund constantly pushes her bowls and the placemat they’re on around with her nose. We’ve tried using raised bowls, a rubber mat, and pushing the raised bowls into a corner but she does it all the time. It’s very irritating to both of us and I’m wondering if there is a way to stop this behavior? Like a weighted bowl or something. I’ve googled and any weighted bowls I’ve found are much too big. I found a mat that goes over the bowl so when they step on it it won’t move, but I can’t find any info about reviews or return policy so I’m hesitant to go there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 20:39 Primary-Hyena2032 DLT Endela Vs Blade HQ Manix 2

So I’ve been living with a buck vantage for a while. It was a gift and thought I’d at least use it for a bit. Now it’s been like 7 years and I’m ready to move on from that hunk of junk. I’m looking at these 2 as I feel they both are decent deals for the money. But I’m not all familiar with spyderco stuff.
My main concern is the FRN scales that they my feel too cheap to me. I’m also not crazy about the color of the blade HQ manix mint green. Is there anyone that makes scale upgrades for light weight manix?
Or should I be looking something different. Thanks.
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2023.03.20 20:39 essvee927 In a very dark place.. I need to vent. TW.

I went to the mall today and tried on 29 different pieces (bras and shapewear) for only 3 to look decent on me.
Malls and fitting rooms are a trigger for me, because I’ve felt so much frustration with my body especially before being diagnosed at 28. My body has always made me want to just pull my f*cking hair out. My DDD breasts, my thicker neck, my lower back fat, my huge stomach, my huge thighs, my fat ankles, my nonexistent jawline, my fat bloated face… I am disturbed. When I see normal, fit human bodies I’m fascinated because I’m constantly disturbed by my demented body that screams “I am unhealthy”
I’m just filled with anger and depression and wondering why I even have to live. It’s f*cking miserable, I’m having a miserable time.
When I look at my body all I feel is hopelessness. As humans we love beauty, health and harmony. That’s what we are attracted to. Fit bodies imply health. How can I look at my unhealthy, deformed, masculine body and feel anything but disgust and severe depression?
My body destroys all of my hopes and dreams. It takes me from passionate to fucking hopeless. There is no “color” in my life because of my body - everything is half-felt and half-appreciated. The things that I love become more dull. My body makes everything feel awful. I’m DISTURBED.
When I see smaller, healthy bodies it’s like I’m seeing a fcking ghost, and I get a glimpse of how lovely and beautiful life must be when you have a healthy looking body. The worst part is that I barely fcking eat. I don’t even eat carbs or dairy and this is how I look. Wow!!! Words cannot describe my pain and frustration.
I just recently started treatment for weight loss but I am disturbed by the memories of frustration as a child, a teen and young adult trying to understand why my body looked so demented, and also disturbed by my current body. I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far with my new treatment but I’m still sickened.
I’m just really deeply hurting, I’m sorry
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2023.03.20 20:39 BlueMonday1984 "I was served an emotional curry that was too spicy and now I have acid reflux in my brain."

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2023.03.20 20:39 Bocabowa How does sending data to a shader not impact performance heavily? (Like player position)

I’m in the process of learning shaders and I want to make a water shader that reacts to objects being dropped into it. Most resources I’ve seen takes the player coordinates in and adjusts the shader around that position, however isn’t the point of a shader to offload work from the CPU onto the GPU? If I’m sending the player position to the shader, wouldn’t it send it for every individual vertex in my ocean plane?
I assume the performance isn’t heavily impacted because I’m still calculating vertex positions on the GPU, but I just assumed making those data connections from the CPU to the GPU would slow down how fast the shader works on each vertex.
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2023.03.20 20:39 Chuklicious H:BOL20jwr1s UC Left Leg W:offers/apparel

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2023.03.20 20:39 Hije5 How accurate is this BMR calculator? I feel like this is way too many calories for an intense exercise 3-4 days a week. I am trying to bulk thought.

How accurate is this BMR calculator? I feel like this is way too many calories for an intense exercise 3-4 days a week. I am trying to bulk thought. submitted by Hije5 to moreplatesmoredates [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:38 minute4you Three healthy foods are important for losing weight and maintaining mental health.

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2023.03.20 20:38 RecordedMink986 Please don't be "that" team in your league

Before discussing the main point I'd like to say that I love to play high cardio, competitive, clean adult league hockey. I like when the refs allow some leeway with light body contact when fighting for pucks along the boards, and enjoy having to use some muscle with the stick and puck battles during close games. We play in a moderately skilled division where the majority of players have had significant experience at the high school or college club level and it is fun, relatively clean, and well balanced.
HOWEVER, with that said, if you're absolutely destroying another team, please don't be a bunch of a**holes and continue to play like it's game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Please learn how to put on some brakes. It's not fun for anyone, and all you're going to do is putting your own players in danger of being hurt.
Last night our team had a short bench, and one of our usual skaters played goalie, because all of our tendy subs were unavailable. He hasn't played in net for a year and recently came back from knee surgery. Bottom line... We just demolished from pretty much every angle given our situation. For roughly 2/3rds of the game we were down by 8-10 goals.
This would be fine normally. Everyone has had to sit on the bad end of a blowout before, but what really irked us was the opposing team playing like it was still a close game. Ripping slapshots, the occasional cherry picker, some hooks around the hands. Most of us were able to deal with it, but one of our guys snapped at the end of the game and ended up getting thrown out after he shot the puck at an opposing player who had been trash talking him and hooking him around the hands a minute before.
I don't even really care when teams still play hard when you're up 5-6 goals, because in beer league that's not exactly a guaranteed lead, but once you get past that it's a bit insulting to worry about losing your neck from a heater ripped from the point, or someone sneaking beyond you on defense for a stretch pass to score another meaningless goal.
Also a shout-out to the refs, who clearly wanted to go home early and didn't want to call any penalties or control the game, which led to said scenario occurring at the end.
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2023.03.20 20:38 Lepiberic Seriously it's written in DM guide and solves many things. Use recommended balance first before complaining that it doesn't work.

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2023.03.20 20:38 minute4you Three healthy foods are important for losing weight and maintaining mental health.

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2023.03.20 20:38 chrisinokc First Confession coming up

Hello Fathers,
My RCIA journey is moving along and our first Rite of Reconciliation is set for this Saturday. For many years my sins have felt like a physical weight in my chest and I am relieved to have this opportunity for Confession. I know my being called to the Church is another act of God's mercy, having never given up on me despite my shameful life.
My concern is this. I have great affection for our two priests. They are such good's obvious they love their calling and their Parish loves them in return. Like most of us I want to be liked, it's simply human. do I unload 40 years of sin, much of it really awful, and ever look them in the eyes again? Do you, as Priests, see someone differently after they have laid out terrible things to you in the Confessional??? I've considered going to another Parish for confession but it feels like a cop-out, plus Saturday is almost upon me. Any thoughts to share on this, please? You have my heart-felt thanks in advance.
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2023.03.20 20:38 snoo-8762776 Need honest advice – I'm afraid to look like an idiot, but super confused/sad

[I'm sorry for any English mistakes] I was with an agent for 2 years. In those two years, I only received a few auditions, very few. The most exciting audition was the one I ended up in second place to star in a series by a great streaming service, which made me very happy – also very frustrated for not having been chosen, but I know that this is due to many different factors so I chose not to think a lot about.

My biggest problem with this agent was precisely the lack of auditions and, perhaps, visibility. Anyway, we always had a good relationship and the few auditions that came up were good, for good roles. I try very hard to keep my material up to date, I'm a good student and I'm constantly looking for feedback on how to improve, and I've heard from different agents and producers that my material is good – some even said they don't know how I'm still out of work , which I don't say with arrogance, but to show that maybe it's an industry problem in the country where I live, I don't know. Anyway.

After 2 years with this agent, and this frustration of the lack of auditions, I decided to end my relationship with them and look for a new agency. It's extremely difficult to balance being a new actor and needing to show work to get an agent but needing to have an agent to get work, right...

So I had a conversation with a new agent back in October and things seemed to line up. I switched to this new agency. At first I got an audition for a small role with only a week at the agency, which sounded great to me, I was excited. Since then, zero tests. By the way, I receive a few publicity auditions, which I said in the initial conversation was not my focus, but I send my material anyway as the agent says is good for portfolio. In addition to, again, the lack of auditions, my profile visibility on this online service we have here for actors and casting producers dropped dramatically, practically zero. With the old agent at least I saw more visits and selections of my profile, so maybe visibility wasn't really an issue as I thought it was. I even asked my current agent about it, and the only thing she said was "it's too soon, we need to wait". I asked if it was something I needed to improve on my profile, if it was something with me, what is happening since the market is busy (her words), and this was the answer: too soon, we need to wait. I'm so tired of these vague responses, honestly.

But something happened this week that actually made me rethink a lot. What happened is that she sent me an audition for a university project, with a very low fee (almost zero, symbolic) and the project would be a photoshoot inspired by two well-known singers in the country. I was disappointed with that. Not for the project itself, in no way do I put myself in a place where "I'm too good for this", ever. Actually college projects is how we build a portfolio to get an agent most of the time. But that's the thing, in addition to very few tests, the test I get from my agent is a university and symbolic project, and I expected her to be working with my profile in another way, submitting my material and profile for projects that are in fact aligned with what I'm looking for, as we talked about in our first conversation. I don't think it's arrogance, but a breach of expectation.

With all this, I was seriously considering texting my old agent. We ended things on a good note, and at the time I explained that I would change agencies to try something that was more in line with my profile, but unfortunately that is not happening. I'm looking at other agencies as well, but none are willing to talk right now, the eternal problem for actors who are just starting out. My former agent is known for helping actors starting out, and in fact, many actors at the agency are actually working, although it wasn't working for me at that time. But I wonder if I made a bad deal switching agencies, and I regret it now. Is it really stupid for me to talk to him about this and see if there's a possibility that I could go back to the agency? I see that maybe it would be the best way to actually start working and, in the future, get better roles and better representation with the new projects. But I feel bad right now, to be honest. I feel dumb and I feel like all the effort is for nothing at the end.
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