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2023.04.17 07:14 sheldon077 230417 JISOO - 'ME' (Two Weeks Later)

230417 JISOO - 'ME' (Two Weeks Later)

JISOO - 'Flower'
What are your thoughts on 'ME' two weeks later? How has your opinion changed since release? What are your thoughts on the sales numbers and chart positions? How did the release stack up to your expectations?
Release Date: 31 March 2023
No. Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
2 All Eyes On Me TEDDY, VINCE TEDDY, R.Tee, 24, VVN 24, R.Tee

Rate 'ME' out of 5 (1 being the lowest):

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2023.04.11 11:31 SapphireHeaven 230411 SBS Inkigayo PD note Update w/ Jisoo - Episode 1177 지수(JISOO) - 꽃 (FLOWER) (Performance GIF Collection)

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2023.03.31 06:02 DazzlingDig 230331 JISOO - 'ME' (First Single Album) [Album Discussion]

230331 JISOO - 'ME' (First Single Album) [Album Discussion]

JISOO - 'ME' (First Single Album)
Release Date: March 31, 2023
No. Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
2 All Eyes On Me TEDDY, VINCE TEDDY, R.Tee, 24, VVN 24, R.Tee
JISOO - 'ME' (First Single Album [Pre-Order Details Megathread]) BLINK Weekly Discussion Thread BORN PINK (World Tour Megathread (Vol. 2))
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2023.02.16 00:21 mmw802 👁 my official blackpink mega-deluxe communist conspiracy shitpost 👁

👁 my official blackpink mega-deluxe communist conspiracy shitpost 👁
let's break down my extremely half-baked/just for fun theory that blackpink are a communist sleeper cell working indirectly for the CPC (via multiple shell corporations including YG entertainment) to mobilize every member of gen z in the world. 👁
First I would like to shout out u/keyzi56. They have no idea who I am/what this sub is but actually made an extremely similar post over in kpopthoughts 3 years ago
I. Blackpink slogans and imagery
  1. "Blackpink In Your Area" probably their most famous slogan that they say at the beginning of basically every song and concert. you don't know where they are, you can't see them, but you know they are there. the lack of specificity is almost ominous, giving you the feeling that anything could happen at any moment....almost like they are a guerilla cell, moving through the people like fish through water. 👁
  2. "Blackpink Is The Revolution" they also say this a lot during songs/concerts, pretty self explanatory
  3. The actual name "BLACKPINK" ok stay with me here- Pink+ Red + White. If Black is the opposite of white, (in a color theory way NOT a race way!!!!) then by the transitive property (??) that means that BLACK + PINK = RED (the communist color) 👁
  4. The Blackpink hammers (picture below) These black and pink hammers are ubiquitous to Blackpink, they sell them at concerts for fans to wave in the air and have them in a lot of music videos as well. I don't think you need a PHD to know that hammer = hammer and sickle = communism 👁 by ensuring that ever one of their millions of fans has one of these hammers they are arming an insurgent army millions strong around the globe. 👁
Lisa with a hammer
II. Blackpink songs and music videos
Ever since The Beatles, artists have been including secret messages about world power structures and the illuminati into everything they possibly can- songs, music videos, imagery, you name it. Let's take a look at the thinly veiled CCP propaganda they are hiding in plain sight

  1. Literally having a Soviet WW2/Korean War era tank- Jennie appears multiple times on a bedazzled T-34-85, a famous Soviet tank model used during WW2. the NKPA and PLA both used T-34-85s against the South Korean/US armies during the Korean War. could the bedazzled t-34-85 (and blackpink themselves) be a trojan horse? there's no evidence to prove it's not 👁

Jennie appears multiple times on a bedazzled T-34-85, a famous Soviet tank model used during WW2. the NKPA and PLA both used T-34-85s against the South Korean/US armies during the Korean War. could the bedazzled t-34-85 (and blackpink themselves) be a trojan horse? there's no evidence to prove it's not 👁

  1. Constant references to bombs, missiles and guns- they literally want to kill all of us (and tbh I would let them!). The only person in Korea who is more obsessed with militarism is freaking Kim Jong Un aka Rocket man for crying out loud! Their first single, entitled "Whistle" is not a reference to the cute sound your face makes when you pucker your lips and blow air out of them, but the sound that a bomb makes after it has been deployed from a fighter jet and is hurtling at a high speed toward a civilian population. Don't believe me? The lyrics are literally "Make it whistle like a missile, bomb bomb/ Every time I show up, blow up". The music video also begins with Lisa in a garage-like environment soldering wires together (making a bomb) and later in the video Rose is sitting on a globe (after they bombed everyone and gained dominance over the entire world). The song "How You Like That" also has a fun 9/11 reference lyric from Lisa that implies that she was actually behind the infamous 2001 terrorist attack on the united states 👁:
Karma come and get some딱하지만 어쩔 수 없잖아What's up? I'm right back (right back)방아쇠를 (trigger) cock back (cock back)Plain Jane get hijacked, don't like me?Then tell me how you like that, like that
Later in the song they also sing "Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane", so basically they are mocking 9/11 (a communist thing to do)
This random shot from the How You Like That music video where they are dancing in front of oil rigs drilling in the arctic while singing/rapping "Look at you, now look at me/ How You Like That?" this is a clear reference to their quest to nationalize and take control over all resource extraction on the planet, and there's nothing any of us can do about it 👁
All the girls but Jennie in particular wear a lot of red statement clothing items like this hat (with a C on it?? a bit heavy handed Ms. KIM) I guess it's also worth noting that both Jisoo and Jennie have the family name Kim.... a bit too coincidental if you ask me 👁
Lastly, and this one cannot be overstated, their performance style and group dynamic is nothing short of FULL ON COMMUNIST!!! Seriously watch this live performance and try to tell me with a straight face that capitalists could ever work together in a group this seamlessly. Oh right, you can't, because it's fricking impossible! Case closed.
& Bonus because this is technically from Lisa's solo project. Literally saying the quiet part out loud, that they are using their own accumulated capital to destroy capitalism from the inside out and make the world their slaves 👁


III. Plan For Global Domination
Ok onto their audience demographics- I actually got this idea from the u/keyzi56 post but since it was 3 years old I am updating it. Let's check out the Top 5 countries in terms of Blackpink Youtube Views (the numbers on the right are millions of views from March 2021-March 2022):

Very interesting girls.... very very interesting. If I were the CCP and wanted to bring all of the neighboring South East Asian countries into one sphere of influence I would obviously train hundreds of girls for decades, spending infinite resources to train them into the ultimate cultural warriors and then unleash them on the masses using social media bots to astroturf their popluarity until they are actually the most famous people in the entire world (kpop stans are the OG russian election hackers, please keep up people 👁). Again, gives a whole new meaning to "Blackpink In Your Area". The graph doesn't show this but all 830 million of the views in India were naxalites and CPI supporters.
LASTLY (i found this info in a comment under the u/keyzi56 post and looked into it) in 2016 Chinese tech companies Tencent and Weiying invested $85 million dollars in Blackpink's record label, YG entertainment. Tencent owns a 4.5% stake in YG while Weiying owns an 8.2% stake in YG. Blackpink debuted as an official group only 4 months later after this deal went through. In 2021 Lisa became a mentocoach on popular Chinese singing/idol show "Youth With You". All 4 girls maintain public Weibo accounts, all 4 speak at least a basic level of Mandarin, and one of Jennie's favorite snacks is Tanghulu, a traditional Northern Chinese dessert.
In conclusion, CCP balloon psyop, eat bugs AOC globalism!!!!!
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2023.01.14 14:56 sheldon077 r/BLACKPINK - 2022 End of Year Survey (Results)

BLACKPINK - 2022 End of Year Survey (Results)

Total number of responses: 446

What is your age group?

  • 18-24: 31.4% (140)
  • 25-29: 27.4% (122)
  • 30-39: 21.7% (97)
  • 13-17: 11.2% (50)
  • 40-50: 5.8% (26)
  • 50+: 2.5% (11)

What is your gender?

  • Male: 53.8% (240)
  • Female: 44.2% (197)
  • Prefer not to say: 1.1% (5)
  • Non-binary: 0.9% (4)

What is your ethnicity?

  • Caucasian/White: 43.5% (194)
  • South-East Asian: 18.6% (83)
  • East Asian: 10.5% (47)
  • Hispanic / Latino: 5.6% (25)
  • South Asian: 5.6% (25)
  • Mixed or Other: 5.6% (25)
  • Black / African American: 2.9% (13)
  • Prefer not to say: 2.9% (13)
  • African: 2.5% (11)
  • Arab / Middle Eastern / West Asian: 1.5% (7)
  • Native / First Nations: 0.4% (2)
  • Pacific Islander: 0.2% (1)

Which country are you from?

  • United States: 148
  • Philippines: 30
  • Canada: 28
  • United Kingdom: 28
  • Germany: 26
  • India: 18
  • France: 11
  • Australia: 10
  • Netherlands: 9
  • Singapore: 9
  • Brazil: 7
  • Sweden: 7
  • Poland: 6
  • Hong Kong: 5
  • Portugal: 5
  • Belgium: 4
  • Denmark: 4
  • Finland: 4
  • Italy: 4
  • Nigeria: 4
  • Romania: 4
  • South Africa: 4
  • Czech Republic: 3
  • Greece: 3
  • Indonesia: 3
  • Malaysia: 3
  • Norway: 3
  • Russia: 3
  • Bolivia: 2
  • Chile: 2
  • Estonia: 2
  • Hungary: 2
  • Ireland: 2
  • Lithuania: 2
  • Mexico: 2
  • New Zealand: 2
  • Pakistan: 2
  • Spain: 2
  • Taiwan: 2
  • Vietnam: 2
  • Austria: 1
  • Bangladesh: 1
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1
  • Brunei: 1
  • Bulgaria: 1
  • Costa Rica: 1
  • Croatia: 1
  • Egypt: 1
  • Ghana: 1
  • Guadeloupe: 1
  • Israel: 1
  • Japan: 1
  • Korea, South: 1
  • Lebanon: 1
  • Mongolia: 1
  • Nepal: 1
  • Panama: 1
  • Paraguay: 1
  • Peru: 1
  • Reunion: 1
  • Serbia and Montenegro: 1
  • Slovakia: 1
  • Sri Lanka: 1
  • Sudan: 1
  • Switzerland: 1
  • Thailand: 1
  • Turkey: 1
  • Uruguay: 1
  • Venezuela: 1

Since when have you been a BLINK?

  • 2020: 25.3% (113)
  • 2018: 19.3% (86)
  • 2019: 15.9% (71)
  • 2016: 12.6% (56)
  • 2021: 12.1% (54)
  • 2022: 11.4% (51)
  • 2017: 3.4% (15)

When did you join BLACKPINK?

  • 2022: 30.5% (136)
  • 2020: 26.9% (120)
  • 2021: 21.1% (94)
  • 2019: 11% (49)
  • 2018: 7.2% (32)
  • 2016: 2% (9)
  • 2017: 1.3% (6)

How often do you visit BLACKPINK?

  • Once a day: 32.5% (145)
  • Less than once a day: 27.4% (122)
  • More than Four times a day: 17.9% (80)
  • Twice a day: 13.5% (60)
  • Thrice a day: 5.6% (25)
  • Four times a day: 3.1% (14)

Are you a member of the BLACKPINK discord server?

  • No: 71.3% (318)
  • Yes: 28.7% (128)

How did you discover BLACKPINK?

  • Social Media (YouTube, Reddit, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc.): 68.6% (306)
  • Friend / Family Member / Significant Other / Co-worker: 19.3% (86)
  • Other (Just Dance, Snowdrop, BORNPINK World Tour, Coachella): 11.4% (51)
  • PUBG / Brawl Stars / A Perfect World / Ragnarok M / Other eSports: 0.7% (3)

Is BLACKPINK your Favorite group?

  • Yes: 80.5% (359)
  • No: 19.5% (87)

Who is your bias in BLACKPINK?

  • Rosé: 30.7% (137)
  • Lisa: 22.9% (102)
  • Jisoo: 20% (89)
  • Jennie: 14.1% (63)
  • I can’t decide!: 12.3% (55)

Who is your bias wrecker in BLACKPINK?

  • I can’t decide!: 31.2% (139)
  • Jennie: 21.7% (97)
  • Jisoo: 18.6% (83)
  • Rosé: 15.7% (70)
  • Lisa: 12.8% (57)

What are your favorite BLACKPINK Pre-Release Single/Title tracks? (Top 3)

  • Lovesick Girls: 42.2% (188)
  • Shut Down: 37.2 (166)
  • How You Like That: 34.5% (154)
  • As If It's Your Last: 31.2% (139)
  • DDU-DU DDU-DU: 30.3% (135)
  • Pink Venom: 25.1% (112)
  • Kill This Love: 24.4% (109)
  • Whistle: 22.9% (102)
  • Playing With Fire: 22.2% (99)
  • BOOMBAYAH: 13.5% (60)
  • Stay: 12.3% (55)
  • Ice Cream: 4.3% (19)

What are your favorite BLACKPINK b-side tracks? (Top 3)

  • Pretty Savage: 48% (214)
  • Don't Know What To Do: 31.4% (140)
  • Hard To Love: 28.7% (128)
  • Forever Young: 28.3% (126)
  • Typa Girl: 26.5% (118)
  • Tally: 21.7% (97)
  • The Happiest Girl: 17.7% (79)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah: 17.7% (79)
  • Crazy Over You: 15.7% (70)
  • Love To Hate Me: 13.2% (59)
  • Really: 10.3% (46)
  • Kick It: 8.7% (39)
  • You Never Know: 8.5% (38)
  • Ready For Love: 8.3% (37)
  • See You Later: 7.2% (32)
  • Hope Not: 5.6% (25)
  • Bet You Wanna: 2.5% (11)

What is your overall favorite BLACKPINK track?

  • Lovesick Girls: 55
  • As If It's Your Last: 49
  • Shut Down: 36
  • Pretty Savage: 35
  • Playing With Fire: 33
  • DDU-DU DDU-DU: 29
  • How You Like That: 29
  • Kill This Love: 21
  • Whistle: 21
  • Pink Venom: 14
  • Don't Know What To Do: 12
  • Hard To Love: 12
  • The Happiest Girl: 12
  • Typa Girl: 11
  • Forever Young: 10
  • Tally: 8
  • Really: 7
  • Stay: 6
  • Crazy Over You: 5
  • Love To Hate Me: 5
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah: 5
  • Kick It: 4
  • DDU-DU DDU-DU (Remix): 2
  • Hope Not: 2
  • Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez): 2
  • Sour Candy (with Lady Gaga): 2
  • You Never Know: 2
  • Bet You Wanna (with Cardi B): 1
  • Kiss And Make Up (with Dua Lipa): 1
  • Ready For Love: 1
  • See You Later: 1

What is your favorite performance (live included) of BLACKPINK?

  • Coachella: 138
  • BORNPINK World Tour: 39
  • THE SHOW: 29
  • 2018 SBS Gayodaejun (SOLO + DDU-DU DDU-DU + FOREVER YOUNG): 23
  • Tokyo Dome: 23

Do you prefer the BLACK or the PINK side?

  • No preference: 43.7% (195)
  • Black: 42.2% (188)
  • Pink: 14.1% (63)

What is your favorite BLACKPINK collaboration?

  • Kiss and Make Up (with Dua Lipa): 37.2% (166)
  • Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez): 30% (134)
  • Sour Candy (with Lady Gaga): 20.9% (93)
  • Bet You Wanna (with Cardi B): 7.4% (33)
  • LISA - SG (with DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stallion, Ozuna): 4.5% (20)

What is your favorite BLACKPINK music video? (including solos)

  • How You Like That: 62
  • Kill This Love: 62
  • Shut Down: 56
  • Lovesick Girls: 50
  • DDU-DU DDU-DU: 40
  • Pink Venom: 35
  • Whistle: 19
  • Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez): 18
  • Rosé – On The Ground: 18
  • As If It's Your Last: 17
  • LISA – LALISA: 16
  • Rosé – Gone: 13
  • Jennie – Solo: 12
  • LISA – Money: 9
  • Stay - 5
  • Playing With Fire: 4
  • Ready For Love: 4

What is your favorite BLACKPINK choreography?

  • How You Like That: 72
  • Shut Down: 66
  • Pink Venom: 52
  • DDU-DU DDU-DU: 46
  • Don't Know What To Do: 44
  • As If It's Your Last: 29
  • Kill This Love: 28
  • Playing With Fire: 23
  • Pretty Savage: 21
  • Lovesick Girls: 18
  • Whistle: 11
  • Forever Young: 10

Do you own a physical BLACKPINK album?

  • Yes: 52.9% (236)
  • No: 47.1% (210)

What is your favorite BLACKPINK release?

  • BORNPINK: 43.9% (196)
  • THE ALBUM: 39.9% (178)
  • SQUARE UP: 7.4% (33)
  • Kill This Love: 3.4% (15)
  • As If It's Your Last: 2.9% (13)
  • SQUARE ONE: 1.3% (6)
  • SQUARE TWO: 1.1% (5)

Did 'BORN PINK' live up to your expectations?

  • Yes: 81.6% (364)
  • No: 18.4% (82)

What is your favorite song from BORN PINK?

  • Shut Down: 24% (107)
  • Hard To Love: 15.5% (69)
  • Pink Venom: 14.3% (64)
  • Typa Girl: 13.5% (60)
  • Tally: 12.6% (56)
  • The Happiest Girl: 10.8% (48)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah: 7.4% (33)
  • Ready For Love: 2% (9)

What is your favorite BLACKPINK solo song?

  • Rosé - Hard To Love: 30% (134)
  • LISA – Money: 17.5% (78)
  • Jennie – Solo: 16.8% (75)
  • Rosé – Gone: 13.2% (59)
  • Rosé - On The Ground: 9.4% (42)
  • LISA – LALISA: 7.4% (33)
  • Jennie - I Love You And Me: 5.6% (25)

What is your favorite soloist choreography?

  • LISA – Money: 41.3% (184)
  • Jennie – Solo: 21.5% (96)
  • Rosé - On The Ground: 13% (58)
  • LISA – LALISA: 12.8% (57)
  • Jennie - I Love You And Me: 11.4% (51)

Who is your bias in PETPINK?

  • Hank: 125
  • OT11: 121
  • Dalgom: 64
  • Leo: 28
  • Kuma: 27
  • Joohwangie: 16
  • Lily: 16
  • Love: 15
  • Louis: 14
  • Kai: 10
  • Lego: 10

Would you like to see them collaborate with more western artists?

  • Yes: 53.8% (240)
  • Maybe: 32.7% (146)
  • No: 13.5% (60)

Do you follow BLACKPINK on social media?

  • Yes: 82.1% (366)
  • Some: 11% (49)
  • No: 7% (31)

Have you seen BLACKPINK House/Diaries and 24/365 with BLACKPINK?

  • Yes: 66.4% (296)
  • Some: 22.9% (102)
  • No: 10.8% (48)

Have you attended/going to attend a BLACKPINK concert?

  • Yes: 52.2% (233)
  • No: 47.8% (213)

For those who have attended a concert, how would you rate your experience?

  • 1 (Very Unsatisfied): 0% (0)
  • 2 (Slightly Unsatisfied): 0.5% (1)
  • 3 (Neutral): 2.5% (5)
  • 4 (Pretty Satisfied): 18.3% (36)
  • 5 (Extremely Satisfied): 78.7% (155)

Did you watch the BLACKPINK 'THE VIRTUAL' in-game PUBG concert?

  • No: 51.8% (231)
  • Yes: 48.2% (215)

For those who watched the concert, how would you rate your experience?

  • 1 (Very Unsatisfied): 2.8% (6)
  • 2 (Slightly Unsatisfied): 9.7% (21)
  • 3 (Neutral): 37.3% (81)
  • 4 (Pretty Satisfied): 30.9% (67)
  • 5 (Extremely Satisfied): 19.4% (42)

What are you expecting from BLACKPINK in 2023? (Choose THREE)

  • Jisoo Solo: 73.8% (329)
  • Group Comeback: 65.9% (294)
  • More Music Festival Appearances: 40.6% (181)
  • Additional World Tour Dates: 32.5% (145)
  • Regular Youtube content on their individual accounts: 31.2% (139)
  • Jennie Comeback: 30% (134)
  • Variety / Award Show Appearances: 26.2% (117)
  • BORNPINK Deluxe Version: 17.3% (77)
  • More Acting gigs: 16.1% (72)

Do you think BLACKPINK will renew their contract in 2023?

  • All 4 will renew: 72.4% (323)
  • Not sure: 19.7% (88)
  • Some of them will renew: 5.8% (26)
  • None of them will renew: 2% (9)

Did you listen to K-Pop before you discovered BLACKPINK?

  • No: 62.8% (280)
  • Yes: 37.2% (166)

Other than BLACKPINK, what other groups do you listen to? (Choose up to THREE groups)

  • Twice: 172
  • ITZY: 138
  • Red Velvet: 114
  • BTS: 89
  • aespa: 86
  • IVE: 69
  • Stray Kids: 50
  • None: 45
  • (G)I-DLE: 43
  • Treasure, BigBang: 24
Thank you everyone for participating. Let's look forward to an even more amazing 2023!

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2022.09.30 04:04 DazzlingDig 220930 BLACKPINK - 'BORN PINK' (Two Weeks Later)

220930 BLACKPINK - 'BORN PINK' (Two Weeks Later)

BLACKPINK - 'Pink Venom' M/V
What are your thoughts on 'BORN PINK' two weeks later? How has your opinion changed since release? What are your thoughts on the sales numbers and chart positions? How did the release stack up to your expectations?
Release Date: September 16, 2022
No. Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
1 Pink Venom TEDDY, Danny Chung TEDDY, 24, R.Tee, IDO 24, R.Tee, IDO
2 Shut Down TITLE TEDDY, Danny Chung, Vince TEDDY, 24 24
3 Typa Girl Bekuh BOOM Bekuh BOOM, Dominsuk Dominsuk
4 Yeah Yeah Yeah VVN, KUSH, Jisoo, Rosé KUSH, R.Tee, VVN, IDO R.Tee, KUSH, IDO
5 Hard to Love Freddy Wexler, Bianca "Blush" Atterberry, Max Wolfgang, TEDDY Freddy Wexler, TEDDY, Bianca "Blush" Atterberry, Max Wolfgang, 24, R.Tee 24, R.Tee
6 The Happiest Girl Teddy Sinclair, Willy Sinclair, Paro Teddy Sinclair, Willy Sinclair, Paro, 24 24, Nohc
7 Tally Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet, Brian Lee, Soraya LaPread Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet, Brian Lee, Soraya LaPread, 24 24
8 Ready For Love TEDDY, VVN TEDDY, VVN, 24, KUH, Bekuh BOOM 24
STREAM ON: Spotify Apple Music YouTube Music Tidal Amazon Music Genie
Weekly Discussion Thread 'Born Pink' World Tour Megathread Community Guidelines

Rate 'BORN PINK' Out of 5:

View Poll
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2022.08.28 11:32 AutoGif Jisoo GIF by BLACKPINK - Find & Share on GIPHY

Jisoo GIF by BLACKPINK - Find & Share on GIPHY submitted by AutoGif to gifbot [link] [comments]

2022.08.05 20:49 Alehti Flair_Helper: how many times I have I had to mention that this is not a bot, and clearly removes posts that are pro jewish, pro-logic, pro-human, pro-open source, and anti-nazi, and removes the history of Nazi/Catholic tactics. THAT user is the one I would FIRST

Flair_Helper: how many times I have I had to mention that this is not a bot, and clearly removes posts that are pro jewish, pro-logic, pro-human, pro-open source, and anti-nazi, and removes the history of Nazi/Catholic tactics. THAT user is the one I would FIRST
What the fuck happened to the title? Yes. I make spelling errors but it seems like any time I call out some bullshit on a user, some random bullshit happens. How many times has this happened on my posts? I took a screen shot once before hand, and later it loaded, or whenever I came back, it was changed. I'll dig it up here, but this is a rant post. Fuck it. Here is what pisses me off: I had to copy and paste from another page because it got jammed and it wouldn't send, but this is what my clipboard says:
Flair_Helper: how many times need I mention that this is not a bot, and clearly removes posts that are pro jewish, pro-logic, pro-human, pro-open source, and anti-nazi, and removes the history of Nazi/Catholic tactics. THAT user is the one I would FIRST PROBE
I recall a post I had made because the above happens a lot when posting about these crooks. And two comments had said I spelled two of the words wrong and then my a crack at my spell check.
However, NOTHING had been spelled wrong because I decided to uninstall MALWAREBYTES before I posted; and guess what I just installed again... and then they quickly deleted their comments. If you're the malware scanner, you can do whatever you want. It's disgusting.
But yes. I do make errors when typing. But I don't fucking lose half of the last entry.
And yes, I am very persistent when it comes to those that are tearing this country apart because they're freaks of nature. And so I will of course ping FBI and USMC

How does one think that God has not been a major role of U.S. politics lately. Don't give me that shit. We all know the Nazis are the Catholics.
Went to check a poll about whether or not if you'd choose God over your Country. Essentially, if the church TOLD you to betray your country, would you? And guess what motherfucker showed up? The same antisemitic bot.


The List of Subreddits that it controls:
And is this not funny, it has control of all of the ones that censor:
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2022.05.28 04:44 av_s109 "We're the thirteen-membered group, Seventeen" (a guide to SVT's antics)

Once upon a time, in a place called Caratland, thirteen diamonds boys arose from Pledis' ugly green basement. Meet the members of SEVENTEEN! :
S.Coups / Choi Seungcheol (최승철): tired father of twelve. Tried to propose to Lee Chan. Adorable bean.
Yoon Jeonghan (윤정한): Seventeen's very own Loki. Cheats a lot.
Joshua / Hong Jisoo (홍지수): Our church boy. Drink water! Not... aLcohOl! Has ramen hair.
Jun / Wen Junhui (文俊辉): Best Pre-Debut Christmas Tree. Pure "nyeac nyeac" energy.
Hoshi / Kwon Soon Young (권순영): horanghae. Self-proclaimed tiger, tiger, more tiger. Very aggresive when playing the mafia game.
Jeon Wonwoo (전원우): he tells secrets. Sits on teacups. Tasty.
Woozi / Lee Jihoon (이지훈): nearly murdered Kim Mingyu. Co-president of the anti-horanghae agenda along with Xu Minghao.
DK / Lee Seokmin (이석민): a fantastic pigeon. Very swag. Waves at the wall.
Kim Mingyu (김민규): had a near-death experience with Lee Jihoon's guitar. Suffers from SVT every day.
The8 / Xu Minghao (徐明浩): co-president of the anti-horanghae agenda along with Lee Jihoon. He's like a bird, not a turkey. Completely done with the members.
Boo Seungkwan (부승관): Stand-up comedian. Treadmill model. Has attempted to kill SVT on multiple occasions.
Vernon / Choi Hansol (최한솔): has the best reactions. A walking meme (also presented to you by Seventeen's phone cases).
Dino / Lee Chan (이찬): iconic mansae era hair. His twelve hyungs' personal punching bag. Can roast Boo Seungkwan like chicken.

(these are not even half of svt's antics 😭)
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2021.12.14 11:44 discount-dinah Idols who could pass off as siblings

I'm sure everyone's heard of the 2Hwang conspiracy, and the Jin/Jisoo thing, and I've definitely wondered what Yoongi was doing in SVT before. Moonbyul and Xiumin were separated at birth (I don't care if they're not the same age), and there's something spooky going on with Seungmin/Wonpil and YoungK/Han.
But there are other idols who could genuinely pass off as siblings imo, like:
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2021.02.28 08:55 Best-Elevator-3611 Blackpink Jisoo GIF

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ARTIST: Lady Gaga
ALBUM: Chromatica
RELEASED: May 29th, 2020 which was after the intended date of April 10th was pushed back due to the horrendous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by the previous 45th presidency.
LABEL: Interscope
BACKGROUND: Chromatica was the 6th release by Lady Gaga who by the beginning of 2020 [January, so long before the world was on fucking fire] had amassed 11 Grammys, a Best Original Song win at the Oscars/Academy Awards and 4 of her now 5 #1 Hot 100 hits. However, history appeared to be repeating itself once the boondoggles and WTF moments started piling up. Aside from the album being delayed and the only radio the songs seemed to be getting were silence, there was the “Stupid Love” leak which culminated at the Enigma for TV/streaming concert SuperSaturdayNight by a fan scrawling it on their face and also, they made a YouTube video about it.
When not handing her IG stories to activist groups, notably For The Gworls (an organization benefitting black trans women in the name of housing and medical expenses through Google Form mini-grant applications) and the Stacey Abrams created Fair Fight Action (dedicated to voters rights in the state of Georgia), the Gaga boondoggle express seemed to be conducted in what commercial releases not entirely relating to the album seemed to be taking priority, including but not limited to: A Valentino fragrance which makes the term “promo single” take on new meaning, Tudor watches, a signature OREO cookie, where Golden Oreos were made gay with the Chromatica colors/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/68448982/f1a24ccb0b474f7fa1cc19ddcf29d90f15_lady_gaga_oreos.2x.rhorizontal.w700.0.jpg) and of late, someone winning a fucking Lamborghini as featured in a music video but that’s before you delve into the world of Chromatica merch which looks and costs about on par with other celebrities and even some specialty merch for the other single but still being outshined by the fact that in the year 2020, Lady Gaga was selling jockstraps and thongs. However most of the ire came at the fact that despite being fucked over and not being able to perform live or even put effort into the pop career, Haus Labs seemed to be where Gaga’s energy was going and the most a certain contingent in the Gaga fanbase seemed to be getting was Stupid Love as a makeup palette of blue eyeshadow and for some reason, SOAP...with song lyrics on it.
Yet despite this, Chromatica became her 6th #1 album with first week sales of 274,000 units 205,000 pure album copies, at the time the year's biggest debut for a female artist, and fifth best sales week overall and had two Top 5 singles [and even managed to scoop up two Grammy nominations for categories not necessarily relating to movie soundtracks and jazz albums]. Even better, before Disco by Kylie Minogue and then some AC/DC release, she had the highest first week sales count for the UK charts. What the hell happened and did history repeat itself after all?
REVIEW: For this section, I’m sharing my thoughts on the three singles, promo single and other songs of note from Chromatica.
“All I ever wanted was love”
“Stupid Love”: The leaked single...err lead single for the album was released on February 28th [the same day as the S12 premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race]. The song was a Max Martin produced joint which gave Gaga a #5 debut and peak on the Hot 100 [wait a minute, a Top 5 single despite a leak on an album that isn't quite being welcomed by pop fans like it should...] which marked the first time in her career that Gaga had collaborated with Martin. The single wasn't that well received at the time of its leak a full month in advance of release. Despite it being a good case of 80s synthpop in the pop sphere again [mainly because disco wasn't promised and then this came about], the song was (In the nicest way possible considering forum gays and online music community gays shit on this song) seen as basic or Gaga not firing on all cylinders. They have a point considering "I want your Stupid Love" and the title "Stupid Love" aren't the strongest hook and chorus she's capable of delivering. What "Stupid Love" succeeded in is returning Gaga to recognizable dance pop after Joanne and A Star is Born saw her engage in course correction after ARTPOP to an audience that really didn't consume her aside from a meaningful ballad that hit the Top 5 in "Million Reasons" and whatever the fuck "Shallow" was supposed to do. "Stupid Love" has a banging synthline and production thanks to Max Martin helping out main producers Tchami and Bloodpop bring it to life. Then there's the music video for "Stupid Love" to contend with.
In an effort to seem "contemporary"[read as: "secure Gaga endorsement money from Apple"], the music video for "Stupid Love" was "filmed" on an iPhone 11 Pro using the Filmic Pro app, though the phones were secured on drones and Steadicams. The video itself is as colorful and delightfully tacky as any Gaga video should and ought to be and even features the “Chromatica I” introlude. The problem came when the fanbase did a collective "are you fucking kidding me" at Gaga having to go the route of seemingly lesser pop acts and resort to iPhone filmdorsements for a music video [that's at least anyone with enough sense to them]. Most of the post "what the fuck" reactions were mixed at best, rude as hell at worst with the concept being called in only a rough translation, "a bootleg episode of Power Rangers". The music video was the beginning of Gaga's pending album being held to the same unattainably high standards her entire oeuvre has for her career. It at the very least continued the tradition of Gaga memery being A1.
Not all hope was lost as two remixes were commissioned to help boost the song’s presence. One was the Ellis Remix which appears as the bonus track for Japanese releases of the album. The better remix was the Vitaclub Warehouse Mix [released on the Target exclusive CD version/Spotify version] which evokes all the late 90s/00s vibes the album was going for.
“I didn’t ask for the rainfall/At least I showed up, you showed me nothing at all”
“Rain On Me”: the collaboration with an artist who came under fire from the black community and had the solo version leak sometime afterward…wait, where have we heard this before…checks notes oh yes, this is the one that involves Ariana Grande and resulted in Gagavision getting dusted off for the music video shoot and actually saw a release unlike…well…you know the one. Please note, the collaborators in question came under fire for extremely different reasons. Ariana’s backlash came from “7 Rings” or moreso the hair lyric and also accusations of cultural appropriation by way of “blackfishing” The song became Gaga's 5th #1 on the Hot 100, Ariana's 4th #1 and the first female collaboration to debut at #1 on the Hot 100. One of two main co-productions or tracks helmed by Burns, "Rain on Me" was almost universally acclaimed for the production and vocals.
The Robert Rodriguez directed music video [yes, THAT Robert Rodriguez] was released to universal acclaim as the visual direction was praised for enhancing the song's charms but more specifically a certain screenshot that set gay Twitter on fire. When not taking merch into account, the song did gain more praise when a parody by Naomi Club on YouTube went viral for how well done it was. Remixes for the song were commissioned and made by relative newcomer but proven #1 Dance Club hitmaker with a Fatboy Slim remix, Purple Disco Machine and veteran remixer Ralphi Rosario whose contemporaries include Dave Aude, Hex Hector, David Morales or basically any DJ responsible for gay club remixes from 1998-now [even with clubs being out of commission at the moment.] Neither remix is truly able to rework the song successfully but at least Purple Disco Machine did other work in 2020 and Ralphi Rosario had his name on a major artist remix for the first time since 2016.
“Holdin’ on so tight to this status/It’s not real, but I’ll try to grab it”
“911”: the third single that underperformed despite being the fan favorite come album release, hold the fuck up I swear this has happened before. checks notes oh yeah, this is the one that holds the dubious distinction of being the first time a third single from a Lady Gaga album campaign failed to chart on the Hot 100 [“G.U.Y.” lasted a week at #76]. Prior to the song's selection for single release and music video treatment, "911" was considered a fan favorite because the transition from "Chromatica II" to "911" was rightfully considered a highlight on the album. The eventual music video and lyrics were revealed to be about Gaga's mental health by way of her antipsychotic medication, Olanzapine ["It's about an antipsychotic that I take. And it's because I can't always control things that my brain does. I know that. And I have to take medication to stop the process that occurs." - from Gaga's Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe]. As a song, it shares something similar with "Chandelier" by Sia in that the lyrics are immensely better than the song itself. "911" being made as part of the zeitgeist toward mainstream acknowledgement about mental health/mental health issues is great. Did it need to be a better song than something so dependent on "Chromatica II" to seem useful? Yes. Granted even with this being a lowlight of the album, "911" succeeds in reinforcing Gaga's secret weapon across her entire work: the fact she has an ear for melody because only she can sell the lyrics "My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911" because the melody behind that is fantastic. It's a shame the production is a letdown of an otherwise kooky outing from Gaga. [Please note, I would still give this song maybe a 7 because of the remixes.]
Then we have the music video which of the three singles has the best video [bonus points for usage of "Chromatica II" and even "Chromatica III" at the end]. Using the 1969 film The Color of Pomegranates as the main source of inspiration, "911" depicts a fantasy world that then transforms into a modern setting at the scene of the accident. Researching the "911" reaction videos and then settling on Michael Murray having the best one, two comments tell the story with the first being a summated version of events:
"So, basically, the synopsis of the video is, Gaga went to the Armenian Film Festival. On her way back, she has an episode due to not having her pills. She causes a car accident and is knocked unconscious and almost dies from her injuries. The entire dream sequence is basically Gaga’s way of processing her trauma, (think the beginning of the 'Marry the Night' video when she’s in the hospital.) and when she is brought back to life because of the defibrillator, this is the actual reality."
Then someone explains the entire video in 35(!) points replying to that comment [though they forget that Elton John nicknamed Lady Gaga “LG” but everything else is fucking immense and way too goddamn long to post.] In the wee hours of December 3rd, 3(!) remixes were released with WEISS, Sofi Tukker and Bruno Martini each behind a masterful reworking of the song.
“I might be messed up, but I know what’s up”
“Sour Candy”: in an attempt to give KPOP some legs in ways that aren’t BTS, this collaboration with Blackpink came about, as songwriter Madison Love puts it in an interview for Entertainment Weekly:
“We started riffing on a chorus. We liked the title ‘Sour Candy.’ I thought we should write it like Sour Patch Kids in those commercials where they cut off people’s hair: They’re sour, then they’re sweet. That’s the wordplay I brought.... We wrote the chorus and I wrote a little verse for a [featured artist]. We were thinking BLACKPINK could be cool.... Blood brought it to Gaga and she was like, “I love this, I want to work on it.” She put her touch on it and transformed the song into her song. At the end she was like, “What about BLACKPINK on it?”
You’d think with the song being born from Sour Patch Kids, that would be the promo candy instead of Oreos but then again, Little Managers don’t actually work at Interscope records. Despite the song only being 2:33 in length and not having Lisa perform in Korean nor Jisoo perform in English when Jennie and Rosé had both Korean and English lyrics, the song is fantastic [and basically the only promo or proper single to get any kind of 90s house influence down.] In another “wait didn’t this happen before”, “Sour Candy” debuted and peaked at #33 on the Hot 100…you know…the promo single performing better than the 3rd single….
“When I was young, I prayed for lightning”
“Sine From Above”: the literal promotional single as it was featured in the Valentino Voce Viva campaign for reasons short of who the fuck knows. The thing is, “Chromatica III” makes it useful vis a vis how “Chromatica II” made “911” better than it was in its original form, is the fact that Elton John sounds fine on it. It’s not like he hadn’t been revisiting dance music, given that he attained a #3 on the Dance Club Songs chart in “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” roughly a month before suspension due to COVID-19 basically making the chart useless because DJs can’t go to clubs/work. For what it is, it’s fine.
OTHER SONGS OF NOTE FROM CHROMATICA: Aside from the singles and promotional singles, these are the underrated/overlooked/infamous cuts from the album that I say are worth your attention. [note, “Enigma” is also worth your attention just for Gaga’s vocals going Super Saiyan.]
“You're the worst thing and the best thing that's happened to me”
“Replay”: the song I consider the crown jewel of this album. I've listened to this song at least once a day since release and I've loved it because of the production and vocals which to me on first listen since gave "1983 Italo-disco realness"…even if I would later find out it's built around a sample of the Diana Ross song "It's My House", which Burns should know is going down as an absolute highlight in music, thank you. "Replay" is simply put one of Gaga's best songs to me, easily Top 10 ever, probably Top 2 or 5 with how much I live for it. [Also, in a “Starbucks Lover” moment of misheard lyrics, the third bit of “Your monsters torture me” is alleged to sound like “Little Monsters torture me”.]
“I’ve lived in a pink box so long/I am top shelf, they built me strong”
“Plastic Doll”: speaking of inadvertently pulling inspiration from KPOP, another underrated/overlooked song on the album is the deliciously 1980s movie soundtrack style pop creation, “Plastic Doll”. Yes, the name Skrillex appears as a contributor to this, but that’s not a deterrent for once. This is the song I consider to be perfect as is, which is saying a lot considering most of Chromatica criticisms come from either the songs being too short or not punching in terms of production like Gaga is capable of. However, even down to the “Am I E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I/Am I pl-plastic?/Pl-plastic do-o-o-o-oll/Pl-plastic, technologic” and cadence of it, not a damn thing is wrong with this song as the melody is right, the lyrics are delivered to fit the song and the vocals punch to match the song’s tempo. Again, not a damn thing is wrong with this song.
“Sick and tired of waking up/Screaming at the top of my lungs/Think I might've just left myself behind”
“Alice”: a song that captures a 90s dance moment with admittedly the weakest motif of using Alice in Wonderland as escapism and even the lyrics “My name isn’t Alice, but I’ll keep looking for Wonderland” being this side of trite. However, the song itself is great even if it could stand to be 30 seconds longer without help of “Chromatica I” introducing it. If it can happen, a video single could be made of this as long as the video serves Lonnie Gordon in 1993 harsh color scape which ties in with the general grunge advertising aesthetic the campaign started out with.
“Strut it out, walk a mile/Serve it, ancient-city style”
“Babylon”: “BATTLE FOR YOUR LIFE, BABYLON” was an early cry the fanbase latched onto from the day Haus Labs launched in 2019 and in 2020…reacted weirdly to the fact that the since discovered “Early Version” of the song exists, it’s the only one that should. That isn’t the case as the album version is flat out 90s house flavored, basically channeling Alex and Ken’s stage from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. A video for the song is alleged to be in the can and set for…well something, but until then, a fan-made video using the song interspersed with footage from the FX original series Pose which was declared as the music video considering the 90s house energy made sense for a show about the late 80s and early 90s and still fundamentally gay.
Taking It Personal: For this section, I’ll be going semi op-ed on you all by relaying my thoughts about Chromatica and what it means for Lady Gaga and the scope of 2020.
An album with a messy rollout, two or so successful singles, bad timing for promotion, impossibly high standards set by the ground zero of social media fandoms, endorsements run amok and more promises made than kept even if a scant few promises go kind of half-fulfilled? Sounds about right.
As has been more than hinted at, my personal theory as to why Chromatica wasn’t immediately embraced by the fanbase is that it’s basically ARTPOP in reverse. Not Act II, that one album that can barely last as a podcast before being yeeted from Spotify. To understand where this theory comes from, revisit the PopHatesFlop dissection of ARTPOP Act II but pay special attention to the mentioning of the album’s original concept. “Side B” or the “POP” side of the intended double album is kind of where Chromatica ended up considering this is “club kid” Gaga back in the saddle even if she would end up sidelined due to complications in the disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. In short, Chromatica feels like the commercial side of the ever divisive ARTPOP considering that aside from BloodPop helming this project, some of the songs are barely three minutes long in the name of stream optimization, Max Martin shows up because reasons and Ariana Grande and Blackpink are collaborators on the album [keep in mind, by 2020, Ariana had become able to debut at #1 on the Hot 100 and Blackpink were the hot new thing to most American listeners who hadn’t heard of “Whistle” or anything featured in the KPOP rate.] Despite a blatantly commercial album with Gaga’s flair mostly intact, there’s two main reasons why this era was met with stifled derision or indifference.
One factor was that there is a certain kind of pageantry in fame Gaga cannot be without that acted as a double edged sword. Remember, this is the woman who in her 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper was basically described as “an academic of fame”. One of the components of fame is branding, usually used as a way to make entry in the industry. From branding comes corporate venturing or basically “hawk products but don’t look like an empty shill.” In Gaga’s case, her ventures first took her to celebrity fragrances by way of Lady Gaga Fame which channeled her provocative nature and initial fame, especially when saying she wants to smell like a slut. It worked considering the fragrance was well received and sold 30 million units and grossing $1.5 billion. Fast forward to 2019 and her launching Haus Labs as a cosmetics line where she tempts fate in marketing, saying “The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand…but that’s too bad.”. In Haus Labs’ defense, Gaga is very involved with it…for better and worse. In terms of intended audience, there’s a saying of “You don’t compare where you don’t compete”, which in applied context means Team Gaga knew better than to try and go after the average customer who might already be using Fenty Beauty. Beside the fact Haus Labs is an e-Commerce company [basically meaning online shopping is the only way you can buy the products], the makeup itself wasn’t received all that well aside from the felt tip “Eye-LIE-ner” and the Le Matte Monster Lip Crayon in the 2nd launch. As for its reception, it’s kind of deserved considering that the fragrance allowed Gaga to be innovative and weird or true to her brand. Makeup, despite the colors made available can basically be boiled down to “brown on brown on tan on brown” or in reference to any of the makeup looks online that can fall under a “natural” look which Gaga’s line does not and that’s by design down to the campaign images on launch. As a spokesperson, let’s be real, there’s not a goddamned executive that could look at this promo image and think “YES! We’ll launch with that!” unless the spokesperson was directly involved in the damn thing existing. Again, Gaga’s involvement isn’t what’s being read here, it’s the execution of it that doesn’t coincide with the musical release.
The other main aspect of what made this era shift between “success” and “failure” was the corporate venturing evolution known as corporate philanthropy…splitting the difference with corporate ventures. It’s hopping on the good foot and giving anti-racism movements, trans rights movements, voting rights movements access to your IG stories to promote their cause one minute and then pimping a watch and a perfume you didn’t even design the next. It’s a weird flux I call “social justice consumerism”. Depending on who you ask or what you’re looking into in terms of celebrity input on social issues, there is at least a fundamental “celebrities should use their status” and archival case studies of celebrities proving they’re not exactly up to snuff on hot button issues and that’s not even taking to account the rare “oops, we kinda made it sound worse” that a publication makes. In applied context to Gaga, she’s been vocal about political issues, specifically gay rights, as evident in her 2010 speech at the National Equality March Rally in conjunction with using her status to call for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. There’s also the Born This Way song “Americano”, that was inspired by SB 1070, or that Jan Brewer bullshit in time when Arizona was targeting Mexican-Americans in racial profiling. The song’s producer, Fernando Garibay, basically co-signed the inspiration in an interview with Idolator. That was the very early 2010s, when no one really questioned anything and especially before 2013, c. “Blurred Lines” and the birth of thinkpiece culture that everything began to change.
In 2016, Joanne was released and one of the standout tracks was “Angel Down”. Around this point in history, the PULSE nightclub shooting had happened along with any other mass shooting in 2016 along with police brutality running amok. In an interview with Beats 1 personality Zane Lowe, Gaga revealed the song was inspired by the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin and in turn, the Black Lives Matter movement. It is also around this time that questioning celebrity intentions behind speaking on social issues began to take foreground, VIBE magazine even pointing out in their take on the song both, “While it is a touching song that is befitting to the movement, we're not sure we believe Gaga is the best person to be attaching herself to the organization.” & “This is not a hatred piece of Gaga, her artistry or empathy. But more simply put with assistance of Solo, ‘this st is for us’ and some st, Gaga, you just can't touch.” [Personally, I always felt “Angel Down” was better related to the victims of the PULSE shooting as it related to her storied LGBT rights activism, but at least it had something of social consciousness in it.] Fast forward to the upcoming 2020 presidential election and this is when endorsements become trickier to rock around with in the name of celebrity status. By the time that the Democrat nominees for president had all but been weeded out, there were two main factions: Bernie or Biden and who was endorsed by who came under intense scrutiny. Cardi B was among the first to be an initial supporter of the Vermont senator as she had revealed herself to be a political mind through Instagram Live videos and social media. The other major Bernie endorsement came from Ariana Grande in a since memorable photo shared online. Then, came Gaga’s endorsement of Biden which was met with a sentiment of “OMG she chose wrong, we hate her” or as the more sensible put it, “No shit, who else was it gonna be.” Not like their acquaintanceship didn’t stretch back to the time she performed “Til It Happens To You” or more importantly, the fact they teamed up for a 2017 PSA for the It’s On Us campaign aimed at combating sexual assault.
Here’s the thing, aside from Cardi B keeping in fantastic consistency with her frank conversation with a potential elected official. Gaga wasn’t the only person in that timeframe to be that blatantly political. Most notably, Dua Lipa encouraged her fellow UK citizens to vote Labour in an attempt to vote out Boris Johnson and Taylor Swift waited 6 going on 7 albums to break from a seemingly “silence is compliance” apolitical stance to endorse Phil Bredesen in an attempt to vote out Marsha Blackburn. More to the point of what Gaga was up to when not confronted with an album she couldn’t fully promote due to the world being on fire from a pandemic, includes but is not limited to: getting Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate $10 million for the World Health Organization/WHO for COVID-19 relief efforts which in turn was part of the $127 million raised in conjunction with Global Citizen supporting healthcare workers and the fight against COVID-19, performing and raising $75,000 for the Marsha P. Johnson institute in collaboration with PAPER magazine and encouraging the vote not just once but twice and managing to sound on-key shouting GO OUT AND VOTE. So if it wasn’t entirely prioritizing her efforts elsewhere within reason, not counting that one of her lip liners is available in the shade IMPEACH, what was the main thing that had the fans shrug or loathe the Chromatica era despite the music? It’s not like there wasn’t another nod to her having survived sexual assault as she told in her Zane Lowe interview for the era regarding “Free Woman”, noting "But with that song in particular, I felt a need to reference my gender. Because even though I really have a tremendous disdain for people that attribute a gender, or sexual identity to your personality…it was so important for this to be 'Free Woman,' because I was assaulted by a music producer." It’s not like there wasn’t the aforementioned fan favoritism towards any component of the album. The seemingly indifference laden death knell for the era was the conflicting fact that she couldn’t perform live to save the era from the collapse it was subject to…in person. Even with a Global Citizens video performance, the Chromatica era was stunted of live performances to make up for a shaky era. ARTPOP at least had memorable moments like the GMA performance, serving Wizard of Oz and the AMAs performance where she served Marilyn Monroe with…you know who. The only thing Chromatica had for it alongside quality music was a VMAs performance, like ARTPOP did with “Applause”. The VMAs performance for 2020, had Gaga go through “911”, “Rain On Me” and “Stupid Love” through a custom mask and for all the red tape that must have come with attempting anything remotely close to a live performance for the VMA audience, it was the objective success of a stunted era.
If you paid attention to pointing out what was wrong, as with ARTPOP, it wasn’t the music that befell Chromatica. It was the rollout and things being out of her control that sullied the era. The album is also consistent with Gaga in that is fundamentally her especially after emerging from the course correction from hell known as A Star is Born. It re-established Gaga as the quintessential pop star in vocal ability, commercial success and batshit insanity [and even garnering a slew of VMAs and two Grammy nominations]. It also highlighted that when a lead single leaks and no one at Interscope bothers to go with a plan B immediately, things can look like they've gone terribly wrong but this time it isn't entirely Team Gaga's fault. In 2020, the United States was suffering from a horribly handled response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands. In entertainment, no one knew how to function [even if they knew how to use the internet only half kind of] and promotion suffered greatly. Sure, this is the same Haus Labs makeup palette pimp but considering that brand was establishing itself B.C. [Before Chromatica], she's not earning flak for that. What Gaga and her team [and internet leakers] need to take righteous hits for is fucking up a second era with a leaked lead single and no immediate course of action. Interscope dropping the ball on two Lady Gaga eras in the span of seven years is nothing short of astonishing incompetence [course correction doesn't count so I better not see Joanne or A Star is Born be mentioned right now.]
As with ARTPOP, Chromatica isn't a bad album of music even with a lowlight that doesn't totally ruin the album even if it stains it quite a bit [hello "Gypsy" and "Fun Tonight"]. There may be questionable lyrics on singles and album tracks alike ["Did you get the T on 'one second I'm a Koontz then suddenly the Koontz is me' and 'GOSSIP...BABBLE ON, BATTLE FOR YOUR LIFE BABYLON'?"] but as pointed out with "911", there's an ear for melody only Gaga has that can only come from her [it's how "Babylon" has the dumbest lyrics I wholeheartedly support, because the melody sounds like exactly how she thought it should sound.]
In short, Chromatica offered any "Alice" to travel to wonderland and if they could see past the antics, they'd discover an album with immense "Replay" value.
Discussion Questions: Now we come to the part where you can use these questions as starting points to relay your thoughts on Chromatica as an album, its single releases, how you think it fared compared to other Gaga albums in its album cycle, etc.
Given that the medley at the VMAs was the sole objective triumph of the Chromatica era, how would you rank the performance against Gaga’s other VMA moments?
Chromatica garnered two Grammy nominations in Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Before pointing out everything wrong with the Grammys for what Deborah Dugan confirmed, what are your thoughts about the nominations for Gaga? If you think she deserved more, which categories was she snubbed in?
As history indicates now twice, when Interscope and Gaga aren’t in communication, shit goes left and not in a “thank god Georgia flipped blue” good way. If you were part of Interscope’s A&R or a member of Team Gaga, what would you have done with the rollout give or take the COVID-19 pandemic?
With everything from human rights to pink and green food colored vanilla sandwich cookies being endorsed by the Lady Gaga name, how would you assess and reconfigure Gaga’s corporate ventures?
Just so this can end on a lighter note, which of the numerous “Chromatica II to 911” memes were your favorites?
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2021.01.29 09:53 MSkyDragons A master thread of idols supporting LGBTQ+

I saw a post by u/jinsmangoricbe saying how they'd love a master thread of idols being supportive of LGBTQ+ and I felt super compelled to do it so here it is! Of course this won't be a comprehensive list with every single idol ever but I will try my best to list down as many as possible. I will go through the groups I know from A-Z and try to include groups I'm not familiar with as well. I just want to apologize in advance to the fandoms cause I will probably miss a L O T of stuff so feel free to comment whatever I didn't include! I'll edit the post and add them to the list since I want this to be a master thread after all. Also I apologize if I can't find the source for all of them. Some are just things I remember seeing a while back but I'll try my best to include links/sources as much as possible!


Cross Gene
Eric Nam
Jo Kwon
Monsta X
Stray Kids


Brown Eyed Girls
Grazy Grace
Red Velvet
EDIT : TIL reddit posts have a character limit
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2020.10.22 23:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 8- I'm an Idol

Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 8- I'm an Idol
This is a fierce lip sync. Miz-Keesha is entertaining- she's giving you sexy, she's given you fierce, with all the splits to match. But Fabroa just has... the FIRE. She's lip syncing her ass off, and it's phenomenal. Both of them are giving their all, and it's close...
...Madame Fabroa, Shantay you stay.
Fabroa nods. "Thank you."
Madame Fabroa: "This has lit a fit under my ass. Never again."
Miz-Keesha, my Queen... you leave us looking beautiful, and that's a testament to your power. Now, Sashay... Away...
Miz-Keesha smiles. "It's a journey, life always is. When you get knocked down, get right up again."
Miz-Keesha: "It's a shame to go, because I felt like I was just getting started. But... that's it. That's how the cookie crumbles sometimes..."
Lipstick Message: "PUSSY ELIM'D! Love my ladies and gents... xxx"
The Monarch's enter the werkroom.
"Another one bites the dust..." Tomana shakes. "DUN DUN. DUN..."
"SO.." Madame Fabroa wipes the mirror. "I have some thoughts.."
"Ooooooh...." Holly laughs.
"I do." Madame Fabroa nods. "I'll be honest, Jennie, I straight up think you should've been in the bottom this week."
Jennie gasps. "Seriously?"
"Seriously." Fabroa sighs. "I think you acted far too lost-"
"First of all, I was lost because..." Jennie shrugs. "Screw it. I'm not doing this. I need to de-drag..."
"Poor thing..." Lu shrugs. "She just seems... stressed. I mean... I can relate. I'm... a bit frustrated at my own part..."
Lu Booyah: "I'll be honest, I am more than frustrated. I want to win. This record right now.. isn't a reflection of truth. It's less than what I am."
"I think i'll go say something...." Sakuya goes to walk over, when Tara stops her. "Sis. There's... no need. You need to stop focusing on others, and do Sakuya. Or relax!"
"But..." Sakuya looks upset.
"Let me." Tara gets up. "Sit.."
"Am I really focused on others...?" Sakuya looks confused.
"I think you're... really nice." Nobu smiles.
"Agreed!" Bangcock grins.
"But... you should give us more Sakuya too! Like.. tell us about you." Tomana smiles.
"Well, I..." Sakuya blushes. "I like..."
Nobu: "I think Sakuya is used to... packaging her story with others around it. But... she must realise. This is her time to shine. This is her story!"
Tara walks over to Jennie.
"Ugh, I'm not in the mood..." Jennie sighs.
"Honestly, not here for that." Tara laughs. "What's bugging you.."
"I feel like... I've been lied to." Jennie laughs. "Lu... I believed... sabotaged me this week."
"Big words..." Tara looks at Jennie. "I could see it."
"I think..." Jennie shrugs. "I've been a fool. I threw Amanda on the bus, and now she's... targeting me."
"I think you're being a little dramatic, but like..." Tara shrugs. "I can relate.."
"I just feel like the werkroom has gotten suddenly so small. And... I feel small." Jennie laughs. "I mean, I know I have the chops to be here. But right now... I want to kick everyone here in the ass."
"I wonder how that feels, being targeted..." Tara smirks.
Jennie looks awkwardly. "I'm sorry for that."
"I don't... like you, Jennie. But I can relate. So.. I am on your side. For now." Tara grins.
"...Thank you."
The next day, Tomana sits with Nobu.
"Hi." Nobu smiles.
"HI!" Tomana grins.
"You look nice today.." Nobu looks at Tomana.
"I think you look gorgeous." Tomana smiles.
"I..." Nobu blushes.
"I like when you blush." Tomana giggles.
They call you superstar. I think. Are you a superstar?
"I am a Superstar." Lu grins.
My Monarch's... it's time to... play a game of soccer!
Nobu! You... kick a surprisingly good goal. You're the mini challenge winner!
"Oh wow." Nobu smiles.
My Monarch's, for this week's challenge, it's time for the MAKEOVER. You'll be serving family remebelance realness... and we'll be making over some Idols... and when I say Idols...
Members of BLACKPINK and BTS walk out, and everyone screeches.
"J-J-J-J-J-J--J-J-EE-E-----" Jennie Ulsan faints.
"Oh my god." Bangcock picks up Jennie, who smiles.
"Am I in Heaven?"... Jennie smiles.
You'll be making over... the members of BLACKPINK and BTS, some of our idols.... into members of your drag family!
Tara: "FINALLY, a challenge where I can prove... why I am the prettiest of them all." Tara smirks.
Nobu, as winner of this week's challenge, you get to assign the pairs.
Oda Nobukatsu: "Now, I don't care for much for this challenge role wise, as I think.. most pairings would work. Jimin works well with myself, and I am excited to put my special effects skills to the test.. but most importantly... Jennie... deserves this." Nobu smiles.
Nobu assigns the roles:
  1. Mr Bangcock and J-Hope
  2. Lu Booyah and Lisa
  3. Tomana Gerri and Suga
  4. Oda Nobukatsu and Jimin
  5. Sakuya Kuromi and Jin
  6. Holly B and Jungbook
  7. Tara and Jisoo
  8. Jennie Ulsan and Jennie
  9. Madame Fabroa and V
Honey goes to visit the pairs.
Hollllly..... B!
"Honey Soy." Holly grins.
Now, you've... played it safe for many weeks now. What's going to stop you from safe?
"I think at this point, I need to just have fun, and that's the mentality I'm going with. JOY!" Holly grins. "Me and Jung are playing into the sweet, food theme, and he's going to be the cake to my chicken." Holly laughs.
I love this... but will you give us... enough?
"I hope I do." Holly laughs. "But I think that's important here is... the fun. I feel like I've been so focused... I haven't quite let myself enjoy. So this the manifestation of that."
Madame Fabroa!
"Honey Soy SICKENING!" Fabroa laughs.
How did you feel about last week?
"I felt like..." Fabora sighs. "Fuck."
"You wanted me to be honest, right?" Fabroa laughs.
Yes, yes, I did.
"I realised last week I've just... been meh. And honestly, I think I am best when I'm a bit competitive. So i'm here... to beat the rest of these bitches." Fabroa smirks.
I love that. What's your strategy here?
"I've crafted a look for V and I, centered around the idea of Comme des Garçons style... inverse of shapes. It's going to be strange, it's going to be... a phenomenal makeover." Fabora grins.
I think i'm liking this... Fabroa flair...
As they get ready, Jennie sits with Jennie.
"I just want to say. You're my inspiration, my..." Jennie Ulsan smiles.
"I am shocked that I had no idea..." Jennie grins. "Such a marvelous drag queen... inspired by me! Exists..."
"I was in school. Getting feedback from my parents that I was stupid, I was dumb for loving makeup, for... dancing instead of doing math class.." Jennie Ulsan tears up. "But this... this is worth it."
"May I hug you?"
"Of... course." Jennie Ulsan exhales. "God... I... this is what dreams are made of."
Meanwhile, Tomana chats with Lu.
"I think..." Tomana paints his partners left eyebrow. "This looks good.. What do you think, Nobu?"
"Nobu's on the other side now, just getting stuff for the special effects makeup..." Lu smiles.
"Oh, well, what do you think?" Tomana smiles.
"I think... it looks like you're using the wrong pen." Lu ponders. "It's a bit..."
"Oh, really?" Tomana looks confused. "I thought..."
"Try something a little harsher..." Lu ponders. "I think... this...?" She hands over a sharpie. "I use that for my eyebrows sometimes..."
Lu Booyah: "I realise soon after... I probably didn't give Tomana the best advice. I..." Lu sighs. "I... I am not the biggest makeup expert, I probably should've prefaced my statement with... oh, I feel bad..."
The Monarch's walk the runway with the makeovers!
  1. Mr Bangcock and Mr Pho-ket
  2. Lu Booyah and Sin Juku
  3. Tomana Gerri and Perry Puff Gowl
  4. Oda Nobukatsu and Oda Yoshiaki
  5. Sakuya Kuromi and Sugarbunny
  6. Holly B and Rida Ribbon
  7. Tara and Lara
  8. Jennie Ulsan and Jennie Seoul
  9. Madame Fabroa and Madame Dela Cruz
Who wins?
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2020.09.13 06:53 cantstopwinking Girl group styling- Biased stylist or closed mind fan?

Biased stylist is not just a girl group issue but it is more visible in girl group and the fans are more vocal. However are the stylist really biased or is it the fans who have narrow meaning of good outfit/styling?
Tbh, I feel it’s more of the latter. Why? Because most of the time, fans saying their fave have good styling when it’s short and tights, while also wishing the stylist wouldn’t give them such outfit the next minute. You can see this in a lot of group, the “better” style one would be the one in the short short skirt/dress like Nayeon, Sana and Joy (example). A loose cutting outfit could also be stylish, not showing skin could also be stylish.
There’s also the idols own personality/persona. While persona is mostly pushed by the company, it’s still have bit of truth in it. For example, f(x) who are moldee after Spice Girl. Ofc Krystal as their Posh Spice would have a “better” outfit, which tbh is subjective because they all have their own moment. It also comes down to your own preference. Mamamoo are one of the group that have their own personal styling. All of the girls have their own preferences, Moonbyul with more loose cutting blazer, Solar with her glam long dress or crop top flare out pants, Wheein who dress according to her mood and Hwasa is a bold/sexier outfit. Even if Wheein doesn’t have a set style, she also would wear the other girls outfit without having her own touch.
Talking about preference, outfit would/could also be in this case. Kard fan or Jiwoo bias would often says the stylist are bias towards Somin, but both the girls have good and bad styling. Jiwoo is more experimental in her style, while Somin is more traditionally feminine style and that shows in their stage outfit. Kard also have more input in their styling, so saying Jiwoo have bad styling is basically saying she have bad style because the outfit she wore might as well be what she preferred. Lots are saying her red dress for the Gunshot are ugly, but that is a custom piece. For custom piece outfit, Kard member actually do be involved in the process, just like how Jiwoo come up with style board for dumb litty era and give us that iconic Hera outfit. That “ugly” dress might be what she prefers, and I don’t even think it’s ugly altho I admit the black pattern are a bit weird. I saw some tweet about Jiwoo doesn’t feel confortable in tight outfit, but not sure how true that is. But if it does would it be wrong for the fans to wanted Jiwoo to be in a more skin showing outfit?
Jiwoo couldn’t be the only idol who are not comfortable with tight clothing, in fact I think most are not comfortable with tight clothing the way Solar and Hwasa are. That’s why there are always gif of idols pulling down their outfit even though the wore safety shorts underneath.
Black Pink fan have been wanting Jisoo to be in a more sexiemature styling which is understandable since she’s not a minor and is the oldest in the group. Sooya/Sparkles complaint about how demure/bland Jisoo outfit are in Ice-Cream (we’re gonna focus on Ice-Cream). I’ve seen her akgae tweeting about cuntyjisoo and jiboob which is quiet embarrassing. Whenever the other fans point out perhaps Jisoo isn’t comfortable in such styling, they would reply pic of Jisoo in sexy styling. Absolutely agree that Jisoo is not shy/uncomfortable doing sexy/mature concept but that doesn’t necessarily mean she confortable taking pic with bikini on. All the girls have posted pic with their bikini or sports bra on. Most of the time Jisoo have bustiecorset top on, she would have her hair down to cover her chest, even in Icecream MV. Her outfit with the black hat on is actually a one piece swimsuit and she have long ass extension. Yet her akgaes are still loud about being robbed of cuntysoo?? When Jisoo was asked by fans, where do she want to go and she replied “Somewhere I could use a one-piece”, and one piece are more modest than two piece. It could also refer to onepiece rash guard which are common/popular in koreans.
While I do agree that some stylist are biased or just suck in doing their job in general, stop being single minded in what fashion is. Just because your fave isn’t in a tight/sexy outfit doesn’t mean they are being mistreated by the stylist. Also if you group have experimental music or concept, stop hating on their matching experimental outfit. Ariana ponytail are part of Ariana image just like how Red Velvet cookie cutter outfit for their Red image. Stage outfit are stage outfit, not everyday outfit. Let you girls be style accordingly to their concept and stop with unnecessary harassment towards their stylist.
Harass the stylist if the idols wore the same shoes throughout their career or given shoes that are not their size, too tight outfit that make them uncomfortable to do anything, harass them if they make your fave bleach her hair even though she’s concern about her hair loss, harass them for making minors dressing inappropriately or pesudo lolita. Don’t harass stylist because your fave is wearing jumpsuit and you hated jumpsuit. Most importantly don’t harass stylist who respect you fave as a person and make them dress how they are comfortable with and shows their personality.
Ofc there’s jealousy of how the other in your fave group but be realistic. As a a Wheein fan, there are many instance I wish she wore what Hwasa and Solar wear, because my personal style is similar and that’s what I consider fashionable but I can’t force my standards on her. Just because I don’t mind flashing my butt or wear baby sized outfit doesn’t mean my fave need to do the same too. So let’s Jeongyeon keep her sleeves on and let Jisoo keep her boobs a mystery.
edit: I forget one point, the role in group. Every group has their role even though they said “noooo we don’t have a set position” because let’s fave it it’s still the same three girl who have the most line. Idk if you guys notice, vocal line always have the feminine style, Rosé, Nayeon, Wendy, Park Bom, Miyeon. While rapper get the more boyish style, Lisa, Jiyoon, LE, Moonbyul, Amber. Dance line member would also more probably dressed in pants or atleast flare skirt/dress, because it’s easier to dance compres to bodycon skirt/dress which easily ride up.
Then we have the visual member, which always got mix opinion. Korean prefers a soft makeup and feminine styling, which is what most visual have. Such styling however isn’t favoured much by intl fans hence why you always see “Stop dressing her in basic/bland style!!”. Erm, excuse me. Are you new in kpop? Do you want your fave to be like by general public or not?
Those bland styling are like by korean and it’s actually an indication of who is the visual member. The “bland” styling also beneficial for your fave if the want to venture in acting because you don’t want them to have such strong image linked to them. For example, Krystal have the “cold” image and everyone wonder if she can play girl next door and not just the stereotypically stuck up rich girl. Look at Naeun, Yoona, Suzy all have “safe” styling.
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2020.06.15 04:59 SanaTwice1122 Jisoo Forever Young Gif

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2020.06.15 04:57 SanaTwice1122 BLACKPINK Jisoo GIF

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2020.02.24 08:30 kpopunpopops Who's your favorite music show duos/trios?

An interesting aspect of Korean music shows is that most of the MCs there rarely host alone; they host in either duos or trios. (A notable exception is Show Champion, which is hosted solely by comedienne Kim Shinyoung.) Out of all those MC teams, who were your favorites? I'll go first:
The Show
M Countdown
Music Bank
Music Core
(all the MCs I mentioned are in this album)
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2020.01.17 09:54 LesBleusFFF My Thought about The #JennieDeservesBetter Hashtag Trending #1 Worldwide

I would say that was CRAZY. And I’ll explain why I feel this way.
  1. They retweeted lots of gifs of JENNIE in the Samsung Indonesia fan meeting, claimed that there were so many toxic comments toward her, so she was sad and almost broke down.
Example 1
The fact is, they’re taking selfie at that time, not reading comments.
Example 2 The Deep Breath
The fact is, that’s her reaction of JISOO announcing what was the mission, which was a race to find the phone in the boxes, which means it’s impossible to read comments from phones at that time.
  1. They said the MC ignored JENNIE.
I watched all 3 sessions of the livestream. And I didn’t find any member was ignored.
The MC later said, it’s JENNIE (and the staffs) asked not to ask too many questions to her in advance, because she was not feeling well. And all the live-streams were following the script.
  1. They said the fans on the scene were OT3.
The fact is, just listened to the screams.
  1. They said the thing that a fan—who once said she wouldn’t go to BLACKPINK’s concert, because JENNIE was being lazy on stage—won the dance cover competition at the fan meeting, was disrespectful to JENNIE.
Well, I don’t want to discuss the lack of energy part here. But is that even reasonable that Samsung Indonesia have to investigate what the contestants had said before?
  1. They blamed Samsung Indonesia for refusing to let fans do some birthday event for JENNIE, and lying about they’ve prepared that on their own.
It turns out, Samsung Indonesia did prepare something for JENNIE, but YGE side rejected it. This could be just YGE being YGE, or JENNIE was really that unwell to celebrate anything on that evening.
In conclusion, anyone watched the livestream (it’s still available to watch) would agree JENNIE did look unwell from the beginning to the end of the event. But how could that lead to JENNIE was treated unfairly, and DESERVED BETTER? Also, Did those fans who were angry for JENNIE watch the livestream or replay? If they did, they wouldn’t retweet those gifs blindly. If they didn’t manage to spare some time for a fan meeting livestream or replay, just how much they love JENNIE or BLACKPINK?
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2019.11.26 17:47 Watamanetto Visuals that don't work as models for me like other members would.

Here I'm going to focus on the visuals of the Big3 girl groups.
I was thinking about how the visuals, despite being incredibly beautiful and meeting almost all the beauty standards of a country, still don't have the face of a model, at least not as much as their group mates.
For example Irene is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, she emits very elegant and cold vibes and I sincerely love it, and even when I think Irene is the prettiest in her group, I can't see her as an eloquent model who can transmit more than that to me. While Seulgi definitely inspires so many things with her face, she can be sexy, cute, elegant, I don't know there are so many things on her face that make her look unique, she has a lot of model's face, a very exotic one. Irene seems very attached to making 2 or 3 expressions to pose or to see herself in such a way in a photo.
With Twice now, Twice is known for its images and I honestly agree, each one brings something different to the table and all that, but there will always be someone who meets Korean beauty standards more than the others, that person is Tzuyu. Don't blame me for anything, but honestly I could never appreciate Tzuyu's beauty, mainly because she has features that make her look very youthful (her big eyes, her small face, her thin lips, her dimples, her eyebrows, etc) and that shouldn't be a problem when it comes to modeling, but she doesn't seem to know how to take advantage of everything on her face, it always turned out to be a boring, pretty, but boring face. While Jeongyeon...
Did you just see that? That's what I call knowing how to pose and take advantage of all your attributes, with Tzuyu we've never had the opportunity to see her in a photo shoot for a magazine, I know JYP doesn't want to overshadow the other girls, but... Take advantage of what you have in your damn group! I also find the beauty of the members of Twice much more unique and amazing.
Now with BP, here there is no longer such an abysmal difference, as they are all models and work for certain magazines and brands, it is much easier to see the potential of each one in terms of visuals.
But anyway I prefer Jennie's face, possibly are her eyes, they give very evil and savage vibes, but at the same time her small and round face gives her the opportunity to be cute, added to that she is the ambassador and muse of Chanel of South Korea... I don't even need to include images because everyone knows what I mean. Anyway I love Jisoo's face and I consider her the most beautiful of the group, just like Irene (just look at those heart-shaped lips, her puppy eyes, her V-shaped face, her big, cute smile, her cheekbones, she's sincerely perfect)
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2019.07.02 00:42 10327002 Jisoo gif from her cameo in the producers

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2019.04.05 18:30 whythechaoticorder Samsung 'ads' within the Kill This Love MV

Hey everyone! I was initially thrown off when I was watching the Kill This Love MV and noticed that the girls were wearing odd earpieces. Upon further inspection, I found the following:
  1. Rosé was wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  2. Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé were wearing Samsung Galaxy Buds
  3. Jennie and Lisa were showing off the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phones.
I compiled images and gifs of these mini-ads into an imgur: https://imgur.com/a/eudMI24

I find it interesting that since Blackpink is an endorser of Samsung, they must be contractually obligated to show Samsung products in their MVs. They don't do this for their other brand endorsements (for example, Kia and Adidas), so I believe Blackpink's contract with Samsung must be very big.
I also wonder if these hidden CFs in MVs will become more widespread...

Edit: fixed the phone model
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