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BAD COMPANY & DAMN YANKEES: Two Concerts -- Rock-n-Roll

2023.06.07 22:29 RickyRacer2020 BAD COMPANY & DAMN YANKEES: Two Concerts -- Rock-n-Roll

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2023.06.07 21:21 hookedonfonicks Looking for advice on GYN symptoms - cancer, endo, PCOS?

I'm 36 years old and am concerned that I may have a gynecological condition. My main concern is ovarian cancer, but maybe PCOS or Endometriosis (my sister has endo). My long term symptoms are as follows (with their duration):
Frequent nausea (9 yrs), extreme fatigue (4yrs), constant bloating (1.5yrs), frequent urination - about every 20-30 mins on average (3yrs), 35lb weight gain within 8 months (2022), indigestion no matter what I eat (2yrs), feeling full without eating a lot (9yrs), period irregularities- period 2 weeks late, came, then had another 2 weeks after that (6mos), pelvic cramping between periods(6mos), back pain (4yrs), shortness of breath at rest (4yrs), dizziness (2yrs).
I know many of these can mimic other conditions, of course. I have been tested up and down for so many disease/disorders with everything always coming back negative.. Except never having been tested for anything related to GYN. So far I've had 2 sleep studies, naturopath visits, several visits to 2 different PCPs, psychiatric visits, chiropractic visits, dietary changes, UTI testing for urinary symptoms, TONS of GI tests, and more.
I am currently on mental health meds (since 2018) and a stimulant to keep me awake (since 2019). I have induced hypothyroidism from a hemithyroidectomy in 2020 but I am medicated and my TSH/T4/T3 are very well controlled.
I saw my gynecologist yesterday who ordered a stat ultrasound based off of my sudden weight gain and the amount of bloating she felt.
Just looking for insight from others who have/had any sort of gyn condition that could explain these symptoms. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.07 21:03 puthyfairy012 tallahassee hidden gems?? i’m bored and need something new!!! pls tell me about something

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2023.06.07 20:32 Sufficient-Bed-4028 Gynecology Surgical Instruments Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2028

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2023.06.07 18:05 Big_Sprinkles_2687 Moving question

Hello everyone, I am about to move from South Florida to Tallahassee, but I will be on a temporary place for about 2 months until I get my own place and the place I will be staying is shared (I will have my own room but the rest of the house will be shared) my question to you is if is ok to leave my warriors, olokun and the jimaguas at my parents house while I wait to get my own place? Is there anything I need to do before leaving?
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2023.06.07 17:11 Ok_Jicama9580 60% after 20 years...all thanks to this group!

60% after 20 years...all thanks to this group!
60% with MH / PTSD deferred
Filed Nov 21st, 2022: Partially completed June 7th, 2023.
Biggest takeaway: The VA gave massive attention to the examiners' reports. I had uploaded personal statements after most of my exams were done. My ratings were lower than my symptoms account for on all but one issue (bladder issues). That's the one exam that came after I uploaded my personal statements with specific dates and private medical records file names. I also uploaded my statement to VES online before my bladder exam. My examiner had pulled it and reviewed it before I arrived to that exam and it's my highest rating. I learned about the personal statements here in the group after my original exams.
NOTE: Write and submit your personal statements for every contention and upload them BEFORE your exams if possible. Search the group here to learn about what to include. I included a timeline in bulletin form, of events from my medical records and private medicalnrecords since separating. I also included a personal statement with each that lined up with what the rating schedules/ DBQs listed for the rating I felt matched my symptoms.
My brain fog, memory issues and anxiety attacks were at their worst during my exam for headaches, dizziness, and gynecological issues but I had notes with exact dates and symptoms with me. I had read the rating schedules and DBQs. But the VA did not include my personal statements in the list of evidence used. And my examiner didn't see the personal statements because I submitted them after the exam.
I plan to appeal for higher ratings on dizziness, headaches, and endometriosis. Not sure if I should file HLR since my personal statements with symptoms and civilian medical files are in my account but they didn't use them as evidence.
Or should I file supplemental amd submit those statements again?
I am committed to sticking around to share how my claim continues to unfold and to help other veterans when I can.
THANK YOU thank you!!!
Because of this group I am prepared to keep at it and don't feel so alone and hopeless anymore. I am a bit overwhelned and taking some time to breathe, but absolutely plan to keep going.
I have enrolled in VA Healthcare and requested a primary care appt. I'm hoping to get a referral for dental care since I am now rated for TMJ.
Note: I didn't file PTSD/MST but my examiner diagnosed me with severe PTSD due to MST and combat. A VERA rep says they have requested a medical opinion from my examiner so they can fully develop the MST and complete that deferral. She also told me there had been some back and forth on conceding PTSD as a drone crew member and they ultimately had a supervisor who finalized it and said yes. I had uploaded an article from the institute of psychiatry journal that a vet posted here in the group. The VA listed it in evidence on my decision letter. I also have combat pay and medals listed on my DD 214 that identify combat.
Please ask any questions about my claim that might help you!
Thank you again to the creators of this group and knowledge base and to all my fellow vets for your support and insight! What a surreal couple of days. Relieved but also feeling guilty / shame and having a hard time trusting it is real.
I am starting treatment with my local Vet Center soon and look forward to getting my life on track.
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2023.06.07 16:54 Fisherman-Kitchen Free fluid in transvaginal ultrasound

34F 60 kilos I am on the pill.
I had my routine gynecological check up and everything is fine except for my transvaginal ultrasound which shows "trace free fluid in Douglas". I am not ovulating since on the pill, not next to my period either. I just been having loose stools these days (anxiety related), no other symptoms. Could this have anything to do with this? I am scared, previous ultrasounds always showed clear Douglas pouch.
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2023.06.07 16:53 Fisherman-Kitchen Free fluid on transvaginal ultrasound

34F 60 kilos I am on the pill.
I had my routine gynecological check up and everything is fine except for my transvaginal ultrasound which shows "trace free fluid in Douglas". I am not ovulating since on the pill, not next to my period either. I just been having loose stools these days (anxiety related), no other symptoms. Could this have anything to do with this? I am scared, previous ultrasounds always showed clear Douglas pouch.
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2023.06.07 16:52 Fisherman-Kitchen Free fluid on pelvic ultrasound

34F 60 kilos I am on the pill.
I had my routine gynecological check up and everything is fine except for my transvaginal ultrasound which shows "trace free fluid in Douglas". I am not ovulating since on the pill, not next to my period either. I just been having loose stools these days (anxiety related), no other symptoms. Could this have anything to do with this? I am scared, previous ultrasounds always showed clear Douglas pouch.
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2023.06.07 15:25 jluiscolon The Role of Robotics in Laparoscopic Surgery: An Exciting Frontier

The Role of Robotics in Laparoscopic Surgery: An Exciting Frontier
Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, has revolutionized the field of medicine by providing patients with less pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times compared to traditional open surgeries. Over the years, laparoscopic procedures have continued to evolve, with the integration of robotic-assisted technology being a significant advancement in this field. Robotic surgery offers several advantages, but it also has limitations that need to be carefully considered.
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery involves the use of a robotic surgical system, such as the da Vinci Surgical System, to enhance the precision and control of surgical instruments. This technology enables surgeons to perform complex procedures with enhanced dexterity and improved visualization. The surgeon sits at a console, controlling the robotic arms with high-definition 3D visualization, while robotic instruments mimic the surgeon's hand movements with enhanced precision.
One of the key advantages of robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery is improved surgical precision. The robotic instruments can perform delicate maneuvers with increased accuracy, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues. This precision is particularly crucial in intricate procedures like prostatectomy and hysterectomy. Additionally, the high-definition 3D visualization provided by the robotic system offers surgeons a detailed view of the surgical site, allowing for more precise and controlled movements.
Another significant advantage of robotic surgery is reduced patient trauma. The use of smaller incisions in laparoscopic procedures already minimizes trauma compared to open surgeries. However, robotic-assisted technology takes it a step further by providing even smaller incisions, resulting in less scarring, reduced pain, and faster recovery times for patients. Robotic surgery also offers the potential for less blood loss during procedures, further enhancing patient safety.
Furthermore, the integration of robotics in laparoscopic surgery allows for increased surgical efficiency. The robotic system offers advanced ergonomics for surgeons, reducing fatigue and improving their overall performance. The robotic instruments provide enhanced maneuverability, allowing surgeons to access hard-to-reach areas more easily. This increased efficiency translates into shorter operating times and improved patient outcomes.
However, despite these advantages, robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery has some limitations that should be taken into consideration. One of the main concerns is the high cost associated with acquiring and maintaining robotic systems. The initial investment and ongoing expenses can be substantial, making it less accessible for some healthcare institutions. Additionally, the need for specialized training for surgeons and support staff to operate the robotic system adds to the overall cost and time required for implementation.
Another limitation is the loss of haptic feedback. In traditional laparoscopic surgery, surgeons can feel the resistance and texture of tissues, which provides valuable tactile information during the procedure. However, in robotic surgery, the lack of direct contact between the surgeon and the patient's tissues eliminates this feedback, potentially affecting the surgeon's ability to assess tissue characteristics accurately.
Furthermore, robotic systems are reliant on technology, and technical failures or malfunctions can occur. While rare, such events can interrupt or delay procedures and require immediate technical support, which can be challenging in some healthcare settings.
In conclusion, the integration of robotic-assisted technology in laparoscopic surgery is an exciting frontier that offers numerous advantages. Improved precision, reduced patient trauma, and increased surgical efficiency are among the key benefits of this technology. However, the high cost, loss of haptic feedback, and potential technical issues are important considerations. As the field continues to advance, ongoing research and development are crucial to address these limitations and make robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery even more accessible and beneficial for patients worldwide.
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2023.06.07 14:21 ChasKy53 How DeSantis Found A Home in Florida's 'Swamp'

How Ron DeSantis found a home in Florida’s swamp

The governor has ushered in sweeping changes to state institutions, some of which run contrary his self-described small government philosophy.
June 7, 2023, 4:00 AM CDTBy Matt Dixon and Jonathan Allen
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Ron DeSantis promised to drain the swamp in Tallahassee. Instead, over more than four years as governor, he has reconfigured the swamp to suit his political needs and shielded it from Florida’s famous sunshine.
In anticipation of his 2024 presidential bid, he pushed the Legislature to change Florida's resign-to-run law. He revised state policy so he could transfer $80 million in campaign cash to a federal political committee. And just after his official announcement last month, his administration pressured state legislators and lobbyists to aid his presidential campaign while they awaited his decisions on pet projects in the budget.
His use of state power to aid his presidential ambitions hasn’t come as a surprise to Florida political insiders who have watched him use the tools of governance to advance his agenda and ideology.
MUCH more at link:
How Ron DeSantis found a home in Florida’s swamp (
What a hypocrite he is. A 'Swamp Creature' for sure. The story on Desantis, see the article and post your thoughts. Is this the man the Republicans will want as POTUS? If so it is very 'telling' what the Republican Party has become.
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2023.06.07 13:44 ivfnewlifee Everything You Need to Know About Laparoscopic Surgery in Varanasi

Since it has many advantages over conventional open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, has grown in popularity in recent years. With laparoscopy, a surgeon can view and operate on internal organs without making significant incisions by making small incisions in the abdomen through which a camera and surgical instruments are inserted.
The city of Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is renowned for its top-notch medical facilities, which include laparoscopic surgery. One of the most popular forms of treatment for many different medical conditions in Varanasi is laparoscopic surgery. Aside from that, Varanasi is home to some of the best IVF clinics in the nation, which incorporate laparoscopic surgery into their infertility treatments.
In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about laparoscopic surgery in Varanasi, including the benefits of choosing laparoscopy, the availability of laparoscopic surgery, common laparoscopy treatments offered, and how laparoscopy is performed.
We will also discuss the role of laparoscopy in IVF treatment and the best IVF centers in Varanasi that offer laparoscopic surgery. By the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of laparoscopic surgery in Varanasi and why it could be the right choice for you.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Laparoscopic Surgery in Varanasi: An Overview

The way surgical procedures are carried out has changed thanks to laparoscopic surgery, also referred to as keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery. Small abdominal incisions are made during this procedure in order to insert a camera and surgical tools to view and access the internal organs. Traditional open surgery has many advantages over laparoscopy, including less pain, a shorter hospital stay, a quicker recovery, and less scarring.
Laparoscopic surgery is a popularly sought-after option in Varanasi for treating a variety of illnesses, including gynecological disorders, digestive disorders, hernias, and urinary tract disorders. The best results are guaranteed by the use of the most up-to-date technology and techniques by highly qualified and experienced laparoscopic surgeons in Varanasi.
Some of the best IVF clinics in the nation, which provide laparoscopic surgery as part of their infertility treatments, are located in Varanasi. Laparoscopy, which enables the surgeon to view the reproductive organs and spot any problems that might be causing infertility, is a crucial component of diagnosing and treating infertility.
Laparoscopic adhesiolysis, diagnostic laparoscopy, laparoscopic hysterectomy, laparoscopic myomectomy, and laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy are a few of the frequent laparoscopy procedures provided in Varanasi. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the laparoscopic procedure in Varanasi is typically carried out under general anesthesia and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.
If you are considering laparoscopic surgery in Varanasi, it is essential to choose the best laparoscopic surgeon and IVF center that meet your specific needs. The most qualified laparoscopic surgeons in Varanasi are highly skilled and experienced in performing laparoscopic surgery and use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Consequently, laparoscopic surgery is a secure and reliable option for treating a range of illnesses, including infertility. If you're considering laparoscopic surgery in Varanasi, be sure to select the top IVF clinic and laparoscopic surgeon to guarantee a positive outcome.

What are the benefits of Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery, also referred to as minimally invasive surgery, is a type of surgery that makes small incisions in the body as opposed to large ones. Because it has so many advantages over conventional surgery, laparoscopy has grown in popularity recently.
Laparoscopy offers a number of advantages, such as less discomfort and scarring, shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times, and a lower risk of complications. Laparoscopy has a lower risk of infection and less bleeding than open surgery because it is less invasive.
Laparoscopy is a flexible procedure that can be used for a variety of operations, such as cancer surgery, cyst and fibroid removal, and treatment for infertility. In comparison to traditional surgery, laparoscopy frequently allows patients to resume their regular activities faster and with less pain.
If you are considering laparoscopy, it's important to choose a skilled and experienced laparoscopic surgeon. The best IVF center in Varanasi may have a team of highly trained laparoscopic surgeons who can perform a range of procedures using this technique.

What are the common laparoscopy treatments offered and how is the treatment performed?

A laparoscope, a small, flexible tube with a camera and light at its tip, is used during minimally invasive surgery, or laparoscopic surgery. In the patient's abdomen, the surgeon makes a few tiny incisions and inserts the laparoscope, which sends images of the abdomen's interior to a monitor. This enables the surgeon to carry out various procedures without the need for a significant incision, leading to less discomfort, a quicker recovery, and a lower risk of complications.
Diagnostic laparoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions like endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian cysts are common laparoscopic procedures. Hysterectomy, myomectomy, tubal ligation, and the management of uterine fibroids are also performed using laparoscopic surgery. Both male and female infertility can be identified and treated using laparoscopy.
The surgeon may use forceps, scissors, and probes among other tools during the laparoscopy procedure to carry out the surgery. In order to give the surgeon more room to work, the abdomen is frequently inflated using carbon dioxide gas.
Usually, general anesthesia is used during laparoscopy, and patients can go home the same day or the day after the procedure. Patients frequently experience less pain and scarring, and recovery times are typically shorter than with traditional open surgery.

Role of laparoscopy in IVF treatment

The laparoscopy procedure is essential to the success of IVF. It is used to identify and treat a number of conditions, including endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, and ovarian cysts, which can affect fertility. To remove any barriers and raise the possibility of a successful IVF procedure, laparoscopic surgery is performed.
Laparoscopy is typically performed during an IVF cycle as a day procedure, allowing the patient to go home the same day. A small camera is inserted through a very small abdominal incision during the laparoscopy procedure for IVF treatment. The surgeon can closely inspect the pelvic area thanks to the camera's ability to send images to a monitor.
To obtain eggs for IVF treatment, laparoscopy is another option. The eggs are removed from the ovary during this procedure, called laparoscopic egg retrieval, using a tiny needle that is inserted through the laparoscope.
Selecting a qualified and skilled laparoscopic surgeon who can carry out the procedure safely and effectively is essential if you intend to receive IVF treatment. The most effective IVF facilities in Varanasi have skilled laparoscopic surgeons who use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for their patients.


Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive procedure, has gained popularity for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of gynecological conditions. It offers numerous advantages over traditional open surgery, including less pain, faster recovery times, and smaller incisions.
IVF New Life is the best IVF center in Varanasi, that offers laparoscopy treatment with advanced technology and skilled laparoscopic surgeons. The center has a team of experienced doctors who specialize in laparoscopy treatment, providing high-quality care to patients with gynecological conditions.
With their state-of-the-art facilities and personalized care, IVF New Life is an ideal choice for anyone looking for laparoscopy treatment in Varanasi. So, if you are in need of laparoscopic surgery, contact IVF New Life today to schedule a consultation with one of their expert laparoscopic surgeons.
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2023.06.07 13:44 Successful_Motor7041 Dr Richa Bansal, Gynecologic Oncology , Robotic Surgery, Ovarian Cancer & Uterus Cancer Apollo Cancer Centres · Parsik Hill, opp wonder park, Sector 23, CBD Belapur, Maharashtra 400614, India

Dr Richa Bansal is the best Gynecologic Oncologist in Mumbai & Dr Richa Bansal is committed to deliver the best care and treatment to the women with gynecological cancers.
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2023.06.07 12:24 Tigrannes Famous Birthdays in History, June 7

Famous Birthdays in History, June 7
1422 – Federico da Montefeltro, Italian condottiero (d. 1482)
🇻🇦 Federico da Montefeltro, was one of the most successful mercenary captains (condottieri) of the Italian Renaissance, and lord of Urbino from 1444 (as Duke from 1474) until his death. A renowned intellectual humanist and civil leader in Urbino on top of his impeccable reputation for martial skill and honor, he commissioned the construction of a great library, perhaps the largest of Italy after the Vatican, with his own team of scribes in his scriptorium, and assembled around him a large humanistic court in the Ducal Palace, Urbino, designed by Luciano Laurana and Francesco di Giorgio Martini.
1502 – John III of Portugal (d. 1557)
🇵🇹 John III, nicknamed The Pious was the King of Portugal and the Algarves from 1521 until his death in 1557.
During his rule, Portuguese possessions were extended in Asia and in the New World through the Portuguese colonization of Brazil. John III's policy of reinforcing Portugal's bases in India (such as Goa) secured Portugal's monopoly over the spice trade of cloves and nutmeg from the Maluku Islands. On the eve of his death in 1557, the Portuguese empire had a global dimension and spanned almost 4 million square kilometres (1.5 million square miles).
During his reign, the Portuguese became the first Europeans to make contact with Japan (during the Muromachi period). He abandoned the Muslim territories in North Africa in favor of the trade with India and investments in Brazil. In Europe he improved relations with the Baltic region and the Rhineland, hoping that this would bolster Portuguese trade.
➖ ** 1561 – John VII, Count of Nassau-Siegen, German count and military theorist (d. 1623)**
🇩🇪 Count John VII was one of the most important military theorists of his time, who introduced many innovations and inventions. His Kriegsbuch contained all the military knowledge of his time, but also many new ideas, which made an essential contribution to the reform of the Dutch States Army by his cousin Maurice. John served in the Dutch States Army, was colonel general of the Palatinate and commander-in-chief of the Swedish army. His reputation reached far beyond the borders of the Holy Roman Empire.
1770 – Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1828)
🇬🇧 Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, was a British Tory statesman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1812 to 1827.
As prime minister, Liverpool called for repressive measures at domestic level to maintain order after the Peterloo Massacre of 1819. He dealt smoothly with the Prince Regent when King George III was incapacitated. He also steered the country through the period of radicalism and unrest that followed the Napoleonic Wars. He favoured commercial and manufacturing interests as well as the landed interest. He sought a compromise of the heated issue of Catholic emancipation. The revival of the economy strengthened his political position. By the 1820s, he was the leader of a reform faction of "Liberal Tories" who lowered the tariff, abolished the death penalty for many offences, and reformed the criminal law. By the time of his death, however, the Tory party, which had dominated the House of Commons for over 40 years, was ripping itself apart.
1848 – Paul Gauguin, French painter and sculptor (d. 1903)
🇫🇷 Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was a French Post-Impressionist artist. Unappreciated until after his death, Gauguin is now recognized for his experimental use of colour and Synthetist style that were distinct from Impressionism. Toward the end of his life, he spent ten years in French Polynesia. The paintings from this time depict people or landscapes from that region.
1896 – Imre Nagy, Hungarian soldier and politician, 44th Prime Minister of Hungary (d. 1958)
🇭🇺 Imre Nagy was a Hungarian communist politician who served as Chairman of the Council of Ministers (de facto Prime Minister) of the Hungarian People's Republic from 1953 to 1955. In 1956 Nagy became leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the Soviet-backed government, for which he was sentenced to death and executed two years later.
1909 – Virginia Apgar, American anesthesiologist and pediatrician, developed the Apgar test (d. 1974)
🇺🇸 Virginia Apgar was an American physician of Armenian ethnic background, obstetrical anesthesiologist and medical researcher, best known as the inventor of the Apgar Score, a way to quickly assess the health of a newborn child immediately after birth in order to combat infant mortality.
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2023.06.07 11:45 No_Dig1868 Top 10 Doctors Around The World

Health is our greatest treasure and with incredible specialists. We all know that there is a better chance for a healthier population.
The government has established a massive number of health institutes or health caring centers in their countries so that people should not compromise when it comes to health.
Also Read: Top 10 Countries That Produce the Most Doctors
List Of Top 10 Doctors Around The World
Here is a list of the 10 best doctors in the world:
  1. Dr. William A. Abdu, M.D, M.S.
Dr. Abdu is an Associate Professor of Orthopedics and of The Dartmouth Institute Medical Director at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Dr. Abdu got his accreditation in 1985 from Tufts University. He is a pioneer in the study and treatment of spine-related conditions. He hones surgery of the Spine, including Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Disorders, Disk Herniation, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Spondylotic Myelopathy, Spinal Cord Injury, and Spine Trauma. Also, he had discovered many new techniques for spine treatment.
  1. Dr. Myles. B. Abbott, M.D.
Dr. Myles is also one of the best-known doctors of Pediatricians in the world. He graduated from the University of Miami Leonard M Miller School of Medicine in 1972. He treats the problems of growth and child development.
Dr. Myles currently practices at East Bay Pediatric & Medical Group and is affiliated with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Alta Bates Campus and Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland.
  1. Dr. Fouad. M. Abbas, M.D.
Dr. Abbas is a well-known Gynecologist/Oncologist. His specialization field is Oncologist of Obstetrician and Gynecology. He is also considered to be one of the best doctors of Oncology in the world. The term Oncology is the study of cancer.
Dr. Abbas graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1986. Currently, he is affiliated with Medstar Harbor Hospital and Sinai Hospital Of Baltimore.
  1. Dr. Khalid Abbed, M.D.
Dr. Khalid is a famous doctor of Neuro. He is an Associate Professor and Chief of the Spine Section in the Department of Neurosurgery. His area of clinical interest is in the treatment of spinal disorders.
Dr. Khalid obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in 1993. He continued his education in the same University and received his Doctor of Medicine degree with Honors in 1999. Currently, he is working at Yale as a Director of the Spine Surgery Department. Many consider him the best doctor in the world.
  1. Dr. Naresh Trehan
Dr. Naresh is a famous Indian cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon. He was born on August 12, 1946, in Delhi, India. He obtained a medical degree from King George’s Medical College in Lucknow.
Dr. Naresh was also the founder, executive director, and chief cardiovascular surgeon of Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center (EHIRC), New Delhi, India. At present, he is serving as a Chairman and Managing Director and Chief Cardiac Surgeon of MedantaTM-The Medicity, one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals at Gurgaon, Haryana.
  1. Dr. Arthur Reese Abright, M.D.
Dr. Reese is also one of the best doctors of Psychiatry. She treats the problems of depressions and mind-related problems.
Dr. Reese got her accreditation from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. She is also an expert on mood disorders and anxiety. Currently, she is working as a Professor of Psychiatry at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is also affiliated with Mount Sinai Services Elmhurst Hospital Center and New York Medical College at present.
  1. Dr. Corrie T.M Anderson, M.D.
Dr. Anderson is also one of the best doctors in Pediatric Anesthesiologist around the world. He received his A.B. with Honors in Biochemistry from Harvard University and Doctor of Medicine (M.D) from Stanford University School of Medicine in 1982. He can be truly crowned as “world best doctor”.
In 2001, Dr. Anderson became the director of the program for Pediatric Pain Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He is also a professor of anesthesiology and associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine.
  1. Dr. Mark. F. Aaron, M.D.
Dr. Aaron is also one of the best doctors in cardiologists. His specialization is Cardiovascular Disease. The term Cardiology is related to the heart and its problems.
Dr. Aaron got his accreditation from the Duke University School of Medicine in 1992. Currently, he is affiliated with River Park Hospital, Saint Thomas West Hospital, and Henry County Medical Center.
  1. Dr. Sudhansu Bhattacharyya, MBBS, MS, MCH
Dr. Sudhansu is also one of the best Indian Cardiovascular Surgeons. He obtained MBBS and M.S. General Surgery from Ahmedabad. He had invented, designed, and patented a few surgical instruments, the most important ones being Atrial Retractor for Mitral Valve Replacement and Internal Mammary Artery Retractor for taking down bilateral Internal Mammary Arteries.
Before entering into the practice world, Dr. Sudhansu served as a full-time Professor for Cardiothoracic surgery at Sheth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital. At present, he is affiliated with Bombay Hospital And Medical Research Center, Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, and Lilavati Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai.
10. Dr.Mona.M.Abaza, M.D.
Dr. Abaza is a specialized doctor in ENT Otolaryngologist, Adenoidectomy, esophagoscopy, Nasal airway surgery, and tracheostomy. She is a world-famous ENT Doctor and treats problems of the ear, head, nose, throat, and neck.
Dr. Abaza graduated from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1991. She is affiliated with Children’s Hospital Colorado At Memorial Hospital Central and the University Of Colorado Hospital.
Since the dawn of time, the profession of a doctor is one of the most appreciated jobs in the world. Being a doctor implies a great responsibility, as almost every day the nature of somebody’s life (or the life itself) is in their hands. Since the medical field is a vast and ever-expanding field, there is no direct answer to who is the best doctor in the world. Doctors are specialized and trained in different field
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2023.06.07 09:45 lieseraph Can pelvic pain be my only symptom?

As far as I know, for a diagnosis a few criteria must be met. Meanwhile my only symptom is pain. I always have a bowel movement in the morning, and do every morning my pain rises, and gets a tad better after a bowel movement. But for the rest of the day, I have terrible pain and cramps that don't seem to be related to eating/bowel movements. The only correlation I see, is in the morning. My poops are usually healthy looking, I still have the same "schedule" of bowel movements, no diarrhea or constipation. Can it be IBS? My pain is located in the very low abdomen, where my reproductive organs are (female), so for the longest time I thought it might be something gynecological, especially since the pain started after I got an IUD which is now removed. But everything seems to be okay with me gynecologically. I also have low back pain and sometimes hips pain.
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2023.06.07 09:34 SvW895 68 yo female, endometrial hyperplasia and masses, scared

MIL (68 yo female, pretty overweight) began bleeding about 3 weeks ago. She had menopause more than a decade ago so the bleeding was unusual. We took her to the ER and they gave progesterone and did an ultrasound, said she had a thickened uterine lining, and told her follow up with her ob/gyn. The progesterone didn't stop the bleeding. She got an appointment with the ob/gyn 2 and a half weeks later and they doubled the progesterone and scheduled her for a biopsy. The double dose of progesterone helped a little but didn't stop the bleeding. She says she also has abdominal cramps and doesn't feel well. When the ob/gyn tried to do the biopsy the ob/gyn said there's a mass in the way that makes it difficult to get a good sample. Ob/gyn also said she feels a mass on MIL's ovary (not sure if MIL said 1 ovary or both). She said MIL needs a full body MRI and scheduled a hysterectomy for 2 months from now, abdominal hysterectomy where everything will be removed including ovaries. We are currently waiting on the biopsy results though the doc said she isn't sure she got a good sample because of the mass. MIL admitted she hasn't had a gynecology check up in at least 10 years prior to this, possibly longer. We got the above details from MIL, who isn't the greatest at remembering and understanding what doctors say. Plus she is embarrassed to discuss this part of her body with us. We are very worried and will not know biopsy results (or MRI results) for weeks. Please help with sharing some information. Is it likely she has cancer or could this be benign? She said her sister had benign fibroids so we are hoping that's a possibility instead of cancer. For there to be a mass blocking the biopsy is really concerning. MIL said full body MRI... is that accurate or could she be mistaking a pelvic MRI? If it's really full body, does this mean the doc suspects cancer that has spread? Is it okay to wait 2 months for this hysterectomy? If it could be cancer, seems like that's a long time to wait? Thanks for any info you can provide... We are very worried...
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2023.06.07 09:12 engineerdrummer It's 3 am in Tallahassee. I am a chronic insomniac. I've been hearing this bird for months now. Finally went and recorded it. I'm 99% sure it's a Chuck Wills Widow but the app picked up these three birds in its calls. Lots of calls it didn't recognize, all from the same bird.

It's 3 am in Tallahassee. I am a chronic insomniac. I've been hearing this bird for months now. Finally went and recorded it. I'm 99% sure it's a Chuck Wills Widow but the app picked up these three birds in its calls. Lots of calls it didn't recognize, all from the same bird.
It's absolutely eerie with the waning moon behind wispy clouds, all the bugs, and this happy little guy is just singing away in the night. Hearing it at 3 am just hits differently.
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2023.06.07 01:56 shinyseashells22 Recurring issues and negative UTI

I’ve been having flare ups of what I suspected was a UTI, went to urgent care each time with high white blood cell count but urinalysis shows no bacteria. After research I think IC may be a strong possibility. Is a urologist the best doctor to diagnose? I’ve tried gynecological exams and been tested for std and pelvic ultrasound, etc but all show nothing. I’m so frustrated with this pain I want it to go away. Sex is painful and makes me feel worse it’s not even worth it. Thanks In advance
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2023.06.07 00:33 flwrptl Frustrated

TDLR: Best friend is not being supportive and essentially ignoring me after I came home from my moms liver failure and transplant surgery.
Buckle in because this is going to be a long one. This past year I lived to move in with my best friend in college. I know, they say don’t live with your best friends. We’ve been close for a long time, and were not having any significant issues.
Around NovembeDecember of 2022, I decided that I would be moving out of our 2x2 into a townhome with our friends because since her boyfriend lived across the street, she was never home. I did not blame her for this, I get it. Her boyfriend is one of my close friends I’ve known since middle school and I introduced them. I just wanted to spend my senior year in college having the actual college roommate experience, since I had lived in a dorm and my sorority house prior to moving in with her. The movie nights, wine nights, stuff like that. We had an extra room and I told her she could come with us so that I wasn’t leaving her with a random. She wanted the room with the balcony so she could smoke, though she only smokes at her boyfriends, and that was a non-negotiable. I explained to her that I have a 90 pound dog and that room has more space for the both of us. She decided on staying in the original apartment and that was that. There was not any tension much after this and we carried on as usual.
Around a week and a half ago, my mother was diagnosed with acute liver failure and had a liver transplant within the same week. In the midst of this, I was also studying for the LSAT that I take June 9th. I went home for a week as this was obviously an extreme emergency and I let my close friends know the situation. Eventually we started a gofundme for her surgery. I received an outpour of support from those around me, even people I hadn’t spoke to in years. I got one text from her AFTER I had posted something thanking those who reached out.
The day of my moms transplant I came back to Tallahassee to study and take the test. She didn’t come out of her room. Granted I thought she couldn’t hear me but again, I have a 90 pound dog who sounds like he has bells attached to him at all times. I keep my door open for accessibility purposes for my dog because I don’t like him being cooped up in there with me if I’m not sleeping. She came out of her room as I was at my desk and got water. Nothing. I had made it very apparent to my friends in my group chat the surgery was happening today, and she knew. Eventually I got a “hi” from her before she left to go to her boyfriends. My other friend called me and took me out to dinner to get my mind off of things.
Earlier in the year of 2022, she got hit by a car. I was the person her boyfriend called to tell me to call her parents. I was the person who drove everyone to the hospital at 2 am and stayed there til 5 am. I took her to physical therapy, bought flowers, and food. And I can’t get a “how are you doing?” She thankfully ended up being 100% fine. But because we lived together I helped her out. I was supportive. That’s what friends and roommates do.
It’s been four days since I’ve been home and she hasn’t said much, if anything at all. I am extremely grateful for the other people in my life who have helped me through this time but you would really think your “best friend” and roommate would be there for you. My lease ends in July, and I’ve been hesitant in saying something because I don’t want to disrupt the dynamic even further. This is definitely one of those moments where I’m glad I made the decision to move in hindsight, but it is still upsetting. Even her boyfriend, who I’ve known since we were 12, has yet to text me at all.
Any advice is welcome! Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.07 00:20 chi-fong-ku When should I come down for the Southern Miss game?

I’ll be traveling with whatever friends I can convince to join me. We’ll be coming from Oxford, Mississippi and with stops (since I can’t hold my pee in on a road trip) it’ll take us at least 8 hours to get to Tallahassee.
I want to be able to explore some of the city and the FSU campus as the last time I was in the area my family was just spending the night on the way to Fort Myers/Sanibel.
So when do y’all think I should come down since the game is at 8:30PM on Saturday the 9th and it takes 8 hours to get there
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2023.06.07 00:13 eastwestgarden 2016 CX5 - display screen problems from navigation chip and the "ghost touch" issue

Does anyone have a solution for my 2016 CX5 navigation system problems? My car has 2 issues - issue # 2 is what's called "ghost screen touch problem". I talk about that at the end here since I now have the solution for that. Re my navigation chip - My service reps (Tallahassee) tell me to remove the navigation ship to stop the screen display from randomly jumping between various screens (it is similar to the ghost touch screen problem). The screen behaves better without the chip in but then I can't use the navigation system. My chip software etc has been updated. Should I waste money on a new chip or is the problem not in the chip? Other ideas? My other issue #2 -- If you have the "ghost touch" problem on any Mazda (but esp the CX5 and the 3 models), there are YouTube videos showing exactly how to get into the back of the screen and just unplug the touch screen function wire. I am going to be doing this soon since I only use the control knob & never use "touch screen" function. This makes the screen behave. The videos show you exactly how to get in there and do it. This stops the erratic screen display and auto dialing (like a ghost is touching the screen) while driving. It's a terrible problem but they will not recall. Mazda USA knows all about it. But I haven't found anything about the navigation chip issue. Thanks for any info out there.
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