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Police of Dong Dank

2015.03.26 21:26 Overlord59 Police of Dong Dank

The place for separate police forces of Lords of Minecraft to debate plans, joint operations and future changes to the way we work. This is for debate between leaders only so be careful who you share this with!

2013.12.10 03:05 yenomz DSNY, the NYC Department of Sanitation

Post whatever you want regarding the DSNY. Pics, memes, questions, videos, whatever you can think of.

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2023.06.01 23:39 Tricky_Mammoth_4370 Poplar Report-China Activates 5.4 Million Sleeper Agents INSIDE The US- Chinese "citizens" attempting to breacj military bases in Alaska- oinging and NOT stopping- Is this what you call an "im\nvasion"? reporterdly- 100 Chinese comong across the southern border EVERY DAY! Invasion has begun!

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2023.06.01 23:38 thegirlinred5775 Need advice about job advancement

I’ve been working at my company for about a year and a half now.
I took on a role at a lower level pay than my last position bc it was new career in marketing. I have 10 plus years of experience in operations. It was challenging because they were understaffed but I’ve learned a ton and very thankful.
After the year i took a new opportunity to switch departments because they were understaffed and i wanted to learn more social marketing experience. The CEOs son took a 3 month spring / summer vacation and i was to fill in and take his clients while being trained.
I’ve just been told that he will not be returning for another 4 months.
At this point should i be expecting a raise? Is it fair to keep doing the work that I’m doing for the CEOs son, while he is on vacation, probably on a yacht while i dont get paid adequately?
My role is called social strategist. They are preparing to give me an official list of clientele since it’s more permanent. Thanks for ure help
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2023.06.01 23:38 altruismandme HEB curbside and delivery users- BEWARE of fraud!

I checked my email at about 3 pm yesterday and saw that a curbside pickup had been ordered on my HEB account for about $480 at 11 am and picked up at 1 pm. Unfortunately, if I had seen the email, I could have cancelled it. Luckily, although the charge went through on my stored card, they had no way of getting my payment info.
I called HEB and was informed that when the order was made at 11 am, it was flagged as fraud due to the high budget items and unusual location for me (San Antonio was where the pickup happened). The store who flagged it contacted their fraud department, who confirmed that it was indeed fraud.
DESPITE being flagged as fraud by both the store and fraud department, THEY GAVE THEM THE GROCERIES! They knew it was fraudulent, and didn't even try to ID them! WTF?
Anyways, I erased my cards on file, changed the password to something unrelated, and contacted my credit card company to file a dispute.
I logged in today just to check and.... THEY TRIED AGAIN! There were hot ticket items in my check out bag that they couldn't buy because my card was removed.
How did they get in again so quickly?! Who hacks HEB?! So weird to me.
And I'm pissed they didn't even ID the person.
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2023.06.01 23:38 lutilicious Unclaimed BDO Credits Card

Way back 2019, I have opened Savings account with BDO and I have deposited 10k which left untouched for 6 months. Later months on the same year someone called me and I received a text message that my CC is available for claiming but I didn't claim the CC because I'm still hesitant to have a Credit Card due to lavish spending 🤣. Will I still be able to claim the credit card at this point? What happens to unclaimed credit cards? Does the account still there but wasn't activated?
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2023.06.01 23:36 ShamanicNinja Counteracting Dark VooDoo Witchcraft

My partner and I live in an apartment complex. A new neighbor directly bellow moved and the pipes smelled so bad I mad a maintenance request. Shortly after she moved in she called the management on us and the police for noise. After several visits by the police our property manager called a meeting in person with me and her. She admitted to hallucinations. She has called the police and property management on us when we weren't even home. Side note, the neighbor prior never complained about us.
Well now she is leaving crushed herbs, tobacco, broken glass and quarts, and black salt at our door step.
What can I do?
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2023.06.01 23:35 EmergencyNo5674 Need Help Post Adoption

Throwaway account. I am having issues with a child that my partner and I adopted in 2020. This child was 12F at the time (Now 15) and had zero issues. The foster family she was placed in and she was eventually removed from was over medicating their children, so after having a discussion with her we decided to stop medication but continue therapy. The therapist indicated everything was okay, which it was, and concluded therapy late 2020. Up until June of 2022, she was honor student and had zero issues. Very social, friend group, and great student.
However, end of 8th grade 2022 we caught her with her first vape. Obviously concerned because this is out of the ordinary, we restricted her to show this is not acceptable behavior especially for her age (14). Since then, we have had nothing but issues. She has been very distant at home, staying in her room until everyone is asleep. She is openly using drugs and alcohol, even stealing from the neighbors. She was kicked out of her first highschool within 3 months of being there for fighting and illegal substance abuse (these also came with 3 citations). She is now going on getting kicked out of her second high school due to fighting, defiant trespassing, and use of illegal substances (this also came with 3 citations and a criminal charge). She has openly communicated she does not like living in our home despite having anything she wants up until the dramatic change in behavior. Due to her age she can decide to not do therapy or medication, and has turned down all support.
We have tried contacting the police due to aggression towards us and getting physical in the home as well as running away when she does not want to follow rules. We have tried our local crisis which offered partial intake but was denied due to her aggressiveness and they state that can only help her if she wants support, even though she is openly under the influence. We have tried children and youth for support however are only offered therapy since she is adopted. We have even contacted several lawyers to try and force help and there is nothing that can be done.
At this point we are on edge all the time at home, barely sleeping as we do not know what she will do and there is a younger child in the home as well as a newborn on the way. She is only being fined for her court activity which we do not have the funds to continue paying and she doesn’t have money, and we are at risk of losing our jobs due to having to leave to address her actions. I’m asking at this point for any suggestion, help or anything if anyone as been in a similar situation, please feel free to chime in on what helped the situation. We have tried everything, clean slates with no punishments, trying to communicate more, more bonding time etc. she is just not open to changing.
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2023.06.01 23:35 Koala_Guru [TotK] The Importance of Link's Companions

I will start things off by saying that I am talking about the role of the companions in a story sense, not discussing their gameplay. It is undeniable that some aspects of the new companion system need to be tweaked. Many have lamented how unwieldy it is to have to run up to each companion in the heat of battle to make use of their abilities. But this post is about how important and amazing this new system is for the story of the series, and why it should no go away any time soon.
Hyrule's Incompetent Races:
The Zelda series has always been about one thing at its core: the eternal struggle between the recurring representations of the three pieces of the Triforce. Link, the Triforce of Courage, must rise up from humble beginnings to defeat Ganon, the Triforce of Power, with help from Zelda, the Triforce of Wisdom. Link is the hero, and he must be the one to save the day. To save all of Hyrule. In the beginning, this was all very simple. Aside from occasional encounters with old men in caves or random NPCs in towns, the only characters of note were Link, Zelda, and Ganon. But when the series jumped into 3D, things changed.
Hyrule was now full of a variety of different races, and in order to show the true threat Ganon posed to the world, each one was afflicted with some sort of dilemma. Link was again, the hero who had to save these disparate people and then defeat Ganon himself. The unfortunate consequence of this sort of design is that it made the races of Hyrule out to be incompetent, and unable to continue on living without the intervention of the almighty Link. See, unlike the Hylians, who have their own heroes represented by characters like Link and Zelda, these races were entirely separate, and generally seemed to exist solely to need saving. In spite of their unique attributes that would seemingly give them an edge over Hylians in certain situations, they spectacularly failed to solve any problem that occurred.
In Ocarina of Time, this served to make some of them look utterly helpless and a bit stupid. Who could forget the might Gorons, able to lift the heaviest objects and chew through rocks...about to die of starvation because Ganondorf dropped a boulder over their favorite cave? Or the water-dwelling Zora, an old and wise people who are at home on both land and water...unable to locate the bottle their missing princess had left for them at the bottom of a lake? The incompetence on display is even played for laughs on some occasions, like having to watch the lazy king of the Zora slowly scoot his ass cheeks to the side so Link can go save his daughter.
And this sort of thing continued throughout the series. Every time any of these races appeared, they had a problem that needed fixing. They couldn't do it on their own, so Link comes along to single handedly save their race from extinction.
Previous Attempts at Addressing the Issue:
That's not to say they never attempted to make these races more active. In OoT, the goal of the five temples of the game is to awaken sages: champions of each race who will go on to support Link in his quest. The only issue is, they don't really do anything. Each sage has a pattern. You go to their home and hear from someone that they went off to solve the issue on their own. Entering the temple, you encounter the sage if you're lucky, and otherwise you simply see them all in the Sacred Realm after defeating their associated boss. They awaken as sages, give Link a representative medallion, and then fade into the background until the end of the game where, with their powers combined...they build a bridge. Then they seal Ganon away after Link has defeated him. In fact, the lack of any appearance by each sage after they enter their temples has led to a common theory that the sages actually die. We see Darunia go after Volvagia on his own and then disappear. We hear that Saria and Impa went to their respective temples but we don't hear from them until the Sacred Realm.
In Majora's Mask, you actually play as a few different races. Only, you aren't actually playing as characters of these races. You are Link, inhabiting their bodies to basically do their job better. The Deku Scrubs are not seen as fighters and are pushed around by everyone. But Deku Link navigates the Woodfall Temple and defeats Odolwa. Darmani died trying to stop the blizzard affecting his home, but Goron Link does it just fine. Mikau dies trying to get the Zora's eggs back, but Zora Link can do it. Again, Link is the hero. He is the reincarnated wielder of the Triforce of courage. Only he can accomplish anything of note, even if he has to take on other forms to do so.
The Wind Waker has Link go through the game's two temples with Medli of the Rito and Makar of the Koroks acting as his actual companions. With their help, he is able to solve various puzzles, with Medli having a reflective harp and Makar planting seeds. The two can even be controlled using the command melody. This is closest the series came up to that point of giving the non-Hylian races more agency. After all, in this same game, Link's life is saved by the Rito and Valoo. Unfortunately, things still aren't perfect. Medli and Makar are more sort of escorted through their temples, unable to fight and often having to be literally carried through rooms. Once Link gets his own mirror shield Medli quickly loses much of her unique utility, and a whole segment of the Wind Temple is dedicated to saving Makar who has been kidnapped. The command melody is also explained by the King of Red Lions to be Link straight up controlling his companions so that they do what they need to do, implying that the two cannot figure out "Stand in this light" or "plant seeds here" without Link literally taking over their minds.
And that brings us to Breath of the Wild. Simultaneously the best and most disappointing effort up to that point. Positives first. This game's backstory is about Link and Zelda teaming up with four Champions: representatives of the best their respective races have to offer. They are all competent warriors and play a pivotal role in the plan to defeat the Calamity. In the present day, Link teams up with different members of these races, and it is with their help that he is able to board the Divine Beasts. Only through Sidon's fast swimming, Teba's aerial maneuverability, Yunobo's resilience, and Riju's Thunder Helm, is Link able to gain access to this game's dungeons. Once inside, Link frees the spirits of the Champions of old and gains their abilities to use on the rest of his journey.
How about those negatives, though? For starters, all of the Champions are dead when the game starts. They may be paragons of their respective races, but they have no chance against the Blights that face them. No way could Mipha, a Zora, stand up against an enemy who wields water. Daruk, a Goron, is clearly cooked when facing a fiery opponent. Urbosa, wielder of lightning, seems to be not so lightning-proof herself. And Revali, master of the wind, can't stand up to tornadoes. Not like our boy Link here, who beats them all with ease. Next, the problems facing most of the races in this game are somewhat laughable. Sure, the Zora can't touch shock arrows, but the rest? You mean the Gerudo race of powerful warrior women can't storm the Yiga stronghold to get their Thunder Helm back? The Gorons who are mighty and can stand against any kind of heat can't get close to Rudania and no one but Bludo can use his cannons because...he's the boss? The Rito, literal birds, cannot take out Vah Medoh's cannons without being hit, but Link, a dude with a paraglider, can handle them just fine?
Tears of the Kingdom Finally Shows Some Respect:
All of this preamble later, we now reach TotK and its companion system. From a starting perspective, things may seem to be business as usual. The different races have problems caused by Ganon, and Link must show up to help them. But the differences are very apparent. For starters, the problems are much more believably bad and difficult to handle. The Zora's water is poisoned with sludge that is literally suffocating them. The Rito's home is being buried in a blizzard. The Gorons are straight up mind controlled. And the Gerudo are facing down a never-before-seen enemy that has them on their back foot as they try to keep their civilians safe.
We also see that, unlike in most other cases, the races are already working to solve their own problems before Link arrives. Sidon is manually separating the sludge from the water while healers tend to Zora wounds and researchers try to find some answer to stopping the sludge. The Rito adults are all out of their village searching for food and investigating the source of the blizzard. The Gerudo are actively investigating ways to harm their new foes, and their chief is practicing her new ability that is the only one to show any signs of effectiveness. And the only ones not actively solving their problems, the Gorons, are doing so because their minds are taken over and forcing them to be apathetic.
Another great thing that helps mix up the monotonous formula of Link being the only one able to help all of Hyrule, is that the completion of each temple and solving of each race's problem leads to each of those races aiding the Hylians in turn. Each race sends out representatives to reinforce the Hylian base of operations, and they start performing tasks only they can achieve to aid in the untangling of the problems caused by the upheaval.
But all this leads to the single greatest thing this game does in this regard. Now, each race Link saves is not saved alone. Link instead teams up with representatives of each race and they solve their problems together, providing Link with support that makes an otherwise impossible task possible. They lend him their unique abilities and fight alongside him to defeat any threat that comes their way. When they awaken as sages, they use their power to stay by his side at all times rather than fading into the background. And when the time comes, they fight Ganondorf right alongside Link.
Hyrule is always facing crises, but usually this tends to paint most of Hyrule as helpless civilians with only two heroes in the entire kingdom who can do anything about it. Rather than Ganon endangering Hyrule and Hyrule fighting back, it's more like Ganondorf endangers Hyrule and they call their dad to come beat him up. Here though, in TotK, for the first time, Hyrule truly does fight back. Hyrule's diverse and capable races bring their unique skills to bear in order to defeat the greatest threat they have known, and as a result the world feels more alive and worth fighting for than it ever has before. I hope the companion system does not disappear in the next game, and is instead expanded upon. Because after this, I really can't go back to the way things were.
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2023.06.01 23:35 jp189 Unleashing the Dead: A Comprehensive Completionist Hunt for the City of Um and the Necromancy Skill (Sandy/Salty Equivalent)

Reaper of Um
The "Reaper of Um" achievement encompasses a series of activities and interactions within the City of Um and its surrounding necropolis. Players must engage with various aspects of the city, master the Necromancy skill, and discover hidden secrets to earn this prestigious title.
Necromancy Mastery:
City of Um Exploration:
Daily Interactions:
Necropolis Secrets:
Mastering Undead Allies:
Rituals of Resurrection:
By completing all of the above objectives, players would earn the prestigious "Reaper of Um" title, signifying their mastery of the Necromancy skill and deep connection to the City of Um and its necropolis.

TL;DR: Suggesting a completionist achievement called "Reaper of Um" tied to the upcoming City of Um and Necromancy skill in RuneScape. Players would need to master the Necromancy skill, explore the City of Um and its necropolis, uncover secrets, engage in daily interactions, master commanding undead allies, and participate in necromantic rituals. Earn the prestigious "Reaper of Um" title by completing all objectives.

Feel free to suggest your own ideas, share feedback, or discuss additional elements that could enhance the 'Reaper of Um' achievement. I'm open to hearing your thoughts on how this completionist hunt could be further improved or expanded. Let's brainstorm together and create an engaging and immersive experience in the City of Um and the world of Necromancy.

Disclaimer: Please note that the content outlined above is purely speculative and based on my own thoughts and hopes for the upcoming City of Um and the Necromancy skill in RuneScape. None of the information provided is confirmed or endorsed by Jagex, the game developers. The purpose of this post is to share ideas and engage in creative discussions within the community. Let's enjoy the excitement of speculation while we patiently wait for official announcements and updates from Jagex.
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2023.06.01 23:33 wolferwilder The time I was almost kidnapped

At the time I'm writing this I'm 17 years old and this all happened a little over a week ago. For a little background information, I live in a small rural town and have always been a very paranoid person. I often stay home alone, especially at night, due to my mom's job and my dad will often disappear for odd jobs around town at random times in the day and night. My brother also lives with us but he likes to leave to either stay at my sister's across town or stays a few nights at his friends house. Lately a lot of people have gone missing in nearby cities and towns between the ages of 1-18, even a few newborns, which never eased my paranoia. So whenever I'm home alone I make sure to lock the doors, I never have to worry about the windows due to them either being blocked or have an ac unit in them. I only ever go outside if I need to take my mom's dog Ava and my brothers dog Molly outside to use the bathroom or need to get something out of the deep freezer. So one morning I was home alone and would be until at least eight at night when my dad would get home. I had decided to let Ava and Molly outside to go use the bathroom and pull something out of the deep freezer to cook for dinner. Ava started growling and refused to leave the patio while Molly just stayed near her, which was odd since Ava was very playful and had never growled once her whole life. I decided to look across the street at the empty field at just saw a man standing in the grass near the woods. I could make out some minor features on him though, he had short brown hair, blue long sleeve shirt, and shorts. It was a little weird and made me uncomfortable but I brushed it off thinking to myself it was just someone camping just to make myself feel better. Ava and Molly wouldn't leave the patio and stayed near me so I just took them inside. As I took them inside a large white van had drove past the house a little slow but I just thought it was nothing and ignored it. Later in the day I decided to take the dogs out again and sit on the porch steps as I play on my phone as they do their business. After a few minutes I looked up from my phone as the dogs ran up to me to go back inside and saw the same white van from earlier pass by the house again, it made me a little paranoid but I just ignored it and just thought it was a coincidence as I took the dogs inside, making sure to lock the door just in case. Around 6 I decided to start making dinner, since I like to go to bed early. Halfway through cooking at around 6:20 Ava started scratching at the front door to use the bathroom, but when I went to open the front door I felt uneasy and scared. I unlocked it and opened it slightly to look outside and saw the white van from earlier in the driveway, I couldn't see the driver the in the passenger seat I saw the man that I saw near the woods talking to the driver before getting out. I immediately shut and locked the door and went to my parents room where my dad had his guns and locked myself in there with the dogs as I called my dad knowing he would be at the house faster than the police. As I waited for my dad to get to the house I called the police as I heard the guy trying and open the back door near my parents room. As I waited I heard the guy bang and try to open the door for about 5 minutes before he quit. After another 5 minutes I heard my dad come into the house and yell for me. The guys who were in the white van had left shortly before my dad got home and the police showed up shortly after him. After I gave a description of the man I saw to the officer he left and my dad stayed home with me the rest of the night and when my mom came home he explained everything to her. My mom works at a local convenience store and after my dad told her what happened and I said what the guy who tried to break in looked like she went pale. She had just seen them at the store getting gas just an hour before her shift ended. A few minutes later we all got an amber alert for a girl about 12 years old who went missing in town, and the description of the guy and the vehicle she was taken in matched the description of the guy who tried to break into my house. If it hadn't been for the fact that I always lock the doors I don't think I would be here telling this story today.
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2023.06.01 23:33 bwbloom Identifying How Efficiently Resources are Being Allocated Based off List of Activities

I am trying to run an assessment to identify inefficiencies in task assignments.
I have access to a report that lists the tasks as they came in and who they were assigned to, with a start time and end time.
A person can handle up to 3 tasks at a time, and they are never assigned more than 3 tasks, but I need to know if tasks are routinely being assigned to people that are already working on something at a time when another resource is not working on anything.
The data I have looks like this:
ID User Date Start Time End Time
1 Adam 1/1/23 9:05:15 9:35:12
2 Adam 1/1/23 9:28:23 9:34:33
3 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:29:01 9:29:54
4 Adam 1/1/23 9:33:48 10:18:22
5 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:42:44 9:50:23
6 Curt 1/1/23 9:44:11 9:48:06
7 Adam 1/1/23 9:44:58 10:05:41
8 Dave 1/1/23 9:51:12 10:01:19
9 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:52:42 10:07:39
10 Bonnie 1/1/23 10:08:02 10:22:27
11 Curt 1/1/23 10:08:55 10:09:55
12 Curt 1/1/23 10:09:43 10:39:43
13 Dave 1/1/23 10:11:12 10:22:22
14 Dave 1/1/23 10:11:54 10:20:11
15 Adam 1/1/23 10:14:20 10:18:07
What makes the most sense for me is to turn that into just a list of timestamps so that I can try to create an equation to identify how many tasks a person is working on at a time.
For that I am going to power query and creating a custom column called "Start or End" that has the following formula:
= {"Start","End"}
So that I have a two item list for each ID. One will represent the starting timestamp one will be the end timestamp.
I then Expand that column.
From there I do a new Conditional Column called "Timestamp" with the following Logic:
IF "Start or End" = "Start", Then "Start Time" Else IF "Start or End" = "End", Then "End Time", Else ""
That gives me a timestamp list next to the field that lets me know if it is the start or end of the task.
The output looks like this:
ID User Date Start Time End Time Start or End Timestamp
1 Adam 1/1/23 9:05:15 9:35:12 Start 9:05:15
1 Adam 1/1/23 9:05:15 9:35:12 End 9:35:12
2 Adam 1/1/23 9:28:23 9:34:33 Start 9:28:23
2 Adam 1/1/23 9:28:23 9:34:33 End 9:34:33
3 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:29:01 9:29:54 Start 9:29:01
3 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:29:01 9:29:54 End 9:29:54
4 Adam 1/1/23 9:33:48 10:18:22 Start 9:33:48
4 Adam 1/1/23 9:33:48 10:18:22 End 10:18:22
5 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:42:44 9:50:23 Start 9:42:44
5 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:42:44 9:50:23 End 9:50:23
6 Curt 1/1/23 9:44:11 9:48:06 Start 9:44:11
6 Curt 1/1/23 9:44:11 9:48:06 End 9:48:06
7 Adam 1/1/23 9:44:58 10:05:41 Start 9:44:58
7 Adam 1/1/23 9:44:58 10:05:41 End 10:05:41
8 Dave 1/1/23 9:51:12 10:01:19 Start 9:51:12
8 Dave 1/1/23 9:51:12 10:01:19 End 10:01:19
9 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:52:42 10:07:39 Start 9:52:42
9 Bonnie 1/1/23 9:52:42 10:07:39 End 10:07:39
10 Bonnie 1/1/23 10:08:02 10:22:27 Start 10:08:02
10 Bonnie 1/1/23 10:08:02 10:22:27 End 10:22:27
11 Curt 1/1/23 10:08:55 10:09:55 Start 10:08:55
11 Curt 1/1/23 10:08:55 10:09:55 End 10:09:55
12 Curt 1/1/23 10:09:43 10:39:43 Start 10:09:43
12 Curt 1/1/23 10:09:43 10:39:43 End 10:39:43
13 Dave 1/1/23 10:11:12 10:22:22 Start 10:11:12
13 Dave 1/1/23 10:11:12 10:22:22 End 10:22:22
14 Dave 1/1/23 10:11:54 10:20:11 Start 10:11:54
14 Dave 1/1/23 10:11:54 10:20:11 End 10:20:11
15 Adam 1/1/23 10:14:20 10:18:07 Start 10:14:20
15 Adam 1/1/23 10:14:20 10:18:07 End 10:18:07
Now what I need is a column to track Active Tasks. That is pretty simple to do in that I need to increment the person's Active Task Count 1 when a task starts, and decrement by 1 when a task ends.
I can easily do that if I limit the table to 1 user and 1 day, but I want to be able to run the equation on the full table so I see the count for that user moving forward from the timestamp. I don't know how to account for the fact that there are many users in the table, and how to account for resetting at the end of the day (That is likely not an issue since every task has a start and end so it should always naturally return to 0 by the end of the day).
Does my thinking on how to identify this make sense, and how do I write that global task count equation?
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2023.06.01 23:32 Tburglr Midna policía

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You can refer to this link:


I need a lawyer. Its been 2 months now that bank of america has been witholding thousands of benefits from me. They put my account w thousands on it on a hold and tell me they are incapable of taking the hold off because "EDD put the hold on it" but EDD has never put a hold on my account ever. Called ABCnews and called representative Ash Kara many weeks ago. still nothing. Does the government have anything to protect people from this?

I am receiving future payments from EDD via check, but still have thousands being kept. I don't have enough money for a deposit until i get past payments.

Can I sue Bank of America? Should I make a police report?
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2023.06.01 23:31 __sZ When I play CS:GO at 4:3 stretched Firefox assumes 1280x960 resolution when I tab out, any fixes?

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2023.06.01 23:31 proffpizza Roofing contractor in Florida

I am part of a small Home owners association (HOA) consisting of 10 homeowners. I own one unit (rental property). In November 2022, my HOA had contracted a roofing company for a re-roofing project and paid 50% ($35,500) upfront towards starting costs. The roofing contractor has been telling the HOA president for at least 3 months that the permit paperwork has been submitted to the city but this could not be verified with the city building department. On all homeowners request, the HOA president had called for a meeting with the roofing contractor and all unit owners. The contractors did not show up for the meeting citing that he does not have any 'concrete' update. According to the roofer, he does not have any permit number but claims that the city has been giving him a hard time and that due to some issue with his partner the job could not be done but needs one more week to file permits. The HOA president signed the new permit today and is of the view that we should give him more chance as getting the money will be a 'hard' process. I wanted to know what options under Florida law i have as a unit owner to get my $7100 back, also what options does the HOA has to recover the money back? Thank you
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2023.06.01 23:30 CharlieBrown197 New pickup! JVC VM-R190SU

New pickup! JVC VM-R190SU
Scared the hell out of me at first bc the image was rolling, off-center and looked all wrong, but then I realized that literally all of the front-panel adjustments were wrong. Fixed them in about 30 seconds and got this. Discoloration is not visible in person.
This was a PVM that belonged to my old high school's (I graduated 1 year ago) TV Production department, but I think it got very little use and has not been in active use in years. I doubt he'll see this, but thanks Mr. C! Now the only jobs left for me to do are figure out how I'm going to do sound (no speakers on this bad boy and hifi is on the wrong side of the room) and to make my own S-Video cable (Y/C input on a 7-pin female Hirose(?) connector). Looks amazing though, even with just NES composite!
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2023.06.01 23:29 corignae Old timers are my job are harassing & bullying me & destroying my private property because a young woman now has authority over them- and they hate it.

Old timers AT* my job are trying to force me to quit because they hate the change & authority I am bringing. I have never worked in a place so hostile and toxic and I feel like this may be an actual case, but I am not sure how to proceeed.
I am a younger woman (under 30) working in a position that is technically authority over everyone else in the workplace because I am corporate and I am a director of a certain department (trying to keep it vague here for privacy reasons). Ever since I got here, I have been fought on EVERYTHING by these older male coworkers that are "under me" AKA have to listen to me because I am a corporate director. They are all 55+ and have worked at this place for over 20 years, so they are all very close to each other and have done things the same way for a long time. No other woman is in a position of power over them. I have tried to be very nice, tried to get them to like me, tried to be the hardass, but no matter what, they are awful to me. They intentionally try to sabotage my projects, they argue with me over every little thing, they talk over me and do not listen to me, they undermine my work and make important decisions without me, and they keep trying to force me to do things THEIR way even though they have no real education or experience in my field and are not hired to do MY work, but they are supposed to help me carry out different aspects of the project. "Well I want this to be this way because I said so, because we've always done it this way, because I want it to be this way-" and etc.
Last week was one of the worst weeks. One of our projects ended up being a disaster because of these older male coworkers interfering with my job due to all the reasons listed above and more, such as forcing decisions onto me about how things need to be, and then those things end up being a huge detriment to the project.
Well, after all of this happened, I came into work to my desk absolutely destroyed. All of my notes were destroyed. My work on my whiteboard was erased. All of my trinkets and personal items were thrown everywhere, hidden, placed INSIDE of my fridge, under the chairs, my computer was unplugged. I kept finding more and more things wrong with my desk and eventually I felt so dirty and violated. At first I thought it was just my coworker friend playing tricks on me, but he swore it wasn't him and he was very upset about it for me. Here's the kicker- he has also had his desk vandalized multiple times before, and he is the only other young corporate employee in an authority position over the older male coworkers. He is the same age as me and is my only friend there. Weird how NO ONE else's desks in the entire office (which is about 15) have never ever been touched except the only two young (under 30) corporate directors that are allowed to make decisions over other directors (my older male coworkers are also directors but they are not corporate so they have to do what I ask them to do).
I confronted one of the older male coworkers about the whole thing and he just brushed it off. While everyone else was completely horrified for me. Then he shrugged, said it must have been the night crew, then walked away. Very suspicious....
My boss has no idea any of this is going on because he has been traveling the past month. I am planning on telling him next week (I took this week off because I have been so stressed about what is going on). Part of me wants to quit, but I know these people want me to quit. I work part time remotely and part time in office, but I want to use this to petition to have me work 99% remotely now. I cleared out my desk completely the last day I was in. I don't even feel safe there anymore.
Here is the worst part.... I am making more money than I ever have, more than my parents ever have. Nothing obscence. But finally enough to feel like I can breathe. I finally have a little bit of a savings and an opportunity to pay off my debt. I never had that with another job. So I feel like I can't leave. I want to leave so badly but I will be giving up financial security and my career will be set back. Who knows if I will get a job in this position with this pay again.
I am calling a meeting next week with my boss to tell him what is going on, but part of me also wants to include my two older male coworkers and stress to them how serious (and frankly CRIMINAL) the situation is. I will not accuse them because I have no real proof it was them. But I do want to scare them, and I know that if I use the words "workplace harassment", "destruction of personal property", and "vandalism", they will feel uncomfortable and hopefully be discouraged from lashing out at me again. Or I could just meet with my boss and explain to him privately everything that is going on, but who knows if he will actually take real action to address it. My boss seems pretty reasonable but he has been working with these people for literally 20 years. I feel that if I do not address them all together, I will never have an opportunity to do so.
Should I have an HR representative present during the meeting? Should I meet with just my boss or also the older male coworkers? Or should I file a complaint to the company before I even do anything at all? I will definitely be recording the entire conversation regardless.
Tired of these shit people.
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2023.06.01 23:29 cwwid Questions from Germany

I have a few questions about firefighting and tactics in the US and other countries.
I myself am a squad leader in the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief) our primary task is to ensure civil defense in Germany. We also support all other authorities and organizations (such as German Red Cros, PD, FD,...) in their tasks. The THW's areas of application range from USAR to drinking water supply to operations with explosives. For example, we have units for building bridges, building and rebuilding infrastructure or logistics units to maintain our own operational capability. my Department's specialties are USAR, electrical supply for government buildings, hospitals or similar in the event of a power failure, use of heavy equipment (in our case a telescopic handler), locking of houses after interventions by the fire brigade, police, SWAT, burglaries or damage caused by storms. In addition, our Rescue group specializes in supporting houses that are in danger of collapsing.
Due to the fact that many houses in German cities are under monument protection, we have quite a few operations every year to secure them after a fire, for example, in order to enable reconstruction.
How do other countries deal with houses that are in danger of collapsing after catastrophes?
In addition, there are similar structures at federal or state level in other countries to support the local authorities in an emergency and if so, how do they work?
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2023.06.01 23:29 Old-Bowler162 Customer Threatens to Call the Police on Driver After He Asked for Gas

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2023.06.01 23:28 Mental-Property-11 Job

Go get paid to be a hater... @philly.teenjobs on IG
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2023.06.01 23:28 zdeara SMARTY- Free £10 gift card with sign up to mobile network

SMARTY is a fairly new SIM-only mobile network powered by Three that's built to be fair, transparent and smart. They even give you cashback for data you don't use!
Join via refer-a-friend link and you get a £10 Gift Card for Amazon.co.uk, John Lewis Partnership or Uber, your choice. You also get a £10 Gift Card for every friend you refer.
You’ll receive a unique link to choose your reward once your SIM has been active for 14 days. You can cancel after you get your gift card if it's not for you. They offer a range of SIM only deals on a 1 month plan so you can cancel any time.
If you're interested in them as a mobile provider choose the option that best suits you, or if you want the very cheapest option there is a 2GB data only option for £5. That would mean you would get £5 profit from the gift card if you cancel it after first month.
All regular plans include unlimited calls and texts. The cheapest with unlimited calls and texts is £6 a month and has 4 GB data.
They're 5G ready, EU roaming is still included and you can save 10% on every SIM with a SMARTY Group plan, that combined with the £10 gift cards for every friend you invite is a great incentive to get your friends on board.
Referral link - https://i.smarty.co.uk/n3w18Rx
Non-referral link (No free £10) - https://smarty.co.uk/#plans
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2023.06.01 23:27 Beautiful_Bowler_806 Hey Mary this your Gloria in your chat daily? Asking for a friend

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2023.06.01 23:27 thevegrevolutionary Online movement of 'Sky', Pt. 2

Hi everyone,
If you haven't seen my last post, basically, I was thinking that we could create an online movement based on the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie in which much of the plot revolves around the horrible conditions that so many animals are put in on a daily basis, and the fact that they all aspire to one day live under the blue sky. You can check the previous post for more details, but the idea is that 'They all deserve 'Sky'. i am really sorry I have not been super active on this platform, but I think if we want to launch this idea we have to do it as fast as possible, however the hope is that it outlasts just this movie. Thus, we need:
-A social media platform: I can create this and try to start posting. It will be called 'theyalldeservesky'.
-A profile picture that we and all vegans and animal activists around the world can brandish without shame. It should probably be a picture or drawing of the sky if anyone has a good one.
-Content that I can post on this page and that you all can put on your stories. I can handle for the most part, but if anyone has any videos, images, or facts which highlight the conditions they live in and the horrible cruelty they face, please please send them to me.
-Hashtags to use. I can mostly do this, with things such as #whereistheirsky, but any ideas would be appreciated.
Most importantly though, we need to get this content seen. We need to reach all the people on vegan so we can start to use our large numbers on this platform to promote the idea. Further, we need to try to blow up the account on Instagram so that it gets seen as much as possible. In the beginning, any publicity is good publicity.
My true goal here is to raise awareness. I believe that the average person would not eat meat if they were aware of the injustices that their actions pay for and support. We can show them through this movement and bring it to light.
Should I make a separate post for vegan?
Lets do this!
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