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Blackberry Smoke - For anything to do with the band

2013.01.20 07:36 Stagger_Lee75 Blackberry Smoke - For anything to do with the band

A place where the brothers and sisters of the family that is Blackberry Smoke can hang out and share.

2016.10.24 22:58 quzimaa Stray cats

About stray- and feral cats! BrianSetzer for the band stray cats

2023.06.07 06:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Missing Mount Rainier climber’s body found in crevasse; he was celebrating 80th birthday Toronto Star

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2023.06.07 06:30 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Missing Mount Rainier climber’s body found in crevasse; he was celebrating 80th birthday

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2023.06.07 05:25 sireggplantt I'm bad at secrets

This isn't really bad venting but I'm terrible at secrets and I've been keeping this in for about a week now. My dad has no hobbies nor friends, he works 24/7 and is addicted to tiktok. His birthday is this Friday and he is turning 54. My mom and I decided to plan a surprise party for him.
We ordered a chocolate cake, he loves chocolate. We ordered some fun balloons and got fun decorations to slap around the living room where the party will be hosted. My mom snuck away to the grocery store to get groceries to make his favorite dinner: steak. We invited his step mom who barely leaves the house to surprise him (his bio parents sadly passed). We bought the game Cornhole for the backyard and I found our old Nintendo Switch so we can play Mario Kart, I'll let him win since he quite literally sucks at the game (sorry dad). He usually comes home from work between 5-5:30 so we knew we had until 5 to get everything laid out.
Today he sat next to me and goes "I'll be home at 12 tomorrow, do you want to do anything tomorrow?" And I start to panic thinking he knows something is up. Nonchalantly, I tell him we can do something and then he leaves for the gym. I go to my mom and tell her the terrible news, she sighs and goes "of course the one day he chooses not to work is tomorrow" We're stuck with this new problem: how are we going to keep my no hobby no social life dad out of the house for 5 hours?
Therefore, our stealthy plan was created.
I don't have my car in town, I am visiting my parents for a few weeks after coming home from college. I tell him "we have to go to [town] and return mom's bra. tomorrow is the last day for the return policy." I picked that town specifically because it was a hour away. he goes "I don't really want to go to [town]" I bet you can sense my newfound panic. "we have to" he finally gives in.
Sadly because my dad chose not to work a full day like he normally does, my mom is forced to set up everything and cook the dinner by herself
As i am writing this, I regret to inform you that my dad found the steak we were going to cook tomorrow for his surprise birthday, cooked some of it, and ate it. we have to get another steak.
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2023.06.07 04:39 sonshineTX I am hiding $12k in credit card debt from my partner

TL/DR: Over the past 6 months, after taking a temporary cut in pay, I have racked up $12k in credit card debt that my husband doesn’t know about. I feel bad about it, but think I can get it paid off without bringing him in the loop. What would you do?
Details: This past October I started a new career. I am compensated with a base salary + commission and bonuses, but it takes a while to build a client base. I am almost to the point now (after 7-8 months) where I am making what I was making in my previous job, and comp should just be up from here. Based on my performance so far this year, I am also expecting about a $20k bonus (if not more) in October. However, the past several months of my compensation being in flux has put a huge financial strain on me and I’ve made decisions that I now regret.
Before I started the new gig, my husband and I discussed that I would be taking a significant, albeit temporary, cut in pay (about $2,000 less per month take home). I worked from home the first few months while watching our infant so that we wouldn’t have to pay for daycare. Other than that, I honestly did very little to try and cut back on expenses. When I couldn’t make ends meet, I just started putting things on my credit card. A lot of it was stuff like groceries. There was also a surprise birthday dinner for my husband that I didn’t have the cash to pay for. But there was also quite a bit of “unnecessary” spending. Things like work attire for my new job, stuff to decorate my office with, Christmas gifts that went above our budget, etc. This is all stuff that I am used to being able to pay for as it comes up, because I’ve always had a decent cushion in “my” bank account after the bills were paid. But that cushion was gone when I took the cut in pay. A couple of months ago I finally told my husband I was struggling with the pay cut and stressed about finances, so he started transferring me $500 per month to help with household expenses. He guilts me about this every month.
For some context here, DH and I have semi-separate finances. We have two joint checking accounts - his paycheck goes into one, mine goes into the other. All of our household expenses come out of “my”checking account (mortgage, utilities, groceries, car payment, insurance, cell phones, etc. and anything related to the kids). My husband puts about 75% of his paycheck into savings and lives on the rest (gas for his car, occasionally eating out for lunch - although he typically takes leftovers - and misc. things for home maintenance). DH is really frugal and basically never spend unnecessarily. He also handles our monthly church tithe (dagger in the heart here because he sounds like a saint as I write that part).
The thing is, we have a pretty decent savings account, but my husband acts like it is untouchable and gets annoyed if I tell him I need to dip into our savings for things like the Christmas gifts. He says I need to plan better and be less frivolous with my spending. I can’t say he is totally wrong, either.
Then all of the sudden in the last two months my DH got a bit of a wild hair. He wanted to to take a small family trip in May and then he was adamant we needed to book a somewhat extravagant family vacation to Florida in July. I pushed back on some of it, telling him I didn’t think we could really afford to do all of that right now, but I eventually capitulated. Then some things came up with our family car, which he would typically take care of - but it was kind of expensive to fix so he had to pull money from our savings. I just checked and we have now taken $12k out of our savings in the past few weeks to pay for these things.
The thing is, I feel like his reasons for taking money from our savings is always justified, but my reasons are not. When I bring this up he says things like “If it wasn’t for me we would have no savings” (remember, he puts most of his check in savings every month because I pay all of our household expenses).
On top of all of this, my husband has basically no federal withholdings taken out of his check. Instead, I withhold extra from mine to cover taxes we owe on his wages. (I currently earn about 1.5X his pay and within a year I think I will be at 2-2.5X his pay.) When I filed our taxes, I figured out we would be getting about $8k back (because of the job change and cut in pay I ended up paying too much in). I diverted our refund to my secret bank account that he doesn’t even know about - which only has a few hundred dollars in it right now - so that I could use the tax refund to pay down about 2/3s of the credit card debt. I justified this on my mind since most of taxes came out of my paycheck anyway.
This is effed up, right? I don’t think I am intentionally being deceptive (I mean, sort of) but I’ve kind of reached the point where I don’t feel like DH is going to help me if I need it, financially speaking. It’s on me to figure it out. And if he doesn’t agree with my decision he shames me and tells me I am selfishly overspending. But truly I think my expenses are basically normal - I don’t get my nails done (not that there is anything wrong with that), I buy a lot of my clothing secondhand, I purchase generic groceries, I don’t eat out at lunch, and I don’t really have a habit of shopping on the weekends or buying expensive shoes or purses. I think I live about the same or more cheaply than most women who make my salary. But even then I feel like I have to hide things from him. If he notices I bought something he says “Quit spending money!” even if it’s a $30 pillow from Target.
Please be brutally honest with me. What would you do in my situation? Would come clean and own up to the debt? Or just get it paid off and never speak of it. The credit card is just in my name, by the way. I know I’m not 100% right in my actions, but I also just feel a little resentful and backed into a corner. I have half a mind to start diverting a big chunk of my compensation into my secret bank account once I’m making a lot more just so I don’t have to share that money with him and I can do what I want with it without him getting to automatically control it. I don’t feel like this is healthy.
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2023.06.07 04:26 avantgarde33 Curious about other stay at home moms or working moms weekly spending money budget

Things have taken a turn financially for my family of 3 and we've gone from having about $400 a week of "fun/spending" money down to about $200-$250. This money does not include things like gas, groceries, or bills. It's purely for whatever we need or want to do that week. We are personally struggling not to go over and I feel like there's no way other people are comfortably staying within the same budget.
Here's an a example: last week I had to get everything for my daughters birthday together. Cups, plates, plasticware, balloons, table cloth, and other random decor ~$60. I pre-ordered a cake $30, and bought her a birthday gift (tricycle) $50. In the same week our family invited us to the beach. My daughter needed a swim suit and water shoes $20, I am pregnant and have nothing that fit so I went to target and got one for $40, and then we had to buy a life vest for our daughter at Costco for $20. Just like that all the weekly money budget was gone and additional things popped up that week where I needed to get something. I struggle to wait to buy things when I know I will need them within the next week or so, and tend to try to buy everything at once which also throws us over the budget we are tying to stick too.
I'm thinking at this point I need to consider getting a job even though my husband is making $33/hr and working 40+ hours a week. Things have just gotten so much more expensive.
But anyways, in regards to weekly budget what are other people spending and how comfortable are you within your budget?
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2023.06.07 04:17 global3events GLOBAL3EVENTS

Established in 2022 with home offices in West Palm Beach, FL. and Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Global III Events was founded to provide mobile event planning services. We are a full-service event management & planning company.
If you are planning a high-profile private party, grand openings, non-profit events, corporate or charitable event, birthday, promotion or retirement party, Global III Events is prepared to provide full event production, inclusive of renowned vendor referrals, manage design decor aligned to the clients vision and bring an element of surprise and ambiance which will be unforgettable. At Global III Events it’s about the experience.
Although, the company was founded in South Florida, the founders of the company quickly realized the need to provide event planning services, in other cities and states where there may be a void. Global III events is a comprehensive event and planning company, no event is too small or large, we specialize in planning parties (all types), Meet & Greets, Day Parties, customized parties based on our clients work schedules or availability and plan events for the Lifestyle Community which is our signature specialty
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2023.06.07 03:57 InquiringMind2890 Birthday for seniors

Looking for recommendations for a unique 80th birthday celebration in Kelowna or surrounding areas?
PS: no wine tastings please
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2023.06.07 03:48 daigithot Your game experiences and opinions for a project on Animal Crossing!!

Hello! I'm writing a research paper on the Animal Crossing game series for a final project in a university class on games and culture, and would love to hear people's opinions and experiences!!
I've come up with a kind-of-long template of questions, but feel free to skip any or add onto questions as you see fit. I just want as many responses as possible and to hear people's thoughts. If you're comfortable including your age and gender identity, that would be cool too, but certainly not necessary. Also let me know if you're open to being referenced in my paper! If you don't explicitly say you are, I will treat it as a no, so no worries.
Here are the questions I've come up with, but again, feel free to pick and choose as many or as few as you'd like to answer, or even discuss things I haven't thought to ask.
How many of the games have you played? -> Do you have a favorite one? What aspects of each game do you best remember, and what were your favorites? ->If you've played several games, can you tell me about your differing experiences and what you've noticed has changed between games, negative or positive? Especially in regards to villager dialogue, and how you felt playing each game (both at the time and in reflection).
How often do you play? What's the total amount of time you've spent in New Horizons? If you don't have an actual record of time spent in any of the games, your best estimation or how often/for how long you've played (or for how long you play during each session) for any of the games is also useful and helpful to know!
What do you like most, either about the game that's your favorite or the game series in general? Why do you play it?
Do you have anything you could say about your experience with the Animal Crossing series, especially New Horizons, during the pandemic?
When do you find yourself playing Animal Crossing the most? This could be related to outside circumstances or events, or personal feelings, or anything you can find in common between times when you're most active!
How do you feel about the Animal Crossing villagers? Is there an interaction mechanic you particularly like, or dislike (daily conversations, gifting, house visits, birthdays, scavenger hunts, deliveries, etc)? Is there a villager personality you like most or least? Why is your favorite villager your favorite?
What aspects of the game most appeal to you? Catching fish/bugs, interacting with villagers, island or character decoration/customization, catalog completion, in-game events/holidays, the multiplayer functions, completing the museum, soundtrack/sound design, etc? Any comments on any of these aspects, or ones not listed?
What are your experiences with the game's community? Do you have any complaints, or things you like/appreciate? How often do you or did you make use of the multiplayer features, and which ones?
I feel like it's a bit of a long shot that I'll get many responses, but I really wanted to try to get some informal data and discussion going, not only for the paper I'm writing but also just because I love this game series and am super curious (my passion for the game is what drove me to choose it as a topic, after all!!). Thank you so so much in advance. Any kind of answers or responses are seriously appreciated, and if you have other people or communities of players who might also have some insightful or fun opinions to share about the game, reaching out to them and sharing what they have to say would be just as cool!
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2023.06.07 02:54 Djf47021 KFC ads 1960s-2000s

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2023.06.07 02:54 Ralfop Cake Decor Piping Nozzle Set This icing tips set assured to plaster a smile on any baking lover’s face, whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or Mother’s Day present you’re looking for. Made of high-quality stainless steel, safe, and non-toxic. This tool set is also easy to clean, make

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2023.06.07 02:02 Straight_Ability8954 What would you say on your last day?

What would you say as your final last words to whoever you want to say it to (TL, STL, Regional, Global, whoever) if you knew you were leaving for good, never needing a reference (they don’t give one anyway), and they asked you if you had any feedback or comments to give before you head on out?
I feel like most of us really need this.
To my STL: forget work for a second, forget numbers, forget you ever worked here and what you do for a living or for your career… look at the type of a person you are. Cold, emotionless, caring only about numbers and forgetting that you deal with actual living PEOPLE. You seem like you have no soul, you allow the most toxic leaders to bully others and do horrible things over and over again without consequences, yet are quick to punish the ones who make one small mistake, and completely fail to make any real connections to ANYONE at your OWN store. You’re not approachable, you’re not warm, you’re not funny and you’re not fun. You don’t make any efforts to make team members appreciated, not even on the store’s birthday or team member appreciation week, and don’t even mention holidays. If we’re so “broke” that we can’t do anything for team members, then when is the last time you have wrapped up your sleeves to do some VOLUNTEERING, whether simple cooking or decorating or fun games or even setting up appreciation posters for other team members to write on? Shame on the person you are. Look in the mirror once and see if you’re able to reflect on the type of a person you either have become, or maybe have always been. You’re not remembered in a good way, I’ll tell you that. So many others are.
Phew that felt good!
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2023.06.07 01:02 Worried_Lunch9606 Was it their Bipolar?

I was broken up with recently out of the blue. It had almost happened 2 months before for real (as they had brought up the idea in the past when they'd get down on themselves but it was never serious) but we talked it through and everything had been good since. It was hard for me to feel stable at first, and I would struggle with how to respond/feel around them but I communicated what I needed to them, we talked, it was great. Things were feeling better than they ever have in a while for me. We were planning on how to finish decorating their apartment, shopping for things, grocery shopping, meal planning, etc. I hadn't cry laughed so much ever than those months.
Everything was fine the night before: we had a minor issue, they didn't respond to my small hurt feelings well, they felt silent when I had and chose to go on a walk. They came back soon and said their head spiraled, apologized for hurting me, and we talked. They didnt bring up their head spiraling about anything with us and they wanted comfort and a hug and then we were fine. We hung out and watched a dumb movie, had fun, and slept. The next morning they broke up with me and had me leave and said they'd pack up my stuff. No matter what I said or did, no matter how much they cried too, I couldnt get through to them. Their reasons didnt hold up when I thought about them for more than 2 seconds, things that could be solved, or were in the process, etc. When I spoke with them when they drove my stuff down two days later they said that there was "compatibility" issues too and that while the relationship may have been good for me it wasnt for them. This doesnt make sense given everything they've ever said/texted/done, etc. and how we factually are very, very compatible. Theyre currently struggling very bad with low self esteem and body image due to weight gain from the pandemic and stress. It would make it difficult to go out or wear anything other than hoodies and they were dreading the summer coming up. They slowly started smoking again and hid it from me for a day or two, twice. They were fully vaping when I last saw them despite being nicotine free for months. They're also turning 30 soon which I knew was a huge stress on them due to our age difference. It's a very normal age difference (I'm 23) but they struggle with low self esteem and never view themselves as a good person or even a neutral person. Our 3 year anniversary is today (I've been involved with them for 4 though) and its been around 9 days since they broke up with me. Their birthday is later this month. They've been in therapy for years (4+ at the least) and are on medication and I've been telling them they need help with their self esteem since that was the root cause of a lot of our problems but therapy doesnt seem to be helping. I was even thinking of telling them if they need to up their medicine for a bit due to how suddenly rough they seemed to be doing and how their mindset had become much more doom and gloom.
You can struggle with mental illness and not have every choice clouded by it but I cant tell. Does it sound like their Bipolar acting up with all their upcoming stresses? Is there a chance they'll come back? We had made a bunch of mini plans, and were doing all these domestic things, and werent fighting and having fun, being sweet - I'm a good communicator and we factually are insanely compatible on all levels. They have always been so in love with me and I them, and always extremely loyal. We've been dating with the idea of it being long term forever and while we hadn't talked about marriage directly its always been vaguely shyly danced around but obvious. This was a very serious and extremely passionate and loving relationship and they've always been so afraid of me leaving so I'm just so floored by all this and them shutting down all the solutions and the option of trying by suddenly saying how its never worked for them. They were heartbroken by it all too though but they made it seem like they suddenly had no choice despite nothing was happening at all and it could all be okay. They gave me so many hugs before I left and we promised wed take care of ourselves. They didnt block me either. Any thoughts/hopefulness would be much appreciated :(
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2023.06.07 00:00 Big_Albatross8076 It was her 80th birthday photo shoot and she wore a dress I created 💕

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2023.06.06 23:43 vonralls Looking for a spot for my Dad's 80th

So I'm looking for a seafood spot to host a party for my Dad's 80th birthday. I wonder if any of you have any ideas. It will be relatively small, maybe 20-25 people. Dinner and drinks for a few hours. Someone suggested Fancy's Fish House. I filled out there form on the website but haven't heard back from them. Any fun suggestions from MemReddit?
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2023.06.06 23:34 Medium_Hearing1490 Ideas needed

Hello, I’m in need of some DIY horror decorations for an adult birthday. Person is strictly horror movie fan (as am I). Everything leads to those “sites” and I don’t want to pay I want to make it myself. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.06 22:39 410bore [Thank You] May Mailbag... sorry some of this is so late, but I do appreciate ALL of you!

u/jane_q Thank you so much for the darling birthday card. Your heartfelt note and suggestions about my birthday ambivalence warmed my heart. Also, fellow fountain-pen user, be patient with your writing improvement. It takes time and lots of practice to get really consistent with it. Honestly I thought your writing was GREAT as-is, so any improvements you make are just refinements at this point, right? If you haven't checked out the fountainpens subreddit, you should. Lots of good FP info and help over there and the peeps are all super-nice. Thanks for the stickers as well!
u/omggallout x2! The two Disney postcards were lovely. Fantasia is an all-time favorite of mine; the classic-est of the classic Disney movies! It has an awesome soundtrack as well. And I needed those nice-weather vibes; we had the snowiest spring that I can remember... 14" on the ground one day early April and continued to snow for a couple weeks after that. It's nice to have warm weather again.
u/chip-girl I ADORED this card. A handmade constellation and space card no less! I like the clever way you put shine on the stars on front and the space kitty inside was just the cat's meow! I don't have a Circuit; I have a Silhouette, but pretty much the same thing. I love it, although it's an older model and I probably should upgrade sometime soon. I also do other crafty things... sewing, pysanky and the like.
u/amabisca The coloring postcards are darling! I love cats, so I'll have fun coloring these and seeing how they turn out. The best thing is that once I'm done, I can send them on to someone else on RAOC!
u/blue-wanderer-quartz Where did you get these tiny yet adorable tarot cards? I love the artwork on it! And the advice given by the card was pretty useful as well as the stickers of the moon phases being right up my alley. I also liked the card you enclosed it all in; origami horses... very cute!
u/feellikebeingajerk well, you're not a jerk, this was a lovely card and as I'm a big Klimt fan, I really enjoyed it. I have seen many of this artist's paintings in person and the guy was brilliant. If you ever have a chance, go to the Klimt exhibit in Vienna... it's wonderful.
u/jane_q This FANTASTIC vintage pulp fiction postcard was marvelous. I love this art style.... it's so kitschy and fun. The astronomy stamps on the back were the perfect touch, thanks for using them on my card and I'm surprised you didn't run into anyone else into astronomy/space before this!
u/natsby it was fun to get a card all the way from England for my birthday! I appreciate you sending me something from so far away. I loved the little enclosures (tiny memo pad and sticker) and the fact it was a moon phases card was just wonderful. I love space and astronomy and it was perfect!
u/hannonerin Muito obrigada pelo cartão postal! Morava no brasil quando eu era jovem, como estudiante intercambio, com uma familia Brasileira. Agora, u sou velha, mais ainda não esqueceu completamente falar em português. Tenho saudades do Brasil e a gente amável. Gostaria visitar um dia de novo.
u/okayflan Thank you for another lovely mailing! It always makes me smile to get one of your cute decorated cards. I love the assortment of fun stickers that you always use!
u/notinmywheelhouse The Marimekko postcard is so pretty. Getting it in the mail reminds me of my Finnish penpal whom I wrote to for nearly 50 years, introduced me to Marimekko, and who is sadly now passed away. All good memories. Thanks for giving me that little throwback to a friendship that meant a lot to me. :)
u/awachob WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS CARD????? The X-Files is my absolute, all-time, favorite show and your very crafty, handmade card did it complete and total justice! This one is going up on my desk on a permanent basis because I WANT TO BELIEVE! Thank you so much for picking me to send the card to; I don't think anyone else could appreciate it more than I do. :)
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2023.06.06 21:00 abc-animal514 First time fish owner with guppies (story)

If you're a first-time fish owner, it may not be the best idea to start with guppies, unless you're prepared. The guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is a very popular aquarium fish species. They are part of the Poeciliidae family, along with mollies, platies, and swordtails, and they are livebearers. Guppies, like sharks, give birth to live young, with females generally being larger.
When I was 13, I got a 6.8-gallon fish tank as a birthday gift. I purchased four guppies from my local Petco, two males and two females. I named the males Cioppino, inspired by an Italian seafood dish, and Cosmo, due to his star-like scales. The females were named Ponyo, after a Studio Ghibli character, and Lily, because it suited her well. One of the first things I figured out about them was that they eat a lot, and therefore produce a lot of waste, requiring frequent cleaning. And I didn’t know that they would start reproducing quite as rapidly as they did. Lily has started giving birth to babies, as guppies have a gestation period of only about 20 days. I was aware that guppies could be cannibalistic, and Cosmo would eat the young. So my mom and I put together a temporary nursery out of a vase with some rocks and a flower decoration. The six fry we had saved lived in this vase, but it was a challenge, especially during December, for the vase had no heating. But a few days later, Cosmo committed suicide by jumping out of the tank through the feeding hatch and onto the floor in the middle of the night. I eventually upgraded to a 10-gallon tank for the adults and a smaller 5-gallon tank for the fry. As Ponyo became pregnant, I moved her to the smaller tank, and she soon gave birth to over 20 babies. With so many babies, I didn’t bother trying to name them all individually. Instead, I used sushi menu items as names (ironically) and added a few with simple names like Carl and Lily II. The small fry thrived quite well in this small tank. Although there were occasional mishaps with fry getting caught in the filter, their small size allowed them to cycle through safely. When the babies were big enough, I reintegrated them into the larger tank with their parents. Fortunately, Cioppino was not a cannibalistic male, and the other fish didn't harm the babies, either reintegrated or newborns in the large tank. Over time, one of the fry, that I named Fred, grew enough to join the adults in the large tank. But it turns out that Fred was a girl, and another fish I named Lily III was a guy, and they began having babies of their own. While the original adult fish died out due to natural aging, the babies took over the tank. But their increasing numbers posed challenges, as they produced larger waste messes and some of the smaller ones got caught in the filter and couldn't escape. But then at one point during a tank maintenance attempt by my mom, all of them died, likely due to mercury poisoning or an accidental pH change. After all of that, I decided not to keep guppies again. Instead, I later kept a blue and yellow betta fish named Sparty in the small tank. But at one point his long tail was torn off by the filter, and he spent most of his short life lethargic. Since then, I've only got tetras, as they are easier to manage, and you can keep them in schools, and can buy different breeds that you can still keep together.
If you're a first-time fish owner, I wouldn't recommend starting with guppies. And if you do choose guppies, I suggest getting only one gender, preferably males. They are not only prettier, but also decrease the chances of having babies in the tank, as female fish can still reproduce through parthenogenesis.
And getting a cleaning snail is worth it.
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2023.06.06 20:53 Mershilien WTS 30$ EU -C4 Yae + Kagura-

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2023.06.06 20:19 Economy-Role6105 It was her 80th birthday photo shoot and she wore a dress I created 💕

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2023.06.06 17:50 AlmondMilk_AKA_AM Need advice on how to divide the profit in a small business?

In a nutshell.
Three people (X, B & C) are involved in an event planning business. X. provide cash only ( investor). B & C are finding customers, planning, and decorating the events.
We have been running this business for more than six months. Now we planned to divide the profit well for everyone.
X. Already spent 5 lakhs includinges ( decoration items + monthly rentals).
Now, for June account. Rent =Rs. 20,000 Electricity bill = Rs.2,000
For the Birthday event X.bought Rs . 9,000 flowers B &C spent Rs. 3,000 for food, traveling, transport
With all the items that we had bought previously, we completed the birthday event.
Income:Rs. 23,000 Expense: Rs.9000 + 3000 Profit =Rs. 11,000
Now we need to give out cash to X, B, and C and find a way to sort out rent and electricity bills. What is the best way to do it.
Please advise me. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 17:28 AffectionateSugar10 I threw them all out

I had been making a birthday gift for a while. I spent the whole week looking for funny stuff and decorating my room. We had dinner plans for just two of us, until his friends invited him for dinner. I told him that I made a reservation and had secret plans for him. I was blamed for making surprise plans. He said he made dinner plans only and didn't mean to stay after dinner, as his friends might have surprise plans for him or want to go out after dinner. He was my boyfriend over a year.
Anyways, I threw them all out. My house is now clean and empty. I had dinner with friends, learned some Spanish from them, went to the theater and the zoo. I don't really know what to feel. I thought I would be sad, I would rather be sad and get over it, but I'm not sad enough. I laughed at podcast and went to the gym.
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2023.06.06 15:42 7events01 Creating Enchanting Birthday Decorations for Kids: A Guide to Magical Celebrations!

Birthdays are extraordinary occasions for children, brimming with excitement, joy, and endless possibilities. As parents, caregivers, or party planners, we strive to make these moments truly memorable by creating enchanting birthday decorations. In this post, we'll delve into the world of captivating decorations that will bring their dreams to life and make their special day truly magical!
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