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Everything to do with Haywood County North Carolina

2013.07.08 19:06 Robowarrior123 Everything to do with Haywood County North Carolina

We love our county! From Maggie Valley to Canton and all towns in between, this is your one stop shop for all things in Haywood County. Locals - Sell your stuff, Tell a story, Share some photos! Travelers - Get the inside scoop on the best places to visit! Share some photos!

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2012.08.20 13:01 Lots42 Pinellas County, Florida's Florida

Pinellas County, without it, Tampa Bay would just be a really neat indentation.

2023.03.20 19:10 kommandarskye EV Road Trip Report: Mid-South to Florida

This sub was really helpful during my purchase process so I thought I would share some feedback in case it helps others considering buying one and/or taking a long trip in one.
Purchase/QMerit Installation
For context, we purchased a new Bolt EV 2023 (2LT) with the infotainment package in Feb. Got very lucky, all the local dealers in Memphis who had listed inventory (of EUVs/EVs) had already been spoken for, some of them still in transit and paid for sight unseen, and nobody seemed especially interested in helping me order one - this seemed to be true out to a 250 mile radius, and even further out for most of Jan. I had one dealer in Arkansas close-by that had an EV en route that they had not yet listed, so after finding a used EUV to test-drive, I put down a deposit and purchased at MSRP with no nonsense add-ons when it came off the train a few weeks later. (Very smooth sales process, feel free to DM me if you want more info)!
I had had a mild preference for the EUV, since the plan was for this to be our daily commuter with two kids in car-seats - but in the end, we find the EV is more than spacious enough. Zero regrets, I kind of prefer the EV's look anyway and while the 3 inches of leg-space would be nice, the better efficiency is worth it.
QMerit install process was smooth, it took a few weeks but Level 1 charging was just fine for daily work/school/shopping (20-30 miles), I think it was adding about 48 miles in 12 hours overnight, the battery never really fell below 50%. The installer quoted a $1700 non-standard install at first but once I e-mailed QMerit customer service about it, they said they would cover it completely. I got them to install an Emporia charger that I'm happy with, had it hardwired which is probably a bit overkill but it does indeed charge at around 11.5Kw. The only real use for the level-2 is getting back from a weekend away close to empty and needing a full charge before an unusually busy weekday of driving; I suppose it extends the life of the dual-level charger which is useful when charging at campgrounds or when staying at others' houses.
Road Trip We took our first long-distance road trip in the car last week for spring break, about 800 miles each way to visit family in Florida.
A few observations in case they are useful to others planning to buy a Bolt and/or to take a long trip in one, esp. in the South:
1) A Better Route Planner is very useful: not sure the premium features are worth it or necessary (but I'm happy to support the developer!). I started out quite conservative (requested arriving SoC at 10%) and pushed that down to 5% on the way back: I think it makes sense to keep it higher because it seems to be around 6-8% that the range will drop to "low" and you get a reduced propulsion message, which you might find stressful (we did the first time, but I believe you should still have 10 miles left at that point).
2) Plugshare seems to be the best place to get up-to-date reviews (most of the major charging stations had check-ins within days of us). Seems to be good etiquette to update if things go well (there were some chargers that had not been checked in for weeks or months and I was concerned about depending on them in case there was some issue) as well as if things go poorly. Especially useful if you are in urgent need of charging, as it will turn up wall outlets and level 2 chargers that are not always in ABRP's route plan.
3) Driving in this region (TN/MS/AL/GA/FL) a lot of your stops will be at Electrify America, often at Walmarts. We never had problems finding a working stall but it was typical for 1-2 out of 4 to have some kind of issue (usually already documented on Plugshare). It charges very quickly under 50% (55 Kw), so the ideal situation is to arrive with <20% charge and get to 80% within an hour. EVGo also worked well the one time we used it. It makes sense to get the monthly plan even for a single trip, I think I saved over $8 on one long charge alone.
4) We typically don't drive continuously for more than 4 hours anyway, so the stopping to charge was not generally an issue. The problem is that you are forced to stop at, well, these particular locations - at best, strip malls in the suburbs of big cities (Memphis, Birmingham, Montgomery, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ormond Beach etc.), sometimes just a convenience store or gas station. There are usually a few food options but you are limited to what happens to be available if you want to eat while charging. With small kids in particular, you may only have 1-2 options that can be walked to across a parking lot: twice on our trip, I dropped the family off 0.5-1 mile and walked back over, which wouldn't be so bad if there were pedestrian walkways or cross-walks but there aren't in such places. In contrast, on our ICE road trips, we would detour to state parks for a hike and picnic (e.g.) or stop at any restaurant we wanted, whereas we felt a lot of pressure with the Bolt (for time-efficiency's sake) to make our charging stops our only eating/rest-stops because of how long they were. (To be clear, not all charging stops are long.)
5) Plugshare will also generally give you info on hotel chargers (Kayak and other platforms will let you filter hotels in an area by "EV Charging" amenity), typically level 2 ClipperCreek chargers that will get you a full charge overnight. They are not reservable in advance, and hotels don't always enforce a policy not to park ICE cars there. The first time we stayed at one, four Tesla spots and two ClipperCreek spots right by the entrance were taken up by ICE cars, and we arrived late (after 11PM)... luckily while I was unloading, I happened to notice someone come out for a smoke by his car and he moved it to another spot. The second time, there was clearer signage and the EV spots were less conveniently located so the spot was open despite arriving late in the evening. But if two people happened to need a single charger overnight, there is no obvious way to communicate with one another (perhaps through actively checking in on the Plugshare app and DMing there, leaving a note with the front-desk or a sign on your dashboard with your phone number). It worked out for us this time but I would not rely on getting a full charge at such places in the future.
6) We had no problem stuffing the trunk with enough stuff for a week: three carry-on suitcases, plus bags of books, board-games, sports-gear, swimming/snorkel gear, a couple of violins). We could probably pack more efficiently so I don't see cargo-space as the limiting factor for the trip for a family of four.
Tl;dr. Overall, the trip went well - but I don't think we will be taking the Bolt on a multi-day road trip (400+ mi). Its principally the flexibility of being able to take our long stops wherever we would like that I miss about our ICE road-trips, as well as sleep wherever we would like. Everything worked out as well as it could have for us in every other respect, and obviously we saved a great deal on gas even with paid DCFC. So while I feel slightly uneasy about how close we might have been to losing a few hours here or there due to charging issues (waiting, technical issues, not getting a hotel EV spot etc.), I think the infrastructure is already good enough and improving fast enough, that those concerns are not really the constraint.
What I'd love to see across the South are multiple (2-4) L3 chargers at every interstate rest stop, in main streets in towns on state highways/routes that are not interstates, and at local/state/national parks, as well as at more hotels - that is, enough density of chargers that one can be nearly as thoughtless about them as we are as ICE drivers about plotting routes without thinking of gas station. Neither commercial demand nor local/state/federal policy seem to be quite there yet but as EV adoption continues (esp. of non-Teslas!), I feel optimistic.
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2023.03.20 19:10 L3G0MYBAG31 Almost got hurt yesterday.

Almost got hurt yesterday.
So yesterday I was using the walkie stacker out in the GC. A customer wanted to get passed me so I moved the forks under the steel and I barely touched the steel with the lift. One of these grills fell from the top and landed not but a foot away for where I was. 😕
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2023.03.20 19:10 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator Download Course on

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2023.03.20 19:10 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Program

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2023.03.20 19:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (The Complete Program)

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.03.20 19:09 3am_doorknob_turn Church for sale in Orem Utah!

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2023.03.20 19:09 cumbersome_heist Food&Beverage Sector Is Hungry for Data, and It’s Not the Only One

In 1982, Michael Bloomberg began selling customized computer terminals that delivered real-time market data, financial calculations, and other analytics to Wall Street firms. At first, it was called the Market Master terminal, but later became known as the Bloomberg Terminal or simply "The Bloomberg." The subscription price started at $25,000 per year, which could be considered sky-high at that time.
Since then, a lot has changed. The advent of the Internet made acquiring most information much more affordable. Nevertheless, the Bloomberg Terminal propelled its inventor from a bond trader sweating in his underwear in Salomon Brothers' vaults to a media mogul.
The same Bloomberg concept seems to be revived in a new form - AI. AI machines are capable not only of collecting and processing publicly available information but also of extracting meaningful insights and generating assumptions regarding non-public indicators such as competitors' revenue or real estate earnings. This information now holds the same significance and value for which traders would previously shell out big bucks for a subscription to Bloomberg Terminals. The potential consumers of these "new Bloombergs" are no longer limited to traders but rather any company that prioritizes data-driven decision-making. Your task is to provide these companies with the requisite data.
Here's an example of how this can be achieved.
Player: Burger Index
How it works: The Burger Index is a data analytics platform that helps restaurants, cafes, and cloud kitchen managers sell more by making data-driven decisions on new locations, products, pricing, promotions, leads, and trends.
The platform offers various services depending on your question. For instance, if you inquire about the ideal location for a new coffee shop, the platform considers factors such as the socio-demographic characteristics of the population, the average income level, the existing demand for coffee, and the number of coffee shops already present in the area. Similarly, if you ask what items to include in a new menu, the platform analyzes competitors' menu, their new products, and the current demand for those products. To identify current promotions that boost sales for other establishments, the Burger Index analyzes online ads, identifies the advertisers and their promotions, and assesses their effectiveness.
The description above was a simplified representation of the platform. In reality, it’s much more complex, powered by an AI machine that analyzes data collected from the Internet, continuously learning in the process. Basically, users can interact with the platform in two ways:
  1. The first option is to monitor the industry's event feed, which can be filtered by areas of interest, establishment types, and other criteria. This feature enables users to track real-time updates such as new menu items, changes in dish prices, and promotional offers.
  2. Alternatively, users can make a direct request to the system. By selecting the desired city and cuisine type, the platform provides a comprehensive set of graphs and data tables.
Funding: Burger Index finds itself at the intersection of three exploding markets — data analytics, location-based services, and restaurant tech. The startup was established in Spain last year and has quickly expanded its services to seven European countries and GCC (including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman). Large corporations such as McDonald's and Nestle have joined the venture. The startup has secured $1.3 million in a seed-funding round led by Cairo-based venture capital company Flat6Labs to broaden its offerings beyond restaurants and incorporate grocery stores and supermarkets.
What can you build?You can make "New Bloombergs."
At the moment, it's too early to talk about creating a universal AI machine that can analyze market segments at the right level. For each market (or market segments), you need to create a separate machine that will be trained and optimized for analyzing specific types of data and creating certain assumptions.
Therefore, the number of opportunities here is proportional to the number of markets. And also the number of competing 'Bloombergs' that this market can endure. Now is the right time to get into this topic because it may turn out to be too late since the number of top players in each market in this topic will still be limited.
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2023.03.20 19:09 Topazdragon5676 Looking for Alternatives to TCG Player Buylist

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using the TCG Player Buylist for a while now but I’m getting tired of dealing with them as a company. I’m a primarily limited player and my goal is to just unload the cards that I draft.
I started using the buylist for several reasons; * Like many buylists it is easy to use * Especially after a set releases, the buylist will often buy cards that retail stores aren’t interested in, even if they buy at a low price. * Often the buylist will buy cards at a higher price than most retail stores, especially the ones that aren’t the very valuable cards of the set.
These last two reasons are particularly useful to me as I walk away with many commons / uncommons / bulk rares. For example, right after Dominaria Remastered came out I was able to sell the basic lands that came in them for about $0.25 each. Also, many bulk rares and other C/U cards have buyers at $0.25 when a set is new or after the set is established but the cards are good in some formats.
I’m speculating, but I think that this is able to happen because I’m not really selling to TCG Player, just to other stores who have set a buy price which is lower then the standard “market” price, but higher then most retail stores set their buy prices.
But now the problems with dealing with TCG Player have become more then what I want to deal with. Their grading is way too strict. They list cards as “damaged” or “lightly played” when they are pack fresh (not frequently, but often.) Any bend in foils (also directly out of a pack) they reject. They spend $0.50 of my store credit to return a common foil that I was trying to sell to them for $0.25 and would happily throw away if they aren't buying it. They take too long to actually process my package and then take even longer to actually apply the store credit.
All that said, I’m now hoping to find another website that will buy my cards in a similar fashion, but doesn’t have the above problems. Stores like Star City Games and Card Kingdom are great, but there isn’t any opportunity to sell the bulk rares at higher than their very low bulk rate and they seldom buy commons / uncommons.
Any recommendations for an alternative to TCG Player’s buylist?
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2023.03.20 19:09 TheBaney Think I've Done It Now

Just a little back story for context.
  1. I hate hate hate group texts. There are so many other non-obtrusive ways to communicate with a group of people. A mass text that I can't shut off or leave (I've got an android, she's got an iPhone), which also provides my phone number to a bunch of people I don't know, I'm not about it. MIL uses mass texts constantly. I actually had her blocked on my phone for awhile because she had sent out some message in an old mass text about an upcoming family event, that I wasn't even going to, while I was trying to recover from surgery. So I'm at home trying to sleep and my phone keeps going off with messages from cousins I hate about what food they're bringing to an event I'm not going to. (I needed to keep my phone on to keep track of when my prescriptions would be ready, and to keep in communication with my husband while he was at work.) So - mass texts.
  2. Their dang basement. They just finished their basement. Cool. They painted, put a couple space heaters down there. Honestly, I'm sure to other people it looks great, I'm sure they accomplished a lot and should be proud. But I have had so many conversations about this damn basement that I Just Don't Care. I think they think it's going to be Party Central? Their house is small. Their living room comfortably seats 6. Their dining room table seats 8, but that comfortably. Like, two people can stand in the kitchen, if they're willing to do the side shuffle every time they want to move.
Point is, it's small, and fills up with people fast. So why do they insist on inviting everyone they've ever met to their house at the same time. Christmas was a shit show that we had to do twice because BIL1 couldn't make it up for the actual holiday. House was full of extended family the first time which was uncomfortably crowded the first time, and then Xmas redux, they also invited random friends of theirs. So it was even worse. And then of course, it was all about the basement, which has added 4 or 5 extra seats. So Christmas was "ooh look what we've done with the basement." Then we had brunch a couple weeks ago (that's also detailed in my post history) specifically to show off the basement.
Now: Saturday morning, day after I made a series of poor St. Patrick's day life choices (remember folks, one drink per hour at least, with a glass of water in between), I'm dealing with a late 30's hangover, wanting to die, when my phone starts going off.
I've been added to a mass text with TWENTY other people. And it looks like she added me after she sent out the original message, because all I'm getting are other people's responses. And from the context of those responses, I and the rest of the tri-county area have been invited to yet another party to celebrate The Damn Basement. But again, no original message, so I don't know what day or what time or any details whatsoever, just that one of DH's cousins can't come, one of his uncles will be out of state, and someone named Pat will bring a dip of some kind.
So, I decide to put on my big girl pants and actually use my words. I'm very much a big proponent of this, and yet with MIL it's difficult because even the slightest perception of criticism is the Worst thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life. But, I can't reasonably expect her to know I don't like mass texts if i don't tell her. (She's not supposed to be texting me anyways, DH told her years ago if she needs something to contact him, but still.)
So I send her an individual text, letting her know that I'm assuming this is from her, but that I didn't get the original text, so I'm not sure, but please don't add me to any mass texts in the future. I tried very very hard to be as nice and polite as possible, I said it was because I have an android and they don't play well with iPhones. Well.
It's been two days and I've gotten zero response, lol. DH was worried he was going to be getting a phone call or something because of it, but so far he's gotten nothing either. She really likes the silent treatment, but it's always a toss up if you get that or if you get the guilt trip "tell me why you hate me so much" treatment, and I don't think she gets that the silent treatment is no punishment at all.
So I guess we'll see if we ever get any actual information about the third dang basement party where everyone will be packed like sardines. 👍 (Doesn't matter when it is, I'm gonna have plans)
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2023.03.20 19:08 Svennihilator11 Goblin's Gambit

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2023.03.20 19:08 No_Plane7225 Attorney didn’t represent myself in court, what to do next?

Hey all, so I don’t even know where to start. A while back, I got a speeding ticket for driving over 15mph at the posted speed limit; due to my state laws, this would be seen as a criminal offense/felon (not very educated in law). So I hired an attorney to represent myself in court, paid him, and even did the waiver of appearance; it's important to note that I have all of these printed out since I like to keep track of my things. My court date was on the 15th, and I kept trying to reach him and see how the case status was going. I got no word from him, so today I went and tried calling but got not answer, so instead, I called my county clerk and asked if I could get the status through them. Come to find out, I have an issue with arrest, and my attorney didn't show up to my court date. I have no clue what to do, and I'm up in the air as to if I should turn myself in and get it taken care of. Is there anything I could do?
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2023.03.20 19:08 Shot-Cup771 Guitar for Sale

Fender 1996 Tex Mex Strat
Hecho en Mexico.
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2023.03.20 19:08 bishopsworth Where's the eShop flash sale?

Is anyone else hoping that they're going to see an "Everything must go" style sale on the eShop?
It seems like it would be a great way for both Nintendo and the developers to earn a tonne of revenue they wouldn't otherwise see.
I'm holding on for a few more days hoping that Affordable Space Adventures comes down and I'd also love to see the BOTW expansion drop by at least 50%.
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2023.03.20 19:08 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (2022 New Version)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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2023.03.20 19:07 Outrageous-Public-18 we do a little t(rule)ing

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2023.03.20 19:07 NintendoFan12567 Ranking Precure Seasons by How Likely I Think They are to Get a Sequel Next

Since last week's announcement that Yes! 5 and Maho Tsukai are getting sequels aimed at adult fans of the franchise, the fandom has been abuzz with wondering which season will be next. Right now, I think that Otona Precure will be a sub-series going forward and that all of the seasons are going to a sequel sooner or later. As such, I've decided to rank the remaining seasons by how likely I think they are to get a sequel next, from least likely to most likely.
Healin' Good, Tropical-Rouge!, Delicious Party, and Hirogaru Sky!
I'm grouping all of the 2020's seasons together at dead last on the list because, due to how recent they are, I don't see them getting sequels anytime soon. Out of all of these, I'd say that a Healin' Good sequel is the most likely to happen, both due to its age and the fact that the girls are still operating as magical girls at the end of the season.
Happiness Charge
Literally the only reason this season isn't at the bottom of the list is because of how young Healin' Good and its successors are. While there are people who like it just fine (I, for one, thought that it's not as bad as most make it out to be), Happiness Charge is very unpopular in the fandom. This is the case in Japanese fandom too, as the season's poor reception resulted in a massive shakeup in Toei's Precure department. I don't see Toei wanting to revisit this one in the near future.
Doki Doki
This is another pretty polarizing season, so it'll likely be one of the later seasons to get a sequel. I'm more optimistic about a Doki Doki follow up happening though, mainly because of how high Regina ended up in NHK's Precure polls. (She got 5th place in the side character popularity poll.)
Splash Star
Splash Star is another season that I think will be one of the later ones to get a sequel. While its reception has gotten better recently, Splash Star is still mostly stuck in Futari wa's shadow. Heck, the Kiryu sisters didn't even make the top half of NHK's side character poll. However, Splash Star is still both more popular than Happiness Charge and Doki Doki as well as older than Healin' Good and its fellows, so it'll likely get a sequel before them.
It's true that Kirakira is another season that's a bit more divisive in the fandom. Admittedly, one of my main reasons for ranking this season here is because, unlike the last three seasons, one of the Kirakira girls landed a spot in NHK's Cure poll. (Cure Chocolat got spot #24.) My other reason is because the girls already have adult designs.
Much like Kirakira before it, Suite mostly owes its position in the rankings to NHK's polls. Cure Beat is #25 on the Cure poll while Hummy is #13 on the side character poll, being the 7th most popular mascot character. The fact that Suite already has a sequel novel might pose some trouble, but there's a chance that Toei could just ignore it or they could possibly adapt it.
Star Twinkle
Even though it's true that Star Twinkle is also fairly young, it also did quite impressively in NHK's polls, especially since the poll was made while the season was still airing. Fuwa ended up in 10th place for the side character poll (and was the 5th most popular mascot overall) while Cure Cosmo and Cure Milky ended up really high on the Cure poll - Cosmo getting 11th place and Milky getting 9th place. Like Kirakira, the girls also already have adult designs and the ending of their season is ripe for sequel material.
Smile is one of the most popular seasons in all of Japan and Cure Peace is one of the most popular Cures ever. That being said, Smile was specifically designed to be a simple season and is one of the most childish ones in the entire franchise. As such, I have a hard time picturing an adult-oriented Smile sequel short of a direct adaptation of its novel.
In addition to being from one of the most popular seasons, Cure Passion is one of the most popular Cures in the franchise. The fate of Labyrinth is prime sequel material and a drawing by character designer Hisashi Kagawa means that the girls already have adult designs. Fresh has a sequel novel, as well, that a sequel series could draw influence from.
Hugtto! is another very popular season. Given the fact that it's themed around the future, it's arguably the most logical choice for a sequel. Additionally, Toei could instead choose to make a prequel set in the original timeline that focuses on Cure Tomorrow and her adventures, both to capitalize on the plot potential and the popularity of both Hugtan (who's one of the most popular mascots in Japan) and George Kurai (who was the only main antagonist to place in the side character poll).
Futari wa
The OG Precure season, Futari wa is the most popular season period while Cure Black and Cure White got first and second place in NHK's Cure poll. Futari wa will almost certainly get a sequel sooner or later, but it's not ranked number one because I imagine that, as the very first season, Toei will want to save a Futari wa sequel for an anniversary.
Go! Princess
In NHK's season poll, the only season that scored higher with adult fans than Go! Princess was Futari wa. Since the sequel seasons are being aimed at adult fans, it makes sense to start with seasons that are already popular with them. The girls still have their Dress Up Keys when all is said and done while it's heavily implied that Haruka and Kanata manage to reunite as adults, so there's room for a sequel to happen.
Pretty much everyone in the fandom loves Heartcatch. In fact, it's so popular and highly regarded that I can actually see it getting two sequels- a more traditional sequel in the same vein as Max Heart and GoGo! following Futaba and her adventures as well as a prequel centered on Cure Flower.
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2023.03.20 19:07 PracticeThat8826 Lithium, the driving force behind EVs

In recent years, electric vehicles (EVs) have become the future of driving. In 2021, sales of EVs have doubled to 6.75m when compared to 2020 and governments are showing their support by offering incentives to make these vehicles more affordable.
And EVs wouldn’t be possible without lithium because it is the primary material used in the batteries that power them. Lithium-ion batteries are currently the most common type of battery used in electric vehicles, and they have several advantages over other types of batteries.
One of the main advantages of lithium-ion batteries is their high energy density, which means they can store a lot of energy in a relatively small and lightweight package. This is particularly important for electric vehicles, which require a lot of energy to power their electric motors and drive long distances. Lithium-ion batteries also have a long cycle life, which means they can be recharged and used repeatedly without significant degradation in performance.
Additionally, lithium-ion batteries are able to deliver high power quickly, which is important for electric vehicles that need to accelerate quickly and maintain high speeds. They also have a relatively low self-discharge rate, which means they can retain their charge for longer periods of time without needing to be recharged.
But before lithium can be used, it must be found in small concentrations in the earth's crust by exploration companies who specialize in this process. One lithium company that is on my watchlist is Newfoundland Discoveries ($NEWD) who just recently acquired a very promising lithium project which is next to Brunswick Exploration's newly staked ground which is a lithium-rich mica zone. NEWD has made sure to carefully staked their project to ensure the gaps are filled with the best land packages and they are months away before they can start drilling.
Note: this is not financial advice please do your own research before investing
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2023.03.20 19:06 BadWolfCubed Hit 3,000 over the weekend

I don't see a lot of milestone posts, so hopefully I'm not breaking any sub rules here, but I hit Day 3,000 on Friday and I thought I'd share.
I do a minimum of 2 miles and it's just part of my day no matter what.
I've had a few days when that was pretty tough:
And many runs that were just incredible:
It's been a good ride these 8+ years (I started on 12/30/14) and it'll be interesting to see how long I can keep it going! I keep telling everyone that one day I'll eventually be hit by an inattentive SUV driver in a Trader Joe's parking lot and that'll end my streak.
Please chime in below with some of your war stories and interesting experiences!
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2023.03.20 19:06 NvrMindSynopsis Looking for MTB Trails (Unsanctioned) in Orange County, CA

Looking for some directions to Some great Technical or fast flowing Trails in Orange County, CA Sanctioned or Unsanctioned. I’ve been really interested in the group of Unsanctioned trails a YouTuber by the name of Tommy Huynh calls the “OC Steeps”. Can’t figure out what set of trails there’s are and would love to give um a rip. However, always up for other suggestions!
Here’s a list of trails I’ve already rode in the OC.
-Santiago Oaks (Chutes Ridgeline, Cactus, etc) -Lynx -Rock-it -5 Oaks -Car Wreck
Appreciate the time. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.20 19:06 staygoldgal Hey hey! Where to sell CDs?

Hey hey yall! I buy, sell and personally collect CDs. Glad to be here.
I have a few CDs for sale that aren't moving on eBay. Can someone reccomend another good site to sell? Thanks in advance.
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