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2022.11.21 17:44 discoteen66 Please help: 2010 Tribeca vs. 2011 Outback

We're trying to downsize from two cars to one. Here are the options we're considering:
1) 2010 Tribeca, 92k miles, 3 owners, 0 accidents
2) 2011 Outback, 89k miles, 1 owner, 0 accidents
Tribeca concerns: Rare, potentially expensive to fix due to scarcity
Outback concerns: Seems like there's an issue with transmission with 2011-2013 Outbacks. We looked at two 2013 Outbacks but after searching in this sub, I'm a bit concerned. The 2011 doesn't seem to be as bad.
We really want a Subaru and haven't even looked at other makes. I would seriously appreciate any insight. If you have either of these vehicles, do you like them?
submitted by discoteen66 to subaru [link] [comments]

2022.06.21 14:32 parth096 $50 Craigslist find from a gearbox shop. 2 ton Famco Kenosha Wisconsin. Planning on cleaning, repainting, and putting into service. Got it for a song

$50 Craigslist find from a gearbox shop. 2 ton Famco Kenosha Wisconsin. Planning on cleaning, repainting, and putting into service. Got it for a song submitted by parth096 to Tools [link] [comments]

2021.07.15 22:07 The_T113 In the midwest, looking to move (maybe anywhere), cheaply and safely.

I feel like my situation is weird, so I'm sorry if this is a bit rambly.
I live in the middle of nowhere in the midwest, in a red state. I am not happy here, and I want to move.
I am willing to move basically anywhere; I have no family or support network anywhere.
My initial goal was to find a blue state area that I felt would suit me; I think I prioritized this over a blue city in a red state over fears of, how red states are handling unemployment and vaccinations, and it honestly scares the shit out of me.
I have been working from home during the pandemic, but my job was ending right as my lease was ending (worked out ok; quit my job a few weeks early just to give myself more time to find a place). I have a good amount of money saved up, but I don't know if being "technically unemployed" is going to harm my apartment search, even if I could definitely pay 6 months up front.
A big worry I have is that I am not used to "big cities", although the only experiences I've had with big cities are New York City, which completely overwhelmed me. I think I am ok in a city if I can comfortably drive around in it, there are parking lots and not primarily parking on the street (I don't know why this sort of thing makes me so anxious; I guess it just comes from a place of "not what I'm used to").
Some places I've looked at are Wisconsin (looked at the areas around Milwaukee, like Kenosha) and Illinois (looked at Springfield and Peoria). I also have an acquaintance who lives in Columbus, OH. I visited them once and was definitely a bit overwhelmed by the area I was in (got a parking ticket and then my car got broken into, for one) but for some reason this doesn't completely deter me from living there? I don't know. It depends on if, living on the outskirts of it, I'd be more likely to find something a bit more surburby.
I'm willing to look farther beyond this area, if it meant finding the right place, but I don't think that's likely to happen. The northwest states all seem like they'd be too expensive to live in. I've lived in Florida and a lot of the right-wing extremism going in the government there or in Texas is too intense for me; but I'm honestly not sure if there are any red states that are less bad about it at this point.
I really just want to find a place where I won't feel afraid but I'll be allowed to keep to myself. Preferably with a job market that is a bit better than the middle of nowhere place I'm at now, where the only jobs are retail jobs and there are no office buildings.
Another worry I have is the general price range; I want to live as cheaply as possible, rent-wise, but some of the places I've seen in my price range, have low income restrictions that are lower than what I was making at my job yearly... I don't know if they will accept, "I'm not working anymore" as a reason to extrapolate that my income won't actually be this high by year end, or if their reaction to "I'm not working anymore" would be to shun me entirely.
I have looked into roommates in some cities but at least the ones I looked at, craigslist was barren.
I'm really open to advice or suggestions, but please don't try to "reality check" me about my situation. I know there's no easy or right answers, but I'm looking for what will work best for me.
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2021.05.07 18:10 birkeland Suggestions on getting rid of a sofa

We moved in with family for the duration of COVID and put our stuff in storage. While we hoped to buy a house in Kenosha, the market pushed us about 40 minutes away.
While our couch is in fine shape, we just never liked it. Moving it when it is not local is just going to be a pain for something we don't like, and can be replaced for the cost to move it (basement couch, beanbags for the kids is fine).
Does anyone know of a cheap or preferably free way to unload this? I tried seeing if the Goodwill stores would do pickup. I thought of craigslist, but I am far enough away I don't want to mess with people no showing.
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2020.10.16 22:37 reorem Computer monitor, gpu, and a couple jackets stolen in Wallingford.

So just moved here. I stayed at my cousins place the last 2 days while my sublet finalizes. I left most of my stuff in my car overnight. I locked it last night, but the remote must've not worked.
I thankfully took in my camera gear and PC, and they couldn't get into my trunk, but the did take some kind of important stuff.
If anyone recognizes these on marketplace, craigslist, offer up, in a pawn store, etc. Let me know.
I'm mostly bummed about the Acer monitor, my bomber jacket, and rolls of film. I did have all the nice stuff covered by clothes so it didn't look too conspicuous, and I thought I was in a decent part of town, but I guess all of seattle is kinda sketchy.
edit: one of the bins that had my stuff in it was an orange "Kenosha Recycling" Bin. Let me know if you spot it near anyone's house
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2020.05.29 18:46 julesyboy Websites/Resources For Renting Rooms

Is there a good resource to look for rooms for rent in Kenosha? Every city is different and didn't see much on Craigslist. Does anyone have experience with this? Any leads are appreciated. Thank you!
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2019.04.13 15:44 phila1234567890 New-ish Golfer: Used Bag advice needed

Was gifted a set of nice irons, so looking to pick up a decent bag to upgrade. Planning on primarily walking.
Not too educated on what differentiates them, but was curious if either of these would be decent pickups?
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2019.02.15 05:45 blodisnut [Request] Going to look at an Acura TL and curious what quirks to look for

I've owned Accords since 1991. Always 4 door, always manual. My current Accord a bought as a throw away beater, and the CEL has been on, and found out I need to do emissions, and not feeling like dealing with it.
So started thinking about what to replace it with, and basically searched for manual cars for sale. No accords. But this popped up. I've wanted my accords to have a v6 and until 06, Honda never sold one in the USA. Acura has since the Legend. So I'd like to check this out. The reviews are 90% stellar, 8%great and 2%blah. Pretty good in my book.
Any of you had one? Know what riu look for? According to the owner it's for a new clutch and up to date on maintenance, and runs perfect. But the bad reviews mention early 2000s technology. So if the are any things to look out for, I'd be really appreciative.
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2016.10.09 16:00 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (10/9/16)

· 1. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin pledges to help North Chicago veterans organization obtain federal aid (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 2. Aurora man's 17-year-old step-daughter shot and killed in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)
· 3. World War II veteran from Riverside passes away at age 94; had earned the Legion of Honor award (Chicago Tribune)
· 4. Chicago cop's wife convicted of drunken/high driving in Lyons crash that killed Berwyn, Bolingbrook women (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 5. Lansing Country Club's equity members sell country club to Chase Development for $5 million (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 6. Police fatally shoot man following fight outside nightclub in Markham (ABC 7)
· 7. Homewood woman one of two innocent bystanders shot and killed at party in Greensboro, N.C. (Chicago Tribune)
· 8. Man shot to death in Gary (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 9. Winfield residents voice concerns about flooding, traffic at Town Council meeting (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Merrillville to restart search for director of Planning and Development after first search fails to produce suitable candidate (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Man shot to death in Midtown Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. SUV-vs.-semi crash, subsequent fire closes Route 173 in Antioch (ABC 7)
· 13. Children's inspirational entertainer Geoff Akins brings 'Bubble Wonders' to Round Lake elementary school which he attended (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 14. Fireplace chimney catches fire in Vernon Hills (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 15. Road repairs prompt Green Oaks Village Board to propose first property tax in village's 56-year history (Daily Herald)
· 16. Vernon Hills woman charged with keeping a house of prostitution in unincorporated Deerfield, pimping, promoting prostitution and maintaining a public nuisance (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 17. Waukegan police investigate shooting along Greenwood Street (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 18. Zion woman killed in head-on crash after her vehicle crossed the center line of Route 41 in Gurnee(Chicago Sun-Times)
· 19. North Chicago man sought with warrant is arrested in Kenosha, Wis. (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 20. Restored 1901 Oscar Mayer mansion in Evanston up for sale (CBS 2)
· 21. Fire guts Schaumburg townhouse (FOX 32)
· 22. New Mount Prospect Ice Arena a hit with coaches, players (Daily Herald)
· 23. McHenry County deputies seize $600 worth of Ecstacy pills, arrest one man after they respond to report of loud party in McHenry Township (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 24. Arizona man charged with DUI after his pickup struck and injured two people in McHenry (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 25. Three Wheeling men each sentenced to three years in prison for possession of a firearm by felons (Daily Herald)
· 26. Barrington wine store closed after car crashes into support beam, leaving building unsafe (Daily Herald)
· 27. First responders from several towns participate in terrorist-attack drill in Rosemont (CBS 2)
· 28. Ten Oak Park restaurants given Johnson Restaurant Award for exceptional health inspections (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
· 29. Geneva police seek two suspects in Sept. 30 home invasion (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 30. University Park woman, Chicago man killed in car-vs.-semi crash on I-80 near LaGrange Road near Tinley Park (CBS 2)
· 31. Kendall County Sheriff's Office debuts bicycle-patrol unit with aim of making deputies more visible in congested areas (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 32. Communities hope establishment of Calumet Region Enterprise Zone will encourage businesses to locate in area (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. Munster Town Council OKs new business-development standards for Munster Business Complex (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 34. Pedestrian struck and killed on I-65 near Indiana 2 in Lowell (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 35. Portage man killed in Hobart car crash (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 36. Lowell Redevelopment Commission amends TIF agreements to fix disparities (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 37. Body recovered from Little Calumet River in Gary (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 38. Hobart police believe possum may have caused fatal single-car crash (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 39. Federal appellate court rules Indiana governor's blocking Syrian refugees discriminates based on national origin (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 40. Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce asks that Porter County be included in study for potential new convention center (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 41. Valparaiso teen killed as result of car accident in Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 42. Missing Hammond woman, baby found safe in Calumet City, Ill. (CBS 2)
· 43. Victim of Dennis Hastert works toward removing statute of limitations on sex crimes (Chicago Tribune)
· 44. Lake County Forest Preserve District to purchase 11 acres of land that was believed it owned from county for $1, settling 40-year-old paperwork error (Daily Herald)
· 45. Worker injured will working at Northbrook steel-fabricating plant (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 46. Evanston synagogue installs first openly gay, female rabbi (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 47. Antioch Township woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for DUI-related crash that killed a motorcyclist in 2015 (Daily Herald)
· 48. Des Plaines City Council votes to limit campaign contributions from companies doing business with the city to $1,000 in any 12-month period (Daily Herald)
· 49. Des Plaines' Oakton Street and nearby businesses closed after construction crew hits gas main (Daily Herald)
· 50. Village trustees, residents divided over proposed cell-service tower near Sleepy Hollow Village Hall (Daily Herald)
· 51. East Dundee hires ex-Campton Hills village administrator as deputy village administrator (Daily Herald)
· 52. St. Charles man who shot at wife during May 5 domestic dispute reportedly hasn't paid home-monitoring fees (Daily Herald)
· 53. Westmont-based Westmont Interior Supply House and its driver sued by mother of bicyclist struck and killed in Chicago (CBS 2)
· 54. Semi crashes into and over concrete median on I-290 near Wood Dale Road in Addison (FOX 32)
· 55. Glendale Heights-based food service company Kronos Foods sold to Colorado private-equity firm (Chicago Tribune)
· 56. Naperville's Parade of Lights will take place after threats that it might be cancelled (Daily Herald)
· 57. Lombard's City View at the Highlands apartment complex sold to Texas investment fund for $86 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 58. Police: Bolingbrook man likely victim of homicide (Chicago Tribune)
· 59. Evergreen Park man fatally struck by Metra Rock Island District train in Chicago (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 60. Newborn baby found in open field in Chicago Heights (ABC 7)
· 61. OSHA investigating man's death at industrial site in Park Forest (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 62. Will County gets dog trained to detect hidden electronic devices to help in search for child pornography (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 63. Person killed when car he/she was driving collides head-on with garbage truck in Trail Creek (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 64. Indiana State Police get warrant to search Indiana Voter Registration Project offices after reports of fraudulent voter applications (NBC 5)
· 65. LaPorte man seriously injured after being struck and dragged by allegedly drunk driver in LaPorte (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 66. Man who stole large dirt sifter from LaPorte County construction site arrested with help from home-surveillance video (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Where cell-phone towers are located near schools (NBC 5)
· 68. Crazy-clown Internet threats reported in Calumet City, Hammond (WGN TV)
· 69. Northwest University professor among three winners of Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing molecular machinery (Chicago Tribune)
· 70. Wauconda police wear pink badges in support of breast-cancer awareness (Daily Herald)
· 71. Waukegan police deems elementary-school students' report of three clowns threatening to kill them 'false' (NBC 5)
· 72. Marine veteran, originally from Antioch, who lost all four limbs to an improvised-explosive device in Afghanistan receives two arm transplants at the same time (Chicago Tribune)
· 73. Arlington Heights man sentenced to 120 days in jail and 30 months probation for installing video camera in neighbors' bathroom, recording them (Chicago Tribune)
· 74. Survey shows 72 percent of 4,829 residents of Barrington Area Unit School District 220 favor later start times (Daily Herald)
· 75. Fight that injured two girls in Streamwood is believed to have started at school; one woman, one girl face charges (Daily Herald)
· 76. Binny's plans to move Buffalo Grove store to Staple's site in Wheeling after office-supply store closes in November (Daily Herald)
· 77. Arlington Heights Village Board approves Arlington Ale House, a bar that won't serve food (Daily Herald)
· 78. Crystal Lake police: 'No evidence' that clown threat against Prairie Ridge High School was 'credible' (FOX 32)
· 79. Arlington Heights man convicted of hacking wife to death in Wisconsin is sentenced to life in prison (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 80. Mount Prospect woman arrested in national sex-trafficking case (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 81. Des Plaines alderman pushes re-institution of requirement that municipal employees live within city limits (Daily Herald)
· 82. Wheeling Village Board approves $19,200 salary for village president, $8,000 salary for trustees effective after 2017 election (Daily Herald)
· 83. Teen who shot himself in the head after exchanging gunfire with Aurora police dies (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 84. Lisle man sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting girlfriend's young daughter (FOX 32)
· 85. Naperville now requires landlords to consider housing vouchers as income when considering potential tenants (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 86. Naperville motorcyclist killed when his motorcycle hits back wheel of semi turning left (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 87. Warrenville man charged with setting Palatine house he owns on fire in March; case delayed while police, insurance company investigated blaze (Daily Herald)
· 88. Doctor fired from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn for reporting sexual harassment wins $1 million lawsuit (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Dolton man charged with bank robbery in Chicago's Loop on Tuesday (CBS 2)
· 90. Teen claims Country Club Hills cinema fired her because her hair was in dreadlocks (WGN TV)
· 91. Alumni leave $2.9 million gifts to Valparaiso University (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 92. Hammond High School student arrested for making clown-related threat against schools in Hammond and Utah (CBS 2)
· 93. Westville police ticketing drivers who bypass road-construction barricade on U.S. 421 and getting stuck (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 94. LaCrosse man ODs on heroin, passes out at Valparaiso gas station while 1-year-old baby was in pickup with him (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 95. Florida man reportedly high on crack when he drove a semi away from a traffic stop in Hammond, led police on 51-minute chase that ended in Calumet City; charged with five felonies (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 96. LaPorte County joins opponents of Great Lakes Basin Transportation Wisconsin-to-Indiana rail line (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 97. Gary man shot in the leg after leaving Midtown Gary gas station (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 98. 40 pumpkin patches in Chicago and the suburbs (Chicago Tribune)
· 99. Fifteen sexual-harassment complaints filed nationally against Oak Brook-based McDonald's (NBC 5)
· 100. Palos Hills man charged after leading Lincolnshire police in chase in a stolen car (CBS 2)
· 101. Suspect arrested after making threat against student, prompting lockdown at Glenbrook South Off-Campus High School in Gurnee (FOX 32)
· 102. Hazing of Glencoe student leads to suspension of University of Missouri fraternity (Chicago Tribune)
· 103. Round Lake woman sentenced to 30 days in jail, 2 years probation for failing to provide humane care for 11 dogs, left in windowless house on 90-degree day (Daily Herald)
· 104. Former Lindenhurst resident killed in Ethiopia when rock-throwing protestors attack the vehicle she was riding in (Daily Herald)
· 105. Illinois Attorney General reaches settlement deal with Elgin-based payday lender that illegally sold loans with hidden interest rates and fees (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 106. Tennessee man charged with sexually, physically abusing Des Plaines girl in Des Plaines and again while her family lived in an Elk Grove Village motel (Daily Herald)
· 107. Man charged with wife's 1973 murder in Barrington Township posts bail, is released from jail (Daily Herald)
· 108. FBI arrests woman in foreign-lottery scam that bilked Palatine man out of $4.5 million (Chicago Tribune)
· 109. Maine Township High School District 207 to borrow $9.8 million to replace original boilers at Maine South, Maine West buildings (Daily Herald)
· 110. Bartlett trustees weigh spending $16.2 million to replace 20-year-old police station (Daily Herald)
· 111. Glen Ellyn native reports thieves get $3,300 from his bank account at Gurnee Walmart following theft at a party in Chicago's Wrigleyville (NBC 5)
· 112. Chicago man, Ottawa woman charged in drug-induced homicide of woman's husband found dead in Kaneville Township (Kane County) in April (Daily Herald)
· 113. Clarendon Hills-based Love from Above signs contract for vacant Wheaton office building, plans to convert it to a group home for single and expectant mothers (Chicago Tribune)
· 114. Aurora writer's 'Like Night and Day' is a trip down memory lane for Chicago baseball fans (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 115. Westmont police chief retires from force (Chicago Tribune)
· 116. Person of interest being interviewed in shooting death of Lake Station woman (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 117. South Shore Line, consultants lay out case at Indiana Dunes Visitors Center for Double Track NWI project (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 118. Valparaiso landmark Bon Femme closes to revamp image, menu; scheduled to reopen Oct. 12 as Fork & Cork (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 119. Lake Station woman arrested, charged with using heroin in bathroom of Portage McDonald's (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 120. Police looking for two suspects in two Gary garage burglaries that took place during September (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 121. Man robs Family Dollar store in Gary at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 122. Highland-based Prompt Ambulance ready to send ambulances, paramedics to Florida as Hurricane Matthew bears down on U.S. East Coast (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 123. Griffith teen becomes the second person arrested for creepy-clown threats in Northwest Indiana (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 124. Residents of East Chicago's West Calumet Housing Complex sue three companies over lead contamination (ABC 7)
· 125. Lake Zurich's Purple Plunge to become nonprofit charity focused on helping local families affected by cancer (Daily Herald)
· 126. Semi-truck strikes, injures woman, two children in Skokie (CBS 2)
· 127. Northbrook Potbelly robbed at gunpoint on Oct. 1 (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 128. Graduate of Elgin's Larkin High School killed by roadside bomb while on patrol in Afghanistan (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 129. Man charged with robbing cab driver, punching passenger in Elgin (FOX 32)
· 130. Man arrested, charged with robbery of Des Plaines bank (FOX 32)
· 131. Mount Prospect considers new TIF downtown district to replace expiring one, but impact concerns residents of Mount Prospect Elementary School District 57 (Daily Herald)
· 132. Elgin-based Mama Lee's Popcorn opens new location in Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee (Daily Herald)
· 133. West Chicago church offers sanctuary to Elgin man facing deportation after 30 years in U.S. (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 134. Naperville parents solve autistic son's housing needs by turning their house into group home (Daily Herald)
· 135. Students at Wheaton's Edison Elementary School learn to model, print 3D objects as part of digital-literacy project (Daily Herald)
· 136. Man convicted of sexually assaulting woman at his grandmother's house in Aurora (FOX 32)
· 137. Batavia police chief announces retirement (Daily Herald)
· 138. West Aurora School District 129 board approves licensing of logos on credit cards for cut of sales (Daily Herald)
· 139. West Chicago considers licensing, zoning requirements for gun shops (Daily Herald)
· 140. Canadian man killed in crash on I-294 near Wolf Road near Indian Head Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 141. New Lenox couple putting Montana-style 'lodge' on market for $5 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 142. Former Gary mayor to return skull thought to be Nat Turner's to revolutionary's descendents (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 143. Project Jupiter may bring 280-acre landfill for construction and landfill debris to Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 144. Porter County Assessor's Office sees 5.4 percent increase in tax appeals after voters approved Valparaiso Community School Corp. referendum (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 145. Voter-fraud investigation expands to 56 counties, including Lake, LaPorte (NBC 5)
· 146. Wheeler High School student arrested after pulling knife on another student aboard school bus in Union Township (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 147. Indiana sales-tax revenues drop for seventh consecutive month (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 148. Crown Point man accused of using fake Craigslist sex, car ads to harass Morton Grove Public Works employee after his firm was fired from contracted work (Chicago Tribune/Morton Grove Champion)
· 149. Cook County Circuit Court to begin holding juvenile-detention hearings on weekends, holidays beginning in November (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 150. Truck going wrong way hits Northbrook Public Library and gets stuck, temporarily closing the facility (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 151. Judge bars psychologist from testifying in former Inverness woman's trial for murdering her husband in 1979 (Daily Herald)
· 152. Village-subsidized renovations of Mundelein's Hawley Lake Plaza nearing completion, meeting with approval from officials, business owners (Daily Herald)
· 153. Wheeling man charged with arson in blaze in apartment-building hallway (Daily Herald)
· 154. Gages Park man charged with attempted armed robbery after luring another man with offer to return his lost cell phone (Daily Herald)
· 155. Lake County Sheriff's Office captures escaped sex offender in Round Lake Beach (Daily Herald)
· 156. Maine Township High School District 207 superintendent pushes plan to give students more time with counselors to develop college, career plans (Daily Herald)
· 157. Three of famous Ottawa sextuplets attending Aurora University, one attention North Central College in Naperville, another going to AU extension campus in Wisconsin (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 158. DUI suspected in crash that killed 9-year-old riding in minivan that was hit by vehicle that drove into oncoming traffic in downtown Aurora (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 159. Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar backs Donald Trump despite video; other Republicans fleeing from GOP presidential candidate (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 160. Markham strip club remains open despite fights, five shootings and being cited for numerous violations (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 161. Man dies later in day after his car struck a 'fixed object' in Harvey (Daily Herald)
· 162. President Obama plays golf, visits godmother's family in Olympia Fields (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 163. Kentucky-based Texas Roadhouse sues several companies involved in Texas Corral chain over copyright infringement (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 164. Federal judge orders East Chicago Housing Authority, East Chicago police to stop warrantless searches done without tenants' consent (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 165. Michigan City police arrest violent fugitive who escaped while on work-release (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 166. Gary man killed, second man taken to hospital after shooting (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 167. Man found stabbed in Gary dies at hospital (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 168. Crown Point removes 1936 ordinance banning commercialization of marriage ceremonies (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 169. Two companies eye former Hammond candy factory (Northwest Indiana Times)
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2016.07.15 18:12 GiversBot /u/jeffreybuchanan [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2016-07-15 (t3_4qselk up 14.02 days)

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[REQ] ($1,800 ) - (#Kenosha, WI, US), ($2,300 repaid before 09/01), (PayPal)

Post contents

I'm requesting a loan of $1,800 to purchase a vehicle for work.
I was recently hired as an assistant/apprentice to work alongside an experienced local carpenter. We will be doing all sorts of carpentry jobs for businesses, schools, and individuals in our area. It's a huge step for me since I got into woodworking two years ago.
Part of my job is to have my own tools and transportation. Up until a month ago I owned a 2000 Chevy Blazer LS that would have been fine for this new job, but the transmission gave out, and I had to sell it for a lot less than I paid for it. After investing 90% of that money into new tools - I am left without funds to purchase a reliable work vehicle.
I've done a lot of research, and this is the vehicle I am interested in purchasing:
I can provide proof of income, address, and any other info requested of me. Thank you for reading!
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2013.08.19 19:02 Igotfourcatsandababy First time playing woodsball yesterday.

God damn this shit is fun.
Found some dudes on Craigslist who were fucking around on some property owned by one of their fathers, around 45 mins away from my home. Why not, I say to myself.
6 hours of crawling in thorny bushes, itchy grass, muddy riverbanks, and pointy ass trees. From suddenly getting shot in the face from out of fucking nowhere, to getting pelted by 4 tippmann x7s on full auto. Ho-lee-shit. I've never had so much fun in my life. And paint stretches so far in the woods! I went through a bag and a half, and probably wasted half of the half bag shooting the heads off of flowers between games.
The guys are thinking of making it a club type thing, once or twice a month. I'll be there every single time. If any paintballers near the Kenosha area want in I can give you info on the next game!
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