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2011.04.23 16:57 Terraria

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

2023.05.09 12:57 OddlySuspiciousDog Ideas for non-renewable items, updated with your suggestions

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2023.05.07 05:43 AkumaLord54 I have over 854 hours in terraria(not including the hundreds of hours I did on mobile as a kid or tmodloader) but I still have no idea how to split the stacks of items that you can open e.g. treasure bags, crates etc without splitting them while they are inside a chest. help would be appreciated :)

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2023.05.03 20:33 No-Photograph-9291 Oasis Crates

Why is it so hard to fish up an oasis crate? I have a world with 3 different Oasis’ and I can’t fish up a single crate? It makes me second guess if it’s even in Xbox Terraria. Does anyone have 1 that they could give/trade me?
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2023.04.25 16:27 OddlySuspiciousDog Suggestions for adjustments to accessibility of non-renewable items! Give me yours

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2023.04.13 05:26 upcastt Why am i so unlucky with fishing Dungeon Crates in Terraria?

I have a Fleshcatcher fishingrod (22%), i use 35% baits, i’m fishing in a dungeon. I created the little pond myself right outside the dungeon, but i fish inside it. I now have been fishing for 2 hours and still didn’t get any dungeon crates. Am I doing something wrong or am i just so unlucky? Please help this is annoying as hell
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2023.04.09 21:26 vico-tor I need some help deciding on a problem I'm having.

So I've decided I want to try terraria skyblock. I've also decided I want to use CrabBar's skyblock map. and if you have watched his terraria skyblock series you would know that it is HARD to get life crystals. So I think the community (everyone reading this post) should decide if I should set up a rule, examle: sacrificing a certain amount of crates or gold to then go into another world taking specificly only one life crystal and nothing else. or should I go through the painful process that is fishing for hours to get sufficent golden crates. What do you think?
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2023.03.19 21:08 Open-Ad-6047 Cursed Flares?

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2023.03.15 08:32 Buttermuncher04 The problems with the current potion system and my ideas for a rework

Hi everyone! This is going to be a bit of a rundown of why I think the current Terraria system for crafting buff potions is flawed, and what I think we could do to improve it. Firstly, I'm going to list what I think are the main problems the system faces:

  1. It's tedious, boring, and unskippable at higher difficulties - Anyone who's played on Expert/Master enough knows how annoying it can be to die repeatedly to an endgame boss, burning through potions each time, until eventually you run out of Lifeforce Potions and have to take a break from fighting to go spend a full hour fishing for Prismite (Or Armored Cavefish, Ebonkoi, Hemopiranha...) because you know you're screwed without that 20% extra max life. Or the time that's wasted setting up a herb farm, or the annoying times when you're out of Bottled Water and have to go dig up more sand and find a lake. It's just repetitive and lame by the endgame.
  2. There's no satisfying sense of progression - Almost every buff potion is available to the player from the very beginning of the game, excluding Lifeforce being locked in Hardmode and Titan being locked post-Skeletron. The awesome feeling of upgrading your armor and weapons and accessories is just entirely absent when it comes to potions, because they remain constant.
  3. They take up your inventory and HUD - It's an absolute pain to have half your inventory be filled with buff potions before a boss fight, leaving barely any room to sort through the loot drops afterwards. When you add onto that the obtrusive buff icons which cover the screen (and have a 22 buff limit? Why??)
  4. The player doesn't have to make any meaningful choices - The only somewhat meaningful choice in the potion crafting system is whether the player decides to craft them or not, a.k.a whether the player wants to go through the tedium of making them or wants to circumvent that in exchange for a more difficult game. A better example can be taken from Minecraft, where the player can choose between longer durations or stronger potions by using Glowstone or Redstone, but not both. That's simply a more engaging choice to be presented with.
So what's to be done? Well, mods like AlchemistNPC have tried to remedy this by allowing the crafting system to be ignored entirely by throwing potions into the shop system instead, which is arguably quite tedious to use as well (easier to farm money than herbs, I suppose). But this solution just kicks the can down the road, allowing the player easy access to buffs without making any effort to make buff potions actually fun to obtain.
So here's my proposal for a rework:
Remove buff potions. Entirely.
Instead of assigning each buff to a specific potion, assign all the buffs to specific herbs, discovered in the world and through gameplay progression, which can then be mixed together at the player's will into a single potion that grants the buffs of all herbs included in it. To differentiate, let's call these combinations 'Draughts.'
Throughout the world, the player can find bags of 'Rare Seeds'. Once the player obtains their first one, a new NPC moves in: the Potion Master, to whom the player can give the Rare Seeds that they've found, similar to the Dye Trader's Strange Plants. Once a player gives a bag of Rare Seeds to the Potion Master, any instances of that bag are removed from the world and cannot spawn anymore.
Once the Potion Master has a received a bag of Rare Seeds, the corresponding herb begins appearing in his 'stock', which grows gradually over time as the Potion Master attends his own herb farm. The player can then pay a small fee to the Potion Master for him to mix together a Draught for the player, with them choosing which herbs from his stock to include - the more herbs (and buffs), the higher the price.
The Potion Master can also include either Salt or Sugar in the Draught - a shameless ripoff mechanic inspired by the aforementioned Redstone/Glowstone choice from Minecraft, where Salt increases the potency of the Draught while Sugar increases its Duration (for balancing, the base duration of a Draught would be determined using a formula for the typical duration of the buffs included in it).
Additionally, a few QoL buffs would be ported over from Calamity in my proposed rework (Bounding, Calcium, Soaring, and Gravity Normalizer), and a few buffs would be merged together. With that all said, here's the list I came up with of the different herbs, their corresponding buffs, and how the player would locate them (the names are a work in progress).
Globrite Berries provide the merged Shine and Night Owl buffs, and their seeds are found in Wooden Chests in the Underground layer.
Runner Beans provide the Swiftness buff, and their seeds are found in Wooden Chests on the surface layer in the outer thirds of the world.
Cave Carrots provide the Spelunker buff, and their seeds are found in Golden Chests in the Caverns layer.
Tunneller's Taters provide the Mining buff, and their seeds are sold by the Skeleton Merchant.
Levitating Lentils provide the Gravitation buff, and their seeds are found in a tiny, specially generated alien capsule somewhere in the Space layer.
Floaty Dandelions provide the Featherfall buff, and their seeds are found in Skyware chests.
Violent Violets provide the Battle buff, and their seeds are rarely dropped by enemies during the Blood Moon (or a guaranteed drop from the Dreadnautilus).
Calming Chamomile provides the Calming buff, and its seeds are found by fishing anywhere on the surface at nighttime.
Paranoid Petunias provide the Dangersense buff, and their seeds are found in Dead Man's Chest traps (possibly made more common?).
Tracker's Tobacco provides the Hunter buff, and its seeds are found in the Underground Desert.
Summoner's Leaf provides the Summoner buff, and its seeds are found in Mahogany chests in the Underground Jungle.
Chilli Peppers provide the Warmth buff, and their seeds are found in the Underground Snow.
Gillyweed provides the merged Flipper, Gills, and Water Walking buffs, and its seeds are found in Water chests.
Volcanic Valerian provides the Obsidian Skin buff, and its seeds are found in Shadow Chests in the Underworld.
Starfruit provides the Mana Regeneration buff, and its seeds have a rare chance to drop from the sky at night instead of a Fallen Star once the player has reached maximum mana.
Terrafruit provides the Biome Sight buff, and its seeds are obtained by throwing either Corrupt, Crimson, or Hallowed Seeds into Shimmer.
Four-Leaf Clovers provide the Luck buff, and their seeds are rarely sold by the Traveling Merchant.
Romantic Roses provide the Heartreach buff, and their seeds are sold by either the Nurse and Arms Dealer, or the Goblin Tinkerer and Mechanic, when either pair is living alone with each other and are both at maximum happiness.
Fisherman's Friend provides the merged Fishing and Sonar buffs, and its seeds are rewarded by the Angler after the 5th quest.
Boxweed provides the Crate buff, and its seeds are found commonly in crates, with a higher chance from rarer ones.
Jellied Beans provide the merged Bounding and Calcium buffs from Calamity (increased jump height and no fall damage), and are dropped by King Slime.
Daisies of Cthulhu provide the Ironskin buff, and their seeds are dropped by the Eye of Cthulhu.
Brussels Sprouts provide the Regeneration buff, and their seeds are dropped by the Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu.
Arrowroot provides the Archery buff, and its seeds are a guaranteed drop from the last enemy killed in the Goblin Invasion.
Stinging Nettles provide the Thorns buff, and their seeds are dropped by Queen Bee.
Cruelfruit provides the Titan buff, and its seeds are dropped by Skeletron.
Architect's Apricots provide the Builder buff, and their seeds are found in Dungeon Chests.
Silentshroom provides the Invisibility buff, and its seeds are dropped by Deerclops.
Demon Wart provides the Inferno buff, and its seeds are dropped by the Wall of Flesh.
Mystic Magnolias provide the Magic Power buff, and their seeds are sometimes dropped by Mimics (guaranteed drop from Hallowed Mimics).
Hoarder's Hops provide the Ammo Reservation buff, and their seeds are dropped by the Flying Dutchman.
Wingnuts provide the Soaring buff from Calamity (increased wing flight time) and their seeds are dropped by Queen Slime.
Invincible Succulents provide the Endurance buff, and their seeds are dropped by the first Mechanical boss.
Furious Foxglove provides the Rage buff, and their seeds are dropped by the second Mechanical boss.
Grapes of Wrath provide the Wrath buff, and their seeds are dropped by the third Mechanical boss.
Plantera's Heart provides the Lifeforce buff, and its seeds are dropped by Plantera.
Martian Mugwort provides the Gravity Normalizer buff from Calamity (makes the Space layer have normal gravity and provides immunity to the Distorted debuff), and its seeds are a guaranteed drop from the Martian Saucer.
Ultimately, I think this system would eliminate each current problem with the system.
The tedious potion crafting system is fixed by having essentially an unlimited supply of each potion ingredient once it's been found, for a small price charged by the Potion Master, which serves to reward the player for gathering money and exploring the world through natural gameplay instead of annoying farming and fishing.
The lack of progression is remedied by having the most important buffs for combat drop from bosses in order of difficulty - rewarding the player and making them stronger throughout the game in the same way weapons and armor do. Also, the majority of non-combat buffs can only be found by the player performing a task which is made easier by the eventual buff, (eg you must mine far enough to find the Skeleton Merchant before getting the Mining buff) making it feel more fitting and rewarding to have discovered these seeds.
The ugly clogging of inventory and HUD is solved by having Draughts, which take up only one inventory slot and only one combined buff for each one.
Finally, the player gets to make meaningful choices by deciding which buffs are the most necessary for any given situation for them to include in their Draught, as having too many unnecessary buffs will raise the price and lower the duration of the eventual concoction. Additionally, the Salt and Sugar provides a choice between counteracting the duration loss or going for more potent potions.

That's about everything I have to say. Let me know what you guys think. Would this be a good idea? Thanks for reading through this far, even if you disagree :)
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2023.02.24 21:17 Prestigious-Door-671 Do u think my world dividers are enough.. help me out pls

Do u think my world dividers are enough.. help me out pls
Extra info -> heyy i really want some openions on my preparation on hard mode coz i have already lost my previous and first 32hour invest world to corruption (crimson) and i really don't want it to happen again
1) all the world borders are 5 block wide
2) i have ensured that the world borders i made by hand don't have random blocks in them
3) i have also made a few with bombs
4) i am planning on Getting crates through fishing
5)i have never done an angler quest but should I do them to get proper fishing gear before hardmode
6) what are the top 3 best fishing rods in terrain pre hardmode?? The wiki confused me
7)Should I make the world borders i made by hand 6 or 8 block wide?
8) what are the flowers/plants i should grow before pre hardmode
9) i alredy have moonglow , blinkroot and daybloom farms and they are quite large
10) any more suggestions
Lastly i know it is a very difficult time for the Terraria community because of the recent events and i am also quite sad for it because when i learner how past and what type of person he was his death made me quite sad he truley was a great person
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2023.02.22 23:17 rhluciano I "accidentally" entered hardmode.... HELP!

Last month I finally decided to play Terraria, an old game on my Wishlist. But, knowing a little bit about the size and game complexity, I decided to play it in a 'low pace'.....
In the past weeks, I tried to check Wiki less is possible to do not get spoilers. My choice was to keep the '1st time playing' feeling, enjoying get surprised by a new biome, a new enemy, running to the main village every time a new NPC showed up, discovering all the amazing stuff you can find in Terraria.
In other hand, I am a dude with 2 kids, so I have no much time to play. Every time I decided to do something specific, like build an arena or fishing, I went online to get the info I needed to do it best as possible and not waste the few time I have to play. In this way, I could optimize my game play keeping the nice game experience.
My last weeks were amazing. Just amazing.
At this point, I became a summoner, defeated the King slime a few times, but kept my HP low to avoid summon other bosses, so I could spend time in building, exploring and making quests as low 'level'.
As part of my excitement, I told to some good friends about my happiness playing Terraria. That motivated one of them to reinstall the game and play again his Master mode world.
Last Saturday I was online, doing the fishing quests to improve my fishing power, so I could farm fish and crates to get better loot, etc. And my friend pop in the Steam chat. I invited him to see my world, the thigs I was building. Was the 1st time for me playing multiplayer, and I got excited to show my game to a friend. We wondered there and there, checking the arenas I build, he was discovering the new game features since he played last time, years ago.
He invited me to his world, a Master mode (idk if this is the correct name). Impressive! How far I am to see all that Terraria has to offer. I was mesmerized.
Back to my world, we decided to fight the next boss together, the Queen Bee. Was an important step for me as her loot was part of my next summoner equips. My friend found an old copper sword in one of my chests, so he wouldn't be to OP, and we entered the jungle underground.
We killed one, explored another hive, killed a second one. Such a good night! I was enjoying how this game is good in both single and multiplayer, and to celebrate we decided to make my 1st Hell elevator.
Getting there, I meet all the powerful enemies (to my level). I started to do a long platform as he was taking care of the enemies........
Until, out of blue, the WALL OF FLESH spawn.
For the next seconds (minutes?), as my friend engaged in the fight, I was confused and shocked how that happened. He uses his Zenith to kill it quick. I was still paralyzed by the situation.
Then, a message pop up: "The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released."
F*******************CK, I just entered Hardmode.
Without a word, I teleport to the main base. My friend go to search for an explanation, and come back with a theory: my inventory was full, I got a Guide Voodoo Doll but it dropped in the lava. We agree that was the case and move forward. He advises me to brake some Demon altars to spawn new necessary ores. I agree, and he goes for it as I clean my inventory, and try to process what's going on.
Minutes later, an Eye of Cthulhu spawned! Another fight, another panic moment.
WHAT'S GOING ON?!? I was just fishing few hours ago, wondering about improve my base...... now the Eye of Cthulhu is flying over my head!
After defeat it (with his help), we aimed to the undergrounds, to mine the new ores. Later, when we are back to surface to clean the inventory again...... The Twins spawned.
That was the last drop on the cup. I asked my friend to kill it and we stop playing. It was too much for a single night. Those last hours became too far from the game experience I was planning to have with Terraria.
This is the reason I came here for help. What should be my priorities now to face the Hardmode?
What should I focus on, considering I know almost nothing about Hardmode.
Or, is the best now start a new world and go back to the 'low pace' mode I was playing before?
I didn't open the game again in the last 4 days, wondering what to do.
Help, folks!
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2023.02.21 15:24 fire_trail_snail Every fishing crate in Terraria!

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2023.02.01 16:28 Bailey_1863 Gold Crates

Does anyone have 1,000 modded stack of gold crates on terraria xbox?? It’s a very random request and dont have the time to explain why
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2023.02.01 06:13 Glittering_Mix747 Fishing with only 15 night crawlers and a meat catcher. Did i do good?

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2023.01.16 00:58 political_memer69 'Your name is Phenomenons', said Plinyius the Media Static Speaks My Name (Essay)


Chapter 0 - Disclaimer
I'm not kidding myself when I state that in this work I did not express myself the best 100%. But I've been wanting to write this for a while now, and even when I'm not expressing it properly or the way I wanted it to, at least I did and tried, so cut me some slack, will you? Anyways, the work.
Chapter 1 - Absurdism and Experimental Nihilism
When I was writing my book Bottled Milk, I wanted to write a character who was objectively sad. Not tragically, or emotionally or subjectively sad. The main character in the book, Alexander Noam, is a journalist-degree graduate businessman who runs "The Chapter" - a kind of sex office operating in Los Angeles, the hotspot of sexual deviance and experimentalism.
When I was writing Bottled Milk, I found myself in a kind of dreary mood, a personality that can only best be described as "nihilist" or "emo". In that state of mood, I felt that no matter how much people try to make the world a better place, no matter how much one does advocate or contribute to society in terms of civil rights, business ethics and the fight against wrongdoing in general, that it's hopeless. It's better to just let the world catch on fire if it so wishes to be, and sit back while the world kicks in to 3rd gear and speeds into oblivion, while you observe and are a passersby in the matter and watch the world unbecome in the process of misguided plan after misguided plan of making the world a better place as you drink hot chocolate and eat nachos, or perhaps work out and listen to your favorite music, indulge in alcohol and your favorite type of nicotine product, since "life doesn't matter as long as people think that it doesn't".
John Clyde, a character who reads Bottled Milk entirely in another book of mine - I'm being immodest, but proudly immodest - yet instead of me, it's authored by one "Hadrian Clarke". John writes a review on his physical paper-and-pen journal notebook, in which he describes the situation as something only the author could've only experienced. In which he described it as that the world Xander Noam lived in was a world on the brink of ruination, an America in self-destruction. And that the political statement on capitalism that which he was demonstrating in Bottled Milk was that in a world of shady shit, rife with crime and corrupt politics, that it's better to live in the world as how other people live it, than to try to be different, be rogue, be radically opposed and advocate for a better and fairer world. By using capitalism. The Chapter was such a statement, or John thought. In a world that is dark and dirty, be dark and dirty. In a bad situation, don't try to be a hero; exploit the situation for your own benefit. In a world such as where Xander and Hadrian lived, grew up or were born in, the Chapter seems like the perfect archetype of the Trumpist view of the world that Andrew Jackson also used: exploit the shit out of a bad situation. It's also Nixonian in a sense: don't make yourself look good, instead - make your opponents and rivals even Goddamn worse. Because the Chapter was pretty archetypal in a sense of its sex work and how a "sex office" should be, complete with stripper poles, sex rooms and even a ball room with large and loud speakers for partying directly connected to the office of the boss, or owner, of the whole establishment. Even the boss has a room, complete with his collection of drugs and alcohol and vape products. But unlike the archetypal sex workers' workplace, it was clean, presentable, smelled good, and it even was established legitimately. It was even built - at least in part - by Xander, known as "Whiteface", the owner, himself!
John also saw it and interpreted it as the government controlling the people like sheep: forget the bad things in the world, have a good time. Xander was the president; his sex workers, his cabinet and cronies; and the customers, the people themselves. And after having a good time, listening to what the president (Xander) wanted you to listen to (music), indulged in its freedoms that it guarantees and gives as a right (half-naked dancers; prostitutes; sexual entertainers) you leave with a lot of your money and time spent, and come back because "it's the greatest country (sex club) I've ever been to!". And most of the time, the people, the workers, even the boss, all of them are obligated to wear masks as policy. Xander maintained that this was because he wanted to protect the privacy of the workers and the people to prevent bullying and belittlement, but in so doing, they mask their identities, just like in politics: we don't know really who they are, not only as what they do for a living or perhaps in government, but also as people. Like Bill Clinton, who promised to not curtail basic democratic rights, yet raped 5 women. Or Trump, who bullied, threatened and dealed with his rivals to get his way, even his own wife due to jealousy of her popularity and the possibility that she could become more popular than him, but stylized himself and convinced the public that he is their "president of law and order" and that "I'll make America great again".
But the real reason is less political and conspiratorial and more personal. I gave my eyes to Xander Noam, so as to see as one the same things. What he was saying, suggesting, doing, believed in and thinking, that's my mindset from that time ago. Nihilist. Believing that the world didn't matter anymore. Believing that everything was irrational, and that the only way to live rationally was to rid yourself of emotion.
That was how I saw myself: someone who gave up on the world, knew a lot of things, indulged in nicotine to make the world feel like it was worth living in and to make myself feel better. Someone who thought it was best to accept the conditions of a catch-22 impossible situation with no visible solutions by understanding that the world is shit anyway, I might as well accept that. And why not enterprise on that situation?
It wasn't depression or isolation symptoms from being cut off from communication and people due to COVID-19, it was just nihilism.
In that time, I believed that if someone wanted to kill themselves because the world and their lives are a joke, that if they were going to be a bitch about it, that they should just kill themselves for being so pathetic, and to leave us out of that situation. In that time, I believed that if the world would not change, that it didn't matter that people advocate for anti-racism or anti-fascism, or that developments would be made for civil and gay rights, that disputes and conflicts would stop around the world due to political or religious reasons. That as long as there is someone racist, someone who is fascist, someone who wants to wage a civil war against minority or LGBTQ persons, someone who wants to annex Palestine because they believe that Jesus had declared that that land was the land of Jews - that the world is not going to change no matter what happens. These problems are a catch-22: they are impossible to solve. They're never going to be solved, and things will always get even worse, so you might as well capitalize or accept that situation as not fact merely, but gospel. By working in the conditions of your time, that your work matters because of the time you lived in, that was when my literary imagination thrived.
Of course, 1 or 2 years later, my sense of the world has gotten brighter of course. And that's because… so what if these problems are impossible to solve? Do I want to say to someone that their religious causes are impossible? That Christianity will never hit every part of the world because everyone has different beliefs? That someone will not go to heaven or hell because I think that they don't exist? No, of course not! And I never have during that period. I believe in a rational heaven, a deist heaven, where Christ was the Son of this deity. And if people are genuinely happy to fight for these causes, for the cause of civil and gay rights, for the cause of fairer wages, for the cause of the surceasing of conflicts, who am I to judge? That's what they want to experience, and for that, I have at them my sympathies. If they want to try to accomplish an impossible dream, I'm not one to judge, and I think it's great that these people are passionate about their dreams. And to see people transforming their impossible dreams into realities, that really matters. Even if people have impossible dreams, if they are passionate about circumventing their frustrations by the attempts at the fulfillment of that dream, that's amazing. That's what I call humanity. And if people are passionate about something, that proves that some people still have humanity inside of themselves, that's the core of cultural revolution in its max. It's the fascists and the racists and the horrible peoples' mit brennender sörge. It's what makes the humanities… human. It's nihilists' counterpart. Where the nihilists say "why", the absurdists say "why not".
Chapter 2 - Absurdism in Terraria Fishing
I've recently gotten back into Terraria, the hit sandbox game that came out almost 12 years ago, and for the past 3 days or so, I've clocked in 25 hours of progress.
I played like a madman professional on Master Mode: I was spelunking, I was exploring the world looking for things, I was fishing and all of that clocked in to about 25 hours and some odd minutes worth of playing the game itself, lots of sleeping late and staying up all night playing the game - and no, that was not a reference to Yellowcard's "Only One" - and 3 defeated bosses. Mainly the Eye of Cthulhu, King Slime, and the Eater of Worlds.
One time, I was fishing for a collective 7 hours straight in Terraria, spent a lot of bait gotten from exploration and fishing crates. And I've fished for so long, that not only did I get the full Angler's set of armor for fishing, one of the rarest - if not - the rarest armor in the game, period, but I also got 2 to 3 platinum coins from crates, missions and selling fish ALONE. Which amounts to about 100 to 300 gold coins, or 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 bronze coins, which effectively makes me as rich - relative to - as Zuckerberg, Gates, or Buffett.
One time I was researching on crates and what kind of crate I can get in what biome, and decided to try to farm Corruption crates in the Corrupt biome fishing lake I built myself to see if I can get the Vilethorn, a magic weapon that's usually gotten from breaking Corrupt orbs that grow naturally in the Corruption underground upon the formation of the world, at the expense of the chance of spawning the Eater of Worlds.
But by the time I arrived at the Corruption fishing lake, it was during a blood moon, where the night sky turns dark red as monstrous creatures of all manner of hellish means spawn before my eyes as the world turns dark and horrid, or the 1980's during Marcos Sr.'s tenure.
Not thinking much of it, I decided to get my fishing gear and armor, put it on, grab some fishing and crate potions I got from Angler missions and crates of all assortments.
Then something struck me, as if I turned scared from something so sudden as a monster attacking me that spawned from my fisher's rod. It killed me instantly.
Undeterred, I tried again and brought another fishing potion and went back to the Corrupt lake. Surprise-surprise, I died again. But not out in vain. For I realized a mechanic that I had not tried yet, for before my sudden re-interest in Terraria, I was left out of the conversation of Terraria in or regarding updates and features. And the last time I played the damn game was 3 months ago prior to Halloween. So using my brain, I conducted a small experiment. I went back to the lake, and conducted a defense outpost where I would fish the monster from one side, and then trap and ensnare him and kill him on another side. It worked out better than I could possibly hope for. And due to that experiment going right, not only did I get items I had never even heard of, such as a summoning weapon that summons a cute and adorable little vampire shark that attacks its enemies in defense of me with its little Yoshi tongue, as well as an item that increases fishing power once put in the water, but I also got enough curiosity due to the items it granted me as fruit for my experimental labor.
So I did the experiment again. It yielded the same amount of stuff, as well as another Money Trough, of which I already had in hand. And then I did it again, and this time, it yielded one item, a curious fishing rod covered in musty flesh, decaying leather and rusted fishing line, that proved effective regardless of its inherent… technical flaws.
Not to sound overly gregarious, but the reason - and I didn't know it then until now - why I fished for 7 hours, farmed and opened up crates that yielded resources and valuables, weapons and accessories, potions and tools, why I conducted that weird experiment, as well as why I even took the trouble to even explore places such as the dangerous Master Mode jungle underground in order to find and catch bait for fishing with, as well as the underground desert where I farmed fossils in order to put them to an extractinator in order to get amber gems to use for crate potions to drink and then get so many crates from fishing, as well as why I even bother going down to excavate, mine and spelunk for chests, ores and items in order to assuage this resource crisis I thought I had when in reality I was just being paranoid and insecure: the reason why wasn't because of a nihilist reason such as "why"; it was because of an absurdist reason such as "why… why not?". I wanted to mine, I wanted to get items, I wanted to fish. Not because I had to want to, but because I wanted to. The same reason as to why people want to fight for civil rights. Not necessarily or purely because the had to want to, otherwise they might be deemed as racist or xenophobic. But because they genuinely, as human creatures, as fellow creatures, they wanted to. As Benjamin Franklin stated "the Scriptures assure me that we will not be judged in our entrance into heaven on what we believed, but on what we did". And that goes for not just what we did, but what we wanted to do. Even for people that think that they had to want to do something for the sake of other fellow creatures.
Chapter 3 - Absurdism in Lies, Politics, and Cynical Fascism
For 3 days starting at around maybe January 10 of 2023, I've been consuming documentaries on history and world affairs, as well as video essays on art and philosophy, like they were water. I was obsessed and documented my thoughts on a journal. Thoughts - with sources from PBS to other independent sources - ranged from how Trump's campaign was already riddles with scandal that still wasn't enough to get him out of the race and how he won; how the United States was slow to respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic; how Trump emboldened and legitimized white supremacists and how that they were "very fine people, on both sides", and that "both sides were responsible for this horrible day"; how Duterte was a populist extrajudicial killer; how Alex Jones fueled Trump's mania; how art was a bullshit tax dodge with no meaning; how British Healthcare is inherently transphobic; how witches were Marxists; how Dali was fascist and Picasso was misogynist; how allegations of fatphobia against a Russian doctor correlates and aligns perfectly with how Socrates viewed the Democratic process concomitant to each other; how Civil War era black folk tried to fight against the Democratic party's Ku Klux Klan and the Jim Crow era of disadvantage. Amongst other opinions, et cetera et cetera.
What interested me the most, though, was the fact that Trump used lies propogate and foment domestic resentment against the Democratic process.
And you're very well informed of this story, but what transpired after Trump lied to the American public was the infamous January 6 Capitol Riot, where dozens upon dozens of Trump supporters raided the Capitol in order to try to stop the certification of an election process, which they thought was illegitimate due to Trump saying that it was falsified and a fraud election. And that it was "an embarrassment to our nation". They broke through Capitol police; they threatened members of the House of Representatives - to get their way - of treason.
I can't help but draw a parallel to Salvador Dali here. Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter who was close to Picasso and was, at a time, good friends, until Picasso died.
Salvador Dali was accused of being a fascist in his group, whom the members were mostly socialists and communists, and this was due to his artistic obsession with Hitler, who saw him, and I quote "as a woman, whose skin whiter than white".
Later on, Dali and Andre Breton, the leader of the surrealist group he was a part of, reconciled, and Dali made efforts to denounce Hitler.
But then come the Civil War of Spain, whom Dali and Picasso were disgusted by. And this really set the tone of who Dali is politically speaking, not personally. Picasso disavowed the war with his fresco, Guernica, giving themes of how the right wing people of Spain are instigating a war on Spain, that this is wrong, and that it must stop by us the communists and democrats defeating the nationalists and falangists. However, Dali expressed resentment for the war but in a different way. His painting, Autumn Cannibalism, depicted the war as he saw it: a vestige of natural history that should be condemned by all. Meaning, that he was pinning the blame of the destruction of the Spanish Republic on both sides.
Sound familiar?
In 2017, Trump would announce his denouncing of the Charlottesville riot, which was incited by racist white supremacists who declared "White Lives Matter!", and that he condemned the riot and pinned the blame on both the leftists and the racists, on both sides.
When both Dali and Trump condemned the conflicts of their time by pinning the blame on both sides, they became unpopular and hated, so much so that their contemporaries denounced their opinions, stating that bigotry and racism have no place in their respective nations.
But let's be honest. They don't really believe in what they're saying. Trump is a shameless liar and Dali, a quirky weird hack painter genius in his absurdness, and I believe that the reason that they stated their opinions controversial in their own right was not because they couldn't, but because they could. Not why, but why not.
This is a pattern of polemicism that exists in both the left and the right. Their use of free speech leads them spur ridiculous opinions such as "Kanye West is white", or how mugshots are racist. This is the formula of right wing polemicists, who see white discrimination and try to talk about or argue about white discrimination and show places where there is none. The same thing with leftist polemicists who try to make a great deal of attention towards black discrimination, that they see black discrimination and talk and argue about or show places where there is none. Not because they believe in it, but because they can, as well as give people the chance and opportunity to talk about it with other people who believe that it is such. And in that way, the polemicist is free of blame, they're not culpable in inculcating a lesson they don't believe in, because people believe in it but not the polemicist. This is political absurdism. And it might change the world for the better or for the worse.
To cap off the work, I'll show a poem I wrote on the story of Red Cloud, not because I don't want to because why? Or because I feel like I have to want to, but because I want to. Or, why not?
Thanks for reading. People like you, make a difference. Really. Cheers…!
“As blood dripped down his dirtied face And darkness covers him, Red, our hero, has been placed In a grave raven-dim And still alive was he when He was buried; grim
Was he when he realized that He was breathing still Yet imprisoned was he at The soil of village till. With a shard of father's pick He had dug his way out
No gimmicks or trumps or tricks He used; incite rout He never did, or thrown the bricks Taken from his house. Withered from that amber spring That's born from fired coal,
His house stands shameful, that to bring Red to howl and howl, But never did and only did Inside his own heart, When Attraidies killed and rid Dear Asha, to depart.
For the Mindflayer to rob The one thing he loved most, Vengeance bubbled, cracked and throbbed Inside his heart foremost. Hurt and bruised yet still alive He walked from his own home, His parents house, all ashy ice And all the dirt and roamed - And so he did, from his ghastly ruined Village where he's from And then thought of his own brother; His house is too in ruins, gone and impugned - The sound of bass and drums Fill him when he says "where are you, mother?"
Thinking that his Asha's gone, Mother and father, too, And that Attraidies did this, That day he will rue. Knowing Bodhi's agileness, Red thinks his brother lives,
"I'll settle:" Red did say: "this mess I’ll clean up. If he didst Kill them all, I’ll kill him too, To bring us square-to square. If I kill his baby son, I wouldn’t fucking care.”
Dashing, full of competence, And knowing of the arts, Of fighting, does he venture forth With sword and shield and darts, To bring revenge to family gone, He’ll kill Attraidies, for what he’s done.”
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2023.01.11 20:55 PigDude3PoGo I found a file called “roll” with no publisher in my programs and features. I saw this was around the time I did a lot of updates. Any idea if it is a malice file?

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2023.01.08 12:25 ItsYaBoiHerhitz Terraria wiki bugged?

Terraria wiki bugged?
I asked some friends, and its not only me that sees this. Anyone knows what happend and when will it be back to normal? I try to do 100% research in Journey Mode and the wiki is helping me big time.
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2023.01.07 21:37 SirBorf Terraria is a pretty well-oiled machine, but which parts aren't yet that you'd like to see get some love in 1.5?

Since Red has begun taking suggestions for 1.5 on twitter, I'd like to see what Terraria thinks about some tweaks you'd like to see. I'll go first with my 2:
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2022.12.14 00:33 KarakumGamin Why are all these popups so small now?

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2022.11.23 11:54 Ethos021 Armoury Crate conflicting with Terraria

Hi, I have found that Terraria and Armoury Crate are using the same port. Is there any way for Armoury Crate to change its port so that there is no conflict?
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2022.11.23 00:28 Irisked Can we make hellstone renewable.... like, for real?

So i have been thinking a lot about Terraria skyblock, and its potential as well as the disadvantages and i just realize we dont have anyway to get hellstone beside mining, and its kinda weird cuz every ore (meteorite included) have a renewable way, this also mean powerful weapon like Terra Blade (and the Zenith, the goal i set for myself in this map) is basicly unobtainable, can we made hellstone renewable by using, idk, hellstone crate? I mean it litterally have the word "hellstone" in it, same thing can be said about the hell forge, i know hellstone crate is for hardmode and by that time its useless but i would love to have a way for the only unrenewable ore finnaly renewable.
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2022.10.30 13:29 DarkEspeon The arbitrary descent of Terraria from a sandbox into an RPG and (perhaps) a counter to it

This is gonna be a long post. Or not. I have no idea - but let's get down to business. There is a TL;DR below.
I am not a fan of how over the last couple version of the game the devs have persitently patched out and nerfed many things that once made the game so great! Whereas the game before rewarded players for knowing the ins and outs of Terraria by providing a way to break the progression and get to the fun hardmode part faster, now the game truly feels like a railroad. There were so many nerfs, that no one complained about before, and weren't game breaking in any way either - but the developers still decided to swing the hammer to plummet the sequence breaking goods of the game down. The whole point of "sandbox" is that you have multiple ways to solve a solution, you're literally in a sandbox world, and you can break the rules if you know a way to, but so far the many changes we've seen are there to reduce that number.
Couple examples. You remember Reaver Shark? Many players went for it right away, and starting a world anew it was a reward for A) caring about fishing, B) trotting all the way to the edge of the world through many dangerous areas while you have almost nothing, C) knowing that it even exists there. It could mine hellstone and even 1st hardmode ore! For pickaxes, it completely covered the need for earlygame ores, so you could spend your gold and iron on potions, armor - whatever else you needed. And what did they do? They nerfed the most important aspect of it, making it absolutely worthless, because now you are better off just digging down and collecting some gold to get the same weak pickaxe, which you don't even need to progress anyway! To get to orbs/hearts you are now forced to either purify the corrupted stones (which means simple stone can be mined even with tin pickaxe), or you have to bomb it (which requires NO pickaxe whatsoever).
Speaking of hellstone. Why cannot it be mined in pre-HM with explosives? Another example of a change, that exists to do nothing but to railroad the game into one path of progression, or to punish the players for sequence breaking? I cannot find a single possible explanation as to why the rules of the game change after going into HM. How does this ore suddenly becomes bombable? Go ahead and tell me that this change is healthy.
Fishing crates were another way of getting hardmode ores early if you wanted to get through the, truthfully, boring chore of looking for new ores in the caves you've already been to before, and that you'll throw away as soon as you defeat the mech bosses. Now you have to fish for them again, in a more dangerous world, where you're now better off mining those ores due to how crates drop. Was it a sequence break? Yes. Was it cheese? Yes. Did a sandbox game need a fix to a cheese strategy that only saved, say, one-two in-game days? No, I don't think so.
I could continue with the changes, that honestly made little to no sense. The nerfs to farms, the buffs to some enemies that prevented cheesing them, nerfs to early wings, shimmer "fixes", nurse costs increasing (while money farms are reduced), armor and weapon nerfs, strange plants being HM (seriously??), crazy spawnkills, OOA's mana, the terra toilet... There are many, many things in Terraria that required players' ingenuity and time before. If players wanted to - they could build something and make it work, that's the point of a SANDBOX, just look at the latest (now patched) shimmer cheese! Shimmer cannot be poured anywhere pre-ML, and even if you use pumps - devs could fix this cheese by making the new liquid unpumpable! But they went for the worst solution, and not because it's "fair", but because it "reduces the flexibility of the entire game as a sandbox genre"!
After this lengthy rant you might say: "Well, constructive criticism is the only one we accept here. Why don't you offer something instead then, smarty pants?" And I will. I will indeed offer. How about... all these nerfs are reverted in classic worlds, but in higher difficulties these fixes are applied? Reward the players' smarts and time spent on wiring, fishing and just exploring the world in general in classic or expert regime, and remove those things in higher difficulties as an added intricacy! Currently, apart from a small amount of extra drops, the new difficulties are just a number increase all over. So why not make the world rules change with difficulty too, not just the enemy AI? Please do so.
TL;DR Terraria's (that claims to be a "sandbox") progression and strategies have been nerfed multiple times with zero other options offered to the players instead, railroading the game and making every playthrough too similar for each player, old or new. Reverting most of these changes for lower difficulties while keeping them for harder difficulties is both a good way to reward players' wit and make world difficulties stand out more.
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2022.10.30 02:29 Omni1012 Doctor sex 2

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