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2023.05.30 23:33 callmemavrick43 Is it a bad idea to leave a note from the seller to potential buyers?

Our home is currently on the market. We’ve received feedback from several agents that their clients loved our house, it’s perfectly priced, but were concerned about the “area”.
There is a trailer park directly across the road from our house. You can’t see it from our property as we’ve lined our property with privacy trees and fencing. My spouse feels like we should leave a note in the house addressing this to potential buyers.
Backstory…the park was built within 6 months of us buying the home. We had no idea when we bought the house and were very upset when we discovered the plans because “who would want to live right next to a trailer park?” We’ve lived there for 10 years and honestly haven’t had any issues from the park or the residents. TBH, several residents have helped look out for our place when we’ve been on vacation or away. But I totally understand someone’s apprehension about buying a $350,000 home (3,500 sq feet with 7 acres) if they feel that it’s an undesirable area.
Would a letter to potential buyers stating all of the above be beneficial? Or would it be best to let it go and trust that the proper buyers will come along.
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2023.05.30 23:29 CarlaRainbow Are more estate agents encouraging sellers to go to best & final rapidly these days than in the past?

I'd say in the last 3 months or so, pretty much every house we have viewed, we've been advised by the estate agent, its going to best & final offers & usually pretty quickly, sometimes literally within a week. Is this normal? I ask because when we were viewing 6 months ago it didn't seem to be a thing but in the last few months it's literally almost every single house. We are being told this even for houses that require a full renovation. And then sometimes when we check a few weeks later, the house is still up for sale.
This makes us wonder if due to property prices potentially falling, are estate agents just telling all potential buyers this to create bidding wars to inflate the price? Or has best and final now become normal in the last few months? We've noticed a lot fewer properties coming on the market In the last 6 months so is it just simple supply&demand? Just curious as to whether this is just our area thing or if its becoming more common elsewhere in the UK? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:27 HJM-5095 The reason why Plug Power had to make a quick Major Strategic Move into Finland’s Green Hydrogen Economy: business opportunity: cheap energy.

You guys might wonder why Plug Power had to make this QUICK Major Strategic Move into Finland’s Green Hydrogen Economy which actually may not happen for quite some time. The answer is that Finland just opened a nuclear power plant. Electricity prices dropped by 87% and everybody celebrated. A week later then it was announced that the nuclear power plant had to be throttled back in order to “normalize energy prices” and make it more “profitable” for legacy polluting fossil fuel energy producers. It is 100% Ridiculous, totally ridiculous. Here we have a situation where Finland has plenty of cheap electricity but does not have fuel for vehicles and still depends to import from a not so favorable country. It sounds like PLUG Power moved fast and made this offer. It may not happen at all, EU bureaucrats, permitting and politics can interfere with this mid-to-long term objective so do not hold your breath but the idea itself is a great one and makes total sense. Shame on the Finnish and the EU if they delay of miss this fantastic opportunity. The risk is that Norway is not happy; they are like the Saudis making hundreds of billions selling oil and natural gas. In fact just recently opened a natural gas pipeline to Poland and they are making insane profit from selling fossil fuels. They are even not hesitant to give Nobel Peace Prize to anyone who supports their fossil fuel around the globe sales… So what Norway does is that through their wealth management fund(s) they buy into green companies, gain control and then derail green project and halt them near zero. This is what they did – in my opinion – with the “Egyptian Project” where Plug Power was eventually balled out (after doing a copy/paste on our tech). This is a cruel world out there, personally I do not think PP is ready to play with FFI, the Saudis, Norway, etc.. And they will likely lose these deals (and technology) if U.S. House and Senate does not help them….Hopefully PP will get that support. GLTA
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2023.05.30 23:26 FormalSmoke Coming Soon: adidas Response CL Sandstorm

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Dropping in the coming months, here are official images of the adidas Response CL in the Sandstorm colorway.
The adidas Response CL made its debut back in 2020. This is a model that pays homage to the brand’s running technologies from the 2000s such as the Response Cushion from 2003, to the Response Control 7 from 2007.
This new in-house colorway comes dressed in a Sandstorm, Off White, and Magic Beige color scheme. It is constructed in a mix of mesh with synthetic leather alongside suede overlays. Design details include the TPU Three Stripes on the sides, adidas Trefoil logos on the tongue and heels atop an EVA cushioned midsole. An Off-White midsole and Black rubber outsole is also in play.
Retailing for $130, look for the adidas Response CL Sandstorm to release in the coming months at select retailers and
In other news, the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement is dropping soon.
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2023.05.30 23:25 NinjaRadiographer John Wicks entire Timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 (updated) Part 2 of 2 (Chapters 3 and 4)

If your reading this I had to split my post in two because Reddits chracter limit is 40,000 and ive gone well over that. anyway have fun.

John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum
John Wick 3 starts directly off of John Wick 2 with john running through the streets. The opening clock shot gives us the time as 5.10pm on Friday Day 13.
Friday Day 13 5.10pm
· 5.10pm john running through the streets.
· Winston arrives back at the Continental at 5.11pm “I’d say the odds were about even”.
· “John Wick. Contract starts at 6pm” is announced.
· John runs into an alley (the watch makes it 5.12pm) “Tick Tock Mr Wick”.
· John gets in a cab to the NY public Library. The clock in the cab makes it 5.38-5.39pm.
· John leaves his dog and runs to the library.
· “John Wick excommunicardo 20 minutes” in the exchange.
· John enters the library at 5.41 thanks to the clock above the clerk.
· John gets directions to his book and finds it at 5.45pm
· Big Ukrainian guy appears.
· John kills big Ukrainian guy with a book in 5 mins. Time is 5.50pm.
· John leaves and runs to the Doctor “john Wick excommunicardo in effect 10 minutes”.
· The Doctor must be 5 minutes away. John arrives “I still have 5 minutes”.
· Doctor treats john and stops dead on 6pm. Contract on john goes live and texts go out.
· John finishes up and shoots the doc as requested.
· John leaves at 6.05pm
· John runs through China Town
· Chinese thugs see him and chase him into the museum.
· John reassembles the revolver.
· John kills lots of people (best scene in the film). Whole fight takes about 10 minutes.
· John leaves.
· The dog arrives at the hotel around 6.10pm which fits with the film.
· John is hit by 2 cars and runs into the stables.
· John kills lots of people and rides off on a horse (about a 20 minute fight).
· John rides on the horse and kills the motorbike assassins.
· The contract gets raised in the exchange around 6.40pm
· John makes it to the Tarkovsky Theatre at around 6.50pm.
· Conversation with the desk when he removes things and meets the director. We learn johns name is Jordarni Jonovovich (I might have that slighty wrong). They talk and she agrees to give him transport to Casablanca. Probably an hour has passed since arriving at 7.50pm.
· John leaves on a life boat.
Saturday Day 14 9.00am
· Next scene. Morning The adjudicator arrives at the hotel at 9am judging by the daylight.
· The adjudicator meets Winston at 9.10am 5 minute conversation and they view santinos body. The whole conversation was about 20 minutes.
· The adjudicator gives him 1 week to get his affairs in order. This is the first clear timeline that is established. Therefore the films big shoot out must be Saturday Day 21.
· The adjudicator then vists the Bowery King (assuming she left Winston and went straight there it probably took an hour. She seems the type).
· Adjudicator with the King “you see rats with wings but I see the internet”.
· Adjudicator brings out the gun from John Wick 2 (the one the Bowery King gave him). She could have got it before seeing Winston or after. I think before. Bowery King also gets 7 days. The time is roughly 10.30 am
Monday Day 16 3.50am USA 9.50am Casablanca.
Cut to Casablanca. Google tells me that New York to Casablanca by boat at 40 knots takes 3.7 days by sea. Seeing as it’s a shady world and the fastest boats can travel at 80 knots and, assuming they are using that boat, takes 1.3 days for john to reach his destination (32 hours) making it Monday Day 16 3.50 am. However Casablanca is 6 hours ahead so its 9.50 am when John arrives at the port which fits the film.
· John walks through the port
· Cut to evening/Night obviously it’s a very long way to the hotel from the port and hes a man of focus.
· John kills 2 guys in an alley and meets an assassin who offers him amnesty “welcome to casablanca Mr Wick”.
· John enters the continental and meet Sofia. I estimate that the time is 8pm
· Conversation with Sofia and the marker.
· Sofia gets ready “We leave in 10 minutes”. The whole thing was probably 15 minutes. Therefre 8.15pm Casblanca and 2.15 pm USA.
Cut to the next scene at night where the Adjudicator meets Zero. This is most likely during the time that Johnwas travelling so this is either Saturday Day 14 or Sunday Day 15. Im inclined to Saturday at 8pm. She seems efficient.
Saturday Day 14 8pm
· Adjudicator recruits Zero. There a continuity error where the Adjudicator says “he killed scores of men this week alone” which if youre still following is actually 13 days although can be considered vaguly accurate. I suspect she was reffering to John wick 2 though which would fit. They talk for 5 minutes.
· Next scene is back at the Tarkovsky Theatre where zero and his men attack the Russian and Director. It’s still raining so it can be assumed that it’s the same night probably an hour later. So 9pm.
· The directors conversation with the adjudicator where Zero stabs her hands. The whole thing probably was 30 mins to kill all the guards and 30 mins to talk and get stabbed so its 10pm.
Monday Day 16 8.15pm Casablanca and 2.15pm USA.
· Cut to John and Sofia. 5 min conversation and 30 minute trip to meet berrada.
· Conversation about Markers, coins and social contracts “Do you know where the word assassin comes from”.
· John learns how to meet the elders.
· John and Sofia kill lots of people.
· Berrada survives and probably 30 mins have passed.
· John and Sofia fight their way out through the gold melting vats eneterance (about 10 minutes since Berrada conversation and fight). The fight is fairly straight forward so probably on 20 minutes through there. They enter the courtyard and kill lots of people and escape in the cars. It’s a very long fight so very likely and hour and a half passes which makes the time 11.10pm casa and 5.10pm USA.
Tuesday Day 17 8am Casablanca and 2 am USA
· The next scene is john and Sofia arriving at the desert. Google tells me that Dawn in Casablanca is at 8am. Its safe to assume that they both shared the driving and got some rest for the previous 9 hours. The car is also quite a distance into the desert I assume so they’ve likely used the night to follow the dog star and get a head start on meeting the elder.
· Sofia drops john off in the desert, waters her dogs and john leaves with a thimbleful of watered backwash. John begins his walk.
· He walks all day and night and collapses around 10am Casa (judging by the sun in the sky) on Day 18 (Day 16 4 am USA).
Saturday Day 21 9am USA.
· The next scene is early am for the Bowery King and Zero guards are killing all his men. Juding by the light and that we know he had 7 days it has to be Saturday Day 21 about 9am.
This scene presents a small problem because they haven’t been seen since maiming the director on Saturday Day 14 at 10pm but maybe the adjudicator has had other duties to attend to in that time.
· The adjudicator and Bowery King talk and he gets 7 cuts at 9.30am assuming the conversation took 30 minutes.
Tuesday Day 17 11am Casablanca and 5 am USA
· Cut back to an unconious John who probably been out for an hour. Hes picked up and taken to the elder and spends time in the tent (say 2 hours (1pm)).
· The conversation took an hour (2pm) where he chops off his finger and gets a mission to kill Winston. Zayer helps prepare for Johns departure giving him a change of clothes and, its implied, help to get back so this takes longer (another 4 hours to treat his finger and recover? 7pm?). Its likely that they have methods of getting through the desert but its still a long journey but its likely they took 2 days to get back to Casablanca. Say 48 hours (because he got a car a fair way in to the desert and camels are slower) making arriving back in Casablanca Day 19 7pm Casa. If he then got the 80 knot boat back that’s then another 32 hours travel making it Day 21 3am which means that he arrives back at 9pm Saturday Day 21 usa.
Saturday Day 21 10pm
· The next scene is John getting off the train and meeting Zero and the assassins which was probably an hour later at 10pm which fits with the film.
· John conversation with Zero and escape on the bike 10 minutes.
· Bike chase across the bridge with swords. John kills lots of people. John arrives at the continental and escapes Zero on the consecrated ground after about 40 minutes making the time around 10.50.
· John meets Winston after a 10 minute wait and after talking to Zero. Zero is ruined for me at this point when he becomes an obsessive fan boy all of a sudden which doesn’t fit with his character up to this point. So its 11pm when John and Winston talks in the room of glass.
· Winston convinces John to change sides and “go to war with the high table”.
· The Adjudicator arrives 10 minutes later (11.10) “Mr Wick it is a pleasure to meet you”.
· The adjudicator deconsecrates the Contenital. The process probably takes 10 minutes to get the file and do. Adjudicator leaves and summons a kill squad which, judging by the way they arrive, she had tooled up and ready just in case.
· John, Winston and Choron the concierge tool up. The guests leave and the decronsecration order is processed. This probably took around an hour (movie land reasons for being so quick) and the kill squad arrived after everyone has left say another hour so the time is Sunday day 22 at 1.20am.
Sunday Day 22 1.20
· John and Charon attempt to kill lots of people but cant due to lack of firepower. The staff are all killed very quickly within 10 minutes of the kill squad arriving.
· It was approximately 30 seconds for john to realise that he needs more firepower and 29 minutes and 30 seconds to be able to be in a position for him to be able to get back and rearm.
· They arm up again (probably 30 minutes) and head back out hunting again.
· John and Charon kill lots of people.
· They’ve probably been fighting for an hour when the adjudicator makes her phone call to Winston where he hands up at 3.30am.
· John enters the room of glass at 3.35am and fights the two assassins who smash him into display cases. Zero taunts him and 5 minutes later the assassins are killed.
· Zero beckons John to come upstairs.
· The two respectful assassins from the raid (great films watch them both) attack and talk with Mr Wick.
· The fight lasts about 40 minutes. John leaves them alive and goes to face Zero.
· John faces Zero (fanboy worship 4.20am). The fight lasts another 40 minutes.
· Charon returns to the vault and the Adjudicator calls Winston at 4.55am.
· Zero dies at 5.15am after him and John talk “That was a pretty good fight”.
· Winston and Adjudicator are on the roof they look like they have been talking for a short while whilst the light (pre dawn) makes it about 5.30am when John arrives.
· Winston betrays John and shoots him off the roof at 5.45am. The Adjudicator leaves.
· Clean up and sorting the continental appears to start immediately but its likely the Adjudicator went to her room and packed before leaving so the time is more 7am when the adjudicator realizes Johns body is missing.
· John is picked up by Tick Tock man and taken to the Bowery King. If this is around the same time then he meets the King at 7am. The conversation lasts about 5 minutes “cos im really pissed off”.
John Wick 3 ends on Sunday Day 21 at 7.05am.
John Wick Chapter 4
We know this film starts 6 months after Chapter three which has allowed John to heal from his injuries of falling off the roof in the last film. This one is harder to pace properly because of all the travelling between places so my timeline may be out here and there but generally it should be fine. 6 months is equal to 183 days ish so John Wick 4 starts on Monday Day 205 (because John Wick 3 ended on day 22 and nothing good ever happens on a Monday (p.s it’s only a Monday because I can’t be bothered to properly work out what the actual day of the week it would be)).
Monday Day 205 7.20 pm
· Bowery King gives a speech and walks through to John walking Johns dog. John is training on a Makawara Board Which is a traditional way of making strong punches and toughening up your hands (I study martial arts and used to have one, he’s also punching with reasonable form but with a Shotokan method with the reverse hand at the hip instead of the chest). New York skyline shows its sunset which the internet tells me is about 7.20 pm in April which is 6 months from October and fits the film later on. “You ready John?”.
Thursday Day 208 6am
·Sunrise in the desert. John kills 3 people on horse back and meets the elder. This must be the desert near Casablanca from Chapter 3. Google tells me that NY to Casablanca by boat at 40 knots takes 3,7 days by sea and seeing as it’s a shady world and the fastest boats travel at 80 knots it takes 1.3 days foe John to reach Casablanca then he has to get into the desert which takes 48 hours to find the elder making it 3.3 days later or Day 208. It probably takes an hour to kill the three horsemen. John meets the elder and they talk for 5 minutes and john kills him at 7.05am. John leaves. “No one escapes the table”.
Saturday Day 210 Evening probably around 5pm
· Back in New York Continental Hotel. Assumption that news of the Elder has been notified to the relevant people and its say, two days later. The Harbinger arrives and asks Charon to speak to the manager. Approx 10 minutes later he meets Winston delivers his letter and gives a 1 hour time limit to evacuate the hotel and then leaves. They get to it.
· Next scene is in the Marquis tower Winston has obviously got things going and he and Charon have gone pretty much straight there. They meet the Marquis and talk for 10minutes and Marquis blows up the continental exactly 1 hour after the hourglass notification was given so it is 6.05 pm. Marquis kill Charon 30 seconds later. “It has been an honor my friend” and leaves a minute after that asking for Chidi (his main guy) to find Caine at 6.07ish.
Sunday Day 211 9am
·The next scene is Paris. New York to Paris is 7.5 hours by plane. The assumption is that the Marquis left and took 1 hour to airport, straight on to the plane and the straight to Paris in another hour meaning it took 9.5 hours making it 3 am in the USA. France is 6 hours ahead of America making the time 9am which fits the film. Caine is sitting listening to his daughter play violin. He then is seen going to see the Marquis so im assuming this is an hour later. They talk and Caine gets his name. It takes 10 mins and Caine leaves at 10.10 am.
Monday Day 212 10 pm
·Cut to Osaka Japan. Paris to Osaka flight time is 15 hours,1 hour to the airport and then to the hotel. The time difference is that Japan is 7 hours ahead of usa so it makes it 11 am but the scene is night so say 10 pm and say than rather than a continuity error there was a flight delay because of movieland reasons. Mr Nobody enters the Continental and meets Akira the concierge and checks in. We meet her and the manager.
Note here: There’s cherry blossom on the trees. Cherry blossom season in Japan is roughly march to April which fits with the 6 months since October but if you don’t think that then the trees are artificial or genetically altered to bloom all year round.
Nobody takes a seat after checking in (10mins) and checks his dairy. The Manager and Akira walk and talk about 20 minutes through the LED museum and the manager goes out to meet John a further 10 mins later at 10.30pm. They talk for 30 minutes.
·Chidi arrives with Caine and asks to see the manager. Nobody notices when they arrive at 11pm.
The evacuation starts immediately. Akira runs up to see the manager so it must be 5 mins later when she sees him. John waits. The manager gets his staff ready which takes about 10 mins ish and meets Chidi at 11.20 pm.
·The manager and Chidi and Caine talk for 10 minutes and it erupts into a massive rumble.
·The manager kills lots of people. The first part of the fight takes about 10 minutes until the kill squad arrives and the fight enters round 2 at 11.45 pm.
Tuesday Day 213 00.00 am
Back on the roof the kill squad find John and Akira. Must be about 15 minutes later making it 00.00am.
·John and Akira kill lots of people. Interesting note: you can clearly see John aiming for the breaks and chinks in the kill squads armour which is still bullet proof like John Wick 3.
The fight takes 20 minutes. (00.20am)
· Cut to the kitchen and the Manager. Caine is slurping noodles which take 5 minutes to make. Incidentally slurping noodles is a Japanese thing and Donnie Yen is Chinese (00.25). Caine kills lots of people.
·Cut to John and Akira killing lots of people at about the same time and Caine finishes his fight. Its quite a long fight (30 mins). The Manager arrives and saves Akira and John leaves. “Kill as many as you can”.
·John enters the LED museum and about 5 mins later is attacked by the kill squad. John kills lots of people. Another long fight which takes about 45 minutes especially with the nunchucks making the time about 2am.
·Caine arrives and they talk and fight which takes about 15 minutes until Mr Nobody arrives and tries to kill them. Note: Caine loses his sword cane sheath here because you don’t see it again from now on.
Cut to the exchange which must be the same time and Johns bounty is increased.
·Cut to John outside in a bamboo area. Its about 15 minutes since he escaped Caine so about 2.30 am. John is attacked. John kills lots of people. Takes about 5 minutes.
· John and Nobody and his dog talk for 5 minutes and john leaves. “Take better care of yourself”.
Cut to the Manager and Akira trying to leave. Caine has beat them to it and its around the same time as Johns escape. Caine and the Manager fight which takes 10 mins and Caine kills the manager at 2.50 am and Akira leaves.
·John is at the station and most likely has been for 10 minutes. He gets on the train. Akira arrives, they talk for 5 minutes and Akira leaves next stop,
·Cut to New York in the rain likely 2pm. Winston and Bowery king talk for 10 mins likely at the same time John was escaping.
Friday Day 215 12 pm
·Next is Marquis and the Harbinger in Paris. Its bright day time so likely midday. Caine and Nobody are there so they must have travelled straight from Japan. So 1 hour to airport, 15 hour flight to France and 1 hour to Paris makes it 17 hours Since Japan but its Midday because it should be 8 pm so the plane had an engine fault and there was a delay.
· Nobody and the Marquis talk and Marquis stabs Nobody and makes a deal. Note here: Why do they shake with their left hands in this scene? Marquis leaves and Cut to
Saturday Day 216 12pm
·John in New York visiting Charons grave site. Its Midday and Paris is 6 hours ahead so it has to be the following day so its Saturday Day 216. 6 days have passed since Charon was killed. I could have this slightly wrong but movieland reasons for burying him so quickly. John and Winston talk for 15 minutes. “They’re cold hard facts”. John heads to Berlin.
Monday Day 218 8 pm
·Next scene is John in Berlin at night. NY to Berlin is 8 hours ish. 1 hour to the airport, flight and 1 hour to Berlin is 10 hours. Berlin is 6 hours ahead of USA which means the time should be 6am which doesn’t fit with the film therefore there must have been another flight delay and it’s the day 218 Monday say 8pm.
·Nobody watches John enter the safe haven Church.
·John unburdens his guns and enters. He speaks to the priest who shoots him and gets taken away. “Nice Suit”. Prob 5 minutes so its 8.05pm
·Cut to Marquis at the ballet. My Nobody calls him to give him Johns location so it must be the same time.
·John awakes with a noose around his neck. He been there about 30 minutes with everyone surrounding him. Katia arrives and talks to John about age and Uncle Petior whilst continuously stringing him up. “We have a common enemy”. They make a deal to kill Killa and the whole thing took about 15 minutes. Claus smacks John. “I am Claus”.
·About an hour later John and Claus are in the club to see Killa. Note: Scott Adkins is brilliant as Killa. Claus delivers a letter. Killa and John talk. Caine arrives and joins them. Conversation about family and personal feelings and discord between old friends. Mr Nobody joins them and takes a seat. Converstaion on who wants to kill who.
·They play cards. Interesting note: Caine here looks at his cards and says what he has so therefore he must have some actual vision. By the time Killa lays his cards on the table about 30 minutes must have passed. Once he does-
·John, Caine and Nobody kill lots of people.
·Killa runs into the club and john follows.
·John kills lots of people. It’s a drawn out fight against all the men and Killa but doesn’t last that long say about 30 minutes whilst Caine and Nobody kill everyone else in Killas office.
·John kills lots of people and Killa dies at 10.40pm
·The whole club empties 5 minutes later. Nobody tries to shoot John but Caine stops him. John leaves.
·Back at the Church an Hour later (11.45pm). John gives Killas tooth to Katia and we cut to John’s welcome back ceremony. It takes time to prepare and melt gold so its another 2 hours later making it 1.45am on Day 219 Tuesday. The ceremony probably takes an hour with them burning their arms ala David Caradine from Kung Fu style. Jordani is accepted back at 2.45 am
Wednesday Day 220 12.00 pm
·Winston visits the Marquis who we know is in Paris. Theres no time difference between Paris and Berlin and theres no way to know what time it actually is so im saying midday. John is likely traveling to Paris because he shows up in a bit. Winston delivers the message and formal challenge and they talk about the old ways and rules. It’s a detailed conversation and likely takets 20 minutes. “Such is life”.
·Next scene is John walking across themarble in front of the effiel tower. Its dull so say early evening say 5 pm.
·John, the Marquis and Harbinger discuss terms of the duel. We also get a finishing time of sunrise on day 221 which is Thursday for the duel and film ending. Whole thing takes about 15 minutes. John leaves with Winston.
·Caine and Marquis talk for 5 minutes and Caine leaves.
·Cut to John in a church say 30 mins since. Caine is there and they talk and share a moment together. John leaves after 5 minutes at 5.35 pm.
·Cut to the Marquis and Harbinger talking. Its now night at about 8 pm and the conversation takes about 5 minutes.
·John arrives at the safe harbour probably at the same time and eneter the station and meets Winston and the King at 8.10. John gets his suit.
·Chidi and the Marquis talk and there a brief shot of a large clock on the wall saying the time is 11.50 so that’s the time.
Thursday Day 221 00.00am
·Chidi puts out the contract to the exchange and the radio station at 00.00am.
·All the assassins tool up. Things are going to get very busy for John.
·John gets his gun at 00.00am. “This Viper has ferocious fangs”.
·Some time later they get on the boat and 20 minutes journey to Johns destination. Converstaion about grave stones. We also discover sunrise is at 6.03 am.
·John enters the road in front of the Effiel tower at about 4.30 am. At this time the exchange informs everyone where he is.
·John kills lots of people. Some in a mustang (love that car) whilst getting his gun. 15 min fight (4uilding site house at 5.37am.45am).
·John arrives at the arc de triumpth 15 mins after that (5.00).
·John kills lots of people in a car, on foot, between traffic at the arc de triumpth. (long fight 30 minutes).
·Marquis takes a phone call from Nobody at 5.33 am (clock behind him).
·John continues to kill lots of peopleand escapes on a bike heading to the Sacre Coeur at 5.35.
·John kills lots of poepl on a bike and enters the building site house at 5.35.
·One of the best fight scenes in the film. Nobody enters.
·Nobody and john kill lots of people. Marquis call Nobody at 5.40 (Clock behind him again).
·John and Nobody continue to kill lots of people.
·Marquis calls Nobody at 5.43 $40 million.
·More assassins arrive. John kills lots of people. (top down fight love this so much).
·Nobody and john kill lots of people.
·Nobody and John fall through a hole in the floor at 5.45.
·john saves nobodys dog at 5.46.
·John escapes out the window. He looks at his watch which shows the time is 5.50am. John heads to the steps.
·John starts up the steps. The time is 5.55am. He has 7 minutes to get to the top.
·John kills lots of people.
·John gets almost to the top and falls back about half way when Chidi attacks him.
·John and Chidi fight and john falls to the bottom.
·Caine arrives at 5.59.
·Caine and John kill lots of people back up the steps.
·Nobody shoots Chidi at 6.00am. Chidi is killed by the dog and Nobody at 6.01am.
·John and Caine arrive at the church at 6.03am. Cain stabs johns hand.
·The Duel commences. It takes approximately 5 minutes. Nobody and the dog watch.
·John kills the Marquis at 6.08am.
·The Harbinger makes his announcements and takes his leave at 6.09 am
·Cain leaves after talking to John at 6.10am.
·Winston talks to John. “Will you take me home?”.
·John passes out on the church steps thinking of his wife at 6.11 am on Thursday Day 221.
Thursday Day 228 12.00pm
·Back to New York a few days have passed so im assuming a week later at midday. Bowery king and Winston are standing at Johns Grave. They talk and leave after 5 minutes .
·After credits scene assuming this is the same time as the graveyard scene. Caine is visting his daughter. Akira is going to kill him.
John Wick Chapter 4 ends on Thursday Day 228 12.00pm.
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2023.05.30 23:22 NinjaRadiographer John Wicks entire Timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 (updated) Part 1 of 2 (Chapters 1 and 2)

So, I had quite a few messages from people asking when I was going to update this to include chapter 4 and finally it was released on download in the UK (29th) so I could finally watch it and get around to it because I haven’t seen it until now. I’ve kept the original timeline here because I’m quite happy with it and I’m just adding on Chapter 4. I will add someone messaged me that during chapter 3 when the assassins are getting the kill order to kill John there’s a brief shot of an assassin’s phone saying the date was December. I’m happy to go with this because I think the first 3 films are set around October-November time but we see no x-mas stuff anywhere in chapter 1 to 3 so its debateable if you want to call this an x-mas film like Die Hard. Also, I watched an interview with the director this morning and he states that he thinks the first 3 films are about a week and a half but wasn’t certain which I feel gives my timeline some authenticity and accuracy.

P.s Ive had to break this down into two parts because the character limit is 40,000 characters and ive gone well over that
Warning Major Major spoilers for these films are here because I detail out the plot as I go.
A couple of assumptions are made. Fights scenes are probably longer than we seen on screen and often because of the pacing of the film we don’t need to see John get from point A to B. Conversations also probably took longer than we see if they are walking from area to area and discussing things. Location distances also take time to get to and from places and I don’t know where locations in New York and around the world are so I’ve made a lot up at a best sort of guess. Sometimes I’ve used what I think when there’s no real reference in the film to how long something took for instance for the time of day, I’ve looked at the skyline in the background and estimated what time of day it is judging by how much sunlight there is. Basically, I’ve guestimated a lot. Chapter 4 was a lot harder as they kept moving countries and places and its probably longer than I’ve made it. Also, some of the fight scenes are longer than the time they actually show in the film (6 minute fight is 13minutes in the film) so take everything with a pinch of salt.
TLDR: The films start in the mid-late autumn judging by the scenes that we see.
John Wick 1 starts on Monday Day 1 at 6am and ends Saturday Day 6 at 3.45am (6 Days).
John Wick Chapter 2 starts on Monday Day 8 at 10pm and ends Friday Day 13 at 5pm (5 Days).
John Wick Chapter 3 starts on Friday Day 13 at 5pm and ends Sunday Day 22 at 7.05am (9 Days).
John Wick Chapter 4 starts on Monday Day 205 at 7.20 pm (6 months later) and ends unofficially on Thursday Day 221 at 6.11am (when John passes out (16 days)) and officially at Thursday Day 228 12.00pm (23 Days).
John does have periods of down time and rest so it’s safe to assume he goes to the toilet in that time and maybe brushes his teeth once in a while
The first Film starts on a Monday. Not because there’s any reference to days of the week in the films (there wasn’t that I could find) but because, in my opinion, nothing good ever happens on a Monday.
John Wick Chapter 1
Monday Day 1 6am.
· John in his bathroom and has a flash back of his wife’s illness and death (assumption is made that this has happened over the past 6 months or so).
· Funeral of his wife. Marcus arrives “Just checking up on an old friend”.
· Wake at Johns house.
· People leave say 8-9pm ish
· Daisy the Dog is delivered and John reads Helens letter.
· John and Daisy got to bed at 10.54pm (clock on the bed).
Tuesday Day 2 6am.
· John wakes at 6am.
· Get the paper and the dog goes to the toilet, coffee and breakfast.
· Gets in car
· Getting petrol (assumption its about an hour after they’ve left prob around 8am) and meets the Russians arrive. Losef meets John “I love dogs”, “Beautiful car how much?”, “Not for sale.” “Not this bitch”. Victor arrives “You have a good day sir”.
· John leaves for the airfield- Crazy driving trying to/not to kill himself.
· Next scene is evening (don’t have time base upon previous night) in bed so assumption was that he went to be around 11pm.
Wednesday Day 3 Early am.
· Dog wakes John early am.
· John goes downstairs – Russians attack john, smash his stuff and kill the dog “Sleep tight bitch”.
· John wakes probably an hour or so later and cradles the dog.
· John buries the dog early am (judging by the skyline)
· 6.19am the alarm gets turned off.
· Angry cleaning with flash backs.
· Russians take Johns car to Aureilo’s garage (assumption is made that its around 8am and that it takes at least an hou maybe 2 to get there. Seeing as they stole it before 5am I assume that they took it for a joy ride and did doughnuts for a while first). “I want new vin numbers and new papers”- “Where did you get that car?” (John most likely still cleaning at this time) “Get it out of my shop” “We own you” Aureilo slaps Losef “Viggo not going to like this”.
· 5pm deduced from John leaving in car in next scene it’s probably taken all day to clean up and then he had to get the bus. John arrives at Aureilos garage after taking the bus “Is it here?”, “It was.”, “Losef Tarasov nicked it.”, “Viggo’s son?”, “I need a ride.”.
· John leaves in borrowed car around 6pm.
· Evening, not long after, Aureilo gets a call from Viggo (skyline time of day deduction) “I heard you struck my son. May I ask why?”
· Viggo to Avi “Have you seen my son?”.
· About 7.30pm Losef arrives (most likely he spent all day stashing the car with his uncle from John Wick 2 and hanging out).
· Viggo beats Losef. “What did I do” “That fucking nobody was John Wick” Explanation of the Bogey man and killing 3 men with a pencil.
· At the same time John is at home and goes into the basement with a sledgehammer smashes the floor and gets his equipment.
· 30 mins later Viggo gets his phone book and calls John. John hangs up.
· Viggo tasks a crew.
· John has a shower and suits up.
· Viggo sits by the fire.
· Juging by the light its 10pm ish when the kill crew arrives. (This doesn’t quite work because the house exterior shot is quite bright but when the crew arrives its dark night).
· The crew attack John and John kills the crew (due to films cuts to keep the action it probably takes about 20 minutes. Time enough for a noise complaint to be made).
· Jimmy the police officer arrives at 10.30 “Evening John”, “Noise complaint”, “You working again John?”.
· John goes downstairs and makes a dinner reservation for 12 (the amount of people he’s killed not the time).
· Assumption is made that it’s 1 hour for Charlie and the clean up crew to arrive at about 11.30.
· Assumption it takes 2 hours to clean the house of blood and bodies.
Thursday Day 4 1.30am
· Clean up crew leave about 1.30am.
· Viggo is still in front of the fire and is informed of the failure of the kill crew. The contract is put on Johns head for $2Million (the light in the room shot is bright he’s prob been there all night debating if he should put out the contract)
· Assumption is 6am John loads bags into car and drives to the Continental.
· Judging by the light its around 8am Viggo arrives at Marcus’s house whilst he’s cutting veg and juicing. “Would you kill John Wick for $2 million?”.
· Marcus cleans and polishes his guns after Viggo leaves.
· John arrives at the Continental at 8.30am (assumption).
· Perkins greets John. Concierge (Charon) “I have you for 2 nights sir”.
· Cuts to evening say 8pm assumption is John had some sleep.
· John looks at video of his wife and then goes downstairs to the bar and sees Winston “Johnathan as I recall wern’t you the one tasked to doll out the beating?”.
· (At the same time) Viggo learns that John is at the Continental “We have a contact there who is willing to take him out for us”.
· John is still talking to Winston. “Have a drink and relax…for now.”.
· John goes to the bar “It’s been 5 with change”. (Length of time John’s been a free man and Viggo has been in serious business learned).
· John gets Losef’s location with his drink “Compliments of the house”.
· John leaves the bar at 8.15 (assumption all this took 15 mins)
· John goes upstairs and suits up and we learn Losef is being guarded in a nightclub.
· John arrives at the nightclub. I’m assuming that it took an hour to suit up and 45 minutes to get to the club therefore its around 10pm-10.15 pm.
· John gets the drop on Francis the big bouncer that’s lost weight and gets inside.
· John kills Victor and lots of people in the spar area.
· John makes his way upstairs and enters the pool area where Losef is. This is most likely on the top floor. The way the films cuts means it probably took 30-45 mins to get up there and find him its about 11pm.
· John kills lots of people.
· Losef runs onto the dancefloor.
· John kills lots of people on the dancefloor, atrium and balcony.
· Losef escapes in a car driven by Gregori.
· John leaves with a phone call to Losef. (the fights probably took 30 mins so its around 11.30pm.
Friday Day 5 12.15am.
· John arrives back at the Continental 45 minutes later at 12.15am. “Is the doctor in?”.
· Assumption is the Doctor took 20 minutes to arrives and 30 minutes patching up John the time is probably around 1.05am
· Marcus arrives on the roof opposite and gets John in his sights.
· John tries to sleep.
· Perkins enters the room.
· Marcus shoots the pillow warning John.
· Perkins and John fight “Viggos giving me $4 million to break hotel rules”. The phone rings as the concierge rings.
· John beats Perkins and answers the phone (noise complaint).
· Marcus leaves.
· Perkins tries to crawl away. Pekins tells John about the Little Russia Church front.
· Harry holds up John “Catch and release”.
· Cut to Morning of Day 5. Bright light indicates its around 9am. John is at the Church who takes the pills for fully mobility, then kills lots of people and destroys the vault stash using the priest (probably takes about 30minutes).
· John leaves and then goes to a roof top to wait.
· No indication of how long until Viggo arrives I assume its an hour so the time is 10.30.
· Viggo arrives and kill the priest. Perkins escapes and kills Harry at around the same time).
· John attacks Viggo as he leaves the church.
· John Wick kills a lot of people
· John gets hit by a car, knocked out and captured by Viggo and wakes up tied to a chair in the church. The fight was about 10 minutes he’s been unconscious about 20 minutes so the time is 11pm “Yeah I’m thinking I’m back”.
· Marcus has already arrived (no idea when) and shoots the thugs chocking John. John escapes, kills other thug, frees his hands, runs out, chases down Viggos car killing thug driving it.
· Viggo gives up his son and pull the contract on John. (whole thing probably took 5 minutes).
· Cut to Losef in a Brooklyn safehouse. Not knowing where John actually is let’s say it took him an hour to go straight there so the time when John arrives is 12.05.
· Judging by the fact that explosives are set and it takes time to get into position its probably 12.45
· John kills guard and snipes Gregori playing COD at 12.45pm
· John snipers lots of people.
· John kills guard watching Losef.
· John kill Losef at 1.00pm
· Viggo finds out Losef is dead probably 30 mins later at around 1.30pm “Make the arrangements”.
· Cut to John checking out of the Continental (It’s only been 1 night). Prob took him an hour to be there and an hour to clean up and pack however when he leaves its getting dark so he probably fixed himself up and rested for a while and so the time is around 5pm.
· John gets a new car and meets Marcus around 5.30-6pm “How many times do I have to save your ass?”.
· Perkins watches them and turns Marcus in (assumed but likely).
· Cut to night so 8pm ish. Marcus walks home and Viggo and his thugs surround him.
· John driving home gets aphonecall on his mobile from Viggo. Shows scene of Viggo having bruised knuckles from beating Marcus so assume 1 hour has passed (9pm).
· Marcus tries to escape. Perkins wounds him and Viggo kills him so Marcus dies around 9.15pm “Well played old friend”.
· John turns the car around and Viggo leaves “Fuel the chopper”.
· 45 mnutes-1 hour later John arrives at Marcus’s house (10.15pm).
· Concierge calls Perkins who watches John arrives.
· John finds Marcus.
· John leaves (not shown and Perkins leaves)
· Perkins arrives (no time reference so assume 30 mins) to meet the concierge and has her membership to the Continental revoked at 10.45pm. Clean up crew arrives.
· Couple of minutes must have passed. Ohn is called by Winston to tell him where Viggo is.
· John drives like a nutcase and crashes into Viggo at docks probably 45 minutes away so it’s 11.30.
· John kills many people with his car and guns.
· Viggo tres to kill John with his car and the stands waiting for him. “No more guns John. No more Bullets”.
· John kills Viggo 5 minutes later. The whole fight from his car arriving to Viggo dying was about 30 minutes so the time is 00.05am on Day 6.
Saturday Day 6 00.05am
· John kills Viggo at 00.05am “Be seeing you John.”.
· John gets up and leaves taking Viggos cars.
· Opening scene of John crashing into the vets. John is unconscious. He could have been out for a while so im assuming 3 hours because it’s still night.
· John breaks into vets and treats himself (probably 30 minutes).
· John rescues his dog (another 10 minutes).
· John leaves and walks home with his new dog at 3.45am on Saturday Day 6 since his wife’s funeral.
John Wick Chapter 2
John Wick Chapter 2 starts with him chasing down a motor cyclist whilst he looking for his car. We know that this film is a direct continuation of the first film so we can assume that a little time has passed for him to heal, bond with the dog and make investigations into where his car is (this is probably because he’s not the type to stop for anything judging by the first film). Assuming that he took a day to rest and make investigations its probably been 2 days since the end of John Wick so we start on Monday Day 8 since his wife’s funeral at 10 pm because its night in the opening scene and it all fits nicely with the idea that the first film is a week long.
Monday Day 8 10pm
· John chases down biker in Aureilo’s borrowed car. (We never actually see what became of it in the first film because he gets a new car due to “Last nights unpleasantness” with Perkins in the first film as he checks out. Probably takes about 30 minutes.
· John hits the biker, takes the gold card and heads to Abrams Warehouse. He arrives say 30 minutes later.
· “My fucking nephew killed a dog and stole a car”. John arrives, kills thugs and looks for his car (30 mins).
· John calls Abram “You have my car”.
· John finds the car and takes it back.
· John uses his car to try and escape and kill people.
· John kills lots of people (approx. 30 minutes has passed).
· John makes peace with abram at 00.00am.
· John leaves and takes his car.
Tuesday Day 9 7.30am
· Johns car is wrecked and he gets home in the morning. Judging by the light I’d say early morning. We know he lives about 2 hours from the city so assuming it took 7 hours and 30 mins (shown in a later scene) to get home because his car was barely crawling up the driveway (being a man of focus he was getting that car back).
· John goes and cleans up. The clock on his table says 7.30am. Showers and sleeps.
· Next scene is Aureilo arriving to pick up Johns car. I’m assuming its mid to late afternoon around 4.30pm. John is playing with his dog and we have a continuity error here because in John Wick 1 the dog was a puppy and here it is clearly an older dog but ‘Im choosing to ignore this because movie land reasons.
· Cut to next scene. John cleans up his suit and sorts out the basement from the first film. He makes cement and it probably takes him 3 hours so time is 8pm.
· Santino arrives at 8pm (its night out). Coffee and conversation about markers (probably 20 minutes).
· Santino leaves and blows up Johns house.
· John sees his house burn at 8.30.
· Cut to fire engine still fighting the fire so say the response time ect is about 30 mins later. Jimmy the cop is here “Gas leak?”.
· John leaves with the dog and walks off.
Wednesday Day 10 9am.
· John arrives at the continental early morning (looks around 9am so he walked for 12 hours as busses probably aren’t running and he’s a man of focus). “How good to see you again so soon Mr Wick”.
· John meets with Winston and converse about Santino D’antonio and the marker.
· 10 minutes later John boards the dog with Charon the concierge. John leaves for the national gallery.
· Probably 30 minutes to the gallery he gets frisked and meets Santino.
· They talk about the job for 10 minutes “My hands”.
· John leaves and travels to his deposit box “59.035” say another 30 minutes to get there.
· He suits up (another 30 minutes) “happy hunting Mr Wick”.
· Next scene hes in Rome so assuming an hour to the airport. Google tells me New York to Rome direct is an 8 hours and 15 minutes flight and an hour to the continental of Rome meaning total travel time is 10 hours and 15minutes because he had no delays or hold ups and everything happened perfectly because its movieland and therefore assuming every part of his trip was flawless. Rome is 6 hours behind New York (thanks to google again) so John arrives at his destination at 2.25 pm Rome time which fits with the film.
Wednesday Day 10 8.25pm USA, 2.25pm Rome.
· John is observed by Ayres the mute woman arriving at the Continental. “Welcome to the Continental of Rome”.
· He meets the manager “are you here for the pope?”.
· Next scene John is getting supplies and equipment. He must have checked in so I assume its an hour later.
· Suit, Guns and catacomb plans must have taken some time, Rush suit could have taken an hour to measure and 4 hours to make, Guns must have taken an hour along with the catacombs “Mr Wick do enjoy your party”.
· Ayres watches John leave 3 hours later.
· John suits up that night say 8pm Rome time (Which is Thursday Day 11 2am USA time)
· John enters the catacombs and takes about an hour and 30 mins to reach his target whilst leaving his weapons around.
· Gianna enjoys her party and meets Mr Riconi and then leaves to freshen her makeup.
· 10.30 Rome John meets Gianna in the bathroom. They talk for 10 minutes and she slits her wrists. John shoots her and leaves.
· John bumps into Cassian “You working?” they shoot each other and John runs.
· John kills a lot of people escaping.
· Cassian find Gianna.
· John gets to catacombs and meets Ayres “Loose ends?”.
· John kills a lot of people It takes about 30 minutes for John to escape the catacombs from killing Gianna.
· Cassian tries to run John over. They fight and crash through the window of the Continental. They wernt far from it so its assumed Joh had been walking for 20 minutes and they were fighting for 10 mins. Hey crash through about 11.40pm Rome which again fits with the film.
· In the bar they talk for about 5 minutes. Cassian leaves and Ayres is there as John goes to bed “Not if I see you first”.
· Its about 00.00am when Santino phones. John hangs up on him. Santino calls the exchange and puts a bounty on John. John phones the desk and says he’ll check out in the morning. So all this makes the time Thursday Day 11 0.005 am Rome and Thursday Day 11 6 am USA. The text messages go out at this time because they would have done it then and there was no delay despite this being shown in a later scene.
· Next scene is early AM assumed around 6am because that’s when John usually gets up so its Thursday Day 11 6am Rome and 12pm USA. John sorts his stuff and is escorted out by the manager “May you have a safe journey Mr Wick”.
· It takes 10 hours and 15 minutes to get back to New York making it 10.15pm. Cassian is seen in New York so it’s assumed he got the contract text and headed to the airport straightaway to beat John back knowing he wouldn’t be able to get him in Rome.
Thursday Day 11 10.15pm.
· Santino completes the marker book “you stabbed the devil in the back”.
· John walks through Chinatown and the train station, kills lots of people (some with a pencil) and finally faces Cassian on the tube where he stabs him in the Aorta as a professional courtesy. Judging by how beat up he is and how many people he faced it probably took him 2 and a half hours.
Friday Day 12 00.45am
· John escapes 2 assassins at the train station and gets taken by the homeless man to the Bowery King.
· Its early am say around 7 am when John wakes up. Hes had medicine and has been patched up so therefore its Friday Day 12 7am. John and the king talk for an Hourish “$7 million Dollars gets you 7 rounds”.
· John leaves for Santinos coronation.
· John arrives at the NYM meausum Mirror art exhibit . No way to judge it so im guessing it took 3 hours having traveled by tunnels and sewer making it about 11am.
· Santino sees john.
· John kills lots of people probably takes about an hour.
· Santino escapes and runs to the continental John kill Ayres at 12.00pm
· John follows Santino to the Continental which probably took an hour to get to as Santino was eating and waiting for John.
· John arrives at the hotel and kills Santino at 1pm whilst eating lunch “What have you done?”.
· John leaves, collects his dog and goes home.
· The next scene is a bit difficult to place John sits in his ruined house looking at his wifes necklace and its raining. He could have walked for 12 hours but its more likely (as he’s in the next part of the scene) that the concierge took him and waited for a call. This doesn’t quite fit as the conversation about the dog staying with him implys that he had just arrived but im assuming that john was mute the whole way there in the car. “Would you be so enclined”.
· They travel back 2 hours (2 hours there 2 hours back) which makes it exactly 5pm when they reach Winston.
· Theres a continuity error here as John Wick 3 starts at 5pm but Winstons watch clearly shows 4pm in this scene I imagine his battery has died an hour before is all I can think of.
· Wick and Winston talk and John gets a marker and the starts running “I’ll kill them all”.
· Here ends John Wick Chapter 2 Friday Day 13 at 5pm.
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2023.05.30 23:17 pepperoniisbadsorry DO things get better for teenagers? No.

i’m (17f) and i feel colder every day, every minute even. i have 2 close friends, both of which are pulling away. it’s summer, which means i’ll be alone for 2 and a half months. my parents work interesting shifts, by that i mean i am left alone a lot of the time. i am introverted, i love alone time, on my own terms- i hate feeling lonely. I’m alone ALL the time though, i feel like i’ve grown accustomed to it and now it’s difficult to get away from it. i feel like my parents are judging me, though they don’t say anything to make me feel that way, i stay alone, study, read, scroll on my phone, and pretend i’m happy, i’m not.
i’m a failure, i don’t think i will get into a good college when the time comes because i’m genuinely just not as good as other students, but my parents are banking on me getting into a great one, even taking me on college tours around the US. this stresses me out more than anything. this is my future and it all rides on my academic performance from a time where my brain isn’t even developed. a 4 hour SAT can dictate my future. the way my parents look at me and threaten to kick me to the curb if i don’t become something great.
i’m useless and anxious, but i see something that knows i’m special, i know i’m endearing and kind and patient and would wait for you for hours if you needed me. no one ever needs me. i don’t even want to receive the love, i just want to run my fingers through someone’s hair and console them when they’re sad, maybe because it’s what i crave for myself.
i mourn for my younger self, the one that would giggle with her silly raspy voice and not worry about calories or the way people treat her, because she didn’t understand it yet. things haven’t changed for years, i hate watching people move on and have fun while i have to pretend to keep up.
not to mention the trauma from my past i attempt to push down and never talk about, sometimes i think that is the root of these feelings. little incidents sometimes take me back to relive those awful experiences. i have nightmares about them.
i hate how my tears soak my pillow while my parents are at work and my 2 friends are at parties living their lives while i’m alone. the echoes through the empty house make me cringe and i force myself to stop feeling emotion.
i hope i can look back at this when i’m warmer.
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2023.05.30 23:17 Uniboss60 I can’t sympathise with my mother anymore.

So this is going to be long, so hang on for the ride. But I do need some advice going forward. So my mother and father have divorced for a long time but things haven’t really got better.
My dad lives with his new wife a couple streets away and I currently live with my mom (I am 20) with 2 other siblings (a brother who is 15 and a sis who is 7). We currently only visit my dad on Fridays as apparently my mom has said that my dad would not work out a weekly basis thing but I really think that’s because he works along with his wife.
Anyways, let me tell you how a normal week goes. We visit on Friday, my mom stops us from going early so we end up leaving the house at like 3-4pm and she starts calling us to not stay long into the night, so we end up coming at 8pm on average. My dad complains and says this is unfair, unfair that he only gets a couple hours.
One day my dad texted me and told me ‘come over to help him install a cupboard’, I wanted to go and my mom stopped me saying that my dad is trying to use me :/ Again I am 20…
When my mom decides not to cook and not order food she insists we go to my dad’s house for food which I decline because it makes me feel like I’m using him which I hope is understandable, then she gets worked up and says ‘why do you feel embarrassed’ etc.
My dad gives us a couple hundred monthly to help out with bills and all, so he gives me an envelope to give to my mom. I give it, and she gets angry and starts venting, saying ‘why do I need this’ etc.
She threatens to move countries to go live back with her parents and take my sister and I refute it saying that it’s unfair to take her away from her dad (she loves her dad so much) but she gets mad saying that ‘he’s done nothing for us’.
A couple weeks ago, my dad was on holiday and my sister wanted to call and talk to him, but my mom would say ‘no, I don’t want his problems’ like seriously? She always vents about him and my dad never vents about her which is ironic because she thinks he’s the one destroying the kids. She calls him a narcissist, she tells my sister bad things about my dad, ignores our opinions and thinks if we oppose any of her decisions it means we absolutely despise her.
She makes fun of my step mom’s cooking, she talks ill about my dad whenever, she thinks our dad hates us, she says that he puts me in depression.
Whether my dad was the bad one in the relationship between my parents it’s gone all out the window because of the way my mom acts now, it’s really sad.
What do you think is the solution or at least issue here? I’ve tried a lot of things but nothing works.
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2023.05.30 23:15 tree-trunk-arms Please help me I can’t sign in to my PC it goes straight to BIOS and I think my SSD is 100% full

This is not a new build
I left the house for 10 mins and when I came home I found my PC was turned off. I powered it on and signed in everything was extremely slow so I restarted it and now it only goes into bios and my SSD is not always detected in there.
My SSD finally did show up (in bios) and it’s at 2000.3GB.
To get my SSD to show up in bios I think went through the boot options and disabled HDD(because at first I did not have one)
I imagine there was some sort of update that pushed me over the edge I knew it was almost full but haven’t checked it in a while.
With it only booting up to bios how do I go about this? I ripped an HHD out of my old PC hooked it up and signed in but it only shows that HDD, a flash drive I tossed in, and no SSD.
I’m having some fun troubleshooting but now I need some professional help
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2023.05.30 23:12 MyEyesAreUpQueer 30F-ish in Wisco

Single/Taken/Complicated: Single
Seeking Relationship/Friends/Squish/Other: Relationship, down for friends too!
Romantic Orientation: Romantically attracted to masculine folks, would also consider a QPR with any gender. I haven’t tried dating since I finally figured out I’m ace a couple years ago so bear with me please! I’m sex-positive but super indifferent. Could go the rest of my life without it but not opposed with the right person. Happy to cuddle though!
Gender: AFAB feminine NB
Pronouns: She/they
Age: 30
Height/Build: 5’4 average weight, could probably do with more squats
Physical Description: I’m white with a splash of Filipino. Dark brown hair and eyes, light skinned because I’m a creature of the night. Prone to bouts of bright red hair. Lots of piercings and easily visible tattoos. My clothing aesthetic is matching sweatsuits or “found lying on a beach somewhere.”
Personality Description: it’s the childhood trauma that makes me occasionally funny. I can easily pass for an extrovert but I need solitude to recover. My favorite root vegetable is the parsnip. I play on casual mode because I feel impotent rage when video games are better than me and I’m only here for the story anyway. I’m aegosexual so I read super smutty books but I cringe at sex scenes if I’m watching tv/movies with other people. Will serenade you from the shower with an eclectic repertoire; one day it could be Enya and the next it could be The Doors. I was kind of a big deal in high school choir so it probably won’t be miserable to listen to for the rest of your life. I will crochet your family gifts but I’m limited to rectangles. I like to watch K-dramas without dubs because I think romance sounds lovely in Korean. Walking around the local conservancy is my favorite way to top up on nature and vitamin D, and my cat Winnie is responsible for that last serotonin molecule rattling around my head. I don’t plan on having children but I can totally channel grandma energy and hold other people’s babies!
I’m in graduate school so I’ll be stuck where I am for a while and will probably need to work in this area for at least a year after but I’m not committed to Wisconsin forever. Building a witch house in the woods is non-negotiable however. Would like to live within reasonable driving distance to a metropolitan area but I like the small town feel.
I’m not super keen on dating, but I want to be someone’s person and I want someone to be mine.
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2023.05.30 23:10 IamRyanMarshall Price Reduction: Arius, 2 Ultratech SS, drunken, PM2

SUPER SALE. Yolo or the like takes the cake.
First up: Koenig Arius in Forest Green, M390, 6AL4V Ti handle, and tanto blade style DOB: April 10th, 21. In very good condition. Has been recently regrinded, removing 1/4" creating the tanto blade, and sharpened with a mirror edge. SV $565
Arius Forest Green
Microtech Ultratech Makora D/E signature series in red with carbon fiber inlay, bronzed blade with nickel boron internals. Brand New, only took it out for photos. SV $390 (don't know why all the images separated, sorry for all the links)
Red Ultratech D/E SS ( (
Microtech Ultratech Daytona D/E Signature Series tactical standard, carbon fiber inlay. Brand New, only opened to take pics. SV $390
Black ultratech Daytona SS D/E ( ( (
Blue WinterBlade Factor M390, carbon fiber handle, Batch 2. LNIB. Used it to learn how to spydie flick, but never cut or carried. SV$350
Blue Factor ( ( ( (
Spyderco PM2 blue CF black, recently sharppened with mirror edge, I haven't...but I'm confident I could cut through a airborne watermelon. Carried once to the gas station, never cut, been in a box ever since. SV $140
Spyderco PM2 blue CF black ( ( (
Lastly, price drop on the drunken. Spyderco Drunken CPM S90V. Second owner, but he said he didn't cut or carry and neither have I. Silver front side, carbon fiber on the back. SV $300
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2023.05.30 23:08 BushRabbit Why are you up

It’s been 5 months of pretty solid recovery work with my PA. He’s shown every reason I should begin trusting him again. Has disclosed 2 relapses and even communicates when he has “slip ups” (the term we use for when he starts searching provocative things or familiar turn ons on socials before escalating further). But he has seemed so emotionally exhausted lately, sexually flatlining, and busy with a new job so we haven’t communicated as much. Still doing a weekly check in where i ask how he feels the week has been with recovery. Responses have gotten a little shorter, saying he feels like his brain is changing and he’s having a flatline week sexually. Granted, he’s also had no time.
Today I had the opportunity to check his phone and I took it. Nothing at all suspicious EXCEPT his recent instagram search history included “why are you up” (this brings up no results when i search it).
it was almost like he was trying to respond to a text in his sleep but chose the instagram search bar by mistake. which makes me wonder if he was messaging someone? Am i completely crazy for letting my brain go there? where should i check? i can’t find anything in any of his messaging apps visible to me.
For background, he’s always sworn he doesn’t / hasn’t messaged other women. for some reason i’ve always been unsure that this is true though I can’t find any evidence at all. Am i crazy?
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2023.05.30 23:03 monkeysolo69420 I’m sick of living with my family.

I don’t hate my family. They’re not bad people, and my parents were pretty good parents for the most part, but they are all the worst communicators I’ve ever met. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them enter a personal conflict within the house where it didn’t go straight to yelling. No calmly explaining what the other person did wrong, just 0 to 10 without thinking about it.
My mom doesn’t do this to me as much anymore because I think she knows she crossed a line a few times, but she still does this with my dad. She just takes it personally if you make a mistake or say the wrong thing. Growing up I felt like sometimes I couldn’t talk to her because I would say something to piss her off without meaning to and she would get unreasonably mad at me like I had said something to deliberately offend her even though I was a 12 year old and didn’t know how to communicate. This has caused me great anxiety as an adult and I think it’s prevented me from forming relationships with women because I’m afraid I’m going to say something to offend them.
My dad is more predictable. When he gets mad, it’s easy to see why, but it’s always over stupid little shit that he can’t control. I feel bad for him, because he almost certainly has some undiagnosed anxiety disorder. I’ve wondered sometimes if he has Asperger’s or something, but it’s hard to sympathize when he gets testy over the dumbest shit. Today he got all pissy with me because I didn’t answer the phone because I was taking out the garbage. He was in the other room that also has a phone in it, so idk why he couldn’t answer it his damn self but apparently it’s my job to answer the phone for him even though I have a job and he’s never had a steady source of income for as long as I can remember. Sorry if answering the phone on my lunch break isn’t my top priority.
My sister is generally cooler, and we were actually talking about being room mates and getting a place together, but the other day she went off on me for no reason. She doesn’t do this often, but she’s done it before, and it reminded me a little too much of my mom. She was watching a tv show and I walked in and said “haven’t you seen this before?” She said no, to which I said “I feel like I remember you watching this exact episode.” We went back and forth a few times, with no escalation. I wasn’t accusing her of anything, I wasn’t demanding that she watch something else, I just asked her if she’d seen it before and disagreed when she said no. Then out of nowhere, she turns the tv off and says “fine I won’t watch it if it bothers you,” and storms put of the room in a huff before I can even say anything.
I was probably being annoying, and maybe she wanted to watch the show without being bothered, but she could have said that without taking offense and storming out of the room. I was fuming about it for the rest of the night and the entire day after. I’ve tried to look at it through her point of view, but the more I think about it the more I think I wasn’t in the wrong and she’s just being unreasonable. No one in this house knows how to just ask “hey could you not?” It always goes straight to a yelling match or passively aggressively storming out so they don’t have to be in an argument where they might be proven wrong.
Maybe I have Asperger’s too? I think a common experience with people on the spectrum is they say things that they don’t realize is offensive, but I only ever have had this problem with my mom and sister. I hope I can work this out because I’d be left without a plan to move out and I need to get away but I don’t know if I can live with someone with such deficient communication skills. Mine aren’t great either, but who can blame me when everyone gets mad whenever there’s a conflict? I don’t know how I can get out of this. I’m almost 30 and barely make enough to move out. This apartment is too small for 4 people and I’m sick of living here. Sorry for the novel but this has been getting worse with time.
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2023.05.30 22:54 WhiskeyRanting RDA Recap - May 29, 2023

SilverKappa here. I don’t have it in me to look for a funny image to use for the intro today.
This is the RDA Recap.
Jimmy Whispers – “Ice Cream Truck/Stray Dogs”
2nd Grade – “Teenage Overpopulation”
Louise Post – “What About”
Kate Miller-Heidke – “The Last Day On Earth”
Juliana Hatfield – “Don’t Bring Me Down”
Tina Turner – “We Don’t Need Another Hero”
Dire Straits – “Sultans of Swing”
Neil Cicierega – Guide to the Lord of the Rings
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Gila Monster”
CHVRCHES - “Graffiti”
Joe Satriani – “Satch Boogie”
AQUA – “Barbie Girl”
Tina Turner – “Acid Queen”
Nouvelle Vague – “The Killing Moon”
The Cure – “Why Can’t I Be You?”
Band-Maid - “Sense”
Christopher Lee – “Name Your Poison”
Ruby Haunt - “Foolproof”
STORY 1: Multimillionaire's alleged plot to escape from a Florida jail and return to France unravels
STORY 2: A lawyer used ChatGPT and now has to answer for its 'bogus' citations
STORY 3: Black bear takes 60 cupcakes from US bakery, scaring staff
STORY 4: Man arrested for airdropping naked photos to strangers
STORY 5: Pa. man in jail after nearly burning his house down trying to kill spiders
STORY 6: India official drains entire dam to retrieve phone
Dominic Noble – The Fellowship of the Ring ~ Lost in Adaptation
Talking Heads – “And She Was”
Sonic Youth - “Incinerate”
Weird Al Yankovic – “Hardware Store”
Lionel Richie – “All Night Long”
Magdalen Rose – Why are Millennials Becoming Hobbits?
Tina Turner - “Goldeneye”
The Romantics – “Talking In Your Sleep”
Joel Haver – Trent is way out of line this time.
Yellow Magic Orchestra - “Rydeen”
Nirvana - “Silver”
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2023.05.30 22:51 AutoModerator Where To WATCH Shin Kamen Rider OnLine Free ON REddIt

Over 25 years ago, a little boy named Andy received a Buzz Lightyear action figure in the 1995 Pixar film Toy Story. Now, all these years later, audiences will finally see the movie that inspired that action figure in the Toy Story spin-off movie, Lightyear, which is soaring into theatres this weekend.

Download ➤ ► 🔴🧿⭕👉WATCH Shin Kamen Rider OnLine Free

This is not the Buzz Lightyear you know and love—the one who is best friends with Woody and voiced by Tim Allen. This is the original Buzz Lightyear, a bonafide space ranger voiced by Chris Evans, who is stranded on a hostile planet that is 4.2 million lightyears from Earth, alongside his commander and crew. The Lightyear cast also includes the voices of Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, James Brolin, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, Uzo Aduba, and Isiah Whitlock Jr.

With this new Toy Story adventure coming to theatres, you may feel the urge to revisit the classics. The decider is here to help with that. Read on to find out what Toy Story movies to watch before Lightyear and how to stream the Toy Story.

20 Movies That Are So Good, They’re Almost Perfect
Can I Stream Shin Kamen Rider?
You can’t stream Lightyear yet — but you’ll be able to soon. As a Disney movie, you can expect Lightyear to drop on their streaming service, Disney Plus, in the coming weeks, but the exact date of when that might happen hasn’t been announced yet.

Generally, with their cinematic releases, Disney and Pixar tend to follow either a 30-day release window or a 45-day release window. We don’t know which one they’re going with yet for Lightyear, but this means that given the movie’s global release date is June 17, we can expect Lightyear to be on Disney Plus sometime between July 21 and August 3, 2022.

Movies That Are Considered to Be Almost Flawless
Where To Watch Shin Kamen Rider Online
With a new Lightyear coming out very soon, you may want to rewatch all the movies. Or, if you haven’t given the animated adventure films a shot, now is your chance.

Just click the link below to watch the full movie in its entirety. Details on how you can watch Shin Kamen Rider COUGHING for free throughout the year are described below. If you’re a fan of the comics, you won’t want to miss this one! The storyline follows Shin Kamen Rider Coughing as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien planet. Shin Kamen Rider COUGHING is definitely a Shin Kamen Rider Coughing movie you don’t want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, Shin Kamen Rider Coughing online streaming is available on our website. Shin Kamen Rider Coughing online free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix! Shin Kamen Rider Coughing Release in US Shin Kamen Rider Coughing hits theaters on September 23, 2023. Tickets to see the film at your local movie theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person.

Lightyear can all be streamed using an HBO Max or Hulu subscription. If you’d prefer to rent the movies, only the first two are on Prime Video. Otherwise, all three films can be rented on YouTube, Apple TV+, or Google Play Movies & TV.

The second film in the franchise, Lightyear, will be released on June 17, 2022. Right now, it’s not confirmed where the movie will be streamed after its big-screen release.

Is Shin Kamen Rider on Netflix?

Lightyear is not available to watch on Netflix. Suppose you’re interested in other movies and shows. In that case, one can access the vast library of titles within Netflix under various subscription costs depending on the plan you choose: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.99 monthly for the standard plan, and $19.99 a month for the premium plan.

Is Lightyear on Disney Plus?

No sign of Lightyear on Disney+, which is proof that the House of Mouse doesn’t have its hands on every franchise! Home to the likes of ‘Star Wars, ‘Marvel’, ‘Pixar’, National Geographic’, ESPN, STAR, and so much more, Disney+ is available at the annual membership fee of $79.99 or the monthly cost of $7.99. If you’re a fan of even one of these brands, then signing up to Disney+ is worth it, and there aren’t any ads, either.

Is Lightyear on HBO Max?

Sorry, Lightyear is not available on HBO Max. There is a lot of content from HBO Max for $14.99 a month, such a subscription is ad-free, and it allows you to access all the titles in the library of HBO Max. The streaming platform announced an ad-supported version that costs a lot less at $9.99 per month.

Is Lightyear on Hulu?

They’re not on Hulu, either! But prices for this streaming service currently start at $6.99 per month or $69.99 for the whole year. The ad-free version costs $12.99 per month, $64.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV, or $70.99 for the ad-free Hulu + Live TV.

Is Lightyear 2022 on Amazon Video?

Unfortunately, Lightyear is not available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video. However, you can choose other shows and movies to watch from there as it has a wide variety of shows and movies that you can choose from for $14.99 a month.

Is Lightyear on Peacock?

Lightyear is not available to watch on Peacock at the time of writing. Peacock offers a subscription costing $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year for a premium account. Like its namesake, the streaming platform is free with the content out in the open. However, limited.

Who Is in the Shin Kamen Rider Cast?

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, will be the voice of the film’s titular Space Ranger. Apart from Evans, Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), Dale Soules (Orange Is the New Black), and Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit) have also been announced as part of the cast, lending their voices to other ambitious recruits at Star Command. The voice cast includes Uzo Aduba, James Brolin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Efren Ramirez, Peter Sohn, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. Bonus: Check out this featurette where the cast talks about what Buzz Lightyear means to them.
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2023.05.30 22:50 tree-trunk-arms In need of assistance. I think my SSD is 100% full and I can not sign in. It goes Straight to BIOS

This is not a new build
I left the house for 10 mins and when I came home I found my PC was turned off. I powered it on and signed in everything was extremely slow so I restarted it and now it only goes into bios and my SSD is not always detected in there.
My SSD finally did show up (in bios) and it’s at 2000.3GB.
To get my SSD to show up in bios I think went through the boot options and disabled HDD(because at first I did not have one)
I imagine there was some sort of update that pushed me over the edge I knew it was almost full but haven’t checked it in a while.
With it only booting up to bios how do I go about this? I ripped an HHD out of my old PC hooked it up and signed in but it only shows that HDD, a flash drive I tossed in, and no SSD.
I’m having some fun troubleshooting but now I need some professional help
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2023.05.30 22:48 lostandfound890 Thoughts on family loan to improve home

A family member had graciously offered a loan if we need to make upgrades to our home. Home is livable as is, but small for a growing family (1 bathroom, no office for 2 parents who wfh part time).
Would take a substantial loan at long term loan rates at by IRS (currently about 4%), 15 -20 year term. We could repay monthly, quarterly, annually. The lender doesn’t care.
This is tempting because our 1) house could use the upgrades and 2) we don’t think we’ll be in a position to move in the next 5-7 years due to sub 3% interest rate we have in current mortgage and living in vhcol area. I’ve never taken a loan from family though so I wonder about the implications. This isn’t a parent or immediate family member, which helps create some buffer. I haven’t priced a construction loan from a bank, but I understand the rate would be much higher. Otherwise we sit tight and make do with what we have, which is possible.
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2023.05.30 22:42 janzend looking for a little help with a part lookup on 2007 Passat 2.0 BPY - coolant hose

The hose coming out of the bottom of the tee for part 6 in the diagram had a clip come loose, so it leaned against the back of the radiator fan until the fan housing rubbed a hole in it. I just don't see where the hose itself is listed in this diagram. Anyone more familiar with the naming or breakdown of these able to help me out with a part #? otherwise I hope its printed on the hose.
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2023.05.30 22:41 AltAccount1982 [WTS][US-GA][H] E-MU Teak, HD560S, Solid Sound VX (Borealis Drivers), Hart Audio Cable, ZMF Ori Pads, Teak/Fostex Pad Attenuation Rings [W] PayPal, Trades

[WTS][US-GA][H] E-MU Teak, HD560S, Solid Sound VX (Borealis Drivers), Hart Audio Cable, ZMF Ori Pads, Teak/Fostex Pad Attenuation Rings [W] PayPal, Trades
Timestamp Cat (he decided to give me a hand writing this post)
HD560S- One of the best entry level headphones. Comes with brand new pads installed (old pads also included). Lightly used.
Asking for $99 or $130 with the beautiful Hart Audio starlight cable.
E-MU Teaks- The best closed back headphones I’ve had the chance to try. It’s going to be pretty hard to let them go. If you haven’t given them a try, I suggest you do. Lightly used.
I’m asking $380 or $410 with the ZMF Ori pads and pad attenuation rings.
Solid Sound VX (B-Stock)- A very interesting headphone I’ve been developing in-house. They use the same drivers as the Aurorus Borealis ($900). They’ve been my daily driver for the past few weeks, and they’re super lightweight and comfortable. I’d say they punch way above their price class. There was slight damage during assembly, which is why they are listed as B-Stock. I wasn’t able to measure any audible distortion.
Asking $200
Also open to any trades! Feel free to message me with what you have. I’m particularly interested in tube amps, Stax, and open-backs. If you have any questions at all, shoot me a PM!
Have a wonderful day :)
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2023.05.30 22:36 troutkillgore 2010 Blue Bird SCHOOL BUS - Skoolie? Tiny House? - $1,700 FOR SALE Sacramento, CA

2010 Blue Bird SCHOOL BUS - Skoolie? Tiny House? - $1,700 FOR SALE Sacramento, CA submitted by troutkillgore to skoolies [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:31 4DSandwichExperience FS: Crust Malocchio Road/Gravel AXS Build, Large/59cm

Listing a recent build of mine as we’ve got a newborn and I’m dropping down to a single bike stable for the foreseeable future due to limited riding time.
Less than 300 miles on it total, bike is in flawless condition and ready to rock. All components were new for the build other than the shifters, saddle, and seatpost. Impressively light for a full steel frame and does a great job absorbing road chatter. A weird (and fun) blend of tech and retro. For my Orange County people, I built this up with Santiago Canyon, Silverado, and Modjeska in mind. 59cm frameset was a great fit for me at 6’1.5”.
Force AXS shifters, Red crankset (167.5mm w/46T chainring), Rival AXS XPLR derailleur and Force XPLR cassette. Wheels MFG bottom bracket.
Velo Orange Grand Cru Brakeset and Headset, Mercury S3 Carbon wheelset set up tubeless with 32mm Gravelkings and Muc-Off valves. Frame/calipers can easily clear 35s in the rear and likely a 38 in the front. Black Prince pads just set up (1 ride) for a little extra bite, but I’ll also include the originally Mercury pads, which are softer but dead silent.
Zipp XPLR 44cm handlebars, Nitto UI-12 110mm stem (also have 100mm if needed) Soma seatpost, Specialized Romin Pro saddle. If you’re a narrow handlebar fan I’ll also toss in a used set of 40cm Easton EC70 bars that won’t be going on any other builds.
Only item to note is a potential slight slip in the seatpost - it occurred more frequently with a shorter seatpost I used originally, and I haven’t noticed it as much with the Soma, but my guess is that it’s something with the chasing/finishing from the factory on the interior of the seat tube. As I don’t have the time to fully assess it, as part of the sale I’ll pay for whatever fix is needed (if any). Want to take it to a bike shop? I’ll send you the 80 bucks for labor. Want to use a larger diameter Thomson seatpost? I’ll cover the cost of a new seatpost. Are you handy and able to fix the issue at home? Perfect, just lie to me and tell me it cost 100 dollars, I’ll still gladly compensate you. Just want to be sure the buyer is as happy with the bike long term as they should be.
Looking for $3,100 net to me, we can figure out shipping or I can likely meet in the greater Southern California area within reason from south Orange County.
Happy to answer any questions or send along any additional photos. Cages and pedals not included.
Full album:
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2023.05.30 22:31 goodgreat123 Is my listing agent bad?

My husband and I are selling our first house, and I’m losing confidence in our relator. He is a friend of my husband’s and lives in Houston, we live in Austin. We called him for advice about buying/selling and he said he was starting to do business in Austin and has a team in Austin, so he could represent us.
He sent us some good options for homes to buy, but we ultimately decided to go with a new build before he had a chance to travel over to go to showings with us. No problem, all good. He’s been helpful with going over contracts and helping us set things up with a phase inspection.
Now in the selling process, I’m beginning to lose confidence. I had to rewrite the listing description because it said nothing about our home, and waxed poetic about a rec center, golf course and aquatic park that don’t even exist in our neighborhood. We listed on Thursday and the house has been getting a lot of attention. We had two open houses over the weekend with a steady stream of visitors. We had a bit of a communication issue with the agent staffing the open houses and our realtor was totally unreachable for the first hour and a half of our open house, nor did he provide us with the other agents contact info. AGAIN we had to take matters into our own hands and stop by the open house to tell the agent the information our realtor failed to convey to him in the first place.
This morning we reached out to see what the next steps are, and he just said he’d reach out to realtors from the weekend to see if there are any planned offers. We have no upcoming showings scheduled. Meanwhile, the house has absolutely blown up on Zillow, I guess I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t garnered more concrete interest or follow up. Since I’m new to selling a house I’m wondering if this is common practice, or if our realtor is acting normal.
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