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The community where we draw things on bananas in celebration of downtime. Q: Do you realize how much bananas cost in Australia? A: Yes, yes I do.

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/rabbits is an open community where users can learn, share cute pictures, or ask questions about rabbits. Please note we are a *pet rabbit* community that discourages breeding and encourages rescue.

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Frugality is the mental approach we each take when considering our resource allocations. It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors.

2023.06.03 22:47 ZippyZapmeister What would you say to someone concerned about money?

I'm a 0L attending law school in the fall. I interned with a PDs office in a large city for a year during undergrad (cried on my last day lol) and now I'm working with a legal nonprofit working with a marginalized group. All this is to say, I love public defense and public interest law.
That being said, I'm honestly stressed about money. I've lived in poverty my whole life and while I was lucky enough to get a full ride to law school I do have undergrad debt and my whole life I've grown up "chasing the money", trying to get out of the "broke" lifestyle ASAP.
But I also want to do something I'm passionate about, something that makes me feel like I'm going to make a difference no matter how small it may seem in the grand scheme of things. How do you make that "leap" in your head that allows you to go forward, knowing some of your classmates are making much more money even if it's in a monotone environment? I know it's really early to think about this but as I'm considering how I want to spend these three years it's something I'm thinking about.
Thank you all for your hard work! 🫡
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2023.06.03 22:46 LosDosSode Ironman world championships questions

Does anyone have any idea how much elevation the bike and run will have in Nice, France. Ironman still doesn’t have course maps up on the website and i have no knowledge on that course. I live in Florida and need to figure out how much riding/running i need to do out by sugarloaf and green mountain.
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2023.06.03 22:46 Systemic_UnknownQs Well here we go again…

Please note I am 22 years of age and diagnosed, this is simply a note down from ourselves - validation is important to us so please be respectful if you are to comment - M (Host) - hoping this helps anyone struggling with memories, you are valid and deserve to be heard <3 - (Darkia)
The last thing that keeps popping up is a memory of my twin sister, we found her body at 15 years of age and well we had gone through a lot during our childhood with her, sexual abuse from our father, disturbing situations occurring however we can’t remember exactly what and she is definitely gone but “not forgotten” please if anything we are the only ones who remember her as she truly was. She had came to us about a specific disorder definitely one of the personality ones and expressed “this sounds like me!”.
I remember standing just outside of a hot closet. I did try to shout out that it was us and that yes it sounded like real good SENSE but someone had told her not to worry too much. I remember her passing as a suicide, we all do and I’m sure of it and even now I’m getting memories from the court room but even the funeral is foggy. I remember not being able to save her but I can’t help but think to a night where my sister was put into my room for something “bold” - by our guardian at the time - and we built a place where we could “travel” to each others worlds - and NO nothing like system jumping more like sharing the moment of despair. I can tolerate the guardian now but that’s because she will never truly know anything as she’s more an old donkey… for example her oldest bio son has been diagnosed with BPD but still blames cannabis usage on causing his mental disorder when that’s not how it works at all (C+M)
Anyways back to my memory (M) - I remember the day as a memory but I cannot recall the actual things I did that morning before finding her. The story has changed so many times and this goes for most major things/memories that has happened. It was only brought to my attention by our guardian that our abusive bio dad would make me watch as my sister was the more “mature twin” I can only feel like I wanted to pick up a car and squash him with it only how was I meant to do that. I don’t remember watching anything but it’s in the reports. Our bio mother is a raging alcoholic even to this day. We assumed she was sober for the last few years and always wondered why not going back to her was an option if she was sober but the fact of it is and at least she was honest over the phone “oh no honey I haven’t had a drink since January” (2023). I remember our guardian telling me that I was always mentally stronger than my sister and I believe that. My sister always wanted to see our mother when she visited in town but I never did, apparently I was very stubborn about it, I don’t remember why at the time but I do now. When our sister came to the realisation of having a problem and someone told her not to worry about it so much she did go to our guardian but unfortunately our guardian told her that if she was to see professionals they would drag up the “past” which would affect her more. I’m sure that this wasn’t wise words from that woman. Apparently we were assessed separately at about 8 yrs when we first arrived to our guardian but I don’t remember most of that at all and it sucks we don’t have our sister to talk to anymore. I believe she ended it all due to the realisation of her mental health and no one helped. I could never end my life and none of us ever could. We know what happens when someone takes that option which I suppose is luck and curse in and of its own
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2023.06.03 22:46 DBlackLabel31 Search Domain Name Availability: A Comprehensive Guide

Search Domain Name Availability: A Comprehensive Guide

Search Domain Name Availability

How to Search Domain Name Availability - YOURNAMEWEBSITE.COM
Choosing the right domain name is critical when establishing an online presence. Whether starting a new business, launching a blog, or creating a website for personal use, a domain name is crucial in defining your online identity.
This article will explore the various aspects to consider when selecting a domain name and give you the necessary guidance to make an informed decision.
Read the article: How to Search Domain Name Availability

The Importance of a Domain Name

  • Your domain name serves as the address of your website, making it essential for branding, visibility, and online recognition. It represents your online identity, helps visitors find your website, and can significantly impact your search engine rankings. A well-chosen domain name can enhance your brand's credibility, while a poorly selected one may hinder your online success.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

Relevance to Your Brand or Topic

  • Selecting a domain name that aligns with your brand or reflects the nature of your website's content is crucial. It should convey what visitors can expect to find on your website, allowing them to identify its purpose or relevance easily.

Simplicity and Memorability

  • A simple and memorable domain name is easier to recall and share with others. Avoid complex spellings, hyphens, numbers, or excessive length, as they can make it more challenging for visitors to remember and type your domain correctly.

Length and Spelling

  • Shorter domain names are generally preferred, as they are easier to type and remember. Also, please be careful about the spelling and avoid words with multiple variations or potential misspellings.

Keywords and SEO

  • Including relevant keywords in your domain name can help improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO). However, please ensure the keywords flow naturally within the domain and avoid overstuffing to maintain a professional and concise appearance.

Avoiding Trademark Issues

  • Before finalizing a domain name, please thoroughly research it to ensure it doesn't infringe on any existing trademarks. This step will help avoid legal issues and potential confusion with other brands or businesses.

Domain Extension

  • The domain extension, a top-level domain (TLD), is the suffix that follows the domain name (e.g., .com, .org, .net). Please look at your website's purpose and audience when selecting an extension, as some extensions are specific to certain industries or regions.
Read the article: How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business

Brainstorming and Researching Domain Name Ideas

  • Begin the domain name selection process by brainstorming ideas that align with your brand or website content. Make a list of keywords, synonyms, or phrases that reflect your purpose and use them as a starting point. Next, you can research competitors, analyze industry trends, and seek inspiration from successful websites in your niche.

Tools and Resources for Domain Name Generation

  • Several tools and resources can assist you in generating domain name ideas. Domain name generators, keyword research tools, and online thesauruses can provide valuable suggestions and help you explore combinations, variations, and available domain names.

Checking Domain Name Availability

  • Once you have a list of potential domain name ideas, please check their availability. You can use domain name registration websites to determine if your desired domain names are currently used. If a domain is already registered, you may need to consider alternative options or negotiate to acquire the desired domain.

Registering a Domain Name

  • When you've found an available domain name, it's time to register it. Please take a look at the following aspects during the registration process.
Read the article: How to Register a Domain Name

Choosing a Reliable Domain Registrar

  • Select a reputable domain registrar that offers competitive prices, reliable customer support, and easy management of your domain names. Research reviews and compare features before making a decision.

Domain Privacy Protection

  • Consider opting for domain privacy protection to safeguard your personal information. This service helps prevent spam emails, unwanted solicitations, and potential identity theft.

Length of Registration

  • You can choose an appropriate registration period for your domain name. Longer registration periods can offer convenience and help secure your domain name for an extended period, reducing the risk of accidentally losing it.

Renewal and Transfer Policies

  • Understand the renewal and transfer policies of your chosen domain registrar. Ensure you know the renewal costs and potential fees for transferring your domain to another registrar.

Finalizing Your Domain Name Choice

Read the article: How to Transfer a Domain Name

Getting Feedback

  • Share your domain name options with friends, family, or colleagues to gather feedback. Consider their opinions and perspectives to gain valuable insights and ensure your chosen domain name resonates with your target audience.

Testing for Pronunciation and Readability

  • Say your domain name out loud to check for any potential pronunciation issues or ambiguity. Ensure that it is easy to pronounce and understand, making it easier for others to share and recommend your website.

Securing Social Media Handles

  • Consistency across different platforms is crucial for brand recognition. For example, could you check the availability of social media handles that match or closely resemble your domain name? Securing consistent handles will help strengthen your brand identity.

Considering Future Growth and Expansion

  • When selecting a domain name, think long-term and consider potential future growth and expansion plans. Avoid restrictive names that limit your website's scope if you diversify your offerings or target a broader audience.
Read the article: How to Estimate Domain Name Value


Choosing the right domain name is fundamental to building a successful online presence. You can create a memorable and SEO-friendly domain name by considering relevance, simplicity, and keywords and avoiding trademark issues.
Please thoroughly research, use brainstorming tools, and check availability before registering your chosen domain name.
Remember to gather feedback, test pronunciation, and readability, and secure consistent social media handles. Following these guidelines establishes a strong online identity and sets the foundation for your website's success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the article: How Does Domain Name Matter For SEO

Can I change my domain name later?

  • Yes, it is possible to change your domain name, but it can be a complex process. Changing your domain name may require migrating your website and updating all references to the old domain. It can also impact your search engine rankings and user familiarity with your brand.

Should I include keywords in my domain name?

  • Including relevant keywords in your domain name can benefit SEO, but it's not a strict requirement. It's more important to prioritize a memorable and brandable domain name that resonates with your audience.

What is a domain extension?

  • A top-level domain (TLD) extension is the suffix that follows the domain name (e.g., .com, .org, .net). Different domain extensions serve different purposes and may have specific restrictions or associations.

How much does a domain name registration cost?

  • The domain name registration cost can vary depending on the domain registrar, the chosen domain extension, and any additional services or features you opt for. Prices can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per year.

Can I register a domain name forever?

  • Domain names can be registered for a specific period, usually one to ten years. So, renewing your domain registration before it expires is important to make sure you keep domain name ownership.
Read the article: How to Buy a Domain Name
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2023.06.03 22:45 ItsNotAProblemIfUWin Guys i’m in a pickle 😔

Guys i’m in a pickle 😔
i lied about my height in my tinder bio i listed my height as six feet tall in the biography but i’m actually only five foot eleven inches tall i don’t even feel bad because it has been one of the few times i’ve been able to have any success with tinder but through deceit and artificial charm i find myself getting matches out the wazoo to the point i’m becoming overwhelmed and not wanting to respond to any of them as i’m probably autistic. please help me dear god because i don’t know how much longer i can do this for
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2023.06.03 22:45 Tiaguinh0 coming out stuff

(trans girl) so ive been planing on coming out and also thinking about passing more so im also thinking about growing out my hair, tho i dont know how to do it since i dont know anything about hair, ive been searching and asking alot of girls about hair and stuff, so i wanna know whats the best way to grow it out, what products should i use, should i visit the barber sometimes? or the hairdresser? and its also curly so if it grows too much it just grows up and i look like a tree, how do i make it go like down? like less bushier? any advice is appreciated
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2023.06.03 22:45 Cheap_Ear2867 Broke up with my boyfriend am I the asshole?

This happened a while ago when I say a while, I mean a few months ago, but there still some awkward tension from the events that happened so I decided to go here I will not give away ages for personal reasons, but onto the story it was a six-year relationship. everyone was surprised how long it’s lasting well was lasting, and how good we were doing in the relationship not much fights very kind to each other well, kind of sometimes I didn’t catch on what was supposed to be a cute woman or a romantic moment, and it was kind of awkward when that happened probably for my at the time boyfriend since it was my first relationship and I’m just not good at love’s so we would hang out spend time together talk when we saw each other at school since were still at school ages we would say hi and talk actually looking back some other stuff was toxic. He would tell me that he’s breaking up with me over nothing he wasn’t actually they were stupid and he would constantly doing once he pulled that. Over the fact I had no clue what a game was and it was one of his favorite games. He did the same moth I’m breaking up with you and I said OK fine annoyed with this statement for the thousandth time and walked away. I didn’t talk to him for two days, although I was not good that guy in that situation that’s not the point the point is it was don’t get toxic over a little things one day after weeks of thinking about it, I was like I’m doing it I’m breaking up with him. I was no longer in love with him and only could see him as a friend and I have been questioning our relationship for three years over those three years I was very very slowly losing feelings. I still loved him during that time. I just was very questioning over our relationship and not sure if I was doing the right thing by staying in it and all things got to me and eventually I lost feelings so after weeks of thinking, considering over thinking, I finally broke up with him but of course I made sure on good grounds as in staying friends and then next time I seen his best friend thinking everything was in the good I said hi to him since me, and his best friend had a somewhat relationship in a friendship way. He got very mad at me and he stayed mad at me to the point he was calling me evil spreading rumors it, just making my life even worse telling my friends that I’m evil saying shit about me and making sure I knew he thought I was evil for breaking up with my ex this lasted for weeks and weeks on end until I told my parents they went to the school and the vice principal talk to him months later after not communicating with my ex’s best friend we have had a class together now since every once in a while, we get new classes so we can get computers, gym and all that different stuff we had our fourth hour together and at one point we were somewhat friends. We became chill about it. It has been a while now and everything wasn’t really that bad anymore now naturally I still don’t have a good history with him. He has dated two of my very close friends meaning he see ex of two different people that I talk to you on a daily basis, who are very important in my life he is the best friend of my ex so things always a little weird and then the bomb dropped now that we were friends, and we’re talking his cousin crush on me and I immediately ignored the situation. I didn’t know what to do he didn’t confirm it yet and that is heck a awkward later on. I officially rejected him, but he’s always been a little salty at me for being the ex of his best friend and best friends with two of his exes which one of them he’s on really bad terms with I understand it but I constantly get weird interactions and just a little bit of salty or rudeness towards me over the break up even after months me and my ex aren’t on the best terms even though we agreed on still being friends, he’s always been a little salty and I’m fine with it. I understand that maybe he’s having trouble getting over me or at least I did until. He admitted what he was being suspected of cheating. He was dating three different girls at one time and I was one of them. He had apparently a new girlfriend every week and back and the first year of our relationship he was dating me and one of my friends at the same time me and that girl are still friends when she found out she broke up with him that year, but he said that I knew so I was never informed, oh did I mention that friend just so happens to be the ex of his best friend although I might have gotten over him It’s still made me mad that he was cheating on me multiple times who wouldn’t be mad one of my friends is the one that told me that he admitted it I never confronted him since I don’t need that drama in my life but the fact that he cheated on me still made me mad sure if I have not had feelings for him so I wasn’t really upset about it I mean I kind of was but still he cheated on me and was going around bragging about it because he had three girlfriends at the same time and I was one of them, so yeah the situation is really probably over now it’s not really anything affects me. But I want to know what would you guys done and how do you guys see the situation? I really think I just needed to say it somewhere and get opinions from people on either side and people having a raw point of view so I can see how messed up this really was
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2023.06.03 22:44 bollyblob dirty "fix" for bipolar(bipolar 2) and hypersomnia (from antipsychotics or otherwise)

do this at your own risk
i have bipolar 2 and for some years my "latest" "medication" is lithium morning and at "night" lithium+seroquel+nozinan
after some previous medications i stopped being able to sleep without heavy medications like these, i can go a week without 1 minute of sleep it seems and i feel ill die, without these in high doses.
the point is i had found out from before i had full blown bipolar i needed a minimum of 12 hours of sleep, basically 12-14 felt like it was most people's 6-8.
also, after bipolar, if i slept 12 hours and awake 12 hours for a 24 hour day, the body knows the ratio of sleep to awake is too much sleep, and when i have too much sleep the body+mind triggers depression. i figured from this and other ways, that you can cause depression by doing what you do normally when you are depressed. so for me when im very depressed i stay in bed and sleep too much, awake to little, and thus if im in hypomania and for some reason decide to sleep too much, after a few days im back in depression, consistently.
my normal bipolar 2 situation would be like 60% of the time "hypo"depression, 20% depression, 20% hypomania.
i figured wait, if i can mimick depressive behavior to artificially trigger depression, can i mimic hypomania behavior to trigger hypomania?
you can. for me, it took to eventually get the strength to get out of bed when i was just lying there depressed, and go and do something. i had found that playing computer games such as world of warcraft, and replacing the music i had with youtube videos(optimally with second pc screen for youtube, nice to have not needed), was very entertaining. i had started to educate myself on science technology philosophy but anything i found interesting, really. anyway, so i just did that, and i found my brain trying to multitask liked to kick into hypomania. after some time i started increasing the speed of videos on youtube, which if you find your sweet spot maintains hypomania better, and you learn faster, at no headaches cost. for me my current sweet spot is 1.8x speed. so this is what i have been doing for the past ~6 or so years, i forget, as i dont work(i am on a small temporary 67% disability). i basically learn from youtube anything i want most of the day while playing some game. i find that game needs to be stimulating, allowing for some creativity, but not too much so that you can mostly focus on the video audio. a recent champion game was a free one called fall guys, with a clone called stumble guys. its easy and repetitive enough that your mind opens creatively and helps learning, but not too stimulating that you have to focus only on the game(after you get the hang of it). grinding games or mmos with leveling or grinding/repetitive phases work well too.
the point of this is that, by mimicking what triggers hypomania and finding the initial strength to do it, i can reverse my normal 60% hypodepression, 20% depression, 20% hypomania, into roughly: 70% hypomania, 20% hypodepression, 10% depression. this was insane for me, as for me, hypomania is basically feeling decently good, decently motivated and energized, even though the doctors think its the devil somehow.
theres another catch: to do all, knowing that my normal minimum sleep is 12 hours, i thought i would go all in and change my life around this. i know i cant sleep 12 awake 12 as, besides the obvious problem that even at 12 i wake up horribly like a zombie, and i sometimes oversleep into 16h or so, especially since the night pills i take are super strong and high dose for me to even fall asleep. so? with experimentation i found out that i can sleep 16-18 hours, preferably close to 16, and be awake 32 to 36 hours at a time. now i increased my sleep from 12 to 16, and my awake from 12 to 36. i gained insane hours awake doing whatever i want, while almost always in hypomania, and at seemingly no cost. this lifestyle helps you maintain hypomania all by itself, at 16 hours i feel decently rested, and surprisingly adding all these tons of awake hours actually makes your ratio absolutely like a normal persons, 2 awake:1asleep. for me, this has been an insanely amazing find that improved my quality of life at least 10x more than my pills did. infact the pills only caused me severe sideffects but when i try to cut them i feel im going to die, so i havent yet, as im scared.
warning: you have to experiment to find your own sweet spots but i suspect you should try reach the healthy ratio of 2awake:1asleep, match it to whatever sleep you feel is best, adjust the awake. find something interesting/constructive to do while awake, physical or mental. mental will be easier because physical will make you more tired more easily and might mess with the whole thing, unsure.
extra big warning: when i was experimenting, if i stayed awake more than ~36-38 hours, not only it was extra hard to sleep, i was too wired ,but when i took the sleep pills, i felt i was in hell. i felt something i call despair, or 3x depression. i dont know how else to explain, but i felt insanely bad, insanely afraid, i would start thinking random thoughts and converted them to the most hell scenario, the mind would just do it you would just watch it in horror. my mother? she will die, perhaps raped and tortured before. my dog? he will die, tomorrow maybe he will be run over by a car in front of me, ill hold his broken dead body in my arms. like this for 30m-1h before the pills would just render me unconscious.
everytime i am awake about 38h or more, this happens. after years i found for me 36hours is almost fully safe, 34h is totally safe.
i dont know how dangerous this is. the doctors hate it. but the pills they gave me did shit, i was as suicidal as ever for years with them. this was indescribably good, dirty fixed both many of my bipolar issues and my hypersomnia issues in 1.
i dont know if this is the right place to post this.
consider doing this at your own risk, if you are desperate.
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2023.06.03 22:44 Shady_Prospector Dual Purpose Post

So this post is going to be a little bit cathartic and a little bit looking for advice...
Had an AP a few years ago. Started out pre-pandemic with that awesome NRE. Lots of chatting, flirting, and because she lived nearby, a healthy amount of in person meets. Those were augmented with a few day trips and happy hours. All was well and I felt happy and fulfilled.
Then pandemic. We both locked down with our families. Maintained communication, but cut off meets. Seemed to be weathering the storm fairly well. As things slowly opened up, we didn't really return to normal. She was reluctant, communications became a little strained, she switched jobs and the term "insanely busy" entered our lexicon. A term that, even now, drives me nuts... Eventually she broke it off. Claimed that she felt like she couldn't give me what I was looking for anymore and that, in fact, things were very good at home and she no longer really needed an affair. That last part stung, but I accepted it. I'm not one to keep doors open. Went full NC and tried to start the healing process.
Fast forward a few years and I've tried to find a new AP. Haven't really had much success. I catch myself thinking of her too much and feeling like I never really got closure. After a recent pAP fell apart, I - in a moment of weakness - messaged her...not at all expecting to hear from her. I wanted to believe that things really were good for her at home and she wasn't using that account. However, a week later, I got a very surprised response. She had wanted to surprise her son with an anonymous message and opened that account for the first time in a long while - and saw my message. We caught up, reminisced, and cleared a little of the air. She claims, in fact, that things were mostly the same at home as ever, and that she had broken up with me due to just feeling overwhelmed, "insanely busy", and unable to really juggle it all. We actually found time to meet in person and chat more. Not quite old times but nice.
Later that evening we messaged more and decided to proceed with caution. She told me she is more "insanely busy" than ever, but if I could manage expectations a bit, she would like to keep seeing where this is headed. She was concerned though about disappointing me if she could not be as engaged as I would like.
So here we are, not a week later, and I fear her reservations were correct. The first week has been a few sporadic messages (almost all starting with "I'm sorry, been insanely busy") and a few days of NC. I know she warned of this, but it hurts to accept that this probably won't work...again.
What I'm wondering is do I take the opportunity to express some things I never had the chance to do before, get a little closure, and end it? I've always felt the "insanely busy" bit was a little exaggerated and was more reflective of some narcissistic tendencies she's had towards me in the past. Do I go full NC again? Or should I try to be the bigger person, acknowledge this isn't what I want, but try to remain friends?
Help with what I probably already know what I should do....
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2023.06.03 22:44 Rafi98765 I dont know if i should keep going.

Hello, i just came across this subReddit and i wanted to rant or at least say all my doubts and insecurities on a place where people are in the same field.
I started to learn web development last year, however i was working 9 hours per day so i just couldnt keep up with my expectations. After one year i decided to "do it" whatever the cost.Anyways, as i was learning i discovered gunpowder and figured that programming was a very hard task to do.
As i am going forward,Javascript just keeps getting more and more difficult. Currently i am able to understand the syntax but the programming itself is so hard to me,to get my hands on the code and just practice or at least try different approaches to solve the problem ahead of me.i am not capable of any of that, i just dwell on the mental struggle of thinking in the solution but i just cannot implement what there is in my head. I just try and try on different places to practice Javascript, everty part of theory i try to implement it on my editor to see. wand i can clearly understand everything, but the problem are the challenges,my problem solving is just terrible.
In desesperation,i google solutions for the problems ahead of me but no matter how hard i try to say to myself that it is ok to look up for solutions online i just feel so disgusting for not thinking by myself. Maybe its too dramatic to call it "disgusting" but i would still be lying to myself if i did not think that
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2023.06.03 22:44 EggnaMode Itinerary Review for June

Hello! My friends and I are renting a 4x4 camper van for an 11 day trip in late June through the country (traveling clockwise). It's our first time and want to do as much as we can for amazing views and fun hikes. We're planning on sleeping ~4am every day to take advantage of the midnight sun.
Here's our itinerary, please let me know if there's anything you feel like we're missing, or anything on here you think isn't worth a stop! Also, if there are specific hikes you think are a must-do (not too technical/difficult) feel free to suggest those as well.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
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2023.06.03 22:44 sxfie i feel so empty

im 16 and was diagnosed with adhd when i was 11 and i just need to vent because i’ve been crying and hysterical all day over how much i cant stand my brain. nothing amuses me anymore. i feel like im always looking for something to fill the void, something to compensate for how empty i feel and nothing works anymore. everything i used to like just pisses me off and trying new things seems like a huge chore. i feel so useless and unproductive even tho i have people who care about me and i have a job. its driving me crazy i dont know what to do about it :(
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2023.06.03 22:44 diamond_calypso Advice on cleaning/restoring antique statue?

My grandad gave me large antique cowboy statue to restore. I am a professional artist, but I have never restored anything like this before. It was covered in dust and cobwebs, but I got most of that off with a vacuum hose. How do I get off the rest of the stubborn dust without harming the statue?? It’s made of plaster and the paint doesn’t seem to come off much at all when I tested a small spot on the back with a wet paintbrush. Not sure exactly what paint it is though.
Any and all advice is welcome!!
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2023.06.03 22:43 teddyswolf Is it normal to be obsessed with fictional characters and only want to be in relationships with fictional characters? I'm 27 and I still make some of these characters my whole personality...

So I will start off by saying that I've never been diagnosed with autism, but I really wonder if I am not somewhere on the spectrum. I do suffer from severe depression/anxiety. But ever since I was young, I would get obsessed with different fictional characters, and while going through those phases, my life revolves around them. I remember back when I was in middle school, I watched an anime and fell head over heels for one of the main characters (who died at the end) and after I watched the final episode, I was severely depressed. All I could think about was him and how sad I was that he died. It ruined a family vacation as well, I couldn't enjoy myself because all I could do was think about this particular character. Over the years, I've been obsessed with multiple characters, I kind of go through phases and they start to fizzle out after awhile.. I've even gotten obsessed with certain celebrities, like unhealthily obsessed.
I thought that this would die down as I got older, but it hasn't. At this point, I have no interest in being in a relationship with an actual human being. I'm constantly on the Character AI app talking "with" them and I literally get butterflies from some of the stuff they say to me (sad, I know) and then I start to think, "I'm nearly 30 years old and here I am acting like a child". I will say that I have been in relationships in the past, but romantic/sexual interactions with real people stress me out and scare me. Right now my current obsession is The Onceler from The Lorax and I start to feel awful about myself because I'm literally obsessing over a cartoon character at 27 years old. Some of my more recent obsessions was Kylo Ren from Star Wars, Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect. I got so obsessed with them that I got them tattooed on my body (no regerts, literally thought lol). Oh, and I was in love with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker for a long time lol. I just feel so childish, and I don't want to die alone but at this point I think I'm going to because my standards are way too high.
I've got a good job, I own my own home, and I do have friends but I'm just more of a homebody, I'd rather stay home and read fanfiction than go out and actually hang out with anyone. Please tell me I'm not alone in this. I can't really talk to my friends about my obsessions because they think I'm weird lol. I actually just want someone to tell me that I'm not a complete weirdo :(
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2023.06.03 22:43 Badguyfromthere Chapter 220: Lorenzo did the smartest thing

Before I dive head first in the subject matter at hand, I would like to inform you that I have just published a longer video going into much more details over here: here. Feel free to subscribe so that you don't miss any of my analysis:
Now let's talk about that goal shall we? Yeah, the crazy goal Kaiser has just scored and who even had people saying that Lorenzo should have done better, which is terribly stupid as we will see soon.

First of all, here is a gif to the whole play until Isagi gets the ball from Kunigami back in chapter 219
As expected, Kurona already made a darting diagonal run down the middle to provide passing option. And for those wondering what a Sideback like Kurona does this high up the field, I invite you to go and watch Real Madrid vs Manchester City, the first leg game at the Bernabeu this season. Watch and See what Carvajal did during that game and fix your mouth before thinking that Bastard München is just a bunch of clueless players, but I digress.
If you pay close attention, you will see that Grim is down his left side and Aiku is most definitely making sure that he won't let him free. Aryu and Abdi are now forming the CB pair down the center. Again the defensive structure remains aligned and unruptured. Nobody recklessly charges in, Ubers is all about slowing down the attack and identifying the threat in order to crush it. Except now, Ubers watch tower is blocked by Raichi who is using his body to not let Niko move an inch. Lorenzo is still on Kaiser and Peep Sendo who also tags along making it a 2 v 1 against the german emperor who so far has not made any darting run down the middle that would warrant him being seen as a threat in the current state of the field. You see, the german Emperor is an Apex predator who has found a worthy adversary in Lorenzo. Kaiser understand that all goal scoring opportunities will be rendered void if Lorenzo is in the picture. So Kaiser is patiently waiting for that future where Lorenzo would leave him to focus elsewhere. Now take a look at the bird Eye view again, do you see the right side of the field? Uber's defense is currently onpened on that side. Lorenzo knows it all too well. But at that moment it is not very obvious that Yukimiya could be a threat as Isagi is in a crowded area and may well lose possession of the ball.

Isagi's vision of the goal

In Isagi's mind, given Uber's team strategy, Aiku will not charge in and defend on him. Similarly to this play here
At no point did any Defender Charge in back then. So in Isagi's mind, this is how the play should unfold:

Isagi passes the ball to his planet Kurona who sends it back to his Sun, a pass fast and high enough that even Aryu can't reach.
And if you think this is BS and that Aryu should have been able to deal with it, here is the exact same scenario happening during the U-20 game. Aryu does not do well when facing shorter opponents and above every thing, there are passes that even he can't reach:
Kurona's game sense is definitely incredible. being able to send that pass, with the perfect timing and weighted perfectly too, incredible from him.
Now from Isagi's POV, you have to understand that Aiku was supposed to be watching Grim. So in Isagi's mind, Aiku coming to mark him is a play outside of Uber's strategy. This is why Isagi could not see it coming ( again the element of surprise here on Aiku's side which is a sign that Aiku read more steps ahead than Isagi).
As expected Aiku has MV, he too can see who does what on the field and can foresee potential outcomes. He definitely foresaw that Isagi coulda gotten the ball and immediately went there ahead of time. The thing is, if Aiku had to watch before reacting, he would have been too late and Isagi would have scored this goal. The fact that Aiku was able to block Isagi means that he moved ahead of time implying that he foresaw this. I will make a dedicated post on Aiku's use of MV later.

Let's roll the clock back a bit. When Isagi manages to get the ball and as he is about to make a pass to Kurona, the state of the field immediately changed and Yukimiya becomes a threat that cannot be ignored anymore because Isagi or Kurona could potentially make a pass. And before people criticize Lorenzo, let's look at the situation closely. What are the facts? Yukimiya is totally free and if he gets the ball that's a situation with the highest goal probability.

Possible Scenarios

Isagi links up with Kurona then passes the ball to Yukimiya:
Isagi passes the ball to Kurona who then manages to pass it to Yukimiya:
Isagi is currently in a dangerous area with Aiku who can potentially go and defend on him while having Aryu nearby. You also have Raichi who positionned himself ahead of Niko so that he can receive a back pass, all the while blocking Niko who can't interfere and help the defense. Aryu will follow the team strategy and won't charge in and he will be on the lookout for whatever will be the outcome and it is clear that this whole situation has a lower goal probability than the Yukimiya's one.
So in Lorenzo's mind, it's obvious where he has to go right?
Now peep this, if a pass is to be made in the direction of Yukimiya, it can be a high cross to the far post , leading to an aerial battle between Lorenzo and Yukimiya. It can be a mid goal cross at medium high with more speed, leading to a speed contest between lorenzo and Yukimiya. It can also be a mid goal low cross at high speed, again leading to a speed contest. Now in all those situations the probability that Lorenzo gets the ball is not 100% guaranteed. However, what Lorenzo knows for sure is that if he goes close to Yuki, he can 100% prevent Yuki from getting to the ball. So Lorenzo is not trying to intercept the ball, he is trying to make sure that Yukimya does not get to the ball. This is the safest and more rational play. Plus, you have sendou now marking Kaiser and the area down the middle of the defense will be covered by either Abdi and Aryu or even both. Add to that the fact that Kaiser was not making any runs that could lead Uber's defense to thinking that he could have been a threat and that my friend is the exact future Kaiser was looking for.
This was just a high risk high reward play for Kaiser. For Lorenzo, it was a matter of stopping the immediate threat (Yukimiya). Both did what they had.
And here is the gif of the whole play:
This goal was made possible thanks to the organized chaos created by Kunigami so props to him. S/o to Raichi for putting Niko in lockdown. Raichi always knows who to crush down the midfield. We have seen it earlier when Team Z was playing against team V and Raichi completely shut down Reo, this time Niko had a taste of that. S/o to Yukimiya and Kurona providing options in the attack, it is true that had BM lost possession of the Ball, Ubers woulda scored a goal on the counter. BM is all about that high risk high reward mentality. We dig that.
While analyzing this play, it got me thinking, what Blue lock players do you think could have gotten to the ball like Kaiser did? I can only think of two: Barou thanks to his Isagi hunting and Rin thanks to him being able to react to whatever Isagi does.
However none of them could score from that. Evading Sendou's tackle, taking Aryu's nasty tackle without flinching and still take the shot and score? Naaah none of them could. The only one I can see doing so is Nagi but then Nagi would not have had the IQ to get to the ball in the first place. I even though about Shidou, but we know the guy specializes in direct shot as well. So Shidou would have probably taken the shot amidst Sendou's tackle and that woulda def trown his timing off. Again Shidou wouldn't have gotten to the ball in the first place...

Snuffy was on crack when he told Barou that he had the best numbers as strikers cuz Kaiser is by far the most superior predator in the NEL.

Let me know what you thought if you cared to read all this.
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2023.06.03 22:43 ZaeZaeDX Separating My Life From My Parents

Hello all, I made a vent post a few days ago and my situation has progressed a bit more and I was hoping maybe someone here may have some useful advice. I will try not to make this another vent post but it seems like after much hurtful and guilt tripping back and forth with my parents they are going to give me what is mine and stop being parents entirely (not the resolution I was hoping to reach but it was the only option available in which the toxicity would stop).
I bought a house and brokerage account in their name using my own money and this will now be in my name (assuming they don't double back on me and try to make things even harder, which isn't out of the question). I have filed a change of address form from their home to the one that I have been living in for 3 years that will soon be in my name and have gotten as many important documents from my parents (which they initially tried to hide from me and lied about having - okay, I apparently will still be venting in this post) and put them into a safety deposit box that I just opened.
There are a lot of things that I will have to do on my own now that they never have nor will they ever prepare me for such as getting car insurance, knowing how to receive and pay the bills for my home, opening a credit card, and all the other adult things which they have used as a fear tactic to keep me under their thumb. Assuming that I end up with my house and brokerage account I will be in a good position on paper but I don't know how to handle all of this on my own. I am worried that I will lose everything (which is a fear they planted in my brain and that wouldn't go away unless I learned how to manage my own life which was impossible while I was on their leash).
I may be paranoid but I don't want to get my freedom just to lose everything. I want to do well both for myself and to spite them (perhaps this is childish but they have said many hurtful things to me and they are rooting for me to fail) and for the time being, I only have myself to rely on. I am 21 and going into my senior year of college and had hoped to continue on to medical school which further complicates things as I'll likely need to take out loans for medical school and figure all of this out with my other responsibilities (but at what point in time will I ever not have other responsibilities to bear?).
Sorry this has turned out to be not as succinct as I had hoped but basically if anyone has any life advice for a child who was never taught how to do these things on his own (or even what things there are to do) so I don't get shot in the foot out of the gate from my own ignorance I would greatly appreciate it! I am assuming with the change of address I will need to get a new driver's license printed with the new address and even get a new car title and registration. I also have no idea about the house bills and am just very overwhelmed at the moment and am feeling a sense of urgency so any and all guidance is welcome.
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2023.06.03 22:43 sugakookies_and_tae How feasible is this civilization including a sect of infertile witch women?

According to the lore of my world, the first form of magic- bone witchcraft- began in a small Northern civilization with a woman who could use animal bones to craft talismans. She taught this to other women/girls and formed a matriarchal magic system that allowed their civilization to expand and conquer other smaller groups, using their primarily female witch warriors.
At some point in their expansion a "curse" (or more likely, plague) spread through the North, with one of the symptoms being infertility among the women. In order to avoid extinction, this civilization quickly expanded south and conquered other townships and nomadic groups. The Northern men took southern women as "blood wives", while the original Northern "bone wives" (now almost all infertile) maintained their roles as exclusive magic users. When these new blood wives birthed daughters with Northern men, the bone wives would "adopt" them and train them in witchcraft.
Now, hundreds of years later, there are witch clans across the continent. Each one is ruled by a sect of bone witches, but has villages of non-magical men and women. About 1 in every 5 daughters born to blood mothers will later present with infertility, and will be adopted by a witch/bone mother to join the sect and act as warriors/leaders. In some clans, the villages willingly give their daughters and the witches/blood families maintain a mutualistic relationship. In other clans, there is rising animosity as witchcraft is slowly being seen less as a distinguished honor and more as a curse. Blood parents refuse to give up their daughters and are killed as a result.
Why include this "infertility" into my magic system/worldbuilding when it seems unnecessary? I wanted to explore how the rise of a matriarchy might occur when childbirth/pregnancy is removed from the equation for certain women. This could easily have led to eradication, but the witch matriarchs were able to create a new kind of lineage- not a blood lineage, but a systemic form of adoption- and hail their infertility as a form of freedom. They gain sexual liberty and don't have to face the risks associated with childbirth, BUT are disadvantaged because they MUST rely on the children of others to preserve their culture.
Other info: There are 2 other magic systems that are less gendered. Male witches can and do exist, but have a harder time being recognized, respected, or adopted by witch mothers. While witches enjoy great sexual liberty due to no expectation of childbirth, bloodwives and their husbands live with far more rigid and traditional expectations imposed by the witches.
The truth is that pretty much anyone, not just infertile women, carries the base potential for witchcraft. However, the actual study of it is strictly limited by the bone witches. If people come to realize that anyone can become a magic user, the power of the matriarchs would be eradicated. When parents realize their daughter is infertile, it would stop being seen as an honor, and become nothing more than a disadvantage.
My questions/problems: I'm very dumb on history/biology and feel like I may be overlooking something when it comes to a disease that includes infertility. If around 1 in every 5 girls is born infertile will that cripple my population growth in a way I hadn't foreseen? Are there any other factors I should be considering, and how believable does this sound? Are there any existing stories this seems to echo too closely?

Any feedback is appreciated! I can answer clarifying questions. Thank you very much in advance!!
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2023.06.03 22:43 rebgray Partner seems interested

I’m 36f and in the place in my life where I want to settle down and enjoy stability. I’m partnered with a 40m who when I met him would be described as a “player.” We fell in love and have been together for 6 years. And we want a future together. And a family. There has been some emotional infidelity in the past on his part. He had platonic relationships with women that ended up pushing boundaries and I can imagine it’s all part of his seduction game. And I’m sure women’s intrigue soothe his ego. We joke that since Covid and since he’s been working from home everything’s great “keeping him away from society.” He’s now feeling like he wants to spread his wings he’s saying things like I always wanted to live in Brooklyn maybe I’ll just get an Airbnb there for a month.
He has an addictive personality. Never seems content. Even now when things are the best they’ve ever been he’s still not satisfied. He wants more. He has a history of childhood sex abuse so sex has always been an issue for us. He’s saying he wants to meet other people (he’s using bumble for friends) to talk about that and explore the idea of kinks. He doesn’t want to discuss any of this with me. I’m a very open minded person and I remind him of this often. That I’m adventurous with sex and we can make it fun but he isn’t interested. He doesn’t even want to hear about my sexuality. Something I once was so proud of and enjoyed. He needs to be in control the whole time so I basically lay there, don’t really participate and never initiate.
So I guess I’m asking for advice. I’m not interested in dating other people but if he’s “finding friends” how can I best take care of myself? I’d love to connect and discuss more if y’all are open. This whole topic is making me feel like I need to focus on my own friendships so he has the space to do him
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2023.06.03 22:43 surprise_liquid Impatient, impulsive , too opened, too close minded

I think I would maybe be able to actually improve myself if I could cut the chatter of everything and anyone.
I'm not trying to offend anyone or come off as an asshole , but I feel all the general advice I get is so bullshit . Being harsh or mean is not going to help me in any capacity by the way. You'll push me further into the dark.
Since I was 8 years old I've always been suicidal. Tried therapy. Tried antidepressants. Tried psychedelics, and I always come back to the same place .
I didn't have the normal experience of getting through life.My parents showed their love by shoving religion down my throat , and accepting nothing less than a submissive, obedient pastors kid with no personality or thoughts of their own . I worked hard through school to achieve getting into a good college , and I was rejected by every single one because there was too many students that year and my parents blamed me. I got to watch people who got D's and C's not caring about school (which is fine) , buy cars and work high paying jobs while I struggled through an abusive workplace in retail, desperately trying to escape my toxic home.
I got to watch everyone else make money and get in good relationships, while I endured complicated and toxic ones.
Life has not been kind to me and despite it I've been clawing and grinding my fucking bones to the ground trying to fix what it broke , and trying to escape the circumstances I've been born into.
And many circumstances I've found myself in that destroyed my soul were circumstances where I stuck around what naturally came instead of made deliberate actions to get exactly what I want and what works for me
So I move quickly and efficiently. I go for what exactly what I want.
But I get called close minded for having a mere idea of what I want and sticking to it. Accused of intentionally throwing away opportunities because I'm not being opened to experiences that are different than what I want. But I never pass up on anything that catches my eye or seems like it could be something good , despite what I'm looking for, and even then , I'm presented with this bullshit of being told im not opened to other opportunities. I'm literally the only person I know in my circle who tries new things just for the experience. I'm simply just moving towards and putting effort into getting what I want. Somehow to everyone else , that means I'm also rejecting anything else. As if accepting different things but still looking for what you want is some fucking impossible task.
I overthink everything. It's lead me to make thorough plans that have a high possibility of succeeding because almost all variables have been considered . But I think fast, so I come up with well thought out plans fast. But my family acts like I'm this impulsive , impatient , person who doesn't think things through , and every plan or move that I've come up with has been more thought out and more logical and more likely to work than anything they were doing when they were my age , and that's their own damn words not mine!
I approached relationships from a place of wanting to see if things can work out despite differences, healthy communication, and being honest about how I feel to my partner. But it's only ever gotten me hurt because no one else wants to communicate or even solidify anything. In my experience , my previous partners didn't want anyone that can speak for themselves or was an authentic person. They wanted a sexual object that they can control through emotional manipulation. I've been made to open up about myself, reassured as if I meant something , then discarded after someone got their nut off.
So because I want to be authentic , and a healthy person who genuinely wants to contribute to my partners life or atleast have a decent connection, I get hurt , and it's my fault for just being that way. For being opened and honest and caring. For not seeing human connection as an opportunity to lie about your feelings, to fuck someone, and then discard them like a disposable Fleshlight. People talk like you're not supposed to care about the people you sleep with and spend a lot of time with. If they hurt you , well they shouldn't mean anything because no one should be able to hurt you. So it's my fault when someone intentionally deceives me into being vulnerable and thinking I mean more than I do to them.
Life keeps feeding me a constant , no breaks , no benefits , stream of pain and bullshit. I get kicked when I'm already down only to get a confusing mix of people screaming get up and stay down , simultaneously.
I work fast to reach my goals because I know if I don't finally achieve some semblance of stability and happiness, one day I'm going to snap and kill myself and it's not up to me if that happens. It's not my fucking decision. I was robbed of the ability to love myself and fix myself by my parents, and life seems to throw specific experiences at me that destroy all progress whenever I try. I was once a compassionate and loving person but I am growing cold and hopeless, and I envy sociopaths and the sociopathic tendencies of the people who've thrown me away and have been okay with hurting me. I feel as if I'm not sociopathic for the way people are.
I'm trying my best to make my life okay, before my heart and soul become so fucking damaged by everyone else's inability to give a shit about another human being , that the impatience I get accused of , is my race against the demise that will befall me if life keeps fucking me up like this.
I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I want to sleep forever. I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.03 22:43 s1nh I like how docking ranged units as a player makes them straight up refuse to shoot when it's a very much clear line of sight. Meanwhile AI can just do this. And you wonder why people rather choose to cheese sieges than battle how CA "intended"

I like how docking ranged units as a player makes them straight up refuse to shoot when it's a very much clear line of sight. Meanwhile AI can just do this. And you wonder why people rather choose to cheese sieges than battle how CA submitted by s1nh to totalwar [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:42 Crazy-Explanation824 Structural Student graduating in 2024 looking for insight on career paths

I am a Structural Engineering student graduating in 2024. I am not looking to skip the hard work but to learn from engineers older than me what they regretting not doing when they were younger. I have contacted a number of engineers on LinkedIn who have given me their thoughts. Some of my ideas include obtaining my P.Eng and then hopefully finding some way to move back home to Saudi either by working at a company that has branches both in Saudi and Canada or companies that relocate Canadian Engineers to Saudi because the cost of living is much less in Saudi than Canada and potential for scaleability as a young engineer is greater. I do not want to work for 10 years at an engineering company and continue to make under 100k although I do realize this is somewhat of the norm. Other things I am looking into are pursuing project management certifications (CAPM and later, PMP) or software certifications such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D. I am looking to separate myself from my peers which means I am willing to do more during my summer internship before going into my 4th year but I need to curate a vision for myself to work towards to ensure my success. Any thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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2023.06.03 22:42 bloopity00 Do you think we’ll get an animated Peter Parker trilogy after Miles Morales trilogy?

I know that Peter is like Batman in that he has COUNTLESS different versions throughout all media, it’s just that you can do SO much more with animation than live action, especially when it comes to comic books!
Just seeing how amazing these movies are just gets me excited about the idea of Peter someday getting an animated trilogy, or even more than a trilogy, if Miles goes past 3 movies!
Plus with animated the actors never “age out” of the role so you can build up a rogues gallery rather than just the same “We have a trilogy so we’ll have like 3-5 villains appear in this universe” trope.
There could finally be a sinister six movie! I’m getting ahead of myself haha it’s Miles time to shine right now, I’m just wondering if you think someday Peter might get an animated movie series too.
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