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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.06.03 23:51 YourParadise98 Finally trying to get back on track

This past weekend, I had one of the most intense mental breakdowns I've had since I was seventeen and struggling. I won't go into detail, but it wound up with me needing surgery on my hand this coming Monday, with a recovery time of 3 weeks for arm function, and 18 months for nerve function. I'm very scared of all of that, but know I have a support network that can get me through it.
The day after it happened I scheduled my first therapy appointment in nearly 4 years and just had that this past Wednesday. We didn't really talk about much, but I already feel lighter than I did at the beginning of the week. It feels like a start on actually finally working towards getting better again after feeling as though I had just been stagnant for two years.
I've also been considering getting back on medication. I haven't been on any since I was seventeen or eighteen, but it's beginning to feel like it may be useful, in the short term, for me to actually get started on what needs to be done to get better. If anyone has any advice on what medications have worked best for them in the past for major depressive disorder as well as generalized anxiety disorder, I would really appreciate it. Most of the medications I was on back in high school and junior high made me feel like a zombie, which is why getting back on it is only a thought at this point. I may try practicing meditation and mindfulness for a while in hopes that it helps clear my head, prior to really taking meds into consideration. (I'm REALLY hoping this one follows rule 7 but can delete this section if it doesn't)
Now I have to work on getting my hours cut down from 60 hours and 6 days weekly to 40 hours over 5 days at most. I've gotta get rid of that part of the problem for me to really start feeling better again. The burnout of the last two years of working these hours has absolutely hurt me in a way I didn't think possible, and has made existing very hard. I feel like I never have energy or time to do things for myself (probably because I don't).
Not really sure why I felt the need to post all of this, but thank you for reading it to the end if you have. I would appreciate any advice anyone has to give me in regards to this little journey I have in front of me, whether it's how to deal with wearing a cast for a while and existing normally (this has actually been difficult with even just a wrap on, but that might be because of where I am with the healing process) or the mental health part of it. I can absolutely use all the help I can get.
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2023.06.03 23:50 danja Telefunken 2080

Telefunken 2080
A couple of years ago a friend was showing me around her big old house in a nearby town here in Italy. In a room she doesn't use was this beauty. I was taken aback - the colour, the style, the octagonal speakers! On the turntable was a shellac 78 rpm record.
"It was my father's, I never use it. Do you want it?".
Do I.
According to it dates from 1970-72. The radio worked right away, the record player not - the cartridge had disintegrated into a blob of goo.
I ordered a cartridge that seemed to have near-enough characteristics, then spent a couple of hours trying to get it working, unsuccessful. So I placed it in a good location in my home office and pretty much forgot about it. (I use the computer for music in the office, really awful little speakers that I never seem to have got around to upgrading).
Then a couple of months ago I wanted a audio-to-Bluetooth interface so I could use earbuds in my little studio. The gadget I found also did Bluetooth-to-audio, so I ordered 2. ("Ozvavzk Trasmettitore Ricevitore Bluetooth 5.0,Bluetooth 2 in 1 Wireless Adattatore",, €19). Then completely forgot about it.
Tonight I remembered and tried it out. Bluetooth coming from the office computer, the adapter going to the Aux In on the Telefunken. After 2 minutes fiddling with settings it works a treat, sounds wonderful! Really nice tone after the horrible computer speakers.
I will have to have another crack at the record player sometime soon, but it's not a high priority, I only have a handful of records.
Mildly interesting controls : it has separate volume ('volumen') and tone ('höhen' - heighten?) controls for each channel. The radio bands are FM, MW, LW and 41m + 49m SW.
The labelled radio stations are all German, except of course for Luxembourg and Hilversum.
I should really have tidied the cables and the papers I'd dumped underneath, but I had to tell someone!
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2023.06.03 23:50 zerostar83 Earn an extra perk while driving

I have Google Rewards running and tracks my trips. Almost every day it asks which store in a shopping center I visited and get over 40 cents each time. Nearly $100 a year in Google Play store credit. I usually answer their surveys while waiting on an order.
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2023.06.03 23:50 alito_loko Best advice? Do what seems the funniest!

But only if you're born under the Mercury. But most of us are. Most of occult people. Maybe all. I still can't believe she is dead but I'm glad she was alive and she was part of my life. Fuck Fentanyl. FF. Piece of shit life. Worst STD = LIFE. I guess I'm gonna join Military college or whatever... Company WAKE UP. Haven't eaten anything for 3 days. 4MMC is no longer with us RIPiss. Today i got the biggest sign yet. Evangelistz were right the whole time. You can fix everything except your own past. But your past = now. I borrowed money from my rich friend she is VERY good. I met only good people but the irony is that people I DON'T KNOW HAVE THE MOST IMPACT ON MY LIFE. And they are bad. And what is helping me now? T9. A FUCKING ALGORITHM. IT'S NOT EVEN ALIVE. But am I? Yes I am. And I refuse to surrende life to 4MMC made in some shithole near Warsaw. Or to alcohol. I'm gonna join the Military college and get rid of FENTANYL epidemic in US. Lost the only person I felt connection to. I always imagined we will be happy and I am not happy she is dead. Bullshit life. I have chosen it I guess? Revenge on wh0? Girl that sold her pills? Cartels? Or Chinese manufacturer$? Everyone.
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2023.06.03 23:49 JamJamGaGa The deadline is nearing and my teacher won't help me at all

I'm not sure if this is the right sub for this question but I really can't think of anywhere better, so I'm just going to ask it here. Oh and I apologise in advance for how messy this might get. I'm trying to summarise several weeks worth of events and I'm feeling pretty stressed right now.
So, I handed in an open-book assessment a few weeks ago but, for some reason, it didn't submit properly. The submission box was empty and my teacher marked it as a "fail" right away. I felt that I had probably messed up a few parts anyway so the "fail" wasn't very surprising, regardless.
Since it was marked as a fail and I knew I would have two more attempts to fix it, I decided that I would focus my time on some other work that was more important and had a much closer deadline. I spent a few days doing that.
About a week ago, the teacher made an announcement that the final deadline is the 3rd of June (aka, today) and that anyone who doesn't submit it on time will fail the entire unit.
Just a few days ago, I started scrambling to get my work ready and then I submitted it, hoping she would give me some feedback and I could then make any necessary changes before the final deadline.
The problem is that she hasn't given me my feedback yet and today is the 3rd of June (aka, the day she said we would fail if we didn't have everything handed in by). I messaged her yesterday morning asking if she would check the work and she said she would do it by 3pm, but she didn't. Then I messaged her again last night asking if she could check the work and give me some more time to fix the feedback, and she simply liked my message. Then I asked her again this morning if she could do it and she didn't even respond. She saw the message but just ignored me.
Now I'm panicking about what I'm going to do. If I fail this unit then I'll fail the entire course and have to resit it all (if there's even any places left available by then). My sister is telling me I shouldn't worry at all because it's the teacher's fault but I doubt anyone is going to take my side in this situation. I can already tell that I'm going to be told "you should have done it sooner."
What do I do here? I really don't want to keep asking her if she'll do it. I've already tried several times and she isn't helping me at all. It's as if she hears what I say and then instantly forgets it.
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2023.06.03 23:49 wolfieer Hit in parking lot

Hit in parking lot
My bad, Today i had dash cam installation and someone hit last night and put a note, that they can fix it, i messaged to the number and the person wanted to transfer money in Venmo. What do you suggest, She wanted me to go to body shop and get dent out or is it better change whole bumper from toyota? She seems having high deductibles insurance
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2023.06.03 23:48 Mikesavageusa Mike Savage New Canaan Classic Cars - The Best Muscle Cars

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines muscle cars as, "any of a group of American-made 2-door sports coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving." Although opinions vary, it is often cited that the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is the first muscle car ever created. It was designed with speed and power in mind, using a powerful engine with a lightweight body.
By the mid-1970s some of this market converged into personal luxury performance cars, thus beginning an era where personal luxury trumped lightweight speed.
Performance-type cars began to make a return in the United States during the 1980s, however with new regulations governing safety and pollution combined with increased production costs, these new vehicles were not designed to the formula of the traditional low-cost muscle cars. Introducing electronic fuel injection and overdrive transmission to the remaining muscle car survivors like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird helped sustain a market share for them alongside personal luxury coupes with performance packages.
Mike Savage New Canaan
Karl Brauer, editor-in-chief of the online car review aggregator "Total Car Score" is a self-described fanatic who characterizes muscle cars as his "primary passion." He compiled a list of what he considers 10 classic American muscle cars, saying, "Vintage car collectors consider these must-haves!"
Karl Brauer's list:
• 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 • 1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD455 • 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS6 • 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV • 1968 Ford Mustang GT500KR • 1969 Ford Boss 429 Mustang • 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi • 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda • 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Car buffs sometimes refer to classic muscle cars as "overpowered iron beasts" because these cars were built to deliver and beating and also to take one. They often burned rubber, and were anything but agile. Big, heavy, loud and rude, they embodied everything that was great about the American auto industry of the 1960s and 1970s.
American car-maker Chevrolet offered many different types, beginning with the Corvette in 1953, adding the Impala, Chevelle, El Camino, and Nova to its ranks throughout the years.
Dodge threw their hat into the ring beginning with the 1966 Charger, adding the Challenger and Super Bee thereafter.
Other American car-makers offerings include:
• AMC's AMX and Javelin • Buick's Grand National • Ford's Mustang and Thunderbird • Mercury's Cougar • Oldsmobile's Olds 442 • Plymouth's Barracuda and GTX • Pontiac's Firebird and GTO
Restoring When restoring muscle cars, people have differing views on whether staying true to the original factory's work is the best way to go, or whether improving on anything you can is better. One thing to keep in mind is that a well-documented restoration performed by a renowned shop will always hold more value than one that's undocumented or completed by an unknown shop or individuals.
Customizing Muscle cars are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, however finding one in mint condition is near impossible. Finding one that needs to be restored, and/or customized is a different story. So many different things about these cars can be customized, it is best to do your research on what features you would like to customize before getting a bid from someone.
Most likely people who own custom car shops are huge car fans who have learned the skills to do something they truly enjoy doing. Ask to see some of their work before going with a custom car shop, and remember it's OK to barter when asking for custom work to be done to your muscle car.
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2023.06.03 23:48 m756615 0.75% per week - WEEK 22 UPDATE

0.75% per week - WEEK 22 UPDATE

3 JUN 2023
  • This week was busier than normal week for me. I closed 4 positions and opened 4. One of the positions I opened I also closed. One of the positions I closed, I rolled. I also let two other positions expire.
  • The position I rolled (closing then opening a new one with a later expiration) was the PCS side of my XOP Iron Condor (IC). I rolled the position 30 more days out for a credit of $22 after commissions. I let the CCS side of the IC expire worthless for a 100% gain on the spread.
  • The other position I allowed to expire this week was my MSFT Call Credit Spread. This position expired at a max loss of $381 ($500 less credit received).
  • The next position was a two-parter. I had an existing CRM CCS. I opened a new PCS on the same ticker to create an IB. I would end up closing the IB position two days later for a total loss of $121. Had I not opened the PCS portion of the IB I would have been able to close the position for a gain after CRM dropped significantly after its earnings report. Oh well.
  • The next position I opened but then closed within 24 hours. On Tuesday this week I decided to open a CCS on NVDA once it hit $410. I opened the CCS with the short strike at $500 and the long strike at $510. This one I got right. NVDA would fall rapidly within the next 24 hours, and I closed the position for 50% profit, which is good for one day.
  • The next position I opened this week was a new XOP PCS for 14 JUL for a credit of $195.
  • The last position I opened this week was a CSP with 3 contracts on F. I received $60 per contract ($180 total) to open this position.
  • So, after a disappointing two weeks, I believe I am back where I need to be. I could still get burned by ORCL and QQQ but my other positions should make up for them if they continue to move against me. In the near term I will be diversifying more so I am not overweight in any single sector. The two times I’ve been burned were when I was overweight first in financials and then in tech. Lesson learned; time to move forward.
  • Call Credit Spread (CCS)
  • Put Credit Spread (PCS)
  • Iron Condor (IC)
  • Iron Butterfly (IB)
  • Cash Secured Put (CSP)
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2023.06.03 23:48 Vulcann111 [H] 300+ Games [W] Steam Marketable Items (Cases, Gems, Keys, Skins, Trading Cards etc) and Wishlist

I have multiple copies for most of my games, Trades are mostly based on prices from Please notify me if my keys are not for your personal use (i won't take any responsibility if i wasn't notified) and also please clearly state what you have and want in exchange when making an offer, i have no interest in buying games for Keys/Gems etc. and i also have no interest in Alpha, Beta, Curator, Dev and Non-Steam Keys Reddit Steam Profile SteamTrades

FUEL (Removed from Steam Store) Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet (Removed from Steam Store) Human Resource Machine (Steam Inventory Gift) Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Removed from Steam Store) Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded (Removed from Steam Store) All Zombies Must Die! (Removed from Steam Store) R.I.P.D.: The Game (Removed from Steam Store) ibb & obb (Steam Inventory Gift) Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition (Removed from Steam Store) eXceed - Gun Bullet Children (Removed from Steam Store) eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX (Removed from Steam Store) God Mode (Removed from Steam Store) Gundemonium Recollection (Removed from Steam Store) Hitogata Happa (Removed from Steam Store) Naval War: Arctic Circle (Removed from Steam Store) Red Faction+Red Faction II Red Faction®: Armageddon™+Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered+Red Faction Guerrilla Steam Edition Real World Racing (Removed from Steam Store) GundeadliGne (Removed from Steam Store) Beast Boxing Turbo (Removed from Steam Store) eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package (Removed from Steam Store) Jagged Alliance - Back in Action King Arthur Collection (March 2012) Mini Motor Racing EVO+Mini Motor Racing X Monday Night Combat Sine Mora+Sine Mora EX Surgeon Simulator The Showdown Effect (Removed from Steam Store) Zeno Clash 2 Angel Express [Tokkyu Tenshi] Cloud Chamber (Removed from Steam Store) Darwinia DEFCON Defunct Droplitz (Removed from Steam Store) eversion ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive Edition (Steam Inventory Gift) Frozen Synapse Prime (Steam Inventory Gift) Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD Hack 'n' Slash (Steam Inventory Gift) Hard Reset Extended Edition Hydrophobia: Prophecy MIND: Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition Multiwinia No Time to Explain+No Time To Explain Remastered On The Path Out There Somewhere (Steam Inventory Gift) Paranormal State: Poison Spring (Removed from Steam Store) Patrician IV Gold Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Primal Carnage Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood Run Away Sacred Gold Space Rangers (Removed from Steam Store) Spirited Heart Deluxe Splendor Suguri Collection The First Templar - Steam Special Edition The Ironclads Collection The Old City: Leviathan The Ship - 2 Pack Gift (Steam Inventory Gift) Trainz Settle and Carlisle UFO: Afterlight+UFO: Afterlight - Old Version Uplink War of the Roses (Removed from Steam Store) World War 1 Centennial Edition (Removed from Steam Store) Jets'n'Guns Gold Anna - Extended Edition BanHammer (Removed from Steam Store) Beat Hazard Complete Betrayer (Removed from Steam Store) Bionic Heart Crazy Machines 2 Crazy Machines Elements Crazy Machines: Golden Gears Defenders of Ardania (Removed from Steam Store) Depths of Fear :: Knossos (Removed from Steam Store) Driftmoon Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Fairy Bloom Freesia FlatOut Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook Gettysburg: Armored Warfare (Removed from Steam Store) Grand Ages: Rome GOLD Heileen 1: Sail Away Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate Heileen 3: New Horizons Interstellar Marines Ion Assault KAMI King's Bounty: Armored Princess Knights of Honor Knock-knock Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] Lilly Looking Through Little Racers STREET Megabyte Punch Painkiller Overdose Painkiller: Recurring Evil Painkiller Redemption Patrician IV Praetorians Rebel Galaxy Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 SATAZIUS Skara - The Blade Remains Sky Mercenaries The Void Toby: The Secret Mine Tropico Reloaded Tropico 4 Unexplored Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition About Love, Hate and the other ones A Game of Dwarves Air Conflicts: Secret Wars A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda A Valley Without Wind+A Valley Without Wind 2 BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century Beat Hazard Blood Knights CAPSULE Chroma Squad Cities in Motion Dangerous Waters Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game Dark Fall: Lost Souls Death to Spies+Death to Spies: Moment of Truth Dementium II HD Deponia Disciples II: Gallean's Return Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Dollar Dash (Removed from Steam Store) Dungeons Dungeons - The Dark Lord Eastside Hockey Manager Finding Teddy Frederic: Evil Strikes Back Ghost Master® Grand Ages: Rome Hearts of Iron 2 Complete Home Imperial Glory Imperium Romanum Gold Edition Kalaban Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition Leviathan: Warships (Removed from Steam Store) Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year Edition Meridian: New World Motorama NecroVision NecroVisioN: Lost Company Not The Robots Nuclear Dawn Oniken: Unstoppable Edition Onikira - Demon Killer Patrician III PixelJunk™ Monsters Ultimate Rooks Keep Solar Flux Solar Shifter EX Summoner Sweet Lily Dreams Switch Galaxy Ultra Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection The Journey Down: Chapter Two The Last Tinker™: City of Colors Tropico 3 Truck Racer Trulon: The Shadow Engine Tulpa Vessel Violett Remastered Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage Zombie Driver HD Alien Hallway Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded A New Beginning - Final Cut Angvik AquaNox AquaNox 2: Revelation Aura: Fate of the Ages Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO + Voxel Sculpt + PREMIUM Bundle Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge Ballpoint Universe - Infinite Bang Bang Racing Battle Group 2 Bridge Constructor Bridge Constructor Medieval Cargo! The Quest for Gravity Cat on a Diet Ceville Cold War Commander: Conquest of the Americas Commandos 2: Men of Courage Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Crash Time 3 Curse: The Eye of Isis Dark Fear Dead Hungry Diner Deadly 30 Deep Dungeons of Doom Drawful 2 Driftland: The Magic Revival Dynamite Jack East India Company Eidolon El Matador Elven Legacy Empress Of The Deep Eurofighter Typhoon Explodemon Face Noir Faces of War Fantasy Wars Final Slam 2 Fireburst Galactic Civilizations® I: Ultimate Edition GeoVox Gravi Greed: Black Border Greed Corp Grind Zones Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Grotesque Tactics 2 – Dungeons and Donuts Gunman Clive Guns of Icarus Online Hacker Evolution Duality Hacker Evolution Source Code Haegemonia: Legions of Iron Helicopter Simulator 2014: Search and Rescue Hexcells Plus Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead Idol Hands In Between inMomentum Keebles Konung 2 Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty Labyrinthine Dreams Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Machines At War 3 Majesty 2 Making History: The Calm & the Storm Mata Hari Men of War™ Men of War: Assault Squad Men of War: Red Tide Miner Wars 2081 Miner Wars Arena Mirror Mysteries Mountain M.U.D. TV Musaic Box Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition Perimeter Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Plush POPixel Probably Archery Purgatory: War of the Damned Puzzle Kingdoms Quell Quell Memento Quell Reflect Real Horror Stories Ultimate Edition Really Big Sky Reign: Conflict of Nations Rig n Roll Rush Bros. Sacraboar Satellite Repairman Saturday Morning RPG Save the Dodos Shadowgrounds Survivor Shadows: Price For Our Sins Sinless + OST Skilltree Saga SoulCraft Space Empires IV Deluxe Space Empires V Star Ruler Starsphere Star Wolves Star Wolves 3: Civil War Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Syberia II Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure (Removed from Steam Store) Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race (Removed from Steam Store) Terrian Saga: KR-17 Theatre of War Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 Theatre of War 3: Korea The God's Chain The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight The Kings' Crusade Tobe's Vertical Adventure Trapped Dead Turba Twin Sector Two Brothers (Removed from Steam Store) Two Worlds II HD Type:Rider Vault Cracker Vegas: Make It Big™ Velvet Assassin Warriors' Wrath Who's That Flying?! Windforge XIII Century – Gold Edition Yumsters 2: Around the World Zombie Pirates ZombieRush Zombie Shooter
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2023.06.03 23:48 Bellacaprino A meme I made after going shopping at a mall today

A meme I made after going shopping at a mall today
trying on clothes can be soooo demoralizing but plus sized stores make me feel sooo much better :)
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2023.06.03 23:48 Winter_Thought8639 Got an offer

I was unemplyed for so long. People won't understand but I know this community will. Mostly mental health issues. I was so out of it. Could barely speak properly for years. There was a point where I seriously wondered how I'm going to be in the future. Maybe working as a janitor? I got rejected at McDonald's and old navy. I couldnt talk properly, lost my people skills. Even forgot how to make friends and talk to people. I managed to convince best buy im good for them. They gave an offer. Really happy. Idk how I got sales since I'm very awkward in talking with people. I used to be good at it but I lost that ability years ago.
I was losing all hope, especially after going 2nd round interview at McDonald's and getting rejected, as well as at old navy. I walked into so many stores(fast food, clothing) and nothing. I looked at people working at Walmart and thought I can do that man. But no luck there. They had so many applicants. And it's hard to get a job if you lost touch with people and have no internal reference, and I'm just awkward I come off as if I'm on drugs even if I'm not lol.
I applied to my last batch of jobs before I lost all hope. I was dreading having to start applying Again. To places like McDonald's(where I live McDonald's gets 100 applicants per day). I was about to walk into shopping malls and go to the janitors and tell them I can help.
Driving home I got a call. I see that it's best buy from where I interviewed. They don't give calls back if I got rejected. I thought, did I get hired? I missed the call. Listened to the voicemail. They said they want to offer me a position. I was really happy.
Thought I'd post here. Just to hear your thoughts. It's been years since I worked and even made friends and talked to people tbh. I'm still thinking, man what did they see in me? If only they knew my actual story as opposed to how I modified it on my resume to make it look like I had no breaks / gaps.
Good luck guys all I can say is make yourself available even if it's early morning. Try your hardest to come across as Not desperate and be friendly in interviews. You'll have to tweak your resume and bs a little to land an interview. Be confident. Goodluck!
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2023.06.03 23:48 TerraEarthOwner Requiem Realm Season Two!

Requiem Realm is releasing a new season in the next week after the next major update! There is still time to join and secure a nation before somebody else takes it from you! The map we use is the original SMP Earth map, yes the map all the Minecraft YouTubers played! There is an automated admin shop to buy items like netherite templates and even fun stuff like Allay spawn eggs! We also have added, manually, cherry blossom trees, kelp, and bamboo. Wanna join? Direct message me you wishing to join and I will give the discord invite to join!
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2023.06.03 23:47 OneBoredMan02 Time to be a Hero Volume 24

Serious Issues - Time to be a Hero - Volume 24
Sunday 24th June 2017
It's been ten days since Natsuki got kidnapped and held hostage by the recently arrived agents from Coomer. We beat them and promptly moved base to this little cabin like structure just at the outskirts of town, it's run down in places but it's nothing we can't fix up! Since last week nobody has reported any sightings of any Coomer agents which is expected, but I know it's just part of how they work. They look for a trial and follow it, until they find you. But when they do, they don't attack, they hang back for awhile and watch, waiting for a moment to take you by surprise. Stalking you. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Waiting for an opportunity. When they do make their move, they are quick. They are precise. They are calculating. They do not make mistakes. They do not get cocky. They do not let up for a second. That's why we all need to be on high alert and wide eyed. Hell, normal patrol is more dangerous now than ever! We just need to get permission and recognition from everybody else if we want to patrol for the night! Thankfully we came up with a secret code for the group chat, just in case that anybody that hacks into our group chat will not recognise what we are talking about right away. Basically we use emojis to let the others know about certain things, it's a code and it confuses me at the best of times. But Sayori did put this together on a whim so we should be just that little bit safer now. Right now I'm sitting in my apartment watching tv as I wait for Monika to come back from visiting her parents. She asked me if I wanted to come along but I declined her offer, I just want to rest a little bit from working hard to make the base for us. I had Sayori on my back telling me the various things she wanted, it was like her telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas! It was a ridiculous amount of things I had to make and it really took the wind out of my sails! So here I am, just relaxing I guess... I look at the tv show I was watching, it's some random programme about a teacher making drugs or something? I don't know about it, it's kinda funny I suppose, yet I can't really sit down and just enjoy it. In the back of my mind, I'm worried sick about Monika! She's been away for an hour now and I feel like it's been far too long for her to be out and not at least send me a text or whatever! But I shouldn't think too much of this, I'm just stressed out of my mind and very tired. I rub my eyes as I try to return back to the programme, but I just can't. Now that I've acknowledged the worry I can't get it out of my head! Fuck it! I toss away the remote and grab my phone, I'll just give her a text. Ask her how she's getting on with her parents. I shoot Monika a text in our chat reading:
'hey honey! just checking up on u and ur parents, how is it all going??' I set down my phone and wait for a reply...
one minute passes...
She still hasn't seen my text! Argh! Botan, give her time to pull out the phone and have a look at her notifications! She's with her parents for goodness sake, she can't just focus on me all the time! I need to settle down more! Maybe if I do some chores? I stand up and look around the apartment? What could I do? Maybe give the carpet a vacuum? Yeah! I head over to the closet, pull out the vacuum and bring it over to the centre of the living room. I turn it on and start the routine of clearing up the floor. I move the couch and get under it as I make my way around the room. Reaching into little corners and below the tv stand as I make sure everything's clean! I smile as I turn the vacuum off and see that the carpet is now much cleaner! I smile as I put the vacuum back into the closet. I then head back over to the couch and pick up my phone, Monika still hasn't seen my message? I'm getting concerned now, it's been unread for seven minutes, maybe I should phone her?? I go to select the call option but I stop myself, I am just....overreacting. Give her time. Maybe she left her phone in another room? She's at her parents' house after all? Or maybe she still hasn't gotten a chance to? Right, well what now?

Guess some dinner wouldn't hurt? I walk into the kitchen and have a look around the fridge for something to eat? Hmmm, maybe Monika would like something for when she gets back? I grab my phone and give her another text. 'would u like something 4 dinner?' I put my phone back into my pocket as I have another look. Guess I'll have some pizza with some chips! I take out a bag of frozen chips and a pepperoni and cheese pizza, setting them both onto the kitchen counter. I grab a tray for both pizza and fries and set them both out. I head over to the cooker and pre-heat the oven as I give it a minute or so. I then put my chips in first, followed by the pizza and close the oven door. Time to let them cook! I head back over to the living room and sit down. Got to give them time to cook, so what now? I look at the time, it's just coming up to eight? Hmmm, Monika did say she'll be back at around eight so....where is she? Botan! Stop it! I slap myself in the face! I really need to get a grip of myself! Maybe I can destress with a nice bath? Yeah, that will help! I walk into the kitchen and set a timer on the electronic clock for my food to be taken out. I then head into the bathroom and start running the bath. After a few minutes the bath is filled up and has plenty of bubbles going as I take off my clothes, here we go! I step in as the warm water quickly makes me jump in surprise at the heat! I then quickly get in as I relax. Oh yeah, this is much better! I smile, it's almost like I wasn't panicking about my girlfriend potentially going missing when she's out right now! ….urgh! I cover my face in water and take a deep breath. I just need to calm down. That's all. Monika can handle herself. The worse thing that could happen is that she gets killed and I never see her again...rgh! That temper I have, I almost forgot! Jeez, no more thoughts like that! Jesus, why did I even think of that?? Am I really wanting to push myself to burst out there and go looking for her? She's fine! As soon as I think that I hear my phone vibrate in the pocket of my shorts! Oh! That's probably her! I reach over to my towel, drying my hands before grabbing my phone. I take look at the message I just got, it's from Yuri?
Y: 'Hi Botan, I know this may seem a little short notice but can you please come down to the shop? I require your assistance with something' …sigh, fuck off man! I shake my head and chuck my phone away! Fucking Yuri! Why does she have to ask me of all people?! Why not her fucking boy toy?! sigh...calm down man. I'm losing it. Having no Monika around is really bad for me. She's the only thing keeping me from floating away from reason. With Coomer now here too, I guess it's all starting to pile up somewhat? Sigh...right. I pick my phone back up and send Yuri a text.
B: 'kk Yuri, give me 5 mins' I sigh as I sit up, so much for this bath? I quickly get out and dry myself off with a towel. I then walk out of the bathroom after pulling the plug on the bath, my phone vibrates again? I check it, another message from Yuri.
Y: 'thank you very much, please bring your best suit too!' ...oh right! I quickly dry off my hair and get in costume before running to the window-wait! I check on the timer in the kitchen, there's still around fifteen minutes to go? I turn the heat down to the minimum and make the adjust on the time, I just to be sure I don't want to burn down my new home. Monika would kill me. I leap out of the window into the dying light of the day! Okay, to the store! I don't know what's going on with Yuri but she might need my help! Although her texts were quite casual there? No matter! I swing into the air and land on a roof as I see the shop in the distance! Right, be ready for anything! I jump across a gap and leap off of a roof to see Yuri in front of the store? She looks....glum? I land not too far away from her as she looks at me, she doesn't look happy that's for sure? "Thanks for coming Sparrow." She's using my hero name?
B: "Of course citizen? What do you need?" I walk up to her as she looks around herself?
Y: "Uhm, well... there's a person in the store who's...well..." Yuri looks into the store and shivers? "I don't think he's mentally well at all..."
B: "What do you mean?" I look into the store as I spot a man? He's throwing things about in a crazed like fashion?
Y: "I would deal with this myself but..." Yuri whispers as she eyes one of the numerous cameras in the store. "I can't really run off and just come back you know?"
B: "I understand, well what do you think is wrong with him?" She shrugs?
Y: "He came in normal at first, he smiled and even said hello. Next thing I knew he started screaming all of sudden?" We look at the man as he climbs on top of the counter? "I've never seen anything like this before?"
B: "Calm down Yuri, I'll take care of it...did you call for police and an ambulance? This might be a drug related issue."
Y: "I have Sparrow don't worry. All the doors are locked so it will only be you and him in there. Just try not to make too much of a mess please?"
B: "Got it." I walk into the store slowly as most of the lights are off? I look back at Yuri who only locks the front door behind me and gives me an encouraging smile. I think she's a little scared to be in this type of situation. After is very dark, and I'm not too fond of this situation already. I grab a torch from my pouch and get moving, the store just frozen in silence it seems? Okay, come on Botan. You got this. You've dealt with much worse things than just a potential drugged up man. This should be a piece of cake...hopefully? "Hello??" I call out rather nervously, but the silence I get in return just makes my spine shudder. "I'm here to help, please make yourself known!"

?: "YAH!!" A sudden scream comes from my left as I see the man on all fours quickly moving about between the stalls?! What the hell has gotten into him?! I look around before getting the good idea of zipping myself up to the roof to get a birds eye view of the whole store. I do just that and shine my torch downwards, quickly spotting the man huddled over some flowers as he eats them?? Jeez, this man's not right at all! He looks at me with a crazed look before slowly turning. "Ah! baga to yos!" He stares at me as he talks gibberish. "Joka in plot bin!" I just feel sorry as he stares at me, he needs serious help. "Ah! Yoga bob!" He picks up a candle and throws it at me! I'm able to get out the way but it lands me back onto the store floor and out of sight of the man. I can hear him moving about as I try to keep quiet, I need to get the jump on him. I don't want to hurt him of course, this could be some sort of episode he's suffering from? I spawn in some sleeping gas as I look around for him, just going to put to him to sleep so that I can start to look him over. This must be some- "Yawh!" The man jumps on my back as I stagger for a second! He hits me or rather slaps me in the head a few times before I grab his arm and throw him off of me! I'm not too hard as I only pull him off and get in front of me as he tries to scramble to his feet, but sadly for him I'm too quick as I hook his head and apply the gas to his mouth and nose. The man struggles at first but starts to slow down as he eyes close and then he's out. I set him down into the recovery position as I look at him. Poor guy, what was the cause of this? I look at his face as...hold on? I know this guy? That's....Nick! The guy who I saved on my first night here! What's he doing back here?! Nick looks a little worse for ware, his beard is a lot longer as is his hair. He looks like a wild man if anything. His clothes are rather nice though? I get a closer look at him as he breaths gently. I told him not to come back! Or...did he choose to come back? Maybe he was found by some of the big mans' guys? I look at Nick for any sign of some drug use, he couldn't have a mental condition like that? Soon I find two needle marks in both his neck and right arm? Two marks? Hmm, why did he get injected twice? What is this stuff? I take a capsule and a blood sample for later. Sayori and Yuri can take a look at that. If the drug runs in the blood then that will be where our answers lie. The room then gets lit up in blues and reds as the police arrive first! I pick up Nick and carry him to the door as Yuri sees me coming. She unlocks the door as she looks at me.
Y: "Thank you Sparrow! What was wrong with him?"
B: "Drug." I say to her and she subtly nods. The police come over and start talking to Yuri as the ambulance arrives shortly after. I give them the run down of Nicks' actions as well as another sample of blood for them to test, the authorities could do with a heads up about what this drug actually is. Nick gets carted away as things get rapped up rather quickly as the ambulance goes off to take Nick to hospital and the police leave after they take our statements and have a general look around. Soon it's only me and Yuri again, she looks at me.
Y: "Thank you again with your help Botan, I just didn't really know what to do...that was so sudden."
B: "Don't mention" I hand her the sample as she looks at it.
Y: "Is that from the man?" She asks wearing a serious expression.
B: "Yeah, you and Sayori can look it over. You two are the brains after all..."
Y: "Very well then..." She pockets it as she looks at me again. "What's wrong? You look...rather sombre?"
B: "I knew that guy...Nick."
Y: "Were you friends or...?"
B: "Well, do you remember my first night in town?" Yuri thinks before she puts the pieces together.
Y: "Was that the man you helped?"
B: "It was. I told him to leave Yuri, and never come back. But..."
Y: "Did you think he was brought back here against his will?"
B: "He had two clear injection marks Yuri, one on his arm and another on his neck."
Y: "Hmmm...maybe he was jumped with that drug and let a guinea pig?"
B: "Maybe...or perhaps this was a message?"
Y: "What do you mean?"
B: "...the big man knows a lot Yuri, a whole lot more than we think he does." Yuri swallows as I sigh. "I need to get going, I have somewhere to be."
Y: "Oh okay, have a nice night! Thank you again!"
B: "Of course, see you later!" I swing away back home as I'm left feeling rather down. Poor Nick, I didn't wish to see him again see him reduced to that? Is just sad... I arrive back home as I quickly head into the kitchen. I hope the food wasn't burnt! I check the food and see that it's...okay? It's fine I guess? I pull it out and look at it... you know what? I think that-
Knock! Knock!
There's two quick knocks at the door and then shortly a giggle?
M: "Guess who's back~" ….oh fuck! I throw the food into the bin quickly and spawn in some replacement food as Monika comes into the kitchen! "Hey honey, why are you in gear?"
B: "Oh? I was just helping Yuri is all!" She nods as she looks at the food.
M: "Awww, you really made some dinner for us~?" I just nod as I take off my mask.
B: "I guess..." Monika smiles as she sniffs the air?
M: "hmm? Funny?" She then checks the bin... "....ohoho! Did it not go right the first time?"
B: " comment?"
M: "ehehe! It's fine Botan! Don't worry about it!" She sits down as she rubs her head. "aww, what a day. What did Yuri want with you?" Monika looks a little....jealous? Is it? I can't really tell. "I'm not jealous Botan." ...oh...
B: "Sorry! I's been a pretty rough night." I sit beside her as she rubs my back.
M: "How'd you mean? You look pretty upset?"
B: "I just...I went to the shop because a man was...well for a lack for a better word, crazy." Monika nods for me to continue. "Yuri didn't want to run off to get changed so she called upon me."
M: "Why you?" Monika asks rather sternly?
B: "I don't know? Maybe she thought I was best suited to deal with this? I went in there and well..."
M: "Well?"
B: "It' was the guy who I helped on my first night. He was drugged Monika. Probably dragged back here in this mess, taken away from the chance I gave him! I just...don't think that's fair at all..." Monika nods slowly.
M: "Well...was he okay or...?"
B: "He was crazy. Acting like a wild man. A primate. He was eating flowers Monika!" Monika sighs.
M: "Poor guy...what was his name?"
B: "Nick."
M: "Sigh...well? Did you get a sample of his blood or something else?"
B: "I did, it's just...I thought I really helped him Monika. I thought I gave him a way out wasn't enough..." Monika rests her head against my shoulder.
M: "You tried Botan. You tried, and that's good enough for me."
B: "It's not good enough for me though. Nick deserved a life! He didn't deserve that! To be someone's guinea pig!"
M: "Just relax's okay..." I sigh as Monika smiles sadly. "Hey? How about we go lie down and eat this food okay? Let's just snuggle together while eating pizza huh?" She smiles as I nod.
B: "Okay..."
M: "Good boy..." She helps me up and takes the pizza as we go through to the other room to rest.
- Yuri's perspective -
Look at this mess! Was it too much for me to ask Botan to at least help me tidy this up? Sigh...I'm going to be here forever! As I'm sweeping the floor the lights suddenly come back on?
Y: "Huh?" I look at the lights as someone enters the store? "Hello?" …
A: "Boo!" I jump as I see Alex behind me?!
Y: "What?!"
S: "ehehe!" I see Sayori also come skipping in as I relax.
Y: "oh, guys don't do that!"
A: "Sorry Yuri! It was too good to let this pass! What's going on by the way? Why was the place dark, and why is it a mess?"
S: "Are you okay Yuri?"
Y: "I'm fine, it's just...well a man came in with some sort of drug in him." I show Sayori the sample Botan gave me.
S: "Huh? Is this his blood?"
Y: "Yes." Sayori takes it and has a look.
S: "hmmm, if it's a drug I'll find out what drug it is!"
Y: "Thank you."
A: "Did you hurt yourself at all?"
Y: "No I'm fine! I just got Botan to help me is all!"
A: "...I see?"
Y: "I didn't want to disturb your night out guys, after all...I know you two really want to build bridges again after that whole duplicate incident."
S: "Yeah, we're getting better. Slowly but getting there!"
A: "Yeah! Just a few more nights out and we're golden!"
Y: "Just don't try anything together..."
S: "ohoho! I wouldn't worry about it Yuri! I'm not about to steal your man away from you~"
Y: "What?! No! We're just friends!"
A: "Sayori, really??"
S: "Man you two are just hopeless...ah well! You want our help Yuri?"
A: "Yeah! We can help tidy up!"
Y: "That would be grand, thank you!" Alex heads off as does Sayori as I continue sweeping. The three of us focus on cleaning up for awhile as the shop looks a little better! A few minutes have passed and we've managed to pick up most of the destroyed products as well as mop up the floor. Sayori is busy re-arranging the flower display as I finish up collecting the rest of the ruined flowers. I smile as I dump the rest of them into the bin and turn around to see Alex moving a few boxes. I glance over to Sayori, she seems to have this faraway look in her eye? She seems sad? uuu, I want to say something to her but I don't want to say the wrong thing! I walk up to Alex as he looks at me.
A: "Hey Yuri, what's up?"
Y: "Um, it might be just me but.... have you noticed Sayori has been quiet for the past ten minutes or so?" We glance at her as she's smiling while looking at a few flowers.
A: "Well... yeah. I didn't want to say this in front of her but, tonight was one of her quiet nights." I look at him as Alex looks generally worried. "She was... you know?" I nod.
Y: "I see... her rainclouds must of came in again..."
A: "Yeah... I didn't want to provoke her in some way so I just let her be."
Y: "That's probably the right move, she might just be having one of her down days..." We look on in silence as Sayori suddenly turns around and smiles at us.
S: "Okay! I'm done here, what about you guys? Is there anything else to do??"
A: "Uh...Yuri?" I look around... everything seems to be in order? If not, I'll just sort it out for tomorrow.
Y: "It's fine! I think we've done everything we could! Thank you for your help guys~"
A: "Of course!"
S: "You're welcome!" Sayori smiles as she skips to the front door. "I'm going to go ahead a little early if that's okay, I'm rather tired..."
A: "Are you sure? We should go together, that way Coomer can't pick you off Sayori."
S: "It's okay! I'll get the bus! Thanks for your concern~"
A: "...right."
Y: "Well if you're sure, then goodnight Sayori~"
S: "Goodnight guys!" Sayori leaves and skips down the street.
A: "Well... we should think about leaving too."
Y: "Yeah... let me get my bag."
A: "Sure!" I head into the office to grab my things, only to notice the face in the corner of my eye! I turn to see nothing...uh? I could've sworn there was a face peaking into the shop? It might just be me, I've been very paranoid lately... Well, I'm sure it was nothing to worry about...
S: "sigh... so they both noticed me... I'm so fucking worthless..."
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2023.06.03 23:47 the_devil_wears_nada [FS][US] Celine Pico Belt Bag, Celine Triomphe Belt, Polene Cyme Tote

See []( for photos.
Prices include shipping.
Celine Pico Belt Bag, Light Taupe - $90
* Main call out is that the strap clip on the back was broken when I received it, so I had it replaced at the cobbler. Hence, the clips don't match and that's the reason for the low price. Otherwise in great condition - no scratches or tears. Suede interior is stain free
.Celine Triomphe Belt, Black - $50
Shiny calfskin leather in great condition. Belt has \~7 holes so fits a variety of sizes. It's a smidge long on me (i use the 4th hole out of 7 for high waisted trousers) and I normally wear an 85. Belt says it’s 105 but not sure if that's real.
Polène Cyme Tote, Large, Camel - $75
Love the magnets on the end of the bag so you can adjust the shape. No scratches or tears, though some creasing near bottom where "Polene" is stamped in gold. Comes with dust bag and the removeable inner pouch.
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2023.06.03 23:47 SmoothCause4716 25F - Is there anyone looking for a friend?

Howdy peeps. (age preference is 22-59 is totally ok!!)
I'm not good at introducing so please bear with me. I’m a colombian, 25F but in USA now for 2yrs. Im a friendly girl who wants to have a smooth and long term friendship, looking for a kind and funny friend whom I can vibes with. (I hope you're just near me, here in USA)
Some of my interests are — Cooking, singing, dancing, Watching movies, go out with a friend but sometimes im also a homebody person.
I’m a big fan of horror films, As well as cartoons/disney. Hbu? Are you watching some of those now? Maybe you can recommend me one.
I love to talk about anything and everything so maybe I can learn something form you. I’m pretty much willing to have a friend, an easy going person.I hope we good. 🙌
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2023.06.03 23:47 MurkyBar9017 My brother molested and abused me when I was a child.

I'm a 38(F) and recently have been tortured by old repressed memories from when I was about 6 or 7 years old.
My brother, who is 6 years older than me, would lure me into his room at night by promising me he would hang out with me and let me play with his toys. I absolutely adored and idolized my brother. He not only was my big brother, he was always the golden child. He didn't do well in school, but he was the quiet obedient one... he was the easy child my parents adored. I was the loud opinionated child that would back talk even at an early age. So anyway, he would turn on these weird strobe lights he had on his nightstands (I guess to set the mood), then lay on his bed and force me to make out with him with tongue. I don't recall whether he would make me touch him or he would touch himself - the memories are just too hazy, but I do remember the kissing clearly.
These memories have tortured me for decades. I can go on for years without thinking about them, and then suddenly they resurface and stir up all kinds of confusing emotions.
When I was about 11, I confronted him and told him I remembered what he had forced me to do, and he denied it. Any normal brother would get upset about that kind of allegation, but he just got nervous and told me "You must have dreamt that, that never happened", but how could a 6 year old dream up that kind of thing, strobe lights and all???
Since then, I've never confronted him about it again. I also considered telling my mom, but she's nearly 70 now and it would absolutely break her heart, so I've decided not to. Plus, I've found it to be pointless to confront him again since he gaslit me the first time, and to be honest, I feel so much SHAME over this. My brother and I remained close throughout the years until a few years ago. Now we speak to each other only when we visit one another's homes about once every 2 or 3 months.
I've always wondered if this abuse was the catalyst to all my issues with relationships with men.
Also, he now has 2 children, a 9 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl, and as sweet as his boy is, I constantly worry about him doing to her what my brother did to me.
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2023.06.03 23:46 TerraEarthOwner Requiem Realm Season Two!

Requiem Realm is releasing a new season in the next week after the next major update! There is still time to join and secure a nation before somebody else takes it from you! The map we use is the original SMP Earth map, yes the map all the Minecraft YouTubers played! There is an automated admin shop to buy items like netherite templates and even fun stuff like Allay spawn eggs! We also have added, manually, cherry blossom trees, kelp, and bamboo. Wanna join? Direct message me you wishing to join and I will give the discord invite to join!
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2023.06.03 23:46 Researcher7201 Ready for the next Level (Safety Razor)

Hello All,
About 3 years ago I began my journey to get away from expensive disposable razors. I was tiered of spending nearly 50$ every time I needed a new pack of disposable blade cartridges I knew would not last, and worst of all clogged so bad that using them was an agony. I decided to hell with them Ill give a safety razor a shot, and I've not regretted it for a second! Since then I've tired and enjoyed more types of blades then I knew existed, and loved them all for their own reasons, and strengths (except derby it knows what it did!) I now find myself ready to finally invest in a decent handle. Not that what I've had has no served me well, but unfortunately my vintage Gillett fatboy gave up the ghost, and now Bi-metal corrosion has claimed the screw in my 3 piece Edwin Jagger. I've decided now that theirs no chance of me going back to disposables, I should invest in something nice. At 31 I have a lot of life left (I hope) and I'd like to get something that I might have for many many years. So I figured it could not hurt to ask. What good out their? What do you recommend. I liked the butterfly mech of the fatboy, but the 3 piece is so solid and the weight feels good in the hand. I'd like to find something with a scalloped bar, and a smooth cap. I think I'm ready for something a little more aggressive too now that I've had 3 years to practice, and no longer nick myself unless I'm being careless. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.03 23:46 Bloated_Toadd My quest to break Soulgorger Orgg (Jank combo)

A couple weeks ago I was looking through BadMtgCombos and came across a post that I now can't find involving the card [[Soulgorger Orgg]]. A 5 cmc 6/6 trampler with an ETB that has you lose all but 1 life and an LTB where you gain life equal to the life you lost when it ETB. For some reason I was immediately fascinated with trying to make it work in some way. The original post used [[Near-Death Experience]] and a flash enabler to win on the spot but I want to take it further. Using lifeloss reversing effects like [[Children of Korlis]] or [[Tainted Sigil]] we can actually gain life by playing the Orgg and sacrificing it to a free outlet. To multiply this outcome we can use [[Ephemerate]] effects to multiply the ETB and LTB. We can also directly duplicate the lifegain with [[Rhox Faithmender]] and [[Alhammarret's Archive]]. The final aspect of these interactions that I knew a way to take advantage of would be how drastically our life total is be changing, we can use payoffs like [[Willowdusk, Essence Seer]] to get a bunch of +1/+1 counters. If you know any other ways to leverage this strange effect or even some other cards that do the same stuff as the ones previously mentioned please let me know. Here is a link to the decklist so far
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2023.06.03 23:45 GarlicOne4194 My cousin told my mother that she will kill her like she did with her husband

I will try to explain this as best as I can. Last year we lost our father quite suddenly. He was youngish, 64 and died of sudden aggressive cancer. Needless to say we still are in mourning because he was our rock, our ray of hope and optimism and he was the patient parent. My mother relied on him for everything, paying bills, helping with taxes, anything tech related so, it has been a huge adjustment for her to learn everything in this age and well without having had any previous knowledge. She is doing really well, thankfully work also keeps her busy. Also important detail, she is super anxious. She has an anxiety disorder that makes her freeze and cannot really think straight so we've had to also deal with this and we are working for her to get therapy. So to get to the point, it's summer now and she is looking to get a few things for a trip we have upcoming and she asked my cousin that lives more centrally than us to help her out as she knows all the good places. She actually said "are you sure you have the time to do this over the weekend"? And of course my cousin (55) agreed. Apparently they shopped for hours as my mother does not really buy unless sure and my cousin felt tired and on their way back home she told her on the car "that's why your husband is dead (it's your fault), and you will kill us in the same way. That was because she took time and looked around (as was planned). My mother was shocked and didn't say anything and needless to say so was I when my mom told me over the phone. I am really far away, I am in my 30s for reference and I really don't know what to say anymore. My mother feels super lonely and this is the only family we have this close and she can spend time with. I really don't know what to say and I don't want to call and say "bitch are you crazy" to her and create another issue for my mom to deal with. Advice please?
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2023.06.03 23:44 young_effy How the person in front of me loaded their groceries onto the belt (spoiler: all the items on the belt belong to the same person)

How the person in front of me loaded their groceries onto the belt (spoiler: all the items on the belt belong to the same person)
The checkout was just reopening so the belt was still stopped. The lady in front unloaded her trolley starting at the end of the belt. Left zero room for me to start unloading mine until the belt started moving and the top half of her shopping had been scanned. She didn’t put up a divider either. I get that it’s annoying when people start unloading when you haven’t finished yet but this was a mildly irritating waste of everyone’s time queueing behind her.
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2023.06.03 23:44 dublingirl1989 The struggle of balancing work and life and lupus

I am really struggling at the moment with just having enough energy and time to have any kind of life outside of work. I’ve had an almost continuous flare since March, and finding the exhaustion really hard to deal with.
Like most of us I have a full time job that I commute to every day, and I live with a relative who needs care so all the chores/cooking/shopping/driving etc falls to me.
I get home from work around 7, cook etc and find I need to be in bed by 10pm to be able to function. So I have essentially no free time. Weekend days more often than not are chore and recovery days to start the week again.
It’s all feeling just extremely difficult at the moment! Plus love the long days but that sun is not helping 🤣
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