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2023.06.07 21:17 Gizmoar [REQUEST][STEAM] Street Fighter 6 (currently €37.93 on HRK with coupon)

Hey Guys!
What is it? Street Fighter is a series of fighting video and arcade games developed and published by Capcom. The first game in the series was released in 1987, followed by six other main series games. Its best-selling 1991 release Street Fighter II established many of the conventions of the one-on-one fighting genre.
Why do I want it? Simple: I like fighting games. Let it be MvC, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Guilty Gear, Skullgirls, Them's...etc
But I LOVE Street Fighter! The first SF-Game I played was SF2 on the SNES and I instantly fell in love (yeah yeah I know now.. :D) Third Strike was a blast and I have to say I am actually a big Alpha-Series-Enjoyer. I never had the chance to visit any Arcades (90s Germany) but I remember the times I would just play with my Dad on the SNES. :) SFV was a disappointment (for me) and it never really clicked with me.
SF6 is amazing. I played the Beta and Demo and I'm already hooked. Great "back-to-the-roots"-design with some fresh new mechanics sprinkled on top. Has me feeling like a kid again.
The game is currently on sale on different Websites (HRK being on of them).
I thank everyone who takes the time to read this! Have a nice day!

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2023.06.07 21:17 Ok_Roll_1515 UPDATE: My ex came back demanding I pay her child support

Hi, sorry I didn’t update before, it’s been hectic, between my kids routine changes with the school year ending, my wife, my business, and the situation with my ex, I haven’t been able to even watch the last season of Succession.
First I want to clear some things.
-I saw a lot of people got fixated on the fact that I gave the condo to my ex, I get it, but in the moment I was just so low, I still had some love for her too I guess, and I wanted to get rid of everything, so I thought “well, she will need a place for her and her child and it will be faster to just give it to her”, so I did, even against my lawyer’s advice.
-My wife did not cheat on me, she slept with someone weeks before we even met, then we met, a month after that we went on our first date, 2 months into our relationship she finds out she was pregnant, we talked and moved forward but slowly, we didn’t move in together the next day, we just stayed together to see how thing would go, it could have ended at any time, but it didn’t, and we moved in together when [kid] was almost a year old.
-MIL has some weird spiritual thing with some of her friends going on since forever, it never bothered me really, but I do think some of her views are questionable, I did mention to her that I gave my ex the condo, she said “but you don’t know if she still has it”. Someone said that that’s what she thinks because she cheated on FIL and my wife oand her siblings may be a product of that, honestly I don’t feel comfortable bringing that up with my wife right now or anyone for that matter, so I won’t do that.
Okay, so, a few things happened.
I got all the documentation about the divorce, I made copies and hand them to my wife’s family and made sure everyone could see the whole thing, I got some mixed reactions.
There were people who told me they knew my ex was clearly crazy from the beginning and said next to nothing because they thought it was obvious but that those who believed her were just as crazy so talking to them would be like talking to a wall so they just move on, they did apologize for not saying anything, they didn’t think it could be so detrimental to me when “it’s clearly fake”, I’m not mad at them now, with most of them we’re not exactly close, they’re extended relatives.
Others did believed my ex at first because she had “evidence”, but after showing them my documents they apologize profusely, and said they would support me suing her and be witnesses and such.
And then there were those who still believe my ex, like cousin, cousin’s wife, aunt, and a few others who are close to them that accuse me of falsifying documents. BIL who’s close to cousin has said nothing about anything, he doesn’t seem to be on their side but did not admit he was wrong either, just silence from him.
I filed a restraining order, the temporary one was denied, but I have a hearing schedule.
I had a meeting with one of my biggest clients last week, we’ve known each other for a long time, professionally, we’re not friends, but he knew I got divorced years ago, when he arrived at the reception I received him and asked him to follow me, he stopped me and said someone went to his office and told him about me abandoning a child, and asked me if it was true, I said it was false, told him a brief recap and offered to show him my divorce documents, he said it was not needed, he trusts my word and offered his help if I need it in the future, we moved on to our meeting. I was really pissed that she actually went for my business but then something even worse happened.
My lawyer has been drafting a cease and desist letter and I was debating whether I should just sue her or wait for the letter, then Saturday happened.
I took my kids to the mall to buy some things for summer, school classes are over but their school still has some activities during the week and there’s a big event next weekend, and other things we needed to buy things for. We went and left my wife at home to relax, it’s getting harder for her. When we came back I gave the kids some bags and told them to go inside with them, mama has a snack for them, I would handle the rest, I do a few trips in and out of the house, and when I’m finishing unloading the trunk I hear “mommy?”, I turn around and there was a little girl standing there, I was confused, the girl seem scared, then I see my ex approaching, she tells the girl “yes, that’s what she was supposed to be”, the girl was still and silenced for the rest of the exchange, but my ex went off on me.
I’m paraphrasing here but this is basically the exchange:
Ex: I can’t believe you wouldn’t want to be in her life, she’s an amazing kid, an innocent kid that did nothing wrong, you just abandoned her, and for what? For a random whore who sleeps with everyone, gets pregnant and then makes you responsible for her kid.
Me: wasn’t it you who tried to do that?
Ex: I was not a random chick, it was different.
Me: Yeah, the difference is that she did not cheat on me and I chose to be responsible, she didn’t try to force me.
Ex: That doesn’t make it fair!!!! How could you not think of her(points to the little girl) when you bring kids from the street and care for them(in reference to our two older kids being adopted), your kids go to private school while I have to move for her to go to the school I want her to go to, is she invisible to you?
Me: Are you nuts? Please leave, I don’t have time for this.
Ex: What? You don’t want your perfect little family see who you really are?
Me: You leave or I call the police.
Ex: as if you would do that, just be reasonable for once and we won’t have any more problems.
Then my wife came out of the house
Wife: I already call the police, they’re on their way, I suggest you leave before they arrive, [me] come inside.
I grabbed the last two bags and went inside, through the window I saw my ex grabbing the little girl be her arm are rather harshly and drag her to her care, then she left, now I’m actually worried about the girl.
The police showed up, we talked to them, showed them footage(we have cameras), even footage from my car, I filed again for a temporary restraining order and was approved, so that’s good for now. I told my lawyer to forget about the letter, I’m suing her ass.
And I can confirm she doesn’t live in the condo anymore, I’m not sure what happened to it or where she’s living know but we’ll see.
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2023.06.07 21:17 Extra-Instance-9964 I'm losing it

19m college student, I can honestly say I've never had a single meaningful relationship with a female, even as friends, it's really taking a toll on my day to day, it makes me feel like I'm undesirable and unwanted, I mean for fucks sake last time I talked to a female was a few months ago when she asked me something about an exam as the professor was handing out the results and never again, I still think about her daily, she's in my class this semester and she's the biggest reason I'm doing so well and actively participating, and she's basically the only motivation, just seeking her validation, in hopes that she has a question or something or other, and I fucking feel disgusting admitting this, but I keep watching her Microsoft teams status to see when she's online, probably to make myself feel in control, any fucking solution to stop this kind of shitty behaviour, I see one bit of validation and I'm all over it. Help.
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2023.06.07 21:16 jesshins How do you deal with frustration?

Hey everyone, first time posting in this sub.
Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. I didn't realize how much my CGMs were going to be (we met our deductible but not our out of pocket I guess). All I was picking up were my medications (Tresiba, Ozempic, and Dexcom sensors/transmitter). My total came to over $800 (again, mostly the sensors). This got me feeling really down and frustrated that I'm on all of these medications (also Metformin) and I haven't had much of an appetite which is also messing with my sugars and my levels are still higher than they should be. Nothing tooooo crazy, but sometimes going up to slightly over 200.
I know eating more regularly will help level out my sugars but I just can't bring myself to force food into myself when I'm feeling nauseous or just plain not hungry. I'm really trying but I'll often throw up if I eat too much and I feel like I'm almost getting an ED by being afraid to eat too much. *I am working with a dietician on these things and waiting to get in with a therapist as well*
Anyway. I guess I just wanted to see how others deal with guilt/frustration. I feel so bad that I'm putting such a financial burden on my young family (hubs isn't even 30 yet, I'm only 32 and have been diabetic about 2-3 years now, and we have an almost 10 month old) and that my health just isn't where it should be. I have lost a bunch of weight and still am and it's frustrating that it's not helping my numbers when I feel like everyone's always like lose weight! It'll help! I feel like I let myself down by allowing my health to get to this point where I have a full-blown T2 diagnoses instead of just pre-diabetes.
Sorry if this kind of vent isn't allowed, but I feel like nobody else in my life can relate/understand! Appreciate any help. :)
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2023.06.07 21:16 ArckeNN My life is a nightmare. I just want peace

My parents are divorced. My sister has done some really fucked up things. So weird that in my opinion she should go to the strictiest mental hospital or to some military school. Or just jail. I dont care. I could call my life a joke but jokes have a meaning.
I have some loud ass fights almost every night. I hate them. One time I needed to beat her (not too much. No blood) and I almost knocked her out cuz she threatend to kill herself. I had to have a knife standoff with her to calm her down and to I had to risk my life just to make her not commit suicide. I had to make her spit her depression meds out cuz if she swallowed them she would probably die. And where was my mom? SHE WALKED OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE! I COULD FUCKING DIE! And what I got? 5 maybe 6 bucks. I didnt even want any money. A hug and a thank you would be better. And you know what? I told her that she could fuck herself. And one more thing. After mom came back I asked her if I could sleep night in my neighbours house. And what she said? That I shouldnt leave her alone with my sister. But heres the irony. She did it herself to me! A fucking 13 year old! Here another great thing. IT ALL HAPPENED ON THE SAME NIGHT. IN TIME OF 1,5 HOURS!
I live with week mode with my parents. One week with my mom and the other with my dad. While living with my mom in her house isnt bad (aside form the fights which are always between my mom and my sister), my dad has a very small apartment in which HE BY HIMSELF barely fits. And think about three of us. Its crazy. I think its 35 square meters. But this is Max. Probably around 25.
I guess that is all. I really hate my life. I just want peace. I hope God has a good plan for my life. Or he plans to end it soon. I dont mind. Meeting him is important. The eternal life is my main goal. I hope it will be okay. I only have my dog I can depend on. And maybe my dad. Im sorry about the swearing. I just really had to let it all out. To all reading this, have a great day or night.
And sorry if I didnt tag this NSFW and it was. I dont know how to see if it is or no.
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2023.06.07 21:16 fmlfrevr how

how is it okay to be here. how is it okay to take pain up the ass everyday and still be too afraid to die. Ill tell you how. the very existence of hell. hell is the only reason i cant kill myself. all i see is me finally kicking the chair over to hang and the scenery around me instantly changing to me standing before Satan while he describes how he's going to torture me and reminds me that ill be his torture toy for all of eternity. then the torture will begin and never end. that is why i cant kill myself. that i was i live with the rape. that is why i live with the internal pain so deep i drown in vodka. that is why i keep trying to get shitty jobs that i know ill quit or get fired from because im an alcoholic and cant do a fucking thing right. eternal hell is the only reason i am breathing right now and have been breathing since 12. hell is why i take a shower 1-2 a week. hell is why i have only brushed my teeth about 3 times in almost two months. hell is why i walk around with a smile on my face still knowing damn well its the last thing i want to be fucking doing. hell is why im alive today. and when you realize hell is why you live then you realize what youre really living for.
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2023.06.07 21:16 DouglasCole I Died in Felltower ... here's the next victim


My character died in Felltower...so here's a replacement.

Opinions on yes/no are my own, but phrased as objective statements because I was feeling cheeky.

A Worthy Knight (Felltower Character Build)

When I sit down to use precious time to play an RPG rather than stress out over my RPG business, I am not looking to drag in a stack of rulebooks and play a complicated character.
I’m looking to hit stuff really hard in the face.
After out colossal frack-up and TPK with Felltower, we’re gearing up for a “felltower adjacent” game, and while many of my brethren are looking at clerics, wizards, and maybe even a martial artist … again, I’mma gonna hit stuff hard in the face.
So, I’m going to avoid the Holy Warrior route I took last time. Good character, but I feel like we need someone who does tremendous damage. “One shot, one kill” sort of output.
On the other hand, I do love me some shields. So let’s look at the options.


If we’re looking at a one-handed weapon, let’s see the options.
So if I go shield and something, shield and bastard sword seems to be it.

Two-Handed Weapons

A much shorter list.
So, really, the only thing coming close would be the halberd, but shield-and-bastard-sword just has so much going for it.

Knightly Requirements

That brings me to what I need.
What do I maybe NOT need that’s on the template?

Let’s Get Delving

📷So now we need to fire up GSC and Delvers to Grow.
I wound up starting with the 187 point Master Strong DelveKnight, throwing on half-ogre, and going to town from there, as it were.
So: Thor Hálfskepna (half-beast, which also translates to demigod in Icelandic, so…)
So he’s an ugly clod, but he’s a hard-hitting ugly clod. At range, he can ring folks’ bell with a few seconds aim to 10-15 yard about half the time. 3d piercing is no joke; against humanoids they’ll at least have to take cover or risk a serious think if it hits.
Someone steps into Reach 2, they’re looking at 3d+8 cut or 2d+5 imp; that imp attack could easily be vitals giving up to 36 injury. On a cleave, it’s more like 27 injury, which ought to make an impression.
At Reach 1 I lose the imp, but retain the cut. If I fast-draw my long knife (14), I still have a 3d cut swing attack … hmm. That may need the Weapon Master bonus, but I think strict rules say no (it’s Shortsword not Broadsword). Still, 3d cut is as hard as a regular joe hits at ST 15 with an axe (2d+3)…
And I can keep that 3d in close combat.
His defenses are good: Block-15, or 16 with a retreat against missiles or big stuff. Parry 14 core, +2 for shield, +1 with a retreat, for Parry-17 if I’m willing to fade. Weapon Master (Knightly) definitely lowers my repeated Parry penalty to -2; since Shield is included in Knightly weapons, if Vic allows multiple blocks, it’s -3 each for that, which could be important.
Also, his DR isn’t bad (6/4 on the body, 8 on the head, and 3 elsewhere except for DR 1 on the eyes), and in combat he’s at None for encumbrance, so while his Step is still 1, his Move is 7. Finally I’m quick. A respectable Dodge 11 also.
So Thor here is formidable. Don’t ask him to calculate the tip at dinner, though.

Human Instead?

The half-ogre template carries a lot of weight in the build, and Felltower doesn’t allow them. So if I have to get rid of that, I can still get most of what I want, but need to nix Striking ST 2, the half-ogre disads, boost IQ back to 10, etc. I still need all five quirk points for cash, but I’m also Move 7 still.
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2023.06.07 21:16 SlayPoupon Most immersive installment, no spoilers

So I grew up on Everquest, Diablo, and StarCraft. The Diablo series is my absolute favorite game. For context, my wife, who never really played anything but just dance until we met, plays D2R and D3 on the switch with me. We have to copies of each on the switch. We also have D3 on Xbox 360 and PS4. I apologize ahead of time for some of my language.
We were initially going to wait to see if there was a switch port. Moneys tight, baby on the way, just purchased our third switch Zelda edition and game, life. Well I’m reading the news Friday morning with my coffee and all I’m seeing in my feed is D4. Who TF was I kidding? Well I have some extra joycons and some Pokémon games, so it’s happening. Luckily GameStop opens an hour early on Friday and Saturday out in the East bay, so I grab it just after 11 for the PS4 (digital deluxe).
I used to wait days for games to download and update on dialup internet back in the day. This was the longest hour of my fucking life. Wife is watching me grind my teeth at the TV, whilst trying to encourage me to play TOTK. I wasn’t even into racing folks, but the premise of Lilith being the main antagonist really peaked my interest, as I never was dedicated enough to get a torch in D2 (which I am now). I love lore, fantasy, all the shit, so I just new it was going to be epic.
Noon, it’s fucking on like Diddy Kong. Wife and I are just being baptized in a bloodbath whirlwind of death. We roll our typical starter duo of barb and sorc (me). I have never felt so immersed in this series until last Friday. I have never felt so fucking powerful in this series until last Friday. Between the screen shake, graphics (which I can’t even imagine how good they look on new gen), and the epic soundtrack and effects, holy shit. We just got to act 4, can not stop.
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2023.06.07 21:16 No-Guarantee-985 Found a secret discount code to kitchen gadget

I just bought a really nice kitchen gadget, it is a scale in the form of a spoon. And this is most likely going to replace the kitchen scale.
I was just scrolling through reddit, then saw someone who said they found a secret discount code on 50% called: LOYALCUSTOMER40 so I tested it out and it ACTUALLY WORKS. And it was 50%, fuckin 50% off, it is absloutelly insane, but it also kinds sucks tho because they usualy fix type of issues pretty fast, so if you want to use it you should proably hurry.
Website: PrecisionSpoon.net
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2023.06.07 21:16 Pepingu1no Yay I started hrt! Fuck how do I tell my parents?

tldr: Just started e when I got to college, parents are aware im trans but are not fully supportive and Iwould like to tell them before the effects are noticable
Hiya!so just for context, I am currently 19 and living on my own in college and only see my parents 1-3 times a year for a few weeks and video call them every so often. I also started a low dose of e (1mg 2x daily) and t blockers two weeks ago!
So I found out I was trans a couple of years ago and have been waiting to get to college so that I could start E. I tried to come out to my parents first as nonbinary back in high school (they said it was fake and just flat out denied it) and then as properly transfem over-winter break (they where breifly supportive for like five minutes, said they would love and support me and wanted whats best for me, and spent the next thirty minutes making fun of my name, and how stupid/bad of a choice it was and how it will screw my future up) and since then they acted like nothing happened and havent exactly followed up on it or asked me about it and it sorta went under the table.
As such, im in a weird situation, where my parents know im trans, and are clearly not happy about me doing things that are more femenine or presenting that way in public and in general refuse to acknoledge it to the point that its just a topic thats ignored at home(even though I also dont really bring it up and just act like nothing is up to avoid drama), but also claim to be supportive?
any advice on how to handle this or anyone go through similar stuff in the past?
thank you!
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2023.06.07 21:16 Vivid_Collar7469 Weird driving issue

Car: Mazda CX-7, 2011, Diesel, AWD manual
This is really strange, this issue appeared on 3 separate occasions so far. Significant vibrations on the steering wheel as I drive past 100km/h. After a few minutes, I think I hear a single clacking noise and the car then drives normally for a day or two before doing the same thing again Perhaps related to 4 tyres changes 3 weeks ago (new Michelin's) a geometry was done and came out OK. Any clues? Thanks a lot
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2023.06.07 21:15 No-Guarantee-985 Found a secret discount code to kitchen gadget

I just bought a really nice kitchen gadget, it is a scale in the form of a spoon. And this is most likely going to replace the kitchen scale.
I was just scrolling through reddit, then saw someone who said they found a secret discount code on 50% called: LOYALCUSTOMER40 so I tested it out and it ACTUALLY WORKS. And it was 50%, fuckin 50% off, it is absloutelly insane, but it also kinds sucks tho because they usualy fix type of issues pretty fast, so if you want to use it you should proably hurry.
Website: PrecisionSpoon.net
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2023.06.07 21:15 StandardPatient746 Unlucky or only top 5-10% guys are valued?

31(M) with 'above average looks' (6.5-7/10, got rated by 7-8 people on Reddit) just curious to know why is he not getting anyone for a long term relationship or even a hookup. Pre- pandemic, dating apps were really helpful (so was Instagram). Is it because only 9/10 guys in terms of looks are valued these days?
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2023.06.07 21:15 _StevenSeagull_ Recurrence on opposite side following recent surgery (Runner/Active) AMA

I post here quite often and provide as much advice as I can based on my experiences. Unfortunately I post now with a new development following laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery.
15yrs+ ago I had laparoscopic mesh repair on the left side inguinal hernia.
5 1/2wks ago I had laparoscopic mesh repair on the right side inguinal hernia.
I am very active, run a lot (marathon) and cycle.
I went to a specialist clinic in Germany for this recent surgery. The surgery went well, according to the experts but after 7days or so I was experiencing a new pain on the left side (where I was operated 15yrs+ ago). I also started to feel a dreaded slight bulge but couldn't believe it was a hernia, seeing as I was just operated on and I was assured by the surgeon that he checked that side and it was fine. However, I wanted to be extra careful so returned to the clinic and explained the pain / issue. The Dr did an ultrasound and told me there was no sign of a tear and it was likely post-surgery healing etc. I asked about the sensation of a small bulge, he replied, "I don't know".
This wasn't good enough for me.
I managed to find a slot at a very well known hospital for a 2nd opinion. Yesterday was the appointment (5.5wks post-surgery on right side) and I was throughly checked. Within 5mins the Dr said he wanted to take me for ultrasound. Almost instantly he spotted something and told me the dreaded news, "I think it might be a recurring hernia (left side)". He called his colleague who confirmed. I was in total disbelief. After just coming out of surgery to be told that I will need to have a recurring hernia fixed. Really upset, angry, frustrated and powerless is the best way to describe the feeling. Not only would it require surgery but they will need to open me up (non-laparoscopic) since it is recurring. Also, there is more chance of it recurring once it's fixed since.
I was planning to run the NYC Marathon in Nov and I don't know what to do. I have booked flights and hotel and it really is a bucket list thing. Not that they care but I told the Dr this ahead of my surgery, that I need to be ready and he assured me I would be fine. Running is so dear to me, not only for physical but mental health too and I feel like it is being robbed from me. Not only this, but I can't believe the incompetence of the other clinic, a hernia specialist. How can they miss it after 3 ultrasounds and laparoscopic surgery where they check the area?! I am seriously thinking about filing a malpractice report.
Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. After two mesh repairs I have a recurring hernia which will now require open surgery and God knows how many other problems.
If you have read this far, thanks, feel free to advise based on the info I have shared or let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.06.07 21:14 McTheoran What would you change about Shadowlands?

Personally, I liked the expansion. The only thing that sucked was flying to the "airport" inbetween each zone. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. It was the only expansion I ever stayed subbed more than 2 months in a row (started in WOD so give me some space on that lol). But, truthfully, I enjoyed it.
What would you have changed?
I would have changed the Jailer. The way he looked did not match up with how he was supposed to be. He should have been calculated and strategic but he didn't come across that way at all. Anyone with a brain would have wiped us the first time he saw us. This didn't match up well.
I think SL gets a lot of shit because of the things surrounding it but I think a "break" is deserved here.
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2023.06.07 21:14 Jonnyboring789 Mom died.. sisters acting greedy

My mother changed her will eight weeks before she died of cancer. She told me that she was giving me and my older sisters her home in Cape Cod which she owns free and clear and it's worth a little over a million. She told me several times to get ready to receive the money and make plans for it right before she died. I visited unexpectedly days before she died ...and my sisters acted very suspiciously. They were doing the hospice care together. Although I was welcomed by all with open arms my sister said it would be more convenient if I left after just three days.
Turns out that my mother's will was written with all kinds of provisions for them and really screwing me. We split the house 3 ways but they are in charge of it. (I guess) and they can rent it out for 5 years, split all the money and not give me anything until it is sold. ( Not sure if these are the exact details but it's what my sister, who is the executor, told me on the phone)
Even though there was no strain of relations between me, my mom or them, they have told me that I am not welcome on the property and that they will inherit everything on the property and all of my mom's money.
My sister has been wailing that I have asked about details in the will before my mother is cold in the grave. My mom died 2 days ago. The will was prepared 2 months ago and when I called the attorney that my sister gave me. They did not know my name or have my address yet (!)
They also asked me not to post a death notice, that there would be no funeral and not to post anything on social media about my mom dying because they "were worried that people would come by the house or try to sue her estate"
Super fishy. I'm fairly certain that they coerced her into signing whatever they wanted with the threat that they would leave her to die in the hospital if she did not.
This is in Cape Cod Massachusetts any thoughts are recommendations are welcome.
By the way I am a 57 year old male who lives in Los Angeles. And I do design and build my sisters are different 53 and 61 and have office jobs.
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2023.06.07 21:14 Anxious_Art_8777 [Identify] My boyfriend bought me a pocket watch because I want to get into repairing watches.

[Identify] My boyfriend bought me a pocket watch because I want to get into repairing watches.
So my boyfriend, always supportive, heard me talking about how I wanted to get into repairing watches since I recently repaired a typewriter and thought repairing things was super fun. The next day while I was at work he went out and got me a really beautiful pocket watch which, while it needs some help, I'm absolutely in love with. Apparently he got it at an antique store, and the clerk said it was from around 1780. It has no characters on any of the movement parts (except for a small P) and the inside of the case appears to have some very tiny (maybe) russian characters, which I couldn't decipher. Other than that, the outside is completely worn and any markings that may have once been on it are long gone.
It's broken, which is perfect because I want to repair it! But I would love to know more about it. It's a fusee mechanism watch and looks ancient. I don't know anything else about it besides what I've put here. Please let me know if you know where I can find more information about it!~
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2023.06.07 21:14 ThrowRAFriendship200 He (24M) blocked me (23F) a few days ago and I feel annoyed/upset

I was talking to this guy for a month and I felt a real bond with him, we had a lot of intellectual conversations and lots of stuff in common. The only issue is we lived in different countries. So I decided we had to stop talking, but I said in the future if we are in each other’s countries we could see each other. He agreed and said he’s coming to my country next year with his family so he could see me then.
This was almost 2 months ago and I have thought about him a lot since then. Like, almost every day. I miss our convos. A few days ago I was looking at his profile on Snapchat. I look to find his profile today and he’s blocked me I think. I was really shocked because I know this happened within the past few days and we literally haven’t spoken in almost 2 months so why now? He also hasn’t unfollowed me on insta, just blocked off Snapchat. I feel like reaching out to him and asking why but I don’t want to come off as an absolute crazy psycho for noticing and feeling hurt about it. Like what if he got a new gf? Or he could’ve deleted snap as he wasn’t that active. But still! I thought we could reconnect in the future and I feel like blocking me was kinda harsh.
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2023.06.07 21:14 CallingTomServo US during WWII - How to understand federal government actions/involvement within the economy?

I am fairly certain this has been asked before, but I was not able to find a post in the FAQs or in a search. Likely because I didn't know what terms to use to find it.
I am interested in understanding the level of involvement the federal government (and the individual states I suppose) had in the US economy during WWII. More specifically, I am curious whether historians understand the US economy during this period as being a free market or a planned economy--or maybe a mix of the two? Or maybe neither and I am really in for a lesson :)?
Also on a related note, how extensive was war mobilization? I assume basically every corner of the US economy must have felt some effects, but were there areas that remained untouched?
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2023.06.07 21:14 EndogenousAnxiety Did anyone else suck on the block puzzle test for assessment?

I did well on all the other tests (minus the arranging numbers in numerical order even though I could do backward and forward really well) but the block test, I think I was given 9? And I managed to get out of the 9 fairly quickly but couldn't get the other three.
My brain literally just would not piece together the shapes because I couldn't visually maintain the image of the block in correspondence to what I'm seeing. I definitely feel like I needed a lot more time to be able to understand and process the blocks and how their sides work to have been more effective at it.
Also, IDK but I really enjoyed the number to symbol test and the find the error test with the symbols given. That felt like a really fun puzzle game. Especially since it worked well with my memory (I remember shapes/images/etc really well)
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2023.06.07 21:13 nova793 Strike Ball Recommendations

I have been bowling 2 handed for about a year now, and I currently have the Hammer Raw Hybrid (Black/Orange) which I use as my main strike ball. It has served me very well, however it really struggles on heavier oil. I was recommended to get the Mythic Jackal by a friends coach, but I was wondering if anyone else had any other shouts. Thanks!
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There was a custom among our people that the nephew of the chief had to marry the chief's daughter, because the tribe of the chief wanted the chief's nephew to be the heir of his uncle and to inherit his place after his death.
This custom has gone on, generation after generation, all along until now, and the places of the head men have thus been inherited. So it is with this story.
A very long time ago there was a great village with many people.
They had only one chief. There was also his sister.
They were the only two chiefs in the large town.
The chief also had a beautiful daughter, and the chief's sister had a fine son.
All the people of the village were glad to see the young prince and the young princess growing up, and they expected that these two would soon marry.
Therefore the relatives of the prince went and talked with the father of the princess, and they also went to the uncles of the princess and talked to them.
Now, the relatives of the girl accepted, but the girl rejected the proposal and said that she would not marry him; but the young prince loved her very much, and still she refused him The young man loved her still more, and he was always true to her.
Moreover, he was very anxious to speak to her, but the young woman rejected him.
Now, the princess wanted to make a fool of her cousin.
One day she dressed herself up and went to the end of the village to take some fresh air. The young man saw her pass by his door, and he went after her.
Soon he saw her sitting under a large tree, and went up to her, and the girl was very kind to him.
She smiled when she saw him coming.
Then the young man sat down by her side under the tree as gently as he could.
He asked her if she did not want to marry him.
The girl said, "If you make a deep cut in your cheek, then you may marry me."
Therefore the handsome young man took his knife and cut down his right cheek.
The girls laughed at him, and they went home.
When the cheek of the young man was healed, the princess put on her finest dress, passed the door of her cousin, and the young man saw her pass by.
He followed her, and saw her sit at the same place where he had met her before.
He went to her; and she stretched out her hands to greet him, put her arms around him, and kissed him once, since her cousin wanted to marry her.
Then the young man loved her still more because she had kissed him the first time ever since he had loved her; and when the young man was overflowing with love, she said, "If you love me so much, show your love and make a cut down your left cheek; then I shall know that you really love me."
The young man did not like to do it.
However, he wanted to marry her, and so he took his knife and made a cut down his left cheek.
They went home, and the young man was always thinking of her.
Soon his wounded cheek was healed.
He did not mind his foolish acts.
On the following day he saw her passing his door.
The young man followed her, and she was sitting under the tree.
She smiled at him when he was coming to her, and said, "
Do you come to me again, my beloved one?" and he replied, "Yes, I come to marry you."
Then he put his arms around her, and she kissed him again.
He asked her, "Do you love me, my dear cousin?" and she replied, "Yes, you know how much I love you," and the princess asked him,
"Do you also love me, cousin?', and he replied, "Indeed, I love you very much."
Thus said the young man, for he wanted to marry her.
Then the princess said to him, "Now, show me your love.
Cut off your hair; then you may marry me."
So the young prince took his knife and cut off his beautiful yellow hair. (In those days the young men and the old men wore their hair as long as women's hair, and it was considered dishonorable to cut a man's hair as we do it now.)
They went home, and on the following day the young man sent some one to her, saying that he wanted to marry her now.
Therefore the messenger went to her and told her what her cousin had said; but the woman replied, "Tell him that I do not want to marry a bad-looking person like him, ugly as he is"; and she gave him the nickname Mountain With Two Rock Slides, as he had a scar down each cheek.
She laughed at him and scorned him' saying, "I do not want to marry a man who cut his hair like a slave."
The young man's messengers came back to him and told him what she had said.
Therefore the youth was very much ashamed.
He remembered that he also was a prince, and he cried because his own cousin had mocked him.
Now, he decided to leave his father's house and his uncle's house, for he was ashamed before his fellows of the scars which he had made on his own cheeks by order of his beloved one.
He went about, not knowing which way to go.
Day by day he went, and he came to a narrow trail.
He walked along it, and saw a small hut away off.
He went toward it.
Before it was evening he reached there; and when he was near, he walked up to it quietly. He stood outside and looked through a small hole.
Behold! a woman was sitting there by the side of a fireplace.
She said, "Come in, dear prince, if it is you who was rejected by his own cousin!"
So the young man went in, and the woman made him sit down on the other side of the fire. She gave him to eat.
When he started from home, four young men, his own friends, had accompanied him on his way; but three of them had gone back home, and only one, his dearest friend, followed him all along the way until they came to the little hut.
After the old woman had given them to eat, she said to the young man, "Soon you will arrive at the large house of Chief Pestilence, which is just across the little brook yonder.
Leave your companion at this side of the brook, and you yourself go to the large house.
When you get there, push open the large door, then say this: 'I come to be made beautiful in the house of Pestilence!' Shout this as loud as you can.
Then you will see that the house on both sides is full of maimed persons.
They will call you to come to their sides; but do not go there, because they will make you like one of them.
When they stop calling you, then Chief Pestilence will call you to the rear of the house.
Follow his calling.
He will make you beautiful." Thus said the old woman to him.
On the following day, after they had had their breakfast, they started.
As soon as they crossed the brook, the prince said to his companion, "Stay here, and I will go on alone.
Wait until I come back to you!" So the companion staid there.
Now he went on alone.
Soon he saw a large house in the distance, and went as quickly as he could.
He pushed open the door, ran in, and shouted at the top of his voice, "I came to be made beautiful, Chief Pestilence!"
Then all the maimed people on both sides of the house beckoned to him and shouted. Those on one side would say, "Come this way, come this way!" and those on the other side said, "Come, come, come!"
The prince remained standing in the doorway.
There were many good-looking women among these maimed persons.
They shouted and called him; but he stood still, waiting until Chief Pestilence should come forth from his room in the rear of the large house.
Soon the noise of the maimed people ceased.
Then the door of the chief's room was opened, and, behold! Chief Pestilence came forth with his beautiful daughter.
He said, "Dear prince, come this way!"
Then the young man went to him and sat down on his right side.
Then Chief Pestilence ordered his attendants to bring his bathtub.
They brought him a large tub full of hot water.
Then the chief took the young man, put him into this tub, and, as soon as he was in the tub,the water began to boil and the water boiled over the tub, boiling of its own accord.
When the dross was all off, the chief took the bare bones of the young man, put them on a wide board, joining them together, and after he had done so, he called to his young daughter, who leaped over the bones.
Then the young man was alive again.
His features were changed, and his body was as white as snow.
Then the chief said, "Bring me a nice comb!" and his attendants brought him a comb of crystal.
The chief took it and combed the prince's hair down to his loins.
His hair was red, like tongues of fire.
He was the most beautiful of all.
The chief did not want to let him go at once, but kept him in his house for two days.
The young man thought he had been there two days, but in reality two years had passed. Then the young man remembered his friend whom he had left by the brook before he entered the house of Chief Pestilence.
Now, the prince told the young woman that he loved his friend by the brook; therefore the young woman said, "Let us go to see him!"
They went together; and when they came to the place, they found the man's bare bones heaped up there.
Therefore the young prince wept, but the young woman commanded him to take the bare bones to her father's house.
The young man did what the young woman had told him, and took the bare bones to the chief.
The chief ordered his attendants to bring his bathtub.
They brought it to him, and he put the bare bones into the tub.
Then the water began to boil, and the dross of the bare bones boiled over the tub.
Thus the young man saw what the Chief Pestilence had done to him.
Then the chief took out the bones and placed them on a wide board and joined them together; and the young woman leaped over them four times, and the young man was alive again.
Next the chief asked for his own comb.
They brought it to him, and the chief asked what color of hair he wanted.
The man said, "Dark-yellow hair."
He also asked him how long he wanted it; and the man said, "Right down to the knee."
So the chief combed his hair down to his knees; and this man was lighter color than the other.
Now they started for home.
It was not many days before they arrived at their home.
The prince looked like a supernatural being, and his friend too was handsomer than any of the other people.
They came and visited them; and all the people talked about these two men who had just come back from the house of Chief Pestilence, who had transformed them and given them great beauty.
The young people coveted their beauty, and they questioned them one day to know how far the house of Chief Pestilence was from their village.
Then the prince's friend told them that it was not very far away.
Now, let us go back to the princess who years ago had refused to marry her own cousin.
She was very anxious to see her cousin who had just come home from the house of Chief Pestilence.
People were talking about it, that he was more beautiful than any other person in the village; and she heard the people say that he looked like a supernatural being.
Therefore the young woman tried hard to see him.
One day the chief, the father of the princess, invited his nephew to his house.
The prince went with some of the chief's head men; and as soon as the prince entered his uncle's house, the young princess looked at him.
Oh, how fine he looked! and more beautiful than any of the people.
Then she tried to make her rejected cousin turn and look at her, but the young man took no notice of her courting.
His hair was like fire, and his face shone like the rays of the sun.
Now, the young woman came down from her room, and walked to and fro behind the guests, laughing and talking, trying to make the beautiful prince look at her; but he took no notice of her.
As soon as the feasting was over, he arose and went home, and the young princess felt full of sorrow.
The following day she sent her maid to call the beautiful prince.
When the girl came to him and told him what her mistress had said to the prince, he did not answer a word, and the maid went back to her mistress and told her that the prince would not answer her a word.
She sent to him again; and when the girl came to him, she told him that her mistress wanted him to come and see her.
But he said to the girl, "Go and tell her that she rejected me then, so I will not go to her now."
Then the girl went and told her mistress what the prince had said.
The princess sent her girl again. "Go and tell him that I will do whatever he desires me to do."
She went and told him what her mistress had said: "
My mistress says that whatever you desire her to do she will do."
Then the prince said to the girl, "Go and tell her that I desire her to cut down her right cheek, and I will come and be her guest."
Therefore the girl went and told her mistress what the prince had said.
So the princess took her knife and cut down her right cheek. She said to her maid, "Go and tell him that I will do whatever he wants me to do."
She went and told the prince what her mistress had done.
Again the beautiful prince said, "Just tell her to cut down her other cheek, and then I will come and see her."
So she went and told her mistress, and thereupon the princess cut her left cheek.
Again she sent her maid, who went to him and told him.
This time he said, "Let her cut her hair, then I will go to her."
She went and told her, and the princess took her knife and shaved off her hair, and she sent her hair to him.
The maid took it to the prince; but when the prince saw the hair, he refused to accept it. "Don't bring it near me! It is too nasty!
Take it back to your mistress and tell her that I don't want to see the ugly scars on her cheeks and her ugly shaved hair.
It is too nasty for me."
Then he left, and laughed louder and louder, mocking her; and the girl returned to her mistress very sad.
She came slowly; and her mistress asked her, "My dear, what tidings do you bring?"
Then she told her mistress how scornfully he had spoken of the ugly scars on her cheeks, and of her shaving her hair, and that everybody had been laughing at her, and that every one had heard him mocking her.
Then the young princess was very much ashamed.
She set out with her maid, and walked along crying.
She wanted to hang herself, but her maid talked to her and comforted her all the way.
They went on and on, trying to go to the house of Chief Pestilence.
Her heart took courage, for she hoped to get there and ask Chief Pestilence to make her beautiful.
They went on and on, and passed many mountains and rivers and valleys, and reached the edge of a large plain.
There they met a man, who asked them which way they intended to go; and the princess told him that they intended to go to the house of Chief Pestilence.
She passed by him, and did not look at him, for she was ashamed to let any one look at her.
Soon they saw a large house in the distance.
They went toward it; and when they reached the door, they went right in and shouted as they stood in the doorway, "We come to the house of Chief Pestilence to be made beautiful!"
Then all the maimed people on both sides of the house called to them, "Come, come, come!" and those on the other side shouted, "This way, this way, this way!" and the princess went to those who called her to come; and the other one went too those who shouted "This way!"
Then the maimed people fell on the princess, broke her backbone, and made her lame.
They turned her head to one side, and broke one of her arms; and those on the other side plucked out one of the eyes of her maid, tore up one side of her mouth, and scratched the two women all over their bodies, and then threw them outside.
There they lay wounded, and nobody came to help them. The princess was more severely injured than her maid.
When the maid felt a little better, she saw her mistress lying there with wounds all over her body.
She went too her, and saw how she was bruised.
They were both in great distress, and the princess was groaning.
So her maid helped her up and led her home.
They spent many days coming down, and finally arrived at their home.
Then she lay in bed, and finally died.
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