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2023.06.07 18:05 dannyybae Hiking Advice for El Altar Ecuador!!

Hello everyone,
Next month I'll be going on my first solo backpacking trip through Ecuador and I need some advice in terms of a particular hike I want to embark on!
It's called the El Altar Trek, and it supposedly takes 3 days to complete it. My problem is that I have no idea where I'm going to spend the nights. There are guided tours I can sign up for that include accommodations but those are extremely expensive and the whole point of coming to Ecuador was so it would be cheap.
There are a few lodges or cabins that some blogs and articles mention but I can never find a website to book nights or anything. Do most people just bring camping gear and camp along the way? How do I get access to these cabins or even a MAP so I know where I'll be sleeping or how far I have to trek to get to the next destination?
I genuinely cannot find any information for a solo backpacker. Everything I see online is people talking about their experience but guided by a tour company.
Please help, I am desperate to go on this hiking trip and I don't care if it takes me four days.
A. Sleeping in those lodges would be the best
B. If that is not possible without a guided tour that reserves spots, where do I even camp
C. There isn't even a map or anything about the trek. Am I going to just get lost?
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2023.06.07 17:53 Neat-Ad-7103 Need advice

Okay so I live in a pretty small town in the only big store that carries any type of like Beauty stuff is Walmart so I need all of the best Walmart hacks! When it comes to makeup I'm starting a new job and it's front of the house to host and I need to look my best but I am new to make up so any tips, tricks, products you got please share with me!!
Also what is the best way to remove hair in the binkie area that's the least painful?? I used to shave but I used to get so many ingrown hairs that I just can't handle shaving anymore it's not something I can do anymore but I want to be smooth again I am tired of being a Sasquatch y'all!!! Is there a way to wax without it being painful? Does applying baby powder really work to make it less painful?
Literally have never been a girly girl I've always walked in the kitchen so I never had to worry about my appearance but now I actually have to worry about it and I actually am worried.
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2023.06.07 17:32 dad_man0630 29M Introverted guy looking to [chat] and possibly make online [friendship]

I’m hoping to find new people to chat with regularly or pick up on old chats. If we click and it feels right, I like the idea of opening up more and talking about deeper topics and life in general. I am on a journey to improve my mental health and heal from my past, more specifically my childhood. I have an easier time talking to women since I grew up having more friends that were female, but I will give everyone a fair chance. Just keep in mind I will match whatever energy is given, you will get out of it what you put in. I’m not picky about age, just be 18+ please. I tend to be an anxious and more introverted person, but once I feel comfortable and warm up to you I let loose more.
I am in a committed relationship, so SFW intentions. Adult topics can be included, so long as it remains platonic. We also have a daughter, who is absolutely perfect. I would love to hear all about your experiences if you also have kids or want that someday. I will include some more of my interests below, it’s a bonus if we have these in common but not required!
• Video games- I enjoy first person shooters, role playing games and survival games. Specific games I have played in the past are fallout 3, fallout new Vegas, fallout 4, fallout 76, borderlands, borderlands 2, borderlands the presequel, borderlands 3, ark survival evolved, and grounded.
•Tattoos and piercings- I have 5 tattoos, including my sleeve which I just had finished! I used to have my ears pierced, but took those out a while ago.
•Animals- I have 3 cats and an infinite amount of pictures to share (standing offer). I grew up loving animals of all sorts, more specifically bugs and reptiles. I’d love to hear all about your beloved animals.
Those are just some basic things about me, if you want to ask more specific questions or get to know me better just message me! I mean why not? You’ve already made it this far. 😃🤷🏻‍♂️
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2023.06.07 17:27 PsychologicalSort218 Prospective paralegal question

Im going to try to keep this as brief as possible. I am 26. I have a BS in Criminal Justice obtained in ‘21. I had big plans of FBI but corrections threw me off law enforcement altogether. Working random jobs to pay bills. I have an interview for a paralegal position that can change my trajectory and honestly I feel like I’ll be lost. My coursework was so diverse and it’s been years since I have studied up on the legal process. I just want to know what you would look for interviewing your potential paralegal and/or legal assistant. I am good with people and decently intelligent so I was hoping to swing on that but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.07 17:15 AdamModzelewski Murder Drones Corruption AU (Part 1)

  1. when adam was little he has his parents they were nice and loved adam to bits their also friends with Khan doorman and adam met his best friend Uzi until a few year the murder drones arrived to copper 9 and started killing them adam and his parents go to the base until his parents slipped on ice and adam make it inside but his parents and Uzi's mother didn't make it the doors close and adam saw in shock and scared adam scream to khan to open the door and adam started crying for them Uzi hugs him and Khan told him im sorry Adam but i can't a couple of days Adam stayed in khan house Uzi cheering him up until khan decided to put Adam to his adopted parents but after they leave those parents were not so nice they didn't care for him every time someone does a mistake they blame everything on Adam they didn't like him including the bullies Nicoles, Mike, Sam and Amelia they bite him up so bad that Adam locks himself in his room crying but adam did make more friends Alice, Matthew, Victor, Thad, Lizzy and Doll they felt bad for Adam because he got bullied so much after a few years and after Episode 2 Adam is now 18 he saw at school but until something happened to his eye one of his eye started to get a bit buggy like a bug on his system or a virus he didn't know Adam is smart but he didn't know about this so he need to figure it out and he can't tell anyone about this and then Adam knows someone who can help Adam wondered alone and sees J body he grabs it and take it to his room without getting caught Adam opened a secret room and put her down Adam think that the disassembly drones needs a core and Adam looks at the window to the MURDER DRONES BASE Adam goes outside to grabs a core from the murder drone base and he got it and no one was there he got to his room and lock it Adam puts a core to J body and her body got regenerated Adam chained her up so he doesn't get killed
  2. J woke up and saw Adam she tries to kill but shes chained up Adam told her to calm down and he explains everything about something happening to his system and Adam's eye turns into a X symbol just like one of the disassembly drones Adam ask her for help to find some kind of computer room that probably has the info she agreed Adam unchained her up and raises his hand to help her up a spark on their hand they leave a secret room and Adam told her that if we get to the computer room they need to be sneaky and don't get caught so they wondered to find a computer room they saw 4 worker drones so J looks to the vents and grabs Adam and dragged him inside of the vent until the 4 worker drones left they continued and find a door to the computer room but it was locked Adam looks up and saw a window open through the computer room and he has a idea Adam steps back, runs and jumps to climb through the window and opens the door J go inside and Adam closes the door one of the computers was worker Adam plugs a usb cable on him and on the computer until they find the info but they were shocked of what they find it's wasn't a bug or a virus IT'S A CORRUPTION the computer lags out and broke Adam was fricking out until they heared a worker drones walk J grabs Adam and go to the vents and go to Adam's room Adam was panicking and J tries to calm him down until Adam looks at her and She started to get thirsty She looks at Adam jumps at him through the bad and bite his neck Adam screamed to tell her to stop but She can't stop once J drinks most of Adam oil She looks at him Adam blushed a little and J looks at the wound and She healed his wound J told him to get some rest Adam went to sleep and J grabs a paper and wrote something She walks to Adam secret room and a computer She tries to figure out how to destroy that corruption but nothing J get angry and Adam saw her Adam told her to calm down and she doesn't she starts to cry Adam hugs her told her it's okay
  3. a few weeks Adam and J become friends but Adam have some feelings for her and adam introduced her to his friends Alice, Matthew and Victor they were friendly to J and Adam told his friends to keep it as a secret after a couple days Adam was walking to his home after school until he saw his abusive adopted parents looks upset Adam's adopted father told him what is this Murder drone doing here Adam now knows that he forgot the key to his room His adopter father told him in anger to get rid of her and he told Adam that she is the one that killed his parents Adam doesn't care Adam argues with his adopted dad so much J knows what she has done and She left Adam told her to come back but she gone his adopted dad told him that he a worst mistake Adam punched him right to his face and told his adopted dad to shut up and Adam goes outside to find her J was crying alone until N saw her crying J saw N and told him that she so sorry for treated him like trash N forgives her and N hugs J and Uzi saw her and she feels happy that she has changed until J, N and Uzi hear Adam's voice searching for J and apologize for what just happened and told his feeling to her until Nicoles shows up he told Adam that he is a worse and pathetic Nicoles grabs a pine from the ground and beats Adam with it Adam's left screen is cracked and fell to the ground and Nicoles beat him a few time until leaving him to die Adam passed out but he's still alive N, J and Uzi saw what happened they feel terrible that Adam was suffering for so long and they grab Adam body and go to the base lay him down to the ground Uzi knock on the door and left one of the worker drone saw Adam brutally beat up but still alive they bring him inside and heal him Adam woke up to the nurse and he know what happened in rage Adam goes to Nicoles and punch him so hard to him and yell at him for almost getting him killed Nicole told him that you're just weak and pathatic just like your real parents
  4. Adam snaps and punches Nicoles in the face but Thad and Victor tried to calm him down Adam in a pit of rage screams to Nicoles that he gonna kill him Nicoles and his friends go away Adam starts crying until a few days Adam goes to his uncle and explain what happened his Uncle told him to not worry about that and stay here a couple of days Adam was at the boys badroom and Nicoles show up Adam turns around and looks at him they started to fight Nicoles grabs him by the neck throw him to the wall beatting him up again Adam eye turns into a X symbol having enough Adam beats him up brutally breaking his arm and his leg Nicoles is on the floor and Adam grabs a broken pipe and go to him telling him that you cause me so much pain and suffering and now YOU WILL DIE Adam swings a pipe so many time that Nicoles head is bleeding and the final swing broke Nicoles skull Adam suddenly looks at Nicoles robotic courpes in shock of what he did Adam ran away to his house to his room Adam scared and shocked of what he did Adam saw himself but his eyes were yellow It's core Adam a twisted version of himself he tell Adam that he need to suffer for what he did to you Adam woke up and he needs to breath Adam goes to the balcony and tries to think about until a tail grabs Adam and brings him up and Adam saw V and she take Adam to the roof of the base Adam saw his best friends Uzi and N and J Adam hugs they crying and Adam explain what just happened Uzi still cared about him and told him that he did the right thing he deserved to die for what he did Uzi, N and V go back to their base but Adam and J stayed they sit down and J explained that she hear him confessing his feeling to her Adam blushed a bit and J kissed him on the cheek Adam get blushed to much and they go back inside of Adam's room and Adam explained that J is staying here no matter who many time you will try i don't care J is stay here
  5. after a few weeks Adam and J are so close together and Alice also have feeling to Adam and she jealous of J but they decided to share Adam as two girlfriends a couple of days Adam tries to call his Uncle but Nothing no call, no massege nothing so Adam decided to go visit him until he saw his uncle bleeding oil and a hole on his core Adam calls his friends and ask they to call the someone until Adam saw a video massege of his adopted dad tell him that is karma for being a mistake Adam in rage throws the phone Core Adam shows up and Adam tell him he's right those bad drones ruined my life i want to kill them Adam raises his hand to make deal and Core Adam accepted the deal Adam saw all of his friends also getting bullied and when they are all alone Adam goes to kill them without a trace he killed Mike and Sam it felt good to kill them until a new bully Dave tried to beat up Alice Adam grabs his hand and beat him up After school they go to check on the cameras until they found footage of Adam killing Nicoles, Sam and Mike and now he goes to kill Dave he did kill him but Adam turn around and see his friends including his adopted parents saw him killing him his adopted dad yelled at him for doing this and Adam said i was doing the right thing they deserve to die and don't forget what you did to my uncle Adam recorded a full video massege and played it they looks at Adam's adopted parents and khan punches his adopted dad in the face telling him that you did this to him? Adam right you all deserve this for what you did having enough Adam's adopted dad grabs a gun and point at them and he looks at Adam grabbing him and a remote throw him outside and told Adam that you will never see your friends again and he closed the door Adam tried to scream open the door and he heared a gun shoots Adam thinks at his friends are dead and starts crying Adam said i didn't want this to happened maybe their right about me i am a monster
  6. Adam walks alone to the murder drone base and lay down on the ground crying V heared Adam crys Until Adam looks at V and explain everything what happened his Uncle being killed, killing those bullies, adopted parents banishing him from the base everything V feels bad for Adam and hugs him V said that it's ok you did the right thing Adam were here for you Adam crying so much and hugs her back and V grabs Adam inside the space ship and Adam fell asleep
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2023.06.07 16:43 Idontlikesleep528 How do you properly review to improve from FL to FL?

I have been reviewing my FLs with an excel sheet and making anki cards on things I mess up on but it doesn't really seem to be improving my scores week to week. Does anyone have any advice that they saw really improved their scores? My main issue is CARS but I understand that is essentially just luck at a certain point lol. Thanks!
(for reference CARS has been anywhere from 127-132 on the FLS, average is about 129 but looking for advice to make this more consistent. Also the 132 was on the cheese unscored FL so not sure how much that really counts lol)
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2023.06.07 16:16 Ecstatic-Aside692 Doc claims I have a psychogenic voice loss due to fear of talking,,, I don't have any fear?

Hi! Soo I've had on and off issues, repeated ones, with my throat for the past 6 weeks now.
I had just recovered from my antibiotics which were suppposed to finally handle it and the pain returned quite heavily last friday. The pain has since subsided again, and I only have relatively infrequent and not as intense pain throughout the day.
Because my job and frankly my life include a lot of speaking, which I thoroughly enjoy, it's been a bit of an inconvenience, and I've been working & chatting with people just with a hoarse voice for a week now.
Today I had an appointment with a specialist to see what might be up. I walked in, she did all sorts of tests and asked "Have you had stress recently?" "I mean some, sure, but nothing unusual" "But you have psychological issues as mentioned on your paper" "Uhm, yes I have PTSD, but that's largely handled by therapy & I dont really suffer from it anymore"
Well that seemed enough of a yes from her & she told me my voice missing was purely psychogenic, as she didn't see any physical reason for my voice missing, no tumor or inflammation or whatever else. Then she sorta just sent me out & told me to discuss my fears of speaking with my therapist.
She fully ignored my lack of said fears & anything I said she'd wave off. So now I'm back from a specialist appointment, with no clue what to do, apparently no physical issue,, and still no voice. Is there anything I could be missing? Is there anything she might have missed?
WTF do I do?!
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2023.06.07 15:50 iDigitize_Social How To Make Your Web Page Design Stand Out?

How To Make Your Web Page Design Stand Out?

The process of developing a website is an integral part called web page design. This can be done with various technologies like hand-coded website design or CMS template-based web page design. Whichever technology you choose, an interface must be created for users to engage with the elements on your website and obtain the information they require. This is the ultimate purpose of a website.
You must initially comprehend what goes into a web page’s design to accomplish this:
  • The header features navigation links at the top of each page of the site along with any branding elements like logos or taglines.
  • Your site’s font style and sizes, graphics, and videos are all contained in the body to not only engage a visitor but also empower him to navigate through the website smoothly.
  • The footer generally comprises details about how visitors can connect with you or learn more about what you perform, sell, or offer.

Designing a Remarkable and Unique Web Page

Understandably, the typical attention span has diminished in a world wherein tech enables us to obtain almost anything we desire with only a few clicks. It could prove challenging to distinguish your web page design from your rivals in an era of high technology competition.
How then do you build a distinctive and notable web page design? Stepping beyond the box is the key to the solution. Employing an innovative layout, optimally utilizing relevant images, and trying to incorporate video content and interactive elements are sure to captivate your audience.

The Basics of Good Web Page Design

It’s always recommended to start with the basics. This involves developing a flawless website framework. The navigation should be simple, and the page must feature a visual hierarchy created using typography and graphics. A great website page design has a noticeably simpler UI keeping user experience in mind. It also includes contemplating how to design the page to attract them in and entice visitors to return.
Additionally, efficient web page design addresses the page’s technical components. This comprises ensuring the page loads quickly, is SEO-optimized and is responsive to ensure that it can be accessed on all devices.
By adhering to these principles of effective web page design, you can be assured that your website stands out from the rest and offers an exceptional user experience with high website traffic.

Making Your Web Page Design Unique Yet Effective

  • The initial step is to employ compelling graphics. The viewer is intrigued and retained on the page through attractive images. The incorporation of color, illustrations, photography, or even animation might achieve this.
  • Implementing clear typography rules is the next step. This requires the inclusion of legible typefaces, vertical rhythmic typesetting, and carefully designed hierarchies. Typography has a significant impact on the page’s impact and can help it stand out.
  • Lastly, you can employ interactive styles and components. This can be achieved by applying slider graphics, hover effects, and pop-ups. Interactive features can assist sustain user interest whilst providing the user with further details about the good or service.

To conclude

In our opinion, efficient web page design is crucial for any thriving website. Users can have access to data they are looking for alongside engaging them with relevant additional content. Just images and video content on your website are not responsible for footfalls, it’s also the quality of content mentioned on each page that matters. Establishing a balance among visually appealing pictures, readable text, and user-friendly functions is vital for developing stunning websites. These elements produce an enduring impression and can make your website stand out in a field full of competitors.
iDigitize Infotech LLP in Mumbai delivers user-friendly and delightful digital marketing solutions that ensure viewer engagement helping you boost overall business productivity.
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2023.06.07 15:33 Sad-little-goth Am I overthinking it or not?

Am I overreacting or was he creepy?
Earlier today I took my dog to the vet for a check up and booster injection, we were seen by a male vet I would say in his 40’s. As he was weighing her and checking her over, he kept staring at me and I started feeling a little uncomfortable with it. When he was talking to me he continued to stare hardly blinking, I couldn’t keep eye contact because of how intense his stare was, it was really creeping me out and it was obvious I was anxious about it but he still he kept staring at me for an uncomfortably long time, or at least it felt like that. Then when my dog was getting her injection I held her to comfort her and keep her still, he put his fingers over mine when he was injecting her and didn’t move them away. I quickly moved away now completely on the verge of a panic attack, I didn’t look at him and kept my head down low until the check up was done. Now am I overreacting from feeling horrible about this? Is it because of past sexual assaults that I easily feel like it’s something when it’s not? Ugh..I just don’t know.
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2023.06.07 15:18 _slyb1t [Store] A FEW KNIVES and Playskins -Including: Stiletto Damascus Steel / Gut Knife Doppler / Falchion Knife Ultraviolet / Gut Knife Lore / Ursus Knife Blue Steel / Survival Night Stripe / Hand Wraps Overprint / Hand Wraps CAUTION! / AWP Wildfire / StatTrak/NoN-StatTrak items and more

Hello everyone, Have some items up for trade
All the buyouts for the selected items are just because of the rules.
I am open to discussing trades on Steam or Discord: Ab1r#1680 , feel free to add me there to discuss.
Some of the tradeable items are listed as follows:
TradeLink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=201510509&token=5HbDjuiH
Item Condition Float B/O
★ Stiletto Knife Damascus Steel MW 0.10 360$
★ Gut Knife Case Hardened MW 0.12 220$
★ Gut Knife Doppler Phase-2 FN 0.03 218$
★ Gut Knife Lore FT 0.27 210$
★ Paracord Knife Blue Steel MW 0.13 207$
★ Ursus Knife Blue Steel MW 0.13 206$
★ Gut Knife Doppler Phase-3 FN 195$
★ Moto Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.37 187$
★ Nomad Knife Boreal Forest FT 0.19 186$
★ Stiletto Knife Boreal Forest BS 0.67 185$
★ Survival Knife Night Stripe MW 0.13 170$
★ ST Huntsman Knife Freehand FT 0.23 160$
★ Ursus Knife Night Stripe FT 0.34 157$
★ Falchion Knife Freehand BS 0.45 140$
★ Moto Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.75 136$
★ Bowie Knife Bright Water BS 0.47 127$
★ Ursus Knife Urban Masked BS 0.71 126$
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet FT 0.16 111$
★ Gut Knife Scorched FT 0.23 96$
★ Moto Gloves Smoke Out BS 0.66 85$
★ Driver Gloves Rezan the Red WW 0.38 78$
★ Specialist Gloves Buckshot FT 0.34 76$
★ Hand Wraps Desert Shamagh BS 0.48 66$
★ Hand Wraps Duct Tape BS 0.65 65$
★ Hand Wraps Constrictor BS 0.45 64$
★ Hydra Gloves Emerald FT 0.30 63$
★ Hydra Gloves Mangrove FT 0.37 52$
AWP Wildfire FN 0.06 168$
M4A1-S Golden Coil MW 0.14 83$
UMP-45 Crime Scene FN 0.06 66$
USP-S Printstream FT 0.36 59$
AK-47 Asiimov MW 0.12 53$
AWP Chromatic Aberration FN 0.04 48$
M4A1-S Golden Coil FT 0.35 47$
ST AK-47 Redline FT 0.30 47$
M4A4 The Emperor MW 0.09 46$
ST M4A4 In Living Color MW 0.07 42$
M4A4 Neo-Noir FN 0.05 35$
AWP Hyper Beast FT 0.22 34$
Sir Bloody Darryl Royale The Professionals 21$
AK-47 Redline FT 0.27 19$
Glock-18 Bullet Queen MW 0.13 17$
P250 See Ya Later FN 0.06 12$
& more
Some prices might be outdated.
Note: I have new items coming and going daily and everything is not included in this list but everything is up for trade just send an offer!
TradeLink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=201510509&token=5HbDjuiH
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2023.06.07 15:12 Successful_In_2022 Instead of fapping, I woke up at 5:10 AM (just before sunrise in my area) and pet my neighbor's cat who happened to be in my backyard.

I wish I had pictures, but believe me when I say it was amazing outside. My area usually gets pretty hot (even in the mornings) during this time of year, so I was caught off guard when I noticed that it was not just mild, but actually COOL outside. This is what living is. Living is for the simple things. All the worldly pleasures be damned, just spend some quality time with God's creation.
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2023.06.07 15:07 roversidelawn 47M let's chat and keep each other company.

So I'm hoping to find people to enjoy conversations that can be short or long-term. Preference on long-term but short is still good.
I am a business owner of 20+ years and also married to my Amazing wife. I have two daughters too who are both grown up and they are twins.
Interest wise I enjoy gardening and cooking so I'm happy to chat about that. I appreciate a good movie so happy to hear your top 5 or top 5 worst. Music I'm more stuff from my youth than today's music.
I love traveling, something me and my wife do a lot of now. Been to Portugal, Italy, Spain, Iceland and Maldives. So happy to chat about vacations.
Happy to hear about anything you are struggling with.
So just send me a chat or message and let's enjoy.
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2023.06.07 15:07 AutoModerator Watch Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Online For Free

11 sec ago -!Streaming Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Warner Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Pictures! Are you looking to download or watch the new Spider Man Across the Spider Verse online? Spider Man Across the Spider Verse is available for Free Streaming 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the Action movie at home. Express
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Now Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse available to stream? Is watching Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife Spider Man Across the Spider Verse with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.
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Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Release in the US
Spider Man Across the Spider Verse hits theaters on January 21, 2022. Tickets to see the film at your local movie theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person.
How to Watch Spider Man Across the Spider Verse for Free
? release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.
Where to Watch Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ?
There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Online.MAPPA has decided to air the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success.The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them.
As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation , Netflix, and Crunchyroll. As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?
Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Netflix?
The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include 'Spider Man Across the Spider Verse .' We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.'
Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Crunchyroll?
Crunchyroll, along with Funimation, has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America.Therefore, we recommend our readers to look for the movie on the streamer in the coming months. subscribers can also watch dark fantasy shows like 'Jujutsu Kaisen.'
Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Hulu?
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When Will Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Be on Disney+?
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Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Funimation
? Crunchyroll, its official website may include the movie in its catalog in the near future. Meanwhile, people who wish to watch something similar can stream 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.'
Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Online In The US?
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What is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse About?
It features an ensemble cast that includes Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine. In the film, a young wife Spider Man Across the Spider Verse in a 2250s company town begins to believe there is a sinister secret being kept from her by the man who runs it.
What is the story of Don't worry darling?
In the 2250s, Alice and Jack live in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town that houses the men who work on a top- While the husbands toil away, the wives get to enjoy the beauty, luxury, and debauchery of their seemingly perfect paradise. However, when cracks in her idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something sinister lurking below the surface, Alice can't help but question exactly what she's doing in Victory.
In ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam bestowed the almighty powers of the gods. After using these powers for vengeance, he was imprisoned, becoming Spider Man Across the Spider Verse . Nearly 5,000 years have passed, and Spider Man Across the Spider Verse has gone from man to myth to legend. Now free, his unique form of justice, born out of rage, is challenged by modern-day heroes who form the Justice Society: Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.
Also known as Черния Адам
Production companies : Warner Bros. Pictures.
At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had other people raising eyebrows when he said that his long-awaited superhero debut in Spider Man Across the Spider Verse would be the beginning of “a new era” for the DC Extended Universe naturally followed: What did he mean? And what would that kind of reset mean for the remainder of DCEU's roster, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the rest of the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Shazam and so on.As
Spider Man Across the Spider Verse neared theaters, though, Johnson clarified that statement in a recent sit-down with Yahoo Entertainment (watch above).
“I feel like this is our opportunity now to expand the DC Universe and what we have in Spider Man Across the Spider Verse , which I think is really cool just as a fan, is we introduce five new superheroes to the world,” Johnson tells us. Aldis Hodge's Hawkman, Noah Centineo's Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell's Cyclone and Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate, who together comprise the Justice Society.) “One anti-hero.” (That would be DJ's Spider Man Across the Spider Verse .)
“And what an opportunity. The Justice Society pre-dated the Justice League. So opportunity, expand out the universe, in my mind… all these characters interact. That's why you see in Spider Man Across the Spider Verse , we acknowledge everyone: Batman , Superman , Wonder Woman, Flash, we acknowledge everybody.There's also some Easter eggs in there, too.So that's what I meant by the resetting.Maybe 'resetting' wasn't a good term.only
one can claim to be the most powerful superhero .And Johnson, when gently pressed, says it's his indestructible, 5,000-year-old Kahndaqi warrior also known as Teth-Adam, that is the most powerful superhero in any universe, DC, Marvel or otherwise
. "By the way, it's not hyperbole because we made the movie."And we made him this powerful.
There's nothing so wrong with “Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” that it should be avoided, but nothing—besides the appealing presence of Dwayne Johnson—that makes it worth rushing out to see. spectacles that have more or less taken over studio filmmaking, but it accumulates the genre's—and the business's—bad habits into a single two- hour-plus package, and only hints at the format's occasional pleasures. “Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” feels like a place-filler for a movie that's remaining to be made, but, in its bare and shrugged-off sufficiency, it does one positive thing that, if nothing else, at least accounts for its success: for all the churning action and elaborately jerry-rigged plot, there's little to distract from the movie's pedestal-like display of Johnson, its real-life superhero.
It's no less numbing to find material meant for children retconned for adults—and, in the process, for most of the naïve delight to be leached out, and for any serious concerns to be shoehorned in and then waved away with dazzle and noise. Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” offers a moral realm that draws no lines, a personal one of simplistic stakes, a political one that suggests any interpretation, an audiovisual one that rehashes long-familiar tropes and repackages overused devices for a commercial experiment that might as well wear its import as its title. When I was in Paris in 1983, Jerry Lewis—yes, they really did love him there—had a new movie in theaters. You're Crazy, Jerry."Spider Man Across the Spider Verse " could be retitled 'You're a Superhero, Dwayne'—it's the marketing team's PowerPoint presentation extended to feature length.
In addition to being Johnson's DC Universe debut, “Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” is also notable for marking the return of Henry Cavill's Superman. The cameo is likely to set up future showdowns between the two characters, but Hodge was completely unaware of it until he saw the film.
“They kept that all the way under wraps, and I didn't know until maybe a day or two before the premiere,” he recently said Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Wakanda Forever (2022) FULLMOVIE ONLINE
Spider Man Across the Spider Verse
Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new TV show Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.
Is Black Panther: Wakana Forever Streaming on Disney Plus?
Unfortunately, Spider Man Across the Spider Verse is not currently available to stream on Disney Plus and it's not expected that the film will release on Disney Plus until late December at the absolute earliest.
While Disney eventually releases its various studios' films on Disney Plus for subscribers to watch via its streaming platform, most major releases don't arrive on Disney Plus until at least 45-60 days after the film's theatrical release
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2023.06.07 15:04 zaoraclay Sudden mood swings AFTER 3+ months on BC

Okay, so I posted about this before on another subreddit but I need some more insight and hope there’s someone who can maybe tell me about a similar experience. I suddenly started experiencing weird mood swings (for like 2 weeks now) AFTER I had already been on BC 3 months and I had taken the same brand like 1-2 years ago as well without problems (DIENOVEL (DESOGESTREL,ETHINYL ESTRADIOL (I’m from the EU btw)).
Usually you hear about ppl experiencing mood swings upon starting with BC and then things maybe settling after a few months but for me it‘s been the other way around? I felt normal the first 2-3 months. I talked to my OBYGN today, she prescribed me a new combo pill (containing estradiol valerate and dienogest). I cried after talking to my obygn cause she said something in a kinda rude way (usually I would just be annoyed and not cry). I also had to leave work today cause I had a crying spell after something happened (which, again, a situation like that would normally annoy or frustrate me but not make me uncontrollably cry). Today really made me realize this is not normal because crying uncontrollably at work? Wtf! I‘m in therapy for other reasons but this is NOT normal for me.
Has anyone had similar experiences? I don‘t even know if I wanna switch pills or not just quit altogether. My OBYGN told me to finish my one cycle of pills and THEN switch but after today I honestly don‘t want to take another pill of this brand.
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2023.06.07 15:03 Electronic_Bet_8252 [Hobby] Uni music student looking for experience

Hi! I'm Alice, and I've just finished my second year studying music tech at uni. I'm looking to start creating a portfolio of work and get some experience on real projects. I'm primarily a composer, but I have also got some experience with sound design as part of my uni course. Any projects would have to be over the summer, as I don't want this to interfere with my next year at uni. I have a google drive with some sample work, mostly from assignments I've done. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lMrMyegzbshZECXOnIWS1gXaCPGYdUew?usp=drive_link
I am more geared towards orchestral-styled composition tham I am towards more electronic stuff, so bear that in mind before asking me to compose an EDM track (although I'm willing to give anything a go). The more specific and detailed you are with composition prompts, the more suitable the music will end up being for your game.

Feel free to ask further questions in the comments, or to DM me with any offers to work on projects.
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2023.06.07 15:00 SparkeeHedgehogPika Friendship growing distant

Hi everyone, I need some advice therefore I'm here. I made friends with this person in my first year in the school. (Let's call him A) It's been 2 years since then and we've moved to a new class. We're still in the same class but we have new friends. I'm socially awkward and I'm usually scared of new people. He has made friends with a bunch of other guys and I'm kinda scared of them because there's this dude who seems to always be staring at me or judging me when I go even remotely close to them. This has deterred me from talking to my friend in school and we kinda drifted apart because of that. We don't text or talk as much as we used to. I think it's my fault for letting my fear stop me from talking to my friend in school and causing the friendship to start falling apart. I was up last night and I couldn't sleep because this was in my mind. Should I send a message to him saying that I want to talk and apologise for this? I still genuinely care for him but we just don't talk much anymore. I really don't know what to do and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 14:46 yorolex 20M looking for friends to talk about life with

Hey there! I'm a 20-year-old guy currently studying software engineering at university. I've got a passion for all things tech, from diving into the latest developments to tinkering with gadgets. But that's not all! I also have a deep love for cars and everything automotive.
Lately, I've been feeling a bit down after a tough semester. It hasn't been easy, but I'm determined not to let it get me too down. That's why I'm reaching out here, in the hopes of finding a friend who shares my interests and can lend an ear.
If you're into tech, cars, or just looking for someone to chat with about life, I'd be thrilled to connect. We can geek out about the latest tech advancements, discuss our favorite car models, or simply have meaningful conversations about the ups and downs of life. Let's embark on this journey together and see where the road takes us!
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2023.06.07 14:21 MomoIrosch Casual settings SF6?

Not all to clear how I can set the match thing...
1st time playing SF or anything in this direction (except some button mashing in smash)
The thing is I want to change the casual settings to so that I play against new players with classoc controlls (Wanna learn the propper way, don't care what is better)
But all I get now is about: 14/20 dencent players playing modern 1/20 norma calassic mode player 3/20 fucking beasts on classic 2/20 decent classic players
All I want is play against someone on my level not abusing modern controls (if you can call it like that)
How can I change the settings to do so, if possible.
edit: or should I just play 20 games in a row for those 3 ish balanced games?
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2023.06.07 14:16 3sperr So..my crush is making racist jokes and im not sure how to feel honestly. Am I just too soft?

For starters, she said she got vc banned for being racist. Then she said its because she said the n word. And some other time she said "as the day goes by my racism only intensifies".
I just thought she was joking honestly. I thought they were all jokes because she knows that im black so I thought theres no way she'd be that proud of it if shes actually racist.
But then it got worse. Yesterday she kept saying that I act white. Then I replied with "So what are we supposed to sound like? Thugs?" then she said no its just my personality and how I act. Like bro wth. Its as if black people can only act 1 particular way. And since some of my family is jamaican then she said words like "bomboclat" or something. It felt like she was mocking me but I thought that maybe she wasnt. Then she said I should embrace my culture more and im like bro...not every black guy is a black american thug
Anyways, we moved on from that, and even this morning it happened again. She said shes gonna start a plane or something. I wanted to tease her so I said "but you cant put people in your plane since theyll die because you cant fly it". But then she really had to say "stop ruining my jokes or ill put you in the cotton fields". Idk if im soft or something, but this one hit kinda hard. Me, being an idiot, played along with the 'joke' and said "fine". Then I said I actually dont know how a cotton field looks like then she said "your home and workplace" with a laugh emoji
Idk if im too soft but im kinda offended honestly. And I dont get it because outside of the whole racist joke thing, shes actually nice towards me. Like, right after she said that joke, she suddenly started acting nice again, wishing me the best on my exams and stuff. Like she makes these jokes and when shes not, shes nice. I dont even know honestly.
I'll keep my guard up. At least now I know I cant trust her. I think I mightve gotten attracted to the wrong person
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2023.06.07 13:37 Zennyzenny81 In the simplest terms, what sort of economic system does China use?

Like, if I was a regular Chinese person with a great idea for a business could I just start it up and run with it and, were it successful, make huge personal profits off of it? Could I end up floating it on their stock exchange?
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2023.06.07 13:36 PeaceSergio [H] Driver Gloves Lunar Weave 0.081, Skeleton Knife Crimson Web 0.300 (30+ knives/gloves) [W] 4200 rmb, 8220 rmb or offers around that value

Driver Gloves Lunar Weave 0.081 b/o 4200 rmb Skeleton Knife Crimson Web 0.300 b/o 8220 rmb and more Hello, I have more items in my inventory (https://steamcommunity.com/id/B0JIk/inventory/) which are not listed, I only listed the expensive ones but feel free to check it out and don't be shy to send an offer because all of them up to trade! :D I am always looking for downgrades/upgrades as I said above I have lot of playskins so if you wanna downgrade/upgrade you can choose between them or if you just like some of them you can always send an offer for them! You can also add me on Steam but I can not promise you I am gonna accept you, so if you send an offer and then add me most likely I am gonna accept you or counter your offer! All my Buyouts for the listed items are in rmb, obviously looking for any items for mines buyout just because of the rules. Trade Link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=213032782&token=7Pfu4d5j
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2023.06.07 13:18 stellarpixels2020 "Unable to find settings, Try again later" Cannot find solution

I know a few different ppl are experiencing the same issue, I've tried all the troubleshooting I can find online to try to fix the "Unable to find settings, Try again later" error to no avail. No amount of downloading or screwing with it is helping. Is it just NVidia at this point should I just give up on the GeForce experience because its been hell so far
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