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Found Pieces of Paper

2014.05.01 01:56 J0j2 Found Pieces of Paper

Photographs of found pieces of PAPER(!) with writing on them. Look for paper, make every day a scavenger hunt. Appreciate the forgotten artifacts of everyday life. Share any paper that you found (on the ground, stuck in some bushes or between cans of soup at the store for example) and you do not know who wrote it. Love letters, doodles, interesting to-do or grocery lists, notes from the past - share your discovery with us! Please let us know if you have a related subreddit!

2016.04.12 02:15 GerbilDad69 BEAT CYPHERS

Weekly beat cyphers! Every week producers compete to flip/remix a sample and we all vote on who did dirt. Each MONDAY an official thread will be posted containing the sample for the week. Voting goes all week and the producer with the most upvotes on SUNDAY gets to pick the next sample! All genres welcomed: HIP-HOP, TRAP, FUTURE BEATS, HOUSE, EDM, IDM, ADM, FUCKING POLKA, WHO CARES

2014.07.01 01:59 mintberrycrunk "What have I done..."

Instant Regret (in'-stint rē-gret') n. a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

2023.06.07 14:07 SaikaTheCasual Who is that one LI that you just can’t seem to force yourself through?

I was always one of those “I got to read everything, every single ending”-person.
But hear me out. I’m sure I’m not alone with this one. Once I started playing Birushana it was so hard for me to even get started landing on Benkei’s route. I quit the game after finishing his happy ending. I still read it. Months later I picked the game back up and enjoyed other routes. Noritsune, Yoritomo… but holy damn I just can’t bring myself to give a care about Shungen. Everything this guy is saying is draining my energy. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to force myself through reading his routes.
Anyone ever had this feeling with a LI? I know most people are probably not into every single LI that much, but I guess most of them still play the routes. But I’m curious:
Is there any routes you just didn’t play? (Or if needed for other routes, just skipped through?) Who are those LI’s and why did you put off reading them?
(Please be mindful using spoiler tags when going into detail <3)
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2023.06.07 14:07 throwawayqs2638292 I don't know how to do it anymore.

The last month and a half has just been an absolute shit show and I don't know how to deal with it anymore.
This is long but I am hoping someone out there will read it.
I moved in with my partner into an amazing apartment and in less than a month we were informed they're selling the building - after an extremely thorough application process where we stressed we were looking for someplace to live for at least the next three years. Now we have no guarantees of that. And I've had to work at home for all the viewings (we're still not fully unpacked and I hate it) so my cats don't get super stressed out but it's still affecting them majorly anyway.
My job that I just started in February has progressively gotten harder and harder. I was given accounts that others did not want to deal with and now a plethora of procedure changes have made my accounts as difficult as the team member who has been there for 20+ years while the other newer member of the team just tried to pass on the harder work to me.
I had what I thought was a hit and run incident where a woman scuffed the fk out of my car coming out of her driveway because she didn't see me. It turned into a whole confrontation at the police station but now I just don't want to deal with insurance or court dates so I'm just going to drop it. I think I can buff things out at home anyway and it's not worth the insurance increase.
I got super upset with my obgyn office because they wouldn't refill my birth control one last time. I currently have four days left. I made an appointment with a doctor in the same medical group thinking it would be okay but it wasn't. I had to schedule an appointment at the doctor's office that's now 20+ miles away. I lost my cool on the phone and even though I apologized, I don't think they're going to refill my prescription now.
My meds feel like they don't do anything anymore. I've been using cerebral for over a year and just cancelled my subscription because I was (miraculously) able to get a psych appointment two weeks from now at a new doctor - but I'm so scared of how it will go and of their diagnosis will align with my previous one.
I haven't been on a vacation in four years and now I may not be able to go on the small one we were trying to take at the beginning of July because someone else on my team was going to take off as well.
And those are just the big items. I can't stand it anymore. I've broken down into crying panic attacks most mornings in the last two weeks and I have no idea how to keep going. I'm worried about affording my new psych doctor, I don't think I can afford therapy, I can't afford all the other doctor and dentist visits I know I need. What's the fucking point anymore?
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2023.06.07 14:07 MyDolceVita What would you do doc?

Ok so I a video appointment finally for Kaiser to HOPEFULLY start Wegovy once and for all! Here’s where I need the advice. Do I tell him that I have been taking Rybelsus the past 2 months? I just finished my 7 mg dose. Meaning I would be ok to jump to .5 mg of Wegovy. A very long story short I have been trying to get Wegovy though Kaiser and other telehealth dogs since March. I jumped through all their hoops, did my homework, advocated for myself, didn’t take no for an answer, waited for appointment times, and this is the final step. I’m 100% a candidate so I’m hopefully going to get it. That said. I don’t want to create any red flags. I bought the Rybelsus in Mexico while I waited to get it through my insurance as I was coincidentally on vacation when I got started (I can’t afford the $1300 out of pocket with Kaiser). So my options are just suck it up and start over at .25 so I get the medication? (I do have enough 7 mg Rybelsus to double up during that time with the .25 Wegovy. It’s the same medication but not sure if that’s safe). OR do I say I’ve been working outside of Kaiser the past 2 months and have been taking Rybelsus and just finished the 7mg dose then see what he says? Or suggest .5 mg as I have had zero side effects? The only other good thing about saying I’m already on Semaglutide is that I don’t want him to prescribe me Saxenda which is cheaper for Kaiser so that could help with that aspect. Anyway you get the idea. It’s not my PCP. It’s one of their “lifestyle” physicians who prescribes it in their program so I don’t know him or his bedside manner. My PCP referred me as she isn’t able to write the script and get it covered. I should note that I am not wanting to lose the time and money spent the last 2 months and gain what I lost. 8 pounds so far. But again just want to start the Wegovy once and for all. Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.07 14:07 SupaColdBrew Am I the only one who doesn’t hate this character?

I don’t really hate Bode, what he did was wrong but it kinda reminds me of Joel from The Last of Us. They both did terrible things that ultimately doomed a lot of people, but I can somewhat understand why as they did it for their kids.
I liked Bode a lot throughout the game, and despite people saying the twist of him betraying everyone else was obvious, I never picked up on it.
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2023.06.07 14:07 Lothli Chapter 13: Sneaky Secret Sister Saga

Hello. Welcome back to Lothli & Maishul, the only show where we keep it real by exploring different realities. I'm your host, Lothli. Without further ado, let me introduce today's premise.
The town of Dusty Creek, with its weathered buildings and sun-bleached wooden facades, stood as a testament to the ruggedness of the Wild West. It was a place where the law held no sway, as bandits and ruffians had their way with the hapless townsfolk. And it was here where our mysterious gun-toting protagonist made her appearance.
Dressed in a weathered duster and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, chewing on a cigar, was Maishul. She was a woman of few words and incredible skill with her trusty six-shooter. Her eyes were narrow and bitterly cold, harboring the weight of her troubled past.
She dismounted her chocolate-colored horse and walked into the town saloon, heedless of the wary eyes of the town’s locals. She stalked right up to the sheriff, a weathered man with a worn leather jacket and a faded star pinned to his chest.
“We don’t need no more trouble ‘round these parts,” the sheriff growled, a dangerous note to his voice.
But Maishul cared not. Instead, she simply handed over a wanted poster without a word. The sheriff’s eyes widened as he realized her prey: Blackjack Thillo.
Thillo was a notorious bandit who terrorized the region, leaving a trail of blood and destruction in her wake. She only cared for the wealth and fame her frivolous pursuits brought her.
Reluctantly, the sheriff accepted Maishul’s help. Thillo was too much of a threat for the town to take on alone. The two gathered up a ragtag group of locals and set off, tracking the trail of the Blackjack.
After days of grueling, relentless pursuit, Maishul and her group caught up to Blackjack Thrillo and her gang in an abandoned ghost town. The abandoned, dusty streets were soon filled with the sound of spurs and the smell of gunpowder as tensions grew.
Maishul and Thillo stood in the center of it all, staring each other down. One of them would live, and one of them would die today. “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” Maishul spit, drawing her trusty revolver.
“Heh, maybe after you’re dead and buried,” Thillo responded, drawing her own sidearm.
A moment of dreadful silence passed, broken only by the craw! of an eagle as a tumbleweed rolled by.
Bang! Bang!
Two shots rang out, and both women fell to the ground. But Maishul knew she had won. Her bullet had pierced Blackjack’s heart, while she’d received only a shoulder wound in return.
The sheriff rushed over, relief dawning on his face as he saw Maishul stagger to her feet.
“You did it, gosh darn it! You’re a real hero, Maishul. I never should’ve doubted you!” He clapped Maishul on her non-injured shoulder.
“Heh. I’ve been accused of many things, but being a hero ain’t even been one of ‘em,” Maishul remarked dryly.
Our new hero spent a few weeks recovering in Dusty Creek as the town celebrated the defeat of Blackjack Thillo. And all too soon, it was time for her to leave.
With a tip of her hat, Maishul bid away to Dusty Creek. She’d brought a little more justice to the Wild West this time.
And no one ever had to know what Thillo meant to her.
What does this story have to do with little ‘ol Lothli? Well, I invite you to look at that outlaw’s name a little closer. Perhaps you’ll find something… interesting. Ta ta, now!
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2023.06.07 14:07 South-Highway-5993 What's the most outrageous thing you've ever heard someone say on a first date?

What is the most unusual hobby you've ever picked up and why did you enjoy it?
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2023.06.07 14:07 Kind_Evening297 Is Sugarwish company legit?

I saw one of my facebook friends post about her job was hiring. They are hiring for customer service and data base entry. The pay starts at $20 hr and it's fully remote. I messaged said I was interested but then it got weird. She sent me a link through Telegram to apply for the job. I downloaded the application and texted them or the company saying I was interested in the job. I was very concerned so I started asking her questions like how long she worked with them and is it legit cause I never applied for a job this way. I never did remote either so I'm not sure on the process for those jobs. Later that day I saw 2 other girl's comment under her post saying how they both work for this company and it's great. Of course I went to the company site and they didn't have any openings so now 'm really unsure. did still go through it literally had a whole texting interview through Telegram. I started my interview at 4pm in the afternoon question didn't end until 7 pm by 7:30pm was told I got the job and to send my information like my name, address, email and phone number. Oh and picture of my ID so I did. It was mentioned that eventually I will have my and picture of my ID so I did. It was mentioned that eventually I will have my orientation via zoom until then telegram is going to be the main communication. It's now like 9 o'clock at night and they still texting me about the job mind you all equipment is included will be shipped. During the process they used words as in wont and grammar was a little off. The person I texted was Mrs.Sharon. I did reach out to my facebook friend who gave me the information about the job and she kept reassuring me that it is legit and I am safe. during the interview process, I did find it weird that they did ask me my telephone service and who do I bank with but did not ask me for any bank information. Now it is around nine 10 o'clock and Miss Sharon was telling me about the software is that I would have to use during the job and then I will have to purchase them which is gonna be $70. Then she asked me how would I like to pay for it? I can use cash app Zelle PayPal Apple Pay.That's when I got very iffy and I'm just not 100% sure about this anymore. they told me it wasn't a deadline to purchase the software but if I do take too long onto purchase this software but if I do take too long onto purchase this software program, then they will offer it the job to someone else is willing to pay. I do not know if anybody has experienced this or heard of this company. I'm just not sure what should I do. I'm really thinking about texting them telling them I do thank them for the time, but I would choose not to go this route, but I really don't wanna miss out on a great job opportunity either. They did send me an offer letter but the offer letter is stating that l'm full-time when I ask for part time because they are hiring for both. I did some research and I see there's a lot of articles about job scams through Telegram. But I'm just very uneasy about it just for the simple fact that I've been talking to those people since 4 o'clock yesterday all the way up until 10 o'clock at night which seems so crazy for a job. They did tell me they will mail over my equipment and the paperwork for my W-2 so I can fill it out. What should I do? Have anybody experienced this before?
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2023.06.07 14:06 ThrowRAhelpthetrust How do I (M20) earn back my partners (NB19) trust

Hi all, throwaway because my partner uses Reddit. To sum it up I’ve known my partner, Sam(fake name, for 5 years and we dated for a few years when we were younger but parted ways because honestly, I wanted a bit of freedom. This broke them, we’d been highschool sweethearts and at the time I was too immature to care and mostly just tossed them aside. It was scummy of me, I’ll admit it. About 6 months later I ended up meeting someone online through a gaming server, we got along well and we started dating for about a year, the thing is, she was in a different country. I loved her at the time but it slowly started to fade once I realised it’d never lead to anything. I honestly never stopped thinking about Sam and our past relationship, to sum up, I was a scumbag. They were dealing with some heavy mental disorders, we were both young and didn’t know what to do with eachother. I grew up, got better and learned how to be a better person, around September last year I reached out to Sam to apologise, we spoke everything over and they managed to forgive me which I’m grateful for. I started to fall for them as soon as we started talking again, all those feelings from my teens just rushed back into me and I saw them for who they were. The beautiful person I once loved, I felt shitty, I already had a partner and I was falling for my ex. Sam felt the same way, we were in a talking stage for a while where I admitted to Sam that I loved them but I wasn’t ready yet for a relationship. It was bullshit to cover up the fact that I had a partner but I loved sam too much to let them go. After 4 months of talking, Sam told me that if I didn’t date them they’d have to quit our talking stage. That they loved me but didn’t want to wait years for me to be with them. I did love them, I really did, more so than my partner at the time. I asked them out and we’ve been dating for 5 months. I felt nothing for my partner (let’s call her Jane) at the time, we were an online relationship and we never saw each other physically so I honestly didn’t consider it a real relationship. I was too cowardly to break it off with her as we shared mutual friends and I didn’t want to cut ties with them. When I was staying at Sam’s place, they saw a message from Jane saying how she loved me, Sam rightfully freaked out, sobbing and yelling that I cheated on them when I had to come out and reveal that I was cheating on Jane with them. I told them that I was too cowardly to leave her but I assured them that I loved them and not Jane. They said that they can’t fully trust me but still wanted to be with me which I’m so thankful for because honestly, they’re fucking perfect. The whole package, beautiful and funny, sweet and kind, the person I want to marry. When they saw the text I immediately blocked Jane and all associating friends, they meant a lot to me but in that moment I realised that Sam is my priority, that their friends are my friends and that they’re the one I care for most. Sam recently stayed over at my place, it’s still established that they don’t fully trust me, I don’t blame them but I desperately want to fix this. I love them more than anything and want to spend the rest of my life with them. Jane is gone, nothing to me anymore, I admit I’m a scumbag for it all but I need them to know that from now on it’s only them.
How can I slowly get them to trust me again? I love them so much and i want to prove it, I’m just at a loss for how I’d do it better than I am now.
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2023.06.07 14:06 BijQuichot dpd asked me for permission to put a parcel on a place of my choice at the house, so I did... dpd takes parcel to a "parcelshop" because I wasn't home. Thank you for bringin it to a store that only opens during my working hours! Who had did experience.

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2023.06.07 14:06 Traditional-Tap6215 Just wanna know if there are people from this subreddit who went to the same school I went in.

Is there anyone here who either studied at or is currently attending CCA Sector 4, like I did?
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2023.06.07 14:05 hhhjdk why is amelia coupled up with jamal?

the only thing about these episodes releasing weekly is that i forget what has happened…why is our twin coupled up with MY man??! i swear i picked jamal on day one… did she steal him?
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2023.06.07 14:04 Jayke_NotMissing Is The SteamDeck good for my Hypothetical use-cases?

Hello! I've read through this reddit on and off for awhile now and have finally been debating whether to pick up a Steam Deck. Now I'm not going to generalize and ask "is it worth in 2023" because that is short-sighted questioning.
I'm looking at the Steam Deck as a callback to the days I use to play a lot of DS games, a very on-the-go feel (obviously) but there titles that I don't know whether or not are too demanding for the device (I'm not a computer expert even if I know the numbers decently) or at least titles that I can't seem to currently justify the Steam Deck purchase, or currently feel guilty about for no good reason.
I currently use an M2 Macbook for my on-the-go games but it's really a business device for college and work and I'm looking just for a dedicated device for those use-cases that isn't the Switch (they will never convince me to re-purchase).
So i guess what I'm trying to say is whether or not my use-case seems legitimate to those who are in this subreddit or if I'm better off sticking on my M2 and just playing more demanding games back in my dorm / at home. AKA: Can someone help convince me to be indoctrinated lmao,
Thanks for your time and input.
I tried to make a large range of titles I would / want to play for reference. Games I'm Looking to Play on Steam Deck (Proton Score) Roadwarden (GOLD) Vagrus - The Riven Realms (NO SCORE) Crying Suns (PLATINUM) Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition (PLATINUM) Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PLATINUM) Exanima (SILVER) Ghostrunner (PLATINUM) Lost in Vivo (GOLD) Stellaris (GOLD) Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (PLATINUM Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (PLATINUM)
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2023.06.07 14:03 UnDead_Ted Standing Strong Through the Storm Day 75


There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18
The Apostle John repeatedly teaches that loving God (other scripture writers refer to it as “fearing” God) is the antidote to fear. Fear is a tactic of Satan which all believers must face. Those under severe persecution often face this challenge early.
Behbaha, an Iranian secret believer from Muslim background (MBB), shares that her aunt went to a house church and she accompanied her. But she was afraid. She knew that the government controlled the church and that scared her.
“At that time I worked in a job that was state controlled. Every time they gave us questionnaires we should fill out, one of the questions is about religion. Of course you have to fill in; ‘Muslim,’ but I could not do that anymore…”
In the house church she attended with her aunt she learned about the Bible and what Jesus taught in a very practical way. Taking a discipleship training course was a great blessing for Behbaha. She says, “I was able to understand the Bible, I saw the good Lord of the Bible, saw His love—and that changed my life.” After six years of searching she gave her life to Jesus.
The good thing is that her family does not have any problems with her changing and going to church. “Neighbors are the problem”, she states. “The government tells on radio and TV that if you know a person who is not dedicated to the government or to Islam you should go to the police and tell them when you suspect someone of being a Christian.”
After she became a Christian she left her job. “Much too dangerous,” she comments. “I am not able anymore to fill out that form [because of the religion question]. Now I am working part time with some small companies, who are not working with these forms asking about faith.” She does not know if she is observed by the secret police, because of her former job. Behbaha is not aware of being watched. “But I have to be careful, they are able to kill me,” she says with conviction. “Sometimes people are killed; sometimes they have to leave the country. Maybe, if they catch me, I will be killed, but this week of training took away my fear.”
The first three discipleship courses were via internet. The fourth she did in a safe location. Behbaha concludes, “The course on location is very good. The interaction among each other, seeing the teacher face to face, meant that I did not fall asleep, like often happens in church. This is very good.”
After taking the training seminar she wants to teach the course to others—especially church people. Behbaha also wants to pass on the training to her family and friends. “I want to share and show love. My dream after this training is to have house groups with my family members, friends and colleagues to teach them. But…your life should be a good testimony to everyone and Jesus must increase in your life. I am working on that.”
RESPONSE: Today I will focus on fearing God so that I will not fear anything or anyone else.
PRAYER: Pray new believers around the world involved in discipleship training will learn not to fear.
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2023.06.07 14:03 alienakosapinas123 Contract advice

I'm from the Philippines who studied Bachelor's of Science in Marine Transportation who dream of becoming a captain of ship.
We signed a contract of 10 years to educational scholarship with a condition of "study now, pay later" which was very common in my country because most of the sponsor needed to make sure that their investment would not be a waste in case the student failed to meet their expectations and if in the event you did not meet the supposed overall average grade you will be subjected to the program of "study now, pay later" which is I currently into. But we were promised that after we graduate and take all the necessary requirements to have a bachelor's degree we can take licensure exam from the government but it has been 6 yrs since I finish my academics and they haven't fix our accreditation to take licensure exam from the government. We even try to cross enroll to this other university in Manila and they said they only accept cross enrollees to an accredited university
My point is can we sue them for this kind of matter? Because until now whenever we ask about our accreditation they always say that we need to be patient because they are doing all the best they can, and for the record this was the same reason we get for the past 6yrs of patience. We don't know what to do, our hopes are crumbling down. We feel we are running out of time because the new recruits are much younger than us, I mean who doesn't want a 19yr old, freshly graduate and have quite excellent record during his/her academics? I think every company will hire them instead of us.
By the way our program was already dismissed by the university and no longer in operation. And also our contract will be finished around April 2024.
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2023.06.07 14:02 BrandonAteMyFace Bill Barr has been a fixer for top level criminality in our government for 30+ years. He consistently lies to the public and congress about the FBI, The Iran Contra Affair and the Meuller report, and his father was Headmaster at the school where Epstein got started

Donald Barr (Bill Barr's father) was headmaster of Dalton School in New York City until the summer of 1974. In September 1974, Jeffrey Epstein began working as a maths and physics professor at the school. In 1973, Barr published a science fiction novel that contained several prominent references to, and descriptions of, rape and sexual slavery. 1989 President George H. W. Bush appointed Barr to the U.S. Department of Justice as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) 1989-1990 Barr writes a memo as legal base for sending FBI agents to overthrow foreign governments and continually lies to the public and congress about it. 1991 Congress obtains the full memo and finds out Barr has been purposely omitting the most important and inflammatory content. 1991 - Bill Barr is confirmed as AG, for the first time 1991 - Barr signs a 37 page report titled "the Case For More Incarcerations" where he called on the Justice Department to fill the jails and prisons and build more. 1992 - Barr pushed for pardon 6 people associated with the Iran Contra affair who had been convicted of lying to congress and withholding information. The prosecutor in said case said Barr had "assailed in a cover up" 1992 - Barr refuses congressional request to appoint a special counsel to investigate Iraq-Gate, an incident involving the Reagan and Bush administrations funneling billions of US dollars to Saddam Husain. Earning Barr the nickname as "The Cover-Up General" 2018 - Barr sends an unsolicited memo to the AG Rod Rosenstein titled "Meuller's Obstruction Theory" which laid the groundwork for attacks on the special counsel's investigation even though at the time Barr didn't work for the DOJ and didn't have access to evidence his reasoning was that Meuller didn't identify what "corruption means" and that Barr himself didn't know what obstruction is. Eventually He admitted his entire report was speculation. 2019 Robert Meuller turns in his report on Russia's involvement in the 2016 US election bringing charges against 8 Americans who worked wit the trump campaign or administration, 25 Russians, 3 Russian companies. 2 days later Barr had summarized a 400 page report into 4 pages citing no wrong doing on the presidents part, later he admitted he hadn't reviewed the evidence. March 25th 2019 Meuller writes Barr a letter concerned that Barr has mischaracterized his report Days later Meuller makes an unprecedented public statement saying that "If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so". Barr later said he felt that this had "exonerated" Meuller however cited 10 instances of obstructions including efforts my Trump to fire him. Since Trump has been out off office Barr has thrown him under the bus to save his own ass over the January 6th insurrection.
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2023.06.07 14:02 No_Emergency_2036 Passed second time- AMA

I am a below average test taker who had low scores on all my previous steps, already busy with residency and my family. My preparation was interrupted so many times by family issues.
First attempt: 196, I was devastated . Felt good after the exam and I was expecting to pass. I did recheck and it didn’t show any difference.
What I did differently:
1- Don’t underestimate the exam, it’s doable but definitely not easy. One of my mistakes that I listened to people who aaid they just did 40% of uw and just showed up to the test , found out later that people sometimes dishonest and also some people are just different from others.
2- CCS practice. Don’t prepare for the exam without Crush CCS cases . They have a great tool for the lists. My first attempt I used UW and CCSCASES.COM without any other sources. Second time I used the lists provided in the book and I created my own list accordingly. I used my breaks to write down the lists before CCS and I ended up scoring high despite getting 2 negative outcomes on patients.
NB: My first attempt all my cases ended up early and I thought I killed it but no! It’s so easy to lose points here and there if your lists are not prepared appropriately.
3- ANKIIIIIII - this time I focused on anki for my weak areas( psych and step1 topics) I used Dorian
4- Divine 💜 I got 2-3 questions easy points just by listening to his podcast
5- For the folks who didn’t make it, it’s ok. I was devastated and disappointed. I lost my self confidence and doubted myself. Till last night, I was still having flashbacks from the test and I was prepared for the worst case scenarios.
My USWA1 was 196 3 weeks before the test and I ended up with 21X Elhamdulillah!!
So peace out ✌🏼 Good luck with your Journey and keep me in your prayers
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2023.06.07 14:01 dreftzg [Daily News] Are These New Seiko Chronos Ugly Or Not?, Breguet Has Two New Military Chronographs, French Watchmaker Teams Up With French Carmaker For French Race and Dan Henry Is Back With New Colors And Same Price

Welcome back, it's Wednesday and I'll just come out and say it - that Seiko is ugly... Change my mind.

What's new

Seiko Adds Four Completely New Chronographs To The Prospex Collection And Four Limited Editions To The Presage Craftsmanship Series
In 1999 Seiko launched a limited edition they called the Sportura Kinetic Chronograph. It was a funky watch that used four subdials to display the time and chronograph functions. Just looking at it and you feel the angst of the end of the millennium and the cheesy futurism (not to be confused with neo futurism in architecture led by Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava) that permeated industrial design of the time - from Oakley glasses to Jnco jeans. There’s no easy way to say this, but it’s an ugly watch. I can appreciate the experiment. But come on.
However, Seiko believes that the four dial layout of the Kinetic was pleasing to the eye. That’s why they decided to recreate it in four new solar chronographs that they are adding to the Prospex collection, marking the company’s association with the World Athletics Championships to be held in Budapest, Hungary, in August. Officially called the Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronograph, all four watches sport a new movement with the Seiko Caliber 8A50, a 1/100-second chronograph with a +/- 15-seconds per month precision rating.
The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronograph watch is 42mm-wide, 12.9mm-thick, and its lug-to-lug distance is 48.3mm. All four watches have the same case and bracelet design but in different executions and ever-so-slightly different prices and naming schemes. I could go on into detail about the dials and colors, but it’s all just a bit confusing. You can hop on over here if you would like to know more.
Two of the models will be limited edition of 4,000 each and two will be regular production models. The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronograph watch prices range from 890 Euros to 970 Euros, and all four versions will be available from July 2023. Regular readers of the newsletter will know I keep things very chipper here and don’t pass judgement. But these new Seiko’s are just baffling to me. They look like those Diesel watches you buy at the mall. Am I wrong?
Thankfully, Seiko has another announcement for today. While they have shown these watches previously, they are now starting to sell these stunning Presage Craftsmanship Series watches. Marking the 110th anniversary of its first wristwatch, the Laurel, Seiko is putting out two pairs of these limited edition pieces, with each featuring a dial made by a dedicated artisan or craft workshop through a traditional Japanese decorative technique — enamel, urushi lacquer, Arita porcelain, and shippō enamel. All four models boast a new case shape, a fresh dial aesthetic, and an in-house automatic movement. And they are now hitting the market.
And despite Seiko’s price increases for recent releases, these new editions seem to align with their predecessors. The white enamel SPB393 retails for €1,650, the brown urushi SPB395 for €2,000, the ivory Arita porcelain SPB397 for €2,000, and the blue shippō enamel SPB399 for €2,250.
Breguet Gives Us Two Redesigned Variations Of The Classic Chronograph With The Type XX And Type 20
Just the other day I linked to a great article on Type 20, the references issued by the French military in the 1950s. There were many brands who stepped up to produce these Type 20 watches, but the reference has stuck around to be synonymous with one brand in particular - Breguet. They have been making the Type 20 for years now, with occasional updates, but now Breguet is unveiling the new Type XX and Type 20 – a civilian and military-inspired take on the classic design - which is the biggest change to the line.
Despite at first glance looking like it’s two of the same watches with different dials, the Type 20 and Type XX are actually different watches. Both watches come in the same steel case that measures 42mm wide and 14.1mm thick with bidirectional steel bezels and matching lume pips. But this is pretty much where the similarities stop. The Type 20 has a military inspired dial with mint green lume and syringe hands, while the Type XX is a civilian version with a creamy yellow lume and alpha hands.
The Type 20 and Type XX both have a new self-winding movement, the Calibre 728 for the civilian version and Calibre 7281 for the military version. Each movement has a column wheel, vertical clutch, 5Hz frequency, and flyback functionality with 60 hours of power reserve, plus an inverted in-line lever escapement with a flat silicon balance spring for increased durability, longevity, and magnetic resistance.
Why two different calibers? The difference lies in dial layout and how useful it would be in military or civilian applications. On the military version, you only have two registers, with a 30-minute totalizer at three o'clock, now larger than the 60-second totalizer at nine o'clock. Meanwhile, the civilian version has a 15-minute totalizer at three o'clock, a 12-hour totalizer at six o'clock, and running seconds at nine o'clock.
This is not a cheap watch. It will run you $18,000. But it might just be one of the best vintage revivals we have seen in a year full of vintage revivals.
French Watchmaker Yema Teams Up With Alpine French Racing Team To Mark The Most French Race With Five New Watches
One of the most legendary races in the world starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday. Yes, it’s the 24 hours of Le Mans. The race is, of course, one of the most recognisable french things, alongside the croissant and hating tourists. You know what else is very french? Alpine, the legendary car manufacturer that gained it’s fame with the quirky A110 and is currently doing really well (under Renault ownership) with its successor, also called the A110. Alpine will be present at the 24h of Le Mans With their Endurance Team. If only there was a watchmaker that could join in, making it a French hat trick. There is. It’s Yema. Yema has made five new watches to mark Alpine’s stint at Le Mans - the Yema Rallygraf A470 Limited Edition and four Rallygraf Alpine Endurance Team Automatic models of which one is mechanical while the other three are powered by the Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement.
The Yema Rallygraf A470 Limited Edition takes all the right cues from 70s racing chronographs. The stainless steel case is 39mm wide and 12mm thick without the double-domed sapphire crystal. The solid caseback shows the Alpine Endurance Team logo and the limitation of the watch. The dial is finished in a gradient-blue colour, Alpine’s signature color, with a vintage dashboard-inspired bicompax layout and Alpine’s logo on the chronograph seconds hand. Inside the watch is the Valjoux 7753 and the watch comes on an appropriate black leather rally strap with a steel pin buckle. This watch will be limited to 470 pieces and can be pre-ordered for a price of USD 2,190 with delivery expected in September 2023.
This runs at a frequency of 28,800vph and delivers 48 hours of power reserve. The watch comes on a black leather rally strap with a steel pin buckle. Limited to 470 pieces, tying in with the car, it can be pre-ordered for a price of EUR 2,190 with delivery expected in September 2023.
Then there’s the meca-quartz variants. They take the same case as the Rallygraf and give it three variations - white dial with a blue outside minute track, a cream dial with a black outside minute track or a black dial with a cream outside minute track. All of these are also available for preorder now for EUR 399 and will be delivered in September 2023.
Yema also announced a second mechanical watch made in collaboration with Alpine, the Rallygraf Alpine Endurance Team Automatic. This will officially be unveiled this coming Saturday at the Circuit de la Sarthe, during the racing weekend of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although we don’t know all the details at this moment, we can see it’s made of stainless steel, comes on a multi-link bracelet or black leather strap and has a black dial. The bidirectional rotating bezel can be used to calculate speeds, in combination with the inner ‘Temps Ecoule’ flange in white and blue. It is powered by the in-house Calibre YEMA2000 and will cost USD 990.
The Dan Henry 1970 44mm is back with new colours and the same, affordable price
You might know Dan Hendy as the microbrand that has been pumping out vintage inspired watches since 2016. What you might not know is that they made their name with the Dan Henry 1970 44mm Automatic Diver, the first of their watches to feature an automatic movement. While it might not seem like a big deal, it was for Dan Hanry and the shoppers in the sub $500 range. While Dan Henry serviced it’s customers by providing good value for money with quartz movements, the 1970 44mm Automatic Diver was the first time they offered a mechanical movement at such an affordable price. It sold out instantly and now, four years later, they are back with a limited edition of 1970 pieces.
It’s a very big watch. Very big. The heavy stainless steel super compressor style case measures 44mm in diameter and is 14.8mm thick with a 50.5mm lug-to-lug length. Despite these large dimensions, and with all other manufacturers fighting to go smaller, people still love this watch. They love it enough for it to go for over retail on the secondary market, which is not common for a watch in this pricepoint. Both of the crowns, one for rotating the inner-bezel and one for adjusting the time, screw into the case, giving it 200m water resistance.
The dials get a contrasting pop of color on the outskirts. There’s the black and orange, as well as the black and off-white with a black case and blue with white color combinations. Each version comes with its own colour-matching FKM rubber tropic strap. To keep the price low, the watches are powered by the Seiko NH35. Not the best movement in the world, but it gets the job done for an exceptionally low price.
The new Dan Henry 1970 44mm Automatic Diver is limited to 1,970 pieces, available from Dan Henry and costs $310.
Bamford Teams Up With Land Rover For The LR002 Limited Edition
Somehere near the end of last year, Land Rover designed their first watch. They called it the LR001 and they turned to Bamford to put the watch into production. It was a great looking field watch made of titanium and all in shades of grey, with a decent price and limited to 100 pieces so they all sold out very fast. Now, Bamford London and Land Rover are bringing it back with an updated, equally limited, version in all black called the LR002.
The LR002 is pretty much the same watch as the LR001, except for the color. While not a fan of black watches, this isn’t a bad thing, as it gives you a chance to buy the sold out Land Rover watch. What is bad is the price, but more on that later. The case measures 40mm wide and 13.25mm thick, and is made out of DLC coated titanium. It has a shape that resembles a field watch but much more modern and has fixed bars. From photos, due to the thick case and fixed bars, this watch looks to wear much larger than it actually is.
The dial seems to be much more interesting than the case. It has a sandwich construction with the top part having a matte black surface and the underside being filled with white lume. And by alternating circular and oblong cutouts, there’s a dynamic look to the dial. Inside the watch is the same movement as in the LR001, the Selita SW200-1B, and it’s delivered on a leather NATO-style bracelet.
The LR002 will have a run of just 100 pieces that are exclusively sold through Hodinkee. At the time of writing there are still pieces available for sale at a price of $1,700. And that’s the biggest issue. The LR001 sold for about $1,300 and the only difference between the two watches is the DLC coating. Is it worth the price difference?
The Casio A120 Is The Best Pairing For Stranger Things, But Do We Need It?
The immense popularity of Stranger Thing undoubtedly lies in it’s 80s nostalgia that reminded us all of our childhoods. While playing to our good memories, it also roped in new generations by picking the best the decade had to offer and presenting it as something cool. That’s why you have a bunch of kids out there listening to Kate Bush and Metallica, while wearing Casio watches and buying VHS tapes. So it only makes perfect sense that Casio would team up with Stranger Things for a limited edition watch, and what better reference to do it with then the A120. This is the Casio x Stranger Things A120WEST-1A.
The watch is a classic Casio A120, with a 33.5mm x 40.7mm rectangle case and since it’s plastic it weighs only 25 grams. It’s not filled with a bunch of functions, but it does have a chronograph, alarm and calendar and you get three years of battery life. There’s a number of Stranger Things references on the watch - there’s a silhouette of the series’ demogorgon monster beneath the digital display and the LED backlight flickers and rapidly blinks just like the surfacing of a demogorgon in the show. Once lit, you can see the watermark of an upside down Stranger Things logo.
Casio has not announced when the watch will be available or how much it will cost, but you can keep an eye out on it here. Is this a nice homage to a good TV show, or just another example of over-consumerism and corporate media properties slapping their name everywhere, without actually making a meaningfully authentic version of the watch?

On hand - a selection of reviews

A review of Monta’s current flagship dress watch, the Noble
Hands on with the 39mm and 42mm versions of the Hanhart 414 ES Flyback
A week with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore limited edition in pink gold and titanium

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

Dryden is a go-everywhere-do-anything watch with plenty of options
Great dials are always appreciated, but no matter how good the dial is, it doesn’t matter if the watch isn’t wearable. The excellent design choices found on the dial of the Heartlander follow through to the case. Crafted from stainless steel the 38mm-wide case has a lovely 46mm lug-to-lug distance and is only 11.2mm-thick from solid steel caseback to domed sapphire crystal. These dimensions are in the Goldilocks region for an everyday watch for me and my ~6.5-inch wrist. The cases are predominantly brushed except for a thin highly polished bevel that flanks each side of the lugs.
People loved the Seiko Alpinist giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away four Hamilton Khaki Field Automatics in a color of your choice. Head on over to the newsletter if you would like to enter.
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2023.06.07 14:01 Lord__Business PSAs of the week (June 7, 2023)

Buckle up kids, there's a lot going on that you should know. Tried to keep it short, but the devil's in the details, so I did the best I could.
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2023.06.07 14:01 AreWeAllMadHere Anyone else experience this? I’m lost please help me, even google doesn’t pull up these seizure symptoms.

To simplify, I have had petit mal seizures since I was 4 years old. I am now 28 and didn’t get them under control for most of my life. At age 13 I had my first grand mal. I used to just convulse and be out of it like usual.
Fast forward to today, I have slowly increased severity in my seizures. I have petit mal seizures before every grand mal so it’s my warning sign. My seizures now:
I convulse , then along with jumping, running, trying to run out the door, actively picking things up and screaming like a demon (how it’s explained to me), smashing into walls and causing head injures .
After all that, apparently I become a cuddly, innocent child. My husband said it was the strangest thing, it doesn’t seem like I just act like a child, but almost like I actually am a young child. Speak like it want to be held etc.
I remember nothing until I come to and ask if I had a seizure to who I’m with because of the lost time.
Wtf is this and why can’t I find anything about it. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.
Seizures have also now been diagnosed, in addition to those two , as pseudo seizures, which dr has said that i have them to cope with stress and we have found no other reasoning after all my life.
I’m here to find answers and maybe someone like me, as I feel alone and want to understand myself.
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2023.06.07 14:00 YeetMyLifeIntoPieces Fans are freaking out and I have no idea why.

This is coming off the back of Kante essentially being on the verge of leaving club. While this state of mania is not restricted to this incident, I will address this first with regards to my confusion.
One of the main reasons fans are freaking out over this is that they think the club and the board is losing it's marbles by letting our champions league winning midfield starter leave the club.
Let me make it abundantly clear: Kanté has been, and will remain to be one of my favorite ever Chelsea players I've had the pleasure of watching. However, we need to be real with ourselves - in the past year, the man hasn't been able to go 3 games without being injured, and even when he was on the field, you could see age clearly catching up to him. In a position like Kanté's, with his particular playstyle, losing even a yard of pace means he'll never really get better from this point on. Look at it after taking off your rose-tinted glasses, and you'll see that we are not losing a starter.
We will not be able to replicate him; players like Kanté you see once in a lifetime, but I am confident that we will be able to find someone who can operate in our midfield to the level of excellence that Chelsea are used to. We've already got Enzo, who honestly I am the most excited for. All we need to do is find someone who compliments him, and we've got an engine in the middle of the park that would play teams off the pitch.
Kanté has been a loyal servant to the club, and I'm sure we all love him for it, but he's got an offer to play football for, quite frankly, silly money, without even accounting for the fact that he's going to play in a country that is, in all sense of the word, a mecca for his practiced faith. No brainer for him, and I wish him nothing but the best in whatever he decides.
Coming to the next issue for this seemingly unrequited panic - Mason Mount.
There are a whole bunch of contradictory reports coming from both camps - Chelsea alleging that Mount turned down a contract in favor of a higher pay, Mounts camp alleging Chelsea refused to offer him what he is worth. Nobody really knows what exactly has transpired behind the scenes of this debacle. My view is that Mounts performance over the past year has not shown us that he deserves to be our top earner. Not by a longshot.
I think fans are severely biased by the fact that he is a homegrown English talent come through the ranks of Cobham, but that is by no means a crutch for mediocrity. Admittedly, our wage structure is very flawed, and that is a topic of discussion for another day, but I reiterate that he does not deserve a jaw-dropping contract.
People often draw comparisons to Reece James and how we treat him, but the main difference here is that on his day (read: fully fit) Reece James is arguably one of the best RBs on the planet. An average performance from him is still miles above anyone in a similar role. If we look at Mount on his day, he is a very good midfielder, nothing more. He does have sparks of brilliance from time-to-time, but he is not consistently a world beater, something that Reece James has the potential to be, provided he isn't riddle by injury. That throws the Reece James comparison out the window.
In a season that we could only describe is abysmal, where there was seldom joy to be found in the way the players performed on the pitch, you go and ask for a higher salary and demand to be "valued"? Especially after consistently dropping below-par, mediocre performances? I'll leave it you how you perceive that.
If he were actually "True Chels" like everyone defending him are claiming, then he'd stick it out next season - during our rebuild, with a proper system and an experienced manager. Chances are if he did stay, under the newer circumstances, I actually do believe that he'd come good, and would put in shifts that would warrant giving him the money that he seemingly has been demanding. But nobody is bigger than the club, and nobody is irreplaceable, especially someone who wants to go to our direct rivals. I can't say I wish him the best, exclusively for that reason, but I have no ill-feeling towards him.
There are other issues that have caused fans to be irate, which I completely understand after the utter shambles of a season we've just witnessed, but we were due a season like this. Every team goes through it at some point in their cycle, and they come out far better for it. That is the point of rebuilds - you build from the ground up and work your way back up to being monsters. It will take some time, but there is no point acting like the ship is sinking when the reality is far from it. It is docked at a shipyard, awaiting new parts, with a new captain at the helm, and in a few months, we will be seaworthy once again.

Up the Chels.
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2023.06.07 14:00 Thrower__ AITA for cutting my friend off?

Ok so, first of all let me state that yes, I Desk, am underage and the other person involved who we will refer too as Klax (first thing that came to mind) is also underage but I do not know if im doing the right thing. So this story starts 2 years ago when I stayed at Klax's house for the first time from then on I would stay at his house more and more often. And then one night we got a 8th of medical grade weed instead of street weed we started off smoking medical grade so it felt like we were (or however you spell that word) comfortable with weed again and would then at that point have someone buy for us.
Fast forward about half a year into late freshman year Klax's consumption along with my consumption tripled essentially but the weed was making Klax's mental health keep going down and down along with certain family things that wouldntve bothered him before this point. And I am not going to say I didnt have a hand in the weed consumption because I was the stoner friend who knew the people who would let us smoke for free sometimes, I also have a bad history with the law (not with weed but for speeding and other things like unregistered vehicles like quads and bikes and running from cops) so I am definitely a contributing factor as a bad influence.
fast forward a little ways farther we enter sophomore year as basically brothers but now since its summer I dont want Klax to keep smoking and Klax also picked up the habit of vaping (because of me this will play a part as im still thinking what I should do because ive tried everything to try and get him to stop but it seems like ive really just enabled him?). fast forward to now we are like a coal train in a cartoon everytime we smoke and its not healthy for Klax mentally and his parents even though they allow him to smoke theyve been pushing him to stop but Klax keeps brushing it off and saying he's fine.
I definitely think because I am a bad influence think I should distance myself but im planning to grab all of his vape and weed stuff so he doesnt smoke and I do not know whether or not this is a good idea so im turning to you guys in the weed community and the aita community for a little guidance
(I directed to the aita thing as this is my first post ever and im just control+c and control+v to make things easier for me)
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2023.06.07 14:00 autotldr Australia to ban Nazi symbols but not the salute, says Mark Dreyfus

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot)
The federal government will ban Nazi symbols with a punishment of up to a year in prison but it will not ban the Nazi salute, the attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, has revealed.
The reform follows a storm of controversy in March over what Dreyfus called a failure by the Coalition to condemn people who used a Nazi salute at an anti-trans rights rally on the steps of the Victorian parliament in Melbourne.
In response the opposition leader, Peter Dutton, proposed to ban all forms of Nazi glorification, including salutes and symbols.
National ban on Nazi salute and insignia would help prevent far-right radicalisation, Asio says.
Dreyfus will introduce a bill next week to make it an offence to publicly display the Nazi Hakenkreuz - the swastika - and the SS Schutzstaffel symbol, or things that closely resemble them.
The ban includes flags, armbands, T-shirts, insignia and the use of these symbols on websites promoting the Nazi ideology.
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