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2023.05.30 23:49 riskyplumbob Main character syndrome? Self-importance? What causes someone to want to suddenly barge in when someone is dying?

I’m pretty upset and I know I’m grieving but this all feels like a slap in the face. I have a friend I’ve been close to since childhood that I’ve distanced myself from immensely over the past 8 months or so. It started a few months back after getting a feeling that I wasn’t just the recipient of some of this hateful behavior. My friend started sending pics of her friends bathroom calling her disgusting and talking about how messy and nasty she was. Chick has four kids, works, and has lots on her plate. Either way, I have extreme executive dysfunction myself and my house is never spotless either. It occurred to me that this friend probably was doing the same thing to me as she always had bad things to say about other people. I figured I probably wasn’t just receiving the information but I may be the subject of this talk to other friends she claims to not like when she’s not around them (but BFFs when they’re together.)
Either way, things took a turn for the worse last week in my life and our friendship and I’ve decided not to just “love her from afar” but to completely cut her off as I felt she obviously sees herself as incredibly entitled to my life when she’s not… and the boundaries she’s crossing with me are things I’d never think of doing to her.
My dad was sent home on hospice. This is it. They can no longer do anything for his cancer and we’re at the point of comfort care… but he is very, very sick and he’s chosen not to have visitors from his own family.. he is truly feeling horrible.
Mind you, this friend has said time and time again she was going to come visit him before he got to this point but would cancel last minute. I never thought too much about it.. it’s just how she is. She has extreme health anxiety and she would always tell me she was too sick to come. I just let it slide as I always have.
Anyway, once we got the news I did want to let her know that he loved her as he had mentioned it and we had been very close as kids and in our early twenties despite slowly growing apart the past few months. He truly loved her and I text her to tell her that. Before I could get a second message out explaining visitation was up to him and as of now he felt terrible and wasn’t up for it, she had text my mom who is in complete denial and going through mental distress over this situation asking when she could come see him. My mom is in such denial that she’s completely convinced he’s going to go back on treatment. I found her texting her like that pretty rude and I told her what was going on and she seemed offended saying she didn’t say anything wrong. Anyway… moments later I open social media and she’s also posted photos of herself crying online and one of them is asking for people to pray for him with his name in the caption. Lots of family didn’t know at this point. I addressed this and told her had she asked it may have been okay to ask for prayers but not with any personal information as lots of people didn’t know yet. She saw no issues with posting crying pics to our circumstances. I just set my boundaries and continued on.. but it didn’t stop.
She starts messaging me asking me to take videos of him while reminding him of things she said when we were kids that she thought he might find funny.. I read this message as my dad is throwing up a bite of apple sauce with it being the only thing he’s eaten in days and crying in pain. I explained to her now was not the time to take videos. She once again seemed upset and said “I just wanted them for memories.” Which I didn’t like as when she saves stuff like this and it pops back up on memories on her device she sends it to me.. I don’t want to receive a video of him faking a laugh while he’s laying here dying a year from now. She sees nothing wrong with it.
She continues to ask to come see him and I had a doctors appointment the next day and told her afterwards I’d let her know if he felt up for it at all but it wasn’t likely. Once again, I came home and he’s sick as a dog and very week. He’s asking to go to bed at like 5pm. I told her it wasn’t a good time that he is just declining. She impatiently says “I just wish you’d let me come see him.” To this I replied “I wish you could have made it before he got this bad. He is dying and he is not up for visitors and we need privacy to give him comfort during this time and for our own grieving process.” She left me on read this time and hasn’t spoken since… to me. She has apparently continued to text my mom and ask about him though.
It was just the final straw with me. I felt like she felt entitled when even our own family hasn’t been that pushy and has respected our time and privacy. I tried so hard to respond to everything respectfully and to explain why we were making these decisions until I realized that’s not my job. I’ve had this issue with nobody else.. I also can’t stop thinking of all the photos of her boyfriends dying coworker she plastered all over Facebook to show they were visiting him and it just felt like attention seeking behavior to me rather than genuine sympathy.
But I’m stuck in this loop… what causes people to be this way? Do they truly not see any issue with it? Is it mental illness? Does everyone deal with this? I’m just baffled as I felt I gave completely reasonable responses that would have given me the idea of “they just need peace” and I wouldn’t have been upset.
The thing is, jumping back to the first paragraph, I’m sure she’s telling everyone some story about it.. but truthfully I’ve told nobody but my mom how she’s acted. I don’t understand.
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2023.05.30 23:49 WhoWho22222 What is your response to someone going all dog mom?

I’m not sure what to say with this one. I have a person I’ve been friends with forever who just got a dog. Not a big deal because everyone I know has a dog or two (or three or four) and I’m used to it. But this one friend has started down the pet mom trail. The other day she said she couldn’t go out because she had to take the “fur baby“ for a drive. And she has called herself a dog mom a few times in the last few weeks. I’ve haven’t been avoiding her because of the new dog. It’s a small dog and I have no idea what it is, nor do I care. I usually avoid my friends/family with pits because I’d like to avoid being mauled, if possible. I try to keep a straight face when she refers to herself as dog mom because I think that crap is beyond silly. How do you all handle your friends that have landed themselves on the nutter scale? I want to tell her that the pet parent thing is dumb but I don’t want to hurt her feelings and I would like to keep her as a friend.
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2023.05.30 23:48 EnbyPotato11 I’ve been thinking about contacting my ex.

I(17) lately have been thinking about my ex R (16). In March of 2020 we met and became friends. They were staying with their grandpa for part of summer and their grandpa is my neighbor (Mr. T).Then they had to leave to go home.
Then in April of 2021 I had to go to my neighbors house as an errand for my dad. Mr. T told me that I should go inside because they were back. I went inside and there they were working on online school. We went outside and that started our daily hangouts.
They didn’t have a phone so we would email each other instead of texting. After a bit we confessed to each other at the exact same time. (It was very cute)
We always hung out in their backyard since their mom didn’t allow them to leave the property. Regardless we had fun listening to music and talking.
Then I showed them a video of a fight that happened at my school and their mom saw us watching it. That got the two of us off on the wrong foot.
After I showed the video R got in trouble and we couldn’t hang out for a few weeks. One day I went over to the house and Mr. T told me that I should march right into the house and tell his daughter that she was acting like a child and that R should be able to hang out again so his grandchild could have their best friend back.
I didn’t quite do that. I went inside and told R’s mother that I’m sorry for showing the fight and that we got off on the wrong foot but maybe we could start over? She said that she respected the apology but that R had to do chores.
That was the beginning of the end.
Soon everything changed. R had told me that they liked another person when we confessed and they had been talking a little bit about having to go back to Montana. But the way they were talking about it, it wasn’t a set thing. And then one day, before school got out, they told me that we couldn’t be together.
The next time I went over they were gone. Mr. T said that they went back to Montana.
Now, I’m thinking about them. Today I went over to their house and just got a rush of memories. Of all the time we spent sitting under the trees listening to music, talking about life. Is running down the hill hand in hand.
I want to see them again. I miss them I think.
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2023.05.30 23:48 JRT91 Should I get 2 syntakts?

Hey guys, so i already have a syntakt and absolutely love it, but I'm finding that if I build out a whole song on it the drums just seem to get lost. Maybe I'm terrible at mixing (in this case filtering) the tracks. I have a digitakt and it sounds so much better having the drums on a separate machine for some reason. This being said, I hate sampling. I like designing my own sounds like on the syntakt. Would 2 syntakts be worth it? One for melody and one just for drums (Maybe a digitone or cycles). Let me know some suggestions. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:47 Poptart06 24 [M4F] #Michigan Looking for a connection 😊

Hi everyone,
I have decided to post on here again as dating apps don’t seem to be working…
I am a M24 who is about to be in his last year of grad school! I am getting my masters in communications. I work in the IT department at the university I attend and love working in it!
In my free time, I love to play and watch sports! I love to play soccer and basketball! I also really enjoy music and singing along to songs by my favorite artists such as AJR, Khalid, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise.
I also am heavily into gaming and play various games on my PS5, I don’t have a PC sadly but I’m thinking of saving up for one!
In terms of what I’m looking for, I’m looking for someone that I can grow with and travel the world with! I’d love to find someone that pushes me outside of my comfort zone to do things I wouldn’t always necessarily do.
I don’t really care where your from and am willing to make long distance work!
All I ask is that in your opening message please include your age and a little bit about yourself and a picture if you feel comfortable 😊
Thank you for reading, and I look forward to meeting you soon😊
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2023.05.30 23:47 Weak-Manufacturer840 AITA for telling my daughter in law don’t call her daughter after me

My grammar is just bad so no need to point it out and if you wanna make jokes please go right ahead
Very important info My name is Karen, my last name is something that sounds like a nickname for a penis think otool or dick and I’m a boomer …so yeah thank god for my good sense of humour
So I’m a Karen who comes from a long line of Karen’s every family has a Karen But I don’t want the Karen line to continue the names fucking ugly anyway before all the hilarious Facebook posts
I’ve four boys so until now I’ve not had to deal with the Karen issue till my youngest wife found out she was having a beautiful baby girl
I’m extremely close to my daughter in law because her cunt parents disowned her when she came out as bisexual imagine using religion to disown your own child? I’ve been heavily involved in her pregnancy and she even wants me there when she gives birth because I was a midwife for 30 years, they dropped hints but I hoped they call her after the girl Katherine from the vampire show like they first suggested
A while ago they sat me down excited and told me they’d call her Karen after me now it broke my heart when my daughter in law gave a big speech how much I’ve been there for her and she sees me as her mom because I knew her joy would be short lived
Basically the short version I told her please don’t ruin her daughters life and call her after especially with the stereotype that comes with it , I may find the jokes funny but I’ve had cousins who’ve actually been extremely negatively affected by it, I also told her I’m forever grateful and honoured but their first choice is the better option
Unfortunately my dil just got up and left in tears and my son told me he gets it but she thinks the world of me so I’ve really hurt her
I really thought I was only looking out for my future grandchild but now I’m feeling like the mega Karen
AITA for being a Karen
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2023.05.30 23:47 OogaBoogaBoy7 Chequing and savings account for 17 year old

“I” am with tangerine right now, kind of. It’s my moms chequing account that she’s given me and I transfer money from my savings account to whenever I want to spend money. This is super annoying because I always have to ask her first and she rarely answers the phone. I can’t have any access to my chequeing account, like can’t even look at it so I’m always blind as to how much money I have so my card often declines and tangerine is not helping. Looking for a bank that will allow me to have a chequing and savings in my name as a student. Preferably one that allows lots of e-transfers. Thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 23:47 confused-grunts Help Identifying 8Turn's Jaeyun's Unique Voice

Hi! The reason I am making this post is because I need help describing why Jaeyun's voice, from new rookie boy group 8turn, is so unique. I have no formal knowledge in singing or vocals so I was hoping someone could help explain why his tone seems so different compared to other male idols and provide some technical explanation about it because it's been driving me crazy not being able to describe why it's so unique.
Here are some performances of him showcasing his tone: there is this one (timestamped to where he sings) where his group cover's 4Minute's Crazy which I fully recommend watching, here are his two prominent lines (1, 2) in their debut song Tic Tac, and here is him singing a short snippet of New Jean's Cookie.
If I had to describe his voice it's full, like it does sound deep but it's not only deep but super rich. Most people, whenever they react to 8turn's music or performances, point out his singing. It also doesn't sound like he's forcing his voice to go so wide and deep and that it's natural, so I was wondering if maybe he has a natural vocal range outside of the norm for male idols. It's almost like his voice is naturally pitched down like those audios for Anime MVs or Tik Toks. I swear I haven't heard a kpop singer like him in awhile and that most male idols sound more airy (?) and light. If anyone could help explain why please do!
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2023.05.30 23:46 ThrowawayTrashBoy45 I hate when my mom makes me take out the trash and my mom doesn’t care.

Ok I know how this sounds but hear me out. My (16m) mom (34f) makes me take out the trash. Pretty normal teenager stuff right? Well except when I do it, it’s the most revolting stuff ever. My mom and stepdad both have Chrones’ disease (I think that’s how you spell it?) and they get very sick easily. They are constantly throwing up and having acid reflux. And since they’re sick so often, I’m the one who has to take out the trash, and I’m not home very often, maybe 2 days a week. So what happens is that the trash builds up because I’m rarely home, so when I do get home, it is around twelve bags full of vomit and blood tissues along with a bunch of gross moldy food, and they never help! I’ve ruined clothes because vomit pours on to it from the trash bags, and it costs us money to wash it, so I have to wait a long time before I can wash it and by then it’s basically ruined it. I don’t blame them for being sick or anything, and I love them, but I just wish that every once in a while they would take out a bag or two themselves because they do have days where they feel completely fine, and they can do it on those days!
Sorry if this is hard to read, or if I sound like I’m just whining, but I’m really annoyed and getting sick of it! Feel free to give your thoughts or whatever in the comments or something.
Edit: Also for the record, I have brought this up to her multiple times but she kinda always uses the same excuse “Well we’re sick so often we can’t do it” except there are days where she says she feels completely fine! Also I don’t blame my stepdad basically at all since he has it a lot worse and can barely move a lot of the times.
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2023.05.30 23:46 blacksmithinghelp (FxA) Family relationship

Hey there, if your reading this thsn that means my super basic title got you interested which is awsome and if you are interested than here is a more indepth explenation of what im looking for!
Im lookimg fir a partner to do a relationship between 2 family members, im up for either FxM or FxF relationships, im up for age gaps, im up for alot of things really but I do NOT want a rp thst id majority smut, I like there to be some smut but not alot. Im also up for pretty much every family pairing out there,
Brother x sister
Sister x Sister
Twins, (most interested)
Aunt x Nephew,
Uncle x Niece (most interested)
Mom x son
Dad x daughter
Mom x daughter (most interested)
If my idea interested you than awsome but here are some things you should probably know about me:
I consider myself literate and I tend to tyoe around 4 paragraphs, and I do sometimes go over the discord word limit. Oh and I only rp on discord.
I reply fairly fast, but I do work thursday-monday so my responses will be slow on those days. Sometimes stuff comes up in my personal life and I habe to stop role playing, sometimes I just completly forget tk tell my partners but most of the time I remember to tell them whats going on.
If your interested feel free to dm me or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.🙂🙂
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2023.05.30 23:46 Objective_Ad_9402 AITA for informing my mother that my brother broke a rule she set in place

Earlier today I (18f) saw my brother (16m), let’s call him Jake for the sake of privacy, eating Tim Horton's despite the fact that my mother (48f) told him to lay off on the restaurant food because it is expensive and he's draining his bank account on restaurant food because he's too lazy to make his own lunches. When I told him that if he didn't lay off the restaurant food, I'd tell mom, Jake threatened to dump his Orange Crush on my hair. (He often threatens me when I don't do what he likes).
I laugh it off and go get my stuff at my locker for my next class and very discreetly text my mother about the Tim's I saw him eat. My mother softly scolded me for stooling Jake, saying that it wasn't necessary.
Come dinner time, we are sitting at the table and my mother casually tells Jake that she's heard that he went to Tim Horton's for lunch. He tried to lie as he always does, but it fails. Jake as a massive spending issue and he needs to have his expenses monitored so he doesn't become broke and have nothing to pay his tuition with so mom brings up that she saw that he bought something at the gas station (gas station is near the Tim Horton's) and he starts screeching at her which is usually a good indication that he's lying about something.
My mother calmly tells Jake that about a month or so ago, he told me that I should respect the rules even if I don't like them. Jake angrily proclaims that she just wants him to be dehydrated because heaven forbid he be called out on his spending issues and storms off.
He's still sulking in the basement and I feel like I've created more issues within the family by speaking up. So I turn to you, fair Redditors, AITA for telling my mother that Jake went to a restaurant despite being told not to?
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2023.05.30 23:46 LMT2303 AITA For Ending A 23 Year Friendship With My Best Friend?

AITA For Ending A 23 Year Friendship With My Best Friend?
I, 36 F, and my friend 39 M have been friends for 23 years. We started being friends by the time I was 14 and a freshman and he was 16 and a junior in high school. Even though we have had our little spats over the years, we never had any major hardships. He comes from out of state to visit with me anywhere from 2 to 4 times a year. Most of our visits are pleasant and we enjoy each other’s company. To me, my best friend is like a part of my family. He knows my family and my children even call him “Uncle”; and I am well acquainted with his family, especially his mom. We have arguments and disagreements like any other set of friends do and we usually get past them. This past weekend, he came up to visit me and my family for Memorial Day weekend.. for the first few hours of his arrival on Friday, everything went great and seemed normal. Then, we had to run to the store to grab some things to prepare for the weekend. I noticed he was on his phone and wanted to sit in the gardening section. I thought it was kind of odd but I didn’t pay much attention to it. After 45 minutes, he started to get aggravated and argumentative and I took it as it was a “bad conversation” and let him blow off steam. After he got himself pulled together, we got checked out and went to my house. Everything on Friday seemed to be okay. Saturday comes around and we went to the flea market and the outlet mall. While I was intrigued about everything I was looking at, he had himself glued to his phone watching the nascar races. I was starting to get annoyed because I had to constantly speak over his phone to get his attention. I even got upset when he took his hands off the steering wheel and was watching his race on his phone. Never mind that his car has an auto pilot setting on it, but it still made me extremely nervous with my 2 children, 16 F and 14 M, in the car. He got mad at me and berated me in front of my children. I didn’t speak the rest of the way home. We also had other company over that evening and he was argumentative with my company for the sake of arguing. My husband, 51 M, had to step in and diffuse the situation before it got any worse. My friend eventually got upset and went to bed. Sunday was the absolute worst! He started again by watching his nascar races on his phone while I was doing things around the house to make sure that chores were done. I did walk outside several times just to get away from the noise. He finally came outside where I was at one point and asked me why I was ignoring him. I told him politely that I wasn’t ignoring but that I was raised with manners to keep from interrupting people when they are doing something… he then proceeded to call me crazy and a dumbass and that I was the one ignoring him. I was upset at this point and told him that he didn’t need to be on his phone while he was visiting someone else’s home. He stormed back in and I thought the situation was handled. Later on that evening, my husband was cooking out on the grill and we had at least 10 people at our home. My friend then proceeded to argue, yet again, with our company and my 14 year old son. It got to a point to where my 16 year old autistic daughter said to my friend “this is what you’re doing; this is what I want you to do” while even using the hand gesture. As a parent, I probably should have corrected her. However, everyone at the table busted out laughing except for him. I was hoping that would eventually just shut him up. After a couple of our guests left, he started up another argument and this time, it was with my 14 year old son. He called my child a dumbass and other brutal remarks. My son called him a political slur and this send my friend over the edge. My son was angry with him and told him to quit arguing with a child like he was a child. My husband, yet again, stepped in and diffused the situation where my friend went inside. My son and his friend pitched a tent in the yard so they didn’t have to sleep under the same roof as my friend. When my husband, daughter and I started to go inside, my friend was walking out with some of his things and let me know he was putting his stuff in the car. I didn’t think anything of it and went to bed. Monday morning rolls around and I was fixing coffee for everyone when my friend came screaming at me saying that everyone was being rude to him, yelling at him, ignoring him and acting like a bunch of assholes to him. I told him that I had not had my coffee yet and now was not the time… for Christ’s sake it was only 8:30! Later on that morning, my son did try to apologize for saying what he said and arguing with him. My friend berated him and told my son he had no right to act the way he did. My son merely defended himself as well as he should have. Eventually, everything died down and my daughter and I had made his birthday cake. After we made it, we packed it up so he could leave to go back home. After the way he disrespected my home, my family and my company, I am wondering if I can get past this with a new set of boundaries. My mind and soul tells me to chalk this up and throw it in the trash for the dumpster fire that it is. Am I the asshole for throwing away a 23 year friendship with my best friend?
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2023.05.30 23:45 xfroghx cat acting aggressive towards me since new cat was introduced

my dads cat (moki), is gonna be staying at my moms house for about a month. her and my other cat, pepper (who lives permanently at my moms house) never really got along. it's been a few days since moki's been here and she's acting perfectly fine. however, pepper has been acting really aggressive towards not just her, but me as well. every time i try to get near her now or pet her, she begins to growl and occasionally hiss at me. for now the cats are separated but i just don't know how to calm pepper down and get her to stop attacking me and moki. please give advice!
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2023.05.30 23:45 Chia_Sophia 26 [F4M] US/Anywhere - Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

For starters, hi! As you’ve probably gleaned from the title, I’m 26 years old, I live in the U.S., I use dated song references, and I’m turning to Reddit to hopefully find romance.
About me: I currently work as a receptionist for a small company. When I’m not working, you can find me either at cultural festivals, spending time with my two rambunctious dogs, volunteering, crafting, gardening, exploring nearby ghost towns, or all of the above. I'm also inquisitive by nature, and can easily spend hours watching documentaries, or venturing down internet rabbit-holes.
About you: You’re someone who isn’t afraid to be yourself, whether that involves you indulging in hobbies that some might deem “childish”, or by telling corny jokes that make you laugh more than anyone else. You're empathetic, patient, driven, an animal lover, and you strive to be a healthy communicator.
Please, don’t hesitate to reach out if any of this intrigued you!
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2023.05.30 23:45 Classic_Individual50 Why does my narcissist do this?

Long story short I have an awful narcissist for a sister. She is by far the most difficult, tragic and dangerous person I have ever dealt with in my life. She isn't somebody I ever knew much as a child as she is over 20 years older then me (I was a mistake pregnancy, also was born with autism and a very high IQ fun fact). She is the classic narcissist with not a single trait that isn't narcissistic. Literally fits the DSMV and googles description to a tee.
She is horribly difficult to deal with. Are you a hospital who denied her drugs because she has a history of abusing them? Prepare for a year long Facebook smear campaign about you being evil and Christian operated. Are you her husband? Prepare for her to cheat on you, divorce you randomly and then tell everybody you're a pedophile. Are you a family member of hers who finally got a successful business? Prepare for her to literally try to sue you. Are you a friend of hers dating a muslim girl? You will have your life threatened. She will worm her way into your family and cause chaos any way humanly possible. For some reason my mom stayed in contact with her because she's elderly and desperate for contact and my sister takes advantage of that.
I managed to get away from my sister for a good 10 years but because I live with my mom she took advantage of this by causing chaos by alleging horrible things about various family members. I confronted her about this and she and her husband reacted psychotically. Stalking me for an entire YEAR. Making subreddits about me with hundreds of followers about how I was a pedophile (with no evidence, which makes the confidence there terrifying). Contacting the sheriffs office where I work and trying to get me fired. Because of her I'm now not able to see various family members because she manipulated them into her circle and convinced them I was evil. She is doing this to her ex husband too, who she filed a police report on and is trying to get arrested every day.
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2023.05.30 23:44 rebebunnie Am I wrong?

I am furious, but am I wrong? I called off a wedding back in 2003, and my unused dress (with tags) has hung in my moms basement cabinet for years. I had planned on selling it, but it reminds me of my Grandma (she was with me when I bought it) and never got around to it. Anyway, my now husband literally donated it while I was out and lied that he did it. I have ZERO feelings for my ex-finance, seriously , and was going to sell it to make some money. I also am heartbroken I didn’t get any pictures of it or make that decision. I am so mad he did that and he is furious I had it for so many years. I broke it off FOUR years before I met him. He is now treating me like crap. Am I wrong? TL;DR
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2023.05.30 23:44 1DaughterOfDathomir Am I Overreacting for not wanting to tell JNMIL about my pregnancy?

Long time lurker, first time poster in this Sub. My Fiancé (27 M) and I (27 F) have been together 7.5 years (engaged for 6 months) and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first, a boy, due in November. From our “celebratory times” post engagement my family jokingly says.
I could write a novel on all the B.S we’ve gone through with JN but I’ll try* to keep this short for the sake of this post, but this is years of crap and abuse so I apologize in advance if this gets long and out of sorts. Maybe some day I can post specific examples/stories of all the shit she’s done.
She was wonderful for about the first year or so, then when she saw I was someone serious she changed her tune about me. She’s a typical Narc who see’s me as stealing her “perfect Angel boy”, whom she treated as her surrogate husband post divorce (divorced when Fiancé was 8 as a result of her cheating amongst other things). She’s a serial boundary stomper. I’m the one who is “behind” my fiancé manipulating every move he makes and every word he says, because she can’t fathom that her baby boy has a mind and will of his own to do what HE feels is right!
My fiancé is wonderful and has the shiniest spine, and has told her off many times and had even moved out of her house (immediately, I’m talking overnight here) and went NC for about 3 years when things reached an incredibly ugly point (around 2017/2018). Within the last few years he has tried going LC with her but it still results in issues and problems because she cannot control him, his life, relationship and is not the perpetual center of attention. However the last few months he felt she was changing, as she was reaching out to his sister (21 F who is also NC with her for a ton of despicable reasons on JNMIL part as well) which he felt was a positive sign. Mind you SIL has not felt comfortable with any of her “attempts” and does not want to have a relationship with her at this time for all the abuse she has put her through and rightly so! IMO most of her attempts were public grabs for attention, to be able to say “see I tried!” and not genuine acts from her heart. They’ve all been public displays like showing up to her college sports games uninvited, leaving oversized signs staked into her lawn, leaving gifts on her porch and notes on her car etc. None of her notes have held any sort of accountability/apology just the good ole “God doesn’t want us apart. Family is everything, Mommy loves you” VOMIT.
My fiancé does want to have a relationship with her but is still somewhat conflicted. He is trying to be the biggebetter person and give her a chance because he doesn’t want to live his life with regret towards this of any kind. Which I understand but I just can’t get past. I’m sure it’s easier for me to feel and hold onto as she’s not my mother, but the amount of abuse she has put my fiancé and SIL through and even myself I cannot forget.
Now onto to my question/concern. I personally do not want her to know anything about my pregnancy, maybe even a little after the baby is born. My fiancé says it doesn’t really affect me that much because I don’t have to see her and talk to her (which I don’t thank GOD). However I don’t want her to think this is opening up gates for her to do so. I know she would just treat me like an incubator and try to “butter me up” and act fake nice in order to try and worm her way close to my child. I’m afraid we’ll go the rest of my pregnancy with her attempts and hearing about how much she’s “changed” just to have big problems erupt when baby is born because she’s not going to be allowed in the hospital or to see him right away (which I’m not even sure if I want my own family there during or immediately after). We could try and set boundaries all we want to but I know for certain she doesn’t believe they apply to her and she’s entitled to do/say whatever she feels. She would always state that she’s the “queen” because she’s his (fiancé’s) mother and deserves special treatment and when I’ve asked about my own mom and the special treatment she deserves she tells me it’s not the same and she doesn’t matter… OKAY. This woman has stated to my fiancé and I quote “I’M top dog and she’ll get to be top dog when I’m DEAD” referring to how she’s the top person in Fiancé’s life and I can have that spot over her cold, dead body. Like what the actual F? So reasoning with her on boundaries is not exactly easy or in the question.
Personally I don’t want to let her in on my pregnancy or anytime close after. For my own peace of mind and sanity. Fiancé is afraid she will find out through mutuals that we’re expecting and doesn’t want her to blow up about it, or be mad because she didn’t get told sooner. I’m on the side of I DON’T CARE how she finds out, I want to have a stress free pregnancy and PP away from her. I’m afraid if he lets her in now she will gain all these delusional expectations about our relationship and her relationship to LO. So I’d rather deal with her finding out on her own or her finding out after and still being angry. Not having to jump hurdles of her crap while still pregnant.
I’d like to add that this isn’t something fiancé and I argue about just is something we discuss our concerns over. I know if I really put my foot down and said No he would respect me and my wishes and follow along. I guess I just feel maybe as thought I’m in the wrong or just being petty and unable to to let the past go. So AITA here?
(Sorry this rambled on for so long, thank you to anyone who stuck around to the end!)
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2023.05.30 23:44 inbe5theman Mother Son Dance songs

Pretty self explanatory.
I am getting married this weekend and have been sifting through endless songs to pick for my mother and i. I need some suggestions on what good Armenian songs there are for such an occasion.
I am Western Armenian but I won’t mind eastern Armenian songs.
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2023.05.30 23:44 UnitedforSoundMoney A Short History of Fiat Currency Failures: Imperial Chinese Paper Money

The Chinese were the pioneers of paper money, which took different forms under various dynasties.
During the Song Dynasty, the jiaozi emerged as a widely circulated paper currency in Sichuan. Initially a receipt for iron money deposits, it eventually became a medium of exchange. However, excessive supply led to inflation, prompting its replacement with the qianyin.
The Southern Song Empire introduced the huizi as the first national paper currency but struggled to control its supply, resulting in rampant inflation.
The Yuan Dynasty followed with the jiaochao, initially backed by silk or silver, but excessive printing caused its rejection.
The Ming Dynasty introduced the baochao as fiat currency, but citizens distrusted it and preferred silver. As inflation eroded its value, even government officials abandoned it, leading to its discontinuation and the restoration of silver as the primary currency.
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2023.05.30 23:44 Muted-Cell8646 dreamed of the end of the universe a few weeks ago

i was eating dinner with my family, we were chatting everything was fine
my brother was browsing twitter during this dinner and he received an information very important destined for the entire world
he told us "this is it, the scientists discovered how to activate the negative energy of an atom"
me and my mother looked at each other for a second and we both thought "bro, they discovered how to use quantum physic, they could make a mistake at any moment right now, simultaneously as we speak"
my other brother said "thats it, its over"
and when he said that there was a huge black matter which was taking all over the "screen" and closed on him
after that, it was all black
i remember understanding that they created a black hole by mistake and by a second the earth ceased to exist
i didnt feel really sad, i was a little bit scared and like "bro that’s how it ends, it sucks, im ceasing to exist just like that?" i had a conscience but i didnt have a body, i just saw a black screen and i was alone with my thoughts
at the end of the dream, i saw a gigantic eye in the middle of the black screen
the craziest thing abt this dream is how i felt IRL while i was asleep, i felt in my legs and arms a weird sensation like an electric shock and then it woke me up
i ran to my mom and told her the dream
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2023.05.30 23:43 eshum953 type 1 bayonet identification

type 1 bayonet identification
mom bought it in a box of random shit she got for $60 and plans to resell it, anyone know where it was made? i think russian based on my limited info but can't find anything definitive
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2023.05.30 23:43 HedgehogMoney2428 Telegram:@contentbea Am selling mom and son daddy and daughter black rape gay young rape if you are down text me on telegram @contentbea rn ask for price and get the link. When your search my na u gonna see (Legit baby) that me.

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