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My top 20 most important characters to overall story

2023.05.28 14:42 MSDuarte7 My top 20 most important characters to overall story

My top 20 most important characters to overall story
Protagonist/Deuteragonist - Can't say much, Just The two most important characters of story lol
Major main characters - Essential to story, without them, most of main story and subplot wouldn't exist
Relevant To story - Part of Main cast, but with a less importance, depending of author, they could've been replaced by another characters
Major side characters - The most important of side characters, they are Just there to improve more The world building and help in a deep way The main plots of story
Side characters (Not on tier) - The support characters that are there to help The main cast in a more simple way to develop more them and The story, basically The rest of pro heroes, UA and heroes' parent
Do you agree?
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2023.05.28 14:39 boifromMars What is this?

What is this?
So I live in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan in the United States, and found this little thing washed off me in the shower. I've been having issues with these spiders for a few weeks now, but I've only seen them in my basement. First time I saw one was a few weeks ago when I was rearranging the couch cushions, he came crawling up from a hole that leads to the underside of the couch. Next time I saw one was when I was moving a blanket from off the floor onto the couch, he crawled off the blanket into plain view. This is the latest I've seen one, and the thought that it was crawling on me haunts me. If you need more information just ask!
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2023.05.28 14:39 Lost-War4769 How to stop ruminating

Like I don't even know where the intrusive thought ends and the ruminating begins. I feel like I have to accept that I will be stuck in this thought loop (meta OCD) forever. I don't know what else to think about, like nothing else is important anymore at all. Everything I used to care about means nothing - I don't mean like my family or friends albeit my empathy is gone and just jealousy remains - but like for example I was studying to be a Work Psychologist and now none of that means anything to me, not that I even have enough focus to get through one page of reading.
Nothing interests me anymore and that terrifies me. Obviously aware that's depression, but in the past I was always able to get myself out of it by working on myself. Just don't see a point if I am to suffer being in a thought loop forever.
So my question is, how do you redirect your thoughts and if so, any tips? And also, is anyone else in the same boat where they just exist with 24/7 rumination but have been able to put it to the back of their mind instead of playing in the very front?
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2023.05.28 14:39 resurrective Chapter 17 - The trial of Heart

The black domes, they were pocket dimensions, which were completely detached from the material world. Bound to the stream of souls, flowing inside the ephemeral branches of the world tree, they presented a personal hell for each person cast into them. They are a limbo of regrets, the hell of one’s own making, places where the living meets the dead.
There’s only so many ways to elope them. One must either reconcile with the restless souls, or join them, succumbing to their rage and regret that they carried into their afterlife. After all, to even get there, one must possess unparalleled strength and resilience; and only those who had caused deaths and destruction on their path to greatness can even hope to get to this trial.
Freia, Flare, the First princess of Jioral. For some – a good friend, lover, and companion. For others – a nightmare embodied, a vessel of divine powers, a force to be reckoned with. She had many enemies: princes and princesses felled by her authority, treacherous servants and greedy nobles, the knights, who opposed her corruption, slavers and bandits, destroyed on her quest for redemption and restoration of herself… But there were more. Children she had burned, serving her kingdom, women who perished by the tides she conjured, men that had been torn apart by raging tornados of her making, elderly that were buried under the rubble she created…
And how did she oppose them?
“Flagella terram et vescere inimicis meis, o magnum tempestas ignis!” The sorceress chanted, spinning her staff above her head. Then, right before the raging mob reached her, she hid from them behind a vortex of fire. One move and this wave of heat would incinerate everything and everyone in this accursed realm. But…
SUNNARI (die)!
Curses and jealousy, bitterness and hatred. The chorus of tortured souls surrounding the fiery boundary couldn’t be silenced even by the roaring flame. There couldn’t be any redemption.
“I’m sorry for all of you, who unjustly died by my hand!..” And even though there were people deserving their apologies, those who had to perish in favor of Flare’s political ambitions, those she sacrificed to appease her tyrannical father…
“But I won’t give in to you!” The pink-haired woman exclaimed, absorbing mana into her staff. “Furthermore, there’re those of you I will never regret killing! And there are those, for whom I must live! I MUST GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!” Then, she slammed the lower tip of her weapon into the floor made of the absolute darkness. Instead of wailing, being consumed by fear, guilt, self-loathing, and, ultimately, perishing, Freia sundered this entire “world”. One magical strike from her, and cracks of white and gold covered the entire dome. The wall of fire faded, but when the vengeful spirits rushed forward to maul their prey, they crumbled into piles of black salt. “I’m so… so sorry!” The girl lamented, kneeling near the remains of children, whose future she stole. “But I… I must move forward. I must save…”

Sparks and crackling, whistle and dazzling – time and time again the surge of lightning breached through the veil of darkness.
UO-O-O-O-O-O!!!” A guttural scream filled the oppressive silence under the dome. Eve Reese, so childish and bashful, so eager to prove herself, now wore a stone mask of indifference. “Nira-a-a (no-o-o)!!! Yuarmta (I won’t forgive you)!!!” Cornar yelled, held still by at least seven shadows, he had been tortured, killed, bruised, smitten by the raging element of lightning. No longer did the girl see him as a threat; no longer did she cower at the feet of her former husband. Maybe, Eve was condemned to getting back her memories as a means of punishment, something that would make her sympathize with this petty little tyrant…
Yuarm yau (I don’t need your forgiveness).” The Me-ua kahul spoke, looking at her crackling right arm, trembling with power and guilt combined. Not for forsaking her would-be-spouse, not for becoming Panakea’s pawn…
These souls, these loyal shadows – turned out, she never called upon them… until the very end. Her subjects, her brethren… Eve feared that if she let them out, they would tear her tyrannical husband into little pieces.
“Haa… Haa…” And now, she had to choose. To turn around and let someone else fix her problem, or… “Haa… HAA!!! HAA!!! HAA!!! SUNI (I’ll kill you)!!!
A Punch to the maw, to the chest, through the ribs, to the heart! He didn’t die! He couldn’t die here! This scumbag of a man, this monster just wouldn’t go away! No matter how much pain she caused him, no matter how many times she slit his throat, broke through his torso, shocked him with spells, cut him with magical light…
And what of Cornar?
A-A-A-A-A!!! A-A-AGH!!! HA-HA-HA-A!!! NA SHENBATA, SETOAN (you can’t get rid of me, woman)!!!” The son of Hakuo never relented. He relished in his immortality, laughed through the hellish torments Eve inflicted upon him. The skinned lion spotted a weakness in Eve’s heart, and he pressed at it, as if breaking the girl would get him back to the world of the living…
No, he wanted to take Eve to the world of dead.
“Gha-a-a-a… Agh-h-h…” The queen-to-be grabbed her forehead, her rugged breath not only siphoned all the focus out of her, threatening to cast the girl into a pit of despair, it also deteriorated her control over the mana she wielded. Unlike the city of salt, there was enough ambient magic to harvest here, but doing so would require skills, precision, and, most importantly, personal discipline and control over one’s own mind.
Praibi, orna Iblis (Drain yourself, my Iblis)!” The prince of Batnara shashu tribe provoked, feeling the grip of the shadows losing its strength. A little more, and he’d be free… A little more…
“Hm…” But Eve wouldn’t relent. She once again covered her arm in a coat of magical lightning. She would never surrender; the queen would never let anyone treat her like a slave ever again. Not after Keyaruga’s perseverance taught her a lesson of resilience. Not after his gentleness, however tainted by his wounds, showed her what true love should look like.
She took a swing, prepared to strike…
“…” But then, two winged shadows stopped her hand. Amda and Sana, they were barely recognizable in their spiritual forms… but Eve would never mistake her parents for anyone else. They couldn’t speak, yet they still communicated with their daughter through other means. Emotions, wishes, urges – they never wished such evil to befall their daughter, but what they hated even more – was to see their child descend into the same pit.
“I… I don’t… have to?..” They asked her to stop, to let them relieve her of that burden. “B-but!.. No! You will die!” The girl snarled, grabbing her parents in a hug. She knew what was to come – her mother, father – they wished to sacrifice themselves to drag Cornar back to the afterlife. But that… wouldn’t that mean she’d lose them all over again? Wouldn’t…
Yes! You’re dead! So what?! What do I?..” The feeling of pain and powerlessness engulfed the verdant woman. Barely had she found the strength to stand before her fallen tribe, before those who she desired to see the most now left her.
YOTJAR (finally)!!!” With Eve’s will getting weaker, so did the shadows of her ethereal court. Her tyrannical husband finally broke free, slamming and stomping her shadows, as they fruitlessly tried stopping him. Amda and Sana Reese hugged their child for the last time… and now they stood up to defend their precious daughter. That is… the least they could do.

Freia broke inside another dome. From the outside, they looked like bright constellations of stars, formed on the points of a massive, galactic-scaled pentagram. The personal chamber for each of the contenders. One was broken from the inside, collapsing inwards, into a black hole with an orange halo – this was Freia’s dome. There were four more. Two were dimmed, two still shone brightly. The Hero of Magic travelled through this empty space, lit by numerous distant stars. In her current form, things like speed, form, and time – none of them mattered, aside from her destination. And now, she had to choose one of the two luminous chambers.

What is true power? Does one determine this abstract concept by the weight one can lift with their muscles? Maybe it was the charisma necessary to lead the masses? Enough money to influence others? Authority earned or inherited?
“Well-well-well…” Whatever the answer truly was, Ellen had none of it right now. No strength to fight, no troops to hide behind, and certainly – those who opposed her now had little if any need of whatever amount of gold she now carried.
TANOUTUR (murderer)!
NEZAH (why)?!
MERA RIVARO (my life)!..
YAU MA (how dare you)!
Oh, they came for Norn. There were hundreds, if not thousands of them, some she could recall from her Murian and Teuteccain campaigns – the series of expansions past the great wall; others were the court warlords she and John unseated in her ascension; rebellious villagers too came to exact their revenge on the younger princess, after her demons decimated them; and there were the victims of Buranikka’s carnage. This was the mountain of corpses Norn Clatalissa Jioral used to climb onto the very peak of political power…
“Now then, what do you want from me? An apology? Maybe my penance?” Even now, surrounded by countless dead souls, whose entire being now revolved around their grudge, the girl wouldn’t let herself be crushed by their rage. Not mentally, at least.
MAN WOR YAKSI (give me your eyes)!
And so, hundreds of voices began howling in unison. So passionate, so eager to share their hardships and aspirations, that Ellen actually started pitying them a little. So many words, so much pain in them.
“Haa… I guess, that something like this was bound to happen someday. Well…” Instead of listening to the rest of the traumatizing nonsense and wailing, the crimson-headed cutie just began… to simply undress. “I don’t have the power to struggle, I can’t break out of here, and all of you came here for me. So go on. Rape me, maul me, kill me, do whatever you want. I’ve already done everything I wanted.” Ellen, now naked and completely defenseless, stretched out on the ethereal black floor, looking into the endless black void above her. The raging souls now came closer and closer, dozens of faces now loomed above her, as their hands reached out to grab the fallen warlady and tear her apart. This… was the end.
Keyaruga, Setsuna, sister… I hope you won’t miss me too much.
And so, she closed her eyes. Time to finally die.

There was no pain, nobody dragged the girl around, not even a single blow fell upon her. Ellen was… safe?
YOLA-A-A-A-A (it hu-u-u-urts)!!!
Slice and dicing, the ripping of flesh and clattered bones, “death” of a sort, dealt to the undying, torment for the tormented who themselves wished to inflict suffering upon her – someone kept the restless souls away from the princess. Someone precise, fast, and masterful with his tools of mayhem.
“Haa, is that you, Organ?” Ellen asked sullenly. Denied her excruciating retribution once more, she could only cover her tightly shut eyes with her palms.
“How did you know, Your Highness?” Indeed, it was him. As brutal as he was gallant, the deceased demigod was the only one out of these dead souls, who spoke to her, and not wailed at her like some sort of a beast.
“I know only two men, who’d come for me here, and the other isn’t so discreet, you moron.” The young general replied, opening her eyelids. The first thing she saw was the Champion of Jioral, covered in black blood. His prized amber eyes were no more, only black gaping holes were there instead. “Why’re you here? Do you want a piece of me for yourself?” The girl asked, still unwilling to stand up. Honestly, she felt robbed at this moment. This would be such a fitting end for her, but no! “Don’t tell me you’ve just barged in here to… Pff! PROTECT… me.” The second princess spat these words through her painfully clenched teeth.
“First things first, Lady Norn, I suggest you cover your shame and cease this indecency.” The warrior spoke, piercing and slashing the mob with his sword, impaling them with his hidden blade, tossing them back with his kicks. He was far from his prime form, and so, wounds and sores, cuts and lesions were left on him, as he, alone, overpowered dozens of raging men and women, keeping them away from the girl he swore to protect. Indeed… “Forgive me, princess, but I made a vow to your mother, and death is hardly a valid reason to…”
YAKS… (giv…) A-A-A-A!!!
“…to renounce my…”
DOKI-I-I (step away)!!!
“…loyalty to her!”
Despite everything, no matter the odds, Hawkeye continued to push back the angry spirits. He couldn’t dodge, as every missed blow could land on the lady, he couldn’t step back, as she needed protection more than any time in her life, and, certainly, sustained by this oppressive dimension, he couldn’t die. He couldn’t kill anyone, as they just rose anew from their own black blood, but the man couldn’t retreat.
“He-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…” The princess chuckled, curling her torso in order to sit up. It hurt her stomach, but the girl persevered nonetheless. “Why am I always surrounded by stupid stubborn men, who just can’t help but dingle their balls before me? Seriously, a dead man, upholding a promise to a dead woman, how much more ridiculous can this get?” The girl scoffed, pulling back her panties, bra, and whatever she left lying around, back on. After all, why even bother now? “Be honest, idiot! What do you want from me?”
“I came here…”
Slash, backflip, tackle, toss – Organ Trist twirled around his commander, pushing back everyone, who came too close to his prized princess.
“…to ask you, Lady Norn!..”
Shoulder slam, side-kick, a flurry of bloodshed embodied in the son of Artemis!
“…to save my…”
Stabbing enemies with that hidden blade, crushing their skulls with the handle of his blade, ripping their eyes out and tossing them away – however useless this double-sided brutality may seem, Hawkeye had purpose, skill, and, most of all, conviction, that allowed him to push the mob away.
“…daughter! Save Marianna!”
After all, what can be stronger, than a father, eager to protect his dear child?
“And you think keeping me alive will help you with that? You, moron, this bloated pigeon trapped me here! I have only one way out – fucking death!” The second princess, now properly clothed again, yelled however loud she could. Unable to comprehend the reasoning behind this idiocy, the girl just stood there, pulling her crimson hair. “Also, you’re severely mistaken! I’m not Norn! Norn’s dead! My name is…”
“…Elly! Elly-y-y!!!” Barely had the princess opened her mouth; before the dome had been breached from the outside. The Hero of Magic emerged above the ground. She levitated, using magical blue flames; she secured her sister by forming a wall around her, a barricade made from powerful ice spears. The sorceress even went so far as to send one into the undead Champion, it was one he easily avoided, though. “Step away from my sister, Organ!!!” The raging magician demanded, pulling her sibling towards her with a gust of mystical wind.
Ghh! Oh, hey there, Friea!” The fallen warlady spoke, bracing herself against the dizziness her brief flight had caused. Still, this didn’t look good. The last time those two met, Hawkeye severely injured the pink-haired girl, and she just wouldn’t live through it again, unless two gods appeared to help her. This time, though, it was her turn to be a deity-savior.
“Get away! You’ve bested me once, but this time, I can crash this entire realm down onto your head!” The Hero of Magic promised, putting her staff between her sister and her enemy.
“Aw shit, this just gets better and better…” The little genius lamented, nervously shaking her head. Not only was her glorified suicide rudely interrupted, but now this situation threatened to kill her sister as well. Still…
“Elly, Elly… Ellen? Ellen the Adopted?” Despite Freia’s expectations, Organ Trist was more interested in the new name she called Norn, rather than anything else, really. He already had his fair share of battles, after all. “Ho-ho-o! I guess, in the end, you really did become the better version of yourself! And the ‘brother’ in question – is that sir Keyaru?” The blinded man asked with the same smugness he once boasted with in his grandiose life.
“What’s the point of answering you now? Aren’t we just traitors to you?” The heroine replied with every bit of animosity she had in her. “Hold on, Elly, I’ll get you out of here.” Freia stated, charging her staff with the magic that shaped this entire “world”.
“Heh, aren’t you afraid of what that damn poisoned pigeon might do to you for breaking her rules?” The crimson-haired cutie scoffed, witnessing the entire black dome covering with cracks.
“I don’t care about her rules! All I want is to see you safe!” The sorceress spoke with even more defiance toward Caladrius than Norn ever had in her. If needed, she would challenge this feathered nightmare to a duel, anything, just to save her family.
“I see…” Hawkeye uttered, kneeling before the two girls. All that time, rather than monitoring Freia’s moves, his supernatural senses were aimed outside, to make sure no restless souls cross the fence of magic ice. But now… “I see your eyes, Princess Flare, they’re just like hers. I’m sure; you’ll make Lady Reeharoze proud of you yet.” Now, before he once again departs to the other side, there was one last thing to tell them. First praise, then a claim… “Lady Ellen, I beg of you. The life of Marianna now lies in your hands.” …and finally a plea. With all that said, Organ Trist crumbled, his body turned into black salt. And with it, the entire realm began to collapse in itself…
“Hold tight, Elly…”

And now, there was only one dark dome left. Arguably, the worst of them all, this particular world was to be the prison for Keyaruga… or his cemetery. No doorways to run into, no windows to jump from. He was alone, trapped with hundreds of those who were slain by his hand. Those poor bastards – the restless souls, their minds were so obsessed with hatred, and their grudge – powered by the sheer immortality of their ethereal blackened bodies. This was hell in its purest form. The question is – a hell for who, exactly?
YE-E-E-E-E-EAH!!! IT’S HEALING TIME!!!” Keyaruga snarled and began splattering blood all over the place. Everyone who was touched by that substance became horribly mutated – their heads bloated, their muscles strained so much, they crushed their very bones! “WHAT’S WRONG?! KILL ME!!! KILL ME NOW!!!” The man demanded, dancing around his would-be tormentors with his blade, blessing his foes with the exquisite gift of perpetual agony! Saber in his right hand, Georgius on his left, one complementing another.
Despite what the lad asked, nobody could bring him down. His immortal flesh defied any blade, his bones healed in an instant, his mad frenzy alleviated any pain.
He thought he could kill his enemies for the second and final time, give them proper death in the most excruciating manner. He was wrong…
DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND ALL OVER AGA-A-A-A-AIN!!!” The hero yelled chopping off heads and severing limbs! He killed so many, he couldn’t even count the slayings! He murdered the same people over and over, each time their agony being more exquisite then the last!
Kill a man once, he won’t even notice, his rage will only rise! Kill him thrice – he’d waver! Five – and the seeds of fear are sown. Ten – and he’s broken completely!
Keyaruga just couldn’t help himself, he hated these scum so much, he just couldn’t contain all his passionate hatred. It was so strong, that the feeling of pure, raw, primordial wrath transcended every possible modification he had put into himself.
A-A-A-A-A!!! UGH-H-H-H-H!!!” A soldier was weeping, hugging his boot. “S-S-S-S-SPA-A-A-ARE ME-E-E!!!
YO-O-OU!!! I remember you!” The healer spoke, raising the cretin by his neck. “My first kill! You watched me being raped, drugged… BEATEN!!!” The man yawped, slicing off his upper face with one nimble slice. “AND YOU NEVER!!! EVER!!! EVER FUCKING HELPED ME!!!” The lad, tainted by black and red blood, slammed the sentry into the ‘floor’…
A-A-A-A-A!!! PLE-E-E-EASE!!!” …and gleefully sliced off his arms, ignited sparked his left armored hand into a gauntlet of blazing heat!..
GU-GHH-GUU!!! UA-A-A-A-A-A-A!!!” And finally, cauterized the wounds, just so that the retard wouldn’t die too soon.
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!!!” The crazed avenger yelled, grabbing Leonard, so conveniently nearby, weeping. “YOU SAID, I’VE DONE NOTHING FOR THIS FUCKING KINGDOM?! I’LL SHOW YOU, WHAT I CAN DO NO-O-OW!!!
And so he did, the madman rested his two fingers on the sadist’s forehead. A second passed, and a purple spark had announced the richest form of suffering.
Oh… U-u… Uo-o-o-o-o-o… Khh…” Indeed, although it wasn’t as vocal as previous ones, Keyaruga was more than pleased with the result. He knew of a human having specific nerves, specifically for reacting to pain. And he just overloaded them. Toxic spiders, dangerous medusas, venomous snakes and scorpions – all of them could do that with their poisons. Hell, even Keyaruga could brew neurotoxins. But damn, this thing had one ultimate merit compared to all of those – the instant effect, so potent, in fact, that the victim can’t even cry out from the excruciating pain!
“He-e! That’s a neat trick.” The lad mumbled, approaching a maid, lying on the “floor” like an embryo. Flare’s bodyguard shivered and sucked her thumb, completely lost to this twisted world. Just one little touch… “Pam! You’re already dead!” Keyaruga sneered tapping his armored fingers by her temple.
Uh… Uh… Ugh… W… Wha-?.. A-A-A-A-A-A-AGH-H-H!!!” The woman grabbed her skull, but it was too late. All the blood, bile, and even marrow now came into her brain, bloating it, up until it burst in a fountain of black blood and shining entrails.
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” The deranged healer laughed so loud, and his presence was so overwhelming now, that nobody even dared to come close to him, let alone attack, unless they wished to become a victim of a new twisted experiment. Oh, their fear, this agonizing panic! They’re giving me a fucking boner! I wanna fuck! I want a woman! Oh, this! This will do nicely!
And so, Keyaruga dropped his saber, unfastened his belt, ripped the dress, slapped that ass which he had found, grabbed it, pushed it in! The woman with a blackened tail was slowly dying of blood loss, but that barely concerned the lad. He grabbed her pelvis and began to move, so fast, so frantic, and so mindless, that no one could see a human in him. No-o, this was a wild beast, slamming his bulging cock into the defenseless female, too tired to react, let alone resist somehow. She wasn’t even tight, just barely warm, but even that was enough. A few minutes of such suffering inflicted on her, and he came, this was a brilliant orgasm, deeply perverted, and twisted to the very core…
Oh, that’s the fucking best! I love it so much!
Keyaruga grabbed her hand, wiped his penis with it, pull back his pants, and…
I don’t remember her. I wonder, who that is.
He pushed the body, rolling it to the back.
“Ha-a-a… Hello again, Kailia…” The mad lad recognized her instantly. An agent, sent to find and assist Eve Reese in her quest, hired by someone named Carol. But that alone wouldn’t be enough to get Keyaruga to brutally rape her. “You’ve killed my Norn, but I spared you. Heh, after Kali left, I tasked you to ward off whoever they sent after my Eve, but… It seems like you’ve failed. Really, really sad.” The healer spoke, resting his left hand on her dying flesh, recovering it in an instant. And just like that… “Oh, fuck!” She nearly stabbed him with a knife. Gods only knew where she got it from… “Sit still.” But then, Keyaruga just pressed his finger on her forehead, and completely shut down her limbs functions. He pitied her… but could do nothing for this miserable leopard woman.
“Haa… Damn, it’s getting boring here.” The hero lamented, picking up his weapon of choice. At this point, he just put it back in its sheath. Only then did he spot a couple of new faces in the crowd of weeping bastards. “You there! You don’t look like you should be here. What’s… wait…”
STAY AWAY FROM ME, MONSTER!!!” The woman cried, she was weeping into her man’s now tainted shirt.
Heh! He-heh! No-no-no-o! Oh no-o-o!” Keyaruga frantically shook his head, unable to believe what he just saw. This was the worst. This… “Anna! Kurt! What… What’re you even doing here?! I… I avenged you! You shouldn’t have…” His parents were there, they stood among the thugs, slavers, robbers, bandits, zealots, murderers… But they… they weren’t one of them…
You killed us, traitor. You raped my wife, after everything she’s done for you. You’re disgusting little shit!” The mighty harvester told him, pointing his war-scythe at the hero. The only thing that held him at bay, though, was his spouse, loudly crying with black tears pouring from her eyes.
“Heh… You… really think I’d…”
No. But you’ve proven it.” Kurt spoke with the coldest possible rage in his voice. Keyaru’s cruelty couldn’t be doubted, after all. Not after everyone he maimed this day. “I don’t give a fuck, what the hell is wrong with you, but I’ll slice your guilty ass as many times as I need.” The older man spoke, pushing Anna aside. And then, he lunged.
Kurt struck as a true warrior – he was swift, accurate, precise – his war scythe – basically a reforged farming tool, grazed Keyaruga’s torso, cut his leg, he even stabbed his foster son through his chest. But… there was no blood.
“Calm down, you two.” The hero demanded, stoically taking hit after hit, like the heavy glaive-like blade was nothing. While Anna crumbled to her knees, lost in her weeping, Kurt wouldn’t stop attacking. “You can’t kill me, I’m immor-…” Barely did the lad say so; before his foster father grabbed the handle in a wide grip, and just swept his head off with one precise strike.
NO-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!” Strangely enough, despite all of the delusions his parents had about him, Anna just couldn’t stand seeing her child being killed so brutally. “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A!!! WHY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y?!!!” As Keyaru’s head rolled on the ground, the thugs, at least those who weren’t affected by any of hero’s inventive afflictions, started to get rallied again.
You had it coming, you ungrateful dipshit!” Kurt spat through tightly closed teeth. He couldn’t watch, couldn’t face what he had to do with his adopted prodigy. Even if he was a criminal. Even if…
“I really did…” But the bastards weren’t enjoying the show for too long. Right when the healer seemed to fall, a new body started to grow from his neck-stump, the clothes, the pouches, the weapons – everything turned into ash just to materialize again on the proudly standing conqueror of death itself.
What devilry is this?” Kurt’s reaction was understandable. A mix of fear, anger, and disgust, was all over his tainted face. In turn…
KEYARU-U-U-U!!!” Anna just dashed forward to hug her child. No matter, how disgustingly atrocious his resurrection was, without even looking at the beheaded body that now lied nearby, the woman just went ahead to embrace the lad. She… didn’t seem to be in her right mind, even for a dead soul.
“Anna, I… I…” The shivers began taking a hold of him. His hands, his knees – they trembled so much, this simple touch he though he lost forever, this… This was enough to make him cry. “I’m sorry… I’m so, so, so, so-o-o sorry!..
THAT YOU HAVE TO SEE ME DOING THIS!!!” Keyaruga yelled, grabbing Leonard by his wrist. Just a little pressure – and he dropped his sword, the weapon faded into nothingness. Then, the man pushed Anna back, punched his foe in the gut, and proudly showed his captive to his family. “Haa… He-heh! He-e-e… This… This is Leonard, Flare’s… right hand…” The hero spoke, this time trying to maintain his sanity, as his parents now cautiously looked at him. “I… I came from the future! I had to rewind time’s flow itself… Because Flare was evil, and he…” Then, the man put his hand onto the barely struggling imbecile, thus transforming him into Keyaru, the motionless child, whose entire mobility, except for breathing, was shut down for the ease of what he was about to do. “I killed Flare! And he took my guilt. Then…” Afterwards, the healer went ahead and summoned raging flames upon his free hand. Kurt and Anna watched motionlessly, as he approached the magic-shrouded palm onto his face, burn it, scourged the blackened flesh with the sorcery he stole ‘learned’ from Flare… “My trick was revealed, and he headed out to our village, looking just like me. The rest… you know the rest.”
And finally, Keyaruga dropped the motionless doll, unable even to cry out from the excruciating pain the Hero of Healing inflicted upon it. He then faced his parents, still shocked by such a display of the merciless brutality, they couldn’t even properly reply, this entire spectacle of bloodshed, mayhem, rape, torture, demonstration of immortality, and now – proofs of metamorphosis – all of that left them utterly silent.
“Kurt, Anna… I’m so sorry I couldn’t saved you… But I can’t let you, or any one of these fuckers keep me here! I… I have a family! Freia, Setsuna, Ellen, Eve – I so wanted you to meet them… But you can’t now. You… might not believe me, and I understand that.” The red-eyed lad uttered, as his posture crouched more and more, along with his fading bravery. “This is what it’s like to be a man! I must be strong! I have to be ruthless now, so that nobody would challenge me in the future!” The man added, now turning his back to his foster parents. He stood straight, he stretched his shoulders, took a deep breath, and… “LISTEN HERE, YOU FUCKING MONSTERS!!! WHAT YOU’VE FELT NOW IS BUT A TINY BIT OF WHAT I’LL DO TO YOU, ONCE I’M FUCKING DEAD!!! NOW YOU WILL GO INTO THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL, AND WHEN YOU’RE THERE, PRAY I DON’T FUCKING DIE ANYTIME SOON!!! BECAUSE WHEN I FINALLY KICK THIS SHITTY BUCKET, I’LL FIND EACH OF YOU, AND WE’LL BE PLAYING FOR THE WHOLE OF ETERNITY!!! BUT WHY WAIT, WHEN WE CAN HAVE SOME FUN NOW, HU-U-U-UH?!!!
The speech was told, the impact made. His words were so zealous, so passionately intimidating, that the weeping fools now reached a whole new depth of despair.
KUUNDA (I’m so scared)!!!
And so, this entire crowd, this mob of immortal corpses, just ran away. Everyone, who could still stand on their feet, began fleeing in panic, trampling each other in the process. What they failed to notice, though, is that the dome is endless only for its main victim. Everyone else just came up against the invisible wall.
The Trial of Heart – its goal is twisted, to be certain. To pass it would mean releasing the dead souls from their grudge toward you. A saint would shift it to forgiveness, but a deranged avenger pumped so much fear in those criminals, that their hatred was replaced by the purest and most animalistic terror. Still, with the task done, the souls began to dissipate in a white light. They would finally be free…
REMEMBER!!! YOU’VE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!! WE’LL MEET AGAIN, YOU FUCKING SHITBAGS!!!” Unfortunately for them, though, Keyaruga’s long shadow still loomed above them all. And such, even in relief, the crowd continued to cry, to sob, to wail, to…
“Keya… ru…” But not all left because of dread. When the avenger turned around, his foster mother, crumbling into white flakes, stood on her tiptoes to give him a last kiss on the cheek. “You’ve grown… so much…”
And so, she faded. Kurt quickly followed, although it wasn’t forgiveness or benevolence that filled his raging soul. No, it was an impotent acceptance. He saw Keyaruga as a mirror, in which he saw himself, before he deserted the royal guard and found himself in Alban.
“Someday… you’ll follow my path…” And this was what the man spoke at last, dropping his war-scythe to the ethereal ground. With no souls to redeem in the most twisted of ways, the dome of blackness quickly turned insufferably bright.
The Trial of Heart had been passed.
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2023.05.28 14:39 matticus379 I consider myself lucky to be alive and somewhat rational enough to start a new life. (TW and long, psychosis, psychotic break)

45/M two weeks in (I think?), 49 days alcohol free. Very heavy usage of both since about the age of 18.
I woke up in the hospital on Easter Sunday of this year from my second psychotic break in ten years with the IV stint still in my arm. According to my wife I had been awake for four days and only getting worse. My heart rate had been through the roof at times and the EMTs did ask her if they should continue trying to keep me alive. During the first break ten years ago she was asked if she wanted me to become a ward of the state. Both times the doctors she was talking to did not expect me to come back and after I came back ,to ground level earth, they quoted me to be among about 2% that actually do. These are conversations no loving spouse should ever have to endure.
I won't be going into too much detail about what I saw during the breaks as it is highly personal, beyond irrational and heavily triggering for myself and potentially others. I will say that I am a firm believer in free will and our right to choose. I chose every single step I have made in my life, even the ones I knew were wrong and would eventually lead me down a path I did not want to be on. Now I am faced with a new one and possibly the last one I can make to save my own life and sanity.
Both times I experienced the breaking point were during the most stressful points in my life I had ever experienced, I was trying to quit drinking and struggling to make amends for some of the choices I had already made. The first break ten years ago should have been the wake up call I needed, but within six months to a year I was back on my crutches of weed and alcohol to support the man I thought I wanted to be. It is impossible to point the blame at any one culprit under these circumstances, it was all of them and it was me. Most importantly though I was hiding from myself the real choice I simply refused to face. Weed was about to destroy my mind and my life, and I was choosing again to let that happen.
I cannot blame weed, it helped open myself to parts of myself I had no comprehension of and never would have otherwise. I also cannot blame myself for not wanting to put it aside, it is a powerful psychotic that is far more addictive than society at large wants to admit. But I do understand now that to blame is also a choice and I choose not to vilify something that lead to much happiness, laughter, and self discovery. It has powerful qualities that can help those who have the ability not to abuse it. I do choose now to see what kind of man I can be. Not the men I was, those men died and are gone now. All that remains is a man on a new path faced with new choices and learning new ways of coping with those choices. It is a painful and confusing struggle to be sure, but one I am now grateful to endure.
I think Michael J. Fox said it best, that "with gratitude, optimism is sustainable". I am grateful my wife chose to keep me alive and I couldn't blame her if she had chosen otherwise. I can honestly say that without her love I would not be here telling you all of this. With love comes truth and the truth is I am grateful to be alive, no matter how painful it gets from here on out. I am optimistic that I can do this, that I can put weed away for good. That I can adapt, learn and grow in this new life. That I can forgive the men I was and embrace the man I am becoming with love and truth as my guides.
I have lurked here for a few weeks now, reading your stories and seeing your struggles with the choice you are making. For me to put the weed away is no longer a choice but something I HAVE to do, simply because I always want to remember who my wife is, her name, her face and those of her parents. Those of my parents, my sister and her beautiful family. All of these important people would have been lost if I had not been able to come back, and I would truly have been alone, which I recognize now was my greatest fear all along.
I am grateful you are all here, choosing a new life and new possibilities. I am grateful and I want to hug each of you in gratitude for helping me understand that I am still not alone. I don't know how much help I can be when I seem to need so much myself, but I can offer up this tidbit of a warning.
You can live in psychosis for a long time before the breaking point occurs. the break itself is like when a dam can no longer hold back an overfull reservoir. I have always considered myself a free thinker and fancied myself a philosopher of sorts, but looking back over my writings from both periods I realize how irrational and off kilter I was becoming. I am not a doctor but I am keenly aware of a physical element as well. About an inch/inch and a half ,or so, to the right of the point where my skull attaches to my spinal cord was in pain, not a headache really, but a localized and very sharp pain in that spot alone. Like a nerve throbbing intensely. I can remember it getting worse in the days before and the last tokes I took in the days after, made it come back. That's how I knew, I guess, that it was time. It's not the worst pain I have ever felt, but it is right up there.
A psychotic break is a nightmare that one can potentially never wake from. Thankfully there was a very heavy spiritual component which is helping me, these days, to keep it all together. I am so very lucky I am not permanently hospitalized, jailed, or worse. I have no particular interest in being homeless and/or permanently "off the planet" . I am permanently scarred from my experiences though, and will have to relearn how to function in society again.
I will finish by saying that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is time. I am grateful for the mind and time I have left. Thank you for sharing yours with me, and thank you for sharing mine. Thank you for giving me a place to be. Keep your chin up, Keep on-keeping on. And if you stumble, make it part of the dance.
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2023.05.28 14:38 starryyyynightttt Concerns About Singapore's Mental Health Services: Urgent Need for Improvement

Hey, fellow Redditors! I wanted to share my thoughts on the mental health service scene in Singapore, and I must admit, it scares me. As both a professional in the field and someone who has personal lived experience, I feel a sense of desperation and helplessness. While I had hoped to find individuals who can provide appropriate care, recent experiences have reminded me of the pressing need to rejuvenate mental health literacy and ethical care among first responders and key touchpoints in Singapore.
Today, I attended a volunteer training session for a social service agency that operates a helpline for youth. Honestly, the trainer was one of the best I've encountered in all the trainings I've attended. She was knowledgeable, realistic, and incredibly passionate about advocating for empathic mental health care. However, I can't say the same about the volunteers.
Most of the volunteers were experienced adults in their respective fields, including counselors and social service professionals. One would expect them to possess decent mental health literacy, but I was surprised.
During the session, a current student studying counseling psychology at CAE suggested that difficult individuals interacting with helpline volunteers might be experiencing depression and cognitive dysfunction.
Another "grassroots leader" expressed the view that suicidal individuals were weak because the suicide cases in her constituency happened in condominiums. She even commented on how these cases posed a problem because those individuals had the financial means to seek therapy but chose not to.
A counselor present mentioned how challenging it is for him to continually listen to people who only want to vent about their psychological pain without taking any action.
Even though these situations may appear somewhat normal, they are nothing less than appalling to me. There is blatant stigma underlying these opinions and beliefs. The fact that these individuals serve as the frontline responders for those seeking mental health support sends chills down my spine. It pains me to think that someone in a suicidal crisis may come into contact with these individuals and be harmed. These experiences repeatedly remind me of the sobering reality that harmful and blatant discrimination still exists within the social service sector in Singapore, perpetuated by the very professionals we trust the most.
With the aim of raising awareness and preventing such invalidating experiences for anyone seeking mental health help, I would like to offer a few observations (though not exhaustive):
1. Scrutinize the credentials:
While credentials are not the sole determinant, they can provide a glimpse into the extent of training a professional has undergone. There is a significant difference between someone who made a mid-career switch to counseling with a bachelor's degree in IT and a master's degree in counseling from Swinburne/ECTA, compared to someone who completed their master's degree in counseling from NTU. The training received by each professional varies and significantly impacts the standard of care they can provide. Furthermore, different degree or training programs have varying thresholds for admission, which further affects the training and professionalism of their graduates.
Let me illustrate this point with an example. Consider the following three therapists, ranked by the duration and rigor of their training:
-Therapist A: Bachelor's degree in Psychology (University at Buffalo), Master's degree in Counseling (NTU)
-Therapist B: Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (University of Northumbria), Master's degree in Counseling (Swinburne University of Technology)
-Therapist C: Bachelor's degree in Accounting (University at Buffalo), Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology (College of Allied Educators)
Just by looking at the duration of their training, therapist A would have approximately 5 to 6 years of exposure and full-time training, compared to therapist B (2 years) and therapist C (1-2 years). While credentials do not guarantee skills, in my opinion it is safer to prioritize therapists who have undergone more extensive training. It's important to note that programs like CAE and Swinburne University have relatively low thresholds for admission, accepting applicants with degrees from any discipline. On the other hand, reputable programs like JCU or NTU require a basic degree in social sciences (psychology, social work, or counseling) along with relevant work experience in the social service sector. Considering the stark contrast in training, it's worth considering whether you would feel safe entrusting your mental health to a therapist with only one year of training and minimal background in social sciences prior to their counseling studies.
2. Take independent reviews seriously:
While credentials provide some insight, they aren't everything. Pay attention to independent reviews and explore therapists' profiles to ensure a good fit. Consider arranging a 15-minute intake call to get to know the therapist better. If there are any allegations or a history of unethical practice, it's wise to steer clear. Don't jeopardize your mental health for the sake of a slightly lower price.
These are just my observations, and I do not intend to undermine the professionalism of graduates from the aforementioned institutions. However, I believe it's crucial for mental health service recipients to be informed about the quality of service providers and make discerning choices accordingly.
Let me know your thoughts!
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2023.05.28 14:38 HelicopterNo8305 On Google Photos, I stopped sync and denied access to my gallery before deleting files but all my files are also gone from my gallery nevertheless. How To Recover The Deleted Photos From Gallery?

Hello everyone,
I'm using a Xiaomi device and my device told me that my phone won't support Mi Cloud anymore and I should transfer my files to Google Photos. I transferred my data to Google Photos yesterday but my files were about 160GB whereas my google storage was 100GB.
My Google storage was full and I had still a lot of empty space in my phone storage so I wanted to delete photos on videos on my Google Photos. I turned off back up and denied Photos' permission to gallery and then I simply deleted every photo and video in google photos and then also emptied the bin.
I thought it'd only delete the files on google photos and the photos/videos in my gallery would remain. However, now I lost many important files (about 100GB of gallery content is deleted) and I want to bring them back. I tried using advanced data recovery tools but they only find the deleted files that are deleted using the gallery app or file explorer, it does not show anything that was deleted using Google Photos.
Can you please help me. I'd appreciate it a lot.
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2023.05.28 14:38 Opposite-Bat-6991 Boundaries

I (23f) had a close girl friendship for about 2 years. I’d say it began being a little bit co dependent and I think I was losing sight of myself and my goals in the friendship. There were about 2 times when she blew up at me and reacted badly in different situations with aggression and tears which felt dramatic and intense. Without giving the whole circumstances, I think there’s some underlying insecurities in herself where I became a bit of a scapegoat. Most recently she had a full blow out at me and it was around other people to witness. That experience made me realize how I don’t deserve to be treated like that and shouldn’t have to have a friendship walking on eggshells in my life.
Since then I’ve stopped speaking to her. Now she has been trying to contact me and asking to catch up (it’s been about 3 months since we’ve seen eachother properly). The people pleaser in me feels bad ignoring her texts asking to see me. The new part of me is saying be strong and don’t give this person the chance to hurt you. This friendship no longer serves me.
I suppose I’m a bit stuck in how to handle the situation in a nice way. I want to move forward and a part of me thinks forgiveness is important. But it’s also wasting my time catching up with her because I know it’s only making her feel better and not myself.
Do I ignore her messages or have a strong message explaining the truth.
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2023.05.28 14:37 Mhill08 Just sharing my pre-road trip checklist for first Solo Bonnaroo

Roo friends, compare my list to your own list and let me know if I'm overlooking anything that I should bring! Major or minor, doesn't matter!
GA pass bracelet (important!)
Parking pass
Tarp and rain fly for tent
Rolled up camping mattress for cot
Sleeping bag
2 pillows
Camping Canopy
Tent lock
Two (three?) folding camp chairs for visitors and new friends
Camp table
Bike lock (for chairs/table)
Chess/checkers board
Art easel with paintbrushes, paint, and markers
In the cooler: Food, beer to trade, ice for the road to be replenished at Centeroo
One good book (specifics undecided)
External battery for phone
Two water bottles
Bug spray
Sun hat
extra-fashionable Sunglasses
Camelbak and fanny pack
Light clothing for hot weather (1 full week's worth, so I have spares if needed)
Fashion accessories of many different varieties (kandi and pins)
Spare Croc-style shoes for visiting the public showers
Shampoo and soap with a little shower caddy to carry them in
Towels (3, maybe 4)
Bluetooth speakers
Battery operated fan
Flagpole? Camp flag? Need ideas
Light-up gloves
My high-fivin' hand
See y'all at the Farm!
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2023.05.28 14:37 stragglebabble Weight loss for wedding and life

I (25F) have now scheduled my elopement plans for the end of October. My current weight is 252, and I am 4’11”. I am not super active, but average 8k steps a day, kayak about once a week, and hike 2-3x a month.
I gained weight the past few years due to being in recovery (7 years sober), finishing college and my masters. Before starting school, and while using drugs, I weighed 120-130 and thought I looked fantastic. I would like to EVENTUALLY get back down to this or a little lower (ideally 125ish). I know my ideal weight for my height is 86-120, but I haven’t weighed this much since elementary school. I have always been overweight. I have no other physical health problems. I take Wellbutrin for mental health. Recently I was taking lomaira and I lost 15 lbs (which I have gained about 5lbs back since stopping 2 weeks ago) but it caused confusion and worsened my depression. I would like to avoid weight loss drugs/surgery if possible.
I would really like to lose weight to look good for elopement and to also maintain a healthier lifestyle. Health is more important to me than being skinny, and despite all my blood work coming back normal, my doctor has voiced a concern that my weight could cause future issues, and causes strain on my joints.
I have about 22 weeks before the elopement. I know that the average encouraged weight loss is 2lbs a week, which would cause me to be around 208. I am looking for advice to maintain this deficit or more if possible. My GOAL would be to get under 200 if possible. Any advice is welcome, thank you in advance.
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2023.05.28 14:36 Melodic-Ad664 How do I handle being despised by my spouse? [28M] [27F]

I discussed the things that I read online and on Reddit about sexism, with my parents, sister and psychologist
Everybody online says (in so many words) basically that women like men more than men like women and in a more well rounded way
My parents, sister (who identifies as a feminist) and psychologist answered some of my questions and they told me:
That most people don't think that women like men more than men like women & in a more well rounded way. They said most people don't think that if you took sex away, men would instead prefer other men in all other ways (because they don't think men are superior to women.) They said boomer men and male comedians who make jokes about hating their wives also have as many equivalents of wives making jokes about hating their husbands
That most people think that sexism is more common towards women but not sooo much more common and that sexism is not about hating women, it's about men having had the physical power in the past to exert strength to gain control. Also that sexism towards men is not just a thing as backlash of sexism towards women
And that traditional roles for women, women in history and women in Muslim countries are not believed by most people as meaning women are inferiolesser, and are instead seen as different but equal. So men worked and women had just as important a role in raising a family. And just like women weren't seen as capable to do men's roles, men weren't seen as capable to do women's roles even if they didn't enjoy work and wanted to spend more time with their children. And most people don't think traditional roles mean women were there to serve men or defined by relationships to men, since men were expected to marry and work to support them
They also said most people don't think that violence against women is a hatred of women. And that it's instead about testosterone (men being more violent) power, control and women being easier targets
They also said most people don't think that men objectify women while women don't objectify men nor that women respect men more (and treat them better) than men do towards women
They said most people don't think that women/girls hate each other, compete, get jealous, be catty and b itchy, form cliques, become mean girls, have internalised misogny and want to be "cool girls" while men have deeper friendships, bonds, bromances and camaraderie
And they said that most people think that boy's clubs in work places like the police also have girl's club equivalents and that men are not held to lower standards/praised for the bare minimum in typically female jobs, roles and hobbies (gay male makeup artists, drag queens, fathers spending time with their kids), while women have to prove themselves and are held to higher standards in typically male jobs, roles and hobbies. And that women don't support and praise gay men more than they (and straight men) do lesbians
What do you think? If the people in my life are wrong, and if the internet is right that most women accept that women like men more than men like women, in a more well rounded way and always have...then I want nothing to do with men or women: working with them in a job setting, surrounded by couples in public, being friends with them nor having relationships with them. Because it's pathetic, desperate and unrequited love. It put me off men completely, I lost all attraction and I dunno why it doesn't for the women who believe and accept these things and think that they have to find the needles in the haystack.
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2023.05.28 14:35 add-code Demystifying OOP in Python: Embracing Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism

Hello fellow Python enthusiasts,
Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that provides a means of structuring programs so that properties and behaviors are bundled into individual objects. Python, as a multi-paradigm language, makes it intuitive and straightforward to apply OOP principles.
Today, I'd like to share insights about the three main concepts of OOP: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
1. Encapsulation
Encapsulation refers to the bundling of data, along with the methods that operate on that data, into a single unit - an object. It restricts direct access to some of an object's components, hence the term 'data hiding'. In Python, we use methods and properties (gettesetter) to achieve encapsulation.
class Car: def __init__(self, make, model): self._make = make self._model = model def get_car_details(self): return f'{self._make} {self._model}' 
2. Inheritance
Inheritance allows us to define a class that inherits all the methods and properties from another class. It helps us apply the "DRY" principle - Don't Repeat Yourself, by reusing the code. Here's a simple example:
class Vehicle: def description(self): return "This is a vehicle" class Car(Vehicle): pass my_car = Car() print(my_car.description()) # Output: "This is a vehicle" 

3. Polymorphism
Polymorphism refers to the ability of an object to take on many forms. It allows us to redefine methods for derived classes. It's a powerful feature that can make our programs more intuitive and flexible.
class Dog: def sound(self): return "bark" class Cat: def sound(self): return "meow" def make_sound(animal): print(animal.sound()) my_dog = Dog() my_cat = Cat() make_sound(my_dog) # Output: "bark" make_sound(my_cat) # Output: "meow" 
That's a brief introduction to OOP in Python. I hope it demystifies these important concepts for those still getting comfortable with them. I'd love to hear how you've used OOP principles in your Python projects or any questions you might have. Let's discuss!
Keep coding!
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2023.05.28 14:35 iStalker204 Hell, Heaven and the miracle of kyrios Gotfryd - why shouldn't it be demonic instead?

My world, Arcadia, has one of the biggest religions - abbainism. They believe the monotheistic god-creator, Abba Ina, is the core of the planet, is underground, which is why plants come from the ground, why dead people are consumed by the ground, why riches are found underground etc. All comes from Abba Ina and returns to Abba Ina. (Why did they know and accept the planet being round for this long, I don't know). Thus, by this logic, equivalent of Heaven should be underground, and similarly being in Hell would be being far from Abba Ina, up there, in the void of space.
With this religious context, I can get to the second thing - the three kyrioi (singular - kyrios) of Law, Truth and Justice, that are basically the messiahs of abbainism. First kyrios, Afraz, is the founder of the main church, but who I wanna focus on here is kyrios of Truth, Gotfryd, and the supposed miracle he performed that granted him the worldwide consideration of being a kyrios.
Gotfryd von Schilling was the royal guard captain in Arcadia's equivalent of middle ages, in the year 1160 of Coronation Era, answering directly to Cydonia's king, Sebastian I. Gotfryd was tasked with investigating a series of peculiar murders of the nobility in the capital city, Apolonia. Circumstances made him the prime suspect and eventually king Sebastian sentenced him to being burned on a stake. During the execution however, as it is said by the holy texts, Gotfryd allegadely turned into a black pegasus and fleed the stake. It was later considered to be a proof of his innocence, and the miracle along with a few other circumstances made the Church officially consider him the second kyrios, the kyrios of Truth.
But now I'm thinking - alleged murderer turns into a black magical creature (devillish?) amidst hellish fire and flies into the sky (away from Abba Ina) during his execution. Why would people consider it a proof of holiness? This story is important, since it influenced Cydonia's symbols, since then the flag and emblem show a black pegasus surrounded by flames. So why would medieval people consider it a good thing? Does anyone have an idea? Or should I change it? Can't say I'm not emotionally bound with the idea.
It's not as important, but maybe I should specify, Gotfryd was really innocent. But the whole shtick about the miracle is not historically confirmed, at least not as actual godly interference, since abbainism isn't and never will be confirmed as the true religion of Arcadia.
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2023.05.28 14:32 ThatSleepyBean 32 [M4F] Texas/Online. Lonely teddy bear looking for an online partner. 😇🫂

First things first, I'm most likely AuDHD, or neurospicy as I've heard some people call it 🤣 So right off the bat I'm looking for someone who doesn't care about stuff like that 🙂
Because of my AuDHD I'm shy, very shy, and quiet. I like to chat online A LOT because I'm often uncomfortable speaking. So an online partner would be lovely 😅 We can chat all day, trade stories and hobbies, or play some games online if that's your thing. I'm not opposed to taking it beyond online eventually, if we enjoy eachothers company. But just online for now, okay?
Little more about me: I'm Caucasian, 6'2, 275lbs, I'm pretty strong, but a little chubby too. I like to call it the teddy bear body 😋 I'm currently dieting and try to keep active so I'm looking to lose a bit more weight, if I can keep away from the sweets 😅
I'm artistic, empathic, gentle, kind, intelligent, introverted, and LOVE spending time online with my partner. Seriously, if you're someone who doesn't like to chat online a lot, we probably won't get on very well 😅 I want to feel connected and have someone who wants that same feeling, to feel not so damn alone in this cold world. I want someone who can be there for me, and I promise I'll always be there for you 😊❤
Art and love are what give this life meaning. I have the art, now I just need the love 🥰🫂
I'm not one to sugar coat myself so I'll say right now that I live with family at the moment, I have some issues with intimacy, and I do a little adult writing for a particular subreddit when I'm in that mood 😅 If you don't like any of that, that's just fine. Good luck on your search for love ✌🙂
I have a few hard limits/preferences. No heavy drug use, no alcoholism, no smoking. (Weed is okay, especially if it's medical, I don't partake but I don't mind it.)
No religious zealotry, I don't mind religious people as long as they aren't obnoxious about it. Proselytism is a HARD pass for me.
I'm not comfortable with obesity. Thick, or chubby is totally all good with me, more than good 😏 But I've got my limits when it comes to weight.
And lastly, I'm only looking for partners within the US/Canada or mayyybe Europe, but the further apart our timezones are the more conflicted our schedules will be 😵
Scammers, sellers, and catfish keep moving, I'm not your mark. I'm here for love, and I'm not an idiot. I will be asking for photo verification at some point to make sure you are who you say you are, and I'll gladly provide the same thing in return.
Tell me your favorite color in your opening message, it's important to me that you read my whole post, so that let's me know you did 😋 anyway I look forward to meeting you. 🫂
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2023.05.28 14:31 Jeviflo1513 Your biggest mistakes

What are the biggest mistakes you've made during your calisthenics journey? The ones that could have helped you a lot if it had been avoided.
For me it is:
What are yours?
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2023.05.28 14:31 AnderLouis_ Hail and Farewell (George Moore) - Book 3: Vale, Chapter 11.2

PROMPTS: George does not care about you, whatsoever.
Today's Reading, via Project Gutenberg:
Borde could not enlighten him on that point, and I suggested that he should make application to the publisher of his Prayer-Book and get his money back. There is nobody. I said, like him. He is more wonderful than anything in literature. I prefer him to Sancho who was untroubled with a conscience and never thought of running to the Bishop of Toledo. All the same he is not without the shrewdness of his ancestors, and got the better of Archbishop Walsh, and for the last five years Vincent O'Brien has been beating time, and will beat it till the end of his life; and he will be succeeded by others, for Edward has, by deed, saved the Italian contrapuntalists till time everlasting from competition with modern composers. He certainly has gotten the better of Walsh. And I thought of a picture-gallery in Dublin with nothing in it but Botticelli and his school, and myself declaring that all painting that had been done since had no interest for me.... A smile began to spread over my face, for the story that was coming into my mind seemed oh! so humorous, so like Ireland, so like Edward, that I began to tell myself again the delightful story of the unrefined ears that, weary of erudite music, had left the cathedral and sought instinctively modern tunes and women's voices, and as these were to be found in Westland Row the church was soon overflowing with a happy congregation. But in a little while the collections grew scantier. This time it couldn't be Palestrina, and all kinds of reasons were adduced. At last the truth could no longer be denied—the professional Catholics of Merrion Square had been driven out of Westland Row by the searching smells of dirty clothes, and had gone away to the University Church in Stephen's Green. So if it weren't Palestrina directly it was Palestrina indirectly, and the brows of the priests began to knit when Edward Martyn's name was mentioned. Them fal-de-dals is well enough on the Continent, in Paris, where there is no faith, was the opinion of an important ecclesiastic. But we don't want them here, murmured a second ecclesiastic. All this counterpoint may make a very pretty background for Mr Martyn's prayers, but what about the poor people's? Good composer or bad composer, there is no congregation in him, said a third. There's too much congregation, put in the first, but not the kind we want! The second ecclesiastic took snuff, and the group were of opinion that steps should be taken to persuade dear Edward to make good their losses. The priests in Marlborough Street sympathised with the priests of Westland Row, and told them that they were so heavily out of pocket that Mr Martyn had agreed to do something for them. It seemed to the Westland Row priests that if Mr Martyn were making good the losses of the priests of the pro-Cathedral, he should make good their losses. It was natural that they should think so, and to acquit himself of all responsibility Edward no doubt consulted the best theologians on the subject, and I think that they assured him that he is not responsible for indirect losses. If he were, his whole fortune would not suffice. He was, of course, very sorry if a sudden influx of poor people had caused a falling-off in the collections of Westland Row, for he knew that the priests needed the money very much to pay for the new decorations, and to help them he wrote an article in the Independent praising the new blue ceiling, which seemed, so he wrote, a worthy canopy for the soaring strains of Palestrina.
Unfortunately rubbing salt into the wound, I said. A story that will amuse Dujardin and it will be great fun telling him in the shady garden at Fontainebleau how Edward, anxious to do something for his church, had succeeded in emptying two. All the way down the alleys he will wonder how Edward could have ever looked upon Palestrina's masses as religious music. The only music he will say, in which religious emotion transpires is plain-chant. Huysmans says that the Tantum Ergo or the Dies Irae, one or the other, reminds him of a soul being dragged out of purgatory, and it is possible that it does; but a plain-chant tune arranged in eight-part counterpoint cannot remind one of anything very terrible. Dujardin knows that Palestrina was a priest, and he will say: That fact deceived your friend, just as the fact of finding the Adeste Fideles among the plain-chant tunes deceived him. For of course I shall tell Dujardin that story too. It is too good to be missed. He is wonderful, Dujardin! I shall cry out in one of the sinuous alleys. There never was anybody like him! And I will tell him more soul-revealing anecdotes. I will say: Dujardin, listen. One evening he contended that the great duet at the end of Siegfried reminded him of mass by Palestrina. Dujardin will laugh, and, excited by his laughter, I will try to explain to him that what Edward sees is that Palestrina took a plain chant tune and gave fragments of it to the different voices, and in his mind these become confused with the motives of The Ring. You see, Dujardin, the essential always escapes him—the intention of the writer is hidden from him. I am beginning to understand your friend. He has, let us suppose, a musical ear that allows him to take pleasure in the music; but a musical ear will not help him to follow Wagner's idea—how, in a transport of sexual emotion, a young man and a young woman on a mountain-side awaken to the beauty of the life of the world. Dujardin's appreciations will provoke me, and I will say: Dujardin, you shouldn't be so appreciative. If I were telling you of a play I had written, it would be delightful to watch my idea dawning upon your consciousness; but I am telling you of a real man, and one that I shall never to able to get into literature. He will answer: We invent nothing; we can but perceive. And then, exhilarated, carried beyond myself, I will say: Dujardin, I will tell you something still more wonderful than the last gaffe. II gaffe dans les Quat'z Arts. He admires Ibsen, but you'd never guess the reason why—because he is very like Racine; both of them, he says, are classical writers. And do you know how he arrived at that point? Because nobody is killed on the stage in Racine or in Ibsen. He does not see that the intention of Racine is to represent men and women out of time and out of space, unconditioned by environment, and that the very first principle of Ibsen's art is the relation of his characters to their environment. In many passages he merely dramatises Darwin. There never was anybody so interesting as dear Edward, and there never will be anybody like him in literature ... I will explain why presently, but I must first tell you another anecdote. I went to see him one night, and he told me that the theme of the play he was writing was a man who had married a woman because he had lost faith in himself; the man did not know, however, that the woman had married him for the same reason, and the two of them were thinking—I have forgotten what they were thinking, but I remember Edward saying: I should like to suggest hopelessness. I urged many phrases, but he said: It isn't a phrase I want, but an actual thing. I was thinking of a broken anchor—that surely is a symbol of hopelessness. Yes, I said, no doubt, but how are you going to get a broken anchor into a drawing-room? I don't write about drawing-rooms. Well, living-rooms. It isn't likely that they would buy a broken anchor and put it up by the coal-scuttle.
There's that against it, he answered. If you could suggest anything better—What do you think of a library in which there is nothing but unacted plays? The characters could say, when there was nothing for them to do on the stage, that they were going to the library to read, and the library would have the advantage of reminding everybody of the garret in the Wild Duck. A very cruel answer, my friend, Dujardin will say, and I will tell him that I can't help seeing in Edward something beyond Shakespeare or Balzac. Now, tell me, which of these anecdotes I have told you is the most humorous? He will not answer my question, but a certain thoughtfulness will begin to settle in his face, and he will say: Everything with him is accidental, and when his memory fails him he falls into another mistake, and he amuses you because it is impossible for you to anticipate his next mistake. You know there is going to be one; there must be one, for he sees things separately rather than relatively. I am beginning to understand your friend.
You are, you are; you are doing splendidly. But you haven't told me, Dujardin, which anecdote you prefer. Stay, there is another one. Perhaps this one will help you to a still better understanding. When he brought The Heather Field and Yeats's play The Countess Cathleen to Dublin for performance, a great trouble of conscience awakened suddenly in him, and a few days before the performance he went to a theologian to ask him if The Countess Cathleen were a heretical work, and, if it were would Almighty God hold him responsible for the performance? But he couldn't withdraw Yeats's play without withdrawing his own, and it appears that he breathed a sigh of relief when a common friend referred the whole matter to two other theologians, and as these gave their consent Edward allowed the plays to go on; but Cardinal Logue intervened, and wrote a letter to the papers to say that the play seemed to him unfit for Catholic ears, and Edward would have withdrawn the plays if the Cardinal hadn't admitted in his letter that he had judged the play by certain extracts only.
He wishes to act rightly, but has little faith in himself; and what makes him so amusing is that he needs advice in aesthetics as well as in morals. We are, I said, Dujardin, at the roots of conscience. And I began to ponder the question what would happen to Edward if we lived in a world in which aesthetics ruled: I should be where Bishop Healy is, and he would be a thin, small voice crying in the wilderness—an amusing subject of meditation, from which I awoke suddenly.
I wonder how Dujardin is getting on with his Biblical studies? Last year he was calling into question the authorship of the Romans—a most eccentric view; and, remembering how weakly I had answered him, I took the Bible from the table and began to read the Epistle with a view to furnishing myself with arguments wherewith to confute him. My Bible opened at the ninth chapter, and I said: Why, here is the authority for the Countess Cathleen's sacrifice which Edward's theologian deemed untheological. It will be great fun to poke Edward up with St Paul, and on my way to Lincoln Place I thought how I might lead the conversation to The Countess Cathleen.
A few minutes afterwards a light appeared on the staircase and the door slowly opened.
Come in, Siegfried, though you were off the key.
Well, my dear friend, it is a difficult matter to whistle above two trams passing simultaneously and six people jabbering round a public-house, to say nothing of a jarvey or two, and you perhaps dozing in your armchair, as your habit often is. You won't open to anything else except a motive from The Ring; and I stumbled up the stairs in front of Edward, who followed with a candle.
Wait a moment; let me go first and I'll turn up the gas.
You aren't sitting in the dark, are you?
No, but I read better by candle-light, and he blew out the candles in the tin candelabrum that he had made for himself. He is original even in his candelabrum; no one before him had ever thought of a caridelabrum in tin, and I fell to admiring his appearance more carefully than perhaps I had ever done before, so monumental did he seem lying on the little sofa sheltered from daughts by a screen, a shawl about his shoulders. His churchwarden was drawing famously, and I noticed his great square hands with strong fingers and square nails pared closely away, and as heretofore I admired the curve of the great belly, the thickness of the thighs, the length and breadth and the width of his foot hanging over the edge of the sofa, the apoplectic neck falling into great rolls of flesh, the humid eyes, the skull covered with short stubbly hair. I looked round the rooms and they seemed part of himself: the old green wallpaper on which he pins reproductions of the Italian masters. And I longed to peep once more into the bare bedroom into which he goes to fetch bottles of Apollinaris. Always original! Is there another man in this world whose income is two thousand a year, and who sleeps in a bare bedroom, without dressing-room, or bathroom, or servant in the house to brush his clothes, and who has to go to the baker's for his breakfast?
We had been talking for some time of the Gaelic League, and from Hyde it was easy to pass to Yeats and his plays.
His best play is The Countess Cathleen.
The Countess Cathleen is only a sketch.
But what I never could understand, Edward, was why you and the Cardinal could have had any doubts as to the orthodoxy of The Countess Cathleen.
What, a woman that sells her own soul in order to save the souls of others!
I suppose your theologian objected—
Of course he objected.
He cannot have read St Paul.
What do you mean?
He can't have read St Paul, or else he is prepared to throw over St Paul.
Mon ami Moore, mon ami Moore.
The supernatural idealism of a man who would sell his soul to save the souls of others fills me with awe.
But it wasn't a man; it was the Countess Cathleen, and women are never idealists.
Not the saints?
His face grew solemn at once.
If you give me the Epistles I will read the passage to you. And it was great fun to go to the bookshelves and read: I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost, that I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.
Edward's face grew more and more solemn, and I wondered of what he was thinking.
Paul is a very difficult and a very obscure writer, and I think the Church is quite right not to encourage the reading of the Epistles, especially without comments.
Then you do think there is something in the passage I have read?
After looking down his dignified nose for a long time, he said:
Of course, the Church has an explanation. All the same, it's very odd that St Paul should have said such a thing—very odd.
There is no doubt that I owe a great deal of my happiness to Edward; all my life long he has been exquisite entertainment. And I fell to thinking that Nature was very cruel to have led me, like Moses, within sight of the Promised Land. A story would be necessary to bring Edward into literature, and it would be impossible to devise an action of which he should be a part. The sex of a woman is odious to him, and a man with two thousand a year does not rob nor steal, and he is so uninterested in his fellow-men that he has never an ill word to say about anybody. John Eglinton is a little thing; AE is a soul that few will understand; but Edward is universal—more universal than Yeats, than myself, than any of us, but for lack of a story I shall not be able to give him the immortality in literature which he seeks in sacraments. Shakespeare always took his stories from some other people. Turgenev's portrait of him would be thin, poor, and evasive, and Balzac would give us the portrait of a mere fool. And Edward is not a fool. As I understand him he is a temperament without a rudder; all he has to rely upon is his memory, which isn't a very good one, and so he tumbles from one mistake into another. My God! it is a terrible thing to happen to one, to understand a man better than he understands himself, and to be powerless to help him. If I had been able to undo his faith I should have raised him to the level of Sir Horace Plunkett, but he resisted me; and perhaps he did well, for he came into the world seeing things separately rather than relatively, and had to be a Catholic. He is a born Catholic, and I remembered one of his confessions—a partial confession, but a confession: If you had been brought up as strictly as I have been—I don't think he ever finished the sentence; he often leaves sentences unfinished, as if he fears to think things out. The end of the sentence should run: You would not dare to think independently. He thinks that his severe bringing-up has robbed him of something. But the prisoner ends by liking his prison-house, and on another occasion he said: If it hadn't been for the Church, I don't know what would have happened to me.
My thoughts stopped, and when I awoke I was thinking of Hughes. Perhaps the link between Hughes and Edward was Loughrea Cathedral. He had shown me a photograph of some saints modelled by Hughes. Hughes is away in Paris, I said, modelling saints for Loughrea Cathedral. The last time I saw him was at Walter Osborne's funeral, and Walter's death set me thinking of the woman I had lost, and little by little all she had told me about herself floated up in my mind like something that I had read. I had never seen her father nor the Putney villa in which she had been brought up, but she had made me familiar with both through her pleasant mode of conversation, which was never to describe anything, but just to talk about things, dropping phrases here and there, and the phrases she dropped were so well chosen that the comfort of the villa, its pompous meals and numerous servants, its gardens and greenhouses, with stables and coach-house just behind, are as well known to me as the house that I am living in, better known in a way, for I see it through the eyes of the imagination ... clearer eyes than the physical eyes.
It does not seem to me that any one was ever more conscious of whence she had come and of what she had been; she seemed to be able to see herself as a child again, and to describe her childhood with her brother (they were nearly the same age) in the villa and in the villa's garden. I seemed to see them always as two rather staid children who were being constantly dressed by diligent nurses and taken out for long drives in the family carriage. They did not like these drives and used to hide in the garden; but their governess was sent to fetch them, and they were brought back. Her father did not like to have the horses kept waiting, and one day as Stella stood with him in the passage, she saw her mother come out of her bedroom beautifully dressed. Her father whispered something in his wife's ear, and he followed her into her bedroom. Stella remembered how the door closed behind them. In my telling, the incident seems to lose some of its point, but in Stella's relation it seemed to put her father and his wife before me and so clearly that I could not help asking her what answer her father would make were she to tell him that she had a lover. A smile hovered in her grave face. He would look embarrassed, she said, and wonder why I should have told him such a thing, and then I think he would go to the greenhouse, and when he returned he would talk to me about something quite different. I don't think that Stella ever told me about the people that came to their house, but people must have come to it, and as an example of how a few words can convey an environment I will quote her: I always wanted to talk about Rossetti, she said, and these seven words seem to me to tell better than any description the life of a girl living with a formal father in a Putney villa, longing for something, not knowing exactly what, and anxious to get away from home.... I think she told me she was eighteen or nineteen and had started painting before she met Florence at the house of one of her father's friends; a somewhat sore point this meeting was, for Florence was looked upon by Stella's father as something of a Bohemian. She was a painter, and knew all the Art classes and the fees that had to be paid, and led Stella into the world of studios and models and girl friends. She knew how to find studios and could plan out a journey abroad. Stella's imagination was captured, and even if her father had tried to offer opposition to her leaving home he could not have prevented her, for she was an heiress (her mother was dead and had left her a considerable income); but he did not try, and the two girls set up house together in Chelsea; they travelled in Italy and Spain; they had a cottage in the country; they painted pictures and exhibited their pictures in the same exhibitions; they gave dances in their studios and were attracted by this young man and the other; but Stella did not give herself to any one, because, as she admitted to me, she was afraid that a lover would interrupt the devotion which she intended to give to Art. But life is forever casting itself into new shapes and forms, and no sooner had she begun to express herself in Art than she met me. I was about to go to Ireland to preach a new gospel, and must have seemed a very impulsive and fantastic person to her, but were not impulsiveness and fantasy just the qualities that would appeal to her? And were not gravity and good sense the qualities that would appeal to me, determined as I was then to indulge myself in a little madness?
I could not have chosen a saner companion than Stella; my instinct had led me to her; but because one man's instinct is a little more clear than another's, it does not follow that he has called reason to his aid. It must be remembered always that the art of painting is as inveterate in me as the art of writing, and that I am never altogether myself when far away from the smell of oil paint. Stella could talk to one about painting, and all through that wonderful summer described in Salve our talk flowed on as delightfully as a breeze in Maytime, and as irresponsible, flashing thoughts going by and avowals perfumed with memories. Only in her garden did conversation fail us, for in her garden Stella could think only of her flowers, and it seemed an indiscretion to follow her as she went through the twilight gathering dead blooms or freeing plants from noxious insects. But she would have had me follow her, and I think was always a little grieved that I wasn't as interested in her garden as I was in her painting; and my absent-mindedness when I followed her often vexed her and my mistakes distressed her.
You are interested, she said, only in what I say about flowers and not in the flowers themselves. You like to hear me tell about Miss —— whose business in life is to grow carnations, because you already see her, dimly, perhaps, but still you see her in a story. Forget her and look at this Miss Shifner!
Yes, it is beautiful, but we can only admire the flowers that we notice when we are children, I answered. Dahlias, china roses, red and yellow tulips, tawny wallflowers, purple pansies, are never long out of my thoughts, and all the wonderful varieties of the iris, the beautiful blue satin and the cream, some shining like porcelain, even the common iris that grows about the moat.
But there were carnations in your mother's garden?
Yes, and I remember seeing them being tied with bass. But what did you say yesterday about carnations? That they were the—
She laughed and would not tell me, and when the twilight stooped over the high trees and the bats flitted and the garden was silent except when a fish leaped, I begged her to come away to the wild growths that I loved better than the flowers.
But the mallow and willow-weed are the only two that you recognise. How many times have I told you the difference between self-heal and tufted vetch?
I like cow parsley and wild hyacinths and—
You have forgotten the name. As well speak of a woman that you loved but whose name you had forgotten.
Well, if I have, I love trees better than you do, Stella. You pass under a fir unstirred by the mystery of its branches, and I wonder at you, for I am a tree worshipper, even as my ancestors, and am moved as they were by the dizzy height of a great silver fir. You like to paint trees, and I should like to paint flowers if I could paint; there we are set forth, you and I.
I have told in Salve that in Rathfarnham she found many motives for painting; the shape of the land and the spire above the straggling village appealed to me, but she was not altogether herself in these pictures. She would have liked the village away, for man and his dwellings did not form part of her conception of a landscape; large trees and a flight of clouds above the trees were her selection, and the almost unconscious life of kine wandering or sheep seeking the shelter of a tree.
Stella was a good walker, and we followed the long road leading from Rathfarnham up the hills, stopping to admire the long plain which we could see through the comely trees shooting out of the shelving hillside.
If I have beguiled you into a country where there are no artists and few men of letters, you can't say that I have not shown you comely trees. And now if you can walk two miles farther up this steep road I will show you a lovely prospect.
And I enjoyed her grave admiration of the old Queen Anne dwelling-house, its rough masonry, the yew hedges, the path along the hillside leading to the Druid altar and the coast-line sweeping in beautiful curves, but she did not like to hear me say that the drawing of the shore reminded her of Corot.
It is a sad affectation, she said, to speak of Nature reminding one of pictures.
Well, the outlines of Howth are beautiful, I answered, and the haze is incomparable. I should like to have spoken about a piece of sculpture, but for your sake, Stella, I refrain.
She was interested in things rather than ideas, and I remember her saying to me that things interest us only because we know that they are always slipping from us. A strange thing for a woman to say to her lover. She noticed all the changes of the seasons and loved them, and taught me to love them. She brought a lamb back from Rathfarnham, a poor forlorn thing that had run bleating so pitifully across the windy field that she had asked the shepherd where the ewe was, and he had answered that she had been killed overnight by a golf-ball. The lamb will be dead before morning, he added. And it was that March that the donkey produced a foal, a poor ragged thing that did not look as if it ever could be larger than a goat, but the donkey loved her foal.
Do you know the names of those two birds flying up and down the river?
They look to me like two large wrens with white waistcoats.
They are water-ouzels, she said.
The birds flew with rapid strokes of the wings, like kingfishers, alighting constantly on the river, on large mossy stones, and though we saw them plunge into the water, it was not to swim, but to run along the bottom in search of worms.
But do worms live under water?
The rooks were building, and a little while after a great scuffling was heard in one of the chimneys and a young jackdaw came down and soon became tamer than any bird I had ever seen, tamer than a parrot, and at the end of May the corncrake called from the meadow that summer had come again, and the kine wandered in deeper and deeper and deeper herbage. The days seemed never to end, and looking through the branches of the chestnut in which the fruit had not begun to show, we caught sight of a strange spectacle. Stella said, A lunar rainbow, and I wondered, never having heard of or seen such a thing before.
I shall never forget that rainbow, Stella, and am glad that we saw it together.
In every love story lovers reprove each other for lack of affection, and Stella had often sent me angry letters which caused me many heart-burnings and brought me out to her; in the garden there were reconciliations, we picked up the thread again, and the summer had passed before the reason of these quarrels became clear to me. One September evening Stella said she would accompany me to the gate, and we had not gone very far before I began to notice that she was quarrelling with me. She spoke of the loneliness of the Moat House, and I had answered that she had not been alone two evenings that week. She admitted my devotion. And if you admit that there has been no neglect—
She would not tell me, but there was something she was not satisfied with, and before we reached the end of the avenue she said, I don't think I can tell you. But on being pressed she said:
Well, you don't make love to me often enough.
And full of apologies I answered, Let me go back.
No, I can't have you back now, not after having spoken like that.
But she yielded to my invitation, and we returned to the house, and next morning I went back to Dublin a little dazed, a little shaken.
A few days after she went away to Italy to spend the winter and wrote me long letters, interesting me in herself, in the villagers, in the walks and the things that she saw in her walks, setting me sighing that she was away from me, or that I was not with her. And going to the window I would stand for a long time watching the hawthorns in their bleak wintry discontent, thinking how the sunlight fell into the Italian gardens, and caught the corner of the ruin she was sketching; and I let my fancy stray for a time unchecked. It would be wonderful to be in Italy with her, but—
I turned from the window suspicious, for there was a feeling at the back of my mind that with her return an anxiety would come into my life that I would willingly be without. She had told me she had refrained from a lover because she wished to keep all herself for her painting, and now she had taken to herself a lover. She was twenty years younger than I was, and at forty-six or thereabouts one begins to feel that one's time for love is over; one is consultant rather than practitioner. But it was impossible to dismiss the subject with a jest, and I found myself face to face with the question—If these twenty years were removed, would things be different? It seemed to me that the difficulty that had arisen would have been the same earlier in my life as it was now, and returning to the window I watched the hawthorns blowing under the cold grey Dublin sky.
The problem is set, I said, for the married, and every couple has to solve it in one way or another, but they have to solve it; they have to come to terms with love, especially the man, for whom it is a question of life and death. But how do they come to terms? And I thought of the different married people I knew. Which would be most likely to advise me—the man or the woman? It would be no use to seek advice; every case is different, I said. If anybody were to advise me it would be the man, for the problem is not so difficult for a woman. She can escape from love more easily than her lover or her husband; she can plead, and her many pleadings were considered, one by one, and how in married life the solution that seems to lovers so difficult is solved by marriage itself, by propinquity. But not always, not always. The question is one of extraordinary interest and importance; more marriages come to shipwreck, I am convinced, on this very question than upon any other. In the divorce cases published we read of incompatibility of temper and lack of mutual tastes, mere euphemisms that deceive nobody. The image of a shipwreck rose up in me naturally. She will return, and like a ship our love for each other will be beaten on these rocks and broken. We shall not be able to get out to sea. She will return, and when she returns her temperament will have to be adjusted to mine, else she will lose me altogether, for men have died of love, though Shakespeare says they haven't. Manet and Daudet—both died of love; and the somewhat absurd spectacle of a lover waiting for his mistress to return, and yet dreading her returning, was constantly before me.
It often seemed to me that it was my own weakness that created our embarrassment. A stronger man would have been able to find a way out, but I am not one that can shape and mould another according to my desire; and when she returned from Italy I found myself more helpless than ever, and I remember, and with shame, how, to avoid being alone with her, I would run down the entire length of a train, avoiding the empty carriages, crying Not here, not here! at last opening the door of one occupied by three or four people, who all looked as if they were bound for a long journey. I remember, too, how about this time I came with friends to see Stella, whether by accident or design, frankly I know not; I only know that I brought many friends to see her, thinking they would interest her.
If you don't care to come to see me without a chaperon, I would rather you didn't come at all, she said, humiliating me very deeply.
It seemed to me, I answered, blushing, that you would like to see ——, and I mentioned the name of the man who had accompanied me.
If I am cross sometimes it is because I don't see enough of you.
It seems to me that it was then that the resolve hardened in my heart to become her friend ... if she would allow me to become her friend. But in what words should I frame my request and my apology? All the time our life was becoming less amiable, until one evening I nipped the quarrel that was beginning, stopping suddenly at the end of the avenue.
It is better that we should understand each other. The plain truth is that I must cease to be your lover unless my life is to be sacrificed.
Cease to be my lover!
That is impossible, but a change comes into every love story.
The explanation stuttered on. I remember her saying: I don't wish you to sacrifice your life. I have forgotten the end of her sentence. She drew her hand suddenly across her eyes. I will conquer this obsession.
A man would have whined and cried and besought and worried his mistress out of her wits. Women behave better than we; only once did her feelings overcome her. She spoke to me of the deception that life is. Again we were standing by the gate at the end of the chestnut avenue, and I remembered her telling me how a few years ago life had seemed to hold out its hands to her; her painting and her youth created her enjoyment.
But now life seems to have shrivelled up, she said; only a little dust is left.
Nothing is changed, so far as you and I are concerned. We see each other just the same.
I am no more to you than any other woman.
She went away again to Italy to paint and returned to Ireland, and one day she came to see me, and remained talking for an hour. I have no memory of what we said to each other, but a very clear memory of our walk through Dublin over Carlisle Bridge and along the quays. I had accompanied her as far as the Phoenix Park gates, and at the corner of the Conyngham Road, just as I was bidding her goodbye, she said:
I want to ask your advice on a matter of importance to me.
And to me, for what is important to you is equally important to me.
I am thinking, she said, of being married.
At the news it seems to me that I was unduly elated and tried to assume the interest that a friend should.
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2023.05.28 14:31 M4CK1O Why can't we do away with government partisanships?

Too often you hear "oh I have to vote republican/democrat because my grandfather and father voted that way. Then they'll vote straight ticket for that party regardless of who is running or what they are running on.
What would be the negative impact if we had a non-partisan government where everyone has to pay attention and base their votes off of plans and values that they actually believe in?
I know a few people break off and go against the grain on occasion but 99% of the time, important decisions are being made based off of a "bandwagon" mentality.
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2023.05.28 14:31 BiasMushroom The Exterminators RELOADED! Episode 2

Part 2 of “The Exterminators RELOADED!”
A Fanfic of u/SpacePaladin15’s work “The nature of Predators” Thank you for the story!
Memory transcription subject: Henry, Venlil Primary School Student
Sylvan’s dad gestured for us to get the show set up while he walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t bring myself to sit still as the sound of popcorn in the microwave bounced through the house. Sylvan threw himself next to me as the annoyingly long series of logos started to parade through the screen.
“C’mon Dad! It’s starting!” We both held our arms up and caught a bag of popcorn as Mr. Smith copied Sylvan and threw himself on the couch. As Sylvan started to juggle the burning hot bag I started to mockingly mimic him. “Oh shut up! You and your built-in oven mitts!”
I batted Sylvan in the face who didn’t hesitate to try and hold off my attacks by smooshing me down into the chair. We both stopped when the Deep heavy beat of the Exterminators RELOADED started to play. This time though the beat didn’t stop as the opening sequence ended. Instead it played dully in the background like we were hearing it through a wall.
Friotetzali stepped into the scene and sauntered his way through an alley. He stopped and looked at a poster hanging on the wall. It showed a picture of a carrot and tomato with forward facing eyes and silly little stick arms cowering in fear of a ravenous looking Venlil. Plastered above it was the episode's title! “THE HERBIVOROUS BEASTS FROM BEYOND THE STARS!!!”
Frio let out a light chuckle as his tail curled in delight. “Oh that looks hilarious. Gotta remember to go see that.” He gently shook his head as he continued to walk and drop into an indifferent attitude as he approached a lone Mazic by a door. The two stared at each other for a moment before the Mazic slowly turned and opened the door.
With a slow and droning voice he addressed our head investigator. “He’s waiting for you by the dance floor. Doubt you’ll miss him. Welcome back Frio. Try not to burn the place down.” As the door opened the tune picked back up and was almost deafening. Frio walked down the dark staircase and eventually into a room filled with neon signs decorating the walls, strobe lights, lasers, and dozens of people dancing everywhere.
Our Harchen Hero cut through the crowd and haze like a fish through water before finally sitting down at a table with a rather… sleazy looking Gojid. “FRIO! MY OLD PAL! Have a seat! Let me get ya a drink!” The greased back fur of the Gojid just looked out of place as he waved for the servers to bring colorful beverages with little umbrellas over.
I honestly couldn’t make out any words that came out of the Gojid’s mouth after that. The dude just seemed to talk and not say any words. But eventually Frio took a slow sip from his drink and turned his head to stare down the greasy porcupine who’s quills extended in a little bit of fear.
“Cut the crap Genseng. I want to know why by Inatala’s tits you’d think it's a good idea to smuggle terran animals here!” He slammed a pawfull of photos on the table. Each one showed the greasy Gojid buying and selling small animals like rabbits and chickens.
Genseng sputtered and pouted “COME ON! I haven’t done anything that puts anyone at risk! I just sell human’s xeno-safe pets! A bunny never ate a Dossur! Don’t you want humans to take care of the petting addiction on things that want to be pet?” Despite my body telling me this guy was bad news, I couldn’t help but agree. I’ve been ‘pet’ more times than I would like by strange humans… and a few Venlil… and one Kolshian… and I ran away from the Mazic.
Frio sat back in his chair and huffed. “Then WHY have I found NO civilians with one of your pets?” This time he slapped down a paper list of names and places that clearly documented each and every business he sold animals to.
The scumbag sat there with a look of shock on his face and started to sputter out several noncommittal and contradictory statements. ALl the while Frio stared at his “friend” with more and more disgust. Eventually Genseng just sighed, stood up, and shouted. "GUN! HES GOT A GUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” and bolted for the back door as screaming began to fill the room
Frio just casually stood up and watched that douchebag flee! He pulled out his badge and announced to the crowd. “FALSE ALARM! FALSE ALARM! OFFICER FRIOTETZALI, HERE ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS OF THE AVALON CITY POLICE! REMAIN CALM YOU ARE IN NO DANGER!”
I couldn’t understand why he was just standing there as the bad guy ran away! The camera cut to Genseng who was sprinting full force down a narrow hall dodging all manner of obstacles like it was an action movie only for it to cut back to Frio slowly taking a sip of his drink!
Again it cut back Genseng huffing and wheezing as he sprinted through his own shipping operation. The only pauses he took were to open up cages causing a small whirlwind of feathers and bunnies to start in the warehouse. Yet Frio started to casually talk to the people in the room. He just slowly went around reassuring everyone that everything was fine and why he was here.
As I sat there in disbelief that he’d just let the bastard run away Genseng rounded a corner to see his getaway truck. Only to step around the corner and get punched squarely in the gut by Iloralia who was hiding there.
“Come on Genseng? Couldn’t you do something original? This is starting to get boring!” Ilo extended a cattle prod and let the end buzz with electricity as an Extermination Officer van pulled up behind her.
The Gojid let out raspy breaths. “Should have- … figured- … he’d send his- … BITCH! To wait in the alley!” The sleazy man sucked that insult back in when Ilo pressed the business end of her cattle prod to his throat.
“Shut the fuck up. You have the right to remain silent, but for your sake… I hope you’re smart enough to use it!” Ilo’s tail waved behind her with delight as Sephon climbed out of the van with a Gojid arrestor vest to cover Genseng’s quills and bind his arms.
I jumped as the video smash-cut to Sephon slamming down piece after piece of evidence on an interrogation room table in front of a nervous Gojid and his exhausted human lawyer. The angelic Tasamine sat on her perch gently drinking some tea as our perturbed Venlil explained each and every paper and photo that he threw on the table.
“Finally we have you on felony tax evasion. You do know you have to declare ALL sources of income right?” Genseng sheepishly looked to his lawyer, who just sat there with a defeated look on his face. “You are looking at forty years behind bars for this Genseng! FORTY!”
Tasamine let her voice coo out over her cup of tea. “We aren’t going to do you any favours over the tax stuff. The IRS is over our jurisdiction on that, BUT we are prepared to drop the rest of the charges.”
Genseng’s lawyer appeared to wake up in an instant and elbowed his client before he could open his filthy mouth. “So what do you want from my client in return for dropping the charges you have against him?”
Tas let out a little smile that set butterflies to flight in my stomach. “We want everyone that Tas sold animals to. And we do mean EVERYONE.”
Sephon started to pace back and forth as the Gojid and lawyer talked amongst themselves. Eventually Genseng relented and turned to our heroes. “Ok… SO I technically never really sold to a person per say… BUT I kept really good papers on all the businesses I did sell to!”
The conversation started to dull out as the camera began to pan back and into the observation room with Frio, Ilo, and a rather small Mazic. Frio stood stoically silent, his paw held gently under his jaw, lost in thought. Ilo was typing away on the computer crosschecking every business Genseng sold out.
The Mazic took a step forward. His badge now clearly showing that he was the Chief of the Avalon City Police. “I know those businesses… Why would he be selling pets to…” The Chief huffed and stormed out of the observation room leaving Frio and Ilo slightly confused only to watch with an ounce of shock as the Police Chief walked into the interrogation room.
Genseng’s lawyer slowly looked to his client with a look of anger and despair plastered on his face. The sleazy man just kinda shrugged. “I didn’t make them buy it!”
“HEY! I’VE GOT A GUY WHO TAKES THEM IN! I MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS HUMANE AND SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION AND ANYTHING UNWANTED GO TO THAT GUY! OK? NO MONEY TRANSACTION! … I think he ships them back to Earth or something. No unethical stuff… except maybe selling Once-live as Cloned… but that isn’t that bad! Humans only just considered Rabbits to be on par with dogs!”
The Chief of Police just stood there menacingly as the ever beautiful Tas asked a question. “Who is this man you give the animals to?”
Genseng slowly walked back to his seat. “I don’t have a name. Just some dude wearing the old face hiding masks and a Pleather trench coat. Kinda creepy and usually lets the fat Venlil do the talking, but they scratch my back I scratch thier’s.”
The screen faded to black before coming back to their conference room and joined by the Chief of Police. “So you think this individual is the same one behind the Sheep Operation?”
Ilo sat up in her chair. “It seems to meet up with his M.O. of undermining food production.”
Tas brought a pair of population maps up on their projector. “Just looking at the before and after, the invasive rabbit population was miniscule at best. We had been doing a great job of catching them faster than they could repopulate. At least until their population unpredictably exploded into the hundreds of thousands.”
She swapped out the maps for a single one that showed several areas circled in red. “DNA testing on the rabbits has shown that they aren’t spreading naturally. One population has no genetic relation to the others even though their areas overlap. It has to be someone introducing rabbits in waves to different locals.”
The Chief slowly shook his head. “Do we have any clues as to where the masked man is?”
Frio’s tail curled in delight. “Why yes! Yes we do! He has a meetup with my good buddy Genseng who desperately doesn’t want to spend the next forty years in jail.”
The small Mazic let out a low and insidious laugh “OH! I think I know where you are going with this. You have my support. Let's get this sting operation set up!”
In an instant the day flew by and night rose over the docks of Avalon City. Genseng drove down the roads and pulled around the corner of a large warehouse situated nearby. The sleazy man looked oddly calm. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t his first time ratting.
Overlooking the docks from the warehouse was our team of heroes. Tas had set up a network of monitors and was observing the operation. Several disguised vans were parked nearby filled with Extermination Officers all biting to get a hold of their quarry.
Frio walked over and placed a paw on Tasamine’s wing, before speaking into a recorder. “Looking good Gen. Looks like I misplaced the paperwork on those charges. Get through this and I won’t have time to go looking for it!”
Gen let out a small chuckle. “Hey Frio… Do you miss when we were kids? Getting into trouble. Scraping enough money together to buy lunch when our parents couldn’t afford to feed us?”
Frio took a step back from the monitors. “You said that in a really weird way… but yeah. Just the two of us. Sometimes we were delinquents scamming someone out of five credits and sometimes we were the heroes helping people out. Guess we took different paths…”
The greasy Gojid leaned back in the driver seat of his van. “I- … I am kinda tired of living Frio… It’s just… One deal after another with barely enough money to get from one job to the next… Do- … Do you think I could get a job working with you guys?”
It almost looked like Frio was going to cry as his eyes watered up. “Well… we are a man down at the moment, but my team only hires experienced individuals. It would be hard work, but if you joined as an apprentice and applied yourself… I think you could make it.”
Genseng sat and fiddled with his paws for a few moments. “Even with my arrest record?”
“We are the Exterminators not the City Police. I doubt there isn’t a single one of us that hasn't done something that would get us blacklisted by them!”
Gen let out a light laugh. “Ah good point! They hired you! Well I’d- Wait. He's here.”
A long black limousine pulled up around the corner. Slowly and silently stopping beside them. Frio took a step back. “Alright everyone. It's go time. Gen, get ready to duck down if they open fire.”
With almost perfect unison every unmarked van and cruiser lit up with Yellow and Orange lights and started to race towards the Limo. But with a heart stopping ‘BWOOOOOM’ the Limo exploded into an inferno, sending metal flying through the docks at high speeds.
Gen’s voice screamed over the radio for a brief moment before falling silent.
The next sounds we heard were of a heart monitor. Frio sat at the bedside of what I assumed to be Genseng. His body was covered entirely in bandages, with tubes running into his head and arms. Wires tracked his vital signs and, while steady, didn’t look like they broadcasted good news.
Frio looked up to see Ilo leaning in the doorway. “The limo was automated. No one on board. Mask either knew it was a setup or intended to end Genseng one way or the other.” She slowly walked over to Frio and nuzzled the side of his head. “I talked with the Doctors. They think he’ll make it. Might be a few years, and he will have to learn how to do most things, but he will live.”
Ilo forced her way into awkwardly cuddling Frio. After a small moment of resisting he accepted the embrace and leaned back. “How are we on tracking down the leads?”
She somehow managed to wrap herself around Frio as she quietly responded. “The limo was a dead end. Everything was bought from scrap and assembled off-grid. Camera networks were wiped clean enough that even Tas couldn’t scrape something off of the hard drives. DNA results on the rabbits gave us enough to work with Earth and track down the suppliers on that side, but they were using Genseng as a scapegoat and intermediary for all of it. I don’t think he even realized that the man he was ‘giving’ rabbits to was the man that arranged for him to be able to buy them in the first place.”
Frio wrapped his arms around her. “So this whole operation was basically a money laundering scam with rabbits. They scarred him for life just to- to-” Tears ran down his cheeks as the pair embraced each other. The credits started to roll over the sounds of a heart monitor slowly pinging on. Gentle sobbing slowly faded away as the sound of claws on tile echoed through the speakers.
A rather portly Venlil was flanked on both sides by massive looking dogs. Sylvan’s Dad pointed out those where Karelian Bear Dogs. Bred to actually hunt one of Earth’s apex predators. The Fat Venlil, or Chublil as Sylvan said, walked into an immaculate office, where a man with a silvered mask and brown trench coat sat.
“Sir? Operation Clean House is over. The results are one Gojid launderer hospitalized. He is expected to recover in a few years. When the exterminators watching him clear out an agent will enter with an air-filled syringe and fake death by heart-attack. As you expected the last meetup was a sting operation. Police remain slightly aware of your presence.”
A robotic voice came from the man. “Good work Gavreg. Did you enjoy your trip to Earth?”
“Yessir. You were right. Bear meat is simply divine when prepared correctly.”
“Glad to hear it. As for the Gojid, I think he’s gotten the message on what happens to people who cross us. Send him a normal fruit basket when he regains consciousness. Have it say… Sorry you got fired! Take a siesta!”
“Very well sir. Just to be clear, hold off on permanently silencing him?”
“Hrm… Yes. He was always amusing to work with.”
“Very well sir. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”
The Fat Venlil turned and walked out of the room. Ending the episode and leaving the three of us sitting on the couch.
“You know Loural is going to throw a fit if she finds out we let both Sylvan and Henry watch this!”
I wasn’t proud but at least the humans screamed louder than I did.
Special thanks to u/Dinomannick for the prompt
"I got a few ideas for the show. How about a few episodes have them dealing with invasive earth species on alien worlds, brought there for zoos, rich blokes pet, criminals, whatever. They have either catch or kill all of them before their establishing breeding populations and have the cane toad/rabbit problem like down-under. Think it might be interesting enough for future space TV?"
I hope this lived up to your expectations, and the bunny boom won't be relegated to just this episode either.
Links are still broken cause reddit is more like brokeit... Will get around to fixing them soon, real life has been kinda hectic

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2023.05.28 14:30 meraki369 Guide on the uncomfortable aspect of SR - Dealing with the Unresolved emotions

Hello Brothers,
Today I want to share an understanding of the aspect of old unresolved emotions emerging to the awareness again, which makes us feel so uncomfortable during our SR journey.
This aspect is less discussed here, so I would like to shine a light on what is really happening.
So with the right understanding of the process, we could enjoy the 'Torture' it gives, rather than thinking about relapse or making it a 'hard journey' than it actually is.

Why it happens?
First of all, let's understand about our mind.
The mind has only two functions according to the Buddhist perspective.
  1. Clinging (Wanting a certain emotion to be experienced again and again)
  2. Resisting (Not letting a certain emotion to be experienced fully)
Let that settle down for a bit.
We don't allow the reality to unfold as it is. We always want to manipulate the reality in order to feel good (Experiencing the specific 'Clinged' emotion again) and not to feel bad (Avoiding the specific 'Resisted' emotions)
And, when the reality is not going according to our own personal preference, we suffer.
All of our suffering are only due to this two reasons. These two activities of the mind forms the personal preference.
Now, when the mind clings to an emotion, or resists an emotion, the energy of that 'unexperienced' emotion gets locked in the body.
That energy wants to be released and to be experienced by awareness, so that it can finally release itself from the 'Body prison'.
This 'locked' energy creates thoughts of it's own kind, in order for it to be released all the time. These thoughts will not go away till the underlying energy that's driving them is felt and released.
Remember that disturbing thought your mind chatters with all the time? It has an underlying unexperienced emotion to it. The solution is to experience the emotion, not trying to shut down the thought.
Nearly all of our problems are Emotional, not psychological. Working with thoughts is a fool's game, and it leads us nowhere.
If we let go of clinging and resisting, the energy would be felt by consciousness and it is finally free. It doesn't exist anymore.
But here comes the tricky part.
For most of the things, we are not really aware that we have been clinging on or resisting against a particular emotion. It happenes unconsciously, by habit.
To cling on, or to resist an emotion takes effort by the mind. This effort is there 24*7, which is manifested as 'uneasiness' or 'stress' during the day.
Once there is an awareness, it becomes clear that there is an effort involved to hold on something. As a result, the effort naturally dies away. The energy is now free to move to consciousness and get experienced.
As a consequence, the 'uneasiness' or 'stress' drops down proportionally.
This is why meditators, and even retainers feel so calm and composed all the time.
Further, once you let go of clinging, you don't feel the need to experience that emotion again. Once you let go of resisting something, you don't feel the need to avoid that emotion again. As a result, you don't feel the need to do anything, you are contented all the time. This is the state of the enlightened masters.
The solution is to increase awareness somehow, so that the remaining process is automatically taken care.
With Semen Retention, our sexual energy is no longer at the deficit state, so it is now increasing our awareness.
Whether the awareness is increased through Semen Retention, Qi Gong or Meditation - the method doesn't really matter. The same consequences will follow for all the practice that increases the awareness.

Being Aware:

Bodhidharma sat facing the wall.
The Patriarch stood in the snow.
He cut off his arm and presented it to Bodhidharma, crying, “My mind has no peace as yet! I beg you, master, please pacify my mind!”
“Bring your mind here and I will pacify it for you,” replied Bodhidharma.
“I have searched for my mind, and I cannot take hold of it,” said the Patriarch.
“Now your mind is pacified,” said Bodhidharma

The Western approach has invented a lot of psychological tricks to interfere mind and make it bend according to our will. Well, those tricks have yielded result to a very small extent, but it's not the best way to deal with the mind.
The eastern approach to mind is to leave it alone, and just witness it. This approach has worked for thousand of years, wonderfully.
At this point, it's very important to understand that when an old uncomfortable emotion hits, DO NOTHING AND BE AWARE.
Experience those uncomfortable emotions. There comes a point where you have less and less 'locked' emotions in you, the more and more elevated and peaceful you will feel.
The mind will make all sorts of rationalization to justify it's escape from experiencing the emotion.
The point is to keep redirecting our attention from thoughts to emotions.
Don't focus on WHAT DO I THINK? Focus on WHAT DO I FEEL?
Just be aware of the emotions.

Face the dragon. You don't even have to slay it, just face it. The gold will be yours once the dragon realizes that you are still there even after getting fully attacked by it.
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2023.05.28 14:29 turtleontherun-999 Narcissistic repair. (Fuck you)

Lockdown was really hard for me. I want you to know that because I don't think it even crossed your mind to think about it. I went from being mentally exhausted to becoming downright incapable of a lot of things. This includes hanging out with you and the rest of you. It hurts most because even through lockdown I had to watch all of you sacrifice things for each other to be with each other and I was never considered in that. I was alone. And I came out of it all feeling even more alone.
The worst feeling in the world that will haunt me forever is watching you guys hang out with each other on my birthday while I was left alone and not even considered, was when a week after we all met up and you people spoke about how much of a good time ye all had and then turned to me and asked me what I did for it? Knowing full well what was up. Knowing full well that you all didn't invite me or even acknowledge me. Imagine being in a position where I'm confronted with that in a manner where I'm expected to just go along with your own bullshit and pretend for your own mental wellness that none of it even happened.
Then my mam died suddenly right in front of my eyes and to top it off I was diagnosed with something that really hampered my emotional well being even more. And I thought at least if I have my friends to comfort me and make me feel okay then I could live through it fine. But then you sat across from me in a room because you feared even being near me, alone with me and told me to my face that it was in fact the most disgusting thing in the world.
That's what I feel like now. The most disgusting person in the world. You never said sorry. You never said anything after. We're still playing your game of ignoring the horrible things you do and say or God forbid someone might see you for what you actually are.
This amongst soooo many other things you've done hurt me. And I'm still hurting.
But I'm writing this letter to you as something I'll never actually say to you in person. I've been going to therapy and I'm getting better. I realise through therapy that all is not as it seems. That you are in fact a narcissistic asshole and I have found the bravery within myself to finally admit to myself that I don't actually like you. I hate you and that's actually okay. It's okay not to like somebody, it does not make me horrible or crazy or any mental character assassination diagnosis you want to throw at me this week. It makes me human.
Im finally learning to understand myself but more importantly I'm finally learning to love myself ❤ When I get even better I'm going to find my own tribe who love me and want to be with me and value me as a human being. Im going to do it all on my own and when I do there won't even be a goodbye to you and I can't tell you how happy I am right now with that plan in mind. I can't wait to be set free of you all but especially you in particular.
So until then let's keep playing your games let's keep pretending your a nice person. And in the back of my mind, always, fuck you.
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2023.05.28 14:29 Kaffienated_31 Autonomic neurology/dysautonomia clinic in US needed

I’m in Canada and can’t get proper testing or comprehensive treatment. Most of the tests on this sub, doctors wouldn’t even know what to do with. These symptoms started mildly after initial covid infection 2 years ago, then have been progressing very rapidly since second infection in august 2022. It’s a runaway train and I don’t know how to stop it. I have an adrenaline type dysautonomia and mild OH. I also suspect mcas. Symptoms are different every day. Most debilitating is high anxiety and adrenaline dumps, especially at night. The doctor who is treating me now ( Long covid internist) knows a lot about beta blockers and blood pressure ( I started ivabradine a few days ago, not sure if helping)
Is there a full service type clinic in the states who would accept Canadians ( aware this would be out of pocket) who could do a full work up on me and confirm my diagnosis? I doubt I could find an endocrinologist, immunologist, or even neurologist in this country who would even know what to do. I am too overwhelmed and get anxious/sympathetic overdrive from very small triggers now. For my own life ( it’s that’s bad) I need somewhere to go who would do a full work up and provide a treatment plan and mostly importantly, keep following me. I am desperate
Thank you
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2023.05.28 14:28 milaimzeka Questions for self teaching myself some Electrical stuff

Hello there. I am a Mechatronics student. While studying I have started to like the electrical side of things quite a bit, and I will probably focus more on it later in my career. Currently, on the electrical side I only have circuit theory and Lab, and digital circuits and signals later on. The physics was mainly introductory to the EM stuff, and the course focuses on Mechanics(Statics, Dynamics, thermodynamics, fluids). Since I want to focus on the electrical side, I would want to self-learn a few things that might be important for electrical engineering, but I don't know where to start (other than practicing more math this summer). Any advice?
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