Kurulus Osman Episode 123 Discussion Thread - "Martyrdom suits us"

2023.04.27 14:02 Krani-_-007 Kurulus Osman Episode 123 Discussion Thread - "Martyrdom suits us"

Kurulus Osman Episode 123 Discussion Thread -
Salaams. Episode 123 was pretty good actually. Faster paced and sets up a lot of interesting things. It has some great moments which are worth discussing.
Bolum 123
Watch Here!
124 Trailer
  • The episode starts right where it left off. Mongols raiding both Osman's camp and Yenisehir. We see some pretty well done fighting sequences. The night time aesthetic was actually pretty cool to see in the battle. Always nice to see Solgur Aga use that mace to kill Nokers lol. Anyways, Osman fights back to back with Turgut, where it is decided that Osman should rush to Yenisehir whilst Turgut remains to defend the headquarters. Meanwhile, in Yenisehir, Orhan and Alaadin manage to break the chains and break the door. They manage to help Bala and Halime escape from the flames and Nokers. Out of all people to help Malhun and the other hatuns, Bayindir comes. I must admit, him constantly changing sides is funny. Anyways, this sequence soon ends after Osman arrives and finishes off the remaining Mongols. Bala is also severely injured and is rushed to the healing room. I must admit, Osman's anger towards the Mongol Kommotan was good to see. This beheadal was so fast and well done. Definately shows how Osman is taking no nonsense when it comes to his home and children.
  • The next 15 minutes shows Osman inquiring about Bala and Halime. We also see the real sad part of this episode. I actually could not believe Nayman actually killed both Kutan and Acar infront of Turgut. What a statement. Ruzgar really acted his heart out in this scene, from the cries to the screams. Beautiful acting. I wonder how he will be now that his two closest alps and friends have been martyred. It was truly a moment of sadness. A horse arrives with a note from Nayman, stating he has 15 days to surrender for Turgut to live.

This beheadal was so cool tbh

Turgut watching his alps die :(
  • We are greeted with a 2 week timeskip, meaning Osman has 1 day left to save Turgut. Will he make use of it? We see him get dressed into his Devlet outfit, and through a few scenes, it is revealed that we have reached a pivotal point in the formation of the state. Osman had told the blacksmiths around to begin melting silver, copper, and others to begin the new currency for his lands. This was absolutely amazing to see, as we see Osman move more and more away from the Seljuk state. Lets hope his independance comes soon, for real this time. Its always interesting to see other state matters like this. Thouroughly enjoyed it.
  • Meanwhile, in Konya, IsmiHan convinces Alaadin to not send the 5k soldiers to Osman. It was actually funny to see Alaadins face when he heard about the seal tho. Remember my nickname for Gullible Oktem? I move the name to Sultan Alaadin, and he will be known as Gullibe Sultan now. (Get it? Valide... Galibe?). Anyways, we hear that IsmiHan will attend Nayman's council where he is meeting other great Mongol Rulers, which rule other parts of Mongolia. This meeting refers to the army he will semd against Osman, and the formation of his state. Meanwhile, we get some more Bayindir Comedy. His comedy is unmatched. We see him pretend with IsmiHan, which is always so funny, however, the main part is that he is with Osman now. In a flashback, we see he told Osman that Valide works with Nayman, and that he will now work for the "right side", however, for Bayindir, the right side is the side with riches. Lol. I hope he stays in the good side.
  • In the mongol camp, we see Nayman do his weird Mongol rituals with the rest of the beys. They all pledge loyalty to him, and send messengers to call their relatives, alongside big armies to come to Nayman. Osman knows that this would be the outcome, and Cerkutay and the alps intercept these messengers and they eventually alter a note, luring these relatives to a nearby Keravensary.

Cerkutay going back to his roots...
  • Cerkutay sets the way for the "very well guarded" caravensary to be taken out within 5 seconds. However, Cerkutay's dialogue was samrt and witty. Wish the battle lasted longer because of the way it was described. Anyways, we skip to the night where these Mongol relatives arrive. It was an awesome scene, seeing Osman just enter like that and slap that guy. That was peak. Anyways, he absolutely humbles these relatives, and gets Cerkutay to use their own seals to make a letter stating that the armies must fall back. A great counter plan by Osman to get rid of an army. Overall, an enjoyable part of the episode.
  • We have a scene of Turgut trying to escape, but the acting here is what must be applauded. I cannot emphasize how well he acted this episode. Anyways, we see Valide talk to Bengi. We knew Bengi would never change her ways, smh. She informs her that Osman is minting his own coins, and well.... problems... Valide creates a plan with Bengi to do something to the silver to be melted. We skip to the day where the coins must be minted, and Malhun and Co. prepare for this very important day, however, Bengi and one of Oktems right hand alps, make a very successful plan to steal a cart of this silver. Its about time that these alps should ask for official documentation instead of just believing what the other random alp says. Anyways, she replaces the silver with #fakesilver to make the minted coins worthless in vaule.
Bengi actually has another set of clothes... also, did this guy steal Cerkutay;s clothes?
  • Bala has a horse riding scene with Osman, making the events a bit slower. It is eventually revealed that Bala, alongside Aktemur and Alcicek, will disguise as Mongol soldiers. This is in order to ambush IsmiHan along the way, and make her think that Nayman betrayed her. It is a good plan on Osman's part, a bit simple, but sometimes simplicity is the key. Meanwhile, Osman heads towards Nayman's camp to save Turgut.
  • Esma finally becomes useful when she succeeds in what she knows best, over hearing conversations. She overhears Bengi talking to this Aybars guy about the coins. Hopefully she can tell Malhun on time, and Bengi can finally face the consequences of her actions.
  • Bala, Aktemur and Alcicek successfully lay the ambush, leading IsmiHan to believe that Nayman betrayed her. i really want to see what her next move here will be, especially after reassuring her son that Nayman wouldnt betray her. Cant wait for that.
  • We have this really cool scene of Turgut and Nayman exchanging words. The sort of premenition of Turgut brutally killing Nayman took me off guard, but that was actually really well done. Lol. Anyways, Osman Bey arrives. In his confrontation with Nayman, he reveals he has the relatives, by throwing their possessions onto the ground. The Mongol Beys obviously tell Nayman to give up Turgut. Nayman is obviously not too happy about this, but eventually gives in and lets Turgut go. The episode ends on a victory, and the events of next episdoe can only be determined by the trailer. However, the war is heating up, and the next time we see the two on the battlefield, there ought to be death...
  • Overall, a good episode with setup elements. A bit slow paced in some cases, however, still has enough action to keep you invested in the storyline. Definately one of the stronger episodes from the 119 - 123 arc.
  • Anyways, How would you rate KO Bolum 123?

The scenes...
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2023.03.16 09:38 Krani-_-007 Kurulus Osman Bolum 118 Official Discussion Thread - For every great Victory, comes a great loss

Kurulus Osman Bolum 118 Official Discussion Thread - For every great Victory, comes a great loss
Official Episode Link
Where to Watch
119 Trailer
This episode was yet another great one, simply phenomenal. At this stage, idk how yall can believe me saying the same words all the time lol. Let's get into it!
  • The episode begins with the new trio in town, Osman, Turgut and Oktem. This scene was so great, showing their brotherhood. Even though Oktem was on the wrong side for a bit, seeing him here just felt, so right. He fits right in, and seeing him smile is so nice for once. Anyways, they discuss how they have weakened Nayman, and that now it is time to conquer Inegol! Osman reveals that Cerkutay and Ulgen have been there for a while and that it is the perfect time to conquer Inegol. They make their plans whilst we see Cerkutay read the note Osman sent.
  • Meanwhile, in Inegol, Olof, Frodi and Frigg mourn the death of Dan. I never expected Frodi to be tearing up, but he did lol! Anyways, Nayman arrives to the party. Here, it is revealed that Olof's army will arrive in a few days. Nayman and Olof's alliance is vital now. Nayman says that they must attack Osman's lands and take them quickly. We have a mini Frigg vs Nayman competition lol, but Frigg turns out to be useful when she reveals the location of a village where all the Ghazi's live. Olof is sent to attack here.

The Trio
  • Bengi is confronted by Malhun, Bala and Ayse. Ayse's new costume is actually refreshing, I swear she wore the other one for too long lol. Anyways, Bengi's punishment is to help lure Frigg into a trap, and this is exactly what she does. She goes to Inegol and meets up with Frigg, cleverly convincing Frigg to go to Yenisehir to kill Orhan and Alaadin. I never knew the Witch would turn out to be Good lol. I need another name for her now!
  • Osman arrives in Sogut to confront IsmiHan. His purpose is to make an alliance with her, so that Nayman can be defeated. Before this, it was nice to see her admit that Osman was right, infront of Bayindir too! Lol. Anyways, as Osman enters, she asks Osman if he came to drag her into the fire and Osman says: "Thats exactly what I came to do" What a madlad. Anyways, he informs IsmiHan of Olof's army, Nayman cornering Konya and the likes, and she eventually agrees to work with Osman, and that she will be the first to shed blood on the conquest. What a nice change of attitude for once!
  • Olof begins his attack on the Ghazi's in the village of Camonu. This battle was actually pretty good. Seeing the civillians fight against a raging Olof and Frodi. It was sad to see the Women and Children in the midst of everything. Anyways, Boran and Konur who were on their way to Camonu are informed of this. They quickly arrive to the scene. I was suprised to see Konur yielding an axe here, that was really cool, but they were too overcrowded and eventually had to retreat. Olof had achieved victory!

Basket go brr
  • Meanwile, in Yenisehir, Frigg? Marta? One of her aliases sneaks into Yenisehir and she gievs swords to her undercover soldiers. They set out to the alleyways to find Orhan and Alaadin. She eventually finds them, but as it turns out, it was not the real Orhan and Alaadin. Frigg predicted the trap, and after Bala, Bengi and Alcicek reveal themselves, she reveals her plan. Turns out her extra troops really never help as they were easily defeated. Anyways, Bala and Frigg have an awesome duel, but at the end, Frigg dies a death so satisfying that i cant even say anything. Definately one of the better female villains, but she overacted at times. Seperate post for her analysis.
  • Malhun welcomes Osman into Yenisehir, as Boran and Konur arrive with the remaining survivors from Camonu. Osman has his annual scene witha child, which never fails to melt your heart, and then we move on to Cerkutay and Ulgen. Lol. There scenes are always too funny. Just seeing Cerkutay knock out two soldiers with a mop says something lol. They go to the area with the trapdoor, in wait to allow Turgut and his alps to secretly enter Inegol. As usual, a bit of Tenison with the trapdoor not opening, but all is solved and the Turgut and Cerkutay reunion was so wholesome. The plan has been set as Turgut and the alps are successfully inside.

Dead Frigg staring into your soul
  • The next 30 miutes I will summarise quickly, so we have more focus on the later parts. Nayman arrives in Sogut to check his gold out, and realises it is too little. Bayindir lies to him, and Nayman leaves, considering that IsmiHan was on his side. In Yenisehir, Osman and Co. sit with Edebali and he gives a great lesson as usual. The women sit in the kitchen, as we see Alcicek in her wedding dress, in preparation for the soon to be wedding. The next day, the war begins. Osman and his huge army pray, as the women prepare as well.
  • Wow. I did not expect this from any of the trailers. Oktem, in Marmaracik prepares to go to Inegol, however, Nayman and Nokers have come to Marmaracik to conquer it. Oktem and Alps close the gates and rush to the walls to shoot arrows, but alas, they are too weak. The door is eventually broken and we have yet another awesome battle scene. Oktem taking on tons and tons of soldiers was so cool, and when he used the piece of wood to defend himself. What a man. Loved his fighting, however, to my dismay, all the alps died and Oktem was soon captured by Nayman. Seeing his sadness over his alps lives was so sad. MArmaracik and Oktem has fallen :(
  • Meanwhile, the plan is in motion. IsmiHan and Bayindir arrive in Inegol and confront Olof. IsmiHan still tries to convince Olof that this is her castle, but Olof completely disregards her. She has seen it herself, Olof is beyond repair. Their interaction was tense, it is clearly gave motive for Ismihan to join the right side. She tells Olof to escort her to the gate and this is where the fun begins.
  • Osman gives such a good speech to his alps!

Oktem Bey getting captured
  • In the courtyard, the soldiers spot Osman and the alps riding their horses towards the castle. They immediately close the door. Undercover Turgut and Cerkutay begin to make their way to the gate, when Olof arrives. They awesomely reveal themselves, whilst IsmiHan takes the spear. The battle began from the inside, as they all strived to open the gate for Osman. IsmiHan using the spear so well was actually unexpected, she is actually skilled. Meanwhile, from the same passageway, Ulgen lets the hatuns inside.
  • Back in the courtyard, IsmiHan uses her spear awesomely whilst the others fight so good as well. Good budget it seems. Cerkutay tries to open the door, and opens it partially before being stopped by a soldier. Osman and Co. were on the verge of entering as the door clsoed on them again. Ulgen arrived to the scene and actually kills a few soldiers. Cerkutay tells her to open the door. Whilst this is happening, Cerkutay receives a brutal wound to his abdomen. The soundtrack, Ulgen screaming his name, how can one not tear up???? HIs words "Vatan Icin" just broke me. He manages to kill the soldier whilst Ulgen heroically opens the door. This is such a good way to show her character development. Her character is so good. THe battle rages on as Osman and Co. slaughter everyone, like everyone. The fighting was so good, but this scene also proves why Boran is the best fighter Lol. Anyways, Osman and Olof have a duel in the middle, whilst Ulgen tends to Cerkutay. Her words to him made it even funnier, despite the sadness we were feeling. She always lightens the mood.

Osman and Co. entering Inegol.
  • Olof gets beaten in the duel and Osman slaps the living daylight out of him. Man got slapped so hard by Osman he literally got knocked out. Good riddance too. THe battle has been won, as we get the victory speech. (Also hatuns were fighting inside. Side note about IsmiHan savinf them as well, great stuff).
  • Olof is brought outside to get beheaded, and all is seemingly good until the best scene happens. Before he is beheaded, Nayman arrives woth Oktem to Inegol, confronting Osman. Nayman demands Olof be released in exchange for Oktem's life. I actually cant describe this scene, its too good. Oktem sacrifices himself, literally. He tells Osman to not give in, and that he wants to taste Shahada. Osman asking everyone if they were afraid of death, and especially to Bengi and Alcicek, like he was reassuring them of what was about to happen. IsmiHan wants to make the deal, but Osman refuses. Oktem convinces Osman that it is time for the Old Wolf to depart. The moment when he asked Osman all the questions and it ended at "KizilElma" said enough for me to completely forgive Oktem of all of his sins.
  • Eventually, Osman Beheads Olof. Damn. Olof was a good villain, certianly not the best after concersion, but was still good. Think he couldve been utilised a little better in some cases, but overall he was a great villain for the first half of the season. Ruthless and Brave. Farewell Pope Olof. Farewell. However, this led to the beheadal of Oktem Bey. NOOOOOO! The music, the crying of Bengi and Alcicek, everyone saying Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon. I cant. What a perfect scene. I have a newfound respect for Oktem. Sacrificing himself like that is such a great thing, and truly shows that we do indeed return to Allah. On a side note, this is legit the first time a good guy has been beheaded, and ive always wanted to see it, but now Im just sad. On a closing note, hope Cerkutay survives, and I cant wait to see the Nayman and Osman Rivalry!

The Scenes :((((((((

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2023.03.02 15:26 Krani-_-007 How would you rate KO Bolum 116 + Discussion

How would you rate KO Bolum 116 + Discussion
Salaams. After a very long wait, Osman has returned, with a quite good episode too. A mixture of action and politics, and solving some problems, but creating other new ones. What lies in store for us in Bolum 117?
Trailer 1
Dizilah Ratings
KayiFamilyTv , Osman Online
  • The episode begins in one of Nayman's camps, where his Shaman, Kam, does weird Mongol dances whilst Nayman does his weird Mongol rituals. From being buried alive to stepping on hot coals. Yeah, just Mongol stuff. Anyways, Osman discusses with his alps about Nayman. Here he is informed of Naymans moves against Karesi and Candar. Boran seems to lose hope, bit Osman states its only the beginning, what a lad. He makes precautions to keep the tribe safe whilst the messengers inform him that Nayman is coming. IsmiHan and the Beys sit in Yenisehir, looking completely defeated. Karesi says that he should have listened to Osman and is clearly in denial. The army has been disbanded, and IsmiHan has come to the conclusion that they have to pay the 150 chests of gold to survive. Im suprised that she does actually care for the well being of every one, and actually contributes 75 gold chests from the Seljuk state. Yakup promises 40, whilst Karesi and Candar claim they cant contribute much due to their small size. Very interesting point on how they brought in the taxes part and how the people wouldnt be able to survive. Nice touch. They would deliver the gold to Nayman.
  • Bala trues to get Frigg to talk, but to no avail, but, Nayman Geliyor. The drums are beat as he enters the tribe. I must say, what an entry. "Do you know what greatness is Osman? When your reputation reaches before you" Damn, I love Nayman. He truly thinks he is the best, and i love his directedness. Osman and Nayman exchange some intense words, in the form of metaphors. Just before Nayman enters the tent, the drums are beat again... Wait... Olof Geliyor? I musnt lie, but it was so funny when Frigg started screaming for him when she heard his voice lol. Anyways, Olof demands Frigg, to which Osman replies Inegol must be returned. Before things get messy, Nayman states that Olof pledged alegiance, so Osman was stopped. However, Nayman also puts Olof in his place, and is sent back. Nayman enters the tent for "Food, food, food" Lol. Uhmmmmm, yeah. We get our two favoruite characters. Witch Bengi and Gullible Oktem. Gullible shouts Witch for getting Frigg caught, whilst Witch believes all will be fine. Im very dissapointed in Gullible's actions. He is directly involved, hope he meets the sword. In the tent, Nayman is already well informed of Orhan's situation, and asks Osman if he would like to see his son walk again. That mustve hit Osman hard lol. Anyways, Nayman reveales that he has seen this poison before from his nokers, and offers to give the cure to Orhan. Osman, confused, still grasps at the opportunity, and fetches Orhan from the room. Kam, begins to make the cure, only consisting of herbs, which was a good first sign that it was all Halaal lol. However, Osman takes his precautions. He calls Kumral Abdal to verify that the cure is indeed a cure, to which it is derived that it is indeed harmless. I was so happy that a cure was found, but never expected it in this way! The way Kam started the drum thingy whilst they gave the cure, and the look of disgust on Malhun and Osman's faces. Too good.

Nayman and Osman at the tribe
  • Turgut is seen lying in wait to ambush a caravan of Olof's, transporting both chests of Gold and Soldiers. Seems it was coming from Constantinople. A very quick fight scene occurs, and I personally wouldve enjoyed a longer one, but the budget seems to have gone to the next few episodes (looking at you trailer). Anyways, arguably the best scene of the episode. Osman and Nayman looking at the map, Nayman showing his armies. Osman absolutely made an impression. Wow. The way he knew of Nayman's 4th army and all of Nayman's plans. Wow. Osman is truly a military genius. I love this part of the show. Anyways, Osman is disrupted by Kumral informing him that Orhan is recovering, and Nayman leaves the tent after being asked to be a guest that evening. Osman joins Malhun in a great scene. Our main question is answered. "Why did Nayman help Orhan?" Osman put it perfectly. Nayman is trying to soften them to make them his "dogs". Osman sees right through him lol. More on this later. Witch and Gullible fight again, as Bayindir enters, telling Bengi to deal with Frigg on behalf of Valide. Lol, the way Bayindir told Witch to drink the poison and kill herself if she failed to save Frigg. Also, I think Alcicek is seeing right through her parent's plans. Just a feeling. Somehow, i still hope that Gullible has some sense and does something with sense lol.
  • Night looms over Kayi Obasi, as Nayman attends dinner with none other than the GOAT himself, Edebali. Osman's plan is to soften Nayman's heart too. I know some people usually skip Edebali scenes, but wow. His dialogue is just so good. He talks to Nayman about Islam, and its differences to Tengrism. Its interesting to see how Nayman views himself as the "Chosen One". Is he the real Green Ninja???? Memes aside, this scene was actually very interesting. Seeing Edebali trying to get Nayman to convert, so a war can be prevented, whilst Nayman obviously rejects. Although, the way he calls Edebali's words "Magic" was impactful. He returns to his tent and questions his life decisions for a bit, however, I do not think Nayman will convert. Although, that would make for an interesting narrative, as he is one of the most powerful villains weve ever seen.

The Dinner
  • In the next morning, Nayman compares Osman to a sword, and iron. Here we learn more of his strategies. He softens the beys first and then controls them as dogs, but he already knows that Osman will be different. He abruptly leaves the tribe. We have the Witch pretend to despise Frigg, and idk if she gave her something or not, but i think she did. Anyways, Osman and co. discuss how the beys are sending chests of gold, and how they will "steal" this and prevent it from reaching Sogut. Osman will not leave the poor poorer, and will fight to win. Nit give in. Bengi tries to poison Frigg, but to no avail, whilst Nayman arrives in Inegol.
  • The Inegol scene was great too. My man Nayman doesnt give a crap. He storms in, kicks the chair and kicks Olof's food off. Must admit, their duel was kinda nice, but Nayman's diss lol. "Cant believe Andronikos left you in charge of his armies" LOL. Nayman just sits on the throne and begins telling Olof that he must occupy Turgut. Ulgen overhears Nayman telling Olof about a Noker troop gifted to him before she leaves. Nayman discusses some more things with Turgut, but who knows how long their alliance will last!
Nayman v Olof
  • Olof plans to attack turgut, and Cerkutay is informed about this. Frodi nearly catches Cerkutay, but luckily that falls short. Turgut soon receives the news that Olof will attack him. Meanwhile, Konur and the alps intercept the Germiyand alps transporting the gold chests. I do also wish this fight scene lasted longer, but I am intrigued to see how Osman's plan with the gold plays out. They take the gold elsewhere. Simultaneously, Osman arrives in Yenisehir for the meeting with the Beys and Nayman, and he absoultely destroys IsmiHan. He tells her how he reconquered Yenisehir, and i must say it was just so tense and awesome. Talking of Yenisehir, Malhun, Wheelchair Orhan, Aktemur and Alps meet in the main Yenisehir sqaure, asking the Seljuk alps to surrender peacefully. Yenisehir is currently not heavily protected, so the little Seljuk alps there makes it an easy conquest. Not a single Seljuk soldier is killed. I do however wish that this fight scene was longer. The reconquest seemed a bit too fast, but it made sense as to why there was little Seljuk soldiers.
  • Turgut meets Olof in the Battlefield, and they have a little brawl. I have no idea why he brough Ulgen (sister Irini) along, but she made the fight funny. Turgut makes a cool move, but they leave us hanging with the outcome of the battle. The beys arrive in Sogut, and Osman puts them in their place, telling them of their msitake. Yet another awesome scene as Osman says he will lead the army again. Nayman arrives and is confused as to where the gold chests are. SOme more awesome dialogue and scenes of IsmiHan shaking made it better. Now for the twist. Outside, we see that Nayman has captured Germiyand Bey Oglu, Kasim, Candar Bey Oglu Yusuf, and Karesi Oglu Musa. Wow. Nayman is powerful, kidnapping them! Anyways, Nayman reveals this to the fathers, and it was actually really sad seeing all of their reactions. The bond between father and son is so great. Anyways, the nokers hold the beys at knife point, as Osman just remains quiet. Nayman rambles on and raises his sword to behead Kasim, but Osman grabs his arm. Wow. What a scene. Osman tells Nayman to hear the truth first, and the episdoe ends!
Lots of politcs, and a great introduction to Nayman. Already better than the likes of Samagar, S3 Geyhatu and maybe even Balgay. Evenst have truly heated up and the war is right across the corner. This build up has been insane, so it better be worth it. Till next trailer folks.

Scenes in Sogut

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2022.08.14 19:09 YouJGaming Does anyone know if KO will ever be released on Netflix?

Just asking since it'd just be easier to watch as a family (my mum and dad loved DE and wamt to watch KO) than on one of the websites. OsmanOnline and KayiFamilyTV are fine, though.
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2022.06.17 13:31 ilias-tangaoui where can i watch final ep of kurulus osman and destan

Salamoe3alaikoem beys/hatuns Kayifamilytv server is down for three days now
I start lose patience i really wanne watch last ep
Does someone have a link thank you very much
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2022.01.28 18:19 _healing_rain_ What episode does Ural die?

im watching Dirilis Ertugrul on kayifamilytv and would like to know when Ural dies :)
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2021.09.28 22:40 mak33n11 How do YOU watch Turkish Shows

I know how to watch. I am curious as to what everyone personally uses
I started using OsmanOnline most ep's are watched there. Only used KayiFamilyTV for Payithat Abdul Hamid.
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2021.09.17 04:45 LeonardoBR447 Barbaros episode 1 has been released !!

Here: https://kayifamilytv.com/barbaroslar-episode-1/
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