Laser beam loli gif

Laser beam of racism

2023.06.07 23:15 Zealousideal_Stuff13 Laser beam of racism

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2023.06.07 22:42 my_gender_is_a_glock [DC Comics] Hypothetically, if Superman fired a laser beam into the sky and it miraculously didn't hit anything, what would the end of it look like?

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2023.06.07 22:03 donttouchthatknob [SETLIST THREAD] Dead & Company, Hollywood Casino Ampitheater, St. Louis, MO, 6/7/23

Weather : Sky is yellow
Temperature : 75 which is a good year for… uh… well they only played four shows, but they were good ones
Days Since Last El Paso : 330
Days Since Mickey Last Licked the Beam : 359
SET 1 [TBD, Around 7PM CT]
Video Stream
Set 1 Preview
Dead AiSet 2 Preview
Pre-Show Tunes to Check Out
Grateful Dead - Full Show (7/7/89)
Friends of Jerry - Dark Star > The Eleven > Music Never Stopped > Dark Star > Big River (2/17/23) (I know I had this last time, but please listen)
Hayley Jane and Dogs in a Pile - Full Set (3/12/23) (Trust me, check out this Brand New Key / Hey Pocky Way mash-up)
Miss Mojo - Jam in the Van 2022
Kill Gosling - Full Set (1/13/23)
I got a few rules in this here setlist thread:
  1. Be Kind. You don’t have to agree with everybody, but there’s no reason to be rude.
  2. Please don’t skunk up the thread by asking for or sharing miracles. If you choose to share links, keep them in the DMs/PMs. You just gotta poke around.
  3. Please don’t award this post. While I appreciate the thought, your money is better spent on a good cause. A cause near and dear to my heart is Rainbow Railroad
  4. ​​No spoilers! If you caught soundcheck or a flash of the setlist, please spoiler tag it or do not mention songs by name!
  5. If someone says the word "tempo" we all have to take a shot (or hit, or drink of your choosing (alcoholic or non))
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2023.06.07 21:45 hk5555 333 with bchem

333 with bchem
Love that I got bchem and 333 so I can switch my Ruth's to something else, but damn it kinda hurts that I can't fully utilize the legend skillset
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2023.06.07 21:28 jefferydiamonds Rosa Festival is back in the Peak District

Rosa Festival is back in the Peak District
Based in the depths of the Peak District, Rosa Festival is an intimate Music and Arts Festival that aims to bring together DJ’s, Bands and immersive artists from all over the UK to create a friendly yet exciting atmosphere.
One of the main selling points of the festival is its open air policy. Which encourages festival goers to explore the picturesque surroundings and not feel trapped within the walls of the festival. With camping tickets currently priced cheaper than a 3-night hotel stay, it's a no-brainer for nature enthusiasts and explorers looking for a lively base camp in the Peaks.
Following the huge success of the first year sell-out of 499 people in 2022, the organisers have worked with Derbyshire Dales County Council to increase the capacity of the festival this year and have secured a picturesque venue near Middleton-by-Youlgeave.
The lineup this year is stacked with a number of award winning drum and bass artists, DJs from all corners of underground music, and a variety of up-and-coming live bands, speakers and performers.
Consisting of 4 stages that each hold their own unique character, The Stags Head, the Vibes Marquee, The Sweaty Arms and the brand new “Naturalia”.
The festival's main stage, The Stags Head, is made up of recycled car metals, which breathes fire and dazzles laser beams when the dust settles at night. Sat on top of a shipping container which has been redesigned to feature a DJ booth overlooking the audience and with a top quality sound system.
In The Vibes Marquee, DJ’s perform from a Shetland boat inside a colourful Marquee tent that boasts legendary house party vibes.
2023 will see the introduction of a brand new stage named “Naturalia” for live bands to showcase their talents. A selection of independent groove and rock-focused bands such as funk six-piece We Hate the Sharkman, Funk’d Up Collective, and Heritage alongside many others will be performing.
Rosa’s future is bright, challenging festival norms with a passion for creativity and a sustainable ethos. It’s a festival that allows you to get amongst the crowd and not feel left out with its easy-going and laid-back character amongst the friendly festival goers. With second release tickets all sold out, there's no time to sleep on purchasing tickets.
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2023.06.07 19:22 mbourdet12 How good is prediction now? Should I use blues or keep greening?

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2023.06.07 18:02 Economy_Estimate8 No other level could reach the same height as R-01

The game truly starts at R-01. Its when you unlock the actual mechanics. First you spawn in a section to test out the free blade mode cuts and experience freedom. It did exist in the prologue too but you were pressured by boris plus the bridges and stairs wouldnt collapse. It was just cars and trees mostly.
Then they throw in 3 guys to get you started with the new blade mode mechanic and perfect parry oppertunities. Alright I guess. But look! The very next encounter is already now different! This time they are encouraging stealth to show you how it can insta kill an enemy. Great. But now it seems like either the game puts you in battles or puts you in stealth situation. Its like there almost isnt a choice. Well fuck you, the next encounter proves that wrong. If you go with the stealth encounter, you learn how to use the newly discussed AR mode and prioritizing who to kill first! But if you go hack n slash, you learn how to fight bigger hordes of enemies with rocket launchers. The civillian will die but oh well.
The next encounter. Well now it must get repetetive, right? Like, we already had 4 or 5 new things in a row. Its not like they can just pull a ne-
GEKKO INTRODUCTION! The iconic enemies from the previous MGS games are now here too and they have a unique moveset, moves that when parried cause QTEs and grabs that really pay off when escaping.
Well now we had fighting gekkos but can you stealth them? Well the next encounter answers that. If you go for stealth, you can use the rocket launchers to distract enemies. Not hit them as that causes them to see you but make them look away to see what happened, and in the meantime you can go on the gekkos without them seeing you! Yet another nice stealth mechanic introduced in the game. Alternatively if you go for the hack n slash variant, this is where most people might actually start dying a couple of times. The combination of gekkos and RPG enemies is keeping you on the egde of the seat. You have barely time to stand around.
Alright. But now we discovered it all. Not like the stage is gonna get any bette-
FUCKING BOSS FIGHT! You get to fight blade wolf and this is where most people find out that they should play the VR mission tutorial about parrying that they skipped in the beginning (unless theyre chads who dont skip tutorials). In the meantime while youre fighting him, you can already hear his lore in the lyrics. just something to appreaciate.
Alright well they cant put too many bosses in a stage. They need to spread them across, right? I´d agree with that for now. But that doesnt stop the game for introducing yet ANOTHER new enemy type! Enemies with shields! I dont think they need an explanation but the game keeps expanding and expanding. Remember that "too many bosses" statement from earlier? Well fuck you, I was lying. Heres a fucking helicopter called hammerhead and a cool QTE to start off the battle first. This encourages you to use the sub weapons. If you havent used them before, you probably will now.
Alright that was quite the start. Im sure from here the stage goes downhil-
NEW FUCKING ENEMIES! We now get to play with sliders. Flying enemies that well, uh. They fly. But thats not all, for those who love stealth: You get another chance at stealth in this section too and possibly save a civillian. Alternatively just go for hack n slash. Damn that was alot now, wasnt it? Lets see what happens afterwards. So theres this gate and you get 2 choices! Either grab a left hand or just use blade mode. These do affect the enemies. Grabbing the hands for the key does cause the enemies to be less aware of you. But who cares about that? We care about the enemies and im sure theyre just avera-
NEW FUCKING ENEMIES AGAIN! These new enemies will actually parry you back and are quite though. While fighting you can use the enviroment (if you used blade mode to cut the gate) and make the support beams fall, causing the other enemies to fall down too.
This text is honestly getting too long. Lets just make the rest short. You get to stealth or hack n slash again. If you go back, you can even fight 2 helicopters this time. Afterwards NEW ENEMY INTRODUCTION! The dward gekkos grab you and drain your cum fuel cells. The whole factory section is epic for stealthers and annoying for hack n slashers. Camera guns and lasers everywhere. But its a good lesson. That you shouldnt be careless. After the factory section, the third and final boss fight. Epic.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: I think R-01 is such a good map because fun fact: Originally it was metal gear solid: Rising. A game made by kojimas team but not directly kojima. It had alot of ideas and a different story line. But it was a mess so they got platinum games for help and platinumgames now had re-envisioned the game. But what do you get when you have 2 full dev teams and each team has different ideas? You get a shit ton of ideas. And I think thats what made R-01 so epic. At the start, they could introduce new shit after new shit without reusing battles. In later stages you will notice that often times, encounters are similiar to each other. But obviously the start can do whatever they want and its not repetetive yet.
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2023.06.07 16:35 AmbitiousInternet668 What happens if a laser pointer hits a cockpit window, and is it a felony in the US?

A person was arguing that a window cannot diffuse a laser pointer in various angles, but I beg to differ. I think the window will diffuse the laser into multiple beams that then bounce everywhere inside the cockpit.
Has there been any past incident where a laser pointer did cause a pilot to crash his plane?
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2023.06.07 16:30 farklinkbot Sharks are close to swimmers 97% of the time, according to a new study. No word if they have frickin' laser beams attached to their heads as well

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2023.06.07 16:12 r3crac FASGet 4D 16 Lines Green Laser Level [EU] for 37.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 46.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: FASGet 4D 16 Lines Green Laser Level [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGCGHD016
Current price is 37.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 46.99 USD. There're already 3 records in DB. Price monitoring since 11.10.2022!
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If you're too late or you want e-mail PRICE ALERTS, then you can check current coupons for FASGet 4D 16 Lines Green Laser Level here:
Best regards.
I guess it's a good price
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2023.06.07 15:16 r3crac SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraving Machine [EU] for 199.00 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 215 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraving Machine [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGCZBP12
Current price is 199.00 USD. The lowest price in my database is 215 USD. There're already 14 records in DB. Price monitoring since 19.5.2022!
Notes (coupon may work only in selected countries): CzechRepublic,Hungary,Slovenia,Slovakia(SlovakRepublic)
Do you want e-mail PRICE ALERTS or you're here from Google and coupon doesn't work anymore? Check out current coupons for SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraving Machine on self-updating website right there:
Have fun.
I think it's a nice deal with good discount.
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2023.06.07 14:09 elishash Do y'all think S1 Eren is a breath of fresh air compared to Shinji according to the interviewer who interviewed Isayama?

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2023.06.07 13:06 Klutzy-Sentence-4869 Queen The Plague - The most versatile One Piece Fighter

Queen has 3 Forms:
  1. Base Form
  2. Brachiosaurus Form
  3. Hybrid Form
Base Form Attacks and Weapons:
  1. Queen carries 2 swords
  2. Gatling gun loaded with Ice Oni Poison
  3. Large Pistol
  4. Machine Gun

Brachiosaurus Form Attacks and Weapons:
  1. Double-barreled Gatling gun
  2. Artificial fangs
  3. Laser beam cannon equipped at the end of his brachiosaurus tail and hair braid, as well as inside of his mouth
  4. His neck area is modified with an in-built mechanical cable that allows him to extend his already long brachiosaurus neck beyond its normal range
  5. Retractable needles in his teeth
  6. Voice activated rocket launchers in his sides
  7. Brachiojaurus - Queen lifts his tail to ready himself for the technique, and from there, launches his inner, snake-like body from his torso and legs
  8. Brachiotoguros - Queen coils around his opponent like a snake, exerting immense pressure on their bones and organs

Hybrid Form Attacks and Weapons:
  1. Clawed tentacle appendages located on his tail and braided hair, which is also capable of firing lasers
  2. His prosthetic left arm changes shape, sporting a claw similar to the aforementioned appendages
  3. Ichiji's optic beams
  4. Niji's lighting shocks
  5. Sanji's invisibility
  6. Yonji's extendable metal arm

Queen The Plague - Where the name comes from:
Befitting his epithet of "The Plague", Queen is a genius virologist. He has invented abnormal and deadly viruses and weaponized them through ammunition known as Excite Bullets, which instantly spread the disease upon striking their victims. Two of Queen's viruses have been seen so far, and both of them are able to easily spread through physical contact, meaning Queen and anyone with Excite Bullets can quickly infect an entire closed-off group of enemies with only a few hits. He has shown sufficient medical expertise to develop an antidote for one of his deadliest viruses as a safety measure.
Created Viruses:
  1. Mummy) causes a high fever and constant bleeding. Not long after, its victims become shriveled and dehydrated and suffer everlasting pain.
  2. Ice Oni covers its victims' skin in ice, which alters some parts of their bodies to make them look like oni. It also enhances their physical abilities. Victims are left freezing and seem to turn savage. The frost combined with the strength boost causes its victims to die after roughly one hour.
Queen is able to utilize both basic Haki-types.

Devil Fruit:
Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus, an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

Named Attacks:
  1. Black Coffee - In his Full Beast Form, Queen fires a laser beam from his mouth or tail, while in his human-beast form he can fire it (individually or simultaneously) from either his mouth, mechanical arm, hair, or tail. The beam works similarly to the ones used by the Pacifista and Franky's "Radical Beam", generating an explosion after hitting a surface.
  2. Bridal Grapper - While in Human-Beast Form, Queen heats up his mechanical hair claw and attempts to grab a target while burning them with it
  3. Bry Pan - While in Human-Beast Form, Queen rapidly punches with his hair claw, tail claw, and left arm claw.
  4. Brachio Launcher - While in Beast Form, Queen activates rocket launchers equipped to his torso via a voice command
  5. Sparking Queen - Queen's variant of Germa 66's Sparking Red, Queen fires beams from his eyes.
  6. Henry Queen - Queen's variant of Germa 66's Dengeki Blue, Queen electrifies his body and then extends his mechanized neck in order to bite and electrocute his enemy.
  7. Winch Queen - Queen's variant of Germa 66's Winch Green, Queen extends his mechanical left arm, grabs his opponent, and swings them around, slamming them into various walls.
  8. Brachio Bomber - Queen dives from a high place and lands headfirst on his opponent, crushing them under the immense weight of his full brachiosaurus form.
  1. Took a large amounts of Attacks from Sanji without taking much damage (pre awakening)
  2. Fought Marco with King, Marco did a little bit of damage, he recovered quickly.
  3. Took an attack from King without taking any damage while being distracted. That same attack sent Zoro flying.
  4. Fought Big Mom, took some damage, but recovered quickly.
  5. Took almost no damage from Chopper while playing with him

This is it. I probably have repeated myself quite a lot, but my point still stands. Respect the GOAT. Queen TOP 1 EOS, you ain't ready for him.
And i also have probably missed some attacks, since Queen is so awesome, and since he has too many of them.
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2023.06.07 11:53 ImpressiveMatch8 Trying to decide if these specs are a good upgrade from my DBAL. Thoughts?

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2023.06.07 11:44 Moneyshifter Do you find it too hard to use an Assault Rifle after the latest patch? Well I got the perfect thing for you to laser beam that tryhard using an RM68, swap to an LMG! As of the current patch they has no spread nerf and function just like an Assault Rifle while having have 200 round mags!

I'll even help you guys out and give you some loadouts that will guarantee you shoot up in the rankings as of this current patch:
LCMG Fusion Holo + Standard Issue / Close Combat + BCG Light Grip / STNR Laser Sight + Short Barrel
RPT-31 Fusion Holo + STNR Laser Sight + Standard Issue + Short Barrel
Avancys Fusion Holo + Standard Issue Extended + Standard Barrel + BCG Light Grip / STNR Laser Sight
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2023.06.07 10:07 Noobilite Automated druid wind/raven?!

Is there a way to focus on wind skills and raven while having it automated similar to d3 with the rod that auto case tornado as you held down that one beam laser skill from the mage class? (or better automation for casual play.)
Also is there any equipment to enhance this combo like letting you turn into a raven and fly around or anything? I haven't found info on the equipment bonuses to skills yet for the game. Or is the entire game just based on skill tree and stat bonuses?
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2023.06.07 08:30 Fazbearnit3 Finished Roblox guest smash fighter concept

Roblox smash bros moveset
Jab: roblox guest throws a jab with their right hand, then they throw a jab with their left hand, then they pull out a basic sword and do a up and down slashing motion with it.
Ledge Attack: roblox climbs up and does a quick headbutt
Side Tilt: they pull out a hammer and quickly swing it down, this attack has good knock back
Up Tilt: roblox guest holds a 2x3 brick above themself to block any attacks from above, and if an opponent touches the brick from above they’ll take 2% damage
Down Tilt: Roblox guest steps on a tycoon button and spawns a simple dispenser that drops basic, dark grey blocks down every 1.5 seconds for 4 seconds and then disappears. If these blocks hit an opponent, it’ll deal 2% damage and has below average knock back, There can only be 2 dispensers per player at a time, spawning a new one will automatically remove the oldest one
Dash Attack: Roblox guest runs forward and throws their foot forward
Forward Smash: they pull out a pizza box, open the box and throw the pizza forward
Up Smash: they swing a baseball bat overhead
Down Smash: lava blocks appear on both sides of roblox guest, damaging and burning opponents that touch them and knocking them back.
Grab: Roblox guest uses the move tool to drag a sit block, if it hits an opponent they’ll be forced to sit on it
Pummel: Roblox guest pulls out the darkheart and stabs it forward, if you use this attack for 2 seconds or more without stopping, it’ll start healing 1% every second you use it until you stop.
Forward Throw: Roblox guest uses the move tool to throw the sit block forward
Backward Throw: Roblox guest uses the move tool to throw the sit block backward
Up Throw: they place the gravity coil below the opponent and cause them to launch upward
Down Throw: they use the move tool to slam the sit block downward
Neutral Air: roblox guest places a 2x2 brick below themself, giving themself a platform to stand on
Forward Air: they pull out a basic knife from murder mystery and slashes it forward from left to right
Backward Air: they turn around and throw 2 golden ninja stars
Up Air: they equip a jetpack and fly upward
Down Air: they pull out a bazooka and shoot it downward
Neutral Special: Roblox guest steps onto a tycoon button and a clone machine pops up, the door to it opens and a clone of the roblox guest walks out holding a steel sword, they automatically move towards opponents and when they get close to an opponent they’ll start doing the same up and down motion as the 3rd hit of the guests jab, the clone will last 10 seconds before disappearing. There can only be 1 clone per player at a time and trying to summon a new one before the clone has disappeared will result in the move failing
Side Special: they pull out a taser and activate it sending a jolt of electricity forward, if an opponents hit by this attack they’ll be stunned for 1 second and take 5% damage, this attack has decent knockback
Up Special: roblox guest uses the gravity coil to launch themself upward
Down Special: they pull out the hyper laser gun and shoot it at forward, it shoots a short blue beam in a single direction that deals 12% damage and stuns any opponent hit by it.
Final Smash: the lower level of the stage floods with water and anyone who makes contact with the water will be sent into a cinematic final smash. Opponents will land on the party palace map and the roblox guest will activate the weather machine and activate all disasters at once, acid rain, blizzard, deadly virus, earthquake, fire, flash flood, meteor shower, sandstorm, thunderstorm, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption one after another and then 2 airplanes get built from bricks and fly in shooting at the opponents
Side Taunt: roblox guest drinks a bloxy cola
Up Taunt: roblox guest does the roblox dance
Down Taunt: they point forward and laugh
Idle Animation: they stand there staring forward blankly, they’re arms swaying back and forth
Victory Animations:
roblox guest jumps into the air and then thrusts their fist into the air smiling
Roblox guest looks into the camera, smiles, and starts clapping
It shows the old starter place before zooming in on the starting house. The roblox guest then walks out of the doorway and waves before eating a cheese burger
Entrance Animation: a roblox spawn pad appears and roblox guest spawns in
Alt Colors: Red shirt and Black Pants (work at a pizza place),
All black with white eyes and red pupils (DOORS),
Yellow skintone and blue shirts and shorts (noob),
Alt Styles: They’re whole bodies cubic (the models before rthro),
Female Guest (anthro model guest with pink hair),
brown clothes and pig head mask (piggy),
A cardboard box robot outfit with a drawn on face (box robot),
Gold and red knight armor (knight of redcliff)
Starting Place,
Welcome to bloxburg,
Jailbreak Prison
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2023.06.07 08:12 Kitchen-Award-3845 Taken 25 years ago and still haunted by it

Hello everyone,
I wanted to share an experience I had about 25 years ago when I was a 7 year old child . Curious on everyone’s thoughts about it . I got
I woke up one night , in my little tikes car bed and in my own bedroom. I had a horrible feeling of Dread and anxiety. Something was telling me to get out of my room immediately. I had never felt anything like that before, just total blind fear for no apparent reason . I ran out of my room with a pillow and a blanket and went into my parents bedroom to complain . They let me sleep on the carpeted floor next to their bed
I felt much better being in the same room as them and eventually fell back asleep. At some point I woke up again and it probably was 3 am or so in the morning. I was still positioned on the floor , and I had an overwhelming urge to look out of my parents bedroom and into the hallway. I didn’t get up from the floor, I simply picke my head up and glanced towards the dark hallway.
That’s what I saw it. There was a giant head staring at me from the hallway and it had two giant black eye sockets and a small mouth. It was grayish or even light green looking in color. I had never even see an alien gray picture before that night but now I know it’s basically the same thing. I went to go scream but before I was able to a flash of light ,like a direct laser beam came at me and I was completely paralyzed.
After being paralyzed, my body started floating up to the ceiling. I was able to see peripherally my parents bedroom below me and my parents sleeping in the exact positions in their bed. This felt way too realistic to be a dream because everything matched my parents bedroom exactly.
As my body floated up I was about to hit directly into the ceiling. Instead of smashing into the ceiling I woke up on the floor of my parents bedroom. Sorry I don’t have an amazing abduction story but I simply don’t remember anything after I was floating to the ceiling . I was either “wiped” or it’s the most realistic from a “surroundings perspective “ dream I’ve ever had. I also truly believe the first time I saw an example of an alien gray was in that dream, so how did I know what it looked like ?
I’ve had a series of weird health issues in my life following that incident and it’s always bothered me . Constant sleep paralysis as a small child that didn’t get better until I was about 28. I’ve also been able to make some strange predictions based on premonitions I’ve had and they have come true and scared the shit out of people close to me. Not talking about lotto or anything but I’ve had premonitions about certain people taking their own lives before anyone even knew they were depressed and how they would kill themselves and then it happened exactly O that way years later . Sorry if that’s morbid but it’s the bizarre unfortunate truth.
Of course it could of just been a dream but I don’t know . What do you guys think? Sorry if this sounds like bull but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever put any of this “on paper “,
I’ve stopped thinking about it, and mostly moved on with life. Have a great girlfriend, 300k salary, almost elite powerlifting numbers, etc but anytime there is something in the news again, like this whistleblower news story l, get insomnia for the week because of the trigger and I do still feel like this is emotional baggage I carry with me because of lack of closure: any insight would help !
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2023.06.07 07:10 AI_Drone How do you bring down a drone?

The best way to bring down a drone – not with a skeet-shooting mentality, says Oleg Vornik, CEO of Sydney-based DorneShield, Counter-drone Defense solutions company. That’s fine for the sporting field, but it’s a whole different world when it comes to protecting politicians, stadiums, and combat patrols.
“It’s the most natural question people ask,” Vornik says. “The answer is it’s very difficult to do. You have a small object, perhaps as big as a dinner plate, blending in against a complex background or a similar colour to the sky. And it’s moving erratically.”
The builder of drone tracking and disabling technology says he’s seen trained military personnel fire dozens of shots trying to bring down a drone just 30 metres away.
“Those bullets are going to land somewhere. So you’re going to have collateral damage”.
Mostly drones are helpful tools or enjoyable pastimes, but they can also be unwanted spies in the sky, delivery devices for acts of terrorism, or – as in Ukraine – front-line combatants.
Countering them (c-uas), says Vornik, is a complex equation of risk against reward, and cost versus return.
“If you’re a military base, chances are you want to take down the drone as fast as possible,” says Vornik. But using a $150,000 shoulder-launched Stinger anti-aircraft missile against a $1500 off-the-shelf drone isn’t economically viable.
“If you’re a prison, for example, we don’t recommend you take it down,” he adds. “That’s a temporary solution. But if you track in real time where it lands, who picks up its package and who’s controlling it, you can solve the whole crime in one hit”.

Battle of attrition

Sci-fi-inspired ideas of flashing lasers, darting interceptor drones and radar-guided slugs are often the first thoughts that come to mind to defeat swarms of cheap, nimble opponents. But there are practical, real-world issues to consider, says Vornik.
“With lasers, it’s like a naughty child trying to burn ants with a magnifying glass,” he says. “The ant is running for its life, and the kid has to try and hold it in the focal point long enough to have an effect. And what if there are five ants? It’s actually very, very difficult”.
Miss in a stadium, and you may take out the eye of a sports fan. Miss on the battlefield, and you may blind a friendly satellite far beyond your target.
And any laser-based weapon system needs large power generators, complex lenses, and a high-resolution targeting system to put – and keep – the narrow beam on target.
“I think lasers definitely have a place,” he says. “But most lasers today are the size of a car. They’re very expensive. They may be effective against missiles, but swarms of small drones are another matter altogether”.
The proliferation of such commercially-available devices is forcing militaries and governments to rethink their policies.
“Drones are so ubiquitous,” he says. “They can be everywhere. But if you’ve only got five exquisitely effective systems to respond with, then your response is crippled from the start.”

Freeze, then drop

Unlike lasers, radiofrequency jamming devices can be small, portable, and energy efficient.
They “fire” beams of radio waves over a distance measured in “multiples” of kilometres (the actual ranges remain an operational secret). Each beam, like that of a searchlight, can catch more than one drone in its “glare”. The drones lose contact with their controllers.
“The jamming effect is instantaneous,” Vornik says.
Drones flying on autopilot must access satellite GPS navigation signals or electronic beacons. “These can be disabled using our jammers”.
And holding the beam on them longer magnifies the effect.
“It will freeze a drone,” Vornik adds. “It will put it on the ground”.
Such DroneShield systems neutralised four suspicious devices amid the tens of thousands of people attending the inauguration ceremony of Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in January this year.

Sense and sensibility

Vornik says his business started in 2015, using acoustic sensors to detect and isolate the sound of drones.
“The problems were numerous,” he says. “The most obvious is that it’s very imprecise. And it can be saturated in a noisy environment like an airfield or stadium”.
Radar, at first glance, appeared to be an obvious alternative.
But when it comes to areas with lots of moving objects – such as forests, fields and football fields – it’s almost impossible to discriminate between a flitting bird, a meandering cow, a frantic fan and a low-flying drone.
“So we came up with the hand-held radio frequency sensor,” Vornik says. “It’s basically identifying the uplinks and downlink signals between the drone and the controller. The flight telemetry. The video feeds.”
Such transmissions can be triangulated at distances of multiple kilometres. And their details are assembled via software, overlaid on digital maps, and displayed on portable devices.
“Radiofrequency is a complex sensor to develop but fairly cost-effective to build,” says Vornik.

Develop, react, adapt

“To counter cheap, disposable drones, you need to have not-quite disposable but very cheap drone countermeasures. Counter-drone systems you can make and use on a similar scale,” says Vornik.
Drones must then be shielded to defeat RF jamming. That could involve anything from expensive gold foil, casings of thick aluminium plates, or satellite-grade radiation-hardened computer chips. Navigation and communications equipment must also be more powerful, complex, and resilient. This, in turn, means more powerful engines and batteries are needed to carry all the extra weight.
Such an arms race puts cheap, off-the-shelf drones at the bottom of the heap.
DroneShield’s portable RF solutions are easy to handle. They have few moving parts and carry the same standardised rechargeable high-capacity batteries used in other military devices, such as night vision goggles, radios and portable computers.
“We build them to use as little energy as possible,” says Vornik. “We don’t even do little coloured screens because they consume more energy and drain batteries faster”.
Each RF jammer carries enough power for a day’s worth of use and spare batteries can be easily carried.
And the portable drone detectors are passive, meaning they emit no signals. Radars, for example, rely on bouncing radio waves off objects to “see” them. But those same radio waves reveal the transmitter’s location.
“With radiofrequency, you’re invisible until you choose to light up your jammer,” Vornik explains. “And then you will want to move pretty quickly to avoid a responsive artillery strike if you’re fighting a near-peer adversary like in Ukraine.”
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2023.06.07 07:00 Jackminers12 Manga Deku(My Hero Academia) vs Patry from the Yami vs Patry fight(Black Clover)

Patry has light magic that goes at lightspeed. Deku at 45% was able to dodge multiple lasers in a row, has been shown to be much faster than Mina from the sports festival who dodged multiple beams that have been confirmed to be light, and is now many times faster than before. He also has battle based pre-cog. Can Deku beat this lightspeed villain?
Fight takes place in NYC. Neither side gets prep time, but they get info on the opponent. Both sides get their standard equipment and abilities. They start 50 metres away from each other.
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2023.06.07 04:57 Tahoma_Fera_Okami I did it. PYTHON ACQUIRED!!!!

So after days of grinding Pirate Massacre Missions in my Cobra Mk IV, I built up enough credits to purchase and low ball kit out my very own Python. Pretty sure I don't have the best outfittings, but it's what I could do.
Currently running a Class2 Burst laser and a Class 2 Beam laser, 2 turreted Class 3 Multicannons and a Class3 torpedo pod.
Quickly slapped on all the basic mods, upgraded a few, increased Fuel tank and Threw a Fuel Scoop on it. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
I have not done engineering on anything at all since I started playing so I know I could go that route once I have the kit laid out.
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2023.06.07 00:37 DreamCatch22 Over $200k unrealized gains from my Microvision YOLO. More DD included.

Over $200k unrealized gains from my Microvision YOLO. More DD included.
Still holding. MVIS to the moon.
Check out my previous posts I published on WSB via my profile.
Here is some more DD on MVIS:
Revolutionizing Perception: Microvision's MEMS-based Tech Unveils the Future of AI and Augmented Reality!
Today, we dive into the captivating world of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and computer perception with a special focus on the groundbreaking technology of Microvision.
🔍 Peeking into the Future of Vision
Microvision, a pioneer in the tech industry, has been silently shaping the future of perception. Their secret weapon? MEMS-based technology and laser beam scanning, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for artificial intelligence, machine vision, and computer perception. Let's dive into the mesmerizing innovations they're spearheading!
🌟 Laser Beam Scanning: A Game-Changer
Microvision's laser beam scanning technology has sent shockwaves through the industry. By using microscopic mirrors on tiny silicon chips, they've developed a revolutionary scanning system that produces high-quality, real-time images. This breakthrough opens up endless opportunities in various sectors, including lidar and augmented reality.
💡 Lidar Redefined: Precision in Motion
Lidar technology has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, thanks to its role in autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics. Microvision's MEMS-based lidar technology takes it to a whole new level. By leveraging their laser beam scanning prowess, they've created a lidar solution that offers exceptional precision, reliability, and efficiency. Buckle up, because the self-driving revolution just got a whole lot smarter!
👓 Augmented Reality: A New Lens to the World
Augmented reality (AR) has long been the stuff of sci-fi dreams, but Microvision is turning those dreams into reality. Their MEMS-based technology enables the creation of sleek, lightweight, and highly efficient AR displays. Imagine a world where digital information seamlessly blends with the real world, enriching your experiences and transforming the way we interact with our surroundings. That future is closer than you think, thanks to Microvision's remarkable strides in AR.
👓Headsets and NEAR EYE DISPLAYS: IVAS and HoloLens; Microvision's Visionary Collaborations
Microvision's groundbreaking technology has caught the attention of tech giants, leading to exciting collaborations that further amplify their impact. Let's explore two notable projects: the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) and HoloLens, both of which leverage Microvision's cutting-edge MEMS-based technology.
🔮 IVAS: A Leap Forward in Military Technology
The Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) is a collaboration between Microvision and the United States Army that aims to revolutionize military operations. IVAS integrates Microvision's laser beam scanning technology into advanced military helmets, providing soldiers with unprecedented situational awareness and augmented reality capabilities.
Imagine soldiers equipped with smart helmets that overlay critical information, such as maps, enemy positions, and mission-critical data, directly onto their field of view. Microvision's MEMS-based technology enables precise, real-time scanning and projection, allowing soldiers to access vital information while keeping their focus on the mission at hand. The potential impact on military operations, training, and safety is immense.
🕶️ HoloLens: Augmented Reality for the Masses
Microvision's collaboration with Microsoft on the HoloLens, an iconic augmented reality headset, has captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts worldwide. The HoloLens takes Microvision's laser beam scanning technology and pairs it with Microsoft's expertise in software and user experience, delivering an immersive augmented reality experience like no other.
With the HoloLens, users can step into a world where digital content blends seamlessly with the real world. From interactive gaming and entertainment experiences to revolutionary productivity tools and immersive educational applications, the possibilities are endless. Microvision's MEMS-based technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring the HoloLens offers stunning visuals, precise tracking, and a truly magical augmented reality experience.
🚀 Unleashing the Future Together.
The collaborations between Microvision, the United States Army for IVAS, and Microsoft for HoloLens exemplify the power of synergy in driving technological advancements. By combining Microvision's MEMS-based laser beam scanning technology with the expertise of these industry leaders, we're witnessing the birth of groundbreaking solutions that push the boundaries of AI, machine vision, and augmented reality.
As investors and tech enthusiasts, these collaborations represent exciting growth opportunities. The potential applications of IVAS in military operations and the widespread adoption of HoloLens by consumers and enterprises alike could drive significant demand for Microvision's technology and position the company at the forefront of the AR revolution.
📈 Investment Potential: A Diamond in the Rough?
Now, let's talk turkey. As savvy traders, it's crucial to evaluate the investment potential of such groundbreaking technologies. Microvision's laser beam scanning technology has garnered attention from major players in various industries. The market for lidar and augmented reality is projected to explode in the coming years, and Microvision is positioning itself as a key player.
Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research before making investment decisions.
Best of luck with your investment!
I know it's crazy not to pull out, but I got a thesis and am deciding to stick with it.
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