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2023.06.03 13:55 Insolve_Miza Angle shoot? Or just a poor loser?

Playing 3 handed. Tournament style home game.
The situation happened after the river.
Board is 10 K 3 10 A ; suits are irrelevant.
SB goes all in on river, pot is already really high. He has KK
BB covers SB by 1BB… he tanks for like 6 minutes with AA. He then flips them onto the table, to show us.
We say “you have the second nuts, why are you considering folding?”
Then he insta calls. (Keep in mind he has 1 bb remaining)
I am last to act, sitting with 1010; quads. Dream spot ik.
I say all in. I cover both of them.
BB says “ok” and moves his cards flipped over further into the pot.
Thats an all in, no?
Because now he’s claiming he wasn’t all in, after losing.
I flip my cards. BB is shocked, and SB mucks his cards slowly. (He shows them after BB argues.)
For further context; SB and BB had a side bet, saying who ever loses owes the other 25$.
So now BB is saying SB owes him 25$ even though they lost to me, at the same time. (In further context, this has happened before (where they lose at the same time) and neither of them pay each other. )
BB is arguing saying “oh i never called your all in” with 1 bb, but he legit flipped his cards over and verbally said “ok”
Thoughts?? Is that a call, or a fold like he claims?
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2023.06.03 13:55 -Cheebus- Can someone explain why the above set (281 pc, 2 minifig) is $10 more expensive than the below set? (600 piece, 4 minifig) both released in the same year (2023)

Can someone explain why the above set (281 pc, 2 minifig) is $10 more expensive than the below set? (600 piece, 4 minifig) both released in the same year (2023) submitted by -Cheebus- to lego [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:55 Calm_Arm What is the purpose of the word "now" in English sentences like "now Tayne, I can get into"? Is this construction more common in some dialects than others?

To me it seems similar to a topic marker in languages like Korean - the topic is raised to the beginning and marked with a particle. I guess the sentence without "now" doesn't sound wrong to my native English speaker ears ("Tayne, I can get into") but it sounds more natural to add the "now".
Also, are these constructions, raising with either the "now" or not, more common in some dialects or speakers than others? I'd associate this construction stereotypically with English spoken by native Yiddish speakers or Jewish speakers of American English but I'm not sure why.
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2023.06.03 13:54 zinnberly Pelvic Exam under Anesthesia

I found this sub just a few months ago, being 21F never being able to have PIV. It inspired me to really start looking into fixing my vaginismus since there are a lot of success stories and I'm very tired of this. My mom (who I'm very open with) tells me to pursue investigating all this until after I graduate college, saying 'so what, you just can't have sex'. But it's so much more than that. I don't feel like a woman and I describe the feeling as having a black hole where my crotch is and having no control over it clenching up and everything.
I started by going to a gyn and they tried to do the pelvic exam on me and I totally freaked. I do have extreme anxiety, especially around doctors, but it was on overdrive. Not only did my body pretty much resist letting her look at anything past the skin on the outside, I couldn't hold back tears and my gyn didn't want to proceed after a certain point. She suggests a pelvic exam under anesthesia because she can't determine it's another issue without the exam. I reluctantly agree, hoping that things will move forward for me.
I just had the exam yesterday, and the procedure supposedly went smoothly. My boyfriend came with me, and while I had just woken up but was still not all there from the anesthesia, they told him everything looked anatomically fine and I have a post-op appointment in 2 weeks with my gyn and we could talk then.
I'm kind of disappointed. I kind of wanted there to be some kind of anatomical issue because now I know nothing is structurally wrong and I have to tackle this mentally, with PT, and with the dilators which sound extremely scary. They told me I might experience mild spotting and cramping, and when I got up from the bed after the procedure there was a pool of blood underneath me. I wish I had been conscious enough to ask if they broke my hymen? I was cramping badly throughout the entire night. Unfortunately I can't even call until the weekend has passed.
Sorry for rambling, but has anyone else needed to go under anesthesia for the exam? I felt kind of silly needing to go under for it. Not to mention the cost ended up being not great even with insurance. And I don't know why the blood and the cramping. Is that normal after a regular pelvic exam?
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2023.06.03 13:54 Impossible-Yam-1907 Local Packer and Movers

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Connect with nationlearns to find the local packers and movers service providers within your budget.
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2023.06.03 13:53 Unfair-Structure-383 General questions about MSN

Hello, I recently got admitted to Columbia Masters in Entry Level Nursing. It was ironically the only school that accepted me out of all the ABSN and MSN schools I applied for.
So now that I got in, I am seeking advice to those who are also facing financial burden as well. Did you guys do work-study? How did you manage your time? Did you guys participate in any organizations during your time as a student?
I’m also planning on doing a FNP-DNP route. I know many of my peers who are already in MSN informed me that it would be best to be an RN at Columbia or it’ll look bad if I were to work as an RN at another state (I.e. Texas) but I can’t do that for family medical reasons. But if I were to go straight into a DNP program at Texas, can I just work as an RN for a short period of time? I’m pretty sure there are fellowships available and I know the program in Columbia is designed for students do to clinical and go to school.
Anh advice is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.03 13:53 ItzAmish Throwback to my first troll…the ultimate troll experience

Throwback to my first troll…the ultimate troll experience
Stumbled across this old clip recently…This clip is from long before I understood the game and I only looked at animal level, not score. This was a Legendary black bear, which I had never seen before. I chased it quite literally for hours to pin it down on a part of Layton where it’s only option was to escape past me. Don’t ask why I used the bow, in the moment it seemed right. Landed a great shot only to be trolled seconds later, as the range dipped into gold by and scored the absolute highest gold it could.
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2023.06.03 13:53 Fredericia New users needing help

Extremely often I see posts in help from new users asking why their posts and comments are not showing or are being deleted immediately. Usually, but not always, some kind soul will reply with a link to the new to Reddit sub. Some of these users are already in the red zone with frustration by the time they seek help. But why on earth can't Reddit just arrange for a message to be sent to every new sign-up with the necessary information and links explaining these basic things and giving links to the subs and policies that can get them on their way? Just as moderators can create a welcome message to be sent to all new subscribers?
Or is Reddit just trying to keep the help sub active and earn more points for interaction?
I chose the Post & Comment flair because this is the most frequently sought, but new users need help with a few other things, too.
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2023.06.03 13:53 LewisHamtilon Last night was a crystal clear sign to quit

I woke up hungover and went to work. Managed to get through the day somehow. Got a few beers and slept early at 7pm. Woke up at 9pm because I left the candle on next to my bed and the sheets and blankets(which I recently bought btw) got burned. Clothes burned.
I broke my Xbox controller and now I can't game anymore.
I spent a stack on alcohol and somehow had the sense not to hang out with a group of shady people and a dude called Laz who was driving the car at a crazy speed with a bunch of people around. One guy who was lying about being a lawyer when he's clearly probably a criminal.
I nearly burned my penis when I was ashing my cigarette into the toilet bowl while I was taking a dump
I met a girl who was probably the easiest sex I ever had and initiated it because I looked at her and she wanted to fuck at her place which was around the corner. We go there, she calls someone called Junaid, I say he's probably not coming so let's just go to my place I'll call a cab. She insists so I think ok. Junaid comes, she french kisses him wildly. I'm thinking maybe he's gay.. who knows. Junaid is her boyfriend. I was aghast all night.
I talked to this girl, interested in her, her friend comes and kisses her and I guess I'm shocked and I observe.. turns out I'm a weirdo because why did I watch, so says a group of girls around her.
I finally leave at 3AM and I meet a girl who's with her friend. We end up going to my place and stop by at the gas station for food and drinks. Come to my place. She's absolutely frigid. Won't let me touch her, won let me kiss her. Yet she won't leave my apartment still. She's still here, sleeping and she's cramping my style. I'm telling her but she's so hungover and just wants to hang out with me she says.
I feel like a total loser. But I know I'm not. I have a date tomorrow with a really beautiful girl who studies journalism that I met at my job. We both like reading and writing books and I wanna see where things go with her. I genuinely don't think I'm even all that interested in just sex I wanna get to know her well and possibly have her as my girlfriend.
My "girlfriend" left a month ago and the line has just gotten so cold. She really loved me for that time. I guess I didn't think about it at the time, but her leaving kinda hurt.
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2023.06.03 13:53 arrrbooey Graduated 06/01! Diet controlled until last week and a half

Hi all this subreddit has been so helpful so I wanted to write down how things went. I'm obsessed with my little guy and so happy everything went smoothly.
I have been diet controlled with some spikes from week 28 until week 37 when my fasting numbers started to spike from mid 80s into high 90 low 100s. No one told me in the Dr office that once I was on metformin it would be recommended to be induced before my due date until it was practically week 39.
Friday before memorial weekend we were expecting a call to schedule a date to be induced but no one called back. This got me nervous all weekend haha. We actually had a last Dr appt Tuesday after memorial and finally got a call at 9:30am. We confirmed to have it done 06/01 and arrive at hospital the night before to start. At the doctor's appt, I was told I was 1cm and confirmed baby head was down. End weight gain was about 20-22 lbs and my grown scans have shown he was not a big baby or caused any concern.
Arrived at the hospital at 7:50pm to check in. I had not eaten anything for dinner yet. Got settled in and changed by 8:30 and they had me take some oral medicine (forgot what it's called) to soften my cervix. Was told I could only eat until midnight. Ate a small bowl of chicken noodle soup from Panera and a couple of snacks I brought from home. Took one last metformin as well. Sleep was kind of sporadic.
At 8:30 my delivery doctor came in and gave me the rundown and checked that I was 2cm. I was then hooked up to the IV and started pitocin. After speaking with the nurse, gauging pain, and when the anesthesialogist would come to administer the epidural, at around 9:45ish I said I needed to ask for it. Pitocin contractions felt like I was going to explode from the inside out. I had to wait for the fluid bag to empty before they could start the epidural. By the time this was done, it was maybe 11am. Pain level was like an 8-9 and all I could do was breathe and listen to directions. Finally got it done and moved to lay down and wait for it to kick in.
Wow am I thankful for it. I do not know how I would have survived labor without it. It makes me wonder if a natural labor would have felt differently. I could now finally rest and wait until I am 10cm. The adrenaline from the contractions before the epidural wore me out.
I probably was in and out of sleep until just before 3pm. Around then it felt like the contractions felt a little stronger and I thought the epidural was wearing off. Right when I said that and pinged the nurse, my doctor came in, checked my cervix and said well you're 10cm, it's go time 😂
Here is where I thank my weightlifting journey of 3-4 years. My nurse held one leg and my husband the other. To push I was told to do a deep breath, hold, and do a constant push as if needing to poop for ten seconds. Do this three times per contraction.
I did this for maybe 15 minutes with them and my nurse said I'll tell you when to stop. It's insane how much this whole induction was with just nurses. I saw my doctor for maybe 20 minutes total. Anyways they got him in for the final pushes. 15 minutes later he was out!
Immediately he was placed on my chest and I thought I was going to me more emotional, but more so relieved that it was practically over and he was crying on my chest.
I only had a minor tear probably not large enough to be classified. Was stitched up and had mom and baby skin to skin time.
The pushing was the easiest part of all of this 😭. He came to be 6lbs 8oz and 20.5". They tested his blood sugars four times over the course of a day and they all passed! Thankfully my collistrum was enough and found a method for him to feed well.
Overall just so so so relieved everything worked out and thankful for all the previous moms on Reddit writing out their experience 🥰. I'm currently eating a fat stack of pancakes with syrup, orange juice, grapes, pork sausage, and scrambled eggs. 🫡 There's light at the end of the tunnel.
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2023.06.03 13:53 RichterBelmontX Any way to play with different audio and text language?

I remember until a few months ago, you could set 2 different languages as spoken and text, in Battle.net game settings. Now you can't anymore. There is only one setting for audio and text. Why this?
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2023.06.03 13:53 Zestyclose-Lemon-352 Why is DaVinci Resolve crashing??

Why is DaVinci Resolve crashing??
My (related) PC specs are: Cpu: I3 12100f Ram: 16gb 3600mhz Gpu: RX 6600 1 tb hdd (windows is on, nothing else to do with this app) 512gb ssd (davinci is on here, and so is the video)
It doesn't matter which drive I save the video too, or how many background apps I close this still happens everyone time, the video stutters, then freezes, then crashes. I just want to know what could be causing it.
NOTE: Originally the graphics drivers the display also crashed but that no longer happens
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2023.06.03 13:52 ConsequenceGlum759 Why is Usopp 5t Hammer(3stars6 giving me higher percentage support than blue chopper(4stars)

Why is Usopp 5t Hammer(3stars6 giving me higher percentage support than blue chopper(4stars) submitted by ConsequenceGlum759 to OPBR [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:52 TipsReshape How to Lead with Creative Mindset for Successful Leadership 5 (Tips Resh...

How to Lead with Creative Mindset for Successful Leadership (Tips Shape)

This short video highlights the importance of leading with a creative mindset and how it can translate to successful leadership. With the rapidly changing business landscape, leaders must be adaptable, innovative, and willing to take risks. This video explores how a creative mindset can inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and help leaders navigate complex challenges. Using real-life examples and practical tips, viewers will gain insights on how to cultivate a creative mindset and use it to drive growth and success in their organizations. Whether you're a CEO, manager, or team leader, this video will inspire you to lead with creativity and approach challenges in new and innovative ways.

"Leadership is not just about managing people and making decisions. It’s also about being creative, and leading with a creative mindset can make all the difference when it comes to driving success in today’s constantly evolving business world. In this article, we will explore how leading with a creative mindset can translate to successful leadership."
1 - Inspiring Innovation
2 - Adapting to Change
3 - Resolving Complex Problems
4 - Building a Culture of Collaboration
5 - Driving Growth and Success

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Thanks Tips Reshape Team

Social Media:
Youtube - https://bit.ly/TipsReshape
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How Adaptability Drives Leadership Success (Tips Reshape) https://youtu.be/aEx27sIghjg
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2023.06.03 13:52 ckreutze Is Kelis's milkshake her ass, tits, or both?

My initial thought would be her tits, especially if she is lactating.
Also, why would it bring boys to THE yard? Does she not own her own yard such that it would "bring all the boys to my yard"?
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2023.06.03 13:52 CodenamePeaches Missing 2 Stadiums

I’m busy making my custom league and there are 2 stadiums I’m not seeing as options to put as a teams home park.
Castillo Arena and Ciudad de Colores.
Is there a reason why? Are they not in the game yet?
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2023.06.03 13:52 blogueur Welcome to The Funded Trader

Thefundedtrader is the best in the industry... why? Because with TheFundedTrader you can get funded upto $1,000,000. Their 2 phase challenge is also easier to pass, perfect 👌 spread for swing trading,no commissions when you place a running trade https://hunt.thefundedtraderprogram.com/blogueur
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2023.06.03 13:52 Unable_Secretary8953 Khabib And His Fans Are Cocky And Arrogant

Since Khabib beat McGregor him and his fans have gotten very arrogant and complacent, Khabib used to be the humble dude till he beat Conor and he crossed a thin line between arrogance and humbleness.
The reason him and y’all got so cocky is because McGregor was the first dude who fought and was actually a good opponent, his whole life he was fighting nobodies hillbillies.
So he beat him and he was the first good dude to beat up so him and his fans thought “okay since he beat McGregor that means he is actually good” cause Conor isn’t a nobody like the other mfs who Khabib was fighting.
If Khabib was truly humble he wouldn’t talk about Conor everyday, Conor lives rent free in Khabib’s head so much he talks about him, he wouldn’t say all these bullcrap “why tap go sleep” “I don’t give a shit about McGregor”
If he genuinely was humble he would talk objectively, not out of his broken feelings, he would say that McGregor is the greatest athlete to ever live in the ufc he would have respect him for making him and their much so big.
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2023.06.03 13:52 CarrotCakeX-X People always told me to enjoy health when I was young

But I didnt do it. Why didnt I did it? I will I could just travel back. Aging is fairly to fast.
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2023.06.03 13:52 Few-Impress5381 Stay healthy, get into r/NoFap or r/NoFapChristians if you need, do exercise, and go outside

Stay healthy, get into NoFap or NoFapChristians if you need, do exercise, and go outside submitted by Few-Impress5381 to ReactionaryPolitics [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:52 Lowgang17 Question about two headed snakes.

Why is it that I more often than not see 2 headed mutations in snakes more so than any other animal? Is there something about being a snake that makes you more likely to be born with 2 heads or what is the reason for that? Is it that maybe 2 heads hinders a snake less than an other animal and therefor they can survive longer and that’s why I see them more or what is the reason?
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2023.06.03 13:51 Stunning-Public7074 The Beggar (spoiler review)

  1. The parasite This is almost an improvement over the demo, however, giras vocals are too echoey at times and also get too loud. Like the song is relatively quiet instrumental wise, but gira just wanted obnoxious vocal spikes. I do however really appreciate the new (synthy??) Direction it took, it's good for what it is. Sadly I have another problem with it, it just doesnt end ever, like seriously, whatever energy hes trying to make me catch isnt working whatsoever. hopefully in time I'll enjoy it more. 87/100
  2. Paradise is mine This song is a good transitional piece, I don't think it does anything too interesting but that's fine. It doesn't really need that, it's got a catchy riff and that's all it needs, the song pulls itself together in classic swans fashion. 96/100
  3. Los Angeles city of whatever Official album mix is a billion percent better. This song does disrupt the flow of the tracklist, I'd rather this song had been removed but still released as a single. It's decent, just doesnt belong right here. 90/100
  4. Michael is done Not a fan of the layered vocals. The female singers voice does not mesh well with giras. Instrumental is solid though, I'll give it that. The chime or xylophone thing idk sounds good, very nice. Ear candy even. I hate how he keeps repeating the words "is done" like bro I get it, you're done now be done and stfu my God man. It's not even ironic it's just a bit annoying. The song gets filled in nicely after all that and makes up for its slightly subpar beginning. I like the heavenly choir in the back, it's a nice touch. Basically a better version of anything off of leaving meaning. Only bad thing about swans is that if I'm ever just slightly not in the mood for repetition most of their songs take a major hit, right now I'm tired so this is a little long winded. This means that when I'm fully awake it'll be a good song. But really though this goes on for a while please end please I'm bored cause adhd plz. I don't like the abrupt cut back to the chorus, doesn't work. 0/10 jk feeling maybe an 85/100
  5. Unforming It sounds like Annaline became a fucking nihilist but doesn't want to get violent. The album is pretty decently well paced so far. Annaline/10 (9/10) nice beautiful sounding song that does a good job and doesn't have a bad moment. I almost want to force the entirety of leaving meaning into this tracklist just to make it longer, but I'm sure the beggar lover will do that all by itself lol. God this song is slow, but it sounds good so I still can't knock it at all. Oh my God a switch up, freedom from fear guys omg. Swan reference? Remember that time on to be kand where he scream fredon? But fr tho it sounds fucking incredible, my brain is just schizoing out rn cause yes. The way the vocals are layered makes it sound like he's saying free yum instead of freedom, 0/10 now. Bad gira.
  6. The beggar I kinda wish it was 30 minutes long like the live version. Other than that fatal misstep it's a solid song with an atmosphere thick enough to be thick ig. Ominous sounding. Omg gira said he's gonna steal a child, guy's we gotta stop this mad man. What will he do next? 7/11?? Okay that build up was fantastic, song just picked up the pace but I'm gonna assume like with the live version, it's gonna get bigger.
Omg he said freedom again, America reference mayhaps?
Yk for how bitchy Michael acts on stage when a fellow band mate messes up a note, you'd think maybe he'd quit fucking up the vocal layering randomly. Straight up hypocrisy to an annoying extent. Oh for fucks sake, the shitty ass scream into the second climax took away all power it had. That was pathetic. The background vocals saved it, nvm. I still think that scream was ass tho. If your voice can't handle it, don't do it, it'll sound like shit and leave assholes like me disappointed. I didn't even really have that high of expectations but this kinda falls flat for me, the cracks are staring to show in this album and it's kinda just sad. 73/100, I really hope this shit will grow on me man
  1. Ebbing Okay already some interesting -nvm Shitty folk instrumental, thanks for the blue balls. I definetly needed that after the last pair you gave me. This female is not jarboe (the only real woman) background vocals are kinda mid, and also feel off. Like poorly spliced together. You can tell where they took shortcuts on this album and as a result it's really starting to piss me off man. There are areas where he just splices the demos over the instrumentals and it sounds terrible. I don't know how he thought these vocals sounded good. Please dear God grow on me please. This girls vocals are best suited for build ups, not for passive background noise. #bringbackjarboe My expectations keep lowering and - oh Okay now it's coming together alright, I am just an asshole. Song is music again, on the 7th day God said let there be swan. Genuinely very pretty sounding instrumental here, I'll quit bitching and enjoy it while it lasts. Wow, originally this was maybe a 60/100, this ending has really pulled it together though, 10/10 I like what they went for, it worked. The blue ball beggar still hurts though :( Omg 3 more minutes, really? It better do something else, as good as this sounds you can't just slap on 6 minutes of good music to make up for a mid intro. That'd be lazy, oh no that's what Mr swan is doing. sigh Gira, please, come on dude, I believe in you, do the thing that glow man did with big boom. This is me writing out of boredom, which isn't the albums fault, I'm just tired. Whatever still sounded good and honestly didn't drag as much as I thought it would, still a 10/10
  2. No more of this I'd really prefer if there were more of this. I'd also prefer if Mr gira wasn't a hypocrite, in this case it's not the layering, it's the way he attempts to drag out notes. Yikes man, really? Whatever, I'm being too negative, ill keep listening and give it a fair shot yk. Instrumental is nice, same as demo. I think I prefer the demo album over this one so far :( Please gira, just make it stop you're killing my heart and not in the good way. This album is really just not doing it for me. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep. This sure is a song. It sure does keep going. If there ain't a payoff for this slow build I'm gonna die. No really fr, I'll die, I have a weak heart. Oh no, the payoff isn't sounding too hot. I'm really trying to not be negative but this album just feels like a failed experiment. I will give this song credit tho, I think that the payoff is good but isn't for me. Or maybe it'll get better idk. Songs not over yet. Yea that was just okay. Idk man, I really don't like being this negative, it's just not working for me 78/100
  3. Why can't this song title be slightly shorter than that book report I wrote in the seventh grade? Sounds nice so far, please don't let it fall flat later on. It's very (I'm terrible with descriptive word so I hope this is the right one) despondent. The background vocals along with the riff makes this feel like the type of shit that zombies dance to at 3:37 pm est. Oh shit nice, now it sounds more menacing. "I feel wrong in this skin" me too buddy. If you really don't like it you should just peel it off. Peel off your skin. This song is kinda a vibe man, wishing we got more of this instead of yk, all the shit I've been complaining about nonstop. Haunting and loud, also it's the good repetitive that swans excells at. Nice nice. Builds up into something so the last 2 minutes don't drag, classic swan moment. 86/100
  4. The beggar lover (three) I will not bitch about this song even if it's slow, it's 40 some minutes it can take its time to impress me. Background vocals sound good again, like the first half of Frankie m. Oh nice, this song is going somewhere. It's using some bits from previous parts. The chimes are cool and nice sounding. I want them inside me (sexually). Big drum moment. I'm not closing my eyes, sorry. Oh, this is the 30 minute beggar from the live shows isn't it? Nice. But if that's the case, why have other worse beggar? To show you can improve? Congrats??? Whatever, I'll get over myself eventually don't worry. Holy shit this sounds so fucking good. This is the beggar I wanted. I don't know how swans pulled it off but this makes up for every problem I had earlier with all of these songs. Holy shit. I'm in love. Did they put all their effort into this one song and rush everything else? Like seriously, wtf happened. I love this man, 11/10 fucking hell. I love you Mr gira, send me more swan thx. This weird middle section with knick knack paddy wack is surprisingly not bad and actually dread inducing. Idk how but wow. And now gentle guitar strum. Hmm, interesting choice to have a song from leaving meaning called leaving meaning at the end of this song. It's good, just kinda lost me at the end. 95/100 it's incredible solid and I appreciate it for what it is.
  5. The memorious The weird vocals that have popped up on this album actually sound decent here. it's a good way of getting you into the groove of this song. The baby coos don't work here, on the demo they worked fine due to the lack of finished instrumental, but here it's distracting and sound like, and don't take this the wrong way, he just slapped it there because he thinks it belongs. This has happened several times during this album, things being placed wherever without care or effort. Really frustrating. Like actually annoying and pulling me out of the fantastic instrumental. Every time I begin to enjoy it I hate it again because the baby coos and I hate the fucking sound of children. Maternal instincts my ass, I'd football that little bitch ass toddler out a 10th story window. Thanks gira for ruining the 1 thing this song had going for it by having the crying baby continue crying throughout the song for no rhyme or reason and only at times where it'd be the most distracting. This would be a great closer without the baby coos and if the album wasn't overall mid. My God man, why? Gira, you can't just finish half the album and quit on the second half. The demos sound better. Well okay, mostly, the end here sounds good except for the baby coos because they only play at distracting times. I'm tired of being negative, this is genuinely disappointing and not worth the wait. I'd rather have not heard this, because if I hadn't I'd no longer feel this empty pit in my chest. 10/100 because the baby coos ruin everything that could be good here. Fucking annoying.
It's an 88/100 album, which is odd because the quality control has just completely disappeared. This is the worst swans album since the reunion and it's so disappointing I feel genuinely angry, yet somehow it isn't that bad. I guess what's upsetting is watching them just poorly splice shit together. It still sounds good, but I can tell 0 effort was put in. This album can't grow on me because every problem comes from the lazy ass production. This album had way less care put into it and as such it causes a frustrating and miserable experience, even if it occasionally impresses with you with the jingly keys (haha get it cause baby and last song had baby noise? HA Comedy.) Fuck it, if they're gonna be this lazy with the production then I'm just gonna score unfairly (like that will solve anything) 65/100, do better.
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