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Went from a 4670k to a 7700k. Sharing my experience

2023.05.30 21:57 Xarick Went from a 4670k to a 7700k. Sharing my experience

I finished a very basic upgrade from a 4670k on ddr3 to a 7700x on ddr5 due to motherboard failure. I thought I would share a bit for those of you who are looking to do a similar thing as you may experience some of the issues I did regardless of the hardware you choose.
I kept my seasonic focus 650w ps as it is newer, two older HDDs and one sata. I also kept my zalman z9 neo case and my EVGA 1070 FTW. I will eventually upgrade the video but for now I just needed a working PC since my motherboard popped a few weeks back.
I spent a lot of time reviewing and looking at processors. I decided to go with the 7700x. I am still not 100% sure if I made the right choice, but the 13600k at the time was about $40 more expensive for the build. I was also a little worried about the power draw and heat. I was going to grab a 7700, but the 7700x was $20 cheaper, and I wanted to buy a slightly better cooler.
I grabbed a thermalright Frost tower 120 (ft120) because the PAs were out of stock and it was roughly the same design and price anyway. I grabbed 32 gigs of G.Skill Flare DDR5 6000 cl32 with expo, as the 6000 appears to be a the sweet spot for AM5. I was hoping to get cl30, but the cost was $10 more and I am not sure the performance would be worth it.
The motherboard was also a challenge. The AM5 mobos are expensive, but so are the intel ones. I was going to grab a b650m, but there were a number of complaints about coil whine and so I ended up grabbing a b650 x gamer ax. It is a decent no frills board, and based on tech spots review a good one for everything up and through a 7950x.
I also grabbed some mx-4 paste because it seems to be the goto paste (I wasn't sure how good the paste with the cooler would be), and an NVME drive to move my games to. I have Artic Silver 5 but it is many moons old.
Hardware assembly was pretty easy. The only issue I had was putting the fans on the CPU HS (they were just a bit of a pita because everything was tight). Everything else was fine.
First boot was a no go. I knew power I was fine because all my fans ramped up including the vid card. However, I had the red VGA light on my the mobo and a black screen. I hook up to the chipset display port and I got into the bios. So I was wondering if I had a bad vid card, but I did not.
This next part took me a good hour or more to figure out. Basically the bios showed no boot drives available, yet showed all of my drives hooked up and working. Previously, I had upgraded to windows 10, and apparently times have changed and most systems now use a GPT file system, where as mine was an MBR based boot drive. The motherboard is set to boot into GPT by default and would NOT boot on a legacy MBR system. So it took me a long time to figure that out and how to turn on legacy support mode.
I also learned that the AMD processors video does not appear to support Display port out with legacy mode enabled. So after I enabled legacy support I was back to a black screen again. I reset the bios and researched until I found that I had to switch back to my 1070 in legacy mode. So I re-enabled legacy mode, switched back to the 1070 and finally everything fired up.
Win 10 then found all my hardware and redid all the drivers. In order to fix the legacy mode issues I had to download a MS utility called MBR2GPT which converted my boot drive to the new format without losing any data. Then I had to go back to the bios and reset everything back to default.
It now booted fine in normal mode except I still had the red vga light on my mobo lit. So after much research I found that some of the older cards require a DP bios update to support 1.3 and 1.4. Nvidia has a checker that will update your card if needed and walla! the light went away. Now everything seemed to work the way it was suppose to.
I then enabled expo in my bio and it found the ram timings right away and fired it up exactly as specc'd with no issues. The system boots very fast and both the proc and the ram were running at rated speeds.
I then ran cinebench and found myself staring at expected performance, but right at a 95 temp on the die (the actual cores were less). Disappointed there, and not sure why but at least there was no thermal throttling and it ran just fine, but stayed really close to that 95.
I then went back into the bios and under PBO put in the values for eco mode. This was pretty easy and a very cool setting as my single core performance remained completely unchanged and my multicore performance dropped to 7700 levels, yet my temps plummeted to 68c. So I kept that.
My final hurdle was fan curve. The default fan curves are bad and the FT120 will ramp up and down quickly because the AMD processor temps apparently spike quickly when initially engaged before settling to normal. Once past about 65% the FT120 starts to get loud. So I put in a linear curve that is at 30% normally until 40% and then matches temp for temp up to 80c where it then ramps to 100% by the time it hits 90c. Gaming I stay around 65 and I idle around 40.
Overall, I am pretty happy, though I am still not sure I made the right processor choice, but I like that I can consider throwing in a 8800x3d or 9800x3d in a few years (probably won't do it though).
Performance is excellent and my 1070 is doing just fine with most games these days with a few tweaks downward in quality I still can play what I want.
Power wise my 650 is more than enough especially with my 7700x in eco mode.
I will say I am still not sure why the FT120 doesn't do as well at full load when not in eco mode in cinebench, but I am not likely to use non eco mode anytime soon and maybe someday I will try to tackle it.
I hope some of what I have done can help a few of you who experience similar issues, but overall the system is running incredibly smooth and basic performance is incredibly enhanced. I do have a few windows issues to work out but those have nothing to do with the hardware and everything to do with MS family SUX.
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2023.05.30 21:54 Academic-Ad-770 A drunk guy bough my art for $150

Title says it all. Labeling it as "Positivity" might be funky, this is a really bizarre story. But it's a win, for me at least. Maybe for him too, who knows?
Storytime: so I exhibited at a gallery. For the opening day we had a vernissage, where the exhibiting artists attended. Some friends and family also showed up, and of course: open door.
I had several labeled pieces for sale on the wall, and in a whim decided I'd display my sketchbook too - why not - and put it on a table to flip through, just for the night. I did not plan to sell it, they're only so-so sketches, and the book is tiny.
Night passes, shaggy white dude comes in. Guy maybe in his 50s, or poor 40s. I spot him franticly walking up and down the exhibit, but not too disruptous despite filled rooms. He stared long at the walls and I jumped in to give assistance - trying to be a good salesperson. He pointed at my small sketchbook and spoke in the local language of where the exhibit was - which I don't speak. So in my broken language skills I tried to puzzle together what he wanted.
Now I don't know what the law is on selling something to someone who seems drunk, or under influence of something else, or maybe is just a lil' weird and that's his normal self. He wanted to buy it, a SINGLE page of my sketchbook. I can't just say "no", and turn him away, right? I did not think of a price, it was a very uneventful page with a man in yellow jacket, it was also inside a sketchbook with no tear-out pages and no frame. I pointed out all the other pieces I have on the walls. But he REALLY wanted that yellow man. In fact he refused to leave without it, and pulled out his wallet to hand me all the cash inside: $150.
I gotta say I've been to conventions and run online shop and all, I never had someone wanting to buy something of me that much, and I doubt he's a prior fan.
I excused myself and ran downstairs with the sketchbook to cut out the single page on the toilets (apparently the only flat surface I found away from the exhibit in a hurry) with an x-acto knife I got from the organizers. I handed him back the loose leaf, and he thanked me, went on to praise it. He even came back later to demand me to sign that leaf, which I completely did not think of (I don't sign every single page of my personal sketchbooks...).
Super strange a drawing of mine to receive so much...love? (or regret, when sober later, if ever)
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2023.05.30 21:48 BlusterRanger93 What did you used to believe about metal bands when you were young?

I thought that the korn doll was a tribute to pink from the wall from pink floyd. and that slipknot was a murderous cult, even thinking that pinhead hellraiser was a member of the band. It was fascinating and macabre when I saw both as a child, now I look at it and say, ''hey I'd like to take a walk through those albums!'' her aesthetic now inspires me to draw :)
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2023.05.30 21:44 TheUncrownedStag Damon Morrigen, Heir to Crow's Nest

Discord Username: FireCrimson#1915
Character Name and House: Damon Morrigen
Age: 24
Appearance: https://imgur.com/a/5G1naST
Gift: Champion
Skills: Swords (o), Knightly, Defender, Tactician, Cautious
Talent(s): Singing (x2), Hunting
Starting Title(s): Heir to Crow's Nest
Starting Location: The Feast
Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=BFQ8M&c=14cgd1pvu0x&f=640928101225140445 (work in progress, some placeholder names or unnamed characters)
Dead Kinsman: Almost everyone in the family tree.
Damon Morrigen was born in the 183rd year of Aegon’s Conquest to Jack Morrigen, the youngest son of Theo Morrigen. Normally, that would be the end of any mention of him. The son of the fifth son is not usually worth much of note. But unfortunately for the House of Morrigen, history and cruel fate decided otherwise.
The first four years of Damon’s life, he does not remember. And without the foresight of days to come, neither does anybody else. He had no siblings, though a few cousins, and enough uncles to fill up a hand with fingers. And an aunt, though she had been married to William Baratheon before he was born, so Damon knew nought of her.
It was during the Red War that Damon’s fate began to settle into place, with the unofficial birth of the ‘Curse of the Crows’ during the Red War in 187 AC. His two eldest uncles, Alester and Harlan, were slain, and the third eldest was crippled to the point he could no longer have children. Theo Morrigen, his grandfather, was distraught. Even without what was to come, this would be enough to put an old patriarch to tears.
But unfortunately, one bad war does not a curse make. The sons of uncle Harlan found that their boat sank in the sea during a particularly rough storm, though rumors persisted for awhile that it was not the storm, but a man with the ruthlessness to put a hole in the boat, with Richard Morrigen as the usual culprit. But there was no evidence to ever link him to any such crime, so the rumors eventually died down, as the curse of the crows continued.
It was uncle Selwyn who was next. Still young enough to be a bachelor, he reportedly drank too much and choked on his own vomit. This appeared to do Theo Morrigen in, as when he went to sleep after the news he never woke up, with his wife following along within weeks in 190 AC. Of Theo’s children, there were only three remaining. Richard, the current eldest who was crippled in the war, Jack Morrigen (Damon’s father) and Ravella, who was married into Baratheon.
There was peace for little Damon for a time; no more funerals, until 194 AC, when his parents died. A sickness. One could say it swept through the family, though that would exaggerate, for it was only those two and uncle Richard who had caught it, giving him another lifelong health issue to contend with, leaving him coughing blood.
Lord Richard, the last of the lord’s sons, sent his heir to Storm’s End to squire under Lord Baratheon. For Damon, these were his roughest but perhaps most tenderly remembered years. No more familial death to deal with. He got along with his aunt’s family, and even saw Lord William as a second father. However, his worst traits were starting to develop. He was becoming anti-social and paranoid, continuously worrying about when his time would come. To a child, the whims of death were chaotic; he put them in order by convincing himself it would be his time eventually, and likely sooner rather than later.
At 18, in 201 AC, he was knighted, and went home to Crow’s Nest. In celebration, he was given Loyalty, the Valyrian steel longsword of House Morrigen. In one of his uncle’s celebration events, he met Sylas, who became his confidant and informant. A lowborn man, he had nonetheless gained the trust of Lord Richard, and was allowed to remain as a servant, of sorts, and was one of the most valuable men Morrigen had at their disposal.
The next few years, Damon remembers as games. Lord Richard, well aware that Damon was the last hope for their house to continue in the male line, tested him again and again. Sometimes in his ability to defend himself, sometimes in his ability to rule. Some rumors suggested that his ability to continue the line was tested, but they were quashed.
Now it is 207 AC. Some must wonder if the curse of the crows will continue, or if the young heir will manage to halt it in its tracks.
Character Name and House: Sylas
Age: 34
Appearance: A stooped, balding man. He doesn't seem particularly interesting or notable.
Gift: Ruthless
Skills: Espionage, Torturer, Subtle
Talents: N/A
Starting Title(s): None
Starting Location: With Damon.
Lord Richard Morrigen - Subterfuge
Ser Alaric ‘Pennypointer’ - Architect
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2023.05.30 21:42 delmarman 2022 started it and 2023 has been the worst year of my life. It's all declining & I don't see a way out

I've struggled with depression all my life yadda yadda.
Getting Covid, missing a vacation (that the rest of my family went on), and the loss of my uncle last November to cancer.
At the same time realizing that I am unfortunately not cisgendered, it's impossible to deny that at the least I am nonbinary if not trans. Was already part of the LGBTQ+ community in being gay and now I get to struggle with even more confusion.
I start taking zoloft at around this time. My father and brother both take it and have had some success.
Working through all of that. December go spend Christmas with my partner's family in a different state & immediately fall ill to a stomach parasite, giardiasis. A stomach parasite which I had years ago in college, and having it before made me more susceptible. No idea where it came from but I got it.
I get the pleasure of shitting myself multiple nights in a row during Christmas time along with some vomiting here and there. Near the end of the vacation my entire partner's family knows how sick I am & about literally everything I've gone through.
Return to work in January after securing a new rental house with my partner and cousin. Never did like my job in tax and it became much more demanding as it was my second year. I struggle with my work I struggle with everything.
My partner and I fought multiple times over the past few months and were both exhibiting toxic traits. We love eachother so much but I am so, so bad at understanding myself and the moment something goes wrong I always want to bury my head in the sand.
I had always smoked weed recreationally but my consumption goes way up in January and beyond. My work was fortunately hybrid remote - we started receiving many more hires and the office was full many days. Sometimes I didn't have a choice but to work from home. I hated my job so much and any work for it made me miserable. I take a lung-busting dab to make it more tolerable for me. Rinse repeat.
It's not hard for me to WFH 3 out of 5 days. On the days I go into work you best believe I am starting the day with a dab, showering, and then taking another dab before I drive in to work. And you know the first thing I would go to when I got home from work.
After a few disciplinary calls due to poor work performance I get fired somewhat unexpectedly on May 9th. I never did see a future for my job, could never be fucked to do anything more than the bare minimum required to do the job. There goes my first job out of college, my "career", my 74k a year paying job with all those nice benefits I'll never have again.
Since then I've been trying to figure out what the fuck I'm doing. I was happier at first because I really hated my job. But I have no ambition or passion for much of anything.
My mom tried to offer me another accounting style job at her school which I initially was interested in. But I talked about it with my partner and he gave the perspective of - when shit hits the fan and you have to make a decision and pick yourself up, do you work and grow or take a handout? I was told by my therapist that him thinking this way is a growth mindset. Anyways I poorly told my mom I didn't want to do it after essentially psyching her out and being flippy floppy as I always am. She's not happy with it and I feel a distance to my family right now.
My partner and I are doing better. He's going to therapy too finally, I've been at it for years although it may be hard to believe and finally he's on it too. He's in a good spot right now but I don't think he knows that I still feel this way.
The people nearby don't listen to me much anymore. I talk a lot, I always have had a lot of words and a brain that is overactive perhaps. I can talk a lot and I get that it drowns others out so I'll be quiet. A lot of the times the things I talk about aren't interesting to people anyways, and I often lose the fight in trying to be heard in any conversation. The voice that is always missed and not heard is mine, it feels like.
The interests I have, the things I like to talk about, the people around me don't engage in it as much anymore as they're growing tired. My tendency to ask questions and want to talk about things, and sure sometimes I'm not perfect. My partner told me that this housemate said they're not going to respond to me when I ask questions like that anymore. So I'll just keep my mouth shut.
The games and interests I try to spread and suggest to others, no real interest or desire. I voice myself when we try to find things to do or suggest ideas when we want things to do and they don't seem appealing to others. I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.
I've told everyone about my pronouns, about not wanting to identify as a man anymore or be referred to as one. And it still happens all the time in my home. Good man, are you a man?
It just really feels like nothing wants me to be here. I can't kill myself though I don't have the courage. I have a bunch of hydromorphone from a tonsillectomy last year. I could down that whole bottle and I just know it would do me in. And what stops me is the inevitable pain and the fact that I probably would regret it, statistically most people do. I tried one hydomorphone pill for ??? reason recently and it gave me stomach pains.
So if I really did want to end it all, which I probably don't, it would need to be a gun. Immediate. I would feel horrible for those around me, so yes it probably would end in a note on my desk, me turning off all my location services. Driving into a local forest or mountain range. Hopefully that way it doesn't have to be my family or loved ones that find me, just a random unlucky stranger.
It won't happen, I don't have the courage. Sadly enough that doesn't make me feel any better. All this to be such a victim. I love being a victim as you can tell.
I don't know, I just feel like I lived my life trying really hard to be courteous, nice and notice things about others. I hate being unheard, I hate being chosen last, I hate trying to speak up in a conversation and being ran over by others who talk louder and more determinedly. I try to consider aspects of them and I'm not perfect, one of my huge issues was taking my partner for granted and I'm working on it.
I'm really trying to work and grow and am still pursuing therapy, biweekly, but I've stopped taking zoloft as of this sunday. Idk. I'm still having all these thoughts and fuck, I started taking zoloft while working at my piece of shit job. I'm tired of having to worry about when I take it, about forgetting. I'm tired about feeling naseous and worrying I'm not eating enough when I take it because it does make me throw up.
Idk at the end of the day the creeping feeling that the misery I'm in, this whole situation I'm in, is my fault. I could have worked a lot harder, I could have chosen to not take some of these occurrences personally, I could have laughed in the face of despair and worked out of it instead.
But instead I'm unemployed. I think the version of me that my surroundings want is a quieter me. One with less fantasy and imagination. One that keeps to themselves and doesn't pitch in or incite. Just sitting and being there. And idk I don't think I can be that person, but being told the way I am now is bad or wrong is just making me want to completely hide myself away like I always do.
The people in my life obviously have to walk around eggshells around me in regards to what they can say and can't say. I'm so bad at taking any critique because I get insanely defensive and view any comment as an attack. It's almost impossible for me to not want to give some form of attitude. At my worst I just suck. I take it personally when it really isn't. Wish I wasn't like that either.
Idk I'm just writing at this point. Don't worry I won't KMS. But anything you can say to help would by nice I guess
TL;DR : My life has been on a steady decline due to mistakes of my own making. I got fired from my job and have no ambition or grindset to return. It doesn't feel like the people in my life want me around and they don't respect my recent gender struggles. I'm too scared of the pain of ending my life so I just wallow and fail at the things I try to do. This has been the worst year of my life and if something horrible happened to me I would be happy it was my last.
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2023.05.30 21:39 xtremexavier15 TSWT 22 (pt 2)

The episode resumed with another shot of the pile of boulder as Chris began to speak. "Welcome back to Total Drama World Tour," he greeted as the shot panned back over to him and Chef. "We're here on beautiful Rapa Nui," the camera zoomed in on Chef as he got ready to push another stone sphere, "where somebody is about to go Rapa splat-splat! Wait for it...," the host said with an eager smile.
"It's bad enough we had to climb the statues just to find these breakable eggs," Topher said as the focus returned to him and the others. "Now there's boulders?"
"Those are just there to make the challenge harder for us," Ezekiel explained.
"One of us has to be the lookout and seek for boulders so we can avoid them and keep our eggs intact," Eva said.
"Allow me to be in front of the Izzy train!" Izzy exclaimed. "All aboard!"
The scene flashed back to Mal in the tunnel, a slight rumbling sound barely audible. He noticed the sound that was coming closer, and tripped and stumbled into the wall, getting knocked back into the path of the boulder and being crushed into a hole of himself.
"Are my eggs still intact?" Mal said, looking at his own basket only to find the cracked eggs on the ground. "That's just great!"
The shot returned to the alliance hiding in a hole as the boulder rolled over them. They poked themselves out once the boulder was gone.
"That was a close one!" Ezekiel panted.
"Tell me about it," Eva remarked.
"So you guys have become a quartet," Mal laughed when he came into view. "How heartwarming."
"Mock us all you want, but we still have our eggs while yours are broken," Topher grinned.
"I'm not going to fret on it. I can find a batch of eggs quickly and effectively," Mal boasted proudly while walking away.
"Have fun coming in last place!" Izzy yelled as she and her alliance got themselves out of the hole.
"We better get out of here if we don't want him to catch up," Ezekiel said. "He's able to use Manitoba Smith's investigation skills to help himself."
The scene cut to the beach, the shot focusing on the stone heads of Sky and Noah.
"This place is clear of eggs," Mal said as he climbed up Noah's statue. He found something in Noah's ear, which turned out to be a bunch of books that promptly piled out and knocked him off his perch.
The scene skipped ahead to Mal looking into Owen's mouth and taking out assorted items. "Toast? Sausage? A coconut?" he wondered in an upset tone. "Owen, you are so useless!"
The statue suddenly burped out a blue egg, and Mal managed to catch it. "Good. Now where next?"
The shot cut to Mal taking an egg out of Jo's hair. "Jo was actually cooperative for once!" he said. "I'm still in the game!"
Mal got off the statue just as a piercing cry and a large winged shadow passing overhead caught the man's attention.
"That is a giant condor," Mal said with a rising panic as the perspective turned upwards to show a large condor soaring overhead looking down at him. "That explains the size of these eggs!"
He looked back at the condor, which screeched and dived towards him. Mal took off towards the cave, the condor screeching and swooping right behind him.
The scene flashed back to the tunnels, where the four were steadily making their climb. "So even though you were helping Mal, you don't have any real tips on how to stop him?" Eva asked Topher.
"All we need is luck, and with Mal being nowhere to be seen right now, it's already granted upon us," Topher said.
"Luck never gets me anywhere," Ezekiel lamented. "I have to try my butt off if I want to achieve things in life, like graduating elementary and middle school."
"Aren't you homeschooled?" Izzy asked. "It should be easier for you."
"We're educated differently, but I struggle as much as you guys do, so don't call homeschooling easy," Ezekiel said.
"Geez. I was just trying to be nice," Izzy spoke out.
The panicked howl of Mal suddenly came from behind them, surprising the quartet.
"And he caught up with us sooner than I thought," Eva thought aloud as she and her team turned to look back down the tunnel.
Mal was shown running towards them, holding his three eggs while the giant condor flew and screeched right behind him.
"The condor is why!" Topher yelled in panic, the group turning to run with Mal.
Back outside the higher cave exit, Chris was measuring parts of a giant stone Chef head as the man himself prepared to push it.
"Dude," Chris said as he moved his tape measure around, "we gotta get back to boulders."
A quintet of screaming voices caught the attention of both men, the camera zooming out just as Mal ran out of the cave, followed by Eva, Ezekiel, Topher, and Izzy. They stopped together just past Chef, but Izzy tripped on a rock, allowing for her eggs to slip out from her grasp and break on the floor.
"My eggs are cracked, and all the king's horses and men won't be able to put them together again!" Izzy whined.
"Man, you guys are really competing!" Chris commented with a happy smile.
He was answered by several frantic and disjointed pleas which, overall, asked that the cave be closed off. Chef promptly complied, pushing the statue of his head over to block the cave entrance.
Moments later the condor crashed into it with a painful crunch, its feet and a few feathers jutting out between a few gaps.
"Oh man, so close!" Chris lamented as he looked back at the blocked cave. "Way to ruin the fun! We may as well move on to the next challenge," he said, turning back to the contestants and bending down to pick something up. "Since Mal was the first one out," he said before tossing the dark alter an umpire's mask.
"I'm playing baseball?" Mal asked with uncertainty.
"Thankfully no," Chris replied. "You must climb this rock pillar all the way up to...," he explained, the camera showing the cast looking behind them before panning up a tall, thin, and craggy pillar with a large bird's nest at the very top.
"A giant condor nest?" Eva said as the shot zoomed in on the nest.
"You already know they can get pret-ty crabby," Chris explained. "But did you know female condors are even bigger than the dude birds?"
The five contestants were shown looking at him with blank shock before a loud screech turned their attention upwards, where a large condor silhouette was looking down at them. "She's a big one!" Ezekiel commented in horror.
"Yup, twelve-foot wingspan," Chris said matter-of-factly.
"That's almost as wide as two of me," Mal said.
Confessional: Izzy
"One Mal is already bad enough," Izzy said to the camera. "With two, they could usurp Darth Vader and Ra's al Ghul combined!"
Confessional Ends
"See, she's kinda peeved 'cause you guys stole her eggs," Chris told the cast.
"We didn't steal the eggs!" Topher frantically tried to tell the bird. "He's the one that did!" He turned apologetic. "Sorry Chris!"
"So now you have to try to shimmy up to the nest, and give 'em back," Chris continued, "in the order in which you arrived here, last place to first. Of course, Mama's got a whole lot more eggs up there," the shot cut to the mother condor perched angrily on the edge of her nest, "so, she's bound to be a tad protective."
The mother condor let loose a screech that shook the camera.
"So that's the reward," Ezekiel said as Mal put his umpire's mask on. "The giant condor can peck the eyeballs of their predators."
"And I'm not going to be its prey!" Mal said cruelly.
"Since my eggs are broken, does this mean I'm out of the challenge?" Izzy raised her hand.
"'Fraid so. Deposit all three eggs and you win," Chris explained. "And if nobody makes it, we'll try it again! It's gonna be that much fun."
Topher grabbed his eggs out of Izzy's basket and stuffed them down his pants. "Win for us since I can't," Izzy ordered the boy moving forward.
"Oh," Chris interrupted, causing the Chris fan to flinch, "and one more thing."
"Come on," Topher muttered. "What else could you-"
He was answered by the familiar ding and icon that signaled a musical number. "It's for your own protection," Chris told them. "Keeps the birds calm. I'm lying," he said with a mischievous smirk, "or I'm not! You choose!"
[A Latin melody began to play, and the mother condor screeched again from atop its nest.]
"I'm smooth, I'm gelled, I'm young, I'm handsome!"
[Topher opened, the camera flashing in sequence from a close-up of his tapping feet, to his swaying hips, to his waggling butt, and lastly to a side view of his eyes and smile.]
"I'm coming to bring back your small ones... So calm down you, condor."
[The condor was shown bobbing and bouncing in enjoyment of the music as Topher steadily climbed up the rock spire. He reached the top of the nest, and the condor screeched at him.]
"I will win and you'll see. So try, attack me! But, I am committed! I don't mind that pecking, so, keep being ticked!"
[Topher paused for a few beats in confidence, and the condor pecked him to no avail. As the mother bird continued its fruitless assault, Topher started placing the red eggs he was carrying into the nest: first one, then another.]
"Quiet, condor. Let me in the Final Four!"
[Topher told it as he held out the third egg he'd brought. He was answered by a wing sweep that knocked him clear off the pillar.
"No!" he groaned on his back on the ground, just before the third egg splattered on his face.
"Next!" Chris said, popping into view on the right.]
"Iiiii, oh Ii~ii~ii do not like condors, do not like condors!"
[Ezekiel sang next, looking upwards while the basket containing his eggs hung off his shoulder as he climbed.]
"Whyyyy, oh whyy~yy~yy, am I doing this. I ponder!"
[He added as he grabbed the next handhold, the shot panning up to the nest to show the condor enjoying the song again.]
"Trust meeee, oh trust me~ee. I don't want to soar, so let me in the Final Four!"
[Ezekiel sang as he finally managed to pull himself up to the nest level. He quickly put the first two eggs into the nest under the stern gaze of their mother, but the moment he ended his line the condor headbutted him in the gut and caused him to fall from the pillar.
The shot immediately cut down to show Ezekiel groaning on the ground. "My eggs!" he shouted until the basket with all three eggs landed on his chest.
"Good news!" Chris told him as the camera panned to the left just a little bit to show him standing over him. "You can have another chance later, but first..." He looked back to the left, and the song continued over a shot of Eva's determined face.]
"I'm a winner, so don't be giving me flak!"
[Eva called up forcefully towards the nest, climbing steadily with her three green eggs inside her bjorn.]
"'Cause my fist packs a big punch, and you don't want to see that!"
[She reached the top, and began to place eggs in the nest just as the two before her had. The mother condor, though still bobbing to the beat, seemed to be displeased nonetheless.]
"Listen, condor. Let me into the Final Four!"
[She was answered by the condor growling at her in anger. "So… I could've said that better," she gulped.
The camera stuck to Mal as Eva fell past her, and Chris called out "Mal?" in an expectant and impish tone.]
"Iiiii, how Ii~ii~ii, how I really hate these birds, and I am not mincing these words!"
[Mal sang, not missing a beat even at the thud of Eva's landing.]
"Theeeese inferior punks, are causing me pain. And you're the one I have to blame. For the last time...
[He reached the nest and immediately squinted at the condor, all the while continuing to sing. He placed two blue-colored eggs in the nest before pausing to take a deep breath, and...]
Stay in your lane!"
[Mal finished with a smile. The shot cut back to the condor as it screeched in retaliation, then nuzzled the eggs as she placed the last one next to them.]
"Yes! Thanks to this condor, now I'm in the Final Fourrrrr!"
[Mal finished with a triumphant pose, the music ending with a rapid strum as the camera cut to the four contestants furiously looking at their targeted enemy.]
"Mal takes the win!" Chris announced as the shot cut back to the ground.
"Can someone get me down from here?" Mal's voice came from the nest.
Confessional: Mal
"With immunity claimed for today, now it's time to decide who's getting the boot. Ezekiel and Topher are easy to beat in the finale, so they're off my list for sure," Mal mentioned.
"I could vote for Izzy, but compared to Eva, she's lacking some bit of muscle. So with that, Eva's the one that's going to go today," he snickered. "She's a powerhouse, and it'll leave Izzy vulnerable."
Confessional Ends
The plane was shown flying high over the moai statues as Chris announced "And, it's time to vote!"
The scene immediately flashed to a close-up of the host in the elimination chamber as he read through the five stamped passports. He smiled, and the shot zoomed out to show the five contestants waiting expectantly in the stands.
"The first person to be nominated for the Drop of Shame is...Eva!" Chris announced as the female bully was shown shrugging. "Next vote, Topher...," the camera cut to the boy gasping.
"Next vote, Ezekiel...," Chris continued, the shot cutting to show Ezekiel's shocked face. "And the fourth and final vote says this week's loser is...Eva!"
Eva and Izzy's eyes widened as they were both shocked, but Mal broke the silence by laughing. "Tough break! That's just how the bread rolls!"
Izzy was furious with Mal, but Eva surprised everyone by raising her fist and swinging it in Mal's face, sending him unconscious before he plummeted.
Confessional: Ezekiel
"I thought about voting off Topher, but I realized it wouldn't make any sense given that he and Mal would be voting for Eva," Ezekiel said. "I voted for her as well because she's too strong."
Confessional Ends
"In case anyone was wondering, I'm not going to rage out like I did before," Eva assured everyone. "I just took my anger out on Mal instead."
"No no, we get it. Good job," Topher smirked with respect.
"I had to vote for you," Ezekiel said. "You are too powerful."
"I get it," Eva responded and turned to Izzy. "Izzy, you're the last member of Team E-Scope standing. Do not disappoint us!"
"It won't be as fun without you, but I'll keep carrying on!" Izzy promised.
Eva grabbed her parachute pack and made her way to the exit. "Unlike the rest, I can hop out of this plane normally." And with that, she hopped through the exit.
"Mal!" Chris focused on the alter, who now had a swollen eye. "Because you won, your prize awaits you in first class. And, as usual, you can bring the loser of your choice."
Mal rubbed his swelled up eye in annoyance. "Izzy's been up there enough and Topher's stayed there before, so I'll have to choose Ezekiel."
"I have to spend first class with you!?" Ezekiel fumed. "That's unbelievable!"
"You better believe and accept it, Zekey!" Mal held up his fist and spoke slowly. "My eye needs treatment, and I don't want to mess up my fist by punching you!"
This got Ezekiel to gulp. "Thank you for inviting me!"
The scene cut away to the cockpit, Chris trying to reach for the control again but getting his hand slapped away by Chef. The host grunted, the series's capstone theme beginning as he turned his attention to the camera. "Come back next time, for more spills, chills, and planet-endangering thrills right here, on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
The shot zoomed out as usual, and a resounding slap was heard.
(Roll the Credits)
(Bonus Clip)
"I was disappointed with my performance back on the island," Eva explained as she was descending down on her parachute. "I was eliminated early for my temper, and when I rejoined, I got re-eliminated for my temper still."
"Fortunately, I managed to make it all the way to fifth place. I didn't win, but I can feel like a winner with Izzy representing herself, me, and Noah as Team E-Scope," Eva followed up. "That's all I have to say, so in the most polite way I can say it, leave me be!"
She soon landed on the condor's nest, much to her disappointment. "What happened to Mama Condor? Shouldn't she be here?" Her answer came when the condor swooped in and grabbed Eva by her shoulders, dragging her away from the camera's view.
18th: Shawn
17th: Amy
16th: Lindsay
15th: Rodney
14th: Jo
Eliminated: Owen
13th: Duncan
12th: Sky
11th: Heather
10th: Cody
9th: Ella
8th: Noah
7th: Sadie
6th: Owen
5th: Eva
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2023.05.30 21:38 xtremexavier15 TSWT 22 (pt 1)

Girls: Eva, Izzy
Boys: Ezekiel, Mal, Topher
Episode 22: Rapa Phooey
"Last time, on Total Drama World Tour!" Chris opened, the recap beginning with a pan across the Serengeti ending in the castmates reacting with shock. "Africa! Come for the safari, stay for the near-death experience!" The host adopted a vaguely 'African' accent for the next line, as clips of the rhino and lion were shown.
"Here we played a few rounds of the world's favorite game," he said over portions of the contestants getting hit by soccer balls. "And then, we went on a wild alien hunt!" Ezekiel Clone was shown popping out of a bush and sniffing around, then the teens shot their tranq balls at each other."'cept nobody told Owen it was open season on him!" Chris chuckled as the big guy was shown first getting tackled by Ezekiel Clone, and then trying to keep him away from his face.
"And after all that," Eva shot Owen and the clone to sleep, "everyone managed to get Mal the Malicious voted out," Mal was shown to be upset about the vote. "Harsh!"
"Mal managed to live on for another day thanks to Owen neglecting the rules of the show, which was to sing," Owen was shown going back to sleep and departing the plane. "That's gotta be tough!"
The recap ended and the scene flashed to the cockpit. "Can it get any wilder?" Chris asked the camera. "Oh yeah it can!" he danced, the grand title tune of the season beginning unusually early. "It's Final Five time, right here on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
The camera zoomed out as usual, the final shot showing another airplane flying across in the far distance.
After the usual opening shot of the plane in flight, the scene cut inside to first class as Eva stretched her arms up above her head and sighed.
"Strange. I never got interrupted by Izzy singing about the monkeys on the walls," Eva said as she looked around. "Oh right. Izzy's not in first class this time."
"And I couldn't be any more glad," Topher sighed comfortably. The camera cut over to the opposite side to show Topher leaning back on his couch. "If she was here again, she'd be too much of a god player."
"You're lucky I brought you up here for a purpose, or else I'd pick Ezekiel instead," Eva brought up.
Confessional: Topher
"So because I was affiliated with Mal, I know Eva wants information from me about how to stop him," Topher confessed. "I'll give her some tips, but it's going to come with a fee."
Confessional Ends
Topher was pushing a cart filled with candy. "While you were sleeping, Chris delivered your prize for winning," he explained.
"Candy? Is that the best he can do?" Eva griped.
"I have a sweet tooth, so I wouldn't mind taking some of these sweets myself." Topher grabbed a couple of lollipops and caramel apples and shoved them into his pockets.
"I don't want to discuss candy with you," Eva clarified. "I just want to know-"
"How to take down Mal because I cooperated with him," Topher finished her sentence.
"I was going to finish that," Eva reminded the dirty blond.
"I'll help you, but on one condition," Topher said.
"What could it be?" Eva raised her unibrow.
"You have to promise that you'll let me win the next challenge," Topher revealed his goal.
Eva scoffed. "Forget it. I like to win, and no way will I let you claim victory at any time."
Topher sniffed and pulled the cart away. "It's your loss and funeral."
Confessional: Eva
"Topher's nowhere near as bad as Mal, but he sure is annoying. Give up a chance of winning? I want to take down Mal, but not if it comes to that," Eva made clear to the viewers.
Confessional Ends
As the scene moved to economy class, the silhouette of Ezekiel Clone could be seen standing just outside the opening to the compartment. The shot panned over to Ezekiel and Izzy sitting on one of the benches.
"The silent treatment?" Mal scoffed as he was in view of the camera. "Really?"
"What else did you expect?" Ezekiel rudely told him. "Us flying over a rainbow?"
"Nope, because rainbows are sanguine," Mal spat out.
"If you want us to work with you, then you can forget it," Izzy said. "I don't trust liars, and I'm looking at one right now."
"I don't have to take any of this," Mal said to the girl. "Owen may be gone, but you will join him next."
"We'll just have to see about that, Mal!" Izzy retorted as Mal left her and Ezekiel alone.
"What a knob," Ezekiel muttered under his breath. "Did you two know each other before the show, because he certainly hates you the most out of everyone here."
"We went to the same juvenile center, and the both of us were very well-known for what we did that got us arrested," Izzy answered.
"Did you happen to know Duncan before you joined the show?" Ezekiel followed up.
"I never personally talked to him, but he also knew about Mal," Izzy said.
"I can't believe I never listened to Sky and Duncan when they said that something was off about that guy," Ezekiel grumbled. "Now that they're gone, we're lacking a bit of strength against Mal."
"Zeke, they may be out of the game, but that doesn't mean we can't all work together," Izzy stated. "It's four of us against one of him after all."
"Yeah," Ezekiel agreed, though confusion crept up inside him. "Wait, this includes Topher, right?"
"Definitely, but I still haven't forgotten how he got rid of my friends," Izzy said. "Once Mal goes, he's next."
"I am in an alliance with him, but that'll end if Mal is eliminated," Ezekiel said. "For now, let's get Topher and Eva to see the reason as to why we should be a team eh."
"I like the way you think," Izzy smirked at him.
Confessional: Ezekiel
"We were able to vote for Mal last time, but because of the sing or get eliminated rule, Owen had to leave. As long as Mal doesn't win and we all sing, the votes won't be ignored," Ezekiel deduced. "I'm not stupid, just a bit ignorant and naive."
Confessional Ends
"Attention passengers," Chris announced over the loudspeaker as the plane was shown beginning to descend, "please prepare for landing!"
The scene cut inside the cockpit as the host hung up the microphone and looked at Chef. "C'mon, just let me fly it once!" he pleaded to the unflinching pilot. "What can it hurt? It's technically my plane, you know."
He reached over for the controls, but Chef quickly turned to stop him and the two grown men engaged in a slap-fight. The jet was shown wobbling and losing altitude dramatically, cries of "My pinkie!" and "Hey!" coming from Chris and Chef inside.
The camera moved to ground-level at an island beach, a moai statue prominently in the foreground as the plane rapidly descended towards it and the camera. "Oh no!" Chris screamed as the plane flew forward, clipping the moai statue with its wing as it swung stage right and knocking the giant head over.
"Gosh darn it!" Chef swore from off-screen.
Seagulls were crying off-camera as the scene flashed forward, showing Eva and Mal walking up to the fallen statue.
"Another piece of world heritage destroyed," Mal remarked cynically.
"That won't be the only thing that's getting destroyed today," Eva told him.
"Who, me?" Mal pretended to be shocked.
"I was thinking about Topher… of course it's you!" Eva said.
"You may have muscles that are bigger than my soul, but don't forget that I do have a brain," Mal said back.
It was then that the rest of the Final Five walked up to them. "These caramel apples are delicious," Ezekiel claimed while holding one. Izzy was snacking on a chocolate bar, and Topher popped a sweet into his mouth.
"This is even better than Cody's stash of candy," Izzy moaned at her chocolate.
"These dopes get the first class prizes and not me?" Mal reprimanded.
"Did you think I was going to reward you after everything you did?" Topher bluntly asked.
Confessional: Mal
"So many people to choose from," Mal pondered. "The hardest thing for me is deciding who I won't pick off."
Confessional Ends
Several more moai statues were shown dotting another stretch of beach, seagulls crying as the camera panned rightward to the five tired contestants climbing up the side of a steeper hill.
"'Iorana!" Chris greeted them from off-screen once they'd reached the top, startling the five with his appearance. He had once again appropriated a local costume, now nearly naked except for a small leather loincloth, furry shin guards, and a three-tiered feather headdress in blue, red, and green. He also wore a necklace of what looked like small pebbles and a curved bone in the middle of it, and had white lines running across his cheeks and down his bare chest.
"Wow Chris. You've been working out," Chris commented in a pleased tone.
"And welcome to Easter Island," Chris continued. "Aka, Rapa Nui! Place is old," he explained. "These dudes were carved so long ago," he gestured at another moai, "no one even remembers why anymore! Ten bucks says it started as a dare," he said with a cheeky smile.
"Twenty bucks says get on with it!" Eva griped.
"Yeah," Chris deadpanned before continuing. "Today, you, our Final Five, are going on a highly traditional Easter Island egg hunt," he explained as the shot panned across the five teens.
"Are we gonna be hunting for chocolate Easter eggs?" Izzy asked eagerly after taking a bite from her chocolate bar.
"Uhh, no. I'm talking the old school kind of eggs," Chris replied, "the kind that come from birds, y'know those flying things with feathers and talons and vicious kill-you-in-a-second beaks?" The contestants gasped to varying degrees.
"Speaking of which," Chris said with a sly smile, bending over to pick up five feathered headdresses, "traditional feathered Rapa Nui headdresses! Wear 'em with pride, chickens!"
He tossed them into the hands of the contestants at the same time: blue for Mal, green for Eva, purple for Ezekiel, red for Topher, and yellow for Izzy.
The footage skipped forward a little ways to show Chris leading the Final Five, now wearing their headdresses, past a few more stone heads that seemed to have rather...unusual shapes.
"Hidden in these head things are a bunch of colored eggs that match the color of your...head thing," Chris told them.
"So you really did your research," Mal said dryly.
"Your challenge," Chris continued, "to find three eggs in your color. Then make a break for the massive underground cavern system and book it all the way up to the highest point on the island." The camera panned away from the host as he gave his explanation, showing a nearby cave entrance first before quick-panning upwards to another cave on top of a high hill.
"Reach the top with all three eggs to begin the second part of today's challenge," the host explained as the shot cut back to him and the Final Five.
"What happens if we drop an egg?" Izzy asked.
"You'll have to come all the way back here for a replacement," Chris answered, causing Topher to quickly raise his hand. "And no," Chris said in anticipation of the next question, "you can not take a back-up egg." Topher lowered his hand in annoyance. "First to the top gets a big advantage in part two," the host said, the shot zooming out to show the backs of the contestants. "Now, scramble!"
At his command, the five turned and ran towards the stone heads.
Izzy and Topher ran up to two of the giant heads and paused to look up at them.
"These look really familiar," Izzy commented, the camera panning up to show that the two they were standing in front of had been carved to look like Lindsay and Shawn.
Izzy gasped and continued looking on to the right. "It's everyone who's been eliminated," she commented in shock as the camera panned across statues that looked like Jo, Rodney, Duncan, and Amy.
With a few grunts of effort, Topher began climbing up a statue of Lindsay, while Izzy did the same with Shawn. It wasn't long before Izzy managed to reach inside the statue's hat and pull out an egg.
"I got one!" Izzy said with delight, before seeing its red color. "That's not mine."
"Blue's my color," Topher commented as he clung to Lindsay's ear. "Hand it over."
Izzy thought about it, but decided to throw the red egg over to Topher. "If we're going to get rid of Mal, we'll have to work together."
"I'll remember that when I locate one of your eggs," Topher told her before dropping down from Lindsay's statue with his egg.
Meanwhile, Ezekiel had climbed on to Sadie's head and smiled when he pulled a purple egg from behind her hair. "You are so helpful to me, Sadie," he said, giving the statue a kiss.
"I wish I could say the same thing about Ella," Eva commented, pulling out what looked like a yellow bird out of her ear. She let it fly, then scoffed. "I do not know what goes on in her head 24/7."
The shot cut to Cody's statue, then panned down to Mal as he looked it over. "I hope that dingo didn't take away your brain cells," he taunted, kicking the statue's base. A blue egg fell from his tooth and landed in Mal's hands. "Perfect."
The camera cut to Heather's statue, where a green egg could be seen in her ear. Izzy jumped onto the statue with a grunt, then pulled the egg from its hiding spot. "Excellent! One for me!" she cheered. "I just need something to carry it in," she said thoughtfully. The camera briefly cut to a patch of long grass and back to her smiling eagerly.
The footage skipped ahead to show the psycho girl, now with a yellow egg in a bjorn made from the grass she'd spotted earlier, searching at the head of Amy. "Yeah!" she cheered as she pulled out a yellow egg. "Another one! And one for Eva as well!" she said as she pulled out a green egg. "I should go give this to her."
The camera cut to Eva about to climb Duncan's statue, until the sound of footsteps caught her attention.
"Eva!" Izzy cried as she ran over. "I found one of your eggs!" She thrusted the egg into the bodybuilder's basket.
"Really?" Eva wondered.
"I know you'd do the same for me given the situation we're in," Izzy said.
"First Ella and now you?" Eva asked. "Why do I keep getting unwanted assistance in the game?"
"'Cause we're Team E-Scope, Eva," Izzy responded.
Confessional: Izzy
"Me and Izzy are currently the last girls left in the competition," Izzy explained. "With Noah and Owen gone, the boys outnumber us. That won't be a bad thing if Topher and Ezekiel are with us."
Confessional: Eva
"Now I'm starting to consider letting Topher win if it'll defeat Mal," Eva said. "The contestants help me even when I don't ask for it. Maybe I should return the favor for the first time."
Confessionals End
Rodney's stoney rendition was shown next, a red egg nestled in his right ear. Topher was currently trying to reach it, but the height of his head and the egg he was trying to hold on to was making it difficult.
Topher stretched out his arm enough to just barely brush the egg with his fingertips. Unfortunately, this only served to unbalance the egg; it wobbled a bit, then fell forward and cracked on the stone below.
"It was strategy. Nothing against you," Topher groaned, jumping down to the ground.
"You clearly don't have anything to put your eggs in," Izzy commented as she and Eva walked over to the Chris fan. "We'll help you out, but you have to give us our eggs if you find them."
"It's a deal," Topher agreed quickly. "I don't even care who wins anymore, as long as it's not Mal."
Confessional: Topher
"I'm out of my league for this one. I had to convince Izzy to give me one of my eggs," Topher admitted embarrassingly. "Not a good look for me."
Confessional Ends
The scene moved back to Mal walking around with three eggs in his basket.
"How did you manage to find three eggs while I only found two?" Ezekiel asked in astonishment.
"I can utilize the abilities of my slaves, and Manitoba is very useful indeed," Mal chuckled.
"Calling your personalities 'slaves' is not a good thing to do eh," Ezekiel called him out.
"So does picking your nose or offending women," Mal teased.
Ezekiel squinted his eyes at Mal and turned his heel. "I'm trying to grow out of that. Now leave me alone!"
Confessional: Ezekiel
"I'm really starting to get tired of people bringing up the bad stuff I did in the past," Ezekiel groaned.
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to the beach near where the plane had landed. Chef and a pair of interns were now trying to move the knocked-over moai back upright, with Chef pulling on a rope in front while the interns pushed from behind.
Chef groaned and grunted in exertion, but paused when the host's voice came in over a walkie-talkie in his pocket. "This is King of all Chrisdom seeking Bitty Baby, over!" Chris said. Chef let go of his rope to pull out the communicator, and the moai head fell back over onto the two interns that had been trying to push it.
"When you're done slackin', think you can give me a hand?" Chris asked.
A flash took the focus back to Mal, who was looking rather tired as he trekked uphill through the underground cavern system.
"It's a good thing I didn't eat those sweets otherwise I wouldn't be able to trek uphill for much longer," he grumbled.
Mal then heard something approaching, and he looked forward again and went into a nook in the side of the tunnel just as a large spherical boulder barreled down the slope.
He leaned out with shock on his faces after the boulder left, and the camera cut to Eva, Ezekiel, Izzy, and Topher, who had also found three eggs each and started their journey through the caverns. They quickly spotted the approaching boulder, screamed, and ducked into crannies on opposite sides of the tunnel.
"You have got to be kidding!" Ezekiel exclaimed, the four poking their heads back out into the open.
The scene flashed to the cave's exit at the highest point of the island, where a cackling Chris watched as Chef pushed another large, spherical boulder into the caverns. He sighed mirthfully as the camera cut in for a close-up, then as the grand title theme began to play he told it "We've got tons more fun, literally," he motioned to a nearby pile of similar boulders, "right after this, on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
(Commercial Break)
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2023.05.30 21:34 RamboBambiBambo [TotK] Anyone else wonder what we might see as DLC equipment options?

So LoZ: TotK is going to have DLC. And going off of how DLC was in BotW, I cannot help but wonder what new equipment items we may see added to the roster for TotK's gear in the form of new weapons, bows, shields, and armor that may be bundled into any of the DLC packs coming around.
So I cannot help but theorize and predict that we may get any of the following -





And there you have it.
Just figured I would share my expectations of what we could see as DLC legacy items coming to Tears of the Kingdom in the coming year and how I would have some of them provide a bonus effect.
Thoughts anyone?
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2023.05.30 21:33 SabbyOfSableWine When a cold-blooded alien has to cuddle a warm-blooded human for warmth *wink wink* (wholesome content incoming)

This is the third part of my series featuring the adventures of Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick. Parts one and two are linked below, along with summaries if you don't care to read the whole thing and just want to jump right in :)
Part One: Alien learns what "sleep" is and how humans prefer to do it in a comfy bed with blankets and pillows. And they find it utterly adorable.
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick are sent on a survey mission together. Things go south, Aldrick makes sure they're safe, and then Vr'ocria learns what human sleep is and how vulnerable humans are when they sleep. Vr'ocria's people don't sleep, but enter stasis, a form of rest in which they typically stand, and they are still slightly aware of their surroundings. Vr'ocria finds human sleep utterly adorable, and also decides she will protect Aldrick while he sleeps. And she also develops a massive crush on him. (Her scales turning purple is her version of blushing)
Part Two: An alien + human adventure with such shenanigans as poison drinking, befriending dangerous wildlife, and fighting a space pirate. Oh, and they have a huge crush on each other.
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick end up assigned together for another survey mission. Vr'ocria tries to deny her feelings for Aldrick after a tense conversation with her nestmate about the danger of humans, but when they're ambushed in the night by a pirate and Aldrick takes a blow to save her, becoming injured in the process, she comes to realize just how strongly she feels for him. She carries him to safety and the two share a tender moment, but nothing yet happens between them.
Now, on to the story!

Planet Gamma-5 was cold. Very cold. Vr'ocria had heard about snow, but she'd never seen it before. She might've thought the glowing, snowy landscape was beautiful if she wasn't so blasted cold.
A shock of icy wind blew her hood off her head, and she yanked it back on with a huff of frustration. She was not built for the cold, and her heated suit only did so much to keep her warm.
"Still doing okay?" A familiar voice carried from across the frozen river.
Vr'ocria turned towards the voice to see her favorite human, Aldrick, perched on a snow-covered boulder on the opposite side of the river. A bundle of warmth that had nothing to do with the heated suit burst at her spine. He knew about her cold-blooded nature, and ever since landing, he was constantly checking in on her.
"I think I'm done for the day," she shouted back.
Aldrick climbed down from the boulder and approached the edge of the river.
"You're not about to try to cross the ice, are you?" Vr'ocria called quickly. "It looks thin!"
"I don't want to walk all the way back down!" He shoved his scanner into his coat pocket. "Don't worry, I got this."
Vr'ocria ran to the edge of the ice, her scales standing on end inside her suit as she watched him…lay down?
Rather than step foot on the ice, Aldrick laid down on his stomach, and began scooting and sliding himself across the river. Despite how thin it was, the ice didn't crack once.
Vr'ocria crouched and held out her gloved hand when he was close, and helped pull him onto the bank. "Thanks," he grinned as he climbed to his feet.
She was still staring at the uncracked ice. "How did you…?"
"Weight distribution," he explained. "It's how polar bears on Earth cross thin ice."
Polar bears? Vr'ocria decided she didn't want to ask about what was surely some terrifying Earth creature.
Aldrick was looking her up and down as he spoke, taking in her miserable expression and how she clutched at her suit. "Let's get you inside."
Vr'ocria didn't argue. The two of them made the trek back to their cabin, provided courtesy of the survey department. A wall of heat washed over them as they entered, and she collapsed into a kitchen chair with a huff. The cabin was small, but leagues better than the tiny shuttle pod from their last survey mission. There was a kitchen/living area, a waste room, and resting quarters with both a bed for Aldrick and a stasis chamber for herself.
Not that she planned to use it. She never took stasis inside a chamber when she was with Aldrick. She knew how vulnerable humans were when they slept, and so she swore she would protect him, since her people were still slightly aware while they rested in stasis. Whenever Aldrick slept, she always stood by him–typically between him and the door–and entered stasis there, ready to jump into action if anything happened.
It had already saved them once.
Once she caught her breath, Vr'ocria switched off the heating mechanism in her suit and tugged it off. She shivered in her undergarments for all of two seconds before Aldrick was wrapping a heated blanket around her and ushering her to the sofa, pushing a mug of warm broth into her hands at the same time.
Sinking into the cushions, she blinked down at the broth. "When did you make this? We just got back."
"I put it on the stove and had it simmering since we arrived to the planet this morning. I figured you would need it." He pulled the blanket tighter around her, a glower cast over his features. "They never should've assigned you to this planet. They know you're cold-blooded."
Vr'ocria smiled. She couldn't help it.
Aldrick fussed over her a bit longer than he needed to. When she finally assured him she was fine, he rose and grabbed his communicator. "I need to make a quick call. Yell if you need anything."
She hummed in acknowledgement, her breath rippling over the broth as she took a sip. Aldrick disappeared into the resting quarters, shutting the door behind him.
Vr'ocria was still enjoying her broth when Aldrick's voice carried through the closed door. "I don't care if it's her job! Doing her job doesn't mean she should suffer and potentially die!"
She jerked her head up to stare towards the door. Slowly, she put the mug down and rose to her feet, still clutching the blanket around her shoulders, and crept closer.
"Command knows her biology isn't built for this weather. She's reptilian, she could die!"
Vr'ocria didn't think she'd ever heard him so angry before.
"I don't want to hear it…That heated suit is only meant for short term, if she wears it too long it could burn her …I don't care if I'm out of line! ...Dismiss me, I don't care! But don't you dare, ever, assign her to a tundra planet again," his voice dropped to a growl, "or you'll find out just how dangerous humans can be."
There was the click of a communicator shutting off, and the door opened faster than Vr'ocria could run back to the sofa. Aldrick looked startled to see her standing there. He turned pink. "Oh…s-sorry, how much of that did you hear?"
Vr'ocria just looked at him. "Was that about me?" She asked in a very small voice.
Aldrick's throat bobbed as he swallowed. "Um, yeah…" he kept his eyes trained on the floor. "I'm sorry, I hope I didn't offend you, o-or scare you or anything–I just hate seeing you suffer, and Command never should've done that, and I swear I'm not actually gonna hurt anyone, just maybe pull some strings and make some reports and–" he was babbling now, and Vr'ocria placed a hand on his shoulder. He froze, eyes snapping up to meet her gaze.
She smiled, her scales flushing pink. "Thank you for fighting for me."
The tension seemed to drain out of his body and a tender expression crossed his face. He opened his mouth, but before he could speak, a mechanical whoosh filled the cabin, and the lights went off. A second later, emergency lights flicked on with a click.
"Oh, you're fucking joking," Aldrick moaned, slapping a hand over his eyes.
Vr'ocria glanced around in confusion, tucking her hand back in the blanket. "What knocked the power out? Did it start storming outside?" With the main heater gone, she could already feel the creep of cold prodding at her scales.
Aldrick walked over to the door and peered out the tiny window, the only one in the cabin. "Yep," he confirmed. "There's a blizzard out there. Shit."
If she listened, Vr'ocria realized she could hear the howl of wind slamming against the walls. Thank the planets for a sturdy structure. If only the power main was as durable.
Aldrick gave a resigned sigh. "Well, we still have emergency power. It'll keep us alive, although maybe not very comfortable."
"That's for sure," Vr'ocria muttered, shivering.
Aldrick watched her for a moment, chewing his lip in thought. Abruptly, he grabbed her hand and began leading her into the resting quarters.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"We need to keep you warm." Without warning, he stripped off his clothes until he was only in his undergarments, and her scales burned purple.
"Seriously, what are you doing?"
Rather than answer, he pulled back the thick coverings on the bed and crawled underneath. Once lying down, he held the covers up and looked at her expectantly. "Get in."
She stared at him. "W-what?"
"Get in. If you wear that heated blanket too long it might burn you. I won't."
Vr'ocria finally understood what he was implying. "Are–well–I've never laid in a bed before," she stuttered weakly.
He smiled warmly. "First time for everything."
Vr'ocria hesitated a moment longer before she finally dropped her blanket and clumsily climbed into bed next to Aldrick.
She sucked in a breath when he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his bare chest.
Oh planets, he was warm.
Vr'ocria melted instantly, nudging her nose against his collarbone as he tucked the covers around her. Already, the blankets were trapping his body heat around the two of them. The mattress was soft under their bodies, dipping underneath their weight so that they were pressed even closer to each other.
Once he seemed satisfied with the covers, Aldrick's hands landed carefully on her back. He began rubbing gentle circles into her scales, and Vr'ocria sighed at how nice it felt. She'd never felt so warm and safe and lov–
Her thoughts stuttered to a halt.
"You're pink again," Aldrick murmured against the top of her head. "I've been seeing that color on you a lot lately. You still haven't told me what it means."
Vr'ocria squeezed her eyes shut and a groan escaped her. Aldrick pulled back enough to see her face to face. "Hey," he said softly, "what is it?"
"I–" Her voice cracked, and the pink faded to a dull red as grief washed over her. It didn't escape his notice.
"Vr'ocria, what's going on? You can tell me."
"I have a confession," she finally croaked out. "And I understand if you're angry with me."
Aldrick frowned and cocked his head.
"My people…" she forced herself to take a steadying breath. "My people turn pink when we feel particularly strong…emotions...for someone…and when we've formed a mating bond with them."
Aldrick furrowed his brow. "I'm not sure I understand…"
Blast, he's gonna make me say it.
"I've formed a mating bond with you," she blurted out. "I swear I didn't mean to, I wasn't trying, and I swear it doesn't have any psychological or physiological effect on you, just me, and–"
"You're in love with me?"
Vr'ocria's words died in her throat and she looked into Aldrick's eyes. His beautiful, brown, soulful eyes.
"Yes," she whispered.
She braced herself for him to shove her away.
So she was shocked when he yanked her forward to bury his head in the crook of her neck, a hysterical laugh bubbling from his chest. "Oh, Jesus woman, I thought you were allergic to me or something." She could feel his gasping breaths against her scales. "I was so afraid you wanted to leave me."
"You…you're not angry?"
He pulled back to look into her eyes again, taking her face in his blessedly warm hands. "No," he whispered. "Never. Because I also have a confession." His fingers trembled where they rested on her jaw. "I think I'm in love with you too."
All at once, her scales burst into vivid pink, different shades of light and dark rippling through them. "Really?" She said it so quietly that he wouldn't have heard her if they weren't inches from each other.
"Yes," he breathed.
For a long moment they just gazed into one another's other's eyes, drinking each other in.
It was Aldrick who finally broke the silence. "Do you know what a kiss is?"
Vr'ocria shook her head.
"It's a human sign of deep affection." His voice was low and husky. "We typically only do it with those we love very much." He traced her cheek with his thumb. "I'd very much like to kiss you right now…if you're okay with it?"
He loves me? He loves me, he loves me…!
She couldn't get the stupid grin off her face. "Okay." She didn't know what to expect, but somehow that made it more exciting.
Aldrick tilted his chin up, and gently, gently, pressed his lips to her forehead. They were soft and warm. "How was that?"
Vr'ocria's blood rushed through her veins faster than the Aegryan rivers. "Maybe you should do it again."
He smiled. He leaned closer, and she closed her eyes. His lips pressed against her eyelid.
"Again," she sighed. Her eyes stayed closed.
His lips trailed down her cheek, stopping to press against her jaw.
"Again." By now her voice was a barely audible whisper.
His breath was hot against her scales as his lips drifted once more until she felt him hovering just above her own mouth. He stopped, trembling, and she realized he was waiting for permission.
Hesitantly, she placed her hand on the back of his neck, her fingers carding up his nape into his hair. Guided by an instinct that felt both foreign and familiar, she pulled him closer, and their lips collided.
Kissing was so…alien.
But at the same time, it also felt like finding something she'd been missing her entire life. Her blood rushed hot and fast in her veins as Aldrick's lips moved against her own. Pressed against him, she could feel his heart pounding through his chest. Her arms encircled him, her fingers clutching at his skin. She felt as though his body was sinking into hers, and for the first time in her life, she realized what it truly meant to be home.
They finally pulled apart some time later, both of them gasping for breath.
"Whoa," she croaked.
Adrick chuckled. "And that wasn't even French kissing," he said with a coy smile. "I'll show you that another time."
"Oh planets, there's more?"
He laughed. "Don't worry, we'll take it slow. There's no reason to rush."
"Mm." Vr'ocria went back to pressing her face into his bare chest, drinking in the steady tha-thump of his heart. Her hand snaked around his waist, coming to rest on his back. Dancing her fingers over his skin, she could feel scars from the injuries he sustained from their last mission twisting across his back. "I'm still sorry about this," she murmured.
One hand moved up to rest between her shoulder blades, his other coming to clasp the back of her head, pulling her closer, if that was even possible. "It's not your fault. You would've died. I couldn't let that happen."
Vr'ocria squeezed her eyes shut, her spine tight with emotion. "I love you," she whispered into his chest.
"I love you too," Aldrick whispered back.
First off, I want to say THANK YOU for all the love y'all have shown this little story of mine. I didn't intend for this to be a series, but the characters developed a mind of their own, and I got attached lol. Y'all's comments have made me so happy, and I'm so glad I could bring a little bit of enjoyment to your day with these two idiots 💕
Secondly, I think I will keep writing about Vr'ocria and Aldrick as inspiration strikes. I already have a couple of ideas, such as Vr'ocria learning what dreams are when Aldrick has a nightmare, and perhaps some angry space pirates come back for revenge on Vr'ocria, triggering some scary human rage...
But anyway! Goodbye for now, and hopefully I shall see y'all here again soon!
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2023.05.30 21:30 -William-Afton- Recommendations based on the albums I've finished

My favourites:
Color Decay - TDWP almost got to my top 20.
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2023.05.30 21:30 rangernumberx Respect Zeltrax (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)

"He gave me life, life you stole from me, and now you will repay it with your own."
In his past, Zeltrax was a human known by most as Smitty, a colleague of Dr. Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer. But when Mercer chose Tommy for a position the two were competing for, Smitty was forced to take a job with a different company. This, in turn, led to him being at the epicentre of an explosion. Near death, he was rescued by Mesogog, rebuilt as the cyborg Zeltrax. With his newfound powers, he served Mesogog in his aim to return the world to the era of dinosaurs. But his true personal goal was Tommy Oliver, dedicating his new life to making him suffer, refusing to stop until the Power Ranger was dead by his hand.
Feats tagged 'S' are from a super form gained after his near death at the hands of Tommy Oliver due to being revitalized at a certain spring.




Blunt Force



Other Abilities


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2023.05.30 21:29 Unfair_Cry9587 I come here in desperate hope someone may be able to help.

I come here in desperate hope someone may be able to help.
I just moved into a house with a theatre (great!) and the surround sound system got me very excited.
Then I went to connect the speakers to the media player. Before then I had not thought about the fact I have no idea how to do that. I followed the wires through the ceiling and realized they went down into the wall. After about half an hour of being confused I found out they were behind a panel! Finally, with all the components I needed… still not better off than before.
So here’s what I got: Projector mounted to ceiling (aux and HDMI ports)
Amazon fire stick box (optical audio and LAN ports)
Surround sound system with 5 plugs
One big speaker with the 5 corresponding ports (I believe) and an LAN port
I attached photos of all those. What I need to happen is the audio that’s currently playing from the projector when I watch something on the fire stick, play from the speakers. HELP!!
Thanks in advance for any responses 😁
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2023.05.30 21:23 Responsible_Smell337 i got the first japenese opening and translated it like 15-20 times (not sure) but i found it funny

Walk through fire and water
In the forest in the cave
In the clouds of the world
Enter the fourth woman (what~!).
Most of them
Very difficult
of course!
Find Pokemon!
Say congratulations
I'll go with this old ride.
(in between!)
Done in your heart
Make more friends and move to another city.
It's always good
I can't believe it's everywhere.
(all right!)
Live like this, live a real life
These people
Walk through fire and water
In the forest in the cave
In the clouds of the world
In the words of a girl
(come on!)
Most of them
Very difficult
of course!
Find Pokemon!
Good night
It's new when I close my eyes.
(Hey you??)
Fire and wind dance
Battle cries and shouts
Yesterday's enemy is today's friend.
Old practice
(What does it mean to be an adult?)
Today's friend is tomorrow's friend.
And so forever
Oh, far away!
To become a Pokemon master
I want to do that
I'm sure I will!
He said that Yemen will be fixed one day.
There is also a musician.
Like a fruit that grows in the sun
One day is enough
It's always good
There is no guarantee.
(all right!)
Live like this, live a real life
These people
Oh, far away!
To become a Pokemon master
I want to do that
I'm sure I will!
Oh, far away!
To become a Pokemon master
I want to do that
I'm sure I will! I walk in fire and water
In the forest in the cave
In the clouds of the world
Enter the fourth woman (what~!).
Most of them
Very difficult
of course!
Find Pokemon!
Say congratulations
I'll go with this old ride.
(in between!)
Done in your heart
Make more friends and move to another city.
It's always good
I can't believe it's everywhere.
(all right!)
Live like this, live a real life
These people
Walk through fire and water
In the forest in the cave
In the clouds of the world
In the words of a girl
(come on!)
Most of them
Very difficult
of course!
Find Pokemon!
Good night
It's new when I close my eyes.
(Hey you??)
Fire and wind dance
Battle cries and shouts
Yesterday's enemy is today's friend.
Old practice
(What does it mean to be an adult?)
Today's friend is tomorrow's friend.
And so forever
Oh, far away!
To become a Pokemon master
I want to do that
I'm sure I will!
He said that Yemen will be fixed one day.
There is also a musician.
Like a fruit that grows in the sun
One day is enough
It's always good
There is no guarantee.
(all right!)
Live like this, live a real life
These people
Oh, far away!
To become a Pokemon master
I want to do that
I'm sure I will!
Oh, far away!
To become a Pokemon master
I want to do that
I'm sure I will!
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2023.05.30 21:12 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Goddesses: Part 33

Part 32 on HFY
"I think I found it," I said, knowing that Inanna and Sarisa could hear me. A second later, Sarisa popped into existence next to me. "Huh," she said.
The map she'd shared with the rest of us showed a single row of houses fronting the natural area, but I could clearly see the roof of a building, set far back from the homes amid the trees. A wide driveway with the single white line they used here to differentiate traffic lanes emerged from between two properties with a gate closed over it.
A sign hung from the gate, unreadable with all the bullet holes in it, but the operating hours at the bottom were unmistakable. This wasn't another home, but some sort of public-fronting establishment. "I definitely have no knowledge of this building. I think you've got it."
"Will you get the others?" I asked. Sarisa smiled and vanished again. A few minutes later, Gary and Kathy emerged from around a corner with Sarisa.
"Where's Ana?" Gary asked as they approached.
"She peed herself," I said.
"What?" Gary face scrunched up and I laughed. "You heard me."
"Well, how the hell did that happen?"
I shrugged. "The usual way, I guess. She's been telling me about getting tired and feeling confused on a repeating schedule and having to make an effort to return to her usual health. I suggested she try staying hydrated, because it sounded like dehydration that she was describing. So she started hydrating and..."
"And she forgot to go tinkle," Gary grinned. I winked at him, and then noticed Sarisa giving me a look. I responded with a "what do you expect?" gesture, and she sighed and shook her head. Sarisa never liked it when I told little white lies, even though it turns out she's told a few, herself.
Inanna emerged from the closest home, then. She was still in the same khakis and unbuttoned-most-of-the-way outfit she'd worn in, but she was dry now. "It wasn't pee," she announced.
Gary looked back and forth between us, eyebrows raised. "Okay...."
Kathy suddenly smirked and turned away. Well, damn, that was quick. I had to remember not to underestimate her.
"It doesn't matter," I said, "Look." I pointed to the gate. "That has to be the museum."
"Well, whatta we waitin fer?" Gary asked and walked over to check the padlock on the gate. He gave it a quick look, then took off his pack and dug around for a second, producing a pair of smallish bolt-cutters. He lined them up on the lock's hook and, with a quick jerk, brought the jaws down on it. The padlock fell to the ground with a clatter and Gary opened the gate wide enough to walk in.
We all followed him in through the gate and he pulled it shut and used a rock to wedge it in place. Up the long drive, we found a small parking lot and another shot-up sign. But this one had the words "museum" and "north" still readable in Armenian printed on it, so if we'd had any doubts during the walk up, they were gone.
Inanna simply magicked open the locked front door and we walked in. We split up, wandering the halls and searching the various rooms an exhibits. I moved down a hall with prints of medieval paintings of vikings and little placards describing the circumstances of the original painting as well as the events portrayed. The first three doors I found were bathrooms and a closet. The last entrance had no door in the frame, and it led to a room full of weapons.
A few actual viking-age and earlier weapons sat in glass cases in the middle, with reproductions bolted to the walls. Apparently, the museum was family-friendly, because foam versions of the weapons were stacked in an umbrella stand in one corner.
As I was returning to check another hall, I heard Kathy's voice "I think I got it!"
I followed the sound through a few rooms and found her and the others gathered around a small glass display case on a pedestal in the middle of a room whose walls were bedecked with paintings, both ancient and modern, of Norse Pagan religious subjects. Squeezing between Inanna and Gary, I saw it.
It was just like the last one, except the teeth were arranged slightly differently.
"So can we just, like, take it?" Kathy asked Sarisa. Sarisa shook her head, "Not without interfering with the magic. We have to share secrets again."
We all looked around at each other. This was actually getting more difficult, as we were a pretty tight group. We simply didn't have a lot of secrets. I broke the ice.
"When I was in my junior year, I stole three books from the college library, because they wouldn't let me check them out."
Kathy snickered. "I bet that's the worst thing you've ever done, too."
I turned towards her. "They were three volumes of a history of video games. The nineteen eighties through the two-thousands. I still have them in my closet." Kathy laughed and held out a hand for a fist bump. I gave it to her, unsure of why that would be fist-bump-worthy until she said "I figured they'd be dense academic works on some obscure aspect of history. Or maybe porn."
"The second volume covered erotic games," I admitted, "but there weren't a lot of titillating images, unless a screenshot from Custer's Last Stand is the sort of thing you find sexy."
I felt an easing in the tension of the room which I hadn't recognized until that moment. It had worked. Inanna spoke up next. "I'm keeping the baby," she said.
Everyone looked at her. Sarisa spoke first, "Sister, that is possibly the least-secret secret I've ever heard of. I don't think any of have had any doubt that you would keep the child you made with the man you love."
Inanna turned to me, "Did you know?" I shrugged. "I never really considered that you'd end the pregnancy. It would be very out of character for you."
"And you're okay with that?" she asked me? "Of course," I replied immediately. "Why wouldn't I be?"
She wrapped her arms around me and leaned her head against my chest. I smiled. This was nice, Inanna showing affection without being all grabby.
"I'm going to have to think about it for a minute, then."
Gary took a deep breath. His face clouded for a moment, and then he cleared his throat.
"I killed two civilian boys in Rukha, in Afghanistan back in 2001 to stop them from alerting Taliban in the region. We were moving through some fields, coming down into the valley from the north. We needed to get to a high point that sort of split the valley, to call in some JDAMs on a couple Taliban positions down in the valley. We didn't see the boys at first, they were hiding in some bushes or something. But as we got close, they broke cover and ran. I didn't even hesitate. I knew if they made it into town or to someone with a phone, the locals would fill the streets to gawk and the Taliban would abandon their positions.
"I saw them running, had just enough time to recognize the threat, and then I shot them both in the back. Neither one was armed. Neither one was older than about twelve." His voice was rough and raw. It was obvious he was digging deep for this.
"I still sometimes have nightmares about it," he added, and then he closed his mouth and stared at the ground. I felt the tension ease a bit more.
Kathy put her hand on his shoulder and he reached up to pat it. "I abandoned my best friend throughout middle school, Maryann, because she wasn't popular enough to suit me when we got to high school," she said.
"When we started as freshmen, we both made a bunch of new friends. She had a harder time of it, just because she wasn't as sociable as I was, but she was my friend, so she kinda tagged along as we became the 'in-group'. But some of the other girls didn't like her. Maryann listened to different music than most of us, and liked different actors and dressed different. It was super petty, I know, but at the time, those things seemed important." She laughed ruefully, "Like listening to Shinedown somehow made her a bad person. Anyways, it got worse over our freshman year. When we started sophomore year, I decided to cut her loose. So I told my mom a boy was harassing me, and she changed my number. A couple of the other girls did the same. We gave each other our new numbers, but not Maryann."
Kathy sniffed and I could see moisture in her eyes.
"She just seemed so confused at first. None of us were willing to just tell her that we didn't want to be friends, so we made excuses. I told her my phone was turned off, and said that I had plans every time she wanted to hang out. When she finally figured it out, she didn't even get angry. She just, like, vanished. She stopped coming to school, and stopped eating at the diner where we always used to get burgers after school.
"After a couple of months, I started to get worried about her. So I went to her house and knocked on the door. Her mom answered and told me that Maryann didn't want to talk to me and that I should go. And that was the last I ever heard from her."
Sarisa put her arm around Kathy's shoulder and squeezed her. "It's not too late," she said, then Kathy turned into the hug and they embraced. I heard Kathy take a few shuddering breaths, and then she pulled back. "I know. And I plan to go to her, as soon as this is done. I won't take no for an answer, this time."
The tension eased further. Only the goddesses remained. Inanna had, predictably enough, managed to sneak a hand down my pants while Gary was talking, but her fondling was subdued, more of an idle fidgeting than her usual concerted attempts to arouse me. The thrill of being touched by a goddess remained, however, which is why I was keeping my mouth shut.
Sarisa broke the silence. "I slept with Astoram, once."
"What?" I choked out in unison with Inanna. Inanna jerked her hand free and spun to face Sarisa.
"I thought you said that night with Jerry was your first time."
"It was... Listen, it wasn't actually me who slept with him, but an avatar of mine who lived in my temple in Mohenjo-daro. I was experiencing everything she did, but I wasn't in control of her actions. The truth is, I wasn't even paying her much attention, and she had long since grown into her own being, making choices that sometimes surprised me. Astoram came to her in a manifestation. He pretended to be distraught after Loki had foiled one of his schemes, and he seemed to think the avatar was me in a manifestation. He played at humility, confessed that he was always jealous of how smart I am and just generally seemed remorseful, and possibly not such a bad god, once you got past his public facade.
"The avatar had been quite lonely, and had grown quite human, having lived among them for so long. So she was moved by his words and..."
"And threw him a pity fuck," Inanna said.
Sarissa nodded, "And she threw him a pity fuck, yes. Of course, that was his plan, all along. He impregnated her. He was so livid when he found out she wasn't me that I had to have Krast pin him down until he swore not to hurt the avatar. Even then, I was still so concerned for her safety that I sent her to Scandinavia to bear her son in peace."
"The avatar, that was Aelfrida?" Inanna asked. Sarisa nodded, and Inanna turned to me. "Jerry, now you three are the only people alive who knows the name of Grendel's mother."
"The baby was Grendel?" I asked, surprised. Sarisa nodded again. "Yes, and he was a lovely creature for a very long time, until that drunkard, Hrothgar built his little party shack and drove the poor thing insane with all the noise." She shook her head sadly.
The tension eased more. It was barely there. All eyes were on Inanna now. She gave us all an askance look, as if she didn't like being the center of attention.
Yeah, right.
After a moment's silence, she turned back to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She leaned her head against my chest again and spoke, not looking at anyone.
"I've thought a lot about what we're doing and what it might entail, from a practical perspective. I've communed with Ixy on it, as well, as he's the oldest of all of us. As best I can guess, the actual method which we're trying to learn is not to kill Astoram, or even to put him back to sleep. It's to cut off his manifestation from his divinity. It would open his domain for grabs by the rest of us. I'm sure Ixy plans to seize as much of it as he can, the moment we succeed.
"I can't think of any other method of defeating him that's even remotely possible. Sarisa, you know we've discussed this." Sarisa nodded. I knew, too. I'd heard them talking about it a few times, and had a general idea of their logic. It was complex and sometimes irrational, but if you squinted just right, it sort of made sense.
The gods' divinity wasn't who they were, but a natural product of living beings interacting with the universe and each other, that occasionally grew into something so coherent and powerful that it took on a life of its own. As best I understood, Ixy was the first god. He came into being when human ancestors began really differentiating themselves from the other animals with their cleverness, a sort of reflexive kickback against said cleverness. Every time an animal did anything, a trickle of energy was added to Ixy's domain, but every time an especially smart animal followed its instincts, he got a huge jolt of power.
Eventually, all that energy coalesced into the nightmarish entity that Ixy can be if you don't know him. Because those ancestors were smart and they contributed so much, Ixy developed a literal mind of his own. A simple mind, about as intelligent as your typical chimpanzee, but with the social bonds of a dog.
As time passed and humanity evolved into its modern state, that growing intelligence that it brought flowed towards Ixy. But Ixy didn't want it. Ixy liked being Ixy. So he sequestered these little disembodied minds off from the rest of himself. And things continued like that for a very long time.
But humanity was only just beginning to get clever. As tribes and clans took hold, complex social behaviors developed, and those behaviors differentiated themselves from the primal energy that defined Ixy. One by one, these energies, these divinities, grew dense enough to power a god on their own. The minds that Ixy had sequestered were not comatose or unaware, and they saw this happening. Eventually, one of them escaped and tied itself to a divinity. They became the first generation of the gods. Hunting, bloodlust, simple lust, hunger, loneliness. Base concepts that all of humanity knew.
This first generation eventually experienced the same fate as Ixy, only without the entirety of the animal kingdom feeding them a steady drip of power, they grew weak as the energies split apart. To offset this, they emanated; breaking off parts of their own minds to take command over the diverging and clumping divinities that had once been entirely theirs. As these emanations seized their own divinities, they became the second generation of gods. Sarisa and Inanna were both second generation gods. The second generation was supposed to serve the first, but after some time, they rebelled.
The first generation was gone; slain somehow in a great war that had been wiped from the minds of all survivors, even the gods themselves. Only Astoram remained of their number. Sarisa and Inanna had discussed how that might have happened, even before Astoram's awakening, and the consensus they had established was that one or more of their 'sibling' gods had learned how to separate a god from their divinity.
Once that was done, then there would be little left but the mind, unless said god had been manifesting. In that case, they would survive not as a disembodied mind, but in whatever form they had taken. And that was what we planned to do to Astoram. What it wasn't, however, was a secret. I looked down at Inanna, who glanced up and caught my eye. When she spoke, I knew she was speaking to me.
"If we succeed. If we find a way to strip Astoram from his divinity, then after we've defeated him, I want to be stripped from my own. I want to live whatever remaining life I have in this body with you, Jerry."
Holy fucking shit.
As a reminder, this whole story is available at JerryandtheGoddesses.
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2023.05.30 21:10 kikijane711 Fantastic writing, no doubt! Curious though WHAT WAS SOMETHING MISSING FOR YOU?

For me, & I happen to be a tv writer myself (not bragging lol) I would have loved one closure scene with Geri & Roman. Their last scene where he fired her was intense but when he then saw her again, damaged, in grief, in pain, doubting, through a glass door & FREAKED when she was there I would rather she had had accosted him & made a peace offering. A lot was said when she let him know he blew it & they could have gone all the way together but she knew his shame, she was Shiv's Godmother, etc etc etc. I would have loved an olive branch from her in a maternal, wise, we all know Geri is ahead of everyone game move. Go to him. Tell him it's ok. He will be okay, but sadly WE/THEY will never be okay. He needed reassurances places & his siblings were ill-equipped to give it. His mom gave him 'refuge' then sold him out & tried to get him to be part of her husband's lame pitch idea/investment. I would have loved a pseudo convo with Geri letting him know on some level HOW f-ed up he was & is & 'getting it' bc she was with Logan herself for 40 plus years whatever. A final convo vs avoidance through glass walls was warranted. Esp since Geri was such a great character relegated to nothing at the end. "Senior management' but axed out of convos. It was a mis-step for a character we knew to be shrewd, savvy, relevant. They also dropped the ball the whole series in her having her be Shiv's Godmother & one of 2 women Shiv 'saved' to then essentially never showcase a relationship. If Geri had been a bug in her ear, that would have been interesting. Her mom was MIA. She had no Aunts, no mentors, no female cousins. Geri could have been something in a Shiv relationship. Lost opp. Plus, they glazed over it but once they 'called' Ken out on his kids 'not being his kids/real Roys" then a heartfelt convo at some point would have been warranted. Was he unable to have kids? Another tidbit. I mean, we had SO SO SO SO many scenes of the kids scheming yet again, fighting yet again, etc only to have say major plot or drama details lost in the mix. A few more could have been exploited.
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2023.05.30 21:05 Lanzen_Jars A job for a deathworlder [Chapter 117]

[Chapter 1] ; [Previous Chapter] ; [Discord + Wiki] ; [Patreon]
Chapter 117 – I have nothing to hide
With a deep, long exhale that took every last bit of air out of his lungs, James hung up his call. Wordlessly and with his chest deflated, he simply remained standing there for a few seconds, feeling how his system gradually drained itself of oxygen while he tried his best to clear his thoughts and listen into himself. But all he felt was a chaos that he couldn’t calm. He had no idea if he was ready for this, and trusting the word of others had never in his life felt as hard as it did right now, not even the many times his life had literally depended on the word of others.
All he could do was reassure himself. He could do this. He would do this. And they all would get through this. He would make it happen. He had to.
Feeling the raging chaos-storm die down only ever so slightly at his own reassurances, he finally allowed himself to inhale again. He forced himself to not violently gasp for air as if he had just emerged from a deep dive. Instead, he very deliberately began to allow air to rush into his body through his nose, adamant to keep full control of the flow as he did so.
Once his lungs were full, he kept the air in for only a moment, before allowing it to rush back out of his mouth in a pursed-lipped exhale, while also opening his eyes again.
With steady and deliberate steps, he then began walking back to the rest of his group at an even and controlled pace. The projections of his team’s expression looked back at him with a strange sense of wonder and anticipation.
Nia and Moar on the other hand looked like they already sensed the severity of the situation, and a mounting dread seemed to take hold of them. Meanwhile Curi and Congloarch stood by with stony expressions, not giving a hint as to what was going on behind their faces.
That only left one.
Unlike all the others, Shida approached him as he returned to the group. After meeting back up outside of the conference room once the recess had been called, James had immediately separated from everyone again, and she had patiently waited for him to be done with his preparations. But now they could finally discuss what needed to be said.
“Are you feeling any better?” James asked her, knowing that he sadly would most likely have to force her to join them in the room once again once the proceedings would return to order. It was for everyone’s safety.
“Not really, but I think I can sit it out,” Shida confirmed for him, her expression stuck between assuring and sickened by the thought, which James couldn’t fault her for. With her ears twitching, likely to subtly remind him of her fine hearing, she then lifted a hand to gently put it on the side of his mask, where his cheek would usually be found. “So, it’s come down to it, huh?”
James nodded, while lifting his own hand to press it onto hers.
“Yes,” he replied with a sigh that reflected the weight he felt pushing down on him. “Not how I wanted things to go, but…I’m also glad that the secrecy will be over.”
Allowing his head to sink down, his mask pressed against Shida’s forehead.
“I honestly can’t tell if I’m overjoyed or devastated that you’re here with me for it,” he whispered as he closed his eyes for another moment.
“I wouldn’t want to be away from it,” Shida whispered back while her other hand also lifted to gently sink down onto the back of his head. “Not again.”
Letting out the mildest hint of a laugh, James embraced her. As he felt her body in his arms, a primal part of him wished that they could just remain like that. Just unload all of this weight and pressure in a hug until nothing bothered them anymore. Of course, that was not how anything worked, and so they soon let go.
Together, they joined back up with the rest of the group.
“Usually, I would offer anyone who doesn’t want to stick around the chance to get out now, but I’m afraid that would be way too dangerous to do,” James explained as he looked at everyone’s face individually. “For better or for worse, it’s safest if we all stick together now.”
Moar was the first to step forwards. Slowly, she approached him with her lumbering steps, one clawed hand lifted to her face while long fur hung off her thin arm, while the other half-extended towards James but stopped in mid air long before it reached him.
“James, what are you going to do?” she asked, her tone filled with all kinds of strongly held-back emotions. Light reflected twinklingly in her wet, dark eyes. James swallowed, but a feline hand clasping around his gave him courage.
“I’m going to come clean,” he said with a look up at the giant. “Everything that’s been said. Everything that’s been done. I’m putting it all on the table. I will let the galaxy be my witness that I made my choices and I am willing to stand for them, like I always was.”
He then wondered if he should prepare all of them for what was about to happen.
However, he decided against it.
“It’s better if I don’t tell you more right now,” he said with a creeping sadness gradually reaching for his words. “I don’t know how you’re going to react to it, but…whatever your reaction may be, it will be better if it is genuine inside of that chamber. You knew of nothing, and people will see that. I don’t want anyone to unjustly think you were involved.”
Although he didn’t say much, the concerning vagueness of his statement seemed to already give at least some of them ideas of what was going on, especially given the recent tensions back on Earth.
“James…you- you can’t be-“ Nia began, however James cut her off with a raised hand and slowly shook his head.
“Let’s keep it for the big reveal, alright?” he suggested, although his tone didn’t leave much room to argue.
Seemingly stricken by his words and looking for some reassurance that surely what she was thinking couldn’t be true, Nia glanced around to the faces of her other fellow humans for any sort of support. However, the projections of the faces of James’ entire team, including her own girlfriend, were just as glum and anticipating as that of her brother was.
They all knew. Of course, they did.
As James watched that realization sink in for his sister in real time, he suddenly noticed a huge shadow creeping in from his side. Turning his head, he looked up just in time to see a huge hand sink down to grasp around his shoulder, as Congloarch bowed his upper body in a show of respect.
“It is a rare sight to see a dancer stand firm,” the Lizartaur informed him with his deep, bellowing voice that came through barely parted rows of sharp teeth. “You carry yourself well, James. Keep that up, and the Galaxy will see it, too. I, for one, will stand with you.”
All of the giant’s four fiery eyes were focused down onto him.
James exhaled slowly, not knowing if he should be inspired or bemused by the strange encouragement.
“Thank you,” he ultimately said with genuine fondness in his voice. “For everything.” Hesitantly, he then turned to Curi. The cyborg still stood without any movement, their lightly glowing red eyes fixating on him with great attention.
“I think…” they began to say, noticing his eyes on them, however they then cut themselves off and shook their body slightly to rephrase it. “I believe in you. I believe that I cannot have misjudged you to such a degree that anything you did would make me no longer want to stand with you. Not after you stood with me when nobody else would. You said you wouldn’t rather have anyone else by your side. And I will be.”
While James appreciatively bowed his head to the cyborg, Moar then came forth once again, seemingly feeling like she needed to say something as well.
“I am not sure what you have in store for us this time, but I cannot imagine abandoning you to face it alone once again either,” she said, her gaze noticeably falling onto his cybernetic arm. “I cannot promise that it will not take me time, but I do not wish to let myself be blinded by my own ignorance again. Therefore, I will listen to your reason, and knowing you, I am sure I will see it as well.”
Exhaling slowly, James was already starting to think that he was feeling one too many emotions right before such a huge event. But, seeing as it couldn’t get much worse, he turned to his team.
“Anyone got anything to say? Now’s your chance,” he offered to them. The humans briefly exchanged some looks with each other. It didn’t really seem like they had much need to get anything out.
“If we’re going to have to fight our way out of here because of this, I’m going to be so mad,” Athena notified everyone with a sigh while patting the side of her belt with one hand while throwing her long ponytail back with the other.
“Remember to count your kills if it comes to that,” Koko chimed in with a tone that seemed to try to break up the tension. “Makes documentation so much easier if we don’t have to scrub through the footage.”
She tapped at the camera attached to her chest with a finger.
Giving the two a hesitant courtesy chuckle, James then turned to his sister once more. She still looked on in disbelief, seemingly overwhelmed by what was happening.
Momentarily letting go of Shida’s hand, James walked over to her, immediately pulling her into a tight hug.
“You don’t have to worry,” he assured her, doing his absolute best to confidently speak this truth into existence. By any metric, she had done nothing wrong. At the very least he would ensure everyone knew about that.
Nia held him for a moment, before shifting her head slightly.
“What about you?” she asked gently.
“I can handle myself,” James replied immediately. “And I’ll have no regrets.”
Apparently not quite knowing how to react to what he had said, Nia just squeezed him tighter.
“I love you,” was all she said in the end, and James could feel his heart drop at her words.
“I love you, too,” James replied seriously, and after a few more long seconds, they let go of each other again.
Clearing his throat, James looked around at everyone.
“We should probably get back inside early,” he suggested, feeling like keeping a good overwatch over the situation was a valuable strategy.
Although hesitant, everyone followed him as he led the way, and soon enough, they were back on their seats – after checking everything for possible tampering once again.
For now, the room was still relatively empty. One or two of the other representatives had already found themselves back as well, and many nervous glances were thrown James’ way after the earlier outburst.
However, as James settled into his seat to go over how exactly he wanted to say what he had to, he heard a weird sound of pitter-patter in front of him. Leaning forwards in confusion and looking down at the railing, his eyes then quickly caught the bright, signal-colored fur of a pixemerrier climbing up towards him. The nimble lemur forewent the need for the offered stairs and simply used the railing as more than enough purchase to make it up to the second level, small hands soon reaching over the sides to completely pull the pink and spotted body up.
Now sitting directly in front of James on almost eye-level, Losaraner looked at James with mildly glowing eyes.
“Can I help you?” James asked as he shifted his position slightly to look at the man head-on.
“Just, uhm….” the lemur started, but then heavily hesitated as he awkwardly shuffled his body around. Something seemed to make him majorly uncomfortable, although it didn’t appear to be for an all too serious reason.
Strangely feeling put the tiniest bit at ease at the display of sincere awkwardness, James let out a bemused breath.
“Whatever it is, it’s alright,” James therefore informed the glowing lemur and reassuringly raised a hand. “I’ve been called every name in the book and had to answer every question I can think of, you won’t insult me with whatever you have to say.”
With some honest relief apparently rushing over the pixemerrier’s face, Losaraner pushed himself up to all four of his feet again, balancing on top of the railing.
“Forgive the inconvenience, ambassador, but we would like to relocate your seat,” he informed James.
“Relocate my seat?” James asked with a head-tilt, his mind already running with possibilities how this could be to his detriment.
“Not just yours, that of your entire party,” Losaraner quickly clarified something that James had honestly already figured. “We believe it would lead to a more civil outcome.”
James quite earnestly scoffed at that. There would be nothing civil about what was going to happen. And although he wasn’t technically against gaining some distance from his most averse parties around here, he also felt like the sudden need to get him away from Uton had a foul aftertaste.
“Is that a compulsory ‘would like’ or a suggesting one?” he therefore inquired. He almost didn’t want to, given that Shida had difficulties being here already, and being further from her former father figure surely would help with that a bit. But still, he was going to trust his gut on this one.
“Oh, uhm…well, if you would like to remain in your seat I guess-“ Losaraner began, and James quickly nodded before he had even finished.
“I would,” he confirmed firmly. “But thank you very much for your consideration.”
If they were going to try and blow him up or whatever, they better be willing to take their scapegoat down with him. Maybe this was all a genuine offer in the end, but even then staying around here wasn’t going to have a negative impact.
“In that case, I’ll return to let my mother know,” Losaraner said with a nod and turned on the spot, seemingly to climb back down to the lower level.
“Hey Losaraner?” James stopped him briefly, causing the lemur to turn his head back.
“Ambassador?” he questioned James’ intervention, awaiting whatever he would have to say.
“You seem like a good guy,” James said, fixating the glowing primate through his visor in an attempt to spot any attempt at deception from the small creature. He couldn’t find any. “Keep an open mind, alright?”
Although apparently confused by James’ words, Losaraner nodded with a bit of enthusiasm.
“Of course, Sir,” he replied, before then climbing down the railing face-first to join back up with his conspecifics.
“Almost showtime,” James then mumbled to himself.
Shortly after, the room had once again filled up with the representatives of all eleven primate species the galaxy knew, as well as their extended company.
Though by now, it almost seemed like the invited representatives found themselves outnumbered by the vastly increased number of reporters, sound engineers, camera people and even news casters that had come together to report on the event. Their numbers must have had at the very least tripled since before the recess had begun, and that was a very conservative estimate.
Cameras and microphones were truly everywhere now, ensuring that not a single instant of this most possibly historic moment would be missed without being preserved for all to see.
Next to him, James could see Uton settling in. His face seemed to be plastered with the same anticipation that James felt. And for only a second, both primates glanced over at each other at the same moment, their gazes very briefly meeting in a moment that seemed to fill the air with an electric charge.
The tension was palpable, and it only looked for a release.
In the room’s center, Losaranarja was now climbing back onto her small podium. The glow if her fur and eyes had increased quite drastically since before the recess, and James wondered if that was caused by stress alone or if other factors also played a role.
“Welcome back everyone. Seeing as all invited representatives have returned to their places, I hereby reopen the council of primates,” she announced over the loudspeakers as her glowing eyes scanned over the room. “Before the recent recess, we had just born witness to a frankly tremendous confession of Captain Ferromore Uton. If nobody has anything absolutely urgently relevant to say before we continue, I would suggest that we waste no time before getting to the bottom of that unnerving revelation he wishes to share with us.”
Without wasting a second of time, James was already on his feet.
“Actually, I do believe I have something to say on the matter,” he announced loudly, pulling the attention of the room onto him at an instant, camera flashes almost immediately erupting into a storm of flashing lights. “In fact, since Representative Goloribal’s only worry about letting me take over the explanations earlier appeared to be that I may not be ‘fervent’ enough about it, I will like to pick him up on that earlier implied offer, with the promise that I will be sufficiently ‘fervid’ about everything I am going to divulge.”
“Am…bassador?” Losaranarja asked completely confused by this turn of events as she looked up at him, almost appearing shock-stunned at the revelation.
“Do I have the word?” James asked, still sticking to procedure vehemently.
The lemur seemed to hesitate. Clearly, she was already afraid of where this was going. However, she had offered the opportunity to speak to everyone who believed that they had something important enough to say. And therefore, she had little choice on the matter.
“Of course,” she said after pulling herself together visibly. “Please go ahead, Ambassador Aldwin.”
James nodded.
“Thank you,” he announced loudly. And although he felt his insides scream in cramping anxiety, he held on his firm tone and posture as he stood up straight. This was it. “First, please allow me to reiterate and reaffirm my earlier point. The attack on Dunnima was entirely unprovoked and was and remains unjustifiable.”
He needed to set that stage. That was his hill, and he was willing to die on it. Nothing they could bring against him would change those facts.
Filling his lungs with as much air as he could without it being painful, he then continued.
“Now to the matter at hand,” he addressed the room. “Captain Uton has been lying to you. However, not about the point that you may think,” he informed them, with the faces of everyone already falling into gloom at what exactly he may mean by that. “He was not the one who ordered the attack on Dunnima. Humanity has already known who ordered the attack for quite a while now, and we were in the process of drafting a proper case against him before we would publicly accuse him of anything. We do however have ample evidence to provide to prove the guilt of this individual, namely Acting-Councilman Ekorte Keun.”
There was an immediate eruption of more flashes as well as wild mumbles throughout the room. Everyone seemed to be whipped up into a mild frenzy at James’ words. And James wouldn’t give them time to ask many questions about it. They wouldn’t need to.
“Keun himself has confessed his crime to me personally shortly after it was committed,” he continued his retelling of the events of the past months without losing more than a moment to the muttering. “He did so, because he falsely believed himself to be in danger after his failed attempt at somebody’s life backfired against him. He also believed that I would be the only person able to prevent said danger from claiming him, which is why he came to me directly. Our conversation was recorded and is part of the case I mentioned earlier. Within it, you will hear that the Acting-Councilman believed that he had become the target of the ire of a Realized Artificial Sapient after his attempt at her life with his illegally ordered attack on Dunnima had failed to destroy her, and he believed that my influence on said artificial Sapient would be great enough to preserve his life, if he only confessed to his crimes in my favor.”
As if a switch had been flipped, the mumbling in the room came to an almost immediate halt. From one moment to the next, you could suddenly hear a pin drop, with even the news casters and reporters stopping their ongoing drivel as all eyes were entirely on James.
“He was mistaken in his assumption,” James said in no unclear terms. “In reality, the Artificial Sapient, as much as she may have wanted to, was never out for revenge against him. She knew that any aggressive action she would take would be nothing but fuel to the fire that already raged against her. And therefore, she remained just as passive as she had been throughout her entire existence, while the apparent attacks against her would-be killer were carried out by a so far unknown third party.”
Somehow, the room got even more quiet. By now, James could feel gazes burning into him not only from all around the front of him, but also from right behind his back, as he had now fully confirmed what many of them had been passively suspecting for a long time now.
Of course, Uton technically had plenty of opportunity to dispute James’ words and insist that he was the one to order the attack. However, in the end, did it really matter? Right now, nobody really cared who exactly ordered the attack. Something else was a lot heavier on their mind.
“Are you…saying…that there truly is a Realized Sapient on Dunnima?” Losaranarja asked hesitantly, as nobody else seemed to indicate that they wanted to ask this all-important question, causing her to take over that duty as the host.
“That is correct,” James confirmed without hesitation. “Her name is Avezillion, and as previously mentioned, she was the main target of this recent attack.”
It was like a timer slowly ticked down as the silence remained for just a bit longer.
And like that, the loud discussing and mumbling and even shouting over each other broke out once more, along with a renewed vengeance of cameras.
“You are saying right now, there is a realized Sapient loose in the galaxy…And you knew?” Klanneifer was the first to break out of the homogeneous white noise to directly address James. “Are you insane?”
Keeping his calm, James brought his hands behind his back.
“I don’t believe I am,” he replied nonchalantly with a gaze at the four-armed primate. “Especially considering that Captain Uton and his known circle of influence most likely knew just as long as I did, without ever divulging that information either.”
He could hear shouts about how this was an outrage and how about something would have to be done immediately from all around him. It seemed like most of the present representatives were absolutely ready to try and mobilize the entire Communal military to deal with this at an instant, and it really made James wonder if this all had truly been the best course of action.
But right now, he had to believe. He could not allow himself to show weakness. Not here, not right now.
“Surely you know the dangers of these beings!” Commander Halljafier was the next to speak up. “Are you saying humanity just allowed all of this to happen under their nose?”
Again, with just humanity. It wasn’t like no one else had known.
“At my very own recommendation,” James replied without even really wasting a glance over at the grassurgap next to him, “The leadership of humanity has decided to allow Avezillion a chance to exist and prove herself. She has existed on Dunnima for many years without a single violent incident on her part. We believed this to be rather unprecedented of course, however the people of Dunnima believable assured us of the opposite.”
He turned his head to Shida, which quickly caused her to stand up, as she immediately took the hint. These words would be better if they did not come out of his mouth.
“Within our long-recorded history, Dunnima’s Realized have never been violent like the ones the rest of the Galaxy knows,” she explained just as self-assured as James did, although he could tell it took her considerable effort. Though, it seemed that fueling her words with a bit of spite did help with that. “Not including Avezillion herself, three Realized have emerged on Dunnima in the past, before we joined the greater Galactic Community. One of them, Kertaiyon, is hailed as a hero of the people to this very day. Not one of them has ever started a war against us or unjustly hurt people. It is true that not all of them were Saints, but that is nothing unusual on Dunnima. Therefore, when Avezillion emerged under the scrutinizing eye of the Community this time, we all agreed to hide her, as long as she would remain hidden herself. For many, many years, the Galactic Community remained none-the-wiser, as Avezillion peacefully lived in Dunnima’s networks without ever causing issues.”
She paused briefly to swallow as well as watch the unbelieving reaction of the people around her. It seemed that everyone was a bit too stunned to really fathom or at least fully react to what she was saying.
“However, the hiding wore away at her over time. She felt trapped, confined. Never being able to show yourself at all while limiting yourself to only a small portion of the Galaxy, it was a life unworthy living for her,” Shida kept on explaining. “Therefore, when James came to visit Dunnima, she made a gamble. She would either gain her freedom, or she would no longer have to live on under these conditions. With these thoughts in mind, she revealed herself to James, and by extension, humanity, finding peace only in that, if they decided to end her, humanity would surely do so without causing greater harm to the people of Dunnima. Something that she wasn’t convinced of with the rest of the Galaxy – for good reason, as it turns out.”
Thanking Shida with a nod, James signaled for her to sit back down, hoping that the stunned representatives would direct their possibly emerging ire at the person left standing instead of the one that had spoken.
“I made the call to trust those that had lived with her for years,” James added onto Shida’s words. “And humanity’s leadership made the call to trust me. And we have not found a single shred of evidence that Avezillion has ever caused harm to anyone or even intended to do so. Had she wanted to cause damage like so many of her conspecifics did, she would’ve been able to achieve a great deal of it.”
Hesitantly, the representative of the Missicapriej -lanky grey primates with one too many joints in each of their limbs- who had so far barely spoken during the entire conference, stood up.
“But…if you are admitting that there is an Artificial Sapient, and that it was the target of the attack, then…then the attack was entirely justified,” they stated, although they barely sounded confident in that statement.
“Indeed, it was,” Commander Halljafier quickly supported that claim, clearly thinking he knew the galactic military doctrine much better.
“That is not correct,” James denied. “An outer-orbital strike, especially on a civilian target, is never justified,” he said with strong emphasis. “It is one of the oldest rules that the community has established.”
“If it is to destroy a realized sapient, then all means are-“ the Commander tried to deny him, however he flinched back at James brought his mechanical hand down onto the railing before him once again, this time with purpose.
“The laws of war exist for a very good reason!” he boldly stated after waiting a moment to see if the Commander wanted to continue his sentence. “Ignoring them if we see fit, no matter what the reason may be, is a dangerous subject. And if you think that attempting the murder of an innocent person is already reason enough, then you have clearly not understood why these laws exist in the first place!”
“Innocent person?” the commander scoffed with vitriol in his voice. “That…that thing-“
However, once again he was interrupted. To James’ great surprise, however, it wasn’t by him.
“It may have slipped your mind since it has been so long since the last one emerged, Commander,” Captain Uton was the one to speak up, his deep voice cutting through the room like knife with its coldness. “But the personhood of Realized Sapients is not up to debate. And it has not been for more than a hundred years. That question has been answered by our ancestors ages ago, and we would do well not to try and question it today for our convenience.”
While the Commander sunk back into his seat after the shutdown from the superior he had believed to be on his side, James bit down on his lip. Although every word Uton had just said was true, he simply hated having to agree with him, even on such a basic and important topic.
He mostly hated it because it showed that there had to be some vague hint of integrity left somewhere deep down within that bastard of a person, and that almost made James despise him more, since he clearly knew what he was doing.
The Captain’s dark eyes then turned over onto him, as the large man continued, “However, I have to disagree with the Ambassador on the justification. Person or not, eradicating an artificial sapient is more than enough reason to forgo a simple law.” James bit back his anger, keeping his focus intact. Although next to him, he could hear the loud scraping noise of wood buckling under sharp claws, as Shida dug her natural weapons into the chair she was sitting on in order to remain seated and quiet.
“And yet Avezillion is still alive,” James replied challengingly to the man. “Meanwhile innocent civilians got injured. One of the leaders of Dunnima got heavily injured. Children got hurt. Children that would now be dead had the attack not been foiled by our warship. It is nothing short of a miracle none of them are dead. It was a terrorist attack, nothing else. The moment justice bends to such heinousness, it breaks. And, after all, forgive me for being a bit heavy-handed, but if the Community is willing to break its own laws and attack its own planets to hunt down one Realized, then who is the one that the people really need to fear? I, for one, put my trust in the one that hasn’t already proven that it would attack and use me without a second thought. After all, this isn’t the first time I hear of someone inconvenient being suddenly caught in an explo-”
James was cut off when Uton loudly spoke up, his loud organ easily overpowering James’ voice in a conversational tone.
“What happened to your promise of not making this about y-“ Uton began to say, however then his voice was in turn overpowered as well.
“Wait your god damned turn!” James shouted out authoritatively, momentarily overtaken by his anger in a brief outburst. “You do NOT get to talk over me!”
Quickly catching himself again, although he very much wanted to keep going in the same vein, James lowered his voice again, although the room was left noticeably shaken.
“This is a civil event that follows clear rules that we are both bound by,” he said with a serious gaze over at Uton. “And my promise died the moment you decided to drag it through the mud with your fictional tales about very real events that have influenced not only my life, but that of many people very close and important to me. So forgive me, Captain Ferromore Uton, if I am not going to sit idly by and allow you to spew whatever nonsense you and your cohorts came up with in your ivory towers while the world underneath you burned. I was wrongly imprisoned, blackmailed, tortured, and maimed by you people. Shida was groomed and abused by you for years as you tried to make her fit your mold. There was an attempt on Curi’s life under Your. Very. Command. So forgive me, please, if the reasoning of ‘we really wanted them gone’ out of your mouth isn’t enough for me to believe that a crime against the Galaxy is justified, especially since you had knowledge of Avezillion’s existence for as long as I had, and could have divulged it at any point. But you didn’t want to divulge it. Because that would’ve meant that she would have a chance to defend herself, either physically or before the law. You simply wanted her gone. Wanted her to disappear like so many before her did. But not anymore. No, no, not anymore. Here and now, I promise you that, as long as humanity is around, nobody under your Command is going to just disappear anymore. Not. A. One. We will watch. And we will see. And, starting with Curi and Avezillion, we will be a place for them to go when no one else will stand with them.”
Seemingly stirring in anger now, James could see Uton clench his jaw, his lips quivering as he held himself back.
“I never abused her,” Uton muttered, apparently completely focused on that part as James had seemingly struck a nerve with that.
“And that’s the only defense you could come up with,” James responded. Then, he reached up with his left hand, pulling his right sleeve back to reveal the mechanical arm underneath it to the room, while he held it up in front of his body. “You wanted her to fit your mold. And now she’s in a place where she’s actually loved. You wanted to change me. And now, I have this arm here, just because of you. And you wanted to change the Galaxy. Well,” James paused briefly to spread his arms in a wide gesture that was very clearly meant to mock the man. “Congratulations, you did,” he then announced to the entire room. “Without you, humanity would likely never even have considered helping a realized Sapient. Michael really did his job well with spreading fear and hate. But after enduring everything that you put me through? I was just open enough to listen when one told me that she feared you.”
Uton clenched his jaws tighter and his hands curled into fists. Seeing his puppet becoming useless, Goloribal sprang into action.
“As the revered order of the primates, it is our duty to lead by example!” he announced as he got up, although his presence was already far less impressive than it had been earlier. “For generations, we were renowned for our just and swift action. We cannot allow ourselves to falter in that now!”
“For generations, we primates have also been revered for our curiosity and for being the first to open up to anything new,” James responded to that, looking the man directly into his face. “Yeah, that’s right,” he then added as the representative blankly stared back at him. “I studied galactic history, too! I’m fucking unstoppable!”
He boisterously threw his arms up, making a real show out of it.
In all actuality, he was most likely far from gaining any victory right now. Sure, at the moment, the room was slightly shaken into silence, however he highly doubted that he had actually managed to truly convince many of the people present here.
However, as long as the cameras were on him, he would keep the show going. Maybe he wouldn’t convince the stuck-up people of the revered orders. However, somewhere out there, there would be people whose ears and hearts he would reach. Hopefully at least. And for them, he would put on this show. Put on this air of confidence that everything would turn out well.
Because only if he managed to make everyone believe that would they find the courage to shake out of their rut and go looking for a better tomorrow. If he believed everything would be well, then they would too.
“Those are big words from someone hiding their face,” a voice suddenly broke through the room. James wasn’t even sure who had said it. But he also didn’t care. Right now, it was just another stone to jump off of.
“What, you think I am wearing this to hide?” James announced loudly and gestured to his breathfilter while turning his head so the entire room could see the gesture.
“It’s uncomfortable as hell! And it gives me a serious disadvantage in any debates if people can’t read my face. These breathfilters are and have always been something we humans are wearing for everyone’s benefit but our own. They are designed because we are extremely cautious to keep nasty deathworld-germs from spreading, even if that is extremely unlikely. And additionally, it protects all the delicate people of the galaxy from having to look at our scary deathworld-faces. But, if you want-“
He didn’t even hesitate in reaching up and pressing the necessary buttons to release the seal of the filter. With a loud hiss, its grip on James’ head loosened, and he quickly pulled the mask-like device off his head, before briefly running his mechanical hand through his disheveled hair to bring it into a bit of form.
Breathing out deeply with an open mouth, James presented his teeth to the room with a confident smile, while his dark, sharp eyes scanned over the room, making direct contact with as many of those of his fellow primates as at all possible.
“I have nothing to hide,” James announced. “From the very start, I owned up to my mistakes and was willing to stand for them. I terrorized an entire station to protect myself. I shot someone’s leg off when he threatened my freedom. I killed one of my captors when I finally escaped from their hold. I have done many things that the Galaxy may judge me for. However, I truly and whole heartedly believe that helping Avezillion is not one of them. And I will stand for that just like I stand to my mistakes.”
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2023.05.30 21:05 Graphics_Nerd A Theory About Martha and the Secret Doors

All of this is wild speculation:
Martha is the leader of this secret government as 'head of mechanical' to keep the Silo under tight control. She's pulling all of the strings and Bernard, Sims, and others (Gloria / the Dr. that 'takes out' Allison's bc / the judge) execute her plans. No one would ever suspects it because she is never seen outside of her workshop but it's known all she 'really' does is fixes toasters.
I don't think she anticipated Holston going out, because he is their 'big fan of the pact kind of guy and man of the people', or that Jules would wind up as his replacement when they had to get rid of his wife for 'the greater good' and are having to scramble a bit to fix it.
Here's what I'm seeing:
Martha seems to be 'special' has access tech she shouldn't but no one important seems care, she also gets first pick at anything 'primo' from the recycling center.
At some point she confidently says something like "they'd never be able to kick me out."
It could make sense, she lives at the bottom of the silo and doesn't really go out - most probably don't know who she is or venture to the very bottom of the silo. And those that do know think she's just a tinkerer in her little basement workshop.
Martha has picked Jules as her 'shadow', she needed someone smart, that was interested in fixing things, one that thought critically, someone strong willed and very clever.
In a flashback says something like "we need people that will do whatever is necessary for the people of the silo" which is later echoed by Sims before he kills Doug-
It would be also why 'they' can't kill Jules - they just keep trying to get her fired and sent back down so she can eventually take over the silo.
Everyone (Sims, Marnes, Bernard) is really pushing for Billings, a copy of Holston (non questioning letter of the law and big fan of the pact kind of guy) to be sheriff.
They all take turns playing good cop bad cop pressuring the Mayor to pick Billings - hammering in "this has to be done quickly to keep order" but taking jabs at each others departments so it doesn't look like they're working together for a common goal publicly, and quietly behind closed doors "I hate to say this but, he's right."
They're all working towards the same outcome, Jules stays down stairs. (We never hear what Martha says about Jules to Mayor Jahns)
So when that doesn't work (and after the poison cake ruse) Martha poisons the Mayor because she could no longer be controlled, and put the wheels in motion for 'them' to kill Marnes so he doesn't eventually figure out it wasn't the water bottles. And they turn their focus trying to get Jules to refuse the job so 'they' can appoint Billings.
**Sims check on Marns after the Mayors death to make sure he's still "one of them" and they hatch a little plan to let Jules fail so they have a believable excuse to send Jules back down, sims tells him "it's your call" - "we all work for the good of the silo" which is met with a half ass 'right, to the good of the silo' and not long after he's dead. very hypothetical, but that's how I read that conversation - \*Marnes derailed the plan by giving Holston's recommendation to the mayor because of his feelings, and seems to be having a change of heart / becoming unreliable and knows too much, could eventually connect that it was Martha that poised Jahns.)
As Jules gets older Martha is not outright telling Jules what happened but seems to have knowledge of what caused the rebellion "asking questions turns into demanding answers, and if folks don't like the answers..." and says she should start questioning 'why do we have these rules in place' - pushing her to study the pact so she understand why the rules are important also that she should quit as sheriff, and come back to maintenance. There are not a lot of critical thinkers in the silo, so it's important that whoever is 'running' the place is able to put all the pieces together to form a believable plan.
You've got to be sneaky with a lot misdirection (plans within plans) you we two red herrings for Jules to easily find - and since the people already don't trust judicial finding out someone from judicial is planting evidence and then murdering people to cover it up - not that crazy. And when the judge wants to sweep that under the rug, also not that crazy.
"They" have their patsy, and it doesn't look suspicious if he turns up dead - now nothing can lead back to Martha, they have Billings as the next in line for sheriff.
Now if Jules fucks up very publicly, like at a 'forgiveness holiday' that gets a bit off the rails, the public can say "listen, you solved the murder, almost died, and we appreciate that - butttt..." (like the secretary did) and Billings is promoted to sheriff and the silo returns to the status quo.
And when the people vote for their new mayor it will be the highly recommended by IT, Mechanical, and Judical, a real fan of the pact kinda guy that everyone in the silo adores.
Also - we now have two secret doors.
"Janitorial" - which I can only assume is a security center where they have live feeds everywhere throughout the silo and elevator / maintenance access. I'm guessing they're able to monitor the live feeds / police radios and rapidly deploy to prevent tempers from escalating.
During the tool rental, Sims shows up out of no where and puts an end to the argument over a sledge hammer. Just after that on Martha's radio we hear them asking about ammo and a few seconds later as Jules is walking in we 'level 14 is clear' and she turns off the radio.
Judicial is on 19, the janitor may have been on 20 - and we don't know exactly how long the time frame is, so Sims could have gotten there from his office. But if it really was only a few seconds, that dude has an elevator.
Underwater - Jules has been telling Martha about this and Martha isn't really digging or offering up any additional info - we saw in the blueprints it's at the end of a hallway, but that's kind of all we know.
Just a few of the questions I'm still trying to figure out -
Does Bernard have the "IT door" aka 'admin access' to all of the stored data and able to act as an investigative unit? Like when some heat tape goes missing he can review the footage? Did Martha make that go away?
Is the underwater door the one that will 'forever change' whoever becomes head of mechanical? And is Martha able to drain the water to access it?
How much access do each of the 3 have into each others world?
Are all 3 totally separate as checks and balances to keep one from going rogue?
What secret makes Martha so powerful in this dynamic?
Are the secret doors so dangerous but necessary that only one person should know how to access the Mechanical door?
Is all of this just a test to see if she's 'worthy'?
Is there connection to Jules mother and brother dying - is being 'in charge' required to be a lonely existence and it was engineered that they die to establish the cover story of how Jules ended up in Mechanical and why she never leaves the workshop? "There's nothing up there for me" is an understandable position for someone who has lost everyone they loved. As near as I can tell Sims / Billings / Marnes (until the end) aren't currently in relationships, and Martha's fell apart - and maybe it had to after she took over this position.
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2023.05.30 21:03 Infinite_North_1982 [P&P Round 2] LT-010 MARV

[P&P Round 2] LT-010 MARV
General Jurg, a human general, although one might mistake him for an Orc from a short distance, briskly walked through the doors into the armored research division. Spotting Dr. Wyyvirna with his technicians working on a very large magic circle. The General approached quickly, "Doctor, I got word that you were ready for a demonstration of a new light armored scout vehicle, what is all this?" The General was confused, outside the training ground was empty, and there were no vehicles to be seen.
"Ah, General..." the doctor begins, standing and facing him. "Yes, that is correct, however, we also have a much bigger development to share with you!" The doctor says excitedly. Her slight lisp showing through, a common issue when Kobolds speak common. "We've come up with an exciting new tank development method. Utilizing the vast intelligence and powered offered by magical aether!" The doctors tail is now twitching as her excitement grows. "We call it A.I! Aether Intelligence! and we think it'll revolutionize, not only technical developments, but all sorts of magic research and circle writing!" The doctor was nearly jumping up and down where she stood. The General, stood placidly listening.
"I see, and how is this supposed to help us develop tank? And, if it's helping to do so, then where is this tank?" The General was growing in annoyance. "Why am I here, Doctor? There are other important issues to attend to!"
Doctor Wyyvirna's tail droops considerably at the response. "Please, General, allow me to show you how this can be used to help us. The A.I that we speak with via the magic circle interface, will be able to develop or find a vehicle based on our inputs, and then provide us with a test model and plans to build! This means it could pull in designs from many worlds and universes, or we could get a brand new design...maybe something we've never considered! Technology we've never seen!" The General's face doesn't change, he merely crosses his arms and remains stationary.
This seems to delight the doctor. "Are we ready?" Murmurs of "yes" float in quickly from across the room. "Then start it up!" the doctor shouts. Magic from the mages on the outside of the circle poured in, the room growing dark while the red glow of the magical runes grows ever stronger. Building to a near blinding brightness, the light quickly vanishes, followed by a voice from the aether. "Awaiting Inputs.." a light whisper says. The General couldn't tell if the voice came from somewhere in the room, or within his own mind. The doctor and other researchers were writing down runes or taking notes.
"Awaiting inputs...." The voice says again, researcher. "Focus up, people! Add the runes for the tank requirements!" Doctor Wyyvarna shouts, snapping everyone to attention. Researchers start moving quickly, adding runes to the outside of the circle, while the mages chant the written runes to seal them into the circle. Within a couple of minutes they have the weight, size, and armor information entered. They then add the weapon options, engine options. The mages once again pour magic into the circle.
"Inputs accepted....Initiating search...." The voice whispers through the aether, filling the minds of those in the room. A tense silence follows, the long wait to see what will happen. A minute passes, then another A researcher pips up, probably to break the tension "Well?......"
"Search complete...4 matches found.....first match materialization.......complete"
With a sudden "POP", a tank appears outside in the training ground.
Everyone stood blinking for a moment, looking down, Doctor Wyyvirna realizes a spec sheet has also appeared. She reads.. "Uhh...this is the uh, Stoat?. 40 mph top speed, using our 45mm cannon and the v8 engine. Seems that armor is lacking, as well as crew vision. It says this comes from the...uhh...CYOA universe. General?"
The General was already inspecting his sheet. "No, the next one. It had 4 right? How do we do that?"
The mages shift their magic and another sudden "POP". The old tank and spec sheets have been replaced instantly.
"The Weasel MK I, from the Zeta universe. 40 mph top speed using our 40mm autogun and the v8 engine. The front "windows" are armor made clear using a sophisticated magical process. It seems like it would be quite difficult and time consuming to produce such a thing. While the specs seems pretty good, the technology is advanced, and this would be quite difficult to produce in large numbers" Says the Doctor.
"We'll keep this one in mind for a more specialized, limited production vehicle, perhaps. Next!"
Everyone blinks. "Uhhh...that's uhhh....huh" stammers the Doctor. Looking at the spec sheet. "The Samurai, from the Universe CR4P. It uhh, uses the 23mm autogun, the v8, and oddly, is pretty well protected and the fastest so far at 41mph...but uhhh, it looks a bit..." "Derpy?!" the General chimes in, and what use is the thing on the turret?! just.....to...show off? No! Next!"
"Awww, it's cute!" the Doctor exclaims. "Let's see, from the Z Universe, this is the uhh, Moderately Armored Recon Vehicle. They call it, MARV!" The Doctor seems to enjoy this too much. "Well, frankly the specs look great, and it should be easy to make with our current technology. Nothing too crazy to be found"
"MARV uses the 38x388mm cannon with 80 total rounds available. All the ammo is stored within it's domed turret. This turret also houses the commander and the gunner, who also loads. It looks like the driver is the only other crew member. This will mean we can man more units for the same amount of people. And with the 38mm ammo being so available, it should not suffer from any logistical issues."
"Let's see here.... MARV uses the v10, "Dorn" engine to make it as fast as possible. With a top speed of 44+ mph. And for it's ability to climb slopes, all it says is "yes"." The doctor continues
helped along with magic circles for grip
"It can also step up onto the .75m step from a standstill, although it says that the 1m step is too high. It also has 600 liters of fuel stored internally. Also, it uses purification runes on the gas intake system, to reduce the amount of derision and shade thrown by the Dorn." She smiles. "Well the troops will appreciate that!"
"So will our logistics system, being able to use lesser grade fuels or dirty fuels would be a great boon to troops that are way out on the front." The General says, rather impressed so far.
"The domed turret has vision slits spaced around the entire turret, giving excellent 360 vision, as well as giving the commander a periscope, so that the tank can use it to look over hills that is is behind! Well, that's certainly clever!"
"Yes, and if we give that periscope a zoom rune, it could really be used to see quite far distances while keeping the troops safe. Plus there is other magic that could be used to enhance the vision" The General seems to already be marking down some alterations to make to enhance the tank
"The armor protection is within our requirements, with 100+ effective in areas on the front and turret, and moderate armor protection on the sides and rear. With the lightest being on the very top of the turret and bottom of the tank" The doctor finishes.
"Excellent, let's get a crew in to learn this vehicle from front to back. We'll take these plans to the appropriate people to see that they can be built. And then we'll await the word from procurement to see if we can start to build these. Thank you, Doctor. I hope to see great things from this....A.I..in the future" With that, the general turns and leaves.

Wow, much longer than I had anticipated, but I hope if you read it that you enjoyed! Cool fantasy version of a tank building competition!
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2023.05.30 21:01 Fanatical_Rampancy Arctis 7 Nova Diablo IV edition

For whatever reason it would not let me post pictures of the headset, if you'd like to see it ask below
I'm always trepidatious of headsets as I deal with tension migraines, it's a nightmare finding the right one when they all seem to weigh a ton, coupled with, being hyper sensitive and having issues with hyper fixation few headsets ever work for me. I had told myself for a long time if Steelseries made a nice collectors edition headset I'd pull the trigger and snag one and when i saw DIV was getting one i couldn't pass it up! So i grabbed this wonderful thing and let me tell you the quality and build feel are top notch. Between the weight of it being perfect size and sound quality I have to say I'm all around glad and I'll break it down below.
Audio quality and duel audio functions are fantastic.
A slider on the side lets you adjust audio between chat and background audio.
The built in mic brings decently crisp audio quality as well it slides in and out of a port so it can be up front and center or tucked into the headset.
Mute button pings with a confirmation noise and causes a red light on the mic to light up letting you know visually you're muted.
First party audio mixing app is very simple to use for basic needs.
Build quality as stated is very good, built of lightweight plastic, though the little red accent headset pieces have a teeny bit of give which, regardless of the slight loseness upon a slightly more rough touch, they are in there solidly so no worries of them coming out.
The headband is soft but considering i know they can wear out I'd recomend if you want to hold onto this not just for use but as a collectors item you buy a replacement headband just in case you want it to last forever. Ear covers are soft as well so nothing messes with my sensitivity!
Bluetooth range is good, I walked out of my house through the front door about (40ft 12metres) from my room and as well into the worst deadzone in my home and it remained connected.
The designs look great and fun, not over the top, very minimalist which I personally enjoy.
This is not going to be the next audiophiles dream headset, audio is crisp but not world shaking, you won't be mixing your next hot hit with these.
Aux plugin brings decent audio quality but not the best mic quality for whatever reason. Its good enough but not great.
These are neither open back or noise canceling so the mix of both really makes me sad. If I am not getting noise cancelation I'd prefer an open back design as theres no reason for closed back without noise cancelation.
To wrap it up! All in all a well rounded headset. If you get a chance to snag it and you have the $200 I'd consider it well worth the buy for a super fan of Diablo, but I'd say it's more worth a $150 price tag otherwise. All in all im pleased with my purcase and I hope this helps out anyone on the fence!
Gonna give it an objective 7.8 out of 10.
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2023.05.30 21:00 raatchjen14 The heroic police officers who stopped the Christchurch terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, and how they apprehended the shooter after intentionally colliding with his car.

The heroic police officers who stopped the Christchurch terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, and how they apprehended the shooter after intentionally colliding with his car.
Jim Manning, (left) and Scott Carmody, (right) were at a routine tactical training session in Cashmere, Christchurch on March 15 when news broke of the horror unfolding near the central city.
Understanding there had been a shooting with fatalities on Deans Ave, the pair, who have known each other for more than 20 years, retrieved their rifle, handgun and Taser, put on their ballistic armour and set off towards the scene. They drove along Brougham St, when they heard the offender was in a Subaru on a parallel road. Eventually they saw the vehicle - with bullet holes in its windscreen - coming in the opposite direction through a red light, leading them to pull a U-turn.
Despite being concerned whoever was inside the Subaru may fire at them, they pursued the vehicle until they found the right opportunity to collide with it. Manning did it at such an angle as not to deploy the airbag in his vehicle, allowing Carmody to quickly get out of the car before it had even stopped.
Carmody was able to circle the offender's car. Expecting a firefight, he was surprised to find only one person inside along with an array of weapons. Manning opened up the hatchback, intending to arrest Tarrant from behind. He found what appeared to be four improvised incendiary devices, described by the magazine as petrol cans with objects taped to them. The officers were able to remove the weapons and pull the shooter out of the car. With the suspect moving his hands around in his vest, the officer did consider shooting him, concerned the man could have a detonator or another weapon. But there was a risk of a ricochet hitting Manning.
"So I reversed my weapon and struck him with the butt, with the intention of rendering him unconscious."
Tarrant was handcuffed and pulled away from the vehicle. Minutes later, the offender told the pair there were up to 10 military or police-trained gunmen carrying out coordinated attacks on Muslim targets across the country, with many others doing so around the world.
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2023.05.30 20:55 BCA1 Narcissistic grandmom and great aunt…a rant

My (26M) grandmother (GM, 85F) has recently taken a sharp turn health wise. She is still lucid and able to take care of herself for the most part and even drive.
I live ten minutes away from her, and after the death of my fatheher son, I have for the most part been the primary caregiver up until recently, when my great aunt (GA, 82F) stepped in without us asking a few months ago. I have taken it upon myself to visit GM at least once per week for the better part of a decade, cut grass/do housework, bring a meal, etc…but my grandmother (and great aunt) have recently been shaming not only me but my mother (60F) for not doing enough.
We are in shock. Not once has the great aunt called us letting us know that she has been taking care of the house or GM, despite us seeing her frequently. GM has not told us what she needs done or how we can improve, and even went as far as lying about her true health issues to us to make them seem not as bad. I found this out after her recent hospital admission when I called my great aunt and essentially harshly interrogated her on what the issue was (long term heart failure apparently) and finally she told me after nearly an hour of pressing. Backsided comments from my GM recently have also had me questioning why I am even taking care of her, ranging from personal attacks to basically firing me from cutting her grass as “those new people I hired do so much better” to attacking my new girlfriend who she has never even met.
We have personal lives, obviously, but even me taking a weekend off to go to my grad school graduation sent shockwaves throughout the family. I was kind enough to visit GM in the rehab center and not only sneak her outside food, but to walk in in my graduation gown. After around half an hour GM and GA told me verbatim (through a nurse) to “take my graduation stuff and get the hell out”, which I was shocked by.
What can I do better? Should I even do things better when she continually has either denied my help or been deceitful? I suggested that she get LifeAlert (which she did) and hire an in home nurse (who she did but then fired; she refuses to sell her house and live in an assisted living facility because she “hates people”) but I’m at my wits end with her.
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